#i just want him to bond with the family 😭
milucas · a day ago
asher as a single dad
the idea of dad asher has me in an absolute chokehold at the moment so. here it is
will i make an oc for this?? maybe. stay tuned
(note- this is just asher, babe isn't really mentioned)
Tumblr media
mkay so im going the classic found family route with this and say it's something similar to this post (by the lovely @cottagecorexboy)
i'm also imagining a sort of gilmore girls-y relationship where they're parent and child but they're also like besties yknow
so p much asher meets orphan kid they bond asher adopts kid pack also collectively adopts kid so now asher has a kid good for him
ok so
asher is most definitely a classic rock/punk dad you can pry my punk asher headcanons from my cold dead hands
like every morning on the way to school he's blasting green day or ac/dc or queen or something this kid cannot get in a car with him without hearing some sort of rock music
also i think asher is the type of guy to always be watching something on his phone without headphones
like he doesn't do it in public but when he's home it's like a cloud of noise just follows him around so you always know where he is
definitely doesn't know how to say no, especially to his beloved child
they don't even have to ask they just look at something in the store for more than three seconds and asher just plops it in the cart without saying anything
they!! cook!! together!!
we all know asher is an awful cook but he makes an effort to cook with his kid at least once a week for Father Child Bonding™
plus now he's also getting better at cooking it's a win-win
if the kid is empowered, asher is there and willing to answer any questions they have about their powers or helping them find someone who can
if they're scared or nervous, he is literally so patient and caring with them he just wants them to be okay and safe 😭😭😭
they're super anxious meeting the pack for the first time but everyone loves them so much
asher: this is my kid
pack: *insert communism meme* OUR kid
within like a month this kid went from having no dad to having one dad and then to an entire wolf pack of parents
if they're empowered they have an entire community to help them understand their powers and teach them anything they need to know
especially asher. he is so supportive of everything they do so if they want to know more about magic, he's right there to help
he just loves his kid so much and he wants the best for them always 🥺🥺
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headcanon that Dolores would leave food out for Bruno
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your big brother kazuha hcs were so cute 😭 i was wondering if you could also do hcs for either kaeya and diluc as big brothers
Tumblr media
# — characters: gender neutral reader, kaeya, diluc, crepus
# — summary: “in family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.” –friedrich nietzsche
# — warnings: mentions of death, fighting, panic attacks, anxiety
# — tags: hc/drabble format, slight canon divergence, hurt/comfort, LOTS of fluff, but also LOTS of angst, found family, implied (romantic) albedo x reader
# — notes: i know you liked the kazuha one because it was cute but because this concept with kaeya and diluc specifically actually crosses my mind a lot.. like a LOT a lot, this is a long one, so buckle up! as always, reblogs and reactions are appreciated, and i really really hope you enjoy!
# — tag list: @marius-z @the-gayest-sky-kid @kkiryus @keiq0 @favonious-captain
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Tumblr media
✧ — ❄ +🔥 — ✧
so i'm assuming you meant diluc and kaeya separately, buuuut... it's hard to put them separate when they are brother, though they behave otherwise
so let's say, for the sake of this post, you are their adopted younger sibling!
crepus took you in along with kaeya since you two were abandoned in the same place at the same time
however, you two were abandoned by completely different people, so no, you have no ties to khaenri'ah
(but, if you want smth that's like.. kaeya and the reader being sibling spies for khaenri'ah, i can make a whole 'nother post. i digress.)
as children...
you three were inseparable
kaeya and diluc bonded well to begin with, but with you added to the mixture, they may as well have been joined at the hip
diluc is the oldest amongst the three of you, and sort of gets saddled with caring for you and kaeya in subtle ways, even if crepus is present in your lives
he's kind of like the "leader" if that makes sense? he's fine with you and kaeya having opinions or dictating what activities you do for the day
but neither you nor kaeya can refuse diluc whenever he asks for something or makes a demand
(he will deny, as an adult, that he ever made demands as a boy. it's true that he didn't, but you and kaeya will sometimes tease him about it anyways.)
"kaeya, can you stop spinning them around like that? you two might break something and dad would have a heart attack if either of you got hurt." a young diluc peers over the top of his book at you and kaeya, who have been horsing around while he reads something about knighthood.
he's been taking his studies seriously these days in order to fulfill your father's dreams of becoming an esteemed knight of favonius. since crepus couldn't do it himself, diluc took it upon himself to do it in his stead. he's an overachiever in every sense of the word, and you thought he was the coolest brother in all of teyvat.
kaeya sets you down on the ground gently. "yes sir!" he salutes his brother, snickering when you copy his actions.
diluc snorts and rolls his eyes. "that's not even how the knights salute, kaeya. you'd know that if you studied more."
kaeya scrunches his nose. "hey, i take my studies very seriously, thank you very much. i just gotta make time for my siblings, unlike some people." he leans over and uses your head as an arm rest, not budging when you try to shake him off. "it's called time management, diluc. look it up."
your brothers bickered like this rather often, but there was never any bite to their words. you could always see them fighting back smiles as they went back and forth, trying to keep the upper hand on the other. a lot of the time, you were caught in the crossfire, be it physically or verbally. you didn't mind much, but sometimes they would get annoying.
you manage to shove kaeya's arm off your head. "for the record, neither of you are good at managing your time." you grumble. "diluc studies too much and kaeya studies too little."
"what, are you supposed to be goldilocks, then?" diluc closes his book, smirking at you. "are you supposed to be the perfect kid?"
you cross your arms over your chest. "well, duh. i studied for a little while today, and i'm playing with kaeya now. i'll study some more later. that's how you do it."
your brothers share a look of defeat and then turn their eyes back to you. kaeya ruffles your hair. "ah, our youngest is growing up so fast," he muses, "soon, they'll be the grand master of the knights and we'll have to follow their every command."
you sputter and try to push kaeya off of you again. when you fail, your struggling turns into an all-out wrestling match, with kaeya beating you in record time thanks to his longer limbs. "on second thought," your brother pants, "maybe i'd make a better grand master? what do you think, diluc?"
"sure, kaeya." diluc answers dismissively. "you'd be the greatest."
it's a respect thing, mostly.
never once has diluc lorded his title as eldest over the two of you, so you and kaeya came to respect and love him naturally.
diluc takes after crepus in more than just appearance.
even as kids, he was mature and responsible, but still maintained his boyish behaviors whenever you or kaeya were involved.
he's the older brother you ran to during stormy nights, since you knew for a fact that he would be awake anyways.
he's the older brother you went to for silent comfort
if you had a nightmare, diluc was the brother you went to.
(kaeya can pout about it all he wants.)
if you wanted to cry, diluc was the brother who would hug you silently until you've let it all out. he won't ask questions or push you for answers; he'll just sit there and be your rock.
i suppose in a literal sense, he's the warmth of your childhood. diluc is the sturdy, resilient, ever-burning flame that you use for comfort in times of need.
also, don't tell anyone, but diluc was definitely a hugger. a HUGE teddy bear.
kaeya was definitely the more tactile sibling
but if you denied diluc a hug or went to kaeya instead of him, he'd get all mopey and then deny it until you cuddled with him.
"you were pouting earlier."
"i don't pout. can you get out my room?"
you giggle. "i came to give you a hug, since i didn't give you one earlier."
diluc sits up with a groan, his hair wild. "is that why you're here at..." he peeks at the clock on the wall. "two in the morning?"
he sounds exhausted, but you can tell he's not going to reject you. he never does. you don't say anything -- you just stand there and wait for diluc to ask for what he clearly wants.
"you're gonna make me say it, aren't you?"
you nod.
diluc sighs and scoots over in his bed. "get over here, you brat. i'm sleepy." when you climb in beside him, he tosses the comforter over you and hugs you close. he smells like cinnamon and you sigh contently. "can't believe you woke me up for this." he grumbles.
you snicker. "love you too, 'luc."
as the resident middle child, kaeya took it upon himself to balance being a big brother and a little brother all at once
i know it may sound easy to people without siblings, and maybe even some actual middle children may say that it's not that hard
but middle child syndrome is very real, and when you step back and think about it, it's really hard when you're kind of overshadowed by your older and younger siblings.
he doesn't feel any sort of negative way about it, but kaeya is a smart boy -- he knows that he put himself in a difficult position by behaving the way he does
he babies you, even though the age gap between you two isn't very large.
kaeya is the older brother who seeks you out instead of the other way around.
and for some reason he never makes noise when he moves?
(is it related to his mission? find out next time on the next episode dragon ball z)
it's something he LOVES using to his advantage, by the way.
kaeya makes an accusatory noise. "what would father say if he heard you say something like that?" he leans on the doorway, a playful smirk on his lips. "did i really scare you that badly?"
you clutch at your chest in an attempt to slow your racing heart. "would it kill you to make a little noise when you move? for barbatos' sake, i could have died just now."
kaeya's expression falters for a moment, but he glosses it over so quickly, you think you may have seen incorrectly. "dramatic as always. anyways," he extends a hand out for you to take, "our dearest older brother is heading into the city and wants us to come with."
"it's not a request, is it," you ask, taking your brother's hand. you roll your eyes when kaeya tells you that no, diluc actually did ask. but because neither you nor kaeya can say no to him, you two were already going along. "figured as much." you sigh.
i'd like to think that by the time kaeya was in his late teens, he had adopted a particular manner of speech
specifically, the one he uses as an adult
it's corny to you, but you secretly think it makes him even cooler than he already is
because kaeya is exactly the kind of cool protagonist-like boy you read about in stories
he's always had his eye covered ever since you two met, and he's always carried himself with grace
now that you're an adult who knows of his past, it makes sense
but little you just wanted to be like their big brother
and honestly, kaeya did what he could to mold you in his image
not to say he told you his secrets, but whenever he saw his habits in you, it made his heart break and swell at the same time
truly, the most painful parts of his childhood was realizing how much he loved you and diluc
"...why are you wearing an eyepatch?" diluc raises a brow at you. "is there a secret costume party in the mansion that i don't know about or something?"
just as you're about to explain why you're wearing it, kaeya comes stumbling into the room, his hand covering his right eye. "there you are!" he yells.
diluc snorts so loud he has to cover his mouth. so that's why you had an eyepatch on -- you took it from kaeya. from the frantic look in his eye, diluc thinks you may have just taken it off of kaeya in his sleep or something.
you shriek and duck behind diluc, who's failing at masking his laughter. "don't hurt me!" you yell from behind your brother. "i just thought it looked cool!"
kaeya growls. "then you should have just asked to try it on, you dirty thief! who takes shit off someone's face like that?!"
diluc actually barks out a laugh and kaeya fixes him with a glare capable of freezing over anything. "sorry, sorry." he tries to apologize as he makes a face in an attempt to school his expression. "it's not funny, i'm sorry."
"you're still smiling." kaeya deadpans.
"to be fair," diluc snickers, "you've got sticky fingers as well."
it's true; kaeya definitely has a habit of taking the belongings of others -- yours in particular, actually -- and hiding them in the most absurd places. he must have never thought someone would return the favor like this. he sighs, the fight and frustration leaving him.
now that he's looking at you from behind diluc, kaeya can't help but feel proud of the fact that you're acting like him. it was an amateur heist on your part, but with some more practice, you could be just like him someday. he sighs fondly at the thought of it.
"fine, you got me." he concedes. "but can you give it back now? i kinda need that."
kaeya will forever be grateful to have you and diluc as siblings, because even though you were all young and curious, neither of you asked why he wore an eyepatch -- or at the very least why he worked so hard to keep it hidden from view. you step out from behind diluc, the cloth still over your eye, and kaeya feels his heart stop for just a moment. he loves you so dearly, his precious little sibling, but...
remember your purpose, something hisses at him. don't get too attached.
it's too late for that, he thinks. kaeya hold out his other hand, thanking you when you place the eyepatch in his hand. "don't do that again, yeah?" he says softly.
surprisingly, kaeya's gentle tone makes you feel scolded -- mostly because he doesn't speak like that often. you duck your head and murmur an apology.
"hey." kaeya flicks your forehead. he's wearing his eyepatch again, and that warm, brotherly smile that makes you feel safe. "it's okay. i'm not mad at you; never have been, never will be. it's okay."
you nod shyly. if kaeya says it's okay, you think, then surely, everything will be as he says.
to you, kaeya was the brother that helped you with everything
for example:
while diluc helped you master your swordsmanship, it was kaeya who taught you the basics
from stances to defensive maneuvers, kaeya covered everything
he even taught you the basics of other weapons as well -- somehow he was adept with all of them, and he didn't hesitate to share his knowledge with you
it's kaeya who uses you as an arm rest and uses his height to keep things away from you
it's kaeya who steals from your plate when you aren't looking
it's kaeya who teaches you how to swear
but it's also kaeya who stays up all night whenever you say you feel unsafe
it's kaeya who doesn't judge you when you ask him to check under your bed or in your closet for intruders or hilichurls
it's kaeya who shares everything with you and diluc
it's kaeya who helps you catch and bottle crystalflies in the vineyard during sleepless nights.
it's kaeya who braids crystalflies into your hair, and let's you do the same to his as gets longer.
(it's also kaeya who manages to rope diluc into these crystalfly braiding sessions.)
it's kaeya who comes to you when he's having a bad day -- kaeya who asks you to just hold his hand and say nothing while he calms down
"having another moment?" you ask quietly. you were in the middle of painting something for adelinde's birthday when kaeya suddenly walked in and sat beside you, dropping his head on your shoulder.
you never knew what it was that tormented him so much. you hated whatever it was that turned your brother into a shadow of himself, but no matter how much you wanted to fix all of his problems, you couldn't. kaeya wouldn't talk about it, and you knew better than to pry.
so, you did what you could.
kaeya nods silently. you can feel him shaking ever so slightly. you move to put the paintbrush down so you can hug him, but he shakes his head.
"don't mind me," he chuckles despite himself. he sounds fine, but you know better. he takes your free hand in his, tangling your fingers together. "do what you're doing. i'll be fine soon."
every time. every single time kaeya has his moments, he pretends like it's nothing or like it's bothering someone. you have to swallow back the comforting words.
kaeya's always preferred physical comfort, anyhow.
you give his hand a light squeeze and keep painting. "remember the breathing exercise diluc taught you." you murmur. when you feel kaeya nod again, you hum.
your brother dozes off on your shoulder after half an hour. at least he's calm for now. you glance down at your fingers.
even in his sleep, his grip is still tight.
so... what changed?
you all know what happened the day crepus died.
if you don't, allow me to paraphrase:
when your father died, your brothers' respective personalities took a hard left.
diluc, having watched crepus' life come to an end right before his eyes, became vengeful after the knights of favonius instructed him to hide the truth.
as for kaeya, it was as if all of the traits that you admired so much in him became amplified in all the wrong ways.
you always knew he was keeping a part of himself locked away, but you didn't realize just how much until he came clean about it.
and you... well.
kaeya and diluc weren't the only ones to receive their visions that night.
but, for the sake of brevity (and accuracy), allow me to share some of kaeya's lore with you:
and this is verbatim, mind you.
"if khaenri'ah and mondstadt went to war, which side should he support? to whom should he offer his assistance: his birth father, who had ruthlessly abandoned him? or his adoptive father, who loved him and raised him?
"for the longest time, kaeya had agonized over these impossible questions, caught between the opposing demands of loyalty and duty, faced with an impossible choice between truth and happiness.
"but now, crepus' death upset this delicate balance. he felt liberated, but also ashamed of how selfishly he was responding.
"as an adopted son, he should have saved crepus, but he had arrived moments too late. as a brother, he should have shared in diluc's grief, and yet as their father lay dying on the ground he had hung back behind his brother, that ancient plot running through his mind."
- kaeya's vision lore.
so where do you fit into all of this?
you were somewhat like kaeya -- a child ruthlessly abandoned by their parents during a stormy night to fend for themself
unlike your brother however, you had no internal strife. you had no attachment to a destroyed nation -- no questions of loyalty to follow through your adolescent years into early adulthood.
you were just... you. another grieving child of the ragnvindr family.
but because you weren't like kaeya -- because all you knew was the dawn winery, diluc, kaeya, and crepus -- it might have been you who felt the fight between your brothers the most
you shouldered most of the pain from their separation, probably even more so than your brothers would ever admit out loud
because they were your only family. you may have been too young to understand the concept of abandonment when it happened, but as you grew older, the fear only grew with you
you fought so hard to keep your brothers and father close to you -- to keep your family intact
what you fear most isn't hilichurls or abyss mages or even the fatui
it's abandonment.
i'm sure you've asked this at some point, but what does the title of this request even mean?
autophobia (n.) - the fear of being alone.
your knowledge of khaenri'ah isn't very expansive.
all you know of the fallen nation is what's been taught to you through history books, but even then, there wasn't much to cover. as kaeya speaks, you try to remember all that you could from your history lessons as quickly as you can.
khaenri'ah, as you recall, was godless nation. not because they were abandoned by one, but because they had no need for one. the nation was thrown into ruin by monsters and gods alike, and as far as you knew, there was nothing left of it.
so, at first, you reach out to kaeya to comfort him for his loss. he's lost so much in his life, hasn't he? but as you're reaching for his arm, he jerks away from you, regret and shame pooling in his eyes. "kaeya..?" you whisper brokenly.
your brother's expression is pained as he tells his story to you and diluc.
none of it makes sense to you. you can't seem to wrap your head around the idea that your brother was sent to destroy mondstadt from the inside out. he would never do that -- he couldn't. as tough as he seemed, kaeya was just a big ball of fluff on the inside. the boy you grew up with wasn't capable of being a--
"traitor." diluc's voice is hoarse and low, coming out as a growl. you snap your eyes over to your brother, glaring at him to shut him up, but he pays you no mind. he looks furious enough to kill, and all three of you can feel the hostility that rolls off of him in waves.
kaeya doesn't help the situation as he opts to provoke diluc. gone is the remorse he once had written all over his face; in its place is a false sense of amusement. you'd think he was seriously enjoying diluc's anger if you didn't know him any better. kaeya shrugs nonchalantly. "if that's what you wanna call me, so be it." he says.
diluc's hackles rise and you instinctively place yourself between your brothers. "you lied to us," he seethes, "for decades, you've been lying! to me, to our family, to-- to mondstadt!"
kaeya has the gall to chuckle. you feel diluc surge forward, but you force him back. "honestly," he tsks, "our poor father is dead and that's what's got you upset? you really do take your job as cavalry captain seriously, don't you?"
you feel your jaw drop. this entire time, you've been trying to convince yourself that this conversation wasn't actually happening -- that kaeya was just playing a really poorly timed joke to lift your spirits. but the longer it goes on and the angrier diluc gets, the more it sinks in that this... this isn't a joke.
your father wasn't the only one to die that stormy night.
diluc shoves you to the side seemingly with all his strength as he lunges for kaeya, his weapon materializing his hands. you crash into the wall hard, but when you groan, disoriented by the impact, neither of your brothers stop to help you. you're strong enough to handle pain like that on your own, but kaeya and diluc vowed to never harm you -- or each other -- on purpose many years ago.
you're forced to watch as the vow dissolves into nothingness as diluc stabs the floor where kaeya had fallen.
"is that the best you've got, captain?!" kaeya taunts. he's light on his feet and his eyepatch is missing, allowing you and diluc to see what he's been hiding since he was a boy. his right eye glows an ethereal shade of yellow in the dim lighting of the hallway. he looks unhinged and hysterical, a wild, carefree grin marring his once gentle features. "you won't be able to stop me like that!"
"stop it!" you scream. "please, don't do this!" the words come out so loud, they manage to rip your throat raw in an instant. your brothers pay you no mind as they mercilessly attack each other; if someone didn't know they were brothers, they'd think they were fighting to the death. belatedly, you realize that they are.
"we took you in," diluc shouts as he parries kaeya's blade, "fed you, cared for you, loved you, only for you to stab us in the back?!"
"to be fair," kaeya grunts in response, "i haven't stabbed you in the back just yet. stay still, though, and i will."
you watch helplessly from the side as your family crumbles before your eyes. you give up on trying to stop your brothers. in terms of strength, they've got you beat; if you were to try to insert yourself in this battle, they'd likely do more than just injure you. the very thought of them accidentally killing you instead of each other makes you gag.
your childhood shatters with every clash of the swords that you hear. with every clang, another part of your relationships dies. all at once, your lungs stop functioning. you can't breathe -- it's as though someone is stepping on your chest with no intent of letting up. your stomach is about ready to rid itself of its contents as one thought becomes clear.
you're going to be left all alone again. left to fend for yourself in the same storm you were abandoned in all those years ago.
suddenly, a searing heat and a biting chill overtakes your senses, forcing you to take a deep breath. the shock of the temperature change makes you look back at kaeya and diluc, whose weapons are now encased in cryo and pyro elemental energies respectively.
you're struck with a sinking feeling of dread as their swords press against each other with diluc's flaming claymore starting to overtake kaeya's broadsword. kaeya's fingers are slowly being frosted over as his elemental energy spirals out of control, and you see diluc's hands starting to blister and peel with the heat of his pyro.
at this rate, they're likely going to kill themselves.
you're on your feet and holding your own weapon before you can even stop and contemplate the consequences. you understand that diluc and kaeya have you beat in terms of strength.
but your strength, however, comes from your speed.
your brothers are blown off their feet in opposite directions with the force of your slash. the three of you remain motionless for a moment, each of you panting with exertion and emotion. you stare down at your trembling hands, amazed by the power you had, and nearly faint at the sight of an anemo vision resting comfortably in your palm.
you'll process this later, you decide. right now, your brothers were more important.
"enough!" you cry. "that's fucking enough!"
diluc scowls at you, but it's weak. he must be exhausted from having burnt out so much energy so quickly due to the vision activating on its own. "you heard that asshole," he growls at you. "he would've killed us all a long time ago! and now you're stopping me from killing him?"
"the cavalry captain of the knights of favonius doesn't kill people, diluc." your words are punctuated by embarrassing sobs, but you don't care. "especially not their siblings. can we just--"
diluc spits out some blood, interrupting you. "if you're going to stand here and preach to me the value of a family that no longer exists," he pushes himself to his feet with the help of his weapon, "then we're done here."
"diluc fucking ragnvindr, don't you dare walk away from this." you try to threaten him, but it doesn't work. diluc starts walking and you swing your sword in his direction, leaving a clean slice in the wall he was leaving on. your anemo energy is unstable and volatile, but you have enough control over it to use it at will. you hate that that is what gets your brother to stop and listen to you.
"look," you pant, "we're all hurt in more ways than one. c-can we just... i don't know... try to heal together? please, i-- diluc, you never explained what happened to father, a-and," you turn to kaeya with tears on your cheeks, "you were there. you never explained either! why?!"
for a second -- for just a split second -- you see the kaeya you grew up with. "i..." kaeya catches himself, ridding himself of any vulnerabilities. his face darkens, and your stomach twists at the sight of this stranger wearing your brother's face.
"i don't owe you any more explanations." he says. he jumps to his feet with ease, but it's obvious that he's in excruciating pain. "i told you everything you needed to know. do with that information what you will." kaeya's voice is so distant.
on the other side of the hallway, diluc glares murderous daggers at kaeya. "i'll handle you someday. mark my fucking words."
you don't think you can take much more of this. "diluc," you try, "we're siblings! could you just--"
"i have no siblings."
you go completely still. every part of your body halts and stumbles as it tries to start again. you let your weapon dissolve as your lips begin to tremble. "w-what?"
"are you deaf?" diluc's crimson eyes burn right through you. this isn't the man you grew up with. you're not sure who you're looking at. "i said i have no siblings." he groans as he stumbles away. "whatever. i need to prepare for my father's funeral."
you don't put up a fight as you watch diluc hobble away. you turn to kaeya, still unsure if you heard correctly. maybe you were so overloaded that you were having auditory hallucinations. "k-kaeya," you stammer desperately. you don't even know what to say to him. "please."
the last glimmer of hope is extinguished as kaeya turns on his heel and walks away without a word.
for the second time in your life, you are abandoned.
this time, though, you know you will never forget it.
so... what happened? what now?
diluc buried himself in work and set off to travel the nations in search of answers for crepus' death
and a few years after that... well, we all know the tale of mondstadt's beloved "darknight hero".
you ran away from home about two days after the fight, joining the adventurer's guild and wandering the nations at a leisurely pace
which meant that diluc had the dawn winery to himself.
kaeya went on to become cavalry captain of the knights of favonius. diluc never did rat him out.
he's notorious for his reckless, yet clever and cunning behavior, his charm, and his super high alcohol tolerance
you make a point to avoid the city of mondstadt at all costs. there's no point.
there's nothing there for you anyways.
but the story doesn't exactly end there.
things don't get better as the years go by, but your brothers do mature.
they're... cordial with each other. sort of. enough so that they can hold conversations with each other, even if they do escalate into super passive aggressive arguments
they each hold enough regret to fill an ocean about the night you all separated.
kaeya is less conflicted about his choice between mondstadt and khaenri'ah, but he wishes he chose a better time to say it all.
he regrets brushing you off when you tried to unify them when you needed each other the most.
diluc lies awake at night thinking about how crushed you looked when he denied having siblings at all. your face haunts him well into his adult years.
he wishes he had listened to you -- if only he just listened.
as for you... you don't hate them.
at least you don't think you do. you haven't seen your...
you haven't seen kaeya or diluc in years. you don't know how you'll act if you ever come across them again.
you've mastered your vision and perfected a style of swordsmanship that you created based off of what kaeya and diluc taught you all those years ago
maybe someday, you'll be able to show them how much you've grown.
you wonder if they'll be proud of you the way they used to be.
will you ever see each other again?
inevitably, all roads lead back home.
after completing a difficult bounty in dragonspine, you make your way into the city of mondstadt for some much needed rest and relaxtion without much thought. it's a lot more... desolate than you remenber it to be. perhaps the quiet will do you some good; you just want to relax for a while, anyways.
after collecting your rewards and locating an inn to stay in during your time here, you decide to wander the streets. mondstadt is certainly less lively than you remember, but there are a few new and familiar faces that you come across during your stroll.
you run into aether, the blonde traveler who took a liking to you when you met in inazuma. he felt indebted fo you since you were the only person in inazuma who made a genuine effort to get him connected to the raiden shogun without trying to involve him in internal political affairs.
"not my home, not my business," you told him with a shrug. "the same goes for you. you're an outsider and people love to remind you of that, so use that to your advantage."
paimon tells you with a mouthful of food that aether started running into more trouble since he took your advice, but that he's stronger because of it.
"if you ever need my help again, you know you can commission me, right?" you nudge aether before you two part ways.
the traveler raises a brow at you. "are you asking me to pay to hang out with you?"
you whistle quietly. the aether you met in inazuma wasn't this brazen. you laugh, impressed. "i gotta make a living somehow." aether punches your shoulder lightly and you wince jokingly. "okay, okay! your presence is payment enough. happy?"
"extremely so." the traveler grins. you two part ways after that, with you laughing at paimon's enthusiastic waving. you continue your trip down memory lane as you walk the streets of mondstadt.
you come across amber, eula, and lisa, who you've met in passing before that day; you greet jean, who welcomes you with open arms; you even happen across albedo, who actually hesitates to speak to you.
you stayed with the chief alchemist for a few weeks up in dragonspine, basically helping him clear out any dangerous spots so he could conduct some research. during that time, you two grew quite close, and only three days before your departure did you two realize that there was something more than just snow in the air.
eventually, your trip ends at the angel's share. you're not much of a drinker, but something light wouldn't hurt, would it?
it would, you realize once you step inside. most of the patrons are off to the side, far away from the stools. but, there's a knight with long, blue hair sitting on the stool teasing the red-haired bartender on duty.
"welcome to the angel's share," the bartender sighs, seemingly on auto-pilot. "can i... oh."
"yeah. oh." you shoot back on impulse. too many years have passed for your biting tone to be interpreted as a joke, because both diluc and kaeya flinch.
what were you thinking, coming in here?! you knew you weren't a drinker, but you just had to pick now to try and start?
you weren't mentally prepared to look these two in the face -- not after what happened. you tried your hardest not to blame them, but no matter how many times you looked at it, they were in the wrong every time. bitterness grew old and sour deep inside you -- it was the main reason why you and albedo were stagnant at the moment; your fear of abandonment was too strong for you to commit to something like a relationship.
the chattering of the bar patrons continues in the background, but as the three of you stare at each other, it all seems to fade into silence.
"you're home," diluc speaks after a long pause. he's a lot bigger than you remember him. if you weren't so pissed at yourself, you'd tease him about when he was a scrawny boy. he looks almost relieved to see you -- did he think you were dead or something? "it's... been a long time."
you blink at him and hold your tongue. if you speak, you fear you may say something you regret.
"you're all grown up now." kaeya speaks next. you see the same regret start to swim in his blue eye, only this time, it's been amplified by time. he sounds so fond and proud -- he sounds like a brother. "i see you've got control of your vision."
you hiss internally. all three of you are in control of your visions. why did he feel the need to bring that up? and why did he sound like that? the time for praising one another has long since passed.
"are you two done pretending like you care?" you snap. diluc and kaeya wince, but don't answer. you march over to a table in the furthest corner of the bar and put your head on the wooden surface.
all the enegy you thought you had for the rest of the night pretty much bleeds right out of you after that. you don't have what it takes to face them, and you certainly don't have what it takes to walk anymore. you doze off, exhausted by your thoughts.
when you come to, you're in a familiar bed. the panic that rises doesn't last very long. you know exactly where you are, and you have a pretty good feeling you know who brought you here.
the sun is pouring through the floor-to-ceiling windows, filling your room with its light. judging by its height, you'd estimate that it's about midday. were you really that tired? you bury your face in your hands and groan loudly. if your hunch was correct and diluc and kaeya brought you here -- brought you home -- last night, then that meant they were planning on talking to you today.
either they were going to talk to you when you left the room, or they would come to you.
the latter ends up being true when you hear knuckles rap an old rhythm on your door. bitter as you may be, you can't help the smile that crosses your face. that was your code when you were kids. "what's the magic phrase?" you manage to say after a while.
kaeya's voice comes through the door. "would you believe me if i said i forgot?" he cracks it open and sticks his head inside. "it's been so many years, you can't blame me."
you shake your head fondly. "get your ass in here before you piss me off." kaeya slips through the door but doesn't close it. you raise a brow. "diluc, i know you're out there. weirdo."
your eldest brother pushes open the door and strides inside. neither of you speak for what feels like forever. the two of them have spoken to each other over the years, but with you back in the loop, they feel as though they're back where they started. you fix your eyes on your hands as you try to organize everything that's flooding your brain.
"i'm sorry." diluc finally says. he's sitting on one side of your bed and kaeya's sitting on the other, and both of them are looking at you with so much sincerity that it makes your chest tighten.
you narrow your eyes. "do you even remember what you're sorry for?"
diluc swallows thickly. "how could i forget? it's only been in my nightmares for about five years."
nightmares? you look away, suddenly ashamed by your callousness. "is that so." you mutter.
"i think it goes without saying that i'm sorry too," kaeya says next. "to both of you. i don't.. i don't think any of us would be in this position if it weren't for me."
neither you nor diluc answer right away because in a way, he's right. if kaeya had just waited a little longer, or delivered the news a little more delicately, things may have played out a little differently. you sigh through your nose.
"it's... not okay." you answer bluntly. you could never lie to them -- not then, not now. "it's never going to be okay."
"i understand." diluc nods stiffly, his voice tight. "truthfully, i don't know how to apologize properly. for years, i thought about how i'd reconcile with you two, but.. nothing ever came to mind."
"i wasn't finished." you level your brother with a glare. "it's never going to be okay, but... i don't mind talking to you guys." your brothers start to look hopeful for a second, but you shake your head. "it'll take a very long time to forgive you, and even longer to trust you again, assuming that i choose to do that at all."
kaeya reaches for your hand slowly, tapping his fingers on yours experimentally. when you don't pull away, he intertwines your fingers with his the way he used to when you were kids. a fresh, unwelcome set of tears rushes to your eyes. you hate it -- hate being so emotional after all this time, but...
sitting here before your brothers makes you feel like a kid again. you feel smothered by the amount of love you once received and gave them in return. you curl your fingers, tightening your grip on kaeya's hand. he's so much colder than you remember, but there's an unmistakable warm that's seeping through.
"i could never handle you crying," he chuckles shakily, reaching over to wipe the tears that escape. "especially if i was the one who made you cry."
diluc grabs your other hand. he doesn't say anything; when you look at him, you see that he's got his other hand covering his face. "i don't even know what to say to you." he says, his voice muffled. "you shouldn't even be giving me the time of day -- not after what i said."
you sniff. "you're right, i shouldn't. but," you squeeze his hand twice. "at the end of the day..."
at the end of the day, you were still siblings, whether diluc believed it or not. your experiences together were too real, too fresh in your mind, even now, to be fake.
"at the end of the day, we're family." you sigh.
you were going to need time -- a lot of time -- to heal and to forgive. it was going to be a slow, painful process as you try to heal a wound that's long since scarred over, but you were still willing to do it. you weren't going to let this final glimmer of hope slip away from you -- not again. and neither were your brothers. deep down, you still trusted and loved them, and they, you.
clinging to that faith, no matter how small, you decide to take the first step.
Tumblr media
✧ three hours.. no proofreading (nothing is ever proofread on this blog LOL)... im going to bed now, gn <3
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noodlenibblescribble · 7 months ago
Ok, small thought here but a moment I will always appreciate from Luca that I would put in a 'moments in Pixar movies that absolutely had me bawling' is when Alberto runs away and Massimo is just. Concerned. A good man who was ready to adopt this rowdy kid. He had the food ready but he puts on his coat and hat on anyways immediately to go find this child. I forget the exact lines but Luca telling him Alberto probably doesn't want to be found / wont be around and Massimo saying "I'll still look anyways."
I'd love to have seen a scene with the two and their bonding. But anyway here's a headcanon:
On their first fishing trip with both boys, Massimo hears a bit more about the kids. They lie for a few things of course, but the gist Massimo gets is that these are two boys clearly in need of help, but while one had a family atleast before, the other is very... Skittish around the subject.
Clearly he hasn't had a good experience with family.
And Massimo takes that personally. Thats how he comes to show Alberto more consideration than we see him give Luca. He can see that Luca is more well-rounded, and he gets along great with his daughter and is so eager to learn things. But he knows Alberto struggles, and he wants to help. He's a good man. Good dad 😭
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koishua · 3 months ago
fair warning, some of these may not hold true irl bahaha i tried to find out how each member felt about cats, but for a few i still couldn't smh
requested by anon!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[ ≡ ] — · heeseung
cats don't like him.
don't ask why ahahaha he entered your house and saw the four cats chilling around each corner of the room
and like, he was surprised that you actually had that many lmao he thought you were joking when you said you would grow old to be a crazy cat lady
he tried to approach one with a friendly smile since he thought they were absolutely adorable
but it just hissed and haughtily stalked away lmfao
it hissed at your bf smh poor dude. he didn't pass the vibe check 😔✌️
rest of the members are under the cut—
[ ≡ ] — · jay
you didn't give him any warnings and he ended up springing three feet in the air when five cats brushed on his legs all at once jxkcncn
he isn't actually scared, just a little overwhelmed because it's his first time having so many kitties in an enclosed space 💀
somehow is able to memorize all of their names instantly though??? no matter how similar some of them may have looked like??
grows attached to one of the smaller ones :((
like, your cat wouldn't leave his lap??? was he the chosen one??
ends up making you jealous because your baby receives more attention from your bf smh
[ ≡ ] — · jake
awkward with cats, doesn't know much, scared
lmfao this man is a dog person through and through y'all. i doubt he'd know much about cats *cries*
is highly uncomfortable and awkward with them xnchcjnc poor guy lmfao
he doesn't want to hurt your feelings by pushing them away and leaving to another cat-less room but he is terrified of the clawed felines grrr
doesn't leave your side ever.
is a tad bit terrified of one of your cats that keeps straight up frowning at him 😭✊ thinks that he is safe as long as you are near him at all times
[ ≡ ] — · sunghoon
is a dog person as well smh :(((
wonders how you get along so well with gaeul when you are so obviously and painfully a cat person 💀
he genuinely struggles to make a bond with your cats 😭✋
it takes a great while for both parties to get comfortable with each other but oh boy
when they do, it's like they created a secret language
you could physically see the gears turning in both your bf and cats' head whenever they stare at each other and like, do that secret language silent talk thingy it's so creepy tbh 💀
are besties but also kinda still enemies idek
[ ≡ ] — · sunoo
okay he has a love-hate relationship.
you don't know which one between them is sassier
two of your cats didn't like him at all lmfao
and this petty guy istg-
acts like they don't exist 💔😔 is very petty towards them it's honestly hilarious.
actually can handle them but just doesn't feel like being peaceful with them sometimes 💔
is a nice sort of passive aggressive with them if you know what i mean......
not that your cats ever hold back on dissing him anyways 💀
[ ≡ ] — · jungwon
adores all of your little felines :(((( he has a very soft spot for every single one of them
but unfortunately, he is allergic to them nooooo ;-;-;
was so excited to find out that you had so many beautiful and cute cats oml
he looks like he is one himself lmfao you think that's why he was accepted into the family so easily 😔✌️
takes allergy pills to hang out with them in secret because you didn't like it when he forced himself through his teary eyes and stuffy nose :(((
wbk this boy is whipped
[ ≡ ] — · riki
is also a dog person part 1278559
also he would fight every single one of them for your affection secretly
like, you wouldn't even notice how riki would taunt one of your cats when you sit next to him xnnxjcnc instead of petting it 😩✋
is also very petty ngl
he doesn't really mind your cats as long as they mind their own business and don't hang from his clothes xnnc
sometimes will play with them because even he can admit that they were fun bahaha
will even feed them a tiny bit of those oh-so precious nips and watch as they spring out of their hiding hole
Tumblr media
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padfootdaredmetoo · 29 days ago
Hi! I’m sorry for rambling once again!!
Can I please request a Dad!Tommy Shelby x Daughter!reader (Y/n has genius level intelligence) where she’s a 15 year old orphan who’s all on her own (she used to be in an orphanage but had run away a few years back) and she needs to make money to survive, so she lies about her age in order to be a maid for Tommy Shelby (Idk why, I just feel like Tommy would only want to hire adults to be maids) but he ends up finding out her age, brings her into his office to fire her (and lowkey interrogate her). She pleads with him to let her still work for him as she has nowhere to go and doesn’t want to be in an orphanage, but Tommy lets her stay (taking her in as his own) but with some rules. Instead of letting her work for him he says that if she stays, she has to go to school (I’m sure he’d enroll her in a prestigious school due to his money and her intelligence). I feel like she’d try to argue against this but Tommy would point out that he has noticed her intelligence as his own men (ones working in accounting) have come to her for help for things they don’t understand. I feel like he’d adopt her immediately but it’d take a bit for them to bond, but they do and she at some point calls him “Dad” (maybe at a family meeting or dinner??)🥺🥺
Second part of request:
OMG ALSO!! Just imagine how soft the Shelby family would be for Y/n🥺🥺🥺 Like imagine her being the only one who can make Tommy smile, the only one who can calm Arthur’s anger, the one who can help anchor John, and the one who can help calm down Finn from being out of control 🥺🥺🥺 PLZ TOMMY WOULD BE THE BEST DAD AND ARTHUR, JOHN, AND FINN WOULD BE THE BEST UNCLES AND POLLY WOULD BE THE BEST AUNT (technically great aunt)😭😭😭 It’d be like a flip of a switch, Y/n walks into the room and suddenly they’re all soft whereas right before they were all angry and yelling🥺
I loved writing this. I really hope you enjoy it. It's messy but it came from my heart.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warnings: reader gets assaulted and mentions of beatings *Nothing descriptive* Nightmares, there is a spider at one point. LOTS OF FLUFF this is just one big fluff. Lots of hurt / comfort. This might be out of character but I have daddy issues and man I went all out on this. I need a drink and a hug.
You’d landed yourself in the dirtiest orphanage in Birmingham by the time you were 9. You’d managed on the streets for a few blissful years before getting noticed by a lady in the neighborhood you were staying in. When you labeled it as blissful, it was only in comparison to this hellhole you were currently stuck in.
It was a warmer August night when you’d finally had enough. You were 14 and the janitor had wanted to get handsy with you. You’d managed, with a whole lot of effort, to escape him but it was very clear that it was only the start to a large amount of harassment that was going to come down on you from the older boys and staff alike. As if the regular beatings were not enough.
This time you’d managed to actually escape, kissing the small children you’d often cared for on the head. Lucky for you most of the girls were older now and would be able to take your place easily.
The next morning you were walking down the busy streets of Birmingham, trying to think of what to do with your life. You were very smart, but lacking in experience.
Suddenly you saw two women arguing about a cursed job.
“I don't care if it's that much money, the Shelby's are cursed and anyone who’d apply there is a sinner!” The woman crumpled the ad tossing it into the garden bush on the other side of the steps.
You’d waited till no one was looking before snatching it up.
And that is how you ended up a maid at Shelby House.
Months passed and soon you’d taken on most of the responsibilities. You were terrified of being fired so you’d put in longer hours, and worked harder than the rest of the maids. Something that had created a bit of tension.
It was December and there was a full calendar of Christmas events on the way, so you’d been helping the cook manage the orders and handling the payments. On occasion the Accountant would appear with problems that you would sort out swiftly.
On the morning of the biggest event you’d run into one of the maids that usually went by Sarah.
“Look Y/N You've been taking on so much that me and the other maids think you’ve earned your name tag.” She said with a cigarette hanging from her lipstick painted lips.
“Thank you” You said slightly uneasily. You were hopeful that maybe the Christmas season was enough for them to try and be kinder towards you. She smiled and gave you an awkward one armed hug.
You stood there for a moment slightly stunned watching her scurry away from the staff table. You couldn't remember the last time someone hugged you. Some of the other kids would hold on to you when they were afraid, but no grown person had ever embraced you before.
You didn't particularly enjoy the experience but it was a nice gesture regardless. Maybe you could fit in with the other girls now, be a part of the makeshift work family.
You got your long hair pinned back into place and changed into a clean apron. You kept a brisk pace walking through the halls checking over the decorations, then into the dining room to straighten some of the flowers. The dining room was on the cold side regardless of what you did to fix it, you hoped that the guests would drink enough not to notice. After another once over of the rooms and entryway you were happy with the state of things.
Not to look idle you went back to the kitchen to help there, the guests shouldn't be arriving for another half hour.
The cook was an older plump man that had taken a shine to you quite quickly. You’d had to cook at the orphanage so if you’d nothing else to do you’d often jump into the prep line and help out.
After getting to know you a little he would have you stand on a stool and ask you about the things you would read. You stepped up on the small stool next to the stove looking over the busy kitchen.
“Anything I can help with?” You looked at his red face as he let out a laugh. He handed you a lit cigarette and a muffin.
“Stand still and eat something for god sake.” He turned around and shouted orders at someone then turned back to stirring the large pot of sauce.
You puffed on the cigarette and started in on the muffin as he gave you all the gossip and complaints.
“I’ll tell you this lass, I haven't ever seen so much disorganization in my long life. No wonder you work yourself half to death.”
You let out a little laugh.
“I just don't want to be sent home”
“Husband trouble you?” There was a softness in his eyes, and your nose crinkled at the thought of marriage.
“No, not married yet.”
“Ah love, it will come along sooner or later. You still look like a spring chick, that will work in your favour.”
You shook off the complement and jumped when the heavy kitchen door suddenly slammed open. John Shelby locked eyes with you standing there with a muffin and cigarette in your hands. You watched him look you over then his face twisted up in disgust.
Your heart was hammering, clearly you were in deep shit despite having everything already done. You never took breaks, your mind started to spin arguments in your mind as to why you shouldn't be in trouble.
“You! I need a bunch of fucking towels in the stables.” He pointed to one of the boys cleaning up the counters. “And you! Need to go straight to Tommy’s office.” He gave you another hard look.
Unsure of what to do you nodded and hurried out of the room leaving your muffin and cigarette abandoned on the counter.
You knocked on the door to the study and realised that your hands were shaking.
“Come in” Thomas Shelby’s calm voice called out. You went into the study to find him pouring over a pile of papers. He looked up at you with a confused look, his sharp eyes looking you over from behind his glasses.
“What's happened?” He looked slightly concerned and you pushed your brain to get the words out.
“Mr. J-John Sh-shelby asked me to go here. Sir I took a break but I made sure everything was in order and I was having a smoke before all the - the guests got here. I-I-I’m really sorry and I promise I won't do it again. I can stay on later tonight to make up for it -”
“Sit down for a moment” He cut you off and gestured to the chair across from the desk looking quite confused and slightly put out.
“John told you to come here but didn't give you a reason?”
“And you think it's because you took a break”
He studied you while rolling a cigarette on his bottom lip. Before he got his next question out the door shot open and John came through and shut the door.
“I’ve accepted that we are not good men. By any fucking stretch of the imagination. But this is too fucking far Thomas. I won't have it.”
“Wont have what?” Thomas asked with an Icy tone, you could tell he’d have enough of the situation.
“I’m sorry for whatever I did wrong” You tried not to burst into tears but it was too late, they were falling down your red cheeks.
“Thomas she can't be older than 17. And that's being generous. It’s fucking disgusting” John sounded like he was pleading. Thomas looked over you and you could see in his eyes that he’d found what he was looking for finally.
“Who gave you a name tag love?” He asked in a softer tone, handing you a handkerchief.
“S-S-Sarah said I’d earned it. I know I’m too young to be here but I work harder than anyone else, I do all the bedrooms and bathrooms, I’ve taken on the kitchen ordering and inventory, and I run the money in the evenings - I - I - Please - I can't go home” You were terrified and hated that it was radiating off.
“It’s alright, love. You’re not in trouble.” You took a deep breath and tried to calm down. “John, go handle everything, I'll sort this.” You watched him hesitate then nod leaving the office.
You didn't particularly like the idea of being left alone here with him. A shiver ran up your spine.
“How old are you?”
“17” you tried to sound confident.
“Try again” He said sternly, eyes narrowing slightly.
“15, I just turned 15 in November.” Shame was tearing through you and you couldn't bring yourself to meet his icy blue eyes.
“Why aren't you in school?”
“My parents died and I won't go back to the orphanage. Look sir, I’m good at my job and I'll work whatever hours you want. You can half my wage, fuck don't pay me at all just please don't send me back there.”
“Bad things happened at the orphanage?” You couldn't manage anything more than a curt nod, tears starting to well up. “Fuck” He muttered under his breath.
“Look everyone tells me that you do an excellent job. Jacob speaks especially highly of you, says you’re smart enough for university. I won’t have you work for me, but I won't throw you out either.” He let out a sigh. “ Look, just go to your bed and stay there till the party's over. We can sort something out.”
“Thank you” You stood up but before you could move away from the desk he called out to you.
“Wait! Give me the name tag, love.” You un pinned it and dropped into his open hand, as if sensing your curiosity he answered your unspoken question. “Only the maids that want to whore themselves with the guests wear name tags.”
Horror stretched across your face and you watched the pity mixed with amusement dance across his face.
“That bitch” You whispered not realising you’d said it out loud till you heard him let out a low chuckle. “Sorry!” you clapped a hand over your mouth.
“Just go to bed, alright. We can talk after the party.”
“Yes sir, thank you.” You hurried out of the study and all but ran back to your bed in the shared staff area. You flopped down and looked up at the ceiling waiting for the difficult conversation that awaited you.
There was a knock at the door and Elizabeth Grey poked her head in. Spotting you sitting up on your bed she floated over shutting the door softly behind her.
“I’m Polly, I don’t think we’ve properly met.”
“I’m Y/N L/M, Its nice to meet you.” You smiled and held your hand out to shake. She looked you over and let out a sigh.
“The boys filled me in on everything before the party. It seems everyone in house knows about you but us.” She gave you a searching look. “The accounting is done in your hand writing, the signatures on everything that goes in and out of the place are all yours.” She lit a cigarette.
“I just wanted to be helpful. I don't sleep often so it wasn't a trouble to help manage things.”
“And you know about the sorts of things that go on in this house? This family?”
“Apparently not all of them.” Your face flushed when you thought back to the name tag incident. “But I have an idea about most of it. I helped dig holes for some of the bodies with Johnny Dogs a few times-” You were about to continue to the funny part but you stopped when her face twisted up.
“None of that bothers you?”
“No. Especially not as much as the orphanage or the streets” You shrugged your shoulders.
“You're good with numbers and you sneak into the library at night. The cook said you were too smart to be here.”
“He’s a big softy, he’s just being nice.”
“People aren't nice unless they have a reason to be. In this case it looked more like he was being honest.”
You didn't know what to say so you shrugged again.
“I have to take you down to Tommy now, but before we go, what happened at the orphanage?”
You struggled for words but knew the longer you dragged it out the longer you’d keep Thomas waiting.
“A man… but I got away.” There was a burning fire in her eyes but it didn't reach her empathetic features.
“Well that won't be happening again. If you need to talk about it call me.”
“Yes mam”
“Call me Polly, love.”
“Thank you, Polly” You corrected and she ushered you through the halls into the study. She gestured for you to sit so you did. Tommy ended a phone call and then lit a cigarette.
“Alright?” He asked Polly.
“Alright.” She answered back. There was a long tense movement.
“You can stay here, I’ll sort out one of the rooms upstairs. But there are some terms on your stay here.”
“Anything.” You responded unable to believe your luck. Polly swatted your arm.
“You need to learn better negotiation skills. Never give a man “anything”” She stated coldly.
“Sorry” You said softly.
“Ah! Your going to be considered a Shelby now and we don't apologize”
“Poll, give it a rest, eh? I’m not going to hurt her and she’s got lots of time to figure things out.”
She nodded and Thomas looked back at you. You got the idea that horrible things had happened to Polly, you were sad for her but also grateful that she seemed to care for you.
“Alright terms and conditions. You will go to school, the headmaster at the closest private academy will take you in once winter break ends. Till then we will make sure you're up to the grade standard for your age. You are not to miss classes and are expected to be home for dinner. Homework is to be done at the dinner table.” He looked stern which was the only thing keeping you from thinking this was a joke.
“That’s it?” You asked as tears started to pool again. “You just want me to study. No chores? Or - or anything? Just kid stuff?” The words were fumbled as your throat got tight with emotion.
“You are a kid. Should only be doing kid stuff.” His words made you think back to helping push that body into a hole in the woods behind the house.
“I can do kid stuff then.”
“Good. That being said, no boys, ever. And if anyone so much as upsets you, you come right to me.”
You nodded at him still in shock over everything.
“Alright well now that’s settled. I’ll be on my way.” Polly announced. “You need anything, call me, I’ll be by tomorrow after breakfast with some things for you.”
“Oh, uh here I have money saved up.”
“Keep your money, love.” They both answered in unison. You walked Polly to the front door and she gave you a hug good night. This hug was different from Sarah's.
Thomas took you upstairs and gave you the room across from the master. It was a room with a beautiful balcony that looked out into the woods. It was decorated with a soft light blue theme and a large bed with a canopy. Ensuite bathroom and large closet, book shelves stood tall on either side of the fireplace.
“This should be comfortable, yeah?”
“Yes” You choked out. Comfortable was not the word you would use.
“There’s a nightgown in the bathroom for you and I’m across the hall if you need anything.”
“Thank you. I - I - Just - Thank you” You didn't know how to express how much all of this meant to you.
“Think nothing of it, love. Sleep well.”
“You as well”
He left the room and shut the door softly. You couldn't help yourself and immediately flopped down onto the bed.
You showered in your own bathtub, one that you had cleaned earlier that week. Put on a silk nightgown that had flowers embroidered by hand. Looking in the mirror you hardly recognized yourself.
Getting into bed was nice till you turned out the lamp and realised you’d never slept in a room alone before. Normally you rarely slept but this time you drifted off into a deep sleep.
You woke to the lights coming on causing you to sit up. Realizing your heart was racing and you were covered in sweat. Thomas came through the door. “Nightmare?”
He disappeared for a moment then came back to the door way.
“You want company?”
He came through with a book and a glass of whiskey.
That was the start of many late night visits, Tommy was the only person you’d met who slept as much as you did.
You would read allowed till he’d fall asleep. Other times you’d talk. He surprised you, knowing more about how you felt than you had realised. Tommy wasn't from riches either, he knew what the streets were like.
He worried for you a lot, something that never stopped amazing you. Polly thought he was too hard on you, but It was small things, occasional looks or always making sure you were okay, asking if you were comfortable, stuff that everyone missed.
He had a tutor come through to assess you not wanting to send you to classes if you were far behind. Turns out you were much much further ahead than people could have imagined.
Late nights in the library at the orphanage and here seemed to pay off. You were technically ready for post secondary by the examination results.
Tommy read them over and smiled. He rarely ever smiled, for a second white hot thoughts raced through your mind that maybe he was happy that he could send you away to school. Thinking about being at school with adults made you feel sick. After two weeks you were finally comfortable here with him, losing that would be the equivalent of losing everything that mattered in your life. He should have meant danger, but all he provided you with was safety and warmth.
“So to school next term then, eh?” He looked at you warmly across his cluttered desk.
“I don't want to go away to university.” Your face was blank and you couldn't manage more than a whisper. Suddenly you felt quite faint. He was around the desk pushing you into one of the leather chairs.
“Hey, look at me. I’m here. Breathe.” He gripped your arms tightly. Kneeling on the floor in front of you. “Come back, It’s alright you're home.” You finally opened your eyes and took a deep breath. “That's it, love”
You leaned forward and hugged him the best you could with the angle. You thought it would be awkward but his arms wrapped around you tightly.
“You’re a Shelby now, eh? No one is taking you away, alright?”
“Alright.” You whispered. He gave you a final squeeze then pulled away.
“Now the high school school is a 15 minute drive from here, someone will drop you and pick you up everyday. You won't be far.” He leaned against his desk and lit a cigarette.
You nodded and wiped your cheeks.
“There’s a family meeting at the betting shop, be ready to go by the door by 10:30. You have an outing planned after” He said in a tone like he was talking about the rain coming down outside. Not like he’d invited you to the family circle for the first time.
You followed him up the steps into the betting shop and watched as the family observed you trailing in behind him. You shut the door and moved to stand between him and Polly.
“Y/N Will be sitting in on meetings now. She’s officially standing in as one of mine now. Finn keep your eyes off of her. Linda she is not a spy, and Esme you can talk with her after the meeting. Any other questions?” He looked around the room and you cursed yourself for blushing at the attention.
“Excellent, let's get down to it.”
There was a lot of interesting things discussed at the meeting. You realised that most of the issues were like strategy puzzles, so you had lots of ideas that people helped build upon. A few of them were scoffed at, and you may have snapped at Michael that he should pick up the Art of War on his way home. But other than that you seemed to be a success and were welcomed in.
Esme wanted to take you out shopping afterwards to get you sorted for school. By the end of the trip you were almost positively in love with her. She had a different kind of warmth about her than the rest of the family. If her arm wasn't looped in yours it was because she was holding your hand. She made you try on different dresses, finally got you properly fitted undergarments. You liked her style, often bringing you soft cotton fabrics with simple or earthy designs.
You felt nervous about the cost of everything but she insisted you needed it all. Going up to the counter you almost collapsed seeing how much each item cost. She’d gotten you a proper winter and spring wardrobe, Pj's, toiletries, perfume, school books, the whole freaking lot. You didn't even know how you were going to get it all home let alone pay for it. When it all totaled up your stomach flipped, but she’d told the woman to put in on Thomas Shelby’s tab and suddenly everything was going to be delivered to the house before sunset.
Esme pulled you out of the store after thanking the woman. You walked along the street next to her in shock. She dragged you into a flat going up the steps you heard kids playing.
“This is home! Well the old home, we live closer to you now but we are staying here for the week to help with the business plans.” she said while leading you into the kitchen. She made tea then Polly came through.
“There you two are, thought you’d made a run for it!” Polly said with a smile.
“We had lots of things to work on but she’s settled now!”
They sat down and questioned you about living with Tommy. Offers to come and stay with either of them poured out but you insisted that he was good to you.
Tommy came up the steps midway through one of Polly’s stories that had you laughing so hard your ribs hurt.
“Time to go, love” He announced from the doorway once the story had ended. Esme handed you a piece of paper under the edge of the table and winked at you.
“Thank you both for everything today, really I don't know how to say it enough. I had so much fun.”
“Come off it! You're one of us now. We will come by tomorrow for tea and see all you try on all your dresses, eh?”
“Yes please!” You hugged them both then followed Tommy down to the car.
Modeling dresses was a funnier experience than you thought it would be. You were afraid to be looked at but at least they were family. You knew that they were doing this to try and make you feel welcomed. Polly helped you in the bathroom showing you how to dress and layer things properly. You showed them your everyday stuff but then it was time for the fancier stuff. You tried on a red one that Esme had insisted on you getting. It was a tighter fit, and you had no idea what you would wear it to, but you also wouldn't be tucked away in the kitchen for parties anymore.
You came out and Polly let out a loud wolf whistle.
“Look at you! Going to have to fight the boys off.” Esme called out with a laugh.
“Do a twirl for us love” Polly said. Tommy came through the door to see what the fuss was about. You watched him suddenly look distressed causing you to feel a panic in your stomach.
“Absolutely not.” He called out sternly. You locked eyes with him and immediately dashed into the bedroom to change, not understanding what was wrong with the outfit. There was quite a commotion outside Polly had started up and Esme couldn't stop laughing. There was a knock at the door and you opened it.
“Not the red one love. Not until you're 60, and all the men have been wiped off the planet. Then you can wear the red one.”
“I don't look right in it?” Your heart sank.
“There aren't enough bullets in the world to keep people away from you in that dress. In my opinion it's not the attention you need. Ever. Or at least till you're 60.” He looked like the conversation pained him.
“So no boys till I'm 60?” Your eyebrows knitted together.
“At least”
You let out a defeated sigh and he left to let you change. There was further harassment being doled out on the other side. You knew it was your choice to wear the dress if you wanted to, but you still thought his need to protect you was nice.
Boys didn't matter in the end, even your male teachers were afraid of you. Tommy had your last name changed and you learned very quickly that it was a title that came with a lot of respect.
School was too easy, so you spent almost all of your time with the family.
You learned quickly that Arthur had a temper, you’d gone down to the yard to meet with Charlie to bring him a package from Tommy when you saw Arthur starting to lay into someone.
“Fuck someone needs to stop him.” Charlie had muttered out loud. Naturally you figured he meant you so you walked up in between the two men and tugged on his sleeve. His fiery eyes softened when he saw it was you. He leaned down and you whispered up to him that he should stop now. That he didn't need to be that angry, everyone was safe and we could deal with that guy later.
“Excuse us” Arthur said and cleared his throat. The man moved away and briskly fucked off out of the yard. You patted him on the shoulder.
“It’s alright” You said and he took a few moments but he came down eventually.
Tommy all but screamed his head off at you later on. How were you to know that he was yelling at another rival gang leader, you certainly did not see the other men with their guns out. You’d just seen Arthur upset and wanted to help him.
You burst into tears and ran up to your room. The silence only lasted ten minutes before Tommy had come up to your room pulling you into a tight hug. Suddenly you realised he wasn't mad at you but afraid of losing you. A pain bloomed in your chest and for the rest of the night you felt the need to be close to him. You did your homework and extra reading at his desk that night and for once he didn't complain about you shoving the papers aside to make space.
John was a lot of fun to be around, he could be prickly at times but you were sharp enough to call him out on bad ideas before they’d happen. He and Esme were loud and funny, you were always trying to make them laugh and enjoyed the feeling when they did.
He’d let you tag along to The Garrison one night after exams had passed. He gave you a whiskey as a celebration, which turned into a few whiskeys before the night was out and you stumbled home with them. Esme tossed you a blanket for the couch and you drifted off into a warm sleep. Tommy showed up the next morning looking like he was going to send someone to their grave so you closed your eyes and pretended to still be sleeping. John talked him down in the kitchen talking about the stuff they got up to at 15, plus something about needing to be able to handle drinks.
Suddenly your stomach turned and you made a mad dash to the toilet. You were sick and your head was pounding. One of his hands held your hair back while the other steadied you.
“It’s alright love. I’m ‘ere, just get it up.” He comforted you and John came through with some water.
“Come on love, you didn't drink enough to be sick did ya?” He joked but you caught the look that Tommy gave him and suddenly he was on the hunt to find some ginger root in the kitchen.
John and Tommy spent the better half of the morning helping you feel better.
Tommy was what every daughter would hope for in a father. He was hard on you but he loved you in ways that were obvious.
You had woken up from a particularly horrible nightmare, you turned on your lamp and walked with shaky legs to the bathroom to get some water. When you saw what was an impossibly large spider by the tap handle. A shriek that could have risen the dead left your lips as you made a run for the bedroom door.
“DAD!” You yelled right as he’d opened the door with his gun out. You threw yourself against his body.
“What the bloody fuck happened?!” He said.
“Buy a new house. We can't live here.”
“Why the fuck not?”
“Spiders. The biggest spider I have ever seen. I can't, it's just horrible.” You whimpered into his chest and you felt him relax and swallow his anger.
“Where’s the spider, love?”
“In the bathroom, on the tap.” He let go of you and went into the bathroom carrying out the spider with his hands dropping it out the window.
“There, all safe now, eh?” He said looking you over. He could feel the conflict going on inside you. “Alright come through then.”
He tucked you into his bed.
“Is it just the spider that upset you?” he asked hesitantly.
You let out a long sigh.
“It's just….Girl stuff.” Your eyes watered at the embarrassment.
“Ah” He got onto the other side of the bed and turned the lamp out. Somehow the darkness made it easier to talk.
“I hate it, everything is fucking upsetting and I have no control over myself. The cramps are murderous and I punched an older boy in the courtyard yesterday because he laughed at one of the younger girls' braids. I'm not mad about beating his ass, but I'm mad that I cried afterwards because I couldn't help it. Fucking pathetic.” You whispered in defeat.
“Well. I don't know what that’s like, but I do know what it's like when your mind isn't your own.”
“And the nightmares are worse” You whispered.
“Well come here if you want.” He lifted his arm and you scooted closer resting against his side. “Nothing is going to get you here. You can take the day off tomorrow and rest. You already know everything they will teach you there anyway.” you barely caught the end of his words before you were asleep. Drooling on his chest out cold.
Tommy let out a breath. His mother was dead by the time he was fifteen, and he certainly didn't crawl into his fathers bed when he got scared or upset. Maybe he wasn't doing this right. Maybe he should be harder on you, teach you to be strong. But then his mind wandered back to the scars that littered your arms from the beatings at the orphanage, or the way you’d broken down when describing how that man had touched you, how hard you had to fight to get away. Or how tightly you’d grip his arms after waking up, always running from faceless men trying to harm her.
The world hasn't been kind to you in the slightest. You’d been tough and strong your whole life. Hell you were digging holes in his backyard and dragging bodies in the night before he’d even known your name.
You had pulled the family out of disaster with your quick thinking.
When Arthur has a nightmare or a fight with Linda he calls the bloody house to talk to you about it, John only trusts you to watch his kids as you were the only one bold enough to punish them and keep them safe while the family was out.
Polly found the daughter she’d lost in you, she’d come around the house more than ever. Even if just to sit and watch you do homework. Teaching you about how to be a woman and do things the gypsy way at every opportunity.
Esme finally had someone who wanted to roll around in the dirt with her. The two of you were always out in the garden now that the weather had gotten better. He thought back to finding the extra wood behind the stables turned into an immaculately built chicken coop. Painted green like you thought it would blend in with the grass and go unnoticed.
He snorted, you were absurd but there wasn't a task on the planet you couldn't manage.
He thought back to their conversations he’d had with the family. How you actually made him smile and laugh, like there was life blown into the family again. He rarely argued with Polly now, somehow you had a way of translating between them.
You’d walked in on some of the worst family fights they’d had, somehow managing to sooth and advocate for everyone simultaneously till the problem was fixed.
Everything he did was to keep you safe, but he knew you were a nasty fighter and would manage perfectly fine without him. A thought, he realised, made him feel much better. Clearly things were just fine, he realised that you’d called him “dad” when you saw the spider. He never thought himself competent to be a father and yet here he was, heart slowly thawing out. He kissed your forehead and fell asleep.
*I couldn't help myself*
John and Arthur teaching her how to shoot and Arthur showing her how to throw a proper punch.
Tommy taking her along with Johnny Dogs teaching her about nature and how to camp.
Okay but then she grows up, 18 or so, and Sir Oswald takes an interest in her. And she hates him immediately because he’s a disgusting person with horrible political values but also because he gets handsy with her. She gets really mad at Tommy when she finds out he’s joining his party. Only to find out this is all to bring him down obviously. After the assassination attempt fails, she finds him later at his hotel. And he thinks it's going to be an easy shag, that Tommy must have sent her for something and she drops off some documents but manages to poison him. He dies and she escapes all sneaky like. She tells Tommy and he’s mad she risked herself like that but is also relieved that it's over. No one ever finds out who managed to kill him.
Polly has a big fucking wedding and she gets to be the flower girl and helps arrange everything so its perfect. Plus adds in a few surprises.
Her being more involved in the family business and finally finding a way to make it legal, the whole family getting absolutely trashed celebrating afterwards.
Also I kind think she would get along with Alfie quite well and at some point something horrible happens so Alfie takes her and the kids in to keep them safe till the family can figure it out. But in that time maybe she has a fling and falls for one of Alfie’s men or a nephew that's around her age. She ends up calling Esme for advice which Tommy overhears and loses it on the phone. Once everything is sorted between the gangs or whatever the danger was, Tommy doesn't like the situation, but he knows she’s not a little girl any more either. So he just tolerates it and him and Alfie fuss over it constantly.
Tommy holding her tight and trying not to cry before walking her down the aisle on her wedding day.
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solsolace · a month ago
no bc- i just read “snowball” and cuddly childe + winter/cold + his family has found its way into my hard and now i’m in need of comfort scenarios now that it’s so cold pls 😭 if you want ofc! this is just a suggestion as a very touch starved reader and fan of ur work :,)!!
home for the holidays
✧ synopsis: [fluff] headcanons and drabbles; childe brings you to his home for the holiday season :) ✧ ft. childe x gn!reader (+some of childe’s family!) ✧ warnings: slightly suggestive towards the end but nothing serious, mentions of food, spoilers for childe’s real name ✧ a/n: not super wintery, but i'm in the mood for family bonding and cuddles; i hope this is alright!! (sorry it took me forever to get to this btw lmao)
»»————-  ✦  ————-««
✧ okay, so, harbingers don’t really get time off- including for the holidays, buuuut- childe was finally given a chance to oversee some recruits in snezhnaya, and it just so happens to line up with the holiday season, aaaand… well, he can handle some work and still get to see his family, right? right, of course, he is tartaglia after all, there’s nothing he can’t do!! ✧ plus… he’s managed to convince you to come along with him. so, it’s like he’s killing three birds with one stone! hell yeah!
✧ as eager as he is, childe can’t help but feel oddly anxious about bringing you to meet his family for the first time (despite the fact that he has been begging you to come to snezhnaya with him ever since you two have gotten together. and probably way before that, too. he’s just been very excited to share the part of himself that isn’t completely tainted by the abyss and fatui with you) ✧ he’s aware that they’re going to love you, of course-why wouldn’t they?- but what if you don’t like them? what if his siblings annoy you (or worse, embarrass him) or his parents say something offputting? he adores you, but he doesn’t know if he could handle you and his family not getting on. ✧ though, if he’s nervous, you’re an emotional wreck, whether you show it or not. childe’s told you about his family before, and the fond smile and sparkle in his eyes when he thinks of them has always made your heart flutter- they sound so sweet. you’re excited, but perhaps a bit too eager to please. you’ve spent a lot of your time recently trying to find clothing and supplies that will both protect you from snezhnaya’s freezing temperature while also giving the impression of “really-good-partner-for-your-son-please-accept-me.” oh archons, you really hope that they approve of you. ✧ both of your worries are quickly swept away when you reach his family home-more of a manor if we’re being honest, the lad is rich and he keeps his mf family taken CARE of and one of childe’s sister’s opens the door before squealing happily and calling out for the rest of the family. ✧ childe’s mother absolutely gives you the biggest, warmest hug in the entire world- definitely hugs you first before hugging her son. she might also cry; it’s been a while since she’s gotten to see him in person, and look! he’s so grown up now! he even has a lovely partner!! :’((!!! she has chosen pointedly to not count being a harbinger as maturing. ✧ it’s honestly quite lively for the first few hours of your visit; the younger ones are bouncing around you in their excitement, the older siblings are discussing new happenings with childe (and teasing him about you, of course), childe’s mother is rushing around trying to clean their already very nice house, and childe’s father is… absent. he did not come down to greet you or his son. ✧ if you start to feel overwhelmed, childe is quick to notice, and will usher you to a different room away from everyone else for a bit to make sure you’re okay.
Childe tells his family he’s going to give you a “tour of the house”, taking you by the hand and leading you down the hall before anyone can say anything. He takes you to what must be a study, walls lined with bookshelves (save for the space where a stuffed bear head is mounted on the wall) and a desk in front of the window. Outside, the snow is blowing across the frosted ground in swirling clouds, a frozen howl echoing against the glass.
“You alright?” He asks, pushing to close the door behind him. You nod, working on maintaining control of your breathing. Childe’s hand reaches to brush just in between your shoulders, tentative at first, but as you lean into his touch, he snakes his entire arm across your back and pulls you into his side. He lets you recline against him, allowing you to take however much time you need to calm down. Ever so faintly, you can hear the relaxing rhythm of his pulse mixing with the winds outside.
Once you’ve been grounded and are feeling a bit better, you move from his arms to sit atop of the desk. There’s not much you need to brush aside, though you do spot an interesting paper reading, “Gifts for the kids”. You try to spot Childe’s name, curious about what his family would get him, but a clear of his throat summons your attention before you can.
“So…” He starts, taking a step toward you. His eyes wander away from you, and there’s an air of feigned nonchalance that you’ve come to know all too well.
“Sooo?” You mimic.
“Are they… My family, I mean, do you…?”
He’s cute when he’s stumbling over his words, you think. It’s rather rare for your boyfriend’s smarmy, talkative ass to be at a loss of what to say. You know Childe really values your opinion, but is worried about it at the same time.
“Your family is wonderful, ‘jax.” You smile reassuringly, and his eyes light up. “They’re a bit excitable and energetic, but… I like it. They remind me of you.”
Now you’ve done it; Childe immediately descends upon you to steal a kiss, causing you to laugh a bit at how abrupt he is. His kisses are excitable and energetic, just like his family, just like him.
You two are, however, interrupted by a chorus of “Ooo”s, “Eww”s and “Aww”s. You both part early, glancing over at the door to see his little siblings' pairs of eyes peeking through the doorway, watching your antics in amusement. Childe narrows his eyes at them while your composure flusters, before he puts his lips back on yours. The children shriek with giggles as they scurry off, chanting some Snezhnayan version of “kissing in a tree.”
✧ when the two of you return from your, ahem, departure, you notice a tall, tired looking man in the living room. childe’s mom is discussing something with him in hushed, adamant tones, falling silent when she spots you. the once vibrant atmosphere in the room seems to have vanished. childe’s hand stiffens against yours, but his gaze remains steady. the other man does not speak, merely allowing his eyes to wander from Childe, to you, and then back to Childe. He gives a small nod, before turning to kiss childe’s mother on the forehead and leaving through the front door. ah. that must have been childe’s father. ✧ you want to say something, ask about what the hell that was, but his mother prevents you from speaking with a cheerful announcement that dinner will be served soon. she’s already making her way to the kitchen as she calls childe to come and help set up, leaving you in the now all-too-cold living room by yourself. ✧ big families mean big meals, but your added presence apparently means childe’s mom is going to pull out all the stops. i need you to imagine a 7-course meal with all 7 courses served at once. an entire damn restaurant spread out on the dining table. roasted ham, pirozhki, salmon pie, olivier salad- you couldn’t even name some of the dishes. it kind of amazes you that she not only managed to cook all this, but was able to fit it all in one space. ✧ also. yes you can make your own plate but don’t even try to be coy or modest. you’re a part of this family now and they’re gonna make sure you eat like one.
“Here, sweetie, have some more ham.” Childe’s mother is already slicing pieces off and dropping it on your plate before you can respond.
Your plate is already piled as high as it can go. But, you are nothing if not polite and desperate to get on your boyfriend’s family’s good side. “Oh, uh, thank you, Mrs.-”
“Just call me ‘mom’, dear.” She speaks with a giggle. You nod.
“Oo! You should try the cabbage rolls, me and Anthon worked on those!” Teucer chimes toward you.
“Anthon and I,” Tonia corrects her little brother gently.
“Huh? No, you didn’t- you weren’t even there!”
The warmth had returned with the chattering and merriment of Childe’s family. You steal a quick glance at your boyfriend, who is being abnormally quiet, and see him smiling down at his plate. His blue eyes have an almost melancholic wistfulness about them, one you’ve often noticed when the two of you were in Liyue- always apparent when he’s talking about how much he misses his family. But, he’s here with them now, isn’t he?
You won’t pretend to know what he’s thinking about, but you do want him to enjoy these moments while they’re here. They mean a lot to him. You reach beneath the table to lace your fingers with his. He snaps out of his reverie at your touch, turning his head to look at you. His smile widens as he squeezes your hand.
“Oh, by the way, Ajax, where are you gonna be sleeping?” Childe’s older brother asks, covering his mouthful of food to avoid spitting.
Childe tilts his head. “Uh, the guest room?” Beneath his breath, you can hear him add, almost solemnly, “As usual.”
“But that’s where Y/N is going to sleep.” His older sister comments.
“Yeah?” Childe picks up a spoonful of borscht and guides it to his mouth. “The beds big enough to fit both of us.”
His mother looks absolutely aghast. “Ajax, you know how I feel about funny business under my roof!”
He sputters on his soup, quickly grabbing a napkin to dab the beetroot that spilled out and waving his hand. “Mom-”
“Oh, but, what the hell. It is the holidays!” She chuckles, before switching to a stern mutter, “but you two better keep it down, okay? Teucer’s room is right across-”
“MOM.” Your boyfriend’s face is a deep red, his freckles standing out against his tinted skin, and you can’t help but giggle. He buries his face in his free hand with a groan.
“Wait, so Ajax gets to sleep with his partner, but when I bring my girlfriend over, she has to sleep alone?” His older sister scoffs with disappointment. “It’s not like WE were gonna do any ‘funny business’ and yet-”
“Wait, what’s ‘funny business’?” Teucer asks innocently. The table is filled with roaring laughter-and Teucer’s confused pout- and you lean into your boyfriend’s shoulder. You can practically feel the heat radiate off of his cheeks, but he’s grinning, too.
You’re only about halfway through your monster of a meal when Tonia stands up, clapping her hands cheerfully. “I think it’s time for dessert!” She calls, skipping off to the kitchen.
“Oh goodness, she’s so proud of her kutia.” Mom remarks fondly. “ We don’t normally eat it until a few days from now, but Tonia was really excited to make it for you, Y/N. Please, be a dear and compliment her on it when she comes back, won’t you?”
You shoot Childe a look of surprise and horror, whispering, “There’s more?” And he just chuckles. You should’ve expected this. As with anything to do with Childe, there’s always more.
✧ with his mother’s blessing, you two finally get some real alone time in the guest room. though, for a guest room, it’s huge- probably bigger than your own room at home. it does feel… emptier, though, especially in comparison to the rest of the house. there are no decorations, just a large bed, a nightstand with a lamp, and a dresser. you and childe’s suitcases are tucked neatly under the bed. ✧ already in your pyjamas, you hop on top of the mattress and shimmy beneath the blankets. the soft bedding sinks until you are comfortably encased in your cotton cocoon. if your boyfriend doesn’t hurry up, you might just fall asleep without him. ✧ thankfully, he comes into the room pretty soon after you, dressed in a large shirt and his boxers. he’s more modestly dressed for bed than usual, but you’re not too surprised- this isn’t exactly a private home, after all. ✧ he flops on top of the blankets across your legs, sighing loudly and melodramatically. you stretch down to ruffle his hair lovingly.
He twists his head toward you, catching your palm and planting a kiss on it. You smile before beckoning him to join your side. As soon as he’s spread the blanket haphazardly over himself, he’s weaving his arms across your waist and smushing his cheek against your shoulder.
“Was today okay?” Childe asks softly. He always seems to get unbelievably soft when he’s sleepy. You wonder if he’s aware of it.
You lift your hand to brush the side of his face. “Today was amazing, babe. Your family is really fun, and they’ve made me feel so, so welcome.” You kiss his forehead and he hums, almost relieved. “Thank you, for bringing me.”
Thank you for coming, he wants to say. Thank you for trusting me, thank you for staying with me, thank you for loving me. The words won’t come out, so he instead tightens his arms against your core.
“Ajax, are you okay?” You swivel so that you can wrap one of your arms around his neck, his head falling into the side of your chest.
There’s a pause as he considers it. Is he okay? He doesn’t get asked that a lot- and when he is asked, he always lies. He doesn’t want to lie to you any more than he has to. But what can he say? He’s home, but it doesn’t feel like the home he knew. His family has grown, and he has, too. They’ve changed, he’s changed… He misses everything he had, and there’s no way to go back.
You gently tap his shoulder, bringing him back to you. You, another change in the life he once recognized. He raises his head to look into your eyes, patient and yet worried- for him.
Childe smiles. “I’m okay, sweetheart.” He has you now, after all. He can’t go back to the way things once were. Maybe he doesn’t need to go back, if going back meant not having you at his side. Maybe one day, he’ll find the words to tell you this.
You lean in to kiss his forehead again, but he straightens up to meet your lips with his. It’s a bit clumsy, you’re both sleepy and warm and together, but you melt into each other.
Childe separates from you after a moment, and in your tired, loving haze you miss the sudden devious glint in his stare.
“You know what would make me feel even better than okay, though?”
His hands begin to roam under your shirt. “Well, you remember that ‘funny business’ my mom mentioned earlier-?”
You groan, pushing away from him and picking your pillow up to shove into his face, a bark of your boyfriend’s cackle following. He continues giggling as you turn away from him with a huff, making a point to lay down.
“Good night, you big dork.”
His laughter dies down as he slides further beneath the covers to join you, rewrapping an arm around you and pulling you closer. He kisses the back of your neck with a contented sigh.
As long as he’s next to you, Childe is already way better than okay, he’s certain of it.
“Goodnight, Y/N.”
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a-aexotic · 10 days ago
Being Nate’s sibling hc’s?
—cw’s: toxicity mention, overprotective+possessive, n*te j*cobs lmfao —a/n: i rly nate but i feel like if he had a (good) sibling he would’ve been a little more durable
being his sibling is probably the hardest thing ever 😭
tbh i feel like with a sibling, he would act a little better ? idk if u were his younger sibling he would feel like he needs to set an example
he feels like he needs to protect you, like he does with maddy
any person who even looks at you the wrong way will def get a beating
he’s overprotective and it gets in the way with your social life
knowing nate he’s probs possessive bc he wants you safe all the time because he knows the world is a bad place
not in a weird way tho, ur just his sibling so he feels this need to protect you
i don’t think you will have a normal sibling relationship though
def toxic in some shapes, like how possessive and overprotective he is with you
when he starts dating maddy, you get a break because. oh he’s focusing on her
i feel like you and maddy would be very close, especially after the break-up cus you bond over how crazy nate is
nate would make you choose between him and maddy, it would be a fight between you guys
you and his dad are the only ones he likes in his family
with you, he feels like he can be his true self cus you’re his sibling
you keep 100% with him and in some level nate appreciates you for it
because his dad is like insane, he tries to shield you from it in a way
your family is weird asf, you’re probs the only the normal one 🤨😭
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a4mwriting · 5 months ago
*brotherly* tony stark x m!father!reader
request summary: reader and tony are long lost biological brothers that reunite. they try to bond despite their differences. and reader has a little kiddo
A/N: omggg i accidentally deleted this when i was trying to copy it and had to rewrite it 😭 but anon this is such a cute concept
word count: 1.1k
Tumblr media
- you were conceived illegitimately due to howard stark
- he convinced your mother, his secretary, to put you up for adoption
- years later, you gained contact with your biological aunt through the adoption agency and she told you of how you were conceived
- you realized that your connection to howard also made you brothers with tony stark
- your aunt couldn’t help you contact him because she was your mother’s sister
- you were conflicted when it came to reaching out to him
- there was always the chance tony would reject you
- it wasn’t like you wanted his money, either
- you had a lovely life and enjoyed your job and taking care of your daughter alone
- you weren’t in a relationship but you didn’t need that to feel fulfilled at the moment
- so on one hand, blood didn’t always mean family
- but sometimes it could spark unlikely yet meaningful relationships that otherwise would never unfurl
- you decided to try
- tony’s secretary didn’t believe you when you left the message, and she laughed as she recounted the details to tony
- he didn’t really care at first, thinking maybe you did just want his money and you were some random guy, but throughout the week, thoughts about it wouldn’t stop scratching at his mind
- some of howard’s and maria’s things had been shoved away in storage, and tony kept the files and papers for no particular reason other than to have some part of his parents around
- he had never really looked at them before, but today he furiously sifted through, not knowing exactly what he was searching for
- he discovered handwritten letters in pristine cursive addressed to his father from his father’s secretary
- she was pregnant and wanted to keep it
- howard responded by bribing her with money to put the little bastard up for adoption
- he decided he believed you then, because you somehow knew the same information that was stored away in private
- tony’s secretary hadn’t deleted the message, so he acquired your number
- he called you
- the conversation started stiffly, politely, with an abundance of “we can meet if you want to” “i want to if you want to”
- he invited you over for a casual lunch at his home
- you didn’t live extremely close, but it was only around a forty minute drive
- your stomach was buzzing as you approached the house
- scratch that, mansion
- you were going to buzz in, but you saw tony ambling towards the curb to greet you
- he was wearing a band tee, a flannel, and nice black jeans (which you appreciated. you were sure none of your clothes were as nice as his suits surely were)
- he was shorter than you thought he’d be
- you went for a handshake, but he smiled and opened his arms to offer a hug
- the embrace was brief but nice, and made you feel more welcome
- he looked you over. “wow,” he said, “if i didn’t believe we were related before, i sure do now.”
- “what do you mean?”
- “come on, we’ve totally got the same nose! and—happy, come’ere!”
- happy approached you and digested yours and tony’s facial features. “actually,” he sounded surprised, “you do kind of look alike.”
- tony led you inside, and you were floored by the sheer size and flawless nature of the architecture
- your apartment would probably fit inside the foyer
- tony briefly introduced you to pepper, but soon whisked you away to have you for himself
- you ate lunch in a light, open room by a wide window that displayed the glorious view of the city
- the buildings looked like little toys and the people looked like ants
- you admitted to tony that his massive house was pretty intimidating and you felt a little out of place
- he, in turn, admitted meekly that he wanted to impress you
- after his parents passed, he didn’t really have any family, and the hope of having a brother had really lifted his spirits recently
- you told him about your upbringing, about how you never had much growing up and how hard you had to work to achieve the life you had now
- you promised him you weren’t after his money and he waved it off, not even worried about that
- when you told him you had a little girl, he got super excited
- he made you show him pictures of her on your phone, absolutely beaming as he looked at them
- he couldn’t believe he was an uncle. he was already intrigued when you came along, but now he knew you absolutely had to stay in touch
- he wanted to be the coolest uncle ever
- as the conversation flowed, it was quite clear that you both inhibited sarcastic qualities
- and wound up bouncing jokes off each other pretty quickly
- tony agreed to meet you at your place next time
- you wanted to believe he wouldn’t judge you, but you still went on a cleaning frenzy in your apartment
- your daughter wanted to wear one of her princess dresses because she was meeting a superhero
- she wanted you to wear the fairy wings but you would only go so far tonight
- tony loved your place and all the character it had (ik that sounds backhanded like “i love your confidence” but ykw i mean🏃🏻 he thought ur apartment was cute asf)
- your daughters drawings on the fridge
- the cat/dog if you had one
- your friendly neighbours
- the flowers on all of their lawns, the small-town smiles they offered you
- he let you know that he was envious, in a way, of what you had. or rather, glad he could be a part of it now
- you told him you felt the same about being in his life
- he had brought candy for your daughter and passed it to her slyly like it was their little secret, which made you smile
- he made a point to be there for her birthday (and in the future, all the important things—graduations, wedding, whatever—and took so much pride in being her uncle)
- she was a fan of the avengers, and loved spider-man, and tony introduced the two of you to them
- peter definitely played with her and put his suit on to entertain her while the adults were conversing
- they thought it was interesting how similar you and tony were seeing as your relationship was still so fresh
- but your relationship solidified over the months, and he invited you over for christmas (if you don’t celebrate it, he invited you anyway and included you)
- he definitely spoiled your daughter
- you, tony, and pepper sat around the fireplace drinking alcohol and eggnog, laughing late into the night
- there was a warmth deep in your stomach of connection and closure that you hadn’t felt in a long time, not since your daughter was born
- the warmth of the fire, and the warmth of love and acceptance that howard hadn’t shown tony, and hadn’t even granted you before you were born, surrounded the three of you
- now you could heal, and show each other the love you deserved as brothers
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parkerpeter24 · a month ago
"Being stuck inside with you all day is my worst nightmare." Enemies to lovers with Peter, maybe? 👀
watch me wish i could write a whole ass fic on this 😭😭
warnings : some swear words
pairing : andrew garfield!peter parker x reader
winter blurbs ❄️
Tumblr media
peter parker made you feel a certain kind of way that no one ever could.
he made you feel pure hatred towards him. there was no doubt he was one of the brightest students in midtown high, but you didn’t get why he had to make everything you did into a competition.
at first you weren’t affected by it at all. but slowly, you started to realise that you hated what he brought out in you, a side of you that you never wanted anyone to see. yet, there peter was, scribbling down the words that came to his mind before banging on the timer, “I GOT ‘EM, I GOT THEM ALL!”
you just rolled your eyes at his enthusiasm as he leaned over to peer at your sheet. somehow this bitch has turned a simple game into a competition, “no need to brag about it, i got them the last time!” you retorted, shifting away from him so he couldn’t see what you’d written. but you were a little too late.
“you only got the name, place and thing.” he stated with a sly smirk. god, how much you wanted to punch his perfectly crooked nose.
“how much did you get, uncle ben?” you looked over to the elderly man sitting in his recliner.
“oh, i have got three things and no animals.” he laughed. you could hear may’s chuckle as she shook her head towards her dear husband.
“you kids should continue the game, i will get some snacks for you!” she said, already getting off her chair but you protested before she could.
“no, may, come on, stay! we’re having fun!” when she was still adamant on leaving, you looked over to peter, “right, pete?”
peter glanced over at you, eyes softer than he’d ever looked to you with. the way his nickname rolled off your lips subconsciously made his heart flutter. when he didn’t speak for a few moments, you nodded towards the woman, encouraging him to speak up.
his eyes finally averted from your face as they travelled to his aunt.
“y-yeah, may, please stay.”
it was always difficult for peter to tell whether you liked hanging out at his house because you loved his uncle and aunt or because you couldn’t find solace at your house, next door, because he could hear all kinds of accusations flying around among your parents.
you were currently watching some farming documentary with ben, a blanket wrapped around your shoulders and the smell of hot chocolate freshly prepared in the room, listening with all the interest in the world as he explained you about the good and the bad fertilizers.
he rolled his eyes, ignoring the way his heart did a flip watching you bond so well with his family, as he made his way to the kitchen to get something to eat during his ten minute break.
grabbing a cup of frozen yogurt and a spoon, peter made his way over to the living room and plopped down a little farther away from you, making the two of you look at him, “hey, uncle ben, what ya watching?”
you scoffed at him after completely ignored your presence, “can’t you see for yourself?”
peter was unfazed by your comment as he peeled off the seal of his frozen yogurt. uncle ben, whereas, facepalmed at you guys’ unchangeable demeanor towards each other.
“i was talking to uncle ben.” peter muttered.
“and who eats frozen yoghurt in winters?”
“i do.” he shrugged, “why do you care?”
you made a near disgusted face at his words, “why do you think i care?”
“then what’s your problem, y/l/n?!” he spat.
“kids, come on-” uncle ben started to interject but you spoke too quickly, cutting his sentence short.
“you! you are my damn problem! you are always nagging me!” peter opened his mouth to say something but before he could, you raised a finger, stopping him, “no, what is your problem. why are you always nagging me, all the damn tim-”
“because you’re always in my fucking house?!”
“peter!” uncle ben raised his voice at his nephew, silencing him. he watched your face drop, but the sad expression was replaced by a straight face. it made peter wonder if you’d done this before.
“this is enough!” ben said to you two, shutting off the tv as he talked, “you kids cannot do this every time you’re in the same room!”
peter swallowed the lump of guilt prominent in his throat, “i’m sorry uncle ben.”
“sorry’s not enough.” the old man sighed, “follow me.”
and that’s how you ended up here, knocking on the door that had been closed on you mere five seconds ago, “come on, uncle ben, this is not fair!”
“until you kids figure out a way to solve this, you are staying inside, that’s final.” ben replied from the other side of the door queued by the sound of his steps receding down the stairs.
you sighed before turning around, finding the guy who responsible for all this busy scrolling through his phone, “you!” you were practically seething at this point, “this is all your fault!”
he just chuckled dryly, “oh yeah, that’s a really good idea to “figure out a way to solve this”.”
you swore to god you were biting the insides of your cheeks or else you would have screamed, “you better figure out a way to get us out of here!”
“would you relax? being stuck with you all day is my worst nightmare.” peter chuckled, expecting you to come back at him with some witty remark, but when that didn’t happen, he cleared his throat, “we just need to pretend as if we’re friends for some time and then we’re good to go.” he shrugged looking up at you.
you looked at him, as though processing his words, for a moment before agreeing to his plan with a simple nod.
you sat down on the other end of his bed as he continued to scroll through his phone.
it was a few moments later when you noticed the sounds of two people screaming over each other from outside. from your house. you could feel your cheeks heat up, embarrassed as you felt peter’s eyes landing on your face. you looked away.
it continued on for some time before eventually dying down.
you were leaning against the wall aligning peter’s bed when you cleared your throat, grabbing peter’s attention, “i don’t like fighting.”
peter’s eyes softened. your voice sounded genuine. it sounded fragile. what surprised him most though was that you were actually talking to him and he was at a loss of words, “um...”
“i don’t wanna be like them, pete.”
that name again. the way you spoke that nickname made his heart swell with adoration, “you’re not.” he found himself saying.
your head snapped up and the slight moisture in your eyes didn’t go unnoticed by peter, “you think?”
“i believe,” he gave you a little smile. and you returned it. peter shifted on the bed, all over to where you were sitting, and settled down beside you, his legs dangling from the edge of the bed, “you’re different than them, even though you are very easily triggered...” you chuckled, smacking his shoulder lightly.
“thanks.” you looked up at him after a few moments of comfortable silence, “i appreciate you saying that, pete.”
peter smiled as his heard did another flip inside his chest, “of course.”
he was sued.
Tumblr media
taglist ✨ masterlist
tagging : @celestialholland // @spideyspeaches // @prancerrparkerr // @hollandslittlekoala // @deepika-padukone // @theglitterymess // @quaksonhehe // @lowkey-holland // @hollandbroz-n-haz // @spooky-season-bitch // @piscesparker // @alexcrumblescompletelywhenicry // @wildxwidow // @samaraaaaa // @kelieah // @sleighbellspideyy // @annab-nana
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encantosus · a month ago
Idk if you’ve already answered this but what is it like to date Pepa?
Pepa Dating Hcs
This takes place when she's younger(dating/marriage later on)Righty-o you both met while farming. Your parents owned a bit of land that they used to grow and sell crops, yet the water they needed was far and no one wants to walk up and down a hill for water so..
Your father started asking around for someone, anyone to help with the crops and that's where Pepa comes in. When she came to your farm she was awestruck by you and in that moment there was a little rainbow over her head.
When tending to the farm she gets distracted very easily because 😳
During your dating period she was very affectionate and happy with you. Anytime you were within 10 feet of her she would have the dopiest smile.
Expect lots of affection
When she introduced you to her mother she was sceptical of you at first but later realized you would never do anything to hurt her in any way and accepted you.
Julieta lovessss you. She probably had a part in the relationship where she tried to get you two closer and closer each day.
After about 2 or 3 years of dating you both decided to tie the knot and get engaged. You spoke with Alma beforehand asking for her permission and she was beyond joyful, she would love if you joined the family officially.
On your wedding day is where everything went to shit. yes, it was a wonderful day but Bruno had stressed her out about the weather causing her to panic and... You know the story. You eventually calmed her down but by time the hurricane passed everything was a mess, decorations, food, people- flying everywhere. Blah blah blah you get it right? Well you two have kids now-
Depending on your gender you either adopted or had children.
When she was pregnant her hormones where E V E R Y W H E R E. She would be sleeping soundly under you one second and then complain about the nursery not being perfect the next. She might snap at you but just know she doesn't mean it.
Camilo, Dolores and Antonio have such a strong bond with you two. If they need anything they trust you both to provide for them. Antonio is probably clingy with both of you. If you pick him up don't put him down, homie gon' cry. Camilo being the trickster he is, will turn into Pepa to get your attention but he's a sus imposter so it's easy for you to know who's actually who. And finally Dolores, she insists on taking care of you and Pepa because she just luhs y'all so much 😭
Ok that's it. Brain empty
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eliqxx · 2 months ago
I saw your request is open and— can I request reader x pure vanilla ft custard iii family bonding 😭 like the continuation of the "before the dawn, he is your sun" something like that? Thank you!
so be it
Tumblr media
¨dun dun dun duuun!¨ custard marched outside while imitating the sound of trumpets blaring. you and pure vanilla followed behind him, watching as your sun greeted everything and everyone.
¨good morning tree! good morning sun!¨ it´s not everyday custard gets to go on morning patrols like this, so naturally he was a little bit too excited for it.
¨he sure seems elated, doesn´t he?¨"pure vanilla turned to you, chuckling very softly.
as you three roamed the kingdom, waving to most of the village. you and pure vanilla did this most of the time, just the two of you. but your son wanted to come along, you couldn´t say no to such an adorable face.
coming along a very tall and somewhat well-kept cookie, custard gave a more friendly wave. the cookie responded with a slight bow, shifting his coat a little.
¨the prince is with you today I see?¨ almond cookie smiled, standing up and re-adjusting his tie.
¨he insisted to come along, so we had to oblige.¨ you answered, looking over at your son. he was already off to water some of the villages flowers.
¨he is going to be future king after all. we shall do our best to please him.¨ pure vanilla slightly joked, looking at you with a pleased expression.
almond cookie took a sip of his coffee and sighed, turning to the both of you. ¨well, may luck bless the royal family.¨
you both smiled at the remark, thanking almond for his kindness. you were interrupted by someone small pulling on your leg.
¨cmon! we gotta go say hi to herb, avacado, hollyberry, dark cho-¨
¨alright, alright. it was great seeing you, almond.¨ you nodded, gently patting custard on the head so he would calm down a bit.
almond nodded, lifting three fingers off his cup as a wave of some kind.
¨there´s no reason to keep the king waiting. shall we depart?¨
¨that would be great, vanilla.¨
(A/N: sorry this wasn´t as good as the last aksjdhk)
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kj-1130 · 7 months ago
Can you please write a Marvel cast x gn!teen!reader where the reader used to be very close to the cast (mainly RDJ) as she was the youngest and when Tom Holland came around, she kind of distanced herself from them (mainly RDJ as Tom Holland and RDJ are pretty close) coz she thought that they would wanna hang out with Tom more (but she is very civil towards Tom)
@catsandbooksandstuff Im sorry this is kinda bad😭I couldn’t come up with anything more than some headcanons
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist
Okay so
Your character was Tony’s ‘daughter’ and your first film was iron man
Being with RDJ so much allowed the two of you to get really close
He basically guided you in the industry and became a second father to you
When filming started for Avengers
You were quite literally glued to Robert’s side
The cast was constantly saying you were his ‘mini me’
While you were super close to RDJ, you also made an effort to befriend the rest of the cast
As time went on and more movies and characters were being brought into the MCU
You made more and more friends/family
When it came around to shooting civil war you decided to back off a little
You were introduced to Tom (holland) and saw how quick he bonded with not only Robert but with the rest of the cast as well
Now you know sometimes that you could be ‘over the top’ and pretty loud and annoying (at least that’s what old classmates and relatives used to say) so that led you to your decision
You didn’t want to interfere with any of their time together
And you thought that they’d just enjoy Tom’s presence more since he was a lat more laid back than you
It started with not going to as many cast get-togethers and when you did go, you tried your best not to speak unless spoken to
Then it was slowly drifting away and not spending as much time with Robert
About a quarter through filming, the cast started to note the lack of your presence
They felt bad for just now noticing
They all tried to figure out what the problem was
And when they were discussing the newest cast member just so happen to make an appearance
They all knew Tom would never intentionally hurt you so it was obvious what the problem was then
After that, they filled Robert in who felt just as bad
One day after filming, the older man suggested that just the two of you go on a walk just like you used to
During the peaceful break, he confronted you
It took longer than it normally would because you didn’t want to come off as whiny (one of the many things you’d been called before) before you finally cracked
You told him about how you felt
And after you were finished, he made sure to reassure you that nobody saw you that way
And that they would never choose one or the other
After that day, you slowly started going back to your old habits
You also started to get closer to Tom and it turns out the two of you have a lot in common
Permanent Taglist
@stillmanicc, @annestine, @ymzki-haruki
Marvel Cast Taglist
@hateinthemorning, @blueposthings, @kyli314, @idek-5
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redphlox · 3 months ago
I received my English copy of the bnha fifth light novel today and ahhh, the Todo family chapter was so insightful, fun to read, and sad all at the same time. I loved all the little details because they tie into the manga. These are just a few of my random incoherent thoughts and reactions I wanted to share with y'all:
Natsuo reflects that as a child, before Shouto was born, he wanted his father's "love and care" , so "he would act energetic and eager" for attention whenever Endeavor was around. But his father never acknowledged him. BUT, Natsuo is grateful that he had his "warm and caring" mother to "help him cope" with that rejection... UGH!! It's horribly devastating that his first memories are of being ignored by someone who's supposed to love him more than anyone else on this planet.
Natsuo goes on to think about how he felt like Shouto stole his mom from him after he was born because she started giving Shouto so much attention. As an adult, Natsuo understands that she was just projecting Shouto from their abuser, but it still hurt. That makes sense - Rei was the only source of parental comfort and acceptance he received and suddenly she was also gone. He must have felt emotionally abandoned, and even moreso (I imagine) after Touya died.
Speaking of Touya, Natsuo thinks about him in passing and I get the feeling it's painful to think about Touya. That makes sense too, considering why Touya died. In the chapter, Natsuo also reflects that Touya will always be the same age he is in his picture at the altar so it feels like time stands still in that room 😭 😭 😭 UGH!!!
Natsuo is just incredibly angry that his family is broken. He blames Endeavor because he sought out Rei for a quirk marriage, treated them like they don't matter, and abused Shouto.
Natsuo's onii-chan instincts start to kick in as he tries to make small talk with Shouto because they've barely talked. He kicks himself (mentally) for being so awkward but again, blames Endeavor because this is all his fault that he doesn't have a relationship with Shouto...
Meanwhile, Fuyumi really does go out of her way to make a happy family. She and Natsuo dance around each other awkwardly when Natsuo says something angry about their dad and she tries to be positive, trying to not upset the other. This makes so much sense in light of chapter 302 where Fuyumi says she always knew her family was broken but tried to pretend it was all okay. Ahhh. I love that this really ties into that chapter, which hadn't even been out yet at the time this novel was published in Japan. Hori must really guide this author and approve of things beforehand.
The amount of guilt and inadequacy that Natsuo feels because he couldn't do anything to protect his little brother when Endeavor was actively beating him is genuinely awful. That also coincides with his comment in 302 about slugging Endeavor and making him talk to Touya. This poor boy is filled to the brim with unprocessed sorrow and feelings of helplessness and powerlessness. Not surprised either - this is a fairly common reaction for survivors of abuse and dysfunctional families, but it hurts to see Natsuo carry around this pain and misplaced responsibility.
Fuyumi does try to console Natsuo and tells him that his pain is still valid after Natsuo compares his abuse to Shouto's. UGH!!! 😭 😭 I love that even though both Natsuo and Fuyumi are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to their dad (anger vs. willingness to give him a chance) that they don't dismiss each other. They're actually very considerate of each other's feelings. LOVE IT!! There's a sentence in this chapter about how Natsuo and Fuyumi have been together in this all this time and he can't hide his feelings from her. She knows him too well. YESSS, that sibling bond ♥
Fuyumi sets it up so that Natsuo and Shouto spend some alone time together while she cooks. Natsuo tries to play ball with Shouto but they just end up falling in the koi pond. Later, Shouto says he was caught off guard when Natsuo threw the ball because that was the ball Natsuo and their other siblings would play with all the time and Shouto always watched them and wished he could play too. 😭 😭 😭 😭 Natsuo sheds a few tears fndjdjsjsjdj. What could have been... 😭 😭 😭 This is literally a grieving process for them both - they lost their childhoods. There are no do-overs. And Natsuo blames himself for not going out of his way to invite Shouto to play. Like, Natsuo... You were also a baby 😔 don't be hard on yourself.
Shouto's baby-of-the-family genes kick in too when the soba he and Natsuo were making is a major failure and he's feeling emo about it. His siblings chuckle at him and tease him. Shouto is like, "THIS IS A TRAGEDY IT'S NOT FUNNY" 🤣 but smiles with them anyway.
Endeavor is almost crushed by a villain with a King Kong quirk lmao. The siblings watch this on the news. After Endeavor wins, Shouto goes back to mourning his soba. lmao.
At the end the siblings wish this is just the first of many get togethers!!! And I hope so too!! 💞
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noodlenibblescribble · 7 months ago
I washed the dishes and I got to thinking about Luca some more and some extra stuff to get out my chest starting with:
I love Alberto sm, he is my favorite. His mannerisms, his display of machismo (I'll call it that cuz thats what his trying to be big and tough and smart feels like to me) and really, the WAY HE LOOKS AT LUCA. I didn't NEED to come in already looking for some queer subtext, those looks, his softness with him, dbdhshv my son has feelings ok.
And just because I can, I'll write sime specific moments I remember where I was just like "Alberto is not straight".
1. When Luca and him are about to go down the hill on their made up vespa together, he looks to the side of his handle at a picture of a man and winks at it and yeah, now that I type it out it feels like 'Really?' but YES REALLY, I see this as my dude knowing he likes other dudes so he pins that pic up for goodluck.
2. Their crashes. The first time, they're saved because Luca pushed Alberto away, but Alberto didn't like that! The second crash, Alberto holds on to Luca so they crash together in the same side.
3. Yes his jealous bout. He clearly didn't think much of Giulia from the beginning, but having her teach Luca things the way Alberto used to was one of the last staws. Alberto wanted to be 'the cool, smart guy' he built himself up to be to Luca, and having her threaten that had him on edge. (no shade to Giulia, I love her and part of my want for a sequel is to see her interact with Alberto like a sibling more aaah cuz she clearly loves these two like family already but his machismo and seeing her as a threat kept pushing her away in his mind)
4. His emphasis on wanting to run away TOGETHER. Yeah this can also just be because he doesn't want to be alone but he was also clearly bonding with Massimo. And yet, his mind stayed on just the idea of Luca. Going with Luca. Just the two of them.
..... And on another note, to have this boy break down and say it's HIS fault people walk away from him because he's a BAD KID imma just- god. Child plz aaah your dad deserves whatever bad things come his way, piece of shit.
Anyways, last of all, yes Im lumping it all together, just him running to Luca with an umbrella. I loved that sm. They had their break-down moment but still, Luca tokd him he'd win for THEM and Alberto came to help because he wanted to believe in him too I love these boys sm cries. And I already said it but the ending. Alberto giving Luca the life he wanted, with school. This is a good boy. He is a very very good voy and he is a wonderful son to Massimo and even to Luca's family too. I'm sure he's beloved by the entire town by now 😭 I gotta get to write something out but first two more posts
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joelsgeetar · 21 days ago
Back here bc I love the way u talk ab Myerssss! What would Michael be like as a father?🥺 if he had like a lil kid that was at that crackhead toddler phase. I feel like SOMEWHERE deep down in him, there’s a loving father figure👉👈
Michael Myers — Father Hc's (Peepaw)
Tumblr media
Tags: @andvys @wanderbreadsworld @creamymilkk @crybaby-cryptids @rakeandcrash @max-x666 @eldaryan @michaelslover
Ok so how the fuck did this happen? Idk you tell me lol - Let's skip that and make this angsty.. he is left with this baby after something unfortunate happens..
Michael has no fucking clue what to do honestly. He lacks specific instincts. This is very challenging in the first few weeks if not months to half a year.
Michael is smart and learns rather quickly so guess what? He's hoping to find more babysitters and not to necessarily kill them. He needs to watch them work— Michael knows there is a need to learn about basic steps to take care of a baby. And yes he will steal everything even if it means the other baby (that he doesn't really give a fuck about) is left without. All he truly cares about is this damn baby of his.
Surprisingly he's very good when it comes to the sleep schedule and frequent bottle feedings! Peepaw is up most nights anyways so he's not too grumpy. All he does is do that typical dad grunt when getting up/sitting back down.
Michael hates not holding his baby, especially at this stage. They're so tiny and fragile. He is naturally protective and honestly he'd leave anything behind just for them.
If his s/o is still around and family insists on visiting to hold the baby? LMFAOO good luck.. like seriously, this man is extremely stubborn and refuses to let anyone else but you to hold them. Michael feels responsible which is enough to make his gut twist in anxious knots whenever he sees his baby in the arms of someone he doesn't trust.
Michael isn't fond of letting them sleep in a separate room. He's paranoid to the fucking max and will not take any risks. Tbh you'll have to tell him sleeping with the newborn is more dangerous. Michael loves the warm cuddles when he holds them to his chest, so tiny and curled up in a blanket.
Michael is more active and willing to be "playful" in questionable ways lol ever heard how much a kid laughs when they're tossed on a bed gently? Yeah he does this all the time. Of course he's smart and doesn't harm them — still though.. it can be nerve wracking to witness. But nothing tops the fear forced into your body when he THROWS THEM UP IN THE AIR LIKE ALL DADS DO FOR SOME FUCKING REASON.. he catches them don't worry.
First steps and babbling won't pull a significant reaction on the surface but deep down he is smiling with that cold heart of his :) the most you'll see is a tilt of his head and him suddenly staring at you, silently asking if you saw/heard it too. Michael isn't completely numb so please remember that and don't get too upset when he lacks emotional responses.
Peepaw is older but finds a way to entertain his kid no matter what. Will he play with dolls and toys? No. But he's the type of dad who walks around the house and drags them along (safely) as if they're some superhero. Michael uses his inhuman strength for this. (ESPECIALLY IF THEY LOVE TO BE SPIDERMAN.. HE CAN DO THAT ALL DAMN DAY)
Tantrums don't phase him in the slightest when it comes to anger. At first he's uncomfortable because they keep crying and kicking when he's trying to hold them so like.. Michael is lowkey offended lol which is a light way of saying his feelings are hurt. He wants them to feel happy and safe :(
Michael is so bad with snacks.. he tries feeding them sugary foods and drinks way too early and sneaks them some more when you're not looking. He definitely spoils them without realizing it. Honestly? Michael bonds with his kid so well because he is allowing his inner child come out. It's been repressed for so long and being able to eat cookies and drink milk is such a fun thing to do that triggers those happy chemicals.
in conclusion
Michael (peepaw specifically) would seriously be a very good father and that's putting it lightly! While he's not necessarily a family man.. he is devoted to keeping his child safe and happy. It's all he cares about.
Tbh if something were to happen with his s/o like a break up for whatever reason - Michael is never going to be a deadbeat. Nope. Fuck that. He will be there and demand quality time no matter how hard you try to keep them separated. (Idk why you'd do that but yknow, it's just to show how deeply he loves them.)
He doesn't care if they're a boy, girl, come out as NB, trans, gay — literally this man cannot and will not give a single fuck about this. Michael loves them unconditionally, very different from what he had. He subconsciously treats them the way he needed to be treated as a kid.
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HEY GUYS! I just wanted to take a minute to say
Tumblr media
✨⌛️I have not forgotten about all the amazing requests you’ve dropped into my in box!!! Anyone waiting on a request I promise I’ll get to them soon 😭😭I’ve just been super busy with work as well as drawing copious amounts of fan art for bruno and my OC!!⌛️✨
I just wanted to take a minute to introduce you all to my little Bruno family while I was here! 💚💚
I’m not sure if anyone will care to read about my OC and her kids but I’ve decided to post it anyway!
Tumblr media
Her name is Vanessa 💚
Here’s a little about her and the relationship she shares with Bruno:
She’s 30 years old, but just as short as half of the kids in the Encanto! It’s the on going joke that Tío Bruno managed to find a wife shorter than he is.
When I say short, I mean she’s TINY. She’s only 143 cm. (4’8)
Her family owns a bakery in the Encanto. Delgado Dough
She has one sister who is 16 years of age. Her name is Pamela and they do NOT get along.
She totally thinks her sister is a pampered spoiled little princess who’s never had to lift a finger to help their parents and their bakery.
Before marrying Bruno, she’d work the bakery in the mornings and dedicate her nights to painting just at the edge of the village under the night stars.
She loves the arts, all forms. Music, painting, drawing, dance.
She’s quite the musician, seeing as her father’s favorite past time was pushing forward his knowledge and love for music
It definitely helps her adjust into the Family Madrigal. A house so full of music and talent.
Her favorite color is coincidentally green! She’s always been drawn to the color, it feeling so natural and beautiful.
In fact one of the first things Vanessa says to Bruno is “I like your ruana. Green is such a beautiful color, and it really looks nice on you. It brings out your eyes.”
He is FLUSTERED. He could have choked on his own tongue.
He stood there opening and closing his mouth trying to think of a comeback until Mirabel put the poor man out of his misery and interjected.
She found it kind of endearing. She’d never seen someone react to a complement like that.
Once they met, Bruno would be in town every day just hoping to bump paths with her again.
If you’ve ever heard of In The Heights (another amazing soundtrack done by the lyrical genius Lin Manuel Miranda) Bruno reminds me of Usnavi when it comes to Vanessa.  Especially in the song “It Wont Be Long” when Usnavi and Sonny are singing Vanessa’s name.
Mirabel told him multiple times “Tiooo just talk to her already! Come on let’s go let’s go! Make a move!”
He eventually listened… he’s just…slow about making his first move.
Painfully slow.
When Bruno brings her home she has no trouble settling into the family.
Vanessa always tells Bruno’s nieces and nephews that she doesn’t have a favorite.
She does.
It’s Mirabel. Just don’t tell anyone else, especially Mira.
She also bonds pretty well with both Pepa and Julieta.
She definitely finds it easier to bond with Julieta however. They just have a similar interest in cooking, and they both have this nurturing aura about them.
Her and Pepa definitely have a rocky relationship, neither of them caring for each other at the start. They couldn’t seem to see eye to eye but now they get along thick as thieves.
Vanessa’s relationship with Alma though….is complicated. She always grew up admiring the woman, but when she realized all the trauma and pressure the founding Madrigal placed on the family’s members, her perspective shifted.
She tries to keep her emotions towards Alma’s blatant mistreatment of Bruno hidden, but sometimes it’s hard. When her husband breaks down in her arms from the overwhelming burdens and traumas of his past, it takes her everything she has not to say something to her mother in law.
With that said, Vanessa would defend Bruno with her last breath. Rights for a Bruno Madrigal was the hill she’d choose to die on.
Her family is pretty comfortable with Bruno. The only person she has to defend him to is her sister.
God she’s so annoying! 16 years old and thinks she knows everything about everything! “I heard he was 7 foot tall…he looks BARELY taller than you.”
She’s one protective mama bear. She’s protective of her husband and even more protective of their babies….
Tumblr media
Sophia and Pedro. Bruno’s weak point.
Sophia is 7, and the biggest little trouble maker you’ll EVER meet. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not a bad kid, she’s just a little menacing sometimes.
Her gift definitely leads her into a lot of trouble.
Her gift is mimic. It’s kind of like her cousin, but instead of shifting her shape, she can perfectly copy the sound of anyone or anything. (Etc. her mothers voice, an animal, a baby crying.)
She is such a little menace when it comes to using this power. Her and her cousin Camilo are a sight for sore eyes together. They like to pull pranks on the entire family. Camilo will shape shift and Sophia will throw her voice from another room. Truly the wombo combo.
She definitely is a bit spoiled…so if Vanessa says no to something, she’ll try and trick her father.
She usually can. Bruno’s disappointed in himself every time for falling for it. Vanessa is also upset everytime he falls for it.
She doesn’t abuse her gift too much though, most of it’s in the name of fun and games.
Her favorite cousin is Luisa. She wants to be big and strong and cool like Luisa one day.
Pedro is 5 years old.
He is the SWEETEST little boy in the world.
Vanessa literally hit copy and paste on bruno. The kid is the spitting image of his father at that age.
He’s a little sensitive guy, and a huge mamas boy. Is always attached at Vanessa’s hip.
His gift is like a sixth sense. He can talk to the dead and see them.
The first few days with his gift were overwhelming. He refused to stay in his room, crying every time he went near it. (If you’ve seen coco, it looks similar to the land of the dead. ) Definitely the biggest room in the house.
He was petrified every time he saw a spirit, clutching onto Vanessa’s dress begging her to make them go away.
The first spirit to try and talk to him is of course Abuelo Pedro.
He sits down with the boy and explains to him that he would have never blessed him with such a strong and important gift, like his father’s, if he didn’t think he was capable of handling it.
Pedro soon becomes used to his grandfathers presence, and learns to find comfort in his gift.
The little sugar skull on his ruana is a gift from Mirabel, something to make him feel less scared about his gift.
He’s Abuela’s new golden child.
Sorry Isa.
Not only is he the baby’s baby, and her last grandchild, he is always very vocal about sharing messages from Abuelo.
Abuelo always tells Pedro to relay a message to Abuela every morning, usually something along the lines of “let her know I’m here waiting for her, and that I think she still looks beautiful.”
Bruno’s low key a little jealous of the relationship his son and Abuela have.
When Alma passes on, Pedro is devastated. He looks for Alma every night, panicking when she doesn’t appear right away.
“What if she’s lost? What if she doesn’t come back! What if I never get to see Abuela again!”
When she finally reappears, he runs through the house letting everyone know that Abuela is rightfully back in the house with the Madrigals.
✨⌛️ If you stuck around to read all of this TYSM! I just really love the characters I’ve created and the stories I have for all of them! After I finish some of the requests I have I want to start posting little short fictions of things I think happen between Vanessa, her husband, their kids, and the other Madrigals!⌛️✨
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ratprophetmybeloved · a month ago
My personal headcanons/beliefs on Casita and Bruno’s relationship with Casita✨
Casita is the manifestation of Pedro’s soul
Because of this Casita can manifest AS Pedro (like a golden spirit?)
This usually only happens at times such as one of the kids being in danger (mentally or physically)
AKA HAPPENED A LOT WITH BRUNO😭, especially since the magic was significantly more powerful when he was a child/young adult
Casita is mostly self healing obviously but the fading of the miracle caused it to take pieces of itself from other and less seen parts of the house to replace instead of repair/make brand new
Despite not having control in the madrigals magical rooms casita CAN change the rooms if the person who the room belongs to is okay with it
It can also manifest into Pedro and enter a room if needed but only when the magic is strong otherwise Pedro will basically fade REALLY quickly after entering a room, or won’t be able to maifest at all
When Bruno first entered the walls Casita was still able to manifest a little giving Bruno SOME company as Pedro😭
Bruno obviously never had a male parental figure to look up to till Casita started manifesting as Pedro which made the slow decline of manifestations throughout the years as the miracle faded much more devastating for Bruno
After Mirabel’s failed ceremony Bruno begged Casita to watch over Mirabel more and to keep her away from the harshness and cruelty of people/children who would attempt to hurt her due to her lack of gift
There is always some place for Bruno to hide as Casita never wants him to be stuck in a place where he can get overwhelmed
In the beginning Casita is how Bruno got food while in the walls, after Casita got weaker and was forced to focus it’s energy on just staying upright/looking normal is when Bruno started having to ask the rats to help get them food
Casita tried to help Bruno when the townspeople started becoming more cruel towards him by adding stairs in his tower and therefore making it almost impossible to get up to him😌
This,, kinda backfired a little since then HE wouldn't go to his tower and when he did he would stay up there as long as he could (while hoarding as much food and water as possible for maximum time)😔
Bruno fixing up Casita from within the walls is probably the only reason it stayed secure for as long as it did
Casita has the ability to link rooms together both magical, and regular
Causing some the kids to get closer to each other and bond
All the adults except Bruno are in unaware of this fact (since Bruno lives in the walls💀 hard to miss it)
Casita gave Bruno pretty much everything he needs to live comfortably in the walls👍✨ including bathing options (COME ON YOU GUYS HAVE SEEN HIS HAIR/SKIN, MAN'S DEFINITELY IS AT LEAST A LITTLE HYGIENIC)
Casita also provided lots of nooks and crannies for Bruno's rats to sneak out and into!
If a family member attempts to get rid of a rat, thinking its a pest, Casita will go out of its way to defend the rat by just letting it slip out of the person's grasp
Bruno will sometimes talk to Casita as a person and call it papa (YA KNOW, SINCE ITS PEDRO'S SOUL AND ALL)
Casita always tries to comfort Bruno when he is having an anxiety attack or suffering from too much paranoia
Casita also makes sure Bruno knows that it loves them and that they didn't mean to hurt Bruno by giving him his gift🥲
Sorry about giving y'all angst on Christmas day/right after Christmas 😭 I'll type up some fluff soon I promise 👍✨ but have a good day y'all!
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formenis · 3 months ago
Can you do a oneshot of L Lawliet where he is in a secret relationship with Light's twin sister and she finds out she is pregnant so she shows up at Task Force to tell L and just announces it to the whole task force but its L who announces he is the father.
OML I'm so sorry for the delay, Anon-san 😭😭
Lately I'm feeling so overwhelmed and in the dumps that I lost any sort of inspiration. I hope you like it thou.
pairing: L x Yagami!fem!pregnant!reader
warning: none.
Tumblr media
«See you later mom»
«Be careful dear. You too Light»
«Yeah bye mom»
And the door was softly closed after that answer. The two Yagami twins, Y/N and Light, always left home earlier than their sister Sayu. Light had to take the train for the Daikoku Private Academy while Y/N was a last year high school student at the Gamou Prep Academy, where her twin brother attended supplemental classes in the afternoon. Actually, it was what her family knew. The reality was a lot different.
Despite the two twins had the same age, the same skills and the same perfect school report, Y/N had that extra oomph that Light hadn't. It was thanks to this oomph that ensured her a special, secret job. She was noticed by no less than the greatest detective in the world, L.
Y/N Yagami had everything L needed: intellect, slyness, excellent rhetoric. At first, they had a simple working relationship made of mutual respect and esteem. But as time passed those feelings changed.
Initially Y/N felt strange: L was this mysterious detective with an extraordinary mind and skills, she never saw him in person. She had the impression that what she felt for him was wrong: what if L didn't exist? Y/N was so curious about him that one of their online meetings, she couldn’t wait to ask him thatquestion.
«L, can I ask you something?»
« 𝚈𝚎𝚜»
«Why did you decide not to show yourself? Can you describe yourself to me, please?»
A long pause followed her question. Y/N didn’t know what to say (or to do). She had the feeling she crossed the threshold.
«𝙱𝚎𝚌𝚊𝚞𝚜𝚎 𝚜𝚘𝚖𝚎𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝚊𝚜 𝙻 𝚍𝚒𝚍𝚗’𝚝 𝚗𝚎𝚎𝚍 𝚊𝚗 𝚒𝚍𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚒𝚝𝚢. 𝙸𝚝 𝚒𝚜 𝚏𝚕𝚎𝚎𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚠𝚑𝚒𝚕𝚎 𝙻 𝚒𝚜 𝚏𝚘𝚛𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛»
Such an arrogant person. Y/N expected an answer like that. So she gave up with her wish to see her crush' face.
Sometime later, however, the Yagami girl met someone. A pale, tall young man with a simple white shirt and faded jeans; his hair was moved by the wind and they seemed messy yet rather silky. He was standing there, at the top of the Tokyo Train Station's stairs, staring intensely at her, few steps higher than the girl. This man was blocking the way and Y/N was in a rush.
«Excuse me, I have to-»
«You're Y/N Yagami?» he immediately interrupted her and in the meantime he hid his hands in the pockets of that faded jeans.
«Who wants to know it?» Y/N replied defensive. Unlike Light, Y/N had good skills in many martial arts and she was ready to kick his ass, just in case.
Y/N hadn’t the idea that in front of her there was L himself. He introduced himself as Ryuzaki but, for some reason, she couldn’t believe him. For her, it was like he had a good answer for everything as if he planned every single (and possible) question from the Yagami girl. That reminded her of…L. Everything about him reminded her of the detective.
Day after day this Ryuzaki started to appear more and more often in her life: at the train station, on her way home or after school. He told her he was studying for the entrance exam at the To-Oh University, that was why the two of them were seeing each other that often.
«I see, what do you want to study?»
Y/N and Ryuzaki created a strange bond between them. The Yagami twin felt so at ease with him despite his particular (and rather unique) behaviour: she didn’t mind about the large amount of sugar he ate or the sitting position he took. He was so smart and brilliant…once again she thought about L.
It seemed like that Ryuzaki appreciated Y/N's presence too. He loved listening to her or analyse every single feature of her figure. She would find him staring at her such intensity that she would look away.
Y/N, however, had so much in her mind. She was so convinced that Ryuzaki and L were the same person that she felt so anxious around him. She had to know the truth.
«Ryuzaki, can you tell me something?»
«What is it, Y/N-san?»
«Are you L?»
The two of them were waiting for the train and Ryuzaki was standing (or "slouching" actually) right beside her. His dark hair covered the face and Y/N couldn’t tell what he was feeling or thinking. She was afraid that she crossed the threshold.
Ryuzaki smirked and sighed through the nose as if he laughed silently. Then he turned to look at her. «Yes»
He kept staring at her while Y/N got pale and returned the stare with wide E/C eyes. So she was right…he was L. The real L. She couldn’t believe that this man…with faded jeans and a simple white shirt…was L. The same L she started to love.
That was how their story began.
Now Light was going to finish his last year of school together with his twin sister Y/N but something else what happening outside the Yagami household: Kira.
This person took the role of judge, jury and executioner of the criminal world not only in Japan. Kira was such a disgusting, immoral human being, Y/N hated him. Nobody had the right to play with other's life regardless of their police record. Light, however, didn't agree with his sister.
«I don't understand your point, N/N. The world would be a better place without criminals, you have to realise that»
«Of course it would be a better place without them, Light. But it's not the right method!»
«And what would be "the right method"?» Light asked her making air quotes with his fingers.
«Uhh…I don't know maybe putting them before a judge?» Y/N simply replied. «Kira is not the solution, Light»
Her brother was so different lately. Since this Kira appeared Light started to act strange, Y/N was the first to notice it. Not even her mother, father and Sayu perceived it.
Y/N was feeling strange too actually. After Ryuzaki's "confession" about his identity the two of them admitted their respective feelings. Y/N was so happy that Ryuzaki felt the same as her, she was so happy. Sachiko noticed it and asked her if her happiness was due to a boy but Y/N didn’t give her a proper answer.
Ryuzaki was investigating about Kira and he booked a suite at the Imperial Hotel and Y/N would pay him a visit from time to time. They talked, played, ate and even made love in that room. And it was since one of those times that Y/N started to feel weird.
«Let's not talk about it, alright Light?»
«Fine» her twin shrugged and kept walking home together. After a while they crossed a konbini, a Japanese convenience store.
«Wait Light, I have to buy something»
«Alright, I'll wait you here»
And Y/N ran inside the shop while Light started to read a book outside. She had to buy few things: a new set of pencils, chips and…a pregnancy test. Yes, a pregnancy test.
She had all the symptoms: swollen breasts, nausea, fatigue. And the fact that she missed the last period was a sort of final proof. But she wanted to be sure.
Once she payed everything Y/N left the shop and kept walking home with Light. He was looking suspiciously at her but he said nothing.
«Positive…it's positive» Y/N repeated in a whisper while looking at her pregnancy test. Her E/C eyes were still glued to the test when she heard someone knocking at the door.
«Y/N! I need the bathroom!»
«Me too!»
Light and Sayu were staying right outside the door, Y/N hoped they didn’t hear what she said before. She hid the test in the pockets of her jeans and left the bathroom.
«Sorry» and she ran downstairs. Light, once again, looked at her with clear suspicious and raised an eyebrow. Sayu took advantage of this moment to lock herself in the bathroom.
«Sayu! I have to go with dad, leave the bathroom!»
In the meantime, Y/N already left the house and was literally running towards the Imperial Hotel, where Ryuzaki had his room (and where the Task-force met L for the first time). He had to know it.
About ten minutes later Y/N arrived at the hotel and quickly went to Ryuzaki's suite. She was bouncing off the walls for the excitement.
«Ryuzaki!» she spread the door open and ran inside. She quickly reached him and made him turn towards her.
«What is it Y/N-chan?» he asked calmly.
«I have to tell you something!»
«And what would it be?»
«I'm pregnant!» she said smiling. It, however, faded quickly when she saw Ryuzaki's lack of reaction to that news. Was he…disappointe-
«What?! Are you serious Miss Y/N?» the young voice of Matsuda echoed in the room making Y/N distract from the man in front of her.
The Yagami girl noticed that her father's entire Task-Force was working in the same room as L and she didn’t notice them when she entered the suite. Excitement was replaced by fear.
«Congratulations!» Matsuda got up and walked closer to her with a kind smile on his young face. That smile cheered her up a little.
«Thank you Matsuda-san»
The rest of the Task-force congratulated to her too, they were all so happy about that news. The only one who didn’t say anything was L, the father.
Aizawa started to give Y/N some "parental" advices when L's suite room opened again revealing Soichiro and Light at the doorstep. Y/N didn’t notice it immediately and she couldn’t stop Matsuda from rushing towards his boss to give him that important announcement.
«Boss, did you know it?»
«What is it Matsuda?»
«Miss Y/N is pregnant!»
Silence of a grave, to be precise.
Nobody dared to speak, to move, to breathe. It seemed only Matsuda wasn’t feeling that heavy atmosphere.
At those words Soichiro walked towards his daughter and placed his strong hands on her shoulders.
«Y/N, is it true?»
She gulped and swallowed hard. «Yes dad, Matsuda-san is right» her voice showed no fear, no embarrassment, no shame. Even if her family didn’t agree, she wasn’t going to give up that easily.
«Who is the father? Someone assaulted you?» he immediately asked sounding rather worried and serious. Y/N was going to answer when she heard some sort of mumbling from behind, where L was sitting.
«Did you say something, Ryuzaki?» asked Soichiro.
«I said, Yagami-san…» he took an ice-cream sandwich and divided it in two. «I am the proud father» he turned towards the policeman and licked the vanilla cream without looking away from the man.
Soichiro couldn’t see her but Y/N was smiling widely at Ryuzaki who smiled back for a mere second before
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smokeyshawarma · 22 days ago
Some Sinister 5 HCs I whipped up for no particular reason
If we get kissy kissy headcanons for the Avengers and such, my Sinister 5 brainrot really be sayin “Alright, give the fans the lovey dovey Sinister 5 HCs” so enjoy today's meal.
Characters: Norman, Otto, Flint, Dr. Connors, Max
Warning: Canon divergence, pre Goblin!Norman, pre accident Otto + Max, and possibly OOC SO FORGIVE ME FOR THIS ASGHJVDHGSGDJ-
Reader pronouns: She/her
Norman Osborn
Tumblr media
So we can say that Norman and Harry didn't have a great bond, and not to mention, his wife died some time when Harry’s still young and their relationship became more strained.
When you first met him, you thought he was a very smart and charismatic, but sometimes he can get a little too overbearing and ambitious so you’d often told him to not be too pushy to his own son. Even Harry thought you’re a nice mother figure to him to make up for his sour relationship with his own father and he’s way over the moon when Norman announced the two of you were engaged. And of course it’s after you got to know him more and help him be a better dad 😏
Otto Octavius
Tumblr media
Otto's known to be a humble and kind man before his accident, and his tendency to get flustered at random things made him a bit of a shy lad. Expect him being a flustered mess whenever you kiss him and most of the time, he's secretly touch starved so at times he'll break the kiss just to say sweet things in between before continuing🥺
Oh, and he's a huge sucker for belly rubs so he'd love it if you give his chonky belly some rubs or even better - give him some confidence boosts in the form of body positivity affirmations ;)
Flint Marko
Tumblr media
It's no surprise to know that Flint's actually a family man since we all know that he has a daughter. Unfortunately he went with the wrong path in his attempt to help his sick daughter, so he's pretty much a very decent yet misguided man.
I just feel that he canonically had a good relationship with his wife until this criminal thing when their relationship became somewhat strained but-
What if you’re his wife? I love the thought of him often taking you and Penny out before she got chronically ill, since he’s deep down a loving man. He’s also a pretty good kisser and he’d absolutely do anything to make sure you and Penny are safe… even if she’s on the chase by the policemen like in the movie
Dr. Curt Connors
Tumblr media
As we can see in the earlier parts of TASM, Curt is a well mannered man until he took the lizard DNA serum, which resulted in him developing a monstrous alter ego with the obsession of turning humanity into lizard monsters to fulfill the Lizard’s desires of the ideal world.
He’s quite warm and welcoming to his coworkers, interns, and students, but pressure has to be one of his least favorite things of all time. So with you right there as his lab partner, you’re able to help him calm down whenever he’s feeling stressed out. You’ll also give him little massages on his shoulders to help relieve the tenseness or giving him some food and drink in his room to make sure he’s taken care of well.
Your kindness definitely made Curt grow feelings for you and it’ll be a matter of time until he has the chance to ask you out 😆
Max Dillon
Tumblr media
Poor Max, you couldn’t help but feel bad because all he wanted is to be noticed by other people - and a friend since he’s been living his life as a lonely nobody.
When you first helped him with his overloaded luggage of work stuff, he was very surprised. You’re the first one to notice his struggles and as a result, he grew closer to you until a moment where he *nervously* asked you out while you were having your break time.
He messed up a bit, but you didn’t even care about it or his fairly messy appearance since you love him for who he is and you wanted to be a friend who makes him feel validated and not like a nobody. 😭🥺
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