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#i just think the tag is so funny

I wish Prodigal Son had concentrated more on some of the things established in the pilot episode. By which I mean, I wish they had brought up police brutality as a real issue before current events made it impossible to avoid.

The show started with a police officer shooting an unarmed man right after Malcolm had convinced the guy to put down his weapon. Throughout the show, Malcolm continues to do this - tries to talk people into surrendering nonviolently - and every time a cop is also there he begs them not to shoot.

It could have been so easy for the show to explicitly make that man’s murder the catalyst of Malcolm’s declining mental health.

He was a good enough FBI agent to be the lead agent on that serial killer case, after he had been with them for 10 years: he was not nearly as reckless/impulsive as he is now. Seeing a man murdered in front of him, hearing the cop brag about killing the guy (and losing his job as punishment for punching the murderer) is what made him spiral. Knowing a person who he was trying to help - trying to save - was killed anyway is what most of his trauma is about, so that’s just another thing to have PTSD over…. The events of the show after that are just making it worse and worse.

Also in the pilot, Malcolm had a nightmare at the police station, and he tried to run away from it. He was terrified, he accidentally knocked down Dani, but he never tried to hurt anyone. And the officers all drew their weapons and pointed their guns at him… And season 2 decided to reference this by once more giving him a nightmare at the police station and once more having officers ready to shoot him, even though he was once again not trying to hurt anyone. Dani makes a joke about his nightmares being intense, because the audience is supposed to find this whole thing funny I guess? It’s framed as a comedic scene, a breath of fresh air after the heavy emotions of his nightmare. And it would be, if the officers in the background didn’t have their hands hovering over their guns, ready to draw their weapons and shoot if Bright moves wrong even though he’s just sitting behind his desk.

The way the show treated that vs JT is weird. Are we criticizing police brutality - which includes how the police treat people who are mentally ill (and other marginalized groups) - or are we not?

Because the show had a police brutality plotline in the pilot episode, if they had bothered to actually do anything with what they established there. It had the potential for commentary on how law enforcement protects their corrupt officers and fires the ones who speak out against them, and how police discriminated against the mentally ill. That isn’t to say we should ignore race when it comes to police discrimination! And adding in a plotline that addresses that is important as well, if you’re trying to address police brutality as a whole! Because racism is definitely a huge problem! But it is not the only problem, and adding in that plotline while also making a joke out of the discrimination your mentally ill character faces when his emotional outbursts are met with officers ready to draw their weapons and shoot him (when he’s never been violent towards them and they have no reason to believe he would hurt someone there)? Yikes.

It just doesn’t feel like the writers really care about these issues. It feels like they’re only doing this so their show looks good compared to other cop drama shows.

#prodigal son#Malcolm was fired from the FBI for trying to do something about police corruption. and also for his PTSD. but mostly the first reason#because they were willing to overlook his PTSD for 10 years until then. and i have no doubt that the officers exaggerated his faults#when they filed a complaint about him#and idk i just think that could have been an interesting thread to do literally anything with. literally anything.#once more i will talk into the tags since I'm not sure what to say and the tags are less formal than the actual post so i can be messy here#but. it really feels like the show's police brutality arc is doing the... 'a few bad apples' defense? and that the end goal of the arc#will be to clear the precinct of those few bad racist cops and say 'we did it! police brutality is over 💖' and it's fixed as fast as Covid#(the show's Covid. not ours obviously)#and so! in order to address this in the neatest way possible! they ignore every other instance of brutally and corruption#or they treat it as a joke and expect you to not think too hard about it and just laugh#........ you know I've never called a show copaganda before but. 'yes Black Lives Matter 💖' the cop show says#while turning the discrimination its mentally ill protag faces into a joke... I don't think it's propaganda i think they're just dumb#but boy oh boy does it leave a very bad taste in my mouth#i just. i would like it better if they either addressed all the on-show examples of discrimination. or addressed *none* of them directly#because this sort of half ACAB half cop apologism half 'lol it's not even a big deal. it's funny!' thing they have going on#makes about as much sense as my math skills trying to add up three halves into a whole morality message#maybe they'll bring it up later! i can hope! i don't have high expectations though#long post#dang actually this is so long. I'm trying to read over this the next morning and adhd brain says no. not sure how i actually typed it all#@ all my followers who don't know what prodigal son is: i swear it's actually a good show okay don't let me turn you off from it#I'm still gonna watch it I'm just going to judge it while i do. but it's fine it's fun. it's a crime drama show they all have many faults#also i said half of this on Discord already so like. rip to anyone seeing it twice#i was trying to get my thoughts together and they still aren't together. but that's everyone else's problem now#Prodigal Son criticism
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I was reading @dialovers-translations ’s translation of Ayato’s HDB route (Ecstasy no.2) and a bit of dialogue between Ayato and Yui made me laugh, because it reminded me of my own thoughts:

Me: Are you telling me to live my life without ever interacting with others again?

My anxiety: Of course

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It’s so weird being in the Gotham fandom and the Stranger Things fandom at the same time, like:

ST fandom: “After carefully analizing the subtext in the show, I’m now going to write a theory about why I think this character might be gay”

Gotham fandom: *points at literally anyone* “these bitches gay. good for them, good for them”

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as an aside, one of my favorite one-off lines on the blaseball wiki is that cedric spliff’s con artist crimes include 1) selling people weed but it’s actually oregano, and 2) selling people oregano but it’s actually weed

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IM GONNA RAMBLE about ocs in this post because i enjoy doing that

#Damien talks#ok welcome to the tags. assume im talking to you like in a pillow fort and im telling u about ocs because for some reason ur interested#ok so. you know Jason? my ghost oc? i made it tragic. like. Jason's death is a tragic thing. i was like working on the fact that Scott#was being a bitch™ and just killed one of his closer human friends. but instead i decided to make him have feelings for once and that was#regret for killing a friend of his. i promise its more dramatic but im just downplaying this because uhh im just sort of rambling about it#DHDHJDNFFMFM#uhm. OH YEAH ALSO OC IDEA i had this idea while i was out like. weeeks ago#had the idea of this computer virus who falls in love with every computer or machine it gets itself into#but the poor virus doesn't know they're the ones destroying the machine. so they're sad but they keep looking for more computers#they're very in love 🥰 but y'know.. not like /permanent/ they're just a program.. a very obsessed program.. HSHDBDBDN#im replacing the lovecore oc for this one because!! i like the idea. also because the lovecore oc is hard to work on JDJDNDNDND#what else uhhhh pfffff#Rickey is... vibing uwu. i gave him funny little details in his backstory#also he can make himself into mist. for the dramatic effect because he's such a show off. i love his ass#also he's aro gay. i never stated that but yeah#i think that's all for me i think#i could ramble more but naaah im pretty sure u want to stop reading#alrighty ❤️ good day to u
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There seems to be some confusion about this. Equius Zahhak is my intellectual property, and mine alone. All of my headcanons are 100% legitimate, whereas yours are all laughably fake. There is no room for interpretation in Equius Zahhak, not even a little bit. To claim otherwise is heresy, and also a violation of my legal rights as an artist. Hope this clears things up.

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name: calyssa (or caly, pronounced kay-lee)

age: 23

sexuality: l e s b i a n. girls and theys bitches

gender: female, but it doesn’t really matter to her.

alignment (morality): chaotic good

alignment (political): messenger of the High Fae Court

description: so you know that fantasy trope that’s basically ‘hey look at this 3487 year old Fae man who is Old and Wise and Superhumanly Strong he’s gonna get paired with the barely legal female protagonist’ yeah she’s that but flipped on it’s head. she is supposed to know what she doing but she is 23. she has no clue. adhd hyperactive type. has So Much love to give but no one to give it to. impulsive. reckless. doing the best she can with what she has and what she knows. 

fun fact: her Shifted form is a fox

snippet: Caly glanced up from the phone, brows raised. “Soren,” she said. “The last time I touched a stove, I set three acres of forest on fire. We’re ordering pizza.”

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Unpopular opinion maybe idk

I dont like seeing all these videos of couples tricking each other for a video.

I dont think its funny to trick your partner into thinking theres a possibility you’re cheating.

The “saying another’s name while […]” bit. The “pretending to hide someone” bit. The whatever. Its not okay.

Its not okay to instill that distrust in your partner for a video. For a “omg watch his/her/their reaction LOL” its not cute. Its not funny. You are possibly instill fear into them. You are making them distrustful. You are going to cause them to constantly think now- what if its a joke? What if its not a joke? Is there a camera on me?

Its not okay to find humor in causing your partner to develop trust issues. Thats fucked up and I wish it would stop.

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