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50 Wordless Ways to Say “I Love You”

Pairing: Ride or Die | Colt x Ellie
Summary: A highlight reel of the most important moments of their life.
A/N: Highly suggest reading this in order (all even numbers for Colt). @lovehugsandcandy @dancingboba @choicesarehard

#31 Pulling out a chair for them to sit down at the table.

Ellie knows Colt to be a pretty practical and rational guy, some would even say heartless and emotionally stale but that’s only for those who’ve never been past the barriers and walls Colt has built over the years. 

Some of her co-workers and friends sometimes, annoyingly, bring up the issue of how could she possibly love or be married to a man like Colt? That every time they’re together, all they do is fight and insult each other (which at first, felt like a total misinterpretation of their banter until Ellie realized that if she was a stranger looking in—then yeah, it does look like all they do is fight and shit on each other) and Colt, according to them, never has time for her to take her out on regular dates outside of the once a month date night. 

Yet, none of them really know the sides of Colt that he only ever shares with her. The nights where he lovingly slices up fruits for her even when he’s bone tired, the afternoons when he whisks her way to ride his bike along the coast, the mornings where he makes sure she eats her breakfast because she always forgets and the weeks, months and years where he challenges her, supports her and loves her in his own Colt ways. 

The language of love is different for each person after all, she just happens to speak Colt’s fluently. 

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The olive trees had never been so plentiful. One could run their hands through the branches lazily and come away with a handful of polished green jewels, soft and unusually bright, to be plunged into clear brine and sea salt.

I had no taste for any today.

The hills were aglow with dawn mist, Jove’s milky breath on the night-cooled soil. I woke early and gazed at the orchard with sheets flattened around me. The linen was awfully starchy. After a while, there seemed little else to do but rise, and I did.

I made for the orchard, barefoot in the frosted grass. The sky was pale, too tender as it stretched above me, tinged with the palest of yellows at its horizon. It seemed for a horrifying moment that it would never wax blue, but rather would blanche into an unbearable, sickly white — but dawn’s rosy fingers soon clambered over the eastern hills. The earth warmed with fresh promise.

I tipped my chin to the bluing sky, feeling like a child again, for once empty of words. It had always been child’s play. Hadn’t it? It didn’t feel so now, of course.

Words, wooden swords wielded by men. Sentences hammered and welded to their fullest syntactic strains, interlocking clauses, invocations and accusations nestled in purple rhetoric. I am not ignorant of my talent, however much I hate the word. Ingenium. In-gen-i-um. Awkward on the tongue, awkward on the conscience — yet so esteemed. I have seen the onlookers, the quick sheen of wetted eyes, the forehead’s gentle furrow, the raise of eyebrows and the gentle parting of lips. These things do not pass me by, nor should they. Rightful awe, manifesting kaleidoscopically, subtly. The wooden blade making contact.

This, I have always said, is the potency of language.

Of course I am glad for it. I wanted my name known, and it is. And, as it perhaps always had to be, it will be my end.

Nomen, dignitas, auctoritas. Auc-to-ri-tas.

I brought myself to a shaky stand, gripping the olive’s trunk. No good would come from waiting further. I took my leave on foot in the most unlikely of directions. Servants emerged from the gardens to witness my plain stupidity, wringing flaxen cloths and exchanging solemn glances.

The orchard and I exchanged a tacit adieu. The susurrus of pale leaves was my usher. My eyes welled warm with tears, but the dry wind whisked them away.

Rome, resplendent in its fatal glow, beckoned me.

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Okay so I wasn’t going to post these because I didn’t think they were my best work, but the more I look at them the more I start to think eh why not! So I hope you enjoy these! The photos could be used for icons or headers (probably)

*the photos I used to edit came from Google so credit to their original owners*

Special thanks to @easy-company-tradition for being my hype man for these 💙💙

Heart meme tag list: @easy-company-tradition, @stressedinadress, @scarecrowmax, @teenmagazines

Please let me know if you’d like to be added at anytime!

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(this one is an origional and first chapter to a book im going over at  the minuet, any constructive critisism would be nice and anything you liked about or didnt like would be good for me so i can perhapse change certain things in future!)
-if you guys like it enough i might post the other chapters as i work along them. and if youd like, i can tagg you in!-

UNLOCKED: kurbose
words: 3641
warnings: small fight thing happens at begining.

chapter 2-  n/a

chapter 1 -I will eat this sandwich; fate just has other plans.

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The time is finally here… My Cherik Big Bang 2020 fic is done!

Just One More Question

“Erik meets Charles at Pub Quiz League and it is hate at first sight. But, his team does need a new member and Moira is insistent that Charles is just what they need.

Erik is not happy about Charles, despite his trivia skill. Can time change his opinion? What about an unexpected revelation or two?“

Gorgeous art done by the lovely @belgianreader2​ - including the perfect scene above (look at our boys!).

Please let us know what you think.  Know that I treasure all comments and kudos, they help keep us writers going and motivated, this year in particular.

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Word Count: 2298

Warnings: Angst, fluff; but mostly angst this time, sorryyyyyy…

Notes: This one’s a bit shorter. Do you all want a Part 7? I promise I have an ending planned for this story.


“I love you, Jeff.”

Had you truly just said it out loud? You felt Jeff pull away from you and you looked up. He was already staring down at you, a look in his eyes that you couldn’t quite place. 

“Y/n,” he said breathlessly. “I-” he paused and chuckled nervously.

“Hurry.” you whispered, tugging on the front of his jacket to pull him closer to you.

“Y/n, I-” you stood on your toes as his arms tightened around you.

“Hi, can we use your dressing room?” a light voice sounded from a few paces to your left and you felt a knot tie itself in your stomach. Of course. 

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Request: okay last thing because i am lowkey annoying now. List 4 “In Secret kiss” - @ronnieweasley

Warning: Nope. Nothing. Just happy fluff.

Author’s Note: This was so fun to write. I wrote from John B, Sarah, and Kie’s pov in this and I love writing from other povs. I haven’t written for Sarah before either so that was fun. This does have john bxsarah in it with a hint of unrequited!sarahxkie. 

“In Secret kiss”

John B has never been one for school. He doesn’t get bad grades or anything. He’s pretty average, but the homework piles up and it’s easy to get pulled away, especially when Sarah is sitting across from him in the local cafe doing her own work, hair falling over his shoulder with this cute concentrated look on her face. Needless to say, he doesn’t get much work done because he ends up staring at her more often than not. 

The day ends with him completely giving up on his work, deciding he needs to ask Pope for help next time. This wasn’t working out. Sarah simply giggles at his admission and tells him to go and find Pope so he can help with his work. John B leaves her to study with a kiss to her cheek and a backpack full of unfinished homework. 

The walk back to the Chateau is pretty long, but it allows him to avoid his homework that much longer so he doesn’t really mind. It’s a nice night too so he’s not surprised when he walks up to the Chateau to find the door slug open and the murmuring voices of his friends on the other side, probably getting ready for a late night boat ride, one of the last of the fall season. 

He does not expect the noises coming from the living room though.

John B stops in his tracks, eyebrows furrowed as the soft words stop and instead seem to be replaced with what he can only place as kissing noises. Was that a groan? John B would be worried if it wasn’t accompanied by more kissing sounds. Did JJ have a girl around? He could have sworn he heard Pope’s voice inside not two minutes ago. 

The view from the window provides him with a great vantage point as he crouches down, determined to get to the bottom of this whole ordeal. The wood creaks under his weight, but the two making out in the room don’t seem to notice as he crawls across the floor, gaze shifting left and right to see if anyone is coming, before he peaks over the edge of the window sill. 

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Fandom: Shameless (US)

Relationship: Ian Gallagher/Mickey Milkovich

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

Length: ~6200


In Mickey’s experience, the best laid plans typically weren’t made when you were drunk off your ass and pissed at your boyfriend-slash-fiancé-slash-whatever. Drastic times called for drastic measures, though.

In hindsight, the Vespa might have been a little much.

Read “Forced Perspective” on AO3!

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