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#i highly suggest checking all accounts
loveisbraveandwild · a year ago
Tumblr media
hi! i hit 5k a few days ago and wanted to do a follow forever list! my one year anniversary of this account is also in 11 days so it’s fitting! firstly, thank you to everyone who follows me! i really appreciate it and cannot begin to say thank you for caring about my life and content. secondly, i’m not mutuals with everyone on this list but i highly admire their edits, text posts, or whatever content they post!! narrowing my list down was very difficult but i absolutely suggest checking out and befriending every single one of these people. they’re all so special and creative and unique and funny and kind. all of these blogs inspire me not just to have a better blog or post better content, but to just be a better person in this fandom and on this website. thank you for sharing such amazing content and allowing me to be a part of your blog (100 blogs, alphabetical order cause i love them all! equally!)
@alisonswifts @andreaswift @ayhtdws @bakctodecember @battledemo @bireputations @bisexualgorgeous @butyoupaintedme-golden @callitwhatyouwnt @calmtheory @cellphonehippie @coldasyou @colorsinautumn @couldbeglad @dancingwithourshandstied @diamondseaside @dressisaqualitysong @drugismybaby @emswift @fallfromgraces @fearlessthealbum @femmetay @friendlyneighborhoodpegacorn @hashbrownswift @heresatoast @holygraund @holygreund @hugeselenatorswiftie @iaalmostdo @idsb @ifitstorture @invisiblesmokee @itsdelicute @itwasntasingle @jakeperalta @jokeswemade @julyninths @jumpthensfall @lookwhatyoujustmademedo @loverdeluxe @lovestory @madeurmarkonme @magicxmadness @newrcmantlcs @newromanticsswift @newsoundtrxck @nights-is-sparkling @nowimhaunted @nowyourdaisies @ofrunningfoxes @ownheartbeating @paintedmegolden @paintedtaygolden @piecesintoplaces @purpleswift @rainbowwithallofthecolours @readysforcombat @sadbeautifutragic @sadbeautifutragic @screamingcoluor @screamingiminlovewithyou @seethestarlights @shakeitoff @shedidntevenswear @speaknow @spellinqisfun @spendsmychange @spoookyswift @steponourqowns @still-an-innocentt @stolenxkissess @sunsetbabe @swiftchill @swifteras @swiftgenic @swiftgif @swiftslover @t-swifts @tayloralison @tayloraswift @taylorswifh @taylorswiftdebut @tehlorswift @thearcherlive @thearrcher @thefearlesstour @thelasttime @themometniknew @theriptidecover @thesonofneptune @thestoryfous @thugstory @ts7islover @tshifty @umlindsay @villageisaglow @whocouldstay @whyshedisappeared @youneedtoclamdown @youreinlcve
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