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#i hope i didn't go on too much of a tangent :(
meliorn · 3 years ago
I saw this one post that circulated in light of janelle monaes coming out about the diff btw pan/bi and it said that pan: attraction to all genders and bi: attraction to some genders not all. Idk but this felt really iffy about this?? Do you have any thoughts on this?
it doesn’t really strike me as iffy, no, but it’s not my preferred definition. the thing with bi and pan is that they’re very similar. there are a lot more similarities than differences imo, so it’s only natural that there’s a lot of overlap and that it’s very hard to reach a universally agreed upon distinction between the two.
there’s lots of different ways to define bi and pan, one of which is the one you described, where the amount of genders you could be attracted to is at the center (pan = all, bi = some). for some people that’s the key factor to why they resonate more with one over the other and that’s completely fine.
personally, i prefer to define bi and pan based on how attraction is experienced instead. for me, the main difference between bi and pan is the fact that (from my understanding) pan people don’t consider gender a factor in their attraction, but most bi people do (me included).
basically, for pan people attraction feels kind of the same whether it’s towards men, women or nonbinary folk. it doesn’t matter and doesn’t affect how they experience attraction, or at least it doesn’t make much of a difference.
as a bi person, gender still matters to me. my experience of attraction is different depending on who it’s aimed towards. and while i wouldn’t dismiss someone based on their gender (i.e. i could probably date any gender), the gender of the person i’m attracted to still changes and shapes the way i’m attracted to them, if that makes sense?
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jooheongif · 3 years ago
it's theory anon,hi!!how are YOU?i'm really good rn thanks:)) thank you for your kindness again,i'm really happy i could somehow help to help you feel even a tiny bit better and hope you're doing well now,too(and it's ok to not rest on your day off but it's also ok to do so if that's what you feel is right for you atm!).about the mf(ilm), i thought the same thing, it felt like a parallel universe type of story!i also really love plotlines about friendship, (again cont.i'll try to be briefer!)
(i’m so sorry i wrote a rly long reply so i’m gonna put this under read more !!)
2. friendship is beautiful and i feel oftentimes underappreciated(but not mx!there they go again being amazing) so i love the concept. personally i like not knowing what exactly the producers were thinking because having my own interpretation of something and seeing other ppl have their own fills me with wonder,like,that's art!so many people think so many different things and no one's wrong i love it!!your thoughts about them appreciating everything they've done so far,you're absolutely right(cont) 3. i hope they are able to bc everything's so hectic for the.i get lost just looking at their official schedule,i don't know how they do it but i also hope they are aware of all these things bc those are all mindblowingly huge accomplishments in my opinion and i just want them to feel like their hard work is worth it,yknow?(is this comprehensible?)and i know they feel pressure because as you said the business is nasty but yea i hope at the end of the day they can feel like (cont.???again 4. everything they've put so much of themselves into is worth it,i love their energy and fierce determination and i just don't want them to lose it but maybe as you said feel less pressured..but then the only way would realistically be to make sure they get awarded in the Real World so we're all doing our best in the system&hating it as you said:/ they just mean so much to so many people i want them to feel that too!i try to contain myself but here i go again! sorry it's so long AND i have more(con 5. also!thank you for your big reply and sharing your thoughts i mostly just agreed with (but you're right so what else can i do),i don't have mbb friends to vent to and fanperson(is there a gender neutral term for fanboy/fangirl?) over mx with and this is really nice and fulfilling(again,if i'm boring you,you can just delete the messages and not reply!) so THANKS!it's great to strive to be a better person but i feel like one(you) should also acknowledge the good things they're already doing(cont?) 6. you showed such pure kindness and really melted someone's(my) heart and that's a Big Deal!djkghddgwe can agree that we both inspired each other :') also please i feel like you're such a wonderful soul and you really deserve every bit of gratitude and appreciation i managed to express(i feel a lot moreprobably) so!yeah!reminder that you're lovely and deserve to be appreciated and i'm also very,very happy you're here!you made my day brighter for the 2nd time now wow!thanks! i hope you and(cont.:() 7. your gorgeous heart are taking good care and enjoying your day/night! and this cb!i really like it i haven't had time to listen to the entire album but jealousy!is a bop honestly it's my type of jam and the choreo is stunning and so are their voices!iwas so skeptical about the lyrics(they could've been like hero or stuck and those made me a bit >:/ honestly) but i really should've known they wouldn't fail me in any way ever!i can't wait to hear the rest of the songs i hope you enjoy them too!bye
hi theory anon, it's nice to hear from u again ! firstly, i am so sorry for the slow reply to this ! but im rly glad to know that u are doing good :-) i'm doing ok too thank u !! how are u ? kfjjfdsjfdf sorry that u had to read my tags but thank u for saying that !! i just feel so guilty when i do nothing bc im absolutely terrified of time passing too quickly ? just the thought of letting a few minutes go to waste is overwhelming ? even though i know it's not rational to think like this but ??? theres just this constant feeling that im running out of time so i try to get rid of it by always doing smth ?? and feel bad when i dont ? idk ?? but anyway im working on it and ill be ok ! sorry..not to be dramatic and tmi and all that kjdfdj istg this blog gives me too much freedom to say...too much :( (hope the internet folks that collect metadata never read the garbage i write bc..yikes they aren't gonna hav the best time) anyway..yea. what a paragraph to start off this reply :( sorry for the honesty and saying so much all the time btw :( not that being honest is necessarily a bad thing but ! idk every time i write smth i suddenly feel extra self conscious and feel like deleting it bc im rly embarrassed and always end up having big regret later when i reread anything ive typed up !! but i just keep writing them anyway bc...idk ?? i'd rly hate it if someone got discouraged from sharing their thoughts/worries/feelings which i think is a rly important human thing :( so  yea im rly embarrassed w anything i write but i'll keep doing it anyway bc i'm all for that kind of stuff and sometimes i know its not easy and it takes someone a lot to share that and its a good thing and i dont ever want anyone to feel discouraged from doing that ! anyway i just felt like i rly needed to say all of this..but pls dont feel obliged to reply to this mess !! anyway back to mx ! you are right :( i also hope mx feel like what they've done is worth smth w/e their definition or standard of that is :( like.. all of the hard work they've put into being mx it certainly means so much to fans but i hope all the hard work they've put into being mx also means smth to them at the end of the day and they are happy w what they're doing and what they've achieved so far :( and yes we'd love mx to always be rewarded in the real world :( though we love them and we want to get them a win, i know that everyone has their commitments, means and different circumstances and we can only do so much :( but even if u think its just a small contribution, everything adds up and counts and i know that all mbb hav contributed in some way in helping them get another win for this cb ! there are some mbb who can't buy albums or streaming passes and things and i hope they don't feel bad for this :( even if all you can do is watch the mv once or twice, even if you could only vote, i hope you know that it all counts and matters !! abt mx's schedule, i get tired just by looking at their weekly one idk how they can even put up w it all ?? after this they'll hav their japanese album and things and then they'll have their concerts and on top of all that apparently [some of them are also studying] ????? they are so hardworking :( HOW do they do it !! just..thinking abt their schedule is overwhelming !!! also pls dont think that you're boring me or anything like that :( im so thankful for any msg i receive and the fact that u actually took the time to type out smth to send to me ?? im so grateful ?? u are never boring !! honestly even if u sent me a stainless steel dishwasher manual w the page length of like..23 bibles, i'd still love u for it and i'd prob read all of it :( btw thank u sm for saying all those kind things !!! receiving kindness for the 3rd time is rly !!!!!!! and once again i've done nothing to deserve it :( i dont even know what i can say to you that will ever be enough to thank u again or to top what u hav already said ! if there was like a...maslows hierarchy of kindness of smth, ur at the very top of that triangle and anything i say will never be as kind as what you have said !! for you, i can agree that we both inspired each other :-) but really thank u so much from the bottom of my heart :( i hope you know how kind and lovely u are too ! if nobody told u this today, i wanted to say that im rly grateful to know u and i'm happy that you're here !! thank u again for being so kind and thoughtful and for making me smile !! :( same, i havent properly listened to the whole album either bc ive just been letting it stream in the background (but i dont count that as a proper listen unless i listen w headphones tbh) ill give it a good listen one day ! also im a repeat 1 kind of garbage person until i feel the need to listen to a new song ?? and rn jealousy to me is a song that gets better w every listen ??? shes too powerful atm :( one day ill listen to another song but today is not that day ! Actually.....I think jealousy is my fav mx song ???? before this cb i didnt hav a fav bc i couldnt pick the song i liked most out of blue moon/blind/fighter/incomparable. i was just gonna base it off the one w the most play count out of those 4 but now i know its jealousy ! what are ur fav mx songs ?? btw i know im always saying that anything mx releases is always a masterpiece no matter what, but in all seriousness its ok if u didn't like smth they released. i don't think it makes u any less of a mbb if u didn't enjoy a certain release or if u only liked one aspect of a thing but not so much the rest of the thing. anyway not to sound so...stale and commonplace but for lack of a better word/sentence, at the end of the day your own reactions and feelings to a piece of art like's all just subjective isnt it ?? not liking that thing doesnt mean that its not a masterpiece or its any less of a masterpiece to someone else either so !! it's ok !! anyway this is rly....ive written a lot and its all over the place and incoherent probably :( i'm sorry !! feel free to reply whenever u feel like it, or no pressure on never replying at all btw ! also feel free to disagree w anything i say ! thank u sm for talking to me abt mx bc ive also got no mbb friends so !!! thank you :( theres so many times where i rly want to start a conversation w someone but im too scared and also i've got no clue abt how to initiate conversation ! and the times when i do manage to...i get stuck on how to keep the conversation going ? but when i figure smth out then im coming for u @ friendship !! i hope u had a good weekend and that you got some rest and that ur doing ok wherever u are !! until next time, take care ❤️❤️❤️
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just-a-human-witha-pen · a month ago
HEY can I request a kaz x fem!reader where kaz gets really really drunk and is on the verge of yelling at everyone/passing out but when the reader says smth, he bursts out laughing (shocking the entire club) and he makes her dance with him in front of everyone??
Absolutely I love this idea. This is gonna be so cute I really hope that you like it!!!
Not beta read all mistakes are my own
Word Count: 894
Warnings: mentions of drinking, typical SOC stuff, drunk!Kaz(he's very soft),
Tumblr media
We burst through the front door of the club loudly announcing our presence. The night we were returning from left us triumphant and though my body ached as the adrenaline wore off I knew we were due for a night of celebration. However, the night could wait until after I had a warm shower to soothe my aching joints.
When I came back down, cleaned of bloodstained clothes, cuts and bruises soothed and cleaned, and now in much cleaner softer clothes than I'd been in earlier. I walked down to the club below my room. Kaz spotted me before I found him and called my name.
"Dove! Where'd you go you left for like 3 hours." he had been drinking, and though he didn't seem to do it often I knew he was either drunk or immensely tipsy.
"Darling I was only gone for 30 minutes, I had to clean up a little bit before celebrations began." I took a seat next to him not failing to notice the way his arm rested around my waist protectively. My fingers traced patterns absentmindedly onto the bar counter as I waited for Jesper, who'd been playing bartender tonight, to pour me a drink. "A drink for the lady." He said loudly, passing the glass to me, he too seemed to be on the verge of drunkenness', which was less surprising. Get a few drinks in him and Jes is off losing all the money he doesn't have.
About an hour in and I couldn't move from my spot without hearing my boyfriend whine. Kaz was absolutely smashed, every time I tried to get up he'd tighten his grip on my waist and whine about how he didn't want me to leave.
"Dove don't go, stay with me," the slight slurring in his words was cute, but I really had to pee.
"I'll be right back I promise Baby. Just let me go freshen up okay honey?" I stood from my stool and headed to the bathroom, passing a mix of the crew and mindless pigeons alike.
I was gone for at least 3 minutes. Nonetheless the moment I got back I found my boyfriend standing on the counter. He was yelling about something that no one could really understand but everyone in the club was drunk off their ass and I knew I had to get him off the counter before he stumbled off and hurt himself. Jesper gave me a 'help me.' look from across the room as I began to make my way through the way to crowded room.
"There she is!" Kaz stopped in the middle of whatever tangent he was on when he saw me. "My Dove! You're back!" he beamed a smile at me, it was precious, I was absolutely in love with him.
"Yes My dear I have returned, however if you keep yelling like that they'll hear you all the way in Ravka, so you might want to think about quieting down Kaz." Everyone stared at me. I was the only one brave enough to sass him, talk back, whatever you wanted to call it, I also knew that he was quite the softie when he was drunk. Nothing prepared me for what he did next.
He laughed, climbed down from the counter and came over to me leaning heavily on his cane.
"Done?" I said with a light laugh suppressing the smile on my face.
He nodded silently, studying my features as he often did, the room was practically silent and I thought we should probably head to bed, Kaz was gonna have one hell of a morning.
"Alright everyone, as entertaining as that was I think we better head to bed. Goodnight. C'mon Kazzy." I looped my arm in his attempting to carry us both out of the Crow Club and into the direction of the stairs but he stopped me with a whine.
"Wait, Dove. Dance with me." He spun me so that I was facing him and he rested one hand on my waist.
That's how we wound up here, my hair still slightly damp from my shower, my very drunk lover twirling me around aimlessly, and the rest of the club staring at us briefly before they returned to their own business. It was less dancing more stumbling around each other but it still felt amazing to be in his arms.
By the time I managed to get him to bed we danced for an hour. He had one arm wrapped loosely around my shoulders as I led him to our room.
"It's bed time you absolute fiend." I said handing him some pajamas.
"Have I ever told you how beautiful your eyes are when they catch the light just right?" He was staring at me again, "You're so beautiful (Y/n)." He was gonna pass out, I put the clothes away and walked over to my side of the bed. "I love you so much."
"And I you, so so much darling. Now get some sleep, you're gonna have a hell of a time tomorrow Kaz." He was asleep before I even finished. I kissed him on his forehead lightly before I turned to the lamp on my bedside and flicked it out. I fell asleep peacefully that night, despite the chaos of the day, right next to the love of my life.
this one was a tad wordy, also I started adding the read more button to my longer works(most of them are pretty long...) should I continue to do that? let me know!
as always requests are open, leave it with me and it will get answered as soon as possible!!
thank you so much for reading, as always likes and reblogs are greatly appreciated
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cozymoko · 3 months ago
Okay, so what if reader meets one of her old friends and both of them are spending an awful lot of time together and they both have the same interests and love the same things. How would yanderes Naruto, Itachi, Gaara and Sai react to the reader spending so much time with someone else instead of them?
🍜 Initially thinks nothing of it. You were reunited with an old friend, great! No problem with that. Perhaps he'll joke around a bit saying, "Dont spend too much time with them! I love you too y'know!" Though he didn't expect it to actually happen! The shock on his face must be priceless.
🍜 Naruto is high maintenance so he definitely notices the lack of attention. Considering he feels entitled to your time. Being one of the few yanderes who won't resort to killing you. Instead his solution is to essentially clingy to you. Smothering you until he has your undivided attention.
🍜 Ends up going into an endless tangent, not knowing what to do. Rants about how lonely he is without you, how much time you spend with others, how you don't love him! Begging you to stay home. Just classic manipulation.
🍜 After meeting your friend he's noticeably annoyed by their presence. Wondering if they think they're better than him, that they can make you happier than he can. Naruto will constantly pull at your sleeves and press his body against yours, just hoping for an ounce of attention from you. After all, that's all he can do without getting his hands dirty.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🍡 Even as a yandere it takes a lot for Itachi to get jealous, let alone act on it. As for your friendship, he's happier for you than anything. Seeing you smile so much, coming home gushing over all the amazing things you have accomplished brings him joy. To him your friend didn't seem half bad, attempting to make up for his absence though he didn't ask. The Uchiha finds your giddiness cute and wishes to see more of it.
🍡 However, he's always keeping a close eye on you; immediately noticing how little time you've spent at home, even if he's present. Although he won't say anything straight away, waiting to see how long you intend to "neglect" him. It all makes sense seeing that he spends very limited time with you; of course, he'll be selfish.
🍡 If you deny it he'll get rather irritated, not understanding why you would need to lie about your friend. By then his animosity began to slip through his forced grin. "What is the significance of this person? There has to be far more than just a friendship." If you continue to deny it he'll take matters into his own hands. Starting with a simple, polite request to meet your infamous friend.
🍡 Once formally greeting your friend he's noticeably passive-aggressive. But Itachi is mature enough to hold his tongue, especially from the choice words he has for them. They don't deem to be anyone to let his anger out on so Itachi won't bother wasting his time. Though the Uchiha may invest in a promise ring or dropping you off to all your destinations in the near future.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🏜 Another yandere who is difficult to make jealous. Gaara has no problem with you hanging out with your friend since they hold some sort of significance to you. The man is smart, noticing the evident chemistry between you too didn't help. As that gradually feeds his ever-growing insecurity and resentment in his chest.
🏜 He has no intentions of being confrontational thus his best is to separate you from them via, you guessed it! Manipulation. Though his approach won't be too harsh, quite standoffish actually. There's no doubt he won't try to pin you against your old friend. Gaara would never lie to you, right? So why wouldn't you put your trust in him?
🏜 Gaara will be somewhat hesitant to confront you. Since various heart-wrenching thoughts seem to plague his already weak mind. If in a frenzy death is the only option, stripping them of their life for making him suffer such terrible feelings. But he tries to keep a level head in times like this, keeping the last bit of composure he can uphold.
🏜 Makes an effort to persuade you to stay home because unlike the others he had no interest in meeting your friend. Not wanting to heighten his sour emotions towards them. If he does it will be a very awkward encounter, filled with him either ignoring or interrogating him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🖌️ Had yet to experience Jealousy before meeting you and it's a terrible sensation. Though what may be an exaggeration to others certainly isn't for him. The small ounce of tolerance he had left slowly seeping through his fingers. His black hues slowly narrowing at that very thought of your "friend". Finally acknowledging your very friendly friendship.
🖌️ Once he realizes how little time you've spent together, this man will become the biggest cock block. Tagging along on any of your activities with no intention of leaving. Questioning his actions will get you nowhere due to his classic manipulation, "I cannot go? Why's that, do you have something to hide from me?"
🖌️ Sai can confirm that seeing it in person was far worse. Hands tightening into fists, nails digging into the pale skin of his palm, jaw clenching ever so slightly. If you didn't know better you would think Said is happy for you. But my dear don't let that permanent smile fool you.
🖌️ Doesn't bother to beat around the bush when confronting your friend. Starting with his apparent annoyance, soon leading off into this foreign feeling bubbling in his chest; trying to find out what to call it. "This feeling, it's unlike anything I've ever felt before. You, what would you call this? The constant need to monopolize the time of your lover, aching when seeing them with another. What is it?" After that they have no use to him, they're as good as dead. But I have a feeling he'll wait it out, just for your sake!
Tumblr media
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eremiie · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
one — love confessions
❥ your actions have consequences. eren wants more with you but his motivation is unclear. there one thing you’re sure of though, eren jaeger is relentless.
❥ wattpad link ; ao3 link ; masterlist
❥ prologue ; chapter two
❥ word count ; 7k words
❥ content ; mentions of alcohol, alcohol usage
huge thanks to @arlert-slut for beta reading my work, she was a big help, ily callie!!!!
Tumblr media
❝ it’s delicate and sickeningly sweet, like the saccharine candy you’d find at a corner store— and what doesn’t help us the remaining taste of strawberry pineapple he leaves on your lips. you kick at the skin in efforts to get rid of it, and he only chuckles at your attempt before dropping his hands from your face. ❞
kisses were peppered on your face, threatening to stir you out of your sleep, and you knew who the culprit was, their hand sliding over the slope of your body and murmuring into your ear— words that were incomprehensible in your sleepy haze. 
"get up, it's time to wake up."
the past few mornings since your return from carla's had been a nuisance for you to get used to, but you were getting used to it. you were getting used to eren shaking you up early in the mornings to propose an activity for when you'd awake, and you were getting used to other things as well, like the more intimate touches he'd lay on you and the subtle nicknames. 
you were getting used to your situation with him after the events of the weekend prior.
the weekend prior; you spent your nights with eren at carla's, and he insisted that you go with him to a party at a nearby bar. you didn't mind and so you let him take you along, only for the two of you leave early after a more than inconvenient mishap. 
it was irritating at most, always having to be the one to drag eren away when he got more than comfortable, always having to talk to him about it only to see him make no effort to change. but for some reason something clicked in his brain that night and you ended up tangled in his sheets, a lazy love confession muttered in your ears when you were pressed against his front. a lazy love confession that you were partially swayed by.
you and eren didn't talk much about it, after leaving his mom's the two of you decided to leave it in the air. after all, there wasn't much to talk about that hadn’t already said. eren would try to do his part to win you over, and you'd just sit back and observe. the two of you went on just like you were before, as a matter of fact how you went on was almost too similar to how everything was before, yet at the same time somewhat foreign when you thought about the "other things".
the other things; the nicknames and the touches. you weren't too fond of them— maybe because you weren't his yet, but for some reason, you couldn't bring yourself to shy away from them. they were comforting, they were something new to you, and you'd learn to appreciate them over time. 
it was funny because it was only eren who you’d let do these more than friendly touches even before what happened last weekend, and it was you who enjoyed the whole aspect of it. you were more prone to friendships as opposed to relationships. you never liked them much because you found yourself on a pedestal compared to others. no one could catch your attention, no one was good enough or worth your time, yet eren seemed to build his own pedestal and sit right beside you, and for that he was special.
 it was only eren who was able to do that, and only eren you were able to open up your heart to. you'd only hope he wouldn't screw it over for himself, and maybe for you too.
apart from getting used to your new situation with eren, you were getting used to letting go of things too, namely spending your mornings with someone else— spending your mornings with historia.
it didn't pain you much— you and historia had a friendship of pleasure, words by aristotle; she was good company for you in the mornings after class and when you needed socializing at events. 
maybe you'd blame it on the break you were on, after all, you'd walk out of your first class together. since there weren't any classes 'till next week, that could very well be the reason why you weren’t seeing her. although you knew even when they would start up again it wouldn't be historia who'd be offering you a piece of her breakfast, spritzing her floral perfume over her body for the nth time, or keeping you awake with her tangents, it'd be eren. 
plus, you were saving yourself from the awkward encounter, considering that night when she let her drink plague the front of eren's shirt, and considering the fact that that morning you had just told her to let eren be, that he was a player, that what may be fun for her was only a fling for him. yet you ended up in her exact position, letting eren sweep you off your feet and into his bed. that would linger on your mind when you saw her, and the more you thought about it the less fair it was to her,
but it wasn't your fault, right?
"c'mon get up, it's almost eleven." eren's hand slid back up to shake your shoulder before his fingers made their way up to your eyelid, pulling it up. you smacked his hand down, a groan leaving your lips as you turned in your covers.
"eren," you pulled the soft fabric of the blanket over your head and began to blink underneath them, eyes adjusting to the small gleam of light that was let through the thick fabric. "what is your problem?"
he huffs and you feel his weight dip the bed some as he falls backwards on it, his head resting against your legs. he reciprocates your groan, seemingly more irritated, as if you were the one to disturb his sleep. "my problem is that you won't get up." 
"you said it's eleven eren, eleven." your voice is groggy and you can feel the swell of your face, rubbing at your features before you tugged the blanket from over your head. eren perks up at the sound of the fabric rustling, and he rises, happy to see your face, that same radiant smile you're used to seeing every morning greeting you.
"i always wake you up earlier than this," he shuffles back on the bed and lays his head down against your stomach and although he can feel you glaring at him from above, he still gets as comfortable as possible. it's then that you realize he's already ready for the day, clad in clothes different from what he went to sleep in, a shirt, and some sweats. "'wanted to get something to eat with you."
you feel the guilt curdle in your stomach, his attire tells you he's been up for a while now. he must've let you sleep in a bit longer than usual because he was right, he would wake you up earlier than this and the two of you would get ready together. your mouth downturns into a small frown and your hand comes down to caress his brown locks, almost like a form of an apology. he accepts it, green eyes fluttering shut at your touch. "i'm not that hungry."
"than something to drink? we can go to that smoothie bar nearby."
"we're not using zeke's car again." you knew eren wouldn't let up, and a part of you tells you that you owe him this as a return for the extra hours you were able to catch. you were just talking to talk, you'd end up going with him anyway, you ended up going with him every day.
you can feel eren smile against the fabric of your top, a low chuckle that was barely audible leaving his lips, and it made you smile too. "we'll walk."
it doesn't take you long to get ready, and it doesn't take long for the two of you to be on your way either. you were hand in hand with eren, a small silence looming over the two of you if you didn't count the aimless comments he'd throw here and there that you tried your best to engage with.
it was nothing but you, eren, and the small breeze that tried to sweep the loose pieces of hair around his face away, his hand occasionally coming up to move them out of his line of sight while the two of you walked before immediately connecting with yours again.
it felt nice, it was tranquilizing even and not much was with eren. it was times like this that didn't make you regret having him pull you into his bed on that hectic evening, having him pull you out of bed every morning, and you especially didn't regret it when you caught sight of the glass windows of the bar, chairs and tables still visible through the tinted glass.
his hand drops from yours. it feels empty again and cold when you grab the steel handle of the door. you can feel the wind of eren striding past you and the door shuts faster than you expected. the thud of it closing behind you, almost shutting you in, made you flinch. you turned to look back at it before turning to see eren more than a few steps ahead of you already. 
you furrow your brows and let your feet pick up the pace to catch up to him and you don't even realize the way your hand stretches out for eren to grab it again. he doesn't, keeping his hands in his pocket as he walks, but you couldn't blame him— he wasn't even looking down at your outstretched limb, his eyes surveying the bar. 
you roll your eyes at yourself. your subconscious attempt was feeble anyways. it was no big deal— and so you shove your hand back into the pocket of your jacket, fingers playing with each other inside the fabric.
 the two of you round the corner of the divider placed in the middle of the store. you reckoned it was to give customers who were eating more privacy, and once you got around it your eyes immediately look up to take a glimpse at the menu while your feet come to a halt in line.
eren leans down a bit, "what are you gonna get?"
you shrug your shoulders. you didn't put much thought into it, too in the moment of the walk you were on earlier to consider that you'd actually need to order something when you arrived. eren on the other hand seemed to know what he wanted, staring ahead at the cashier instead of the menu. perhaps he'd been here before.
the line begins to move and you and eren diverge from it, stepping over to one of the open cash registers. 
"hey, what can i get for you today?" the girl has a kind smile on her face that eren tosses back. she glances between eren, then you, then eren again while her finger hovers over the pad of the register. 
he answers before you, letting you take your time to decide what you'll want, you continuing to skim the contents of the menu. "hey, uh," his tongue slides over his bottom lip as he leans forward on the counter, hands hugging the end of it to stable himself while he passes some of his weight forward. "can i get the strawberry pineapple smoothie? can you replace the coconut water with um, orange juice?" 
it’s then that you notice the ash orange of her hair, the way it curled against the frame of her face and complimented the hazel of her eyes that were trained on the boy next to you, listening to him talk while she occasionally nodded her head, punching numbers into the register. "of course you can, pretty."
"that's all you— thanks, carly." you couldn't recall her saying her name, so your gaze travels down to her shirt, body relaxing when you see the name tag pinned to the cloth of her uniform. you shift your weight from one leg to the other, eye flicking back up to her face before eren taps your shoulder, making you look towards him instead.
"_____?" it's your name he says next and he must've had to say it more than once, the slight downturn of his lips tells you so. "what do you want to get?" his tone is different from earlier, and the smile you could hear in his voice when he was ordering wasn't there anymore— but most people put on a cheery persona when addressing an employee. it was more or less natural.
"i'll get what he's getting." you didn't really hear much of eren's order, clearly focused on all except, but you didn't have time to ponder on a stupid smoothie. she punches up your order as eren pulls out his wallet, you not daring to take out your own, hands still sitting idle in your pockets. he slips out a crumpled twenty dollar bill, attempting to smooth it out before handing it to the girl.
you and eren step off to the side, not having to wait very long for your drinks. when eren heads over to grab them from the same brassy orange-blonde, giving her a polite "thank you," and her responding with an "anytime, come back soon!", your phone vibrates in the back pocket of your jeans and you avert your attention from the two by slipping the device out. 
it's pieck, her caller id sitting above the "home". you don't hesitate to swipe your finger across the screen to answer. 
seeing her name made you remember the night at the bar once more, you and pieck enlightening each other with easy conversation, eren being the topic, and you’re reminded to update her about the fiasco that had you slip away from her for longer than you expected.
your mental note to call her clearly was washed away by other intruding thoughts, and the same feeling of guilt from earlier when you were laying with eren returned— she shouldn't have been the one to call you.
you lift your phone up, the glass of the screen was cold as you pressed it against your ear. "hey, i'm sorry for not call—"
"my curiosity got the best of me." you can hear the lightheartedness in her tone, voice soft as it flowed through the phone. it puts you at ease. "don't worry too much about it, i just needed to make sure you were alive after this weekend."
a smile plays on your face and you were almost oblivious to eren's sudden presence beside you, two identical pink drinks in his hand, one jutted out towards you for you to take. your hand wraps around the drink and you walk behind him, letting him open the door for you this time around, making your way out of the smoothie bar.
"i'm alive... what have you been up to?"
pieck chuckles from behind the screen. it's warm and pleasant. this time instead of you, eren and the breeze, it's you, pieck and the breeze. although, you were still aware of eren next to you and the side glances he was throwing your way— interest in every one of them. "that's the question i should be asking you, after all, you were the life of the party on friday."
"far from it, but if you'd like to know 'm fine. out with eren right now, he just took me to this little smoothie place not too far from campus."
she's silent for longer than a few seconds, as if she was processing something before she speaks up again. "eren? now you really have to tell me what you've been up to." her tone still has that hint of jest to it, keeping the conversation lighter than it would've been. 
eren's ears perk up at the muffled sound of his name and he once again turns his head your way, an eyebrow quirked at you that you pretended to ignore. "who are you talking to?"
you bring the smoothie up to your lips, using it to take more time to answer before letting your eyes slide over to eren. "just pieck, nosey." you were only half-joking and neither you or eren laugh at the comment. "not much is up if i'm being honest with you, but i can tell you about," you pause for a moment, brain scrambling to find a word that would make the topic you were discussing more vague. "...we can talk about everything when i get back to my dorm?"
"why don't you come over? yelena is here but i don't think she'll mind." 
you had nothing planned for the remainder of the day, it wouldn't hurt to spend a few hours updating pieck. it was well deserved on her part— she'd been patient and hadn't even sent you a text ever since you'd last seen her at the party. not to mention she was a good friend and a wise person to chat with, her feedback would be nice to hear. "yeah that's cool, i'll text you."
"i'll be happy to see your face, have fun." 
the line cuts off before you could even give your goodbyes but you brush it off and slip your phone back into the back pocket of your jeans, sipping at the almost forgotten smoothie that was dripping against your fingers. eren pulls your now free hand into his own, and it's like he's trying to recreate the moment before the bar, swinging your hands back and forth while the same silence dawns on both of you.
it's a little more stiff, a little too quiet, but it didn't matter because before you knew it you were walking up the steps to your shared dorm and eren's scanning the keycard so you and him could slip inside the warmth of the room.
you don't waste any time placing your cup down and shimmying out of your jeans, replacing them with sweats instead while eren just watches from the seat he takes on his bed. his eyebrows are knit from observing you hastily move around the small dorm. "where are you going?" it was question after question, but it wasn't anything new— he was always eager to know what you were up to, to try and keep an eye out for you and to try and keep up to date with you. when it wasn't a little vexatious, it was actually quite endearing.
you finish the remnants of your drink, plopping the cup into the trash and picking up your phone on your way to the door. "to pieck's dorm, i'll be back later."
eren stands up, following your route of throwing his empty cup into the trash then heading over to you, stopping right in front of your figure and making you tilt your head upward to get a better view of him. "that's what the two of you were talking about?"
he's in close proximity— you could count all the wrinkles on his shirt if you wanted to, or every eyelash that curved downwards above his eyes. "...i guess."
"i wanted you to come with me to reiner's in a few hours, sasha and them were gonna be there."
you recalled seeing sasha on friday, how she beamed being in your presence and how excited she was to see you— telling you that the two of you needed to hang out more, and although now would've been a great opportunity, you had plans. 
you sighed. albeit you never minded hanging out with your friends, maintaining them was a little harder than usual. "for one, i don't know who reiner is, and second of all, i have somewhere to be; i'll just text her when i get back." you'd hope you'd be able to stay true to your word, as you weren't able to do so with pieck. 
in the midst of you turning to grab the handle of the door, eren's hands come up to cup your jaw, palms resting against the supple skin of your face, and you roll your eyes before looking down to the ground.
his affectious demeanor was present again as he pulled you closer and pouted at you while his thumb caressed your cheek. "m'gonna miss you, you'll probably be asleep when i come back."
your own hand comes up to grab at his wrist, but you can't bring yourself to try and pull his hand away. instead, you find yourself rubbing at the tan skin, still not maintaining eye contact. "and that's fine, tomorrow's another day, i need to go." your words are somewhat bitter, but eren doesn't catch on.
he presses a testing kiss to your forehead, looking down at you before tilting your head up more and pressing a gentle one to your lips.
it's delicate and sickeningly sweet, like the saccharine candy you'd find at a corner store— and what doesn't help is the remaining taste of strawberry pineapple he leaves on your lips. you lick at the skin in efforts to get rid of it, and he only chuckles at your attempt before dropping his hands from your face. 
even though you could feel your cheeks burning, you still felt cold without his skin being in contact with yours. "text me when you get back." he says when you're stepping out the door, and you mutter a "we'll see," that you couldn't tell if he heard or not, not that it mattered much to you.
the walk to pieck's dorm feels shorter than usual, and you're not sure whether to blame it on the fact that you were getting used to the route, or on the fact that you were clouded in your own thoughts. either way, you're knocking a melody on her door in no time, and you're greeted by yelena looming over you, a neutral expression on her face.
"yelena," she nods her head at you but doesn't say anything back, only sidestepping to let you in, the person you wanted to see lying on her side against her bed, casting a lazy smile at the sight of you.
"______, long time no see?" pieck doesn't make an effort to sit up, only scooting backwards to create a space for you to sit at, and you let yelena pass you to get back to her desk before walking over to pieck.
"it's barely been a week," you saunter over to her bed, balancing your foot on one of the boxes that platforms her bed to climb up onto it. "you saw me just last friday." 
"and i was supposed to see or hear from you earlier than today." she's still holding her smile as she speaks, tilting her head towards you and raising a brow. "nevertheless, i'm glad you're here now." she truly was— despite you being a year under her, appreciative of your company. to her it was like having a little sister to look after, she felt like she was constantly watching you from the distance— and you felt like she was always there when you needed a bit of advice.
"and i'm glad to see you, how're your friends doing?"
she shakes her head at you but she answers your question anyways, "zeke, is being zeke— off dilly dallying and being an english major, nothing new to him. if you couldn't tell yelena is over there doing some work, porco is doing well, colt’s good, we're all good." with the way she grins wider, you already know what the next topic of discussion would be, her eyes narrowing at you as she finally sits up, back falling into her surplus amount of pillows. "how're you and your friends?"
"well according to one of them they're all supposed to be gathered up in someone's dorm right now, a little get together i think." 
pieck's mouth parts and her eyebrows upturn. "and you've decided to sit here with me?"
"i told eren i didn't want to go, i wanted to spend time with you."
her hand comes up to her chest dramatically and she stares at you in awe, "i always knew you liked me more than the rest of them, apart from eren i suppose." your nose scrunches up at her, you knew it was coming. you knew she'd find a way to bring him up, she always found a way to make things go according to her. it was admirable— and fun to watch when you weren't the victim. "speaking of eren..." her words slide off her tongue tauntingly and you groan. she doesn't take the sound to heart. 
"here we go,"
"what? you said you'd update me. so what happened? my ears are open."
you pull your legs up onto the bed until you were sat criss-cross. "well, after we left he didn't tell me anything until we got back to his mom's," you can hear pieck adjusting herself, getting comfortable as if she was a giddy child and you were a veteran getting ready to tell an old war story. "what he told me was that he had said something to upset historia, and that's why she threw her drink on him— and i told him that he shouldn't have been fuckin' around in the first place."
pieck nods her head after every couple words and you use that as a cue to go on, "and he starts saying he's sorry and shit, i kind of started to feel bad and i reassured him that it wasn't that big of deal, just that he needs to be better, you know?"
"i know."
your voice gets quiet at your next words, and your back slouches. the pads of your fingers tap against each other when you start to speak again. "and after that... after that, i don't really know how it happened but we kissed, and then he took me to his room and... and we had sex," the nearer your sentence came to an end the less audible it was.
"excuse me?" pieck leans in, and you can see her blink once, twice, and then a third time as she raises her nimble fingers to move stray ebony locks behind her ear until the appendage was visible to you, and you almost snort at the gesture. "the last part, i'm not sure i heard it well."
"you did." your hand lightly shoves her head away and it's quiet for a minute, only the taps of yelena's fingers against the keyboard and the birds chirping just outside the window of her dorm. "we fucked." and even though you knew she heard you the first time around, you repeat it. more so to yourself, like you were confirming the events and making sure they were true to what actually happened.
pieck settles against her pillows again but she doesn't look surprised. it's amusement that dances across her features and it's... satisfaction? she lets out a small sigh of content, as she closes her eyes and lets her head rest against the pile behind her. "mhm, that's what i thought."
it's you who's taken aback, her demeanor so calm that it's almost unsettling. "what?" 
"well something happened that night, right? c'mon the way zeke's brother acts around you alludes to something. how he watches you, he's very touchy with you, i'm surprised you didn't figure it out earlier." she doesn't mention how you'd reciprocate every touch regardless of the matter and would watch him in the same manner, maybe just from a farther distance. "he's the candidate i mentioned."
your words feel stuck in your throat and even if you could speak properly you weren't sure what you would say. you'd hope it was only pieck who was this observant, this alert when it came to those around her, otherwise the displays of affection would have to become a private thing; it was almost embarrassing knowing people could see you unknowingly gush over eren in plain sight.
when you don't respond immediately, pieck does instead, and her question flows out of her so easily that it’s as if she was patiently waiting to ask. "what about the blondie?" you were sure pieck remembered her name by now. maybe the nickname was more pleasant on her tongue.
"what about historia?" 
"what about when she finds out about you and eren?"
pieck saw things full circle, she rummaged every corner and crack for possibilities, what ifs, and what abouts, and it made you think harder— even when you didn't think you needed to ponder too much on what she'd make you reflect on.
the quality was endearing when you'd skip a step or two during a math problem, or when you didn't consider the hangover of a party overlapping with a test you'd have to take the next day. however, it wasn't so endearing when you were trying to just get through an exam, or when she made a simple problem more elaborate than it had to be.
"well, i told her not to fuck with eren— i can't help it if he likes me or not." you rub the back of your neck while staring off into the corner of pieck's dorm. "eren will tell her anyways."
"and if he doesn't?" both you and pieck's head whiz towards yelena and you realize the sound of her fingers clacking against the keys of the laptop cease to exist. her slender arm is hung over the back of the chair and her legs are crossed at the ankle. you can't read her doe eyes, not sure if she was genuinely interested in the conversation or if her ears only decided to listen for the remainder of it out of boredom— but you knew she heard the last sentence either way. "it's your job to inform her, after all you seemed closer to her than eren."
"yeah but it's eren who needs to cut her off, so he should tell her then." 
pieck pats the bed in front of her, stealing both you and yelena's attention with the smallest gesture. "what about talking to blondie? giving her a letdown and letting her know what's going on between you and eren? i mean, you and eren aren’t dating yet, right?"
your eyes meet pieck and you speak lowly, slow and careful. "no..." a brow is arched above your eye; you weren't sure what she was getting at. "but that's what he's trying to do. i wasn't just g'nna... throw myself at him that night," you cup your jaw with your hands, placement just like eren's earlier and your face twists into a lovesick expression, lip jutting out and eyebrows turned upwards. "oh, eren yes i'll be yours!" 
pieck chuckles at your sarcastic tone and shakes her head. "i didn't say all that now, i'm glad you didn't..." her hand waves around your face in a circular motion, "do that."
"yeah, 'm not stupid,"
"i know, i know, my point was just that you need to be wary of your circumstances, _____." her words are darker and she gives you a motherly expression, almost as if she was scolding you. her finger pointing towards your figure didn't help to dull that feeling. "you need to be the one to talk to historia and you need to set your boundaries with eren. be mindful of the predicament you're in, it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks."
"and don't be upset if the old dog can't learn them." yelena doesn't fail to add on, before spinning her chair back towards the desk in front of her, seemingly uninterested in the conversation already, the jaded look that she gives you telling you enough.
you don't respond but pieck knows the gears are turning in your head by the way your eyes cloud over and the way you stare a little too long at the photo of her and porco pinned up against her side of the dorm.. if she asked you to tell her the color shirt she was wearing in it while closing your eyes, she was sure you'd be able to give her that and more.
but she lets you ponder and she knows it's a good chance you won't heed her advice. 
you were independent for the most part and you seemed to have things under control when they needed to be— that included having eren under control. so why would you need someone like pieck to tell you to take your brain out of autopilot for a few seconds and be wary of eren?
as far as you knew, from the ache of his words that night in the laundry room, the way he held onto you as if you could slip out of his grip any second; he wanted you and he wanted you bad. it wouldn't be your feelings hurt if he tripped over his own feet— it'd be his loss and he should know you wouldn't be one to try and pick him back up again.
that wasn't the kind of person you were, it never was— it was eren who'd have to change, not you, no matter how small the transition. 
but you knew you wouldn't have to worry about that anyways, it was your subconscious plaguing you.
“my mom would kill me if i played you anyways.”
those were his words that night and they'd linger in the back of your mind. they were a constant reminder to you that what was happening wasn't imaginative, and you'd reckon he'd stick by them.
nothing feels better than toeing out of your shoes and slipping them under your bed for a later occasion. you had talked with pieck longer than expected, arriving back to your dorm a few hours before midnight, yet eren still wasn't back as you expected.
you slipped out of the attire you'd been walking around in all day and went to the bathrooms to take a shower. it was a quick one, the water temperature more on the warm side then you'd like, but it was nothing you could control.
you found yourself skimming the contents of eren's clothes when you headed over to the closet for pajamas to sleep in, plucking one of his shirts from the hangers. 
don't think too far ahead, it was just the feeling of the fabric clinging to your skin while being a few sizes too big. how it fell around your body and covered you just enough so you wouldn't have to wear sleep shorts that you always ended up kicking off in the middle of the night. 
it felt safe and you'd grown to like the feeling ever since eren slipped one of his shirts over your head when you were barely able to get up.
you crawl into your bed but you knew sleep wouldn't greet you for an hour or so. knowing eren wasn't in the bed across from you stirred your stomach, so you grabbed your phone that was still on its charger and opened youtube; it'd be a clever distraction for the time being.
you weren't sure how long you'd been scrolling through pointless videos, clicking one that’s thumbnail sparked your interest and watching it for as long as you could muster then swiping down to the recommended to repeat the process. 
however long it was, it made your eyes grow weak, weight pulling down your lids and particularly loud segments from each video making your eyes snap back open, the cycle continuing.
it's one noise that makes you jump out of the grasp of sleep— and it's not the sound from the video playing in front of you, it's the noise of the handle of the door jiggling. your eyes move over to watch the brass handle shake up and down with vigor, as if the person on the other side was trying to break in.
it's the curse of breath that calms your nerves, the small "shit," coming from the other side sounding all too familiar even with your body struggling to stay awake. 
a small smile tugs on your lips at eren's attempts to open the door, but you make no efforts to get up. you're more than overjoyed when you hear the sound of a keycard being used at the door, it finally swinging open a little harder than you expected, eren bending down to pick up the card he seemingly dropped. 
he stumbles when he stands, grabbing the door. you're not sure if it was to close it or steady himself, but his gaze is trained on you the whole time when he shuts it, back pressed against the wood when it is completely closed, his frame only standing there for a few seconds before he giggles.
his words are slurred and he bumps into the end of his bed when he begins making his way over to you. the goofy way your name leaves his lips still makes your heart skip a beat and your hand slides your phone over, arms open for him. "eren."
although you've seen his face more times than you can count, it’s still refreshing to see it for a split second in the dim moonlight that shines on the side of his face as he passes the window. his hair is more tousled than you remember and his eyes are half lidded— but in a way that makes it seem like he was trying to make them as wide as possible. you can't help but shake your head as he crawls into your bed slowly, lifting the covers for him so he can slide in. 
"______... you're awake." he hums when you drape the covers over both his and your body. he makes himself a home between your legs, head falling to your chest and his arms to his sides as hands scrunch into fists.
"i'm awake." he's hot to the touch and he makes you warmer than you were before, makes you stare at him in awe and caress his hair again, taming the stray locks on the top of his head.
"_______," you can smell the alcohol on his breath as well as a floral scent and the smell of sweat that littered his body. it's not off putting enough for you to want to tell him to "get up," and to "go sleep in your own bed." but you'd make a mental note to remind him to shower in the morning— not that he wouldn't take one without your reminder.
"yes, eren?"
eren scoots up more until his head is leveled with yours. his weight is heavy but soothing and you press yourself against him more, able to feel every rise and fall of his chest, every beat of his heart, and every exhale of his breath onto your cheek. "i love you."
you've heard it before more times than you could count. you were his childhood friend, it was so natural but you knew it meant more this time. yet, you couldn't scratch the fact that he was drunk and his words could be empty. you could wake up tomorrow and be the only one who would remember what he said. "yeah i know, eren."
he whimpers and his lips press to your cheek, it's elongated and hard, but when he's done he doesn't move them, letting his mouth rest against your skin.
when you don't reciprocate his fingers come up to turn your head towards him and he’s pressed his lips against yours this time. it's slow and sensual and you melt into the meager kiss. the taste of beer that lingers on eren's tongue is not enough for you to pull away, and the way eren kisses you sloppily and lazily isn't a bother either. 
he groans and the vibrations can be felt where your body was up against his. his lips are slightly dry and it compliments the soft feel of yours that he can't seem to get enough of, his lips trapping your bottom one and him pulling back before doing the same with the top. 
eren's thumb rubs against the skin of your tragus, every back and forth motion making the skin under it tingle. he uses the grip he has on your face to pull you in further and let his teeth graze your lower lip. you're so caught up in the moment, but the buzz of his phone in the pocket of his sweats that sagged against your thigh makes you jolt and pull away for a second.
he tries to bring your lips together again but you remember that he's drunk and both of you need sleep, especially eren if anything. "eren," you breathe, and he murmurs a "hm?" against the skin of your jaw that he was kissing, trailing back up to peck kisses to the corners of your lips.
"let's go to sleep."
"but i love you," he's whiney, a hand sliding down to bring you impossibly closer, pulling you by the small of your back. you sigh, your palms pushing off his chest to put some distance between the two of you that even you didn't want there. but the brunette was too handsy and you were only following your brain, not your heart.  
your hand slips into the pocket of his sweats and you grab his phone, body flipping over to unplug yours and plug his in. 
it vibrates once to signify that it was being charged, then twice to signify another incoming text message and the phone screen lights up, your eyes skimming the screen without thinking.
under every contact name was the words imessage, all his notifications including messages hidden from the lock screen. 
you read the name armin, the text from the boy being the one that lit up eren's phone screen in your face, sasha, a text from her more than several hours ago, and an unsaved number that started with 760, the number having texted a couple minutes ago. you assumed it must've been the one that buzzed when eren was against you.
his phone screen goes dark and you place it down onto the bed, your phone beside it before pulling the covers more over you and not turning around towards eren. you were afraid he'd pester you again. you could feel his abdomen up against your back, arm slung over your midsection that he must've threw while you were plugging in his phone. 
you can hear him snoring against your back and you could laugh at how fast he fell asleep, silently wishing that had been you hours ago. you scoot back against him more and close your eyes, the darkness replacing the pretty moonlight that the crooked blinds of your window let in.
"i love you too."
Tumblr media
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azaleavi · 3 months ago
Strings - part 2
Summary: A few weeks is not enough to forget about Bucky Barnes.
Word count: 3.1k
Warning(s): smut 18+, kissing, language, oral (f receiving), unprotected sex, dirty talk, praise kink, bucky is kinda an asshole, but it's fluff
Author's note: Part 2 is finally here! Sorry for the long wait, but I hope you guys like it!
Feedback is always appreciated and don’t forget to reblog and like if you enjoyed it and want to see more. Thank you!
Part 1 Masterlist
Tumblr media
A few weeks after the day you 'broke up' with Bucky you still cared too much about him. You try to avoid him as much as you can, but it's hard when you are in the same band and you have to see him every day. Everyone knows that something happened between you two as you have been quieter than ever and Bucky slept with every woman he could get his hands on. Your already broken heart cracks every time you see a different woman on his arm, but you know that you can't do anything about it. It's not your place and you were the one that told him you wanted to stop. So you just watch as he goes on this tangent.
You tried to write songs, but all of them are about him and you can't let the world know how you feel about him. Even he doesn't know. Your bandmates have been asking you if you are okay, but you always avoid the question. The fans do the same, but you just plaster a forced smile on your face and tell them that everything is fine. You can see the doubt in their eyes, but you always change the topic. They noticed how you and Bucky stopped kissing on stage or interacting in general and they worry about you, but you are fine. You have to be. Otherwise, you would let the hurt show and you can't give Bucky that satisfaction.
You finally have a few days off after a long, exhausting week of shows after shows and you spend the whole day exploring the city. Alone. Like you always seem to be these days.
In the evening you are finally walking back to your room, your feet hurting from going around all day. You have the privilege to have Bucky's room next to yours again. A few weeks ago you would be thrilled about that fact, but now you just have to listen to him fuck someone else every night. Speaking of the devil, he is standing in the hallway with his next pretty thing next to him, her arms around his waist as she presses kisses on his neck. They don't notice you as you walk past them. A scoff leaves your lips and you mumble under your breath about how he just can't keep it in his pants. Suddenly his head snaps in your direction, but you act like you didn't say anything.
"Do you have a problem?" he pulls away from the woman at which she lets out a whine. The urge to roll your eyes is too strong, but you manage to hold it back.
"Of course not" you smile sarcastically and you try to walk into your room but his voice stops you.
"I know you are jealous baby but try to not let it show this much. It's kinda pathetic" you freeze mid-step, hand on the handle of the door "I noticed how you haven't gotten any in the past few weeks" he keeps talking without knowing how much his words hurt you. They fly straight into your heart and you feel yourself getting angrier by the second. You can't let yourself cry in front of him so you decide on the next best thing - answering with aggression.
"You know I would have gotten some if you didn't interrupt that day" you recall the night you called off your arrangement, hoping that it at least hurts him just a fraction of how much it hurts you.
"Oh, you would just fuck anyone wouldn't you?" he steps closer to you but you stand your ground.
"I fucked you so I guess that's true" you lift your eyebrows in a challenge and you can see his eyes slightly widen at your answer. Got you.
"Listen here" his face is only a few inches from you, hot breath hitting your mouth and your knees almost buckle under you. He still has this effect on you and you can't help but look down at his inviting lips. The girl is still standing a few feet from you, but neither of you cares about her as you stare at each other in silence.
"We could have a threesome" a female voice cuts through the tense air between you and you look at the girl in pure shock. Did she just say that? You open your mouth to tell her to fuck off but Bucky is faster than you.
"I'm okay with having just one woman in my bed" his eyes don't leave your frame as he answers her but you don't notice as you are still looking at the girl. You roll your eyes as you turn away from them to walk back to your door. You don't want to see them go at it in front of you.
A hand on your arm stops you and spins you around to his body.
"But is that one woman okay with me?" you suck in a quick breath that you don't breathe out, your heartbeat picking up. His blue orbs pierce through you and you feel like he sees all your emotions and thoughts running through your head. A faint huff is heard from the girl as she leaves but you don't care. You stare at Bucky wide-eyed not knowing what to say. Blinking a few times doesn't help you gather your thoughts and he steps closer to you, leaving almost no space between your bodies.
"What are you doing?" you manage to get out, but he slams his lips on yours and all rational thoughts leave your head. You wrap your arms around his neck as he pulls you closer by your waist. You are so lost in the kiss that you don't notice him backing you into the door only when your back connects with the wood.
"Open the door sweetheart" he mumbles into your lips, a small moan escaping you at the pet name. You quickly turn around and take out your key but Bucky is impatient and he sweeps your hair away from the right side of your neck to gain access to the skin. The wet, open-mouthed kisses leave you shaking and when his hands find your breasts through your clothes you almost drop the key.
The door finally opens and you stumble inside, his mouth not leaving your neck. Turning around it's your turn to push him against the door, closing it in the process. He brushes down his palms on your body to your ass, kneading the flesh. Groaning into the kiss he picks you up easily, wetness pooling in your underwear at how strong he is. He is next to the bed in a few long strides, clearly not wanting to waste any time. His mouth disconnects from yours as he throws you into the mattress, eliciting a moan from you.
"I know exactly what you like" his voice rumbles in the air as he kneels on the bed and opens your legs forcibly. His body is on top of yours, his mouth finding yours again. You pull off his shirt, yours following closely behind. The tattoos on his torso and arms always turned you on and this time is no exception. He grinds against you, the feeling of his hard cock pressing to your clothed pussy driving you crazy.
Soon, both of you are completely naked not being able to wait any longer. He simply pushes you further up the bed so your head lays on the pillows and he kisses down to your breasts taking a nipple into his mouth. Your fingers brush through his hair which is even longer now as you arch your back. He switches to your other nipple that is pebbled up from lust.
"Bucky" you whine out his name making him look at you through his lashes.
"What is it darling?" he smirks above your body.
"I need you" you manage to get out before it ends in a moan as his fingers slip between your already wet folds.
"Look at you being so needy for me" he teases as he slides down to come face to face with where you want him the most.
"I missed this pretty pussy" he gives a harsh lick up from your waiting hole to your clit between your folds "and I know exactly what she wants"
"Bucky" you lift your hips in desperation.
"That's right" he smirks almost touching your clit that is aching for him "she wants me and no one else" his lips attach themselves to you and the sound that leaves you is downright embarrassing.
"Oh, it's been a long few weeks, hasn't it? This tight little hole missed my cock so much" he teases you, his middle finger entering you without a problem. His tongue keeps moving up and down between your folds, finger pumping in and out of you. Your thighs close around his head but he pulls away to open them again.
"Be a good girl and keep these pretty legs open for me" he presses a kiss on your inner thigh and you can only nod eagerly in response "Good" he whispers and goes back to his favorite meal. Adding another finger he picks up the pace, sucking on your bundle of nerves.
The coil in your tummy is tightening way too quickly and he can feel you clench around his finger. He was right - it has been too long since you got this much pleasure, your fingers just couldn't compare to his tongue.
" 'm close" you keen, hands gripping the bedsheets beside you. He starts going impossibly fast which makes you fall apart under him. You practically scream his name as you cum, head rolling back, your spine arching off the bed. You see white as he helps you through your high, lips not leaving your folds, lapping up all your juices that you can give to him. This is one of the most intense orgasms you have had lately and you need a few seconds for the ringing in your ears to quiet down. Your chest moves up and down as you pant, sweat coating your body. Bucky has never seen anything more beautiful as you look down at him. After pressing a few small kisses on your mound he climbs up to give you a deep, passionate kiss.
He kneels up and brings his fingers - that are still coated in your cum - to his lips and sucks on them, a groan leaving his lips.
"So sweet" his tongue licks between his fingers, opening them in the process as he kneels above you. You feel another wave of desire hit you at the scene in front of you.
"Fuck- Bucky" you fidget in your place under him, hips slightly lifting from the bed. He lies down on his back next to you and turns his face to look at you. Your pupils are blown wide with lust, clearly not satisfied with just one orgasm.
"Ride me, sweetheart" this is all you need before you are sitting up and climbing on top of him. His girth brushes against your clit making you stop your movements and moan at the feeling. Hands find your waist as you slide his cock between your folds back and forth. Rolling your hips you get lost in the sensation but his hands stop your movements. A whine escapes you and you roll your head back in frustration.
"I want to feel your tight pussy around me" he growls as he forcefully lifts you a little. You grab him and line him up at your entrance. Slowly you start sinking down but impatience gets the better of him and he lifts his hips to slam into you. You fall forward by the force, your hands finding purchase on his chest. Hair frames your face while you look down at him, your mouth open in a silent moan. The view makes Bucky's cock throb with want inside you.
You need a few minutes to adjust to him but after that, your hips don't stop rolling above him.
"Fuck- Bucky" you keen. The sensation of the veins dragging along your velvety walls makes you go feral, your head spinning with desire.
"Doing so well for me sweetheart" he praises you as helps you move. His hands find your ass and he grips it, his fingers digging into the flesh.
"Feel so good around me" praises leave his lips just the way you like them. You feel yourself getting closer to the edge as he hits the spot inside you with a particularly hard thrust.
"There" one word is all that you can manage and it comes out in a whine but he understands you. His hips start snapping up, hitting the same spot every time. Moans leave you in time of his thrusts, your whole body shaking from the force. Your pussy grips him as you get closer and closer to your high.
"Cum for me" his cock throbs inside you, ready to release but he wants to wait for you. His thumb finds your clit and he starts drawing fast circles on it while he keeps his hips moving.
"Come on sweets" your mind is a mess as he keeps pleasuring you. You are so close. "I want to feel you coat my cock" he pinches your bundle of nerves and it sends you over the edge. The tightening of your walls around him makes him follow after you, his release shooting inside you.
You fall forward, your hands giving out under you, and your front meets him, both of your bodies covered in sweat but neither of you cares. You hide your face in the crook of his neck as both of you work through your highs. Air leaves your lips in pants, your chest rising and falling rapidly.
"That's a good girl" he murmurs into your ear, his pointer finger brushing up and down your spine "Such a good girl for me" his hands stroke down across your ass to your thigh where he splays out his fingers. You leave small pecks on his neck as his fingers rub your skin. You stay like this for a few minutes, just basking in each other's presence.
Eventually, he pulls out of you, the emptiness making you groan. He fidgets under you which makes you pull away from him to look down at his face.
"Stop moving around" you scold him playfully and you go to rest against him again but he stops you.
"Let's get you cleaned up" you roll your eyes as you get off of him and lie down on your back. He goes into the bathroom and comes back with a towel in his hands. Kneeling on the bed he opens your legs and cleans up the mess between them. You feel yourself get sleepy, the actions of the day tiring you out. He leaves to take back the fabric to the bathroom and by the time he comes back you are out.
The morning sun shines through the curtains straight into your eyes which makes you frown. Trying to turn to the other side you hit something with your hand that shakes you awake. A body is lying next to you that you soon realize is Bucky. Your eyes meet and you open your mouth to say something but nothing comes out. The surprise must be clear on your face.
"What? You thought I wasn't gonna be here?" he smirks. Your mind can't comprehend what is happening so you turn away to get out of the bed but his grip on your arm stops you.
"We need to talk about what happened" he raises his eyebrows as he pulls you back into bed.
"What do you mean what happened? We fucked that's it" you shrug while you try to play it off as no big deal. Bucky doesn't buy it though and he raises his eyebrows in question.
"I thought about you a lot in these past weeks" he confesses and your world stops for a second. There is no way.
"You- what?" you stumble over your words.
"I thought about you" he repeats himself but you still can't believe your ears.
"Yeah? And what did you think about?" you roll your eyes showing him that you don't trust his words. He lets out a sigh and sits up, pulling you with him.
"How I missed having you with me through everything. Not just the sex" he adds when you open your mouth to interrupt him, knowing well what you want to say "I missed you. The way you call me out on my bullshit. The way you make me want to become a better person. Your laugh, your eyes, your smile, and just everything about you." his finger brushes along your cheek, and your mouth opens, but no sound comes out. He manages to shock you once again as you just stare at him, speechless.
You are still frozen in shock when he leans closer and brushes his nose against yours.
"Say something" he whispers, hot air hitting your lips.
"I- don't know what to say" you stammer.
"Say you'll go on a date with me, a real date" he grasps your face between his hands as his forehead touches yours. Another wave of shock washes through you.
"A date?" the pitch of your voice goes up at the end of your question and you have to clear your throat to hide your embarrassment.
"Yes" his head moves up and down in a nod. Your mind is a mess as he waits for your answer, the silence surrounding you which is a stark opposite of your thoughts. What are you supposed to say? Of course, you want to go on a date with him, but does he really want to go on a date with you?
"Okay" you whisper, afraid that you will regret your decision. His eyes light up and a smile spreads on his face. Your heart beats faster as you watch his smile widen until it almost reaches his ears. A small laugh escapes him before he presses a quick kiss on your lips, surprising you again. It's such a sweet, tender kiss, one that you never got from him before and it makes you think that maybe this date won't be so bad.
"Want to join me in the shower?" he smirks as he stands up, his naked body blessing your eyes.
"Is that even a question?" you follow after him into the bathroom.
A few days later at your next concert, he can't help himself and he kisses you in front of the audience who in response lose their minds at your display of affection.
It is clear to everyone watching that you two love each other and no one can change that.
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killerlookz · 7 months ago
need you
Tumblr media
original gif post here
Summary: after returning home from the "truth or dare" case spencer decides reader has the right to know what happened while he and jj were held hostage while reader believes there may be a greater issue at hand.
warnings: nothing really just angst! with some fluff mixed in hehe but i think that is pretty much it.
pairing: spencer reid x gn!reader
word count: 2495
also lol i think that this song sort of has the ((vibe)) of this story if you want something to listen to while reading hah.
you and spencer reached the door of the apartment you shared after a dead silent car ride and a nearly silent plane ride back home from california. it was an unusual almost heartbreaking silence- you were almost too scared to speak up; afraid of what spencer would say in return.
as much as you hated to admit it, you began to realize that recently things with spencer hadn't been the same. not since prison.
that wasn't to say you didn't adore your boyfriend- in fact your love for him seemed to grow stronger during this particular point in your relationship. honestly, it felt as if you were clinging onto spencer for dear life.
despite spencer's mostly solemn state since the incident he still tried his best to show his appreciation for you in whatever way he could. but still- he had become withdrawn; his infodumps and tangents that you hung onto every word of were now few and far between. busy schedules aside you couldn't remember the last time you had been on a date. to top it off it had seemed that any and all plans the two of you had for the future seemed to be put on hold, your once frequent talks of getting marriage and potential children in the future ceased to exist.
it was a sorry state to be in but everyday you woke up and wondered is today the day? would spencer finally decide and say that he didn't want to do it anymore, no marriage, no children, no more y/n and spencer.
you had fallen in love with spencer from the moment you first stepped in the bullpen and laid eyes on the shy, sweet dr. reid. spencer had insisted he fell head over heels for you in that moment too. hell, even now you still got butterflies when you remembered after what felt like a lifetime of the two of you pining for each other spencer finally asked you on a date. you knew right then that was going to be the beginning of something special. it seemed like forever ago now, you two were only kids then. now, you couldn't imagine your life without him yet everyday you prepared yourself for what seemed like an inevitable heartbreak.
though every night when spencer held you close and placed small kisses on the top of your head in between words whispers of love an adoration part of your brain convinced itself that maybe it wasn't so inevitable.
so there you were, in front of your apartment anxiously waiting for spencer's next move. you hoped, and hoped today wasn't the end, harder than you had any other day but spencer's silence was deafening.
the house keys jingled as spencer unlocked the door before you and opened it to let the two of you in. you stepped into the dark apartment and slipped off your shoes, you headed to the bedroom without a word.
without the spencer situation at hand you were exhausted regardless and you longed for some rest. you slipped off your work clothes and replaced them with the comfort of some sweatpants and a loose fitted t-shirt.
the floorboards creaked behind you as you noticed spencer had entered the room with the same idea to change into more comfortable clothes. you glanced at him for a moment while he changed but looked away and back down at the ground- unsure of what to do next.
much to your surprise, pair of arms wrapped around your torso and despite your anxieties you couldn't help but smile as the touch consumed you. spencer pressed a kiss to the crown of your head. and as he let go he gently caressed one of your arms while stepping around to face you. as spencer looked down upon you some curls fell in front of his face and you made note of how heavenly he looked standing above you.
"spencer..." you whispered
but instead of responding, spencer climbed into bed and you watched as the mattress dipped with his presence, just as it did every night when he crawled into bed with you. spencer placed himself in the middle of the mattress and propped himself up on the pillows that sat against the headboard. your eyes gently made their way up to meet his gaze and he patted next to him.
"come here, we need to talk" his voice was soft, almost sweet sounding yet it made your heart sink. your eyes widened as you nervously crawled into bed with him. 'we need to talk' were the first words he had said to you in hours- you knew it couldn't be good.
and so you sat before him with your legs crossed trying your hardest to look him in the eyes without starting to tear up. spencer instinctively reached for both of your hands as you sat down and gently caressed the back of one with his thumb.
you smiled up at him a little and gave a weak "hi."
"hi." he gave a tight lipped smile back. "are you okay?" he asked, clearly realizing your state and becoming worried.
"fine, spencer." you nodded, "see?" you flashed him as big of a smile as you could. spencer shook his head and pulled you forward a little by your hands, placing them both on his upper chest.
"what's wrong?" he asked, tilting his head to the side and shooting you an empathetic glance. you could never lie to spencer he knew you far to well. that was the thing about dating a genius and a top notch profiler. you could never hide a thing from him.
"spencer i said im fine, what did you have to talk about?" it was a lie, but all you wanted was for him to get whatever he had to say over with in hopes it would relieve the pit in your stomach.
spencer frowned a little, but he didn't want to argue- not now.
"okay," he whispered with a nod and began to ramble a little "y/n, before i start i just wanted to say you have every right to be upset as much as i don't want you to be, you're allowed to. i just- i can't keep this from you because you deserve to know-."
your heart fell to your stomach oh my god this is it you repeated in your head. you braced yourself for the worst news possible as tears welled up in your eyes.
"you're breaking up with me, aren't you?" your voice broke, you didn't mean it to- you didn't mean to blurt it out like that and you definitely didn't mean to get so worked up but after months of inching towards one of your worst fears you couldn't help but let out all that worry. "oh my god." a few tears fell down your cheeks and you cursed yourself for allowing your emotions to get the better of you for nothing more than an assumption.
you'd barely noticed spencer's reaction, you couldn't really bring yourself to look at him- but his lips had parted slightly and his eyes were glassy as if he was about to cry. "y/n," he started, whispering your name a few more times while shaking his head- not out of disappointment but of surprise. "oh god," he furrowed his brows, "oh god- no." a look of guilt and sudden realization was plastered upon his face.
spencer sat up and the pair of you exchanged a moment of eye contact- it was a desperate moment full of shared anguish in each others gazes.
"come here, please?" he beckoned and you managed a hushed okay, allowing him to pull you onto his lap. he felt so warm as he tugged your body to his and you couldn't ever imagine a life without that warmth.
the more seconds that passed the more tears that seemed to fall down your cheeks. before he could pull you any closer you threw your arms around the back of his torso and buried your head into his chest. you hadn't been this hopeless to be so close to him since the day he had gotten out of prison.
"im not breaking up with you," spencer's arms came around you with a strength you weren't used to. those few words came with much reassurance, but still you couldn't help the sobs that escaped your lips. "y/n im so, so sorry i ever let you feel like i was." spencer was choked up- you could tell.
fuck he wouldn't have been able to fathom the guilt you felt for jumping to a conclusion that seemed so troubling for spencer. spencer's grip around you was bone-crushing but it brought along a reassurance and comfort you hadn't known in awhile. still you managed to sit yourself up and look down at spencer, who was now laid back on the pillows. he looked heartbroken as you peered down at him he was consumed with shame for ever putting you in the position to believe he would ever leave you.
despite knowing he wasn't breaking up with you now you still awaited anxiously for what spencer had to tell you. you pondered what he could possibly tell you that he knew would warrant you being upset. not wanting to wait another moment you changed the topic.
"so what did you need to tell me then?" you reached down and wiped away any tears that had fallen across spencer's face with your thumb
"right, right." he closed his eyes tight before opening them and sitting up straighter. his face was closer to yours now and he placed the tips of his fingers at the back of your head and gently brushed your cheek with his thumb. you tilted your head into the touch ever-so-slightly, making him smile a little at the gesture.
"go on," you whispered, you didn't want to wait anymore.
"like i said, you have every right to be upset; i don't want you to be but i also cant just hide this from you because that would be unfair and you really deserve to know and i dont want to keep secrets-"
"spencer." you cut off his anxious ramblings
"right, the point." he pressed his lips together in a tight half smile before breathing out. "so you know how jj and i were held hostage earlier..."
you nodded, signaling him to go on as you tried not to let your nerves get the best of you.
"well, he made us participate in a game of truth or dare- or else..." he looked down to the side anxiously, "well, jj picked truth and he made her tell a secret she has never told anyone. and- she told me that she'd loved me, that i was her first love." spencer swallowed hard like he couldn't believe it himself.
"oh." your mouth went dry, "is she, still?" you asked, stunned.
"i don't know. i don't know if she even meant it in the first place but i just- i wanted to tell you."
"of course she meant it spencer, if you didn't think she meant it you wouldn't have told me."
"are you upset?" spencer asked, his eyes meeting yours.
"i- dont know." you shook your head, "just- how did you feel? when you found out?" as anxious as you were for his response you needed to know. you knew once upon a time spencer had a crush on jj and you needed to know if there was any semblance of that thought in his mind.
"mostly surprise, really." he twisted his face a little as he seemed to begin the recall the events.
you took a deep breath in and out, you would be lying if you said there wasn't a tiny pang of jealousy that roamed around your body- just the smallest ounce of worry of what if situations this confession could bring about.
the thought of it terrified you a little, as unrealistic as it sounded. jj was happily married with two kids- and you had no reason in the world to distrust spencer, but still you couldn't help but wonder if spencer was now pondering what could be or could have been.
"do you uh-wish things worked, between you and jj?" you just had to know, you think you deserved to know. "or- you know, hope for the future?"
"y/n..." his hands fell softly around your waist. "to put it simply, no. i don't."
"good," you whispered, leaning forward and nuzzling your face into spencer's neck "because i need you, spencer. i really do."
"i do- i need you too." his arms made their way around your torso, pulling you into a tight embrace. his body was warm with a reassurance you desperately needed.
"for awhile there, it just- felt like you didn't." your whispers turned into a vague whimper.
"and I am so, so sorry for ever letting you feel that way." his hand crept up the back of your shirt and spencer lightly ran his fingers against your skin, tracing miscellaneous patterns. "so so sorry." he repeated in a whisper and you could hear the hurt in his voice.
"i know you are spencer. i know." you reassured and he placed his head in the crook of your neck.
the mutual reassurance of your adoration for each other was all the two of you had needed- for what seemed like a very long time.
"y/n?" spencer spoke, lifting his head up.
"look at me?" he asked with a sweet tone of voice. you lazily picked up your head from where it rested between his neck and shoulder. your gaze locked with his as you stared a lovesick stare for just a moment.
you could stare at him forever.
and he could do the same for you.
"god- you are so beautiful." he lifted a hand to your cheek and stroked softly. your lips immediately curled up in a smile and you felt your cheeks get warm.
"says you, pretty boy." you tilted your hand into his touch. spencer let out a small chuckle before returning his attention completely to you.
"you know i love you right, more than anything?" he asked, staring deeply into your eyes. you couldn't help but feel a little nervous at the remark, you've spent years with the man but he still knew how to get the butterflies in your tummy fluttering.
you nodded your head, "you know i love you too? probably even more..."
"impossible." he furrowed his eyebrows.
"definitely possible." you smiled as you leaned in towards spencer. your lips seemed to immediately find his in first a few small pecks. but as spencer snaked his arms back around your waist and pulled you impossibly close to him, the kiss deepened into something much more passionate.
and in that moment, in the kiss you two shared all the words that had been left unsaid for so long were suddenly spoken.
a/n: hiiiii okay long time no write huh. haha oops ive been busy, but asffssddsdcsssffc idk how i feel about this but... yeah okay cool byeeee.
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Could you do a katsuki x izuku x fem reader(poly relationship) were izuku has basically been ignoring the reader and katsuki, katsuki gets tired of your whining and decides to figure out why izuku has been ignoring you.
Katsuku basically finds out that izuku has been cheating on the two of you with ochaco. Katsuki basically tries to beat the shit out of izuku and you let him. Izuku leaves. You and katsuki stay together in his dorm and you breakdown, sobbing into katsuki's chest and thinking and talking badly about yourself. Katsuki tells you all the reasons why your aren't any of the things you say you are and you fall asleep in his arms.
A/n:I am so bad at writing poly relationships but what the people ask, they shall recieve. 🙍💪
Thanks for the follow babes,
I hope this is accurate to your request. 😘
I am unsure if you meant poly as in the three of them are in relationship cuz they like the reader and she happens to like both so they agree on it(?) Or that bakugou and izuku also like each other(?) I went for the latter sorry if it's inaccurate.
A cheater's endeavour
Bakugou X izuku X fem!reader (poly relationship)
Synopsis: deku has been acting strange recently: purposely avoiding you, being absent from his dorm, and the guilt that lingers in his eyes whenever you talk to him. It was all very strange. You didn't want to suspect it- to doubt him. But, it was to much for you to shrug off, so you go to kacchan for help.
(poly relationship with bakugou and izuku, izuku cheating, angst)
Tw: swearing, cheating, beating up (more like one punch with a few insults), and blood(?), Angst, Sfw since the request didn't mention any suggestiveness, fluff, angst to fluff.
(this is fanfic, purely fictional, I don't believe izuku would cheat, and the ochako is a homewhrecker, this is just for the fic! Enjoy!)
This isn't super long but I think I have covered everything in your request! Enjoy!
Tumblr media
"I am telling you kacchan! Something is up with him."
Bakugou, getting tired of the 100th time you make a complaint about deku, scoffs and shrugs your worries like an annoying pest- which your whines could rival to.
"it's all in your head, idiot. The nerd is probably just too busy training, and you should be too, instead of whining about him all the time!"
He scoffs;
However, his attempt at scolding-comforting-
You, has done nothing in erasing your worries.
The anxiousness in your stomach- an uncomfortable weight of anxiety.
Your head just went to overthinking mode immediately- all the possibilities for his weird behaviour.
Was he sick?
Did something bad happen to him but he decided to keep it to himself?
Was he...seeing someone else?
An icy-chill runs through your body at the thought. Great, now on top of your worries you're starting to feel guilty for even entertaining that thought.
Seeing as bakugou, who didn't deepen his frown upon your complaints- evidently unconcerned.
You decided to voice some of the things deku would do that arises those thoughts you had,
"it's just, lately..he's been acting all weird, and not just his usual dorky weirdness! He is acting weird weird! Like a puppy that had done something wrong..."
You emphasize on his behaviour, bakugou raises an eyebrow at your odd choice of metaphor.
"deku? Doing something wrong? Hah, that goody two-shoes- good for nothing nerd, wouldn't hurt a fly, he is too much of a scaredy cat to do so."
"oh-? You think he looks more like a cat than a puppy? Hmmm, doesn't his face look more like an innocent puppy tho? Innocent and cute, just like izuku, hehe!"
You giggle at your different comparisons of the freckled green headed partner.
"that's not the point idiot!"
He shouts at your silliness,
It was truly amazing how fast you could go on a tangent, even if you're worried sick about something.
"yeah yeah, I guess you're right, I just couldn't help but worry you know? I feel like he's trying his best to avoid me- avoid us. Didn't you see him this morning? He didn't even say hi to you! You don't find that odd!?"
Now that you mentioned it, bakugou recalls all the unusual antics of the green head, he didn't pay much attention to how different he was being, but now that you addressed the hidden elephant of the room? He couldn't say he didn't notice.
"I will talk to the damn nerd for ya, I bet it's nothing."
He says, finally, shutting your rant in the process.
"I sure hope so.."
You give an akward laugh to cover the anxiety that has been bubbling in your chest- getting more heated at every unusual thing izuku does.
As bakugou strides over a certain freckled faced dorm room, that being the one who caused your concern from the begginng of the day.
He was going to knock; however, after hearing two people talking, he stopped.
His hands paused, hanging mid-air. He leaned in to get more of the conversation- eavesdropping discreetly.
"I don't know if we should keep doing this, ochako. I- I mean, what about y/n and kacchan? They will panick if they find out about- about everything we have been doing. Their trust they have in me would be broken and they'd be so disappointed- I don't know if I can do this anymore. I-,"
"it's going to be fine, izuku!
The brunette interrupts his mumbling.
"look at me, izuku..."
She carefully holds his face in her hands, carresing him softly. (-Not pick me ochako and I oop-😭)
His soft, green eyes in sync with her brown ones, shaking slightly.
"we can't just keep ignoring our feelings like this... It isn't going to hurt them if they don't know."
She reasons, leaning forward to meet with his closed lips, he doesn't lean in, but doesn't stop her eithier.
The sound of the door opening violently shakes them apart, both quickly seperating from one another, there stood bakugou, his body shaking in anger, his eyes bloodshot in what seems to be pure spite, and explosions popping up in his hands, prepared for violence.
Green and brown eyes, gapping dumbfoundingly at bakugou's sudden appearance.
"k-kacchan, it's not what it looks like, i- we-,"
Izuku being the first to awaken from the shock, he stutters words in hope of calming his rage for even an ounce. But bakugou's bloodlust aura and deadly glare, didn't cower one bit.
His eyes were wide in anger, his teeth gritting so hard they could break, his face darkened, a black shadow covering half of his face, red eyes glowing beneath them in rage.
"izuku, outside, now," he orders, tone dangerously low.
When bakugou is angry, he explodes, when he is livid, he is quite, calculating, and a million times more intimidating.
He not only broke his trust, he broke yours as well. For the sake of your honor and his, he was going to seek his revenge.
Feeling the weight of the tention- that could crush an army of men.
Ochako, trembling in fear, still manages to speak up.
"w-wait bakugou-"
Her words lumps in her throat, once she experiences the deadly glare that he throws her, interrupting her sentence without having to speak up- the result of bakugou's wrath.
"don't make me wait, I will kill you."
He Whispers to izuku, words filled with venom.
Knowing better than to disobey him, especially in this state, izuku follows bakugou, giving ochako a wearied glance, before leaving the room entirely.
Bakugou, hands deep in his pockets, posture equally as intimidating as his steps: fearful, quiet, and somehow intimidating. The tention reaching Izuku, whom is right behind him- sweating bucks and breathing heavily- fearsome of what to come.
Bakugou knew better than to beat him up right then and there, where everyone is quietly sleeping, peacefully unaware of the slaughter that's about to happen, right outside of UA's doors.
Except you.
Who happened to be in the common room, initially, for a cup of water to quench your thirst, throat overly dry and parched.
However, due to the suprise of seeing katsuki and izuku, on their way outside, your thirst is long forgotten- the thirst of curiosity replacing the former.
An even bigger suprise, was the fact that none of them noticed you, they just walked passed you- dazed in their own thoughts- not even talking to each other. The smell of tention reeking: further deepening your curiousity.
Abandoning your former mission, you strive over to where they're headed- silent steps in fear of them noticing you.
Hiding behind one of the giant pillars, you are glad to have found a spot in range of your sight, close enough that you can hear whatever bantering that's about to come.
"who could have guessed! That a goody two-shoes- like you is a cheating bastard!"
He finally spits, anger evident through his loud tone.
Your eyes, wide as saucers and body stilled in shock. You stood there like a mannequin, unable to move or breath. It took you a second to process bakugou's words. Izuku.. cheating, the words kept spinning in your head- unleashed. Running around like a little kid who broke free from his mother's hand.
Izuku didn't respond- couldn't. Knowing that what he said was true, that he was a cheater, he could only hang his head in shame and guilt. After ochako expressed her feelings towards him, be found it hard to reject her advances, but he gave in, he always gave in. That was his first mistake. And in bakugou's eyes, his last.
bakugou launches at him, he sets off an explosion that throws izuku back like a sack of potatoes. His back making brutal contact with the hard floors, he struggles to get back up.
Bakugou gets closer to his figure on the ground, and fists the front of his shirt, yanking him towards him.
"how long has it been going on with you and roundface ha?"
He questions, agressively shaking him back-and-forth.
he demands after seeing how quiet he was. He throws a punch to his face, effectively making him stumble back onto the floor- blood now dripping off his nose with a red mark on his abused cheek.
"it went on f-for two weeks," he coughs.
It was the same time your whining has started- which he ignored. Only for it to be true in the end, he wishes that he listened to you earlier. That he wasn't quick to dismiss your rants, accusing it of being a lover's quarrel.
"you digust me", he spat. Full of acid, with the intention of burning his skin.
Having heard enough, you announce your presence by leaving your camping area, with tears staining your cheeks.
Midoryia stutters, eyes even more regretful than when bakugou caught him.
The emptiness in your eyes dares him not to say anything else, the apology on the tip of his tongue now swallowed deep in his throat.
On the other hand, bakugou is looking at you with a frown on his face, he goes up to you and wraps his arms around you, izuku long forgotten.
"let's go," he whispers softly in your ears.
You both start going back, leaving izuku behind, who is still on the floor- not even bothering to get up. The reality of what happened finally dawned upon him. You and kacchan were leaving him behind, all he could do was watch your figure disappear, eyes both regretful and longing.
Now in bakugou's room, seated on his bed, the evidence of your sadness tainted on your face: dried tears, deep frown, and lifeless eyes. The betrayal of someone you once trusted, weighted heavily on your mind and soul.
Bakugou lays down beside you and pulls you in. Now both of you are laying in bed, your head resting on his rough chest.
He caresses your hair, petting you in a back-and-forth motion gently, your body consuming the warmth he offers you greedily- his body radiating heat that calms your nerves.
You finally speak up- your silence having bothering him.
Except what you say next vanishes his moment of relief.
"I am sorry kacchan, it was probably my fault, our relationship fell because of me. M-maybe if I had been more thoughtful, or if I had been enough- izuku wouldn't have went to uraraka and cheated on us," you mumble, tone filled with guilt and sadness.
Bakugou winces on your use of last name for your- well former- friend. You were pretty close with roundface and had been good friends- both supportive of each other. Not only did you experience the betrayal of a partner, but also a betrayal of a friend. And on top of all of that, you're blaming yourself.
"it's not your fault, dumbass! It's the nerd's fault- he was the one who cheated, on you and me. His loyalty is weak, just like him. So don't go around saying that it's your fault. You're more than enough, and if he can't see that, then it's his damn fault," he comforts you roughly. Angry at you for even thinking that it's remotely your fault. The anger he felt for you, was even greater than the anger he felt for himself. Afterall, he was also cheated on- considering he was also in the relationship. But after that stunt, to him, deku is nothing more but a rival, someone made for him to step on so he can achieve his dream of being number 1.
"you're right, thank you, kacchan. It's isn't your fault eithier."
His eyes soften at your words,
"I know that dumbass."
Only his eyes though.
Tumblr media
Sorry if the ending isn't good I didn't know what sort of bad things the reader would say about herself,,,, and I don't think I wrote the poly relationship between them very well😭 I still hope you like it, thanks for the request!<3
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beneathashadytree · 5 months ago
Hi! I hope you had a good day! All I can think about is Reiner ngl 😭. Hopefully I can request a Reiner x reader. Where Reiner begged Peick and Zeke to take you with them to Marley if shit went south (like you wrote in the Bertholdt x reader one) and the reader is prego with Reiner child. How would Reiners mom and his family react bringing her home? (I’ve been honestly thinking that his family would hate the reader because she’s a devil in there eyes especially his mom 😀.) but slowly learn to like the reader after the years being in Marley (I BEG let Bertholdt be alive in this ) And love break my heart make the hate so Angsty (Only if your comfortable !!!!!)
And keep up the amazing work!!!!!! I love them all !!!!
Tumblr media
Warnings : canon-divergent AU, Bertholdt is alive and well in this, implications of sex, teenage pregnancy, vulgar language curse words, Reiner and reader are both 17 and then 18, reader is female!
Genre : mixture of angst and fluff
Word count : 5.8K words (I got carried away again afshdkdk)
Synopsis : Reiner never thought he'd make it out alive, let alone have a blessing added into his life.
Additional notes : As you can see, I wrote so much and took a while to post this oops. It was so much fun writing this (I'm a sucker for domestic Reiner and angst; sue me), so I hope you enjoy this! I'd love to hear your feedback of course. PS: I apologize for the very bulky format, but Tumblr has a paragraph limit, so I had to lump some paragraphs together when it came to posting.
Requests : Are open! Check the rules over here.
Tumblr media
Pieck didn't have it in her heart to voice any complaints---not when Reiner's last ounce of strength had been used up to yell a single name, a plea in his raspy voice for his comrade to pick her up. The cart titan wanted nothing more than to selflessly help him out, but it really wasn't as easy as he'd made it out to seem, considering the fact that she'd already had to snatch both Bertholdt and Reiner himself away, after having dragged Zeke's mangled body out of Levi's shackles. Still, honoring her now-unconscious friend's request, she swiped at the girl's small body, picking her up as quickly as she could in that huge body of hers, trying her best to be gentle in the process (she often forgot her own strength in this form). It wouldn't have done if she'd accidentally hurt her; the blonde would've given her an earful, going off on a tangent about how much the girl Pieck had rescued meant to him, and how precious she was, in a way that had him wanting to treasure her.
Sure, Pieck could mildly understand the sentiments behind his request; the affectionate yet somehow sorrowful look in his eyes held a thousand stories of adoration and trials, and she could tell that this girl was someone who'd entered his world to turn it upside down. After all, she wasn't blind, and she could easily tell that he was madly in love with her just from the desperation that had bled through his shouts for her to rescue the girl the moment things went south for them in Shiganshina. But still, wasn't that a bit too extreme? At least, in her opinion, that is. Sure, she could excuse his hurry by believing that he was enamored by her, but what had him dealing with the situation as though it were a matter of life or death, when he himself was slipping away? Despite her compliance, Pieck still didn't get it; she didn't get it all, and she didn't think she really wanted to know.
"How are you feeling?" Reiner's voice was soft, as calm and collected as he could muster, despite the thick steam that his body emitted as it tried to heal itself, pulling himself to sit upright as he checked his girlfriend's body over a million times, "Anything hurting?" his question laced with worry, and the furrow in his eyebrows showing how concerned he was.
She gave him a weak nod, hand reaching up to rub at her temples, clearly sporting some sort of headache, "Nothing much, just a migraine," squinting at the bright sunlight, she felt around and realized she was sitting on planks of sturdy wood, "Where are we?"
A momentary feeling of shame washed over him, after having nearly failed to protect her in the mission he couldn't finish, "On the ship Zeke took to Paradis. We're going back home."
"To Marley?" she couldn't do much in protest but to frown, and Reiner was suddenly reminded of the fact that the mainland was far from home to her; in fact, she probably would've never believed it even existed months ago.
His lack of reply to her question and his faraway gaze towards Bertholdt's unconscious body to the far north of the deck counted as confirmation, and the girl sighed beside him, the sound a mix of sadness, melancholy, and helplessness. It didn't take a genius for him to understand that she'd simply given up the fight, knowing better than to argue with him about taking her back to Liberio. Even if he himself didn't know if the technicalities would all work out immediately, at the very least he knew that she'd be under his watchful eye---and she knew perfectly well (after having several arguments concerning this topic) that he had every right to be as protective as he was of her.
He had to admit, her presence in his life had been a factor he hadn't taken account of when he'd planned on retrieving the founder as had been instructed of him and his two remaining comrades. Bertholdt in particular had been especially weary of the girl's presence, his anxious nature leading him to overthink that maybe she'd caught onto their secret, and that that was the reason why she'd expressed the desire to get closer to his blonde friend. But his worry had been entirely in vain, because the truth was that she simply found Reiner so enticing in every possible way that she couldn't stay away from him. And that character he'd adopted after what happened with Marcel only drew her in further. He seemed so dependable, so wise, and so charming, in an unconventional almost-brutish way. Every thing about him, she'd said, from the way he'd laugh boisterously with Connie over dinner to the way he'd cooed as a lost kitten licked at his cheek, had dragged her into a never-ending loop of fond stares and a want to get closer to him. Reiner (having grown up so lonesome and starved of proper affection) couldn't find it in himself to push away her more-than-obvious advances, often indulging in them more than he should have (much to Annie's chagrin, as she would sit, staring at them talking quietly with something akin to disgust in her eyes, believing that he was getting far too ahead of himself).
The attraction was far from one-sided, after all, so it really was no surprise to the cadets when they saw how their strong big brother Reiner wound up dating the girl who'd weaseled her way into his heart, filling every nook and cranny with the warmth he so craved. Perhaps he was a coward who ran away from his duties and shut off his subconscious to adopt a personality he never should have tried to delude himself into thinking was real, but he was at least a young man who couldn't deny how he felt; not when his head was swimming with thoughts of her in the same way she'd confessed she couldn't get him out of her mind, even after they'd joined the scouting regiment and knew they'd be even busier than ever before.
And with the recklessness that came with youth, came bouts of times when Reiner really, really couldn't stop himself from begging to see her whenever he could find the barracks devoid of any other cadets, and with the unbridled passion they both shared as most teenagers often did, they often found themselves lost in each other's moans, bodies entwined and writhing in pleasure on the sheets, just barely making themselves look presentable before the others would come back. Their disheveled appearance wasn't turned a blind eye to, and everyone had their fair share of teasing to dish out to the flustered and yet entirely shameless couple. Bearing it with red cheeks and blinding grins that held some sort of secret, the two 17 year-olds maintained their nightly escapades, even sometimes having Eren or Ymir help them sneak out and ensuring they wouldn't get caught (not that there weren't a few close calls when Levi's sudden appearance hadn't been put into consideration and they'd been forced to hide in a nearby storage room where they still wound up muffling their sighs of pleasure on the spotless floor as they came as one).
As caught up as he was with bedding his girlfriend at every possible chance, Reiner was every bit attentive as he was all over her. He'd always kept a close eye on her, in tune with how she felt and reacted to everything, so he'd know the correct course of action to take. Hell-bent on being the perfect boyfriend as he was the perfect comrade, he'd noticed how she grew more fatigued, irritable, and even sick at times. Undoubtedly concerned for her well-being, especially after witnessing firsthand how tender---sometimes sore, even---her body had gotten over the past while whenever they'd get the chance to fall into each other's arms at night, he found her breaking down in his arms, whimpering how she'd missed her period and how absolutely terrified she'd felt. The implications of her words had sent him spiraling into shock and worry, unable to voice his thoughts of how he hadn't intended to forcibly tie her down like this, especially with his impending betrayal. Knowing that the revelation of the truth would be inevitable, Reiner had sat her down on his lap, petite hands clasped in his huge palms, offering some sort of grounding and stability as he prepared her for the huge news that he knew would either make or break them.
His whispered confession of his secret had let to a horrified gasp, with her almost scrambling to get off of him as though being within a five mile radius of his presence disgusted her. Unsurprised but still every bit as heartbroken, the blonde had left her to her devices, allowing her to process the information over days and weeks. But when his lingering glances became too much to ignore when she herself was itching to find her way back to him, she found herself gulping and reaching out for him with shaking hands, knowing that he was still every bit of the young man she'd fallen for. They were both foolish and senseless, and they found consolation in loving each other---that much she couldn't deny, no matter how many times she discovered that he was a traitor. And with a quivering voice, she'd told him of her visit to the infirmary; of her confirmed pregnancy that frightened her to no end, and of how she still wanted him to be by her side, and her by his, even should the world come crashing down on their shoulders. Back then, Reiner didn't know whether to break down in tears or hold her like he'd never let her go ever again, so he'd opted to doing a bit of both.
And right now, with the ocean breeze licking at their hair and the seagulls crying overhead, Reiner felt a sense of dread inside him, but oddly enough, he also felt he was looking forward to the upcoming period of their lives, come what may.
His girlfriend pushed herself up slowly, trudging across the deck to stand near to the metal rail, gripping it tight as she fluttered her eyes shut, inhaling sharply, "So this is what the sea is like," she mused, voice carried by the wind and reaching Reiner, his heart pounding as he saw her mingle with what she'd always been deprived of; the nature she'd never seen.
Glancing down, he lamneted the fact that his limbs hadn't all grown back, wanting nothing more than to stand up and join her. Instead, he settled for smiling at her figure as her hand subconsciously fell to her still-quite-flat belly, thinking of the future that awaited them once they'd reach the pier.
"C'mere sweetheart," he rasped out, fondness in his eyes, calloused palms waiting until she was within arm's reach to pull her down beside him, "Lay down beside me, you might get sea-sick." Settling her tiny palm against his tattered shirt, she rested her head against his broad chest, and he was sure that if she strained her ear, amdist the sounds of the waves she could hear his heart pounding in his chest as his mind wandered to what might lie ahead of them.
Standing in front of his house, limping a little and clasping his girlfriend's hand tight, Reiner came to the realization that he really hadn't thought this through. With a quick glance to her left arm, he realized her lack of armband said one of two things, one of which was an impossibility, the other punishable by crime---an unfavorable position eitherways, and one he knew his mother would be quick to notice. Picking up on his sudden discomfort and hesitance to knock on the door, his lover turned to frown at him, "What's wrong, Reiner?"
Shaking it off because he didn't want to concern her when she had more than enough to worry about, he shook his head, giving her a small smile and a peck on the lips to momentarily satiate her, "'s nothing. Don't sweat it."
The words directed towards himself too and not just her, he gathered all his nerves and rapped his knuckles against the wood, waiting to greet his mother with the happiest expression he could muster. The woman in front of him looked as though she'd been worn down by the years, to the extent that he almost couldn't recognize her. But they were still the same kind eyes that had tried to comfort him when he was a young child who was confused as to why he was the only one among his peers without a father, and her lavender shawl was the same tattered one he'd clutched years ago when he couldn't sleep at night.
"Reiner?" she breathed, tearing up at the sight of her son who now towered over her, "You're back?"
With a small hum, he gave her his warmest smile. As she flung her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her chest, she let loose a few sobs in his shoulder, missing the warmth of the child that had been taken from her years ago. As much as a part of him loathed her for bribing him with a dream that would never come true, Reiner couldn't help but blink his tears away. Before he could even register the hug, she'd pulled away, eyeing the girl standing awkwardly but politely behind them.
"Is that one of your warrior friends?" she enthused, tugging her inside with a curious twinkle in her glossy eyes, "Or... someone special to you?"
"Let's not rush things," he patted her back gently, a weak smile on his face as he stood between them, "But yeah, she's my girlfriend. She's not a warrior though."
With a frown, she glanced at her arm, "You should be careful. We might be in the internment zone, but the laws are strict and you still have to wear your armband at all times," her tone wasn't unkind though, and she ushered them to the living room while she began to peel some oranges for them by the sink, "You don't know where the guards are lurking." Nervously, the young couple glanced at each other, remaining silent, and as she turned to see them fidgeting like that, his mother's eyes widened while she balanced the plate of fruit between her hands, "Don't tell me... Reiner?! Have you forgotten what happened because your father was Marleyan?!"
Curling his fists against his pants, he shook his head, "No, I haven't, I---mother, that's not it, she's not from..."
Drifting off, his mother's scowl only grew, and her feet remained rooted to the spot, her grip on the plate steely, "How long have you been together?" she asked through gritted teeth.
If he could curl into a ball out of shame, he would've, but all he could do was stare at his lap, "A year. Give or take."
"Mother!" Reiner cried out, stumbling over the carpet as he tried to hurry and clean the remains of the glass dish on the floor, but the old woman made no move, shaking out of fury and pure, unadulterated rage as she gave the girl on the couch a glare that could've shredded her to pieces.
Her silence was eery enough as it is, and the clinking as Reiner carefully picked up the largest glass pieces only made it more unnerving. No one dared breathe loudly, his girlfriend almost statuesque as she still remained silent, knowing that she'd only probably make things worse if she spoke.
"You've... you've brought a devil into my house."
Eyes softening, he dropped everything, trying to cross the damage to make his way over to the woman who'd brought him into this life, "No, she's not... listen, it's a long story---"
"Reiner!" she yelled his name, face growing red as horror struck her, "Her people are the reason why we live in fear, why your father left," gnashing her teeth, she stomped her foot down, flames flickering in the eyes he'd grown up beside, "She's the spawn of Satan himself, the reason why humans were at risk of extinction, and she's filthied our house with her bloody hands!"
"Mother, she's never hurt anyone," he tried to reach out for her, only to have her jerk away from him, a pang resonating in his heart, "Please, I know it's difficult to believe, but I love her, and she loves me."
Snarling at him, she touched her chest, "What would you know about love, Reiner? When was the last time you've witnessed that emotion, when all you've ever had was me?"
"I know enough, I'm not a child anymore," he began to raise his voice, though it didn't seem like he noticed it, "You don't get a choice eitherways, she's here to stay with me."
"What good could ever come from someone like... like that?" she groaned, disgust lacing her voice, "It's like you're trying to ruin what you've built by associating yourself with that wretched devil."
"She's carrying my child."
The middle-aged woman froze in place, unblinking at his deadpan expression. It didn't seem like she fully processed his words, and it took her a couple of seconds to speak, "Pardon?"
Locking his jaw, Reiner backpedalled to rest a firm hand against his girlfriend's shoulder, partially to affirm his statement, partially to steady her shivering form, and partially to ground his own self, "She's pregnant now."
When his mother spoke again, the bitterness wasn't held back from her words, "So you've knocked up a whore."
"Excuse me?" in an offended tone, the girl finally spoke up, a scowl set deeply on her face, "I'm not some common hussy you speak of like that."
"I'll call you whatever I want, scum," his mother spat out, looking down on her as she sneered, "Spreading your legs for any man that comes near you, I bet that's what lowlifes like you do."
Livid, she tried her best to maintain her voice leveled, "Ma'am, I've never even been near another man aside from your son---"
"And that was enough for you to get pregnant with that demon child as soon as you saw him, like the animal you are," Karina scoffed, venom in her eyes as she slammed her hand down the small table to her left, "Terminate it."
"What?" the girl hissed, eyes narrowed, about to get up, had Reiner's grip on her shoulder not tightened to get her to remain seated, "You don't get a say in that---"
"That's my child, mother," Reiner's voice was colder than she'd ever heard, and it was honestly rather surprising to both parties that they shut up for a moment, "Are you aware of what you're saying?"
"See some sense, child, she's just using you as a ticket to leave the island," she sounded exasperated as she pointed at the girl protectively touching her belly, "That wretched slut only ever wanted to be tied down to you."
"I'm the one who dragged her into this, and frankly, while I don't want to discuss my intimate matters with you, trust me, she's far from being the one who was the reason behind the pregnancy," crossing his arms, Reiner gave her a challenging glare that he never dreamt he'd give his mother.
As she gaped at him, she tried to reason, "That's my grandchild, who'll carry the family name! If their mother is that bitch, then I don't want them."
Pinching the bridge of his nose, Reiner grumbled, "When are you going to realize that you can't live your life through me? I'm capable of making my own goddamn choices."
"She's even turning you against your own mother, you never would've cursed at me---"
"Because I was a cowardly 12 year-old when I left!" the blonde raised his voice, frustration evident in his voice as he tried his best not to go overboard and end up yelling at the woman who, at the end of the day, had raised him, "I hope you'll come to your senses someday, but until then, we're going somewhere where we could take care of our child," turning to gently pull up his girlfriend, he mumbled under his breath on their way out, completely ignoring his livid mother, "I should've known better than to come here."
Doing his best not to slam the door behind them, he let out a heavy breath of air, slumping his shoulders and instantly wrapping his arm around the girl's waist, pulling her back into his chest as he squeezed her tight. Breathing softly into her neck, she held him back just as firmly, as though leaning back on him for strength just as he stabilized himself. The comforting embrace lasted a couple of minutes, before he unwrapped his arms from around her, rubbing her stomach comfortingly.
Before they could take any steps forward, a small body plowed into Reiner's side with a yell of his name, with more force than he'd anticipated, causing him to nearly lose his footing in surprise.
"Gabi?" he grinned, picking her up, earning an excited nod and equally enthusiastic laugh, and he couldn't help but hug her close, "You've grown so much, holy crap. How old are you now?"
"Eight!" she proudly said, puffing her chest and pointing one thumb towards her self while the other arm clung to his neck, "And just so you know, it's only a matter of time before I'm the second Braun to inherit the armored titan," she sounded so smug, before turning her head and finally noticing the girl, "Hey, who's she?"
"Gabi, it's rude to point," he sighed exasperatedly, already feeling how heavy she'd grown in his arms, "Anyways, she's my girlfriend."
Hopping off, the brunette leaned in close so she could inspect the young woman, "Woah, you're beautiful! How did Reiner ever date you?"
With a laugh, she replied, "He did get quite lucky, yeah."
"You haven't seen your cousin in five years and here you are ganging up against him," he shook his head, "Where are your parents?"
Gabi waved behind them, and he turned with a look of surprise to find his uncle and his wife standing together with kind smiles. Greeting them with quick hugs that didn't express half of how he felt and how much he'd missed being home, he wondered how long it would be before his happiness would be shattered.
"Say, who's the lovely young lady beside you?" his uncle asked, "She looks rather taken by you, if I'm not mistaken."
Awkwardly laughing, Reiner rubbed the back of his neck, "Yeah, we're together."
"How long have you guys been---"
Before he could begin to anxiously sweat profusely, a hand clapped down on his shoulder, startling him and cutting the conversation off (much to his relief).
"I've been looking for you two all over," the soft voice he'd been fretting about not hearing ever again was comforting to finally hear.
"Bertholdt, you're alright," he breathed, wrapping an arm around the shoulder of his best friend, "When were you released?"
"I left the hospital this morning," he jerked his thumb in the direction outside the gates, "I got word from HQ that they want all warriors gathered at 4 PM, said it was important," he turned to the pregnant girl, lowering his voice and his eyes growing softer, "Think you can blend in?"
After a moment of thinking, she nodded, "Yeah, no big deal. I'll stay in the yard."
"Good, c'mon," with a wave towards his friend's extended family, Bertholdt practically dragged the couple away from any more prying questions.
The meeting had proven to be quite useful, considering that without it they wouldn't have been able to stay in Liberio. Once at HQ, the top brass had discussed their funding and salaries, granting the returned warriors the choice to receive hard cash or lodging instead. After much consideration and discussion with his beloved, it was only logical to pick a standard two-bedroom house to live in, instead of splurging on a mansion that was neither practical nor necessary---especially considering that since there were no urgent missions for the next while, he'd have no regular income of money---so that he could stash away the remaining cash portion for use in their daily lives, until they could find a better alternative. As of now, his girlfriend was heavily pregnant and found it difficult to go anywhere without waddling like a penguin. Her walk had earned them several stares as they made their way to visit his old house---or at the very least, attempt to. So far they'd tried knocking on the door once a month, and every time a venomous reply had been thrown their way after the door had been cracked open.
"Mother, how long do you intend to keep this up," Reiner sighed exasperatedly, "All we want is to talk to you."
"The baby is healthy," his lover spoke quietly as she touched her stomach, the baby kicking as though knowing they were talking about them, "In case you were wondering."
A moment of silence, before---
"To hell with it."
Another sigh of defeat, and then they were on their way back home again, bumping into Zeke who'd only just made it out of his grandparents' house.
"Difficulty getting through again?" he gave them a sympathetic smile, "C'mon, why the long faces? It's not the last chance you'll get to try and make amends."
Frustrated, the teenager ran his fingers through his hair, "Thing is, we shouldn't have been discussing things in the first place. It's my child, and I'm the one who knocked her up."
Rolling her eyes, the girl punched his arm, "You could've phrased it differently."
With a quick apology, he bent down to kiss her lips chastely, blushing at the way the wonder boy smirked at them knowingly.
"See, this is how she ended up pregnant in the first place."
As they strolled back home, Reiner found himself lost in thought, feet kicking up the gravel absent-mindedly. He must've spaced out completely, because his lover was soon nudging him.
"You okay, love?"
A little startled, his eyes went wide, before he nodded, settling into a more comfortable walking pace. They lapsed into silence for a couple of minutes as they trekked the path to their home, until he found the courage to speak up again and spill what was on his mind and had been taking up his thoughts for the past God-knows-how-long.
"Have you... thought about us taking our relationship further?" his voice was quiet when he asked the question tentatively.
Chuckling, she took his large hands in hers, "Honestly, how much further can we go when we're already having a child together that might pop out any day now?"
Cracking a smile, he patted her head, "Finally, we'll get to see them," his hand lingered on her hair, "But no, that's not I meant. I meant us, as a couple, without a third party."
"You mean... marriage?" she softly questioned, and he could only nod with burning red cheeks, "Well, I'd be lying if I said I haven't. You're too charming sometimes."
"Flatterer," he coughed, "You just want a foot massage at home."
"That too," cheerily admitting it, she gave him a breathtaking smile that instantly disarmed him and had his heart fluttering in his ribcage, "No, but seriously, I know we're young and all, but it's not like we've got the luxury of time either."
Reiner had tried multiple times to forget that he didn't have that many years ahead of him, not wanting to put them through the hurt of thinking of something tragic like that, but she handled the topic surprising well, even broaching it herself. She never failed to surprise him. She went on to say, "Being with you forever... isn't that the thing I've wanted from the start? And if I can't have forever, then all the time I can borrow works for me too," staring at the sky that held the airships she'd never seen before, she looked so peaceful; so beautiful to him, "Carrying your last name is only one final confirmation."
His voice was low and thick with emotion when he spoke again, hazel eyes a few shades darker as his gaze intensified, "Have I ever told you how absolutely head over heels I am for you?"
With a flirty wink, she grinned, "Might wanna remind me when we're inside, then, future husband."
"He's fussing again," she groaned, the baby swaddled in the blanket crying as he kicked about, pulling him closer to her chest in a vain attempt to pacify him with her familiar scent. Chuckling, Reiner leaned down to look at his son's red face, "What did you expect, he's only two months old and this is his first proper outing," tenderly, he stroked his tear-stained cheeks with two of his knuckles, "Mother used to tell me that I was a restless baby too."
"He's a carbon copy of you already, imagine being as annoying as you are too," she grumbled, causing him to playfully glare at her, before his son distracted him again.
"Look at him," he mused, a happy sigh escaping him without even noticing it had, brushing his little blond locks with his fingertips, "He's so small." With a snort, she playfully elbowed him, "You're the one who's too big. He's the perfect size for holding."
"Never thought we'd be parents at the age of 18, honestly," he hummed, holding his arms out as a silent invitation to pass his wriggling son to him, "But I'm glad it happened." As Reiner began to hush him and rock him gently, she looked on in awe as he began to settle down in his arms, as though his father's presence alone was enough to ease his nerves.
"I carry him for nine months, and he still ends up being a daddy's boy?" she huffed in pretend-annoyance.
With a smirk, he quipped back, "Guess he likes your husband more. Can't blame him, really, neither of you can resist me."
At the mention of it, she subconsciously touched her ring finger, "Still can't believe we're married now," she spoke, wonder in her voice, a blissful sigh escaping her, "It's so nice, though, living in our own little world."
"Wouldn't have happened without Porco, though," Reiner said, voice lowered so as not to disturb his resting baby boy, "Who knew his father was an officiator?"
"It's not just that," she shook her head as she leaned her head against Reiner's sturdy shoulder, watching the rhythmic breathing of the child in his arms, "Porco must've gone through a hell lot of crap trying to cover up the fact that I'm not from here. He must've fabricated lots documents and government papers, and that can't have had no risks."
His tone dark, Reiner added, "Especially since he isn't too fond of me, and especially since it's important to have a clean record as a warrior."
Wrapping her arm around his shoulder, she pressed a gentle kiss to his neck, and Reiner felt something stirring inside him at the sweet intimacy, "He's a good kid."
"My memories of him aren't the best, but I'm willing to look past that after the huge favor he did us," Reiner admitted, before turning his head with a hopeful look in his eyes, "So? Wanna give it a try?" Nodding, she exhaled sharply, "How many times have we gotten kicked off your mother's doorstep, now?"
"15 times, this'll be the 16th," he rolled his eyes, "How stubborn can one woman get, really." Arching her eyebrow, his wife gave him a pointed look, "The pot calling the kettle black?"
"You sure pick up idioms fast," he grumbled, looking away to knock on the door for what felt like the hundredth time since his arrival to Marley. Before she could quip back a smart reply, the door swung open, revealing his scowling mother, giving them a mild look of offense for having them step in front of her.
"What do you want?" she barked, impatient as always.
"We just thought you might want to see him," the young mother stiffly said, clearly not wanting to interact much with the woman who'd called her every insult under the sun. Skeptical, Karina eyed the child from afar, and Reiner could swear her eyes almost instantly shifted to something akin to longing. "He looks... a lot like you did back then," she croaked out, voice thick, before she blinked twice, as though trying to stop herself from drifting away from the plan she'd originally had.
Reiner had the sudden epiphany that she probably had an innate desire to see her only grandchild, but her deeply ingrained morals denied her of the pleasure. Knowing that she'd never voice her wishes out loud, he decided he'd be the one extending the olive branch---if not for his sake, then for his son's sake, so as not to deprive him of the happiness a grandparent's presence brought. "Want to hold him?" he offered, waiting for the nod that only came a minute later.
Still on the doorstep of the house he'd grown up in, he carefully began to lift his arms, cooing his name and ready to snuggle his son into the arms of the only person who'd made him feel safe and loved as a child. The baby only whimpered twice at the change of surroundings, before he surprised them all by clutching at his grandmother's shirt with his tiny fists as soon as he settled down against her chest. Breath hitching, Karina didn't move a muscle as the boy's chest rose and fell rhythmically with every rock of her arms.
She breathed his name out, and it was like a magic spell had been cast and blanketed the entryway, her eyes glimmering with what could easily be taken for tears. In that very moment, every single person in the room knew that everything had changed; that nothing would ever be the same again.
Even if it took them a million baby steps to maintain a sense of normalcy in this dysfunctional family, the new parents both knew---with absolute certainty---that they would wait however long was needed to ensure that their boy grew up, loved and beloved by every person that had a string of fate tied to his pudgy index finger---they had more than enough love to share between them, and they were sure that he'd ensnare the hearts of every person he crossed, given time. After all, he was a miracle child, born of abnormal circumstances; they'd be damned if they didn't give him the entire world and more.
Tumblr media
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feysandfeels · 5 months ago
Do you think that people criticize ACOTAR too much? Obviously the series isn’t perfect of course, but sometimes there’s so many things people hate that I question if they like the books at all. Hopefully this doesn’t come off as @ anyone cause I truly don’t mean that. Curious as to what your thoughts are.
I think this fandom demands perfection and to be "politically correct at all times" from its author that they do not demand from the other contemporary writers to a point where is ridiculous.
I enjoy wholeheartedly being critical of the media I consume, however this fandom rn, loves to talk more about what SJM did wrong or how they could have written something better, instead of offering a balanced view that also shines a light on the things she has done extremely well (because there are... contrary to popular opinion)
I have met wonderful people here but generally speaking, rn this is a "glass half empty fandom" 24/7.
They say stuff like these characters deserve a better writer and I'm like... sorry sugar but who do you think gave you those characters in the first place? Let me tell you it was not the holy spirit.
I don't know about you anon, but even when dear Sarah has taken specific characters in a different direction that what I first thought of, I am willing to see how it will pan out, because NEWS FLASH, this series is still developing, so I think that saying that Sarah has mishandled this or that when the dices haven't even finished rolling is quite unfair. The dust isn't even settled. Let's take a breather and wait.
Also, they complain endlessly about how she did not a faithful exploration of this trauma or that trauma or how she didn't dwell into this aspect of the trauma, in a way that shows that they see these books as "the one true conversation" of how trauma and recovery go.... when no... these are one exploration of the multiple different ways there is to recover from trauma. Allow her the freedom of exploration and do not bury her with the expectations of your own way of handling things.
We have had record that when she knows she is lacking in some aspect she will look at it and try to be better... but this fandom keeps crucifying her for the same old reasons without giving her the time and space to change those things (please Sarah for the love of god, stop describing people as tan... apparently it leads to a lot of confusion since a lot of people think that being tanned means "white person who got sun exposure"... but also babes open up a dictionary there are synonyms). They don't let her try.
At the end of the day they love to criticize her for not being perfect or for falling short on their own particular standards of what is appropriate and "not problematic", and I'm like *deep breaths*, because -and I've seen it a lot- people here can be very black and white without allowing nuance to come into the picture.
It feels that you can actually count with one hand the people who think she is a good writer and enjoy enjoy her books.
Anywho, imma go back to my lunch,
Thank you for stopping by anon, sorry that I went on such a tangent. Hope you are having the loveliest of days. Besos.
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lovetorn · 8 months ago
Life Was A Willow [Part 2]
Witch Hunter!Dream x Witch!Fem!Reader
Part 1 Part 3
Summary: It's always been hunters vs. witches, right?
Word Count: 3.6k+
Warnings for Part 2: violence, mentions of death (familial), swearing
A/N: part 2 !!!! thank you so much for the support and feedback from part 1, omg thank you !! well, i hope you enjoy part 2 ahhhhh !!
Tumblr media
It’s 9 pm and Y/n still waits for the signal. She looks in the direction of the Castle and swings her feet back and forth from where she sits on the cottage’s roof.
The air is cold and the trees continue to rustle, the same way they do every day, but tonight, she has an eerie feeling about it. Regret slips into her mind sometimes, telling her that she is foolish for even accepting such a vague invitation by someone she doesn’t even know—but it was so intriguing and she trusts them (she doesn’t exactly know why).
Suddenly, a large pop startles Y/n out of her daze. Sparkles dance in the sky as fireworks burst from the land below. She quickly notes that the explosions are coming from the West side of the Castle and takes that as the signal. Very grand indeed.
Y/n jumps from the roof, landing gracefully on the dirt, and takes off running through the forest. She misses tree roots emerging from the earth and ducks under low branches from the undergrowth. The only thing that lights her path is the moonlight and at this moment, Y/n is thriving. The full moon allows her abilities to heighten and she places her full trust in her instincts.
The fireworks continue to explode and Y/n fills with more adrenaline, the sound making her scream out in joy. She’s excited about the meeting, and she doesn’t even know who it is. And maybe that’s what she’s eager for; the unknown.
The entirety of the concept scared her before, but now she’s exhilarated. And as the show comes to a close, Y/n nears the East side of the Castle. It’s completely silent at this end and the eerie feeling she had before creeps back. It’s not a feeling of uncertainty but one of opportunity and her instincts are telling her to take it.
When she reaches the abandoned cottage, Y/n inhales sharply. There’s no light coming from the house and the door remains closed. As she steps onto the stairs in front, the wood creams beneath her and she scolds for giving away herself to the person inside. Instead of sneaking around, Y/n stomps towards the door and swings it open.
She sees a man in the corner and makes her way towards him, her hands out and ready in case this interaction goes south.
“Who are you? And how do you know me?” Y/n calls out. The man jumps slightly and lifts his head. And in the moonlight flooding in through the window, Y/n recognises him as Dream, even with his mask off. He stands in a white button-up and brown pants, his hunter boots on and a newsboy hat sat on his blonde hair.
“Hi, Y/n. I knew you would recognise me.” Y/n doesn’t want to look away from him. This is the first time she’s seen his face, and despite the darkness, she sees how handsome he is.
“Why—how? Why did you want to meet me in such a creepy way?” Y/n asks in disgust, picking a cobweb out of her hair and then off of her shoulder; they seem to be everywhere. Her expression falls back to one of admiration when she looks back at him. However, the moonlight lacked the light Y/n needed to see him properly.
Dream laughs slowly. “I forgot to bring a lighter for the lamp. Do you think you could, uh—maybe,”
“Glady,” Y/n sighs and flicks her hand towards the candle in the glass encasing. It immediately comes to life and the room becomes brightly lit. Her eyes fall onto Dream again and she finally sees him; his piercing green eyes and the scar that runs from the top of his left temple to the corner of his lip.
“Wow,” Dream mumbles under his breath. “Anyway, I wanted to talk to you, and I know that everybody I know would, just, obliterate me for even thinking about doing this, but I needed to talk to you about—“
“You’re rambling.”
“Right, right...”
Y/n squints at the man and then tilts her head. “Whose C?”
Dream’s eyes widen as he nods. “Yeah, uh, that’s me. My name’s Clay.”
The witch doesn’t say anything as she stares at him. “So why do they call you Dream?”
This isn’t where Dream thought the conversation would go, but he’s happy they’re not fighting.
“My mother came up with the nickname when I was born. I nearly didn’t make it and then through some miracle, I did. So, she called me her Dream.” Y/n can tell the story makes him emotional, so she doesn’t push any further.
“That’s really sweet, Dream.” And at the sound of his real name, Dream perks up slightly before he cracks a smile. Y/n grins back at him; a real genuine smile. The pair stand in the low lit room in comfortable silence, until Y/n’s curiosity gets the better of her.
“What did you want to talk about?” She asks. Dream nods once and continues from where he was cut off before.
“I wanted to discuss the possibility of a truce between witches and hunters,” Dream isn’t smiling anymore, instead his lips are screwed up and his hands fidget in front of him. Y/n, however, grins even bigger.
“I’m all for that, honestly. I’m tired of being on edge every day and being scared for my life. If we can find a way to create peace, even for a little bit, I’m on board.” Y/n keeps it short for now, not wanting to scare him off by how passionate she feels about the situation.
Dream’s eyes light up at the sound of her agreeing. “Really?” Y/n nods and becomes surprised when she feels Dream’s arms wrap around her. “Thank you, thank you.”
“No, Dream, thank you! I’ve been trying to convince people of this for years. I’m really glad that you feel the same way.” The pair pull apart and Dream flicks his eyes down to Y/n’s lips for a split second.
“You’re so pretty,” Y/n nearly chokes at his comment. Dream feels his cheeks burn when the words tumble out and soon they’re both flustered. “Sorry! Oh my, I’m sorry, that didn't mean to slip out—”
“Dream, it’s fine. I think you’re pretty too; especially without the mask.”
The hunter swats the witch’s shoulder playfully. “Stop~” The pair laugh together, and then proceed to stand in another comfortable silence. The wind howls and whistles outside and makes the cottage creak, adding to the eerie aura that surrounds it.
“What’s with the hat? It’s nighttime.”
Dream plucks the accessory off of his head and runs his opposite hand through his hair, the soft locks falling back into place when his hand returns to his side. “Part of the disguise, duh.”
Y/n squints at him, her expression morphing into one of mischief. “Isn’t the mask a disguise in itself, though? Also, put the hat back on, you look handsome with it.” It’s time for Dream to blush now. He covers his face with his hat and scoffs softly. “Y/n!”
The girl slaps her hand over her mouth to muffle her embarrassed laughs. “It’s true!”
The man rolls his eyes before placing the hat back on his head. “Happy?”
Y/n nods before telling him to answer about the mask.
“Well, no, nobody at the Castle actually knows what I look like—except for my best friends, Sapnap and George.”
“George? As in Prince George?” Y/n is shocked, to say the least. She now understands why Dream is so passionate about the peace between the Hunters and Witches. Prince George is known for his differing morals and ideas from his family, which makes him stand out from the other Royals. Y/n admires his bravery and courage to do so.
“Yeah, we’ve been friends since we were young. I’m jealous that he can be so open with his opinions in that Castle—Lord knows if I was, I'd be executed,” This makes Y/n’s stomach drop. “But, it’s okay, with your help, hopefully, we can convince humans and magical-kind alike, that there can be peace. A—And we can live together in harmony, without being consumed by the overbearing thought of death every moment of our lives.”
Dream stops his tangent, his face flushed and his eyes pleading. Y/n feels like crying; she has waited years for someone to be as passionate as her about this topic. “I’ll help you, Dream, no matter what; because I wholeheartedly believe we can do this. I trust you.”
Y/n shocks herself with this statement; she’s never trusted a human before.
“And I trust you Y/n.” The pair stare at each other, smiles spread across their cheeks as the night outside slips away, and then it’s just them; standing in the main area of a small, abandoned cottage that sits East of the Castle, lit up with a lantern that casts a warm glow over the pair. Y/n can almost say it looks and feels magical.
“Ok, enough flirting, let’s get planning on the truce. Sounds like a plan, doll?” Dream gives her a lopsided smile and Y/n feels her heart rate increase at the sight of him.
Tumblr media
“Where were you?” Wilbur says. His voice is deeper than usual and fits in perfectly with the way he’s sitting ominously in the dark. Y/n stops tiptoeing towards her room and turns to face him; defeated that she got caught. However, she still remains giddy and her heart beats faster for other reasons.
“I was meeting with Schlatt—I need more toadstools for a potion I’m making.”
Wilbur squints at her, his lips curling into a frown. “I know you’re lying, and so does Niki.”
Y/n sighs and starts walking towards him. “I’m sorry—“ She pauses when she sees Wilbur shake his head.
Y/n screws her lips together and nods once. Her once excited demeanour fading away when she sees Wilbur’s look of disappointment. “I was meeting one of the new hunters, Dream.”
Wilbur furrowed his eyebrows, “What? Why?”
“We’re formulating a truce amongst witches and hunters.”
He raises his eyebrows in both surprise and suspicion. “Okay? And why are you doing this? We don’t need peace.”
“Uh, so we’re not in danger every living second?” Y/n’s nerves grow into anger. “Why are you so against the chance of maybe, finally getting this?”
Wilbur shakes his head and stands up, the chair screeching against the wood floors as he moves. “Haven’t you heard what becomes of curious minds?”
Y/n is at a loss for words while the tall man rolls his eyes and leaves, avoiding her as he circles around her to walk down the hallway.
His abrupt exit confuses Y/n. Why is Wilbur so against peace with the Hunters?
Dream manages to sneak into the Hunter’s Wing before they lock the front doors for the night. He sits silently on the bench in the training room and slips his boots off, making sure to place them on the floor as quiet as possible. He takes his hat off of his head and holds it in his palms, smiling stupidly at the inanimate object. The flame in the lantern next to him is fizzling out and it's hard to see 4 feet in front of him.
“Dream?” Even in his daze, Dream can sense the anger and fear in Sapnap’s voice.
“Sapnap? Why are you awake?” The younger boy walks out from the hallway and towards him.
“Me? Where were you? It’s midnight.”
Dream sighs and rests the hat on the bench next to him. “I was out.”
“Out? You mean meeting with the witch?”
Dream’s eyes widen. “How do you know that?”
“Fireworks don’t just go off for no reason, Dream. And I found the note in your room.” Sapnap says, ripping the letter from his pyjama bottoms pocket.
“Just say you have a crush on her, Dream!” Sapnap yells, throwing his arms up in defeat.
“I don't—I promise, Sapnap.”
“Fine, if you don’t like the witch, then kill her.” Dream’s dumbfounded. He stares at his best friend with such bewilderment that even Sapnap feels a twinge of guilt. Dream sighs, carding his hand through his hair in frustration and confusion.
He doesn’t reply, even when George arrives in a hurry, still in the process of wrapping a dressing gown around his body.
“What’s happened? I heard yelling.” The pair remain frozen, refusing to meet the Prince’s glare as they avoid eye contact.
George shakes his head, “Has this got to do with Dream meeting with the witch?”
“George! How do you know, too?”
George huffs. “I know everything that happens in and outside of my Castle. But, fireworks? Really?”
Dream throws his hands down in frustration. “Yes, fireworks! It was a good distraction and it was a signal for her anyway.”
George eyes the blonde before he crosses his arms over his chest. “As much as you hate to admit it, it's obvious that you’re fond of her, Dream. And no matter what happens, I’ll be by your side, okay? You know that.”
“What the fuck?” Sapnap spits. “You have his back? George, I can tolerate your ideals about the magical kind, but this is the witch who killed half of the hunter population.”
Dream stills. “What?”
“You’ve gone and done it now, Sapnap!”
“Y/n killed people?”
“Dream—“ George goes to speak, but he’s cut off by Sapnap.
“Yes! That’s why I’ve been trying to warn you! Why do you think we got this job so easily?” Dream stares at the concrete floor, his heart dropping into his stomach. He can’t believe it, he refuses to.
“Sapnap!” George snaps. The younger boy cowers away slightly, his once confronted facade crumbling at the sound of the Prince's tone. “Stop it, right now. You are in no place to tell him this, okay? You may be my best friend but that doesn’t excuse you from doing this.”
Dream chews on his bottom lip quietly as he watches Sapnap turn around and stomp out of the training room, but not before he scrunches up the letter and throws it on the floor. “Thanks.”
George’s gaze remains on the door. “Don’t thank me. He should know better anyway, considering his last relationship.”
The blonde nods once, reminding himself of the youngest boy’s past relationship with a fairy from the kingdom next door. Dream lets out a laugh at the thought.
Tumblr media
For the next few days, Y/n hears nothing from Dream. She worries for him, has he been caught?
She stands on the porch of her cottage, hoping, begging for a sign that he is okay. Clouds plague the blue skies above and Y/n knows the bad omens swirling around the kingdom are the cause—and the inside of Niki’s crystal ball had burst with black and dark red clouds which had only confirmed her suspicions.
The wind howls through the trees and calls to her, speaking words of concern under its tongue. Y/n rolls her eyes and sighs, she knows to be careful, especially with the humans inching closer to their world.
However, a faint voice draws Y/n’s attention away from the wind and to the well in the corner of the garden. The sound confuses her at first, and then the wind’s guidance is forgotten as she makes her way towards it. The short fence around the area is still broken from the fight with the hunters weeks ago, and nobody has had a chance to repair it yet, so Y/n takes it upon herself to fix it.
The whispers from the well become a string of mumbles and are impossible to decipher as Y/n kneels with her back towards the forest—and for the first time, she is anxious about what lies within it.
But, before she can even begin picking up the pieces of wood, the sound of someone approaching her at a fast pace alerts Y/n immediately. She spins around with her hands out and is shocked when she sees Dream with his sword raised. The ground moves beneath her feet as she uses the earth’s power to aid her in meeting his strength.
“Dream?” She screams, her body struggling to resist the force of his weapon. Sparkles fall from her fingertips as she pushes back.
“You killed an entire army of people, Y/n!” Dream’s tone is low and angry and Y/n knows he would have found out eventually.
“Dream, I didn’t do that!” Y/n exclaims and Dream swings his sword backwards.
“How can I trust you? Hm? After all, you’ve killed people!” Y/n could cry at his utter naivety. She drops her arms by her sides as Dream glares at her in pure disgust.
“Instead of fighting, can we talk about this?” Y/n pleas. Her feet move swiftly beneath her, maneuvering her body away from Dream’s sword.
Suddenly, Dream brings the sword down to slice into Y/n’s arm, but a force pushes it back towards him, making the blade fly high into the air before it clatters onto the ground.
Y/n stands with her hands out, remnants of glitter falling around her fingers. “I told you! I’d never do that, and I have proof.”
“Proof?” Dream still stares at his sword, unable to meet Y/n’s eye.
“Proof. Now, how about we calm down and I’ll show it to you. Okay? Sounds like a plan?” Dream nods slowly, turning his head to face her. Finally, his green eyes soften and the raging fire that burns within them fizzles out.
Y/n sighs before she begins. “When a witch kills an innocent; a human, they gain a marking on the back of their neck to signify the betrayal of the harmony between the two. However, since King James, that peace has been terminated; hence his need for hunters, like yourself.
“But, anyway, everybody in this damn kingdom thinks I killed those hunters, but I don’t have the mark,” Y/n turns around, her hand going to lift up her hair from her neck. The skin is clear, with no markings, nothing.
Dream nods, furrowing his eyebrows. “How do I know you didn’t just cast a spell to make it disappear?”
Y/n rolls her eyes. “There’s no way to cover up the marking; it’ll just shine through whatever you put over it. It’s permanent and very obvious.”
“I told you, Dream, I didn’t kill them. I’d never kill an innocent.”
“Why didn’t you show them, then? You've had proof this entire time and never thought to actually show anyone?” Dream is bewildered. Y/n nods slowly, understanding his argument.
“I don't need to prove myself to your kind.” Is all she says. Dream waits for her to continue but soon realises she's not going to. “Fair point.”
“So, why did you come at me swinging? Did you really believe I would do that?” She whispers and Dream feels his heart sink. He is speechless for a few moments—did he really think that? Or was he feeding into Sapnap’s ideology of witches?
“S—Sapnap convinced me of things. I didn’t believe it at first, but the more he went on—I guess he got into my head.”
Y/n cocks her eyebrow and scoffs out a laugh. “Yeah, he did. You could’ve easily killed me with the amount of anger you had.”
This makes Dream’s breath catch in his throat. “I—I’m so sorry, Y/n. That was never my intention—”
The witch shakes her head and holds her hand up. “It’s okay, Dream. You didn’t offend me. I’m still here, with you, right? Isn’t that enough to tell you that I’m not angry?”
“Yes! Yes, sorry—”
“Stop saying sorry, it’s annoying.” Y/n giggles, holding her hand out to grasp Dream’s.
Tumblr media
The cottage is quiet, too quiet, and Y/n walks into the small kitchen, hoping to bake a cake to cure her boredom. But, Wilbur sits at the round dining table, his beanie and a sewing needle in his hands.
“Wil, I wanted to talk to you,” Y/n mumbles, pulling out a chair. Wilbur doesn’t meet her eye as she does so, continuing to patch up his beanie that got ripped on a tree last week.
“Why are you against harmony with humans?”
Wilbur sighs softly. He places the beanie on the table and turns to face Y/n. “Y/n, when I was young, I lived amongst the humans in a town not far from here. We tried as hard as we could to mix in and not draw attention to ourselves.”
The girl listens intently, both curious and scared for his answer. She can tell the story makes him anxious so she reaches for his hand that lays on the wooden table. “Go on, Wil. I’m here.”
Wilbur nods, his eyes already full of tears as he continues.
“However, one day, my family decided to move to a more secluded area within the town, so my father could teach me more about magic without the risk of being caught. When we entered our new cottage in the forest, we were ambushed and they killed my entire family, leaving me, the only child, alone. I was left there, with my parents' bodies for weeks. I was made to fend for myself until I found Niki in a cave several years later. I was only 7, Y/n.”
Tears cascade down both of their cheeks. Wilbur takes in a shaky breath before he collapses onto the table out of grief. Y/n immediately leaps into action, wrapping her arms around the older man and letting him use her for support. His broken sobs and heart-wrenching cries stab Y/n all over, and she immediately regrets asking him about it.
“I’m so sorry that happened to you, Wilbur,” She didn’t push anymore, and that was all Wilbur needed.
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shotowoki · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
PAIRING: shouto todoroki x gn!reader WARNINGS: fluff, swearing, kissing, mutual-pinning, implied nsfw, pretty much just fluffy goodness :) WORDCOUNT: 4k
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: Being roommates out of sheer convenience shouldn't have been a problem. It shouldn't have been as difficult as Shouto had made it out to be. I mean, you two barely spoke, barely found time to be together in one room and barely even came in contact with one another despite living under the same roof. It really should have been a piece of cake. But the feelings Shouto had for you grew larger with every day that passed, complicating things far more than was necessary...
Tumblr media
In an empty room, Shouto lay sprawled on his bed. The thought of you conquering his mind as he envisioned you in your entirety.
The lazy slither of moonlight that pierced his curtains left a gentle glow across his face, the sorrow in his eyes highlighted as he pondered over the same thing he did every night. Who were you?
It seemed like a stupid question on the outside, as to those who didn't know you two well, you seemed like good friends. After all, you did live together; it would be harder to know nothing about the other. But, in Shouto's case, he knew near nothing about you. So, every night he lays in his sheets, frustrated with his lack of knowledge, listing all the things he did know. As he balled the covers under him, intertwining his fingers with the cotton, he asked himself one thing: 'who were you?', once more.
There were a few vague things he knew. He knew you worked as an office assistant, finished your work off late at night in the kitchen, took around 45 minutes in the shower, you rarely ate food at home, and brought take out every other evening. Not to mention, you barely left your room and thus leading to this lack of relationship between you two.
But what did this random trivia on you do for him? Nothing. It provided him with zero useful information, nothing to work with, and it most certainly did not quench his curiosity for you.
A heavy exhale parted his lips, and he sunk deeper into his mattress. Maybe this was enough for today. The constant worrying about you wasn't doing him any good, and he knew it. At this point, his curiosity was turning into something more. Before Shouto knew it, his once frustrated wonders had turned to admiration. And this was his current situation, face feeling hot as reality hit him like a train. When did he start to like you, and more specifically, why?
That empty feeling filled him once more; the lack of answers to all these questions had him feeling beyond exhausted. He barely knew you, and yet even moments like these felt like enough. A small rush of nervousness always stopping him in his tracks whenever the sheer thought of you crossed his mind. It felt ridiculous and brought Shouto way too much humiliation. And so, he shook these feelings off. The mystery that was you was far beyond his reach, and it was time he submitted to that fact.
Fluttering his eyelids shut, he put his mind at rest, drifting off into dreamland.
The next day had arrived, Shouto's previously exhausting night already long passing him. A wet towel swung over his head; he exited the bathroom somewhat wet, and ready for a new day.
A cold shower did the job alright, waking him up and helping him forget about the endless thoughts of you that had him up late last evening. All that remained was to fill his stomach up, and he would forget the whole ordeal. Still slightly embarrassed at the realization that he had caught feeling for the stranger that lived in the room opposite his own.
Scrubbing his hair and patting his face dry with the towel on his head, he entered the kitchen. He expected it to be empty like every other regular morning. But instead, Shouto was greeted with arguably the worst and best thing. There you sat at the kitchen island, eyeing a cup of coffee, evidently zoned out.
Shouto stopped in his tracks, and his heart dropped to his stomach. If it was even achievable, the beating of his heart was more rapid than humanly possible and probably more audible than ever. Why were you home? Not that he was complaining, it was just rare to have you home this early in the morning. Did you not have work today? Did something happen? Why are you just sitting there staring at a cup? All these questions sprung up in Shouto's head as he stood dumfounded and nervous.
His cheeks lightly sprinkled in a pink blush; he just stood there awkwardly, not daring to even move an inch. To anyone but himself, he would look pretty composed, but internally he was malfunctioning. He had hoped for a moment like this to arise for a while now. But now that the opportunity had presented itself, he barely knew what to do. It didn't help the fact he was already a flustered mess over the thought of you last night, and now there you sat in front of him.
Taking one deep breath, Shouto resumed his walk to the fridge, waving off the nerves that had built up inside him.
"Good morning, y/n. It's rare to see you home at this time." Shouto attempted to break the silence in his signature monotone voice.
It remained pretty tranquil for a bit. The only noise being that of Shouto making himself breakfast and the sound of you taking a shy sip of your drink.
"Morning. I don't have work today, so I'm home."
Your voice simmered out into the atmosphere, but it remained looping in Shouto's mind. As his back faced you, he felt his ears get hot, and he knew for a fact, he was beet red now. How did just hearing your voice already throwing him off guard?
Shouto gently exhaled, feeling his adrenaline spike through him. He just needed to stay calm. But how could he when he wasn't accustomed to hearing your voice, especially when you spoke so softly? Having a crush on your roommate was most certainly an inconvenience, as Shouto struggled to keep his concentration on making a simple cup of coffee for himself.
"Oh. Did you finally get a day off?" Luckily Shouto's voice came out calm. He'd be damned if he stumbled and made himself look more like a fool than he already had.
Well, he looked like a fool to himself, at least. You barely took notice of the random pauses his whole body made or the way he would occasionally take self-soothing deep breaths. If anything, you wouldn't even know if this type of behavior was unusual for him since you saw him so rarely.
Come to think of it, you don't even have a baseline to work with when judging his overall character. That's partially due to the fact you two have never actually sat down and bonded, which led an idea to spark off in your mind.
"Yeah, it's my first day off in a while." You spoke in a slightly more upbeat tone now, excited for the proposition you were about to make. "So, since I'm home, how about we hang out and get to know each other properly." You smiled his way, tilting your head slightly as you awaited his response.
And just as the suggestion escaped your mouth, Shouto made the unfortunate mistake of turning around, his surprised expression out on display as he was yet to process what you just had said.
"Um, sure." is all Shouto was able to say. His heart thumped out of his chest, and his words knotted up in his throat.
The sudden proposition you offered him had him speechless. All these sudden coincidences being the last thing Shouto expected. Was it all too sudden, perhaps? Either way, he wasn't going to deny the opportunity at hand because who knew when you would be free again. Finally, this was his chance to answer the question that has been keeping up at night. And somewhat address these feelings that had started manifesting.
"Then, I was thinking... maybe we could have a movie night?" You chirped, leaning over the counter in excitement.
"You know, there's this movie my coworkers have been talking about, and I've really been wanting to watch."
For the first time, Shouto got to see you relish in your interests. A cute smile curling the corners of your lips as you spoke, rambling about this so-called movie. He couldn't help but smile at your bubbly nature, getting lost in the expressions you were making that he has never before seen. The way your eyes lit up and your hands waved around as you tried convincing him to watch the movie. Little did you know, you didn't need to convince him of anything, he would agree to watch anything with you. But he wasn't going to burst your joyful bubble now. He wanted to savor this moment, and so he let you speak whatever was on your mind, just burning this moment into his memory.
Dazing at your soft lips as you spoke, he realized how zoned out he had become; your speech becomes just a faint murmur in the back of his mind as all he could think about was how much more beautiful you looked up close.
"Ah, sorry! I completely went on a tangent there. I tend to do that when I get excited. I'm sorry!" You giggled while exaggeratingly facepalming yourself.
And with that, he was once more snapped back into reality. What were you just talking about? Aside from the mention of a movie night, Shouto couldn't remember much else. He couldn't have retained anything that fell from those pretty lips of yours. And down the gutter, his thoughts went once more. The overwhelming flustering feeling washed over him as he realized what ideas exactly he was having right in front of you. He needs to hurry up and respond to you rather than just standing there aimlessly staring at your lips.
"Don't worry about it. You look cute anyways when you're so excited about something." Those words left Shouto so fast he could barely believe he had said them himself. The humiliation already settling itself as he cursed himself for being such a creep.
The sudden affection from your roommate had you stuttering. You have had your eye on him ever since you moved in together. What was there not to like about him? He was good-looking, always left food out for you, and cleaned the apartment before you got back from work. The only issue was you. You were far too shy to admit to these feelings, your one solution being to lock yourself up in your room and avoid him like the plague. Today just so happened to be the exception as you felt a tad bit confident when he nonchalantly (as you perceived it) walked into the kitchen.
Now a compliment of this magnitude was the last thing you expected, and so your insides burnt hot as you shifted in your seat.
"Sorry! I didn't mean for it to come out that way." The concern in his voice was more than evident, the furrowing of his brows in frustration delivering his apology clearly.
"No-no, it fine! Really."
"What I was trying to say was that a movie night sounds great!" Shouto bopped his head down as he managed to completely fuck up this one opportunity that he had. To him, it seemed as though he had ruined everything, but if anything, he had succeeded a lot more than he gave himself credit.
You were still giddy at his subtle compliment, heart racing at the fact he called you cute. CUTE. Failure should have been the last thing on Shouto's mind as if he observed you a little more closely, he would have noticed the satisfactory grin on your face.
"Great! I'll meet you in the living room at 5 pm then." You hoped out of your chair, putting your empty cup away.
You definitely wanted to stay with him longer, but you needed to calm yourself down. The knots in your stomach tightening by the second as you felt flustered by his presence.
Gently, you squeezed past him as you exited the kitchen, the cozy heat that radiated from his body sending goosebumps down your skin. Even with a touch so short-lived, you couldn't help but freak out. How would you manage this evening? Only future you will know the answer to that question.
As quickly as you parted ways, the evening arrived just as fast. A golden sunset burst through the living room window and drizzled the atmosphere in sweet honey. A soft breeze floated through as Shouto sat anxiously waiting for you.
His outfit was bland, but it was expected of him. Just a pair of generic grey sweatpants paired with a white tee. As stated previously, his attire was very bland. But it was comfy, to say the least.
Just on time, you finally met him at your designated period. Your heart hammered out your chest, not only from the nervous itch that was being with your crush, but the possibility of this all being awkward. It felt like meeting a stranger, only with an odd sense of familiarity attached. Maybe then calling him a stranger would be a poor analogy. Perhaps it was more like being left alone with that person your friend was trying to introduce you to. Yeah, that's a better parallel for how this all felt right now. However, it all still felt rather exciting.
"Hi! Are you ready?" You giggled as you sunk into the couch, sitting beside him.
"Definitely. What's the movie called again, y/n?" The way your name so easily fell from his lips set off the butterflies in your stomach.
It sounded so pretty coming from him, way prettier than you could have prepared yourself for. Suddenly, you found yourself speechless, mind going blank as you fished for the name of the movie you knew.
"U-um, it seems my mind has gone blank. Give me a second."
Rubbing your arm in an attempt to calm yourself, you let out your signature laugh. The golden hue of the sun stirred the color of his heterochromatic eyes as you glanced back at them, still thinking of the name of the movie you knew just a second ago. Attentively, his eyes examed you, and you managed to catch sight of this glance.
"Don't worry, take your time." With that, his eyes shot back up meeting yours. "Do you happen to be cold? You're rubbing your arm."
That explained his gaze, but it didn't happen to settle the nerves inside you. And in your flustered state, you responded with the first thing that came to mind as you swatted your hand to your side.
"Ah, yeah! It's a bit chilly with the window open in here."
Right on cue, Shouto reached for the blanket on the sofa, wrapping it snuggly over your shoulders. The way his slender fingers brushed against your skin as he positioned the fabric on you made you freeze. You could barely hear yourself think as your heart ran wild, adrenaline surging your veins. His face was so close, so close you could see how his eyelashes softly brushed his cheeks with every blink. Fast, it all happened so fast, and yet the memory replayed in slow motion in your mind. The way he just swept in and then back out.
"There. If it gets too cold I'll close the blind." He smiled at you comfortingly before reaching for the remote.
You couldn't do anything but sit there wide-eyed, your nervousness being unbearable.
"The movie... I can't remember its name." Finally, you admitted defeat, done battling your mind that was clearly not regaining composure any time soon.
"That's fine. I guess we can just watch whatever piques our interest for now. There's always next time."
There's always next time. The implication of another hang-out was soothing. Knowing that this wasn't a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity managed to quiet you down slightly as you repositioned yourself to sit more comfortably on the sofa.
"Right!" You beamed in agreement, turning your attention to the tv.
The mindless scrolling through Netflix lasted a while as you made conversation with one another. Talk of how most movies were boring filled your discussions, exchanging laughter here and there too. It all felt so reassuring, and both of you were starting to feel more relaxed. Movie after movie, it felt like you were about to hit a dead end until you eventually landed on something intriguing.
"This one! This one looks good, right?" You explained, pointed to the digital screen that gently lit up your faces.
"Right, it doesn't sound bad."
Shouto was beginning to uncover you and your character a lot better now. Seeing as you got excited about the most random things, but also the way you were so easily caught off guard. It put a soft smile on his face as he just admired you silently.
The movie began to play, the two of you settling down as the noises from the tv exclaimed through the speakers. To say that Shouto was happy was an understatement. Looking back on the evening from just last night to now was a huge shift, and a huge shift in the direction he could have hoped for. It was the start of something he had been wishing for long while now.
Hearing you laugh at the actors on screen, turning to face him as you shared the humours moments with him had him feeling all gooey inside. Lightly, your leg would occasionally brush past his, making him more than eager to pull a move on you. Fuck it, right? Apparently, Shouto couldn’t just have his cake, he wanted to eat it too.
You were far too cute in this moment, nudging on him softly as your laugh radiated through the air. And so, in a moment when his adrenaline spiked and clouded his judgment, he snaked an arm over you shoulder, cradling you into his chest. You gave into his invitation, resting against him.
Not to say you were all calm about the exchange, you were in fact the complete opposite. It was really happening, you were laying in Shouto’s toned arms, his fingers gently gliding up and down your forearm as he sunk down onto the couch. Laying himself down and then you on top of him.
Was Shouto calm about this, then? Definitely not. His hearts rapid beating was audible as you rested your head on his chest. Smiling hazily as you realised he was just as nervous about all this as you.
As he lay under you, you soaked in his touch, the way his toned figure felt as your hands snaked around his waist. And the way his breathing gently cascaded a chilly breeze down your neck, shivers forming along your soft skin. Ever smooth shift and touch his body made against yours was thrilling.
At this point you weren’t even concentrated on the movie, and instead on the boy under you. The movie acting more as background noise to the thing you really wanted to watch. Glancing up at his soft features, the way his plump rosy lips were slightly parted as his eyes shifted across the screen. Oh how you wanted to kiss him in this moment. What was holding you back exactly?
You could lean any minute if you just so pleased.
“Shouto?” You finally spoke up, interrupting the tranquility between you two.
His response was a simple hum, eyes falling to meet yours. The way he held eye contact, smiling at you invitingly was enough to have anyone falling for him. You felt extremely lucky to be even given the chance to be in this position with him.
“Can I?” You started, lifting yourself up slightly.
“Can you?”
He quirked a brow at you as he sat up to meet your movement. Trapped under you as your two legs straddled his lap, you gave him a sheepish smile. A short moment passed without a response, and Shouto smiled at you suspiciously, leaning in to jokingly examine your face.
“What’s on your mind?”
At his unannounced actions you glanced away, but Shouto only pulled your chin to look back at him. A smirk growing on his face before his palm came to cup your cheek; his other hand resting nonchalantly on your thigh.
And like he knew exactly what you were thinking, with a light brush of his thump against you bottom lip, he dipped in for a kiss.
His plump lips meeting yours. Soft, they felt so soft as they moulded perfectly with yours, meting against the other. The tender way his lips hovered for a second as he pulled away, licking his lips and then coming back in. Glazing you in his touch, he began to move again, taking in one of your lips at a time, relishing in your sweet taste. The way his lips massaged yours with every move he made had you pressing yourself into him.
It felt relieving in a way, finally dining the dish you’ve been craving for so long. After all these months you two have lived together, finally you both were holding each other like you have been wanting. Arms wrapped around his neck, fingers weaving throw his hair as you yearned for more.
Your plush tongue came to meet his, intertwining with the other. Happily, he ventured your mouth, taking in every inch of you. Smoothly dragging his tongue to the root of your mouth then pulling himself out, until he came back in once more to suck you back in.
The only think separating you two being the string of spit that drizzled off each other’s tongues as you caught your own breaths between each embrace. Your merciful moans he swallowed, his delicate hands travelling up your spin. They left a cold trail, fireworks erupting your stomach as the adrenaline of this all began seeping in.
You two were getting too carried away, but it just goes to show how bad you wanted one another. Shouto, however, wanted to clear things up before you continued any further.
He pulled away breathily, blinking at you with delight in his eyes.
“Y/n, I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a while now, and i’m sorry if this is sudden. But, I like you.”
That sentence alone had you more flustered than your previous touches and you smiled like a kid with candy.
Was this a dream come true? Maybe it was, which in that case, you definitely didn’t want to wake up. But, lucky for you, this was in fact reality.
“I like you too, silly” You giggled only inches away from his face, and the instant grin that sprawled across his lips was the only confirmation you needed.
Instantly, he engulfed you in a tight hug, his head cradling itself into the crook of you neck.
“Then how about we finish this off in my bedroom now that you’re all mine.” Was the last thing he said, his lips resuming their bidding on the soft skin in your neck.
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matan4il · 2 months ago
Ana 🍌 nonnie, here! I TOTALLY agree that his mispronunciation is a reflection of how much he doesn't want to be in this relationship. Eddie is certainly not a douche. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts... they are 100% a reflection of my own! He’s just not in it. I can’t wait for Eddie to be fully invested, loved, comfortable and SURE of himself in a relationship... with Buck 🙃 I hope you have a great day too!
Hi Ana Banana Nonnie! XD I love your nickname!
Oh, I called Eddie a "bad boyfriend" which just struck me as such a contrast to the kind of sensitive and considerate dad we see him be to Christopher, the kind who works hard to be better when he does feel like he's failed his son, and the kind of caring and supportive boyfriend he is to Buck, where when Buck is struggling, he tries his damnedest, and in more than one way, to help and make things better... with 301, 303 and 414 being the most obvious examples, I just had to go on a tangent about why Eddie is so... uncharacteristic when he is with Ana. And yes, exactly, how much I just want the show to let him be in already in a relationship which isn't dictated by his ideas of his duty to Chris. Let this man be as happy in his romantic relationship as he is when he's just listening to Buck rambling about animals! Kisses in the rain and swelling music are awesome, but that stupid interaction, THAT is true love. Buck and Eddie both deserve it. And I went off on another tangent again, didn't I? These boys have that effect on me. Thank you so much for enabling me, Nonnie! I adored having this exchange with you! xoxox
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runnyeggsnham · 4 months ago
"with Sylvie, the discussion was about conjuring and applying the right metaphor from the start, but with Mobius, he cuts right through Loki’s defensive mockery to talk about the metaphor and what the metaphor means for Loki. he is sincere when he’s reaching in to the truth behind the illusion. that’s interesting in a way i cannot really pin down...."
This is a great observation. I think the truth is Loki DID have something with this dagger metaphor because it's a genuine sentiment he has toward the beauty and pain of love. Sylvie, unlike Loki, didn't really get to deepen her family bonds. She is a version of Loki that is even more cynical and cold than the version we have from the sacred timeline.
What I find REALLY interesting is that once Mobius compliments the circus metaphor, Loki leans into metaphors more heavily than he does in the movies. He goes on to make the "wolf ears, wolf teeth" metaphor, then follows up with the "Ragnarok salad" metaphor. Then, of course, the infamous dagger metaphor. It's like once Mobius says he's good at them, Loki believes it outright and can't help but try to make more, perhaps subconsciously for his own self-esteem. It's an almost child-like reaction in seek of praise and positive reinforcement.
The other two times Loki uses metaphors with Mobius, Mobius fully listens until either: a.) he calls Loki out on lying (which he half-was), and b.) he laments his salad BUT is willing to put Loki's theory to the test. With B, he gets positively excited when Loki is proven right, so much so that Mobius is practically glowing as he says, "He's doing great!"
Not once does he disregard what Loki has to say, even if the metaphor is a stretch.
If Sylvie comes back next season, I think Loki will forgive her, and that would be a metaphor for his own self-forgiveness. But I can't help but be hopeful that Mobius will continue to be the loving, accepting force Loki needs regardless of what timeline he's in. I keep fantasizing the new Mobius will stitch the blade wound on Loki's shoulder (the act in itself another metaphor):
M: Yeesh. This is deep. Machete?
L:... Dagger. A big one.
M: Well, whoever got you, got you good. You're fine, though. Just a quick patch-up.
L: I really don't need... (he has magic, after all)
M: *starts gently cleaning the wound and suturing*
L: *eyes wide and sad and wistful*
M: I'm not much of a hand-to-hand guy myself, but I know may way around a needle.
L: Do you always put broken things back together again?
M: *smiling as he finishes*My boss says I have a soft spot for 'em. Anyway, you're not broken. Just a lil' roughed up. Some food and water and new clothes and you'll be right as rain. *wraps arm in bandage*. So what's your name?
L: *absolutely dying inside*
Thank you! And I agree, Loki was so close with his dagger metaphor. It made perfect sense for his perspective, imo, and the fact that this and the later rejection from Sylvie add on to it, hurts. And you are totally right, of course it wouldn't make sense to her because she has such different, lonelier, "colder" experiences.
Not to go off on a tangent too much, but that reminds me of Loki's insistence in the Void about Sylvie being "better", and all through that last episode, his complete pleading and submission and wishing for her to be okay and move past the me, it feels like Loki took Mobius' treatment of him, extension of empathy and all, and tried to do that with Sylvie. Which is wonderful, because it was someone finally giving her a chance and supporting her, but it did also end up making him entirely blind to what facets were truly her and what facets were his own fantasy. It made him blind to her not seeing him and not trusting him, either. Really sad.
On that note, I agree with you about Sylvie, and I hope the same for Loki and Mobius, too. If Sylvie doesn't come back though I feel like Loki moving through the grief, running to Mobius, and saying "we made a terrible mistake...we freed the timeline" could be seen as a metaphor of that self-forgiveness, too. Really, that was all Sylvie's doing that Loki desperately fought against, but he takes on that joint-responsibility burden and doesn't distinguish the facts. He helped her get there and did believe in the choice up to the near end, so while it'd be justified to lean into that hurt, and it'd be understandable if he briefly reverted his previous angry instincts...he doesn't. It's just all about fixing the mistake, looking ahead to deal with the consequences and deal with the universe. He's grown so much, I am so afraid that a lack of his Mobius will break him. This alternate Mobius better stay kind ;a;
And yes, yes, yes on the metaphors! That is such a great observation! Your mind!! And might I add, as annoyed as Mobius is at his ruined salad, Loki gets to the end of the presentation and Mobius just says, "What am I looking at?" He doesn't say it's clumsy, Loki does that; Mobius is just so confused lol. But yes, again, I love that, that he "fully listens" and with all 3 metaphors, they...linger in each, for lack of a better word.
Now you make me want to gif that prideful Mobius moment, anon, just for his face!
Aaand I'm putting this in the tag, sorry everyone for the long post, but that fic snippet is *chef's kiss*. The squeal I made reading it! I love you, anon, for this gift, omg, it's perfect ❤️
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x0ddrav3nx · 4 months ago
HELLO BESTIE!!! :] kdjdjd i hope youre doing well!!! love u bubs!!! /p
may,,, may i request some baking with boozoo hcs? 👉👈 i just made some cookies and i couldnt stop thinking abt it KDNDND
take your time with these!!!! :]
HELLO!!! /pos
Sorry I didn't start on this sooner, lot's has been going on recently ^^"
But I think this is adorable!
And I love you too, bud!!!! /p
Showstopper Boozoo;;
Above anything else, he adores your baked goods
You could make him a simplistic cookie and he would go on tangent about how great it is
He also loves to bake with you
but his actual strong suit is cooking, not baking
(He even makes you breakfast in bed)
He usually messes around with frosting and just smears it everywhere accidentally
He always seems to get your favorite colored decorations for cakes (cupcakes count)
He brought it upon himself to make you a birthday cake at one point
The kitchen was a mess that day, but it was the thought that counts
He usually just decorates with you because he doesn't want to ruin the batter
He does help actually make cakes on special occasions though
He likes watching you focus when you decorate
He thinks you look cute when you're focussed
Then again, he thinks you're cute in general
Bunny Farm Boozoo;;
He already knew how to bake
At least that's what he thought-
He usually either undercooked or overcooked all of his baked goods, so he mostly cooked instead of baked
When you bake, he cooks, and while his food is cooling off, he's helping you decorate
He enjoys making foods that go with what you're baking, and also preparing the plates in a way that make them seem designed the same
If you have flower designs, he tries to make the food look like a flower, even if it doesn't really match up
If you smile or laugh at it, he thinks he's doing pretty good
He likes just eating sweets and dinner on the couch with you while watching shows or movies (no formalities here)
He just likes the fact he has more reasons to spend time with you
Boozoos Ghosts Boozoo;;
He doesn't know how to cook anything
Or bake anything
Everything was handed to him on a silver platter, he doesn't know the first thing about baking
So, he likes it when you bake, because he can learn that way and he wants to be able to do things for himself now
He also just genuinely loves your baked goods
He looked like a kid in a candy store the first time you made him something
"I'm not used to sweets-"
And that caused you to just make sweets 24/7 so that he can experience the wonders of baked goods
He thinks it's adorable how much you want him to just have sweets
He thinks its sweet (heheeeee)
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bunnyywritings · 6 months ago
true love’s kiss
tenya iida x gn!reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
word count: 1.5k
requested by @coleluuviida : So may I request a iida tenya x gn! reader? The plot I want is where reader likes reading a lot of books and comics, they will read romance, action, horror, etc. So then one day reader and the dekusquad are eating lunch together, reader was quick eating their lunch so that they can continue reading their book but then iida ask about what their reading and reader go on and on how, and why they like the story with passion iida was listen with joy even the dekusquad are listening in. After that reader let iida borrow their book the rest is up to your imagination!
[a/n: thank you so much for trusting me with your request sweetheart!! i’m sorry it took so long but here it is, i hope you enjoy! I kinda got carried’s been a while since i’ve properly written so i apologize if it’s not very good :/ without further adieu, here’s some adorable iida content cause he’s the best and deserves the world - yours truly, bunnyy -`ღ´-]
It was never strange to see you with your nose buried in between the pages of a book. Your friends found it endearing.Some people, literally just Bakugou, found it a bit ridiculous. 
Denki and Kirishima made a game out of it. They would bet on the genre you were reading purely based on your reactions alone. If your cheeks ever got flushed and your eyes wide, 10/10 it was probably a cheesy romance manga. If your brows were furrowed and your bottom lip was caught between your teeth, it was a mystery novel. A forlorn look in your eyes ment it was some type of magical book with Knights, Wizards, and Dragons (oh my!)
But somebody in particular, albeit enamored by your love of literature, was also concerned.
Iida was in your group of friends and so he had witnessed first hand your obsession with finishing a book. Sometimes you wouldn't eat during lunch because you were so enthralled and when he did get you to eat something, you raced to finish your food so you could grab your book once more and pick up where you left off. You weren't much of a talker and no one at the table really minded your lack of conversation and let you be.
However, this time around, it was different. Iida noticed the bags under your eyes and knew that you hadn't been sleeping. You had been engaging in class and you were keeping up with your studies but the second you guys were allowed a break or you all were let out for lunch, you picked up your book and resumed reading.
Even as you walked with them to the cafeteria, your eyes hadn't left the page. You had your book in one hand and your other was gripping the end of Shoto's blazer, leading you to where you needed to go.
 "It must be a really good one this time." Kirishima muttered to Denki, both watching in amusement as you were being led around by a nonchalant Shoto.
So as you sat at the lunch table, Iida watched in concern. Even with your favorite food in front of you, you still hadn't put the book down. As much as he hated what he was about to do, he just couldn't do nothing.
"(Y/n), as much as I hate to disrupt your reading...I must know, is a book really more important than sleep? Or more important than eating a healthy meal?"
All conversation came to a screeching halt. No one had ever really disrupted your reading no one knew what to expect when Iida spoke up. The seconds were tense as they ticked by and as you moved your hand, they all held their breath, but instead of bookmarking your page, your finger deftly slipped under the corner of the page and turned to the next one.
 "Huh...they didn't even hear you." Ochako giggled.
Sighing, Iida reached over and placed his hand flat on the pages, successfully obstructing your view of the letter on the pages.  
Normally, you'd be a slight bit annoyed that someone had interrupted you but it was Iida. Sweet, sweet Iida.
"Oh. Sorry." Your cheeks burned in embarrassment, "I must've not heard you. What's wrong?"
Iida sighs.
“I'm just concerned, is all. What's got you so interested?"
 "You really want to know?" He noticed how your eyes twinkled with excitement.
 "Yes, I really want to know."
And with that, you went off on a whole tangent.
Explaining the story from the very beginning. Giving character description with wild and elaborate hand gestures. Even going as far as adding sound effects to fight scenes. This was nothing new for Shoto or Midoriya. They had often asked about the stories you read and quite enjoyed hearing you re-tell them. Shoto never had anyone tell him bedtime stories but he assumes
this is what they would've been like.
Iida was stunned. Absolutely stunned. He's never seen you speak about something so passionately, other than the time he had asked you why you wanted to be a hero.
So as you went on and explained what you've been reading, he felt himself fall even more. He was intently listening.
You had been reading a rom-com style, action book about two knights going on a quest to slay a dragon to break an evil curse. There were wizards and mystical forest creatures. Once you finished, you had asked if he wanted to read it once you were done.
Now...this wasn't really Iida's cup of tea. Don't get him wrong, he loves sitting and enjoying a book but fantasy books
aren't really his style.
  "So..? Would you want to read it? Ya' know, see for yourself?" The look in your eyes was absolutely adorable, he couldn't possibly say no.
    "S-Sure, I'd love to borrow it."
He wasn't too worried though, you still had a few chapters to go and surely you'd forget about it.
Boy was he wrong.
As he was getting ready for bed, the knock on his door confused him. Upon opening the door, there you stood in your pajamas
with the book tightly clutched in your hands.
    "Sorry I took so long but here you go. Let me know what you think." You had an excited smile playing on your lips.
    "Oh...thank you." He reached out and took the book from your outstretched grasp.
He read through the first chapter before going to bed, slightly intrigued.
It took him about a month to read, maybe a little longer since he definitely took breaks and focused more on school than anything...but eventually, he finished. 
You had been hanging out in the common room when Iida had walked in, book in hand. It took you a while to notice since  you had been buried in another . 
    “Oh, hey Iida!” Ochako grinned. 
You turned and took notice of what was in his possession and your smile grew.
    “You finished! What’d you think?” 
    “Uhm well, it was quite...quite interesting-” He was fumbling with his words, something that’s a bit unusual for him. 
    “ didn’t like it?” your face fell and his heart dropped a little.
    “No, no! What I mean is that-!”
    “It’s okay, you can be honest. It’s not for everyone.” 
    “I did like it but there’s something that I didn’t quite understand. Why would they risk leaving the magma gem? From my understanding, it would’ve given them the abilities needed to slay the dragon.” The complete and utter confusion on his face was adorable. 
    “Come on, Ingenium!” You chuckled quietly. “If they had gotten the gem, they wouldn’t have been able to save their partner. Remember, sometimes the best strategy is to run and get help instead of fighting a fight that you can’t win.” 
    “But they didn’t even slay the dragon!”
    “They didn’t because that wasn’t needed to break the curse. The only way to break the curse was with true love’s kiss.” 
    “That’s not very logical. How would that break a deadly curse?” 
    “Don’t underestimate the power of love, Iida. It’s quite strong.” 
Upon hearing those words he looked up from the book and into your eyes...had they always been that mesmerizing? His heart hammered in his chest as he parted his lips to speak once more. 
    “W-would you show me?” This was a big leap of faith for him. He had confided in Midoriya a while ago when he realized his feelings for you, and ever the observant one, Midoriya had a feeling that you felt the same way. There had been multiple times where he had caught you gazing longingly at the class rep. 
Now were stunned. Your cheeks had flushed red and your mouth was agape. Taking your silence as a rejection, he swallowed the lump in his throat and shook his head. 
    “I apologize, that was quite forward of me. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.” He placed the book down on the couch and got up. Once he turned away from you, you had realized that the words in your head never left your mouth so you reached out and grabbed his wrist. 
        “Wait…” your voice was barely above a whisper but he heard you and turned back around. “You didn’t make me uncomfortable, I’m just surprised that you feel the same way I do.” 
There was a small silence that followed but your body seemed to move on its own. You held his face in your hands, the feeling of your thumbs gently caressing his cheekbones sent the butterflies into a frenzy. 
    “Can I still kiss you?” Your voice was hesitant, quiet, and it made him smile, gazing into your eyes with such a fondness that it made your stomach do flips. 
That was all you needed before leaning in, his eyes and yours fluttered shut as your lips met. Both of you were unsure but he trusted you and you trusted him. The feeling of his lips moving languidly with yours was absolutely euphoric. He tasted like mint and black tea, and his lips were soft. Gaining confidence, he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer. 
After finally pulling away, he rested his forehead against yours. 
    “Believe it’s strong enough now?” 
    “Hmm…” His chest vibrated as he hummed in feign thoughtfulness. “I may need more convincing.”
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zannolin · 4 months ago
god like. wilbur soot, man. he's just. putting aside the fact that he's literally so pretty??? he's like. so kind. the way he treats his chat and his friends, and i always tend to go back to the clip where he was getting drunk and chat was worried so he fully like. took several minutes to reassure us that he was fine and well within his limits. and hes funny and calm and just good??? really anyone who genuinely doesn't like him is just. theyre objectively wrong. sorry i don't make the rules. wilbur soot is too good to hate <3
he is really just a delightful person. no matter what he's doing (geoguessr, minecraft roleplay, chatting, stupid improv with his friends, music) his vibes are always just immaculate. I'm never short of impressed with how well he can balance lightheartedness and serious, in-depth discussions. some of my favorite streams are the ones where he just ends up going off down a tangent and ends up saying some of the most reassuring, kind things. I have that clip about gender envy saved to my laptop, honestly, and I've bookmarked so many threads of him being nice to his chat.
it's like, he's really good at drawing the line and keeping it established, about setting his boundaries and not letting chat run rampant, but then he can always tell if people are genuinely worried and the way he stops to reassure us and make sure we know everything's okay? that means a lot to me.
and you're right! he's really SO funny. my sense of humor can be summed up as just, wilbur soot tbh. I don't think I've ever laughed as much as I have since discovering his content. he's uproariously funny and yet has some of the most chill streams I've ever watched, man. there have been so many occasions where I've been having the most shit day and then wilbur goes live and I can just quietly watch and feel so much better by the end of it. he's my comfort streamer for a reason, you know?
there are so many things about him I appreciate so much and I hope he knows he's a huge inspiration to so many people. he said once he didn't want to be a role model; he wanted to be an inspiration, and honestly he has achieved that. I care about him a lot /parasocial :)
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attollogame · 6 months ago
sorry if this has been asked before (I searched and didn't find anything, but we both know how tumblr's search "feature" "works"): what would the ROs do if MC called them and said "can you talk to me for a bit, I feel really bad and I need to hear your voice", or something like that? assuming none of them are particularly busy of course, otherwise I feel like DW would go "No" and hang up, and Sysba would go "no 💖" and hang up
What a soft lil prompt <3
Pariah: Immediately asking who made you feel bad while planning the best way to curb stomp them. If it wasn't a person and it was just a vibe, they'd calm down and probably just ask what you want to talk about. They aren't the best at initiating conversation beyond work-related things, so it might take some prompting, but they're willing to try.
Vasilisia: Is probably already in her car and set to go as soon as the words 'I feel really bad' leave your mouth. She'll ask if you want her to pick anything up while staying on the line with you, before going on a panicked tangent about her day. If you say she doesn't need to come over, she'll insist that 'hearing her in person is far better than over the phone, and she was in her car anyway'.
Operator: He certainly won't protest the conversation; work can be long and tedious, and quite boring, so having someone to talk to other than Helios is always a plus. He'll probably tell you about the latest tech project he's working on, or a funny event he saw earlier on one of the camera's to cheer you up. He'll try to tentatively guide the conversation to asking what's making you feel bad, if you want to talk about it, only because it's something that genuinely concerns him.
Dreamwalker: Indeed, it's best to hope you're calling when he isn't in the middle of something or else your call will be sent to voicemail and won't be addressed until whatever he's doing is done. Because of his position in Ovo, Dreamwalker is used to conversations like this; members get overwhelmed or upset and often end up in his office to talk about it (he's far more gentle than W). He'll talk about his day and what he plans to do that night, but he'll eventually guide the conversation to talking about you and what's weighing on your mind. It's weirdly therapeutic.
Sysba: Another person you should hope to catch on a good day. If you manage to do so and they aren't too busy, they're absolutely fine gushing about things going on in their life. For example: have you seen the latest fashion trend the elites are trying? Absolutely appalling. Also, should they put this new drink on their menu, or is it a bit trashy? They can rope you into hours of conversation with no issue. They won't ever ask you what's wrong, though; it's up to you to bring that up if you want.
Suha: Will understand where you're coming from immediately. Alexander does something similar to this, in which he just wants to talk versus getting comforted, so she'll know what to do off the bat. She'll talk about what's been going on at the Court, and then somehow rope you into dinner plans with her (courtesy of the Courts credit card). She won't ask you what's wrong over the phone—she'd much rather do that in person, which is really the underlying motive for her dinner date.
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everythingthemoontouches · 2 months ago
Hello, darling! I hope you are doing well~ i wanted to participate in your new game!
My favorite fall emoji are these 🍁🍂! And halloween town is my favorite movie! I would've put Alice in wonderland by tim burton but idk if that counts as a fall movie even if i think it is fjdjd thank you again for the game!- M.R
Hiii Mahanoor!
Does that translate to massive light / radiant?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Honestly I'm a little floored by your energy. I kept going off in tangents everytime I sat down to do your reading
And the funny things is
I got the King Of Pentacles for what you should romanticize about yourslef this season. What you have to celebrate is your ability to put your foot down, and say that I deserve the best. Your vibe attracts goodness, luxuries and splendor. You're comfortable in who you are, and all that you build. You're loved, vlessed with good business sense/ creativity should you choose to exercise it. I also feel like you give solid, reliable advice. Think Taurus like traits. I was also drawn to the bull figurehead, nod to your strength. Shiny horns. Polishing, preening yourself. Having the ability to move mountains should you choose to. You're not afraid of labour. Basically you can get stuff done when you want to call it quits with taking a break. What do bulls do when they're caught up with work? They rest like lords under the cool shade of a tree. Leisurely life.
Love. The garden. Shade. Sitting under a tree. Or in your happy place. Apples. Orchard visits. Fruit picking. Feeling whole. Knowing or seeking your purpose. Soulmates. Or people who feel liek they are part of you. Your relationships. Innocence. Trust. Beauty. Your mom / maternal figures. Write them a thank you note.
🐍What to accept?
The truth will ouch. Wisdom comes at a price. The cost of true knowledge is an awareness of suffering. Being aware means you see the ugliness that surrounds the beauty. The snake in the garden of Eden. Anxious thoughts. Embrace your worries. Some things will stress you out. It just means that you've found something you care about. If you didn't care about the outcome, you wouldn't worry. So use that nervous energy to make the best of any challenges that arrive . When asked to pick between fight or flight, choose to fight for your dreams. Pick your battles. Embrace mental agility. Intelligence. Skills. Dedication.
👋What to sweep out like it's popped bubble wrap
Juggling too many things at a time-sorry love but you're spilling the good crockery.
Keeping your ideas to yourself. - the millions in your head won't do you much good if you don't implement the business ideas. Duuh 😛💡create. And release.
Second guessing yourself.
will this work mentality. Idk if it will work. Try it out and tell me. Make notes.
Letting effort scare you🤐😬(eesh, major callout)
All of these cards came out in reverse so it feels like you should get out of your head a little and act on your ideas more 💚 use virgo season / fall to plan and start taking small steps to turn your imaginations into a shiny new reality 😍 start small, but start strong😎
We believe in you
Love and hugs
Your spiritual team 💙
Cosigned - 🌍your glocal tarot reader
Please reblog / leave feedback if you enjoyed this reading. And if you do actually make some positive changes based off these notes , I'd be so happy to feel included in your self dev victories 🎉📚
Here's to acing the daily grind 💯🥳💚
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clevokko · 6 months ago
Pink 'n Red
Imagine ; being fraternal twins with 2k12! Raphael. Your first name is Galatea , though the brothers call you by your spontaneously made up middle name ; (Y/n). This was in attempt to annoy you (Mostly by Raph) but it had the complete opposite effect. You bare the pink mask, with the two tails braided! And you will kick anyone's ass that makes fun of you for loving pink.
Requested: Yes - @redfoxgaming41 | I hope this is alright !! I'm always a bit anxious to actually post stuff , but here we are!!! Thank you for suggesting the other brothers for this concept :) I'll be sure to do Leo and Donnie next, per your request! (Also omg I love your writing!!! :D)
Pronouns used: She/Her , Female!Reader
Inspired By: DOOM CROSSING ; Eternal Horizons , by The Chalkeaters
Tangent of headcanons assorted by ; MOD Jirokko
Tumblr media
- Okay first of all?????
- You and Raph have a yin and yang dynamic , and you two thrive off it.
- He's rough and tough with a soft and cuddly side. You're soft and cuddly with a rough and tough side. OPPOSITES , BABY!!
- You are the girly girl , and only girl , of the siblings. You're bubbly , kind , empathetic. It's basically like having another Mikey around.
- Do not be fooled , you lowkey have anger issues smashed between all the sparkles and glitter.
- As said before, you won't hesitate to kick someone's ass if they comment on your love of girly things, it's just cute okay?! They're just mean. >:(
- Point in case: Casey.
Casey, covered in sparkles and band aids: I've been forced to learn a lesson today.
Raph: Was it don't fuck with the pink?
Casey, under his breath: It was don't fuck with the pink.
- As mentioned above, your mask is braided !!
- Around the time you turned 11 you would find magazines with these really cute girls who always had their hair braided or up!
- So when you found a bright red scrunchie like the magazine showed that was in pretty good condition , you were ecstatic!
- You stood in the bathroom that day with a specific page opened and propped up against the mirror. You'd been so excited to look as pretty as them that you forgot a pretty big problem with your 'glam mission.'
- You don't have hair.
- Because ,'re a mutant turtle.
- This is the first memory you have of being completely just--disappointed with your appearance.
- This was also the first time you remember ever feeling such raw anger. At yourself, at your body. At the girls for having something you'd wanted so , so bad. It felt so uncontrollably uncomfortable to the point you'd do anything make it go away.
- And you did just that. You threw away the magazine , the scrunchie. Anything that had to do with appearance like the small bits of makeup you had collected was just -- gone. In the trash. Stuffed anywhere you couldn't see it.
- It didn't matter if you had it. It would never look as good on you as it did on the girls -- the human girls in those magazines, anyway.
- And then Raph entered the equation.
- He had immediately sensed something off the moment you had entered the room you guy's shared with Mikey that night.
- You just didn't seem
- He had tried to drag it out of you , but you just weren't budging no matter how much he demanded and pried at it.
- It was only the next morning when an edition of 'Girl Get 'Em!' was caught from the corner of his eye, stuffed and crumpled in the trash with a bright red scrunchie, that he started to get the idea.
- What the Shell?? You love that magazine, there's no way you'd throw it away! You talk about the thing all the damn time! It must of been a mistake of something. Yeah, that's it.
- So he snatched it from the trash before Leo could pour disgusting algae and worms over it , and immediately went to find you. So he wouldn't be caught holding the girly thing any longer than he had to. Yeah.
- He eventually found you standing in the bathroom with the door wide open , staring at yourself with such hurt and disgust in your eyes it almost made him stumble.
- He had grabbed you by the shoulders and started to shake you as he confronted you. Desperate to get that look off your face.
- He didn't like the look in your eyes -- he'd never seen such a look in his siblings eyes -- in his twins eyes. Only when he looked at himself in the mirror.
- Cue the waterworks as you explain everything that happened the night before in sobs and hiccups. After a few moments of silence mixed with your attempts to stop crying, Raph had heard enough.
- He dragged you to your guy's room, and forced you to tell him all the places you had thrown away and hid your precious make-up and magazines.
- And then. He went to collect them, alone, all of them. And he didn't stop.
- Not even when Leo poked fun at him for carrying a handful of girly magazines.
- Not even when Mikey and Donnie talked about how weird he'd look in the makeup he was having a hard time carrying. (How could you possibly have so much??!)
- And after that was done? He asked (forced by threat of a promised beat down) Donnie to give him access to the computer the purple clad brother had finished fixing.
- He took it all back to his room , finding you curled up on the bed you guy's shared. Playing with your pink, pink mask tails.
- You had tried to question what he was searching up on the computer , but he refused to give any information.
- You only got incoherent mumbles from him before he got up , and told you to sit up on the bed facing away from him.
- You did as requested , and he proceeded to press play on the computer.
- You swore your eyes had never widened any further then the moment you heard 'braiding tutorial' boom from the speakers. You attempted to turn around and question him. You didn't have hair -- this was useless.
- But, in Raph fashion , he told you to 'shut up and turn around right now , or I'll stop.' and so you did.
- After a few hours of tangled fingers and light cursing (and gasping from you every single time , because you're eleven and you guy's weren't permitted to curse >:000)
- He had finally finished , and proceeded to take ahold of your wrists and drag you back to the original place he had found you that morning.
- And when you looked in the mirror this time, you didn't feel anger. You felt nothing but warmth and love.
Raph: Not to bad, that's not surprising though, I braided them.
(Y/n): This -- this is so , so , so cool Raphie!!!! I-!! I almost look as pretty as the girls--!
Raph: You ain't fooling anyone , you look better then them. Own it , (Y/n). I will not be carrying a bucket load of makeup or stupid magazines ever again in my life.
(Y/n) , giggling as she played with her newly braided mask tail: Even for me?
Raph , rolling his eyes with a playful smirk: Especially for you.
- So yeah :)
- Not only is your braid a symbol of your beauty
- It's also a symbol of care and love from your twin , Raph.
- (But don't tell anyone that he braids your mask tails monthly , he will deny it and call you crazy.)
- Raph makes sure his comments and jokes of being deformed or ugly is never directed towards you in any way , though this doesn't save you from any other teasing.
Raph: You have two possibilities. You can either become as good looking as (Y/n) and I , or you can become horribly deformed! Like Mikey!
- As shown in the story tangent , during your younger years , you and Raph shared a bed as well as bedroom with Mikey !
- You were too scared to sleep on your own , and despite Raph trying to deny this , the two of you were extremely clinging as turtle tots.
- Though this stopped when you guys hit 13 , as Raph wanted his own space , and you reluctantly agreed.
- In the show, you would defiantly be made fun of for your 'clingy ways.'
- It's just scary all alone.
- You defiantly have Raph use to physical affection via years of forced hugs and cuddling. Key tip : Only you have this privilege.
- Yeah he ain't going around trying to catch 'twin karma' by attempting to attack you to get out of your hold , and if you're curious about wtf that is , i'm sorry but that's a entirely different story for another post. :)
- Will not hesitate to push Mikey off of him and then turn around the following second to receive a hug from you.
- Which he normally returns while either complaining or groaning.
- Or sometimes you'll just enter a room and come up behind him or beside him , and headbutt him softly.
- He'll headbutt back , whether he is consciously making that choice or not , and it's honestly adorable.
- But of course , like all affection between you two , he will deny it.
April: Why do you guys do that?
Raph: Do what?
April: The headbutt thing. I see you guys do it practically every time (Y/N) walks into the room.
Raph , moving his attention back to his comic: No you don't.
April: ????????
- You're rather touch starved , as are your brothers , but you're really the only one besides Mikey to initiate touch based affection.
- It's just one of the main ways you show you care.
- Of course , you two get into your fair share of arguments.
- Between Raph's outright anger and yours bubbling up under the surface , it can get heated very quickly when you two get on each others nerves.
- You're angry at his apathy and need to tease you so much.
- He's angry at how naïve you act, and that you just have to have so much empathy for everyone. Even the people who don't deserve it.
- When it gets too out of control , the two of you are forced into the dojo by either the brothers or master Splinter.
- Or you guys will have this silent agreement to meet there.
-And while Raph is stronger because he's the male , when you're angry you can do serious damage.
- Speaking of fighting , you also use your fists and brute strength as problem-solvers despite being an extremely empathetic and girly person.
- You go more for long range weapons (Basically the sniper of the family) , and your main weapon is a modified blow gun made special by Donne with a pink ribbon gifted by Leo. Though you carry around Sai's just incase for close range.
- You work-out with Raph as well , as you won't stay on track without him there. Plus you guy's have competition's all the time.
- Growing up in an all boy family caused you to grow thick skin despite how you act
- You're extremely competitive because of them. Though you never loose or stray from your girly type style , you sure can beat some ass at that ping ball machine.
- Mikey call's bull , but you're first place and your names never being erased from first place on that score board. Suck it.
- Going along with growing up with the brothers , when you first met April you had taken an instant liking towards her.
- Another girl?!?!!!??!?! OMG!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST NEWS
- It's very dramatic , but you've never really had a friend. Let alone another girl to hang out with.
(Y/n): Oh my gosh!!! Another girl???! Oh my gosh -- we're gonna get along so , so well!! * gasp * Sleepovers and makeovers and--oh my gosh--
- You and April become besties and I will not be taking 'no' for an answer.
- You condition her to your ways of affection and now you guy's just say 'I love you' without a beat of hesitation.
- The first time Donnie heard this , he thought ya'll were a thing and he wanted to die then and there.
- Since you're the twin that connects deeply with emotion , you become essentially Raph's therapist.
- You and him just connect on a deeper level , especially anger wise. Though how you express it is different , you can still relate towards each other.
- And you listen to him rant.
- Just so he has someone other then Spike / Chompy (depending on what season it is) to rant to. Someone who's advice he'll actually take quickly to heart.
- You also tend to take his side in any argument like , 90% of the time. Especially against Leo.
Leo: You were being stupid and reckless--
(Y/n): We were just sitting there! Doing something was better then doing nothing , right? We had to help them, Leo! Raph isn't to blame all the way , I jumped with him too!
- It's kind of just second nature to defend him.
- Plus you two make a great tag team of sarcasm and passive aggressive tones. No doubt about that.
- All in all , you're Raph's girly , annoying , naïve , fiery , stupidly empathetic , clingy younger twin sister (His words , not mine.). And he wouldn't change that for the world.
END This was a lot more you and Raph centric , and I hope to add more of the other boy's relationship towards the Raph's twin!Reader universe when I write more head canons !!! I'll be doing Donnie next for twin content !
Thank you for reading :)
Love, Jiro.
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