#i hope the writer *finally* make it right with marina pregnancy
heyfarfallina · a month ago
Station 19 season finale (spolier)
Carina: I knew it right away when I saw her... I’m gonna sleep with this woman!
Maya: Carina! 😳
Carina: What?! 😄
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thegreaterlink · 3 months ago
Reviewing Star Trek TNG - S2E1 “The Child”
Tumblr media
Dr Katherine Pulaski, the Enterprise's new Chief Medical Officer, is brought aboard as the ship travels to Aucdet IX to take on dangerous virus samples, which will be carried to a Starfleet medical station with the hope of developing a cure for a plague epidemic in the Rachelis system.
While travelling at sub light speed, a ball of energy passes into the ship and travels around before settling in the womb of Counsellor Troi. Dr Pulaski's analysis shows that the foetus is growing at an accelerated rate and will be fully developed within 36 hours. The ship's senior staff debate terminating the pregnancy, but Troi decides to carry the child to term. Troi names the child Ian, and he continues to develop rapidly.
This new season brings with it a lot of changes:
Geordi is now the ship’s Chief Engineer, meaning he can do more than just use his visor to advance the plot.
Worf has replaced Tasha Yar - may she rest in peace - as the ship’s Chief of Security. He also has a slightly updated makeup design which I think looks much better. Apparently Michael Dorn’s original Klingon headpiece was stolen which necessitated the change. And I'm honestly glad it was; his old one just never looked right to me. Just compare for yourself.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dr Pulaski has replaced Beverly Crusher as the ship’s Chief Medical Officer. Gates McFadden was fired by then-head writer and showrunner Maurice Hurley because he didn't like her or her acting. So that guy can go fuck himself.
Tumblr media
Deanna Troi and Wesley Crusher have new outfits, with Wesley finally getting a Starfleet uniform.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Transporter chief Miles O’Brien makes his first appearance. Colm Meaney had previously appeared as an unnamed security officer in "Lonely Among Us." Maybe they're actually the same person? Food for thought.
Tumblr media
Whoopi Goldberg has her first guest starring role as the character of Guinan, and her Ten Forward lounge is introduced.
Tumblr media
And, last but not least, Riker has finally obtained his legendary facial hair. The babyface is dead; long live the beard.
Tumblr media
Anyway, time to review the actual episode.
The majority of this episode is focused on Troi's rapidly-developing child. Within a few days, he has reached the physical and mental state of an eight-year-old. Most of it is pretty by-the-numbers, aside from the implication that Ian deliberately burns himself in one scene out of curiosity.
Tumblr media
Still, at least some effort is made to hold our interest, with Ian refusing to explain who or what he really is until the time is right, and one of the sample virus strains growing inexplicably and threatening to rupture the storage vessel and infect everyone on board. Obviously they want to avoid that - Picard only just recovered from that sore throat, after all.
At the end of the episode, Ian confides to his "mother" that his presence as a being of energy is the cause of the virus' growth. He dies in her arms and returns to his energy form. He contacts Troi and explains that he impregnated her to find out what it was like to be human.
Hmm... a sentient being impregnating Troi without her knowledge or consent? Some might call it a fascinating new form of life. I call it rape. Ian is a child begotten of a rape that he himself committed, and it baffles me that none of the crew ever address this! Marina Sirtis was apparently happy with the episode because it gave her character some focus for once, and I'm all for that, but... did it have to be like this?
I don't want to think about this anymore. Let's just keep going.
My research shows that the premise for this episode originated as far back as Gene Roddenberry's original pitch for the Original Series. A similar idea was intended for Star Trek: Phase II, the planned sequel series which was eventually cancelled in favour of making Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Because of tight deadlines caused by the Writers' Guild Strike, the script was pulled out of storage and rewritten to fit TNG.
This episode has a minor subplot of Wesley Crusher trying to cope with leaving the Enterprise to join his mother on Earth after her promotion to director of Starfleet Medical - so that asshole Maurice Hurley found a convenient way to write her out. Bastard. Anyway, he has some nice scenes of receiving guidance from Guinan before deciding to stay. Good for him, I guess.
Also this is a bit of a nitpick, but it'll annoy me if I don't bring it up. Pulaski has a small scene with Data where she mispronounces his name, and when he corrects her she jokingly pretends to scan him for a circuit which allows him to experience hurt feelings. I realise they were probably trying to give them a dynamic similar to Spock and Dr McCoy, but there’s a key reason it doesn’t work - Spock was perfectly capable of holding his own against McCoy’s witticisms, and nearly always got the last word. The cynical, cranky Dr McCoy made for the perfect foil for the calm, logical Spock, creating a dynamic which endeared us to their relationship and the characters involved.
But here Data lacks the understanding of humanity to recognise Pulaski making a joke at his expense, meaning this scene was just Pulaski picking on Data for no good reason while her jabs go over his head. The result is that we feel sorry for Data and dislike Pulaski for being mean to an established character. They’re trying to make her a new Dr McCoy-esque character, when Data met the actual McCoy in “Encounter at Farpoint” and he treated him much better! Hell, Pulaski as a character just doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the crew.
4.5/10 - Riker’s beard is generally associated with an increase in the show’s quality, but the beard evidently hasn't started to work its magic just yet.
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englishstrawbie · a month ago
Do you think this is the final S19 writers had planned for?
It feels flat, not letting you wonder for much, a bit anticlimactic.
Also I think Jack is totally gonna come back for Marina baby in case the writers keep up with this bs storyline, hopefully not, but I do not trust them.
At the end all the storyline this seasos no matter the character, were done in a way to elevate the men and show them as heroes and saviors of women one way or another.
Jack exit doesn’t make much sense (even if I’m happy for Marina reasons) I wanted something different for him, but it’s interesting that even in this situation he comes up as the misunderstood hero, and get the pity of all the women that keep wanting to give him things he doesn’t not deserve.
Maya ended up sounding a bit like an ahole, in terms of the Sullivan situation, Bit was about time she spoke up, I wish it was more about ppl fighting against sexism and homophobia all together with some sense of justice instead of being the Gia kind of narrative, they really wanna put Maya in the wrong even when she’s totally right, it seems the same writers that lust over Jack are the same that dislike Maya…I wonder why???
So basically at the end the writers made Jack come off as the hero and Maya the work obsessed obnoxious lesbian that threaten her coworkers to get what she actually deserves…ok
I like how as soon as you remove “the man factor” from the wlw relationship, the character go back to be the real self, even if the Green Card part is not accurate it was still nice a part for a couple of takes that makes Maya look like an insensitive ahole like the sex trafficking thing (someone didn’t read the notes about Andrea on the big writers board lol)
I don’t care about Andy and it’s a mystery how it’s gonna work out cause all the bts drama.
Maybe have both Maya and Andy Captain but for different shift and never let them cross paths again just saying hi when there’s a change of shift…. I don’t see how they could pull it off otherwise.
Overall a terrible season under many aspect, let’s hope that hey will make some change for the next….
I think the finale was written this way on purpose - but what that purpose actually was, who knows! I am constantly confused about what it is that the writers have been trying to achieve with some of their storylines and arcs this year. Anticlimatic is a good way to describe it.
Maya and Carina's whole arc this year has been about having a baby, and then suddenly, with two episodes left, they throw in the green card interview. The timing was silly, when there are still so many issues around the baby storyline that are unresolved - and then to tease us with taking a pregnancy test and then... not. Why?
I have so many questions about Jack driving off - in the middle of a shift, no less. I want him gone, because I want peace around the baby storyline next year, but if Grey was leaving, wouldn't the cast have wished him well? So maybe he will be back next year but doing what? When there's (apparently) no space for him as lieutenant if the only reason Andy got a job at 19 was because he was leaving. And, as so many people have pointed out, we'll now have 4 lieutenants at 19 when back in season 2, it was an issue having 3. #makeitmakesense Unless one of them steps up to captain and he fills the fourth spot.
My take on Maya in the green card interview is that she just got to the point of having had enough. All season she has had to put up with the bureaucracy of losing her captaincy and now she's in an immigration interview, which is more bureaucracy, having to persuade a stranger that her marriage is genuine and real. She's never really dealt with her frustration over her demotion so when he asks her the question about why she lost her job, and accuses her of insubordination, she goes off on one. And then he's asking her what feels like pointless questions Of course it was the wrong time and place - but, let's face it, it was a plot device to get her to the point of confronting the Chief at the end of the episode.
And that has been a common theme of so many stories this year. Take Jack being the donor. My view of it at the start was that they were trying to tell a story similar to Danielle's personal experience, and I think perhaps it did inspire them, but it was also a plot device to further Jack's storyline - because being a donor meant getting a genetics test, which meant finding out he had a biological brother, which meant finding out that, after he was adopted, his parents went on to have a family without him.
That's why so many of the stories have fallen flat this year, I think.
I am curious about whether Maya's threat to expose Ross & Sullivan backfires. My gut tells me it will. But it's interesting to have Maya go down that path, really the only path she has left since she can't rely on justice and fairness. I don't think it reflects badly on her - or maybe it's my Maya-tinted-glasses talking. Again, I think it shows that she's had enough.
This season has generally been badly written. I hope that there is some reflection over the hiatus given how poorly the second half of this season and the season finale has been received.
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mayasdeluca · a month ago
Are you saying Jack left???
Also yeah, why keep inserting him in every single aspect of the pregnancy and make Marina look bad cause of it? Wtf
(Only to come back and claim the baby that is going for sure to be happening and be a boy)
Ppl are saying that Maya is an ahole for threatening ppl to expose them (did I get this right)
Do you think they changed the final and left it pretty bland because of the backlash of the donor storyline?
Usually Shondaland shows end up with a bang, literally 🤣
Anyway, I actually hope Carina ain’t pregnant cause I don’t wanna see, hear or read the words “Jacks sperm donor” in the same sentence for the rest of my life…
He did leave but yes I also expect him to be coming back. Usually if a character is gone for good, an article comes out about the actor leaving the show and none of the cast said anything either about him leaving so...I'm sure at some point he'll be back.
It would be very predictable to assume that Carina is pregnant and yes, Jack will come back and realize he wants to be involved and Marina will still be all for it. But I also feel like that might not be the case because Jack has so many issues and things to work out and really the last thing he should be doing is being involved in a family that really isn't his. He should stick to being a fun uncle like Travis will be, like Ben will be, like all of them at the station will be. It should not be more than that. And hopefully the writers will realize this.
Yes apparently Maya is the worst person in the world for threatening to expose Sullivan and Ross even after being screwed over all season and then some, not getting a fair investigation, a fair conversation, a fair anything. She waited patiently, she tried to work with Sullivan to take down Beckett, she's way more qualified than Beckett, and yet she was still stuck in the same spot. I honestly don't understand what people expect her to do?? And why should Ross and Sullivan be able to just sneak around and do what they're doing and not be in trouble?? It's just one sided bias and I don't blame Maya. It's not like this was her first plan of action, it's a last resort sort of thing. If people can't see that, oh well.
I'm not sure if this was the finale plan all along, it seemed really dull and just like a regular episode. I don't know if it had to do with the backlash, the fact that they already knew they had another season or something else. They still could've done something more exciting though. I wouldn't be surprised if this was the writer's plan all along though given how bad the storylines have been all season.
I hope she's not pregnant either and then hopefully we can see them explore other options on their second try that do NOT involve Jack or anyone else at the station for that matter. Just let them do this themselves. God forbid they give the two most popular characters some more screentime and attention though 😑
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metabolizemotions · 2 months ago
I know exactly how you feel, is the first time I���m not looking forward to watching the episode, haven’t watch it yet, i feel like DS video about “some” disrespectful messages was very manipulative and aimed to silence mostly the queer community and their very very valid opinions.
I honestly haven’t seen any disrespectful or hateful takes, only constructive criticism.
Obviously it was a PR move, let the most beloved characters address the issue and make it looks like there are only offensive ppl out there, I do believe some ppl crosses the line and I believe it may be hurtful especially for Danielle, that is usually very open to fans also about her private life, so people need to chill for sure, but this happens to every fandom.
But I feel cheated, also by the writers, not only about their inconsistency but also their disgusting choice for a donor, the way they delivered this story, a lot of nonsense, misrepresentation, insulting jokes and so on…
We know Jack ain’t gonna be only the “fun uncle” they prob gonna insert him in every aspect of Marina and the baby life, they are prob gonna give them a boy so they’ll have to ask uncle Jack for advice (no thank you🤢) or even worst help Carina during pregnancy and the birth of the baby, basically taking control and space on Marina relationships, thing that is already happening.
Here we are again Jack hijacking relationship, the most boring and annoying character that apparently can have his on story or growth…
The things that I find most annoying and hurtful are:
-The fact that apparently is bad for Maya to be a firefighter and be scared to leave Carina and the baby alone but for Jack to be one is totally fine
-The fact that Jack fcked every women he knows all while they were in a relationship or superior at work, this is not a good guy, he use women weakness to get laid, he has no morals, no balls, he wants to be neede no matter want, never say no never apologize.
-Jack has no medical history, suddenly Dr. DeLuca doesn’t care about it, right!!!
-They didn’t even talk about other options they went straight (lol) to Jack just because of Drama effect, trying from the beginning of season 5 to make him look like a hero, Carina best friend, her confident, and they forced their awkward friendship on us (Grey acting is very questionable and for me it ruins the scenes)
-Jack sperm has more screen time and character development of Marina, Jack has more screen time with Carina than Maya
-They are forcing and manipulating us to like him and use shared childhood trauma with Carina to do so..this is to me also offensive toward real life victims as myself, using this powerful and triggering storyline to push them as friends.
It’s offensive in so many way but I’ll stop here
Now suddenly after Danielle Video and continuous tweets about Carina and Jack friendship and love, people seems ok accepting this storyline, PR of Station19 has won, and achieved exactly what hat they wanted, guilt tripping us, and make sure to shut us up, we can’t say anything gay apparently.
It feels like I lost something and I have this sadness towards the way these people think they are actually doing good representation while is actually very triggered and hurtful
I don’t know, for me S19 is over no even Marina crumbs will help, also I know they are gonna keep inserting men in every women storyline and they finally made a cheater and break upper of queer women the good guy…
I still think it’s disgusting no matter what the say or do.
If ppl can still find joy on S19, I’m happy for them, but this bitter taste of manipulation bullying and nasty jokes about women relationships will never go away!
I’ll step away for my mental health, but hopefully for your guys they won’t do any more disrespectful storyline related to Marina
Take care, sending you lots of love!
I am deeply sorry for the trauma you had experienced and that you were triggered by this episode. Yes, please do put your mental health above all else. I hope you find something else that resonates with you that brings you joy and comfort. After my post, I have received many kind and lovely messages, some in private. I’m glad for this community. It also facilitated this exchange, however brief. Thank you for dropping this message. Thank you for your kind words. I wish you nothing but the best. Do take care too! 
I saw that a handful of us were still upset and wanted to put a message out so we could commiserate with each other - to mourn what seemed like the ending of a beloved story and/or characters. Everyone engages with media differently. There is no shame in feeling too much. Or to feel whatever you feel. I was just rambling out loud as I let my dark, emo & dramatic side take over. To feel fully. Then perhaps it’s easier to let go. Then my lighter, rational twin can see it with detachment.   
It does not matter - it is fiction, drama, entertainment. There are other more important things in life. It also matters a lot. If you love it a lot. If it strikes a chord. It is also onscreen representation of real people. Pop culture informs and shifts perception cos we only have one set of experiences lived thru one set of eyes. 
Everyone wants to be seen. 
DS wants to bring the story of her beautiful act of love to screen. She wants to spread the idea of the possibility of a different kind of family. She wants to do so thru’ the character she is passionately playing. 
But the writers’ adaptation was built on a faulty premise. They took a realistic experience and forced it into an unrealistic fictional frame. Also, the chemistry of DS & SS translates very well onto Marina. (I think they wanted to bank on their popularity to pull this off - w/o DS & SS, many probably wouldn’t have started watching or would have abandoned the show long ago.) But with GD, their camaraderie does not translate well to their character dynamics.
Whether the writers were queer was less important than if they were masterful and respectful. Even if they must make a choice they knew wouldn’t go well with the very people they were trying to represent, the least they could do was to do it respectfully. Instead, they made light of the whole situation - using cheap humour to cover up plot inadequacies. 
Without a solid foundation of congruent story flow and properly resolved plots, they cobbled together bits and pieces that didn’t fit. To me, it felt disingenuous to quickly address the cheating plot with an apology and dropped a few lines after a time jump, only to bring it back up clumsily in service of the donor plot - and in the process destroying the integrity of the characters.
They knowingly made the donor choice to maximise drama potential. The damage control seemed to be built into the season & episode structures and schedule of release of bts material. They might not have fully comprehended the repercussions before airing and things got out of hand (though the social media blow up could very well be part of the plan). 
The reasonable majority of fans expressing legitimate concerns respectfully was dismissed, and felt their lived experiences invalidated. The minority who was very invested felt deeply offended and chose to express their thoughts rudely, crossing a line. The ones involved in the storytelling felt their intentions and efforts unappreciated and unjustly criticised. 
Failure of communication. Nobody was listening. Hurt feelings all around. 
“Assume incompetence not malice” - I think applying this to the situation makes me feel better. Good intentions, bad outcomes. 
At the end of the day, ABC is an entertainment company, with viewership as its bottomline. One can give it credit for its efforts at representation. We can see the diversity in casting and telling of stories of different races, genders, sexual orientations etc. 
But within these bolder choices, we do still see stereotypes and the cycling of overused tropes. Nuances are very often lost too, especially in attempts to maximise drama.
We’ve come a long way; but we still have a long way to go. Perhaps in future, such tropes will be seen more universally as distasteful and absurd.   
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tellybuddies · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Élite has it all: rich students with a hint of a murderous trait within, a queer romance that will have you reaching for the tissues, sweet interracial couplings, a taboo that will make your jaw drop, and mysteries you will not be able to get your head around.
What is the story behind Élite?
S1: Three working-class teens (Nadia, Samuel, and Christian) are given scholarships to study at Las Encinas, an elite school when the roof of their school collapses. Thrust into the world of Spain’s richest and their children, both worlds collide when a student is murdered.
S2: Three new students arrive at the school, and Las Encinas finds themselves entangled in yet another incident: the mysterious disappearance of a student.
First Season:
I didn’t really know what to expect while watching this, I don’t watch too many teen dramas but I had a feeling it was going to be a typical drama filled with cliches and stereotypes. That was not the case.
The first episode was so explosive, I couldn’t just stop there and not see this through to the end! There were moments where humorous lines were thrown here and there, but overall this has to be the most dramatic high school I have ever been to - I felt like that quiet student who sits at the back and just watches as the drama unfolds one by one - it was that deep.
Racism is one of the themes explored within Élite and there were times where the racism was subtly injected into a conversation: Christian meets Nadia for the first time and calls her beautiful, he retracts his statement seconds later saying “Shit, sorry. You won’t blow yourself up because I said that, right?” He laughed while saying this, showing how easily people can turn their racist comments into a joke when it is something very serious.
Eleven minutes in, Nadia begins her school day with being called into the principal’s office, the topic being her hijab. The principal begins by telling Nadia that “as per our rules, no accessories are allowed”. Watching someone be discriminated over their cultural choices sparked some disappointment, the ignorance was unreal. A teacher tried to sympathise by saying that they understood why Nadia was against this and her response gained a round of applause:
“If you understood, you wouldn’t ask me to give up my culture or religion.”
For the duration of the series, Nadia goes from strength to strength: she deals with her strict parents and the pressure they put on her to bring pride to the family while also dealing with her feelings for Guzmán, leading them into a slow-burning romance.
Christian, in my opinion, was shown to be this character who played the clown role within the trio. He could be a little bit cocky, didn’t particularly study, liked to have a drink or two and smoke a few joints, he was crazy about another student, Carla, and wanted more than a little taste of the fancy lifestyle he was exposed to. Throughout the season, he showed that there were times when he could be serious too, whether it was to do with his friends, Carla and his feelings for her, or himself -- when he got serious, he was determined to let people know his exact feelings and thoughts before going back to his humorous antics.
Samuel seemed like a decent guy, he wanted no trouble, just wanted to get through the school year, and battled with his studies and his job as a waiter. The moment he locks eyes on Marina, a cute girl who gave off a rebellious vibe and sister of popular boy Guzmán, that’s when trouble knocked on his door. He was infatuated with Marina and their relationship went from a one-sided crush to a half-boyfriend, half-girlfriend situation. When he finds out about Marina’s pregnancy, he starts to act paranoid and goes on accusing everyone around him, including a teacher; this made me dislike Samuel but then I realised that he was only acting this way because he was looking at her with rose-tinted glasses, she was his first love, and finding out who she was really in love with did nothing to stop him from loving her.
As stated in the beginning, the show includes the murder of a student and so episodes have snippets of the main core group being interviewed by an officer on the case. The intertwining interviews give an insight into the characters’ relationships and thoughts but you also begin to notice that there are too many twists and turns which made things confusing, however, it all made sense in the end.
Halfway in season one, the students (privileged and unprivileged) start to form relationships with each other - both friendly and romantic - and because they have to share classes and projects with each other, they begin to grow a sense of personal development. It was really interesting to see the elite students bring out their vulnerable side, you start to see them as more than a person who was born with a silver spoon in their mouth but as a real person with feelings and internal issues that a “normal” person deals with.
Despite the students starting to warm up to each other, there was a clear divide between the rich and the poor. The working-class students were not seen as equals and are instead seen as pawns in a wretched game they didn’t want a part of. Christian really takes this to heart and lets his feelings be known, he says “I am fed up, Carla. I want you to see me as an equal [...] I don’t want to be your gigolo, or your thief, or someone you use.” In reality, it’s a dog-eat-dog world and it is something you can’t control. People are used left, right, and centre and while some see this as a normal thing, others don’t understand it.
This season touched on a lot of issues that are reflected in reality, ranging from social pressure, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual relationships, racism, sexual identity, and a whole lot more.
The finale revealed the last moments of the murdered student and uncovered secrets that left you wondering what was next to come.
#OMANDER (obviously) I loved seeing Ander and Osman, Nadia’s brother, start a relationship. The thing with queer relationships in television is that it is often thrown into your faces and it is either displayed as over-the-top or very sexualised or in some cases, both. Thankfully, the most amazing queer relationship I have seen in a series was done so beautifully and realistically. Nothing was forced, the characters took their time with coming to terms with their sexuality and their newfound relationship, and it was cute, healthy, and heart-warming.
Nadia + Omar’s sibling love Although they both lived in the same house, walked home from parties or school together, and were even in the same room together, the two rarely spoke to each other but as the series advanced, we see the Shanaa siblings form a bond that wasn’t there at the start of the series. They spoke more, confided in each other, and had each other’s back.
All things QUEER Ander’s mum found out he was gay when she came home to find her son kissing Omar and rather than deny what she saw, she accepted it with a smile. Like any other teen who is in the closet, Ander was worried about coming out but receiving a warm reception from his parents and best friends Polo and Guzmán, the latter who was confused why his friend didn’t feel comfortable confiding in him about his sexuality, gave him the freedom to own his queerness and he wasn’t shy about letting people know his sexual preference.
Carla and Polo were the IT couple (other than Guzman and Lucrecia of course), as they have been together since the age of twelve, and the arrival of Christian changed their whole relationship with the three of them engaging in a sexual relationship, solo and group, and this also gave Polo the opportunity to figure out his own sexuality.
The characters in Élite had sexual freedom that is slightly frowned upon in real life and usually met with confusion, denial, and/or offensive remarks. The show really made it clear that times have evolved and people like to kiss men, women, have relationships with either gender or engage in open relationships, fwbs, or NSA and that was OK.
Second Season:
Personally, I didn’t enjoy the second part of Élite. It seemed a little bit too messy with the number of secrets and lies that were circulating around. There was nothing that gave me an oomph and the drama was a bit unnecessary and boring. While I was intrigued in the first episode, the anticipation died down quite quickly but I did find that it picked up in the last two episodes.
I did somewhat like the introduction of the three new characters that popped up, although there wasn’t much of their backstory that really got me interested which simply made them look odd and out of place.
I do have a favourite quote from this season and it pretty much summed up the whole show.
“In the end, the one you’d least expect... turns out to be the worst of the monsters.”
Omar - QUEER ICON He really embraced his sexuality in this season, such a pleasure to see! He smiled more, had a positive outlook, and let out the rainbow within.
Final thoughts:
There was a really nice representation in this show; PoC actors, queer characters, and religion and culture were explored. It’s not every day you get to see a person of colour on your screen - it was refreshing - and the queerness was a joy to watch.
I feel that the characters were well-thought-out during the first season and although they went in a different path in the second, I enjoyed watching them evolve and go through their journey of self-discovery.
Would I recommend it? Yes. The second season was a bit of a letdown but it has been renewed for a third so there is clearly some potential there and I hope the thrill and energy that was in the first season is brought back.
If you want to watch a show that has good character development, this is one to watch. The character arcs were really well-thought and planned. The writers of Élite managed to include a good couple of seasons worth of development in just two seasons which is a feat in itself.
There are eight episodes in each season which makes it the perfect series to binge-watch- I managed to finish both parts in two days; it’s not too long to bore you and not too short to have you groaning in annoyance.
Overall, it was a good watch and I am a little intrigued to see what comes next in season three which will be dropping in March!
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