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#i just love them a lot

adksajdas you’re all good!! everyone makes that mistake sometimes i know i die every time i do it so don’t worry too much!! 

yes!!! i get so happy listening to tubbo talk about his interests and i wish that he would just rant abt them more. just yesterday i had a friend that was ranting about their Thing and i have no interest in it at all but i listened anyway bc there’s just something so special about someone’s voice when they’re talking about something they’re passionate about.

i don’t usually catch a lot of tommy’s streams bc our schedules just don’t align (i’m always in class smh) but he’s genuinely so entertaining even when he’s not doing a bit or being annoying for content. like when he’s just chilling and talking to chat and stuff. 

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Lmao what do y’all wanna know??? My headcanons??? Me and Brainlets AU??????

And if you mean things I like canonically I mean just:


Fucking look at them!!! Before the court of owls got them!!! They’re fucking baby!!!! Head empty no thoughts baby!!!!! Look at the way they look at the burn on their arm and just stand there while Alfred gently bops them in the head!!! No idea what’s going on!!! Just baby!!!! Just baby who wants to be fed and loved!!! They look so scared when Bruce and Alfred are watching them!! That’s just a stray animal Bruce took into his house and fed!! They just want someone to care about them!!!!!!

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I’m gonna be the MOST basic bitch and say I am W E A K for Nygmobblepot tbh

Though I’ll be real I’ll take most Oswald ships lol, I can see the appeal in a lot of them

And I LOVE a slutty character so if I can find a reason to make someone sleep with EVERYONE I fucking will lmao

I also have a soft spot for Oswald x Jerome tbh, y’all know he was jeromes bitch in arkham I’m just saying 👀👀

And I’ve read a few good Oswald x Jim fic’s tbh

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there’s still plenty to go back to, it’s all just very different now. but the point is there’s an actual life for me there afterwards, and I can’t say that for nakt. i’ll never be able to live a normal life there bc of my heritage and shit and honestly the legacy both elder gales have set up for me and deme to live with just isn’t one i think i could stand living under and doing so well

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