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Sad as fuck.
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crawling fighting bleeding losing fighting bleeding losing rn sjdbshsvsb I JUST LOVE ITTO SO...SO MUCH??? PLS HE'S MY COMFORT CHARACTER SO HERE'S SOME SAGAU BRAINROT W HIM ALDHSJDBSB Itto is so baby, that I literally made him baby here jsdkfhsdj
tagging @nicebonescomrade cause she said she would love some itto content :>
in terms of warnings, there's a bit of discrimination against Oni at the very start, so please take note! But regardless, i can only write fluff so I won't be going too deep into it
also, i wanna take this time to say asks are open and everyone can send any reqs or brain rots !! however, i still have a life outside of tumblr so if i get bombarded, asks will be closed. I'll also be making an intro post soon sdhfkdf
Tumblr media
"Nuh-uh! I was just trying to help the fox! Its leg got caught under a big rock!"
"Yeah, mom! Itto was just helping the poor fox!"
The little boy's mother huffed in frustration, grabbing her son's wrist and pulling him along with her, "Onis are onis, no matter what! Stay away from them, young man!"
The young oni could only pout as his newfound friend was taken away. He resented being an oni sometimes, the horns that weighed heavy on his head serving as a reminder that he was not human, he does not fit in, he does not belong.
Vision becoming cloudy with tears, the young oni bit his lip.
"I don't want to cry, crying's for nerds...!"
The young Arataki states, his tiny form shaking as the tears started to stream down. Wiping them off, the cry of the fox he saved caught his attention.
"Huh? What is it, little guy? Need some water?"
Itto carefully picks up the fox carrying it to the river for a drink. The fox eagerly drank from the river, Itto patting its little head as he stared into his own reflection on the water.
His white hair was muddied, knots and tangles everywhere as well as a few twigs and leaves. His face covered in dirt from falling down while running away from humans who wanted nothing to do with him.
And to top it off, his auburn gaze turned to his reflection's horns.
Arataki Itto hated his horns.
Arataki Itto didn't like being an Oni.
Tumblr media
'If I didn't have my horns, then my friend's parents would let me play with them!'
'I didn't mean to push Renren too hard, I didn't think I could be that strong! I'll be careful from now on, please let me keep playing with Renren!'
'I'm not scary! I just want to play with all of you...'
The fox that was drifting off to sleep next to Itto was startled when the young oni slapped his reflection on the water again and again, getting both himself and the fox wet. Itto continued until he wasn't sure if his face was wet from his incessant attack at his reflection in the river, or from the tears that never seemed to cease their flow.
In a moment of impulse, the little oni wrapped his hands around one of his horns, pulling as hard as he could to get rid of them.
"Come...on...! I don't...need...my horns...! Get off...of me...! AH—"
Losing his balance, the young Arataki fell face-first into the ground. Groaning, he let go of his horns in defeat before feeling a warmth against his skin. Curious, he lifted himself off of the ground, dusting off most of the dirt and soil that got on his face. Following the source of the warmth, his eyes turned to you.
You were beautiful— holy, even. Itto had never seen such a divine being such as yourself. He watches as your hand gently floats over the injured fox he saved, its wound healing instantly. His gaze reaches behind you, you had the most beautiful wings he had ever seen.
Scratch that, you were the only person he's seen with wings! Itto was ecstatic, he called out to you without thinking. After all, no one else had wings like you do, much like how he had horns no one else had. Maybe you two shared similar sentiments.
"Hey! Are those wings of yours the same pain as mine!?"
Your attention was immediately caught, such a joyful voice saying such heartbreaking words. His eyes were glowing with curiousity, yet they also looked hollow. Scanning his small frame, your heart sinks as you think about what the young oni has been through.
You motion for him to come towards you, inviting him to sit next to you on the grass. He does so eagerly, wanting to hear your answer. You dip your hands into the river's cold water and gently clean his face, Itto let you.
"Well little one, they're not..."
Itto pouted, his mood sinking once more.
"Of course they're not...everyone probably thinks you're really cool! You can grab the biggest onikabuto on top of trees, right? Man, I wanna do that too!! All I have are these stupid horns..."
You clicked your tongue, who would dare to say such rude words to a child? Oni or not, Itto was still a kid, trying to get by with his day to day life by himself.
"Now who told you that? Your horns look beautiful, they fit you very well."
Itto was confused, he had never heard anyone tell him that.
"Hey, uh...you're not like, blind, are you?"
You chuckle, carefully removing the leaves and twigs stuck in the young oni's hair.
"I'm not, it's the truth. I'm sure you'll be a very handsome oni when you grow up."
He huffs at you, "I don't wanna be an oni! Humans don't play with oni! You're not human, right? You can play with me!"
"I'm afraid I'm very busy, little one. But one day, I'll make it up to you. We'll fly around high places, run around and help people, and we'll eat all kinds of delicious foods!"
The stars were in Itto's eyes, he failed to notice your wet hands trying to detangle through the bird's nest he called hair— that or he didn't mind you accidentally tugging at his hair while you tried to comb through it.
"Really!? You promise!?"
"Well, only in one condition."
Itto pouted but waited for your deal.
"I want you to take care of yourself while I'm gone, and don't try to pull out your horns, okay?"
"But I hate my horns! People say they're ugly and that I'm a monster! It's not like they're wrong...stupid, ugly horns..."
Itto looks down at his clenched fists, tears pricking at his eyes once more. But this time, he feels your gentle touch under his chin, making him look up at you.
"Listen here, little one."
Itto bit his lip, not used to such intense eye contact, despite your eyes holding nothing but a warmth that felt like home to him, even if he's never really had one.
"I don't know what they said to you, but you're brilliant the way you are. I don't see those ugly horns you're talking about, I see a beautiful crimson crown. A symbol of pride, a testament to what you are; the one and oni."
"...Was that a pun?"
You laugh lightly, Itto pouted once more before laughing with you.
Once laughter died down, you lead Itto to the river, encouraging him to look at his reflection.
Clean and fresh, hair neatly brushed and horns at full display. Itto takes in how different he looked, how his horns seemed to shine proudly against his white locks of hair.
"See? And I'm sure you're a wonderful person too, little one. Horns and all."
For once, Itto was quiet.
Thoughts went through his head, comprehending everything that had just happened. He used his brain so much, he fell asleep.
Tumblr media
You carry the little sleeping oni in your arms, taking him to a nearby village where one of your most dedicated followers lived, she was peculiar woman, and you were certain she'd take the little oni in and raise him with the love and care he deserved.
You knock on her door.
Tumblr media
Itto wakes up in an unfamiliar room with an unfamiliar woman offering him a bowl of porridge, it took a little bit of back and forth before Itto gave in. Looking around, he sees something on the desk next to the bed.
It was a comb, and a note.
"Take care of yourself, my one and oni. We can play together when time allows it.
~ Your Winged Friend"
Tumblr media
"And after that, Granny Oni told me all about our creator, and that's when I decided I'd make sure my hair's always perfect!"
Itto's boisterous laugh fills the teapot as Aether hums.
"Wow...Teyvat's creator really is something, huh?" Paimon comments, but Itto disappeared. Looks like their creator has logged in.
Tumblr media
Itto looks down at the ground below him, soon feeling the warmth that told him his creator was ready to go exploring with him once more. Jumping off, the wind glider opens.
Flying in the skies, helping people, and eating good food. He owed it all to you.
Arataki Itto loves being an oni.
Arataki Itto loves his horns.
Arataki Itto loves you.
Tumblr media
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peter parker x m!stark!reader - secret relationship
request summary: being tony’s son and being in a secret relationship with peter
word count: 1.3k
Tumblr media
There was a knock from across the room.
You crawled over your bed in the dark and hopped to the window; you opened it and held in a laugh as Peter stumbled inside, falling to the floor.
“Shh!” you held a finger over your mouth as you helped him up. You both giggled quietly.
Peter pulled his mask off and shook his hair out, squeezing his eyes shut adorably. “Sorry,” he whispered. “Hey.”
You smiled at each other, innocent and excited in that bubbly teenage way. You inched forward, questioningly, and he met you in the middle. He was always nervous when you kissed, so you pulled his arms from his sides and placed them on your shoulders. He slid them around your neck as you deepened the kiss.
He eventually pulled his lips away, looked down, his blush visible even with the lights out. “Sorry. I just feel like I’m gonna pass out if you keep kissing me.”
“Can’t let that happen. I’ll keep ‘em short and sweet from now on. Just like you.”
“I’m not that short.”
You laughed. “I’m just messin’ with you. You wanna change outta your suit?”
“Yeah—I’m an idiot, though,” he sighed, “I didn’t bring clothes.”
You gestured to your closet. “Choose your pick.”
You turned around while he changed until he said “okay”. A large t-shirt hung over his shoulders down to his mid-thigh, shorts peeking out from under it, and his hair was all messy now. A smile spread across your face as your heart sped up.
“Uh—nothing. You look comfy.”
He smiled at you and hopped onto your bed. “What do you wanna do?”
“Well, we could watch a movie, but I don’t wanna be too loud in case dad hears.”
“Why can’t he know I’m here? He knows we’re at least friends.”
You crawled onto the bed next to him. “I don’t want him to bother us,” you murmured, and kissed him. “Besides, I think he has an inkling that I’m not quite straight, so if he knew how often we really hang out, he’d definitely ask. And then give us a sex talk or something. Super awkward.”
“‘S not like we can get pregnant.” Peter ducked his legs under the blankets and pulled them up to his shoulders.
You did the same and snuggled in close to him, propping your elbow up, head in hand. “Yeah, but—I don’t know, maybe Spider-man nut is radioactive.”
Peter scoffed and hit you with a pillow.
“Ow! Remember that one of us has super strength and it is not me!”
His face fell. “Sorry.”
“I’m fine, Pete,” you laughed. “You’re so cute.”
He hid his face in the pillow. “No ‘m not,” he muttered, muffled. He yawned.
“Gettin’ tired?” You pulled the pillow away from his face; he had been leaning on it with closed eyes. “Oh my God,” you laughed. “It’s been five minutes since you got here.”
“I’m awake! I was just resting.”
“Am I boring you that much?”
“No!” he exclaimed, “you would never—oh, you’re joking, obviously.”
Eventually you and Peter played some games on your laptop. He got up to go to the bathroom, and when he came back, he stood by your bed instead of climbing in. He gnawed on his lip, waiting.
You glanced up. “What? You look like you’re about to tell me you threw up.” You raised your eyebrows. “Use your words, babe. No? How about you point at what you want,” you teased.
He rolled his eyes, embarrassed. “Can I—can I sit here?” he muttered. He poked at your lap.
“Oh, that was it? Of course you can. You can just do it, you know, you don’t have to stand around and wait.”
“It’s my process, okay.” He climbed onto your thighs, face burning, and rested his cheek on your shoulder.
“You’re so cute when you’re shy,” you whispered.
He groaned. “Can you keep playing?” he asked. “It’s relaxing.”
“Of course baby.” You kissed his hair and reached your arms around him to have access to the keyboard. He listened to your commentary and little compliments here and there until his eyes were fluttering shut and he was breathing onto your neck.
“You can sleep, you know. It’s okay. I don’t mind.”
“You don’t?” he mumbled, nearly incoherent.
“Not at all. G’night, Pete.” You smiled against his hair. “Sweet dreams.” You shut the laptop and wrapped your arms around his back, rubbing your hands up and down, occasionally playing with his hair.
At the sound of a crash, you both jolted awake. You rubbed your eyes and looked at the time, heart racing. 2 AM.
“What was that?” Peter whispered, sitting up in your lap.
“Fuck, sorry, I kicked my laptop off the bed by accident.”
He laid down again, but his stomach growled.
He sighed and started climbing out of bed. It was time for a midnight snack.
In the kitchen, you eyed the shelves as Peter trailed behind you. “FRIDAY, do we have any good food?”
“I’m not sure which foods are “good”, (y/n), but I am programmed to suggest vegetables. There are carrots and cucumbers in the crisper.”
You rolled your eyes. “God, my dad is annoying. Wanna make ramen?”
You noticed Peter was closing in on himself, rubbing his arms. “Here.” You tugged your hoodie over your head, your shirt trailing up your stomach a little, and tossed it to Peter. You smiled, noticing his stare, but didn’t mention it. You were afraid you might break him one day with all your teasing.
“Thanks.” Once it was on, the sleeves fell past his fingers just a bit, which made you smile.
You approached him, sliding your arms around his waist, and kissed his nose. “What did I do to get such a cute boyfriend?”
“Uh, who, me?”
“No, one of my dozens of side hoes.”
“Of course I mean you.” You kissed him quickly and smiled. It felt like you were always smiling around him.
“Well, I dunno. I guess your money, obviously, since I’m a raging gold digger.”
“Ooh, Peter. I mean, you are in the height of luxury right now, about to eat processed ramen at two in the morning.”
As Peter’s ramen microwaved, you turned on some quiet music and offered your hand to him. He laughed like this was a dorky idea but obliged anyway, letting you swiftly guide him across the tile floor. He wasn’t so graceful, stepping on your feet, and eventually you slowed to a simple rock, ignoring the beeping of the microwave. His arms were wrapped around your neck and he was gazing at you with stars in his eyes.
You brushed your nose over his, then leaned in for a kiss. It was slow and tired and warm.
“What in Jesus, Mary, and Joseph is this?”
Peter ripped away from you and stared at Tony with wide eyes and an open mouth.
You sighed, trying to play off the blush on your cheeks. “Why are you awake?”
“Because you clowns were making so much noise! Since when—okay—I need to–” He rubbed his forehead in his hand.
“Mr. Stark, I’m so sorry,” Peter rambled, “I will–”
“Quiet, both’a you,” he put a hand up. “Peter, wait in the hallway.”
Peter glanced at you, then nodded, darting out of the room.
Tony crossed his arms. “Okay. I figured we’d be having this talk sooner or later: You’re my son. I don’t care if you like lads or lasses or everything under the fucking sun. I just don’t understand why you felt like you couldn’t tell me. I’ll always support you, (y/n), whether that’s quietly, or if you want me to hang a giant rainbow flag from the front of our house.” He raised his eyebrows, “‘Cause I will.”
“Okay, I’d love to see the articles written about that—but,” you sighed, “I dunno. I know you’ll support me, and I’m grateful you’re my dad. But... It’s weird to talk about this stuff sometimes.” You shrugged. “And I don’t want you giving Peter a weird... talk.”
Tony raised his eyebrows. “I’ll be giving him a talk alright. I’ll let him know that if you ever hurt him, he comes to me and I’ll take care of it.”
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a piece of cake
Tumblr media
© @jamesbrnes
bucky barnes x reader. ⎢ masterlist.
Something happens at Shuri's birthday party that leads to a heated fight.
word count: 3k words. (fuck, it worth every damn word)
warnings/tags: nsfw, +18!!! angry jealous sex, let's start there. unprotected sex, oral sex (face fucking and ridding), fingering, brief daddy!kink, brief praise!kink, language, cursing, handcuffing, mention of bodily fluids, and probably i'm forgetting something else, i just lost my mind. bucky being the cutest and loving man on earth at the end.
author notes: none of my stories contain reader’s body descriptions to be inclusive.
join the tag list here.
Tumblr media
You had never been so quiet, but you knew that opening your mouth only could cause a storm inside the car, on your way back home. Believing you could have a pinch of luck, Bucky wouldn't notice that something was raving you mad since the moment you watched him letting another woman give him a spoon of cake. Straight to his mouth. You almost choked on your drink, talking to Shuri about how excited she was to celebrate her birthday in New York, when you witnessed the scene hearing their laughs and watching how they dared to touch his metal arm constantly. Your boyfriend was talking with some of his old friends from Wakanda, not even knowing he made friends there. He never said a word about it. Even so, they didn't have the right to flirt with him. Unless he didn't say anything about you.
But Bucky wasn't stupid. Or at least, not like you thought. Gazing you by the corners of his blue eyes, he was conscious that something was going wrong. He licked his upper lip briefly, slowly. He tasted the waters putting a hand on your thigh, which was your favorite gesture while he was driving, deriving with your fingers laced and him placing kisses on the back of your hand. But you didn't move an inch, still staring through the copilot's window with your elbow nailed there and your chin resting on your knuckles.
“What's wrong?”
Your passive tone and the lie as a response caused him to frown, pulling over the car to focus on you. He turned on his seat and placed a hand behind the headrest of yours.
“Spit it”.
You couldn't help but raise an eyebrow ironically, looking at him for a second. If he had to ask it was because he wasn't really seeing the dilemma there.
“I'm just tired and I wanna go home, James. That's all”.
James. James. You did it unconsciously, but he didn't take it as an innocent manner of calling him. Unexpressive, the soldier joined the highway driving faster than he used to. You had pissed him off, but it wasn't your problem. He had hurt your feelings with something he didn't give any importance to. The only thing you wanted was to take a shower, put on your comfier pajamas and go to sleep, probably you'd see tomorrow that situation differently than today and you could move on from your insecurities and the jealousy running through your veins.
You arrived at your apartment in record time, keeping the car inside the parking under the building. You removed the seat belt to wear your leather jacket and grab your purse on your feet, stepping out when you were ready. But Bucky stayed inside, just turning off the engine. He didn't have any intention of leaving it, maintaining his hands tightly gripped around the wheel. You ignored him as soon as you couldn't pretend you were just tired anymore. It was the first time something like that happened and you were having a strong desire to throw your guts up.
Three minutes later you were under the warm water with your forehead resting against the cold wall and your eyes closed. Maybe you were overreacting and the rational, mature behavior would be to go to talk with him, tell your boyfriend what made you feel upset. Sighing as you nodded two times, determined to put the cards on the table, you shut off the faucet and walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel.
“Oh, fucking hell!” You growled because of the scare of your life when you found Bucky already in your shared room.
He had his back supported on the wall, a leg flexed, and his hands behind himself. No expression on his face, but expecting an explanation from you. You were hoping for something from him too, maybe I don't know what I've done to make you feel like that, can you give me a clue? He just stared at you in silence, drying the pearls of water decorating your body before wearing a pair of black panties and your forgotten pajamas instead of one of his t-shirts impregnated on his scent.
“Com'ere”. Bucky whispered, stretching his flesh hand on air when you were about to go to sleep.
Well, that wasn't the proper way to talk like grown adults. You crossed both arms on your chest, standing next to your side of the bed.
“What'd you say?” He squinted incredulous, slowly standing from the wall, pretending you hadn't uttered that word.
“I said no, you fucking punk”.
“The hell d'you think you're talking to, darling?”
“To the cretin who let other women flirt and touch him”. You replied with evident annoyance. “Why don't you go to show them your daddy's skills, uh? Sure I can find someone who respects me in the meantime”.
Suddenly, a grimace you hadn't seen before on him appeared like a thunderbolt. You weren't sure if you just made him feel more furious or if you just broke his heart. But before you could figure it out, Bucky shorted the distance between both in two fast strides and his hands gripped your throat and the back of your neck respectively, pinning you to the closest wall and tossing the lamp on your nightstand to the floor. You complained slightly —with his tongue wildly invading your mouth— because of the strength he used to put you against the wall.
You tried to push him away, to not fall into his charmings, but he made your mind blank when his fingers were firmly nailed in your ass and his body was accommodated between your legs. Your fiery provoked a bulge under his pants so painful that in every rock against your core he wasn't sure if it hurt or if it was some kind of pleasure he couldn't handle. Out of breath, Bucky attacked your neck, digging his teeth in your neck with so much passion that you screamed delighted his full name while pulling his hair. That gesture drove him insane, losing the less sanity he had at that point. With just a push, your boyfriend ripped off your shirt to strip you, in anticipation of your panties suffering the same fate.
Bucky threw you to the mattress on your abdomen, perfectly positioned to what was about to happen. He was so eager, so desperate for showing you what he was feeling that he didn't lose time taking off his clothes, just undoing his belt and unzipping his jeans to pull them down to his ankles along his boxers. You heard him spitting in his hand to use it as lube, although you were sufficiently soaked and ready for your Buck that neither of you needed his saliva. He rammed his dolorous erection into your cunt, crashing his pelvis and pressing it against your ass with all his strength, causing you to drown a loud cry in the sheets.
Tangling his fingers with yours and lacing your arms around your neck, putting all his weight onto your back, Bucky pounded you with an insanely quick rhythm, not giving you any chance to mold your throbbing walls around his length. Your pleased vocals echoed inside your room in total sync with the hits to your g-spot. Your body received with every one of them soft cramps mixed with pain and pleasure, making you roll your eyes and tear your throat.
“'S that wh— what you wanted, uh?” Bucky snarled against the back of your neck, totally gone, not giving you a break or showing any mercy.
“Fuck, no…” You replied, challenging him.
He swallowed a rough moan, wrapping his cold fingers around your throat while using the other to pull back your hair and arch your body. “Don' fucking… lie to me, doll… You wan— wanted your daddy to make you… feel desired over tho— those women”.
And yes, he was right. More or less. But you didn't expect him to react like that. Bucky was rabidly fucking you, moving the bed from its position with every angry thrust into your pussy. You knew you weren't going to last for too long if he continued impaling you against the mattress, just like that. But you both had to recognize that it was the best session of sex of your life.
“You were… fucking mad watch— watching 'em touch my arm… your arm, right?”
You whined at the brutality he used to push his hard cock beyond your limits, holding it there as he tilted your head to crash his lips on yours. Bucky devoured them until they were shiny, swollen, slightly ached because of the bit he left on your bottom one.
“If you don't tell me… the truth… I swear I'm not gonna let you come”. The whisper fell into your ear with such a raspy tone of voice, conscious of him being very capable.
“It was… your fucking fault, James. Not… Not mine”. You grunted, feeling him going a little deeper. “I di— didn't let anybody flirt with me… as if you didn't exist”.
That was the truth, but the wrong answer for him. Suddenly, Bucky pulled out his dick covered in your arousal, freeing you from any grip. A pause that only lasted the time he took to grab the handcuffs from your nightstand to place them in your wrists and secure them around the headboard. Now you were under his total control, defying him by strongly closing your legs and frowning at him, panting and sweating.
“Lemme tell you something”. Your boyfriend said, dangerously crawling over the bed till reaching your knees and forcing them to be separated, wide spread for him. “If you think I was flirting, but you didn't see… how uncomfortable I was… This situation is not my fault”.
The tables were turned as he finished his sentence, settling himself between your legs yet kneeling to raise your ass above his lap. “Not so mouthy now, are you, doll?”
You wanted to speak back, to say something after having a second to reconsider the reason why you were so angrier at him when Bucky pushed you down and rammed his dick back to the place it belonged. You forced unconsciously your hands gripped, wanting to put them on him —wherever—. As soon as he handcuffed you, your desire for touching him used to be suffocating. But you were the one who played from the start, instead of telling him how you were feeling about that situation at Shuri's party.
Bucky didn't even let you kiss him, stabilizing you on top with an arm around your waist and his cold hand holding the back of your head. His hips rocked straight to your g-spot once and once, making you lose any kind of control over your body as your boyfriend didn't have any compassion, needing to find relief to his sorrowful erection by cumming inside your clenching walls. You were driving him crazy, maintaining your eye contact at all moments and almost drinking your delighted, obscene crying, aware that only him could cause you to be so dirty.
“Feels good, uh…? You like it?” Your boyfriend brushed your lips with his, depriving you of his kisses or any other touch. “Bec— 'cause you take your daddy... so damn good, baby girl… So tight… so tight you could kill me”.
“Yes, da— daddy”. You whimpered nodding your head. “Only you… can fuck me li— like that… Only you”.
“That's it… that's it, oh, fuck… fuck, doll”.
You saw him roll that pair of beautiful blue eyes to the back of his head, feeling Bucky's thighs tensing under your legs. You didn't want anything else than making him cum, after overthinking about how he felt, and not about what you witnessed. He was right, more or less. He was still being so innocent in those kinds of situations that he used to feel like a scared kid.
You suddenly fell back to reality when the emptiness sensation invaded you. Bucky pulled out his length from you again, causing you to beg in silence for not denying you the orgasm you were about to reach. But he warned you. Bucky asked you to tell him the truth and you chose to challenge him. Letting you sit on the mattress, he flexed a leg to guide his twitching cock to your mouth, not needing to tell you what he wanted you to do. You just parted your lips, receiving him without protesting, curling your fingers when he forced your limits, and positioned both hands on your head. Twirling your tongue around his base as you could, with your cavity completely invaded, Bucky provoked you a strong gag. A gesture that led to his warm seed being spilled down your throat.
“Fuck my life, baby girl!” He couldn't help but howl driven by the pleasure as you coughed and made vibrate his sensitive skin.
Just holding his dick trapped by your lips for a second, he freed your mouth, taking his time to admire you swallowing his cum and showing afterward your tongue. God, you looked so beautiful disheveled, with teary eyes and swollen lips because of the effort.
“Want me to tell you something else?” Bucky asked while cleaning the sweat in his forehead with the back of his arm, taking the small key to liberating you with his free hand.
You didn't reply, not needing to, as he rubbed your wrists to comfort your skin before lying by your side.
“Com'ere”. He whispered, yet trying to recover your breathings. Bucky wrapped you with his flesh arm, rubbing his iron fingers up and down your tense belly, creating a contrast that caused you goosebumps. “'M so sorry for making you feel like that”.
He kissed you. Slowly, passionate, tasting his own juices mixed with your saliva. Caressing your tongue with the tip of his, and no rush. You felt his digits touring down your skin, till finding your throbbing and needed clit. You weren't able to hold back a sweet moan when he circled his fingertip over your sensible pearl, gladly drinking your vocals.
“When I wanted to react… she was putting that damn spoon into my mouth. It felt horrible, doll, I promise”. He murmured, venturing his long cold finger to part your folds and sink it inside you —moaning at the fulfill sensation—. “You always save me from those awkward situations… but you were having fun with Shuri and I didn't want to interrupt you”.
You were feeling like shit, looking at him through your eyelids as he curved a second finger into your cunt and increased the pace of the pounds with his hand made of vibranium. Bucky spread some gentle kisses all around your face, ending with a tender bite to your lips.
“When you told me you wanted to go home, I felt a huge relief… 'Cause that was everything I wanted. Go home with you. Maybe watch a movie… cuddle… fall asleep on the sofa”.
“Oh, God, Bucky”. You wept onto his mouth, as soon as a third finger filled you, nailing his hand in the perfect position to be moved up and down. “I'm so— sorry, Buck… I'm sorry”.
“Fuck, no”. He let out, thrusting you harder, faster, creating a melody of filthy sloppy sounds while your moans were louder and louder. “I should stop 'em, I didn't… I didn't. But I respect you more than anything, doll… I love you with all my heart. I care 'bout you, 'bout your feelings… Can you forgive me? Can you… Can you cum for me?”
You nodded your head running out of words, seeing your boyfriend snaking his body down the bed to between your shaky legs, yet having his fingers knuckles deep inside you. “Keep 'em open for your man”.
The blow to your abused cunt provoked you a lash up to your backbone, landing your hands on his head as Bucky sank his face straight to your center. His digits fucked you savagely, while his tongue took control of your swollen pearl —sucking, licking, kissing, pulling it back—. He wasn't going to deny that pleasure to you, quite the opposite. You pressed unconsciously his face a little closer to your pussy, swinging your hips and riding his mouth when his caresses and his pushes became too much for you.
Bucky made you cum harder than ever, crying his name till you didn't have any strength and you were just a sack of bones under his expert mouth, devouring you and drinking your juices as if it was the elixir of life. And when he was satiated, you glanced at him using the tip of his tongue to trail a path up crossing your abdomen, the gap between your breasts, your throat, until kissing you again getting comfortable on top of you. It was a kiss full of love, and guiltiness, and necessity, and pure devotion for you.
“Did I hurt you with what I said?” You murmured, still enraptured by the fireworks fluttering within your belly.
“This isn't 'bout me”. Bucky clicked his tongue, hiding his face into your sweaty neck. “This is 'bout what I let happen”.
“That doesn't answer my question, Buck… I'm sorry about what I said. I was just… I feel insecure". You confessed stroking his scalp and back with your hands, lacing your legs together. “I didn't mean it. I would never try to… find someone who respects me more than you do. That's impossible. And not talking about how much you love me”.
“I love you with every inch of myself”. He swore, he promised, raising his face to look straight at your eyes. “I can't imagine a life without you”.
“Me either… Your love makes me feel alive”.
Bucky left one last tender kiss on your lips before suddenly standing up and holding you onto his arms to carry you to the bathroom and take a shower together —wash your hair, worship your body again as if it was the last thing he was going to do—.
Tumblr media
feedback is appreciated, please, leave a comment to let me know if you liked it.
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freckledbeom · a year ago
Hello my love. Can I pls have a kyun car sex fic. Can b like friends who have a thing for each other but neither of them know or established relationship
hi love, i wrote this fic while i was feeling a little blue so im sorry if it’s a little drawn out. hope this is what you wanted! ~
car sex w/ kyunnie [18+]
Tumblr media
side note before you all read this fic, i just wanna say how grateful i am. sometimes i go on hiatuses or don’t update in a timely manner but i still get so much love & for that im truly grateful. it’s all love here, ill be here for you all like you’re here for me <33
warnings; 18+ content, suggestive scenes
listening to outta time by bryson tiller ♪
it wasn’t unlikely for changkyun to call you at late hours of the night, he was usually studio bound at this time anyway. what was unusual lie in his simple, but daring request.
“come downstairs.” he barred a monotone voice through the phone.
his puzzling request struck curiousity in your bones; you couldn’t not meet him downstairs now. grabbing nothing but a spare pullover and sliding into your house shoes, your heart fluttered in your chest. what could he possibly want?
after finally reaching your destination, changkyun turned around, your eyes meeting.
he almost looked the same as you, dressed in not much but a pair of sweats and a loose hoodie. although you would probably never tell him, his appearance was one of the many factors that drew you in.
stepping foward, changkyun cracked a slight smile. “you didnt take long.” he joked, tilting his head to the side a little.
“neither did you.” you replied, smiling back at him. “are you here to just look at me or did you have something you wanted?”
he paused a little before responding, licking his bottom lip. that was enough to fuel the fire between your legs.
“what if i wanted to just look at you?” his breath hitched a little.
your heart was beating so fast you were sure changkyun could hear your excitement ready to leap out of your chest. you were even more sure of this since the dialogue between the two of you had ceased.
“kidding.” changkyun hit your arm a little, as if he was knocking you back to reality. “i do miss you though, you wanna go for a drive?”
right. he didn’t see you in that way. of course, this was expected since he had many other things in his life; you would be the last on his mind.
the walk to the parking garage was a brisk, but quiet one. your interactions weren’t usually this awkward, today was an especially off one. from kyun suddenly showing up at your apartment, to this odd tension that appeared, you could hear the silence.
opening the door for you, changkyun walked around to his side and got in.
“your car smells nice.” a pathetic attempt to crack the silence.
“it smells like me.” changkyun answered affirmatively, looking directly at you.
rolling your eyes, you gave your attention to the moon in front of you.
you could feel his eyes drawing in on you, lasered into the side of your skull. turning so you made eye contact, you tilted your head a little.
"staring contest?"
changkyun scoffed jokingly. "i'll win but sure."
you didn’t know what was stranger about this night; the way he looked at you or the way his looks kindled the fire between your legs.
"why do you keep looking at me like that?" you choked out, palms growing sweaty in the process.
"it's a staring contest." changkyun retorted.
"no i mean-"
his lips didn't allow you to give further explanation, his tongue lay bait for you to fall under. your breaths hitched and stilled. his hands wandered every which way until one landed on your chin, tilting it upwards.
if this was bliss then the second he pulled away was sudden death, leaving you puckered & red.
leaning back in with your noses just touching, changkyun bit his bottom lip. "i can kiss you like that right? is that ok?"
this time you opted out of verbal response, answering him the same way he did you.
changkyun's hands moved from your face to your bottom, pulling you over on the driver's side so you could sit on his lap. instinctively, you reached to the side and lowered the seat back.
his hands wandered underneath your sweater to fondle your breasts. the friction from your lower bodies and the way he touched you was enough make you bellow out a shallow moan. you could feel him growing beneath you, leaving you soaked.
bringing you down towards him, changkyun lifted away your top to give him full access to your nipples. unknowingly, your hips ground against his crotch.
changkyun let out a breathy moan, latching harder onto your breast.
“changkyun...i want you so bad...” you whined out, his brows raising at your request. tilting his head with his mouth now removed from your chest, changkyun bit his bottom lip.
“say it again for me.” his breath hitching a little.
with no hesitation, the words stuttered out of you. “i want you so bad.”
a part of you imagined that he got a kick out of hearing your desperation crawl out of itself. so much so that every reedy whine from you earned a bite at your neck or a grope to your backside.
this time you had earned the feel of his manhood, not a cushion but a slab of pure concrete, stiff under you.
playing with the hem of your shorts, changkyun met with your eyes for direct contact. “we don’t have to take these off.”
and you didn’t, with him pushing them to the side just enough to give access to your bare middle. finally, you could catch a glance of his lower. it sat up high, thick & gleaming with precum; it was as if it was waiting for you.
steadily, you sunk down onto changkyun, biting your lip carefully to not cry out. changkyun pulled your upper back forward so that you were chest to chest, keeping another on your bottom. slowly, you rocked your lower half on his throbbing member. the two of you kept eye contact, while his hand that was once on your upper back was now on your face.
out of the many faces changkyun had showed you, the one he was giving me at this particular moment had you ready to climax then and there. cheeks flushed, changkyun bit down on his lower lip, never breaking away from you.
a harsh slap to your ass made you whine even louder. “right there....it feels so good right there...”
speeding up your pace, you sat up a little so that both hands could sit flat against his chest. with one hand on his shoulder and the other on this chiseled chest, you bounced on his lap, sounds from your sopping middle filling the air.
changkyun reached a hand up to steady your thigh, with his mouth now agape. “fuck, did i get you this wet? huh?”
in a shallow attempt to conceal your moans you bit your lip, only for changkyun to catch on rather quickly.
his palms took grip of your ass, giving him full access to thrust himself into you. you only cried out, falling back onto his chest while he took you from under
times like this there was nowhere else your mind wandered except how he made you feel.
“mmm…changkyun…” every time you began a sentence it seemed as if you blacked out.
joining his rhythm, you brought your your hips back down onto him. it only took a few more strokes to have you, once again, calling out to him.
“i think im gonna come.” your grip on his shoulders tightened so that you could straighten up and look at him.
“yeah?” he answered, his eyes saturated with eagerness.
changkyun gave a harsh slap to your rear while biting his lip.
“go ahead…fuck…go ahead and come on me.”
you surrendered, riding him until your legs and core gave out. trembling, you stilled your movements only when you heard changkyun announce his orgasm.
panting, you look at the mess you made of him. although the garage was dimly lit, you still could share gaze with him.
“is this what you called me out here for?” you questioned.
he chuckled, licking his bottom lip. “does this count as a confession.”
“not at all.”
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enhacre · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
☻*. DATING enhypen —
request. [♡] * reposted because i made a few errors in the original post.
Tumblr media
heeseung’s such a passionate boyfriend.
no but really, he’s just so dedicated to you. he’s a little shy in the beginning but god does he love hard. through out the entire relationship he never fails to remind you how lucky he is to have you. how he feels like he doesn’t deserve you but he’s so grateful that you’ve come into his life. he’s intense with his love, almost too intense at times. you have to tell him to relax because he puts himself on a pedestal and is his own harshest critic. :( he can stress himself out holding himself to high standards
but in the end, all he wants to do is make you happy. he feels he’s accomplished when you’re doubled over laughing at him making a bad joke or when you’re shocked at a gift he brings you or when he picks you up for date nights with a bouquet of your favorite flowers and you giggle and give him a big kiss. he lives for those moments.
he lives for moments like cuddling in bed on a rainy day with your head rested on his chest, playing with the strands of your hair and occasionally kissing your forehead and telling you you’re his forever person. god he’s the biggest sap for you he can’t help it :(
extremely passionate as well, loves very hard. can and will do anything and everything to make you happy. like if he can help it you wouldn’t have to lift a single finger with him around. need help carrying your bags? he’s got that. need help opening a stubborn jar? he can do it for you. literally would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.
that being said…he can be a little presumptuous sometimes. like he jumps the gun several times when you guys first start dating, he’s so worried about losing you that he tries to predict when you’re gonna break up with him. so every time you guys have a little argument he thinks that’s it even though you aren’t even that mad at him you’re just a little peeved 😭
all in all, though, jay’s the kind of boyfriend you proudly bring home to your parents. he’s very much so husband material, he likes to joke around about the day he’s gonna propose to you. as in you tell him to stop kidding around but he’s highkey dead serious bc ain’t no way he’s not tryin to cook you breakfast while you waddle in all tired and just hug him from behind. it’s a very specific fantasy but it’s what he wants, alright.
ah, jakey just gives those high school puppy love vibes doesnt he. like the class president who has a major crush on you and is always finding a way to get to you whether it be walking you to class or sharing his chicken nuggets at lunch…he’s kind of whipped for you honestly. like absolutely and whole heartedly obsessed with you but in a good way. and i suppose that would be his problem.
he’s just a touch clingy. he gets very pouty very quickly if he doesn’t have your attention and he’s never possessive per se, just…he likes you close. really, really likes it when you hold onto him. like there was a time you both were on a morning walk on some trail and you held onto the back of his jacket while climbing up some rocks and he thought it was the cutest thing ever.
because to him you’re the cutest thing in the world he’s always squishing your face and pinching your cheeks and peppering your face in kisses. big fan of back hugs, definitely stole one of your hoodies because he loves your scent. of everyone in enhypen he’s the one that’s constantly talking about you, practically bragging to the members about how his partner is amazing and kind and gorgeous and everything else under the sun. (in which sunghoon rolls his eyes and jay just yells “WE GET IT YOURE IN LOVE!!” from across the room)
another member of the shy in the beginning but turns it around as the relationship grows club. you’re like one of the few people to break his facade really easily. when he first met you he tried so hard to impress you by acting all cool and nonchalant but he just ended up stuttering and stumbling all over himself.
to this day whenever he thinks about the first time he met you and how he just stared at you from across the room wanting to talk to you but being too scared to…he won’t tell you because it’s cheesy but he’s very grateful for you. he feels like it’s some kind of fate that despite everything you still ended up together. it’s cliche but you’re his biggest weakness, he really becomes the biggest dweeb. he swears he’s not good at acting cute but around you suddenly he’s your little baby ddunghoonie who wants all your attention. catch him on a good day and he’s crawling into your lap pouting up at you cuz he missed you today and wants kisses.
sunghoon’s problem is he has a hard time communicating his emotions and he can kind of read as uncaring. like there were quite a few times in the beginning where you took him not reacting to you as him not being interested in what you were saying which caused a few disagreements. he knows what he wants to say to you, he just has a hard time saying it so while he’s thinking about how to approach he just sits there silent :( he’s getting better at it he swears
oh my god so much fun. sunoo is so much fun. you’d never be bored with him. cafe dates, matching lockscreens, couple outfits, filming tiktoks together. there’s always a wealth of fun things he wants to do with you, and he’s such a great listener too. he’s like a human diary, you can tell him anything. there’s never a moment where you don’t feel loved tbh
bc he’s such a clingy boy, he’s always got his hand in yours. he’s always gotta be touching you or messing with you in some way, fiddles with your fingers and preens you like bird. FULL of compliments and nicknames too omfg?? ur name in his contacts is followed by like 60 emojis .
tbh sunoo’s issue lies in the fact he can be just a tad too jokey. like sometimes you’re seriously tired and just wanna cuddle and sleep but he’s a big ball of energy and it takes him a minute to relax. it’s nice in a way though because he always has you smiling whether it’s through his humor or the way he talks or just how gosh darn adorable he is he puts the biggest grin on your face.
you had no idea you’d be dating a guy this goofy.
like the first few weeks or so he was very gentle and soft, trying to make sure he never said or did anything that hurt you but also trying to make sure that he didn’t somehow make you not like him anymore. and it’s not even that he stopped being gentle but god he’s such a dork. you weren’t prepared at all for the bombardment of silly selfies and cute memes of cats cuddled in a bodega and a “this is us :)” text. very gentlemanly, inherently a leader so he tends to unintentionally boss you around (i cant think of a better phrase)
as in, texts to make sure you’re eating, reminding you to do your skincare or take your medicine, nagging you about taking a jacket before you go on your date. and that’s probably his biggest problem, he can’t turn off that part of his brain sometimes and he can end up smothering you. as the relationship goes on he catches himself though, quick to learn from his mistakes. (there’s a lot of, “i know i said i’d stop telling you what to do and all but it’s 3am go to bed you have classes tomorrow 😡)
feels kind of like dating your best friend because he makes it his goal to keep things on the free and easy. relationships are supposed to be fun! even though he was the one too shy to talk to you at all when you guys met, that’s not the vibe he wants for the whole time. he’s extremely playful, loves sudden tickle fights and video game tournaments. loves late night roast battles, sending each other memes and laughing the night away, wearing matching hoodies and taking tons of pictures in them. everything’s just so comfortable with niki.
niki doesn’t like to outright remind you that he likes you or anything like that bc he gets embarrassed, he just says it through actions. he’s a real gentleman, he’s very sweet and soft and he looks at you like you’re the answers to all of his problems yknow :( sometimes you catch him staring and he can’t keep eye contact so he blushes and hides his face and pretends he wasnt just thinking about a wedding but yknow
his issue simply is his inexperience and tbh that’s not his fault. he’s young and he doesn’t know what he’s doing so sometimes he says or does the wrong thing. it’s never out of malice, sometimes he just literally doesn’t know. niki can be a very clueless bf at times lmfaoo
Tumblr media
a/n: apparently tumblr won’t let me use a read more without it glitching jay’s section so 😐
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tteokdoroki · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
author’s note(s): inspired by this fanart and everyone being horny on THE DASH !! dedicated to @honeykeigo n @lady-bakuhoe for enabling my horny behaviour ok ok. also this turned out longer than i expected so ,,, have fun?
warning(s): mdni, 18+, smut, dubcon, mentions of drinking, uhh sniffed and stolen panties, slight!exhibitionism, power play dynamics, fingering, pussy slaps uwu, fem!reader + pro hero!bakugou.
Tumblr media
“y-you uh, you don’t haf’ta do this mishta—?“
“r-right, dy-ma-might!”
katsuki had rolled his eyes the first time you spoke to him, a sweet, darling little girl too drunk on whatever shitty alcohol you’d been served at the bar on friday night. you obviously didn’t drink much, maybe even drunk too much— the hero would tell by the way your eyes crossed with your legs as you walked and the fact that you couldn’t remember the right way to spell your own name and it was clear your friends were a bunch of assholes for abandoning their shit faced friend to find her own way home.
he hated, this part of the job but he’d have felt bad if the guy following you home had done something bad to you and besides— the way you pressed yourself to the explosive hero, breasts spilling out of your tight black dress, thick and juicy thighs exposed to the fresh night air makes the whole ordeal worth it. oh you’re so cute, got katsuki’s cock stirring in his pants— his baggy hero costume suddenly becoming way too fucking tight for his liking. you’ll pay him back, he knows that you will, all of his fans do in some way or another.
you’ll be special though, if the smell of your saccharine cunt is anything to go by. slick dripping down your shaky thighs while he guides you down the empty street, and of course you’d be attracted to him. bakugou will have to indulge in you; his reward for being such a gentleman, for being your hero. “this ish me,” you squeak when the pair of you arrive at the door to your apartment complex. your words are smooshed together by your own drunken haze while you unlock the door to let yourself in.
how rude of you, forgetting all about dynamight who’d basically saved your life tonight. without much of a fight, bakugou pushes you against the door, effectively keeping it closed, his eyes cloud over— a storm thick with lust as you look up at him so innocently he could break. “not gonna invite me up, sweet stuff?” he coos, amused at the shiver that runs laps down the base of your spine. your thighs jump apart only just, giving the hero an opportunity to shove his hand up your dress to cup your sweet little cunt.
“i— i didn’t know—“ your mouth opens and closes like a fish out of water, confusion etched so prettily across your face it makes bakugou want to bend you over and fill your hole to the brim. he’d save that for later though. “didn’t think you’d want to—“
the blonde growls, thick fingers easily finding your panties under that short dress of yours. the black lace is soaked to the bone, a sticky mess spreading across the digits that now pinch at your puffy clit. you jump and bakugou growls hungrily. “s’awfully rude don’cha think, sweet stuff? that’s okay though, i think you can reward me right fuckin’ here, don’chu?” a toothy smirk tugs at the hero’s lips when you dumbly nod in agreement, your body trembling from a mix of cold, neediness and excitement. “atta girl, spread those needy fuckin’ thighs for me then.”
you seem to have sobered up quickly, listening well for the hero that saved you and part your meaty thighs to let bakugou push your panties to the side and give him more access to your runny cunny. “p-please dynamight, d-do somethin,” comes your whiney voice as he lowers his to get a better view of your spread your pussy lips; he watches as your hole oozes just for him, desperate to filled and fucked. it’s too early for his cock, he needs to give you a taste of something else before you get drunk on him.
without warning, he pushes two of his expert fingers past your puckering entrance, immediately curling them in a come hither motion as his heated red eyes flicker up to watch your face. your ruby painted lips hang open in a silent moan while your fingers dig into bakugou’s shoulders so hard your nails form tears in his hero suit. “fuckin’ look atcha baby, barely even touched ya ‘n you’re already suckin’ down my fingers so greedily.” he snarls, sharp teeth coming down on your barley clothed breast.
bakugou’s thumb massages rough circles into your clit, pulling more honeyed cries from your lips as your eyes screw shut. “f-fuck, dynamight, need more of your touch, ‘m begging you please!” is all you can say, mindlessly babbling as you fail to keep yourself up right. the explosive pro hero steadies you with an arm wrapped around your waist, fingers curling again to explore more of your velvet walls.
“it’s katsuki, to you,” he barks out, using the arm around your waist to smack your sloppy cunt, the wet sound echoing across the street. “needy little thing, beggin’ me like this, who am i to deny your wishes?” bakugou grins, mercilessly scissoring his digits into your tight heat to stretch you wide open for him. he can’t believe his luck, the way you’re so pliant and responsive to him and him alone.
it’s too soon for him to be this addicted to your cute moans filling the crisp air but he can’t help himself, not when you clamp around his scarred fingers with every pump of them into your silken heat. not with the way your own fingers now curl in sun kissed blonde hair— pulling the hero upwards to suck on his bottom lip, followed by his tongue.
you cry out, the most beautiful sound katsuki’s every heard in all twenty years of living when his fingers press down hard on that gummy pleasure spot inside you, and like the good girl you are for him, you keep your shaky thighs open for him. “you’re such a good fuckin’ doll, letting me finger you out in the open like this, anyone could see us but you wouldn’t care, not when you’re creamin’ your panties for dynamight, right sweet thing?” bakugou’s lewd words go straight to your cunt, entangled with the squelching noises as he moves within you.
“yes! yes! wouldn’t care, don’ care...j-jus wanna cum for you, s-suki—fuck, please—“ you mewl into the night, doe eyes shimmering with tears as the knot in your lower tummy gets tighter and tighter until you can’t bare it anymore.
bakugou grins, curling his fingers once more to send you hurtling off of the edge. he can’t stop thinking about how soaked your little lace panties must be, about all the things he’s going to do with them once he gets them off of you.
“cum.” your pussy follows his orders for you, white flashing behind your eyes as a scream rips in your throat and shoots out into the quiet night. the knot in your stomach snaps, release splashing out against bakugou’s hand and hero suit— he makes you cum so hard you almost black out, a twitching mess in the hero’s arms.
when you finally come to, bakugou’s slurping your nectar off of his fingers, head cocked to the side as you shakily look up at him. “i, uh...t-thank you!” you breathe, blinking away the buzzing noise in the back of your head. “for...uh...”
you’re so cute, flushed with heat and slick dripping from between your legs. you obviously think that was a one time thing, but bakugou hasn’t finished cashing in his reward. the hero shakes his head, using a thumb and forefinger to tilt your own up to meet his ruby gaze. “give me your phone and take off your panties.” he orders, voice authoritative and never wavering— you’re confused, but don’t question him, just as a good girl should.
rooting around in your now discarded purse, you pull out and unlock your going for katsuki, who busies himself with your contacts. embarrassment crawls up your spine when you reach for your underwear, still wet with your arousal and release, you look to bakugou hesitantly. “do i have to—?”
“off.” he grunts, barely looking up from your device as you shimmy out of the lace garment and hand it to him. bakugou gives you the same evil smirk from earlier while you collect yourself against the door, sniffing the flimsily, wet material before shoving them into the pocket of his pants. his cock is hard as a fucking rock, but he’ll be able to deal with it appropriately after his patrol. “i’ll be keeping these. this is where we say g’night sweet stuff.”
the way you curl in on yourself, perhaps a bit humiliated at the idea of your panties being taken by the number two pro hero is adorable, and if he didn’t have patrol, katsuki would have eaten you up right then and there. “goodnight dynamight— i mean, k-katsuki, thank you for everything and h-have a safe night.” you squeak out quickly, moving to open the door again.
“not a problem, honey,” bakugou whispers with a lowered voice, pulling you in to swipe his tongue across your bottom lip, shoving his tongue down your throat in a kiss goodnight. “now get your cute ass upstairs, don’ want anyone to see your leaky cunt like this. that’s fuckin’ mine.”
you do as you’re told, bidding the hero one last farewell before dashing up the steps and into your apartment. your heart and mind race a thousand miles a minute, crazed with the fact that you had just been fingered to the best fucking orgasm of your life by the number two pro hero. you have to force yourself to shower, mapping out all of the spots that bakugou had touched you and growing giddy at the small burn marks he’d left against the inner workings of your thighs.
that night, or rather, early morning— you settle into the sheets, mind still plagued with thoughts of katsuki bakugou, when your phone pings with a text.
to: yn.
from: unknown.
— never got your name sweet stuff, care to tell me who’s name i’ll be moaning tonight?
( one attachment ).
your heartbeat thunders in your ears, familiar warm pooling between your legs yet again as you open the image— knowing that there can be only one person that it’s from. a quiet moan slips past your lips as the picture loads to reveal bakugou in your very same black lace panties from earlier— the slick from your release pressed up against his barely covered cock, while he jerks himself off, precum oozing from his blistering red tip.
you exhale, typing back your name and hitting send— thanking whatever higher power that lead katsuki bakugou to steal your fucking panties.
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throughvisionsdarkly · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
You pick Billy up at a bar.
(NSFW, fem receiving oral, kissing)
God, I wanna keep her, Billy thinks as you kiss him sweetly on the mouth, rocking your hips against his. It was no uncommon thing for women to treat Billy like a fuckboy. They never kissed him like this, just fucked him, got what they wanted, and moved on.
But you’d sweetly approached him in that smoky bar; “Can I buy you a drink?” You had asked, watching him under your lashes, smiling shyly.
He’d chuckled, “Sure, sweetheart.”
You had him laughing at your story of how you’d squatted and peed outside next to the outhouse, because who knew when it had been cleaned? And you didn’t want a spider crawling up your butt. And how you’d had penis envy. “Men can just point and shoot. It’s an Olympic sport trying not to pee on your underwear for girls.”
“You wouldn’t have made it in the marines, princess.” He had teased you.
“Scorpions? No thanks.” You’d smiled, cheekily.
The thing that really got to Billy was you wanting consent from him. The women he’d been with had always made assumptions, touching all over him. But you didn’t assume. “Can I kiss you, Billy?”
His past with Arthur made Billy live a certain kind of hell, between having a touch aversion, and being touch starved.
“Go ahead, pretty girl, kiss me.” He’d purred.
And God, when you did, he got a heavy dose of oxytocin. Was it you asking for consent? Your sweetness? The way you treated him like a human being, and not a piece of meat? All of the above?
You’d brought him home, shyly admitting you’d never done that, but that most men were put off by your weight.
It made Billy angry. “They’re dicks. They’ll end up with a beer belly, a common wife, and bland sex.”
You’d given him a smile, that he swore could light up New York.
You prop yourself on your elbows; “Do you want me?” You ask, unsure.
Does he want you? He thinks incredulously. But he knows your confidence has taken a hit with your prior boyfriends.
“Yeah, sweet pea. I want you.” He hums, nibbling on your neck. You whine, wiggling in his grip. He swats your bottom playfully, “Be a good girl,” he teases you.
He pauses in giving you love bites; “Can I taste you?” He husks.
He can only imagine how sweet you taste, better than the ripest peach, he bets.
“Taste me?” You ask, tilting your head.
He chuckles, “Go down on you.”
“Men really do that?” You look shocked. You nod eagerly then, “Yes, Billy.” You breathe.
Instead of rolling you over, he helps you out of your panties, before pulling you over his face. You grip the headboard, gasping when he licks a stripe down your slit.
It’s a crime no one has tasted your sweet pussy.
He groans at your taste, burying his face in your pussy, fingers gripping thighs, leaving bruises. He teases and sucks on your clit, and the sounds you make, have him hard enough to cut glass.
“Billy, Billy,” you chant his name like a prayer.
Definitely keeping you.
You hardly recognize the hitching gasps, and wanton moans coming out of your mouth. You shudder, as his tongue thrusts, making your toes curl. Your knuckles are white on the headboard, as you rock your hips into his face, making his groans vibrate against you.
It’s your undoing, as you feel the orgasm take you.
You roll off him, trembling, curling into his side. He curls his finger in a lock of your hair. You look at him, smiling shyly. “Thank you,” you say softly.
He chuckles, “Always thank someone for your pleasure?”
“My mama raised me right.” You say, before poking him. “Your turn.”
He groans, “I kinda…” he gestures to his pants. There’s a dark stain there.
“You came…” you say, shocked.
“You were so pretty when you came, riding my face. You make me lose my mind,” he growls, kissing you. You taste yourself on him, and it makes you ache.
“Next time, I want you to cum in my mouth.” You pout prettily.
You’re so fucking perfect.
His heart leaps at the word next time.
“Next time, then.” He says, tucking you against him.
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smallmight-papi · 10 months ago
♫ pro hero’s when you ask to give them a lap dance NSFW w/songs
requested by: @onyxskeleton29 i loved this idea so i instantly started writing this!! thx again for the request :)
includes: toshinori yagi (all might), shota aizawa (eraserhead), mirai sasaki (sir nighteye), hizashi yamada (present mic)
I decided to add songs to this so y’all could feel the vibe more ya know?
toshinori yagi (all might)
Tumblr media
luxurious // gwen stefani 
                      »»————- ♡ ————-««
♫  would be a total blushing and stuttering mess
♫  would also probably cough up blood a lil
♫  ‘y-you wanna give me a lap dance?!!’
♫  obviously he’d let you, why would he pass that up?
♫  you walk over to the record player, putting on a sexy song
champagne kisses, hold me in your lap of luxury
♫  you lift your shirt up over your head, exposing your soft tits
♫  Toshi would already have a tent in his pants, leaning back a little trying to relax and let you do your thing
♫  his heart would pound a little harder the closer you got to him, discarding more and more of your clothes as the song plays.
♫ watching your ass rub against his crotch before turning around and walking around the chair, hand trailing over his chest, under his button down.
sugar, honey, sexy, baby
when we touch it turns to gold
♫  once you began to straddle him, in only your undergarments, the lacy lingerie showing off every curve of your body, he’s on the verge of panting
♫  even straddling him, you have to look up a little bit. if you start kissing down his neck and jaw he will lose his mind and buck his hips into you.
♫  it will lead to gentle, romantic sex. basically him just worshipping your body the whole time.
shota aizawa (eraser head)
Tumblr media
after dark // mr. kitty
                     »»————- ♡ ————-««
♫  shota would die before he said no to a lap dance from you
♫  would lean back in the seat with a dumb smirk, definitely making you a tad nervous
as the hours pass, i will let you know
that i need to ask, before i’m alone
how it feels to rest, upon your patient lips
♫  his eyes would bore into your body, completely mesmerized
♫  teasing him will only make it more fun, taking off your clothes tantalizingly slow, making him groan.
♫  watching the way your body moves to the rhythm makes his mouth water
♫ you walk behind him, hands running through his hair and kissing up his neck as you softly sing along
i’ve been waiting for this moment, we’re finally alone
i turn to ask the question, so anxious, my thoughts
your lips are soft like winter, in your passion i was lost
♫  once he gets tired of the teasing, he uses his capture weapon to drag you towards him, letting the weapon relax before picking you up and tossing you on the bed.
♫ you gon be walking side to side the next day
mirai sasaki (sir nighteye)
Tumblr media
siren // kailee morgue 
                      »»————- ♡ ————-««
♫ i love nighteye but this man has a massive stick up his ass
♫ he obviously deep down was not opposed to the idea but he thought it was pointless, why must you tease him??
♫ until you started 
there’s a brightside, to every wrong thing if you’re looking at my through the right eye
darkness in my name, don’t you wanna come play on the cool side?
don’t be so shy
♫ your hips swayed gently to the music, slowly unzipping your dress and letting it pool around your ankles before stepping out
♫ mirai takes a deep exhale through his nose, a stern look on his face. not wanting to admit that he sees that this was a good idea
♫ you go along with his little act, smirking to yourself knowing you’re winning
♫ his slacks do little to hide his hard-on, he crossed his legs trying to hide it
this could be perfection, venom dripping in your mouth
singing like a siren, love me while your wrists are bound
♫ you get down on your hands and knees, crawling towards him, uncrossing his insanely long legs and slowly spreading them
♫ you stand back up before turning around and sitting down on his lap, back leaning up against him before grabbing his large hands and running them down the front of your body
♫ he moans quietly, not able to hold back
♫ once the song finishes and looks at you with an arousing stare
♫ “bed. now. that’s an order little one”
hizashi yamada (present mic)
Tumblr media
molly // mindless self indulgence
                     »»————- ♡ ————-««
♫ you’re probably wondering why i chose a rock song but this man choses to wear studded leather everyday and is a dj, i just know he likes his rock
♫ and this song is sexayyy
♫ hizashi was jumping for joy when you offered, not even hesitating to say yes
♫ he’d have a stupid grin on his face half the time
♫ you start the song and began slipping off your top
molly was a good girl and she knew the reasons why
so when she went back in the bathroom
she would never come outside
♫ he’d for sure bit his lip the entire time, winking at you
♫ he’d make you giggle a lot, making it easier for you to feel confident since he was so obviously enjoying the hell out of this
♫ you hooked your thumbs into the belt loops of you shorts before turning around and pulling them down
♫ he would hype you up like crazy, whistling at you
♫ you’d walk over to him and straddle his lap, running your hands down his chest and grinding into him before grabbing his chin, forcing him to look at you. pure admiration in his emerald eyes
she was a good girl
and it felt great to be a liar
she’s a good girl 
and it felt great to be a liar, oh!
♫ he’d palm at your ass the whole time before smirking and looking towards the bed
♫ you barely got 2 mins into the song before he was in between your legs
requests are open :)
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strawberriianime · 10 months ago
Sneaky Link
Imagine being the wealthy daughter of one of Japan’s most wealthiest CEO’s but falling in love with a Bonten member. Oh how they’d love to tell one of the men who’s out to get them their fucking his daughter every single night.
♡ what happens when your father comes home earlier than expected?
♡ 18+ content, descriptions of unprotected sex, no minors
♡ cw: creampies, facials, unprotected sex, laguage, minor breeding kink, shower sex, risky sex.
Your father had left town for a business trip, leaving you with your mother and siblings. Luckily, considering you where old enough you didn’t have to be dragged around with them anymore. You mother had decided to go and visit your grandparents in the next city for the day and return tomorrow. Leaving you with a full day to yourself, as your father wouldn't be returning until 3 more days. Grabbing your phone off your nightstand you unlocked it to read whatever messages you had received. Since you where home alone, you decided to text your boyfriend and invite him over. 
♡ Manjiro “Mikey” Sano
This wasn’t his first time over, consider he sneaks in quite often and had spent countless nights. Your phone dinged as you read Manjiro’s message saying he’d be there in an hour. You hopped out of your fluffy white sheets, and put on your slippers as you grabbed a cute matching set to wear. Hopping in the shower, you washed your face, body, shaved, exfoliated and made sure everything was cleaned. You brushed your teeth as you checked the time, 30 minutes until he arrives. You dried your body as you applied lotion to your silky skin, adding a light layer of the perfume Manjiro bought you. Just as you where restocking your mini fridge there was a ring at your door. Running down the marble spiral steps you made your way to the door swinging it open revealing your boyfriend. You jumped on to him as he quickly latched on to your thighs, kissing him all over his face. “Let’s go upstairs” you say as he made his way up the steps with you in his arms. He dropped you lightly on your bed and locked your bedroom door before diving under the covers with you. You two spent all day watching collections of your favorite movies, eating snacks and cuddling. Manjiro decided to hop up and take a shower as he had clothes stashed in your drawer from before. Picking up your phone the clock read 5:53, almost 6. It didn’t take him long to shower and slide his way back into the sheets. This time you both where feeling risky. You glided your hand on the back of his neck, running your hand over his mysterious tattoo. He was face first into your boobs, as your thin tank didn’t do such a good job at concealing your hardening nipples. It didn’t take no time for Manjiro to start placing butterfly kisses along your chest. Before you know it, he’s taking his hand using it to roll up your top leaving your whole bust on display. He applies his mouth to one of your nipples, using his thumb to play with the other. You let out a groan as you remove his shirt, running your hands along his back. He detached his mouth from your bud, running his hands down your legs pulling down your shorts and thong in one go. Your mouths connect quickly as his fingers trails along your slick folds. Spreading your legs slightly, he placed two fingers inside of your wet pussy. “Baby you’re so wet” he moaned in your ear pulling his own pants down. Picking up the pace he fingered you even faster than before making you toss and turn left and right bringing you over the edge. You used your hands to push down his pants indicating that he needed to shuffle them off. “Please...I can’t wait much longer” you beg. He removed his fingers placing them in your mouth as your roll your tongue along his fingers. Gripping the headboard, he used his free hand to help guide his length along your folds before pushing in. Arching your back up you gripped his forearm as he stretched your insides. He began pumping in and out of you as you spewed out moans. Wrapping your legs around him you pulled him deeper, wanting to feel as much of him as possible. New entry detected. “Hello” a voice rang. “Shit. Mikey my dad’s back home” you groaned out trying to break free of his grip only to have his constantly revert you back to the previous position. “Don’t care. I’m not stopping until I cum.” Oh you had a long night ahead of you.
♡ Izana Kurokawa 
Izana had once again snuck into your house leaving you scared shitless as you stared at him laying crossed in your bed while you gripped your towel. No matter how many times this happens it never fails to catch you by surprise. His orchid eyes followed your every move as you dropped your towel, and began to put lotion on. You could feel his eyes burning holes throughout your whole body. Opening your drawer, you decided on a silk set with a matching purple lace thong. Hanging your towel, you crawled on the bed towards your boyfriend. “I missed you baby” you say kissing him on the lips as his right hand gripped the back of your neck, deepening the kiss. After minutes of you two making out, you removed his overcoat, feeling over his toned tan chest. Raking your nails over his chest, you shimmy down to remove his pants. The cool air in your room making his length harden with every blow. Licking your hand you gripped his shaft with your left hand, messaging him lower with your right hand. Licking your lips your mouth made contact with the reddish head, swirling your tongue getting lower with each twirl. This time you decide to take him farther down your throat, there’s nothing you like more than pleasing your boyfriend. Izana threw his head back gripping the edge of your bed. “If you keep going, I’m gonna blow down your throat. Would you like that?” he smirked. Releasing his length from your throat you looked him in his eyes and said, “I want you to cum inside.”. Before you knew it, Izana had grabbed your forearm jerking you onto the bed. He quickly removed your clothes before pushing you flat on the bed. He sat up and began rubbing circles on your clit drawing up a few moans from your throat. He ran his finger up and down your slit before pushing a finger inside your pulsing insides. It didn’t take long to prep you as you where already soaking wet just from sucking your boyfriends dick. Removing this finger, he lined up his dick to your inviting pussy. “You suck me in so nice, I wanna be deeper.” he muttered leaning forward taking your legs and placing them on his shoulder. “Zana please” you moaned out throwing your head back as you felt him even deeper, the deepest you ever felt him. You could hear wetness that formed between you two as he pushed in and out. He leaned in even closer, face to face to you watching as your eyes pooled with tears. Locking eyes with him was almost enough to pull you over the edge. “I’m close, tell me where you want it baby” “Inside, please Izana I want you to cum inside of me” just as Izana was about to fill you up, a voice rang out. “Honey! I came back earlier...my trip didn’t take as long. How about you come get this nice dress I bought ya?” “Uh sure Dadd-ahhh” your eyes rolled to the back of your head as Izana filled you to the brim. Luckily you father didn’t hear the last part. Izana finished as he pulled out of you watching as some of his cum leaked out. “Don’t wanna waste any.” he said pushing what all leaked back in. Quickly popping up you paced around looking for your panties only to see Izana gripping them. Grabbing your face and bringing it close to his he said, “How about I fuck you in that new dress then we pick out baby names?”
♡ Ran Haitani
Ran is someone who doesn’t care about anything. You two where currently in your massive living room, watching a new movie you had anticipated to watch. You laid on top of him on the long extended couch was he barely watched the movie. Ran was sneaky, he always knew how to get something that he wanted. You snuggled the blanket closer to you and your boyfriend as he lazily rolled his fingers along your back. You already knew he was up to something.  He rubbed up and down you back getting lower and lower with each rub. Slowly, he began to rub circles on your ass. On the last stroke, he used his his hands to glide into your shorts and rub on to your ass some more. Finally, he decided to slip your shorts off pulling down you panties as well. He takes one of his fingers and began rubbing it along your entrance. “Wet already?” he teased as he used his knee to elevate your slightly. “Use my knee to get yourself off he said.” smirking as your face flushed red. He pulled your shirt off, getting rid of the blanket as well. Your nipples harden as they come in contact with the cool room. He sits up on your couch, making you straddle his knee. “Get to it baby.” he said rubbing circles on your clit. You move your hips back and forwards on his knee, whimpering in the process. He attached his lips to your nipple, continuing to speed up the rubbing on your clit. “Ran I’m close” you say feeling your insides clench around nothing. He pulls you up from his knee and picks you up bridal style, making his way to your room. He places you on the bed face first and begin to remove his own clothing. You arch your back as you get ready for Ran to fill you up. He places his hands in your hair as he begins to slide into in one single thrust. You eyes roll back as the man behind you began to rock into you hard and teasingly slow. Just as things where starting to get good, your phone started ringing. “Ran I need to answer that, please.” you whimpered hearing your ringer go off. “Go ahead” he said as he passed you the phone as he stopped. “Hi Daddy” your voice trembled on the phone as Ran pulled out of you. “Oh nothing Daddy I was ju-uuhh..” you covered your mouth as Ran thrusted sharply into your heat. “I’m fine I just..OH! your outside...yes I’ll come unlock the door.” “Hi Daddy” “Who’s th-” “Bye Daddy.” needless to say Ran is an asshole.
♡ Rindou Haitani
Rindou knew all about the fake lifestyle you where living. How you showed your parents that you where oh so perfect and could never do wrong. Little did your parent know you liked to be fucked like a slut. You lived a double life and you knew your parents wouldn't approve of Rindou, but you loved him.  Yet, much like his brother, he’s an asshole. You father had made it home earlier and was roaming through your house. Did that mean Rindou was going to stop fucking you? Absolutely not. He had mad it this far and he would be damned if he didn’t go all the way. He was laying on his back, as he gripped your hips rolling them along his own. You threw you head back choking back every moan possible, hopefully so your father wouldn’t suspect anything and come check on you. You difficult boyfriend was no help as he loved to tease you. When yo least expect it he would rub your clit and pinch it, watching as your face would twist and turn. He smirked as he pushed his hips upwards connecting with your own every thrust. “Rin...” you whimpered out as you thighs quivered trying to keep up with the pace he had set. “Just like that baby” he groaned out hands gripping your hips so tight to the point that you know they’ll bruise tomorrow. You rolled you hips along him and he suddenly pulled you forward. “Keep quite” he smirked as he suddenly accelerated his pace causing you to let out a painfully loud moan. “Baby are you okay?” you dad questioned with a knock on your door following. “Yea dad I'm fine” you replied swallowing every moan that was thrown your way. Just how would your dad feel if he knew you where fucking a known criminal in the house. Leaning down some more, you locked lips with your boyfriend wanting to save this moment forever. “It feels so good” you moaned into his mouth hanging on to the tread that would surely push you over. “You’ve been doing such a good job babygirl, you take me so well.” his praise making you squeeze him tighter. “Are you going to cum around my cock?” he teased knowing that you where on the edge. He reached down once more and began rubbing your clit as your body began jerking, showing that you where milliseconds from spilling over. “I want to cum on your face.” he said pulling himself out of you , dick covered in your juices. You got on your hands and knee’s and began jerking his dick with speed. It didn’t take any time before you felt hit warm seed spill over your face. Taking one of his fingers, he wiped some of his cum off your face and brought it to your lips. “Suck it”
♡ Haruchiyo Sanzu 
Your boyfriend was a wildcard. You never knew when he would pop up. Luckily, your family was gone which gave you time to spend some alone time with your boyfriend. An innocent shower had changed into something much more special. Haru had popped up, literally climbed into your bedroom and leaned on your bathroom counter. An idea popped into his head as he removed his clothing, quietly sliding the glass door open. “Missed a spot” you screamed dropping bath sponge in the process. “Haru you fucking suck.” you said slapping his chest with the loofah you had dropped. “Hun is everything okay in there?” your dad questioned. “I’m fine daddy, just seen a bug” you yelled back. “Bug huh?” Haru teased rubbing soap along your body. Grabbing your chin, he tilted your face up to place a kiss on your lips. You had attempted to deepen the kiss but he broke free. He began to place kissing running down your body starting with your chest, down your belly, up until he reached that lucky spot. “Jump baby” was all he said and with that you followed. He gripped your underthighs tightly as he placed you against the wall. You felt his warm tongue separate your slippery wet folds. You gripped onto his pink locks as he began to eat you out. You wish you could savor this moment forever. The way he he sucked at your clit made your toes curl, you’re not sure how he was able too hold up your unstable weight. “You taste so sweet” he moaned into your heat as he lapped at it as if it was his last meal. It didn’t take long until you had found yourself cumming around his tongue, making your legs feel like even more jelly. He lowered your body down to align with his pulsing length ready to ravage your insides. With a single thrust his length was positioned perfectly inside you. He rocked his hip as you gripped the nearby built-in wall in your shower. It was too much, you where still sensitive from just recently coming undone.  “Haru I can’t hold on anymore.” you whimpered as you felt the familiar bubble in your stomach. “Just hold on a little longer baby, I'm almost there.” he hissed speeding up his pace making you cry out. After a few more fast paced strokes, you felt yourself coming undone around him, as he released inside you. It took a few minutes until you both came to your senses, as he pulled out. “You might wanna shower one more time.”
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bubbleteaimagines · a year ago
The Babysitter
Kuroo Tetsuro Oneshot
Tumblr media
Summary || After months of sexual tension, Kuroo can’t resist fucking his pretty little babysitter on the couch
Pairings || Kuroo Tetsuro x Babysitter!Reader
Warnings || Smut, fingering, blowjobs, age gap (reader is 20) light praise, pet names, unprotected sex, creampie, daddy kink
Authors Note || In celebration of 3k, here is some Dilf!Kuroo that we all need in our lives
It was inevitable, you supposed. The tension between you two was simply too thick, and it had been for months— ever since you had started working for him.
Kuroo was a man that was very busy, and with a two year old daughter and a mother that was absent, it was no surprise that he needed some extra help.
That’s where you came in- fresh faced and right out of college, majoring in (Y/M/N) and needing a job for the summer.
A friend of a friend had been the one to hook you up, Kuroo taking a liking to you almost instantly.
He had to admit, it was your pretty face and bright smile that draw him in at first, but truly, you were most qualified candidate for the job.
Like a ray of sunshine, a breath of fresh air if he’d ever seen one.
Not to mention how his daughter absolutely loved playing with you from the moment she met you, so in Kuroo’s mind it was a no brainer.
That’s how it started— but your story with the older man would end much, much different.
With lingering glances here and there, subtle touches and late nights where you’d both just sit down and talk, it was no surprise to either of you that ended up here— face down on his couch and completely at his mercy.
Truthfully, it wasn’t supposed to end this way. You were only supposed to have a few drinks and then head home for the night, but somehow before Kuroo could even open the wine, the tension between the two of you had reach the boiling point.
Everything between you two had been spilled in an instant, and now you were a moaning mess as Kuroo’s soft lips attached themselves to your clit, biting and sucking softly while his long fingers worked magic on your cunt.
“You like that babygirl?” Nicknames, so many of them, and they sounded so sexy coming from his lips. You damn near came right then and there as he leaned down to whisper in your ear, nibbling a little while his assault on your pussy continued.
“Y-Yes,” You found yourself squeaking out a reply, too wrapped up in pleasure to respond with anything coherent. But alas, Kuroo wasn’t satisfied. He gave you pointed look as he fingers came to a still, a whine leaving your throat at the loss of contact.
“Ah, ah, ah. That’s not my name. You know better,” He said disapprovingly. It only took you a few seconds for your brain to catch up, a spark of realization flowing through you before you uttered out the correct word.
“That’s it,” Kuroo gave you a huge smirk and in no time, continued on with brining you to your high. Admittedly, the man was skilled. Despite never having explored your body before, he knew exactly where to touch you, knew exactly the right spots to make you see stars. “Let me hear you baby- let see hear you cum for me.”
“F-Fuck, fuck!” A breathless moan left your lips as you threw your head back, pleasure taking over every sense. You could barely breathe, too focused on the orgasm that came crashing over you, knocking the air out of your lungs and rendering your brain useless.
You came, harder than you ever had before, all over Kuroo’s slender fingers. In fact, your little pussy made a mess all over his expensive couch but at the moment, Kuroo didn’t care.
His cock was growing harder by the minute as he watched you come undone under him, because of him.
He’s never seen anyone look so sexy, already looking fucked out even though he just started.
“You alright there babygirl?” He’s kind enough to ask, leaning down to stroke your cheeks. Wordlessly, you nod, but Kuroo can tell there’s something on your mind. Suddenly, you sit up, and there’s a hopeful look in yours as you crawl over towards him and pout.
“I wanna ride you, daddy,” You tell him, jutting out your lower lip and tugging on his belt. Fuck. How could Kuroo resist you when you looked at him like that? All needy for him, pussy throbbing at just the idea of him fucking you senseless.
“Fuck, you sure, baby?” He checks to make sure you’re serious before making his next move, and sure enough- you nod eagerly and tug at him again, a whine leaving your throat. He was moving too slow, being a gentleman, sure, but right now you wanted him to fuck you like a whore.
“Yes daddy, I’m absolutely sure,” You tell him confidently, and it doesn’t take much after that to get Kuroo to agree. Quickly, his hands replace yours at pulling at his belt, fumbling with the material and cursing himself for tying it too tight. Eventually though, he manages to get the damn thing off and throws it across the room, making a small clatter that neither of you pay attention to.
And suddenly, Kuroo’s sitting down on the couch and letting you do all the work of undressing him, chuckling at how eager you are. You grab at his clothes like your life depends on it— first his shirt, then his pants, and finally his boxers come off and Kuroo has the absolute pleasure of taking in your ‘O’ shaped mouth, jaw dropping at the size of his cock.
“D-Daddy, you’re so big,” You tell him, eyes wide. Way bigger than any of the college boys you’ve been with. Kuroo was hung and is was making your mouth water, desperate for a taste.
“Go on,” He softly encouraged you after seeing the look on your face, snaking his hands behind your head and gripping your hair. “Give it taste. Let me cum all over those pretty little lips babygirl.”
You’re all eager to fulfill his request, blinking innocently before leaning in and darting your tongue out. Kuroo groans at the action, back straining against the couch as you do it once more before finally giving him the real thing.
Your mouth is hot and tight wrapped around him, pure Heaven, Kuroo thinks, as you get to work and start sucking him like a pro.
Your head bobs up and down, taking him as much as you can and using your hands to stroke the parts you can’t reach. You open up your throat and take him deeper- so deep that you start gagging on his cock.
Kuroo moans at the vibrations and despite your teary eyes, he pulls your head further down and stuffs your mouth with his cock.
He moans again as he feels a pit in his stomach, his orgasm bubbling up the more you pleasured him.
You could feel it, too, by the way he was turning into putty under your touch and groaning every time you stroked him. Slowly, you look up to meet his eyes as you tease his tip with your tongue Kuroo suddenly lets go- sinful noises leaving his lips as thick, white ropes of his cum shoot out and down your throat.
Like the good girl you are, you swallow every last drop before finishing off with a ‘pop!’ Kuroo panting heavily as you sit back on your knees.
“Was I good, daddy?” You ask him, Kuroo frantically nods as he pulls you up, positioning you on his lap and just over his cock.
“The best, babygirl. You took me so well,” Kuroo praises you, stroking your hair before smiling. “You think you’re ready to take my cock now, pretty girl?” He asks, and you nod frantically.
“Yes, please Daddy. I want it so bad,” You tell him, gripping his shoulders, and that’s Kuroo needs to hear in order to spread your legs and lower you on his cock.
You moan as his tip begins to push past your tight walls, the breath leaving your lungs the more he fills you up. God, he’s so big, and he knows it too which is why he give you a little time to adjust to his size before slowly fucking into you.
“Fuck!” It’s so painful and delicious at the same time. The way you stretch around him, your little pussy desperately trying to take him. You throw your head back in pleasure when he bottoms out, hands coming up to steady you.
Your movements are slow at first, only rocking your hips and bouncing a little while you ease into a rhythm. However, you’re practically dripping around him and that makes it all the more easier to move, finally being to able warm up to his size.
The pace that you settle on leaves you both a moaning mess, trying to keep it down as to not disturb his daughter that’s sleeping upstairs. You have to bury yourself into the crook of Kuroo’s neck in order to mask your moans, walls clenching around his cock.
He’s so deep that it has you crying out every few seconds, wrapping your body around him to keep yourself ground. Kuroo doesn’t mind though, in fact he pulls you into a deep kiss as you continue to bounce around him, both of you moaning into the other’s mouth.
Somehow, your hands find his messy hair and you tug on it gently as you begin to feel another orgasm rising up. Kuroo can feel the way your walls are clenching around him, and decides to take the lead. Grabbing your hips, he steadies you before thrusting up and matching your pace, pounding into you while you try to hold on for dear life.
It’s no use though, pleasure clouds over you in an instant, your vision going in and out as you moan and whine against his lips. Eventually though, you’re forced to pull away for air and take deep breath, your body shaking. You’re not sure how much longer you can last like this, and Kuroo knows.
He feels the way you’re squirming and whining against him, he loves the way you’re going absolutely feral for his cock. He wants nothing more than to make you cum around him, and so he snakes a hand down and rubs at your clit, teasing you just enough to send you over the edge.
“Shit, shit, shit, shit!” You cry out as your walls clamp down on him, creaming all over Kuroo’s cock. Your eyes roll into the back your head and you hear Kuroo groaning underneath you as you squeeze him like never before. Fuck, you’re so tight that he has no choice but to cum too, a loud moan leaving his lips as the milky white substance paints your walls.
He stuff you full of it, his good little girl milking him dry before he pulls out at watches run down your thighs.
You’re breathing heavily as your eyelids slowly open, coming down from your high to see Kuroo as equally as flustered. You both need a minute to calm down before you speak, slowly moving off of his lap and collapsing on the couch next to him.
“That was...” You don’t even have the words for it. You’ve never been fucked so good before, the man making you cum twice which had never happened with any of your other hook-ups. It seems that Kuroo was feeling the same, a low chuckle escaping his lips as he nodded.
“Yeah,” Kuroo agreed as he leaned back on the couch, sweat dripping down his forehead. Even in his fucked out state though, he still looks incredibly handsome. Black hair sticking to his face, brown eyes wide with blown pupils...man, he really was beautiful.
You found yourself smiling the more you admired him, and Kuroo quickly caught onto your stare.
“What? Is there something on my face?” He asked jokingly, shying away from your gaze. You grinned at the light blush that crossed his cheeks.
“No, no...I just...you’re really handsome, you know that?” You found yourself saying, taking Kuroo by surprise. His brows furrowed together at your words, but he quickly recovered, a sly smirk forming on his face.
“Took you long enough to notice, didn’t it?” He teased, lightly nudging you. You giggled at the action but shook your head.
“No, I’ve always noticed. But honestly I didn’t think-”
“You didn’t think I’d see you that way,” Kuroo finished knowingly. You nodded. “Huh. Well isn’t that something.”
“I just thought...well I dunno. I didn’t think you’d be interested in me. I mean after all I’m just the babysitter, kinda cliche isn’t it?” You said.
Kuroo chuckled. “Yeah...I suppose it is. But this...us...it’s not just a one time thing, is it?”
“Not if you don’t want it to be,” You tell him seriously, turning to face him. “I mean...I’m willing to you know...be more, if that’s what you want.”
“You mean like a date?” Kuroo asked, shocked.
“I’m free on Friday’s,” You tell him shyly. But despite this, Kuroo finds himself smiling and slowly nodding at your proposition.
“Friday yeah? I’d say we’re doing things a little backwards, but I’d love to take you out,” He can’t help the goofy grin that spread across his face, his heart pounding a little at the shy, relived grin on your own.
“Okay...Friday it is then,” You beam, reaching for your lost clothing that’s been scattered on the floor. It was getting late, and you really should be getting home before your roommate starts to worry, but you find yourself not wanting to leave at all. Kuroo had completely intoxicated you, making you want to do nothing but stay in his arms for the rest of the night. Unfortunately though, you both froze as a cry pierced through the house and Kuroo cursed as he frantically got up, and slipped his clothes on
“I’m sorry,” He sent you an apologetic look as Kiana began to cry, having woken up from her sleep. “I hate to leave things like this but...”
“It’s fine,” You shake your head, smiling a little as you gesture upstairs. “She needs you, I understand. I’ll get my time on Friday, yeah?”
“I can’t wait,” Kuroo tells you honestly, stopping momentarily to press a quick kiss on your lips before darting to the stairs. “I’ll call you later this week, okay?”
“I can’t wait,” You repeat his words, grinning at his toned figure before watching him disappear up the stairs. Even from where you were, you could hear Kuroo gently cooing and trying to soothe baby Kiana (named closely after her uncle) and it made your heart absolutely melt.
Shaking your head, you gathered the rest of your stuff and quickly slipped out of the door before you ended up in a puddle due to the cuteness. Already, you had your phone out and rang up your roommate -also your best friend- as you walked to your car, excitement bubbling through your veins.
“Hello?” They answered on the first ring.
You grinned. “Y/F/N, you will never believe what just happened to me...”
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nakachuchu · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Caught | Itadori Jin (nsfw)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: He catches you masturbating.
READER: female
INCLUDES: babysitter, dilf, age gap, masturbation, cunnilingus, soft sex, soft dom!Jin, praise, Princess nickname, mild overstimulation, hickeys, protected sex, loss of virginity
WORDS: 2328
WRITTEN: 04/04/2021
NOTES: This piece is for @suna-reversed JujutsuHub event!
Tumblr media
Jin's wife left him shortly after their son was born. Between work and the divorce, he barely had time to take care of his son, Yuuji.
That was where you came in. You loved children and had babysat for your siblings and the neighborhood moms' children since you were young.
It was only natural that you became an official babysitter. You went to school and got an official license. You preferred to stay long-term with children until they were ready to be separated from you.
You were highly talked about in Jin's neighborhood, so he decided to give you a call after hearing that the last child you took care of was ready to separate from you. He was a bit weary since you were so young, just fresh out of school, but he was amazed at how good you were with Yuuji.
You usually stayed with the household if they were newborns, so you had your own room in Jin's house.
"Hi, sweetie," you cooed.
Your fingers held onto Yuuji's wrist, making him wave at you. He gurgled happily, smiling up at you as you scrunched your face and kissed him.
"You're so cute. I love you so much," you cooed.
As if he understood what you said, he giggled and nodded.
"Wanna go see your father? I know you do."
You carried him in your arms and walked to Jin's room. Knowing that this was around the time he got ready for work, you knocked and waited outside.
"In a moment!"
"No rush," you said.
You waited a bit, scratching Yuuji's pink cheeks. You looked up when the door opened, faced with a suit-wearing Jin. He was fixing his cuffs as he glanced at you and down at Yuuji.
He broke out into a bright smile as he leaned down and kissed his son on the head.
"Meeting today, right?" you asked.
You switched positions so you could burp Yuuji on the back.
"Yes, so I may be home a bit later than usual," he said.
"I'll leave dinner out for you on the table, then."
He faintly smiled. "That would be great. Thank you. You're a huge help."
You rolled your eyes. "You say that every day, Jin. Off to work, you go."
"Yes, ma'am."
He grabbed his briefcase and you walked to the entrance to see him off. As he walked to his car, you stood by the door and raised Yuuji's hand to wave goodbye.
"Say goodbye to your father, Yuuji."
He tilted his head to the side as you waved his hand around. Jin chuckled and waved goodbye to the two of you before getting into his car and driving off.
"What shall we do now?" you questioned. "You don't smell bad so it's not shower time yet. Well, I suppose you could read my novels with me."
You walked back into the house and locked the door behind you before grabbing your novel and sitting on the couch.
Yuuji sat on your lap in front of your book as you read to yourself. He liked to smack the book and wrinkle the pages, but you didn't mind.
You'd often check up on Yuuji since you wanted to make sure he was okay at all times, even if he was simply sitting on your lap.
When you noticed him yawn, you closed your novel after making sure his hands wouldn't get caught in it.
"Naptime, sweetheart?" you questioned.
You turned him around so that his chest was pressed against your shoulder as you patted him on the back and walked upstairs to his room.
You sat on the rocking chair in the room and patted his back while rocking back and forth. You hummed a soft lullaby, waiting for him to fall asleep.
For the rest of the day, you cleaned around the house and prepared dinner, making sure to wrap Jin's dinner for when he comes back home.
You played with Yuuji some more after he woke up and fed him before watching a few cartoons until it was time for bed.
After putting Yuuji to sleep and taking a shower, you got dressed in your pajamas and slipped into bed.
You weren't feeling particularly sleepy since Yuuji was an absolute doll today. He didn't cause any mayhem so you weren't as tired as usual.
You stared at the ceiling in the dark before glancing at your clock. There was still time before Jin would come back home.
Your fingers slipped into your pajama shorts, rubbing up and down your slit. You weren't that surprised at how wet you were because you always were whenever you thought about Jin.
He was attractive, respectful, and such a good father. How could you not be horny or in love with him?
You closed your eyes as your fingers slipped between your folds to massage your clit. A sigh left your lips as you pictured Jin's tongue against your clit.
Your free hand cupped your breast, massaging it from under your shirt. You were panting softly now, hips moving against your fingers so that you could cum.
Being so far lost in your fantasy, you didn't hear the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs nor did you hear the soft gasp by your doorway.
"Jin," you softly moaned.
His briefcase slipped from his hand, clattering onto the floor. Your eyes snapped open, hands slipping out from under your clothes to prop yourself up.
Your door creaked open, revealing an embarrassed Jin. He was hiding his mouth behind his hand.
"Do you... Do you always think about me?" he mumbled.
You felt like exploding. You were mortified at being caught by your boss right after you you moaned his name.
It didn't really matter what your answer was. Either way, you had a feeling you would be getting fired.
"Yes," you whispered. "I'm sorry. I'll pack my things and go."
"I—Uh—" He cleared his throat. "I never told you to do that." He moved his hand away from his mouth to scratch his cheek. "I think about you too."
"Y-You do?"
He nodded. "It's a bit hard not to. You've been with Yuuji and me for months now. You're a hard worker and kind."
You were too mortified earlier to be shy, so now was the moment. His sudden confession made you fidget and you weren't sure what to say.
"If it's no trouble—" He began to loosen his tie, making your eyes widen. "—could I help you with your problem?"
"You didn't get to finish earlier and I have to take responsibility, don't I? Yuuji's asleep?"
"Yes, sir," you said.
Really, the "sir" was a reflex because he was your boss, but it seemed to spur him on. Completely taking off his tie while walking toward you, he laid down on your bed and tugged your shorts off.
You let out a squeak as he wrapped his arms around your thighs and tugged them closer to him, causing you to fall onto your back. He blew air onto your clit, making you jolt.
"Um—I've never—never done anything with someone before," you mumbled.
For most of your life, you took care of your younger siblings, went to school, and studied. You didn't have time for relationships and you never really wanted one because all boys seemed immature to you.
Jin glanced at you with a soft smile. "I can stop if you want."
You nibbled at your bottom lip and shook your head before resting your head back onto the pillow.
He chuckled before leaning down to look at your pretty, wet cunt. He licked a stripe up your folds to your clit. You gasped, arching your back slightly and pushing your clit against his tongue.
Jin licked tentative patterns against your clit, flicking it softly a few times and gaining the soft whimpers and moans from you. He hadn't been with another woman besides Yuuji's mother so it had been a while.
He buried his face into your cunt, pushing your trembling thighs down with his arms. Your head tilted back, a strangled moan escaping your lips.
He hummed, tongue flicking your clit back and forth. He loved the feeling of your swollen clit on his wet tongue.
"J-Jin, 'm cumming! D-Don't stop! I—"
Your cum was dripping down his chin as he moved his tongue to prod at your cunt, slipping inside. His nose was pressing against your clit and his glasses were fogging up—not that he cared.
You let out a cry, thighs trembling as your body lurched. You came on his face, body twisting to try and get away from his mouth.
Your hand flew to his head, fingers gripping his hair as he continued to eat you out.
"J-Jin—Nngh—I—I can't—"
He hummed and slipped his tongue out from your cunt to lick your clit softly before kissing your thighs and cleaning your cum off.
You breathed heavily, tummy and chest rising as he crawled off the bed to take off his suit jacket.
"Is the baby monitor on?" he questioned.
"Of course," you murmured. "I'm not irresponsible."
He smiled. "I know. Are you too tired to keep going?"
"Keep going?" you questioned with slightly wide eyes. "N-No, I'm fine."
He nodded and leaned over you to kiss you on the lips before leaving the room for a moment, leaving you alone to think about how you got to this moment.
Jin walked back into the room with a condom in his hand. He crawled onto the bed between your legs, undoing his zipper to take out of his large cock.
You didn't think it would fit. It was much too large. He took the condom out from the package and placed it over his cock.
"J-Jin," you murmured.
"I know, Princess. I'll be gentle, okay?"
You gulped and nodded, letting him align the head of his cock with your cunt. He slowly slid into you, allowing time for you to get adjusted each time.
You held your breath when half of his cock was inside you. He reached out and cupped your cheek to brush away the small tears you didn't even know had formed.
"Breathe," he murmured. "You're doing good."
You nodded and let out your breath, trying your best to breathe evenly. You winced when you felt the tip of his cock press against your cervix.
"Good job, Y/N," he encouraged.
"Can you—Can you call me that again? That—That nickname from before?" you requested shyly.
He smiled. "Of course, Princess."
He began to slowly thrust into you and used his thumb to rub your clit in soft circles, knowing that you were still sensitive from before.
The bed creaked softly as he rocked his hips into you gently. You whimpered and placed your arm over your eyes, mouth parted to pant and moan quietly.
It had been a while since Jin last had sex—the last time was with Yuuji's mother before she was pregnant so it had been close to a year now.
He was already feeling the familiar sensation of cumming, but he forced himself to hold back as much as he could.
"Princess, let me see your face," he cooed as he picked up the pace.
You gasped. "N-No, it's em—embarrassing."
His free hand wrapped around your ankle and placed it on his shoulder. Then, he slid his hand up your tummy to push your shirt over your breasts, watching them bounce with each thrust.
"Please?" he questioned.
Slowly, you slid your arm away from your face and looked up at him with big, glistening eyes. He smiled and leaned down to kiss you, removing his thumb from your clit.
You whined at the position he had you in—your leg now hanging over his shoulder with your thigh pressing against your shoulder.
He groaned into your ear as your cunt clenched around his cock. You whimpered, arms reaching out to wrap around his shoulders and neck.
His hands slithered down to your back, lifting you slightly as his lips attracted to your neck to create hickeys.
" 'm cumming! J-Jin! Ah—Nngh—"
You buried your face into his neck to muffle your sobs and moans as you creamed all over his cock. He groaned, hot cum spilling into the condom.
The two of you stayed in that position for a while, heavily panting while enjoying each other's warmth.
He kissed your cheek before leaning back and slowly sliding his cock out of you with a subtle wince. He threw the condom away before grabbing the blanket to tuck you into bed. Then, he leaned down to kiss your forehead. You forced your eyes open, fighting your drowsiness.
"Where are you going?" you asked.
"I'm going to check on Yuuji, then I'll come back. Go ahead and sleep. Sweet dreams, Y/N."
You wouldn't tell him you giggled softly at the sight of his bare ass.
Tumblr media
You scrunched your face, groaning softly at the feeling of hands roaming around your face. You forced your eyes open and came face to face with Yuuji's chubby face.
He giggled and smacked his hands onto your cheeks. You softly sighed and grabbed his hands before leaning up to kiss his face.
"How do you feel?"
You glanced behind you since you were still on your side, only now realizing Jin was behind you with his arms wrapped around you. He was shirtless too, which didn't help. You averted your eyes away from him and focused on Yuuji instead.
"Good," you murmured. "Did you bring him here?"
"Yes, I turned your alarm off so that you could sleep in. He missed you."
You smiled. "Thank you, and I missed him too."
You grabbed Yuuji and turned onto your back, letting him sit on your stomach. He giggled and patted your stomach before crawling over to Jin.
"Hey, Jin," you called out.
"Are you going to pay me overtime?"
He chuckled. "As much as you want."
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dadbodosamu · 11 months ago
only you || part ii
Stepdad Osamu x Fem!Reader
WARNINGS: slight (consensual!!) somnophilia, cockwarming, public sex, semi-public sex, daddy kink, oral (m+f receiving), Osamu has a dick piercing
3.3k words
part i || part ii || part iii || part iv || part v || part vi || extras || only you, too
You woke up to Osamu crawling into your bed.
“Good morning, princess,” he whispered, wrapping his arms around you.
“Morning,” you mumbled as he kissed your forehead.
“Go back to sleep, baby. I just wanted to hold ya for a lil’ while,” he said. You nodded and closed your eyes again.
Osamu’s cock was pressing against your clothed cunt.
“Samu,” you groaned.
“Just sleep, princess,” he mumbled, pushing down his boxers. He rutted his cock against your pussy. He buried his face in your neck, kissing and sucking along your skin as he rutted against you. You spread your legs slightly, giving him a better angle.
“Good girl,” he breathed. He reached down, rubbing your clit through your thin panties.
“Want more,” you moaned.
“Wanna warm my cock, princess?” Osamu asked.
“Please,” you whimpered as he played with your clit. He pushed your panties to the side and slowly slid inside you. You moaned as he pulled your leg over his hip to push deeper inside of you.
“There we go,” Osamu sighed. You sighed as you closed your eyes and cuddled against his broad chest. “Go back to sleep, baby.”
You yawned and nodded, drifting back to sleep, stretched and full.
The second time you woke up, Osamu was gently rocking into you.
“Samu,” you mumbled as his cock brushed against that spongy spot inside you.
“Shh, shh, baby, let me take care of ya,” he said. He reached down and circled your clit with his fingers. You moaned softly.
“Ya were squeezin’ me so tight in yer sleep, must’ve been havin’ a good dream,” Osamu teased.
You had, in fact, dreamed of something along the lines of this.
“Dreamt about you,” you moaned, moving your hips against his.
“Yeah?” Osamu asked, timing his slow thrusts with yours. “What about me?”
“This,” you said. “‘Cept you kissed me.”
“Like this?” He asked, kissing you softly. You sighed into the kiss.
“Yeah,” you said, breathlessly after he pulled away.
He leaned his forehead against yours, looking at you with soft, grey eyes.
“Gonna fill ya up again, okay?” Osamu asked. You nodded.
You whined as he pinched your clit, driving you closer to your own orgasm.
“Samu,” you moaned. “Gonna cum.”
“Cum with me, baby,” he moaned. You cried out as you creamed around his cock as he painted your insides white.
You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into a deep kiss.
“Good morning,” you said, pulling away from him.
“Do you want to go to Osaka with me today?” He asked. “I’m opening a new location and need to look at a few different areas.”
“If you make me breakfast,” you said, smiling.
“Deal.” Osamu pecked your lips and slowly pulled out of you before hopping out of your bed.
You sighed happily and laid back in bed for a moment. You listened to Osamu moving around in the kitchen before hopping up and walking into your bathroom.
You quickly showered and brushed your teeth before getting dressed in a short, black skirt and a white Onigiri Miya shirt.
In the kitchen, Osamu had opted to make omurice. He was just plating the second plate when you entered.
“Who said ya could be so cute?” Osamu asked, looking you up and down. You smiled as your cheeks burned.
“Who said you could be so handsome?” You shot back. Even in just a pair of black briefs, Osamu was the most handsome man you’d ever seen.
“Bon appetit,” he said, placing both plates on the table. You smiled as he pulled your chair out for you.
“Thank you,” you said. You ate in relative silence, playing a childish game of footsies under the table.
“Let me go get dressed and we’ll leave,” Osamu said after the two of you finished eating.
“I’ll be here,” you said as he kissed your forehead.
You fiddled with your phone as you waited. You had a few new texts, all from the MSBY boys who had all apparently gotten your number from Osamu the day before.
‘hey it’s uncle tsumu,’ Atsumu texted. You smiled and saved his number under ‘Uncle Tsumu’ before texting back.
‘hi uncle tsumu,’ you responded. You opened and responded to the rest of the boys, saving their numbers and momentarily fangirling over the fact that you now had your favourite volleyball players’ numbers.
“Ready?” Osamu asked, stepping into the kitchen. He was dressed casually, in jeans and an Onigiri Miya shirt that matched your own.
“Nice shirt,” you teased.
“It’s my restaurant,” Osamu said.
You laughed as you followed him out of the door and to the car.
“We have to be back by 7 to pick up yer mom,” Osamu said as he started the car.
You frowned at the mention of her.
“Hey, no pouting,” he said. “I didn’t even sleep with her last night. Like you asked.”
“She’s still your wife, you’re going to have to eventually fuck her again,” you said.
“What do ya want me to do?” Osamu asked. “Leave her?”
You stayed silent.
“Give it some time, it’ll be suspicious if I ask for a divorce right after I met ya,” he said, resting a hand on your thigh.
“How much time?” You asked.
“Let’s say, six months,” he said. “That’s long enough that it doesn’t seem suspicious.”
“You won’t sleep with her?” You asked.
“Promise, princess,” he said.
“What about when I go back to school?” You asked.
“I’ll come visit you,” he said. You nodded, satisfied with his answers.
The ride was long and filled with questions of you and Osamu getting to know each other better.
When you finally arrived in Osaka, Osamu grabbed your hand as you walked towards the subway. You smiled widely and intertwined your fingers with his.
“Don’t wanna lose ya in the crowd,” he teased, pulling you closer to him. You grabbed onto his arm and smiled up at him.
“You’re so tall, I’m pretty sure you could spot me if we got separated,” you said.
“Maybe I just want to hold yer hand,” he said.
“Maybe I want to hold yours,” you said.
He smiled down at you.
It took a few hours to check out three locations for the new Onigiri Miya.
“We still have a few hours before we have to be back,” Osamu said. “Ya wanna go get lunch?”
“Are you asking me on a date, Osamu?” You teased.
“If I am?” He said.
“I’d say yes,” you said.
“Then, I definitely am,” he said, leaning down to press his lips against yours.
You ended up in a small restaurant near the last location you had checked on.
“You come here often?” Osamu joked as you sat at a small table.
“I actually do go to school around here,” you said.
“Really?” Osamu asked. You nodded.
“Kansai University in Suita,” you said.
“Oh, so yer not just good at volleyball, yer smart too?” Osamu asked.
“I am,” you said.
“And humble, wow,” he said. You smiled at him.
“Where did you go to school?” You asked.
“Otemae in Nishinomiya,” Osamu said. “Majored in business.”
“And then you opened Onigiri Miya right after you graduated?” You asked.
“Yep,” he said. The two of you chatted as you ate.
“Ooo, we still have two hours before we have to leave,” Osamu said, glancing at his phone.
“We can just walk around until we find something,” you said. “Who knows, we might find somewhere to put Onigiri Miya.”
Osamu nodded as he paid for your food.
You grabbed his hand as you stepped out onto the street and immediately pulled him down a street of cute, little shops. You wandered into shop after shop, dragging Osamu behind you as you tried on clothes.
“That’s cute,” Osamu said as you twirled around in a sundress covered in sunflowers.
“You think?” You asked. “Not too short?”
“Oh, definitely,” Osamu said, running his hand up your bare thigh. “I can already see the cute little panties you wore today.”
“Samu!” You exclaimed as he popped the elastic of your panties.
“Come on, try something else on,” he said, pushing you back into the dressing room. He closed the door behind him and pushed you against the wall before kneeling in front of you
“Samu,” you whispered as he lifted one of your legs over his shoulder.
“Cute, little cunt,” he said, shamelessly licking over your already wet panties. “Wanted to taste ya since I first saw ya.”
“Samu!” You hissed as he pulled your panties to the side and licked deep into your core.
“Taste so good, baby,” he moaned. You bit back a moan of your own as his plush lips wrapped around your clit.
“Samu,” you moaned softly. You heard a knock at the door.
“Is everything alright in there, Miss?” An employee called.
Osamu sucked harshly at your clit as you tried to respond.
“Ev-everything is fine!” You called back. “Just a little trouble with a zipper.”
“Okay, let me know if you would like any help,” she said.
“Thank you,” you responded.
“Cum for me, princess,” Osamu whispered, inserting two fingers in your sopping cunt. He curled them just right, pressing against that spot inside of you.
“Fuck, Samu,” you moaned. “Gonna cum.”
“Come on, let me taste ya for real,” he said.
You leaned against the wall and tangled your fingers in Osamu’s hair, shoving his face deeper in your pussy as you gushed all over his face.
Osamu pulled back as you breathed heavily. His face glistened with your juices as he smiled widely up at you.
“Fuck you,” you gasped out.
“That’ll have to come later, baby,” he said, standing up. “I’m buying you that dress.”
“Okay,” you said, not having the energy to argue. You slowly redressed in your original clothes and followed Osamu out of the dressing room with the sundress in hand.
The employee pursed her lips as she noticed there were no zippers to be found.
You smiled at her apologetically and left quickly after Osamu paid.
“Wanna suck my dick in a public restroom?” Osamu asked, only half-joking.
“Thought you’d never ask,” you said, smiling as you pushed him into the bathroom only a few doors down from the shop you’d just been in.
You locked the door behind you and fell to your knees in front of Osamu. His cock was straining against his jeans, begging to be let out.
You quickly undid his jeans, pushing them down. His cock bobbed heavily as you pulled his briefs down.
“Fuck,” you mumbled, wrapping your hands around his length. The girth was so great your fingers couldn’t wrap all the way around it. You placed a kitten lick on the pierced tip, slurping up the leaking precum.
“Go ‘head, princess,” Osamu said, grabbing your hair.
“It’s so big,” you said, marvelling at his size. “Is the piercing sensitive?”
“Why don’t ya find out, baby?” Osamu asked. You nodded and took just the tip in your mouth. You gently tongued at the apadravya as Osamu moaned above you.
“Fuck,” he hissed, struggling not to just force his cock down your throat and you sucked the tip. “Can ya take more, princess?”
You hummed and slowly took a few extra inches into your mouth. Your lips were stretched around his cock as you struggled to take more down your throat. You wrapped a hand around the remaining inches and pumped him slowly as you bobbed your head up and down his length.
“Fuck, so good for me,” Osamu moaned. “Made to take my cock, huh? My lil’ cock sleeve.”
You moaned as he pulled you back by your hair. His cock fell from your mouth along with a whine.
“‘m sorry, baby, just need t’ be in ya,” Osamu said. “Promise I’ll let ya suck my cock later.”
Osamu shoved your skirt up and pulled your soaked panties to the side before plunging two fingers in your cunt.
“So wet and ready for me,” Osamu said, curling his fingers inside of you. He pulled his fingers out and sucked them into his mouth, licking them clean. Osamu pushed you against the sink, lifting you up and sitting you on the cool porcelain.
“In me,” you moaned as Osamu’s cock teased your wet folds. “Samu, please.”
“I know ya need me, princess,” Osamu said. “Need me fillin’ up yer sweet, lil’ cunt.”
“Need it,” you whined. He slowly pressed his cock into you, stretching your walls. Your mouth fell open in a silent moan.
“Samu,” you moaned, softly. He nodded as he gently rutted into your tight cunt.
“S’good ‘n tight around me, princess,” Osamu moaned. He reached down and his fingers circled your clit. “Not gonna last long, baby.”
“Make me cum, please, daddy,” you begged.
“What was that, princess?” Osamu asked, moving his fingers faster over your clit. His hips snapped against yours roughly.
“Wanna cum on your cock, daddy,” you said, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him closer to you.
Osamu groaned as his hips moved faster. “Say that again, princess.”
“Daddy,” you moaned lightly in his ear. Osamu moaned as your walls clenched around him.
“Gonna make you cum on daddy’s cock, princess,” Osamu said. His forehead leaned against yours as he thrusted into you harder. Your walls fluttered as your stomach tightened.
“Daddy, gonna cum,” you gasped. Osamu teased your clit with long fingers.
“Cum around daddy’s cock, baby,” he cooed. You bit his shoulder to muffle your cry as you came. His cock twitched deep inside you and Osamu filled you up.
“Fuck,” Osamu groaned as he came. The two of you panted for a moment, trying to catch your breath.
“Oh,” you breathed as Osamu slowly pulled out of you. He pulled your underwear back over your pussy and helped you stand and straighten out your skirt.
“We’re insatiable,” you said, smiling widely. “Like a bunch of horny teenagers.”
“If you give me a few minutes, we can go again,” Osamu said, fixing his hair in the mirror.
“Well, if we leave now, we can probably fuck in the car on the way back,” you said.
“After you, princess,” Osamu said, holding the door open.
“How was Osaka?” Your mom asked as the three of you sat around the table.
“Fine,” Osamu said. “None of the locations were right, though.”
“We did go to this cute, little restaurant, though,” you said, taking a bite of rice. “And there was this nice boutique we went to.”
“You get anything?” Your mom asked.
“Just a sundress,” you said. “Might wear it to the game tomorrow.”
Osamu coughed and banged on the table as he choked. You patted his back as your mom handed him a glass of water.
“Okay?” You asked as he stopped coughing.
“Fine, fine,” Osamu said, taking a sip of water. “Wrong pipe.”
“You should try on the dress, let me see it,” your mom said, leaning back in her chair as Osamu calmed down.
You bit back a smirk as you nodded. “Of course, Mom. Give me one second.”
You padded down the hallway to your room and quickly changed into the dress.
You twirled around in your dress as you stood in front of your mom and Osamu.
Osamu narrowed his eyes at you as you faced them.
“It’s-It’s a little short, no?” Your mom asked.
“I think it’s cute,” you said, smiling.
“It is a lil’ short,” Osamu said, casually. You glared at him. “Maybe ya should wear something else to the game?”
“Wouldn’t want to distract the players,” your mom said. “Or let someone get too handsy with you.”
“They’re professional athletes, they won’t be distracted,” you said, waving their comments away. “And I’ll be with Osamu, so I’m sure no one would try anything.”
“Wear what ya want,” Osamu said, going back to his dinner.
You rolled your eyes as you sat down at the table. “Was planning on it.”
“Hey, I don’t want you two to argue over this,” your mom said. “You’ve been getting along so well.”
“I’m going to go get ready for bed,” Osamu said. He stood up abruptly, shaking the table.
“Osamu,” your mom called as he walked down the hallway. “What has gotten into him?”
“He’s a man,” you said. “He’s just pissed I wouldn’t listen to him.”
“He probably just wants you to be safe,” your mom said.
“I’m going to change,” you mumbled, standing up. You were walking down the hallway when Osamu pulled you into the bathroom suddenly.
“What the fuck?” You asked as he pushed you against the door. “Mom’s right in the kitchen.”
The shower was running and steam was filling the bathroom quickly.
“It’s that fuckin’ dress,” Osamu said, grinding against you. The towel wrapped low on his hips threatened to fall to the floor. “Jus’ wanna rip it off ya.”
“You’ll have to wait until tomorrow,” you said, wrapping your arms around his waist.
“Ya better not leave my side,” he said, kissing your lips.
“Promise,” you mumbled against his plush lips. “Now let me go before my mom catches us in a precarious situation.”
“Get outta here,” Osamu said, opening the door. He smacked your ass as you crossed the hallway into your room.
You changed into a t-shirt and shorts before going to the living room where your mom was watching TV.
“So,” your mom said, looking over at you, “I noticed you had a few… bruises on your neck.”
Your eyes widened as you pulled your phone out and used the camera to look at your neck. It looked like you’d been in a fight.
“I can explain, Mom,” you started.
“So which one is it? I figure it’s one of Osamu’s friends you met yesterday at the restaurant?” She said.
“Uh, yes! Exactly!” You exclaimed. “I actually didn’t work at the restaurant all day.”
“So which one?” Your mom asked excitedly. “Is it Hinata? He’s so cute, I just want to eat him up! Ooo, maybe Sakusa? He’s so dark and mysterious.”
“It’s, um, well,” you stuttered. Osamu chose that moment to enter the room, wearing just a pair of basketball shorts.
“What are we talking about?” He asked, sitting next to your mom. You tried not to frown as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulling her into his side.
“Just which one of your friends Y/n here was with yesterday,” your mom said, leaning into Osamu’s touch.
“Yesterday?” Osamu asked.
“Oh, you don’t have to keep covering for her,” she said. “Look at her neck! You’re the only one she’s been with, so surely you didn’t give her those.”
“Ah, her neck,” Osamu said. He mouthed an apology as your mom turned back towards you.
“So which one was it?” She asked.
“Um, Bokuto,” you said quickly.
“Bokuto?” She questioned. She looked back at Osamu. “Isn’t he older than you? Sweetie, isn’t he a little too old for you?”
“Surely you don’t have a problem with age gaps,” you said, looking at Osamu pointedly. “Bo’s twenty-six. That’s only five years.”
“You should bring him to dinner before you leave,” your mom said. “Wouldn’t that be nice?”
“Mom, we’re not really, like, a thing,” you said. “It’s really just a casual thing.”
“Nonsense! Invite him over,” she exclaimed.
“I’ll, um, see if he’s free tomorrow at the game,” you said.
“Oh, I wish I could go now!” She said. “I should’ve taken off work.”
“It’s too bad,” you said.
“I’m glad you and Osamu are bonding, though,” she said. “Maybe you’ll come visit more often.”
“Maybe,” you said, noncommittally.
“Well, I’m going to bed,” Osamu said with a yawn. “You two have fun talking boys.”
“I’m actually going to head to bed, too,” you said. “Guess all that travelling today wore me out.”
“Night, you two,” your mom called after you.
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belphies-cuhm-sluht · 11 months ago
hii,can I request the brothers (or juts Mammon & Satan) with a chubby MC who is very self aware of her weight so she gets extremely nervous when they hug her or touch a part of her body that she doesn't specifically likes?
If you can make this,thank you so much♥
Brothers With A Chubby GN!MC (Headcanons)
It had been a long day for him, meeting with Lord Diavolo always tired him out and coming home to you was always the highlight of his day. As soon as he saw you it was like a massive weight lifted off his shoulders, a fresh breath of relief.
His arms wrapped around you from behind as you stood at the bathroom sink, just having finished your nightly routine so you could climb into bed. He felt you slightly stiffen at his touch, a reaction that you always had whenever he hugged you, a reaction that he didn’t quite understand. His eyes watched your own in the mirror, following them down to where his hands laid on your body. You didn’t have to say anything for him to understand now, although he didn’t understand why it would make you react the way you did. He never understood the human realms standards for beauty or attractiveness.
He kissed along your neck, loosening his arms to glide his hands along your body, his eyes focusing on your face in the mirror. “You’re absolutely perfect, darling. I don’t want you to forget that. I adore everything about you.”
He often did sneaky hugs, running up behind you and shaking his arms around you. He always held onto you so long, resting his chin on your shoulder and swaying side to side, just genuinely enjoying being able to hold you.
He was also absolutely oblivious to how nervous it made you, how self conscious you felt when he had you that close to him. This time was just a little worse though, his hands roaming a little more than they usually did, and you grabbed his hands, quickly pulling them off of you as you stepped away from him, laughing nervously.
“What’sa matter? Ya don’t wanna hug from The Great Mammon?” He noticed you covering yourself, wrapping your arms around your stomach, trying to hide yourself. “Oi, why’re ya hiding’ yerself from me?”
You’ll have to explain to him a couple times because honestly, he just doesn’t get it. You’re clearly the most beautiful person he’s ever laid his eyes on, and he doesn’t understand why you can’t see that as well.
“There ain’t nuthin wrong with ya! Yer hot…” Now he’s a little nervous because he’s not used to being that forward with you, but he’s doing his best and he doesn’t want you to feel bad about yourself ever, so if he has to keep awkwardly telling you how attractive you are to him, he’s gonna do it. “Yer my human, I been chasin after ya since ya got down here… Ain’t nuthin gonna change that.”
You always sat between his legs while he was gaming, his arms wrapped loosely around you or resting on your lap as he held the controller. He would feel you nervously shuffle, trying to make it so that his hands never actually touched you, but he just assumed that you needed to stretch out or that maybe that your legs fell asleep. It was to be expected, especially since he usually games in five hour sessions.
After a while, he started to realize though that you only ever did the little shuffle when his hands were laid on your thighs, or if his arms were wrapped a little too snuggly around you. It made him self conscious, and while he didn’t want you to think it bothered him, even though it did, he wanted to know what was wrong.
“D-Do you not want me to touch you?” It was inevitable that he’d catch on at some point, but you hadn’t planned what you were going to say once he did. It felt weird to talk about these things, especially with the guy that you loved. You didn’t want him to look at you differently, it was embarrassing.
You finally got the courage to tell him how you felt and what the real problem was. He actually looked hurt that you felt that way about yourself. He tossed his controller to the side, holding you tightly against him as he buried his face in your neck. “Please don’t feel that way… y-you’re so cute… I-I like holding you like this… I like you… n-no matter what…”
He was intuitive, he could read you like a book. That was both a pro and a con of dating him, you could never keep things a surprise or a secret from him, he just knew too much.
He walked into your room, standing just out of sight as you looked over yourself in the mirror. He knew exactly what you were doing, running your hands over your body, your lips turned down into a pout as you did. He hated seeing you judge yourself, and he knew that in your mind you were picking yourself apart, mentally pointing out what you believed to be flaws, but all he saw was a gorgeous human, his gorgeous human.
“Look how beautiful you are…” He murmured from the doorway, finally catching your attention. You quickly turned around, but he was already there, standing in front of you. His smile was soft, sweet and adoring as he looked you over. “My beautiful kitten. Look at you…” He turned you around, facing you towards the mirror as he traced his fingers lightly over your body.
“You know, some people think even the most beautiful things aren’t that… but it shouldn’t matter what other people think. What you think is the most important… and as long as you don’t see the beauty in yourself, you’ll never be happy… but…” He turned you back around, tilting your head up with his finger under your chin, leaning in closer and pressing a quick kiss to your lips. “If you need help finding your beauty, I’ll gladly show you, every single day… because I see it everywhere with you.”
Shopping was something that you did often with Asmo, it was a weekly routine and something you both looked forward to once Saturday rolled around. This time was different though, and you were feeling… down about yourself lately. The good thing about Asmo was that he was usually so focused on himself that he didn’t really notice that change in your demeanor, not until you got to the store at least.
“Oh! Look at this! It’ll look lovely on you! Try it on for me, I want to see you in it!” He was always like this. He wasn’t just your boyfriend, he was also your personal stylist, picking clothes, shoes, and accessories that he knew would be great on you. Usually the clothes he picked made you feel sexy, hot, attractive, but as you looked at the outfit he picked out for you it almost made you cringe. It was tightly fitting, that much you could see just from him holding it up. You hadn’t even put it on yet and you were already embarrassed. “What’s wrong, love? Don’t worry, no one else will see you in it. I’ll go into the dressing room with you!” That just made you feel worse, your eyes widening at his suggestion as you quickly shook your head.
The dressing room was filled with mirrors on each side, you couldn’t escape your reflection even if you wanted to. You didn’t want to look at yourself, it just made you feel more self conscious, you hated it. There was nothing wrong with the outfit, nothing at all, the main problem, at least to you, is that you were in it. “Is everything alright in there?” His voice came from right outside the door and you wanted to crawl under a rock and hide there, but you couldn’t, and Asmo was going to come in soon if you weren’t coming out, so you might as well show him.
“Ahhh! Look at you! Perfection!” He squealed as you stepped out, rushing over to you and wrapping his arms around you. “How did I get so lucky to find someone just as beautiful as I am?” He had felt you stiffen in his arms, and he took a step back, his face contorted with worry. “Did I hurt you?” You shook your head no, your voice barely a whisper as you told him what was wrong and he almost looked insulted when you told him. “I don’t think that at all… Don’t say that about yourself. You’re the most stunning human I’ve ever laid my eyes on! I’m not going to let you think any differently, so I’ll just tell you everyday starting now. Also, you look amazing in that outfit, and I’m definitely buying it for you for our date tonight!”
He came home from the gym, sweat dripping from everywhere as he walked through the door. You were standing at the kitchen counter, making him something to eat, knowing he’d be more hungry than usual. It was always like that after he worked out, and you made sure to have something prepared for him when he’d come home so he didn’t have to raid the fridge.
“You’re the best, honey. Thank you.” He came into the kitchen, wrapping one arm around your waist as he stood to your side, leaning in to kiss the top of your head. You tensed up a little, and he quickly pulled his arm away, smiling sheepishly down at you. “Sorry… I know I’m all sweaty. I’ll go shower first.” Now you felt bad for making him think that it was his fault that you seemed disgusted. It wasn’t with him, it was with yourself, but you knew he wouldn’t understand if you told him. To Beel, you were as beautiful as an angel, and he didn’t even understand how he got lucky enough to have you. If he knew that you felt bad about yourself, it would upset him, and he’d immediately blame himself, somehow finding a reason that your feelings were his fault. He was already sprinting up the stairs to take a shower, giving you time to think of how to tell him how you felt without making him assume that he was somehow the cause for those feelings.
When he came back down the stairs he had a wide smile on his face, bounding over to you and pulling you into the tightest bear hug, picking you up and spinning you around, but he immediately noticed that you tensed up again. “I took a shower… Do I still stink?” He took a step back, and you quickly shook your head, taking a deep breath before telling him what was really wrong. His mouth fell open as he looked at you, really looked at you. “What do you mean? I don’t see anything wrong with you…” He was practically studying you, trying to find the “flaws” that you thought you had, but he legitimately couldn’t find any. In Beels eyes, you were flawless, and you couldn’t change his mind. “I love you no matter what. I love who you are, inside and out, everything about you.” He shrugged as if it was a simple thing, and to him it was. Loving you was as simple as taking a bite out of the sandwich you had made him. “There must be something wrong with the mirrors making you think that… Maybe I can be your mirror… I’ll tell you how wonderful you look! That’s a good idea, I’ll do that.”
Nighttime was his favorite time with you. He had you all to himself, his brothers weren’t constantly trying to get your attention, it was just you and him. It was perfect. He got to hold you close against him, just how he liked it. Tonight was no different, besides the fact that you didn’t want to be held by him, you didn’t want his arms around you, and you couldn’t seem to get far enough to the edge of the bed. It wasn’t anything against him, nothing at all, it was all you.
“Are you hot or something?” He asked from beside you, he sounded confused, which was reasonable. You were still wrapped in blankets, and honestly, you were freezing. It would be nice to have him hold you, he was always so warm, but you didn’t want him to touch you, you were feeling so self conscious, it was awful. You hummed in agreement, not expecting him to reach over and pull the blankets off of you himself before scooting closer and wrapping his arm around you anyway. “There, now you won’t get overheated.” He nestled into the crook of your neck and you could feel him smiling, but you were stiff as a board. “Are you alright?” He pulled back just enough to try to look at you even though it was dark.
You weren’t alright, but you didn’t even know how you’d tell him what the real problem was. There was no simple way to openly tell the person that you love all of your flaws, it was humiliating. There was the chance that once you brought them up, he wouldn’t be able to look at you the same, and you didn’t want to lose him because of that. “Hey. You’re not alright, you’re being too quiet… and you’re not even hot. You feel cold… What’s wrong?” You didn’t want to lie to him, and you didn’t want him to assume anything either.
You rolled over, pulling the blankets back up again to cover yourself before explaining everything to him. He was quiet for a bit before rolling you back over and wrapping his arm around you. “You’re funny…” He sighed, nuzzling back into your neck and kissing along it. “You really think I care about that kind of stuff? I don’t care about looks, and even if I did… You’re flawless.” He pushed himself up just enough to kiss your cheek before laying back down, sighing softly. “I love you… Now get some sleep.”
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bloodorangesoup · a year ago
Ice Cream and Bad TV | B.B.
Request: Late night thoughts : The only porn bucky watches are the ones that come on tv at like 2 or 3 in the mornings. Imagine cuddling up with him on his living room floor, aimlessly clicking around until you stumble upon the channel & he gets flustered & shy about it & you fuck him while porn plays in the background. Like I think it’s so romantic🥺🥺 riding him while the soft glow of the tv illuminates his face. His moans & grunting blending in with the actors 😫😫
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 3.6k (this was supposed to be a drabble but I cannot for the life of me control myself)
Warnings: NSFW 18+ | cuddle fucking, unprotected sex(pretend ur on birth control for a sec)(still wrap it b4 your tap it), flustered Bucky, porn talk, the tiniest bit of sub!Bucky for like half a second, fluffy smut, you get the gist
My Masterlist
Notes: I did this in one sitting so sorry if it’s repetitive or has any mistakes. I think I have a major soft sport for flustered Bucky. I also had to think of a realistic name for a TV porn channel so bear with me. This is my first time writing smut in non-headcanon form so let me know how I did! Happy reading!
It was 2am on a Thursday night when your phone rang with your boyfriend's caller I.D. This wasn't the first time that Bucky had called you for this instance, it became a routine for you to talk him down after a nightmare and you prepared to do so when you picked up. Usually the first thing you would hear was his heavy breaths, the anxious buzz in his body making him fumble his words as he tried to focus on talking to you, so you were surprised to be met with still breathing and his typical deep, steady voice.
"Doll? You there?"
"Yeah, Buck, I'm here," you replied with a yawn, trying to sound as awake as possible. Bucky could hear the airiness of your voice and let out a sigh.
"Sorry, baby, I woke you up."
"You say that every time, I don't mind waking up for you. Besides, I don't have work tomorrow so I don't exactly need my beauty rest."
There was a pause. You could still hear static from the other side of the call but Bucky didn't say a word.
"Buck? You okay?" As if you snapped him out of a daydream, his hurried words rushed through the phone.
"Yeah yeah, sorry. I'm kind of out of it right now, I had another bad dream."
"Do you wanna talk about it?" You had expected his usual answer of yes, then you would listen to his thoughts and comfort him through the horrific reality that were his nightmares.
"You said you don't have work tomorrow? Do you think you could come over right now? Actually never mind, I don't know what I'm saying, it's 2am." You could practically see Bucky shaking his head as he took back his question.
"I'll be there in twenty, James. You better have some blankets and pillows ready for me because we're taking over your couch."
Bucky let out a breath over the line, "See you soon, y/n, love you."
"Love you more," you said quickly before hanging up, not letting him get in the last 'I love you.'
Forty minutes later you found yourself on Bucky's lap on his living room floor. You two had abandoned the idea of the couch and chose to make a small fort with the couch as your scaffolding. There was a surprising amount of pillows and blankets surrounding the two of you, you had no idea Bucky even owned them all.
He sat with his back against the couch, your legs laid over his and your arms were around his neck, bringing his head down to your chest. He talked about his nightmare, sparing you the gruesome details, and once he was done he closed his eyes and leaned further into your chest, breathing in your scent. You gave the crown of his head a kiss and rested your head atop his. Comfortable silence washed over the two of you before you spoke up.
“You know what always makes me feel better?” you asked, lifting your head just enough to look down at him.
“What?” he mumbled into your chest. A soft smile graced your face at his cuteness.
“Ice cream and bad TV!” you announced excitedly before wiggling out of his grasp.
You did a little jog to his kitchen and reached down into the freezer to grab a small pint of ice cream you knew Bucky always kept stashed for you whenever you came around. Picking up two spoons and turning off all the lights in the apartment on your way, you quickly made your way back into the living room, lifting Bucky’s arms to situate yourself back into your position on his lap. You popped the lid of the small tub and handed it to Bucky along with a spoon. With your hands now free, you felt around in the dark for the remote and turned on the TV.
Waiting for the TV to completely turn on, you ate a spoonful of ice cream. You hummed at the taste of the cold sweetness coating your tongue. You gasped as you opened your eyes, finding Bucky scooping out some ice cream and lowering it to your mouth.
“Oh wait, let me make this cuter!” you squealed with your eyes wide.
Copying Bucky’s actions, you took a spoonful and lifted it to his lips, the both of you opening wide and feeding each other. You giggled at the cliché moment and Bucky couldn’t help but let out a chuckle at how adorable you were.
You turned back to the TV, lifting the remote in your hands to change the channel to anything but the news that was already playing on the screen. As you flipped through sports recaps, music channels, infomercials, and movies that were already almost over, you sighed.
“Ugh, there’s nothing good on. Maybe if I start from the end of the list there’ll be better stuff,” you huffed.
Before Bucky could register what you said you had already typed in the biggest number you could enter and began flipping down through channels. Surfing through the empty screens, you landed on one called HotNet and suddenly the screen was completely taken over by a pair of boobs which then cut to a woman on her back and a man on top of her, rutting into her at a slow pace, while her moans echoed throughout the apartment. You quickly shuffled with the remote, trying to turn the volume down from it’s loud setting, spooked at the loud, obscene noise coming from the speaker.
“Oh my gosh, I wasn’t expecting that,” you laughed into Bucky’s chest, “God, I hope your neighbors didn’t hear that.”
Bucky stared at the screen with wide eyes, hoping you would change the channel before noticing that the channel was in the On Demand section. You gasped through your laugh, collecting yourself before turning back to the TV and shaking your head.
“Jeez, I didn’t even know they still had porn like this on public television.” You looked back down at the remote, clicking the Guide button. Bucky’s heart stopped as the description took over the screen, the video still playing in the top right corner. In bold letters the words On Demand titled the card. Even worse, the bottom of the screen displayed a small box containing the information,
purchased with debit card xxxx-9758
You furrowed your brows in confusion, realization slowly softening them, before a mischievous smirk took over your face. You lifted your head to look at Bucky, his face looked down at your lap, refusing to meet your eyes. You tapped the bottom of his chin with the remote, lifting his head to meet your gaze.
“Did you order TV porn, Jamie?” He could hear the teasing tone in your voice, and you only ever used that nickname when joking around, yet Bucky still felt extremely embarrassed. He felt as if he just got walked in on while touching himself. It didn’t help that it was you that saw it, he wanted to crawl in a hole and never look back.
“Ah, you’re blushing,” you squealed as you took his cheeks in your hands, “oh come on, it’s not that embarrassing Bucky.”
“Ugh, can we please pretend you didn’t just see that,” Bucky groaned, closing his eyes to escape your stare. He set down the ice cream next to him and lifted his forearm over his eyes.
You let out a breathy laugh, grabbing his shoulders to stabilize yourself and pushing up to swing your leg under you to the other side of his lap, you straddled him.
“Hey, it’s really not that bad. I mean we’ve had sex before Buck, I think you’d rather have me find this than Sam or someone else.” He let out another groan and lowered his head to lean against your neck.
“Angel, please don’t talk about Sam while you’re on top of me and there’s porn playing on the TV.”
You laughed and ran your hands down his arms, letting one of your hands run up behind his neck and weaving your fingers into his hair. You gripped the back of his head and gently tugged him back up to face you.
“Why,” you sang, deciding to have some fun with him in his flustered state, “is this turning you on?” you whispered the last part.
Before he could respond you leaned down and kissed him. You didn’t bother to start off slow as you usually would, Bucky could taste the hunger from every parting of your lips. His hands gripped your waist, you rocked your weight forwards to rub against him. Bucky’s head clouded, his senses felt overloaded in the best way possible, your movements mixed with the sounds of the moaning coming from the TV were getting him hot. You pulled back before getting too carried away, a smile on your swollen lips.
“So, baby, tell me about it.” You said. It was Bucky’s turn to furrow his brows and he cocked his head to the side in question, mind still foggy from the feeling of you grinding on him.
“What kind of porn do you watch?” you clarified, looking at him like you just asked what his favorite color was.
“Uhm, you want to know about that stuff?” Bucky looked at you with caution, feeling out if he should listen to you or not.
“Well, yeah. I mean I don’t know how it was back then, but most people nowadays watch porn. It’s not super taboo to talk about it,” you explained. You weren’t going to force him to talk about it if he really didn’t want to, but your desire to hear what Bucky was into was strong.
He hesitated for a moment, looking in your eyes and seeing curiosity clouded with lust. He cleared his throat.
“Well, pretty much this stuff,” he gestured with his hand to the TV before putting it back on your waist, “there’s this girl on there, she kinda looks like you, so I buy the videos with her.” He closed his eyes and internally groaned at his words, he didn’t mean to come off so perverted. God, you had already found his porn, the last thing he needed was for you to be thinking he was a creep.
“Y’know that’s actually kinda sweet,” you giggled, “what do you like about those videos?”
Feeling a bit more comfortable knowing you weren’t grossed out, Bucky continued.
“I like the ones where it’s dark and slow. It’s usually quiet and there’s candles and stuff,” he explained shyly. Of all the surprises that came with dating Bucky, you had to admit finding out he was into romantic porn was one of the biggest ones.
Bucky cleared his throat again before questioning you, “Do you watch porn?” He felt almost wrong asking that. He knew that women in this age were more sexually liberated, but the words still felt sticky in his mouth.
“Oh, yeah, of course I do.” Bucky seemed surprised at how casually you answered. He raised his eyebrows, silently asking you to go on.
“Well specifically, I actually really like the videos that are like this,” you said, your head looking down at you straddling him, he followed your gaze, taking in how nice you felt on his lap. You leaned forward, bracing your hands on his chest. Your faces were so close your noses were almost touching. You could feel his rapid heart beat under your palm and the quick rise and fall of his chest. “Do you ever watch the ones that look like this, Bucky?” He looked up at you and nodded with wide eyes, his pupils were blown and his mouth was open like he was searching for the words to respond.
You grasped his jaw in your hand, your thumb on his chin, and looked him in the eyes. You wanted nothing more than to jump his bones, but with the newfound knowledge you had, you took your time with your actions. Within the last five minutes, Bucky had revealed to you not only that he liked soft, romantic porn, but that he also watched a specific actress because she looks like you. The one goal in your head was to fulfill his fantasy the best you could at the moment.
With his head still in your hand, you held your eye contact as you let your knees move out, grinding yourself against his growing erection. He let out an involuntary whimper. That was the last straw. You pulled his face to yours, joining him in a hard, yet loving kiss. Your arms wrapped around his neck, pushing your chest against his, trying to get as close as possible.
Bucky’s dick was painfully hard. He couldn’t focus on anything but the feeling of you on top of him. His body felt like it was on fire, he was insatiably horny and couldn’t control the way his hips bucked up to grind with you. He felt like a horny teenager the way his mind was filled only with images of you naked, imagining you like that on top of him like you were now.
You slipped your tongue past his lips, keeping your pace slow as you glided it across and bit at his lower lip. A moan made its way out of your mouth and into his as you felt him buck up against you.
You slid your hands down his chest, fumbling with the hem of his shirt before his arms raised, giving you access to peel it off him, throwing it up on the couch. Bucky kissed down your neck, licking over the shell of your ear, and sucking at the center of your throat. He reached down and slipped his hands under your shirt, sliding up and down your waist before gliding up and lifting your shirt over your head, discarding it with his.
Bucky wasted no time reaching around you and unclipping your bra and dragging it down your shoulders. He cupped your breasts, squeezing them with his large hands before bringing you into another tender kiss. Despite your frantic movements, there was a spark of passion cracking through the air, the both of you desperate to feel each other closer.
You broke the kiss, breathing heavily and resting your forehead against his.
“I wanna make love to you, y/n, please, let me make love to you,” he groaned with a slight whine in his voice. He sounded like he was about to crack.
“Please, Bucky.”
You leaned back on your hands and lifted your hips, giving Bucky the room to pull down your shorts and panties in a few swift tugs. He quickly got up on his knees and pulled down his sweats and boxers, sitting back down and tugging them off his legs. You reached your arms forward, Bucky grabbing a hold of your wrists and pulling you back to straddle him again. You gasped at the feeling of his cock under your bare pussy, your wetness from all the grinding and kissing making you slide over him.
You leaned forwards, capturing his lips between yours and raising yourself up on your knees. Reaching under yourself, you gripped his cock, wet with your arousal, and lined him up with your cunt. Bucky gripped your hips as you sank down on him, using every ounce of self control to stop himself from rutting up into you. You stayed like that for a second, adjusting to the way he filled you. Seeing the remote lying on the floor, you grabbed it and slightly turned up the volume, only enough so that you and Bucky could hear the actress in the video being ravished by her co-star.
Bracing your hands on his shoulders, you began to slowly move up and down over him, riding him just as you had told him you liked to watch. His hands moved up from your waist, squeezing your tits, pinching your nipples in between his fingers. You let out a hiss as he rolled them between his fore finger and his thumb, tugging on and rubbing his thumbs over them. He reached around to grab your ass, squeezing and rubbing your cheeks and you used him to pleasure yourself.
You were a moaning mess over him and he wasn’t much different. The room was filled with the sounds of the porn playing on the TV mixed with the sounds of your own cries of pleasure. If the neighbors hadn’t been woken up by the TV, they sure were by you two.
Bucky sat back on his knees, his hands slid down to your thighs, moving your legs from under them and wrapping your legs around his back. His arms worked their way back up to wrap around your waist, bringing you ever so close. The new angle pushed him even deeper up into you. He buried his head in the crook of your neck, giving you access to all the sweet, desperate sounds falling from his lips.
You were now pushing up with your feet behind him, rolling your hips over his. The new technique made your clit rub over his pelvis, the sensation making you throw your head back and let out a deep moan. He took the opportunity to continue kissing your neck, going lower with every lick and bite. He sucked at your collarbone, leaving a deep purple mark in its place.
Suddenly, he was using his arms to lift you up, not pulling out of you, and laying you down on the blanket-covered floor. You instinctively locked your ankles together, pulling him closer as he thrusted into you. Bucky had his metal arm holding himself up while his flesh one squeezed your breasts, feeling them move with his thrusts. He lowered his head to your chest and licked one of your nipples, grazing his teeth over it before taking it in between his lips and sucking. Your hands flew to the back of his head, singing praises as you wove your fingers into his hair. He continued to alternate between your breasts, leaving love bites around them and sucking on their sensitive peaks.
You could feel your body buzz with anticipation, you were so close. The moans escaping your mouth were lewd and uncontrolled. Bucky wrapped his flesh hand around your waist, lifting your chest flush against his.
You snaked your arms around his neck, pulling yourself up to kiss him. Nothing felt better than making love with Bucky felt. This was definitely not the first time you two had been intimate, but none of those previous times had ever been like this. You could feel the passion flowing through his body into yours. You looked up at his form over you, how beautiful he looked with the light of the TV screen glistening against the beads of sweat on his forehead. There was absolutely nothing in the world compared to having him, in all his beauty, to yourself like this.
Bucky’s heart was exploding in his chest. What had started out as an embarrassing, nightmare-fueled night had turned into the most intimate experience he ever had in his life. Love was already established in your relationship, but Bucky had never truly made love to you. He looked down in awe at your disheveled state, at the way your hair was sticking to your forehead, at the way the only light in the room gave you an angelic glow. He wanted nothing more than to give himself completely to you, to make you come all over him.
He leaned his forehead against yours, pushing his face forward once every few seconds to kiss you. He was close, and he wanted you to come with him. He leaned into you even more, his cheek pressed against yours, his lips next to your ear.
“I love you so much, y/n, God, you feel so good. I love you, I love you,” Bucky’s voice was deep and strained, his words being emphasized by each push into your wet pussy. You let out another loud moan.
“I love you, James,” you whined as he hit your sweet spot, “I love you so much.”
Bucky’s hand wedged itself in between the two of you, his fingers finding your clit and gently rubbing it. You were completely overwhelmed, this is what it felt like to make love to someone. Your body began to shake and your breathing became erratic. Bucky thrusted harder, working to push you over the edge.
“I want you to come in me, Bucky,” you gasped as his thrusts got faster and lost their rhythm.
Your mouth turned open in a silent scream as you came. Bucky felt your walls clench around him, squeezing the life out of him. He let out a shaky groan as he fell over the edge. His eyes shut tight and his body tensed as he spilled into you.
Wrapping his metal arm around your back and securing your body to his, he rolled on his flesh shoulder onto his back. You went limp against him, laying your head on his chest, listening to his heart beat slow down. He was still buried within you, connected to you. Letting your eyelids fall shut, you savored the feeling of being full of him and his love.
You lifted your head to kiss his jaw.
“I’m glad you called me, Bucky. I love you.”
“I am too, doll. I love you more.”
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agentofkrypton · a year ago
Umm, can we get a rainy day sex fic with Chris?? 🥺🥺🥺
storms — chris
warning || smut, use of phrase dumb baby brain, sweet sex, comfort, fear of storms, mention of anxiety medication, fluff, mentions of anxiety and panic attacks
note || you guys will have to excuse my dumb baby brain I’m on anxiety meds cause of the big storm and honestly this is very self indulgent
Tumblr media
Chris shushed you, hands coming over your face gently to have you focus on him. He knew the anxiety was rippling through you with the loud thunder echoing through the house.
“Hey, look at me,”He whispered, pulling you close to him where you stood in the bedroom. You were shaking already, your phobia of storms already taking over.”Do you want your emergency anxiety meds? It will keep you from having too bad of a panic attack.”
You nodded, easing under his affection with a faint smile.”Yes, thank you.”
“Go lay in the bed, okay? I’m not gonna leave your side till it’s over, but first let me get the meds,”He told you, kissing your nose gently.
You crawled into the bed, dressed in just a large olive green shirt of Chris’ and a pair of soft black panties. You jumped at the need clash of thunder just as Chris stepped back into the bedroom.
“It’s okay, bunny,”Chris tried to comfort you, a glass of water in his hand with a little white pill in the other. You sat on the edge of the bed, taking the pill and popping in your mouth. He handed you the glass of water, which you happily swallowed. You flinched when lightning lit up the sky from your window.
Chris moved to close the blinds, wanting to make sure you had no extra triggers. Once he had done that, you felt him fall into the bed beside you. His shirtless body molded over yours, holding you close and crowding you in. He knew how much you loved when you laid between your thighs. He peppered your face with kisses before his lips captured yours sweetly.
You immediately returned the affection, eyes fluttering close as his lips moved against yours so slowly. It was a long and lazy kiss, the kind where you just enjoy being so close together.
With a faint smile on your lips, you rocked your hips up against him. Hands rested on the muscle of his bare back, smoothly running fingers over the soft skin.
“Don’t tease me...”Chris uttered, not sure you were in the right mind to take him at the moment.
“I want you, Chris,”You whispered against him, lips chasing after his lips. His beard tickled your lips in a way that made you sigh happily because it was just so him.”Please, it’s gonna be a while for the meds to work, need you to help me forget all the bad...”
“Are you sure?”He asked carefully, holding himself up with a hand pressed into the bed beside your head. Chris gazed into your eyes, not making a move until you uttered the word yes.
“Yes, you help me so much,”You assured him, fingers resting against the base of his neck now.”Need a distraction or my brain’s gonna go wild with worry.”
He dipped his head back against you, falling down to hold himself up with an elbow. His other hands traveled down your body, fingers slipping under the soft fabric of your panties until two pads rubbed against your wet clit.
“You need me to distract that dumb baby brain of yours, is that it, bunny?”Chris whispered gently against you, one of your legs hooking around his hips. You needed him close, his large arms and familiar aroma. His overwhelming presence surrounded you and made you forget about the pounding rain coming down on the house.”’m gonna make you forget about everything else, just focus on me.”
You whined quietly, fingers digging into the muscle of his shoulders. You dragged your nails down over his shoulders and chest. You admired the tattooed chest of your boyfriend, attention hyper-focused on him instead of the storm raging on outside.
His fingers curled inside you, two digits rubbing against the sweet spot inside you while you gasped out under him. Chris kissed at your throat, leaving his marks on your neck before slowly fucking into your cunt with his fingers.
Your head feel back against the pillow with mewl when his fingers left you clenching for more. Chris quickly removed his boxers, his cock heavy and thick against your panty clad mound. The pounding of thunder made you squeak, but Chris was fast to kiss your lips.
“It’s okay, bunny, I’m right here,”He whispered, pulling your panties to the side and positioning himself at your entrance. You let out a high pitched whine, his cock stretching your walls perfectly around him. You felt so good and full, the bliss of your boyfriend press against you was enough to take your mind off of everything else.”My pretty girl, so tight and warm...”
“Ah, baby...”You purred, hands clinging at the base of his neck to pull him into a long kiss. His lips nipped and sucked at your bottom lip.”So good to me, Chris, I love you so much.”
His thrusts are slow and long, taking his time to take you apart. His forehead pressed against yours, eyes on you intensely.”Oh, bunny, you...fuck, you’re my everything, never gonna let you go, I’ll always be here, always gonna protect you, you know that?”
“Yes, yes,”Your eyes fluttered shut, his achingly slow thrusts hit that sweet spot over and over again.
“Look at me, baby girl,”Chris told you, fucking into when you gazed up at him with glazed eyes and parted lips.”Wanna see your face when you cum, and I know you’re close, can feel how tight your squeezin’ my cock. Wanna cum together?”
You nodded slowly, crying out when Chris just drove forward harder than he had before and both of your bodies, layered in a thing sheen of sweat, trembled. The moans from each other mixed together, names emitting from their throats. He spilled inside you, stuffing you full of his cum.
“That’s it, so sweet, so pretty when you come like that,”Chris praised you, making you preen at his words. A blush overtook your body as you smiled against him.
You were feeling more calm now, brain a little foggy from the anxiety medication finally kicking in. Chris took care of everything, cleaning you off before laying in the bed with you. He whistled out for Dodger to come back into the bedroom to cuddle you.
“Thank you,”You whispered, face buried into his neck while you curled into his side. His arm wrapped gently around you with a smile.
Dodger came running, his little claws making a patter sound against the hardwood until he jumped into the bed excitedly. As if he could sense your anxiety, he laid his head on your hips. You scratched at his ears, sighing out more calmly.
“Anytime, baby,”Chris chuckled, kissing your forehead.”Are the meds kicking in?”
“Yeah, I’ll be okay, I’ve got you and our pup, I’m okay, I swear,”You yawned against him, cuddling further into him.”You’re always so good to me, you make every storm go away for me.”
“I’ll always keep you safe,”Chris promised.
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luminnara · a year ago
She Loves Me, She Loves My Knot | Pro Hero Alpha!Bakugou x Omega!Reader (nsfw, 18+)
hii!! i don’t see many people who write ABO for MHA so I’m glad i found you!!
Can we have a scenario where Bakugou’s omega is generally really tough and seems rather indifferent to everything — however she’s a little afraid of taking Katsuki’s knot for the first time and he tries his best to help her through that process? Sorry if it’s a little obscure but I love the idea of Bakugou being soft and caring but only for his spicy little omega.
Fem reader if you can but if you’d rather opt for gender neutral that’s fine too!! Please keep writing ABO, i love all your things! 🥺🤍
Um hi YES, I really love ABO stuff and I also wanted to see more, so I was like...welp, I guess it’s my time to rise and write my OWN haha! I went with a fem reader for this one, because I feel like that’s what I’m best at writing. If you want a gender neutral version too, let me know and I can post an alternate one!
send in a request here!
Warnings: nsfw, knotting, creampies, some breeding kink
Word count: 2,124
You were a spitfire, and that’s what he loved about you the most. His spicy, fiery little omega, who was better than every other omega to ever walk the earth. From the moment he met you, when he had nearly trampled you in the street in pursuit of an asshole villain and you had threatened to kick in the teeth of the number 4 pro hero, he knew you were something special. Nobody ever stood up to him like that, especially not when he was out on the job, but you? A little omega who smelled so sweet and looked so delicious? You weren’t afraid of him at all. 
He wasn’t embarrassed to admit that he had scented you immediately, his inner alpha getting possessive already. Bakugou didn’t smell any other alphas on you, and he didn’t want to. With his strong, terrifying scent clinging to you, he knew nobody else would try to make any moves, and as you stood there glaring at him, he had given you a smirk, told you to “call my agency sometime, babe,” and then taken off.
Of course, you didn’t call his agency. 
You showed up in person, marching right in and demanding to see him that very evening. Though at first you had seemed angry with him, you quickly told him (with a harsh glare and a snarl that he found absolutely adorable) that he was going to court you, and it was going to start now.
And who was he to deny such a straightforward, cute omega? The two of you were together by the end of the week. 
He almost found it hard to believe that you were an omega sometimes. You were so tough, so unbothered by the world. Whenever you were out and about and you caught an alpha leering at you, you were always quicker than Katsuki when it came to snapping at them to fuck off.
You weren’t the kind of omega who let anybody shove you around, and Bakugou loved that about you. It made him puff his chest up with pride, knowing that he had someone who wouldn’t take any shit. Your scent was strong and your will was even stronger, and he knew that when the time came, you would be the perfect, toughest, best mother to his pups.
You weren’t even mated yet, and he was absolutely sure that you were the one he wanted to spend his life with. You brought out something different in him, some kind of gentle, caring side that he never, ever let anyone else see. You were big and bad, yeah, but he was bigger and badder, and he was always going to protect you, no matter what.
“Babe, I’m home,” he called one night, trudging into your shared apartment. You had moved in together quickly, getting a place in one of the nicest parts of the city.
He heard you coming before he saw you, and before he even had his boots off, you were launching yourself at him. He caught you easily, grinning at the way you peppered his neck and jaw in kisses. It was probably the cutest, least tough thing you ever did, and god, did he love it.
“Miss me or Somethin’?” He teased, kicking his shoes off and carrying you to the bedroom.
“I had the day off and it was boring as shit,” you said bluntly. “I’ve been horny all day without you around to help...”
He paused, taking a whiff. “You’re not in heat. You just like me that much, omega?”
“Don’t be a dick.” You nipped at his jaw sharply and he recoiled.
Some alphas would never let their omega treat them like that, but Bakugou? Oh, he loved it.
He grinned, tossing you down onto the bed before you had a chance to take a chunk out of his face. “So needy...bet you spent all day touchin’ yourself, thinkin’ of me...”
“No I did not,” you huffed indignantly, looking up at him. “You think too highly of yourself.”
He laughed. Your arousal was hanging heavy in the air, betraying your words. The smell of it was like a drug, and as he inhaled, you could see Bakugou’s pupils dilate.
The sight turned you on even more, warmth pooling between your legs as your cheeks flushed. Scarlet eyes, calculating and predatory, pinned you down, holding you in place as your boyfriend grinned, exposing his big alpha fangs.
Fuck, he was hot.
“Sounds like you need to be reminded why I’m your alpha, baby.” He growled, crawling over you.
"Fuck, Katsuki,” you whined as he attacked your neck, biting at your scent glands and grinning at the way you squirmed.
He sucked your skin between his teeth, working at it, determined to leave covered in hickeys for the world to see. You didn’t have a mating mark yet, but oh, did he love making sure that everybody knew exactly whose omega you were.
You bit your lip at the dull pain, back arching up off the bed slightly. “K-Katsuki...”
“Hmm?” He looked up at you. “Look at you, so pretty and flustered for me already...what a good little omega...”
He knew exactly how to tease you. You spent all day sassing Katsuki, showing him how independent you were, but deep down, he knew you needed him just as much as he needed you. In the bedroom, he could make you absolutely melt with only a few words, and it was one of his favorite things to do.
“I can smell how much you want me,” he purred. “So desperate, so needy...”
His fingers slipped up under your shirt, pushing your clothing out of the way as his hands found your tits. He gave them a generous squeeze, grinning when you let out a loud gasp. He could play you like a fiddle, and he reveled in the sweet noises you made for him.
Your hands reached for him, tugging at his pants. He took the hint and stepped back, giving you a heated look that said “clothes off. Now.”
A few moments later, you were both naked, a tangled mess of sweaty limbs. Katsuki’s arms were wrapped around you, holding you close, your nails digging into his back. If he noticed the pain, he didn’t act like it, always allowing you to practically shred him to bits while he pounded into you. Secretly, he loved the marks you left, admiring his back in the mirror whenever he thought you weren’t watching.
You felt the head of his cock nudging at your pussy and moaned eagerly, burying your face in his neck.
“What do you want, baby?” He asked.
“Come on,” you whined.
“Tell me what you want,” he grinned, holding himself still.
“Katsuki!” You bucked your hips, trying to get closer to him.
He held you down. “Use your words.”
You dug your heels into his lower back in an effort to push him in, but he was too strong, resisting your attempts with a smug look on his face.
“I want your cock!” You finally relented, letting out a needy whine that you hoped would sway him.
“Good girl,” he growled, rolling his hips forward.
You shuddered at the feeling of him entering you. No matter how many times he fucked you, you would never be able to get over how big he was. It was part of the reason you hadn’t taken his knot yet, always asking him to pull out before it could swell. As he bottomed out inside of you, you were reminded of just how thick his cock was, and how much thicker that knot had to be.
As tantalizing as it was, it was also terrifying.
“Fuck,” he grunted, holding himself above you with a hand on either side of your head. “God damn, you feel so good...I’m not gonna last long at this rate, fuck...”
You were like putty in his hands when he talked like that. His voice was already so deep and rough, but his sex voice was godlike. You whimpered beneath him, tightening your legs around his waist as he pounded into you, clinging to him for dear life as his thrusts grew harder and harder.
“Katsuki,” you gasped, voice muffled by his neck.
“You like that?” He growled, slamming into you hard enough to scoot you up the bed slightly.
“Yes,” you moaned. “Yes, yes, please...more...”
He moved his head, tongue swiping up the side of your neck before he took your lips in a kiss. You whined and moaned into it, your skin heating up as you felt yourself unraveling, and when you finally did, you were seeing stars. He barely even had to try, and Bakugou gave you the best orgasms of your life.
Your walls squeezed around him as he rode it out, trying to milk his cock. It was good, it was delicious, it was too much for him to stand.
“L-let me knot you,” he moaned low in your ear.
You were coming down from your high, head feeling fuzzy. “Hm?”
“I wanna knot you,” he repeated, more impatient this time. “Please.”
You were beginning to snap back to attention again. “Katsuki...”
“What’s wrong?” He panted, trying to taunt you like usual. “You scared or somethin’?”
When you bit your lip, he slowed his pace, looking at you seriously.
“Really?” He asked.
You nodded hesitantly, cheeks burning with embarrassment.
“You’re afraid of my knot? ...why?”
“You’re just...really big...” you mumbled, looking away to avoid his eyes. “It’ll hurt...”
“Hey,” he said gently, rocking his hips against yours slowly now. “Look at me, babe.”
He took your chin in his hand, turning your head.
“I’m your alpha.” He said roughly. “And I’m gonna take care of you.”
The look in his eyes made your heart flutter. “But...”
“I wanna knot you.” He said again, dipping down to nip at your earlobe. “I wanna fill you up...”
A shiver flew up your spine, that familiar tingle returning to your groin. Fuck, just his voice could make you cum, practically...and honestly, you were aching for him to knot you. You wanted to feel full, to be as close to him as possible.
“Be gentle?” You asked.
“Of course, baby.” He kissed your jaw, his hand slipping down to hold the side of your neck as he quickened his pace again. After only a few moments, he growled, leaning back and pulling out, leaving you feeling painfully empty. “Roll over.”
You obeyed, turning onto your stomach. When you moved too slowly, Katsuki pulled you up by your hips until you were on your hands and knees, ass presented for him.
“Gorgeous,” he growled appreciatively, guiding his cock back into you and moaning when he sank in even deeper.
You moaned loudly, burying your face in the pillows as he began pounding into you again. Your thighs were already quivering, and when you felt his fingers rubbing at your clit, you immediately lost it.
“Fuck!” You cried out, clawing at the bed. “More, please, Katsuki—“
“Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” he moaned, teeth sinking into your shoulder as he pushed into you hard.
You felt his hips stutter before he held you against him in his vice grip, breaths ragged in your ear as he let out the loudest, most delicious, breathy moan you had ever heard. He pumped his seed into you, giving a few sharp thrusts as he emptied himself.
Then, you felt it.
“Easy, baby,” he said lazily, leaning against you as he tried to catch his breath.
His knot was swelling, stretching your pussy in a way you had never felt. You whimpered nervously, swallowing hard as you tried not to freak out. You were waiting for pain, but while it was beginning to feel impossibly tight, it...wasn’t terrible.
“That’s it,” your alpha crooned, smoothing a hand up your spine. “Fuck, you even take my knot so well...”
You started to relax as you calmed down, your body allowing his knot to grow to its full size. It was big, huge, even, but as Katsuki guided you to lay down on your side with him, you were beginning to feel smug. Yeah, you had the best alpha, and he had the best, biggest knot.
“How’s it feel?” He asked, pressing a kiss to your neck.
“Mm. Not bad.” You replied. The post sex haze was beginning to set in, and you were growing tired.
“Good girl.” He nuzzled against your scent glands, inhaling deeply. “Knew you could take it no problem.”
“I wasn’t even really worried.” You lied, trying to sound tough.
He snorted a laugh. “Yeah, right.”
You snuggled back against him. “I like it.”
“Yeah? Good. Because I am never going to stop knotting you now.”
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writteninkat · a year ago
Envy | Megumi x reader
summary: "You've been spending a scary amount of time with Itadori, haven't you? Are you trying to make me jealous?" His eyes narrow accusingly at you, making the corner of your lips twitch up, "Is it working?"
word count: 2.3k
warnings: jealous sex, rough sex, manhandling, oral (f!receiving), tied up, overstumulation
• 100 followers celebration
Tumblr media
You block Yuuji's fist with two of your wooden katanas, closing one eye when you feel a gush of wind follow after the punch. You back is drenched, your chest is rising and falking heavily, your throat is parched and your limbs feel like they might break at any second.
You push Yuuji away from you with the last bit remaining strength you have before falling on your knees. "Y/n!" Maki yells in worry, immediately running after you. The rest of the second years follow in suit as Nobara kneels beside your exhausted body.
"She's been pushing herself too hard lately, after that fight she had with Megumi..." Nobara's upper cheek flinches at the memory. You and Megumi fought so bad to the point that the two of you were already screaming at each other's faces.
Your heart breaks at the memory and you feel a tear stream down the side of your head. Megumi had left Tokyo that day, and it's been a whole week since. You know he's been trying to contact you, probably to apologize, but being the petty bitch that you are you never answered nor read any of his messages, wanting this to be treated as a lesson for him.
You feel strong arms snake under your back and the rear part of your legs, scooping you up in one sweep. At first you think it's Megumi, your heart races at the possibility as you force one of your eyes open. The small strand of hope dies when you see the same pink-headed boy you've been spending your whole week with ever since Megumi left.
Before you can think of anything else, darkness envelopes you in its arms, forcing you into a deep slumber you never thought you needed.
[9:12 PM]
Your entire body feels light. You expected some sore muscles hete and there, maybe even neck pain? Your eyes slowly flutter open, orange, soft light coming into view.
"Is this what you do while I'm away? Misbehave?"
Your eyes widen at the sound of the voice, your head immediately whipping to the direction from where it's coming from.
There he is, standing in all his glory. Megumi Fushiguro.
Black hair, so soft and smooth. Milky white skin, so plush and void of any blemish. Your favorite part of him were his eyes, surrounded by beautiful long lashes and those dark blue eyes that always manages to capture you in a prison-like headspace.
He's wearing a buttoned-up long sleeve, its sleeves were folded right below his elbows and a silver watch decirates his left wrist. The shirt is tucked in his black pants, a black leather belt hugging his hips just right as his hand rests comfortably inside one pocket.
Your thighs clench together at the sight of him, he looks so grown up and mature. He looks absolutely... sexy.
"Hey." Megumi takes your face by your cheeks, forcing you to look up at him. "Let me rephrase my question." He slowly bends his knees, lowering himself so he's in face-level with you. He looks deep into your eyes, "You've been spending a scary amount of time with Itadori, haven't you? Are you trying to make me jealous?" His eyes narrow accusingly at you, making the corner of your lips twitch up, "Is it working?"
Megumi pushes you back onto the bed, pinning your arms above your head. "Every time I call you, he picks up." Megumi seethes, jaw clenching. "Reading his replies instead of yours has my head spinning. I couldn't focus on work because of you."
"You're mine, and no one else's."
You keep your thighs clenched together as you catch your bottom lip in between your teeth. "Prove it."
Megumi doesn't waste a second in pressing his lips on yours, his free hand slowly going down your sides as you lift your legs, wrapping them around his hips. Megumi roughly shoves your legs apart as he lets go of your hands, his hands making quick work of taking off his belt. Once off his hips, he pulls either side apart, creating a whipping sound before inserting the end inside the buckle, wrapping it around your wrists tighlty, making sure you're not getting it undone.
He gets on his knees, looking down at you with his eyes shaded darkly with lust and jealousy. The sight has your cunt throbbing and pooling, dampening your cotton panties. Your spread legs giving your boyfriend a perfect view of the way your slick turns a part of your panties darker.
"I'm going to mark you as mine. And while I'm doing that, you'll referring to me as," He leans forward, lips feathering over the shell of your ear. "master." He whispers, two fingers pressing against your wet pussy.
You mewl at the contact, back arching having caught off guard. Megumi hooks his thumb on your panty, moving it aside to give himself a good look at your shiny, slick-covered cunt. He presses a finger on it, teasing you by running his finger right over where your two folds meet. He watches attentively as he lifts his finger and watches as your juices create a bride between your wet sex and his finger.
"Look at you, all wet for me." Megumi mutters under his breath, smirking after he brings his finger to his mouth, tasting you. "You taste amazing, baby. Wanna have some more of you." He slowly lowers himself, eyes on you. His lips press against your cunt, one lick from his tongue has your eyes rolling to the back of your head and your mouth opening as you let out an audible gasp.
Megumi pushes your thighs even further apart, his tongue shaoing circles around your clit as he sucks on it every now and then. He buries his face even further deeper between your legs, his hot tongue oushibg through and against your walls, lapping up your dripping slick. The sound of his mouth sucking on your pussy and his tongue messily and loudly lapping you up has you squeezing your fists tightly, nails digging into your skin.
"Mmmhhmmff- Megumi-!!" You moan loudly, your hips moving on their own as you feel an orgasm tickling you.
Suddenly, Megumi pulls away from your needy cunt and before you could react, he slaps your cunt, catching you and your orgasm off guard. Your eyes widen as your back arches at the feeling of your orgasm hitting you ten times more than it usually does.
You heave, your eyes darting to Megumi, questioning his actions. He smiles at you, mouth and chin covered in glistening slick as he runs his tongue over his upper lip, "What did I tell you to call me?" His voice is a few octaves lower than usual.
"M-master..." Your lips quiver.
He chuckles darkly, fingers moving to undo the button and zipper of his pants. "Remember how that orgasm felt just now?" He asks, pushing his pants along with his boxers down, letting them pool around his ankles. He returns on the bed, pulling you towards him by your hips. He crawls his arms forward, placing your hands on either side of your head. "I'll have you cumming like that the whole night, so be prepared, princess."
He shoves his entire length inside you, causing you to open your mouth without a sound leaving your lips. "Fuck, you're so fucking tight princess." He curses in between his teeth, looking down at where the two of you are connected.
"Too big- so fucking big, Master! Too much!" You mewl loudly, toes curling at the feeling of being stuffed to the brim of him. "That's it, princess, just keep taking all of me just like that. Good girl." He sings into your ear, slowly pushing himself into your tight cunt until his hips are touching the beck of your thighs.
The two of you take deep breaths, calming yourselves before Megumi begins thrusting his hips. He begins slow and soft, making sure you've adjusted to him. His hands are on your hips and your legs are elevated to the air, giving him more access. When he feels you fucking him back with your hips creating circles, he pushes you away by your hips before quickly pulling you back and thrusting his hips along with the movement of his arms. This has him deep inside you, his tip pushing on the bundle of nerves that has you gasping audibly. Megumi snaps his hips into you roughly, his sac slapping on your ass, creating lewd noises as he fucks into your dripping cunt relentlessly.
"Ugh- oh fuck.." Megumi moans out, throwing his head back with his mouth open as he continues impailing himself inside you. The bed creaks at every thrust Megumi does and along with it slowly creeps your orgasm.
"Master! Mmmmhhhfff-fuck, Master! I'm close!" You moan loudly, eyes rolling to the back of your head as your toes curl, anticipating the orgasm that's about to hit you. Megumi lowers his head, arms pulling your tummy onto his chest as his tongue laps over your hardened bud. When he traps your nipple with his teeth, your back unconsciously arches itself, your tongue lolled out as you rock your hips back and forth, riding out your orgasm.
Megumi hisses as he feels you clenching around him. He pushes himself off you, eyes widening and heart dropping to his stomach at the sight of your fucked-out expression.
Your eyes are crossed as they look up at the ceiling, glistening with tears. A hot flush is spread across your face, over your cheeks and nose and your tongue is lolled out of your smiling mouth.
Megumi bites on gis lower lip, thrusting into you with your expression embedded in his head. Who would have known you could make such a face?
It fuels Megumi's want for you- he pulls you by your arm as his other hand takes you by your lower back. He sets you on his lap as he fucks you relentlessly, watching as you bounce on him. He chuckles, playing with your bouncing tits as he feels you shake on top if him and clench around him once more, your broken moan telling him you've once again hit another orgasm.
"I'm not yet done with you." Megumi growls, pushing you off his lap as he presses your restrained hands on the matress, his free hand pushing one leg further back, giving him even more space to work on your pussy. Squelching and slapping noises fill the room and Megumi closes his eyes, focusing on the sounds like he's listening to an orchestra. His eyes snap open at the feeling of your pussy yet again, tightening around him. "How many times was that already? Four? Five?" He asks, watching as your head limply drops to the side. He watches as your bare chest rises and falls, your fucked up expression light on your face as your tears create marks on your cheeks.
"Princess." He demands for your attention, and you give him exactly that. You open one eye lazily. "We're not stopping until I cum."
You've already decided to let him do whatever he wanted with you anyways, so you nod your head, feeling his stupid smile.
He undoes the belt around your wrists, pulling both of them towards his lips as he presses soft kisses over the red marks around your sensitive skin. "Widen your legs." He orders, pressing your hands on either side of your head. You do exactly as he says, feeling him kiss and leave marks all over your neck and chest as he has his way with you- hips snapping even faster and much harder than before. He continues hitting the same spot- the particular bundle of nerves that has you seeing stars.
"Mmmff- Master!" You yell, biting on your lips as you feel him finally reaching his end as well, the thrusts of his hips getting sloppier every second.
"Oh God," Megumi growls onto the side of your neck, "Cumming- cumming!" Megumi tries to pull out, but your legs hook around his waist, keeping him buried inside you as he spills his hot seed inside you.
For a moment, the room is filled with nothing but deep breaths, the two of you waiting for the events of the night to finally hit you both. Before it does, you feel darkness once again wrap itself around you, pulling you into another slumber. The last thing you see before passing out is Megumi walking away from the bed.
When you wake up, the strong feeling of deja vu hits you, except this time, you can definitely feel muscle pain as well as your throat being so dry. You open your eyes, heart clenching at the sught of Megumi reading a book silently. You can feel his arm around you and his scent soothing the pain all over your body.
Megumi turns to you, smiling softly as he presses a kiss on your forehead. "I already asked Gojo sensei to give you a day off today. Rest all you want." He says softly, the complete opposite of how he acted last night.
You reach over to cup his cheek, eyes catching sight of the bandage wrapped around each of your wrists.
So he did take care of me right after.
"I'll be your butler for today." Megumi closes his book and places it on his nightstand at his side. "Just relax, anything my princess wants, I'll go get it for her."
"Mmmm, I just want cuddles for now. And maybe a little snack." You smile, raising your eyebrows at the sight of your boyfriend's frown.
"You said-"
"I know what I said, but I'm giving you a complete meal. We fucked after you woke up after passing out, I'm so sorry for being so inconsiderate..." He pouts, pressing his forehead on yours. You smile, coming to a conclusion that you love every single side of this boy. His dominant side, his soft and caring side, even his envious side.
"Let's talk about that jealousy problem you have while I eat."
Megumi flushes, "I wasn't jealous!"
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djarrex · 10 months ago
So I was wondering, how was rex and reader first kiss, and also the first time they’d slept together? I loved that story about how they met!! I’m genuinely curious
!!Yessssss :’)
Ok, so for anyone who hasn’t read their first meeting/first date, I’ll link it here. Previously, I had included a little bit of their first date in one of the main installments/chapters as a flashback scene during Priya’s birth and you can find that here.
Find the rest in the Post-Order 66 Rex ML
I’ll pick this up from when they’re riding in the taxi on the way to reader’s apartment (from flashback scene found in second link)
18+ only! dry humping, heavy makeout sesh, groping, non-descriptive sex, piv sex, maybe just a hint of ‘first time’ awkwardness but... y’know. overall, Rex is a caring sweetheart. about 2.9k words #Carried Away
The back of Rex’s hand, the gauntlet plate, that is, lands on your bare thigh - his gloved palm upright and waiting, fingers relaxed. You can’t help your wide smile that grows upon noticing the gesture accompanied by his unsure, yet confident expression as you gladly lay your hand within his - fingers locking into place. 
"Is... this okay?"
So considerate, appropriately cautious, cute.
You lock eyes with his, making it a point when your tongue barely darts out to wet your lower lip while giving his hand a reassuring squeeze. His lips curl at the corners - a little chuckle seeping through his nostrils before turning his head to watch the streaks of lights fly by outside the transparisteel. The ride isn’t very long, but it’s nearly silent. It must be late enough for the driver to have long surpassed the point of wanting to engage in light conversation, thankfully so, and the music is turned down to the lowest volume - just light pulse of a beat coming from the tiny speaker. The whir of the vessel gliding through the air lanes hums throughout the interior, along with the heavy beat of your heart in your ears. Your fingers stay intertwined with Rex’s the entire time. At one point, briefly, his thumb started to absentmindedly brush back and forth over the thick knuckle of yours, and caught himself when the the taxi slowed to halt as it pulled in front of your complex.
Rex scoots out first - extending his hand towards you and helping you out of the seat and onto the duracrete. As you lean into the taxi’s opening to toss the driver some credits, Rex watches the way you move - the way even the miniscule muscles flex underneath your form-fitting dress and with the movement of what skin is exposed. A sudden breeze catches him off guard when that familiar scent of lavender coming from your hair hits him just like it did back on the dancefloor. His own heart is pounding uncontrollably beneath the protective shell of plastoid, though he’s sure you can hear it. Your hearts mirror one another’s tonight - anxious, eager, sure, ready. 
It's quiet after the taxi speeds off. It's late, and the two of you stand just outside the complex entrance in silence, facing one another and staring deep into each other's eyes. There’s a whole bunch being said, without any words actually being spoken. It’s insane the way Rex is just pulling you in without laying so much as a finger on you right now; his gravitational pull is far too strong for you to resist, not that you’re trying to resist. You want to get dragged into his orbit, burn up upon skirting through his atmosphere. That connection... it’s so noticeably there and it’s making your legs weak - weight settling in the back of your head, pushing you forward and closing the space between your faces. You know it’s affecting him just as it’s affecting you. There is no escape, though neither one of you is trying to flee. 
“Is... this o-” 
Rex is unable to echo his question from the taxi once the remaining space between the two of you quickly vanishes. When your lips meet his for the very first time, something just clicks - like two missing pieces from a puzzle that you didn’t even know were absent have just come together and completed it, effectively ending its drawn-out hiatus. You’re sure there are better analogies out there with deeper meaning but it’s hard to think with how wrapped up in him you’re becoming with something as simple as a ‘first kiss’. Your arms flying to wrap around his neck, Rex pulls you closer - his fingers gripping the fabric at your hips and holding you close. A heavy breath escapes from him and you take the opportunity to poke your tongue out to be immediately greeted by his own. It’s medium-paced; not desperate nor casual. The dance you share with the light clashing of teeth, the rhythm that’s set with every little movement of the muscles in your mouths - it’s just right. 
When you move to break away, panting, your eyes quickly dart to the building standing tall to the right of you before they quickly return to his. An overt cue... 
“Do you wan-”
...One of which Rex takes swift action.
“Yes.” Rex didn’t need for you to finish that line; he was already way ahead of you, and was somehow starting to believe you’d never ask. Any nerves of his have long since vanished, as well as any notion of sleep - other, more exciting things urging him on. He knows where he’ll be waking up in the morning, and it’s not on that bedroll in the barracks that he was practically dreaming of back at 79′s before he’d laid eyes on you. For once, the clone captain will allow himself to indulge in what this night holds. 
The two of you are unable to keep your hands to yourselves during the brief ride in the lift up to your floor. Rex holds you impossibly close, hands pressed into your lower back and practically carrying your floating body through the corridors until arriving at your front door; you’d murmured the directions into his lips along the way. With your back pressed against it, your hand swings behind to blindly input the access code. After a few incorrect entries before hearing the musical awarded access, the door slides open, and your fingers wrap around the dip at the top of his cuirass - pulling him to follow you in. You make it as far as the couch, pushing him down to sit as you descend with him, your mouths staying connected in the process. Rex sinks into the cushions, and his hands begin rove your body experimentally from where you’re straddled over his armored lap. You’re melting into his touch, rocking yourself over the hardness of his codpiece, letting the curve of it rub into your clothed heat as his lips trail wet hot down your chin and jaw.
Never had you previously allowed a night like this to get as far with anyone else. 
“I don’t...” Rex pauses as soon as the words leave you - lifting from your neck and meeting your eyes with a flash of concern sinking in his own. “I don’t usually do this, uh, sort of thing,” you elaborate quickly, your hands gesturing to the current situation - nervous, for some odd reason, even though your mind is very made up. His expression softens and a sweet smile creeps on his lips as he traces your own with the pad of his now bare thumb - the touch featherlight, admiring. “I just- just thought I should clear that up.” You’re not sure what it is exactly that you’re clearing up; perhaps you’re afraid that Rex thinks you’re one of those clone groupies, a woman who frequents 79′s to show her appreciation for the brave soldiers of the Republic. Or maybe that you’re someone who often fucks on the first date, just to be casted aside in the morning or the one who does the casting aside. The look he’s giving you, though, as he gazes up at you with something within his eyes that you can’t yet translate, is leading you to believe that he doesn’t put you into any of those categories - didn’t, from the very moment he’d laid eyes on you.
“Mesh’la,” he breathes against your jaw - the foreign-sounding word completely unknown to you but making you clench all the same - the shape of it forming on his lips and pressing into your tender skin. “The same goes for me. I... don’t wanna do anything that’ll scare you away.”
“And here I am thinking that I’m the one coming on too strong too fast,” you jest. Sure, it has only been a single, incomplete night of knowing him, but as silly and cliché as it sounds, it honest to Maker feels like you’ve known him forever. Normally, you’d conclude that allowing yourself to think that would more than likely end up biting you in the ass in the near future, but you truly don’t think that would be the case this time. Not with him.
“Rex...” Breaking from his lips for a breather and cradling the curve of his cheekbones within your hands, you look deep into his kind eyes, searching for the answer to the question you have yet to ask. “Have you ever...?”
“Yes, yes. It, uh, was always quick... when I did.” Rex chews his cheek - his brows pinching together in unwarranted contrition. “I’m sorry,” he sighs.
“I don’t want you to think-”
You cut him off with the hard press of your lips to his - grinding yourself down on his lap with a little more purpose. Anything he was about to say, any inhibitions, dissolves like sugar inside your mouth. Minutes crawl by. Maybe longer, you’re unsure; too lost in this milky euphoria to give a damn about something as complex and currently unimportant as time. Your body is on fire; the heat that radiates from his flesh even from under the armor envelopes you in a different kind of warmth. You find your own hands mapping out the parts of his body that aren’t shelled by a plastoid exterior, landing on the piece that you’ve been grinding yourself on since arriving.
“Can I take this off?” Rex peers down at your hand laying over his codpiece; his perfect pout glistening, eyes darkening - the black orbs nearly swallowing the warm honey they reside in as he begins to look you over. 
If it wasn’t already a known fact that you’d never done this with someone like him before, then the way your fingers fumble around the plastoid in a blind search for the clasp - or whatever is holding this Maker forsaken thing in place - sure as hell gives it away. Sensing your evident struggle, Rex’s hand brushes over yours and the hindrance is unfastened in an instant. You raise a brow at him, and he only grins as you lean down to kiss him again.
Rex stands - your arms and legs squeezing him as he walks you to the bed, his erection teasing with its firm press against you. Laying you down on your back, he watches as you shimmy off the rest of your clothing. His breath catches in his throat upon your removal of your bra, eyes widening and fingers drumming at his sides, and you have to urge him to unfreeze so he can finishing undressing and join you.
“I... really want this,” he informs through heavy breaths - a hint of sheepishness engrained within the gruffness - finally moving to climb on the bed between your legs after stripping nearly everything from him and stacking it all in a neat pile. “You. Really want you.” You smile - the gleam reaching your eyes - and grab his arm to pull him on top of you. He’s still wearing his under-armor bottoms, and your hand shamelessly trails down to palm at the hard bulge from above the skin-tight material. 
“I want this too, Rex. You.” He groans - husky and deep - taking a few moments to relish the way your hand feels as you massage him before making quick work to remove the only thing that’s left covering his beautiful body.
It takes you by complete surprise - his extraordinary size. The way it was trapped within the compression bottoms was totally misleading. You swallow a clump of dry air - your tummy tingling and heart racing at the sight of him now completely nude and in the process of climbing back into position. 
You say the most prominent and immediate thought out loud, causing him to stop in his tracks.
“What? Is everything okay, is- is this okay?” Rex becomes mildly frantic, concerned - just about to climb away but you grab at his shoulder, fingers pressing into the toned, corded flesh where it curves into the base of his neck at the back. 
“Yes,” you sigh - astounded. “I just... you’re, um...” Your eyes remain glued to the erect, throbbing appendage standing at attention between his legs, noting how it curves slightly upwards at the tip and is aimed at your clenching heat. “You’re big, Rex.” When your eyes flicker back up to his, his brow is raised and his lips are pressed into a thin line. Like he doesn’t already fucking know how well-endowed he is. 
Shutting your eyes and sighing quietly, your face stings from the sound of your breathy voice uttering out such truism. He shifts his weight between the arms that are caging you in on either side and looks down at himself - considering. 
“I - uh-”
“It’s okay,” you chuckle with a quick nod of your head as you spread your legs wider with a slight roll of your hips. Your mound briefly brushes the hot, velvety skin along his shaft when you lift your hips again. Your abdomen involuntarily tightens upon noticing the length of him hovering over you, practically marking how deep inside he’ll be.  “I need you, Rex.”
You learn quickly that you needn’t repeat a thing to an esteemed captain of his merit. 
He prepares you, like any true gentleman would, getting your body ready to accept him fully. Licking, touching, sucking, prodding; it’s all so exquisitely slow, intricate, surprisingly good for someone who has had little to no experience in the arena of foreplay. Thick fingers work you open in deep, pleasant strokes - his knuckles knocking into the most tender and pleasurable tissue with every pass. Rex’s lips go from attending to your breasts and trailing along nearly every inch of your skin before reuniting with your own. He inadvertently works a mild orgasm from you from his delicate tongue and purposeful touch alone - the build-up a soft crescendo until you’re moaning his name in the most breathy voice you’ve ever entertained.
You’ve never felt so safe and cared for during moments like these; now is a whole different experience than what you’d encountered in the past. You don’t have an extensive list of previous partners, but all of the ones who had made your short list were boys. Immature, needy, desperate boys. Boys who could never compare to the man who’s currently breaching you with a very gentle roll of his hips laced with all the care in the galaxy. Not to mention, his size. In that alone Rex is unmatched. 
Your lips barely disconnect; the soft whimpers and moans shared between the two of you are breathed into one another and swallowed. You’ve never experienced anything so tender yet deliberate at the same time - the combination of soft meeting its opposite making your head spin and toes curling. Nails forming small crescents indenting into his skin, you hang on to Rex’s broad shoulders as he rocks into you. It’s a steady pace he sets right from the get-go and he keeps that all the way up until your second orgasm flows through you, consequently causing a hint of resistance put up by your clenching walls, affecting his length’s repeating reentry. Not much is said, but a lot is spoken through eye contact. Neither of you want this to end, but when it inevitably does, you’d want to do this again. You want to do more than this; you both want to see each other again. When he finishes, it’s the gravelly, drawn-out groan falling out of his throat that causes you to see the stars from where they’re hung outside Coruscant’s orbit as if you’re sitting directly in front of them, just an arm’s length away. 
You’re cleaned up in such a meticulous and tender way that only Rex could provide. He falls to your side - taking you with him as his strong arms wrap around your torso. It’s insane; the way you fell into each other earlier this evening is comparable to fate itself. You think you’re going crazy, that you’re feeling all these things only after having known Rex for less than several hours, that you’re diving into something too hard and too quickly.
“Do you feel it, too?” 
You don’t know what possessed you to ask him instead of keeping it locked up in your buzzing mind, still keyed up from the best sex you’ve ever had, but it’s out there. Unable to see his face from your position, your heart starts racing with nerves, and in the several moments of silence and lingering regret, you mentally curse at yourself for being so forward.
“Yeah,” Rex says with a soft smile evident in his tone - a huge weight being lifted from your shoulders and tossed aside. “I do.”
With that, his arms hold you just a little tighter and he places a chaste kiss on your temple. It’s not long before the sound of soft snoring fills the otherwise quiet bedroom, and minutes later you’re right there alongside him - content, fluttering heart and all.
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bratkook · a year ago
choke me. (m) jjk
Tumblr media
pairing. jungkook x reader genre. smut, absolutely no plot word count. 2.9k warnings. short but sweet filthy, unprotected sex, messy sex, choking (jungkook begs her to choke him), dirty talk, oral sex (f. receiving), face riding, jungkook swears he sees jesus, his not so secret love for gossiping returns summary. now that the line between peeping tom and teasing neighbor had been crossed, entering into mutually beneficial territory, jungkook feels less wary about asking you to wrap your pretty hands around his throat note. peeping tom!jungkook is back for more, technically this is a second installment to come over but can def be read as a stand alone drabble! he lives in my mind rent free so i hope you all enjoy his brief return 🖤(i also wrote this in an hour so theres that) honorable mentions to @suqakoo​ who i promised id tag if i ever continued this story 🤧 @taestybae​ who is essentially the reason why i wrote the first part ily bae & @pars-ley​ i hope long hair jk ruins you once more
Tumblr media
Jungkook absolutely can’t think of any other place he’d rather be than right here, right now. He’s honestly contemplating sending his realtor a bouquet of roses, hell maybe one of those edible arrangements with the melon shaped like petals, anything to show his immense gratitude for helping him buy this house. 
Really, who would have ever thought the chain of events would lead to this very moment, sprawled out on his bed, large palms digging into your hips as you bounced on top of him, the slick sounds of your pussy soaking his cock filling up the room in a filthy manner. He is once again thankful for the narrow distance between your buildings that brought this moment to fruition. 
“Shit,” you gasp, palms resting on his hard chest for leverage as you lift yourself up and drop back with a wet thump, “god, you feel so good.”
Your words are thick and slurred, drunk off the feeling of his cock filling you up deliciously, the subtle ruts of his hips working in tandem with yours making sparks of pleasure shoot throughout your body. Jungkook can only smirk at the way you’re lost in the feeling of it, the arousal dripping down your thighs, pooling around the base of his cock in a sticky mess that he had grown to love. 
“Yeah?” he breathes out, bottom lip victim to his teeth as he bites down. The usual doe eyed look he had was missing now, swapped for a half lidded stare that made your stomach flip when you lock eyes.
“You’re so fucking wet,” he hisses, fingers pressing further into your skin when you tighten around him, not once slowing your movements, the perfect rhythym of your hips making a steady incline of lust course up his spine. “Making such a mess on my cock. You love it don’t you?”
A desperate whine spills out of you, fingernails pressing into the muscles on his chest, leaving half moons in their wake but he enjoys the sting too much to complain. “I just–feel so full, fuck Jungkook.”
He smiles at the way you trail off, your mouth dropped open with pouty lips wet with saliva. His palms can feel the way your body trembles with each thrust, warmth brewing inside of you and threatening to spill over every time he meets your hips with those dangerous eyes locked on you. Slowly, he raises his hand higher, following the soft skin of your sides, tracing every slope and curve of your body until he’s grabbing a handful of your tits, squeezing just enough to make you mewl in desire. 
Jungkook groans out when you speed up your hips, the warmth of your walls wrapping around him tighter than before as he pinches your nipples between his fingers, the new found sensitivity only making you lose yourself further. 
He can feel the cool sweat dampening his body, making his skin stick to the sheets beneath him, could see it slowly coating your neck as you throw your head back, revealing your throat to him and that makes the flash of an idea come back to mind. 
“Fuck, fuck wait–“ he gasps out, heels digging into his mattress as his mind begins to spin at the premise of it all. A curious look sent his way as you slow your hips, a torturous glide being swapped in favor of stopping altogether but it’s enough for him to gather his thoughts properly. “Choke me.”
“R-really?” You stutter out, chest panting from a mix of exertion and excitement, the mental image of your hands wrapped around his thick neck stirring something inside of you. Something about a man like Jungkook, all muscles and strength that couldn’t be matched, asking you to choke him felt so wrong it was almost right. 
“Please,” he’s begging now, skin on fire at even asking and potentially being turned down, but he can see the flash in your eyes, the way it turns you on, and if that didn’t settle him then the way you frantically nod in agreement does. 
“Yeah, yeah i’ll choke you,” your right palm glides up his chest now, feeling the slight trembles that course through him from the steady rocking of your hips, his ragged breaths hitting the air as you gingerly touch his neck. “You gotta show me how though.”
You were very familiar with choking, being on the receiving end of it plenty of times, but you had never been the one in control and the last thing you wanted was to do this wrong. He smiles in appreciation though, a small chuckle leaving him as he places his palm over yours, delicately guiding it to the right spot over his throat. 
Jungkook can already feel his cock stirring inside of you as he moves your fingers correctly, a low groan rumbling in his throat that is felt against your palm when you press down. Your eyes are wide with excitement, seeing how something so simple is affecting him before you have even started. The blood pumping in his veins pulses against your fingers, squeezing down further when he urges you to do so with his palm, a satisfied smile curling his lips up as he sighs. 
“Fuck, just like that.” He rasps out, dropping his hand to allow you full control, choosing to grip onto the sheets as you slowly resume your pace once more. 
Jungkook knew sending you a text reminiscent to the one you sent him before would lead to this, in one form or another, but having you riding him with your fingers pressed into his neck had just become his new favorite fantasy. 
A small moan leaves you as you look down at him, his long sweaty hair raked off his face, allowing you to see the way his brows furrowed together as the sensations flooded his mind. He looked like your favorite wet dream, eyes staring up at you in that dazed way that showed he was lost in the pleasure, tongue swiping at his lower lip as he moaned out your name, tugging at the sheets and rutting up into you with more urgency each time. 
“Fuck, and you called me dirty,” you laugh out, leaning forward to inch closer to his face, pressing a teasing kiss to his lips and giggling when he tries to chase them for more, tightening your hold on his throat until his eyes are fluttering shut. 
Jungkook feels like he’s floating, the low thrumming in his ears getting louder as the seconds tick by, the wet squelch of your pussy creaming his cock mixing in with your soft laughs and its filthy. “Tighter,” he rasps out, blinking his eyes open to see you once more, nodding in reassurance when you look unsure. “Please.”
When you do as he asks he swears he’ll cum instantly, his stomach caving in as the coil tightens inside of him, the heady feeling clouding his thoughts, leaving the edges of his sight speckled and faded, the image of you above him still crystal clear. There's so much want in your eyes, your own orgasm slowly creeping up on you at just seeing how affected he is by you doing this. His free hand drops back down to your hips, urging you to speed up your movements, each glide of your drenched walls feeling like heaven, draping over him in this soft warmth that leaves him gasping lewdly. 
Maybe Jungkook should go to church.
A small shiver racks your body, pushing aside your own pleasure when you start to spot the floaty appearance on his features, the breathy whines that escape him, eyes spaced out, only focusing on the growing euphoric feeling coming from where you two connect, spreading to his every limb until he’s tensing up. “Wanna feel you cum Jungkook, c’mon, make me messy again.”
Jungkook nods at your words, speech wiped from his mind, blanking as you squeeze him further, the hand gripping the sheets shooting up to wrap around your wrist as a desperate moan leaves his swollen lips when his orgasm crashes over him in surprise, a flash of white spread across his vision. His eyes roll back in pleasure, hips rutting up into yours so forcefully you’re nearly falling over him, releasing his throat and allowing him to gasp in a breath, his warm cum spilling into you in spurts that you welcome.
“Fuck, oh fuck.” He chants, eyes squeezed shut as he fills you up like you asked him to, the buzz of pleasure soaking into his bones and leaving him satisfied, limbs limp as you milk his orgasm out of him fully. Jungkook weakly mumbles out your name as you continue grinding on him, the friction against your clit making you moan in response, leaning forward to cup his cheeks as you kiss him gently as he comes down. “Come up here.”
It takes you a moment to know what he means, spoken so slurred together in his post orgasm bliss you think he might just be mumbling nonsense, but as he grabs your hips with both hands and slides you off his softening cock you know exactly what he wants you to do. With shaky knees you crawl over him, sodden folds sliding against his torso and leaving a mess as you make your way to the head of the bed. 
“Fuck, look at you.” He mumbles, arms hooking under your thighs to urge you up until your core hovered directly above him, knees digging into the sheets beside his head with your hand grabbing onto the headboard for support. Jungkook eyes your swollen lips, coated in your arousal and a mixture of his cum still dripping out of you, it’s not like he minds though, determined to have you falling apart because of him. 
“Made me cum so hard I swear I saw Jesus,” he jokes, soft huffs of laughter hitting your inner thighs as he sloppily kisses them, tongue licking up drops of your arousal as he makes his way up. “Wanna return the favor.”
A whimper leaves your mouth as he teasingly licks along your slit, tip of his tongue flicking against your aching clit as he does so, humming in content when you tangle your hands in his hair. With soft, tickling touches of his fingers against the backs of your thighs you lower onto him, only the tops of his eyes visible as he pulls you further onto him, a cheeky wink sent your way before he goes in for the kill.
Jungkook digs his fingers into your skin to keep you in place as he licks a broad stripe up your folds, shamelessly moaning at the taste of you on his tongue, smiling against you when you shudder at the sensation. “Fuck, Jungkook.” You can barely whisper out, hips dropping lower in search for more and he groans, not opposed to the way your thighs cage him in, surrounded by you entirely.
A small shriek fills the air as his lips wrap around you clit, sucking on the swollen nub with intent to make you crumble, moaning against you as you tug at his strands with force, the yank at his scalp only making him keep at it. Stars flash behind your closed lids as you give an experimental grind of your hips, rutting against his tongue until you’re gasping, Jungkook’s fingers loosening their hold to allow you to seek your own pleasure, using his tongue to get yourself off on top of him.
He can feel his cock stirring back to life at you using him like this, fingers pushing his face further up, his tongue flicking against you, lips sucking enough to get you to tremble. “Shit, Jungkook, ah— c-close.”
The slow, deliberate roll of your hips increases as the familiar high approaches you, Jungkook’s hands grabbing onto your ass to urge you, guide you against him with more force. The wetness pools down your thighs, coats his mouth and chin but he swears he could drown here and die happy, fully content to know the last sounds he hears is you chanting his name out like a mantra.
“Shit, I’m cumming.” The heat curls in your stomach, flames licking at your insides as your hips grow sloppy and desperate, fingers clutching onto his hair like a lifeline as you can just barely taste your high. It’s not until Jungkook presses his tongue harder against you, providing you with that last bit of friction you need, that you cum with a shout of his name. His fingers rubbing soft circles onto your skin as he continues to suck on your clit, enjoying the aftershocks that course through you, the small whines and whimpers of overstimulation as he licks you clean. 
“Ah, too much.” you plea, lifting yourself up from his mouth as the pleasure turns painful. He looks absolutely satisfied with himself, a charming smile on his messy lips as he stares up at you with glimmering eyes. 
“That was amazing.” A snort leaves you as you carefully slide off of him, settling beside him with a content sigh, thighs still trembling from it all, something he takes note of as he runs his fingers against them. 
“Who knew you loved getting choked,” you giggle, inching away from him when he attempts to grab you, “my hands weren’t enough for you, just had to go and let my thighs finish you off huh?”
“Shut up,” he whines, fingers wrapping around your ankle and yanking you back to him with more ease than you expected, not content until you were pressed against him once more. The heat of your bodies isn’t uncomfortable as he holds you close, maneuvering himself until you were flat on your back with his body slot between your thighs, arms wrapped underneath you with his cheek against your tummy. “You were totally into it too.”
“Hm, I was.” You can’t even deny it, seeing Jungkook looking so submissive at your hands made a small rush flow through you, the same rush you felt whenever he was rough with you. This was something the two of you could definitely play around with.
Jungkook looks beyond comfortable in his position, nuzzling against you happily, not caring about the way your skin sticks together but just as you’re about to shut your eyes he speaks. “Oh my god,” his cheek lifts from your skin to look up at you with a smile when you raise your brow in curiosity, “did you hear about the drama going on down the street?”
“What drama?”
“You know the preschool teacher that lives in that blue house?” Your hands run through his damp hair as you try to remember, finally putting a face to the person and nodding in confirmation, “Okay well she got that soccer mom’s car towed this morning.”
“Jungkook, how do you know this?” You laugh out, draping your arm across your face to hide the way you found it all amusing, his gossiping tendencies coming out full force.
“Well ever since somebody—” his fingers dig into your skin playfully, laughing as you squirm around, “lied to me about the group chat I got nosey, found this app called Next Door and the drama is top notch.” It was really a gold mine of petty neighborhood tea, keeping him entertained like the morning newspaper, knowing the ins and outs of who was the neighborhood Karen and who you could trust to call the cops if anyone attempted to break into your house.
“You know Jungkook, I never pegged you as the kind to love gossip.”
He rests his chin on your sternum now, eyebrows wiggling mischievously as the words leave your mouth. “Did you say peg?”
“Oh my god, get out of here!” He cackles instantly, allowing you to push his face away from you while you attempt to get up, his hands loosening their hold on you only to allow himself to crawl up your body once more. Your laughs continue to fill the air as he kisses your cheek sloppily, “Get your head out of the gutter.”
“I was joking,” he chuckles, leaning back with a smile, “unless you’re into that.” He tacks on the same ending as last time, winking when you scrunch your face up in embarrassment.
“Go, don’t you have work to do.” Desperately needing him to get away from you before your mind spun up another filthy fantasy at his expense.
“Need I remind you, you’re in my bed.” 
“Yeah well, your bed is lined in egyptian cotton and smells like fresh laundry so don’t mind me, I’ll be here.” He had no qualms about that, giving you a final kiss to your lips before deciding you were right, he had been distracted enough by sending you that text to come over, needing to finish up the work he had to turn in by tonight.
As he walks around his room and gets himself looking decent enough to sit at his desk you flop over with a sigh, burying your face into his pillow and smiling when the familiar scent of him fills your nose. Looking out of his bedroom window and seeing your own bedroom a few feet away makes your stomach flutter with the same excitement as before, his teasing words replaying in your mind now.
Unless you’re into that. 
How many more ways could he use that phrase for trouble?
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