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#i hope you all know that
just-my-photos · 2 months ago
Cody: Do you ever feel, you being watch?
Obi-wan: We are. That ghost won't stop giving me, the "disappointed looks".
Cody: WHAT ghost!?
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ordinaryxgirl · 25 days ago
I’ve never been a believer, not gonna lie.
deep down i’ve always felt like buddie never stood a chance and i’ve been setting myself up for disappointment, i’ve been skeptical on our greatest days.
not anymore, guys.
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misti-chan · 29 days ago
how can someone good at both writing and graphic whoaaaa ❤️❤️❤️
AHHH thank you kind anon! 💖 You've really made my day! 💖💖💖
Tumblr media
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maybeeatspaghetti · 6 months ago
Sending you my love 💛💛💛
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shy-veil · a year ago
You guys know that moment in Give 'Em Hell, Kid where Gerard yells "You're beautiful!" so loud and aggressive and desperate that you actually start to believe it?
That's how I'm feeling about all of you right now.
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swaddledintissue · 9 months ago
I'm thankful for my mutuals and friends on here i care about you guys genuinely
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akumanoken · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
friendly reminder to hydrate and take your meds/vitamins!! Stretch!! Get your steps in... (that’s mostly for me) and feel good about yourself, you’re doing great!!!
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laowen · a year ago
when taylor said, “doc, i think she's crashing out" she was talking about me
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persephones-bde · a year ago
I didn’t realize how imprinted great comet is into me until I realized Lucas talking like that as a punk rock guy made me feel so disconnected from reality
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hellokenmaz · 2 years ago
I just cried watching Mark's vlog, hes so so humble and appreciative for everything and everyone. Seeing how hard every single person works just for one show to flow, made me appreciate every staff member that works with the boys.
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justiceleaque · 3 years ago
if you’re going through tough times just know i believe in you and you’ll be okay even if it doesn’t seem like it right now
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