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I do this pretty regularly when I have new hyperfixations and new followers so y’all can feel free to ignore me if I spam post about shit you don’t care about.

Current Hyperfixations:

🎸 Phoebe Bridgers. I cannot believe she and I are the same age, it feels wrong somehow.

😈😇 Good Omens and also how gay Crowley and Aziraphale are.

🐺 Werewolves. I already dig them a lot but I’m writing a fic and my research has lead me to some interesting findings.

🔪 Hannibal and also everyone’s favorite murder husband duo that is Will and Hannibal.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to send this sweet message Nonnie. My depression has come back something fierce over the last week so I’ve been trying to cope by drawing (hence why I’ve been posting so much). Drawing can only fix so much though so I’m going to try and work on getting better.

But seriously, thank you for caring. 💕

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Bloom: a Dani+Jamie playlist

1. waking up slowly (piano version) - gabrielle aplin / 2. north - sleeping at last / 3. pieces - andrew belle/ 4. the few things - jp saxe / 5. two - sleeping at last / 6. all i want - kodaline / 7. someone to stay - vancouver sleep clinic / 8. bloom - the paper kites / 9. wherever you are - kodaline / 10. love worth saving - griffin peterson / 11. i’m with you - vance joy / 12. girl (acoustic) - syml / 13. saving grace - kodaline / 14. we’re going home - vance joy / 15. promise - ben howard / 16. heal - tom odell / 17. miles apart - nick wilson / 18. feels like this - maisie peters / 19. for all you give - the paper kites ft. lucy rose / 20. light me up - ingrid michaelson / 21. wonderfully made - joel ansett / 22. make it out - boundary run

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Props to you for sending the ask that’s lived rent free in my head for the last two days, anon.

Both I and my courier, Juno, would go with option 1. There is no other option I’d morally agree with.

Now, I haven’t had the time to sit down and play lately, so I don’t have all the facts, but I am fascinated by Ulysses’s character. Definitely don’t agree with his actions, but I understand them. It feels to me like he has his back against the wall, with one final option he sees as viable. I suppose that makes the courier the only accessible modicum to regain control over his situation.

The thing about trauma like that is you don’t really recover from it. Not that I’ve seen, at any rate. You can certainly move from it, though. I’m not blaming him for reacting the way he does, though it’s somewhat extreme.

Too Long; Don’t Care: I think about Ulysses a lot.

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Headcanon where regardless of how long a hunt lasts Jaskier will always say “oh you’re finally back! I missed you.” and Geralt can’t help but suppress a laugh and lean into Jaskiers touch asdfghjmkl

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When no one else was looking - part 2 (on AO3)

Covinsky | Canon Divergence | Adults | Fluff | 6,524 words

Lara Jean is out with her coworkers when the night takes an unexpected turn and Peter Kavinsky is there to be the hero of the night.

What happens later.

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No Zhongli icons yet so you get Kaeya, but I wanted to put down my random thoughts and theories about Zhongli before I forget~ Which means possible Genshin spoilers :> I haven’t gotten too far into the Liyue storyline though so I haven’t actually met Zhongli in the game… some things I write may actually be obvious then, but I wouldn’t know.

  • As will be made obvious by the theories I write later, I believe that Zhongli is the Geo Archon in disguise. After all, Rex Lapis is known to mingle among the people in human form from time to time. I believe the description of him is usually of a man with long dark robes and amber eyes, which fits Zhongli, as well as other little implications in literature and such where people think he’s a little weird and archaic, such as in the Teyvat Traven Guide - Liyue where apparently he travelled with the author (and laughed at his musings).
  • So, there is a questline in the Guili Plains where essentially you and this scholar are trying to discover what had happened in the past to cause the area to be full of ruins. The stone tablets suggest that there was a group of native people who worshipped the Dust God there originally, and later on the Geo God arrived with his own people. The Dust God and Geo God became good friends and worked together to create a prosperous civilization; the “Guili Assembly”. “Guili” was taken from part of both gods’ names. Based on bits of info from some hidden domains in Liyue and other places, I’m pretty sure the Dust God was “female” and named “Guizhong”. The Geo God is of course assumed to be Rex Lapis. However, some disaster happened to cause the prosperous Guili Assembly to be destroyed; records suggest a large fight. My assumption as to what happened is supported by the Teyvat Travel Guide - Liyue: The Dust God and Geo God fought together in the Archon War, and the Dust God consequentially was killed.
  • The sea monster that Rex Lapis defeated at the Guyun Stone Forest? Absolutely not dead. I am almost certain that the dragon is merely sealed away at the bottom of the ocean, underneath the stone spears. The stone pillars apparently look “deliberately placed in a certain arrangement”, probably because they work as points to the seal. There has also been whispers and screenshots floating around about the resurrection of the “true god of Liyue” AKA the sea monster that the Geo Archon defeated. …Please don’t tell me the Abyss Order is planning on resurrecting that thing.
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Come visit redesigned Nettle Island! 🌿

Still featuring a renaissance faire, with a newly restored castle!

This is a temporary update to celebrate the spooky season - moody weather and pumpkins abound!

Visit at DA-3897-4250-9068. 

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“Now, everybody, caps off!”  The photographer instructed.

The students threw their caps into the air and cheered.  Everything the last year had thrown at them, the good times and the bad, they were done now.  All the things lost and gained, well, each graduate was just getting started.

Before the caps came back to earth, Kate tugged Max in close and kissed her full on the mouth.

From chapter 42 of Saving Grace! A hella awesome fic by @celsidebottom​ (buzzbuzz34 on ao3)~ <333

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