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#i hope u like it
shteffni · 3 months ago
i posted this on twt a while ago but here :D
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ninfu · 11 months ago
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for @konpeitokeroppi
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cold-open · 13 days ago
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not ready to let go
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tis-the-damnn-season · 4 months ago
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Holy ground (Taylor swift)
Request by @theluckyone--13
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heyy! idk if youre taking requests but i love your writinggg and i was wondering if you could do a snippet where Hero is forced to work with Villain ( a mission kind of thing). so one night, they were staying at an inn BUT OF COURSE THERE'S JUST ONE BED. Hero refuses to share while Villain was teasing and flirting with them. Soon Villian gets in bed and Hero quickly follows (bcz they dont want to sleep on the floor). each of them has their side of the bed. but in the middle of the night Villain was awaken by Hero's scream bcz they had a nightmare about their past so they confort them till they fall asleep again ( can you pls make the Hero a stubborn and easily flustered character while the Villain is the typical morally grey character) AND CAN IT BE A LONG SNIPPET PLEASE? IF YOU WANT TO OFC.
anywaysss sorry if itss long and sry for the mistakes but i dont speak english very gooddddd
“You have to be kidding me,” the hero said. They were standing in the doorway of the hotel room, staring at it as if that alone could make the one bed divide into two.
The villain took them by their hips and guided them to the side, so they could step into the room themselves. The back of the hero’s neck started to burn instantly, a blush forming when they registered the touch. It alone made the hero skittish and their heartbeat fasten.
It was truly unfair what kind of power the villain had over them in that sense.
But the villain didn’t even acknowledge their action, nor what it had done to the hero. The hero wasn’t sure if they could form any sentence, but they decided not to try it. Else, gibberish would’ve probably come out of them. And that wasn’t helpful.
“Ah, cozy,” the villain said instead of losing their mind like the hero.
“Cozy?” they asked, closing the door. They weren’t too keen on waking up the whole hotel.
“No, thank you. I will take the floor,” the hero decided. The villain turned around, giving them a once-over.
“No, you will not.” Their voice was so commanding, powerful enough to make the hero want to drop to their knees and obey every wish the villain expressed.
But they didn’t - they tossed the thought aside quickly.
Instead, the hero took a step into the hotel room, giving the bed a long stare. It didn’t seem like the bed would double any time soon.
“What? You got a problem sleeping with me?” the villain asked, letting their belongings fall next to the bed. Their gaze was still fixed on the hero and it was unnerving enough.
“Don’t - don’t say it like that,” the hero answered, feeling the clear beating of their pulse behind their skin.
The villain simply smiled, wetting their lips. They were clearly satisfied by the hero’s reaction which made it only more embarrassing.
“Look, I am not going to sleep with you in one bed, alright?” the hero said. The hero didn’t know the outcome. They wouldn’t know how they would react with the villain beside them.
They were too used to being alone when sleeping. And at this time, it didn’t seem like they were ready for a change with the help of that kind of experiment, just yet.
“And I am not going to sleep with you on the floor when there is a perfectly fine bed we can use,” the villain answered, breaking their gaze off the hero.
The implication was definitely there and they were sure the villain knew that.
And the hero knew they liked to toy with them. A lot.
“Why are we even having this discussion-” Suddenly, the villain was right in front of them. The hero could practically feel the heat radiating from their enemy.
“Because your body will cool down. There is only one blanket.” They leaned completely into the hero. “And in case you haven’t noticed, the air conditioning system in here is pretty shit. It will be cold the whole night.”
They drew back and tucked some hair behind the hero’s ear.
“It’s -uh- it’s not like I am going to die from that.”
“Not very comfortable either. Believe me, I can make your night so much better. In a lot of good ways.”
The hero felt their knees wobble.
“I don’t think this-” The hero stopped speaking before their voice could crack even more.
“Don’t be shy. I won’t bite.” The hero watched quietly as the villain turned around and started unpacking. The distance between them seemed safer, the words the villain spoke were not. “Unless I take a liking to your begging.”
They looked at the hero again, shortly, just to get their reaction. Winking at them didn’t make the hero’s embarrassing situation disappear.
The hero tried to ignore the comment, tried to focus on the problem, the mission. But instead, they did something very unheroic: they fled into the bathroom.
In the small room, they calmed their beating heart down and prepared themselves for the night, ready and hopefully confident enough to stay within a few inches of the villain without getting completely flustered. They lost track of the time, all they knew was that they needed astonishingly long to compete their routine which was so hammered into their brain.
Their hope of fresh confidence was shattered when they stepped out, only for the villain to brush them as they made their way into the bathroom. Taking a deep breath, the hero managed to convince themselves that it wasn’t a big deal which, surprisingly, worked.
Once they were alone again, the hero changed their clothes, realised however much too late how revealing they were for the night. Before they could do anything, the villain was stepping out of the tiny bathroom.
“Nice outfit. Have you considered my offer?”
They realised they had to give an answer, instead of thinking about one.
“Lovely. Whenever you are ready,” the villain said, already getting into bed. The hero froze when they caught a glimpse of the villain’s body. They squeezed their eyes shut to get the image out of their head and joined their enemy.
It was hot.
It was definitely hot under the blanket.
However, it was not uncomfortable.
The hero had their back turned to the villain but they knew, the villain had not. It was like they were staring into the back of their head, making it impossible for the hero to relax. They could feel the villain shift, every movement, every little muscle tensing seemed to spark the hero. The image of the villain’s body wouldn’t leave their brain. And neither would that one tempting thought of rolling over and feel the villain against them.
They could do that. And they wanted to.
The villain probably wanted them to do it, too.
That evening, they never got the chance to do it ever since after a while, they felt the breathing of the villain slowing and they realised they were asleep. Only then, the hero allowed themselves to relax until sleep found them, too.
At first, their dream was beautiful. They were together with their childhood friend, playing along the river. The laughter filled the air as they chased each other and the hero remembered that day so vividly, they thought they were reliving it. It was summer, the insects were buzzing around them and the birds were flying above.
The friends could even see a deer in the distance.
The hero knew, they would find happiness in this moment. But the scene changed.
They were older now and their friend was too. And with time, they both had changed inevitably. The close bond they once had was broken, ever since the hero had pursuit their duty to protect the city.
Their friend called them selfish. And rightfully so, the hero loved being appreciated and valued. They loved the spotlight. And especially as a teenager, they were happy to have found their place.
And the hero knew that. They knew but they loved, loved, loved it.
In the dream, they were shouting at each other, but before the hero could change the outcome of the painful memory, the scene changed once again.
Now, they were on the rooftop. The hero knew that memory all too well. Their friend had been kidnapped by the supervillain who was currently jolting them, dangerously close to the rooftop.
And when the hero refused to help the supervillain which was what they were supposed to do according to the other heroes, the supervillain gave their friend a push and they-
The hero couldn’t scream “No!”
Not in the dream at least.
In reality, they shot up, sweat on their forehead and tears in their eyes, spilling, spilling, spilling without a stop. The sobs were stuck in their throat, they couldn’t breathe, they couldn’t-
Strong hands caught theirs, the grip gentle yet firm.
“Hey.” The villain’s voice was soft, softer than anything the hero had ever heard. “Hey, it’s okay.”
The hero was still a crying mess but the villain pulled them slowly towards them, hugging them in such a caring way the hero thought they were dreaming again.
“You’re fine, you’re okay. I got you,” the villain whispered. They pulled back to wipe the tears out of the hero’s face with their thumb but hugged them as soon as they were able to. The hero could feel the villain drawing slow circles on their back.
The hero’s broken cries ebbed, their head leaning on the shoulder of the villain. They could feel the pain in their chest. If they hadn’t been so selfish, nothing like this would’ve happened.
“Are you better?” the villain asked. The hero nodded, their head buried in the villain’s shoulder. “Do you want to talk?”
The hero shook their head. This was a demon they had to carry alone with them. It was the least they could do.
“C’mon, let’s go back to sleep, then,” the villain said, pulling them with them as they leaned back into bed. With their head laying on the villain’s chest, the hero felt instantly comforted, the slow raising and falling of their enemy’s chest giving them some sort of stability.
With one hand, the villain caressed the hero’s hair, the other was on their lower back, holding them close.
“Close your eyes, honey,” the villain mumbled.
The hero obeyed and soon, they were sent into a deep slumber.
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amourleger · 2 months ago
can you do “if there was ever anybody meant for me, it’s you” with jake? <33 ily
the room was silent. the only sound being the harsh gusts of wind battling against the frames of glass that separate you from the frigid cold. the boys had insisted upon a camping trip; but they hadn’t expected so much snow so early on in the year. you and jake were nestled into one of the upstairs bedrooms, your cheek where his heart laid in his chest; both of your hair splayed across quilted pillowcases. in this moment: it was just the two of you. even jack frost nipping at your noses couldn’t deter the affectionate energy that consumed you.
“(Y/N),” his voice cuts through the silence like a knife, drawing in your attention with ease. your head tilts so your eyes can meet: even through the clouded light of the moon, you see the depth in his warm eyes. “wake up,”
your body shoots forward from where you laid in your bed, alone. the time on your clock read 4:33am, and you feel bitter for the dream that now caused a dull ache in your chest. it has been three months since your break up, yet you still yearned for him. missed the warmth that his presence always brought. your phone dings beside you. a reminder of a relatively new text. rosy lips press together as you search your bed aimlessly for it: and once brought to your focus, you feel as though the universe is playing tricks on you.
there in a bright blue bubble reads “if there was ever anybody meant for me, it’s you,” from your ex. from the love of your life: from jake. and for a moment: you feel relief. that you weren’t the only one still caught up in the idea of it all. that he, too, was still in love. you pinch the skin on your forearm, attempting to coerce yourself from sleep, in case you had been dreaming again. but you weren’t. and there was still hope after all.
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kinanina · 13 days ago
outfit prompt: going to sign divorce papers after i found out my husband cheated on me but i'm not too pressed because i was in it for the money and he didn't sign a prenup
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go take what is rightfully yours!!
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flamingbiscuit · a month ago
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Gonna go look for the rest and finish my 6th anniversary drawing lol
I do notice her arms and posture look very stiff
Looks so cute! You drew em well!
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heyimboredtalktome · 2 months ago
Do you take moodboard resquets? If yea, then can you make a pastel glittery moodboard, like taylor swift's lover album. Just a fun and jojo siwa like moodboard, please?
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cakes-curls · a month ago
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you and i are the last to leave the party
ship: (cake) Luke Hemmings/Calum Hood
words: 7065
rating: t
tags: friends to lovers, roommates au
summary; “So, are we gonna talk about your method of protection against intruders being a baseball bat now or later?”
Or; Calum and Luke aren’t actually roommates until they are
read it on ao3 here !!
it’s @calumthoodshands birthday and i wanted to something nice for her bc she deserves it. i hope i succeeded, i love you aria.
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tis-the-damnn-season · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Enchanted by Taylor swift
Request by @dont-you-dream-impossible-things
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thesmpisonfire · 12 months ago
A Fundy and Tommy meeting, and neither of them knows how to express their feelings without screaming.
Its ends well, don’t worry. I’m after my second clown certificate
Tommy was alone in his tent. Not even Dream was around this time. He kept breaking logs, building "tiki torches" and trying his best to not look at the beach. It had passed 2 days already, and no one appeared, so they certainly didn't care. Ghostbur passed around the beginning of the day, now off to find a horse (Ghostbur remembered that Tommy had a horse, once. It made him happy, so he was after another one), but Tommy couldn't care less. Ghostbur also didn't appeared at his beach party.
Only Dream. Like always.
Maybe it was meant to be like that.
His pity thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone crossing the portal, his first thought being "Tubbo!". Tommy quickly brushed it off, Tubbo didn't care enough to visit him. "Ranboo?" Was his second guess, but he didn't hear the usual greetings, so it wasn't the half enderman. Then, it was set on "...Dream", as it should be in the first place. He sighed, quickly taking off his newly made iron armor.
"Hello, Dream.... Let's get this done alrea-"
Tommy turned around, looking to a very confused face that certainly wasn't Dream. Fundy was holding something in an picnic bag, those ones that kept the cold inside, some ashes in his clothes and a lil bit of the jacket more burned.
"I really don't know if I should ask about the 'Dream' thing, or why you put a fucking plank to people get to your portal." He kinda laughed, trying to brush of the uncomfortable mood.
Tommy went silent, holding his armor close and and walking away from Fundy. "If people want to visit me, they need to fucking prove it." Tommy said, bitter as he never was before.
Fundy left the picnic bag at Tommy's tent, watching the kid put his things in a secret chest. "Well, you are only making it easier to die. I fixed it after I crossed" Fundy smiled, proud of himself.
Tommy froze, turning back to the fox. "You did what?" Conflicted feelings were fighting inside of him now. On one side, he was angry that Fundy was messing with his ideas and plans. At the order, he was so happy. If Fundy fixed it, it was because he had the intention to come back more often, and Tommy was so happy with it.
"Fixed the bridge, we don't wanna people falling down in their way here, do we?" Fundy smiled at Tommy as soon as he approached.
Tommy was tempted to smile too, but he was seeing something off. This was Fundy. The scammer. The once traitor. The sly fox.
The voice in his head wasn't even his anymore, sounding too much like a certain masked man, filling him with doubt and fear.
"What the fuck do you want?"
Fundy looked like he just got slapped in the face, not imagining this reaction, specially out of nowhere like that.
"What? What do you mean, Tommy?"
"You must be after something, aren't you?" Tommy's words were filled with anger and resentment, the monsters in his mind talking for him. "What is it? Untouched forest? Mines still unexplored?" He slowly approached Fundy, pointing at his face.
"Tommy, I'm not after any of those things!" Fundy explained himself, now more worried than ever.
Tommy let out a dry laugh, looking around now. "So, it's because you fucking pity me, don't you?" He pointed to himself now, then to the picnic bag. "You even brought up a pity present!"
Fundy was just bringing some primecicles he and Ranboo had just made, but he couldn't spoil any of it. "Tommy, I'm not pitying you." He tried to reason, pitching the bridge of his nose. Patience, Fundy... The kid is messed up. Don't make it worse.
"Yes, you are! You don't care about me! None of you care about me!" Tommy walked away, laughing. “You all doesn’t even bother to visit me anymore!”
Fundy couldn’t be more confused. He was right there, visiting. What the hell was happening to Tommy?
The coder was a smart person, even if people tend to overlook it. Fundy noticed the explosion holes poorly covered up, the dull blue eyes, the beaten up clothes. He just didn’t want to address it in order to not make the atmosphere uncomfortable, but Tommy was really pushing up. Fundy and Tommy never had any boundaries in their fights, being pretty open about their sides, and things were starting to spill, hot and hurtful.
“Tommy, I am right here and...” Fundy got interrupted by Tommy’s outburst, tears forming at the corners of the kid’s eyes.
“YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT ME!” Tommy shouted, screaming loudly enough to scare a nearby bird. “NONE OF YOU EVEN MISS ME! YOU ALL LEFT ME ALONE!”
Even if Tommy was the one crying and shouting his feelings out loud, he saw the moment he messed up. Fundy’s ears flattened against his head and his tail went still. Tommy, the once brave and reckless Tommy, took a step back when he saw Fundy clenching his fist.
“Oh, you think people left you?” Fundy’s voice was low, a bittersweet smile now open.
Tommy was hurt in so many ways, indescribable ones, but Fundy wasn’t far behind.
Fundy approached Tommy, looking at the teenager in the eyes.
“Say it again.”
“Say it again, Tommy!” Fundy raised his voice, losing his limit. Neither of them was good with hiding their feelings. “Say again that people are leaving you!”
Tommy opened his mouth to repeat, but nothing was said. Fundy looked as hurt as him, and he was clearly not pitying the teenager, so Tommy was willing to listen
Fundy breathed in, trying to calm himself. “Tommy, you were the one who made that Christmas tree?”
“Those discs you have right now, you got them alone?”
“Did you built the tent alone?”
“No, but...”
“The very first day...” Fundy’s voice broke a little, but he quickly dismissed it. “You were alone here?”
“Ghostbur came with me.”
“Yes, he did.” Fundy sadly smiled, his voice a lot calmer now. “Who helped you with the beach?”
“No.” Fundy cut him short, a hand on his shoulder. “That fucking bastard is the cause you are here. He basically forced your exile to happen. He was not helping, he was watching.” Tommy closed his eyes, his mind spinning.
Dream is a friend. Dream put you here. Dream has been good with you. Dream is a fucking monster. Dream cares about you. Dreams cares about nothing but the discs.
“Tommy... Who was here with you, helping with the beach?” Fundy’s voice was soft, as he hoped that he wasn’t pushing too much.
“Ghostbur, you, and Phil...” Tommy’s voice was so small, so broken.
“Yes, we were.” Fundy waited for Tommy open his eyes, which he did, tears stains in his face.
“Ranboo tries to visit you everyday, and I’m trying to do the same.” Fundy reassured Tommy, looking around. “But... Dream is always here, and we don’t want to mess anything and lose contact with you.”
Tommy blinked, pieces matching together. That was why his friends weren’t there? Because of Dream? That was why Dream was always there?
“Ranboo also told me about a beach party... That I never got the invite...”
“Dream said it was delivered by Ghostbur in your mails!” Tommy shouted again.
“We don't even have mailboxes in L’manberg, Tommy! How we could have received mail?” Fundy snapped back.
Tommy felt like everything was falling apart again, revealing a not so pleasant truth. “He... He could have slipped under the doors... or...”
“Tommy. There were no invites.” Fundy held him by his shoulders again.
They went silent, Tommy’s eyes darting around while his whole reality was shaking. “But... Tubbo hates me, right? He destroyed the compass.” He sounded lost again.
“It was my fault.” Fundy mumbled, not looking at Tommy. “He died and... I should have been faster when picking up his stuff, a creeper ended up exploding it... The compass broke. But Tubbo still have it, even if it doesn’t have the needle anymore.” Tommy felt like crying again.
But Dream said...
Dream was fucking lying.
“I know he doesn’t visit you... He is scared that you hates him.” Fundy confessed. “That’s why he came when you weren’t around.” He played with his jacket, looking at the portal’s direction. “Tubbo misses you, man.”
Tommy angrily cleaned his tears, looking at Fundy. He pushed the fox, not as strong as he was thinking. “Stop lying to me!” He shouted, trying to push Fundy again. He felt Fundy holding his arms, and he didn’t have the strength to fight back. Tommy was still crying, not knowing in who to believe.
Dream was there everyday for him, he have Tommy gear, he was the only person not pitying Tommy- Tommy had so many other friends coming over, he had received things because his friends wanted to help him- Tommy was alone- Tommy was not alone.
“I am not lying, Tommy. I wouldn’t do this.” Fundy freed Tommy’s arms.
“You are always lying...” Tommy mumbled.
“Not about this.” Fundy was serious, Tommy could hear in his voice.
“Then... Dream lied to me.”
The fox just nodded, feeling that talking would interrupt Tommy’s line of thought.
Well, he didn’t expected Tommy to silent walk away, come back with a trident while walking towards the beach, and throw it away with the most angered, betrayed, heartbreaking scream Tommy had ever made.
Fundy approached Tommy, who was sitting on the sand, face hidden in his hands. Fundy hugged him by the side, rubbing his arm a little, and Fundy couldn’t stop the memories back at the L’manberg Independence war. Those cold nights where he, Tommy and Tubbo had to spend up on the walls, watching over for enemies. The two would always end up sleeping on Fundy’s shoulders, one with his jacket and other with his tail around. Wilbur gave up on scolding them for their lack of self care in sleeping on the job after some time, and just started to do the watching himself. Easier times that would never come back .
“I will fight him back.” Tommy said, looking up and sniffling.
Fundy smiled, seeing that small spark in Tommy’s eyes. “We are already planning something at our front” The fox got up, cleaning the sand in his clothes. “I’m not telling you what because its nothing set but... We just need you to be strong for only a little bit more.”
Tommy weakly smiled, still sitting on the sand. “I can try-”
“Nope. Cut of this ‘try’ shit.” Fundy was harsh, but he knew Tommy, the boy still had that fire on him, it just needed to grow. “You, Tommy Innit, Big Man...” He saw Tommy chuckle, and kept going. “The guy who learned ‘The green bastard will die’ in 6 different languages just to piss off the enemy, and also the most brave person that I know...”
Fundy put a dirt block on the ground, stepping on it. “... Will you keep going strong?”
Tommy got up with the help of Fundy’s hand, smiling again for the first time in weeks. “I will be the strongest.”
“YEEEEAH!” Fundy pulled him over the dirt block, changing places and looking up to Tommy, smiling widely when he saw the shine back to his eyes. “Let’s kill that fucking bastard!” Tommy cheered, thinking about his secret room, about his compass, about his friends, his family, his home.
They heard the portal, someone crossing it. They looked at Niki and Ranboo, both of them with a cake on their hands. “I think I just missed something.” Niki smiled, and Tommy had to stop himself to run in her direction. “Sorry for the wait!” Ranboo said, approaching them. “But Niki lives in the woods now, its sooo far away and-”
“It doesn’t matter.” Tommy cut, and he meant it.
They all sat on the table at the beach, never talking about L’manburg once, instead just laughing and enjoying the sunset.
Tommy was going to fight.
And he wasn’t going to be the loser again.
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charlotte-avason · 3 days ago
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@kitty-is-chilling 💛
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kmtaeyeon · a year ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
rose forever young in coachella! - for anon  ♡
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