#i just want to point out she really does say 'i'm just gonna quick call my mom'
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Sterling and her phone really went through a lot in season 1
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๑ [ 29 ] could've been a better man
tw: none / wc: 1.7k
Tumblr media
xiao doesn't understand where izumi's anger is coming from. he daresay she's trying to act like a victim all over again but xiao doesn't like thinking bad of her so he pushes those thoughts away.
"the first time in weeks that we can spend time together again and this is what you ask me? you're going back to old habits, xiao! i'm not yn! you don't get to doubt me like how you did with her!"
xiao winces. whether it's because of izumi's volume as she spoke or because she just had to mention you, he doesn't know.
"how is me asking where you've been these past few weeks going back to old habits? you've been disappearing on me a lot! you haven't been texting me or checking up on me. you haven't been attending your classes either!"
xiao has a point. he knows he does. izumi won't get away with sweet talking her way out of this. he needs to know where she's been, is that too much to ask?
"fine! i've been… arranging some stuff. remember i mentioned to you about having a brother? well, he landed himself back in jail so i've been visiting him every day. poor guy's going crazy."
xiao was taken aback. 'landed himself back in jail'? izumi is a direct relative of a guy like that? he doesn't know how to react and what to say. now he's all guilty for yelling and pushing her to open up to him. maybe he did, in some part of his head, unconsciously started to doubt izumi.
"i'm… uh, sorry princess. i didn't know you were going through something like that, it must be hard."
izumi had tears in her eyes and xiao was quick to envelope her in a warm hug. "it's okay, my baby. i'm sorry i haven't been the most open about it."
xiao wanted so badly to ask who the brother was and how he landed himself in jail (again) but thought against it. izumi will eventually tell him when she's ready.
"anyway…" she taps him on the shoulder, signaling him to pull away. he obliges and she hops down from the table before gathering her things on the chair. "i have to go, got a lot of homework to do. will you be staying here, love?"
here… aka the editing room inside the film org's office where he'll be meeting yn in exactly 20 minutes.
"yeah, i need to start editing for the video tribute ayaka is making us do for foundation day."
izumi pouts, leaning over to kiss his forehead as she tangles her fingers in his locks. "is no one gonna come over to help you?"
xiao forces a chuckle. "no, not really. it's just me."
well, izumi doesn't need to know, right?
as soon as she's out the door of the film org's office, the smile she has on her lips drops to a thin line.
"'just you?'" she repeats what xiao said before letting out a disappointed sigh. "i can't believe you're lying to me now, xiao. this is what i mean when you're going back to old habits. letting that basic bitch's fake ass smile lure you back into her clutches. ha! i don't cling onto you for a few weeks and you crawl right back to her? you gotta be fucking kidding me."
she spins in her heels, shaking her head in disbelief as she calls someone.
"hey, it's me. i think we should speed up on cutting venti out of the group. it might give xiao a reminder why exactly he left yn in the first place. oh! and don't worry, i talked to him about my brother. i'm lucky he didn't bother asking haruki's name or why he's back in jail in the first place."
the person on the other end of the phone lets out an appreciative hum.
"that's good. the sooner we give xiao doubts about venti, the better. that way when venti finally tries to tell xiao about you and haruki, he won't believe a word venti will say."
izumi scoffs in annoyance. "what do you think i've been doing these past few days?"
"i see you actually bought take out," you comment as soon as you arrive, spotting the white plastic bags on the small table across the computer. another step inside the room and you were able to sniff out the salivating aroma of sticky honey roast. your favorite.
"i, uh…" xiao doesn't meet your eyes. "bought takeouts from mond because i was craving it."
you roll your eyes. last time you checked, he hated eating food from mond because it requires him to eat with a spoon and fork when all he wants is to use his chopsticks. you don't bother voicing this out to him as you silently make your way across the room, kicking one of the stools towards the foldable table for you to sit on. xiao's already taking out the cardboard boxes of food one by one, making the scent of the honey roast's sauce stronger.
"i'm amazed your darling izumi let you even be in the same room as me."
you don't miss the tensing of his shoulders. should you have said something different? well, what's done is done. you can't take it back. plus, your curiosity simply won you over. honestly speaking, you wouldn't have even agreed to edit with him tonight but you heard from the other officers that they're busy and won't be able to make it. curse your guilt and empty schedule.
xiao clears his throat as he hands you your eating utensils. should he tell you izumi doesn't know? nah, he doesn't think that's a good idea. "oh, well, she's understanding like that." xiao almost dropped to his knees laughing at the absurdity of what he said.
you almost lost your appetite. izumi and the word understanding doesn't even fit in a sentence. but fine, you'll shut your mouth lest you offend the bitch's boyfriend. worse, he'll shove your precious honey roast in the trash can.
"i'm glad you're dating kazuha. he's nice," xiao hopes he looks convincing enough. he made sure not to speak through gritted teeth. "and uhm… i'm sorry about—"
"my ex?" you cut him off. an expression on your face xiao can't quite understand. "yeah, that's what i've been hearing a lot these past few weeks. whoever posted that on the freedom wall is an asshole for invading my privacy."
"yeah, totally," he responds. "i guess what i'm trying to say is i'm glad you're okay and that haruki deserves to rot in that cell for the trauma he caused you."
you meet his eyes. does xiao even know his girlfriend practically helped haruki? no, probably not. and you don't bother telling him. god forbid anyone talks shit about izumi when you're around xiao.
curious of your unreadable stare, he raises a brow. "is there something wrong, yn? why're you looking at me like that?"
you snap out of it. "oh, it's nothing. i just got carried away with my thoughts."
"does kazuha know you're here with me?"
"yes, he does."
"oh, he must be fine with it then."
a memory of kazuha's text appears in your mind. well, technically, he wasn't fine with it. kazuha was all passive aggressive about it but you simply nodded and smiled.
"yeah, kazuha trusts me."
you try to ignore the faint hitch of breath xiao took the moment you uttered your words. of course that would leave an impact on him. trusting you was a challenge xiao never overcame. judging by his reaction, he's aware and you hope he learned his lesson.
well, judging by his oh so happy relationship now with izumi, maybe he did and you hope the bitter feeling brewing in the pit of your stomach will go away soon the more you spend time with kazuha. you hate that it still breaks your heart, thinking about all the promises he made yet never kept. why did he have to learn his lesson after breaking up with you? why is he now a better man for izumi, when he could've been a better man for you?
you're lucky you're done eating, otherwise you've completely lost the appetite.
"i've been thinking…" xiao starts, averting his eyes from you. "i wanted to apologize for everything i did these past few months. i was an asshole—i mean, i am an asshole."
"i'm glad you know." xiao winces even though he's been expecting your reaction.
"does izumi even know you're apologizing to me?" you cross your arm defensively. you just can't help but bring her up. how would you know this isn't another ploy set up for you to get hurt? after all, that's all what this couple loves to do.
"izumi has nothing to do with it. i mean, i shouldn't have to ask her to apologize to you. i'm still my own person."
you fight the urge to raise an eyebrow at the last bit he said but you say nothing about it. "so… this is why you bought takeout and why you were texting me that way? you planned to apologize."
"wait, what way?"
you sighed. "nevermind"
after a moment of silence, you eventually stood up and approached the computer to see his progress as xiao spoke up once again. "i'm serious, yn. i truly am sorry. i have no excuses to give you because my actions are inexcusable."
your teeth gnaw at your bottom lip. why is he like this? it's not fair. why does he always sound so convincing when he's asking for your forgiveness?
as if sensing your thoughts, he says, "you don't need to forgive me, i understand if you won't."
and just like that, the night continued with minimal talk coming from either of you. speaking only when necessary but you can't deny, working in silence with xiao was quite nice.
three days later, you sat on the sofa with hutao, who fell asleep on your lap while watching a k-drama. you reached for your phone on the coffee table, careful not to rouse your best friend. then, you sent a text to xiao containing your response to his apology.
Tumblr media
GOOD 4 U » previous : masterlist : next
๑ summary — lesson learned! never challenge hu tao when you're drunk bc you'll just lose and now you have to post a thread of all your exes as songs from olivia rodrigo's hit debut album sour … or: "yn desperate much!" "yn still loves xiao? yikes! doesn't he already have someone new?" "stop ruining my relationship u bitch!"
๑ note — i actually had a chapter already written but i scrapped the whole thing as i wasn't satisfied with it (and thats also why this took longer lolz)
🏷 i. @bobaducky @alatusorrow @peaxhi-chi @melkxsh @xienn @meinoballs @vxnna @gorouswrld @kleelogy @xingqiusliegee @emmie5168 @tinybluewhale02 @one-offmind @redninjakitty14rp @royalz658 @buns-inhiding @fluffimemes @hanniejji @roseycottage @lashdraws @siluc @scarteamo @rrinsluvr @basicsofdying @wccycc @diestheticu @uwak-uwak-uwak-uwak @theproudqiqimain @m1kotsu @euryrue @sp1deys @kalop-siaaa @scentedcandlesandcookies @polluxminor @meowlumi @aratakis1utt @moonlighteclipse0 @daninaninani @zeroiskira @kiwinfinity @b1uuble @love6cks @lovelyycherries @animewolflover278 @exotic6utters @imtoodumbforaname @to-mi-yo @tsukimiru @estelwrld @aetherwrld @xiaothinker @iamnotgrootforiamthor @hermesary @karameruru-u @kaoruxkisser @yvechu @megsthings @cherrytomato2 @silevvar @dazaiscum
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I’m a whore for boyfriends that’ll defend their bae from anyone hitting on them, especially when they talk shit about messing someone up 😩
Can I request head cannons of Bakugo, Sero, Aizawa, and Shinsou react to some random hitting on their gf (even though she’s warning telling the bastard that she’s happily taken)? I love seeing guys go from 0-100 when someone tries to hit up their loves 🥺
Back Tf Off
Author's Thoughts: Okay but Bakugou just-
Warning: Swearing, Threats, etc.
Katsuki Bakugou
Tumblr media
You guys were on a date.
And let me tell you guys something: You don't wanna disturb this man when he's on a date.
Like will answer work calls, but you can hear the aggression.
Answers other calls too, but only to scold whoever is calling.
And when fans come over, they don't get autographs or pictures.
And he'll straight up tell them to beat it.
So when your date is interrupted by some asswipe who is staring at your tits so hard that he doesnt notice your man right next to you?
He loses it.
He was chill, hand in yours, face relaxed and just calm over all.
Now he looks like he's going to kill the guy.
"I'm gonna tell you one time to fuck off before I blow you to pieces, fucking extra."
And by this point, it's been a while since Katsuki's called anyone an extra so you know he's serious.
The guys decides he's not gonna take Katsuki's shit though.
So Katsuki, being the good man that he is, does not immediately blow him up.
He instead grabs his neck and allows his hand to heat up.
"I'm on a fucking date. The sun is fucking shining. The birds are fucking singing. And my date looks good as fuck. Today has been a pretty good day. You really wanna ruin that for me? Because if you ruin today, I'm going to ruin your fucking life."
Even your eyes go wide.
And the guy is begging for forgiveness, apologizing, just wanting to leave now.
And Katsuki chucks him away and scoffs, wrapping an arm around you.
And a few minutes later, like that didn't happened, he's like "Yo, wanna hit up that ramen place?"
Hanta Sero
Tumblr media
You guys were grocery shopping.
Hanta likes to do your shopping together because it's more time he gets to spend with you.
And you guys were having fun.
Hanta was making eggplant jokes and earning dirty looks from grannies.
And your laughter was music to his ears.
He walks away for a minute just to grab some fruit.
And when he returns, some dude is flirting with you.
Hanta's a lil sadist and kind of a jackass, so he watches from afar to see the guy get shot down.
But the thing is, he doesn't leave when you shoot him down.
No, he presses on.
And this is when his smirk falls.
Because oh shit, this guy is reaching out to touch you.
And suddenly, the guy's wrist is all taped up and he's yanked straight into Hanta.
And he smiles aggressively at the poor asshole.
"I believe the lady said she had a boyfriend."
And off course he scoffed and struggled to remove the tape. "So? And who the fuck are you? Mind your business."
Hanta bring his face closer, the tape tightening to the point of numbness.
"I'm the fucking boyfriend, dickfuck. Así que vete a la mierda."
("Así que vete a la mierda" = "So back the fuck off")
The guy apparently speaks Spanish because he goes pale during that last part and runs off as soon as the tape is removed.
And Hanta is immediately doting on you.
"Are you okay, baby? C'mon, let's get you some snacks. That guy was such a dick, I'm sorry that happened."
Shouta Aizawa
Tumblr media
That's what happens lol
Lemme explain.
Shouta was upset about some criminal he couldn't catch.
The guy was just too quick.
And so you suggested going to the animal shelter to take his mind off it.
He disagreed at first, but then you said cats and he was sitting in the car like "C'mon, let's go" 😭
After a day if playing with cats, he feels better.
He's even smiling!
And when it's time to leave, he takes a bit longer because he's saying goodbye to all of the cats.
And you go outside to wait, wanting some fresh air.
A creepy guy approaches and calls you sexy, comments on your hips, then asks for your number.
Of course, you shoot him down and tell him you're married.
But he's not having it.
And he moves in with a "C'mon don't be be like"
And that's when Aizawa walks out.
He has no idea what happened before he came out, but he does not like what he's seeing.
So he immediately moves in front of you to stare down the guy..
Who is the fucking criminal who keeps getting away.
And he wastes no time tying him up, getting him down, and stomping the shit out of him.
You escape him, ruin his nap, and sexual harrass his wife?
Oh that guy was fucked from the moment he approached you.
Aizawa takes a pleasant walk with you to the police station.
Dragging the guy behind him.
But just telling you about why he liked each cat.
"The gray one was pretty calm, the black one too. The white one, Snowball, she really got comfortable with me. We should get a cat or a couple."
Hitoshi Shinsou
Tumblr media
I'd hate to be the bastard who pisses off Hitoshi.
It's hard to get him that mad honestly.
And when you do get him mad, it upsets him more because you brought him out of his character.
The thing is, he was in a great mood when it happened.
You guys were shopping, and he was watching you try on a couple things.
You asked him to go grab a certain pair of jeans you'd forgotten to grab.
And he did so with no complaints, just a sarcastic "Yes dear" and a teasing smile.
While he's gone, a guy who had been watching from afar approaches your dressing room and knocks on the door.
He starts flirting and you immediately shut him down and tell him you're taken.
But he's just like "Oh that guy that was just here? He looks like a zombie, babe. Don't you think it's time to level up."
And he attempts to peek into your dressing room.
But Hitoshi is there to wrap his scarf around the guy and tank him back to the floor.
"This zombie is going to rock your shit if you don't get up and screw off in the next 5 seconds."
He's a runner, he's a trackstar 🏃🏃🏃
You thank Hitoshi and he lets you know he's just glad you're okay.
"So where are the jeans?"
"The what? Oh right. Yeah, I got distracted and brought you lingerie instead."
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SUMMARY: when a video has your name, it catches your full attention.
Pairing: Tom Holland x reader
Warnings: none, just fluff.
A/N: I saw this on youtube and immediately knew I had to do it with some of my favs, so this came out! I want to do it with Sebastian and even with some more, tell me if you want me to do it with someone! as I always say, english is not my first language so I hope this is good! take care of yourself pls! (not my gif)
Tumblr media
the sun was beginning to disappear and the last rays of it filtered through the thin white curtains that the apartment had. it was a warm day, but it was beginning to get dark and the cold wind was beginning to appear.
Tom was on the Spider-Man 3 set and you were sitting on the couch with a big black blanket, a bag of jelly beans and the remote control in your hand pressing buttons while you were looking for what to watch on YouTube. a video appeared with the title "Tom and Y / N being a goofy and adorable couple for eight minutes straight." and without a doubt, you said to put it.
the first clip was a instastorie which was recorded by Chris Hemsworth on the set of Infinity War. first Chris's face would appear and then the camera would flip over to show Tom and you sitting side by side laughing at something that was showing up on your phone.
"what are you doing?" Mark Ruffalo's voice was heard from the side of the camera.
"I'm recording teenage love." Chris said and with his fingers he zoomed in on the screen making the camera get closer to you two. "teenage love, teenage love." he began to say the words with some melody, creating a rhythm.
"stop recording me, Tom." you said while applying a little gloss to your lips, you had seen by the reflection of the mirror that Tom was recording.
"i can't, you look so gorgeous." he said without stopping recording, then he stood by your side and I wait for you to finish applying the gloss.
you closed the small container and settled down next to him, feeling how he passed his free hand around your waist. "damn, we look good." when you put your direct view in the mirror, you could see how good you two looked. Tom wore a black suit and a sky blue tie that matched your dress, while you carried a small bag and black heels to match it.
"we do, we do." agreed with you without stopping recording. "'key, let's do a little dance, go!" this took you by surprise and you made the first move that came to your mind, which was to clench your two fists and make circles with them at the height of your shoulders.
after a few seconds, the two of you started laughing and that story was posted on your boyfriend's instagram.
since the quarantine had begun, the activity that the two of you did most was listening to new artists to discover new music.
Permanent Vacation by 5 Seconds Of Summer played in the background as you two danced and jumped non-stop. the smiles were not erased from your faces and that was a moment when everyone could tell that they were soulmates.
in a slip, you slipped and fell straight to the floor, causing Tom to stop dancing to quickly check if you were okay. "darling, are you okay?" He knelt before you and took your hand. "you are so dumb." he said with a smile as he helped you stand up.
"excuse me?"
"so do you have any tradition with your family for Christmas?" Jimmy asked, putting his mug on his desk.
"with my family no, but with [Y/N] i do." when he answered and your name was named, the crowd started to make noise. "we wake up and the first thing that we do it's bake cakes." he said simply and a small smile formed on his face.
"cakes? tell us more." the interviewer encouraged him.
"so, we bake two cakes, one for the dinner with the family and other just for us." he explained with hand movements. "then we decorate it and finally we sit down to watch The Grinch while we eat the cake." the smile on his face grew bigger when he heard the "aw" from the entire audience.
"that's really sweet and sounds fun." Jimmy told him with a smile.
the countless interviews Tom had to do since Spider-Man: Far From Home came out kept the two of you apart. actually now he was playing with his cast friends and he wasn't doing an interview, but there was a surprise for him.
you felt nervous after not having seen him for a few months, because even though they lived together, you had to fly to Canada to be with your family and not feel alone while he was filming.
"alright, so." Jacob switched cards so he could read the following sentence to Tom and Jake, who were wearing loud music headphones. "[Y/N] ...
"what?" Tom interrupted him not understanding what he was saying.
"are we sure that he is gonna understand?" Zendaya looked at the production and then went back to reading the card. "[Y/N] is here."
"who is here?" Jake asked and brought his hands to the sides of his ears to press the headphones further. "i don't get the name."
"[Y/N] is here!" Jacob yelled at them, hoping they could understand the sentence. you appeared in the room, but you stayed where the light was not so strong so that they could not see you and you waited for the producer's signal to appear.
"wait, what?" Tom asked again. "say it slow."
"oh my god." Zendaya rolled her eyes when she saw that he wasn't understanding. "your girlfriend it's here!"
"your girlfriend it's here!" Jake guessed for Tom and did a little victory dance before removing his headphones.
"you have a girlfriend, Jake? i didn't know that." the brunette said with surprise as he took off his headphones. immediately everyone started laughing and he looked at them without understanding what was happening. "i don't get it."
"who's gonna tell him?" Jacob asked and looked at the people behind the cameras.
"tell me what?" Holland asked not understanding what they meant. you started to move forward until everyone except Tom could see you.
"that i'm here, dumbass." you spoke and you saw how quickly your boyfriend's head turned to be able to see you with surprise.
"stop playing, are you a hologram?" he asked in disbelief as he got up from the chair so he could approach you and put his hands on his waist. "you're not."
"i'm not, i'm really here." you said and put your two hands on his cheeks and then get closer and be able to kiss him after so long apart.
"can anyone tell him that Isaac Lahey is a character and does not exist in real life?" your voice was heard on the speaker of your phone while you were recording Tom, who had gotten up from the couch and was right now at the kitchen counter. "because Tom got jealous of him."
"you said that he is hot!" your boyfriend's scream was heard from the kitchen.
"so what? you think Lydia is pretty." you said with a tone of indignation without stopping recording.
"but i think that you are so much pretty than she." Tom's voice began to be heard closer, as did his footsteps.
"that doesn't justify you." you crossed your arms, causing your cell phone to shake a bit.
"that's not even the point! the point is, you said Isaac was hot." seconds later, he appeared with a bag of M&M's and a glass of milk. "you're cheating on me."
"I'm dating a five years old, just to all of you know." you rotated the camera and now you were recording yourself.
"i want the divorce." he said and stood in front of you to hand you the bag of M & M's you had asked for.
"we are not even married!"
"you're currently dating Tom Holland, but we want to know how did the two of you met? because you are not in the Marvel movies." James asked and settled into his chair while you did the same.
"well, everybody thinks that we met at the Golden Globes." you started talking and your eyes brightened. "we actually met at the auditions of my first movie. Tom was there for the paper of my brother, but he didn't got it."
"you met at there? I really thought that the first time you met was at the Golden Gobles." the blond commented in great amazement.
"we didn't met there, but we took a selfie in there for the first time and we talked beyond a few lines of a script." you gave the data with a big smile and looked at the audience.
"and when did you fall in love for him?" he asked and this made the crowd make some noise that was combined with your laughter.
"you know, actually the first time that i saw him i was like 'damn, shawty', but i think it was in the moment that we were at a friend's party and he approached me and told me to go to another place with him because he was not comfortable and I was the only person who knew who would say yes. " and if you thought your smile couldn't get any bigger, the moment you remembered that moment, it did.
the video ended and just then the apartment door was opened, forcing you to take a look. "hey, darling." your boyfriend's voice sounded behind you.
"hi, baby." you said and felt how he hid his face in your neck, leaning his body on the edge of the chair.
"what are you watching?" he asked and pulled away from you, not before leaving a quick kiss on your neck.
"it was a video of us being the goofy and adorable couple of all times." you answered with a smile as you watched him take off his shoes and approach you to take a seat on the couch.
"and there are no more of those?" he asked and sat next to you and then wrapped his arms around you and leaned his head on your shoulder. you took control and pressed a button to see the video suggestions.
"well, here is this one" you said and put the video called 'Y/N and Tom being the sexiest couple in the whole fucking world'.
"oh, i see what people think of us." the brunette said when he saw the title of the video.
"what do you mean with that? of course we are the sexiest couple in the whole fucking world." you wrinkled your eyebrows and lowered your gaze a bit to connect with his.
"yes, we are." when he finished talking, he leaned to you so he can kiss you.
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lenakluthors · a year ago
dude, I'm in no way interested in supergirl but i wanna know about supercorp. Who is the other woman? Why do people ship them? What's their dynamic? What's their story? I'm hella curious. Also i feel the angst from your reblogs to my dashboard 😂
okay. buckle up.
i’m not 100% sure who you mean by ‘other woman’, so i’ll give you a quick run-down on both
kara zor-el:
Tumblr media
aka kara danvers, she was 13 when krypton exploded, sent to earth to protect her baby cousin, kal-el. he made it to earth safely and was raised by the kents, became superman. kara’s pod was knocked off-course and sent to the Phantom Zone, a place that is vast nothingness where time does not pass. she was there for 24 years before making it to earth, still aged 13, while kal-el had grown up. he was unable/unwilling to take care of her, and left her with eliza, jeremiah and alex danvers, who raised her. she worked as cat grant’s assistant in season 1, promoted to journalist at catco media in season 2.
lena luthor:
Tumblr media
younger sister of lex luthor, daughter and step-daughter of lionel and lillian luthor, respectively. her biological mother drowned when she was 4, prompting her father to take charge of her. she wants to make a name for herself aside from her family’s rather bad one, notoriously known for being alien haters. but most people treat her unfairly, given all of her positive intentions and accomplishments. ceo of l-corp, formerly luthor-corp, she works to further the wellbeing of humanity.
why people ship them:
lena made an observation the day after she met kara, saying she thought kara was a journalist; kara, having been ruminating on a career, immediately decided to take up journalism.
after kara wrote a positive article on her, lena filled kara’s office with flowers — “overflowing” it.
after making a difficult decision to save supergirl’s life that resulted in the death of her ex, lena confessed to kara that she was having negative feelings that she feared; kara wrapped her arms around her and promised to always be there for her and never leave her.
weeks after meeting her, lena gave orders to her assistant that kara was to be let into her office “right away, whenever possible”.
Tumblr media
when confronted with a detective who wanted to (and did) arrest her, lena asked for kara to stay with her; kara, as supergirl, never once doubted lena’s innocence and worked tirelessly to prove it (and did!).
Tumblr media
after cat grant, ceo of catco, steps down and decides to sell it, lena purchases it, otherwise kara would’ve lost her job (though the reason she gave was pissing off a mutual annoyance of theirs); after their falling out, lena sells catco to an old friend of hers.
after morgan edge tries to kill lena by crashing a plane that she is on (in the process of saving her, supergirl refuses to let lena’s hand go), she abandons him on a shipping container in the middle of the ocean.
morgan edge also tried to kill lena by poisoning her coffee; kara risks her identity by flying lena to the deo (department of extra-normal operations) dressed as kara danvers, not supergirl.
Tumblr media
supergirl gives lena a watch with a button on it that, when pressed, emits a sound at a frequency that only kryptonians can hear. these watches are usually reserved for family members and close friends of the supers.
whenever supergirl saves lena, she holds her in a bridal carry, with lena’s arms wrapped around her neck, a parallel of kal-el/superman and his wife, lois lane.
Tumblr media
(this isn’t really a reason but lois and lena share many similarities, the most apparent of which [to me anyway] is that they are both brunettes with the initials LL)
parallel gifset by @lena-luthor of various romantic pairings in the arrowverse, one person bringing the other a bag of big belly burger: oliver queen/felicity smoak — arrow; barry allen/iris west-allen — the flash; querl dox/nia nal — supergirl; alex danvers/kelly olsen — supergirl (for further proof, the first two couples are married with children) | the last gif is kara & lena. (also this one with some more moments that just tie it all together much better than i ever could)
hugs hugs hugs (courtesy of @drunklenaluthor)
they constantly refer to each other as their ‘favourite’.
lena invents things that save supergirl’s life, including an attachment to her suit that rids her body of kryptonite and protects her against it.
lena is frequently invited to danvers family holiday dinners and game nights.
some direct canon quotes for your perusal: “well, supergirl may have saved me, but kara danvers, you are my hero.”; “i know that you believe that everything is good, and kind, and that is one of the things i love about you.”; “you’d trust me?” “whatever else has happened, i know what’s in your heart.”; “if you want to get to supergirl, you’re gonna have to go through me.”
honourable mention: pretty ladies 🥴
their dynamic & their story:
their relationship starts tentatively, but blossoms quickly despite lena’s family and kara’s friends scepticism about lena’s intentions.
they have regular lunch dates, text each other (heart emojis included), can be seen hugging and swaying in place. they comfort each other, are fiercely protective of one another, not unlike a couple.
Tumblr media
after kara’s identity is revealed to lena by her brother in the season 4 finale, their relationship deteriorates in the stereotypical way a romantic one does; they’re both incredibly sad, stare longingly at photos of them together, pull away from one another, lash out.
an alien called mxyzptlk gives kara the chance to go back in time and view alternate realities in which she had told lena her secret at various other points in time, which she took him up on almost immediately.
after an ultimatum and an agonizingly long period of time, lena apologises to kara in the penultimate episode of season five and they start to rebuild their relationship.
in the season five finale, lena puts herself in front of a kryptonite dagger aimed at an immobile and unaware supergirl, offering her life for kara’s.
Tumblr media
in the season six premiere, as kara prepares to sacrifice herself at the hands of lex luthor, lena refuses to let her, even going so far as to anticipate her brother’s actions, programming the Lena Luthor Protocol into the Fortress of Solitude, a robot with a yellow sun emulator that attaches itself to the crest of the house of el that sits upon kara’s chest. 
Tumblr media
lena was the last person kara said goodbye to before she fought with lex, a fight she did not believe she would survive.
after kara is sent to the phantom zone by lex, lena implores alex to tell her girlfriend, kelly, about kara’s secret identity, in the process implying that kara is her person, the same way that kelly is alex’s. (— @lesbianlenas)
um anyway they’re soulmates thank you for coming to my ted talk :)
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cherrycheridarling · a year ago
disguise | t.h.
tom holland x actress!reader
warnings: swearing and angry tom
summary: during a promo interview for the new spider-man film, you and bbc radio one team up to pull a prank on your co-stars.
wc: 2.1k
Tumblr media
"Hello! We here at BBC Radio One are joined by the brilliant actress, Y/N Y/L/N." Nick Grimshaw introduced you to the camera.
You gave a little wave, "Hello! I promise it's me, I just have lots of things on to disguise myself." you laughed.
Your usual y/h/c hair was changed with a y/f/c wig. They added some makeup to change the shape of your nose and put in eye contacts to change your regular colour. You had huge, red glasses and the crew had dressed you up for a raunchy night out in a club.
"Yes, it is actually Y/N, but she is about to go in and prank her co-stars. We now address her as Astoria Legwinner, an incredibly disrespectful interviewer." Nick explained making everyone laugh.
You nodded, "Yup. Our goal for today is to be so rude that Jacob, Tom and Zendaya either get so angry that they walk out or start yelling at me. Let's get to it!"
The cameras followed you as you walked to the room where all the interviews were being held in. You quickly prepped yourself for the prank and walked inside. Everything was set up, Tom, Zendaya, and Jacob were sat in chairs with an empty spot beside them that was meant for you.
You watched them as they eyed your attire that was obviously inappropriate for a press junket. Your black stilettos clicked obnoxiously loud on the floor as you walked. The crew put the mic on you and gave you a quick nod before you turned back to the actors.
Quickly, you put on a foreign accent and sat down in the seat across from them, "Can we get started? I have places to be today." you rolled your eyes as you got in to character and looked to the crew who nodded back.
The outstretched hand that Tom had offered slowly recoiled as he noticed your attitude.
You saw the trio's confused expressions before Tom spoke up, "Actually, we're waiting on Y/N. If you wouldn't mind holding off for a little while, she should be here any minute."
You scoffed, "I think we can get started without her. Her character is hardly relevant to the film either way."
Their shocked features nearly made you break character before the crew gave you a thumbs up, since they were in on the prank, and you cleared your throat.
"Hello! I'm Astoria Legwinner with BBC Radio One and we're here with the stars of the new Spider-Man film." you gestured to the actors. When they didn't speak, you spoke again, "Introduce yourselves. That's not my job." the snark in your voice was painful for you to hear.
"I'm Jacob Batalon." it came out as more of a question than a statement.
Tom scratched his neck, "I'm Tom Holland."
Zendaya tried to keep herself from glaring at you, "And I'm Zendaya."
"Bravo. So, I'm sure you will get asked all the generic questions that you usually do by other interviewers and I wanted to spice things up by talking about what everyone wants to know about; your love lives." you knew to bring up the topic that pushed every celebrity's buttons.
"Uh, okay?" Jacob eyed you warily as the three exchanged confused looks.
You pretended to read off the cards in your hand even though they were completely blank, "Jacob, you're clearly single, so my next questions won't concern you."
Tom began to cough as the words left your mouth while he was mid-sip.
"Tom and Zendaya." you glanced down at the blank sheets again, purposely mispronouncing Zendaya's name, "Your characters are each other's love interests in the film and many have speculated that you are dating in real life. I'm not going to ask if you are because you're obviously going to lie to me and say that you're not."
Zendaya was quick to interrupt, "Actually, we are not dating in real life."
"Yeah, and I have a girlfriend already." Tom clarified.
That girlfriend being you.
You eyed them with a judging stare, "Who is your girlfriend then, Tom?" you pressed.
Tom took another sip of water, something he always does when questions that aren't of relevancy get asked, "I'd prefer not to say."
You shrugged, "As long as it's not Y/N Y/L/N, then that's fine. You can do a lot better than that." there was an audible gasp from all three at your words.
"I'm sorry. What is that supposed to mean?" Zendaya scoffed at your remark.
You shrugged again, a smirk pulling on your lips, "Just saying, a handsome young man like yourself could get any girl in the world. Y/N is obviously way below average and you're definitely out of her league." you insulted yourself.
Tom stammered before speaking, "Y/N is a lovely woman and an incredible actress."
Jacob nodded, "She's actually really chill and down to earth."
"You've never met her, have you?" Zendaya asked.
You rolled your eyes again, "No, but I don't need to meet her to know that she's obnoxious. Getting back to your little film. Tell me about it. I don't really care for Marvel so make it quick." you snapped your fingers.
They all exchanged flabbergasted looks before Tom cleared his throat, "Um, Spider-Man goes on a summer vacation around Europe with his school friends and he tries to hang up the suit and just be Peter Parker for the summer, but he meets a man named Mysterio and they team up together to fight elemental creatures."
You gave a fake and loud yawn, "I said make it quick, but okay. Getting back to dating," you saw their annoyed faces, "What's your ideal type? What do you look for in a girl or boy? Jacob?"
"Uh, someone funny and kind, I guess?"
You nodded, "Boring. Zendaya?" you mispronounced her name again.
"It's actually Zendaya." she corrected you with an awkward laugh.
You waved her off with a limp wrist, "Yeah, yeah. Tomato, tomahto. What's your type?"
Her features showed nothing but disbelief before she answered, "Someone respectful and generous with a sense of humour."
"Dull. And what about you, Tommy?" you leaned forward with a flirty smile, your cleavage was definitely on full show.
Tom eyed you weirdly, his stare lingering on your breasts for a second longer than acceptable, "Um, someone funny and respectful and compassionate."
"Aw! Like me?" you touched his knee with your hand as he sat back, trying to get away from you.
He gave an unenthusiastic chuckle, "Um, like my girlfriend."
You gave a fake pout, "Well, when you two inevitably break up, give me call." you tossed him a seductive wink and leaned back in your chair.
You saw them all look over at the crew and their agents who were sat in the room. Looking for help or a signal that it was almost over.
"Jacob." you pulled their attention back to you, "You aren't as well known as Tom or Zendaya. How does that affect your friendship with them? Do you ever get jealous living in their shadow?" you were definitely crossing a line and if you weren't the one asking the question, you surely would've slapped the interviewer across the face.
You could tell that they were trying so hard to be respectful, but their patience was wearing thin.
"No, I don't get jealous of them. Our friendship is amazing and I love them and Y/N very much." he spoke through gritted teeth.
"Hmm, sure." you hummed, "Tom, you have a dog."
He nodded, "Yeah, Tessa."
"She's super cute." Jacob added.
Tessa was definitely the most adorable pup you had ever laid eyes on, but the character you were playing had different beliefs that you had to live up to.
You shrugged, "I've seen cuter." they looked at one another again incredulously, "Who's the most annoying person on set? My guess is Y/N."
"No. No one on set is annoying and definitely not Y/N." Jacob was quick to protest.
Zendaya shifted in her seat, "Y/N is one of the best people in the cast. Are these actual questions?" she laughed dryly.
You glanced back down at the blank cards, trying your hardest not to break character.
You nodded before Tom spoke, "You've never even met Y/N. Why do you think she's the most annoying?"
You shrugged absentmindedly, "She gives off that vibe of being a total bitch. How she looks is horrendous and don't even get me started on her acting. Like, c'mon, they couldn't have casted someone with actual talent? Am I right?"
"You're one to call someone a bitch." Jacob scoffed as he mumbled the words but you heard it and nearly laughed.
"Seriously, who are you to say anything about Y/N?" Zendaya's anger was rising.
"Y/N is outstandingly talented and an amazing person to work with." Tom shook his head in disbelief, "I think this interview is over. We're not gonna sit here while you bash our co-star and ask inappropriate questions about our love lives." he finished while crossing his arms and nodding towards the door.
You were determined to draw the best reaction out of them. You nodded slowly, "One last thing before I leave." you began to take your glasses off.
You discarded the prosthetic makeup on your nose and yanked the wig off of your head. Your natural hair flowed down from the place it had been held in as you shook your head and smiled at them.
Their features showed a mix of shock, amusement and bewilderment. It was priceless.
"I really hate Y/N." you returned back to your normal voice and joked with a wide grin before laughing at their still stunned faces.
"You little shit!" Zendaya exclaimed while laughing with you.
Jacob was next, "Oh, my fucking God. I was so close to flipping my shit at you." he covered his face with his hands as he laughed.
Tom still stared with wide eyes and an open mouth.
"You okay?" you raised an eyebrow at him.
"I hate you so much." he shook his head again before laughing with all of you.
"You really didn't know it was me?" you asked as the laughter died down.
They all shook their heads, "No! I thought you were bloody Astoria Legwinner. That was the best and worst interview of my life." Tom buried his head in his hands.
"Did you come up with all of that or are there actual questions on those?" Zendaya pointed to the cards before you handed them to her.
"Nope. All blank." you smirked as they shook their heads again.
Jacob started to clap as the two joined in, "I applaud your acting skills because holy shit, I don't know how you didn't break character at all."
"And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how to prank your co-stars. Thanks for watching BBC Radio One! If you want to see more click the videos on the screen and go check out the new film, 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' in theatres June twenty-sixth! Bye!" you waved to the camera with your friends before the crew signalled that they had stopped recording.
Immediately, Tom wrapped his arms around you, burying his head in your neck. You hugged him back with a light laugh.
"You're evil for doing that. You said such awful things about yourself!" he scolded you making you laugh again.
"It was well worth the reaction. Now, I need to change and get ready for the actual interviews. This dress makes me feel like a college student." you ran your hand down the side of the short, red piece of fabric.
"You look hot." Zendaya winked as you turned to walk out the room and you blew her a kiss.
"Also," you turned around and looked at Tom, "I saw you eyeing Astoria's cleavage. Watch yourself, Holland." you pointed two fingers from your eyes to his as Jacob and Zendaya laughed.
He held his hands up in surrender, "Secretly, I knew it was you, so you can't be mad at me for that."
You called over your shoulder before walking out of the room, "You're a liar, so yes I can."
As the door shut behind you, Tom looked to his mates with wide eyes, "Do you think she's actually mad at me? It was her, so she can't really be mad."
They were both silent for a few seconds before laughter hit Tom's ears, "Oh, boy. Good luck with that, dude." Zendaya patted his shoulder.
"Technically, you stared at Astoria Legwinner's cleavage, not your girlfriend's." Jacob added.
"I-I did not stare! I g-glanced!"
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venomous--fics · 6 months ago
Day 30
Anon Requested: i’m the same anon as before, the one who would like for you to see their ideas! i think i’ll just sign myself as -💡so that’s easier for you lol
(the majority of my ideas are angst, i have a thing for angsty things so yEAH)
• this one is something along the lines of: Eddie and reader have been dating for a long time, like a few years of something. Reader is one/two months pregnant but Eddie doesn’t know, she’s waiting for the right moment to tell him since they’ve both been very busy at work. One night they’re out for a date and they get attacked, reader ends up at the hospital but luckily both her and the baby are safe. However Eddie (who still doesn’t know about the pregnancy) breaks up with her bc he’s scared that she’ll die since they already got attacked a few times bc of him and Venom. after a few months he sees her in a store or something and notices the fact that she’s now heavily pregnant and idk THINGS GET ANGSTY
Had you known how today was going to end, you probably would've asked to stay in the hospital at least one more night. You know there was no way that you could've, but it was wishful thinking.
Eddie seemed tired and strung out. Every direction seemed to point the same way to him. Danger was left, right and every which way he turned his head. And last night was the final straw. He couldn't keep putting you in these situations and he couldn't ask you to stay in them.
You got hurt, sure, not too bad, Hell, barely even a scrape, but it landed you in the hospital for a good two hours. And that was enough for him. People were putting two and two together, which meant he would never know a day of peace- Something he should be used to at this point.
But you took last night as a good wake up call to finally tell Eddie the truth. Things could only go up from here, right?
"Eddie, we need to talk." You said as you watched him toss his keys onto the counter.
He rubbed the back of his head as he paced back and forth in front of the couch. What does he do? What was the right thing to do.
"Yeah, I think we do."
"I know things didn't go exactly according to plan," You started, pulling at the sleeve of the hoodie Eddie let you borrow, "But, I really have to say something."
"Can I go first? Before you?" He stopped in his tracks, "Because I've been thinking, a dangerous thing, I know- But, uhm, I.. I don't think this is working."
You knew what he meant, but your brain worked faster than your mouth, "What's not working."
"Us being," He halted, not truly wanting to finish that statement, "Together."
It was almost like someone drove a train right into you. It felt like everything just stopped. He couldn't be serious right.
"No, no." He cut in, "It- I can't- We can't protect you. What are we supposed to do if you get killed one of these times? You don't deserve this shit."
"I can protect myself, thank you very much."
"Now is not the time to be high and-"
"You're being selfish." You snapped, "We both knew something like this could happen, but, now that it is, you just want to let me go? If I'm in danger when I'm with you, the hell do you think is gonna happen when I'm not with you?"
Eddie didn't have a good answer for that. This was supposed to be a quick, somehow underwhelming fight. He was supposed to say the thing, you'd cry about the thing and then you'd leave. That's how it always worked in those shows he watched.
"I don't want to go. I hope you know that." You said.
"I need you to."
Should you still tell him? Or would he change his mind out of some sick form of pity? Maybe last night was really an excuse. Maybe he just didn't want to be with you anymore. That was the type of guy Eddie always said he was- Or claimed to be the opposite of.
Maybe he really couldn't just be honest and say commitment wasn't his style. It scared him and maybe he just realized that he's in too deep for his own liking. Maybe he just decided that he can't go down that path again.
"Seriously, you deserve better."
"What about you." You raised an eyebrow, "What about Venom? Does he want me to go too or are you being an ass about it?"
"Don't bring him into this. This is my choice-"
"There's three of us, not two."
"And? It wouldn't matter what he wants right now. I need you to just go and be safe somewhere else."
"That's not fair and you know it."
"I don't care."
You were starting to feel the anger bubble up inside you, "Yes you do! That's why you're trying to do this! You're such a- God, Eddie, what is wrong with you?"
"Everything, apparently."
"Do you just not want to be with me? Is that it?" You spat out, "Are you just making me go because you're bored of me? Because you can say it."
"Because that's the only reason that seems to make sense to me. Most people in your position would beg me to stay so you could protect me."
You had to stop yourself from getting worked up, remembering the doctor's words of, "Please, no more stress. You got lucky this time."
Whatever. He wanted you to go? If that's what he really wanted, then you'd let him have it. What's the point anyways? There was no reasoning with him when he's like this. You learned that ages ago. Sometimes he gets so far up into his own ass that he just cannot see any other point of view.
"Fine. I'll go." Was all you could say. Your entire being went into autopilot. You didn't even bother grabbing your things. You swore to yourself that you'd go back for it all later. You slammed the door behind you.
You never really went back.
Part of you remained at the apartment. Your things stayed in their place. Eddie was always too tired to put them in a box, and Venom practically begged for mercy, insisting that they stay put. If you never came home, the least Venom could do was watch your things collect dust.
You were always texting and calling, but he never answered. Often times, he's make the mistake of sending you right to voicemail after two rings, which caused a text or two to come in.
Can we talk please? It's important. I should've said it before I left, but I know you. You're a man beyond reason.
Arrogant. The word I wanted in that last text was arrogant. Can you just answer the phone.
Eddie, I can tell you're reading these.
Eddie, please just pick up your phone.
It went quiet again. A few more missed calls.
You'd try again later. And by later, that meant in a day or two. If it was so important, Eddie thought, you'd find some other way to tell him. You were a persistent person after all.
Maybe you were right about the arrogant thing.
"I want to know what they have to say."
"No." Eddie said, "Whole point of- No. The answer's no."
"I want to know."
"And I said no."
"This is your fault, Eddie, now you can either fix it or keep moping like the cry baby you are."
"Hey, why don't you do us both a favor and just butt out?"
"That's hard to do when all you can do physically and mentally is mope around."
Eddie rolled his eyes and tossed his phone onto the cushion next to him. Venom was right, he was behaving like a child, but if that's what he needed to do to be able to make it day in and day out, then he should be able to do it in peace. Maybe not quiet, but he'd be damned if he didn't get his peace.
You were on the other end of the spectrum. Most days were good for you. You stayed with Anne and Dan for a few weeks as Anne helped you find a place of your own that would be big enough for you and the little guy, or girl. Anne seemed more excited than anyone else. She already proclaimed herself as Auntie Anne.
Dan was promoted to the handyman, being tasked with helping you babyproof your place. He took great pride in it, claiming it was good practice for when him and Anne had one of their own.
And despite it being months since you last saw Eddie, you still spent some days just wallowing alone and missing him. He stopped reading your texts, and now instead of sending you to voicemail himself, he let his phone do it for him. You never left messages, though.
You liked your new place, but it just didn't feel home to you. All your things were moved in and filled all the possible empty space, but it just wasn't enough. But you had to get past that. You had to tell yourself that Eddie's probably moved on.
You should too. How else were you going to stay sane raising his kid.
Eddie decided, just to shut Venom up, he'd go be sad outside today. He was walking aimlessly through the city, dodging people who got too close. He'd stop and watch a few people every now and then, but nothing kept him entertained.
"Look, over there."
Eddie lifted his head and with Venom's guidance, saw what he was referring to.
You were just across the street, loving on a small cat that was owned by the shop keeper. He was an older guy who you befriended through your time in this part of the city. He was so nice, and his cat was just so sweet.
"You're just the sweetest, Petunia." You cooed as you gently handed the cat back.
Mr. Murray, the shop keep, chuckled as the cat simply hopped over his shoulder and onto one of the outdoor shelves. Petunia had made herself cozy amongst the packaged foods, purring softly.
You looked over the apples, "So, a little bird told me that you were having surgery?"
"Ah, yeah." Mr. Murray took a seat in his old chair, "Got a bad knee. Doctor's going to try and fix it."
"I hope that goes well. Will you need help with the store?"
"Oh, no, no." He waved whatever you were suggesting off the imaginary table, "My eldest daughter is going to take my place for a few weeks. You, my dear, shouldn't be lifting a finger."
"Tsk, tsk," You playfully clicked your tongue as you grabbed a few apples, "I'd be fine. Trust me, I'm sturdy."
Murray chuckled at your words, "You look like you're about to burst."
You chuckled with him, "The doctor says I got a few weeks left."
"Best not speed it up then, huh?"
"Since you won't let me help," You teased, handing him some cash for the fruit, "Maybe I'll drop a pie off. That sound like a good deal?"
"That would be wonderful."
"Have a wonderful rest of your day. Bye, Petunia." You waved to the cat.
"Don't be a stranger."
Mr. Murray's train of thought seemed to derail as he watched a man follow you. You were too far for him to say anything, and he was far too slow to catch up.
You, however, knew that someone was following you.
"Y'know," You started, a few by passers thinking you were talking to yourself, "For a guy who is supposed to blend in and disappear for a living."
You stopped in your tracks and turned around, "You suck at it."
Eddie stumbled a little.
"Why are you following me."
"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked.
"I asked a question first."
"Why didn't you tell me-"
"It's none of your business."
"None of my business?" His voice raised a little, before he quickly straightened it, "That's- You're pregnant with my kid!"
"And so what?" You said, "You wanted me to go, so I did. What? You want me back now?"
"A little, yeah."
"I can't do that, Eddie." You said, "The hell am I supposed to do if you just magically decide that yet again you can't do something right and you wanna leave."
Eddie stayed put, fighting the urge to just kiss you and take you home.
"I'm not going to just let you waltz in and out of our kids life just because you have issues."
"I'm not going to do that."
"How can I be sure."
Eddie's hands shook as he carefully reached out for your hands.
"I'm sorry, okay? You were right, I was being an ass."
"Sorry isn't going to fix this."
It could fix it. You knew how this was all going to end. You wanted to be with Eddie, no matter what.
"And for the record, I did try to tell you, but you never answered me."
"I'm sorry." Eddie begged, "I don't know what I need to say for you to believe me."
"You really think I'm-" You stopped yourself, "You have a lot of ass kissing to do."
"I'm sorry, and I'll do whatever you want me to."
You still had reservations, but when you thought about them, they really didn't seem like that big of a deal.
You moved your hands and cupped Eddie's face, "I want you to stay with me. No more fighting, or being all high and mighty."
"I can do that-"
"And I want you to understand that I'm stubborn, and I'm not going to listen to you the next time you ask me to leave."
"I won't ask you to leave again."
You stared at him, desperately fighting every emotion you had in that moment.
"I was so dumb. I- I thought about what you said, and you were right. But I was too afraid that maybe you-"
"Found someone else, and moved on, yeah yeah. No, that didn't happen." You moved back, adjusting your grocery bag, "Nobody wants to date a pregnant lady."
Eddie stood before you, looking awfully nervous, "Can we just start with a clean slate?"
You turned around and continued walking, "No."
"No?" Eddie followed after you.
"No. That's what I said. A clean slate means we're gonna forget this all. We're not. We're going back to my place to talk about it."
"Oh," He said, "That's it?"
"You want me to be dramatic? I can do that."
"No, no. I'm good. But, are we...?"
"Why don't you invite me out to dinner first?" You playfully rolled your eyes, "Men these days. Always just asking for my hand rather than get to know me."
Eddie was quick to take your hand and walk alongside you, "I swear I'm going to work way harder to make it up to you- And I'm not going to be that big of an ass. And our kid is always going to have me around, okay? I swear. Because that's what I want. I want you, I want them. I just want this."
You looked over at him, "You're not going to change your mind?"
Eddie quickly shook his head.
"You're not lying to me?"
Again, you got a head shake. And now you weren't sure if that was Eddie's doing or Venom's. Well, it wasn't hard to tell.
"Thank you, V. I appreciate it." You said as you got out your building keys, "Fine, I suppose giving you a second chance wouldn't be the worst thing ever."
"I'll make it worth your while." Eddie pleaded.
"I think you doing that is why we're in this mess."
Eddie sheepishly follow you up the stairs. He wanted to follow you to the ends of the Earth, if that's what it took. You weren't asking for that, so following you up the stairs would have to do.
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bbyheedeungie · 10 months ago
Tales of the ring | Orphan! Jay AU Part 1
Tumblr media
Pairings: Jay x Reader
Genre: fluff, angst, eventual smut, age gap (4 years)
Warnings: suggestive content, messy timeline
Synopsis: You've spent most of your lives together at a Catholic orphanage in a small town, with Jay being left there as an infant and you volunteering there since you were thirteen years old. Now twenty-three, every child in the orphanage looks up to you as their older sister. Well, except for that one stubborn kid named Jay.
You always tend to his cuts and bruises when he fell down after climbing on trees with his friends, but not after a long hour of bickering.
"Stop climbing trees if you're just gonna fall down!" You scold 9-year old Jay as you rummaged through the first aid kit.
"Just shut up and fix me up, woman." He demands, his arms crossed over his chest. You sigh.
"I'm just worried about you, okay? You could've broken a bone or something!" You reasoned with him. His eyes turns into slits, glaring at you.
"Are you calling me a wimp?" He challenges. Though it never crossed your mind, the thought of calling him a wimp was indeed amusing. You tried to suppress your laughter but it came out as a snort.
"Hey, I'm not a wimp. Drop it." Jay says, almost coming out as a whine. You nod, trying to calm yourself down from wanting to laugh. Cause you know Jay's going to end you if he even hears anything close to a giggle come out from your lips.
"Still as wimpy as ever, huh?" You teased him as you disinfected his wounded knees. He was sitting on the couch with you kneeled infront of him, and 16 year old Jay just can't seem to take his eyes off you.
Your lower lip is caught in between your teeth as you concentrated on his cuts, and Jay licks his own lips unconsciously.
At 20 years old, you have grown to be quite a lady, Jay notes. Beautiful, luscious hair that complimented the perfect features of your face, your body slightly plump in some places which gave you that womanly figure, dainty and gentle hands that cared for his wounds, any man would think of you as wife material. And Jay couldn't help but huff in annoyance at the thought of other men wanting you for themselves.
"And you're still as annoying as ever." He mutters before he pinched your cheeks hard, making you yelp in pain and involuntarily putting pressure on the cotton ball you were dipping onto his wound. Soon after, you were both crying from pain.
"How could you." He said in betrayal, clutching his wounded knee.
You always chased after him around the orphanage when he had a fever to make him take his medicine when he refused to drink them, dragging him by the back of his shirt to his room to make him rest.
"You can't just pull a stunt like that when I'm fixing up your cuts you dummy." You glared at him, massaging your reddened cheek.
"I don't want to stay in bed, woman. I wanna play outside!" 11-year old Jay huffs in annoyance, kicking off the blanket you've just placed on his body. You sighed and placed it back on him.
"Bold of you to call me a woman after I've just wrestled you at the lobby earlier." 15-year old you chuckled, remembering what you had to go through to make him go back to his room.
"Don't remind me, you were like a freaking hippo back there! Geez." Jay scrunches his nose and turns his back to you.
"You insufferable woman." He mutters as you tuck him into his bed. 18-year old Jay was just as irritable as ever, but only when it came to you.
"Yeah yeah." You rolled your eyes at him dismissively as you placed a cold compress to his forehead. He's such a big baby.
"Stop being a jerk for once and learn to take care of yourself, will you?" You scold him, leaning in to fix the position of his pillow. Jay's heartbeat goes nuts, with your body so close above him. He could just grab you by the waist then and there and hold you tight. Your feminine scent was so alluring, filling up his senses, your skin translucent in the moonlight shining through the windows and he even caught a glimpse of your cleavage through your thin, white dress shirt.
Shit, shit, shit. He thinks, fisting his blanket tightly. His cheeks glowed crimson red, but thankfully you thought it was just because of the fever.
Rest assured, Jay wasn't all that bad as others make him out to be, and you strongly believe this. You remember that one night, it was your fourteenth birthday but you didn't bother telling anyone. You didn't want to burden the sisters, and your family didn't care much about it either. But Jay did. He cared, and he remembered.
You sat on the roof, your secret hiding place, as you admired the starry sky. But it's not really a secret when Jay knows about it. The ten year old boy climbed up, grunting as he struggled keeping his balance. You flinched at the sound and panicked, but it immediately died down when you saw it was just him. He quietly sat beside you.
Silence took over as you sighed in content, taking in the peaceful evening.
"Happy birthday." Jay said, almost a whisper. Your head turns to him and he immediately looks the other way, refusing to meet your eyes.
"Thank you, Jay." You said in gratitude, not bothering to hide your smile. He still refused to look your way as he held out his fist.
"What is it?" You asked in confusion, furrowing your eyebrows at his closed hand. He sighs, taking your hand in his as he placed something cold and hard on your palm.
"It's for you." He says. You gasped, taking in the shiny object encrusted with tiny jewels that glinted in the moonlight.
"Jay, where did you get this?" You ask him, bewildered.
"The sisters said they found that ring in my pocket when they found me outside the door of the orphanage the night that they took me in. It's my most precious possession. In fact, it's my only possession." He says, laughing lightly as he looked up at the sky.
"Must be an heirloom, maybe you came from a wealthy family! Jay, I can't accept this. This is important to you!" You exclaimed, holding the ring back to him.
You're important to me. He thinks.
"Maybe, but they've left me here haven't they?" He simply shrugs.
"But why give it to me?" You asked, holding the ring close to your chest. Jay rolls his eyes and clicks his tongue.
"Hey, no more questions. I gave it to you as a birthday gift, so you better treasure it. Good night." He says and prepares to climb down, leaving you dumbfounded.
At nineteen, Jay was the oldest at the orphanage. He never got adopted, and younger kids would pick on him because of it.
"You never got adopted because your a weirdo."
"They can probably sense that you're useless."
But Jay being Jay, he'd beat them up everytime just because their faces annoy him. And you'd be the one to ask for forgiveness for his sake everytime he got in trouble. You knew him well enough to know that although he'd never admit it out loud, seeing other kids like Jungwon and Sunoo get adopted while he gets left behind hurt him more than it should.
"I'm very sorry for Jay's actions, please don't send him away." You begged to the Mother Superior's feet, and Jay couldn't help but feel embarrassed. Not of you, but of himself for having you go through all this for him.
"Noona, please you don't have to do this." He tells you softly, for once as he tries pulling you up to your feet but you just won't budge.
"I'm sorry Y/N, I know you have grown quite close to Jay for the past ten years. But he is now of legal age he can't just keep hurting minors." The mother superior, which is the head of the orphanage states.
"Jay promises he won't do it again, please." You continue to plead, at this point you were so close at kissing the sister's feet if that'll make them forgive Jay.
"What, when did I promised—." He says and you signal him to shut up. The sisters sigh, and decide to just punish Jay by making him work at the farm for a month. You thank them over and over, tears welling in your eyes.
"Y/N, may I have a word with you. Jay, you may retire to your room." The mother superior instructs. Jay looks at you hesitantly, before leaving.
"Have a seat." She commands you, and you oblige.
"What is it that you wanted to talk about?" You asked.
"Listen, dear. You're now twenty-three years old, you are at your ripest age of getting married. Not only that, but you're also one of the most beautiful maidens of this town. You can't spend your life at this orphanage forever. Won't you consider settling down soon?" She suggests, and you felt a lump in your throat, your heart feeling unease.
"That's alright, Mother Superior. I'm only twenty-three, I still have a lot to figure out in my life. When a man does take interest in me, I'll decide then." You assure her, and stand up to leave.
The next days, you'd wake up early to prepare breakfast for the kids and for Jay before he heads off to the farm. Jay being the stubborn boy he is, refuses to sit down and have breakfast and so on most days, you'd chase after him to bring him his breakfast and lunch box. He'd purposely walk faster, ignoring your shouts. A smirk never leaving his face.
"Jay! Jay! Wait!" You yelled, chasing your breath as you continued to run after him. But your quick steps were no match for his long strides.
"Jay you freaking dimwit! Haaaaalt!" You yell at the top of your lungs with all your might, and he finally stops in his tracks, turning to look at you.
"Oh, you've been calling for me? Did you need something?" He asks, feigning ignorance that you've been shouting his name for a good fifteen minutes. You huff, stomping towards him angrily. His face smug the whole time.
Others would think you're ready to punch him in the face, but instead you would take his hand and place his boxed meal there. You sigh.
"Take care of yourself, okay? And finish everything I packed for you." You say. Jay simply rolls his eyes and waves a hand at you dismissively.
"Yeah yeah, just don't go missing me too much." He teases, suppressing a smile. You scoffed, punching his shoulder lightly.
"Damn right, I wont." You stuck your tongue at him before waving him goodbye, running back to the orphanage.
As you walked back, you notice a fancy carriage parked in front of the orphanage. Many people were gathered around, gossiping.
"The crown prince has selected candidates to be his wife."
"Now that the queen has passed away, the prince must choose his bride in order to ascend to the throne."
"Oh what a lucky girl she must be."
You slip through the crowd of people, successfully making your way inside.
"Oh here she is now." Mother Superior introduces you to the men in fancy clothing, and you stood their dumbfounded.
"She is a beauty indeed." The men agreed to themselves.
"What exactly is happening?" You whisper to the Mother Superior.
"They came here for you, my child. You have been selected by the prince to become a candidate of being his wife. I've already had your suitcases ready, they will take you to the palace now. And don't worry, I've already informed your parents and they are more than happy and wished you the best."
Everything was happening so fast, it's like everything's been decided for you. And amidst the chaos in your mind, you could only think of one person. Jay.
"What about Jay, I haven't said goodbye—" You pleaded to the old woman to let you see Jay one last time but the footmen has announced your departure to the palace. You choked on your tears as pain burned through your chest, clutching Jay's ring to your chest as you were brought further and further away from the place you called home all your life.
Jay plowed the soil over and over, sweat trickling down his neck and forehead. The sun is high and the heat is a pretty tough companion.
"Jay! Jay!" Jay's friend, Sunghoon called his name, sprinting towards him as if his life depended on it. Sunghoon was one of the orphan kids who got adopted recently, whose home was only a few blocks away from the orphanage. Jay halted his work, placing the tool beside him.
"Haven't seen you in a while, what brings you here?" He raises his eyebrow. Sunghoon holds onto his knees as he catches his breath, before uttering words that shattered Jay's heart into pieces.
"No, it can't be." He refuses to believe it, shaking his head aggressively as tears welled in his eyes. It felt as if he was pierced so deeply in the chest with a dagger, so agonizingly painful.
"It is true, they took Y/N to the palace to become the prince's bride. It's been the talk of the town all morning." Sunghoon is sad for his friend, knowing his feelings for her all along.
"No! Y/N wouldn't do that, she wouldn't leave just like that. No." Jay cried and ran his way back to the orphanage, leaving his belongings behind.
He enters the orphanage, screaming for your name.
"Noona? Noona! I'm here, I'm here now. Noona? Where are you?" He kept on calling for you, his voice breaking as tears blurred his vision. The sisters tried to calm him down but he shoved their hands away from him.
"No! It can't be, she couldn't have left. Please tell me she didn't leave, please." Jay crumbled as he called your name over and over in agony. He begged for everything to be just some sick joke, a prank you planned to get back at him for always being so mean to you.
"Y/N." He choked out before everything spiraled infront of him and went black.
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hintofelation99 · 11 months ago
The Justice League Hangs out with Duke
Bruce: Duke, it's time we had the talk.
Duke: Uh... nope. No thank you. I'm not getting the sex talk from Batman.
Bruce: What? No! The Robin talk.
Duke: But, I'm- I'm the Signal now? Isn't it a bit late for a Robin talk?
Bruce: Son, it's never too late, not for this.
Duke: Um. Ok.
Bruce: When Dick, Jason, and Tim first started as Robins they created a tradition. A tradition that continued with Stephanie, Damian, and now you.
Duke: And that tradition is?
Bruce: Taking down the Justice League. By being annoying and slightly terrifying.
Duke: OHHHHHH. Is that why no one from the Justice League talks to me?
Bruce: Yes, yes it is. But don't worry. I made an arrangement that will allow you time alone with league members to continue the tradition. You have a week to prepare.
Duke: Cass, what do I do?
Cass raises an eyebrow at Duke.
Duke: For the Robin tradition thing. I have to take down the entire Justice League in a night using creative, outlandish, and original methods. But it's already been done by Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian, and Steph. So what do I do? How can I be better than all of them.
Cass smirks: Take them down too.
Duke looking at Cass like she's crazy: What?
Cass: Take. Them. Down.
Duke: Holy shit, you are terrifying.
Cass just smiles and leaves.
-> One Week Later <-
Wonder Woman, Superman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter, Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian, and Steph gather in the Watchtower.
Duke: Hey guys, Batman just wanted to go through some training exercises with everyone. He'll be a little late. Harley and Ivy escaped Arkham and are trying to grow penis shaped shrubs in all the public parks. But, don't worry he asked me to go ahead and start with out him.
Green Lantern: Why are you leading this meeting?
Duke: Batman is running late and he wants me to practice leading meetings.
Green Lantern, glaring suspiciously at Duke: Are you about to do that stupid Robin tradition where you torture all of us?
Duke: What Robin tradition? Also, I'm not even a Robin? I'm the Signal.
Green Lantern continues to glare at him.
Superman: Calm down Green Lantern, the Robins never do this in front of each other.
Every League member seems to relax at this.
Duke acting confused: Uhhh, yeah. Ok, we have a few housekeeping things to do according to the list Batman left. So, I'll have everyone pair up for sparring while I handle these individually.
Everyone is in the training room working out or sparring. Duke approaches Tim.
Duke: Hey Tim, Bruce wanted you to look in to that Bludhaven case. Is that ok with you?
Tim: Yeah, why wouldn't it be?
Duke: Oh, I just thought it might be difficult considering what Dick did.
Tim: ...What did he do?
Duke: Wait, you haven't noticed? Oh no, I'm sorry I shouldn't have said anything.
Tim: Duke. Tell me what he did.
Duke: Well, Jason said that he replaced all your coffee with decaf.
Tim: THAT BASTARD. No wonder I've been feeling so tired! I'm going to kill him!
Duke: Wait, just stop! I heard that he hid all of it in Green Lantern's room.
Tim: Wait, why there?
Duke: Something about you being afraid of him.
Tim: WHAT?! I'm not afraid of the Green Nightlight! I'm gonna find that coffee then make Dick pay.
Duke: Oh, well cool, good luck!
Green Lantern: Um, what are you doing in my room?
Tim: Where is it?
Green Lantern: Where's what?
Tim: You know what I want. Give up now or face the consequences.
Tim: Fine. Consequences.
Steph, sparring with Duke: So, what's it like being the first meta bat?
Duke: Not too bad, but I could do with out the whole 'predict the future' thing.
Steph, laughing: What? You can not see the future.
Duke: I bet you $50 I can
Steph: Your on.
Duke, makes everything around him light up and uses a weird voice: In the next thirty minutes Green Lantern will flee the Watchtower in fear. Soon after Dick will be attacked by Tim.
Steph, snorts in obvious disbelief.
Steph: That was so fake-
Green Lantern runs out of the tower looking terrified.
Steph: No way.
Tim tackles Dick and they start fighting like three year old's on the floor.
Steph, handing Duke $50: Holy shit Magic Man.
Duke makes things light up and does the voice again: Oh my god.
Steph, looking excited: What?!
Duke: The- the sushi. The sushi you brought today, it's made from-
Duke pretends to choke back a sob.
Duke: It's made from the fish who was the maid of honor at Aquaman's wedding.
Steph and Aquaman sit beside each other for lunch, she pulls out her sushi and looks at Aquaman sadly.
Steph: I am so, so sorry for your loss. But just know that her sacrifice is not in vain.
Aquaman, looks confused for a second then sees the sushi: NOPE. Not this again! I'm leaving.
Steph: Wait! I'm sorry!
Aquaman leaves as Steph tries to chase him down.
Jason is laughing and filming as Dick and Tim fight.
Duke, whistles: Man, imagine if that video went on YouTube.
Jason, looking confused: What?
Duke: I'm just saying if the video of Red Robin and Nightwing fighting like kids ever got on YouTube, it'd go viral. Oh and they would be so pissed!
Jason, laughs: Too bad B would kill me if I uploaded this.
Duke: Yeah, I guess so. And you can't upload it here because then Superman would get in trouble.
Jason: Why would the boy scout get in trouble?
Duke: Cause he always uses his YouTube account on the Justice League computer. So it'd look like he uploaded it and B would find out that Superman watches cat videos while he's on monitor duty.
Jason, smirking: Huh, so you're saying if I upload this on the League computer I'd piss off Bruce, Tim, and Dick and get Supes in trouble?
Duke, acting innocent: Huh, I guess so.
-> A Few Minutes Later <-
A call from Bruce comes up on the main computer.
Superman: Hey Batman, what can I do for you?
Bruce: You, Red Hood, cave now.
Jason: What? Why me?
Bruce: Because I saw that little home video you uploaded of your brothers.
Jason: What, that wasn't me!
Bruce: I could hear you laughing while you filmed.
Jason: Dammit.
Jason and Clark leave for the cave pouting like kids.
Duke: Hey, Black Canary?
Black Canary: Yes Duke?
Duke: I'm sorry to do this on such short notice, but I'm very worried about Dick and Tim.
Black Canary: Why?
Duke: Well, Tim keeps claiming that Dick is out to get him. Something about Dick messing with his coffee? And Dick feels like he's just being attacked for no reason and is worried about Tim's health. Is there anyway you could intervene?
Black Canary, looking sighing and looking exhausted: Usually I have three days of preparation before dealing with bats.
Duke: I know it's just-
Duke gestures to Tim and Dick rolling on the floor fighting.
Duke: They really need help.
Black Canary: Alright, I'll see what I can do.
Black Canary attempts to intervene only to get pulled into the fight. Now the three of them are tangled in a huge, confusing fight, that's filled with yelling and hair pulling.
Duke: Damian! Quick!
Damian: What is it Thomas.
Duke: I think somethings wrong with Dick and Tim and maybe even Black Canary. They're all fighting and won't stop! Can you help me contain them so that we can figure out what's going on?
Damian: Fine. I shall help.
Duke: Ok, just try to herd them into this containment cell.
Damian joins the fight managing to get everyone, including himself, into the containment cell. As Damian is trying to leave Duke closes the cell. Damian angrily yells and bangs on the sound proof walls.
Duke: What? Sorry, can't hear you! My hand slipped!
Wonder Woman: Very well done Signal.
Duke, acting innocent: Hm?
Wonder Woman: You tricked Red Robin into scaring Green Lantern away, then into fighting Nightwing. Once that fight broke out you tricked Red Hood into uploading a video to the internet using the Superman's credentials. By uploading that video he caused both himself and Superman to face Batman's wrath. You also used the fight to trick Stephanie into annoying Aquaman to the point of leaving. Then you involved Black Canary in the fight, which was her downfall. And, as a final touch, you managed to get Robin into the fight and trapped all in a containment cell. You successfully eliminated 9 foes with one trick.
Duke: You mean 11.
Wonder Woman: What?
Duke: 11. You see, I didn't trick Red Robin, I tricked Nightwing. I had a week to prepare. In that week I convinced Dick that Tim needed to cut back on the caffeine and that Dick should help by switching all of Tim's coffee with decaf. I also convinced him to hide that coffee in the watchtower, in Green Lantern's room. So that was all true.
Wonder Woman: But, that still does not make 11?
Duke: It does. Because This morning I moved the coffee. I replaced the Flashes decaf with Tim's ultra caffeinated coffee. You see Tim has it specially manufactured to increase the caffeine levels. And, while Flash doesn't usually drink his coffee in the morning, he's always running late and forgets, he does drink coffee during training breaks. Which is now. So in about five minutes we will have an incredibly caffeinated speedster in the Watchtower. And since you're the only one around right now with a chance of catching him, that's your problem.
Right as Duke finishes Flash runs by, majorly hyped up on caffeine.
Duke: Checkmate.
Martian Manhunter: It appears that I am the last remaining League member.
Duke: Yeah, I don't really understand this tradition but apparently every Robin ends it by picking a favorite league member.
Martian Manhunter: Out of all the League members, why have you chosen me?
Duke: Your smart and have a lot of cool powers. Also, I dunno, I hear you sometimes feel like an outsider with the league. Cause, the whole martian thing. And I know it's not the same but, sometimes I feel like an outsider with the bats, being the only meta and all.
Martian Manhunter: You have chosen me so that we may bond over our lack of connections?
Duke: Uhhhh, yeah?
Martian Manhunter: Hm. Very well, I assume that this is your “Robin Weakness”. Apparently every Robin has one.
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remy martin | one shot (jjk)
Tumblr media
first drink: remy martin
⇢ this is part of the ‘liquid courage’ mini series
summary: bars aren’t your thing, especially meeting men at said bars.
words: 7.1k
warnings: cussing, mature language/implied sexual content, y/n and her bestfriend playfully call each other 'bitch,' bar scene, alcohol consumption, intoxication, men and their assumptions, making out, unprotected sex (pls protection is your friend), clit play/pussy eating, fingering, nipple/breast play, hickeys, sprinkle of dirty talk, multiple orgasms, missionary, riding/straddling, some cum eating, size kink/mentions of a big dick, use of pet names, aftercare
tags: @we8joon​ @preciouschimine​ @miinoongi​ @thebeebi​ @bluesharksandfish​ @asweeetdisposition​ @ggukkieland​ @unicornbabylover​
Tumblr media
Never in your life [as of recently, at least] would you have expected to have a fine, fine man balls deep into your pussy like this, but you know what, we'll get to the details later.
Your day started off slow, with work picking up mid-day and quite frankly, all you wanted to do was head the fuck home and catch up on Being Mary Jane with a huge glass of wine. Being Mary Jane was your shit because you wanted to channel your inner MJ after your own sad, cliché love story of boy cheats on girl. Your ex was a dumbass and you used to loathe Taehyung for what he did to you. You needed to get over this feeling, this void, this feeling of being empty and unwanted. But, shit gets tiring so fast— even with the post-its full of positive affirmations posted on your bathroom mirror that you've followed from Mary Jane's routine. All the countless and useless hookups, casual flings, dates, etc etc., that wasted your precious time over these years— you didn't need this shit. You didn't need men. You didn't need any of that soft, boring, vanilla shit you had always encountered— Taehyung and post-Taehyung. The same dates. The same restaurants. The same corny, over-used pick up lines. The same missionary position [which, don't get me wrong, isn't bad if it's with the right person]. The same 'let me make you feel good' but dude comes before you can even cum. Same old shit.
You always put up this front like men needed you, and you made that loud and clear with the way you walked the walk and talked the talk. Hell, you had achieved your goal of becoming a genetic counselor, working at one of the top hospitals in the city. Your bestfriends were always around you to support you and vice versa— Cathy living her dream as a nurse practitioner and Yoongi as a social worker. You were set, and you were always driven by your strength and independence. So driven you would never admit that sometimes, you did just want someone to actually need you, want you. Almost beg for you to be around, sexually or not. It was that longing and that need that you craved for, yet you couldn't find it and you were tired of looking.
So, you just stopped worrying all together.
It'll come when it's the right time, says Cathy. But, you thought it was all bullshit at this point. You hated dwelling on it and thought of it was a waste of time. This is why you channeled your inner MJ so you wouldn't be so in your fucking feelings.
"Guuessss what!" Cathy says in a sing-song manner as she rushes over to you and Yoongi in the courtyard. You watch as she pulls up a chair and smiles at you, batting her eyelashes like she always does when she's up to no good.
"Oh god, what did you do?" You ask, poking at your food.
"So, you know that guy I've been dating from Bumble?"
"You've dated like, four guys from Bumble in the past week." She glares at Yoongi and rolls her eyes.
"Anyways, this guy I've been dating— his name is Marvin, for those of you who have forgotten even though if you were truly my friend you'd actually pay attention—" She looks at Yoongi again. "He's trying to set up his bestfriend with someone." She smiles at you.
"And what does that have to do with me?"
"You're gonna be that someone he hooks his bestfriend up with!" She says excitedly, playfully [and gently] shaking you by the shoulder.
"No thanks, I'll pass."
"Well, see, that's kind of the issue." You drop your fork and glare at her.
"Please, tell me. What's the issue here?"
"I kind of said you'd go and meet him at the bar tonight." Yoongi snorts, almost spitting out his water.
"Ohhhhshit." He responds. "Here we go."
"Why in the fuck would you do that, Cathy?!" Your tone slightly rose.
"God, because you can use it! Live a little will you? Stop being boring and going home just to binge watch Being Mary Jane over and over again."
"I don't do that!" You lie.
"Sure, whatever." Cathy shrugs it off. "Point is— you need some fun too, okay? Who knows, you might enjoy it. I've met him and he seems like a really good guy. He's a co-founder of this tech company too, so you might have goodies to play with." She wiggles her eyebrows. "You know what I'm saying?"
"No, Cathy. I don't." She groans.
"You work so fucking hard, just take one night to see how it is. If you don't like it, then you don't. But at least you tried, right?"
"I don't wanna try, though."
"Besides, you need to get your pussy wrecked. You're in a fucking drought, bitch. Don't think I forgot all those texts of you complaining about your drought season." Yoongi makes a sour face.
"The hell, dude. Can we not?" Yoongi covers his face with his hand.
"Cathy, we're at work. Can you keep it down?!"
"You're right, I'm sorry—" She clears her throat. "YOU—NEED—TO—GET—YOUR—PU—" You cover her mouth with your hand.
"You must be out of your fucking mind!"
"Look wait, wait. She kind of has a point, Y/N." Yoongi says as he puts his hand out to alleviate the situation in some way. "You should do something outside of your ordinary routine."
"Yoongi! I'm comfortable with where I'm at, I don't—"
"Wait, just shut up and listen for once!" See, the thing with your friends— as you can tell already— they keep you grounded. They know how to deal with you. They know how to deal with the fire in you and when to put it out. They know when you just need a moment to yourself, and they know when you're comfortable. This right here, was beyond comfortable to Yoongi and Cathy, and not in a good way. You were stuck in this boring routine, afraid of trying anything new because of the time you 'wasted' in the past, especially pointing fingers straight at Taehyung. You just didn't want to ruin that routine. You didn't think anything was worth it.
For the most part, it's not. They do admire your independence and the way you can shut shit down.
However, miss girl, they know you, and they know you too well. They know that some part of you still longs to be loved because you do deserve to be loved. In all sorts of good, pleasurable, wonderful ways.
"You okay? Am I good to speak?" Yoongi asks you for reassurance and you simply nod. "Damn, woman. As I was saying, I don't think there's any harm in trying it out. Just like Cathy said, if you don't like it, then you don't. He doesn't own you, you can just tell him you're good off of the whole thing and leave." He shrugs before pointing at Cathy. "However, you still should've asked her first."
"Yeah, Cathy." You agreed before rolling your eyes and shaking your head.
"I'm sorry, babe. I just got excited and thought it would be fun for you. Don't be mad." She pouts. "I love you and I just want the best for you."
"Fine. But he better understand when no means no."
"Yes, I know. He won't be crazy." You shake your head.
"I can't believe you."
"Yessssss you can, I love you!" She squeals. "What're you gonna wear? Wanna shop really quick after work?"
"Can't I just go in sweats?" You chuckled, tracing the rim of your cup.
"No, this is like, a high-end bar. We need to get you in a sexy black dress, sweetie."
"Perrrrrfect." You let out sarcastically with a sigh.
Tumblr media
"Look at this! Tight and will hug you in all the right places." Cathy hands you the dress. "Try it on!"
"Okay, let me just pile it onto the others." You furrow your brows as you pile it ontop of the other 5 Cathy had handed you. "Don't you think this is maybe a little overkill? I have dresses."
"This is a special occasion, sweetie."
"What's the occasion?" You snort.
"Getting back out there!" You don't say anything. Even though you got on her ass earlier, you can't say you were entirely pissed that Cathy was trying to put you out there again. You know she was only coming from a good place, and both Yoongi and Cathy have always tried to look out for you in any way possible. Her execution though, a little questionable.
After a short while, you take the dresses into the fitting room and try on everything that's been handed to you. You actually do really like the last dress Cathy handed to you, and you take a minute to look at yourself in the mirror.
Truth be told, it's been awhile since you've felt completely sexy— Sexy enough to be wanting to flaunt your shit. You tried really hard to reassure yourself, pushing back all the negative thoughts that came rushing to your mind about Taehyung and those old feelings of betrayal and hurt. Ooh, the hurt.
Fuck that.
Nope, listen. This might be good for you. This really might be good. Even after the debates and pushing Cathy to cancel tonight, a tiny part of you thinks it could be good. It could be good enough to get him in bed and get a good fuck. Maybe it could escalate into something more over time, but that was kind of pushing it for you.
You finally settle on a dress and part ways with Cathy, not really in the mood to eat a full meal before meeting up with the guy. You take a quick shower, dry your hair and fluff it up a bit— giving it a lil umph compared to your usual routine of simply running your hand through your hair and calling it a day. You dab on some clear lipgloss to your lips and step through an invisible cloud of perfume before slipping into your Louboutins and throwing your shit into a clutch bag.
Fuck. We're really doing this.
"I can't believe you're making me do this." You slipped your Louboutins back on before stepping out of the Uber. God, you really couldn't last in heels— what were you thinking? "You know I have a million other things to do, why do I have to—"
"Hush and go find him, Y/N." Cathy says on the other line. "It's too late to turn back now, you're dressed and literally at the entrance."
"I swear, Cathy. If this doesn't end well—"
"It'll be fine! Don't whine before you try, silly." Cathy lets out a breath. "Okay, so, he's supposedly in a white button-up and grey slacks." You check the picture Cathy sent you of Andrei, Marvin's supposedly bestfriend. He was good looking, you couldn't lie. However, you just hoped he also carried himself well.
This bar is completely high-end and absolutely extravagant, and sits in the lobby of a very expensive apartment complex. It almost confuses you how you don't need a specific badge, ID, invitation of some sort to get in. But, you weren't complaining. If you were to meet a man at a bar, this is where you'd prefer it— and not those grimy, chaotic, small-spaced bars on Polk Street in San Francisco where people don't recognize personal space. If we're being completely honest.
The lights are dim, and the bar is decked out in dark aesthetics from ceiling to the floor. There aren't too many people present, which feels a bit of a relief. You don't have to shove your way past people if you need to make an unexpected escape. Ahead, there's a small table with a tea candle as the center piece. You see Andrei standing in front, looking at you with glowing eyes and a small smile on his face because he must have figured it was you, and that makes shit easier since you don't have to look dumb playing the what if's when searching the crowd for a familiar face.
You give him a small toothless smile in return and start walking towards his way, clutching your clutch bag in your hands. He definitely looks like the picture Cathy sent you, except hair a little trimmed and more cleaned up.
"Y/N?" He says, coming around the side of the table to greet you.
"You must be Andrei." You were expecting a handshake, but he pulls you into a pretty firm hug that catches you slightly off guard. His hand trails down to the small of your back before he breaks away and steps back towards the other side of the table.
"Wow, it's finally nice to meet you. You're even more beautiful in person." You smile.
"That's sweet, thank you." You look around, a little shy to keep eye contact with the guy. "Do you come here often or something? I honestly didn't know this place existed."
"Uh, yeah, sometimes when I wanna grab a drink after dealing with people's stupidity at work." He chuckles. Mm, kind of a strike one for you because you know damn well his ass doesn't know everything about the world around him. Sure, we all have bad days, but let's not get ahead of ourselves and start acting superior. Just cause you have the "co-founder" title to your name doesn't always mean shit.
"Hmm, tough days at work come pretty often?"
"It's just hard to manage people who are incompetent. Lots of people look good on paper, then when you ask them to do simple tasks, they need their hand held." You slowly nod.
"I see. Sounds like being a co-founder is a tough job for you."
"Oh no, it's great. Nothing but a breeze. Feel like this was made for me." He plays it off. Great start, honestly. Absolutely fantastic. "Anyway, I'll have Hennessy on the rocks. What can I get you, beautiful? Some of those girly Sex in the City kind of drinks? Martini, a glass of Sex on the Beach?" He chuckles as the waitress comes to take orders for any appetizers and drinks. Strike two— never assume a lady can't handle herself. You subtly roll your eyes before looking up at the waiter and smiling.
"I'll actually have Remy on the rocks. Thanks." You look back at Andrei, his eyes slightly widened before he a does a slight head tilt.
"Wow, was not expecting that."
"You sure weren't."
"No, that's cool. I like a woman who can handle hard liquor." You let out a sigh when the corners of your lips turned in a fake, half-assed smile. "So, Cathy and Marvin tell me you're a genetic counselor."
"Sure am."
"How's that like?"
"Good. I get to help people and that's all that matters."
"That's sweet."
"You like what you do?" You took a big sip out of your Remy.
"Yeah, besides the people I guess."
"But then what's your company without the people?" You cocked your eyebrow as you continued to sip.
"I guess so. It's hard to explain, I don't know if you'd get it."
"Why would you assume that? Try me."
"It's just a whole different world in tech, you know?" You shook your head as you downed the glass of Remy.
"Mm, no. Not really." He nervously chuckles and scratches his temple.
"Sorry, maybe we shouldn't discuss work."
"It's cool."
"Why don't you tell me some more about yourself?" Suddenly, the waiter comes back with another glass of Remy, catching you off guard.
"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't order another—"
"It's on the house, miss." He gives you a tight-lipped smile before walking off.
"Hm, looks like they're a fan of you too." You shrugged as Andrei laughed at his own joke. Looooord. You're not even trying to sound mean, but jesus. "Anyways, back to the question."
"I like to read, binge-watch shows, work-out, the usual." You give him a half-assed answer.
"Yeah, what kind of workouts are we talkin'?" He smirks. "I'm just playing." Sooner or later, you're downing the free glass of Remy and the alcohol is starting to run through your veins. The room feels a little hotter than when you first came in, the walls slowly starting to blur and become one with the ceiling and floors.
"What about you?"
"Same, I guess. Beating my friends at video games, winning bets at how many women we can snag. I always win though." He laughs. "Okay, I was really just playing about that. Don't get all worked up." Strike three— why in the fuck would you even say that type of shit? He was for sure some bratty frat boy in school. No doubt.
"Haaa." You fake laugh as you look off to the side. Andrei kind of picks up on the vibe and clears his throat. "Don't worry, I'm not pressed."
"Mind if I use the restroom really quickly?"
"Go for it." You shrug.
"Alright, I'll be back. Don't go anywhere, beautiful." He flashes you a smile that almost makes you sick. Everything he's been saying all night, his vibe, the way he carries himself, you already know this shit wasn't worth it. Point blank period. This was the same fucking issue you've run into before. All of this shit was a waste of time.
As soon as he clears around the corner, you pick up your phone to dial Cathy's number because right now, you feel like giving her an earful.
"Heyyyyy bitch, how's it going?"
"Why the fuck didn't you tell me he was a goddamn narcissist?"
"What? No he's not!"
"Oh yeah, and just how long have you actually spent time with him?" Silence. "Exactly!"
"What did he say?"
"He's just weird as fuck, I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be mean but he's like, trying to come off as high and mighty, but dumbing it down in a way? I don't know, I just know that I'm not feeling this and I'd rather be kicked into the next dimension than be here." The waiter pops up with another glass of Remy on the rocks, causing you to furrow your brows.
"Maybe he's just nervous, Y/N. Look at you, you're the baddest woman I know. Give it a little more time— "
"Wait, give me a sec, let me call you back." But Cathy doesn't hear you and continues to talk about Andrei and how you should give him a chance and to stop being so quick to judge and blah blah blah. You hang up otherwise, slipping your phone back into your clutch. "Okay, I honestly think this is a mistake."
"No mistake." The waiter nods towards a male figure towards the back of the room, sitting alone at the end of the bar. "It was ordered by the gentleman over there."
"Oh?" You raise an eyebrow as the waiter leaves. You look at the individual who's now staring at you, eyes full of curiosity. The first thing you truly noticed was how fine he was sitting there. His black, curly-ish hair fell to the sides of his face, his jawline so sharp it could cut someone miles away. He simply raises his glass at you with a tiny smirk creeping up at the corner of his lips. You can't help but stare, and he catches the questioning look on your face. He calls you over through a small nod, gesturing over at the empty seat next to him. You turn behind you and notice Andrei is still gone, and to be honest, you could care less if he came back because this 'date' had been over since the moment he opened his mouth.
Let's be real.
You quickly grab your clutch bag and the third glass of Remy before making your way over to the incredibly attractive individual at the end of the bar.
"So, you're the one who's bought the past two drinks." You say as you slip into the seat next to him.
"Looked like you needed it." He chuckles before eyeing you from his peripherals and sipping on his drink.
"Well, thank you. I appreciate it." You give him a small smile before sipping on the third glass, even though you know damn well you shouldn't be. "I'm Y/N, by the way."
"Nice to meet you." He looks at you with a smile.
"Date gone wrong?"
"Let's just not talk about it." He chuckles.
"I'll take that as a yes."
"I wouldn't consider it much of a date, or anything really at this point."
"Drink up then."
"Trying to get me that drunk?"
"More like, relaxed." You chuckle and bite onto your bottom lip. "I've been watching you since you walked in. You've been nothing but tense."
"Is that so?" You sip your glass, feeling even more intoxicated than earlier with this third glass coming to an end. "Do you watch everyone that walks in?"
"Only you."
"Why me?"
"You're gorgeous, that's why." You blush and turn away to prevent him from catching you. "What are you even doing here with someone like him?"
"God, don't get me started."
"I have time." He looks up and sees Andrei coming back to the table confused. "But you can explain while we head out of here." He drinks the rest of his glass before turning to you. You quickly glance at Andrei and you feel a little bad at how lost he looks right now. But honestly, Jungkook caught your attention in a matter of 0.5 seconds and there was no sign of you letting up any time soon. "Unless, you aren't down, then no hard feelings."
"I am. Please." You down the rest of your Remy before getting up and clutching your bag close to your side.
"I got you, pretty lady. Follow me." He smiles as he throws his leather jacket back on and holds out his hand for you. You take it without question, holding his hand as he escorts you out through the back way of the bar, cutting through the back hallway and passing the doors to the kitchen. Sooner or later, the two of you are exiting towards the back end of the building. Jungkook takes you into the elevator, pressing the top floor as you walk through the doors. You press your body against the cold wall, the dress suddenly feeling tight as the third glass of Remy is starting to make your body numb, your eyes starting to really glaze over. It was probably a bad idea to not fill up on food beforehand.
"Thanks again for getting me out of there." You say as Jungkook stands against one side of the elevator, his hands resting on the railing behind him. He licks his lips before his head dips and chuckles.
"No need to thank me. You needed it. I'm only doing what I can to help." His head swings back up, his chocolate doe eyes locked onto yours. "So, how'd you end up in there with 'em?"
"Fuck." You shake your head and pinch the bridge of your nose. "My bestfriend tried setting me up on a blind date. She's dating this guy from Bundle, or whatever the app is, and found out he was trying to hook his bestfriend up too."
"Yes, that thing." He scrunches his nose at you.
"I guess, I mean she didn't even ask and just shoved my ass right into the pits of hell. That's what it felt like." You say, the alcohol giving you a little more courage to open up and vent to a complete stranger.
"I hope it still doesn't feel that way." You giggled.
"No, no. Not at all. I know I've been saying it but I really do appreciate it."
"Course." He chuckles.
"What were you doing in there alone?"
"Ah, it's kinda lame. I live here, but I've never paid attention to the bar. I figured I could at least see what it's about." He shrugs as the elevator doors open. "Come." He grabs your hand and leads you to the stairs.
"You're not gonna kill me, are you? Or kidnap me, whatever comes first." He shakes his head as he leads the way up a flight of stairs and through the roof access door.
"No, jeez." He laughs. "I've always wanted to come up here but never had a good enough reason to." He turns to look at you. "Looks like tonight is my lucky night." You look at the view of ahead of you, the breeze slightly hitting your face but giving you just enough of a refresher.
"This is beautiful. You live here?!" You turn towards him while he nods in response.
"Sure do."
"Damn, what the fuck do you do?" He smiles.
"I'm an entrepreneur. I run a business with my good friend, Namjoon. We focus on event promotions for the night club scene. He works a little bit more on the music aspect of things too, recruiting top djs and entertainers to perform all while promoting."
"Wow, that's pretty cool." You nod. You had no idea what it really entailed but it seemed fun and Jungkook didn't seem to be giving off any negative vibes about it.
"Yeah, it's fun."
"So, do you work every day?"
"Most of the time, yeah. But I made sure to make time for myself tonight."
"That's good. I should do that."
"You should. What do you do anyways?"
"I'm a genetic counselor."
"That's pretty fucking cool." He nods, his bottom lip poking out. "I'm sure you help out a lot of people and that takes a lot. I commend you."
"Thanks." You bite onto your bottom lip again. "How old are you, if you don't mind me asking?" You boldly ask just to make sure you weren't feeling something you shouldn't be.
"I don't. I just turned 25 in September."
"I just turned 27 this past January."
"The night just keeps getting better, doesn't it?" He chuckles. You keep your gaze on him as he continues to look back out silently. You don't turn away when he looks at you, almost willingly letting him catch you checking him out. "What?"
"I'm sorry, I'm just gonna say it. I'm drunk and I don't know— I might regret this later since I don't really know what I'm doing, but fuck it."
"No, go for it Y/N." He laughs, watching you ramble on.
"You're really fucking attractive."
"I was just thinking the same about you." He smirks, his tongue poking the side of his cheek. You swallow the lump in your throat because you don't know if it's the fucking cold that's heightening the level of your intoxication right now, but your pussy is throbbing. You feel it pulsing against your panties, the fabric of your dress. You went from not wanting to be here, to suddenly wanting to be here solely to throw yourself on this man. All of you. He could have it, hands down. You wanted him.
You didn't really know what it was about him that drew you so quick, that made your guard come down, that made you put aside your Mary Jane front.
But, fuck.
"Fuck, I'm sorry." You say, cursing yourself under your breath as you walk away and try to create some distance. This whole situation, the alcohol, a fine ass man by the name of Jungkook— it was all bad and you knew it too, but your ass waned to be dramatic. You wanted him to want you just as bad.
"What is it?"
"I just— I honestly shouldn't be near you or else my thoughts start to run wild. I know it shouldn't matter though because I came all the way out here for this stupid date and I'd hate for the night to go to waste. Ugh." You groan. "Sorry, I hope you get what I'm saying." You slightly pout, realizing how much you've rambled on.
"Mm, I'm not sure I do." Suddenly, you feel him behind you, his breath trailing down your neck. "Care to help me understand?" You silently hiss to yourself as you shut your eyes, trying to silence the demon on your shoulder. All it was tempting you to do was give in. Giving you the little nudge that you need, that hype. You hadn't gotten dick in awhile, Cathy was right. You had complained time and time again about being in this fucking drought, and now here we are.
Do we go for it, or not? Do we let the devil take this?
As if something snaps [quick, too], you turn and cup his cheeks, roughly pressing your lips against his and he takes it. He kisses you back, his hands pulling you close by the elbows as he tries to deepen the kiss.
"God, fuck." You whimper into his mouth.
"I know it's a cliché ass line, so forgive me. But, are you down to take this back to mine?" He pulls away briefly just to scan your body language. He's a man with needs, and fuck, he's been eyeing you since you walked in. Everything about you, the way the dress hugged your body tightly, those red bottom heels. God, your beauty drove him crazy, especially when he caught other men looking your way too. He watched patiently as you sat with Andrei, doing your best to endure the horrible date and he just knew he needed to step in. Not only for you, to be honest. But he knew he could do better and give you what you need. He knew exactly what that was from the moment he laid his eyes on you.
Andrei thought he had it like that, but Jungkook definitely did have it like that.
You hurriedly follow him down the flight of stairs and into the elevator, Jungkook instantly pressing you against the wall to continue kissing you. His hands roam up your dress, gripping your ass tightly as your tongues dance together in a wet, sloppy kiss.
Sure, the both of you are drunk right now but who gives a flying fuck? You hadn't felt this alive in such a long time. You hadn't felt things in months. This was the first time you've felt the desire to be fucked, the need to have someone touch you, feel you. Make you feel good. Because typically, you could care less. None of this hooking up, casual dating scene was worth it to you, but somehow Jungkook has gotten past that even though you barely knew anything about him.
You drunkily kiss up on his neck, your tongue trailing from his neck mole up to his jaw as you giggle and continue to pepper him with kisses while he fiddles with his keys.
"Fuck, baby." He says, the pet name sending shivers down your spine. He swoops you into his arms, continuing to kiss you deeply and sensually as he carries you to his room. He gently lays you on his bed, removing his jacket and setting it aside. His hands begin to roam up your body, taking every bit of you in. "Take this off, yeah?" He says, slipping off your red bottoms and tossing them aside. He begins to press light, feathery kisses down your leg before tugging it over his shoulder in order to lower himself onto you.
"Get me out of this dress, Jungkook." He smiles into the kiss he's pressing below your jaw.
"Don't have to tell me twice." He says, helping you wiggle out of the dress and tossing it aside to join your heels. He sits up and removes his shirt before admiring your body. You weren't wearing a bra underneath the dress and the realization sends a slight shock to his dick, making it twitch. You, on the other hand, wanted so badly to drool at the sight of his chiseled abs, his arms, his face. Fucking everything.
He gets himself out of his jeans before he lowers himself back down to you and starts to gently rub your clothed clit. Your back arches at the sudden sensation, a small hiss leaving your mouth as he tugs lightly on your panties with his teeth, his lips pressing gently against your clothed nub.
"Such a fucking tease." You spit out, eyes slightly shut from how bad you're yearning for him to do more to you.
"Just wanna make this last for you. You were tense all night, sweetheart." He hooks onto your panties, and brings them down, his arms about to hook around your thighs so he can get a better angle on your pussy. He licks a stripe up your folds, causing a small moan to escape your lips. His nose is nuzzled near your clit as he begins to suck, his tongue poking your entrance from time to time. He makes his way up to your clit, tonguing it slowly before latching on fully with his soft, plump lips. Your hands are in his hair, tugging away as you jut your hips upward into his mouth to feel more of him. "You're soaking wet, baby. All this for me?" You nod with a small whimper.
"Feels so good, Jungkook. God, please keep going."
"Can't wait to feel you wrapped around me." He says lowly as he pulls away to start fingering you with three of his digits. He curves upward, tickling you in all the right places before his lips come back down to meet your sensitive nub.
"Ohhhhshit, yes, like that, like that!" You moan, hips almost going crazy trying to feel more but Jungkook does a hell of a job keeping you steady. You feel the pleasure bubbling in your core, ready to tip over and take over your entire body. God, it feels like it's been decades since you felt this good and it's almost embarrassing how a stranger can make you cum quicker than your ex was able to.
"Let me feel you cum." He groans against your pussy. You feel yourself snap, your body trembles under his grip as you moan his name loudly, explicit words trailing behind as you try to ride out your high with his mouth constantly latched onto your clit. "That's it, pretty girl."
"Fuuuuuuuuuck." You turn your head sideways and groan into his pillows as you come down from your high.
"So good for me." He removes himself from your sensitive clit, and makes his way to your breasts, groping at the right pressure before taking your nipples into his mouth one by one and pulling back with a pop each time. He starts sucking on the surface of your skin, leaving dark-reddish marks along your breasts and up to the base of your neck. "You look so fucking pretty being marked up like that."
"Wanna feel you." You whine as your hand rests on the nape of his neck, bringing him down onto your lips for a sloppy kiss. The sounds of wet kisses fills the room, Jungkook moaning into it as he removes his hardened member from its confines and starts to pump himself a few times.
"You ready?" He asks. You watch as he sits back on his knees and strokes himself. He was deliciously big, and you wanted to feel every inch of him inside of you. You bite onto your bottom lip and nod, causing him to smirk. He presses his tip into your entrance and sinks in just a bit before he comes back out and taps his cock against your pussy.
"Stop fucking teasing."
"Tell me what you want then, baby."
"I want you to fuck me. God, please. Just fuck me good." You moan, grabbing at your breasts to ease your neediness.
"I'll fuck you real good, princess. Won't let this night go to waste for you. Don't even worry about that." He glides his cock up and down your folds a few times before he lets his tip sink in fully. He lowers himself onto you and bottoms out, both of your moans filling the room and bouncing off of the walls. He hooks his arm around your waist and gets a good grip on your ass to keep him steady as he fucks into you deeply. Your hands are tangled in his hair as he buries his head into the crook of your neck to plant wet kisses on the surface while he fucks into you.
"You feel so good." You moan into his ear, causing him to groan.
"Shit, baby. If you keep moaning like that, you'll make me cum." He moves away from your neck and faces you, now attacking your lips with his. He sucks onto your bottom lip and tugs back gently before he's sinking his tongue back into your mouth. You pull on his hair, the pleasure bubbling in your core once again as your hips try to work against his.
"Hmmmmmgfffuck, you're gonna make me cum again."
"Good." Is all he says as he's picking up his pace and becoming more aggressive with his movements. His fingers are digging deep into your ass, gripping tighter to support him while he begins to ram into your pussy.
"Jungkook, please." You plead.
"Use your words, Y/N."
"Fuck me harder." He smirks and bites onto his bottom lip as he raises himself up and spreads your legs wider. He holds them against your chest, making sure you're wide enough to feel him deep inside of you. He picks up the pace and his movements are rougher now, causing you to cry his name and plead for him keep going.
Begging for him to keep fucking you the way he is.
Begging for him to make you cum again.
And he does just that. With one more roll of his hips, he sends you hurdling over the edge, your body trembling under him harder than you've ever trembled before.
"Fuuuuuuck, you're so fucking tight. Feel so good coming all over my cock, doesn't it?" He tilts his head back in pleasure to gather himself for a moment, your wet pussy pulsating around him driving him to insanity. "Can you ride me, baby?" You nod as you watch him pull out and fix himself against his headboard. He strokes himself while he does the same, watching as you swing a leg over to prep yourself. "Taste yourself for me." He says, slipping two of his digits into your mouth. Your hand rests on his as you suck on his fingers, tongue swirling around them one by one before you position yourself over his cock and slowly start to sink down. "God, so perfect." He moans, his head hitting the headboard behind him.
"You're so big." You whimper, feeling completely filled, almost bloated from the way his cock is sitting in you. He grips onto your hips, immediately having you work on him in quick, fast-paced motions. His moaning becomes louder, like music to your ears. He tries to spit out words, but they come out broken with the way the pleasure is becoming overwhelming for him.
"Sh-shit, oh-shit—" He stutters as he watches your hips sloppily grind on him.
"Jungkook." You moan. At this point, you hear your phone going off a couple of times, most likely due to Cathy trying to figure out where the fuck you went and why you left Andrei at the bar.
Oh, well. You're too into Jungkook and he's too into you to even give a fuck about how annoying it is.
"B-baby, b-baby, baby—" He repeats, his panting becoming more consistent. "I'm gonna cum, tell me where I can cum please." He pleads as his breathing becomes heavy.
"Inside me." You clearly don’t give a fuck with how drunk you are, and god, thank you for birth control but this is not how you would usually go about it.
"Shit that's so fucking hot." He groans.
"Oh god, oh god, Jungkook, god!" Is all you can moan out when you're coming for the third time tonight, your clit aching from the sensitivity of it rubbing against Jungkook's pelvis this entire time. You fall against his body even though your hips are still working slowly to ride out the rest of your high.
"Look at me." He gently grabs you by the jaw to make you face him after you've ridden out your high. "Keep your eyes on me, want you to see me cum for you." You nod as you continue to ride him until he fills you up. You watch as his brows furrow while his eyes shut close. His fingers are digging deep into your hips, a slight hint of pain shooting through your body but quickly leaves when you watch as he groans your name loudly and tilts his head back. He opens his eyes once he's finished filling you up, the both of you panting to regulate your breathing and not breaking eye contact. "So fucking good, princess." He says at a whisper, pressing his lips against yours and smiling into it. He lets out a small hiss when he feels you slip yourself off of him, but holds you there. "Wait."
"Hm?" You watch as he grabs a tissue from the nightstand next to his bed and wipes you up. You slightly chuckle as he finishes cleaning you up, plopping onto the open space next to him. The exhaustion suddenly hits you hard, the alcohol still running through your veins but not as bad as it was earlier.
"You okay?" He asks, slipping himself further into the covers.
"Yeah, I'm just tired as hell now." He chuckles.
"Go to sleep."
"You don't mind?" You ask as your eyes slowly close while you fix your position and lay on your side, facing away from Jungkook.
"No. I just have to be up early because—" He looks over to see that you had fallen asleep already. He smiles to himself as he listens to the small, soft snores coming from your side of the bed and tucks himself in before shutting off the lights.
This was definitely unexpected, but he was quite happy with how shit had turned out tonight. He didn't think his plan of buying you drinks to get you out of your situation would turn out to this, but he was glad he tried.
What this meant afterwards, he wasn't sure. He's had his fair share of one night stands and fuckbuddies in the past, but the routine always got boring for him. This though— it felt different. He just wasn't sure what it was, he didn't even know you felt or what you would feel the coming morning. He wanted to see you again, though. How he'd keep that up, he'd figure it out.
So that's how a fine, fine man was balls deep into your pussy tonight. And at the moment, you didn't regret a fucking thing. One thing turned into another, and you had thought that maybe, this is what was supposed to happen all along. All because of a failed blind date with a dude named Andrei and three cups of Remy on the rocks.
That fucking Remy. Strong and bold, just like you. And Jungkook caught on quick.
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t0shii · a year ago
ღ — cuddling hcs
Tumblr media Tumblr media
.! shinsou, denki, shoto, bakugou, mina, sero, uraraka (sep) x gn!r
.! fluff/ not proofread
.! shinsou the cuddle king 😩
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— we ALL know toshi is THE best cuddler in ua
— i think he likes spooning and he's usually the big spoon
— likes kissing your shoulder and your neck
— but he keeps his room cold
— so his body might be warm but his nose, hands and feet are always ice cold
"toshi stop your hands are cold." you complain as you feel his hand sneak up your shirt and rub up and down your side, "can't help it." "you could just not have your hand under my shirt, y'know." he scoffs, "too bad, i like this though." "your hand is cold shinsou." he scrunches his face, "don't call me that, it's toshi or baby to you." you laugh, "baby or toshi, got it." "good." he smiles proudly, pressing a kiss to the back of your neck. "sorry baby." "it's alright just don't do it again, there will be consequences." "uh oh, like what?" "like i'll never kiss you again for a week." you gasp, "you wouldn't dare!" "i would dare." "that's horrible!" "i know, so you better not call me that again." you nod, "alright, i learned my lesson."
— when denki's tired denki cuddles
— he's clingy too
— he likes to rest his head on your chest
— and have his arms wrapped around your waist
— traces little lightening bolts on your back with his finger
— falls asleep hella quick
"hi babe!" denki exclaims, flopping himself onto your bed, "hi kami." he turns his head to look at you, "whatcha doin'?" "i was about to take a nap." his eyebrows raise, "oh really? i guess i have to join you now." he grins, scooting closer to you, wrapping his arms around your waist, "are you even tired?" "nuh uh, but i wanna be with you.-" you nod, fingers running through his hair causing him to hum, "-i missed you." you giggle, "missed you too." after he lays his head on your chest he'a out like a light, "'not tired' huh?" you tease, moving some hair out of his face, "you're lucky you're cute.... and warm."
— i mean cmon we all know he's a amazing at cuddling
— the perfect temp
— at first he was a little awkward but after a few times he's a pro
— likes when you lay on top of him n he can have a hand rested on your lower back
— likes to read while you cuddle if you're not both napping
for you and shoto, a rainy day meant lounging around the dorms, that's why you both lay on the couch listening to the rain tap on the window, though he's reading. he's startled when you jolt, waking yourself up, "something wrong?" he moves his so he can see you clearly, "mhm, i didn't mean to fall asleep." you answer, laying your head back down on his chest. he hums in response, a warm hand rubbing circles on your lower back as he goes back to his book. it doesn't take long for you to doze back off as he begins to read aloud to you.
— also likes when you lay on top of him
— but likes when you're face is in the crook of his neck
— dont tell him i told you but he loves when u kiss his neck
— just lil kisses nothing major
— will tell you to stop but secretly hopes you don't
you lay on bakugou, a blanket thrown over the both of you, his hands using your back as a rest as he scrolls through his phone. "quit that, y/n." he growls, "quit what?" you reply, smirk on your lips. he groans, "you know what, idiot. stop." you chuckle, "okay okay." you adjust your head on his shoulder but not even five minutes later you're pecking his neck again. he shuts his phone off, tossing it somewhere else on the bed and wraps his arms around your waist, "i told you to stop." he whisper into your ear before resting his forehead against your shoulder though he doesn't complain as you continue.
— loves when you lay your head on her chest
— she loves the feeling of protecting you
— so i think she'd be the big spoon
— except you're facing eachother
"so how was your day?" mina asks, fingers toying with the hem of your shirt, "tiring." she pouts a your response "we should take a nap then, hm?" she starts drawing hearts on your back, "just for an hour, i have to study for tomorrow's exam." mina nods, "i'll set an alarm." but she doesn't and you end up sleeping for three hours, how can you be mad at her though? "i just wanted you to get some rest baby, you deserved it." she mumbles, frown on her face eyes glossy, afraid you're upset with her. "i'm not mad you, princess. thank you for taking care of me." she immediately lightens up at your words, arms wrapping around your waist, "i just love you so much."
— your head on his chest. please.
— runs his finger tips up and down your back
— watches tiktoks with you
— or random ass yt videos he finds interesting
"look babe, watch this video. i saw it last night and i just had to show you" sero says, suddenly causing you to look over to his phone screen, "look it's just a complication of cute baby animals, as soon as i saw it i thought of you- watch, watch." you watch the 20 minute video with him, "that was cute hanta." "wasn't it? i thought of you when i saw it." "when'd you watch it?" "i dunno it was like 3:00am and i couldn't sleep." you hum in response, "there's more if you wanna watch em, i haven't seen those though." he offers, scrolling through the selection, "really hanta?" "....what?" "of course i wanna watch them." "okay good, i was gonna watch them regardless but it's better with you."
— like bakugou's but she's the one laying on you
— loves when you have your hands resting on her lower back or your arms wrapped around her waist
— makes her feel secure n safe
— and kiss her neck too
— she gets so shy omg
"baby, c'mere." you open your arms and motion uraraka over, he does, crawling on top of you before resting her cheek on your shoulder, "did you need something?" she asks, "nuh uh, just wanna cuddle is that okay?" she lets out a breathy giggle, "fine with me." a comfortable silence falls between the two of you, almost coaxing her to sleep until she feels you kiss her neck once, and then again... and again, at this point she can't fight the blush on her cheeks and she's about to tell you to stop until you speak up, "you know i love you right?" your question only reddens her cheeks even more. "mhm." she lets you continue with the kisses on her neck, "i love you too y/n."
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formulafics · 8 months ago
I will always have time for you - Lando Norris x Reader Part 13
summary: y/n is max fewtrells sister and she has never really noticed lando in a more than a he’s my brothers best friend kind of way. when she’s stressed about an exam and he offers to help she may just begin to notice him.
a/n: alrighty, here it is!!! the last chapter!! if you’re reading this thank you so so so much for sticking around and supporting the story. i have really enjoyed getting everyone’s feedback and seeing how you guys find it. i’m sad to see the end of the story but i think this is a good way to end it. as always let me know what you think!☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
masterlist part 12
Tumblr media
gif by: @landonorrisgifs (i love this gif set so so much)
“Y/n would you please hurry up” Max shouted from his bedroom.
“Yeah yeah, I know, I’m taking too long. I’m almost done though” Y/n yelled, making her way from the bathroom into her bedroom to grab her shoes before standing in Max’s doorway.
“Do I look okay, am I overdressed, I've never been to this place so I wasn’t sure what to wear?” Y/n said, fiddling with her dress.
“Yes you look great, you’re not overdressed, we have to go,” Max said, jumping up off of his bed, “are you coming Lando or are you just gonna sit there gawking at my sister” he continued, rolling his eyes at Lando before walking out of the room.
“I’m overdressed aren’t I, maybe I’ll change super quickly?” y/n sighed, looking at Lando, who hadn’t said a word since she walked in.
“No, god no, don’t change,” Lando said jumping off the bed quickly. “You look amazing… like really amazing”
“You don’t look so bad yourself Norris” she smiled.
Lando couldn’t believe how lucky he was, that the girl standing in front of him was finally his. His eyes explored her beauty from head to toe, from the way her hair travelled over her shoulders to the blush that crept onto her cheeks and the way her lips slightly curved into a smile. He had fallen for this girl and he had fallen hard. He stepped in front of her, and she closed the gap between them, smiling before she planted a kiss on his lips.
“Guys we really have to go, we have to be there before Tom gets there. Remember?” Max called from downstairs.
“Yes we are coming” Lando called, and y/n giggled as he rolled his eyes, “ready?”
She nodded before intertwining their hands and leading him downstairs.
The club looked great. They had all chipped in to hire a part of it privately and some of the boys and their girlfriends had come in to decorate earlier today. Tom had no idea any of it was planned, he just thought that he was going for a night out.
When he walked in they all did the typical surprise and his reaction was priceless. It was evident how appreciative he was of everyone.
Y/n was sat on one of the lounges with Lando, taking in everything that was going on around them. Lando had his arm draped around her as they chatted away aimlessly.
“It’s really nice that we are here… together,” Lando said.
Y/n shifted her body to face him and smiled at him.
“Yeah, don’t get me wrong it was amazing before, having you all to myself, but being able to just hug and kiss you around everyone is such a relief,” she gave him a quick soft kiss.
They were lucky that everyone had taken the news really well when the two of them revealed they were seeing each other. A lot of them said it was about time and everyone was extremely happy they had finally seen it.
“And Matt has finally backed off” Lando muttered.
“Lando, you know that that was never ever going to happen,” she said smiling slightly.
“But I didn’t know if this was ever going to happen” he replied looking into her eyes.
“I’m so glad it did,” she said, leaning in and kissing him, properly this time.
“Ayyye love birds” Tom slurred as he sat down next to Lando and put his arm around him.
“Enjoying your night then Tom” y/n laughed.
“Of course, how could I not,” he said, grinning from ear to ear, "look at everyone having a good time, I didn't even know I had this many friends", he exclaimed gesturing to all the people on the dance floor.
"They are all paid actors," Connor said as he and his girlfriend sat down next to Tom.
Lando nudged y/n with his elbow and nodded toward the dancefloor, smirking. At first, she thought he was asking her to dance and was about to decline when she saw what he was really pointing out. Max and Grace were dancing together, Grace's arms around Max's neck and Max's on her hips. Y/n looked at Lando and smiled in glee.
"Finally" she whispered to him and they laughed.
"So it's definitely not weird seeing them together," Lando asked. They had already discussed the topic as they had an inkling something was going to happen between the two of them, but y/n had never seen them interact like this.
"Oh it's weird, but I really want them to be together and happy and I can't be a hypocrite" she smiled, "besides, stranger things have happened" she winked at him, thinking about how she and Lando had gotten together.
"Still can't believe Max hasn't punched me yet or something," he said looking at her
"I'm saving it for when you make a dumb Lando move" Max interrupted. They hadn't noticed Max and Grace make their way over to them.
“Let’s dance y/n,” Grace said, beginning to pull her away from the group she was standing with. Y/n groaned and gave Lando a look that said ‘help me’ but he just laughed and pushed her to go dance.
“How good is this night” Grace laughed, evidently a bit tipsy.
“It’s been really great, I’m glad Tom is enjoying himself” y/n replied, "and that you are clearly enjoying yourself" she continued, smirking at Grace.
"I don't know what you're talking about," Grace said, returning the smirk. "You're not mad are you?" she asked sincerely.
"How could I be mad?" y/n smiled at her. "You guys are great together, Max deserves someone great and you are amazing and you deserve someone great and well Max is okay," y/n joked, "and I can't be mad when I'm with his best friend" she raised her eyebrows at Grace.
"How crazy that all of this happened," Grace said and they both laughed and began dancing like crazy people.
After dancing for a bit y/n felt eyes on her. She looked to see Lando, in the same place sitting with the boys, watching her and laughing at her dancing. The girls decided to head back over to the group sitting down, y/n dancing toward Lando, who grabbed her waist and brought him onto her lap.
“Look at you two, you are the cutest” Connors girlfriend smiled at them.
“You know” Tom slurred, starting to ramble to the group, “I always thought these two were perfect for each other, but I didn’t know if it would ever actually happen, you know because of Max and because of Lando’s job and being away and”
“Yeah, how is that going to work?” Matt butted in, “I assume you are going to Italy next weekend y/n”
Y/n felt Lando’s body tense under her. It was as though Matt knew exactly which button to press to get under Lando’s skin. Y/n and Lando hadn’t spoken much about Imola, since he had asked her to go with him, only minimal conversations about how he felt about the race.
“Actually, no I’m not going, unfortunately, I have some uni stuff so I can’t make it,” y/n said quietly, feeling like every eye in the club was on her at that moment.
“That’s a shame, first race together and all” Matt smirked.
“It’s one race, it doesn’t matter,” Lando said shortly, frustration obviously getting the better of him. Y/n grabbed his hand and gently ran her thumb over it to calm him down.
“I would personally like to thank y/n, as it means I get to be the guest of honour” Max spoke up to ease the tension. Y/n shot him a grateful look and he nodded his head slightly at him.
“Awww I’m jealous, I’m the birthday boy I should get to go,” Tom said and everyone laughed at him.
“Maybe one day mate, maybe one day,” Max said patting his back.
Y/n was woken by Lando sitting up in bed. He smiled down at her and brushed the hair from her eyes.
"Morning, you," he said huskily, almost in a whisper.
"Morning" she gave him a small smile, bringing herself closer to him and wrapping her arm weakly around his body. "Did you sleep okay?" she asked him.
"I was a bit restless" he stroked her arm gently, "Kept thinking about having to leave today", he felt her arm tighten around him a bit when he said this.
"What time do you have to leave?" she mumbled.
"In two hours, so we will have breakfast, I've got pancake mix in the cupboard"
"Can we just stay here for a bit longer?" she asked, not wanting him to go.
"Just for a bit", he said wrapping his arms around her tightly.
"So I just have some media stuff to do, and then qualifying starts, Charlie will show you where you have to go and everything, is that all good?" Lando asked Max as they finished breakfast.
"Yeah of course that sounds good, I'll just do what I am told" he laughed, "Thanks again for letting me tag along, even if I wasn't your first choice"
"Of course" Lando gulped.
"Have you spoken to her today?" Max asked cautiously.
"Yeah, I spoke to her as she was about to go back into the workshop, she was all good" he gave Max a small smile, knowing that it wasn't Y/n's fault that she couldn't be at the race. It didn't stop his disappointment, he wanted nothing more than to be able to collapse into bed with her on Thursday night and last night after two exhausting days. He was actually grateful that Max was here, and was always glad of his company, to give him small distractions.
"Are you ready Lando?" Charlotte said as she walked over to their table.
"Sure am" he said, grabbing his stuff and saying bye to Max.
"Good luck, you're gonna kill it"
Charlotte led him through the paddock toward where all the drivers were gathering. As they passed the Ferrari motor home, Carlos called out to Lando.
“I’ll meet you there, don’t take too long, okay,” Charlotte said to Lando after saying hi to Carlos and asking how he was. She walked off in a hurry, Lando knew how busy she was.
“Does she ever get a break?” Carlos laughed, knowing how integral Charlotte was to the team after working with her during his time at Mclaren.
“She’s superwoman or something” Lando laughed back.
“So, ready for qualifying? The car looks good” Carlos said.
“Yeah, we are feeling pretty good about it, can’t give too much away though” Lando winked to him.
Charles joined the two of them at the front of the makeshift building, his girlfriend Charlotte at his side.
“What about you guys? Feeling good?” Lando asked.
“We shall see, it’s very hard to say at the moment,” Charles said, with a smile.
“Oi boys, you better hurry up, we are all almost late” George shouted as he walked past them, his girlfriend Carmen by his side. Lando rolled his eyes at him before the group followed them. He suddenly became very apparent of the interactions between George and Carmen, the way they walked closely, hand in hand together. Lando felt a pit beginning to form in his stomach. He could hear Charlotte laughing about something Charles had said and it began to cloud his mind. He wanted to walk through the paddock with Y/n. He wanted to have someone help him get through the weekend, and though Max was great, he wasn't the Fewtrell that Lando needed.
Lando was bitter. He was mad at himself. He had let the team down. So close to an amazing qualifying position and he blew it. His amazing lap… deleted.
In an attempt to delay any initial media interviews to later, he headed straight into a meeting with his engineers for a debrief. As he sat there with his head lying back in regret, he thought about what could have been. He imagined getting that amazing lap in, getting a great position, and celebrating with y/n, now he would just be grateful for a hug from her.
As the meeting ended, Lando knew it was time for interviews. Just before he headed out he attempted to call y/n. He knew she would know exactly what to say. When Charlotte looked at him and tapped her watch, Lando begged for one more minute, but it was no use, Y/n was refusing to pick up.
“Can't get ahold of her?”
“No, she must still be in her workshop” Lando sighed.
“I’m sorry Lando but we really have to go,” Charlotte said.
"Yeah I know," he muttered in defeat as he followed Charlotte out the door".
It had been 15 minutes and Lando was tired of hearing the same questions over and over. He never really minded the interviews but today his mind was elsewhere and he just wanted to get out of there. He was almost finished with his last interview, going through his reaction to his performance.
"...things were looking good, and I did a good job and like you said the car was, was pretty hooked up today, umm but yeah, I let everyone down so a bit gutted" Lando finished his answer to the intertviewer.
As the interviewer asked his final question Lando noticed Max passing, which he found a bit odd. They had agreed to just meet in his motorhome after all his interviews were done. He figured that Charlotte had told one of the girls to take him somewhere for them to meet up with later. It wasn't until they got closer to passing the media pen that he realised that the girl Max was walking with wasn't wearing a McLaren uniform. Lando's heart almost jumped out of his chest as he began to register what was before his eyes.
Y/n's eyes met Lando's and he felt a weight lift off of his shoulders. Qualifying suddenly felt a lifetime ago as he saw her walk through the paddock. She gave him a smile, nothing too obvious to draw the attention of the media to her, but enough for him to know how excited she was to see him. Y/n and Max walked around the back of the pen so that they didn't walk straight in front of Lando's interview. The two of them were laughing at how shocked he had looked when he saw her.
Lando felt Charlotte slightly nudge him in an attempt to bring his attention back to the interview. He looked over his shoulder one last time to make sure what he was seeing was real, and quickly closed his mouth which was slightly open in shock. He began answering the interviewer's final question, hoping they hadn't noticed anything and desperate to finally get that hug he had been needing.
"Well I would say that that was a success” Max laughed as they waited in the motorhome.
“And i would totally agree with you Maxwell” y/n smirked trying to be cool, but the pacing she had been doing since they made it to the room was betraying her.
“Would you sit down please, you’re acting like a fan who has never met him”, Max rolled his eyes at her.
“You can’t blame me for being nervous, I have never been to a race before, we may have just exposed everything to the media and I don’t know Lando might not even want me here after I blew him off”
“Trust me I want you here” she heard from behind her. She was too busy pacing to notice Lando enter the room.
“Hey you” she smiled at him, before he dropped his bag and pulled her in for a tight hug. Y/n could tell from the hug that he had taken the qualifying pretty badly.
“Alrighty, we will give you guys some time, then we can head back to the hotel” Charlottes voice came from the door. Y/n broke slightly away from Lando.
“Thank you for helping with this Charlotte and sorry again about the terribly late notice” y/n said sincerely.
“It was my pleasure, anything to make this guy happy” Charlotte replied.
“You knew about this?” Lando raised his eyebrows at Charlotte, “And you let me carry on about she wasn’t answering the phone”
“Of course”, Charlotte laughed as he and Max left the room.
Lando wrapped his arms around y/n’s waist, and looked down at her.
“I can’t believe you’re here, how are you here?” he whispered.
“I swapped my workshop for another week, and I should have tried to do it earlier, i’m so sorry”
“No no it doesn’t matter, just matters that your here now” he said and kissed her softly before tucking his head into the crook of her neck.
“I uhm… heard about qualifying” Y/n said cautiously, and Lando mumbled into her neck in acknowledgment, “Do you wanna talk about it?” she asked.
“Not really” he said bringing his head away from her, “Just want to enjoy this, us” he said looking at her, and kissing her again more passionately this time, “Cant believe you’re here” he said in between kisses and she smiled into his lips.
She wrapped her arms around his neck as he pulled her closer to his body. There was a sense of relief in both of there bodies, like everything was right again because they were together. Lando felt at ease, knowing she was here, knowing that he could start tomorrow as a completely fresh day.
Lando woke up early the next morning, relieved to see that yesterday hadn’t been a dream. Y/n was asleep next to his body and he couldn’t be more grateful. His eyes explored the features on her face, taking in how gorgeous she really was.
“Have I got something on my face” y/n said, in a tired voice.
“Yep” Lando said and leaned in to kiss her, “it’s gone now”
“You are so lame” she laughed. “Are you going now?” she asked, as she wrapped her arm around his waist.
“Yes so please don’t tighten your grip on me right now” he said and she groaned. “I know, but tomorrow I am all yours”
“We can do some exploring tomorrow? You actually have time for that?” her eyes lit up and he grinned at her.
“All the time in the world for you y/n” he said, “I love” he paused slightly, “I really love that you’re here right now, it means a lot to me”
Y/n tilted his chin slightly and kissed him, running her finger across his jawline. Lando quickly pulled away and she groaned.
“Nope, I’ve gotta get ready” he said jumping out of the bed.
Y/n fell into a light sleep as Lando hopped into the shower, but was woken again from his shuffling.
“So what’s the kind of layout for this day?” she asked, sitting up in the bed as she watched him rush around gathering his things.
“Umm well, I have quite a few meetings to prep, then there’s media stuff, we go on the buses around the track, then I get ready to head to the grid, and then I race, you’re meeting Lucinda in the lobby in a bit right?”
“Yeah, Max and I are both meeting her” y/n smiled.
“Sorry that I have to go in earlier and we can’t go together” he frowned slightly.
“Lando, it’s fine”
“But we will leave together, okay? You can come in the car with me, okay”
“Okay” she smiled, “Will I see you before the race?”
“Yeah, I’ll make sure to see you” he said, before giving her a kiss and heading toward the door.
Lando had made time to see her and Max before the race. He had just finished on the bus and had gotten into his race suit and the three of them were sitting in his drivers room.
“Grace says good luck” Max said, looking up from his phone.
“So you guys are proper serious then?” Lando asked and turned his head to look at y/n and raise his eyebrows.
“I, would like to be” Max said quietly. “I think when we get home, I’ll talk to her about you know making it official or whatever they say”
“Nawww Maxy boy” Y/n smiled at him and Lando laughed.
“Stop it, you guys are so annoying”
“You love us”, Lando said.
“Hmm” was all Max mumbled before there was a knock on the door and Jon stuck his head in the room.
“Hey Lando, it’s time to go, you ready?”
“Yeah give me one minute and I’ll be there” he said.
“And Lucinda is waiting to show you guys where to go” Jon said quickly before leaving again.
“Alright good luck mate, you’re gonna smash it” Max gave Lando a hug, before leaving the two of them in the room.
“He’s right you’re gonna smash it” y/n looked up at him and holding his face in her hands. He nodded and and gave her a kiss.
“I’ll see you later, okay, i’ll come see you straight after the race” he said giving her one final kiss before he left the room and followed Jon.
Y/n couldn’t rest until he had went over the line. She looked at Max in disbelief.
“Yes, that really did just happen” he said hugging her in celebration.
“Oh my god, oh my god, he just got a podium” y/n said. “What do we do now?”
“You can go out to watch it” Charlotte laughed at y/n’s reaction.
“Actually? We are allowed to go out there?”
“Yeah, I think Lando would love that” Charlotte said.
They made there way out, as all the McLaren mechanics rushed passed them to meet their driver. The paddock was madness, the red bull mechanics were going mad as Max had just won and the mercedes’ team were also rushing to meet Lewis as he got out of his car.
Tears of joy brimmed Y/n’s eyes as they got closer, and saw Lando jumping into the arms of his mechanics. The swarm around him made it impossible to make it to him, so Max and her watched from the back, smiling ear to ear as they took in the atmosphere.
As Lando rose his trophy into the air he looked down and saw his team, pride filling his body. He did it for his team, after yesterday he was finally able to make it up to them. His eyes scanned the sea of orange before they found what he was looking for. Y/n was standing there, watching him up here, she had seen his drive and he could share this moment with her. Their eyes locked and he gave her the biggest smile, and laughed to himself when he saw he crying. He realized that he wanted to share all of these moments with her and he wanted to be there for all of hers. He noticed Max, who was standing next to her gave him a massive thumbs up and raised his eyebrows at him.
Y/n wiped the tears from her eyes but nothing could have wiped the smile off of her face as she watched him spraying champagne over the two championship favourites. It was the same smile that covered her face as she ran up to him, as he lifted her up and as he twirled her around.
“Argh I’m so proud of you she said.
“I love you” he said, the words slipping out faster than he could think about them. Lando slowly put her down, looking into her eyes.
“I love you too” she said and a smile formed on his face, as he watched her cheeks flush. “I love you so much Lando… for you though, for what’s beneath the helmet, and for our days at home, and for when you help me study” Y/n was overwhelmed, so she just kissed him.
“God i’ve been wanting to say that for so long, and I’m so glad you’re here right now, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you,” he said, leaning in to kiss her again.
As they pulled away from each other, Lando held up the trophy he was holding at his side, and raised his eyes brows at her.
“I guess you’re my lucky charm” he said.
“You’re pretty amazing… you know that right?” y/n said to him. “It’s incredible seeing you so happy”
“You make me happier” he said, placing the trophy on a table next to them and stepping toward her. He kissed her again, and she wrapped her arms around his neck.
“You taste of champagne” she giggled.
“It really is disgusting though”, he laughed.
“You know, I could get used to seeing you on that podium, you looked very attractive up there” she smirked.
“And I could get used to having you here with me”
“Well trust me, I will be making much more time for it” she said and gave him another quick kiss.
“What? Youve got time?… for me?” he said with a fake gasp.
“Always” she said, before crashing her lips onto his.
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half-baked-biscuit · a year ago
Tumblr media
My piece for @suna-reversed 's JujutsuHub NSFW Collab
Disclaimer: EXPLICIT SMUT! Minors do not interact! Original work = Do not copy or repost on any other website! Warnings: handjob and blowjob (male receiving), corruption, erotic massage, no condom, cum, swallowing; older brother Sukuna is mentioned; Pair: Itadori Yuji x fem!reader Word count: 2278
Being in the football team means bruises and sore muscles after every match. Sukuna never bothered to assist his younger brother's games, but he couldn't ignore the abnormal way Yuji brushes his teeth in the morning.
'Here,' Sukuna says one Saturday breakfast, giving Yuji a thin piece of pink paper.
'What's this?'
'I thought you knew how to read, dumbass.'
'Oh,' Yuji replies as if he thought he forgot how to read in the meantime, and turns the paper around. 'A massage session?'
'You'll thank me later,' the older man promises with a smirk on his lips as he leaves the kitchen.
After the usual shower, Yuji is on his way to the downtown saloon. A short-sleeved white T-shirt and a pair of casual pants are matched with a pair of sneakers. His wallet doesn't pop out too much from the back pocket because the pants are quite loose, but his watch shines proudly in the sunlight.
The name of the saloon doesn't ring any bells, and neither does the tone of the front desk girl when she guides him towards your room. Yuji knocks on the door and you place your phone away. You remember being outraged by your old high-school colleague, Sukuna when he asked you to 'take care of Yuji'. As you kept telling him that you couldn't risk your job for that sick plea of his, he continued to plead.
'He's so tense all the time, he has no will of life, he's too focused on school and football. He needs to know what it's like.'
'Then show him yourself.'
'I'm not gonna take my baby brother to whores. I trust you. I know you'll like him, he looks almost like me,' Sukuna snickers and you could picture the smug face at the other end of the call.
'Asshole,' you mumble and hang up.
But Yuji doesn't look like Sukuna at all. Well, he has the jawline and the pink hair, but he is smooth and clean and his eyes are free of evil. When he blinks in confusion because you don't let him come inside the room, you almost combust.
'Welcome!’ You almost yell to mask your fluster. ‘Take off your clothes and put this around your hips,' you instruct the boy while giving him a soft white towel.
Yuji has never been to a massage before, and he feels a little weird to be completely naked under a short towel with a female in the room. Nevertheless, he lays carefully on the massage bed and waits. After you oil your hands with the right amount, you casually place them on his shoulders.
'Now rela-, oh, my, I haven't seen such tensed muscles in a while!'
'Sorry, I'm just very busy and I don't have time to relax.'
'I bet you don't even sleep in the correct position.'
'Yeah…' Yuji admits and snorts quickly after, fully aware of the contorted manners he sleeps in.
Your hands squeeze and release every inch of his beefy shoulder blades and upper back, and you can feel him mellow in your hands. Every client that you had over the years had left 5 stars out of 5 reviews in which the majority of them used the words 'magic hands'. Apparently, you had some power you weren't aware of and that made you happy. This time, though, you are on the verge of using it for the wrong purpose. Your thumbs rub the sides of Yuji's neck slowly while the other fingers press on his shoulders, insisting with patience to untangle his veins and tendons that were almost screaming at you to put them at ease. Quite a loud and unexpected exhale leaves the boy's mouth when you massage along his cervical spine and you feel something tingling between your legs. Your fingertips touch the margin of his hair and you soften at the texture. It is so short, yet so fluffy, so pleasant, so… you have to touch it more.
You had no idea that spot is erogenous. Neither did Yuji but the electricity spreading through his body and the roll of his eyes to the back of his head have him questioning the new feeling. You lower your fingertips down his nape, low, low, and lower, along his spinal cord, until you reach the hip bones. You touch all the pressure points on his back, gently rubbing your oiled up palms on his muscles, category by category. The more you touch, the more the boy relaxes. Well, that at least until your lips make contact with his shoulder blades.
'What are you doing?' Yuji asks, startled by the sensuality.
'Giving you a bonus, handsome.'
'Well, I don't want it!'
'I can assure you of the opposite,' you hum, placing another peck in the middle of his back.
'This isn't an erotic saloon, is it?' The boy asks, squeezing the edge of the massage bed.
'It isn't, but someone paid extra.'
'Whatever my brother told you, I don't want it.'
His voice is firm, yet the breaths come out forced as he is still under the control of your skilled fingers.
'Has your brother ever betrayed you? Or put you in danger, dear?'
Yuji tenses up even more thinking that you know Sukuna personally, which is an even bigger problem.
'That's what I thought too,' you whisper close to his ear as you let your hand glide to his lower back, skip the firm-looking and tempting bum and squeeze Yuji's thigh. 'This is part of the massage, relax,' you add when you feel his legs contracting.
Footballer’s thighs. What could be more appetizing? You are entranced by the shape of his leg muscles, all defined and gleaming with the essential oil you left behind. Watching Yuji splayed on the bed, granting you access to his entire thigh, has you biting your bottom lip. Damn, he is hot, you want him to fuck you senseless more than you imagined you would but that isn't what Sukuna has asked of you.
The boy is too focused on how you could massage the exact inch of his inner thigh muscle that was painful to realize your other hand slips under the towel. You keep working on his thigh but the back of your fingers brush faintly against his balls. You bite your tongue not to let the enthusiasm break loose; after all, you did tell him to undress to his level of comfort, but you didn't quite expect him to go commando.
Yuji is struck by the gentleness of your fingertips against his ballsack. His breaths deepen and his knuckles turn white on the edge of the bed. This time, though, he doesn't fight it. The low background music mixes with the relaxing aroma of nutmeg, successfully planting temptation in the boy's core. Without even realizing it, he lifts one knee on the side and gives you more room to use your hand.
'Aren't you the most obedient boy?' You praise him as your hand advances on the root of his dick.
Your magic hands render him hard and as guilty as he feels, he enjoys it more and more. Silent grunts that he struggles to swallow reach your ears and fuel the fire in your ovaries as oxygen. You can rub him the right way, but it would be a lot easier if he sat up or at least faced up, so you tap his middle back with the free hand, introducing the next instruction.
'Sit up, baby, let me take care of you properly.'
It doesn't take Yuji much to step on the shame of being naked; he sits up on the edge of the massage bed and puts his whole glory on display for you. You flick your tongue and wrap your fingers gently around the base. He's looking down at the contact he never imagined between your hand and his dick, and you already know he's going to be surprised when he'll meet your prying gaze. And you are right. Yuji almost chokes on his breath when he faces up and finds you bent towards his dick with the tip of your tongue hanging from your mouth. You intrude on his intimacy in slow motion and Yuji is left with nothing but a pleasure frown. When you really enjoy something you eat, it's difficult to forget it, and the strange similarity between Yuji and his brother makes you wonder if their father is the source of it.
Little moans escape Yuji as you bob your head, lips contracting on the soft veined skin. Your smile adds pressure on his erection and deepens his breaths even more. The blush that matches his hair doesn't come only from the temperature in the room, but from the one in your mouth. When the tip bumps against the beginning of your throat, the poor boy almost bites his tongue when he jolts. Your noisy reaction doesn't help with control either, nudging him to unintentionally thrust up in your mouth.
There's no way you can fit all that in without choking so you don't remove the hand you've been rubbing the lower half with; the other hand, though, is free to slide on this muscular thigh and grip the side of his body to let him know he's allowed to move too. As much as he wants to regain control, his breathing remains irregular; his beautiful eyes are closed as he is trying to keep the scene in his mind; his mouth agape, wishing to speak words, but failing preciously.
'You really don't like it?' You ask after the wet plop from when your mouth releases the dick.
Yuji's head tilts to anatomic position, after he's been blindly facing the ceiling, and clouded eyes stare at you from above the red tainted cheeks.
'I love it…' Yuji answers bashfully, staring at the wet substance coating your lips, not sure whether it is your saliva or his pre.
A proud smile stretches your lips and you resume the hand job, eyes still locked with Yuji's. His arms seem frozen the way they are stretched by his body, fingers gripped on the edge and little beads of sweat decorating the muscles. He can read the language of your eyes so he knows you want him to move, but he is too zoned out. You lean your face forward to kiss only the tip and Yuji loses it - one firm hand cups your cheek gently, thumb rubbing under your eye. You’re taken by surprise and still your gestures. He genuinely thought it will feel sexy to do that and you will enjoy it, but your staggering face kills all the courage he built so arduously. The withdrawal of his hand is quite quick, yet you manage to catch it - one finger, to be precise. In between your lips to be more precise. Yuji halts, bewildered by the look in your eyes as you suck on his thumb.
The accelerating sucking sounds associate with rubs and careful half twists of his dick, and Yuji’s head drops back again. Mouth wide open as he struggles to inhale more air to satiate the lungs and heart which seem to overwork. The warmth of your mouth feels familiar this time and he just can’t keep from thrusting up. You reward his fast learning with moans that tense him with every vibration. The last seconds are the most important and the synchrony must be perfect. Yuji’s breaths turn vocal, they pass the silent threshold and turn into moans, motivating you to finish the job. You pull your face back at the right moment to watch his cum gush from the little hole and pour down the cockhead and your fingers, heavily dripping on his lower abs. Yuji leans forward, presses his forehead on the top of your head and exhales powerfully. How will he get down from the massage bed? No idea. How will he walk to the changing screen and dress up? Also no idea. But he has to, nonetheless.
The brief affectionate moment is enough for you to understand how different Yuji and Sukuna are. You smile and give him a handful of napkins before you exit the room to allow him to process what just happened. When you return, at the exact moment you press the door handle on the outside, Yuji presses it on the inside and you end up face to face in the door frame.
The pink blush still coats his cheeks as he looks away from you, rubbing the back of his head. You lean to the side and continue to beam at him, admiring his features and wondering how it would be if you two met again some time.
‘This will probably sound pathetic but do you want to meet again sometime?’ Yuji asks, still avoiding eye contact.
You can’t believe your ears at first. It takes you a moment to realize it was not in your imagination before you stand on your toes and kiss him on his chin.
‘I would love to. Let’s try something less sexual next time, though.’
The pink tint reddens aggressively and Yuji stares down at you. He looks like an exotic fish gulping at the aquarium watcher as he tries to tell you he was thinking of the same thing. He capitulates at last and just nods with a shy - but charming - smile. You follow him with your eyes until he exits the building and only after that your heart starts thumping in your chest. This is all Sukuna’s fault and even though you would never admit it to him, or worse, thank him for it, this seems your most innocent mistake.
Tumblr media
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jaycewrites-192000 · 8 months ago
You're Grounded Pt. 2
Summery: Smiley and Angry's little sister is still grounded, only this time...things go differently.
Part One Here
Rating: SFW
Pairing(s): Platonic!Nahoya Kawata x Platonic!Little Sister Reader x Platonic!Souya Kawata
(Still no incest my dudes)
Also spoilers for episode 20-21!!
Tumblr media
One week had passed, and ever since you were stuck in your room, only allowed to come out to go to school, to eat, and bathroom breaks. Other than that, no luck getting out from your little prison. And you were warned to not sneak out again, or another week would be added. You didn't bother trying, as much as you hate to admit it, your brothers were smarter than they looked. They knew every move you would make and would do everything in their power to stop you.
However, you were allowed to have your phone back. They were s confident that if you were to try and call for backup, they would stop it from happening. You made the best of it though, at least you had someone to talk to now. Emma wanted an explanation as to where you had disappeared to lately and you told her you were grounded, well, double grounded now. When she asked why, you hesitated to tell her. But you did, after she promised not to tell Smiley and Angry of course. She did say that you should tell them why you started that fight in the first place, but...it was a bit more complicated than that.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
So, here you were, in your room looking blankly at your door. Every now and then Smiley or Angry, or both of them, would come and check to see if you were still there. Speaking of, your door opened, Angry walked in this time. "Right on time, big brother." You mutter, not bothering to look at him. "Smiley had to run out somewhere real quick. So, I'm gonna stay here until he gets back." He leans against the door after he shut it.
"Whatever." You rolled your eyes. The silence between you two was heavy with tension and awkwardness.
"...Sorry about before. But you really shouldn't have tricked us like that." You didn't respond. "Come on. You're acting childish."
"I am a child dummy. And so are you, so stop acting like your our mother." You glared at him. "Oh, and you wanna talk being childish? You two get into fights every fucking day, and you two rarely ever get punished for it! So how come I get double grounded!?"
"You get double grounded for sneaking out. And you shouldn't be getting into fights at all. As for us, it's different." Angry explained as calmly as he could. "That's bullshit and you know it!" You snapped. "You wouldn't be saying any of this if I were in the same gang as you two!"
"You won't be joining any gangs of any kind!" Angry finally snapped back. It was rare that he would ever raise his voice at you, so you were at a loss for words. Once he saw your shocked face he toned it down. "Just...don't do it again. Please Y/n, you shouldn't be fighting."
And then came more silence. You and Angry never liked whenever there would be a fight between all three of you. But tension had build up ever since you got into that stupid fight. And honestly, you knew that it didn't need to happen but after what happened...after what those jackasses said...What choice did you have?
"Why did you do it anyway?" Angry asks, making you look up from your bed. You opened your mouth to answer, but shut it before looking away again. "Does it really matter?" You asked. "It's done. Nothing I can do about it now."
Before Angry could respond, Smiley walked in. "Heeey, she try to get out again?" He asked. "No..." Angry shook his head. "But she's hiding something." You shot him a glare. "Oh, so we're telling lies now?"
"I don't know, are we?" Angry turned to his brother. "When has Y/n ever started a fight? She rarely gets into fights, and normally she isn't the one to start some shit." Smiley nods his head at his brother's words. "That's a good point. So, wanna talk to us like a big girl?"
"No. Get out." You tell them sternly. "Too bad!" Smiley hopped on your bed and sat beside you. "Better start talking sis."
"Or what?" You challenged. Smiley's grin deepened. "Or else your double grounding will turn into a triple grounding." He tells you. "What!? How's that fair!?" Smiley shrugs. "Just is. Now spill." You resisted the urge to slug your annoying peach hair older brother in the jaw before sighing heavily. "You really wanna know? Fine. I started that fight because some asshole was talking shit about you two! Happy?"
Smiley and Angry looked at each other before turning back to you. "You started a fight because of that?" Angry asks. You furrow your brow in frustration. "It's more than that...they called you guys a smiling freak and a whinny crybaby. They also talked shit about Toman. And when I confronted them about it...they said I couldn't do a thing without my brothers there to protect me...that I was just a weak little girl who needed to stay out of other's way...So, I punched their lights out." You didn't notice you were crying until the end of it.
"I wouldn't have hit them if they would have just apologized and kept their mouths shut." You say with a sniffle. It was quiet until Smiley started laughing. "Man! You went and defended ours and Toman's honor? You really are the best little sister." He pets your head. "Huh?" You look up at him confused. "That was nice of you Y/n, but you didn't need to get hurt over us." Angry made his way over to you.
"W-well they were hurt way more than me." You told him. "I handled it didn't I?"
"Yes but, still. You're safety matters to us way more than a few insults thrown at us. Next time that happens, tell us."
"Yeah! We'll beat the fuck out of them so you don't get in trouble like you did." Smiley added. "Don't be like your dumbass older brothers Y/n. You're going places you know? Don't waste it on fighting like a gangster."
"But you guys are in a gang..." You mutter. "Don't get any ideas Y/n." Said Smiley, despite his smile, he was serious. "We wouldn't know what to do if you were hurt or worse. Just be our tough little sis outside of a gang ok?" You pout slightly but nod anyway. You did consider joining Toman, somehow. Your brothers inspired you in more than one way, and being in a gang was one of them. Not just any gang, a real gang. "The new age of delinquents" as Mikey put it.
It sounded so cool when you heard about it, and you wanted so desperately to be by your brothers side when it finally happens. But it wasn't always cool and badass, after Darken nearly dying and Baji's death, it dawned on you just how dangerous joining a gang could be. And Smiley and Angry be damned if they let their little sister be murdered and they couldn't prevent it.
You didn't know Draken and Baji on a personal level like everyone else in Touman did, but they were so kind to you whenever you were around. Baji even joked that you were like Toman's little sister. His death left a hole in the hearts of Toman, including yours...
"I won't get into anymore fights, but you guys have to promise me something too." Smiley and Angry waited for your word. "Promise me...that you'll be careful and promise me, you guys won't leave us like Baji did..."
The next thing you knew, your brothers were enveloping you in their embrace. "And leave you all alone? No way in hell." Smiley said softly. "We're not going anywhere." Said Angry. You sniffled but managed to smile. "Good. I might say I don't want you around, but you guys are all I got. So ignore me whenever I might say it again, ok?"
"Sure thing." Smiley chuckled. "Oh by the way, you're ungrounded."
You perk up. "Double ungrounded?"
"Yep. Double ungrounded. But you better not go start shit with anyone again, got it?"
"Got it." You giggle.
"Good. Now let's get out of here. I bet you're bored right?" Smiley asked as the three of you left your room. "Bored as fuck."
"There's a new arcade that just opened up. Should we go there?" Angry asked. " Hell yeah!" You and Smiley say in unison.
You still have no idea how you got so lucky as to get ungrounded like you did, but you had a feeling your brothers were never going to punish you as harshly as they did before.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
(So I was thinking of making like a little kawata sister series? Idk how well that would play out or how it will be done/written but yeah, stay tuned if that interests you)
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bluhr · 9 months ago
people watching : ̗̀➛ 25
⊹ synopsis : Everyday for the past year, the same couple comes into the local coffee shop you work at. And everyday you sit and observe them and their habits. In the most non-creepy way you can. You call it people watching, your best friend calls it stalking. In the events of watching, you can't help but yearn for the intimacy the two have and find yourself falling for the boy... But are you really? Or is it just because you're lonely?
⊹ warnings : written part . accusations of infidelity . confrontation . use of the word whore . angst .
⊹ wc : ~1.8
⊹ a/n : yeaaaaah. sorry.
⊹ taglist : @iuwon @strawberryyukhei @jeminiepabo @kosmoskookie @youreverydayzebra @spookybias @kac-chowsballs @atinyyylove @softforqiankun @lokideadontheinside @bearhugz @dyzennie @scintillasofbeomgyu @mybabywearschanel @akaashisbunny @hobistigma @j3ntle @ikyk-leeknow @day6andetcetera @xysthe @nyfwyeonjun @moaberryjjunie @meiinumaki @tyunni @junityy @masterofdoom @kyla-amaya @elicheel @envirae @wonashi @soobsdior @kunhye @gyudollz @13isacoolnumber @april1538 @aichaskz @sugasleftarm @hanniesss @igyus @divinamelancolia @sparklyhoon @yeoforce @thekinkpopstandsforkrackheads @echo-of-a-writer @marsophilia @nshitae
Tumblr media
riki stared at minhyuk in shock and disbelief at the words coming out of his mouth. him?
"you got a complaint against me? from who?"
"that is classified riki, and i'm sorry but my hands are tied. you're going to have go on probation." minhyuk frowned and shook his head before walking away. like even he couldn't believe that he had to do that. but with the threat of his café being pulled from beneath him, he felt he had no choice.
riki turned around, his jaw set in anger. who in the hell? he thought immediately to soobin, who was the only customer he had done something complaint worthy against. but soobin had reassured him multiple times that it was okay and not to worry about it.. so then who else?
you walked in with a smile and wave, "hi riki!" you greeted. riki could barely muster a smile which did not go without you noticing as he waved and muttered a hello right back. you stopped quick in your tracks and your bubbly face melted into a look of concern. "what's wrong?"
"riki." heeseung appeared behind the boy and looked to yn and then to riki who just stared, unsure of what to say. surely heeseung had heard through his uncle, but what was he supposed to tell you? he didn't want to disappoint you even though he didn't know what he had done in the first place.
"i don't know what i did." is all riki said. his voice was small, his usual enthusiasm completely gone. you rushed over to his side immediately, scared. "what do you mean riki?"
"he got put on probation. he had a complaint filed against him, from soojin." heeseung nodded over to soobin's table. everyone was smiling and laughing, having a good time.
"how do you know it's soojin? your uncle told me it's classified."
"well he doesn't want to get caught up by soojin's dad who can take his business but i think you deserve to know." heeseung wrapped the younger in a side hug. you ignored the moment and stomped over to their table. you were pissed. what could soojin have possibly complained about?
and before heeseung or riki could stop you, you slammed your hand on the table causing everyone to jump and look at you.
"hi guys. how are we doing today?" you smiled sweetly, locking eyes with soojin who just smirked right back at you. you weren't on the clock. you could hit her. you could wipe it right off. mop the floor with her face.
"well actually i'm a little scar-"
"no i don't really care," you cut beomgyu off, and then leaned further into the table shifting your eye contact to soobin. "so i hear that riki got a complaint filed against him. from miss lee soojin."
soobin immediately looked to soojin from you, scared of your intense energy but also out of confusion.
"what, why?"
"i want to know too." heeseung came up behind you, placing his hand on the small of your back and then grabbing your hands from the steel grip they had on the table. he held you lightly in his arms in a precaution to the rest of the café, he knew how angry you could get. riki stood beside the two of you, arms crossed and face indifferent. he wanted to hear it too.
"simple. he once spilled that smoothie on soobin and he always puts extra sugar and creamer in my coffee than i like. and he knows he does it and he does it on purpose. i remind him everytime, and it's still wrong." you turned to riki whose face blushed a deep red.
"riki?" you asked.
"okay but she sucks. and it's not that big of a deal, and sometimes i really do forget. couldn't you just more personally take it up with me? did you have to get me put on probation?" riki looked to soojin who just scoffed.
"no because children like you need to learn to respect their elders."
"but how could i respect you when you don't respect anyone else?" riki wondered aloud. he knew he shouldn't have, but he was so angry.
"you don't know me little boy." soojin spat. soobin stood up to place a barrier and you nearly lunged at soojin. if heeseung didn't tighten his hold you would have for sure.
"listen i'm sure there's just a lot of miscommunication here. riki is a kid soojin, he's gonna be a little asshole. he needs a job and you just took that away over coffee?" soojin stood up abruptly, you could feel the heat coming off of her. you and heeseung took a step back at the action.
"this is over much more. why are you getting mad at me when you're probably doing worse?"
"like what?"
"i don't know. maybe ask yn? i'm sure the both of you have lots to share." the words were bitter and felt like they were filled with poison. it almost made you shudder. but more important was the shock that came after.
you stood for a minute, staring at her. and then to soobin and then to her. you felt heeseung let go of you and you whipped around to see him looking at you with confusion.
"is... is what soojin said-"
you faltered in reaching out for him again. instead you drew your arms in close to you, you were hurt. riki even looked at heeseung with a bewildered look.
"why would you believe what soojin says?" you crossed your arms leaning away from the male who fixed you with an accusatory look. "do you not trust me heeseung?"
"soojin is... i honestly don't know what she's up to but what she said is not true. heeseung i don't know you personally but i respect your relationship." soobin stepped in coming to your aid. you heard him from behind you but didn't dare to look, not breaking eye contact with your boyfriend who still stood cold.
"it's not that i don't trust you yn, it's just that i know how you were with him-"
"heeseung!" riki hissed and nearly smacked him to shut him up. your eyes went wide and your face grew hot. soobin had never known about your crush and he was not supposed to. it was embarrassing and over with. not to mention you were falling in love with heeseung and not soobin. you came home and dreamt about heeseung every night, your first thought when you woke was heeseung and right before you went to bed. you didn't want soobin anymore and you thought you had made that apparent.
"well actually hee-" beomgyu abruptly got up from his seat and began to point to heeseung with every intent to spill his secret. but kai, not wanting to add fuel to the fire, shot up and latched onto beomgyu's ear and began to drag him out of the shop.
"sorry! we'll just be out here." he apologized to you all. you having not seen the point of the finger didn't really care, and were still focused on heeseung. heeseung who looked from you to soobin, then to soojin who was watching it all go down with a small smile on her face.
"what are you gaining from this?" he asked her, his voice slightly raised.
soojin just shrugged, "the truth i guess. i had known something was up since their project—"
"nothing was up?! oh my god soojin we don't even know each other! how are you going to accuse your boyfriend, whose been loyal to you, of cheating?"
"because you're all he looks at! anytime we are in the same room as you, his eyes find you more than they find me. and i'm sick of it! you can't have both my boyfriend and the school's 'it' boy." she shifted her angry gaze to everyone, "you all are coming at me when really it's yn. she's practically a little attention whore wanting and taking whoever spares her a glance." the café was silent. tears began to stream down your face and what hurt more was that soon after it wasn't heeseung who came to your rescue. it was riki.
"she's not. yn is the most loyal person i know. she gets a little dumb at times but never would she ever help someone cheat or cheat on someone." he sent a glare at heeseung looked away immediately. "soobin staring at yn or looking at her, could be innocent or maybe it wasn't. i don't know. but that doesn't sound like a 'yn problem', that sounds like a 'your relationship's' problem. stop bringing your issues to other people, it's so childish." riki grabbed onto your arm and gave it a squeeze in reassurance. you smiled at him, and shut your eyes. you didn't feel like looking at this mess that was your life. when everything had been going well too.
"yn? you're not clocked in? what's going on? you know the rules with group crowding with employees. do i need to put you on probation too?" minhyuk wandered out of his office and over to the commotion. your regulars were all looking at one another in panic. everything was going downhill so fast.
"don't bother." you chuckled bitterly opening your eyes. you heard heeseung shift finally and saw his eyes dart to you. you shook your head and gave a small smile, "i'm sorry mr. lee but i quit. my grades are slipping and i can't afford to have them drop any lower." you lied through your teeth. minhyuk looked to you and then to his nephew who looked shocked at what you said. realizing it was probably more than that he sighed, "just come back when you're ready okay? your apron and name tag will be in my office."
he walked away, and the little bubble around the table popped and the reality of the world hit as more customers began to stream in. riki tugged on your sleeve, signaling it might be best to leave. you nodded at him, and then turned towards soobin and soojin.
"hope you have your answers. i would never ever cheat on someone, or help someone else cheat. i'm not a total asshole." you whirled around to heeseung who still had the shocked look on his face, "and you and i, that's your decision. but personally i don't think we should be together if you can't trust me when i've done nothing in this time we've been together to make you question me." your voice cracked at the end of your sentence, triggering something in heeseung that made him reach out but riki stood in front of you protectively.
"yn wait please—" he began but riki just raised a hand.
"she needs time heeseung."
"i'm sorry yn." is all soobin said and you nodded towards his direction not wanting to make eye contact. you just wanted to go home.
how could all of this happen so suddenly, and why to you?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hufflautia · 6 months ago
Hey! It's my birthday and I was wondering if you could write some fluff for a fem!huff and a male!sly plz?
hey love! im sorry i responded late, but i hope you had a lovely birthday <3 side note, this is a draft that wasnt completed, but its ✨kinda✨completed, so enjoy. shoutout to @dontmindmeimjustabox for creating these headcanons!!
Married Slytherpuff Tings
She loves him every morning.
Slytherin likes to sleep in while Hufflepuff prefers to wake in the early morning. She always kisses his forehead before getting up to start the day.
One day, she wakes up thinking about the dream she had last night, and she forgets to kiss him. She is about to leave the room to get some breakfast when she hears him.
“So you’re gonna forget me,” Slytherin calls out in a sleepy voice, “just like that?”
Hufflepuff turns, her eyes bright with adoration when they land on him. His eyes are still closed, but there’s a small pout on his lips. She is quick to jump into bed again—she actually lands right on top of Slytherin, to which he responds with a surprised oof!—and kisses him, not minding his morning breath. Their noses brush when she pulls away, her heart full.
“How could I ever forget you?” Hufflepuff murmurs.
He loves her every night.
Slytherin kisses Hufflepuff's forehead every night. One day, they get into an argument, and things are still unresolved when they get into bed.
Hufflepuff turns her back to Slytherin. This is something she only does when she’s mad, and he notices. Determined to make up with her (it’s never good to go to sleep angry), Slytherin leans over to try kissing her temple, but she turns her head away.
To be honest, it makes her heart melt a little. However, she can be as stubborn as Slytherin sometimes, and she doesn’t want him to think she forgot about the fight nor allow him to believe that a simple kiss could erase the tension.
She stiffens when Slytherin wraps his arms around her waist, his chest against her back.
“I’m sorry,” he says quietly. “I know you don’t want me to accept this job.” The weight in Hufflepuff’s throat grows heavier when she thinks about the risks her fiancé would have to take if he were to become an Auror. “But I promise I’ll be careful. You have my permission to kill me if I die on the job,” he jokes.
“That’s not funny,” she huffs. She pursues her lips when she feels the vibration of his laugh.
“I really do mean it, though. About being careful. I was one of the best students in offensive magic, remember?”
Hufflepuff bites her lip as she considers his words.
“It’s not that I don’t trust you to be careful,” she says, twisting around so that she is facing him. “I just know your definition of careful, and it’s not exactly reassuring. Remember that time we went camping in the woods and found that lake, and you decided to swing on that rope and almost died because you let go too early?”
Slytherin lets out a defeated sigh.
“Yeah, you have a point.” He rests his hand on her neck, his warm breath ghosting over her skin. “I’ll use your definition of careful, okay? I’ll be more cautious and less…Slytherin-y.”
“No,” she shakes her head and slides her hand over his. “If anything, be more Slytherin-y. You’ll be the greatest auror known to wizardkind if you continue to be you, a man who is wise and strong and one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.”
A smile tugs at the corner of his lips as she continues.
“Just…promise that you’ll come home to me every day.”
“I will,” he assures solemnly. “I promise.”
And before Hufflepuff falls asleep, Slytherin kisses her forehead. It is then, with a drowsy smile, that she knows everything will be ok.
Rest of headcanons that I would've turned into drabbles if i had the time and energy:
- When they got together Huff was afraid he would be the "killing spiders type" but one day she walked in on him carefully picking up a spider with his bare hands while talking to it like "okay, I have nothing against you but my girlfriend doesn't really like your species so i'm gonna move you" and putting it outside
- Sly NEVER showed affection in public but when he saw that Huff needed it he started doing little things like resting his elbow on her shoulder and kissing her head whenever they were waiting in lines
- He NEVER acknowledges this and when Huff tried to talk about it his only response was "huh?"
- Sly is a good artist and likes to sketch all the time and Huff is an amazing writer. Together they write and illustrate stuff (what a subtle parallel)
- Sly has a dimple but only on one side. The legend says it appeared because of his signature smirk
- That smirk is so legendary that some say it could seduce anyone. It makes him look so confident that it helped him get out of delicate situations when he was a first year
- But it wasn't the smirk that seduced Huff. It was another type of smile that she didn't know Sly could make
- It was a genuine smile, without that provocation spark in his eyes. With that smile, both corners of his mouth lifted and his expression was a lot softer than usually. This one actually made him look happy and in peace
- As a matter of fact, Sly doesn't have a dimple on the other side of his face, Huff can attest.
- Sly would NEVER EVER admit it but he is terrified of scooters. No particular reason, he just despises them.
(These mfs)
Tumblr media
- Huff always brings some random muggle trinkets to show Sly. His favorite one so far is the 4 color pen
- Huff confiscated it once after he spent the night clicking it. She keeps it in her nightstand along with the fidget spinner, a tiny pocket flashlight and an old Gameboy Color
- Sly almost lost his mind trying to solve the Rubik's Cube. He systematically denied all help from Huff who completely mastered it
- Huff managed to convince Sly to install a TV with Netflix
- He got so addicted that a week later he had picked up a light american accent from watching all the series
- Their favorite show is The Queen's Gambit and they both got quite good at chess by training together
- Huff knew chess better than Sly and was definitely a better strategist at first. Sly quickly picked it up and caught up after a few weeks. She still regularly kicks his ass, though
- Slytherin didn’t use a ring when he proposed to Hufflepuff but his jade pendant. It’s a family heirloom and offering it to Huff meant officially inviting her to join the >[Slytherin’s family name]< dynasty
- He bought her a ring shortly after because rings are nice
- Slytherin swears in french sometimes. Because of that the only french words Slytherpuff’s child knows are curse words
- Slytherin has an “emotion can”. It’s an empty soda can that he shoots with his wands whenever he feels excited/sad/angry/overjoyed
- Huff loses her ability to recognize faces when she’s really really drunk. One time they went to a party and she got WASTED after underestimating the cocktails. She doesn’t recognize Sly and spends a good hour describing “her boyfriend/husband” to him. (might be a cliché scene but i like it so idc)
- On the other hand, Sly has crackhead alcohol. One time it took three people to keep him from jumping in the pool from the roof. “LeAVe ME AlONe It’S wATeR I4LL BE FINZ”
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hoodieofholland · a year ago
Prove you something // Mob!Tom Smut
Tumblr media
Summary: you get jealous over a meeting Tom have with another woman without your knowledge, and he has to prove you something.
Pairing: mob!tom x reader
Word count: ~4.5K
Warnings: smut (18+), fingering (f.), oral (f.), language.
A/n: I’m a sucker for mob!Tom, judge me, but these last contents we’ve been receiving for the past month are the blame. here we go again, enjoy.
As a mob, Tom had to deal with a lot of different people throughout his busy day. You were used to the meetings all the time, even when it was past afternoon, hiting the midnight. Patiently, you'd wait your turn to share some good time with your boyfriend, unless he wanted you to stay for the day, besides him, in the conference room.
Today was slightly different. Tom was held for hours in the conference room, talking business, while you distracted yourself with some other work. But by the time it was around 7p.m., you were bored enough to walk up the place, wanting to know when he'd be over.
Wearing your favorite pyjamas, you walked through the silent house, and just as approaching the conference room, you heard an unusual type of voice.
"Listen, Tom, I'm not here to discuss the shitty situation..."
It got your attention, made you stop in your tracks to hear better, all because it was a female voice. Normally, Tom would always meet with men, them being the mob leaders around London. Not a woman.
You tried to sneak around and see if there were another voice in the room, but as soon as you put your ear to the door's thick wood, Harrison came up behind your figure, making you jump.
"Holy shit!" You screamed in whispers. "Jesus, Harrison, you scared the hell out of me!"
Harrison didn't make any effort to cover his laughter, making you shush him.
"Sneaking around, uh?" He teased through laughters. "You know what Tom says about listening behind closed doors. Someday it might come back to you".
Trying to contain your madness, you cross your arms around your chest and snort. "It's meant for you guys, you idiot. He's not talking about his girlfriend".
"Are you really sure?", still holding his teasing smile, he tilts his head a little. Eyeing the door again, he pouted. "Why didn't he invite you tonight, then?"
"Said it was some small business and wouldn't take that long". You shrugged, though you knew it was bullshit. Tom had already been inside that fucking room for what seemed forever. It wasn't any small business talk, for what it matters.
"I can tell you that there's not small talking inside there" he pointed his chin in the room's direction. "Melissa is right there".
A little confused, but still not wanting to give your feelings away, you stay cool with your voice. "Who is Melissa?"
Harrison’s eyes narrowed and you can tell he had no idea you didn’t know about a single thing that was going on inside there.
“Melissa. The majoriest woman in this whole fucking city. She’s, like, the only female mobster leader in England”. The emphasis in his voice made you feel the message he wanted to deliver. You felt even somewhat a little weak, as if the weight of the presence of that woman could be sensed in your lungs.
Harrison quirked a brow, waiting for your answer, but you didn’t say nothing. Why was Tom lying to you? Why he didn’t want you to know that this woman was right inside the room with him?
“Is he alone there?” You questioned Haz, who shakes his head negatively.
“No, I was there a couple of minutes ago. Just grabbing a cup of tea”. He lifted the mug on his hand. “There’s also her guard or something. The chick is a bit... ugh”
You felt the weight again. “What the fuck does ugh means?!”
Harrison was about to explain, but seeing your exasperated reaction, he just smiled teasingly again. “I think someone is jealous”.
You puffed your cheeks out in frustration, wanting to tug on your hair, or maybe on Harrison’s.
“You’re being ridiculous” you tried your best to sound neutral about the fact that your boyfriend was inside a not very large room with a woman you didn’t know nothing about, but it was getting harder as Harrison seemed like having some fun torturing you.
“Don’t worry, y/n, that’s not what I meant” he chuckled softly and gave you a apologetic smile. “It’s just business, that’s all. You know Tom is far from being suspicious”.
You knew that very well, and if you were being honest, that was not your concern. That didn’t make you less jealous, though. Tom was the most faithful man you knew, not only with you, but with his mates. He could do anything for you and he surely had already proved that you’re the only woman in his life.
Anyways, the thought of that powerful woman inside the fucking room was driving you mad.
“I wanna go inside”, you stated, already turning on your heels. Harrison was quick to grab your wrist, trying to stop you from entering the room.
“Y/n, what the fuck, he doesn’t want to-“
But you were too fast. Yanking the door open, you hear a slight gasp coming from Harrison and the entire room goes silent.
The first thing you notice is Tom, who were crudely interrupted by you. He looked tense with the conversation, eyes heavy, shoulders rigid. His elbow was supported by the large desk in front of his chair, while he seemed to gesticulate with his hand whilst talking to the woman, Melissa. His gaze was directed on you, a questioning look on his features, which didn’t softened like it always did when he talked to you.
“Sorry, I told her-“ Harrison was quick to say, but Tom interrupted him.
“What took you so long?” Ignoring your presence, without changing a single word with you, Tom averted his eyes to Harrison, who came out behind you and sat back at his chair.
“She wanted to come” he answered quietly, unsure of what to say.
Tom looked at you once more, face serious, as he seemed to calculate what say next.
“Why don’t you go wait in the living room, y/n?”
You open your mouth, just to close it again immediately. You didn’t recognize the way Tom was talking to you, almost harshly.
"What, Thomas? You don't enjoy a good woman's company? C'mon, let the girl sit with us" Melissa, who you just had the worry to look at said, putting her long polished nails over her chin. She eyed you up and down before speaking again. "What a beautiful girl you have, by the way. You didn't tell me she was all of that".
Tom closed his eyes briefly, jaw clenching, as he sighed heavily in frustration. You knew he was getting mad, and though you still didn't know why, you made up your mind.
"I'm fine, gonna wait in the room. Sorry for-"
"It's alright", he shook his head and looked back to Melissa. "It was good talking to you, but I need time to figure it out before we decide anything", Tom stood up from his chair and waited until the woman did the same. "I'm going to have a talk with my men and then I call you back".
Melissa smiled, but you could see very clearly that it was nothing but a false smile. "I'll keep in touch".
Tom just nodded once and waited for Melissa to walk out of the room, guided by Harrison, who was equally tense as he made his way to the door. Before she exited the room, Melissa had an eye on you again, a tiny smile making its presence on her face.
You shivered, too aware of the dangerous and power Harrison told you she held, clear in the way she wasn't afraid to show she was staring at you.
When the doors were closed, you couldn't lift your gaze from the floor. However, it was possible to see Tom by the corner of your eyes and the way he was supporting both of his hands on the desk, staring so intently at you that you bet he could see your goosebumps.
"Now that you have my attention", he started, voice deep. "Won't you say what was so important that you couldn't wait 'til I was over?"
You didn't say anything, neither looked at him, frozen on your spot.
"I'm talking to you".
His stern act had you conflicted. He would always use it in bed with you, but never got so mad at something that you did. Something that you didn't even know what was all about.
"You were taking too long, so I wanted to see if everything was alright", you answered, keeping your voice loud and clear enough, not wanting to give him the impression that you were intimidated by his words.
Tom snorted. "That's bullshit. I've already been out until later than this and you stayed in our room".
You roll your eyes, voice cheating you as the irritation consumes your thoughts. "Well, in these nights you weren't with a girl inside here".
Tom's face changed and a brow arched as a trace of a smirk made its way to his face. You had lost your though posture and you knew it.
"Are you jealous?" He chuckles, incredulous, "Really?"
You snort, unfolding your arms. Looking relaxed is the last thing you seem to be able to do right now, but also you didn't want to sound so immature being jealous over nothing.
"No, I am not. I'm just mad that... that you didn't tell me who you were meeting with." You corrected him, though you were too aware it was pretty much a lie. With an unwanted whine, you continue "And why you didn't let me in this time? You see, you just left a whole amount of suspicious things to my imagination."
Tom narrows his eyes, a mix of curiosity and confusion evident on his face.
"You don't actually believe it yourself, do you?" He questioned, a suspicious tone in his voice. A bit ashamed, you glanced down and nodded two times.
"I mean, Harrison just told me she's the biggest woman in London, or some shit like that" you shrugged involuntarily and felt tired, as you started to realise how silly you must be sounding.
It was pretty obvious to you that none of that should matter. Actually, it never did. Tom never turned his head to another woman but you, since you met. He never talked about any other girl than you, and you could tell he bragged about how much of a "lucky motherfucker" he was, as Harrison started complaining about Tom's random rambling just the other day.
Tom had done nothing but adored you since the first time he called you darling. And now you were overreacting because of a common meeting of his.
Tom sighed heavily and offered you his hand. Looking at it for one second, you reach for him, and he brings you closer. "That's probably my fault".
You tilt your head, not understanding his point. Tom sits down back on his chair e mention for you to take a seat on his thigh.
"Don't get me wrong, darling. I let you come to meetings only if I'm one hundred percent sure there's no harm on that. When I'm with friends, not my enemies" he caress two slender fingers through your cheek and you almost close your eyes in please, if it wasn't for his deep stare, full of concern and comprehension. "That woman is nothing but trouble for me and my men. She doesn't like us, I don't like her, but, apparently, one of my man messed up with one of her best one, so I was trying to settle everything down before one of us start a fucking fight about it. Obviously, she hates me and every single one of my mates, and that's why I didn't want you here today. My most important job is to keep you safe, y/n. I've already dragged you too far into this mess, I can't expose you even more."
By the look in his eyes, anyone could tell how Tom meant it. He worried about you and your protection had become a topic of discussions too much for your liking.
He shifts his position, making it more comfortable for you, hand resting in your cheek. His expression earned an even more stern look, almost in pain as he looked deeper in your eyes.
"Do you really think that you should worry about Melissa?" He asks, voice low and soft.
You didn't answer right away. Instead, you tugged at his white plain shirt's collar, breathing slowly as you tried to manifest more of your composure than before.
"A little" you confess, shrugging slightly as if it wasn't that big of a deal. But for Tom, it surely was.
"Darling... why would you be jealous over that woman?" The pad of his index finger touched in the slightest move your bottom lip, tracing delicate paths over it. "Why would you ever be jealous over any woman? You know I love you". He looked up once again, a brow arching as he seemed to doubt his own conviction. "Don't you know?"
You shake your head yes and bite your lip. "Of course I do".
"Then why did you have something in your imagination?"
You sigh quietly. "Yeah, it was silly", taking his free hand and in yours, you play with his fingers, trying to hide your embarrassment. "I'm sorry-"
"It's alright, love", he gives you a small yet sweet smile. "You see, I get jealous all the time. Much more than you do. Think it's fair enough".
You giggle. "Yes, you do. I hate that and did the same. Sorry".
Tom shakes his head and brings his face closer to yours, planting a soft kiss in the corner of your mouth. "What a silly little girl you are. How would you ever think I'd ever have eyes for another girl, when I've got the prettiest with me?"
You release a breathe, your grip at Tom's shirt stronger, pulling him closer. "You'd be really dumb if you did, yeah."
Tom smiles in your mouth and you do as well. "Guess I haven't been showing my girl how much I appreciate her properly lately" he whispers, heading his lips along your jaw, to chase a soft spot on your neck. "Tell me, love, would you like to feel it?" His low and seductive words sent a shiver right through your spine, making you release a quiet moan in anticipation.
"Do you want to feel how much I adore you?" He breaths in your neck, smelling your sweet scent, as carefully grabs your thighs to get you to straddle his lap. "How much I adore your pretty little moans and whines? Those wonderful sounds you make just for me?"
You nod yes, adjusting your position on Tom's lap, rubbing against his crotch on accident and feeling he grunt with the contact.
"Use your words, my love. Need to hear you". He insists, running both his hands to your ass, grabbing each cheek firmly. When you whine a timid 'yes', he smirks against your smooth skin. "Always so eager for me", with precise movements, he guides your hips to meet his, creating a perfect friction between both of you. You could feel his hard against your pulsing center, claiming for more.
Tom lets out a struggled sigh, as if he was holding himself back when feeling your center pressing against him. "See? Only you can make me this hard".
You gulp, trying to catch your breath as your hands make its way to his trousers, but Tom is quick to deny it and stop you. "No, pretty girl. As much as I'm aching to feel you right now, I need to prove you something" he smirks playfully. His right hand releases your bum and goes to your front, making a smooth path in his way to your breast. He put your hard nipples between two fingers, pulling it softly. You moan and move your hips over his lap. Tom's jaw tenses up. "Fuck, darling". He presses his hand firmly on your hip to settle you down, as you smile apologetic.
"Need you, Tom". You whine, arching your back so you were even closer to him.
"Yeah?" He smirks, hand going back to work, sliding inside your pyjamas' short. Tom's brows arch in surprise. "No panties?"
You bite your lip. "When I came down here, I was thinking that maybe we could do something. After you were done".
He chuckled a bit, his cocky smile showing off. "So you were planning on getting fucked in my office?" You only nod once, feeling your center pulse and your cheek heat up. "You dirty, dirty girl".
Tom reaches your pulsing core, a single digit sliding through your wet folds. "God, baby, you're so wet". You moan, letting your weight loose on top of Tom, whose strong arms could handle it. "I barely touched you".
"Stop teasing me, Tom" you claim, eyes closed, as you feel he was threatening to enter two fingers inside you, but collecting them all together again.
"Darling, I think you shouldn't have a word about anything today" he says calmly. "After all, you interrupted my meeting, messed my work up. All because you couldn't wait to get fucked. Do you think you were good, y/n?"
You swallow hard, voice trembling. "N-no".
Tom smiles satisfied. "Yes. Now, though you don't deserve any of that, I'm a man of my word, and I said I was going to show you what my girl is worth of". He gesticulates briefly and you have to take a few seconds to understand he wants you to get up.
You do so, waiting until he gets up too. Confused, you stare at him, who cups your face, kissing the tip of your nose.
"I want you to sit in my chair". He murmurs and you can't help the surprise in your face.
"Why's that?" You frown and he only gestures his head to the chair again. With no other choice, you find yourself doing as you were told.
It was a strange feeling, the soft material of his chair against the bare skin of your exposed leg, where your thin shorts couldn't reach. Strange, because nobody would ever sit on Tom's chair. It wasn't exactly a rule, but everyone did better than risking taking what was his, and that being the biggest and most imposing chair in the conference room, only he could sit there. And maybe that's what entertained him that moment, the sight of you in a place that held so much power as that chair.
It took a good few seconds for you to relax there, and Tom didn't take his eyes from you the whole time. Staring, he would lick his lips, arms crossed over his chest, making his muscular arms very visible for you.
"You know, you could do this. I can picture you sitting here, making demands", he says, as if he was deep in thoughts moments ago, approaching you with hungry eyes. He puts his hands over the chairs' arm rest and lean in you, smiling.
You feel your heart race and try to correct your breathing. "Really?" You arch a brow incredulously. "Don't think I could be so tough".
"You learn this with time, darling", he reassures you, "But I think we'd have to manage who'd be in charge from time to time. I can share it with you, but not give it all. Would you like that?" You knew that by this time he wasn't talking about the mob.
With a charming smile, Tom gets down on both knees and puts his hands in yours. "Yeah, I think", you say in a whisper, too concentrated in his actions to say otherwise or anything else.
"Mmm. You're such a delicate angel", he opens your legs slowly, grabbing the back of your knee to pull you in to him. You gasp in surprise, holding the arm rest to keep yourself steady. "I imagine how you'd look like taking control. Perfect, I know".
It was a sight to see, a powerful man like Tom on his knees, a position you never thought you'd see him at. He looked like he was at your mercy, under your control, just as if he was there to please you, though he still did take the command.
"Tom, please", you whine, not giving a care about sounding desperate anymore.
"Patient, my love. Wanna take my sweet time with you", he pats your leg so you can lift your hips to help him take off your shorts. "Cause that's what I appreciate doing with you. Take every single part of you, make you mine. Slowly". He brings you closer and you pant when he kisses the inner of your thigh, eyes never leaving yours. "Take care of my girl, as she deserves".
You feel yourself growing anxious as you tried to stay still when he brought his lips up to your core. "You smell so good, love. Can't wait to taste it". His lips make no hurry to reach your folds, hot breath hitting your aching center. He looks up at you, wicked smile, as his mouth hover you, teasing.
By this time, you’re already dripping, walls clenching around nothing for the expectation. Finally, you felt Tom's lips connecting with your pussy lips, skillful tongue smoothly licking your arousal, spreading it all over your core.
He put his tongue inside of you, tasting it, adoring the way you'd roll your eyes back with pleasure. "Sweet as fucking candy". He murmurs with his mouth against you, causing vibrations all over your cunt.
You moan when he flicks his tongue over your bud, and tug at his hair. The reaction comes right away and Tom moans against you, putting one of his fingers inside you, but not deep enough, waiting for you to adjust as your walls stretched deliciously. "Can feel you swallowing my finger, baby. You want me?”
"Tom", you whine, arching your back as Tom pushes his fingers deeper inside you. "Please. Gimme more".
"You want more, sweet girl?" Tom smirks, entering you as much as he could, adding a second finger to your pulsing core. You felt the cold of his silver ring against your hot skin, causing you to have goosebumps. Feeling you clench around him, Tom started fingering you, hands precisely moving to stuff you in the most raving way. He took his pace, fast enough to the sound of your wetness fill up the room.
He laps your bud once again, repeatedly, catching it between his lips once in a while and sucking, making you release a loud moan.
You tugged harder in his curls and that's when he realized you were close. "My beautiful girl is close? Can feel you clenching, baby."
You nod once, trying to catch your breath as your hips rock against his fingers. Tom took them out and you almost pulled his hair for that, but he soon replaced it with his firm tongue. "C'mon, darling, fuck yourself on my tongue".
You did so, not caring about your messed movements or your loud noises. Tom was right there, holding you hip down with one hand to keep you steady and stimulating your clit with his thumb with another. It was the most beautiful sight you could have and you were on the verge of your edge.
"You're- fuck, so fucking hot, Tom" you cry out, head falling back. "Shit! 'M close"
Tom started to fuck his tongue inside you again. Your toes curl, your belly burns and your heart couldn't beat faster. Tom grabbed the back of your legs and abruptly brought you closer to his face, keeping his tongue firm and thumb working on your bud. He replaced it with his two wet fingers for a moment, just to speak to you and coax your orgasm. “Look at you, baby, so, so beautiful when you’re coming. Fuck, wish they all could see what a pretty and dirty girl I’ve got right here, angel”.
You moan and Tom can tell you’re about to lose it, putting his tongue back to work. "That's it, love, cum on my tongue, make a sweet mess on my face".
You couldn't hold back anymore. Your whole body felt like sparkles, as you tightened your grip on Tom's hair, chest panting, muscles rigid, voice coming out as the loudest moan of your night. It’s all about you now, what you feel. Tom is right there, holding you, controlling your body squirming with his strong hands.
Tom helps you ride out your orgasm, tongue and fingers never leaving you. His noise bumped into your clit as he seemed to enjoy licking your juices, face still lost between your legs. But when you finally saw him again, you thought you could have another orgasm just from the look on his face.
"Fuck", you pant, still trying to catch your breath. "You're- you're all covered-"
Before you could even finish, Tom got up from his knees and took your face in between his hands, capturing your lips on his. The kiss was messy, clashing tongues and teeth, but it was all pleasure. You could taste yourself, take what Tom had left on his lips. It was sweet - a mix of both of you.
"You're a fucking mess right now" you tell him, a slight giggle coming out of your dry throat, wiping some of the wetness from his chin.
"I know", he smiles back at you, pecking your lips once more. He catches the fingers you used to clean his face and leads it to him mouth, sucking on them gently. "Proudly. Who else in this fucking world can have the pleasure of being a mess with your cum, eh?"
You shove his shoulders playfully and spin the chair. "Well, I think I could truly run things here. Feel very powerful now".
Tom puts his hand on the back of the chair to stop it from moving. "That's because you had me between your legs just a few seconds ago, love", he smirks "But I think we can manage that".
You get up from the chair and put your hands on the collar of his shirt, gripping it between your fingers. "Good", you look up at him, smiling devilishly. "First thing, though, I remember you were here to prove me something".
"Oh, darling" he chuckled darkly. "We surely are not finished yet".
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cherrycheridarling · a year ago
déjà vu | t.h.
tom holland x famous!reader
warnings: swearing and not very happy
summary: you and tom broke up a while ago and he has since moved on. his strategies lack originality, in your eyes. {listen to déjà vu by olivia rodrigo (if you want)}
wc: 2k
Tumblr media
'Car rides to Malibu. Strawberry ice cream, one spoon for two.'
"Step on it, Holland." you pushed your shades down, arm hanging out of the window.
Tom sent you a cheerful smirk before accelerating the car. Your cups of strawberry ice cream laid half melted in the cup holders. The Malibu horizon sending you into a state of awe.
Tom reached over and interlaced his fingers with yours, "Wish we could stay here forever."
"Me, too. And I wish that ice cream never melted." you smiled before feeding him a spoon of the runny treat.
'And tradin' jackets. Laughin' 'bout how small it looks on you.'
"I think I look a lot better in it." Tom could barely fit his arms through the sleeves of your jean jacket.
You watched from the hotel bed with a laugh, "Two sizes too small is the new fashion trend. Didn't you hear?"
Tom laughed with you, "If you're taking mine, then it's only fair that I wear yours." he reasoned.
You shrugged before pulling his jean jacket tighter around you, the fabric smothered you like a rug, "Do you think they'll notice? I don't think so." you joked and walked to the mirror, standing beside him.
He planted a kiss on your cheek, "Nope. Can barely tell the difference, love."
'Watching reruns of Glee. Bein' annoyin, singin' in harmony.'
"Thomas Stanley Holland!" you screeched from your room.
In less than three seconds, your boyfriend was bursting through the door in a frenzy of rapid breaths.
"W-what? What did I do? What's wrong?" he looked around frantically.
You gestured to the TV where an old episode of 'Glee' was about to play.
He looked at you with a deadpan expression, "You full named me for this?"
You nodded with an innocent smile before patting the spot next to you.
"Strangers waitin' up and down the boulevard. Their shadows searching in the night!" you and Tom screamed at the top of your lungs.
"Shut up!" Harrison yelled from his room.
Tom snickered, "Let's harmonize!"
You laughed before nodding, "Alright, singer."
"Streetlight people. Livin' just to find emotion! Hidin' somewhere in the night!"
The harmony lasted for a good two seconds before laughter replaced your voices.
'I bet she's braggin' to all her friends, saying you're so unique, hmm.'
"Don't look now, but Tom is here with her." Zendaya murmured to you through her glass.
You disregarded her words and snapped your head towards the entrance where Nadia Parkes was walking through the door with Tom on her arm.
"Did I not say 'don't look now'?"
You scoffed and brought your attention back to Zendaya, "I don't care. Why would I care?'
You lied horribly. You cared. Perhaps too much.
"Well, she's wearing his jacket." Zendaya pointed out making your head snap back to Nadia.
The jean jacket.
Her laughter bounced off of the walls and you swore you could feel it giving you a headache.
You rolled your eyes before sipping your drink, "It was an ugly jacket anyways."
You lied again.
'So when you gonna tell her we did that, too? She thinks it's special, but it's all reused.'
"Where's Tom?" Zendaya asked Nadia.
All of you were currently in Tom's shared home. Harrison, Tuwaine, Harry, Sam, Zendaya, Jacob and Nadia.
Nadia looked up from her phone and smiled, "He went to the store to grab something for me really quickly."
Zendaya nodded before giving you a look that said 'you better bite your tongue'. You gave her a raised eyebrow back.
To say your relationship with Nadia was complicated wouldn't even cover half of it. In her mind, you guys were the best of friends. She'd come to you with any trouble she had with Tom, oblivious to the fact that he was your ex. You couldn't say you hated the girl because frankly, none of it was her fault.
In less than five minutes, Tom was walking through the front door was a grocery bag in hand.
"Babe? They had your favourite." he held up a tub of strawberry ice cream.
Your breath caught in your throat at the sight. Of fucking course. Her favourite.
Nadia jumped up from her seat, "Thank you, baby." she gave Tom a sickeningly sweet kiss.
You rolled your eyes and turned back to your friends, expecting their eyes to be on the happy couple, but they were all focused on your reaction.
"What?" you snapped at them, the word coming out much harsher than you intended.
"Nothing." they all said in unison.
'That was our place, I found it first.'
You sat in your bed, scrolling through your Instagram feed. Mindlessly double clicking on any post that popped up. Until your finger freezed above Tom's recent.
Tom and Nadia sat on the hood of his car, a beautiful sunset behind them. Strawberry ice cream in hand.
'Malibu trips with this one'
Your eyes involuntarily rolled to the back of your head. Frustration and anger spilling out of you like a leaky faucet.
Out of all the coasts he could have taken her to, he had to choose Malibu. He had to choose that ice cream. Everything that you used to do, being shoved in your face by him and another girl.
'I made the jokes you tell to her when she's with you.'
"Tommy! That's such a crude joke!" Nadia giggled and playfully smacked Tom's arm.
Zendaya furrowed her eyebrows, "What's the joke?"
You swirled your drink in your cup as you leaned against the counter. Colourful lights blinding your vision, blasting music filling your ears.
"Something about sperm and a pussycat." Nadia answered with another giggle.
You attention immediately perked at the information. Eyes meeting Tom's on instinct. His eyes searched yours for something. Did you remember the joke? Were you going to say something?
Without another reaction you shrugged, "Sounds hilarious." you drawled and walked out of the kitchen.
'Do you get déjà vu when she's with you? Do you get déjà vu? Do you get déjà vu, huh?'
'Do you call her, almost say my name? 'Cause let's be honest, we kinda do sound the same. Another actress. I hate to think that I was just your type.'
"Okay, I think I'm almost done with the spaghetti. Y/- Nadia, can you come and taste it?" Tom caught himself before he slipped up.
But you heard the beginning of your name nearly fall from his lips. And so did your friends.
Everyone's heads turned to the direction of Tom's voice with wide eyes, except Nadia, who didn't seem fazed at all. Maybe it was a regular occurrence.
As Nadia left the living room to tend to your ex-boyfriend, everyone honed in on you.
"I-I heard it. I know you heard it." Harrison stammered.
You shrugged, "Y/N, Nadia. Basically the same."
Everyone deadpanned at you.
Tuwaine smacked your forehead, "He almost called his girlfriend by your name and you say 'what'?"
You yawned, "Easy to get confused when he does the same shit with her that he did with me." you mumbled.
This time, everyone said 'what?'.
'I bet she knows Billy Joel 'cause you played her 'Uptown Girl'. You're singing it together.'
"Any requests?" Jacob asked as he grabbed the remote and opened YouTube.
Nadia jumped up, "Can you play 'Uptown Girl' by Billy Joel?"
You fought the urge to snap your head at her. What a fucking surprise.
"Aw! I showed you that song, didn't I?" Tom wrapped an arm around her as she nodded.
The sight made you want to gouge your eyes out with spoons. PDA in general made you gag, but this was another level of torture.
"Uptown girl. She's been living in her uptown world. I bet she's never had a backstreet guy. I bet her momma never told her why. I'm gonna try for an uptown girl." they sang together.
Your heart rate picked up. Your hands began to shake. The song that used to bring you so much joy, now felt like a banshee screaming in your ear. You looked over to Zendaya who gave you a sympathetic smile. You shook your head, quickly blinking to rid the tears from your eyes.
'Now I bet you even tell her how you love her in between the chorus and the verse. Ooh, I love you.'
"It's a classic! You have to love it!" you insisted before pressing play on the song and grabbing Tom's hands.
He smiled warmly at you with a playful shake of his head as you began to sing.
"She'll see I'm not so tough. Just because I'm in love with an—"
"—I love you."
"Uptown girl! You know I—" you stopped singing and smiled at him.
"What?" he chuckled, "Don't get quiet on me now, darling."
"I guess I love you, too, loser." you gave him a playful eye roll before he tackled you in tickles.
'That was the show that we talked about. Played you the songs she's singing now when she's with you.'
"Santana is so mean to Rachel for no reason! Rachel is just a great singer and an amazing performer. Everyone is so mean to her."
That's the first thing you heard when you walked into the living room. And your blood was already boiling.
"I know, baby. I know." Tom comforted his girlfriend.
You let out an audible scoff at the sight in front of you, drawing their attention.
"Oh, hi, Y/N! We're watching 'Glee', wanna join?" she sent you a smile that you so badly wanted to punch off of her face.
You gave her an equally sweet grin, "No, thanks." you turned to head back to your room, "But isn't Santana your favourite character, Tom?" you called out before shutting your door.
Leaving the chaos of what your last question caused on the other side.
'Do you get déjà vu?'
"Bye, baby. I'll see you tomorrow!" Nadia gave him a quick kiss before heading out the door.
You sat on the couch, watching the interaction from a distance. Unable to control your annoyed expression that Tom picked up on.
"You okay?" he asked as he stopped beside you.
"Do you ever get déjà vu?" you asked, the words spilling out of your mouth against your own will.
Tom let out a light chuckle, "Do I what?"
"Get déjà vu. You know, that thing where you do something and it feels like you've already done it."
"No, I can't say I do. Why?" he sat down across from you.
You shrugged, "I would've expected you'd get some form of it since everything you do with her is reused."
Tom's eyebrows furrowed, "What do you mean?"
You let out the fakest laugh, "Don't play dumb with me, Tom. Do you seriously have the memory of a fucking goldfish?"
Your harsh words caught him off guard, "This is ridiculous. You're being ridiculous." he scoffed.
You crossed your arms, "Am I? Am I really? If you're going to make her feel special, redoing everything we've done isn't the best tactic."
"You're jealous." he stated the obvious.
But you weren't about to admit that.
"No, I'm offended. Did you do that with every girl you've ever dated? Is this a pattern? Am I not the first girl you've been with that loved strawberry ice cream? Am I not the only one you took on long rides to Malibu? Did all of them sing 'Uptown Girl' with you? Were their jackets two sizes too small, as well? Did you harmonize to songs on 'Glee' with them, too?" your voice raised in volume with every word along with your anger level.
You left Tom speechless, dumbfounded.
"I asked you a fucking question."
Tom stammered, "You're being unreasonable."
You laughed dryly, "I-I'm being unreasonable? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"
"Forget about it. You're obviously too self centred to realize that the world doesn't revolve around you."
By the look on his face, you knew he regretted his choice of words as soon as he said them.
"Pardon me?" you scoffed.
"Wait- No. I didn't m—"
"—No. Forget about it, right? That's what I'm gonna do anyways."
You turned on your heel and marched back to your room. Anger radiating off of you. Tom sat in a similar position on the couch. Confusion radiating off of him.
Fuck déjà vu.
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vannybarber · a year ago
On Your Knees
Summary: You and Andy catch each other both in a vulnerable position.
Tumblr media
Warnings: dubcon, messy oral (f to m), cursing, strong emotions, manhandling/rough.
Andy Barber x Reader
Tumblr media
Wiping the mess you made on the floor, making Andy a new recipe for shrimp alfredo, you hear his black river shoes enter the kitchen and stop in front of you. You look up at his sky scraping figure above you.
His hair was floofy, like always, but his tie was removed and in his hand. A couple of buttons on the collar of his shirt were undone and his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. You mentally slap yourself for the thoughts that evaded your mind at the sight of him like this.
"How was work?" you ask, getting back to cleaning the stain. You should've cleaned it as soon as it fell, but that's multitasking for you.
"Could be better. A lot of things could be better." His voice is hoarse and low, very different from what it used to be. But then again, a lot of things are.
"I get it honestly." You scrub harder at the stain that wouldn't budge. Andy tosses his tie and jacket along with his coat on the counter rather loudly. This makes you look up confused.
"Do you, Y/N? Do you really get it? Because last time I checked, your wife didn't crash her car purposefully with your son in it and killed them both." You stop cleaning the stain and look up, trying to find dialogue.
"Andy, I didn't mean it like that okay? I was just agreeing with you," you rush out before the situation escalates. He shuts his eyes and takes a deep breathe. Opening them back up, he apologizes.
"Look, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled."
"It's fine really. You have every right to feel the way you do. I'm just here to help any way possible." You get up and grab cleaning spray out of the pantry and lower back down to clean the mess up.
Andy stays quiet for a moment then moves a little closer to you. You look up confused, once again.
"Andy, you alright?" He peers down at you and down at your body. Curse you for not wearing a bra and curse you even more being slightly turned on by the circumstances. The way he is looking at you has you feeling a type of way.
"I will be in a bit." You move to rise up, but Andy is quick to stop you.
"Get back down." The tone of his voice and the clarity of his words had you complying immediately.
"Andy what is going on?" You dryly laugh to ease the worry you're feeling, not knowing what's about to happen.
"You've never dressed like this before." You had on a mustard colored tank top with blue jean shorts. The only difference in your normal attire is that you didn't wear a bra and the bottoms were shortly cut off. You came over at the last minute to make him dinner and never got the opportunity to change.
He grabs your jaw and holds it firm in his palm. The cleaning utensils are out of your hands and on the floor at the sudden contact.
"You look perfect. You're really challenging my imagination right now." He moves your head back and rakes back over your body again as if he'd forgotten what you looked like.
"Thanks Andy, but I gotta clean this mess up and we can eat dinner and call it a night. Okay?" You try to move his hand off your face but it stays in place.
"You said you were here to help me. In any way I needed." He lowers his face down to you. "Well, I need your help sweetheart."
Your force your mind to come up with nonsexual scenarios that he could possibly need help with, but you're just lying to yourself. You know exactly what he means.
"Andy, we should not be doing this, really. Let's just get up and eat dinner okay? Or maybe you should lay down." At this point you're begging him.
"Not unless you're on top of me." You clasp your hands together and look away awkwardly. "Why don't you just do what I say darling? Make it easy."
So here you have your friend who is still going through the griefing process of his wife and son in his kitchen trying to fuck you. You couldn't never muster up the words to say this outloud. Ever.
You cared about him a lot and wanted to help him. But this was not what you had in mind.
"Andy, we're not doing this. So just let me go. Now." Your tone just did not sit right with his spirit because he tightened his grip, making you cringe.
"Tell me you don't fucking want it." He looks at you very much irritated. In any other given circumstance, where you did not know Andy, you'd be all for it. He's a very attractive man. But in this case you were in a dilemma. Although Laurie and him did not have to best relationship, you'd never make a move on him. Now that she's gone, it's even worse.
"Just like I thought. You want it as much as I do. Well here's your chance, baby." He finally released your jaw and you rub it, grimacing. In the process, Andy is taking off his shirt and undoing his pants. This is your chance to get away, but you can't make your legs move.
"Look at you. So hot watching me undress." You shame yourself, knowing you look like a whore on her knees waiting to get a dick shoved in her mouth. You mind gets back into the game and you finally try and get up, but he's quick to catch you.
"Didn't I say stay the hell down?" He pushes your shoulders down.
"Andy stop! I need to go." You fight to move his hold off of you, but he's way stronger. Swimming practices paid off.
"You can leave when I'm done with you." He grabs your neck and makes you face him entirely.
"Now I don't want any more fighting. You got it?" That tone again. Had you scared and turned on all at once. Against your will, you shake your head.
"Say 'Yes Mr. Barber'." You swallow your pride and speak very low.
"Y-yes Mr. Barber." He shoves your neck out of his hands and pulls down his pants along with his briefs. His dick springs out and you're left speechless. Laurie had said before that their sex life was just about nonexistent and you just wanted to know how?
"Don't worry, baby. You'll be getting a taste soon." You shut your gaping mouth and look away, ashamed you were staring. Giving him exactly what he wanted.
"Pull your shirt down." You don't move. You can't move.
"Pull your fucking shirt down Y/N." You slowly pull your left strap down trying to stall, but failing miserably.
"If I wanted a strip tease, I would've asked for one." Yeah right. He grabs both straps and yanks them down and your boobs are out on display. He kneads the left one and plays with the nipple on the right one. You close your eyes, loathing the position you're in. But it doesn't fail to leave your panties damp.
He bends back up and leans his pelvis towards your face.
"Open up, sweetheart." Your chest starts thumping at his words. "Or I'll do it for you."
Not wanting to be manhandled again, you relax your jaw and open your mouth. He doesn't hesitate to shove himself in down your throat. To his surprise, you don't gag. Little does he know you desensitized your gag reflex when you were little and here he is, benefitting from it.
"Fuck. Start sucking baby, we've got all night." Your heart hurts, but you still don't move. He's getting a little fed up, but he enjoys the chase.
"Okay. Since you want to play it like that." Grabbing the back of your head, he fucks into your mouth aggressively, causing a pool of saliva to form around your mouth and leak onto your chest.
Feeling humiliated and helpless, you grab onto his legs to lessen his force, but he just goes harder to spite you. The only sounds in the house are your gurgling and his loud groaning.
"This mouth can do wonders, I know it. You're resisting me now, but you won't be by the time we're through." You feel him twitch in your mouth and you know he's about to cum. You try to breathe through your nose, but you end up sucking back on him instead.
"See, I knew you'd love it. You fucking slut." He chuckles at you. "Just a whore on her knees."
"Shit, I'm gonna cum." He pulls out and sticks his thumb down your throat at keep your mouth open and pumps himself on your tongue.
"Fucking shit!"
Not a moment later are thick white ropes of cum scarring your vision. He spills himself all over your face, down your throat and on your chest to top it off. The entire time your eyes are closed, not giving him the benefit to look into them as he abases you.
After he's done, for what feels like forever, you feel the slight heaviness of his seed doused all over your face. He steps back and admires the scene he's created.
"Jackson Pollock's got nothing on this beautiful canvas." Your heart slightly jump at the compliment, but quickly is pushed back by your mind. He reaches and grabs all of his things, butt naked and all.
He turns and looks back down at you.
"Clean this mess up and bring your ass upstairs."
"Yes Mr. Barber."
Tumblr media
I am disgusting 🤪.
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misaverawrites · 10 months ago
ooooo i really liked the mark x reader where mer’s 16 year old daughter has a crush on him! can i request something similar but with an interaction w her and mark hehe
Tumblr media
Crushin’ Part 2 - Mark Sloan x F!Teen!Reader
a/n: ofc!! consider this a part two to the last fic lol.
warnings: not romantic at all from Mark's perspective, flustered reader, Meredith teasing, reader has a crush on Mark.
Your wheelchair was wheeled onto the peds floor and your mother walked up to the desk and was handed papers by a receptionist.
“Oh no, I’m a doctor here, head of general surgery, actually.” She slid the papers back over to the receptionist.
“Yes, but your daughter is not, so fill out those papers, please.”
Your mother sighs as she fills out the paperwork for you. She murmurs a bit in the way she only when she's tired from work and doing paperwork in your father's office.
She finishes off the paperwork and drops it off at the desk when a blonde Doctor steps out of an exam room.
"(Y/N) Grey-Shepard, come with me!" She calls your name as your mother wheels you to her exam room.
"Hi, My name is Arizona Robbins, I'm gonna do a quick look at you and your leg and then I'll call in Dr. Torres, I promise you, she's the best here." She beams as she starts to feel your leg up and down as you wince when she gets towards your ankle and when she gets towards your knee.
"Well, this looks like a bad fracture and it appears that it was open at one point or another, so we're going to get Doctor Sloan on this too."
Your mother eyes you a bit, "When was this wound open, (Y/N)?"
"It was only a little, I didn't want you guys to flip out."
She rolls her eyes as Arizona pulls out her pager and pages Doctors' Torres and Sloan.
"Dr. Robbins? Do we need to have Doctor Sloan on this? I mean, I know he's great but, maybe it's too expensive..?" You try and find an argument that seems convincing, but it feels weak and flimsy as soon as it leaves your mouth, and you know it is by the way your mother laughs.
"Trust me, it's not." She says simply, "Now, let's get you ready for surgery. Dr. Torres and Dr. Sloan will explain the procedure to you and then they'll take you into surgery."
You simply nod, feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything happening at the moment, when Doctor Sloan walks in, your father walking away from him, down the hall.
"Ah, Littlest Grey. Dr. Robbins just paged me, how are you feeling? Are you alright?" He gives you that smile that makes you swoon on the inside.
"Yeah, I am... I'm fine, Mark, just a small pain..." You feel so awkward talking to him, but you do.
"Well, that's why I am here and..." A mildly pregnant woman walks in, "Doctor Torres is here."
You smile at her and remember what your parents had said about her and Mark and all of their drama, it makes you wonder how insane adult life must be.
"Well, I'm gonna look for any dead skin around your leg, if that's alright?" Mark asks you and you nod as he looks at your knee and ankle on the left leg.
Your face feels so warm as he does this, you hope and pray to every deity that no one notices, or at least mentions this.
"Everything seems alright, but I will be in there with Doctor Torres, just in case anything goes wrong."
Your mother smiles in a way that feels irritating to you.
"I'm glad she'll have someone in there for her at least since we can't do much..."
You shoot a glare towards your mother and Mark nods.
"Grey, I've got her covered, trust me."
She laughs a bit and nods, pushing a tuft of your hair behind your ear. You know she's getting a kick out of this.
"Well, can we fix my leg now?" You ask, trying to derive attention from your mother's obviously odd behavior.
Dr. Robbins laughs a bit and nods, "We'll get you on the OR board, and then you should be in surgery tonight, for now, we'll get you set up here on the peds floor and you should rest."
Dr. Robbins walks out with Dr. Torres, the both of them chatting and laughing as Mark gives you another smile.
"The surgery should be fine, Littest Grey. I'll see you before you go into surgery."
You nod and give him a weak smile as your mother bursts out laughing once he leaves.
"You're adorable." She comments while in her laughter, "I just need you to know that."
You roll your eyes, "Mom, please."
"Oh, alright, (Y/N)."
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