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htvpgenny · 2 months ago
Losing you wasn’t just painful, it was fucking damaging also. It wasn’t me sitting down on a couch surrounded by my friends as we watched movies and ate food to try and forget you. It was me staying up at four in the morning because the thought of you was so fucking strong I couldn’t even close my eyes without seeing your face. It was me swallowing thickly and blinking back tears every time I was in public, the hole in my chest causing my breaths to come out shaky rather than normal. It was me laughing at things for no reason as my stomach turned because the urge of falling apart was getting stronger. It was me crying at random hours during the day and me not wanting to get up out of bed. It wasn’t just me staring blankly at your number, deciding whether or not if I should call you. It was me throwing my phone at the wall and breaking it, because I was drunk again and the thought of you ever changing your information terrified me. It was me deleting our conversations and regretting it because now I couldn’t know where we had went wrong. It fucking hurt, losing you had hurt and I wasn’t ever able to forget that kind of pain.
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madaraswittleslut · 3 months ago
♟Living Proof🧿
Pairings: Fezco x Reader
Warnings ⚠️: Fluff💕
Request by: @vic-top
Songs🎶: Living Proof by Camilla Cabello, If I got you by Zayn, and Promise by Ciara
Tumblr media
  You looked around the corner as you walked into the house, sneaking around was never you Forte. You were checking to make sure Fez wasn't around, what you were doing was supposed to be a surprise for your 2 year anniversary.
The way you were acting was quite absurd. You were acting as if you were in a James Bond Movie. You were meeting ashtray today. After 2 amazing years with Fezco, you wanted to mark the day. Literally
"Ash!" You called through the house as you set your things down on the kitchen table. He was giving you a tattoo. It was Fez's initials on your wrist with cute little hearts. This was your first tattoo. You were a nervous wreck.
"I'm in the office", He shouted. He had just finished laying out all the equipment and sanitizing it all. This wasn't his first time giving someone a tattoo. Ash was a dude with many forms of income. As he would say, "I'm just trying to stack my cash and pay off my mortgage"
You nerves were going crazy as you walked in and looked at everything. You weren't going to question Ashtray because you trusted him. It was just that you didn't have a high pain tolerance.
"It's going hurt but I know you ain't a lil bitch. You ready?" He asked. You gave him the nod. The machine came to laugh and so did your body when a shock wave of pain went through your body.
The experience was very painful. If you were honest, you cried a little. But you acted tough for the little man. You admired your new wrist tattoo. You couldn't wait for Fez's reaction. Unknowingly to you, Fez has already been here.
Ashtray gave you a judgmental look before asking, "You like it?"
You nodded in excitement.
"Thank you!!!", you said pulling him into a big hug. One could hear Ash cry for help. But, he would do anything for you. Everything other than tell you that Fez was here to get your initials tattooed on the left side of his chest.
He wanted to watch you both realize how lovesick you both were.
On your anniversary, Fez brought you a dozen black dahlias. He thought roses were too cliché. He spoiled you with a new Chanel bag. Almost gave you a heart attack.
Fez was your baby, you would get him the moon if he wanted it. But instead, you got him the pair of sneakers that he's had he's eyes on for a minute now.
"I got one last surprise babe", you said, filled with excitement you rolled up your sleeve to show him your tattoo. He stared in shock. Without saying anything he lifted his shirt up to show his your initials on his chest with halo above it.
The both of you looked at Ashtray who was looking through the little window in his room.
"We got played shawty", fez chuckled as he looked at you, He didn't regret his tattoo at all. It made him love it even more.
To him, you were living proof that angels existed.
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skykid-kat · 5 months ago
Tumblr might be shitty with me right now but I have one important message for everyone, most of all, Photosensitive people.
Today is the day when fireworks are gonna be displayed in homespace
This event will be seen every hour from December 31th until a few hours of January 1st, basically, until the last country celebrates new year. (You can check more on the discord channel)
If everything goes like the last year, each firework show will last 5 minutes and it’s gonna be displayed behind the realm portals (I hope they don’t change that)
But yeah, everyone be careful with those fireworks today. :(
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demadogs · a month ago
cant stop thinking about that anon that said what if mike says “will your action!” at the hellfire club. your mind>>>
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sootyboys · 8 months ago
this is literally the classic they have a DEEPER and MORE MEANINGFUL relationship than queer love could ever be literally shut the fuck up and say you're homophobic
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gaaandaaaalf · 5 months ago
to the anon who sent the ask about the indian revolutionary movement — i accidentally deleted your ask, but here are a few recs:
Do and Die: The Chittagong Uprising, 1930-34 by Manini Chatterjee: about Surya Sen and the Chittagong arms raid; there’s also a movie on the raid (not the very dramatic Deepika Padukone one, i mean the one with Manoj Bajpayee called Chittagong)
Savarkar (2 parts) by Vikram Sampath: easily the most comprehensive biography in english at the moment; also has a lot to say about the networks within the revolutionary movement
Mangal Pandey by Rudrangshu Mukherjee: a biography; gets into the mythology surrounding him
His Majesty’s Opponent by Sugata Bose: about Netaji and INA; very good and has access to great material given also the fact that he’s family
An Account of the Revolutionary Movement in Bengal by Hemchandra Kanungo: which is pretty much what it says; great because we have very little writing on the larger movement and the networks within it
Gentlemanly Terrorists by Durba Ghosh: very, very fascinating; about political violence in the 20th century; focuses on high-caste and elite participation — hence the name; on how terrorism and political violence affected congress politics
A Revolutionary History of Interwar India by Kama MacLean: about the HSRA and its operations between the two world wars; how the “mainstream” congress movement dealt with violent strands
there’s generally not a lot of general work on this outside of academia, especially in english, because we’ve managed to thoroughly ignore this part of the freedom movement in the years after independence outside of a few questions and aspects. i hope this helps and you find something you like!
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yamchaas · 2 months ago
I cannot lie... I thought Ryo was like the actual Devil- like he was just the devil pretending to be a guy who was friends with Akira. But turns out he’s not the devil or the man at all. He’s just a weird fucker.
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oatbugs · a month ago
hi my love <3 i was just thinking about how beautiful the moon looked a couple of days ago and how i wish that you saw it. i hope today treated you well
hi hi i kept this in my ask box for so long bc i wanted to see it often (i thought it was beautiful) but then tonight i was walking home around 3:40 AM and i saw the moon being golden silver and massive and lighting up the entire sky and i thought of this ask (and therefore you) and realised we had a moment of atemporal reciprocity. the moon was beautiful today and i wish you saw it too.
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thefoolishcoward · 4 months ago
you know what I love?
that sex is really intimate when it’s with the right person. and it’s so much fun to take it slow and giggle when your cat walks in the room, or change what you’re doing when your partner asks if you can do something else. like yes, I’m easy going and this is going to be fun for both parties, or it won’t happen for either. I just love being soft and genuine with someone. no matter how hard you’re going when you both are comfortable <3
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neoheros · 7 months ago
hi rue! sorry to bother you but, what do you do when you feel unmotivated to writing? i’m a writer as well and i can’t stop thinking about just deactivating my account (for no reason, tho)
i have been there so many times it’s unreal and cruel and so annoying. sometimes it hurts opening the app or even thinking about it, but i’m here now and i like to think i’m doing better.
it passes. the envy, the comparing yourself to other writers, the hating the notes system on tumblr. it all sucks ass. but it passes.
i wanted to write even if nobody saw, even if i was only getting a handful of notes per post, and i did that and it did get better, but some of it never left you know. it was kinda the worst thing ever LMFAOAOSKN
writing is supposed to be fun so please don’t think of it as a chore or something to burden you, i promise you it does get better, you just have to do it for yourself.
when i’m unmotivated, i usually put on gilmore girls or any other show and try to look for inspiration there, sometimes i look at song lyrics or tiktoks and look for things to write there. it’s a long process but it’s fun and annoying and ???? you know ???
IM UNSURE IF THIS HELPED and im sorry if i spoke a lot abt myself AHEHHE i wanted to speak from experience 📝📝📝 BUT I HOPE YOU DONT DEACTIVATE !!! i hope it gets better !!!!
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capybaracoffeedate · 15 days ago
your ass is not a kitten you're not even a catgirl so please stop putting it in the kitten tag you absolute imbecile
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madaraswittleslut · 3 months ago
Pairing: Ashtray x Reader
Warnings⚠️: None just Fluff💕
Requested by: anonie
Posting it sometime today
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spooniestrong · 8 months ago
I just got told not to post personal statements on my SpoonieStrong FB page because I asked people not to share them (bc one was shared to a prayer group and I’m uncomfortable with that).
The memes, the artwork, the articles I post are all fine to reblog, but because I asked for my boundaries to be respected, I got attacked. 😒
I guess *some people* would rather I’m a nameless, faceless entity putting out a product to be consumed, rather than a contributing, feeling member of the spoonie community.
Guess what? Fuck off. I belong here.
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kuddel--muddel · 6 months ago
I don't watch F1 regularly, but why did the safety car let 5 cars (iirc) go past it? I thought that wasn't allowed to happen
Anon, I’m as baffled as you are! We’re all sat here like ?!?!??!?! at that decision.
If they didn’t want the race to end under safety car then they should have just left all the cars where they were and brought the safety car in with 1, or maybe 2 laps to go. The race ends as it should and Max has a chance (with blue flags) to get quickly past the 5 cars between them and make use of his fresher tires to try to overtake Lewis, which gives an exciting end.
Or they let every lapped car pass the safety car as per the rules, and hope there’s time for one last lap. The decision to conveniently let only the 5 lapped car in between Ham and Ver is what’s leaving such a bad taste in my mouth.
It’s unprecedented because it’s essentially against the rules. And that’s why Merc have protested and honestly? Good for them! I hope the other teams who weren’t allowed to un-lap themselves also do as well. Go to town on their asses because this was a clown show.
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darknessinside · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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lil-baby-puppy · 3 months ago
.....I stg if my top takes my phone to look at my tumblr one more time I'm demanding they do the things they read about 😭😭
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sunshineandchemistry · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’ve already done a couple 1C, so please I hope you will accept 4A instead. ❤️
They’re soft
Tumblr media
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sweetsbysatori · 3 months ago
1) i answered your ask but i ended up deleting it a few minutes later bc i’m scared DUMBlr will flag the post/my account for the link :/ don’t wanna go to bed and wake up and find out my account was deleted LOL
2) thank you so much that video was so hot and i will be thinking about it all night
3) i think tendou could react in one of two ways. first, he could be super proud that his foodplay kink rubbed off onto his gf. or second, he’d be a lil pissy because only HE can play with your pretty clit with a lollipop. no one else, not even you. but he definitely sends back a video of him jerking off in the back room of his chocolate shop (sound on, ofc <3)
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kairos-thehumanpoet · 9 months ago
then, i stood in front of you,
an abandoned factory,
hollow and dusty and rusty
from years of being unused.
You looked into my hollow
soul, saw how my bones
shifted into this cave shape;
there was nothing left in me.
Yet, you choose to fill my
empty pieces with you,
and now, i still carry them around.
the last bit of light remaining.
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negrowhat · 22 days ago
The best way to get me to stan seventeen??? Send me Mingyu content 👀👀👀👀
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