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#i just gave her a name
athena, what happened to you during the wishes event? what was it like?

Cultist: I got banned from participating in matches after a particularly embarrasing defeat. I got bored waiting for the event to end after an hour so I managed to convince Violetta to teach me how to sew and I’ve been making new pairs of gloves.

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Harmony Nikola

ANOTHER BATMAN OC? Who’d have thought! She manipulates people through music, but instead of her voice, it’s her instruments.

She went to the same high school as the Music Meister. He had choir, and she had band…but they both had theater. 

Flamboyant, bubbly, and friendly, Harmony cares more about the spectacle than villainy! She only terrorized Gotham because she was a bored rich kid with nothing better to do! ….well, terrorize is a bit of a strong word….she did orchestrate some crimes here and there through her songs, but it’s not like anybody died! She just wanted some excitement! She thought Batman doing the Carlton was something everyone would want to see.

She has the same cell next to Music Meister in Arkham now, and the two of them are going to make everyone else’s lives hell by being theater kids.

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Random Mood: Focused

Kushina was leaning over her desk, eyes resolutely focused on the task at hand. Minato has asked for her help with this Flying Raijin nonsense that he had going on and while this wasn’t generally Kushina’s area of expertise- her being far more interested in the sealing side of things- she had taken up the task. Now she was up to her ears in Space-Time research as she tried figuring out a loophole for the Namikaze to exploit. It was tiring and it relied on Kushina knowing complex terms that she truly didn’t, hence why she also had several textbooks perched beside her and on her lap for her to turn to when she couldn’t figure out a term needed. 

She’d had many a visitor as they tried to drag her from her work, none had so far succeeded. Once she has her mind set on something, she intended to see it through until the bitter end. Today, her visitor was none other than one Yamanaka Ran. The brunette female was intent on dragging the redhead from her mountain of books with the prospect of a party being hosted for Inuzuka Tsume, it was her birthday after all. She tried many times to catch the attention of the petite redhead but all her efforts appeared to go ignored, causing her to huff in irritation and turn to leave.

“Gomen Ran-chan… I can’t make it. I know I promised Tsume-chan that I’d be able to come but I’ve gotten a little bit tangled up, you see and now I don’t believe I’ll have the energy or time to go. Please give her my sincerest apologies,” Kushina mumbled erratically, bending down closer to the page to read what the words said. It caught the Yamanaka off-guard as she didn’t believe Kushina had actually heard a single word she’d said. With a stuttery confirmation, Ran left and closed the door behind her. 

When the door closed, Kushina lets out a small noise of triumph as she reaches up to grab her pen. She scribbled yet another note down on the page that was scattered with helpful tips written in an illegible script. Kushina planned to completely crack this teleportation nonsense by the end of the day and have her notes to Minato by the next morning. She had no idea if he’d be able to read her ridiculously messy writing but she had no intentions of rewriting any of this again. 

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ight  but  when  josie  siphoned  the  dark  magic  out  of  lizzie  in  the  last  legacies  ep,  how  come  it  didn’t  siphon  the  vampire  blood  in  her  system  too  ?  like  when  kai  siphoned  liz  in  tvd  ?

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Some more killjoy ocs of mine


  • Crash queen
  • Likes to race
  • Always changing their hair color
  • Only person in the zones who doesn’t think the Kobra Kid is at least somewhat attractive
  • Arrogant

Sister Electric

  • Mechanic
  • Works at one of the race tracks
  • Has bright purple hair
  • She knows Mustang and they’re friends
  • She wants to be a musician and is learning how to play guitar from Cherri Cola

The Ghost in the Diner off Route 13

  • Nobody actually knows if he exists or not
  • Nobody knows his name either
  • According to people who have met him he’s really nice
  • Might bring good luck if you’re nice no one knows

Harold Jenkins (aka Wii Sports Resort)

  • Killjoy spy in the city
  • Has been there for so long no one suspects a thing
  • Works an office job in the HQ
  • Gets info to Dr. D about upcoming raids and stuff like that
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🌀- as a fusion with another OC!



Phoebe + Thea


Fusion relatively stable; short occasional outbursts of anger or fear, simulating a fight or flight response even if no threat is present.

  • Tends to be quiet and secretive
  • Can hold her own pretty well in a fight, although she sometimes hesitates if she sees the opponent is badly injured
  • Likes to watch the night sky and count stars
  • Carries around a pocket knife
  • Reads lots of books
  • Talks to herself very often, most of the time narrating what she’s doing
  • Wears glasses for fashion, tries very hard to be more confident
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