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#i just think this movie is kinda dumb

More of my thoughts :P

Goddamn it run out again >:(

#echo leech speaks, #so - i still dont know if billy was going to murder anybody else after clare. clares death was an impulsive action borne of violent toxicity, #(not mentioning the... mental illness aspect. thats for someone with better word usage than me), #i do think that mrs mac's sudden death distressed him badly. made him both paranoid and even more destructive, #and that this seeking out to kill them in one night when he hadnt moved from the attic for an entire night after clare, #yes... hm..., #ive actually gone choir door singing. its as awkward as you think it is, #i looked up some things abt this movie and i feel bad to say that... i am thinking different things, #damn this sucks man, #yeeeeahhhh im not gonna go into some of the implications and def not that ending the studio wanted for the movie. thats just... kinda dumb, #idk i just really enjoy a specific idea. and that specific idea is def a bit strange but yknow what? im holding onto it. idc!, #im gonna hold to it, #maaaaybe. maybe. may look at. fanfic...., #there is so much irony and man i fucking love that irony, #OH HES BEEN USING MRS MACS PHONE THIS WHOLE TIME OMYGOD. thats. thats funny. terrible but funny, #shhh im having a lot of thoughts that are not the common consensus of this movie shhhhhhhhh, #that one blonde officer is so fucking funny omygod dude ur such a fucking failure bro omyGOD, #oh jess... oh honey., #the music direction in this... superb., #jess i know how this ends. honey. honey its not going to be ok., #let me just feel increasingly sad for peter and jess and damnit. everybody. let me just feel sad for everybody, #hey u know what is an interesting thing?, #i think it was not only intended as a red herring that both peter and billy/the killer look very similiar, #and are constructed with mental illness in mind, #i feel as though there can be something said over how peter - who is innocent - died but billy did not, #something i noticed abt peter too - he had a critical inability to read the room and process it., #the inability to both see jess' fear and be self aware of how much he was intimidating her led to his death., #which is just... sad. its sad, #i think... maybe there can be a line drawn between the parallels of billy and peter but im just not sure how to phrase it., #i see it but cant phrase it
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