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#i just need everyone to see this post
kingbarrett · 9 days ago
wrestlemania this year was stellar overall like yes there were some outcomes I did not like and some matches I did not care for but the entire thing was so good and this being the first wm I watch that's a REAL wrestlemania with a crowd and performances and grandiose entrances..... not to mention the fact I got to see Edge, a wrestler I've known about for years, a wrestler who I thought I'd never be able to see for myself, get into a wrestlemania ring and fight after so long..... it's all just amazing and I love it so much and being able to liveblog and shout about it along w everyone else made it even better
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silverislander · 9 days ago
uhhhh so it's p late cuz i'm catching up on my dash and just saw your post from (i think) last night...but tell me about your hcs!! also, if it's not way too personal, why were you feeling paranoid?
it was from last night at the time of writing this! i never mind talkin abt them tho :) thinkin abt ellie and dina as parents lately
they’re so fucking embarrassing omg.  they’re doing it on purpose.  beyond being v v affectionate in public (naturally embarrassing for any kid), they have a wealth of puns and general dad jokes between them and they use them constantly
the kind of parents who talk to their kid like they’re an adult, ellie especially
ellie: hey potato, what’re you thinking for supper
jj, who is six months old and cannot speak: (happy baby noises)
ellie: oh for sure dude, carrots it is!
all jj’s friends want to hang out at his house bc they’re just like.  the best.  they come over and miss ellie will always play a game or two with them, miss dina made cookies and they’re both willing to help work out the kids’ newest silly plan.  everyone loves the williams-[redacted] household :)
april fools is legitimately fucking dangerous between the three of them.  nobody is to be trusted, not even the cat.  yes the cat drew on the walls NOT jj he’s offended you would even accuse him of that!!
if jj wants anything he knows to go to ellie bc she’s most affected by the puppy eyes.  at least dina recognizes that his ideas are not always good for him, ellie would actually kill someone if he asked her to
on that note, lord help anyone who ever tries to bully him.  he has not one but TWO scary moms who love him very much
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mulleteikichi · 11 days ago
mm. feelings.
#anyways so my dog is dying and yeah it;s normal to be sad and cry and shit#especially over a pet you've had for like 7 years#but god. i genuinely just can't handle this right now#i can't even like properly feel bad because i'm always too tired or just. don't have the capacity to feel strong emotions about shit#like i can't fully process this? i was just crying for a good 15+ minutes laying next to him on the floor#and after that i just. feel normal#not like good normal like 'i just cried and got it all out' i mean#normal like i'm USED to this level of grief or whatever#this just is a whoooole fuckin mess and i can't even like. do anything to help myself because i know everyone who could even comfort me#is too busy being asleep because Timezones but still#i just know that when i get up after passing out tomorrow i'll be unable to talk like this until The Next Tragic Event#so i'll do this for now and then well#if anyone sees this hi i guess#but god it's. i don't even have the energy to grieve or hate myself for not being able to grieve#i'm just gonna go and add this to the list of issues i have and i hate that because i need to be able to address my own fucking emotions#and yet here i am writing a vent post on tumblr that like two people at most will see#i just miss. being able to feel y'know? like genuinely feel many complicated things#like yeah i hate myself and detest myself but like. in a chill way because i can't fucking even HATE myself right this sucks dick#and by 'right' i just mean like hate myself with energy it's literally just 'huh you're a freak who everyone is going to hate if they learn#more about you' or 'you can't be genuinely nice to anyone because you have to put so much effort into everything' or just. etc etc my point#has been made#i just wish i could like. FEEL feel y'know. everything is just at most miserable or at normal. just. real bad#anyways everything is criiiinge#vent
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niuxita21 · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I knew I could find you here. What’s wrong? Are you OK? Yeah, everything’s OK. I was just called a [straight woman that cockteases lesbians], but, other than that, everything’s fine. And I just ran into a pack of shitty misogynists. As if being a mom were an insult. 
#madre solo hay dos#ana servín#mariana herrera#shitty screencap posts (TM)#another lame-ish post but I just wanted a space to tag vomit real quick about how SOFT ana's voice got when she asked 'are you ok?'#like is this now the status quo??? is ana now gonna be a hellcat with literally everyone else#but when she sees mariana has a hair out of place she'll completely melt into this gooey alter ego that only cares if she's ok??#because if so I'ma need time to prepare because it is A LOT!!!!!!!!!!#her reaction to hearing what elena's current squeeze called mariana was rly cute too#(sidenote: two years of master's degree coursework were finally put to use in my decision-making process for how to translate 'buga'#I spent an inordinate amount of time waffling between going for the functional equivalent or not before deciding not to take any risks#lest I got a bunch of anons in my inbox chastising me for how I interpreted the term completely wrong or something lol#so y'know money well spent!!)#anyway this was a cute little moment#I understand their screentime can be limited because of the short runtime#and the fact that they have to juggle screentime/storylines for a lot of supporting characters as well#so I will take whatever few crumbs they give me and make a three-course meal out of it#it was nice to see them commiserating about their respective troubles#as well as seeing again how much ana always picks up immediately if there's something bothering mariana#which is just the SWEETEST thing especially considering how they started out ugh :)))
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kaquyas · 27 days ago
like on one hand it KILLS me when ppl mischaracterize my favorite characters but on the other hand i just like. dont care. like i just live in the knowledge that all the stans AND haters are wrong but i alone know the truth
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chae-rok · 29 days ago
this is not a personal post i just need to rant
#it always feels wrong when im into a new thing and there's some 'problematic'... scandal i guess?? that happened in the past#and idk how people who i follow or see in the tags felt about it#like. it happened before i was here so im like weary bc what if this person excused it#and............. in this particular case it's especially tricky bc.#idk how to explain this djsdsk#okay well this is about j*sung okay? and everyone acts like nothing happened and idk#i guess i just find it hard to just move on and... forgive him?? bc it's not my apology to accept!!#it might be bc i recently got into skz and even more recently found out about his racist shit#but... idk. don't feel comfortable just rbing gifs of him or talking about him?? like maybe it's just me#i don't think he's unforgivable or anything but. idk#the thing is it's not a minor thing it's... a lot. and he's apologized and said he'd reflect but it's still hard to like someone after u#find out they said stuff like that#ive been 13 too and i did and said wrong things but. not the n word ever like that's just... awful... idk#im glad if he's changed but i guess with the fact that i hadn't known him for long when i found out i didn't even have some kind of#attachment to him that made me go 'well i know he's better than this now' does that make sense?#this is all so incoherent i started writing this post at home and then i realized it was late and now im at work#briefly so i could've just waited but this has been bugging me and i need it off my chest#bottom line is i don't think i can like j*sung and when it comes to forgiving him it's not my place to do so
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hatilead · a month ago
on another james related note i headcanon him as a homosexual and there’s nothing you can do about it.    that man is gay.   exclusively into men.     is he aware of this in most verses ?    fuck no.      does that take away from the fact that he is gay   ?    absolutely not. 
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itsnotdraco · a month ago
i’ve been thinking about how lucky i am to have grown up with parents who made it clear that they would accept and love me no matter what sexuality or gender i was. i’m so sad that a lot of people don’t get that and i want them to know that who they are is beautiful and should be celebrated. ❤️
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kyoupann · a month ago
The time has come, my dudes.
It's been 3 months since my first LU-but-not-really uQuiz. And it's time I started working on the second one.
However, for this quiz, I want input from you! I want to know if you have any type of questions you love/hate to see in those quizzes, so feel free to send an ask/direct message with your preferences. No need to send a full question. Just a "please no song lyrics section" will do! 🤗
If you missed my LU quiz, here it is!
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greghircsh · a month ago
sorry spn mutuals ive had enough its been 4 months im filtering every supernatural related tag i can think of. keep doing what ur doing tho you are all so much stronger than i. hope ur gay angel and the other guy go canon again for like the tenth time
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