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#i just finished watching that movie

I’m not really a fan of stuff where everyone dies

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excellent!!! hope you’re enjoying the vague void from whence you came! i’ve never said whence before in my LIFE i wonder if i used it correctly. anyway. the actual recipe was way more specific but once i saw ‘2 frozen bananas’ and looked at all the sliced bananas in my fridge, having no idea how many there were, i just started improvising sdfkhsdfs. I’d be interested to try it with yoghurt though if I can get some dairy free plain stuff, I’m sure I can somewhere. Banana used to be my biggest problem when I was younger. Then I learnt words like occasion and necessary and embarrassed and I realised the more english I tried to learn, the worse my life was gonna get. And I was right. On the bright side, developing an inability to ever spell occasion correctly made banana seem a lot easier to handle.

that is fair. end of semesters are rough. i cannot function during them at all. i hope everything chills out for you!! i’m not sure how the school year is over there but maybe it’s break time? that’d be nice. but rest in peace anyway, enjoy being dead! they say necromancy is frowned upon in all societies but I reckon it’s just called making a friend when you’re dead so maybe you wanna take that up as a hobby! I’ve heard it’s nice this time of year!

yup! sometimes I’m like oh you’re 5 foot 4? that sounds way taller than me. but it…it really isn’t…it’s like an extra 8cm or something. which adds up! but in my head I was picturing a MUCH taller height. In my head I think I picture 6 foot and 5 foot 4 as the same height, now that I think about it.

!!!!! my first order as queen of birds is to meet a morepork face to face so we can chat about the price of pork these days. yes!! the first half was nice but the second half was really fun. my best guess is still that it’s a salp? Maybe? So many salp pictures are massive groups of them but like,, from what i can tell of singular photos,,, it was maybe that? I guess the only other possibility is it’s just some clear jellyfish but salp does seem more likely. At first I was like oh duuude boob implant for the ocean!! but then I realised it actually seemed kinda alive and was probably an actual creature. my bad.

excellent. i’ll break any tension by dropping the vampire act for the mouse act. will do backflips for cheese. will bite ankles for homophobic comments. Will pull a knife out of god knows where, not to threaten anyone, just to clean my nails with to make everyone nervous. I offer many services. I’m flexible. And I love me some good food.

I actually DON’T know the reason behind burma trails. I really don’t. The reason ‘it’s a fun activity!’ seems a little fake. if it’s a fun activity then why did Mrs. G. tell us a horror story about the forest before we went out to navigate said forest at night, blindfolded, surrounded by wildlife and parents supervising (*cough* waiting for the opportunity to jump out at you *cough*) with a teacher at the end waiting to scare us. So we can learn how to navigate the forest in the dark? So we learn how to follow a mysterious rope INTO the forest at night? seems dodgy to me. school camps be like [drives you out to forest] follow this rope and don’t take your blindfold off. like. bruh. i almost DID have a heart attack one time, I got stuck like something was holding my leg. First thought-ah, must’ve got my leg stuck in a big stick. Second thought-maybe this is one of the parents fucking around, it feels more like a grip than a twig. Third thought-I cannot get my leg free no matter what I do what the fuck is HAPPENING so I started crying out for help. When they FINALLY came they found nothing my leg was caught on so that was fun. love that for me. I was able to move as soon as they arrived. That’s not weird at all. anyway.

I think most of my early memories are just from stories I’ve been told and photos I’ve seen. My memory tends to be horrible I highly doubt I remember that one time I was eating dirt from the garden out in the yard gleefully. I just saw the photo evidence. mm spaghetti. bone apple teeth. my character hasn’t changed at all since I was a wee babe.

ohhhh okay. I think I get what you mean by that. Thank you for trying to explain! That’s really interesting. I guess I do move my head a lot with glasses. Although I have massive glasses so it’s probably easier for me to just move my eyes where I want. I reckon with smaller glasses I’d have to move my head way more.

the temperature comment is so funny because during the heart of winter i tend to sleep with a sheet, a blanket, a duvet, then 2-4 blankets on top while in a long sleeve shirt and long pants and sometimes bed socks and often a hottie (i’ve never realised how that sounds out of context…a hot water bottle…is calling it a hottie normal or is a my family thing? is this a nz thing? now i’m questioning myself). in my uni accommodation last year we didn’t have proper heating during most of winter and well. there was a quilt added to everything else. every blanket i could find. how cold does it get here in winter? rarely ever past 0 degrees celsius. I would literally die in your position, clearly. I could not survive that. Props to you for making it through aha.

yesss. Before when I found five dollar notes it’d be on the street and I’d be like oh no! Mum we have to hand this into the police station! It’s a lot of money, someone will be looking for it! Understandably she was like,, lindsey they might miss it but there’s not really any way you can find them,,, I still refused to spend it. That was like my first time really getting that much money for myself. The dairy on main street sold lollies for 10 cents each and they had like, 30 different lil glass boxes so you’d go I want 3 of 26, 5 of 7, ohhh and 5 of 13 please! I dunno if they’re still 10 cents each but I thought it was the best thing ever as a kid. I think I wanted to save the money though sfdjsdkfhs put it in my piggy bank to save up for something ‘super cool’. Aka probably like a neat soft toy to sleep with sdfsdkfs.

#Anonymous#i wrote the majority of this reason like a couple hours after you sent it#then i went to bed because it was late. thinking to myself. oh i'll finish the last bit in the morning!#but of course in the morning the lil 1 didn't show up above mail and it was located in my drafts now so my dumb ass was like ah yes#absolutely nothing to respond to here!#i should know by now i never remember if i save things to drafts sfjshkdfhsdf#anyway#i REMEMBERED. a few days late. BUT i didn't just forget entirely so! there's that!#now i'll finish the last bit of the response and edit the incomprehensible tired mumbling parts#although i'm currently overheating so now it'll be incomprehensible overheated brain parts! fun!#no i cannot handle cold temperatures no i cannot handle 'hot' temperatures i can handle like a one to two degree range#and nothing else. life is. a trip.#I still don't know what to call dairy's when talking to people outside nz#corner store? they're not always on corners. convenience store? maybe. small shop? idk dude#i don't quite know the correct thing to equate them to.#but they sell lollies sometimes. that's the main point here sdkjhskdf#now to decide what I'm doing tonight#play stardew valley. watch someone else play stardew valley on youtube. stare at my ceiling thinking about stardew valley. do the dishes#earlier today i was like maybe...maybe i'll watch a movie...add some variety to my life...#i wanted to rewatch whatever movie has that song that is like agggooonnnyyyyyy#that's the only word i remember from the song. so it's that. or...well...back to my obsession
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rly tho i would recommend k-on to absolutely anyone… there are some ppl who would find it boring but if u have like any level of affinity or patience for the slice of life genre other than None At All i think it’d be a good anime to watch. its like, as good as slice of life can get without including something like drama or romance or just straight up being pure comedy, its really simple and straightforward but just such a feel-good anime, the characters are all likeable n their friendships feel genuine, i cried like a baby at the ending, the music is really good…. idk i just love it so much. it makes me so happy. its got like 30 something episodes n a movie n yet i still just wanted more of it by the end. i love it so much man

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i watched a movie w/ my boyfriend (it was “In This Corner of The World” if ur interested, v good yet sad) n i started to cry. the movie itself focused on family n kids n stuff and i just started bawling bc the idea of having my own family just made me so happy and i just want to take care of my own child n partner so bad :(((

#personal#gonna like talk abt this a lot more in the tags bc sentences r hard#but at the end of the movie the couple found a homeless kid and took her in and i just#idk why but that scene in particular of them showing the kid around town and acting like a family coming home from a day trip into the city#absolutely broke me#like !!!! i wanna take care of someone like that#ive always loved the idea of adopting a child too bc. i just wanna help#yknow if i can support and love them and watch them grow#and take them from a shitty time of their life into hopefully a happier one#i would do it in a heartbeat#i love kids sm and i just. family now.#idk maybe i just love domestic scenarios but literally the entire movie i could only think abt us being there instead#obviously in different circumstances bc the movie was based around the bombings of hiroshima#but aaaaaa :(( family :((( kids :((( marriage :(((( love :((#i just. wanna be a parent BSKFVSJAVSJAV#this probably makes no sense but idk ive never ever talked abt my want for being a parent to anyone#so its nice to get this off my chest even if im shouting into the void of tumblr venting#ig its also bc im young n so many people my age r like#‘wOOOO FINISHING SCHOOL TIME TO PARTY AND WORK AND BE FREE FROM PARENTS’#n im here like ‘haha i want. a family.’#i dont think ive ever met anyone my age that wants to settle down so early in life either lol#but idk its understandable#probably gonna delete this in like. 1 min. i just idk rlly wanted to talk abt it#may or may not be crying just bc i wanna care for a family and just. idk#its happy tears. or maybe more of a ‘someday’ type of hopeful tears.#idk anyways yearning time
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my friend lent me her netflix acc so guess who’s gonna watch owen wilson movies instead of paying attention in class

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2020 was a shit show but I watched so many good shows & movies for the first time and I honestly don’t know if I will ever watch SO much great stuff in one year again. A series of unfortunate events, the office, community, anne with an e, the umbrella academy, and the queens gambit are just my favorites but i also watched a handful of other things i enjoyed. I even rewatched some of these things already. I had seen a few episodes of some of these things, but 2020 is the year i watched them completely from start to finish

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CANNOT stress how much I do not want a horror movie/game to have a death by crushing/squeezing

#At this point I'm keeping a mental checklist in my head#Honestly this is so specific that I dont think that that 'Does the dog die?' site has it covered but tbh I never checked#I can stand any brutal scenes but there are 2 things in graphic media that make me literally physically sick and this is one of them#if you wanna know why; I think it's because as a kid; I had very frequent night terrors about people dying by getting crushed in shrinking#spaces. They were pretty graphic and I remember a few of them still#why I had such nightmares though; that I cannot say#honestly it's such a specific thing that I don't usually avoid a movie or ask if such a scene is there; but I guess some movies and games#gotta be the ones with the scenes. So far my absolutely least favourite experience was going to the cinema to see Ready Or Not#and getting to the elevator scene. It was the worst experience because I couldn't take a breather. Usually when I see that stuff I gotta#take a lil break; wait for my stomach to settle; maybe shake my limbs a little. Can't exactly do that in the cinema#I mean I know that it was my fault and that I should have done my best to check the net and find out when it happens to just close my eyes#but to be fair there are not many media where that happens. It's like checking every haystack just in case there's a needle#It's easier to just let the occasional needle prick you in the ass#It's after 2 am but I wanted to watch this B grade lesser known horror movie; but I guess I won't finish it actually#the last installment of the series had no crushing so I kinda didn't expect it#you know; I don't really expect 'death by shrinking space' in a film that's supposedly about transforming people into insect-like creatures!#but I guess that's just how films are!#Me; clueless: Maybe THIS installment will show us the experiments this series is allegedly about instead of SAWing people!!#please I just horrible practical effects body horror I do NOT want shrinking spaces#god if they also add exploding people my night will be ruined#I can take exploding people much better than I can take death by crushing though. Also depends on HOW they explode.#Sounds weird but that also be explained by the night terrors I had as a kid.
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