#i just have the drawing tablet now.
jjaydazo · a day ago
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I have some very exciting good news to tell to all of you. 
and this will image might explain it all. 
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kiddokori · 9 months ago
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deltarune chapter 2 release go brrrrrrr
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amphibianaday · 7 months ago
long toad
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day 749
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corpsentry · a month ago
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mhmm uhuh yup
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wigglebox · 2 months ago
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Huevember Day 1 redraw
Comparison here.
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b4kuch1n · a year ago
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something something root vegetables
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maythearo · a year ago
Watch me not knowing what i'm doing
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I have a tablet now hbudbfkjwgfjdsbchakfplease
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sysig · 8 months ago
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Day 18 - Surprise!
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graedari · a year ago
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Alright. I in my opinion, there is not enough Virgil in Roman’s coat content. SO I WILL MAKE IT MYSELF
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donttellthemangosiwashere · 2 months ago
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mango back at it again with a new ✨monsterboy/fantasy AU✨ because they have ✨✨✨no self control✨✨✨
Patton and Virgil are selkie best friends!
They met as lil children when both were captured to be part of a zoo/aquarium, and ended up escaping together!
They were kept in separate but parallel enclosures because they expected Virgil (a leopard seal, who was slighly older) to attempt to eat Patton (a bearded seal) as he got older, as leopard seals often eat other seals and Virgil even at a young age was unusually violent
Patton was the mastermind behind their escape and getting rid of their tracking devices, which they both have vicious scars on their backs to show for
They escaped into the Hudson Bay, where they now live, and Pat fed their trackers to some polar bears so that their old keepers (who were Distressed at how much trouble they would get into for losing a LEOPARD SEAL into a huge bay full of smaller seals) wouldn’t look for them, but neither of them know if the scientists actually bought that
They spend a lot of their time disguised as humans because it makes it easier for them (especially Virgil) to eat the proper amount, as selkies need A LOT OF FOOD to sustain themselves
They both have slightly webbed hands and sharp teeth, which they try to hide and/or play off as “just a little quirk totally normal and genetic” as much as possible
When they first shed their seal skins they appear much like cloaks made of animal hide, proportionate to the seals they had been (Virgil’s is huge because he’s like twice Patton’s size in seal shape) but they can use their magic to obscure them into the shape of any jacket/cloak/sweater/poncho-like garment shape they please
They can also use magic in seal form, mostly to manipulate the water around them, but they can’t do the water-bending type stuff in human shape.
In human shape Patton is about 5′9, and Virgil is around 6′6. They’re both unusually strong for a human, but Virgil MUCH more so.
At least one month every year must be spent for them to molt, during which time their “jacket/cardigan” looks really ratty and gross as a newer, cleaner-looking coat emerges from beneath it like a cocoon.
Neither are sure where their families are or if they’re alive, but they’ve both made peace with the fact that they’ll probably never see them again, and they’re more than happy sticking together :)
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honeymilque · a month ago
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Movie Night!! 🍿
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gierosajie · 13 days ago
There's a belief here that you can call the wind by whistling and since Venti calls in the wind for spring to push out the snow, I think he should do a little whistle
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I'm mostly taking a bunch of ideas from both media and shaking them in a jar
Ei and Makoto constantly blind everyone because they're practically joined at the hip all the time and their wings won't stop glowing
←Tinkerbell AU doodles Part 1
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moeblob · 11 months ago
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spoopy-fish-writes · a month ago
The urge to start a webtoon verses no
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crunchworldsupreme · 4 months ago
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wowow it's been one full year since I started this blog. Big thank you to everyone who has hung out here with me <3 you way improved my 2021, here's to a bangin' 2022
real talk tho, thank you. I actually reached every goal I had for this blog. It didn't go exactly how I intended it (I meant to do a lot more art lmao) but other than that, this has pretty much been the ideal tumblr experience.
Personally, I have not been using tumblr with the intention of gaining exposure or followers. What I wanted from jump was to find a chill group of people that I liked and interacted with. And I have more than achieved that! Seeing the notes on my posts (and I do see them all, my blog small as hell 😂) grants a certain small joy. You know the one. It's nice I like it 😌 And getting to see other people here work on their own things makes me so happy.
I've had tumblr accounts on and off for almost a decade and honest to god this is the first time I've ever really had fun here.
I was also not doing too hot when I started this blog (wow, imagine that) and my mental state has improved so much in the last year. For a lot of reasons, but this blog has been one of them. It's been chill as hell and it makes me smile😊
This is also a big milestone for me, because despite how inconsistent and low effort this blog has been at times (most times lol), it's also The Longest I have ever stuck to one thing, and that feels good. I don't really know where I will go from here, I've been kind of out of ideas and busy with other things lately, but hopefully this is something I can keep doing and that will continue to be a positive little thing in my life
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chanstopher · a month ago
i’m awol because my brain is funky today but do u guys wanna see a lil sneak peak 👀
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rsmrymnt-tea · a month ago
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my afternoon date <3
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calamarispiderart · a year ago
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o shit!!!
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spicy--dirt · 6 months ago
I don't want to finish what I started but I don't want to trash it altogether, so even though everything I upload to tumblr is blurry here's a hand I done did.
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fanartfunart · 6 months ago
“fixing” an annoying “you need to fix this” popup on your computer by looking on the internet and trying every command & trick just to make the popup go away
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