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#i just love reputation
micasa · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
"Whatever you say, it is not right." "Whatever you do, it is not enough." "Your kindness is fake." "Your pain is manipulative." When she lay there on the ground, she dreamed of time machines and revenge and a love that was really something, not just the idea of something.
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thelasttime · a year ago
the best songs on reputation:
“...ready for it?”
“end game”
“i did something bad”
“don’t blame me”
“look what you made me do”
“so it goes....”
“getaway car”
“king of my heart”
“dancing with our hands tied”
“this is why we can’t have nice things”
“call it what you want”
“new year’s day”
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wanyinchen · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I'm sure this has been done before but this...I-I--It came to me in a vision, and it refused to leave me until I drew it.✨
After the nighthunt incident, JC’s first and second spiders began to bully him into leaving his hair down and in really loose braids. They wanted to see if Yunmeng Jiang could actually combust from how pretty their Sect Leader is, and they were right. And when the spiders heard that Sect Leader Lan was visiting (his crush was embarrassingly obvious), they began to double the bullying, shoving JC into more intricate robes than his daily violet jianxiu robes and ta-da! LXC has lost all ability to function. Poor man.
Anyways, headcanon: Jiang Cheng is really oblivious and dense when it comes to positive (especially romantic natured) emotions from other people. His self-loathing is THAT strong. Like “Oh, Lan Xichen doesn’t love me, that’s impossible. I can’t even love myself” while LXC is in the background “<3<3<3 WANYIN!!!! ILY!!! ILY and ur faults and scars<3<3 Please let me love you<3″
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faunthekid · 4 months ago
maybe this is just bc the way i am but.
oh i need c!wilbur to find redemption. he needs to cut the fake apology bullshit. the little knowing looks to the camera. he’s planning something. and, first of all, i LOVE this character, alright, but i’m not rooting for him. i’m rooting for whatever he has planned next to fall down all around him. i want it to go up in flames before it really even starts. i want his old friends and the ppl he used to care about to truly lay into him that he can’t continue down this road he’s going down, and for once i want him to listen. i want shame. i want c!wilbur soot to realize that this ugly growing rot in his heart isn’t something he should embrace and i want a BREAK DOWN. i want TEARS. i want him to realize for a lot of things in a lot of ways he doesn’t DESERVE forgiveness. and i want him to get it still from a few people. people like tommy and tubbo and niki maybe. and i want him to realize being good or trying to be and caring for people and loving them is so so much better than this grey morality and recklessness and discardment of all his past ideologies and values.
because i know this is a story of betrayal and pain. of war and blood
but it’s also been the story of healing and revolutions and friendship and god i want c!wilbur to get to heal. and i want the catharsis that comes with that. i’m so tired of villian arcs and revenge. i just hope dsmp writers know watching a character heal and change for the better, even if it makes them “weak”, that can be just as powerful -if not more- as watching a character succumb to madness, burning with his nation.
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uraaniuum · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Happy May the Fourth everyone!  This was inspired by @sweetiepie08​ who is currently reading through Dooku: Jedi Lost (as everyone should!) and pointed out that young Dooku gives off Paris Geller vibes and well, lmao, yeah he does.  Here’s the referenced clip (x).
Tumblr media
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wenofqishan · 10 days ago
lwj a few months into the long live au, overhearing people spreading horrible rumours about the yiling patriarch, and he’s grieving and furious and about to storm out of the room rather than hear another ugly thing said about wei ying. and then suddenly one of them says “from everything you’re saying, it sounds like this yiling laozu, lan wangji, is even fiercer than the last!”
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dagranwrites · 5 months ago
if vlad’s redemption arc happens while danny is still a teen it has to include every single possible opportunity for “bring your kid to work”-days, where danny tags along when vlad is at his companies, so he can be the ultimate sassmaster, while vlad is going back and forth between “i will end this child the second i am alone with him” and “best. idea. ever.” (bc danny is one smart boi and gets to show off and vlad is like low-key proud/impressed) in the span of literal seconds, there is just so much regret and so much to gain
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abluescarfonwaston · a year ago
Okay but Jaskier- Noble fresh out of Oxenfurt whose always had the money for a tailor to repair his clothing- rips his clothing while traveling with Geralt early on. During that first stretch when neither of them ever have any money.
Jaskier moaning and whining All day about it. How his pants are just going to get worse and Worse and fall apart and no ones going to let him play for them because his clothes are destroyed!
Geralt thinking he’s just being an over-dramatic shit ignoring him. Because Everyone on the continent knows how to repair a tear like that. He’s just trying to get Geralt to do it for him.
Then Geralt realizing as the kid’s lip starts wobbling as he stares at it while they make camp that- no he actually doesn’t know how to.
Geralt sighing and taking out his sowing kit and showing Jaskier how to fix it. Jaskier copying him and then looking up to ask ‘did i do it right?’ Geralt nodding.
Jaskier breaking out in the Biggest grin. Positive reinforcement! That’s new!!!!
It’s nice. Helping someone and receiving gratitude instead of hatred or fear. It’s nice. So he lets Jaskier stay. Just for a little longer. Just a little longer.
Bonus: Jaskier absolutely loves the simple repetitive task that makes them look nicer and their clothing last longer. He can talk and think and be helpful and do something with his hands and its GREAT.
And Jaskier’s just a little more bearable on nights when he’s mending something. So Geralt lets him sow up his clothing too. Spends the extra time hunting or foraging or making potions. 
Its just a little thing. But its one of the little things that makes his life easier when he’s with Jaskier. And all those little things add up into something he doesn’t want to lose.
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thelasttime · 4 months ago
Rep or red?
you’d think it would be red considering this has always been my icon but i’m sorry ,, reputation just hits different
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bi-demon-ium · 18 days ago
crack au wherein the team are a crew of pirates but it’s all very robin hood and kids movie “pirates” but really we’re basically a wandering band of vagabonds and heroes, stealing from assholes and the government, helping the poor, etc. anyway they’ve got their top ranking crew members--the first mate, number two, fearsome and kind of bizarre, the--okay, i’m gonna be real, i don’t know or understand ship or pirate ranks, but we’ve also got milligan (hulking giant of a man, can absolutely destroy you) and rhonda (master of disguise and deception!) and so on. and then you’ve got the captain. mysterious, terrifying captain benedict, who no one has ever seen and left alive. you know, supposedly. so when a bunch of kids stowaway on the ship, thinking it’s the merchant ship the shortcut, or something along those lines, realize they are actually on famed fearsome pirate ship green mystery (dont ask me where im getting that name i have no fucking idea) they’re like “oh! shit!” and are naturally, although they nearly avoid it by being incredibly clever, found out. or hey, maybe even only some of them are found out, but kate manages to evade capture by clinging to the rafters, or reynie gives himself up as a distraction. either way, some or all of them are taken to the mysterious captain expecting god knows what--someone scary! someone tall and intimidating! some mean and tough! and instead they get this kindly looking worried professor-type who seems much more inclined to fuss over whether they’re sick from being down there for so long or if they’ve eaten enough than throw them overboard. he’s a genius, sure, and he’s helped orchestrate god knows how many wild missions and adventures to steal shit from assholes (including his brother, who probably has a high position in government, not that he knows that’s who it is yet due to his assumed name) and help people they come across, but while he can defend himself he’s not really the fighting type, he’s the planning type, and also yes he does dangerous things NO HE WOULD NEVER ENDANGER A CHILD ARE YOU INSANE come kids we shall get you plenty of food and a proper place to sleep 
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kimjunsuho · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"and i know i make the same mistakes every time bridges burn, i never learn at least i did one thing right, i'm laughing with my lover, makin' forts under covers trust him like a brother yeah, you know i did one thing right— starry eyes sparkin' up my darkest night."
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themoonandhersun · 8 months ago
one of my personal headcanons for zuko and animals just straight up love zuko and just go up to him randomly all the time.
zuko is going to the market in ba sing se? yes, kids and animals alike go up to him, and follow him around
zuko is just trying to do his job in the teashop? animals wait for him outside (yes, they do try to go inside the teashop but zuko has to get them out) and kids always go up to him and talk to him
when he joins the gaang, appa and momo like him, yes, that’s a given—but what he doesn’t expect is birds and frogs and other wild animals to just.....follow him around and lick him and cling to him???
and when he’s crowned firelord? oh boy, oooh boy—
turtleducks are always on him, always. it would be more surprising to see no turtleducks on zuko, actually!!! (yes, even in important meetings, turtleducks are on zuko. more specifically: on his head, shoulders, lap, arms, torso, etc. turtleducks just love zuko, and who can blame them?)
anytime he goes out as the blue spirit (when being firelord feels like too much) kids always seem to spot him somehow, and go to him and it’s never easy being stealthy when kids follow you around? (they always ask him a bunch of questions, too!!! the questions include, but are not limited to: ‘sir, why are you wearing that mask? can i try it on? sir? why are you being all sneaky? are you committing a crime? are you really a spirit? sir??? sir????? sir why are you not talking??? can you talk? can you answer my questions??’)
#zutara#omg wait#imagine the scene in ba sing se going so differently bc kids and animals love zuko#like katara goes to the teashop and sees zuko right#but instead of just seeing zuko as a waiter she sees zuko taking time to talk to some kids who are following him around#and when she sees zuko being a big ol softie to lil kids she’s like ‘okay....maybe he’s not that bad’ but she still wants to investigate#so she goes in the teashop to Investigate Zuko The Teashop Server Who Is Apparently Nice To Kids™️#and then she asks the customers around her about zuko#and zuko has a reputation/is known for how kids and animals love him and follow him around#and it’s another reason why so many of the locals in ba sing se like him even tho he tends to be grumpy#a customer: ‘yeah lee has a mean demeanor and can seem to be intimidating but when you see the guy be really sweet and caring to the kids#and animals the intimidating aura he once has just goes away. he’s popular among the ladies too—is that why you’re asking about him?’#and katara has to LIE and be like ‘yes actually. i saw him with the kids and the animals outside and i just...wanted to know more about him’#(but also yes she does find him Super Cute in his earth kingdom clothes. but she would never admit that)#and the customer she’s talking to is like: ‘yeah that’s not surprising. half of the customers are here for lee and the other half are here#for the tea. i mean i can’t blame them lee is a handsome guy. he’s too young for me though!’ and shrugs at katara#& katara doesn’t know zuko’s age so she asks ‘oh how old is lee then?’ (she wants to scream that his real name is zuko but she can’t do it)#the customer: ‘oh he’s 16’#katara (who is into older boys with floppy hair who swordfight with two swords): ‘oh really??? you don’t say??’#and then....when our precious lee spots katara?....#it’s basically the biggest ‘Oh Shit’ moment ever#okay i’m gonna stop now#😭😭#!!!!! <3#i love: them#they: are soulmates#they are in love your honor#i really love that zuko being a softie for lil kids is canon 🥺 he’s the best boy i love him sm i truly do
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wingedbeings · 18 days ago
#stupidcore but i'm really sexy about it
#scheduled an appointment to get my eyebrow piercing next week if i have the anatomy for it but the day directly after when itll be swollen#and ill probably have a black eye bc of my funny little blood clotting issues i go to a forced event w family who detests piercings so#thats peak planning on my end v funny tbh#in all honesty i completely forgot abt the event bc no one decided to write it down properly when we have an agenda right here on this phone#only realised when i checked my starred emails and saw rhe event in there after already making the piercing appointment#im also gonna ask em if i have the anatomy for a bridge piercing + if they know any reputable jewellery places that sell#titanium gold piercings ie when they anodise them to change the colour rather than plated w smth bc of my funny little mcas#but i have this deep affection towards gold on me i think it suits me more than silver#also bronze as well#v beautiful im like a corvid i love shiny little gay jewellery#still soo sad my last eyebrow piercing in my other eyebrow instantly got fucked and rejected bc the piercer was inexperienced#but its ok i'll be epic once more#that was years ago tho before i even got my nostril done#also going to ask if they think snakebites n a medusa will be doable w my funny little mouth ulcer issues + my stimming#also considering shark bites tho bc thatd be so cute when i have bars like studs in them instead of rings#i also want a smiley but i have a feeling i'll wreck my own shit w that one bc im too clumsy :)#ohh n i want to get my other nostril done as well so i can put the small arrowhead ones in there + maybe add a little over the nose chain#i also want more ear piercings tbh but idk i always sleep on my sides only so that would probably cause my sensory issues to be like wtf -_-#love piercings sm its like woah funny little guys on my face#wish soo bad i could just pierce them all myself bc its taking forever thru professionals but ik my chronic illnesses would wreck my ass :/#no hold on but cyber bites in combination w either shark or snakebites...... ohh#kio.txt#hm well i would like shark bites more towards the middle rather than towards the corners of my lip tho so i dont think they qualify as shark#bites anymore then but well. lip piercings my beloved#if u want a ref @/grxdience on tiktok has such epic piercings love what hes got going on
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