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#i just want to get to know them 馃槱
hey guys, first post馃槱馃檹馃従
so first off: this is going to be a writing blog, but i'm basically just experimenting bc i barely know how to write anything, i'm just doing it for fun
if you do not already see it in my bio, i'm a minor, so don't be fucking weird
this will be a sfw blog, for obvious reasons.
i try to write a lot but it is really hard sometimes for me to just get it the way i want, so that might cause large amounts of time with me trying to write and having nothing posted, sorry in advance!
this blog is a safe space for everyone. except those listed below:
if you're "super straight", or super anything.
if you are/support an Islamophobe or antisemitic.
if you are anti-mask.
if you are anti-abortion.
if you ship any illegal or gross ships. that means minor x adult (I don't care if you age them up)
if you don't support BLM (black lives matter) or ACAB (this includes "al lives matter" supporters
also: terfs/maps, trump supporters racists, homophobes, transphobes, yagami yato supporters
if you write/support/defend dark content writers and supporters (dubcon/noncon [r*ape], inc*st/stepc*st, incels, racism, homophobia, misogyny, vore, gore, snuff etc). YANDERE WRITERS DO NOT APPLY AS LONG AS EVERYTHING IS CONSENSUAL. (no kidnapping) and if there is more, i'll add it later.
DO NOT reblog pages with the hashtag "DO NOT REBLOG" they will constantly updated. if you do, you will be blocked.
this page will be turned into many tiny pages on my future navigation page.
other than that, enjoy yourselves!!
Tumblr media
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sleeping-lilies5 hours ago
Jason Todd for the character thing even though I know I鈥檓 probably gonna get my feelings hurt 馃槀 /lh
ahhhh the favorite character of mY BELOVED WIFE @jasontoddsguns BELOVED 馃槱馃グ ok ok let鈥檚 go
how i feel about them: if he was a father he would be very dilfy, i feel. BASHBDHA OK ANYWAYS i do like him i just feel he鈥檚 not written well 馃様 he鈥檚 so funny fhdjdjsks
who i ship with them romantically: i honestly. don鈥檛 know. i am stumped cjdnxnjs i can鈥檛 think of a decent ship for him. i saw a few jaykyle posts tho so perhaps i could be persuaded 馃憖
unpopular opinion: uhhhh... do i have any... i mean there was my anti jayroy shit cjdjxjjs but that more more anti new52 jayroy and anti lobdell in general. but not liking jayroy is like a 5.5/10 on the unpopular opinion scale. so.
one thing i wish would happen: i want. dexter soy back. I WANT THEM BACK PLEASE, SAVE US FROM UGLY ASS CATHOLIC CONSERVATIVE UNCLE JASON TODD 馃槶馃槶馃槶
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hxseok-honee6 hours ago
Alright here we go!
Jungkook and Tae.... wah? Wahhhhhh? Wa?
I swear if one of them dies I WILL R I O T!!! And not the fight, not the greatest sibling duo the world has ever seen 馃槱馃槱馃槱
Side note: do you ever just see who the ask is from and go like 'im in for it today huh?' Like do you know what kinda ask you're getting based on the person who asked it?
I PROMISED NO DEATH NO ONE WILL DIE I SWEAR except maybe the inseparable siblings their bond died a little bit but itll come back to life soon!!!聽
also YES larngjreg i know exactly what kind of ask is coming based on the username, including yours <3 i also know when @deepseavibez is asking smth on anon bc she wants to be slick but i know her too well so it never works out for her LMAO shes so tired of me being like聽鈥渨as that you on anon????鈥 in her dms aejrgerjng聽
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pressedlilacsandlilies8 hours ago
You know what's funny...when I first followed you I wanted to ask if you write for gangsta but I saw you mainly did aot so I was like "ahhh okay, let's not ask then" But JUST as I'm getting out of my gangsta phase I hear that YOU'RE WATCHING IT??馃檭 I-I can't even process this cause YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME A SLUT FOR NIC AND WORICK ALL OVER AGAIN 馃槱馃お馃槱
(Also, the person that put me on didn't tell me this but the anime is unfinished, idk if you knew yet! But you should definitely read the manga to pick up where it leaves off if you're still interested in the show!)
I still write mainly for AOT lmao honestly I had no idea that I would write the most stories for Reiner Braun. However, I鈥檓 still watching it, and let me just say that I would do anything they ask me to, without question.聽
Tumblr media
basically, the first thought I had when I first saw them, I saw that they won鈥檛 have a season two but I will be picking up the manga because I want to become their good little housewife 馃サ馃様
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wincore11 hours ago
鈥淎TSUMU DISEASE鈥 PLEAAASE THE DRAMATICS 馃槶馃槶馃槶 UR KIND OF RIGHT THO..... ITS AN ILLNESS! and omg YES i also started feeling a lil sumsum when he teared up at the food/note from kita 馃様馃様 hq knew what they were doing with that scene... I LOVE UR LIL RANT!! LIKING ATSUMU IS A SPIRALING EXPERIENCE SERIOUSLY I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT U MEAN!! also the writing possibilities with them r endless because everyone in hq is so ridiculous and funny and lovable
THE AMOUNT OF MONEY ID PAY TO GET A LOOK AT UR WIPS 馃檮馃檮馃檮馃檮 dont throw around 鈥渄rabbles鈥 and not expect me to be knocking down ur door... WAITIITI DRABBLES AAAND DOODLES?????????? MOONIE PLS GIVE US SOMETHING!!!! I WANT TO SEE THIS ART.. WHETHER ITS A DRAWING OR IN WORDS.... (why do u have so many talents)
鈥淚 keep wondering which god I pleased to get u鈥 stop before i propose 馃槱馃槱馃拲
YOOO WAIT IT FEELS LIKE ITS ALL COMING FULL CIRCLE... ur yangyang fic is not the first fic of urs ive read but it was the first one i left a message about!!!! so u already know im a die hard wincore-yangyang-fic fan 馃槶馃槶馃槶 THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!! but if u end up writing jaemin鈥檚 i will also be super happy bc its been like ?? over a yr since ur last jaemin work!! both ways work for me 馃構馃構
also i dont know much about adhd but i do know how rough it can be to both struggle & invalidate your own struggles!! pls know that whatever u feel is valid and that it always takes some time to come to terms with new information abt ourselves! take ur time and don鈥檛 be too hard on urself!!
- tata!! have a great day 鉂わ笍
LET ME BE DRAMATIC IT'S MIYA ATSUMU HE'S SOOOOO infuriating??? Is that the word?? but also rlly lovable. my friends are clowning me for liking him but hello ???
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
timeskip miya atsumu hmu pls 馃槏馃槏 (hope these don't count as spoilers, I just have so many screenshots of him and oikawa from the manga it's embarrassing)
I am literally at the bottom of the spiral and now I'm going to dig my way further down.
YOU ARE SO RIGHT??? they're just made to be so loveable and they have all these cute info about them like ??? reminds me why it was my comfort anime in the first place and now there's even more characters to love 馃グ
PLSSHSJS YOU'RE TOO NICE theyre literally my bored in online class doodles so they're too funky to post 馃ゴ I started posting some drabbles on my hq but it's going to be a secret for now HSHDJDJ I'm so sorry tata 馃様 if you happen to find that account too though...... 馃槼 Though mostly, I want to start planning n writing series on ao3 (ahaha I keep saying that but rn I only have energy for drabbles 馃槥) if you propose I might say yes btw just saying 馃ぉ you're second only to miya atsumu and oikawa tooru <3 HSHDJDJ
AHHH I keep losing motivation to write for nct but for u I might just complete it in time 馃槨馃槨 (and I mean it genuinely this ask made me open my yangyang doc shdjdkd) rip to jaemin tho he's the easiest to write but I wanted to branch out (my bad) I wish i returned to him sooner 馃槼 thank you for the encouragement tho!!!! you are the reason behind my writing career 馃挊
and thank you for the kind words like !!!! they mean a lot coming from you 馃槶you really know how to say the right words huh,,, god blessed tumblr blog wincore with tata no kidding. As always, I hope you have a great day/night 鉂o笍鉂o笍鉂o笍
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venusiangguk11 hours ago
(lmao I'm so sorry I rlly just let my mind ramble so you don't have to answer any of these questions, I actually like the open end so I can make my own conclusions but I just wanted to get these thoughts off my chest bcs I'm a hurt/comfort bitch with a kink for closure)
I just gotta know if jungkook was just as heartbroken as oc when they ended whatever their relationship was? Like in between the years that oc moved, I know he missed her and he tried to wait for her but did he cry every night, regretting every thing that happened, wished that he could go back and change things? Did he replay the events over and over again like a broken record player as it haunted him for years? Did it hurt when he thought he'd never see her again?
And did he actually love her? Like the answer should be "yea duh" he said in the epilogue "I know you feel what we had" so presumably he's alluding to the fact that he does love oc the way she did him but I wanna point out that he never says "I love you" explicitly, throughout the whole fic and especially the end. He just vaguely notions it. Most likely he prolly does love oc but still [side eyes] maybe not to oc's extent, the way you wrote about her love for jk, she loved him so deep and intensely that I'm pretty sure no one else could love that hard, not even jk himself (though she put him on a pedastal and idolised him so? Like a distorted love?)
And like? When they're fucking behind the wife's back, when he's looking at oc, does his gaze drip with love the way oc's did way back then, does he cry "I love you" when he re-enters into her after years of hoping until he gave up?
And then the wife, he must have felt some type of affection to her if homie went up and married them. I'd like to think that oc taught jk how to love I guess? Or like, how to be okay with it because old jk would NEVER lmao
You know what the more I think about it, the more unhealthyer jk's and oc's relationship gets damn,,,, like the codenpendancy? You'd think them breaking up would have dulled down that habit but once jungkook offered to see her tattoo at the end, you just know they're gonna go back to bad habits,,, fic kinda dark lowkey
I'm so sorry for the speculations dkdkfnf I just,,,,, it's been days and I still can't shake the feelings and affect "idealisations concerning real life realstions" has left on me. Its like the fic still lingers in my mind. Tbh it ain't even that deep 馃槶馃槶 I'm just,,,,, [cries]
i don鈥檛 think jks heartbreak was as excruciating as oc鈥檚. hers was very sharp and breathtaking, but it was also something that was able to be healed with time, whereas i think jungkooks was more of an ache that only grew as time passed, he was full of regret and longing and he did his best to move on (getting married) but as we saw, as soon as oc came back it was very obvious he never got over her.
yes, he loved oc so much. he didn鈥檛 realize till she was gone though. he didn鈥檛 tell her he loved her when they first reunited bc he didn鈥檛 know she was staying and didn鈥檛 want to put that on her. and when he found out she was staying, panic overshadowed the other emotions.
no bc the smut i would have written had i decided to elaborate on an affair... maaan... 馃槱
he loves his wife in way, but like he said, it never felt the way that it did with oc. with his wife its a very comfortable, almost stagnant relationship that鈥榮 only happening out of convenience and a little bit of fear of ending up alone.
they were so codependent, but they did have genuine, passionate love. whether it would have been sustainable and healthy in the long run?? who knows~~
don鈥檛 apologize!! i love answering questions about my fics!! i appreciate you caring enough about my stories to ask such good questions, so thank you !!
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papijean12 hours ago
Prompt 20 with Eren 馃挸馃挜馃挸馃挜馃挸馃挜 maybe like a cocky ass Eren and he always gets rejected by y/n 馃槱
he would say some shit like this聽
500+ words
鈥淚 would wreck your pussy and you know it" + eren
Eren wanted to get his dick wet so bad - but only from you. He was so persistent to get you to agree to have a fun time he swore off all the other girls he was talking to. Nothing was going to stop him from trying, no matter how many times he got rejected or humiliated.
It was so easy to tease him too. Ghosting your hands over his body when you were near, lips just barely brushing against his bare skin when you were whispering something to him. He was hooked on you and he wasn't willing to let go any time soon.
Nights at clubs with your friends always left him so desperate for you he couldn't think of anything but the sway of your hips and the malicious smile on your lips. Eren was addicted to you without even getting a taste.
Tonight was no different than the rest - except for the fact you were allowing him to keep his hands on you. The warmth of his breath fanned against the back of your neck as his hands remained on your waist to keep you close. Music blared, drinks were flowing, and your friends were all having a good time.
Your head lolled back into his shoulder as your hands slid over his and interlocked fingers. This was the most affection he's ever gotten from you and his body was on fire from it. Without missing a beat, Eren took complete advantage of your exposed neck to leave sloppy kisses on it. Even over the loud music, he could hear you hum with content.
"What's with the sudden change of heart," Eren spoke. His tongue trailed along your ear, before nipping at it. Every nerve in his body was lit up with excitement.
"I've been feeling generous this week," you nonchalantly answered. Eren's hold on you tightened as you backed your ass closer to his clothed front. "What do I have to lose with you?"
"Come on babygirl," Eren spun you around so you could face him. Your body was flush to his as he stared down at you. Tufts of hair were falling from his little bun, a few of them sticking to his skin from the sweat. "I would wreck you pussy and you know it."
"Oh yeah?" you cocked your head up enough so your lips could barely brush against his. Before you even had the chance to think of pulling away Eren's large hand grasped the back of your neck and closed the small distance. His lips were eager on yours, though they seemed to be gone just as soon as they came.
As confident as he was, he was still on a thin line with you - one he wasn't going to lose because of a careless choice. It didn't seem to matter, not when you were kissing him back again with just as much desire. His lips were soft, nothing like you expected them to be.
"Wanna prove it to me?"
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eighet14 hours ago
i鈥檓 sorry if i鈥檓 annoying you with all the asks, just wanna wind down i guess. i wanna go to bed, but i can鈥檛 fall asleep. these next weeks are gonna be so stressful as my school year finishes up:(
and i鈥檓 excited for summer to come but at the same time summer is usually when i鈥檓 most insecure. i鈥檓 a bigger girl naturally and i always get super self conscious when all of my thinner friends are getting new swimsuits and tank tops and i know they鈥檒l never look as good on me, but i don鈥檛 just wanna drown inside big t shirts all summer either; idk i just wish i felt better in my body
sorry for being such a downer, i just felt like this was a safe space to talk:((
awww babyy please don鈥檛 be afraid to say anything here, you鈥檙e not being annoying at all :( and hh same馃様 i have a lot of overdue assignments so i need to finish them before my sem ends</3 lets work hard okay?? don鈥檛 overwhelm yourself with work, and don鈥檛 stress that much, we鈥檒l get through this together 馃樉
馃樉馃樉馃樉 i will not stand for 馃 anon slander 馃樉馃樉馃樉 i bet you鈥檙e beautiful baby :( it鈥檚 kinda funny since i鈥檓 not particularly that skinny but i look forward to summer solely for showing off my body馃様 don鈥檛 let your insecurities ruin your summer angel >:[ i bet you look so pretty. i know it sometimes feels like everyone鈥檚 watching us but they R not!!!! go out of your comfort zone and wear those tops if that鈥檚 what you wanna do!!! big girls look so good in them, idk what you鈥檙e on about馃え SWIMSUITS R MADE FOR THEM馃樇 i literally start foaming in the mouth each time i see a big girl wearing revealing stuff (thats why i love summer tbh馃槶) SO WEAR WHATEVER MAKES U FEEL MOST COMFY OKAY UR GONNA LOOK SO馃槱馃槱馃馃徎鈥嶁檧锔忦煣庰煆烩嶁檧锔
it means a lot to me that you find my blog as a safe space SO TALK TO ME ABOUT WHATEVER U WANT OKAY鉂撯潛I LOVE U SM鈽癸笍
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pompompurin102814 hours ago
Yes! They definitely have a lot of similar facial features (except Mori looks a little bit older) :o
This thread might interest you馃槅 I didn鈥檛 fully read it since I don鈥檛 want to be biased while watching them but it sure looks interesting.
Yes!!! I just checked it, he鈥檚 exactly 40馃槱
Whaaat really馃槶 Omg are you serious馃槶馃槶 I really hope it was worth enough to get to your point in your analysis, at least馃槶 But I can totally see that haha! The things one would sacrifice for a better understanding, I have so much respect馃様馃檹馃徎
Thank you so much, you too!鉂わ笍 and yess go get that water imma get some too馃憖
I just read the thread and all I can say is Oh.My.God.馃樁 I loved reading this thank you! I can't believe I didn't see the resemblance between them! And this makes so much sense!
And yes I'm totally serious馃樁 It's in the Why I think Dazai is going to live analysis馃弮鈥嶁檧锔忦煆冣嶁檧锔 And thank you馃槶 I just need to know Dazai won't die in this series because I will be emotionally crushed
And yes get that water!!馃グ鉂も潳 Hope you're having a lovely day so far!!
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Heya Blue-sama! Done rereading Breathe for the nth time. Just can't get enough with Alpha Naru x Omega Sasuke Universe. Been searching for other fics with similar genre but sadly, I only found a few and fewer still have good plot and great writing. So I got to the point of wanting to write my own story but just can't get myself to start. Any advice for a first timer? 馃榿
I wish I could get the motivation and time to finish it soon馃槱 Alas ,writing anything these days have become so tiring and I can't even explain it馃槱 It's like the burning passion is a mere simmer that sporadically flares at the most random at times these days. Then quickly fizzles out as if it never existed at all. Just a cloud of dust on the wind馃槱馃槱
Oooooo that's super awesome diving into writing your very own. Advice?馃 I would say jump right in. Dont think about whether it's going to be good or not. Think about what you want to unfold and just write. Don't worry about grammar and perfect tense and perfect phrasing, that can all be edited after. Just get your thoughts onto that page. Write them as it comes and fix it after you've done. Also, it's good to know how you want the story to begin and how it should ultimately end . At leat for me that's how it was. I already have the ending to my stories, most time way before the story even begins馃ぃ馃槄
Most of all, write for you! Have fun and tell the story you want to write, not what others expect you to write. You definitely got this, love !
Ps 馃憠馃徑馃憟馃徑 I would love to read your story one day if you share it!馃挏馃挏馃挏馃挏馃挏
Tumblr media
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somniari-94a day ago
It's Sanzu season so drop the adult Sanzu as a husband hcs
Sanzu as a Husband
Tumblr media
I had so many thoughts on this, I鈥檓 afraid it all came out a mess 馃槱 Despite this I hope you enjoy it! And thank you for the request! I鈥檝e been longing to write something for him, and this actually inspired an idea!
Requests are Open! 馃槉
Word Count锟: 935
Warnings: Lewd Humor (very brief)
Tumblr media
鈥 His proposal would likely be after he feels he could settle you into a comfortable lifestyle and not have to worry about you getting hurt by any of his enemies. Security is key with this one, he loves you and is terrified of anything happening to you. It would be a private setting, lavish and yet intimate with only those closest to you there to witness the moment. Every detail would be planned to your liking. From the scenery to the ring, Sanzu wanted nothing but the best for you. He recognizes that this was a special moment for you and wanted to make sure it would be something you would cherish for the entirety of your marriage.
鈥 The wedding itself would be entirely up to you. Sanzu doesn鈥檛 really care about color schemes and locations, but he wants you to have your dream wedding so the specifics will be your choice. That being said, he鈥檚 not leaving you alone to stress over everything. He will be with you every step of the way, supporting and working through each detail big or small.
鈥 Don鈥檛 expect tears when he sees you walking down the aisle. He won鈥檛 cry, but he is in complete awe of you. He will definitely be wondering how he got so lucky to have such a breathtaking S/O for the rest of the night. Your wedding is likely the first and last time anyone witnessed him express himself physically.
鈥 Being Bonten鈥檚 second means he will likely be gone late into the night, so time spent together probably won鈥檛 be as much as you like. That being said, the time he is with you are moments he cherishes. For instance, those soft early mornings where he gets to wake up with you in his arms? It brings him comfort just to hold you, so he鈥檇 lay there just listening to you breath while basking in your presence. Chances are, though, he鈥檇 rarely let you see just how soft you make him.
鈥 I imagine this would have to be a relationship established when he was young, when he would have possibly been more open to letting people close in a manner that isn鈥檛 viewed as a game to him. So you had years to earn his trust enough for him to let you in. That means years of him getting comfortable enough around you to truly let you see him for who he is, and for him to know you in the same manner.
鈥 Sanzu will view you as a source of comfort and support. He would never speak to you about what鈥檚 going on in Bonten, but on nights where things get just a bit too stressful he will come home and just want to hold you. Run your fingers through his hair, press gentle kisses to his face. Nothing soothes this man quicker than your touch.
(Brief lewd humor bellow)
鈥 Gift giving and physical touch is how he shows his love. You will be absolutely spoiled. Have you heard that song Sugar Daddy by Qveen Herby? Yes, he does in fact love you and will happily spend his money on you. But if you dare joke and call him your sugar daddy? 鈥淪houldn鈥檛 my baby be giving daddy some sugar, then?鈥 This man can be an absolute tease when he wants to be. Despite the teasing, he genuinely feels bad he鈥檚 not always there for you. He tries to make up for it by buying you the things you want. Not the healthiest way to express his feelings and regrets, but it鈥檚 his way of showing he cares.
鈥 He notices and appreciates everything you do for him. From cooking his meals (he has tried cooking for you, and it was a fiery disaster) to making sure his suits are immaculate before he puts them on, right down to picking up after him. He鈥檚 perceptive, and he will thank you for it by taking you to the places you mentioned when you thought he wasn鈥檛 paying attention (he always listens to you).
鈥 Should you get up before him in the mornings he will immediately seek you out. If you鈥檙e occupied with preparing breakfast, he鈥檇 come up behind you, wrap his arms around your waist and bury his face into your neck. He just wants to be close when he wakes up. Bask in it, he will never be so open with his affection in public. At most, he will let you hold onto his arm while walking around.
鈥 Speaking going out, you will likely never go anywhere unguarded. He鈥檚 the second in a big time criminal organization with many enemies that wouldn鈥檛 hesitate to use you against him. He won鈥檛 be taking any risks. Not with you. And should someone ever harm you? They won鈥檛 live, but he鈥檇 certainly give them enough time to regret it.
鈥 Sanzu is a complicated man in the sense that you can鈥檛 always get a read on him. When you were kids, he was quiet. Withdrawn, almost, but open enough to let you in bit by bit. As an adult I imagine he鈥檚 still the same, but he鈥檚 no longer so reserved. You鈥檙e a major part of his life, so he won鈥檛 hold back. He鈥檚 a criminal who has done many horrible things and taken many lives. He has his vices and flaws, but you still married him. Sanzu will never be the perfect husband, and you can鈥檛 always be his priority. But he loves you, and will gladly place the world at your feet if you desire it. Whether that鈥檚 enough for you or not is entirely up to you.
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Saw your post! I can relate a 100%... All those ficlets. Oof. I thought I'd write more for @writingjoycebyers but I also feel burnt out af馃槱
Still, I have a Jopper question for you.
What do you think is one important friendship advice jopper gave each other? Or Hopper gave joyce?
I鈥檓 glad I鈥檓 not alone on this boat聽馃槄Thanks for the question!
I headcanon that throughout her life, Joyce has struggled to keep close friends as a result of anxiety and a habit of periodically isolating herself. In high school, Hopper was the only friend she maintained a strong bond with, while most others grew apart from her.聽
Hopper gives her some advice one night while she鈥檚 venting about her frustrations, about not knowing how to keep people around in her life. He tells her she should reach out to her old friends and explain why she withdrew, that she gets overwhelmed sometimes and needs to spend time alone to recover, that it鈥檚 never anything personal, and she wants to rekindle her friendships.聽
Joyce replies,聽鈥淚鈥檓 afraid they won鈥檛 understand.鈥澛
With a shrug, Hopper tells her,聽鈥淭hen they aren鈥檛 worth keeping around. You deserve friends who get you. It鈥檚 not impossible. I do, after all.鈥
She ends up taking his advice and reaching out to a couple of those friends, who are happy to pick things up again where they left off. Hopper would hype her up whenever she was preparing to approach them. Communicating her apologies and her boundaries makes her feel a lot more secure in her relationships.聽
And Joyce realizes just how much her best friend truly does understand her.
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jonsa101a day ago
Helen Sharpe, Fran Fine and The London Trip That Could Change Everything
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hey guys! My DMs have been flooded on here and on Twitter since the promo for episode 3.12 about what I think happens in the episode. Y鈥檃ll have also shared a BUNCH of your theories with me as well! At this point I don鈥檛 know if Max and Helen are in a shower or on a rooftop. Hell for all we know he might get shot by Chance. I seriously love this fandom! The love for our ship is unreal and y鈥檃ll keep me thoroughly entertained but at the same time y鈥檃ll the anticipation for tomorrow鈥檚 episode is too much!!!! Lol. We need a little bit of a distraction so I decided to share this meta of what I think could happen after this big ordeal. Warning before we dive into this meta, THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!
Based on the spoilers seen on Instagram and on Twitter, we know that at some point in season 3, Helen, Mina and potentially Max all end up in London. For reference here are the spoilers below:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*Please give @theboredfox and @summilovers a follow on Twitter who put in the work to put a spoiler thread together! 馃槱馃檶馃従
Anyways, like many of you, when these spoilers came out I wasn鈥檛 too sure what to make of it but after the episode came out with Helen screaming 鈥淚 was abandoned first!鈥 I immediately assumed that Helen and Mina were going to London possibly to find answers for the brokenness within their family and for Helen to have some sort of healing from her childhood trauma. I mentioned here but clearly during this season Helen has been on a journey this season and Healing is definitely a part of it. I wouldn鈥檛 be surprised if maybe she meets up with her mom. That would be amazing!! 馃馃従馃馃従馃馃従馃馃従I still believe this is one of the main reasons she ends up in London but after the 3.12 promo my perspective has changed a bit.
Y鈥檃ll I鈥檓 am 1000% under the impression that whatever transpires in tomorrow鈥檚 episode and possibly 3.13 episode as well is going to cause Helen to DIP! I think the emotional trauma/turmoil is going to be too much for her and she鈥檚 going to run to London. I know that I鈥檓 not the only one who thinks this but that鈥檚 just how I see it. Remember how I鈥檝e been saying that Helen is on the verge of an emotional breakdown and that would be the catalyst to get Max to admit his feelings for her, well I think this is it y鈥檃ll! In my mind, I always viewed this moment more so centered on her or her issues with Mina. I mean she鈥檚 clearly been going through a lot this season but I guess the writers needed a massive potential life or death situation for her to fret about to push her over the edge! 馃槱馃槱馃槱馃槱 All I鈥檓 saying is that my girl Helen might be overwhelmed by it all!!
If this event drives her to London (which I suspect it will) Max is absolutely going to go after. This brings me to Fran Fine! Hopefully most of y鈥檃ll who follow me have seen The Nanny! In my option it鈥檚 definitely one of the greatest sitcoms ever made. I watched the whole series one summer when I was in high school and at the end I sobbed like baby! It鈥檚 just that funny, heartfelt and everything you would want in a sitcom. Anyway, if you鈥檝e seen the show you know the main plot of the series is Mr. Sheffield and Nanny Fine finally getting together after many years of Fran being a Nanny/mom to his kids. As the love and angst grows between them season after season some of the most pivotal moments of their relationship is when they have these spontaneous European trips together. The first trip they have is in Paris and their second trip is in London.
For their London trip, Fran follows Maxwell to London and they have this really beautiful and romantic time together in the city. They seem so free and most themselves. Mind you they weren鈥檛 officially together on these trips but it was a time for them to be their most vulnerable and most honest about their feelings. Especially for Maxwell who struggled for years to tell Fran how he really felt about her...(sound kinda familiar 馃槒). I don鈥檛 know why but for the last couple of weeks every time I think of these spoilers I think of The Nanny and the episodes where they get to go on these trips together. Not only do I think that Max is going to confess that he鈥檚 in love with Helen but I also think this trip could have the potential to turn into something that is completely and utterly romantic!! There鈥檚 nothing like being in another country with someone that you love. There鈥檚 freedom and intimacy that you get to have that sometimes you just can鈥檛 get at home.
I don鈥檛 know why I鈥檝e been feeling this way about a potential romantic London trip but I just do!! This isn鈥檛 anything that鈥檚 particularly insightful. This is just me talking from my gut. Again, I鈥檝e always said that there might be more than just a love declaration at the end of the season. At this point where it seems like life and death is on the line, anything can honestly happen!
Again, y鈥檃ll my DMs are always open on here or on Twitter! @oyindaodewale My ask box is open too! I love this fandom so much y鈥檃ll! 鉂わ笍
P.S. We are having a Twitter Spaces discussion about all things Sharpwin tomorrow night after the episode. I鈥檓 hosting the event so y鈥檃ll look out for my tweets if y鈥檃ll want to join! It鈥檚 going to be so much fun and y鈥檃ll know the fandom is about to be in shambles tomorrow over the episode!!!! I CAN鈥橳 WAIT!!
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anicocata day ago
I don't know if it's true but I heard from someone close to crew that Sobbe doesn't really have a sub-plot or at least not the Bel! Mikael one, that's why Robbe is Sander first boy since the beginning and apparently that was planned since OG s4, they wanted to focus on Yasmina as the fandom ask for, that's why they didn't made the Evak birthday video and why there's not an actual Bel!Mikael but the story is there, also Robbe doesn't have school problems as Isak for a reason, they have some involvement of course!!! but that's it...
Now this person knows crew working on wtFOCK and that's why I could go there as an extra, but I didn't hear that from the actual crew so I can't confirm if anything of that is actually truth.
One thing I can say is that Moyo does have some involment, the girls get heavy drama and the sub-plots I saw filming didn't include Sobbe at all plus the one that supposed to be Bel! Mikael answered to someone on his tiktok comments that he's not part of wtFOCK at all, he answered that kinda when they started filming (if I remember correctly) the comment/answer should be still there on one of his tik toks.
I mean I'm not against the Sobbe sub-plot in the contrary I was so excited to saw this plot on wtFOCK since forever and I understand the Sobbe fans missing them, is episode 5 Robbe disappear and they can't even give us actual face pics of them on their socials so even if sometimes gets annoying I get it, AND that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying and watching because of Yasmina because I'm loving the season so far but yeah.....
I think all comes to we really might not get a Sobbe sub-plot and we should make our minds around it because all is point it out tours that...
Again could all be false and tomorrow we could get the whole Sobbe situation happening haha 馃槄 they so far have been super similar to OG so I don't get why they would delete Sobbe sub-plot wouldn't make sense...who knows.
Okay, thanks for the info, even if we don鈥檛 know whether this is true or not, but given that all the major connections Sobbe had with Yasmina have been cut off since S3, it鈥檚 very possible that this is true 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔廜r maybe the guy who was supposed to be Bel!Mikael was going to appear in the old S4, but after corona and all the mess they did with Kato, they decided to cut off the original Sobbe subplot and do Yasmina right this time, so that's why he says he's not part of the series.
聽I just have one retorical question.... how in the world making THE birthday video was even going to affect Yasmina鈥檚 season? At least, if they pretended to keep all the focus in Yasmina since the beginning, they could have made the effort to make that video and compile there all the happy moments we are never going to see....聽 Dude.... 馃挃馃槱馃様馃槶馃様馃挃
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torontoschampionsa day ago
who doesn't love a good mess you know馃お
omg i got to see allisons goal bc my mom was watching the liverpool game on the tv it was truly wild! i didnt even realize it was him at first. i think they said hes only the fourth goalie to score in the prem? which is incredible馃槶
that one guy you work with deserves rights馃槍 rip pens ot. suddenly i'm no longer opposed to this best of seven structure because i would've fought every single player today if it ended in one
wild-vgk was actually so inchresting i hope they keep up this intensity (and also that minnesota goes through, seeing vgk play makes me nervous to see them against any of my teams lmao oops)
of course tampa bay had to break the ot streak smh. that planet bullshit tweet lmaoo it's funny both because that's a funny phrase and also because i don't understand what tampa bay did at all馃槍鈽濔煆 ive seen a lot of tweets saying they "circumvented the salary cap" but i have no clue how lol
i didnt even realize how long it'd be till we see the leafs again, i thought we'd see them like tuesday and then i checked this morning and i felt so sad. this should be a crime i miss my mullet boys馃槫
omg yes it better be a good omen! im also glad these games are back in the evening, know your place hockey, morning/early afternoon is for football and f1 only
have a good night! see you for playoffs tomorrow馃お
thank u bestie bc that鈥檚 all I know 馃棧馃棧馃棧 chaos and disorganization 馃槱
If I was alisson I would NOT know how to act after that like no one could tell me anything I would just like be like 鈥測ea I respect ur opinion but remember when I scored a goal ? Bye.鈥
Kdjdjdkd LMAO exactly omg thank god for long series. I like it a lot more than even the 2-leg system like for knockout stages in champions/Europa league. plus I think the home and away thing is pretty neat, like games 1 + 2 at home for the higher ranked them then 3 + 4 at home for the lower ranked and then alternating as needed so that if there is a game 7 it鈥檒l happen at the higher ranked team鈥檚 arena. I鈥檓 interested to see how it鈥檒l work tho if we get to like two teams with different allowable capacities in their arenas rn, like for example none of the canadian teams are allowing any fans. But what if it shakes out so that they end up playing of the American teams in the final four that are allowing fans? That difference would rlly suck for the players i think
Honestly I just need someone to explain to me how tf vgk is so good. Is Seattle gonna be like this too ?? Just monstrous right from the get go ?? Pls
honestly I haven鈥檛 looked into it in too much detail so this is secondhand based on what I鈥檝e read other ppl saying on Reddit/Twitter etc but basically he is arguably their best player so obv has a monster contract to reflect that. He apparently sustained an injury during last year鈥檚 playoffs (tampa won the cup btw) that required surgery in the offseason, with a 鈥渇ew months鈥 expected recovery timeline. Somehow he didn鈥檛 get that surgery until a few weeks before this season was going to start, so there is speculation that tampa purposely delayed his surgery to maximize the amount of time he would be away in the regular season
This helps them bc while a player is on long term injured reserve (LTIR), his salary is not counted towards the salary cap. So even tho his salary is like 9M+ a year, that wouldn鈥檛 be included in the cap while he鈥檚 out. The second they activate him off LTIR it would be. So he spends all of the season not playing and then somehow right in time for game 1 of the playoffs he is ok to go again - scores 2 goals in his first game of the season aka game 1 of the playoffs. Seems iffy !! the reason they鈥檙e allowed to play him now is bc salary cap doesn鈥檛 count in playoffs, so you can ice as expensive a team as you want lol. The thing is you can鈥檛 have a player on LTIR unless he is actually injured so apparently the league looked into the situation and found nothing wrong with it. I think the timing just strikes ppl as an awfully lucky cowinkydink lol. It鈥檚 not really Tampa鈥檚 fault, just a loophole they鈥檙e using ig it鈥檚 more like the league needs to have more stringent cap restrictions in playoffs or something, but yeah just a funny situation. I guess he had to have been really confident in his team making the playoffs and in his position on the team to be willing to sit at home not playing the entire season tho LMAOO
T-1.5h ish til the big game 馃棧馃棧馃棧馃棧馃棧 how are we feeling !!! my best friend is getting married this fall and we talked on the phone for hours today planning various things we need to do etc it was super fun 馃槍 hope you鈥檙e having a good day 馃槑
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goldenbluesuita day ago
Ugh the ending scene!! I kinda want Adele to finish her last year of college so she can get her diploma, but she knows what鈥檚 best for her! Tbh I鈥檓 not ready for liwybi coming to end but I鈥檓 also so proud of how far my babies grew 馃ズ馃挋 I鈥檇 definitely like to see some drabble of them after the series! Only if you鈥檙e feeling like it, of course 鈽猴笍
I mean it works a bit differently, she鈥檒l still get a qualification it just won鈥檛 be as high a level! Thank you so much, I鈥檓 so sad it鈥檚 coming to an end but it鈥檚 been with me for a year and I鈥檓 excited for new things 馃槱 will definitely miss them though 馃グ馃グ馃グ
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could i possibly have,, a mha and hq ship ajajaj (SURPRISE ME I LOVE EVERY CHARACTER) i'm an i/enfp, no gender preference, 7w6, i love music, musical theatre, studying (SHHHH it's fun if you let it be ajajajj), singing, and reading. i honestly want to be with someone who makes me a better person if that makes sense?? i want that person to build me up, you know?? i want to be the best version of myself spspsp, they definitely need to know my social cues (i literally can't say no) so they (1??)
(2/2)聽 -know when to say it for me, you know? they definitely need to ask me twice before agreeing because i end up doing too much and burning myself out smh 馃槱馃槱 oh and they also gotta remind me where i put my things or help me find it. and also i take 40 minute showers (and that's on losing track of time) and they gotta get used to it lmao UHALFUIAHLUIFI OKAY THAT'S ALL I LOVE YOU CATH I HOPE YOU'VE BEEN DOING GOOD!!!! TAKE CARE FKAUUAILCIUCHLAI I LOVE YOU BABES AND I HOPE YoU'VE HAD A GOOD DAY EHFEH
Haikyu: I ship you with Tsukishima
Tumblr media
Ok, this one was actually really hard. Like, I couldn鈥檛 decide between Saltishima, Kiyoko and Sugamama so I just went with my gut.聽
You + Our salty french fry = instant OTP (just add water)
Like, obviously, y鈥檃ll got them sunshine baby and unapproachable bitch vibes going on that everyone loves. And congratulations you get to be literally the only person Tsukki is soft for! (except Yami) Like, imagine, you with all your friends and ur adorable personality and him with his one friend and his god-awful personality and no one can figure out why you two are dating?? Iconic.
He just thinks you鈥檙e the cutest thing ever?? and feels an overwhelming urge to take care of you?? Ugh, yes. Where鈥檚 my partner to adore me like Tsukki would adore you?? Honestly.
And like, rest assured, he would play nice with your friends and tolerate them for your sake but you are his TOP priority so as soon as you start to feel a little worn out or run down? He be like 鈥淔uck those bitches鈥 and then he鈥檚 dragging you to your room to aggressively snuggle you.And trust me, he鈥檒l know when you鈥檙e needing some support. Boy is really good at reading people and insanely attuned to your needs specifically.聽
He might not always be the softest or come off as the most supportive but he makes sure you鈥檙e taken care of and that鈥檚 how he shows his love
BNHA: I ship you with Todoroki
Tumblr media
Ok, hear me out. This might not seem like the perfect match right away but when you think about it I feel like it really does make sense. Like, you鈥檙e such a loving and caring and sweet person and that is EXACTLY what Shouto needs, like, we all know boy is touch starved and deprived of love and human connection so imagine him having a gf like you who just cherishes him?? and is so good to him?? Ah yes, so wholesome.
Not to mention, Sho can be very blunt which would be good for situations where you aren鈥檛 taking proper care of yourself. Like, someone asks you for help with something when you鈥檙e already stressed?聽鈥淪orry, She can鈥檛. We have plans鈥 or聽鈥淓llie needs some time to herself, please figure it out on your own or find someone else to help you鈥
Like, he doesn鈥檛 mean to be rude but he just gets very protective of you and wants to make sure that you鈥檙e being taken care of while you鈥檙e busy taking care of everyone else <3
Just, overall, the support is top tier. Relationship goals.
Hope you like these! Remember to take care of yourself. Ily and I hope you have an amazing dayyyyy!!!
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andifnotheisstillgooda day ago
Phone interview leaves me feeling depressed...
Just had a phone interview with a large pharmaceutical company, and I feel like I bombed it.. 馃槱 I鈥檓 a young individual looking to get that first job/experience, and my nerves got the best of me. I really want the job鈥 I think it鈥檚 a great fit! I prepared for the phone interview, and I still feel like I stumbled a lot on my words and answering questions I even expected them to ask.. I鈥檝e been looking for a job for almost two years now, have sent in numerous applications to various companies, and this has been the third interview I鈥檝e received after those applications. I have a masters degree and can鈥檛 land a job. I feel so defeated.. I have a lot of trouble with public speaking if I don鈥檛 have a script to read off of and even then I get nervous. What can I do to be more comfortable and confident in phone interviews? Can/Will hiring managers overlook that a candidate is nervous if they have the qualifications to perform the job successfully?? If they can鈥檛/won鈥檛, I don鈥檛 know that I鈥檒l ever get that career starting job.. I just need someone to take a chance on me even if I get tongue tied.
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papijeana day ago
54 & 70
Porco and Reiner
ouu yes pls pls 馃槱
oh hellllssss yes this was spicy聽
650+ words聽
"Don't stop I like it when you pull my hair" + So greedy getting fucked with two cocks" + Porco and Reiner
"Fucking hell, Reiner. Look at her. So fucked out already and we've barely even started," Porco was quick to notice how quickly you lost yourself in pleasure. The sharp sting of his palm on your ass brought you back only for a moment. He was always so good at fucking you until you couldn't see.
The taller blonde stood before you, cock in hand and eager to be inside you too. He was mesmerized by the way you looked 聽- face in the sheets, body molding to every movement of Porco's, you looked incredible. He collected your hair into a messy ponytail, using the hold to pull your face up to see him.
Precum leaked from him and you wanted nothing more than to lick it all up. The sight of him so eager for you caused you to moan.
"Fuck, she's squeezing me just from looking at you," Porco groaned. The slapping of his hips into your ass echoed louder as he used you. "Come on, be a good girl and suck him off."
You didn't have to be told twice. Reiner moaned your name as you took most of him in one go. Your tongue swirled around his tip, soaking up every drop of him before getting him to touch the back of your throat. The sound of your gags was nothing compared to the two men taking you.
Reiner's hold on your hair didn't drop. He used it to guide your pace, sometimes getting you to take more of him than you could handle. "You take so much of me, pretty girl," Reiner praised. Drool hung from your chin as he pulled out of you with a quiet pop. Without needing to be asked, your tongue flattened up his length.
Just as you took his head, hollowing your cheeks to suck his most sensitive spot, Porco sped up immensely. You couldn't stop the long string of moans and it took everything not to stop sucking Reiner to just fall into oblivion.
"So greedy getting fucked with two cocks," Porco chimed in as your desperate sounds became louder. Reiner's hold on your hair tightened as he guided you to take more of him. "Look how much of a mess you're making. Gonna ruin my sheets tonight, aren't you? Hmm? Just love having the two of us so much, I know."
It was true, there was no better feeling than having two of them inside you, pleasuring both of them at once. It felt like an honor to be able to make them cum at the same time.
Reiner watched as your eyes rolled to the back of your head, jaw becoming slack as Porco had you reaching your high. He relentlessly fucked you through your orgasm, desperate to see you fail in sucking off Reiner while you became consumed in pleasure. The continuous string of moans against his cock had Reiner reaching his own almost immediately. The vibrations of your hums had him twitching inside of you until his hot cum soaked your tongue.
"Fuck- oh fuck that's it, (Y/N)," Reiner's chest heaved as you swallowed his cum. You lapped up the remaining drops threatening to fall to the bed below all while looking up at him with soft eyes. He let go of the grip on your hair. A frown made it's way to your face at the lack of tugs to your roots.
"Don't stop, I like when you pull my hair," you pouted. Porco didn't hesitate to replace Reiner's hand. One hand pressed into your back to lower you back down to the bedding, the other tugging so viciously at your roots you swore some hairs were falling out. A shameless, pornographic moan ripped from your chest.
"You took all Reiner's cum, babygirl now it's time to take all of mine."
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