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DAY 6 BABY, AND I’M ONLY 12 MINUTES LATE. Tomarry D&D-athon Day 6: Charming.

My list of words for the rest of the month and a description of the event can be found Here!


If Lily Potter knew anything, it was Charms.

Being a Charms Mistress helped with this, of course. The years of research and experimentation honing in her craft. It was undoubtedly her speciality throughout her younger years, and she was pleased to see that this was also the case with her son.

James often liked to poke fun at her.

“You know Lils, when we finally had the kid, I thought: ‘This is it. Time to teach him everything I know.’ I had no idea that you’d sink your claws into him first.”

“Just because Harry takes after me a little, doesn’t mean-”

“A little?! If he didn’t look like me, I’d have sworn you just Transfigured and Charmed a mini-you!”

But that was because James didn’t get it.

You had to be a specific type of person to have a knack for Charm Work. Where James could sit holed up in his office for hours on end working out the molecular structures and crafting alterations for his Transfiguration Work, Charms took a little something special. And in Lily’s opinion, not everyone had that something.

Creativity for one, you had to be willing to work outside of Magic’s Box.

Not everyone could do that, especially people born fully in the Wizarding World, all so ingrained in the ways they were taught with no reason to break out of the casted mould. People like James, who was undoubtedly Creative, were not the right kind of Creative. She figured it was because she was Muggleborn. She asked more questions, wanted more answers, was more willing to flood their moulds because to her, the Magical World had already broken everything she thought she knew.

So why not throw everything to the wind?

'Fuck it,’ as she liked to say.

Or 'Fudge it,’ whenever Harry was around.

Charms were about changing what a subject could do, not what a subject was. So when Harry’s first display of accidental Magic was something as wonderful as Colovaria on the cat. She knew right then in there that he was just like her. Harry had that spark, had the control and will to bend anything in existence, to be a game-changer for Spell Crafting in the Magical World.

Though that took a little more time to settle in, really at that moment he was only focused on giggling at the rainbow coloured cat.

Lily could wait.

As Harry grew, Charms came as natural as breathing. Lily wanted to squeal in delight whenever she watched her son practice. And though he wasn’t one to show off, his use of Wandless Charms often floored Lily whenever she caught him mindlessly doing it. If there was anything that could beat out Harry’s skills on a broom, it was his skills with Charms.

Lily found his input on her latest projects invaluable and often went to him to get a third opinion, to pick his brain, and he loved giving his contribution. James adored the skilful use of Charms in their pranks on Sirius and Remus, causing mischief in the house during Summers left and right.

So understandably, Lily became very confused one day when in Harry’s sixth year she got a letter from Filius Flitwick mentioning his sudden decline in classwork. And his unforeseen need for Remedial Charm Work.

If Lily Potter knew anything, it was her son.

Their regular Owls mentioned nothing. Harry was acting normal, doing well, no sudden changes in mood. They were filled with the usual antics of Ron and Hermione tip-toeing around their clear fondness for each other, his arguments with Malfoy, Quidditch practise and upcoming matches, Prefect Duties, Study Sessions, and Dueling Club with a boy named Tom, all the run of the mill with Harry.

So, obviously, Harry was hiding something.

She was surprised he could be so sneaky about it. Harry was never the best a hiding things unless using a Concealment Charm, which then he certainly could hide anything. But emotionally he just wasn’t very good at bottling things up, and with that knowledge, Lily thought he was a shoo-in for Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Those more emotional aspects of him were what definitely pushed him over the Gryffindor edge.

So yes, Lily was very surprised when it took multiple back and forths with Hermione and Ginny, several floo calls with Minerva, and two 'surprise’ drop-ins for tea with Filius to reach the heart of the matter.

Harry had a crush.

Harry had a crush on a Tom Riddle.

And really it was no wonder he was attempting to be so sneaky about it. Tom was a Slytherin, and James and Sirius were terrible with House Rivalry nonsense. But Lily would have thought Harry would come to her with something like this, would have trusted her not to care for those little things. Her friendship with his Uncle Severus should have been proof enough.

She also would have thought Harry wouldn’t purposefully fail his best class to get Remedial Lessons with Tom Riddle. Harry was just full of surprises recently.

Lily found herself curious as to what this Tom Riddle was like outside of the rose-tinted words of Harry’s letters.

Dearest Son,

As your Mother, I am disappointed to learn you would fail a class for a boy. Yet as your Mother, who constantly fought with your Father while avoiding his affections in her youth, I must say you’re approaching this considerably better than either of us ever did. That being said, you’re not allowed to get anything lower than an O on the year-end results or N.E.W.T.s.

Also, this is not a suggestion: Perhaps Tom would be willing to spend Easter with us?

Laughing At Your Antics Eternally,

Your Loving Mother.

That would work.

When Easter Break arrived, Lily was more than ready to meet the boy who stole her son’s heart and ability to think normally. She had prepped James and Sirius with the help of Remus, set out her best china for the two weeks— Petunia would be so proud— and dressed the guest bedroom with fresh linens.

The sound of an apparition in their front yard was a jolt to her senses, and she immediately pulled open the door with a wide grin to receive Harry and their guest. Before she could even breathe a 'Hello,’ the words were cut by Tom’s own greeting.

“Mrs Potter, it is a pleasure to meet you. Thank you ever so much for inviting me to your lovely home for Easter Break,” Tom held out his hand for a shake, and when Lily went to return it, he expertly twisted it around and placed a kiss above her fingers.

If Lily Potter knew anything, it was Charms and her son.

And Lily Potter knew her son had nabbed a very charming boy.

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Scrooge anon here, the 2017 cartoon thanks! And sorry that nut anon is bothering yall on here. Have a good day!

All Scrooge McDuck from Ducktales knows is McDonald’s, charge they phone, twerk, eat hot chip, and lie!

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[Champagne] so this champagne sucks, as expected. linhardt's never liked alcohol to begin with, he just wanted to take it because they were only allowed one glass. of course, that was a mistake. scooting closer to caspar, linhardt takes a quick glance at the other's glass, obviously empty, and begins to pour the contents of his own into caspar's without permission.

Caspar sighs contentedly as he leans back against the table and pats his stomach once. So many good eats on the table - he probably overdid it, actually; he hadn’t been expecting those little appetizers to fill him up so much. It’d do no good to dance while full (he’d already learned that the hard way years ago) - but surely a good drink would fix that, right? And tonight, every one of them had been allotted one glass of champagne in honor of this special event. It sure smelled good too, though it wasn’t any flavor he recognized. Imported, perhaps? Regardless, it’s much too wasteful to clear his gut with rare alcoholic drink, so he instead makes for the sparkling waters just beyond the bartender’s counter.  The boy drinks as he walks - bubbly lime slides down his throat at more measured pace as he resumes his prior spot at the table with glass already drained, watching the early revelers dance. As soon as he’s settled, he’ll go join them… But first, Caspar decides, he needs more carbonation. He’s about to make good on that thought, too, when something catches the corner of his eye: his best friend, standing close enough for their shoulders to touch, pouring something strange and dark into his glass without permission.

“Hey! What are you–” He’s about to yank it roughly away, but another glance at the cup and he changes his mind. “What are you doing?” Caspar asks again, voice more hushed now as he carefully brings his newly-filled glass towards his nose. The now-familiar acrid-fruit smell reaches him before the glass does; and he sips at it cautiously to gauge its intended and unintended effects. “You know we’re only allowed one of these, right? If anybody catches me with this, I won’t be able to get another glass…”

Continuation: here

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Dear younger me, and other lonely kids

I promise you this is not how your life will always be. Your life will change, and eventually you will see that those changes lead to good things

That group of friends that you never really feel a part of, the ones that leave you out of things, the ones that dont pick you to be in their team, the ones that you put so much effort into being like, the ones that you stayed with and tagged along with for years because you wanted to be with them instead of no one, the ones that made you feel alone when you were with them, the ones that you somehow you believed would always be in your life, will leave. They will live their life and you will live yours. You know why? Because you will leave them. You will realise that you deserve to he treated better. You deserve to be loved and cared for in the same way that you give out your love and care.

You will meet new friends, ones that you can be truly yourself with. You dont have to pretend with them. You just.. as you are.. when you’re with them. They will make you feel comfortable. They will include you. Simple things like touch will slowly start to feel comfortable again. I know you struggle with touching other people or standing close to them for photos and everything, but in your case at least that was your body and mind telling you that you are not comfortable. You will learn to be with the right people. You will lay together with friends on a trampoline and lay across each other and hug people that tell you that they love you without saying it. You will be able to physically feel it. If only you knew how loved you could feel.

You are worthy of love. Of romance. I know at the moment you feel awkward in your skin, you feel like you are the wrong shape and you dont have the right hair or the right clothing style, but you will meet people who truly love you for every part of you. You deserve to live out the teen romance scene you’ve always pictured. And you will. Give it time. You will feel like everyone around you is living their perfect romance scenes all the time but dont make this rush into something you dont want. Dont put any pressure on yourself. It will happen for you. Have faith in me. Have faith in you. You dont have to find your One True Love to do things with for the first time, just someone you love and trust and wont regret.

You will fail. You will have lots of failures, and that’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up, you’re human. You wont get everything you want, but trust me that can be a good thing. You never know where an unknown road could lead you. Have trust in your teachers and take their advice. You are always going to fuck up but the key is getting back up and carrying on. I have faith in you. I’m not sure where our current road is leading us and I’m scared but I have faith. I promised someone I’d have faith

You are loved more than you know, you are worthy of great things, this is not how it is always going to be

Things will change, and my child, you will thrive ❤

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