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shadowed-dancer · a month ago
Someone: So which of you is the oldest?
Bruno and Pepa: It doesn’t matter which of us was born first, we’re triplets! We’re all the same age!
Julieta: It’s me, I’m the oldest
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kybabi · a year ago
Can I request Falling asleep on Sakusa, Atsumu, and Osamu but they gently push you off bc it’s a little ew but gets jealous when you accidentally falling asleep on your desk mate without knowing who it was and they have that realization
reacting to their s/o falling asleep on someone else
w/ sakusa, atsumu, and osamu!
part 1!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: so for this prompt i decided to put the settings with their respective teams (i.e. reader falling asleep on their teammate)! sakusa’s and atsumu’s are written in the timeskip with the msby boys and osamu’s is written pre-timeskip with inarizaki :)
the prompt that i wrote wasn’t exactly what you requested but i just took the idea and ran with it; i hope you don’t mind!! i didn’t proofread this at all; it’s 3 am so i’m going to bed gn hehe)
Tumblr media
you met sakusa in college, the two of you becoming close friends
you confessed to him, not expecting anything from it, but when he returned your feelings you were overjoyed
when he joined MSBY, it was hard to navigate his time with you and the team
often times you two would have disconnects in schedules and arguments would ensue
yesterday, sakusa came home to an empty apartment, and you weren’t answering your phone
you finally came home late, and he wasn’t very happy
after finding out that you were spending time with one of your male coworkers after work, he was even more upset
“so you didn’t come home to see me because you were with another guy..?”
“kiyoomi, it’s not that big of a deal, okay? i’m home now?”
you tried to hug him, but he scoffed and retreated into the bedroom
today, the msby boys are coming over for movie night
but sakusa’s still mad at you (stubborn idiot)
as the movie plays on the screen, you can feel yourself getting sleepy. you didn’t have any caffeine today, and you had to clean up the apartment all day, so now it feels like a chore to just keep your eyes open.
sakusa is sitting next to you, albeit many inches away from you, and you sigh. he’s still being passive aggressive because you were hanging out with sato last night, even though he’s the reason why you’ve had so much free time to occupy recently.
but you’re too tired to think about that right now, and your eyes are slowly closing. at a certain point, you let yourself succumb to your fatigue, and slump over to the side. you’re laying in sakusa’s lap, and he looks down at you. for a second, he almost thinks you look adorable, but then he’s reminded by why he’s mad at you and removes the thought from his mind.
“tch,” he tuts, pushing you upright. you’re half awake now, but tired as hell, so you fall on his shoulder and attempt to go back to sleep. he pushes you again, this time much more forceful.
“can’t you sleep somewhere else? god,” he mutters, eyes focused on the screen. his shove has you awake now, and you sigh sadly, shoulders drooping. he won’t look at you.
“omi, please?” you mumble sleepily.
he doesn’t respond.
disappointed, you get up and search for a place to lie down, seeing an empty spot next to atsumu.
you sit down next to him, flush against his side, and rest your head on his shoulder. he looks at you in surprise, and then at kiyoomi, who isn’t even looking. atsumu shrugs and lets you sleep, figuring you must be pretty tired.
when kiyoomi finally realizes, he does a double take, and then glares at the sight. you’re literally cuddling him, and he’s letting it happen?! sakusa stares holes into atsumu’s side until he notices, in which the yellow-haired twin just stares back at him as if to say, don’t look at me, it’s not my fault! he turns away.
sakusa doesn’t know what to do, as he can’t just disrupt the movie, but seeing you in atsumu’s arms is making his blood boil.
finally, finally, atsumu gets up to go into the kitchen, to which you fall over on your side, still fast asleep. sakusa seizes the opportunity, getting up and scooping you into his arms, and then laying you back in his lap.
you hum sleepily, and nuzzle into his chest, soft and warm. as much as he doesn’t want to enjoy it, kiyoomi’s heart swells at the contact.
“i thought you were mad at me,” you mumble quietly.
“shut up.”
Tumblr media
you and atsumu have been dating since your last year of high school
your relationship has always been very.. chaotic?
y’all be getting into the DUMBEST FIGHTS over stupid shit
as much as i hate to say this, i think we all know it’s true
yesterday, you pointed out that his hair was starting to look kinda funny, the roots growing in and everything
“i’m sorry, ‘tsumu, but it’s true. you’re starting to look kind of stupid.”
you were laughing at him, but he really said 😐
he went into the bedroom, and you followed him there, still giggling.
you poked at him and he turned away childishly
“baaabe, i was just joking!”
even though atsumu knew you didn’t mean anything by it, it still made him the tiniest bit insecure, so he chose passive aggressiveness💞
it’s the next day, and atsumu’s invited some of the boys over for a game night. he’s been ignoring you all day, so you hope that tonight you’ll be able to get him to stop.
they’d chosen a game to play with all of you, but you’d opted out, tired from the day and not being used to being with so many people. but you’ve decided to watch in on them as they play anyway!
you’re slightly regretting that decision, as the game has nothing to do with your interests and you’re bored out of your mind. you’re half asleep when you lay your head in your boyfriend’s lap. he scoffs at you and puts you right side up. you try again, and he does the same thing.
“‘tsumu, ‘m sleepy,” you mumble against his shoulder.
“then maybe you should go to sleep,” he answers, dry.
“i’m trying!” you whine, attempting to wrap your arms around him and snuggle into him, but he just pushes you away again.
“try somewhere else, then.”
you exhale tiredly, attempting to give him puppy eyes, but he doesn’t even look at you. you give up.
luckily, the spot across from where the two of you are sitting that’s next to bokuto is open, so you relocate there. bokuto smiles at you as you settle into his lap and go to sleep.
(this himbo doesn’t even see anything weird about it :D he just thinks you need some rest!)
meanwhile, across the table, atsumu is glaring at you. but you’re turned away, so you don’t even notice.
he decides that if he ignores you, maybe you’ll come back and beg him to stop ignoring you? (i swear this man has no logic) so he waits.
and waits.
and waits.
but you stay in bokuto’s lap, snoring softly. and then you hold onto his shirt and pull on him tighter, and atsumu completely loses it.
he stomps over to you, picks you up, and throws you over his shoulder. bokuto looks up at him, confused, but decides not to question it.
now, the entire group is looking at him, but he can’t bring himself to give a fuck. instead, he settles down on the couch and lets you snuggle into his chest.
“‘re you still mad at me?”
he sighs, kissing your hair.
you whine, staring up at him. he laughs and pushes you back into his chest gently.
“i think i’ll always be a little mad you, baby.”
Tumblr media
you met osamu in your second year of high school as the new manager of the inarizaki boys’ volleyball team
you fell in love with his calm humor and passion for food (whew you’d marry food too if you weren’t head over heels for him)
despite his calm demeanor and the way he always appeared to be emotionless, he was really the opposite sometimes
you’ve discovered that osamu is very jealous and possessive, and a very passive aggressive person
you love this about him, but at the same time sometimes he gets mad at you for things that are out of your control
the team has been at a training camp for the past couple of days
this morning, a random guy from another team approached you
he was clearly flirting with you, but you didn’t know how to turn him down, so you let him
you gave him your number but changed the last digit, hoping it’d make him leave you alone
you didn’t think too much of it until osamu completely started ignoring you
when you asked him what was wrong, he just scoffed at you
“why don’t you ask your new boyfriend? you seemed to be having a good time with him.”
you hadn’t realized osamu had heard your conversation, so you tried to explain to him what happened, but he was still stubbornly ignoring you :/
the team is lounging around in their room, and you’ve ventured over just to hang out for a bit. your boyfriend is still not talking to you, despite your attempts to explain to him the situation.
you plop down next to osamu, noticing how he looks away from you, and sigh. you’re so tired; it’s been such a long day.
the boys are talking about the other teams and their playing styles and more volleyball stuff that you don’t really feel like tuning in to, so you let yourself fall on ‘samu’s shoulder, resting your head. he pushes you off.
“‘samu, don’t be mean,” you mutter, attempting to lie on him again. this time, he dodges you, and you fall into the space between his legs. “ow! what the hell, babe?”
he shrugs.
“you know what, i don’t wanna deal with your stubborn ass right now,” you say under your breath, getting up to rest somewhere else.
suna’s blanket looks comfy, so you walk over to him and sit down beside him, asking him if it’s okay. he nods, and you sit between his legs, head resting against his chest. you fall asleep pretty quickly.
osamu sits alone, baffled. honestly, his ignoring you was meant to make you want to reassure him; tell him you love only him, but now he’s made it worse, because you’re practically sitting in suna’s lap while he’s sitting by himself. his plan backfired, and now he’s just getting irritated seeing you so close with another guy.
you snuggle into suna affectionately, and osamu wants to whine desperately, infuriated at seeing someone else witness you in your adorable sleepy state. it’s his favorite side of you, and he’s missing out on it.
and then you’re turning to the side and breathing in suna’s scent, and he gives in. osamu gets up, walks over to you, and scoops you into his arms, pulling you tight against him and bringing you over to his futon. you giggle sleepily, blinking up at him.
“so now you wanna talk to me?”
osamu glares at you and then looks away.
“i don’t like seeing you with other men.”
your breath hitches at his honesty and you press a gentle kiss to his jaw.
“nothing will ever happen between me and anyone else, ‘samu,” you whisper. “i know you don’t believe me, but it’s true. i’m in love with you, you know that?”
he looks down at you, his resolve fading, and just lets everything go, kissing you firmly. he sighs.
“why do you have to make everything so damn sappy?” he whispers lovingly.
“you love it, ‘samu,” you mumble, already half asleep again.
he laughs.
Tumblr media
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somewhatgreatexpectations · 2 months ago
For Whatever It's Worth (Wanda Maximoff/ Reader)
Tumblr media
Hi, everyone!
Very excited to present you with this piece I finally managed to finish! I hope you all enjoy!
Summary: Pietro Maximoff is your best friend and you committed the greatest crime a best friend could commit... You fell for his twin sister. Little do you know, he already knows. Will you find the courage to accept your feelings or will you lose Wanda forever?
When you arrived home, you found Pietro and Wanda having a conversation in the living room, both looking as though something had just transpired. You quickly decided you didn’t have enough energy left to question it and left it as a twin thing. All the while silently cursing yourself for not staying out later and timing their departure for Tony’s party more properly.
You had intended arriving when they were long gone and wasting away in your room for the remainder of the night. Counting down the hours until this cruel summer would finally come to an end or someone else put you out of your misery. You didn't care either way. Those plans were ruined as you saw Pietro get to his feet, Wanda anxiously fiddling with her fingers on the couch behind him.
“Sorry, Piet. I’m not feeling well. I’m going to go lay down.” You rushed before he could even get a word out.
Pietro’s brows furrowed as Wanda got to her feet as well, a hopeful gleam in her eyes. “Y/n, do you think that we could-”
Your heart lurched when you heard your name fall from Wanda’s lips once more. A sound that you dreamed about nearly every night. Your defenses weakened with the single word and you knew that you had to shut it down quickly. For your best friend. “No. Not now.” You interrupted sharply before quickly rushing away to the safety of your room.
This was all for your best friend.
If you had stayed a moment longer you would have seen the way Wanda’s shoulders dropped, the gleam that was in her eyes diminishing ever so slightly. Pietro placed a comforting hand on her shoulder as they shared a look only the twins would be able to understand before he followed you. He tried the handle of your door and huffed slightly when he found it was locked.
“You’re locking doors now, pipsqueak?” Pietro called out.
You ignored him, staring up at the ceiling and hoping he would just go away. You loved Pietro endlessly, but you needed to wallow in your own misery for a bit more before you could continue the act like nothing was wrong.
“Y/n.” he called out when you failed to respond again. “Will you at least come to the party? I think there’s people who want to talk to you… and you know that someone always does something stupid that we can mock them about all year. It’s tradition!”
You rolled over and shoved your face into your pillow. “Not in the mood, Piet! Go without me. I need some alone time anyway.”
For a moment Pietro hovered by the door but seemed to give in a moment later as you heard the sound of his footsteps retreat down the hallway. He must have realized there was no use in arguing with you. You were just as stubborn as he was.
Several hours later, your eyes flickered open taking in the darkness of your room, realizing that you must have dozed off while waiting out Wanda and Pietro. Loud knocking came from the front door, and you realized that must have been what woke you up. Rather than get up to answer the door though, you rolled over and pulled your comforter over your head, figuring that whoever it was would give up and leave eventually.
Just as you felt your eyes beginning to droop, the comforter was ripped aggressively away from you, and you rolled over in surprise to see Yelena smirking back at you.
“Go away.” You groaned, pressing a pillow into your face in annoyance.
Yelena pulled at the pillow until you let go. “If you don’t want me to get into your apartment don’t show me where you hide the spare keys.” The woman quipped back sarcastically. “Now, get off your ass and get dressed. We’re going to Stark’s party.”
“No.” You deadpanned, flipping her off.
Yelena glared back at you. “Yes. Get off your ass, go take a shower, and get dressed. You’re being pathetic! Pietro or not Wanda would never want… this.” You sputtered as Yelena gestured broadly to you. “If you don’t want to hear that then stop being pathetic, get up, and do something about it!”
“You can’t just say that!” You protested.
“Sure, I can, it’s the truth.” You stared back at her in defiance but your hear ached with her words. “Now if you want to change that then you will get off your ass, shower, and go back to being the person I know for a fact is actually worthy of her love."
For a moment you just stared at her but she didn’t back down in the slightest. “Pietro-”
“Will recover when he sees how stupidly in love with each other you both are.” Yelena interrupted.
You heart lurched again. “You think she loves me?”
Yelena smacked your arm. “Of course, I do, dumbass. I’ve been telling you this since the moment you made the stupid decision to end things. That girl looks at you like you hung the stars in the sky or like a lovesick puppy every time you walk in the room.”
You sighed, trying to ignore the nerves tingling under your skin. “Even if she does, Piet-”
“You don’t give him enough credit, Y/n.” Yelena interrupted again. “He might be an idiot but you mean the world to that idiot. He could never abandon you. He loves you so much and I know you think you’re doing all this because you love him, but at the end of the day it’s just hurting more people.”
For a moment you let Yelena’s words wash over you as you contemplated everything she said. “You’re right.” You admitted.
“Of course, I am.” She replied without missing a beat. “I’m always right.”
“I want to take it back so much now.” You muttered.
Yelena tugged at your leg. “Too late, it’s been said. Now are you finally going to get off your ass and be the person worthy of her girl again?"
You stood determinedly, filled with a new sense of hope and purpose with Yelena’s words. “I am.”
“Good, because I also need you at Stark’s party to help me make someone jealous first.” She rushed out quickly.
“What?” You questioned in disbelief.
Yelena began shoving you in the bathroom with an innocent smile. “Don’t worry about it! The details aren’t important! Go shower!” She shouted before shutting the door in your face.
“Personally, Lena, I don’t think you have anything to worry about.” You began absently as you watched Kate interact with Peter from across the room, your eyes flickering to the entryway every few seconds in hopes of catching a glimpse of familiar brunette tresses. “Parker is a freshman; I doubt Kate is interested in that.”
Uncharacteristically, Yelena whined and leaned against you in annoyance, her eyes never straying from the object of her affection. All you could do was shake your head and wrap an arm loosely around her waist to steady yourself.
“If that’s the case, then why is she always spending her time with him and laughing at all his jokes?” The other woman grumbled into the rim her cup, finally tearing her eyes away from Kate to look over at you. Her brows pinched together in annoyance and her accent became even thicker.
You took the cup from her hand and placed it off to the side, your hands moving to rest on her shoulders. “Are you seriously whining right now, Belova?” You reprimanded playfully. “I think that’s enough alcohol for you since you’ve clearly drank so much that you’ve lost all sense of badass.”
Yelena glared at you and reached for the cup, the action pushing you backwards slightly, but you didn’t waver. “Seriously. What was it you were telling me earlier again? To get off my ass? Are you going to sit here on your ass all night and whine or are you actually going to do something about it? Parker has nothing on you.”
“Shut up, I’m still badass. And I’m not whining.” Yelena huffed. Despite yourself, you couldn’t help but smile back at her slightly. “But please, tell me more about how much better I am than puny Parker.”
You shrugged slightly, leaning against the wall that Yelena had you trapped against, relieved to not have to worry about your own problems for the first time in weeks. Yelena leaned into you; her eyebrows raised expectantly in waiting. “Well, I may be biased, but… you’re definitely hotter, easily funnier, more caring.” You listed off easily. “And I haven’t slept with Parker but I’m also certain you’re better in bed.” You added jokingly and Yelena laughed in response.
You glanced Yelena’s shoulder to see the object of the blonde’s affection watching your interaction with interest, her attention no longer on the boy speaking animatedly in front of her. “Also, definitely more clever because your plan is working. Kate is looking over here and correct me if I’m wrong, but if she didn’t have feelings for you, she wouldn’t be jealous about you being close to me.”
Yelena perked up. “Really?” You nodded. “Then this will really get her attention.” Before you could react, Yelena had closed the distance between you and pressed her lips to yours.
A few months ago, it wouldn’t have been a problem. You had both become comfortable in stretching the boundaries of friendship. Now though? Now everything was different. You didn’t want casual affection with your friends or random strangers you met at a party. You wanted more. You wanted to give into the love that encompassed your heart.
You wanted Wanda.
Wanda was all that you would ever want and more. You wanted her lips to be the only ones you’d ever have the good fortune to taste. You wanted to hold her and dance with her in front of everyone. You wanted give her all that she could ever dream of.
And you’d never want her to get the wrong impression. To think that she wasn’t all that you could ever want for even a second. Even if you couldn’t be with her. She needed to know that she would always be everything to you.
No one else could even come close.
Once you had finally processed what was happening, you gently pressed on Yelena’s shoulder to get her away from you, easily disconnecting your lips. “Yelena, what the fuck.” You muttered in shock.
Yelena stared back at you with wide eyes when she realized what she did. “Wanda. Shit, I’m sorry, Y/n. I didn’t think it through. I was just thinking about making Kate jealous.” Yelena began apologetically. “On the bright side, Wanda doesn’t seem to be here. Maybe she won’t find out.”
You nodded faintly, leaning your head against the wall behind you in frustration. “Yeah, maybe.” From your peripheral you could see Kate approaching, doing her best to look casual but she just looked awkward to you. “On the bright side, looks like your plan worked. Your girl is approaching looking awkward and jealous.”
“How do I look?” Yelena questioned nervously.
You chuckled slightly. “You look great…” You breathed a sigh of relief when Yelena stepped away. “And next time you want to to involve me in your plans, let’s leave out the kissing. Okay?”
Yelena grinned sheepishly and knocked your cup with her own. “Deal. Thank you again, Y/n. I owe you.” She lowered her voice slightly. “It’s only a matter of time until you’re with Wanda again. I know it for a fact.” She added before being Kate came and politely asked her to speak.
Yelena’s words rang in your ears as you watched the two women walk out the door for what you assumed to be for more privacy.
That was all you could hope. That you could be with Wanda again.
That hope diminished ever so slightly when your eyes scanned the room and familiar emerald orbs met yours, hurt reflecting clearly in the eyes you had spent the entire summer loving. Before you could even respond to the surprise of seeing her in the room she spun on her heel and quickly fled the room, her brunette locks disappearing around the corner.
“Fuck.” You cursed to yourself quietly as you quickly began pushing through the crowd. You needed to catch her before she left. To tell her everything. You hoped she hadn’t seen anything, but the speed with which she was rushing away made you believe that was highly unlikely.
“Wanda!” You called out loudly when you finally made it out of the party and into the warm summer air. Her hand froze on the door of the car she was about to enter, and you took advantage of the hesitation and rushed forward.
A moment later she turned, and the sight of her tear-stained cheeks made your heart drop and froze you in place once again. The hesitation was all that she needed and she rushed into the car and disappeared into the distance before you could even get a word out. You tried to ignore the sinking feeling in your stomach that told you that you had just ruined everything before you even had a chance to fix your earlier mistakes.
All you could do was fumble for your phone and call for a car and hope that you could catch her in time, to explain what had really happened, to reveal the contents of your heart. Thankfully, the car arrived a moment later and you quickly mumbled your address and quietly pleaded that the driver drive as fast as possible.
Wanda was nowhere in sight when you finally made it back to your apartment and you hoped that you hadn’t made a poor gamble of ordering the car back home. Not a single sound was heard through the apartment, and her room looked untouched.
Your stomach dropped and you couldn’t believe you had ruined everything even further.
The memories of the summer flashed through your mind as you lingered in her room for a moment, lingering in the moments that may never occur again. Like sneaking into each other’s rooms in the dead of night and staying up into the early hours of the morning talking about everything with an ease you had never felt before. The sight of her bathed in the moonlight never failing to take your breath away. Or Wanda waiting at that very same window, waiting for you to be waiting in the garden down below.
Then it hit you.
It was a long shot, but it was all you had at the moment. So, without a thought you ran out of the apartment and to the one spot that you hoped she would be.
You froze in front of the garden gate for a moment, your heart hammering in your chest as your fingers tightened around the rusty handle, your last hope waiting behind the walls of green. With a deep breath you pushed open the gate, the beautiful memories you created in that very spot rushing to the surface and washing over you. Of the first kiss to the last. Of every beautiful moment you had stolen together that you wouldn’t have traded for anything.
You hoped that more would be in your future.
Wandering further in and you found exactly what you were searching for. Your heart broke at the sight because there she was. Her face buried in her hands and sitting on the very same bench where you had spoken on that very first night.
“Wanda.” You said quietly, walking slowly closer, your hands raised slightly in a sign of caution. All you could hope was that she would give you a chance to explain. To confess what you had denied for far too long.
Wanda’s head shot up, quickly wiping away any trace of tears left on her cheeks. “Go away, Y/n.” She said flatly.
“Wanda-” You began again only to be interrupted.
“Go!” She shouted, her voice breaking, and you hated yourself for all that you put her through.
Knowing that you didn’t deserve a chance to explain today, you managed a weak nod, your head dropping in defeat. “Okay. I'm sorry.” You agreed quietly.
Just as you were turning to leave, you heard Wanda’s voice again, freezing you in place. “For whatever it's worth, I love you.” A bitter laugh fell from her lips. “Isn’t that the worst thing you’ve ever heard?”
Your heart began hammering in your chest once again but for even better reason as you finally looked up and met her eyes, unable to stop the smile that spread across your lips.
Wanda squinted at you, her posture defensive. “What?”
“It’s not.” You said quietly, taking a small step forward.
“What?” She repeated, her defenses still clearly on high alert.
Wanda watched you skeptically as you got closer. “It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever heard. It’s-... It’s everything.” You added softly, now standing directly in front of her, your heart in your throat as you placed gentle hands on her cheeks, breath hitching slightly when she leaned into your touch on reflex. “I love you, Wanda Maximoff.” You whispered, scanning her eyes for a moment, taking in the way the dullness faded and light flooded her features once again.
A vision of beauty that you’d never be able to recover from.
To seal your fate, you pressed your lips tenderly to hers. For a moment Wanda seemed to be frozen in surprise until you felt her melt against you, returning your kiss with a fervor that made your head spin. You sighed contently and fell completely into her and her arms wrapped tightly around your waist as if there was no distance small enough. She would always want to be closer.
There was no urgency in the embrace as if you both knew you weren’t on borrowed time anymore. This was simply the first kiss of forever and this heaven you found suddenly didn’t feel so breakable anymore.
A moment later you pulled away breathlessly, your eyes still closed as you rested your forehead lightly against hers, breathing in the moment and storing every detail into your memories. “I don’t want to keep secrets just to keep you.” You mumbled, repeating the words you had once said. “I want to tell Pietro. I want to tell everyone.”
Wanda’s fingertips danced along your cheekbone, gently requesting your attention and she smiled softly when your eyes opened to meet hers, a love stricken look on her face. “He knows.” She replied and your eyes widened in surprise. “Well, he knows most of it. He knows that we had something and… and that I’m in love with you.”
“Is he upset?” You questioned nervously.
Wanda’s thumb traced a soothing pattern on your cheek. “Not at all. When he realized I loved you and that you ended it to protect your friendship he actually wanted to help me win you back.” She explained.
Suddenly it felt as though a weight had been lifted from your shoulders and you picked her up and spun her excitedly in a circle. Wanda giggled, burying her face into your neck. After a moment, you placed her back on her feet.
“No more secrets?”
Wanda bit her lip as she smiled at you, and you smiled adoringly back. “No more secrets.” She confirmed before pressing into you again, her lips molding perfectly against your own.
You gave yourself over to her entirely, mind, body, soul, heart... and couldn’t for the life of you, remember why you had ever thought it could have been a cruel summer. No, it was quite the opposite… It was a beautiful summer.
The sound of your door slamming against the wall of your bedroom startled you awake, and you shot up in bed. Your best friend strolled in a moment later wearing a mischievous grin before his face contorted in playful disgust. “Gross.” He mumbled when he took in the cuddling that was happening before him.
“We’re going to lose our deposit because you keep making holes in my wall.” You reprimanded quietly, not wanting to wake the woman who was still sleeping peacefully beside you.
Pietro waved his finger at you. “Ah-ah, I don’t think you can scold me when you’re sleeping with my little sister, best friend.” He said teasingly.
Before you could reply one of your pillows connected with his face. “Shut up. I’m only twelve minutes younger.” Wanda mumbled; her eyes still closed.
“Older is older.” Pietro replied before hitting her with the very same pillow. “I didn’t know that you two dating would mean I’d have to fight for time with my best friend.” He complained.
Wanda pulled you into her and you chuckled at her response. “It’s not my fault Y/n loves me more. She obviously realized that I’m the superior Maximoff.”
You could see Pietro’s mouth open to protest before you cut him off. “We’ll spend the whole day together, Piet, just you and me I promise. Just give me thirty minutes to get ready.” You said with a laugh.
Pietro stared at you for a moment, seemingly contemplating the offer before he nodded. “Thirty minutes, pipsqueak.” He warned with a point of his finger. “A second more and I come back in here and drag you out myself!” He added before making his way to the door.
Before he parted, he made sure Wanda was looking at him before playfully raising his middle finger in the air and sticking out his tongue out at her.
Wanda grabbed another pillow and threw it towards Pietro, huffing when it hit the door he just disappeared behind. “You two are ridiculous.” You said with a laugh, rolling over so you were on your side, facing her.
Wanda mimicked your position, her hand naturally falling to your waist. “You couldn’t live without us.” She quipped back easily. “It took you a while to wake up and realize that, but…” Wanda trailed off teasingly.
You lifted a hand to gently trace over the outline of her features, still just as much in awe of her in the morning light as you were in the moonlight. “I woke up just in time.” You said quietly. Her breath hitched and you felt the unsteady breathe fan across your fingers as you lightly traced the outline of her lips. A loving smile formed on your face as you watched her eyes flutter. “Now I wake up by your side.”
The smile that Wanda gave you was blinding and your heart fluttered happily in your chest. “I love you.” Wanda breathed out.
You nudged her nose lightly with your own. “I love you.”
Wanda sealed her words with the type of kiss that would always remind you she was home. Wanda was more than just a summer. Wanda was fall, winter, spring, autumn and every season in between. She was everything and more and you’d gladly give her every season as long as she’d have you, even if it all began as a cruel summer.
And with that, we have concluded with "Cruel Summer"! I am so, so sorry that it took so long. Work and School have been killing me. I hope that i didn't disappoint and you all enjoyed the conclusion!
I really am looking forward to your thoughts and comments! I plan on catching up on my asks tomorrow too! :)
Previous Part: "Waiting for You"
Masterlist: "Cruel Summer"
Tag List: @abimess // @helloalycia // @imapotatao // @madamevirgo // @magicallymaximoff // @women-am-i-right @myfavoriteficss // @spicysashimi // @olsensnpm // @natasha-danvers // @xxxtwilightaxelxxx // @7thavenger // @aimezvousbrahms // @purplemeetsblue // @b0mbdotc0m // @cristin-rjd // @trikruismybitch // @hopelesslyfallenninlove // @when-wolves-howl // @b-5by5 // @mionemymind // @lostandsearching // @chaekhan // @sxfwap // @spongebobtentacles // @sweeterlust // @royalityofmultifandom // @liver-casserole // @hoeforwandanat // @sapphic-girl // @newyork1432 // @raqelacevedo // @username23345 // @xxromanoffxx // @causeitswhatjesuswouldfreakingdo // @karma-reader // @wandanatvoid // @reereeineedtopee // @bentleywolf29 // @darkangelxoxo
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slasherhaven · 2 months ago
Your last "are you going to hit me?" post genuinely had me blinking backs tears when I read Bo's because I can understand that feeling and you wrote it so well. It made me want to give Bo a hug and tell him that I trust him with my life and know he'd never hurt the person he loves.
I know this was from ages ago but I got you, I got you! Been on a bit of a Bo kick lately, Soft!Bo is ruining my life 😂
Bo Sinclair x Reader
Based off of THIS POST
Talk to me:
Bo had a bad temper, that much was obvious, you had become used to it. You knew it, his brothers knew, and he knew it. All of you knew that when he was angry, in one of his moods that was triggered by some reason none of you could ever understand, he could be a little scary. The three of you would stay out of his way, Lester not normally being in town anyway, Vincent keeping himself busy in his workroom, and you would just keep your head down.
Before the two of you were together, it was scarier. Before you knew whether he liked having you around or fully hated you. However, it was different now. Those moods never scared you, you knew that he wouldn't hurt you, you just knew it. He wouldn't. Not you.
So, when he returned home, anger radiating off of him for no good reason, you were the only one who stuck around. Vincent had listened to some of his twin's complaints before heading down to his workroom, while you just stood and let Bo continue to rant.
He was shouting and you didn't stop him, just waiting for a moment of calm to step in and bring him back to you. You have done this before, even before you were officially together. He had become better at handling his anger, at realising when it simply wasn't worth it, but today must not have been one of those days.
It was almost as if he had just realised you were there, his attention turning to you and yet it seemed like he was looking right through you at the same time.
You hadn't meant to do it, you really hadn't. But his voice had raised as he started walking towards you, and you had flinched. You didn't like that you did, but you did, and he definitely noticed.
Bo paused, stopping about a foot away from you, watching you carefully. "What the hell was that?" you couldn't tell what emotion he was feeling. The anger was still there but there was something else, something more reserved.
You didn't respond and clearly that wasn't the best choice, it only frustrated him further. "What's going on, Bo? Why are you taking this out on me now?" you asked with a small sigh, you didn't want to rile him up further but how else were you supposed to respond when he was acting like this. "Seriously, what are you trying to achieve? Y'gonna hit me?" you raised an eyebrow at him.
That was the question that made him freeze, just standing there, staring at you. You saw the change in him as soon as you got the words out, he actually stepped back like you had shot him.
"Is that what you think of me?" Bo asked with a snarl.
"You come in here shouting, acting like you're angry at me...how do you want me to respond to that?" you questioned, trying to get some sense from the man.
"Well, if that's how you really fuckin' feel" Bo scoffed before storming out of the room. You just let out a breath, that didn't go well at all.
As soon as he left the room, Bo knew he wasn't handling the situation right but he also knew that he needed to cool of. To think before talking with you. He couldn't risk accidently hurting you or scaring you, even if it wasn't physical.
You didn't see Bo for the rest of the day, you were pretty sure he had gone back to the garage but you weren't sure what he was doing. You hoped he was calming himself down, being a little introspective, rather than working himself up more.
When he finally did show up again, you were doing the dishes. You looked at him over your shoulder as he stepped into the kitchen, but looked away again when he didn't say anything. If he had nothing to say, neither did you, not yet.
You ignored him when you heard him approach, at least until he placed his hand on your arm. You looked up at him with a confused expression but didn't fight him when he guided you away from the sink.
You just watched, drying your hands, as Bo began to wash the dishes, taking over for you. Neither of you said anything but you weren't completely sure what to say. You knew this was his attempt at an apology but you also knew that you needed to talk, properly talk to each other.
Once Bo finished washing the dishes, he dried his hand and began to put them away. That's when you decided that enough was enough.
"Bo, stop" you sighed and he listened, stopping and turning to you. "Can we talk?" you asked. He just looked at you for a moment, contemplating something, before nodding.
Bo followed you through to the living room, letting you sit on the couch before joining you. Putting more distance between you and himself than he usually would.
"What's going on?" you asked softly. Your tone wasn't one of frustration or accusation, just one of care.
He just looked at you before not really answering your question, instead asking, "you know I'd never hurt you, right?" The question sounded so vulnerable coming from Bo, so out of character...at least if you didn't know him as well as you did.
"I do" you assured him, "...is that what bothered you, that I thought you were going to hurt me?" Bo turned his face away from you, he hated talking about this stuff. "Bo, you have got to start talking to me or...I can't help, nothing will change" you told him.
"I got myself worked up, just been a shit day, didn't mean to take it out on ya" Bo confessed in a mutter.
"I know you weren't blaming me or anything, I just happened to be the only person around but...that's not okay. I can deal with some bad moods and even some ranting but you can't...you just have to be able to talk to me" you were trying to walk that line of being understanding, because you really were, but also making him see that he can't behave that way.
"Did you really think I was going to hit you?" Bo asked, clearly stuck on this but he was listening to what you had to say. He just needed to clear this up.
"No. I just didn't know what you were trying to achieve, whether you were trying to hurt me in some way or if you even realised it was me you were shouting at" you shook your head.
"I'll talk to ya, in future, I swear...I'm trying" you weren't sure how you felt about seeing him like this, staring down a this lap as he spoke. It hurt to see him hurting, struggling, but you were glad he was opening up, being vulnerable.
"I know" you smiled softly, taking his hand and shifting closer to him. "I know you're trying, I see it, don't think I don't" you assured him, wanting him to know that you saw all the effort he was putting in, "the anger has passed, so what's going on now? I know when something is wrong."
He was hesitant, that much you could see. You had meant it, you really could tell when something was wrong, you could read him a little better than he might be comfortable with. "You can talk to me about anything, I'm just here to listen, trying to understand" you promised him.
"When...when ya asked if I was gonna hit ya, I just...I didn't know the answer. I knew I wouldn't, I would never lay a hand on ya like that, I swear, but I was just so angry that I did feel like hitting something" Bo confessed, his shoulders dropping slightly.
"I know you wouldn't-" you began to reassure him again but he interrupted you.
"Just...just let me?" Bo asked, finally looking at you properly. You nodded, letting him speak. "I know I have a bad temper and I don't handle it well. Always been that way, y'know that, I've broken things, hurt people...I don't want you to be one of those things" he admitted, his voice softening before, "I don't want to hurt you."
You could feel your heart clench at his words, sometimes he would just say something that completely melted you. You would never see it coming, but it always meant everything to you.
"You won't" you squeezed his hand. "I truly believe that. You never have and I know you never will" and you really meant it.
"I was downright cruel to ya at the beginning" he reminded you, an edge of anger in his voice, but aimed towards himself, not you.
"That was then, things weren't different. It wasn't right but...things change. You didn't know me then, you didn't trust me. Now you do. You're good to me now" you couldn't lie and say he had always been kind to you, that was no where near the truth, but he hadn't hurt you to the point you couldn't forgive him and move on. No considering the other secrets that the town held.
"Not good enough" he scoffed, turning his face away from you again.
"Bo..." he has never spoken like this before, alluded to theses things, sure, but never said it so plainly. You weren't completely sure how to respond. "I decided you were good enough" you told him, that was enough.
"It's not like you had much choice" he muttered. Apparently he was unsure about a lot more than you realised, you were glad to be having this conversation.
"Okay, sure...at the beginning I didn't get a choice when it came to staying here. But now I choose to stay, I don't want to leave, I choose to be with you because I love you" you promised him, hoping to convince him.
"...I love ya too" Bo sighed, turning his gaze onto you again.
"I know. I love you and I trust you with everything I have. I wouldn't still be here if I didn't" you smiled, feeling how his thumb brushed over your knuckles.
"I'm gonna work on it, gonna try" Bo promised, sounding sincere.
"Hey, it's okay" you moved closer to him, releasing his hand and cupping his face, making sure he kept looking at you. "None of us are doing any of this alone and I'm not going anywhere" you told him and he nodded, accepting your words. "Thank you for talking to me, for trusting me" you hoped he knew how much this meant to you.
"'course I trust you" Bo huffed slightly, as if it were a fact you should be completely aware of. You just couldn't help but smile at his words. "You just gonna smile at me?" he asked, clearly a little uncomfortable with the attention you were showing him but allowing it. You think he enjoyed it, really.
"Maybe" you teased, making him chuckle. Your hands fell away from his face, resting on his shoulders instead.
"That mean you've forgiven me?" the question sounded playful but you knew he was genuinely looking for forgiveness.
"That mean you've apologised?" you retorted, cocking a brow at him.
Bo rolled his eyes but you caught his little smile. "C'mere" his hands found your waist and he pulled you into his lap. "I'm sorry, sweetheart" he apologised, possibly for the first time since you entered Ambrose. The first sincere apology anyway.
"And you're forgiven" you told him, lacing your arms around his neck as you lent in to press a lingering kiss to his lips. He returned the kiss with surprising tenderness. "It's late, let's go to bed" you sighed as you pulled away from the kiss, running your fingers through his hair.
"After you, darlin'" Bo nodded, keeping his hold on your waist as you stood, before you took his hand and pulled him to his feet with you. He followed you up the stairs, feeling a strange sense of relief when you looked back at him and gave him a bright smile.
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goreist · 5 months ago
⠀ Body, Mind, and Soul
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Sanzu Haruchiyo x fem!Reader
Warnings: kidnapping, drugging, explicit use of drugs (crack cocaine), yandere themes, noncon, dacryphilia, pain play, anal, unprotected sex, no aftercare, threats, graphic violence, blood play, blood as a lubricant, impact play, branding, slight choking, restraints (belt), punishment, implied stalking. Bonten Sanzu so minor spoilers.
Word count: 2.5k ish? idk I wrote this in drafts 
Author note: this is some vile stuff, check the warnings and proceed at your own discretion. tagging my fellow violence lovers: @bajihub @gentori​
Minors fuck off
Tumblr media
Your head was pounding, limbs heavier than led, eyes glazed in a drugged induced haze. Where were you? And why... why was everything spinning? Despite being on the fringes of consciousness you registered the outline of a tall figure at the end of the bed you laid on. 
“w-who ... who’s there?” you slurred, the drugs in your system preventing your eyes from focusing on the person before you. Everything was a blur, from your vision, to your dull sense of touch, to the way time moved all too slow yet far too fast at the same time. 
“Don’t remember me doll?” the figure asked, but a wave of dizziness prevented you from responding. He sucked disapprovingly on his teeth and sauntered to the far corner of the room. “What a shame.” The sound of a torch lighting cut violently through your clouded stupor. 
What was he doing? 
Your eyes adjusted just enough in the light to see the male shift the flame under a crack pipe and take a long drag from it. Blue eyes rolled back into his skull as he helded in the smoke — lean body quaking in ecstasy as he waited for the drug to take effect. Without notice, he dropped the crystal pipe, the sound of it shattering at his feet helped to further ground you in reality — to see through the effects of the drugs. The twin scars at the edge of his lips caused a slight sense of familiarity to rise within you, but you couldn’t quiet place its origin.
Who is this man?
Sanzu exhaled slowly through his nose and cracked open his eyes to watch you. Pure, primal fear ripped through you as your eyes met. Every instinct in you screaming to run, to fight the drugs still coursing through your blood stream, to push past the vertigo, to get away. You’d be safe as long as you could flee from that soulless gaze, one that promised you a world of suffering. You had to get out. 
But, the drugs wouldn’t let you. Sanzu hadn’t even needed to restrain you, as the poison in your veins already acted as a ball and chain on every limb. You felt like a helpless rabbit before him. Trapped and at the mercy of his volatile nature. 
“Don’t worry Y/N,” he chimed, “I’ll see to it that you never forget my name.”
You watched silently as he picked up a thick piece of metal wire and angled the torch’s flame beneath it. It didn’t take long for the metal to glow a bright and  taunting red. 
“Please...” you begged softly as tears spilled over your lash line, “... don’t do this. I-I’ll do whatever you want, I promise.” 
A smile pulled at the pink haired man’s lips, but it didn't quite reach his eyes. “But this is what I want sweetheart. You’re going to be mine — body, mind, and soul — whether you like it or not.”
He was on you in an instant, a calloused hand ripping at your clothes to expose the large expanse of virgin skin that was your right thigh. “So pretty,” he trilled, gaze shifting upwards to your face. “Don’t worry, I won't let it get infected.” He reassured as if your crying was in response to anything other than the pain the red-hot metal promised, then proceeded to place a claiming kiss upon the skin.
Ringing filled your ears the moment it touched your skin, the shrill sound and the seering pain overwhelmed all of your senses. You only knew you were screaming because you could feel the air rushing from your lungs. The pain was white hot and all encompassing, taking hold of you with its cruel fingers and dragging you down, down, down into a world of suffering. Darkness consumed the outer edges of your vision as your made your decent drowning you.
But you couldn't. Not with the excruciating pain emanating from your side. No matter how hard you tried, even with the agony as an anchor to keep you awake, the darkness enveloped you. 
Tumblr media
Your weren’t sure how long it had been. An hour or two — maybe three? All you knew was that the pain had ebbed to a rhythmic pulsing of heat, almost like a second heartbeat, compared to what it had been before. A hoarse moan fell from your lips as you groggily sat up. The drugs had worn off for the most part, but your movements were stiff and uncoordinated. 
“Awake finally?” Came that same psychotic voice from before. You froze, not daring to look in his direction. He cackled, his face nearing until mer centimeters separated his lips from your ear. “I’ve wanted you for so long, my dear. I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally have you.” he breathed, teeth grazing your ear lobe.
You didn't have to see him to know his eyes were blown wide, glazed over in drug induced ecstasy. “You know,” he continued “it hurt that you didn’t remember me. I was a regular of yours after all.”
A regular?
Your mind shifted to the last thing you could remember prior to waking up before that walking nightmare of a man. You had been at work, one of the few waitresses on night shift at a small family owned diner. It hit you: pink hair and a mask. There was a tall man that’d frequent the establishment once or twice a week during the final hours of operation. All he’d ever order was a cup of coffee that he never seemed touched.
That was him all this time?
“Do you remember me now?” He trilled, elated at the sight of realization washing over your face. You nodded, not daring to meet his gaze as your eyes were trained on the half empty bottle of wine sitting on the bedside table.
“Why aren’t you looking at me?” He hummed, a vascular hand shifting to take hold of the base of your throat, a soft squeeze was given, clearly meant as a threat. “You know, I don’t appreciate being ignored Y/N.” Sanzu seethed, taking the time to enunciate each and every word. You didn’t respond; the bottle continued to hold your attention.
Was it worth it? Would it work?
“Answ—” he growled, but was violently cut off as you surged forward, took hold of the bottle, turned, and brought it down on his skull with all the strength you could muster. He stumbled away from the bed until his back hit the wall, hands cradling his head. Red poured from his left temple, a watery mixture of blood and wine. A dark chuckle cut through the cold pregnant silence and you could just make out a sinister grin forming behind his curtain of pink hair. 
“Fiesty aren't you doll?” he slurred — from the drugs or blow you weren't sure. His voice stirred you back into action, prompting you to throw yourself off the bed and towards the door on the opposite side of the room.
You hissed as the broken glass from the wine bottle bore into your bare feet, but persevered on shaky legs and propelled yourself forward. Erratic heartbeat wailed in your ears again, limbs shaking from the adrenaline as you grabbed the door knob. But it didn’t budge, not even when you pulled with all of your weight.
A scream ripped from your lips as you were roughly seized by your hair and thrown to the ground. The impact stole the air from your lungs, leaving you gasping and reeling in the aftermath.
He stood over you, still as a statue, head angled down to fully face you. Despite the curtain of hair hanging around his face, his dilated crystal gaze pierced right through you. Unblinking and unwavering, he stared and stared and stared, a small grin finding homage on his lips.
The blood from his head wound oozed down the side of his face and dripped from his chin directly onto the skin of your cheek. You flinched, the tiny impact encouraging you back into action. As quickly as you could you swept your legs towards his feet — hoping to knock him off balance. But he was faster. With monstrous strength his booted foot came down on your left ankle, damn sure shattering it, all the while never breaking eye contact with you. You screamed so violently spit bubbles at your lips. The ringing was even louder now, but it didn’t prevent you from hearing what Bonten’s second in command said next.
“I’d of had no reason to punish you if you had just been obedient.” His eyes remained wide and soulless, not a single spark of empathy within them, only cerulean cruelty. “Does it hurt?” he hummed as another drop of blood fell to your face. The sensation not even registered past the visceral agony overwhelming your nerve endings. This was hell. 
He crouched down to your level as you folded yourself into a fetal position, a meager attempt at hiding from that hellish gaze of his. “Oh sweet thing,” he hummed, a finger circling dangerously around the exposed wound on your thigh. “I can be quite the gentleman when met with respect and obedience. These sorts of ... punishments won’t happen as long as you’re a good girl — my good girl.” A cold hand gently smoothed away the hair sticking to your sweat covered forehead. “Are you going to be good for me Y/N?” he drawled. 
Your throat burned, but you still offered the man a slow nod. His taught muscles relaxed as his guard dropped. “Good,” he stated flatly “You’ll be making up for your little stunt now princess.” Those primal fight or flight instincts sparked once more as you screwed your eyes shut, fully expecting another brutal strike from your captor. 
But it never came, instead, the sound of a belt being undone greeted you. He reached out and gathered your hands in one of his own, the other wrapping the cool leather around your wrists. Realization hit you as the man gathered your trembling form in his arms. “It’s useless to struggle, I always get what I want, so don’t fight me —you’ll only make it worse for yourself.” A hollowness opened up in your gut as you recognized the hidden intentions within his words. He was going to own you, body, mind, and soul. 
He laid you on your stomach, constricted hands pinned between the bed and your chest. The ripped fabric of your destroyed work pants were gently pulled away from your body, the man exhibiting a surprising amount of care to not touch the still pulsing brand. 
A small cry bubbled in your throat, tears welling your eyes “Please... I won’t fight anymore. I promise I’ll be good — I promise. J-Just please don’t do this. Please. ” You begged pathetically, to which he simply laughed. 
“You’re so pretty when you cry, you know that?” He leaned down and collected a few of the crystalline orbs on his fingertips, then proceeded to pop it into his mouth, humming softly at the taste. “I’ll be as gentle as I can.” Sanzu stated dismissively and moved to straddle your legs, strong hands easily ripping apart your underwear. 
“I will admit, that little stunt you pulled kinda turned me on.”  Ecstasy manifested in the form of Sanzu’s cock straining against his slacks. “Even so, I can’t let you go unpunished.” The sound of a zipper coming undone reached your ears, only further cementing that your fate was completely within the hands of Sanzu Haruichyo — debatably the worst possible outcome.
The male reached up to collect some of the blood still weeping from the wound you had inflicted. “I’m usually a pretty big fan of foreplay,” he began, his free hand moving to grip your ass cheek, revealing your puckered hole. “but sadly, that’s not something you've earned quite yet.” You groaned as he spread his own blood around the rim, writhing in protest beneath him. He pulled away with a growl and brought down a heavy hand on your ass cheek — the impact forcing a muffled screech from your lips. “Good girls stay still and take what they’re given.” He seethed and pulled down his slacks and underwear to free his cock. It’s fat head prodded your asshole, but he stilled and leaned down to whisper into your ear. “Are you a good girl Y/N?” You nodded in response, face still buried deep within the sheets. 
He tutted disapprovingly and pulled your visage from the bed using a fistful of your hair. “I want to hear you say it — out loud.” 
“I am. I promise I am. I’m your good girl, I am, I am.” you sobbed desperately, willing to anything to quell his cruelty. All your proclamation was met with was Sanzu entering you in a single deep thrust. The metallic taste of blood filled your mouth as you bit down on your lower lip, doing your best to stifle back a scream at the burning strech brought on by his cock. 
Maniacal giggles spilled from the man as he began a punishing tempo, giving you no time to adjust to his size. You spluttered a mantra of groans and pleas; a sense of utter helplessness settling over you as his thrusts rocked you back and forth on the bed. Wetness pooled around your face from your tears, the sensation providing a minuscule amount of comfort compared to the hell you had experienced and would continue to endure. 
Sanzu spat a mix of lustful praise and degradation as he used you to achieve his high — a different kind of high that no drug could ever provide him. This was the first time he had tasted you, and yet he was already completely and utterly addicted. You were his favorite drug and he'd be damned if he let anyone else experience this kind of ecstasy with you. 
“Mine. Mine. Mine.” he sputtered, hips stuttering as his rhythm faltered in the wake of his impending orgasm. He came deep within you, staking his claim firmly and with finality. 
And as he pulled away, leaving you alone in that small room limp on a cold bed you realized: this was it. You’d never be able to escape this man, and even if you did, there was nothing in this world that would ever rid you of the scars he had inflicted — both the physical and emotional. Nothing at all. You were his, body, mind, and soul. 
Tumblr media
© Akashiharuchiyo 2021. All content is my own; do not repost, modify, copy, or claim.
Tumblr media
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ohajime · 9 months ago
Haikyu Boys when they make you insecure PT 2(Atsumu,Suna)
Tumblr media
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3  Part 4  Part 5 Part 6
word count: 1.6K
Genre: angst,fluff
Tumblr media
You have been dating the great setter of the MSBY Jackals since your third year in highschool 
You’ve always been okay with his profession 
Even when it comes with the adoring fans he has (the ones that don’t necessarily like you..)
And the away games he goes to, that you can’t always go to because of your job.
You and Atsumu got to spend all of quarantine together, which was challenging at times. As you and Atsumu sometimes did have conflicting personalities but you loved being together for 8months + altogether. 
But now with the restrictions being lifted, Atsumu got to go back to practice and playing some games although you still got to work from home. Over lockdown, you do feel like you gained a bit of weight (which you didn’t pay much attention to since didn’t everyone gain some weight?) 
However, today you were scrolling through twitter, smiling fondly at the recent tweet ‘tsumu made about you;
@ ThebetterMiya: ‘Remember this @ *Insert your twitter handle here* ‘ 
It was a picture of the two of you in high school in your second year, with you giving Atsumu a hug just after his game against Karasuno. The memory made you smile, but your positive thoughts stopped after seeing a particular comment... “Y/N has definitely let herself go” it read.
 To your surprise Atsumu even liked the comment, you didn’t want to overthink things as you know that Atsumu just unconsciously likes comments and tweets without thinking all the time. But you can’t lie and say you didn’t agree with the comment. 
For the rest of the day, you spent your time googling and searching personal trainers and gyms that were open for you to go to and new healthy diet plans to try
.Atsumu came home a while later, tired and grumpy claiming that coach worked him extra hard in practice. Because of your newfound idea to start eating and being more healthy, you decided to have one last day of ‘letting go’ so your ordered yours and ‘tsumu’s favourite take out.
Whilst eating dinner, you were going INNN as you should  because this is basically your ‘last meal’ you were going to have. ‘tsumu caught onto your cavemen-like way of eating which made him chuckle a bit. “Hey babe, woahh you’re really hungry aren’t ya?” 
His comment threw you off, even though you know that he probably didn’t mean anything by it but from the comment on his twitter earlier and how you already feel about yourself it just didn’t help.
“Well what do you mean about that?” you say a little agressively “you think i’m getting bigger right?”
Your question threw him off guard since he didn’t mean that “well Y/N I know you’ve kinda let youself go a bit and you’re obviously not the weight you were when we 16 but-” before he could finish you get up out of your seat and rushed to your room with tears in your eyes, missing the end of his sentence which was “but I still think you’re beautiful” he murmurs.
He decided to give you some space for a bit, and before approaching he see’s your phone ringing (lets just say you and Atsumu have ultimate trust so you can answer eachothers phones :3) “Hello is this Y/N L/N” the person on the otherside of the phone asked 
“No, this is Miya Atsumu” your boyfriend replied 
“Oh! Miya-san i’m a big fan of you!” he started making Atsumu chuckle “I was just calling Y/N to say i’m available next week saturday to start training”
‘Training?’ Atsumu thought “Can I ask what training you’re preparing for with Y/N” he asks
“Oh I am a personal trainer.” he replied “ Well that’s all I can say, can you please tell Y/N-san to call me again so we can work out times.” he ended the call.
Atsumu goes into your shared-bedroom where he finds you on your laptop looking at ‘weight loss’ tips. He goes over to you and closes your laptop lid and pulls your hand to lead you to the mirror in the room. He stands you in front of it and puts his arms around your waist and his head on your shoulder.
“You’re beautiful Y/N” he says, sparking more tears in your eyes “I think you misunderstood what I said earlier, you. are. goregous. babe” he says punctuating every single word. “Even, if you feel like you gained weight, or lost weight or whatever I will always think your beautiful. If you feel like you want or need to change I will definitely support you along the way, but I think you’re amazing Y/N.”
“Thank you ‘tsumu” you start “ I do feel a bit insecure about the way I look right now, and I’m sorry for my abrupt leave at dinner but I do feel like my body is gross but I do want to try to see myself the way you see me.”
After many efforts from Atsumu, you definitely fell back in love with your body wether you were bigger or small you didn’t care cause you knew you were beautiful either way and so did Atsumu which he reminded you of that every single day.
AN: Can someone give me a synonym for beautfiul lmao cause that’s the only word I can think to use lol.
Tumblr media
You and Suna have always surprised people when they find out that you’re together.
Since your loud and talkative personality mixed with his quiet and nonchalantness is that a word? seems to not work well for other people
But opposites attract right?
You just finished the last episode of Kakegurui and were excited for your boyfriend to come home so you can tell him about it. You and Suna have been dating for a few years, after you confessed to him in front of all the boys in the gym in your 3rd year.
Suna enters the house mumbling a soft “Hi Y/N” to which you responded back with “Hi suna” rushing towards your boyfriend with a big hug. 
He slightly recoiled back out of your hug making you frown, to which he used the excuse of ‘I smell bad from practice let me take a shower.’ Whilst he was in the shower you decided to make some dinner for you both since it seems that Suna is a bit ‘grumpy’ today.
Once he exits the shower, and gets changed, he sees the table set out with the delicious food you made. You exit the bathroom to see him sat down already eating his plate. “How do you like it ?” you ask him wanting to know his opinion on your food.
“It’s good” he mumbles, continuing to shove food in his mouth. A bit bothered by the lack of response, you decide to talk about the newest episode in the hopes of lighting the mood. “Last episode of Kakegurui was great Rin, you should’ve seen it I really love mary. She’s great, I am a Mary Saotome simp through and through I still didn’t get the game they played but who cares? I can’t wait for season 3 to come out, I’ve already ordered the first 3 volumes of the Kakegurui twin manga, do you think it’s as good as the manga since I do think it’ll probably be better since it is Mary-centric and who hates mary since she-” You ramble on not taking notice of the bubbling annoyance that Suna seemed to have.
“Can you just shut up Y/N” he shouted making you flinch “ You’re so fucking talktative gosh” he got up and left the house slamming the door shut making you jump again. 
Instead of wallowing in your bed you decide on going out the library to go and read a good book (something that always makes you feel better) forgetting the harsh tone that Suna used with you. You were only trying to lighten the mood...
You got too engrossed with your books to notice how the sun is now gone and it was pitch black outside, the librarian notified you that it was time to go, you figure that if Suna was back at home he would’ve cooled down now so you can have a proper conversation which to be honest, you didn’t really want one.
Once you enter your house, Suna rushes towards you enveloping you in a big hug murmuring a “Oh thank god I was so worried” he tried to give you a kiss on the forehead but you recoil out of it, just as he did to you earlier. 
“I think i’m going to go to bed Rin” you say quietly trudging towards your bedroom and getting immediately in your bed. Suna stood there in the spot you left him in feeling bad for what he said to you at dinner. He goes into you bedroom and see you on your bed and silently gets into it next to you.
“Y/N I know you probably don’t want to hear me right now, but I am sorry” You don’t respond but slowly move closer to him letting him put his arm around you. Because of your silence Suna continues to speak “Umm...I watched the last episode earlier and you were right Mary Saotome is the goat but.... yumeko is better” he said teasingly 
This made you smile, as this is what you wanted a nice moment with your boyfriend talking about the last episode of your favourite show. You spend the rest of the night arguing over which character is better and decide to start Demon Slayer together, with Suna enjoying your after episode talks that you have.
AUTHOR NOTE: I was really excited to write for Suna and Atsumu but I have a fat migraine so i’m so sorry for it not being thattt gooood today :// but I hope you enjoy it regardless 
Tumblr media
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luvbub · 4 months ago
hey cutie! i just wanted to ask if you could make a part three of suna dating the miya twins sister but maybe he proposes?
Suna dating the Miya twin’s little sister part three
Tumblr media
♡ the proposal
♡ note: f!reader
♡ part one, part two
Tumblr media
Tap, tap, tap.
The only noise being made at the restaurant table Suna sat as was his fingers tapping on his empty plate. Usually he was so calm and composed, but this time he couldn’t concentrate on anything. His mind went to an absolute blank. 
He was the only one at the table. Dinner was supposed to be at six, but he had arrived fifteen minutes earlier out of fear that he would be late. Why was he so nervous, this should just be a normal conversation right? Sure he was about to drop a bombshell of an announcement, but other than that this shouldn’t be so nerve-wrecking.
Suna hears his name being called, a voice so familiar to him for many years now- he knew exactly who it was without even guessing. But still, he looks up from the table, making sure he wasn’t wrong. And of course he wasn’t. How could he get that voice wrong? 
He stayed in his seat, watching as the person approach the table. The person who he had been waiting for this entire time.
Miya Atsumu.
“Osamu’s outside making a phone call right now” Atsumu explains, and Suna nods. A few moments later, the other twin makes his way to the table, taking a seat with the two boys.
“Sorry, had to call Kita about a future rice supply. Anyways, why’d you call us for dinner tonight?” Osamu asks.
“Yeah, we usually go out drinking on weekends, why the change?” Atsumu brings up.
They had a point. Since graduating, even though the three never saw one another on a regular basis, they still made a habit to meet up with one another just to chat and hangout. Although, it’s not like the hangouts were the only time Suna saw the twins.
After all, he was dating you, their darling little sister.
How many years had it been since the two of you started dating? He lost count- it felt like forever. Most people were surprised that you and Suna were still high school sweethearts. But here the two of you were, many years later and still the same love birds as before.
“Suna? What’s on your mind?” Osamu asks once more, snapping Suna out of his daze.
Off guard, Suna answers a bit too honestly.
Atsumu’s eyes widen at his friend. He knew exactly what was happening.
“Don’t tell me.... Y/n’s pregnant” Atsumu gasps, only to have a napkin thrown at him.
“Don’t be a dumbass, of course she isn’t” Suna replies.
Okay, so Atsumu didn’t know what was happening. But that didn’t stop him and Osamu from pressing Suna into telling them.
“I’m thinking of proposing to Y/n. Well okay not thinking about it, I definitely am. But I kinda need help” Suna confesses.
He waits for the twins to tease him for asking for help- heck he’s even expecting them to become real protective over you like how they are in the past.
"I thought you two were already engaged??” Osamu asks, followed by Atsumu’s nods.
“I- no? We aren’t?” Suna explains, baffled by how clueless his girlfriend’s brothers were.
“Oh well to be fair, you two live together and pretty much act like a married couple.” Atsumu responds, and Suna has to admit that his dumb friend had a point there.
“Well that doesn't change the fact that we still aren’t engaged. But c’mon, you need to help me. I don’t know how to plan for things like this” Suna says, earning himself smug grins from his friends.
“You don’t know how to plan for things like this? Don’t act so modest, we all know how you asked Y/n out back in high school.” Atsumu scoffs, causing Suna rolls his eyes. Sure he was a bit nervous to ask you out way back when, but that was different.
This time he was workshopping a marriage proposal. He was about to ask you, the absolute love of his life to continue being by his side forever. Suna knew you wouldn’t say no to him, he was confident enough to know that much. But that didn’t make things any less nerve-wrecking for him.
It was a big milestone, and for you, he wanted to make sure it was a moment to remember. Suna might bullshit most things in his life, but if you were involved, he knew he had to make his special.
The twins saw the earnest look on Suna’s face, and they too realized how sincere their friend was being. As long as they’ve known Suna, they’ve never seen him so soft and attentive as he was with you. They wouldn’t admit this out loud, but they were honestly glad that you, their dear little sister, found love with someone like Suna. Was it unexpected? Yes. But with the way he cherished you, they couldn’t have wished for anyone better for you.
“Alright, we’ll help you brainstorm” Osamu agrees, with Atsumu nodding along.
All throughout dinner, the twins aid your boyfriend in workshopping the proposal. The three boys put their heads together, planning what would be the absolutely perfect proposal that you would remember forever. And by the end of dinner, Suna felt more confident in this plan- slowly growing more excited for the proposal now that he knew what to do.
As the trio walked out of the restaurant, Atsumu slaps Suna on the back.
“Oh hold up! If you’ve been wanting to propose to Y/n for a while, then does that mean you have the ring?” he asks.
“Specifically... do you have it with you right now?” Osamu chimes in.
Suna pauses, but ultimately nods.
“Yeah.. I actually bought it earlier today” he admits, taking a small box out of the inside pocket of his jacket. The twins stand on either side of him, watching as the middle blocker open the ring box to showcase a precious engagement ring. The twins gasp, impressed by Suna’s taste in jewelry.
“Shit man, this looks really good. Y/n’s gonna love this” Atsumu marvels.
“I’m gonna like what?” you ask, approaching them from behind.
You knew that your boyfriend and brothers often went out- but you never expected to run into them like this.
The trio turns around, facing you without thinking. But Suna doesn’t think to close the ring box, allowing you to see it for yourself. Your eyes widen at the beautiful ring before flickering up to meet Suna’s.
He’s equally in shock, definitely not meaning to have you see this. But still, he doesn’t close the ring box.
“Is.. is that?” you’re unable to finish your question.
Suna sighs, taking a step forward to you.
“So... this actually isn’t how I was gonna ask you. In fact, the twins and I spent dinner workshopping how this would’ve gone down. I wanted to take you back to our old high school. To the garden where I first asked you out. I would’ve made some sappy little speech about how much I love you and how asking you out was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. But then I’d say how asking you out still pales in comparison to what I’m about to do”
Suna gets down on one knee, holding up the ring box.
“That was the plan anyways. But now that the secret’s out, I’ll have to skip all that. Y/n... will you marry me?” Suna finally asks.
It wasn’t long before you’ve tackled your boyfriend to the ground, engulfing him in a hug.
“Yes, of course I will Rin. I love you so much” he hears you murmur against his chest. You lift your head, letting him see the smile you’ve been unable to hold back. Suna smiles back at you, taking hold of one of your hands to slip the dainty ring onto your ring finger.
Suna brings his hands to your face, cupping it before pulling you close to kiss you.
“I love you too Y/n” he says after your lips part from his.
For a split second, it feels like the two of you are the only ones there. You could only see your boyfriend- er well now he was your fiancé. But even on the sidewalk in front of this restaurant, being with Suna just felt like the most romantic place on earth.
But the moment didn’t last long before your idiotic brother interrupted.
“Alright enough with the PDA you two” Atsumu groans.
“Yeah I get you’re engaged and all but like.. c’mon we’re in public” Osamu adds.
Suna shakes his head, silently cursing the two under his breath. It had never occurred to Suna that the twins would soon be considered his in-laws.
But he could overlook that. All for you, of course.
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dracos-eternity · 27 days ago
Forever After All-Draco Malfoy x Slytherin!Potter!Reader
Tumblr media
Request-Can I get a Draco angsty smut with “They’re good for each-other.”“(She/he/they) don’t compare to you. No one does.” and “Don’t let go.” and like reader is Potters twin so yk great shame for family or whatevs but can she be a slytherin?
Summary-Draco angsty smut...thats all ima say
Warnings-Cursing, Angst, Smut
“Hey, s’okay.” Harry holds me closely, wrapping his arms around me protectively, rubbing my back. I let small sobs rack through my body as I grip the jumper in my hands, the smell of his minty aroma mixed with green apples overwhelming me. 
“No, it’s not, I love him, Harry, and he just left me.” I sob, my head pounding from the countless days I’ve spent feeling like this. 
“You need to eat, Y/N, please.” Hermione begged once more. 
“No, I’m not hungry.” I protest, burying my head further into the comforting smell of Draco’s quidditch jumper, Harry mumbling something to Hermione.
“Please, Y/N, it’s been three days.” Ron argues, placing a comforting hand onto my shoulder. I sob harder, thoughts of three days ago seeping back into my memory.
“Darling, we need to talk, please.” He speaks with seriousness, making me furrow my brows as I turn towards him. 
“Okay, what about?” I question looking up at the boy, feeling my insides turn as his eyes gloss over. 
“Us.” He says, barely above a whisper. I let my breath hitch in my throat, quickly swallowing the lump in my throat.
“Okay.” I respond in the same low tone.
“We can’t do this anymore, I’m sorry. I really don’t want to do this but we knew it would happen.” He lets a single tear fall, waiting for my response.
“Fine, Draco.” I reply coldly, quickly grabbing my things and walking towards his door. I turn, opening my mouth and quickly closing it, biting my lip and darting out of his room as tears streak my cheeks. I run to Harry’s room, not caring about the crowds of people watching me in the corridors, tears rapidly flowing down my face. I reach the painting, groaning in frustration when I can’t get in. I sit there for a few minutes, trying to dehaze my brain to think of the password, eventually giving up and letting my knees buckle as I let my tears fall freely, sobs racking violently through my body. 
“No, you git, obviously she fancies me, that’s why she showed me her-” Fred cuts his sentence short at the sight of me, sitting on the ground with my knees against my chest, my tears streaking my face.
“Y/n, you okay?” George asks hesitantly.
“Obviously not, don’t you see her.” Fred grabs my bag off the floor, offering a small smile as he holds his hand out for me. I grab his hand, letting him pull me up and walk me through the painting. 
“Harry, we have something.” George yells.
“He’s at quidditch prac-” Ron cuts himself short as he turns and looks at me. “What happened?” He hurries over, taking my body into his arms, letting my cry into his chest.
“He left me, Ron. He’s gone.” I whisper, crying harder.
“S’okay, its gonna be okay.” He mumbles, holding me tightly, lifting me up and walking over to the couch with me. 
“What’s going on, who’s crying?” Hermione questions as she walks down the stairs. 
“Y/n, the twins found her.” Ron answers, Hermione rushing to my side. The two help me to Harry’s bed, sitting with me until I fall asleep.
“Harry, is that you?” I groggily wipe at my eyes, the shadow of my brother sitting at the foot of the bed.
“Yeah, how are you?” 
“Y/n come on let’s get food.” I finally agree, my rumbling stomach too loud to protest.
“Fine, let me shower first.” My voice is groggy and hoarse, legs wobbling as the three of them help me out of bed. Hermione hands me clothes she picked up from my dorm that day, knowing I’d need them soon. Harry led me to the bathroom in their dorm, promising to stand guard outside. I turn the water to a scalding temperature before stepping in. I slide down the wall, small sobs escaping me as the memories of him flood in again. I eventually get out, my flesh a bright pink, eyes bloodshot with the tip of my nose a cherry red.
“She’s alive!” Ron jokes as I come out the bathroom. “We thought you’d fallen down the drain.” I let out a small giggle at his words, my smile finally faintly making a shadow on my face.
“Ahh, the princess has left her castle.” George grins as I come down the stairs.
“Mhm, a beautiful princess if I do say so myself.” Fred holds out his hand, which I grab, my smile spreading across my face in a bright display.
The six of us make our way to the dining hall, all eyes turn to me and the room turns to a hoard of whispers.
“Y/n, we’re so sorry, we thought you were a much better fit for him.” I furrow my brows in confusion, looking to Harry.
“Oh, Merlin, has nobody told her?” Hermione facepalms.
“I’m sorry, Malfoy and Astoria are engaged.” My throat closes at Ron’s words, the ginger holding me tightly as my knees buckle.
“It’s fine. They’re good for each other.” I clear my throat, slowly walking over to the Gryffindor table. I sit down, Harry and Hermione quick to sit on my sides, Ron on the other side of Hermione with the twins opposite of us. I smile at this, the set up we had before I became so enamored with the blonde.
“I’m sorry to hear about you and Malfoy, Y/L/N, I’m here for whatever you need.” An older boy from Hufflepuff says with a giant smile, I think his name is Cedric.
“I might have to take you up on that.” I return the smile before turning back to friends.
Weeks go by and I begin to turn to Cedric, the dark haired boy becoming closer and closer to me. I think of Draco often, normally late at night time when I lay in bed alone. I’ve done my best to avoid him, my heart shattering every time I do.
“Y/n, one week till the holidays. Aren’t you excited?” Cedric smiles as he sits beside me in the library.
“Super!” I smile at the chance to leave Hogwarts, hiding at the burrow for a few weeks and forgetting the boy who broke me.
“I’m off to the dining hall for breakfast, care to join?” I nod, heading off with him. Once seated the owls swoop in, mine dropping off a letter with such neat letters that I recognize instantly.
“This is from Malfoy Manor.” I whisper, Cedric’s attention quickly turning towards me.
“What about?” A hint of worry laces his tone, watching my features as I read the paper.
You, Y/F/N Y/L/N, have been invited to Malfoy Manor, on the date of December 22, to celebrate the engagement of Astoria and Draco. The celebration is to begin at seven at night, dress is formal. Please RSVP if you are able to attend as well as information on your plus one, should you bring one.
I stare at the paper with a blank stare, turning towards Cedric.
“I have to go, I don’t have a choice.” I whisper, hurt consuming me.
“Why not?” He questions.
“Well, when someone sends you things like this, it’s because despite all problems you are apart of their society. I suppose that’s what happens when you date a Malfoy for three years. They expect me to go and if I don’t I’m cowardly and horrible.” I place a fake smile on my lips, folding the paper back up and stuffing it back in the envelope.
“I can be your date, so you have support.” He offers.
“Thanks, that means a lot.” I look at the boy.
“Diggory, are you ready?” I yell, coming out of Ginny’s room.
“Yes, you?” He responds, coming out of Ron’s room directly across from me. “Wow, Y/L/N, you look amazing.” He smiles.
“Not so bad yourself.” I respond, walking down the stairs. We floo to the front of the Manor, him taking my hand and giving a small squeeze of reassurance. I nod, taking a deep breathe and walking into the house I used to spend every free moment at. Cedric makes constant jokes and dances all night in attempt to make me forget where I am.
“Excuse me, if we could have your attention, please.” Lucius yells out. The room falls silent and Astoria is the first to stand, her sliver dress almost the color of the walls behind her.
“We would just like to say thank you to all of you who came tonight. I’m sure some of you may think that Draco and I are too young to be engaged but you can’t stop love.” She smiles, looking over at him.
“She couldn’t have said it better, I love this girl and I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with her.” He sits back down, tears welling in my eyes. I wait until everyone is dancing and distracted again, quickly rushing off up the stairs.
I smile as I walk into the guest room I used to sleep in, my drawings and random love notes from Draco still on the walls. I smile at myself in the mirror, my hair cascading in a waterfall of curls, the green dress hugging me with a slit in the side.
“Y/N, you okay?” His voice startles me and I turn to lock with his grey-blue eyes. I suppress a sob as tears fall down my cheeks.
“I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t be up here, I just couldn’t watch that any longer.” I sniffle, his face falling at my words.
“I’m sorry my father invited you, I told him not to.” He mumbles.
“Are you happy with her, at least?” I whisper, looking up at him.
“No.” His answer shocks me, a small hope filling me once more. “I will never be happy unless it’s you, Y/N. She doesn’t compare to you, no one does.”
“I miss you, Draco.” I cry out, letting him pull me in for a kiss. He leads me to the bed, wasting no time of discarding our clothes. Soon all that can be heard is our soft moans and cries for each other.
“I love you.” He whispers in my ear, pumping in and out of me.
“Merlin, I love you too.” I cry out, my climax quickly approaching. “Draco, I’m going to cum.” I warn and his hand snakes between us, rubbing tender circles on my sensitive bud. We arrive at the same time, our breathing heavy as he helps us ride it out, pulling out and laying beside me in the bed.
I pick at the cover over us, his hand coming around me and holding me close by my waist. A smile paints itself on my face as he kisses my temple, reaching over me and into the nightstand.
“Close your eyes.” I do as he says and I feel him draw his hand back from the nightstand. “Open.” I’m greeted by a beautiful ring, diamonds shining like the sun.
“What is this?” I smile.
“It’s a promise ring, I got it before my parents plans got in the way.” He slips it on my finger. “I promise to to forever cherish and love you and only you. I promise one day I will replace this.” I kiss him, holding him tightly.
“Don’t let go, my love. Please.” I whisper as we both drift off to sleep, uncaring of the future battles will we have to face.
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missyflufffics · a year ago
Harry Potter Universe Recommendation List
Last Updated: 12/21/2020
Marauders Era
James Potter
One Shots:
The best prankster by @deathlyhogwarts Summary: When a lowkey Gryffindor who values her education is disrupted during class by a roudy group of boys she decides to retilate, and she is determined to win.
Falling For You by @theweasleysredhair Summary: Soulmate AU. After suffering thorugh the pain of your soulmate, whom was not particulary careful about injuries, their identity is revealed during a Quidditch game.
What’s Happening To Me by @harrytpotter Summary: James Potter was starting to feel more and more overprotective towards his friend Y/N and considerably annoyed at the blatant flirting she and one of his best friends were displaying publicly and at the thought she might be falling for Sirius. What was happening to him?
Sirius Black
One Shots:
Drooling like a dog by @deathlyhogwarts Summary: Dogs are great pets, and it´s annoying how all kind of pets are allowed at school but dogs. So when you realize a group of friends frequents one you can´t help but shower it with affection. 
Cardigan by @gcdric Summary: You love everything Sirius’s family hates about him.
Remus Lupin
One Shots:
Scared by @thoseofgreatambition Summary: y/n’s mother has left their family, and because of this the reader is quite scared to form romantic relationships. Remus does his best to build her strength and trust up. in doing so they fall in love.
Peter Pettigrew
Lily Evans
Regulous Black
One Shots:
Mon Soleil by @poppin-potter Summary: Lupin!reader; no-Voldemort AU. Regulus Black helps you with your lycanthropy symptoms
Narcissa Black
Golden Trio Era
Harry Potter
One Shots: 
One step from happiness by @weasleydream Summary: After the war is over, there is one person he needs to see, a muggle that made Privet Drive seem less gloomy.
Dumbledore’s army by @poppin-potter Summary: Lupin!reader. When you help your boyfriend, Harry Potter, you start to notice a few things in his teaching style.
The Girl I Once Knew by @lunalovegxxd Summary: Malfoy!reader. When you receive the Dark Mark the best you can do to keep those you love safe is to play perfect pureblood daughter, sadly, that includes making Harry hate you so he’ll stay away.
Hermione Granger
Ron Weasley
One Shots:
Coffee Shop by @lunalovegxxd Summary: Coffee shop AU; Soulmates AU. In which you meet your soulmate in a coffee shop.
Only For You by @iliveiloveiwrite Summary: Ron Weasley is a family guy and a sap.
Draco Malfoy
One Shots:
Sneaking out and Shooting Stars by @stupxfy Summary: Draco wakes you up in the middle of the night to go watch the meteor shower
two sworn enemies Part 2 by @wondernimbus Summary: there is only one thing worse than being hated by draco malfoy; it’s being fancied by him.
A Beautiful Dream by @angelinathebook Summary: You meet up with Draco during the night and discover the boy buried underneath the pain.
Play Dumb by @willowbleedsonpaper Summary: Ravenclaw!reader. One day visiting your friend Myrtle, you found that she already had company. Learning some things you shouldn’t about Draco Malfoy you become really nervous around him and see yourself in the need to face him.
Carrot Cake by @willowbleedsonpaper Summary: Soulmate AU. You decide to put your own café after the war and you find yourself with some unexpected clients.
Seamus Finnigan
Dean Thomas
Fred Weasley
One Shots:
The Smell Of Love by @leahstypewriter Summary: You remain unranked by the Weasley twins catching one of the readhead’s attention.
Act Like a Gryffindor by @hp-imagines-07 Summary: Gryffindor!reader. The 4 times that Fred Weasley made you blush and the one time that it was the other way around…
Nervous by @hufflepuffgirly Summary: Fred’s nervous about meeting your family, but he really has nothing to worry about.
Blue by @hufflepuffgirly Prompts: “You’re so agitated, what’s wrong?” “You know exactly what’s wrong.”; “Come here.”; “Your hair smells nice.”
Surprises by @acciotwinz Summary: All the times Fred never manages to catch Y/N off guard and the one time he does.
George Weasley
One Shots:
Lifelines by @diary-of-an-onliner Summary: Gryffindor!reader. Your happy line responds to George as you flirt incessantly.
Gryffindor bravery by @heloisedaphnebrightmore Summary: Your shy and quite personality never matched the infamous bravery of Gryffindor. However the little bet George initiates might just help you find your inner Gryffindor, the bravery you have been looking for.
5th December by @george-fabian-weasley Summary: You read him a poem as he laid on your chest, loving the sound of your voice.
Ginny Weasley
Neville Longbottom
One Shots:
Childhood crush by @angelinathebook Summary: professor!Neville x professor!reader. You lost contact with your best friend after the war but neither is planning on passing up your chance when you find yourselves back in the castle you grew up in.
Oliver Wood
One Shots: 
Little brother by @poppin-potter Summary: Hufflepuff!reader. Your boyfriend comes to meet your family and everything seems to be going swell, except for the fact that your little brother doesn’t seems to like him much.
Charlie Weasley
Bill Weasley
Theodore Nott
One Shots: 
Terrible Tuesdays by @gcdric Summary: You get paired up with Theo in potions who defies all your preconceived notions on what a Slytherin is. Needless to say, Theodore Nott was not at all what you were expecting.
Lonely Heart by @willowbleedsonpaper Summary: After years of frienship you realize that although you might not be alone you’re lonely. You’re not part of the Golden Trio and they don’t seem to care when you drift away from them. You learn to be by yourself when certain Slytherin enters your life and change it for the better.
They don’t know about us by @willowbleedsonpaper Summary: Hufflepuff!reader. You are open and unapologetic about your relationship, even with its particular critics.
Blaise Zabini
One Shots:
Chess is for chumps by @peeves-a-legend Summary: Chess is all about sophistication and strategy; everything that Blaise prides himself on. Monopoly is about frugality and… also strategy?
Cedric Diggory
One Shots:
Ceasseless Interruptions by @imaginexmeintheuniverse Summary: Five times you almost kissed + when you finally did
4 AM by @random-imagines-blog Summary: You’re a transfer student at Hogwarts, and all of these changes are feeling restless. You develop a late-night hobby, but a handsome Hufflepuff catches on.
Yule Ball from the Sidelines by @imaginexmeintheuniverse Summary: In your attempt to avoid the elephant in the room you tell your best friend to go with someone else to the ball, and he does. Don’t worry, he has saved a dance just for you.
Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them
Newt Scamander
One Shots: 
The Dress by @poppin-potter Summary: platonic!reader. You and your best friend, Newt Scamander, try to find the perfect dress for your wedding.
Theseus Scamander
One Shots:
Care For a Treat? by @poppin-potter Summary: Theseus never cared for sweets until his little brother’s best friend walked into his life.
Tina Goldenstein
Jacob Kowalski
Queenie Goldenstein
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wisteria-blooms · 4 months ago
fancy you (f.w. & reader)
Hi can do you a request for Fred Weasley x reader? They have an argument about a student who keeps flirting with the reader and Fred tries to tell her that the student is flirting with her and wants to be more than friends and they don’t talk for a few days and then finally make up due to George making them make up again?
A/N: Thank for this request! I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you like it. We love George being the more rational twin to reel Fred in.
Summary: Fred was certain you would be the one he’d go to the Yule Ball with, the Durmstrang boy flirting with you be damned.
Tags: Friends-to-lovers, fluff, romance, misunderstandings, Fred being dumb.
Warnings: None!
Words: 3.9k
Tumblr media
fancy you (f.w. & reader)
“Fred! Freddie! Fred Weasley!” a voice called from the other side of the Great Hall. A few students looked up from their books at the sudden commotion.
Fred put the blueprint he’d been working on down and turned his head around. You were tumbling in from the front doors, face rosy like you’d just run across the cold courtyard. You wore an enormous smile on your face. He knew this expression well: you had a secret you couldn’t hold in anymore.
He stood up to catch you and to cushion your stop like he always did. You fell right into his arms as he had anticipated, your face flush against his chest.
“Hi,” you said, beaming up at Fred with your arms wrapped around his body. You were enjoying how warm his body was compared to yours. “And hi, George.” George acknowledged you with a wave.
“What’s gotten you so excited?” Fred asked, helping you up.
“Ball—” you panted. Fred raised an eyebrow. You clearly wanted to speak, but didn’t have enough breath to do so. “McGonagall is telling the fourth years—the fourth—” you took a few quick, shallow breaths, “—about a ball that’s happening—,” you drew one last inhale, “—happening on Christmas.”
“A ball?” he questioned. “This kind of ball?” He took your hand, raised it above you, and urged you to twirl around. You did just that, your robes fluttering around your ankles as you spun.
“Exactly that!” you responded. “A soirée at Hogwarts, can you imagine?”
“Better conserve your energy or you may not live to see it,” commented George with a grin.
“Yeah (Y/N),” Fred laughed. “Where was this energy at the Quidditch final last year?”
“I haven’t seen such an entrance since we set off Dungbombs in Filch’s office,” recalled George. “Ol’ git came running into the Great Hall looking for the culprit.”
Fred mimicked Filch’s gait by running dramatically on the spot, bringing his knees up with each step. You laughed.
“I was thinking we’d have a lot of fun, the three of us,” you said to Fred. “Take a few shots of fire whiskey before the event, show up fashionably late, dance the night away, you get the idea.”
“Yeah?” said Fred, raising his eyebrows. “And you’ll outdrink me this time?”
“Yes,” you said confidently. “I will. I’ll even swear on it.” You extended a pinkie which Fred hooked with his own.
If he was being honest, he was getting excited about the ball as well. He wasn’t looking forward to how McGonagall was going to teach them how to ballroom dance or how she’d chastise them about following a certain dress code, but it was the prospect of having a night alone with you that excited him the most.
As you were talking to George, Fred was imagining youin his arms after a few shots of fire whiskey at the pre-party, dancing with you on the floor, and hopefully, elevating your relationship from friends to something more.
“And what am I missing, George?” you asked, bringing Fred back to reality.
“A partner,” George stated with a twirl of his quill.
Your mouth parted slightly.
“You think McGonagall is letting us go without one?” Fred chimed in, not missing a beat.
“Just remember—” George started.
“Us Weasley men go fast, darling,” Fred finished with a wink. He hoped you’d get the hint. “Better get a move on or the good ones will be gone.”
“Right,” you said with a nod. You gave his hand a squeeze before letting it go. “I’ll see you in potions, Freddie.”
Tumblr media
The excitement for the Yule Ball was electric, and Fred could feel it on his skin everywhere he went.
Fred was feeling good this morning as he walked into the Great Hall with George for breakfast. It was two weeks from the ball and he had how he was going to ask you down to a science. Today, you would have a free period together and he knew he’d find you in the Great Hall catching up on schoolwork with your friends. He planned to throw a note at you, mimic the motion of asking you to the ball, then watch your face light up in delight as you put the pieces together.
It was casual. It was smart. It was distinctively Fred Weasley.
As he sat down, he noticed that his younger brother Ron was slumped on the bench, looking miserable.
“What’s gotten into you, Ronniekins?” teased Fred. “You look positively wretched. Fancy a Canary Cream for your troubles?”
Ron pushed away Fred’s offer of an enchanted biscuit and continued to stare at a different table.
“That’s not very fair, is it?” Ron said, gesturing over to where Hermione was sitting. She and a group of girls were busy chatting with Victor Krum and his friends. Then he looked over to where Fleur Delacour was sitting, chatting with Roger Davies.
“What’s not fair about it?” Fred asked. “Just be an international Quidditch star, or at least a Quidditch player, easy as that.”
Ron slumped further and looked at Fred, unhappy with his advice. “What about you? Have you got a partner?”
“Oh Ronniekins,” Fred teased as he bit into his toast. “It’ll be a cold day in hell when you have to worry about me.”
“Well, who is it then?” pressed Ron.
Wordlessly, Fred stole a glance in your direction. Though you were sat further away today, you responded to him immediately with a big smile and wave, breaking off from your group’s conversation. He mouthed the words ‘see you later’ to which you responded with a thumbs-up.
Tumblr media
The much-anticipated free period finally came. Fred had gotten there first, sitting with George and Lee. You, Angelina, Alicia and Katie came strolling in minutes later, looking for four free spots in the room. You pointed to a few empty seats at the table in front of Fred’s and walked over.
Ten minutes into the free period when everyone had settled down, Fred was ready to enact his plan. However, he realized you were caught up talking to someone else. Fred peered and realized by their characteristic red uniforms that it was a Durmstrang boy who had your attention.
“Where you’re from, how do you say, ‘I like you?’” he asked you, his deep voice resonating through the hall, clear enough for Fred to hear.
“I fancy you,” you responded. Fred wanted you to say those words to him, not to this plan-ruining son of a—
“Fancy you?” he repeated, leaning in closer to you. “I fancy you?”
You didn’t retract from him. Rather, you nodded and laughed.
Fred narrowed his eyes. Certainly, the foreign student was taller than him and a little more well-built, but surely, wasn’t as handsome or witty as he was. And he seemed to be a bit of a blockhead, more brawns than brain. Hopefully, you felt the same way.
“That’s correct,” you said.
“Interesting. In my country, we do not say, ‘I fancy you’,” he explained. “Instead, we say ‘ich bin in dich verliebt.’”
Fred rolled his eyes at the Durmstrang’s boy’s attempt to flirt with you. Having you say ‘I love you’ in another language? That was the oldest trick in the book. Now you were repeating whatever he was teaching you. You didn’t even glance in Fred’s direction like you usually did whenever you were in the same room. He was the first person you would notice and call for but not today.
Fred lowered the crumbled note in his hand, ignoring the unfamiliar twang of pain in his chest.
Tumblr media
When classes ended that day, you headed back to the common room before dinner. Being a Friday, the atmosphere was relaxed. The girls had decided to take it easy tonight, lounging around in your dormitories before dinner.
“So, Aleksander, huh?” Alicia asked as you sat on the poster bed. “What were you chatting about back in the hall?”
“He was asking me questions about English culture,” you responded as you read through a magazine.
“That’s cute,” Alicia cooed. “He seems interested.”
“He’s not really my type,” you admitted with a sigh. There was only one boy you were interested in and luckily for you, he was impossible to read. Fred was incredibly sweet to you, but also sweet to your friends, too. It was frustrating, being in love with him but not wanting a make a fool of yourself right before the Yule Ball.
“So, who’s your type?” called Angelina from the backroom. “Don’t tell me it’s Davies or Diggory, you know they’re our worst rivals—”
“Where’ve you been, Angie?” teased Alicia with a laugh. “(Y/N) only has eyes for Fred. Have you seen them talk?” She imitated you collapsing into Fred’s arms by falling over on the bed. “Freddie!”
“Is that right?” said Angelina. “I guess it makes sense. Is he going with anyone?”
You didn’t want to seem too invested in Fred’s personal life, but you were certain he was still without a partner. After all, George proved to be a reliable source of information after you got over the initial hump of embarrassment. He had only wiggled his eyebrows once before answering no, Fred was still looking for a date.
“Nope,” responded Katie on your behalf. You breathed a sigh of relief since she’d effectively saved you from answering. “Isn’t that shocking? It’s Fred. I reckoned he’d have gotten himself a few dates by now.”
“There you go,” Angelina said. “If it’s Fred you fancy, then you still got a chance. We can drop some hints—”
“I’ll tell you who it is if I get to attend the Yule Ball with them,” you promised hastily, hoping your friends would drop the subject already. Your cheeks were burning red, so you buried your face under your magazine.
“And what happens if you don’t?” persisted Alicia from beside you.
“Then you’ll never know,” you said with a slight smile.
“Come on!” she responded. “That’s not fair.”
“Well, hypothetically,” you said. “If I were tired of waiting for a date, how should I ask them?”
“Get them alone?” suggested Katie. “Just be blunt. You’ve only got less than two weeks.”
You cocked your head. “Yeah,” you said, thinking about what Fred had said to you. “Better get a move on or all the good ones will be gone, right?”
Tumblr media
The next morning, Fred was sat with his usual group of George and Lee for breakfast. George admitted he had accepted an invitation from his potions partner, prompting Fred to joke about making sure his drinks didn’t turn black, given her history of incompetence in the class. Fred was grateful to be paired with you: you worked well together, and all the hours you spent studying was an excuse to get more time with you.
A good night’s sleep and Fred had already forgotten about your conversation with the Durmstrang boy. He was still intent on asking you to the ball and figured he’d do it today when the time was right.
“Has (Y/N) got something on her face, Fred?” asked Lee suddenly.
“Why?” Fred responded.
“Because you keep staring at her.” Lee sniggered as he followed Fred’s gaze to the double doors.
“Hm, reckon she does then – hey, (Y/N)!” Fred gave you a wave across the Great Hall. He pointed to the one empty seat beside him. You looked startled but walked over to him anyway.
You sat down beside him but something was off about you today, Fred remarked. You looked uneasy, and your eyes kept flittering on and off of him. You also seemed to have lost some of your usual excitement.
“Freddie, er, I’ve got something to ask you,” you said in a hushed voice, avoiding the curious glances from Lee and George. “Can we talk outside?”
“Must be important, hm?” he responded with a grin and dropped his fork. “Why not?” He got up quickly and followed you outside. The chatter died the instant you left the Great Hall, leaving you in silence. You led him to the area under the stairs where you were out of general view.
“What’s up, (Y/N)?” he asked.
“Freddie,” you started. Fred could see your hands trembling slightly. “I know we’re best friends, and have been so a while now—”
Fred raised an eyebrow, unsure of where you were heading.
“I don’t want to mess anything up, but I really wanted—”
Right when you were about to finish your sentence, a group of Durmstrang students marching in unison passed by the corridor.
“Good morning, (Y/N),” greeted the boy from yesterday.
You smiled and gave a small wave back.
Fred had lost sight of your previous conversation. “You look like you’re getting on well with that chap,” he remarked aloud. There it was again, the same painful constriction he felt yesterday returning to his chest.
“Who?” you asked.
“The Durmstrang student,” he said. “Looks to me like he wants to take you to the ball.”
You laughed. “Oh, Aleksander? He and his friends are getting used to the culture here.”
“Well, whaddya reckon he needs ‘I fancy you’ in his vernacular for?” questioned Fred. He didn’t like the way he was pressing you, but he was curious about your feelings for Aleksander.
“To impress someone he likes?” you offered with a shrug.
“So, you?”
“What?” You scrunched your face up in confusion. “I don’t think so, Fred.”
“I think so,” he countered, crossing his arms. “You still haven’t gotten a date to the ball yet, have you?”
“No, but—”
“He wouldn’t be a bad date,” said Fred, eyeing the group as they walked into the Great Hall.
When he looked back at you, you were red in the face and your hands were now shaking harder than before. He’d never seen you angry. It was hard to even make you upset; you had an unusually high tolerance for Fred’s antics, and it was part of why he adored you so much.
“What if I had someone else in mind, Fred?” you said indignantly, turning away from him. Had he looked closer, he would’ve seen the tears forming in your eyes. “Who are you to tell me who to go with?”
For once in his life, Fred Weasley was speechless. He watched you stomp away from him without a glance back.
Tumblr media
The next day, you didn’t show up for breakfast. On Monday, you sat rows away from Fred who admittedly missed your presence beside him in the mornings, whether you were happily letting him copy your homework or falling asleep on his shoulder. You also dropped him as a partner in potions class and instead, paired with George who you could carry on a very normal conversation with. He was stuck with George’s regular partner and date for the ball, a girl he reckoned should never step foot in an apothecary.
He had anticipated the whole kerfuffle would blow over by the third day, but he was wrong. You had sat even further from him, teetering on the other side of the long table. Had you gone any further, you would’ve surely fallen off the edge. By the end of the week, your mutual friends had caught on: neither Angelina, Alicia or Katie were speaking to him.
His pride kept him from making apologies – it really wasn’t his fault, was it? After classes that day, he returned to his dormitory. It was just a few days from the Yule Ball and he was still dateless. He’d turned down all the invitations he got because, well, none of them were from you. He slammed the door with a little more force than intended, catching George’s attention.
“You’re still not talking to (Y/N)?” asked George, reading the air. “It’s been a whole week.”
“Clearly, she cares more about Aleksander than me,” he scoffed. You were best friends and going to the Yule Ball together wasn’t even a question; it was guaranteed. Now, it seemed you wouldn’t even be friends because of this stupid Durmstrang boy.
“I don’t think so,” said George, putting his book down. “It seems you care for (Y/N) more than you think.”
“That’s not true,” Fred said, laying down on his bed. “We’ve known each other for so long. It was supposed to just work out.”
George reclined back on the headrest, contemplating how he was going to make his stubborn brother understand.
“You know that Angelina, Alicia and Katie all got dates to the ball? Ginny too?”
“No,” Fred responded. “Your point?”
“You were too focused on (Y/N) to even care about anyone else.”
Fred remained silent as he processed George’s words. It was true, he’d barely paid attention to what was going on with his friends or sister when he was miserable and mulling over you.
“Fair enough,” Fred admitted after a few moments. He was already aware that you meant the world to him, but George’s words really put in perspective just how much. The discomfort in his chest had dropped to his stomach, where he had the sinking feeling it was too late to take back what he’d said. “But whatever, she’s not going with me.”
“You can choose pride or (Y/N),” George said with a shrug. “But it’s your loss if you go with pride.”
Tumblr media
Later that evening, Fred returned to clean up the mess he caused with his own words. He spotted you in the common room by the fireplace. He had managed to get you alone, despite warning glances from Alicia and some very verbal protests from Angelina. ‘Fred Weasley, you absolute dimwit,’ she’d censured, ‘If you make (Y/N) cry again, you won’t be able to tell the three of us from friends or foes on the field. Oh, and by the way, I’m going to the ball with with Aleksander, so does that answer your question if (Y/N) is in love with him?’
“Hi,” Fred said, dropping on the couch beside you. You were gazing at the fireplace and the Christmas decorations hanging above.
Fred near grimaced at the awkward silence. You still wore an unamused expression on your face. It might be better to just get to apologies as soon as possible.
“I’m sorry for what I said,” Fred said.
You turned to face him. “You’re what?”
“I’m sorry,” he repeated. “I was wrong to assume who you wanted to go to the ball with.”
“It would’ve been fine if you just believed me,” you sighed. “I told you I wasn’t interested in Aleksander. He was trying to ask Angie out all this time.”
“Then who were you interested in?” he implored without hesitation, remembering the last few lines of your conversation.
You tensed up in front of Fred and looked away again. “If I told you, you’d just laugh.”
“Come on,” he urged. “I won't. And I can help.”
“Even if I asked him, I don’t think he’d say yes.”
“Why not?”
“Because he’s too perfect and unattainable,” you murmured. “He’s smart, athletic, funny, and always surrounded by other girls. And I’m sure he only sees me as a friend.”
“Really?” he asked with a chuckle. “Sounds like a predicament I have.”
“I don’t believe you,” you said. “You’re Fred Weasley. You don’t have these issues.”
“Believe me, love,” he explained, sweeping back his long locks of hair. “I really fancy this girl. I love spending every moment with her. Her smile, her laugh, just her entire presence lights up the room, but,” he reclined against the armrest of the couch, “recently, she’s been distant.”
“Oh,” you said, face dropping. “Why’s that?”
He hoped you realized who he was talking about. Even if you didn’t feel the same way, Fred had nothing to lose; you were already mad at him, so what harm would it do to confess his true feelings?
“I said some things I shouldn’t have,” he admitted, rubbing the back of his neck. “So, it’s my fault, really.”
You perked up slightly. “Who is it, Fred?”
“You’d laugh if I told you,” he said.
“I won’t, I promise.”
“You,” he admitted, his voice barely audible under the crackles of the fireplace, “I fancy you. And I also think you’re beautiful, and those can be mutually exclusive but—”
He was blurting out these words. How could the confident Fred Weasley be reduced to a sputtering fool? Only he knew the answer to that : you had his heart in your hands.
“What?” you said with astonishment, pointing to yourself. “You fancy me?”
“You see anyone else here with the name ‘You’?” he joked, looking around the empty common room.
“You know when I pulled you away from breakfast the other day?” you said in a whisper. Fred nodded. “I had wanted to ask you to the ball, but I was so nervous. I don’t reckon I slept at all the night before. I've liked you for so long, I didn't know what to do with myself."
“I knew it!” he exclaimed, a signature Fred Weasley grin re-appearing on his face. “Handsome, smart, funny? Had to be me!"
Suddenly, your face dropped again. Fred grimaced, wondering what he’d done.
“You infuriate me!” you exclaimed after a few moments, taking a plush cushion from the couch and throwing it at him. Fred was taken aback. “You don’t talk to me for days and now you’re admitting you like me? Seriously, who do you think you are, Fred Weasley?”
He racked his brain for a good answer.
“Your complete tosser of a boyfriend?”
You stared blankly at him.
He started blankly back at you.
Then you both burst into laughter.
“Never mind, don’t answer that,” he said. “Come here, darling.” He took your hand into his again and pulled you off the couch. He then twirled you around just like he had done in the Great Hall the day you ran to him.
When you faced him again, he immediately pulled you closer until you were flush with his body. He placed a kiss on your forehead. You giggled. He took this as a sign to place another kiss on your cheek, then another, and another until your left cheek was peppered with kisses. Fred was elated you felt the same way about him that he couldn’t stop himself. You closed your eyes when you felt him give you a quick peck on your nose. When you opened your eyes again, you realized Fred’s face was a mere few centimetres from yours.
You blushed, having never been so close to him. He was waiting for the green light, so you leaned in, letting Fred know it was okay to kiss you. And he responded immediately, placing his lips on yours. He felt the all the worry he had dissipate and an explosion of fireworks in his stomach. Fred let go of your hands and cupped your face to deepen the kiss. He loved how soft your lips were on his and how perfectly they melded. You were better than any prank gone right because here he was, kissing the girl of his dreams after thinking he’d lost her.
“Come to the ball with me?” he asked earnestly when he pulled away.
Your face softened. “I’d love to go with you, Freddie,” you responded.
“Good,” he said as he pulled you into a hug. He was so used to you in his arms, but it felt different this time – better, better because you were now his girlfriend. Before you could say anything else, he gave you another tender kiss on the lips. “I have a lot to make up to you.”
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everafterkeiji · 5 months ago
Its my birthdayyyy 😈 i just turned 14 lol my sister got the coronavirus so i really cant go out on my birthday so i just have to stay home all day 🙋‍♀️ can i pleaseee request toman boys preparing a birthday party for y/n cuz she did alot and helped them sooo they just wanna do something nice for her ig? Sorry if its too much u can ignore this request
my darling, happy birthday!! happy 14th to u bub, enjoy ur day, ok? i fell asleep and woke up really late for my class so I'm sorry if i ended up posting this on the 16th but i hope u and ur sister are doing okay and ur day was well spent! thank u so much for requesting and stay safe always, we gon celebrate this together yep (・ω・)つ⊂(・ω・) <33
Tumblr media
PAIRINGS: Toman x gn! reader
GENRE: fluff fluff fluff, humor, (not proofread cuz i got so sleepy)
Tumblr media
- Two days before your birthday, Hakkai was the first one to alarm the gang about it, not even realizing that he let out a secret a little too late but they knew they shouldn't spare a single moment to take it to their advantage. "You guys have any plans for the weekend? I'm shit bored all the time." Peh-yan sighs and Mitsuya eyes him.
"Right, the 15th, huh? That's Y/N's birthday." Hakkai calmly states, in contrast to the two who were sharing concerned and startled expressions now that they had to rush a plan. "Wait what?"
- The hectic schedule begins with Mitsuya sending an emergency text to their group chat, calling on their cells to let them in on this new found information and everyone seems to blame Hakkai, much less to blaming themselves for not even thinking about it at the first. "You could've told us sooner." Mikey scolds and they nodded their heads to his words. "Well—I thought all of you knew? What are we gonna do about it now?" And sharing the same links to their worry, they all shift their gaze to Mitsuya who already took part in expecting that they'd name him the handler for the event.
"Fine, I'll plan it and shit but everyone will help out. Not just me and Draken, alright?"
"Hell yeah! Let's do this for Y/N!" Chifuyu cheers which causes the rest of them to follow his glee at how ready they were to succeed with this.
- The sectioning of the plan starts by Mitsuya separating them by their abilities. He sticks to the division members and captains but for other instances, he's composing a team of three from different teams. "Smiley, Pehyan, and Baji—you three need to deny everything if they ask about what's going on, keep them distracted too—make sure Y/N doesn't even begin to think about it, okay?"
"Understood, boss!"
- The next day, those same boys were acting like stealthy undercover agents when someone brings up what you were going to do. They're invested on your answer all the way through. "Nothing strikes my mind for now but I'd like to spend it with the guys." You responded with a smile, a subtle imagination of the fun it contained if it turned into reality. Raising an eyebrow, Peh-yan scoffs while you walked his way and he half panics when he failed to construct his words.
"Oh, hey!" You greeted them, a bit curious to why those two were in your class. "You need something?" You asked them but Smiley let's out a chuckle. "None of your business." Baji says with a slight aggression to his voice as he receives a slap to the back, courtesy of the oldest Kawata twin.
"You suck at this." Peh-yan whispers. "Well uh, I'll see you then." You bid them good-bye and the curiosity sinks to you but you choose to pay not as much attention to it for now.
- "Draken, Chifuyu, and I will take care of the decor. Can any of you cook?" Mitsuya questions, eyes switching to every member while they shrug. The silver haired boy sighs, running a hand to his face at how he's carrying everything. "We can pitch in for the cake so you don't have to worry about it." Draken suggested and they nodded at his offer.
"I don't trust anyone else in the kitchen anyway."
- Mikey, Souya, Hakkai, and Takemichi were in charge of buying whatever the party leaders needed to have. Strolling in the mall with balloons in their paper bags, some streamers, and confetti bombs—they didn't really expect to see you sipping on your coffee with a bag of your own while your eyes dart to them and suddenly they were all pushing each other to detect who'd be able to lie the best. Their leader walked as far as he could and the three other chickens were left to hand the carry ons from one person to another. Unfortunately, Souya was the chosen one to converse with you.
"It's nice to see you here, Angry." You send him a smile but with the banter behind him, he horribly panics and covers your eyes, a kick to Hakkai for them to run and the two obey, scramming as the blue haired twin's chest began to pant.
"Souya? Is everything okay?" You asked him when he lowered his hand. He shakes his head in response while you tilt your head, blank spaces filling your mind at his bizarreness.
"Y-yeah! BYE BYE!" He simply walks out in shame.
- "I don't want to talk to, Y/N. We're avoiding them as much as possible, remember?" Takashi reminds, sewing for the banner with a needle in his mouth. Unbeknownst to them, you stood outside their room right where your name had been mentioned. Clutching the strap of your bag, you stopped in your step, taking a peak to Peh-yan and Mitsuya who were the only ones inside.
"Avoiding?" You whispered to yourself but Ryohei sees your figure and nudges on the person beside him. Both of you shared a glance until that same boy comes in front of you, hands on either side of your shoulders. "Peh?"
"Y/N-chan! Nope we're closed, Mitsuya's busy!" He ushers before shutting the door right to your face out of panic all over again which leads the president to be worried of your reaction. Though, when he opens the door, you're gone in a flash.
- The next day, the word has gone out that you've been suspicious of their doings and they're even more pressured to maintain the secret because you're asking them if they needed some sort of help when you see them but all they do is excuse themselves. "What's wrong with them today?" You asked, your back slumping from your lack of conversation with him. Since then, you did avoid Mitsuya for the mean time because of the homeroom incident, to which he absolutely feels guilty about.
"I think Y/N is getting the wrong idea. They probably think they did something wrong." He states. "We need to hurry up or else."
- The boys continue on—working extra hard even if they were facing arguments by a dozen of hours. "What if Y/N's allergic?" Souya asks, looking at the cake. "They're not... right?" His brother hinted. "Shit, I don't know!"
"Can you aim it higher? A little more to the left—no too much—stay—more to the side please!" Takemichi orders Chifuyu who was groaning from the arm strain. "Oi, let's switch! My arms hurt so much!"
"Okay so when Y/N comes in do we bomb the confetti the moment they walk in?" Mikey questions and Draken shakes his head. "They're gonna choke from all the paper."
- It is slightly concerning when the Kawata twins were suddenly paying for your snacks, giving each a critique just to know if you were allergic to anything. "How's that one taste like?" Souya asks.
"It's okay, the flavor is...average, I guess." You observed while the two share a glance, mentally cursing when they realized it was majority of the flavor they got for you.
"More food for Y/N!"
- There were stupendous remarks, often made by Takemichi and Chifuyu just to get a reaction out of you. "I sure don't like...metallic stuff!" Raising an eyebrow, you turned to the duo and with a pen ready to write, Chifuyu squints his eyes to you.
"What is your opinion on color? Do you like it scattered or-"
"Is this an interview?"
- You're more persistent in what they were up to but it does pain you that you resembled a plague at how they kept their distance around you. Draken tries to assure you everyone else is busy with a Toman meeting but you weren't updated on anything. It was a clear lie for the rest, especially Peh-yan and Souya who were jittery and too obvious. Smiley and Baji were the only ones capable of holding out until the end, keeping the conversation fresh without the mention of your birthday.
- Still, they really want to make this a special day for you. Because of everything you've done for them to respect them and defend them when needed, a display of gratitude is what you deserve. "I don't want Y/N to feel like we're ignoring them too much but I'm excited to see their reaction though." Takashi had a proud smile on his face now that the full view of the set up looked so much better than the rough first day. Chifuyu was panting beside him from taping all the balloons from multiple walls and Draken wipes his sweat who was done putting the rest of the banner on the high parts.
"Y/N's gonna love this!" Takemichi hypes up from behind. "Not bad. How are we gonna lure them in?" Baji asks.
"Maybe it should be Mikey." Hakkai suggests and the blonde disagrees. "I'll mess it up. Now that all of this is set up, can we talk to Y/N? Maybe they'll be out after school and we'd never know." Their leader proposes.
"I'll do it. I owe an apology to them anyway." Mitsuya volunteers which relieved the others for the task.
- Much to their excitement for your actual birthday, you ended up avoiding them in return. The last two days felt like they pushed you away for a reason and it's taking a toll on you at how clueless you were. When the second division tried to approach you, you ended up turning to a different hall, purposely throwing off his direction which strikes him. "What's going on?" He whispers to himself and the next couple of minutes were spent trying to catch your attention.
The moment you do look at each other, mans is terrified. There's a chill cascading from his lower back to his nape at how closed off you were and it dawns on him that the whole situation of avoiding you ended up on the bad side of their decisions. "Oh shit." He cusses.
- "H-hey, Y/N!" Hakkai greets you with a nervous smile and you could only give a bow to him, eyes intent on the floor as cold sweat drops from him. "Okay bye Y/N!" Peh-yan then, out of the many instances he's slipped up, took the opportunity by grabbing your hand.
"I promise—this time I really have something to show you."
- You were quiet for the rest of the trip, they decided that it was best for you have a blindfold on which doubles your anxiety of where you were going anyway. It doesn't help that they kept murmuring and the more you took a step, the more you dreaded waiting for them to greet you. "Okay, stand there, we'll let go." Hakkai informs you as you shake your head. "Wait—don't leave!" You cried and that was when no one else surrounded you.
Until a voice spoke, "Take of your blindfold, Y/N!"
- And as the fabric drops to you nose, your eyes were mesmerized by the sudden flash of light, surrounding the entire room. The decorations were well organized and a big banner that said happy birthday with a table filled with meals and gifts, even party hats with toy trumpets to celebrate. You covered your mouth out of shock, your heart not even letting it sink into you that this was the reason they've been avoiding you for a while. The words that ring in your moment of awe was, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" From all of the main captains and founding members of Toman.
Though, the confetti bomb didn't exactly blow up after they said it and Mikey was struggling so hard on pulling the object. "I can't do it." He complains while you let out a laugh. As a joke, Baji turned his gaze to you.
"Hey, Y/N? You think you can walk in again and let's do a retake?"
"Oh absolutely." You giggled at their inconvenience before obeying the long haired boys demands, walking in with a brighter smile than the first time and another chorus of happy birthday resonates through the building as the sound of the confetti finally working mixes with it. A rain of colorful strings and papers poured on all of you while you ran to them, catching them in an embrace.
- After hearing their plan with a couple of apologies here and there, you couldn't stop smiling and laughing at their stories of how close they were to giving in especially when you ignored them. "So? This was all the big fuss about?" You asked Mitsuya as he bids you a nod with a hand to your shoulder. "If it's all for you then it's worth it."
Mikey then brings in the cake, lit up in the amount as your age and they urge you to stand up. "We're thankful that you're here Y/N. We thank you for everything that you've done for us and we had a lot of fun planning this entire day out for you to enjoy, so, why don't you make a wish and let's begin your party!" He spoke with a smile to you and your heartbeat fastens at how lucky you were to be treated by such amazing friends.
They started to sing the classic happy birthday song, Peh-yan and Angry's voice casually above the others but they had to match that energy so even when the song was meant to be slow, the anticipation and rest they got now that everything was settled brought even more warmth to the room and a kick in the rhythm.
Closing your eyes as a wish is said in your mind, you blew the candle and with a few more embraces, they all began to cheer,
"Happy birthday, Y/N!"
Tumblr media
TOKYO REV : @strawberrieas @kwrg @raya-sano @kimrena-stuff @heavensbeloved @rosewood1999 @beezebub @l-luci @bekky06 @keiisukebaji @manjiroarchiviste @smileysmileysmiley @tendo-shairdye @toshiswifey @thispenguinrocks @kleesboom
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kitashinsvks · 10 months ago
they use you for a bet
warnings: none.. i think 
characters: sakusa, suna
a/n: this prompt has been done way too many times, however i want to write my own take on it, also … idk if any of you are expecting angst bc i will assure you now that some of these ARE NOT ANGSTY, i think lsjadkds ...idk how else to describe it tbh 
(oh god i just looked back on the request and they said angst but i was done with sakusa’s before i went back to the request omgksjhfjhdsf)
also i'm not rlly proud of this one hngg
Tumblr media
Dating Sakusa has always been one of the most shocking things that happened to you. You remember how he asked you with a blush on his face if you wanted to go get dinner with him. The memory brings a smile on your face whenever you think about it. 
Now going two years, the both of you had your ups and downs and moments wherein you didn’t understand one another. However, that only made your relationship stronger, when the memory flashes through your mind, a fond smile appears on your face. 
“What’s got you smiling there, baby?” You hear the deep baritone of your boyfriend’s voice say from behind you. You shook your head before letting him intertwine his fingers with yours. “Ah, just reminiscing some memories, I guess.” You say, Sakusa smiled at the carefree expression that was etched into your face. 
“And what might that be?” Your boyfriend asked, a teasing smile on his face. You scoff at him before swaying your intertwined hands together. 
“How you seemed all blushy when you asked me out.” Sakusa rolled his eyes at your statement. “I told you, it was cold!” “Sure it was, ‘Yoomi.” Your boyfriend scoffed before hugging your waist comfortably and burying his face to your neck. 
“Kiyoomi?” Sakusa pulled away as he heard the voice of his former captain say. 
“Oh, (Y/N)’s here too!” Iizuna said as Sakusa pulled away from you. A polite smile was etched to your face as you bow your head at him. 
Iizuna’s eyes drifted down to your interlocked hands before a laugh erupted out of him. 
“No way! You guys are still together?” He asked as if he couldn’t believe it. “Yeah. Why wouldn’t we be?” 
“Ah, it’s just that I didn’t expect Sakusa to stay in a relationship after I graduated glad to know the deal actually got you a girl.” He laughs, you could feel Sakusa’s hand tense in yours. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
“What?” You blinked, confused. Iizuna’s laughter died down before he looked back awkwardly to his junior who was giving him a death glare. 
“She didn’t know?” You let go of Sakusa’s hand and faced him. “Didn’t know what, Kiyoomi?” You knew where this was going, but you wanted to hope for the best and think that somehow Sakusa was begrudgingly pulled into a prank. 
“Oh… oh shit.” Iizuna muttered to himself, knowing he probably caused a fight or a potential break up between you and your lover. 
“Sakusa? Do you need to tell me something?” “I think I see Komori, I’ll go ahead and greet him.” Iizuna quickly excused himself, leaving you with your boyfriend who looked at you guiltily. 
“(Y/N)...” “Save the sad dialogue, I just want to know.” You say, trying to ignore the clench of your heart, but if the two years with Sakusa taught you anything, it’s that he will never tolerate anything that will make him uncomfortable, but for you he’d make an exemption. 
“Before Iizuna and our upperclassmen graduated… they made a challenge to see if I would be able to get a girlfriend before they leave.” Sakusa starts, you nod, urging him to continue. 
“To be honest, I didn’t know why I accepted that challenge. Perhaps I was tired of being called anti-social and unable to get a girlfriend. Dumb move on my part.” 
“So… why me?” You couldn’t help but ask. Sakusa looked at you straight in the eye before speaking. 
“At first, I wanted to give up on this challenge because I wasn’t interested in anyone. Not until Komori suddenly brought you up. And...” You raise an eyebrow at his words, urging him to continue. “And…?”
“Komori said that when he mentioned your name, I blushed.” Sakusa mumbled, you hid a small smirk at his words. 
“Well. How long was this challenge supposed to last?” “Ideally, it was supposed to be a month at most… in my standard.” You roll your eyes at his statement. 
“I wonder how many times you said that, is it like… a free trial that renews every last week of the month?” You couldn’t help but joke. 
Truthfully, the news did shock you. Then again, you knew better than to doubt his feelings, especially now when he has actively tried to make your relationship work since the start. 
You knew Sakusa could never fake his feelings. 
“(Y/N)... I-” He cleared his throat. “I admit it was a shitty thing for me to do.”
“Not going to lie, it was.” You answer, he looked at the ground guiltily. “If you could redo when you asked me out, will you?” You asked, not even trying to hide your curiosity at this point. 
“To be honest, no.” Your eyes widened at the bluntness of his tone. “Because I don’t know if I would’ve ever confessed to you if my seniors didn’t push me to this challenge. It’s a miracle that you even said yes in the first place.” 
You gave him a soft smile, shocking him. “Honestly, I don’t think the past even matters.” You truthfully say. 
Sure, it may have seemed as if you were taken advantage of, but you were a smart girl. You knew that Sakusa would never stay or commit to a relationship that he wouldn’t want to. 
“You’re not mad?” Sakusa asked, a bit shocked at the lack of reaction.
“A bit shocked, I supposed.” You say, “I mean… anyone would be shocked if they found out their boyfriend of two years was using them for a challenge.” You say. “...oh god it does sound bad.” 
You laughed. “You think?” 
“God, I’m sorry. Just… I mean everything since the start, please know that.” Sakusa said, you nod, letting his hand intertwine with yours. 
“I know, Kiyoomi.” You reassure, squeezing his hand. “Didn’t know your highschool self was dumb though.” You tease. 
“You love me though.” 
“That, I do.” You smile, letting him kiss your forehead.
Tumblr media
The bell of your last class has rung, signalling the end of the day. You were giddy, knowing that you were about to see your boyfriend. 
Being with Suna made you feel as if you were always floating on a cloud, as much as he seems reserved and only expresses emotions when he sees the twins quarrel, you knew he was much more than that. People couldn’t see the way he acted with you behind closed doors. 
With your boyfriend in mind, you had a lovestruck gaze on your face as you put your stuff inside your locker. 
Once you slammed your locker door shut, you were greeted face to face with your friend who looks like she ran through a marathon. 
“Woah, you look like you’ve been through hell.” You joked, trying to hide the concern in your voice as she calmly grasped your hand. 
“You know I would never want to hurt you, right?” Your friend asked, you tilt your head to the side, confused and a little bit scared. 
“I’d rather you hear it right now before you get hurt in the future. Please, (Y/N). You know I wouldn’t lie to you, right?” You nodded your head slowly. 
Of course she wouldn’t lie, the both of you trusted each other to a point of death. 
“Of course, (F/N). What’s wrong?” You tried calming her down, she looked at you as if she was pained to say it. 
“I overheard the twins and Suna talking about you.” You blinked, not knowing what was wrong with that statement. To be honest, you felt your heart warm at the thought that Suna talked about you to his friends. 
“And… isn’t that what boyfriends are supposed to do?” Your friend frantically shook her head. “They were talking about you… about how Suna is using you as a bet.” You laughed. 
“(F/N), don’t you think you’re watching too many dramas or reading too many romance mangas?” You reply, trying to ignore how your heart dropped in a split second. “Suna wouldn’t do that.” You say, trying to convince yourself more than her.
You knew (F/N) would never lie to you, especially regarding things like these. 
“(Y/N), you know I am the biggest shipper of your relationship.” She said. 
“Maybe you misheard...” “You can distinguish Miya Atsumu’s voice miles away and I heard him loud and clear when he asked Suna how the bet was going.” You blink, trying to prevent the lump in your throat from getting worse. 
“(Y/N)...” “I think I need a moment.” You say quietly, “Thank you for telling me, I think I have to talk to him.” Your friend looked like she wanted to say something, but stopped herself and nodded. 
“Text me when you need me.” You nod, before heading the opposite direction to the gym. 
You didn’t know if you wanted to see Suna at that moment.
As soon as you got home, you changed and turned your phone off. Not wanting to talk to anyone as your friend’s words kept coming back to your mind, as much as you tried pushing it away, it just wouldn’t. As if it were a broken record that kept playing. 
You probably spent a good few hours overthinking, before you hear a knock on your door. 
Without thinking, you open the door and see Suna behind and typing on his phone.
“Hey.” He says once he sees your face and a small smile was etched to his usually deadpanned look. 
“Hi.” “You didn’t come to practice today.” Suna says, entering your house. 
“Ah. I was tired.” You curtly responded. Suna immediately noticed the shift in your mood. Normally, you would be happy to see him, but you looked as if he was the last person you wanted to see. Which was true as of the moment. 
“Is there something wrong?” Suna asked, a hint of concern laced in his voice. You give him a smile, to which he knows is forced, before shaking your head. 
“Just sleepy.” 
Something was definitely wrong. Suna thinks to himself as he watches you situate yourself on your bed. 
“(Y/N). I know something is wrong, tell me.” Suna says, shaking your figure. 
“It’s nothing, Suna.” “Suna? Something is definitely wrong.” 
“Please stop.” You whisper, trying to stop the lump in your throat from getting worse. Suna was on guard immediately. “Baby?” 
Your friend’s words from earlier invaded your mind once more, and before you knew it, tears were streaming down your face. 
“Baby?” Suna’s arms were around you, you tense in his hold, your boyfriend immediately releasing his hold on you. 
“Please stop using me.” You whispered, Suna’s eyes widened. 
“What?” “(F/N) heard you and the twins… about how you’re only dating me as a bet.” You say, trying to put a strong front but failing as tears uncontrollably streamed down your face. 
“She heard that?” “So it’s true?” You wiped your eyes before looking at him. 
Even looking at him hurt. 
“(Y/N)... it isn’t how you think it is.” 
“It’s a simple yes or no question, Suna.” The way you said his last name made the middle blocker feel a pang on his chest. 
“I-... yes, but-” “Get out.” You interrupted, eyes looking down as you spat out your words. 
“Baby-” “No. Please, not now. I don’t think I can look at you right now.” You say softly. 
Suna wanted to explain. To ease your thoughts, but he didn’t know how to begin. He was tongue-tied. 
“Leave.” You say again. 
You felt the bed shift, somewhere in your mind, you wanted Suna to tell you that it was a prank, to say that he paid (F/N) to participate in this sick prank. But you knew that wasn’t the reality that was happening now. 
You didn’t see the defeated nod that Suna sent you. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He says quietly, as if he didn’t know what else to add. 
Tears were building up in your eyes, once you hear the door shut, you let them loose. Sobbing hard onto your pillow. With a shaky hand, you turned on your phone, ignoring the numerous messages Suna probably sent before you turned off your phone earlier and sending a text to your friend.
You were right
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buckyandgeraltsupremacy · 3 months ago
The Set Up (George x Hufflepuff!Reader)
author: sj
warnings: fluff, pining, unedited (when do i ever edit lol)
an: thinking about making a part two to this but.. idk 
“Freddy,” George called, he slowed once he caught up with him. “Who was that you were just talking to?”
“Who? When?” Fred asked, puzzled by his brother’s question.
“Girl about yay high, wearing a hufflepuff uniform, (h/c) hair.” George explained.
“Ohhhh… Y/n. Yeah I have transfiguration with her and she’s my partner. What about her?” Fred responded.
“Oh um nothing. I was just wondering.” George rubbed the back of his neck.
George knew exactly who you were. He noticed you in 3rd year originally. He thought you were the sweetest, most awkward Hufflepuff in their year and was completely endeared by you. Now that you were all older, you matured into a beautiful young woman who was kind. You still had a touch of awkwardness but it wasn’t 15 year old awkwardness anymore.
He has been trying to muster up the nerve to talk to you for almost 3 years now and when he saw you talking to Fred, he was a little crushed. Fred was extremely flirty with any girl he deemed worthy that day, not that it was a necessarily bad thing, he just didn’t want you, the precious angel, to be hurt by his non stop flirting.
He wasn’t like his brother, he couldn’t get a date at the drop of a hat. He stuttered when he liked a girl. He hadn’t gone on several dates with several girls in one weekend. He’s had 2 past girlfriends and they both broke up with him because he ‘just wasn’t how they expected him to be’.
He couldn’t think of a way to approach her and now that she knew Fred, how was ever supposed to impress her by being himself. Fred noticed the cogs turning in George’s head and figured it had to do with his Hufflepuff partner.
“Wait, do you like Y/n?” Fred asked George as they walked into the Great Hall to each dinner. George’s cheeks went rosy.
“What?? No… that’s.. no!” George stuttered out, shocked.
Fred gave George a pointed look.
“Well, if you do, you better get it together quick then cause she’s meeting me at our table at dinner to go over our plan for Transfiguration. And don’t worry, don’t worry, she’s not my type. I won’t steal your girl, she’s too…. Nice.” Fred explained, leading them both to their normal spots at the Gryffindor table.
George rolled his eyes, but internally sighed in relief, knowing his twin wouldn’t do anything to intentionally hurt his feelings.
Sitting down, they started to fill their plates as you walked over and sheepishly waved at them.
“Y/n! Take a seat! Any where you’d like!” Fred said cheerfully, trying his best to make you comfortable.
You grinned and took the seat next to Lee, right across from George, caddy corner to Fred. You started to fill your plate when Lee spoke up.
“No offense,” Lee started with his mouth full, “but what are you doing here?”
You smiled and explained, “I’m partners with Fred in transfiguration and he said we could talk about the project at dinner. Speaking of, I started looking through it and we’re gonna have to put some serious work in. We won’t be able to get started at dinner, much less get it finished in one day.” You said pointed towards Fred.
George, meanwhile was trying his best not to stare at you. He couldn’t look away from your (e/c) eyes and found you to be even more mesmerizing up close.
“Well, I guess you can come to the common room tonight if you would like?” Fred questioned.
“Sure, that would work!”
“Oh dear goodness, please tell me we aren’t adding a girl into our group.” Lee whined jokingly.
“Honestly, I think you could use a voice of reason and who better than a woman with a brain.” The boys chuckled at your comment.
After about 30 minutes of small talk, you headed to your room to grab your materials and the boys headed back to the Gryffindor common room to wait for you.
The boys at on a couch by a fire place and continued their conversation from dinner about a prank they were planning on doing.
“That’s genius Lee!! Come on, we’ve got to go write it down before we forget the details. That’s perfect!” The two boys sprinted toward their room, leaving George sitting, waiting for you.
He wanted to go with them, but would feel awful if when you came to knock on the door, no one was there to answer it and let you in. Just then, a knock sounded on the door.
George stood quickly, and smoothed out his trousers, suddenly very self conscious and nervous that he would have to actually talk to you.
He pushed open the portrait hole to find you standing on the other side with many heavy text books in hand.
“Oh wow, got quite the load there don’t ya.” George chuckled, letting you in.
You immediately recognized him as George, just by the gentle tone he took with you and the slight blush he seemed to always have on the top of his cheek bones. You instantly flushed when you realized that he was the only one waiting for you.
“Um. Fred and Lee got an idea for a prank so they had to go write it down… in the… in the room.” George tripped over his words.
“Oh okay. I’ll just get settled then.” You looked down and started arranging your books on the table.
George noticed your shy behavior and it almost gave him a little kick in the rear to talk to you.
“So, what do you like to do when you aren’t doing school?” He asked, sitting down beside you on the floor at the coffee table.
“Um, I really like to read. I also love nature, though I tend to kill plants if I own them, but I like walks and sitting by the lake.” You smiled, glancing over at him.
“That’s pretty cool. I like reading but Fred never did and since we do everything together I haven’t really ever had time. Ginny likes to read though, or at least she did when she was younger.” George said, leaning a little closer to you as you set out all your books and parchment.
Your eyes lit up with a sparkle that George wished he could take a picture of and carry with him every where he went. “If you ever want to try to take up reading again, let me know! I’ve got so many books you can borrow and depending on what you’re wanting to read.” You smiled at him.
“I would love that! Yeah! That would be great!” He beamed back at you. He held your stare and suddenly the air in the room got thicker. 
Faintly, two sets of feet came thudding down the stairs from the dorms. You quickly looked away, a faint blush coating your cheeks. George smiled from the blush you carried now and his confidence boosted a little higher. It seemed the more he talked to you, the more okay he was becoming with talking to you. 
As Fred walked back into the room, he noticed your pink cheeks avoiding looking up and he glanced to George who was gazing at you like you hung the moon. Fred shook his head. Little did you and George had been trying to set you two up for the last year and it looked like his little plan was working. 
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narchoe · a month ago
Opening Up (2) | Mason Mount x Reader
Tumblr media
Mason smiled as he saw his phone light up as they sat around the table, not escaping the notice of the rest of his teammates at the dinner.
"Who's got you smiling like that?" Jack called from across the table
Mason shook his head, not given the chance to respond by the sound of Bukayo making a suggestive hum. "I think I know,"
"Saka," Mason warned.
"Open it up to the group, come on, no secrets here." Bukayo urged causing the players and coaches to make 'Oohing' sounds as they teased him. Mason blushed slightly as he hung his head, grinning to himself.
"Go on Mount, what's the big secret?" Southgate urged as he poured himself another glass of wine.
Mason looked up and made eye contact with Steve who was wiggling his eyebrows, and he knew that there was no getting out of it now.
"I'm taking y/n/n out on a date," Mason revealed, the whole table bursted out in delight as he did so and he placed his head in his hands, hiding his wide smile at their reaction.
"Are you ready?" he asked over the phone. y/n smiled with a shake of her head as she walked though the modern building.
"Believe it or not Mason, I'm punctual." she laughed before ending the call. Mason looked up to see her walking through the building's foyer, dressed in jeans and a tight-fitting black turtleneck, putting on a bomber jacket.
She was effortlessly beautiful, and she had the ability to control any room she found herself in, and he could see it unfolding in front of him. People in the foyer had their eyes on her as she waved at the porter with a glowing smile, she walked out and saw Mason directly in front of her, a boyish grin on his face.
"You are punctual," he smiled as she came over to hug him, "and beautiful too," he said into her ear. y/n grinned as she pulled away to look at him, there was a moment between the two of them where everything drowned out, and y/n moved in to kiss him softly, feeling his hands grip her waist as he pulled her into him.
"Been a while," she smiled as she traced circled on the back of his neck.
"Too long," Mason smiled before taking her hand and walking her to the passenger seat of the Mercedes.
"Are you happy to be back playing Domestic?" she asked, resting her hand in her palm as she looked at Mason across the table.
"Well, I love all the boys but it's nice to be back with Timo, Edouard and Chris." Mason informed after sipping some of the wine, "There isn't as much competition, or tension."
"Tension?" She asked
"You know, this whole atmosphere of not knowing who will be picked for the next squad, there's always this subtle undertone of competition when there doesn't need to be."
"I get that," she murmured, "But you know you've got a guarantee, right? With you it's not even just about the football anymore, everyone loves you Mase, fans and the management. If you weren't picked I think they would have a fit." she smiled.
"I guess, and I don't say that to sound arrogant, but it is true." He sighed, "anyway, I want to hear about you." Mason dismissed.
"What do you want to know?" She asked, her eyes alight.
Mason bit his lip as he looked at her, she was bringing out something in him that he had never felt. "How did you get into football?"
"My uncles in Colombia, they were on the coaching staff at Atlético Nacional in Medellin, they brought my brothers and I into the game and trained us non-stop from like three years old. Didn't have kids of their own and my grandfather was in support of it, my mother didn't seem to mind and my dad's a huge football fan so he let them do as they pleased."
"Did you enjoy it?" Mason asked, picking up on her slightly tainted accent that he had never really heard before.
"It was all I knew, but when my mum passed it was too painful for my dad to stay in Colombia, so we moved, all of us, my twin brother and my two older ones. It kind of deteriorated the relationship between my dad and my Uncles but he promised that he would keep us playing in London."
"Well, clearly, you did."
"I did until eighteen, then stopped, I wanted a normal university experience, but I still played for exercise. Then I was training in West London and that's where Sarina found me, asked me to trial to join England, I declined but she was pretty persistent and said that she had plans for me to help the team. I knew the game analytically as well because of my Uncles, so knew how I had to play to make others work. When she got in touch with my uncles to research me they wanted me to go and play for the National Team in Colombia but I couldn't leave my dad, plus it's painful to go back there, so I just spoke with my dad and he encouraged me to do it, and here we are."
"I've heard some stories of how people got into football but nothing like that," Mason said with a shake of the head, "y/n/n, you should be playing in the prem, the UCL, not as a pacesetter."
"The women's game is very different in both of those leagues, it's not as appealing." y/n sighed as she trailed her index finger around the rim of her wineglass.
"That's true," Mason nodded.
"Plus, I'm happy with what I'm doing, I've got my plan to go into finance and I'm already being seen as a prospect by some banks, I'm in a good spot." She smiled softly.
"Can I ask you something?"
"Whatever you want," she smiled.
"What was your mum called?"
y/n took a moment, a small smile on her lips as she reminisced in the fond memories of her mother, "She was called Valeriá, she was amazing, from everything i have to go off."
"How old were you when she passed?" Mason asked softly
"I was ten," y/n sighed, a look of sadness overcoming her expression, but Mason could tell that she wanted to talk about it, she seemed to be at ease. There was one question that she knew he was dying to ask though, and that was 'How?'
"You want to know the grand cause?" she sighed, watching as Mason extended his hand over the table to take hers. She placed her fingertips in his palm and traced patterns as he nodded, he looked inquisitive. "My uncles,"
Mason's expression changed into one of concern immediately, but y/n squeezed his hand ever so slightly. "They didn't kill her, or have her killed. But the sad truth is that in Colombia the cost of a mistake is human life, not yours but the ones closest to you. They didn't pay off their debts in time after they built their own training ground to start up a youth academy to get kids off the streets after school, the loansharks who lent them the money were, as it goes, tied in with the Narcos, and that was it, they had her killed."
Mason watched as she recited what had happened as if it was nothing, she went into an emotional shutdown in which she seemed to be on autopilot.
"I'm so fucking sorry y/n/n," Mason said, trying to find something in her eyes that said she was hurting, but he couldn't and it was a concern to him.
"Don't be Mason, she taught me to be kind and she taught me to be strong. What I got from her was something very special, I count myself lucky that I get to remember her so fondly." She smiled. Mason felt his heart warm at her optimism but he also knew there was a lot to uncover there, and he knew that a part of y/n remained buried deep underground.
He stood from his seat and walked round to her, tilting her chin up to him as he held her gaze before kissing her softly in the restaurant. y/n smiled as he pulled away, "what was that for?"
"I couldn't help myself," Mason murmured.
He walked over to sit opposite her again as y/n managed to tone down the wide smile that she wanted to break into.
Mason walked with y/n down The Kings Road, his arm around her as he did so. They made avid conversation, Mason making her laugh hysterically, until they were rudely cut off by an unwarranted jeer from someone across the street.
Y/n turned her head to see a group of drunken young men, probably in the middle of a night out, making unfavourable comments to Mason about his performance, calling all kinds of things. Mason shut his eyes as he exhaled and they kept walking, until one of them shouted, “Only good thing you’ve done is manage to land someone who looks like she’d be a good fuck!”
Mason spun round immediately to go and confront them but y/n was quick to get in front of him, “Mase, don’t even rise to it, if anything that was a compliment to me.” She quickly said, placing a hand on his chest and pushing him back from the curb before he could cross the road.
“I'm not going to stand here and let them talk about you like that,” Mason grunted as he pushed forwards to get to the still-jeering group of young men.
“Mason, look at me,” she reasoned, “you’re only giving them what they want.” Y/n said, placing her hand on his cheek to keep his focus on her. Mason met her eyes, an urging look being sent his way, “kiss me, take your mind off it,” she grinned.
Mason did as she said imminently, crashing his lips on hers with urgency, losing himself in her as he blocked out the comments being thrown his way. Once she pulled away y/n grabbed his hand and walked him down the street and away from the group of young men, looking over at him with a smile on her lips, “Are you okay?”
“Wankers,” he muttered.
“Indeed,” she laughed. Mason placed his arm around her again and kissed the side of her head as they walked to his car.
As they made conversation as he drove Mason snuck a glance whenever he could, her smile was illuminating, she was the embodiment of charm and Mason knew she was irresistible.
“Are you coming up?” Y/n asked with a small smirk as she looked over to Mason. He bit his lip, he knew what would end up happening, and he was conflicted; he didn’t want her to think he was using her by sleeping with her that fast, but the way in which they were so comfortable around each other, the way in which they got on as if they had been together for years, the way in which he didn’t care about kissing her in public, the sheer fact that he wanted to the whole time, that told him that whatever happened that night was meant to happen.
“Let’s go.”
Mason watched her as she fixed them both a drink, her home was different to how she seemed at face-value. She had photos up, ones that he assumed to be of her family, and then there was a striking one, of a woman who looked exactly like y/n. She walked up behind him with the old Fashioned and handed it to him, “that’s her.”
“Your mother?”
“Yeah,” y/n said, a warm smile on her face as she looked at the large portrait before knocking back a good amount of her drink. “I don’t know why I hung it up to be honest, it makes me sad to look at.”
“Naturally,” Mason said after consuming some of the liquor, “but maybe that’s a good thing y/n/n, it’s good to be upset about things, actually feel.”
“Not sad forever though,” she sighed before finishing her drink, “apologies in advance if you can’t keep up with me, you’re drinking with a Colombian.” She smirked, changing the subject and he didn't even realise her doing it purposefully. Mason grinned before knocking back the last of the drink and following her back into the kitchen.
Mason watched as she poured them both another, she slid it across the marble counter before propping herself up on it, drawing Mason in. He stood with his drink in one hand and his other on her thigh, watching as she sipped the whiskey; his eyes were fixed to her lips, lips that he constantly wanted to kiss.
“I never thought I had a shot with you, you know.” She remarked as she looked back to him, a hand on his chest.
“Why not?” He asked, running his hand up and down her thigh.
“Because you’re, well… you.” She laughed, “The golden boy of football,” she smiled. “I just would’ve thought that you would’ve been too busy with other options.”
“You’re not an option y/n, you’re so much more than an option.” He murmured, placing a hand on her cheek, “I got lucky with you, very lucky, the fact you even agreed to come out to dinner with me is me getting unbelievably lucky. You’re so different to anyone I have ever met, and your company is all I could ever want,” Mason confessed. Her eyes shone slightly as he spoke, her heart felt lifted, she’d never been spoken to by someone she cared about in the way he had just spoken to her. “And I want you to know again, I’m not using you, I haven’t felt like this before about anyone, and I don’t know what it is about you but I just want to be with you, literally all of the time, and I can never stop thinking about you, I mean, It’s a borderline problem.”
Y/n laughed as she listened to his last remark, “Mason, I feel the exact same way.” She confirmed before pulling him into another feverish kiss. It was remarkably more passionate than their first;
Y/n moaned slightly into his mouth as his hand trailed up the inside of her thigh. The kiss deepened and became even more heated as y/n peeled his jacket off him.
“Is our first time going to be on your counter or do you have a bed that I can get you to,” Mason murmured against her lips causing y/n to smile before nudging him back and taking him by the hand, leading him to her bedroom.
Mason pushed her down onto the bed, hovering over her as he examined her beauty once more. Y/n bit her lip as she watched him, the moment of pause between them speaking volumes, “Are you sure you want this?” She asked, placing a hand on the back of his neck.
“Are you?” Mason said with a soft smile.
“Yes,” y/n breathed.
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bruh-changbin · 5 months ago
wild woods
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: han jisung x female reader
requested: yes
genre: fluff, smut, teeeny bit of angst
warnings: fingering (f receiving), semi public sex, unprotected sex (be safe), some sensual finger sucking, talks of flashing, tiny mention of blood
word count: 6.9k
a/n: my longest fic so far! i really like how this turned out so i hope you all enjoy :) (also trying out a new style of posting fics to see how i like it lol)
the last week of june was something you always looked forward to. not only did the week bring warm weather and bright blue skies, but it also meant it was time for your family’s annual trip.
In the past, the trip consisted of you, your parents and your obnoxious brother minho making the 3 hour drive to your cottage. but now that you and your brother had grown older, your parents opted to stay back at home and allowed both of you to bring some friends up.
your friends; ryujin, yeji, lia, chaeryeong and yuna, were ecstatic when you told them the plan. within seconds they all pulled out their phones to book the time off of work while talking about how tan they’re going to get.
and then of course there was minho's friends. you liked minho’s friends, they were nice and funny and you got along with all of them. but you didn’t know any of them really well except for one: han jisung.
you had gotten to know jisung through helping him produce some music. one night, jisung texted minho asking if he could give him a hand in the studio to which he responded that he was busy - but you could help him out. you generally didn’t know much about music production but all jisung needed you to do was press some buttons and stuff. plus, he said it made him feel less lonely to have someone else in the studio. since then, you’ve helped him out on numerous occasions and the two of you formed a sort of bond.
you had gotten to know jisung through helping him produce some music. one night, jisung texted minho asking if he could give him a hand in the studio to which he responded that he was busy - but you could help him out. you generally didn’t know much about music production but all jisung needed you to do was press some buttons and stuff. plus, he said it made him feel less lonely to have someone else in the studio. since then, you’ve helped him out on numerous occasions and the two of you formed a sort of bond.
aside from jisung, your relationships with minho’s friends was barely beyond acquaintances. despite that, you were looking forward to this whole endeavour as you knew you were bound to make memories.
day 1 ᠃ ⚘
the road trip up to the lake was eventful. ryujin is the designated driver of your friend group and yuna threatened murder if she didn’t get to sit in the passengers seat. that left you crammed in the back with chaeryeong, yeji and lia who bickered for the first 5 minutes over who should get to control the aux. some colourful words were exchanged and in the end yeji happily connected her phone while chaeryeong slumped in her seat in defeat.
for majority of the trip your car remained ahead of the boys, which is why you let out a groan when you pulled into the gravel driveway to find their car already parked and unloaded. they must have passed your car when you all decided to take a short break and stop at a crystal shop.
“ahh finally you’re here! took you long enough!” minho jokes as you enter the cottage, the rest of the girls following behind you. you just roll your eyes.
“don’t listen to him,” chan mumbles as you brush past him, “we’ve only been here for 10 minutes.”
it took quite some time for you to unpack the car; your friends packed like they were going on a week-long trip to paris as opposed to a 4 day trip to a cabin in the woods. once all of your bags were inside, it was time to arrange where you were all going to sleep. the room you were in has 2 twin beds that you and minho would use when you came up here with your parents, meaning 4 people would be on the floor in sleeping bags.
“this is my cottage so I automatically get one of the beds.”
chaeryeong frowns at your statement, “that’s not fair.”
“i think it’s pretty fair,” ryujin shrugs, “we wouldn’t get to be here if it wasn’t for y/n.”
a grin creeps onto your face as you triumphantly take your place on one of the small beds, watching with amusement as the 5 other girls play an intense game of rock paper scissors. in the end, yuna reigns supreme as the others roll out their sleeping bags on the floor. “i swear if i wake up and there’s a spider on my face, i’m killing both of you.” yeji mutters while glancing at you and yuna, and you all laugh.
since you arrived in the late afternoon, the sun is already low in the sky by the time you finish unpacking. minho and his friends had gone to buy groceries so you gave your friends a quick tour.
the inside of the cabin has a shared living room, kitchen and bathroom as well as two bedrooms. outside of the cottage there was a fire pit, a bright sandy beach and an old dock that would give you splinters if you weren’t careful when walking on it.
“i don’t care how old that dock is, someone better take cute pictures of me standing on it.” yeji proclaims and you vouch that you’ll take good pictures of her.
“but seriously y/n,” chaeryeong turns to you with a look of sincerity, “thank you for bringing us here. i know it’s going to be a great time.”
when the sun dips below the horizon and turns the sky a misty blue, you decide to conclude your tour and head back inside. besides, the mosquitos were getting bad and bug spray was limited.
back inside the cottage, minho and seungmin bring everyone dinner and you all eat together in the living room. hyunjin and chaeryeong are assigned dish duty and everyone else gathers around the card table to play some uno. initially you were worried that things would be awkward between your friends and minho’s friends, but conversation flows smoothly and everyone is enjoying themselves.
in cottage tradition, you and minho convince everyone to have a bonfire.
“the proper way to start off a banger cottage trip is to have a huge fire the night you arrive.” minho exclaims before heading off to collect firewood to put in the pit. chan has you help him gather all of the ingredients for s’mores before you join the others outside.
sparks leap off the bonfire with a crisp popping sound as you all settle down in your respective seats. snacks and drinks are pulled out of bags and coolers and everyone erupts in a fit of laughter when seungmin reveals his alcohol of choice is boxed wine. yuna finds it especially funny because it’s ‘so 40-year old white mom of him’.
red plastic cups filled with absolut peach vodka and orange juice are passed around and you all partake in a game of ‘ride the bus’, a drinking game that has more than half of you absolutely plastered. even in your drunken state, you grin as you look at all of your friends who are smiling and laughing; their happy faces lit up by the glowing fire. life is good.
day 2 ᠃ ⚘
the morning brings dark clouds and rain. lots and lots of rain. “hey, at least there isn’t bright beaming sunlight to make our headaches worse,” yuna mumbles from her small twin bed that’s across the room from yours. you groan before nuzzling your face into your pillow.
why did it have to rain while you were on your trip? you were really looking forward to hanging out on the beach today, you had even bought a new swimsuit that you wanted to show off. of course ryujin helped you pick it out (she has an eye for fashion) but you wanted to flaunt it to the other girls!
alas, your plans of laying on the sand under the warm sun are ruined as you check the weather forecast for today: all rain. a frown creeps its way onto your face as you toss your phone onto your mattress and close your eyes again. might as well sleep all day to get rid of this hangover.
“y/n~” chaeryeong whines from her place on the floor. you ignore her. despite it being the early afternoon, you feel tired enough to fall back asleep. for a second you almost do, that is until you feel someone jump on top of you.
you groan in displeasure as all of the girls pile onto you one by one, laughing as they shove you deeper into the squishy mattress. “come on y/n get up!” lia’s voice is right beside your ear, and you could tell that she was the one who started the dog pile.
in a split second you’ve pushed everyone off of you as you stand up, hands grasping the first pillow you can get a hold of before turning around and beaning lia in the shoulder. everyone shrieks and reaches for their own pillow as you all run around the room hitting each other. you’ve just scored a headshot on yuna when you step on yeji’s sleeping bag on the floor, your sock not providing enough traction against the slippery material and you fall to the ground.
somewhere in the process of you slipping and falling to the ground, your shirt flies up quite high on your torso. but these are your close friends! it’s no big deal.
that is until you roll over and see jisung standing in the doorway, his eyes wide as he tries not to stare at how dangerously high up your shirt has slipped.
in what feels like one swift motion you yank your shirt down over your torso and get back on your feet before nudging your friends to quit hitting each other with pillows.
“is there something you need, jisung?” you ask, trying not to trip over your words.
“oh yea uhh.. minho wanted me to let you know that there’s food uhh… breakfast o-or whatever.”
jisung is finding it very difficult to make eye contact with you.
“that’s great thanks! we’ll be right out.” yeji, sensing some awkward tension, blurts out in response. everyone nods in agreement.
“yea, thanks jisung,” you say before closing the door in jisung’s shocked face.
there’s silence for a moment as you turn around and walk over to your bag that’s on the floor, intent on getting changed and getting out of that room away from your friends’ stares.
ryujin takes a seat on your bed, “so.. what the fuck just happened?”
you continue to fumble through your bag as you respond, “i don’t know! we were all having that pillow fight and then i slipped on yejis sleeping bag and my shirt flew up at the exact second jisung decided to walk in so now there’s a very high probability that he just saw my boobs..” you’re out of breath by the time you finish your sentence.
“oh yea that’s not good..” lia whispers in response to your mini rant.
“hey look on the brightside!” ryujin starts, “you have a thing for jisung so maybe this is some kind of sign!”
you whip around to face ryujin as soon as she finishes her sentence. “ i do NOT have a thing for jisung and i don’t know why you would even think that.”
your friends exchange glances and you swear yuna smirks before responding, “come on y/n, you spend almost as much time helping him in his studio as you do hanging out with us! and you can’t deny the hair colour he has now looks really good.”
“just because we hang out a lot doesn’t mean i’ve developed feelings for him! and besides, he’s minho’s best friend so i’m sure he probably just sees me as a little sister.” you say in defence, but you know your friends aren’t giving this up.
“y/n have you seriously never read a brothers best friend fanfiction? this is how they always start!” yeji’s comment has everyone erupting in a fit of laughter and you figure that’s the end of the conversation - nothing you say will change their minds.
you turn your back on the pack of laughing hyenas you call your friends as you get changed, dreading having to go out into the living room to get breakfast. no matter what anyone says, you do not have feelings for han jisung.
breakfast is as awkward as you anticipated. jisung keeps glancing at you from time to time, his ears a bright shade of red meaning he hasn’t recovered from what happened not too long ago. luckily it doesn’t last long as he mutters something about calling his mom before running back into his room.
once breakfast is finished you help seungmin with the cleanup before returning back to your bedroom. lia sets up her laptop as you all decide a twilight marathon is the best way to spend your rainy cottage day. the 6 of you all find a place on the pile of sleeping bags on the floor before pressing play. you and yuna blather on about how much of a dilf carlisle is and chaeryeong - who has never seen the movies - watches intently.
a break is taken between new moon and eclipse. ryujin heads to the kitchen to make mac and cheese and yeji chows down on some doritos, causing lia to throw a fit since there are now crumbs in her sleeping bag. ryujin soon returns with 6 steaming bowls of noodles and you all eat while watching the movie.
at some point yuna sighs, “i wish i had a hot vampire boyfriend.” she says while gazing at edward with heart eyes.
“don’t you think jacob would make a better boyfriend?” chaeryeong questions while shovelling mac and cheese into her mouth. you all stare at her.
“uh uh, no way. jacob is so annoying! and edward is so.. so caring, and witty.” you retort.
yeji nods beside you before speaking, “yea and edwards charming and he’s kind of.. kind of like jisung, right y/n?” yeji says while smirking at you, the other girls stifling their laughs with little success.
“i hate all of you.” is all you can say before turning back to face lias laptop, hoping the movie will drown out your friends. they’re never going to let this go.
breaking dawn part 2 finishes and you all stretch before exiting the stuffy bedroom you’ve spent the entire day in. chan and hyunjin are already in the kitchen cooking something for all of you, so you sit in the living room and play cards while you’re waiting. jisung is still hiding his the boys’ bedroom.
once dinner is cleaned up you all decide to retire to bed earlier than usual. the majority of you had spent the day with a menacing hangover, so a good night’s sleep is what’s needed. you brush your teeth before returning to your bedroom, stepping over your friends sleeping on the floor before slipping under the sheets of your bed.
although the cottage is quiet with everyone asleep, the voice in your head won’t shut up. what the fuck happened this morning? and is it going to affect your friendship with jisung? what if he doesn’t invite you to his studio anymore? and what if he ignores you when he comes to your house to hangout with minho?
what if, what if … so many what ifs! by this point your mind is going a mile a minute and you know you won’t be able to fall asleep anytime soon. without disturbing the others, you sneak out of the bedroom and into the kitchen, making sure to use the flashlight on your phone to light up your path - you had always been afraid of the dark. after downing 3 cups of water, you decide a breath of fresh air is what you really need in order to calm yourself down.
the rain has slowed down to a light drizzle as you swing open the cottage door and step out onto the covered porch, the moon shining so bright it illuminates all of your surroundings. immediately you close your eyes and take in a deep breath - inhaling all of the comforting scents of the cottage. cedar from the trees, fresh water from the lake, some kind of manly cologne. hold on, that last one is something new.
you open your eyes and peer to your right, only to realize that you’re not alone. jisung is sitting on a foldable lawn chair, staring over his shoulder at the lake. this is great! maybe he’s too transfixed on the waves to have noticed your presence. all you have to do is turn back around and head inside without making a sound.
alas, sometimes even the simplest of tasks are undoable. the second you put your foot down behind you the floorboard creaks, and jisung whips his head around to look directly at you.
for a moment you both sit there awkwardly, your eyes darting back and forth between his and the door. but you soon realize the key to answering all of your troublesome thoughts is sitting right in front of you. you need to talk this one out.
“sorry, i didn’t realize you were out here,” you start, “i hope i didn’t startle you.”
jisung looks down at his hands on his lap as he responds, “you caught me a bit off guard, but it's fine.” he answers with a chuckle.
seconds go by as each of you wait for the other to say something, the sound of the wind in the trees preventing it from being dead silent.
“listen y/n,” jisung inhales deeply and your shoulders tense, “i just want to let you know that i didn’t see anything when you fell. i don’t know if that makes you feel any better, just thought i would share.”
you don’t really know what to say at jisungs revelation, so you just nod. of course you're glad you didn’t accidentally flash him, but that leaves you confused as to why he ignored you for the whole day.
“if you didn’t see anything then why did you spend the whole day acting like i don’t exist?” you respond quietly, as if your friends inside the cabin will somehow hear you over the wind and the rain.
“because i don’t know! i wasn’t sure if bringing it up or ignoring it would be better so i went with the latter.” jisungs voice trails off at the end of his sentence.
you can tell he genuinely does feel bad; his small huff of frustration is a dead giveaway. jisung runs his hands through his hair a couple of times, the radiant glow from the moon defining his perfect side profile. you force yourself to look away before he notices you staring.
“i-its fine jisung. i kind of overreacted and i’m sorry.” you say while glancing over at him. he smiles at you, and you both agree to just move on with your lives. you both exchange quiet ‘good night’s and ‘sleep well’s before you head back into th cottage. your burning questions were answered, and now you can enjoy a peaceful, thoughtless slumber.
day 3 ᠃ ⚘
the sun is what wakes you up this morning as opposed to yesterday’s rain. that and ryujin’s astronomically loud snoring. you decide to wake her up - once chaeryeong has taken a video - and all 6 of you eat breakfast, get changed and head over to the dock. yeji and ryujin are quick to jump in the lake as you opt to lay down a towel to sunbathe.
the cooler is filled to the brim with drinks and you thank lia as she hands you a smirnoff berry blast. yuna hangs her legs off the edge of the dock as you close your eyes; wishing that nothing or no one disturbs you.
“so..” chaeryeong takes a seat on the towel beside you, “any update on the jisung situation?” she prods. lia and yuna hurry over and sit beside you while yeji and ryujin spin their floaties around to face you. it feels like you’re the star in some high school drama tv show - and you hate it.
“please, i would hardly call it a situation.” you mutter before taking a sip from the can beside you. the chill of your drink is refreshing since you feel yourself heating up, although you can’t tell if it’s from the heat or embarrassment.
“i dunno y/n, he seems more flustered around you than usual.” chaeryeong responds and all the other girls nod in agreement.
you scoff. “you guys are blowing this out of proportion. jisung almost saw my tits, so what?! i’m sure he’s mature enough to understand that it was an accident. and besides, i talked to him last night and he seemed fine.”
yuna snickers beside you and you have to resist the urge to push her off the dock. “is something funny?”
all eyes shift to yuna as she responds: “sorry, I just never thought I would hear the words ‘mature’ and ‘jisung’ being used in the same sentence.”
the rest of the girls laugh at her statement and you just roll your eyes, biting your lip to hold back a chuckle (you didn’t want to give her that satisfaction).
“come on y/n we’re just joking around!” lia jesters - you throw your flip flop at her.
the rest of the day is spent out in the sun. initially you decide against swimming, but the way the emerald waves sparkle is enticing enough to have you jumping off the dock. the chill of the water is shocking but refreshing and you grab a bright yellow inner tube and float alongside yeji.
minho and his friends decide to join despite not being invited. chan and hyunjin let out loud howls as they sprint down the dock and jump into the water. minho follows shortly after and seungmin opts to climb in using the ladder.
while hyunjin fights yeji for her floatie, you do a quick head count and try to hide your disappointment when you realize jisung is nowhere to be seen.
“is jisung going to join?” you question your brother quietly so your friends wouldn’t hear.
“i don’t think so, he’s off somewhere working on a song so i doubt he’ll show up.” minho responds before wading over to the rest of the group. you try to hide your disappointment at your brother's words as you follow suit and head towards the rest of the group.
a couple intense rounds of marco polo are played and yeji screams when hyunjin successfully pushes her off of her floatie. the boys decide to head back in soon after and the rest of you stay out in the water.
chaeryeong has you reapply her sunscreen every hour and ryujin has a kim kardashian moment when her earring falls out and gets lost in the sand on the bottom of the lake. you all want to stay out longer, but once you realize how wrinkly your hands are from being in the water all day, you decide to call it quits.
back in the cottage you all take turns having showers to get the lake water off of you. everyone gathers around the card table in the living room to play a couple rounds of president and you join minho in the kitchen to start making dinner. the two of you reminisce over past cottage excursions as you slice up vegetables, laughing as you remember the first time minho tried fishing.
the energy all around was bright and happy; with you and minho laughing in the kitchen and your friends playing cards in the living room, a smile is present on everyone’s face.
once the meal prep is complete, you head out onto the back deck to help minho with the barbeque. at first he almost singes his eyebrows off from turning the heat too high, but once he gets the hang of it he insists that you call him ‘grill master’ (to which you refuse).
by the time the food is done, the friendly game of cards in the living room has turned into a full on screaming match. chan, jisung and ryujin argue over whether or not you can burn a 2 with a joker and chaeryeong boasts that she’s been vice president every single round.
the second minho shouts ‘dinners ready!’ from the kitchen all of the bickering stops as everyone rushes to get their share, thanking you and minho in the process.
some small talk is made during dinner and once everyone is done, you all make a circle in the living room to play mafia. seungmin makes an excellent storyteller and you all listen intently as he tells the story of how hyunjin was saved by the guardian angel and the detective, minho, was able to guess the mafia correctly. by the time you all finish playing, the sky has turned a deep shade of navy blue as stars twinkle and shine from above.
“well, it looks like the clouds from yesterdays rain are all gone,” minho starts as he stands up, “anyone up for some star gazing?
a plethora of blankets and pillows are brought out onto the beach as you all settle down for some star-gazing. minho was right, there wasn’t a cloud in sight and the stars shine exceptionally bright.
minho, ryujin and lia roll out the blankets on top of the sand while seungmin runs back inside to grab some coolers and his guitar.
“i wonder if we’ll be able to see the draco constellation from here! you know, the snake one.” hyunjin ponders aloud as he finds a place to sit.
“dumbass, draco is a lizard.” seungmin quips back as he opens up a cooler, the can hissing before he takes a sip.
“i think i know what i’m talking about seungmin. draco is a snake. point blank period.” hyunjin retorts, making you laugh since you know that the draco constellation is in fact a dragon.
for awhile you all sit together and stare at the sky, pointing out different constellations such as cassiopeia and orion. yuna gets frustrated since she can’t seem to spot the big dipper, and apparently jisung saying it’s ‘the one that looks like a big spoon’ doesn’t help at all.
after sitting on the beach for some time, one by one people start to retire to bed. chaeryeong and lia drag a sun-silly yeji back to the cottage and ryujin and minho follow suit, both wanting to get a good sleep before making the drive back home. hyunjin eventually grows tired of fending off mosquitos and he too heads back inside, leaving you on the beach with yuna, jisung, chan and seungmin.
you don’t remember when seungmin started playing guitar, but the way his melodic strums match up with the gentle rolling of the waves has your eyelids growing heavy. chan and jisung begin to quietly hum along, and you roll onto your side as the serenity of it all lulls you to sleep.
a small but sharp pinch on your neck is what brings you back from your dream-like state. how did a mosquito get inside the cottage? you were very adamant about keeping the door shut so no bugs would get inside. ugh, why was the cottage so cold of a sudden? and why did your mattress feel like sand? and holy shit, you were still on the beach.
for a moment you convince yourself that there’s no way your friends would’ve left you out her alone - when you sit up you’ll see yuna, jisung, chan and seungmin still sitting there beside you. but as you strain your ears for any kind of sign that your friends are still with you, you don’t hear any. seungmin’s no longer playing guitar, chan and jisung are no longer singing, and you are utterly alone.
your heart beats faster in your chest as you open your eyes and are met with a view of the lake as opposed to the view of your room. and just as you had presumed, yuna was no longer sitting in your line of sight like she had been before you drifted off.
how could your friends do this!? they know you're afraid of the dark! it’s one thing to be in the dark, but its a whole other thing to be in the dark, on a beach and far away from the cottage where all of your friends are.
“shit, shit, shit!” you mutter to yourself as you muster up the courage to make the sprint from your current spot on the beach to the cottage. just as you’re about to push yourself up and make a run for it, a hand latches onto your shoulder. you swiftly roll over and make eye contact with a clearly startled jisung, the scream you were about to let out dying before it passes your lips.
“holy shit y/n, are you ok?” there’s a clear tone of panic in jisungs voice as he helps you sit up while simultaneously shuffling closer to you.
now that you know you’re not alone you breathe a big sigh of relief before responding, “yea, i’m fine. i just freaked out for a second because i thought you guys left me alone.”
jisung removes his hands from your shoulder, and you miss the warmth it provided you. “yeaa sorry about that. everyone got tired and headed inside but i figured i should wait with you until you woke up.”
your stomach flips when jisung says he waited for you and you beg it to stop. you had already decided you didn’t have feelings for him! damn it, why do emotions have to be so complicated.
“well, thank you for waiting for me jisung,” you briefly make eye contact with him, “it really means a lot.”
much like last night, the two of you sit together in silence - although this time it isn’t awkward. the heat radiating off of jisungs body brings you comfort and you try not to fixate on his shallow breaths that go in through his nose and out through his mouth.
in the moment you say fuck it. fuck emotions and brothers best friend stereotypes and fuck everything! and that’s why in a split second you place your hand on jisungs cheek and press your lips against his.
jisungs lips are warm and plush, much like what you expected them to be. he reciprocates almost immediately, moving his hands to the back of your neck while kissing you with more fervor.
you don’t want to pull away but you do, your lips feeling cold the second they detach from jisungs. your heart is going a mile a minute and you don’t know what to say or do, all you can do is gaze into jisungs eyes as you search for some kind of answer as to how he’s feeling.
noticing your sudden sheepishness, jisung decides to take control of the situation by kissing you again. you struggle to take in a full breath through your nose as you kiss him back, your heart drumming against your rib cage. everything about him is driving you crazy - his scent, his soft skin, the way his fingers tangle in your hair.
jisung places both of his hands on your shoulders to gently push you onto your back before hovering over you, your legs spreading to accommodate his hips on top of yours. you find your hands automatically travelling down the expanse of his back, his muscles flexing as your fingertips graze his skin under the fabric of his shirt.
in an almost timid fashion, jisung begins to rock his hips against yours. it’s barely noticeable at first - he seems to be testing the waters - but the grinding of his hips becomes deeper as he grows more confident.feeble whimpers escape your lips as jisungs hands reach under the fabric of your hoodie, his palms making contact with your breasts.
the feeling of jisungs hands massaging your tits coupled with his pelvis rolling against yours has your panties growing wetter than the lake behind you. a chill runs through you when jisung pulls his hands off of your chest and out from under your sweater and you shiver. with his left arm propping himself up, he drags his right hand down your torso, fingers dancing around your belly button before slipping under the band of your shorts. your teeth come down on his bottom lip as he rubs you over your panties; the cotton material providing delicious friction on your cunt.
jisungs soft lips make contact with your jaw before slowly trailing down to your neck as you gasp. his fingers have now slipped into your panties and he toys with your clit before slipping his index and middle finger inside of you. the sudden but pleasurable stretch has you moaning into jisungs ear, your nails digging into his shoulders.
jisungs fingers aren’t long per se, but the way he curls them inside of you has you seeing stars - and not the ones in the sky. you’re glad he decided to keep his rings on; the cool metal grazing against your hot, wet pussy when he thrusts his fingers into you is a whole different kind of pleasure.
which is why you whine in disappointment when jisung suddenly retracts his hand, pulling it out from your shorts while simultaneously detaching his lips from your neck. a frown is present on your face as you make eye contact with him, causing him to chuckle. he mutters a quick ‘so impatient’ before popping the two fingers that were just inside of you into his mouth.
you watch attentively as he sucks on his digits, his tongue slipping in between them as he laps up your essence like its syrup. its difficult to pry your eyes away from the unholy sight in front of you but you do; your gaze focusing on his eyes as he pulls his fingers away from his cherry red lips. tangling your fingers in his hair, you pull him down to you as you connect your lips once again.
this time around you kiss each other with much more lust and drive, your tongues dancing together inside of each other's mouths. moving your hands from his hair to his waist, you work on unbuttoning his shorts - trying to ignore the fact that you are about to have sex with a man who is wearing cargo shorts. once you’ve popped the button open, jisung takes over and pulls his shorts and boxers off of him completely. he then helps by pulling your shorts and panties down your legs before tossing them somewhere onto the sand behind him. you thank god that you and your friends decided to lay out blankets, otherwise now there would be sand in places where there should never be sand.
once all bottom garments are discarded, jisung kisses you one, two, three times before dragging his tip through your folds. he teases your clit for just a second before sliding himself inside of you. trying to hold back a moan - sound travels over water - you reconnect your lips with his as he pushes his cock all the way inside of you.
much like before, jisungs movements are small and constrained at first; only shallowly thrusting into you to allow you to adjust to the size of him. the pad of his thumb strokes your hip as he pulls away from your lips to suck at your neck, his teeth nipping at your skin before going over it with his lips and tongue. your hands are closed tightly around the fabric of his tshirt, his thrusts now much more fluid as his cock slips deeper and deeper inside of you.
you feel your orgasm beginning to form when jisung moves his hand on top of your sweatshirt to grab at your breast, the fabric rubbing against your nipple. both yours and jisungs breathing pick up when you begin to grind your hips up against his, your actions causing your clit to meet his pelvis with every thrust.
jisungs hips slowly pick up pace, although he still continues to push himself deep inside of you with each stroke. desperate pants pass your lips as you cling to jisungs frame, your nerves on fire as your high approaches faster and faster. jisungs deep groans in your ear sound like heaven as you lock your lips with his.
one particularly deep thrust from jisung has your orgasm crashing down upon you, the immense pleasure causing you to furrow your brows and screw your eyes shut as you bite jisungs lip so hard it draws blood. your heart beats rapidly in your chest as you slowly come down from your high, barely feeling jisung pull out and cumming on your thighs before flopping down beside you.
the stars above you seem to be glowing a bit brighter the moment you open your eyes. you feel jisung haphazardly clean your thighs with the outside of his boxers before lying down beside you again - although this time he seems to be closer.
the sounds of crickets chirping takes over as both yours and jisungs breathing slows down, your legs now covered in goosebumps and you lay there bare from the waist down. jisung clears his throat from where he’s lying beside you, moving to prop himself up on his elbow so he’s looking right at you.
“listen y/n,” he starts, and you do. “i know what just happened was quite spontaneous, but i like you. i really do. and i hope that you feel the same way.” jisung says in the quietest tone you’ve ever heard him speak in. a pale silver glow is cast upon his honey skin as he stares at you, panic evident in his dark brown eyes.
you smile, fiddling with the edge of the blanket you’re on before speaking, “i like you too jisung. a lot.”
immediately jisung exhales and rolls onto his back, all traces of worry vanishing from his face. “jeez, why did you wait so long to respond! i thought i was going to have a heart attack.” jisung whines and you shove his shoulder while laughing at his dramatics.
the two of you contemplate lying under the stars for longer, but the wind picks up and you shiver. jisung pulls his clothes back on before standing up to grab yours; which are now laying in a soggy pile at the water's edge. you laugh and joke at how jisung was so eager to get your pants off, he threw them away with a bit too much enthusiasm.
the lake water chills you to the bone as you pull your sodden shorts up over your hips, opting to shove your equally wet panties into your pocket instead of trying to put them on. jisung shoots you an apologetic look while grabbing your hand and pulling you across the grass towards the cottage.
in the living room, he kisses you once more before you both head into your separate bedrooms and turn in for the night.
day 4 ᠃ ⚘
this time when you open your eyes, you are met with the view of your room. it seems that you are the last one to wake, since all of your friends are either on their phones or are up and getting changed. once they notice you waking up, they all seem to start laughing at something. laughing at what? you have no idea.
“looks like the mosquitos were pretty bad last night y/n.” ryujin remarks from her sleeping bag on the floor. your brows furrow as you brain struggles to decipher what she means after just waking up.
“it’s funny, i didn’t get that many bites,” says yuna, a grin present on her face, “but you seem to have gotten a lot. especially on your neck.”
and then it clicks. pulling your blanket over your head is the only thing you can do to hide your embarrassment as your friends laugh, chaeryeong squealing ‘awe cute!’ as your friends tease you by making kissy noises.
hidden under your blanket of shame, you can’t help but smile as you delicately drag your fingers across your neck and collarbones.
“i expect you to tell us everything on the drive back.” lia teases while tossing you some concealer before heading out to the kitchen. after you get ready, you follow suit.
a sizeable plate of waffles is shoved into your hands the moment you step into the kitchen. looking up, you see jisung flashing you a bright smile while dousing your waffles in maple syrup. “sweet breakfast for a sweet girl.” he whispers before winking at you and returning to the stove.
you eat your breakfast beside a melancholic hyunjin, who whines about having to go home while sadly shoveling waffles into his mouth. “think of it this way hyunjin,” you start, “this trip may be over, but we can come back next year!” you say, and hyunjin smiles.
while everyone is busy eating and packing, you quietly slip out the front door; making the now much less intimidating trek from the cottage to the beach. the crystalline waves lap at your ankles as you stride through the shallow waters of the lake. the waves - a pleasant shade of green - reflect the sunlight directly at you, making you squint.
you turn around when you hear someone else walking through the sand, smiling when you spot jisung who removes his sunglasses and places them on you. without saying a word, he slips his hand into yours, intertwining your fingers as he pulls you alongside him.
and as the two of you stroll along the beach, reminiscing over the events that occurred on the sand you’re standing on, you smile. you don’t want this trip to end.
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slasherhaven · 9 months ago
Any headcanons for being childhood friends with any of the slashers? (preferably the Sinclair brothers but any are fine)
These got so long, I’m so sorry! 😂 But please enjoy!
Thomas, Michael, Jason, Brahms, and the Sinclair Brothers
Being Childhood friends and reuniting:
Thomas Hewitt
You went to school with Thomas and it was easy to see that you were the only friend he had.
Kids can be cruel, especially when they see someone as an easy target. Thomas was a quiet, insecure kid and they picked on him for that. His scars were the main thing they bullied him about.
You couldn’t remember how many times he cried to you, until he eventually stopped crying. Then he would just deal with it, keep his head down and take it. You knew it still bothered him, so you still comforted him, he didn’t even need to ask you to do so.
Beside his family, you were the only person he had. 
You knew each other into your teen years and he adored you. He loved you, whether those feelings were platonic or not.
Luda May loved as well, since you spent most of your time at the Hewitt residence visiting Tommy. She was glad that he had a friend.
But when everyone started leaving town, your family thought it was time to move as well. You can remember running to the Hewitt residence the night before you left to say goodbye to Tommy, you had both cried before you had to leave him.
A few years passed. You became an adult and moved away from your parents. You had heard them talking though, about how there Hewitts apparently never left town, about how they insisted on staying. Everyone thought they were crazy for it and while you loved the family you couldn’t help but agree. There was nothing in town for them anymore, how where they even getting by?
But you decided to pay them a visit. You still thought about Thomas and the family a lot, so you wanted to check in on them. Now that you weren’t living with your family.
You walked up to the familiar house and knocked on the door. Luda May was the one who opened it and she instantly recognised you, smiling brightly and inviting you inside for a cup of tea.
The two of you sat in the kitchen, catching up, until she came to her senses and pointed out that you were probably here for Tommy. So, she called him down.
When he stepped into the kitchen, he just stared at you. He couldn’t believe you were hear after all that time passed. He thought for sure you would have moved far away and forgotten about him.
He had always been taller than most people but now that he was an adult he was even taller, and broader, but you still recognised him as Tommy.
Luda May smiled at you both and told you that she would give you some privacy before leaving the kitchen.
“Hey, Tommy” you greeted him with the kind smile that he still remembered, even after all this time. “I heard your family never left town, so...I came to see you” you explained your presence.
Once he was sure that this really was you and that you were still looking at him the same way you used too, Thomas crossed the kitchen and pulled you into a hug. You smiled into his chest and you returned the embrace.
“I missed you too, Tommy” you confessed.
You couldn’t imagine the people who remained in the town after you left became any kinder, you couldn’t imagine how Tommy felt. Dealing with their ridicule and not having his one friend to turn too.
But you were here now and that’s all that mattered, you are here for as long as he needed you to be.
Michael Myers 
CLICK HERE for Michael’s post.
Jason Voorhees
You had been Jason’s only friend at camp, sweet, kind, and caring. You would defend him against the bullies, wipe his tears when he cried, and hugged him to comfort him. You had even met Mrs Voorhees once and she loved you, you were the only person who was sincerely kind to her son.
But then the ‘accident’ happened and you never saw Jason, your best friend, again. The camp closed down so you never returned, not until years later.
You were an adult now, flipping through an old photo album, smiling at an image of you and Jason as children. You had never forgotten about the boy, how could you? 
And of course you had heard the rumours of him having come back to haunt the camp, and it pissed you off that people would use your best friend’s death as a scary story.
It was then that you decided to take a trip up to the camp. Parking your car and walking into the old abandoned camp, memories of your summers here coming flooding back.
Jason had heard the car and expected a group of teenagers that he would have to deal with, but instead he saw one person with flowers in their hand.
You walked along the dock that the accident happened on and sighed, placing the flowers down at the end. There was no memorial for him but you thought the poor boy deserved some flowers.
Jason watched from the safety of the trees, watching you place down the flowers and pay your respect to...him. When you turned around he got a better look at your face. It took him a minute but he could finally place your face, how could he forget you? You were older now but he could recognise your face.
You had decided to explore the old camp, thinking back with a sad nostalgia. Jason watched you the whole time, no intention of hurting you, you had been the only one who cared for him. He was more considering whether he should approach you or not. He decided against it, not wanting to scare you.
Eventually you left, saddening Jason, but your visits became a regular thing. You’d bring flowers to put at the end of the dock for Jason, even though you noticed that the last bouquet you left was gone by your next visit.
This time, you had sat down at the end of the dock, looking out into the water, and you spoke. You apologised for not having been there, for not being able to help him all those years ago, told the still water that you missed him.
He had missed you too and maybe that’s why Jason found himself walking towards you, standing still at the start of the dock, waiting for you to turn and notice him. 
Finally, you did, gasping at the sight of his large masked figure. You panicked at first before piecing the rumours together, could this really be Jason or where you letting stories get to your head.
“J-Jason?” you took your chances and he nodded, confirming your theory. “You’re...I...but, how?” he didn’t respond, of course, he just stood still and tense. “The rumours...the stories...they’re all true, aren’t they?” he hesitates but nods. That’s when your gaze fully focuses on the machete in his hand. All the stories were true...
Noticing your focus on his weapon, he dropped it to the floor. He wanted to show that he wasn’t going to hurt you, he remembered you.
Jason was alive...kind of? Well, he was standing in front of you and you could only feel happy about it.
He completely froze when you ran up to him and threw your arms around him, telling him that you missed him and that you were glad he was alright. He expected you to be afraid but all you could focus on was your childhood friend being right in front of you, and having been alone all this time. 
He cautiously wrapped his arms around your body and relaxed. You were exactly how he remembered you. Still sweet, kind, and caring. Now that you knew he was here, your visits were about to becoming much more regular.
Brahms Heelshire 
CLICK HERE for Brahms’ post.
Bo Sinclair
You had lived in the little town of Ambrose and been about the same age as Bo. It wasn’t a large town so there weren’t many kids your age, you thought Bo was lucky to have a twin, until you realised just how different they were.
Bo was a difficult child, no doubt about it, he clearly had a lot of trouble controlling his anger, but you never let it bother you. You always pushed past it, showed him that he couldn’t push you around, and eventually befriended him, even if he wouldn’t admit you were friends.
He left the house more than his twin brother, in fact he seemed to prefer being away from the house. So he ended up spending a lot of time with you.
You eventually found out why he liked being away from his house, learning how his parents treated him when you accidently saw the scars that wrapped around his wrists. He told you everything then, with a brave face, he didn’t let one tear fall even though you partly wished he did.
He was an angry and angsty kid, but it never bothered you. You’d still smile and laugh. He was a bad influence, having you sneak out at night to meet him. But you were the light at the end of a shitty day for Bo.
Then he left town, him and his brothers just left one day and you didn’t see them again. It broke your heart, even if Bo was difficult he was your best friend and now he was gone.
Eventually you moved away from the little town, hoping for something bigger and better, but something just kept tugging at the back of your mind. You felt like you had left something there.
Years passed but eventually you decided to head back, just for a trip, nostalgia and all that, and to hopefully get rid of that nagging feeling.
You were so close to the little town when your car broke down. Luckily, a man had been driving by and offered you a lift. He asked if he knew you, recognising your face, but you told him that you didn’t think so. You didn’t recognise him. But you told him that you grew up in the town and where just visiting, that’s when he knew he had to mention that to Bo.
He took you into town and dropped you off at the garage before leaving. When you headed inside, nobody was there.
When Bo heard about the new visitor being somebody who grew up in Ambrose from Lester, he didn’t think too much about it. It was strange, sure, but in the end it didn’t really matter.
It didn’t matter until he wandered down to the garage and saw you, nearly instantly recognising you. He hated that he remembered you, that you had enough of an impact on him to be worth remembering him. Something told him that you might remember him as well, and you definitely would when he gave you his name. He probably caused enough trouble as a kid to be worth remembering. 
“Well, what brings you back to Ambrose?” Bo asked, his voice making you turn around, a little startled.
“I...Bo?” recognition of the man in front of you interrupted your explanation.  
“Thought you actually got out of this place” he seemed unfazed by you being here but you knew him better than that. He always acted less bothered than he was, unless he was angry, then it was the complete opposite. 
“I did...kind of. I left but something just had me coming back” you shrugged. 
“Miss me that much?” Bo asked with a smirk. It was good to see that his arrogance didn’t disappear during his time out of town. 
“In your dreams” you joked, too happy to see him to even try to keep your smile off of your face. “When did you even get back to Ambrose?” you asked. 
“A while ago. I mean, it’s ‘home’, right?” he scoffed a little. He had never been a huge fan of the little town. 
“How are your brothers? Are they here too?” you asked.
“Sure. Vincent is up at the house. Lester drove you here” Bo nodded. 
“Oh God, that was Lester? I didn’t even recognise him!” your eyes widened. 
“‘course you didn’t, he was a kid when we left” Bo chuckled, shaking his head at you. 
“Why didn’t you let me know you were back in town?” you asked. You didn’t think he would ever come back to the little town, you thought he’d want to get away from it. 
“You weren’t that important” he shrugged. 
“Oh please, you recognised me as soon as you walked in here. You missed me too” you scoffed, reminding him that you knew him better than that.
“...welcome home, Y/n” a genuine smile grew on Bo’s face, making you smile as well.
Of course it wouldn’t be long before you discovered the town’s little secret and then there was no way that they could let you leave...it gave Bo the perfect excuse to keep you around.
But for now, you could just reunite with old friends.
Vincent Sinclair 
You had lived in the little town of Ambrose and been about the same age as Vincent. It wasn’t a large town so there weren’t many kids your age, you thought Vincent was lucky to have a twin, until you realised just how different they were.
Vincent was the quieter twin, the one who was left with severe facial scars that he was incredibly insecure about, Bo was louder, more abrasive and that’s what kept you away from him. 
Any other kids weren’t too kind to Vincent, but you were and that’s when you both grew so close. He adored you for your kindness. 
You’d hang out in the Wax Museum or around the back of it, anywhere private where it could just be the two of you.
You never judged him, you were never cruel. You would comfort him when he was upset, make him laugh and smile. He had even let you see his face from time to time. You never reacted poorly, you always smiled, you even told him he was handsome. He adored you.
But then he had to leave...and he didn’t think he would ever see you again, and neither did you. After that, he became even more quiet and secluded.
Eventually you moved away from the little town, hoping for something bigger and better, but something just kept tugging at the back of your mind. You felt like you had left something there.
Years passed but eventually you decided to head back, just for a trip, nostalgia and all that, and to hopefully get rid of that nagging feeling.
You drove into town, getting an eerie feeling from how quiet and empty it seemed. Maybe a lot of people had moved away...
When you couldn’t find anyone, you headed for the Wax Museum. You and Vincent would hang out there a lot as kids, since his parents owned it and he didn’t like being out in public too much.
You explored the familiar building curiously. It was dusty but not as unkept as it should have been. Somebody had been here. Maybe not everyone had left the town?
Vincent had seen you as soon as you entered the building, and watched you wander around. He noticed how the family pictures made you smile, how you admired the art work, but what he noticed the most was how familiar you looked.
You smiled some more as you picked up one of the pictures, the one of three young brothers. That’s when it hit him. He knew you, he remembered you, and it seemed that you remembered him as well.
You continued to explore before turning to the doorway, gasping at the large figure standing there. 
It didn’t take you long to recognise him. He was a lot taller than the kid you knew and he had let his hair grow even longer, but the mask was a dead give away.
“Vincent?” you asked gently, a smile forming on your face when he nodded. “Uh...do you remember me?” he nodded instantly, making you smile some more.
Vincent appeared to be just as cautious as he was all those years ago, walking further into the room.
You met him half way, giggling to yourself about how tall he had gotten. “Y’know I came here because I missed you? Thought it’d be fun to revisit some old memories but...this is much better” you told him.
His head tilted to the side curiously, like he was asking if you were being honest.
“I mean it, Vinny. I missed you” you assured him, placing a hand on his arm.
Just like that, Vincent wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into an almost desperate embrace. You smiled and instantly returned his hug, needing it just as much as he did.
Vincent never thought he’d see you again, his only friend, but he missed you and was glad to have you back. He still adored you and hoped you would stay, he couldn’t lose you again. He was just terrified of what you would think when you found out the truth about this town.
Lester Sinclair 
You had lived in the little town of Ambrose and been about the same age as Lester. It wasn’t a large town so there weren’t many kids your age, so you and Lester became very close friends.
At home, Lester got the least attention out of his brothers. Bo was a handful and Vincent seemed to by their mother’s favourite child, so they got most of the attention. He didn’t mind that much but he did like that he got all of your attention when it was just the two of you. You made him feel important and you both got along incredibly well.
The two of you would hang out all the time, often getting told off for running around too far in the woods.
And then, the brothers had to leave town, breaking both of your hearts. Neither of you thought you’d see each other again.
Eventually you moved away from the little town, hoping for something bigger and better, but something just kept tugging at the back of your mind. You felt like you had left something there.
Years passed but eventually you decided to head back, just for a trip, nostalgia and all that, and to hopefully get rid of that nagging feeling. 
You were so close to the little town when your car broke down. Luckily, it wasn’t a long before a truck appeared driving up the road, pulling over when the driver saw you struggling with your car.
Something about the man seemed familiar when he hopped out of his truck but you couldn’t place it.
“Need some help?” the man asked with a smile. He was dirty and something about him seemed a little odd but he didn’t make you uncomfortable and he seemed friendly enough. 
“Uh...yeah, if you don’t mind. It just stopped and I don’t know that much about cars” you sighed, glaring the car down as if it personally wronged you. 
“I can take you into town, to the garage” he offered. 
“That would be great” you accepted the offer with small smile. 
“What brings you out here anyway?” he asked as you grabbed a bag from your car, slamming the door shut.  
“I was actually heading into Ambrose. I grew up here. Something just pulled be back, I guess” you told him as you walked towards the truck. 
“...Y/n?” the man asked your name, surprise evident in his voice. 
You turned back to the man, wondering how he knew your name, but then it hit you. “...Lester?” you asked, putting a bright smile on his face as he nodded. “Oh my God, I thought you left town!” you threw your bag into the truck and quickly ran over to him, wrapping your arms around his neck and hugging him.
Lester instantly returned your hug, holding you close. He had missed you so much. 
“We came back a while ago. Saw you moved away” Lester explained as you pulled away from the embrace, your hands resting on his shoulders and his on your waist.
“We? Your brothers?” you asked, eyes widening slightly.
“Yeah, they’re in town. Bo runs the garage actually” he told you. “Are you staying for a while?” he asked, seriously hoping you’d say yes.
“I was planning on staying a few days but now I have to stay longer” you smiled brightly. You didn’t plan on leaving him again so soon.
“C’mon, I’ll take you to the house and get Bo to look at your car” Lester offered before releasing you and heading around the truck to climb inside.
“Hey, Lester?” you stopped him by grabbing his arm, making him turn back to you. “I missed you” you told him.
“I missed you too” Lester smiled at you, glad to hear he wasn’t the only one.
The two of you climbed into the truck and headed towards Ambrose, ready to see his brothers again. Lester worried about you discovering what they were up to in the town, he just wanted to be able to spend some time with you again.
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saintobio · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
wastelands. (final)
Tumblr media
↳ suna rintarou x f!reader
summary: after a viral pandemic wiped out half of the world’s population, a group of abandoned young adults embark on a life-threatening journey in hopes of finding a safe permanent home. unfortunately, for you and Rin, love is only a temporary option.
genre: heavy angst, unrequited, post apocalypse au, 18+
cw: suicidal thoughts, guns, gore, zombies, major character death
notes: last chapter, thank you so much for all the messages for this series. i love every single one of you <3 end credits song -> uncomfortable by wallows
series masterlist -> rin’s letter
You wanted to wake up from this sick nightmare.
Hearing Suna say that he had been aware of his current state was not only devastating but it also made everything feel like the Earth took a stop from spinning on its axis. Time has slowed down and restrained all of your thoughts and processes, trapping you in an endless void where pain was a sensation that dominated everything else.
You were frantically shaking your head, getting up from the floor despite your already wobbly legs. Your vision was getting blurry from the accumulation of tears that were pooling your eyes because there was no way you could believe that Rintarou Suna only had eight short hours left to live.
Perhaps if anyone was to skin you alive and pour acid on your sinew, the pain would be on par with the idea of your one true love’s approaching demise. The fact that a new beginning and a happy future with him were now crossed out beyond the bounds of possibility, you were a minute close into fainting from the colossal pain that sent you deep into Tartarus.
What have you done in your past life to deserve this unending torture? Kita’s death hasn’t even sunk in to you and now you were doomed to face another.
Suna took a step closer to pull you towards him while suppressing his own tears for your sake. “Hey. Baby, it’s okay—”
“No, it’s not!” you cried and let yourself be completely weak on his arms. You were getting hysterical with your refusal to accept the situation. Much to the violent tremble of your hands, your voice also quivered uncontrollably. “How can you say it’s okay, Rin? This isn’t real—no, th-this isn’t—!”
Embracing you tightly was the only thing he could offer as you sobbed your heart out and screamed on his chest. The sound of your weeping brought an excruciating clench in his heart because, similarly to you, he was deep on the brink of an outburst.
He knew what his fate would be in the next few hours and yet the only thing he could think of was your sanity.
“There... has to be,” you spoke through ragged breaths as tears welled up your eyes, “h-has to be a way. P-Please, Suna... We need to f-find some way... g-get some help.”
“I’m not leaving you,” he assured, cupping your cheeks with the remaining warmth from his palms. He saw from the mirror reflecting through your eyes that his amber orbs were just as larmoyant. Deep purple veins were beginning to show on his scleras—a sight that only confirmed to you that him being infected was as real as it could get. “Osamu has contacted Aran, okay? They’ll be here to pick you guys up—”
More tears cascaded from your eyes. “No! No, you’re coming with us!” Sobbing, you held on to his wrists before turning to the Miya twins. “Osamu, Atsumu, please help. Please, tell them to come quick.”
The twins have barely recovered from the physical exhaustion with all the running and the emotional trauma from Kita’s sacrifice alone. However, seeing you drowning in your own tears forced them to go back to their senses. They finally understood the situation at hand and realized that their best friend was going to turn into a flesh-eating monster sooner than they thought.
“Suna, you’re...” Osamu could barely continue as his gunmetal eyes dilated in shock. He was just as nonplussed as his brother was.
“Hey, no crying ‘Samu. You’re better than that,” Suna insisted, an arm still secured around your waist before he looked at the blond with a grin. “You too, ‘Tsumu. No violent reactions. Set a good example for Y/N.”
How could he be so calm at a time like this? How could he still smile when he was on the verge of passing away?
You didn’t think things could possibly hurt more. The look of pity that you received from the twins made you feel hollow inside because nothing was more painful than the inevitability of your other half’s departure from life. None of you anticipated it and your devastation showed from the way you all fell stuck from where you stood.
The man who held you in his arms was the complete opposite to his three friends who had become statues. Suna tried to lighten his plight by snapping his fingers on the twins’ faces. “Yo, snap out of it,” he said, unbelievably casual. “‘Samu, what’s their ETA?”
Atsumu puffed out his cheeks and let out an exhale as he stifled his tears. This was the same guy who used to find every reason to laugh even in the worst situations. Now he couldn’t even look at his best friend’s eyes without bursting into a sob.
Osamu was more composed even though his uneven breathing revealed just how affected he was about Suna’s current condition. Still, he tried to respond without faltering, “By dawn. He says a chopper’s coming to get supplies from Aomori and they’ll pick us up along the way.”
You did the math in your head. With the current time being 7PM, Suna only had until 3AM to live. He wouldn’t even last long enough to see the last sunrise in his life and the hurtful thought elicited another weep out of you. “Wh-Why can’t we just... Maybe they have a cure in there. M-Maybe they... Suna. I can’t live without you. We have to do something.”
Rin rubbed your back in comfort, embracing you with one arm and stroking your hair with the other. You could tell he wanted to say it’s going to be okay or everything will be fine but he knew exactly that none of this was okay. It was futile to even try and convince you so he just focused on his next plans instead of crying over his forthcoming zombie transition.
By looking at Osamu who was still visibly grief-stricken with his friends’ unfortunate fate, Suna gave him a pat on the back as if to wake him up. “‘Samu, take off your belt.”
The sudden instruction confused the three of you. On one hand, Rin walking closer to the metal railings by the edge of the rooftop gave you a hint of what he was planning to do.
“What for?” Osamu asked, deeply melancholic.
“Need you to tie my wrists with it into this railing,” the raven-haired boy ordered, gesturing his wrists together behind his back, “like this. Make sure it’s tight enough so I don’t hurt anyone just in case. Worst comes to worst, use your remaining bullets to kill me.”
You muffled a cry. “Rin!”
“Sunarin...” Atsumu’s eyes were downcast.
Suna himself tried to walk around and find a good spot as he completely ignored the looks of sympathy that all three of you were giving him. You realized that the last thing he needed were weak people. How could he be strong enough to face his transition when the people around him couldn’t even muster their own strength to carry on?
There was no lie that your heart was in smithereens, but for Suna, you ought to be the stronger one this time. He deserved to have you by his side as his pillar in his last remaining hours, not someone who would possibly die of grief before he could. Seeing this situation more clearly in your head made you pull yourself together for his sake. He had always thought about yours and it was about time you returned it again.
Rin sat by the edge of the rooftop and leaned behind the steel railings with a smile that followed a deep breath. “I have a request,” he spoke with a raspy voice while you walked closer to sit beside him, “I want you guys to hold it in for the next eight hours. Just spend it with me like normal, like I’m not turning into anything. Can you guys do that for me?”
The mirroring looks you’ve traded with the twins only screamed one thing: do it for Rin.
“We will.”
Tumblr media
8 PM.
The twins did their best to tie Suna’s wrists behind his back as per his wishes. He was now tethered to the railings to prevent him from attacking anyone should he turn into a Z anytime soon. Silence dominated the rooftop except for the distant sound of zombie growls and the thumping of your heart.
You stayed seated by his side, ignoring his requests of you keeping your distance because you could never do so. An hour has passed and he was starting to have cold sweats and painful headaches; a side-effect of the infection that was now flowing through his bloodstream and attacking his cells. You tried to touch his hair and comb your fingers through them in comfort as he leaned his head on the railing to look at you. “Rin, how do you feel?”
“Feeling like shit,” he responded, drawing deep breaths. “Have I told you I love you today?”
You sighed, caressing his cheek with your thumb. “You showed me just how much you do.”
If not for his current condition, you would have believed that the smile on his face had no underlying pain behind it. “Good, then.” His fingers twitched behind him. “I’ll tell Kitashin I did a great job as a boyfriend when I meet his ghost later.”
“Suna, don’t joke about your situation like that,” Osamu chimed in with his eyes closed and his head leaned against the steel frame. He was currently seated on the other side of Rintarou.
Atsumu, meanwhile, had hands in his head while he lamented next to his twin, “Man, it’s my fault. If I didn’t ask Suna to help me—”
“Jeez, come on.” Rin maintained his usual playful mien. “We finished the boss level. That’s what’s important. I don’t wanna hear anyone blaming themselves.”
Suna was suppressing his coughs while he spoke and you were beginning to be wary of the physical changes he had thus far. With each minute that passed, the warmth was leaving his body and was being replaced by the coldness of his flesh. It was either his arm or his foot that would twitch before he could control himself. The dark purple veins in his neck were also becoming more and more prominent.
There was no one to blame. This was a case of an unfortunate twist of fate that would wreck you forever. Suna would never become the husband that you wanted because in the end, your love would go back to square one. With him gone, the relationship you’ve recently built together would just vanish like it never happened. Unrequited back to what it originally was.
The thought alone grated your heart into small fragments that could never be fixed.
“This is sick,” Atsumu spoke in a low voice, looking at the night sky with shiny eyes. “That’s losing two of my best friends in a single day.”
“You haven’t lost me. Cut it out.” Suna peeked at the blond. “I’m gonna watch you get a girlfriend in Aomori so you better have good taste.”
Atsumu whined, “Fuck, you’re making me cry!”
As much as you wanted to say the same, you didn’t want to ruin the temporary smile on Suna’s face and the soft chuckle that followed it. He was trying to be happy in his last moments and the least you could do was hold your misery in. You couldn’t afford being in complete doldrums when Suna’s dying wish was for you to be strong.
You held back from uttering another sigh as you leaned your head on his shoulder and he was returning your affection by resting his head above yours.
Why couldn’t the time just slow down?
Tumblr media
10 PM
3 hours has passed since Rin got infected. You were stubborn at moving away from him even if the twins themselves have also insisted that you do. Suna was visibly ill—his eyes were slightly feverish, his mouth had parted due to the increased production of saliva, and his muscles had become stiff.
He looked exactly like a person who contracted rabies, but just a hundred times worse. Other than his growing fatigue and the tingling sensation on his wound, he was claiming that he could still control his mind.
You hated it. You hated the sight of your true love turning before your eyes while you were just sitting there watching. You were useless, powerless to save him from becoming the same carnivorous ghouls that he had been killing for the past few months. With the tables turning for the worst, you didn’t know how you were going to face the torture of losing him.
“Osamu,” you called the guy’s attention with desperate eyes, “do you think you can convince Aran to come quicker? They’re coming from a chopper and I-I just think that maybe we can get some help in Aomori.”
The grey-haired twin had clear sympathy for you. He was just as dolorous for Suna’s changing state but he, too, could not do anything about it. “I already tried but he says the troop will be here by sunrise, at best.” He glanced between you and Rin. “And honestly, if they find out that Suna’s infected... they’re most likely gonna—”
“I get it,” you cut him off before he could continue the words you were dreading to hear.
So this was checkmate.
You were stuck on a dead end with no other options to take because that was just how cruel and utterly heartless the world was to you. In the end, you were still undeserving of the love you longed to have no matter how much you tried to turn things around and change your fate. If yours and Rin’s position were switched, it might have hurt less.
You would rather be the one dying because at least by then, your pain would come to an end. The suffering, the torment, the endless agony—they would all leave your body without any scintilla of misery left to hurt you further than you already have.
“So this is how it feels to be a Z,” Rin suddenly spoke after closing his eyes for a few minutes. You immediately got out of trance just to redirect every bit of your attention back to him. “My skin feels like burning.”
“Is there anything I can do?” you asked, softly. Your eyes were intently watching him as he stared at an empty space before turning to you. “How can I lessen your pain?”
He shook his head and dismissed whatever thought he had. “Do you wanna know where I got the nickname ‘angel’ for you?”
Relaxing your back on the railings, you took a deep breath. He wanted to talk and you had all ears for him. “Where?”
The faint smile on his lips made your heart ache because you could see that he was reminiscing a few memories in his head before they would disappear. “You dressed as an angel last halloween of 2018,” he recalled, eyes glinting. “I thought it made sense. You look like one and you act like one. You’re an angel.”
God, you were just having a harder time at loving him less when he was revealing small things like this. The fact that he remembered what you dressed up as on Halloween of 2018 was a confirmation that he did have an eye for you back in high school. And yet, despite realizing so, why did it only hurt more?
“That’s so cheesy,” you muttered, earning his chuckle. He didn’t know just how much you were melting from the sweet pain inside.
“It’s true.” He briefly glanced at your lips. “I can’t ever forget those feather wings. They hit Atsumu’s face when you were running on the street.”
Atsumu joined the conversation as soon as he heard his name. “I remember that.” Now engaged on the small chat, the blond cocked his head over to look at you. “Why’d ‘ya pick to be an angel?”
“It was inspired by 1996 Romeo and Juliet,” you explained, folding your legs above your chest in reminiscence. “I loved how Claire Danes portrayed Juliet in that movie.”
Rin hummed in response. “I should’ve been Romeo, then. Imagine if I pulled up as a knight, you’d probably run away with me and then we’ll marry on the same day.”
“Not when you were head over heels for Sophia back then,” you countered, eyeing how the apples of his cheeks appeared when he plastered a grin.
“Jealous?” he teased.
You shook your head in denial. “No,” was your answer. “What was Sophia for Halloween?”
He searched his memories and shrugged. “I don’t know... A bunny?”
Right. You remembered it now. She had always been the main attraction and her playboy bunny costume gained her extra popularity. You couldn’t exactly recall what Suna was that night so you tried to ask, “What were you that time, Rin?”
“A kickass vampire.” Shaking his head, he added, “I don’t remember what Sophia wore that night for some reason.”
Osamu found humor from his answer. “You don’t remember Sophia, but you remember Y/N’s.”
“What a simp!” Atsumu jeered before falling back into his gloom. “Man, I wish we can just... go back to high school. Everything was fine. Everyone was alive. You don’t coexist with zombies. You don’t watch the people you love die left and right. We took everything for granted and now we’re paying for it.”
You didn’t mean this as an insult, but tonight was the first time you’ve heard Atsumu talk about something serious. He was greatly affected by this whole situation in the same extent as you all were, as young adults who still had many more years to left to spend but was left with inescapable circumstances.
The thought of how felicitous life was back then brought you nostalgic images to fondly smile about. You remembered the time where you would purposely take a bathroom pass just to find an excuse to get a glimpse of Rin in his classroom. You remembered having to greet him every mornings when you would take the bus or the subway to school. You remembered that night in prom where you first heard him say you looked cute. How was that last one buried deep in your memories when it was one of the most unforgettable?
“I wish I had the power to turn back time,” you hoped, forlorn. Your heart lurched at the thought that facing the reality in front of you was your only option in this lifetime.
Tumblr media
12 AM.
You were awake more than ever.
Perhaps it was because you were wary of the remaining three hours that Suna had as him. He was already barely human on the external as his skin had turned ghastly. They had a pale green undertone with no trace of pink flesh left to show how he was turning necrotic every second.
You couldn’t touch him. You were asked to keep your distance from him to prepare you from his inevitable transition. In those minutes where he kept his eyes shut while forcing the pain away from his lucid mind, you thought of dying together with him. You considered being on the same page as your one true love because what would your world be without Rin? How could you go on without him by your side? Maybe you should place a bullet to your head once his time was up so you could go to the afterlife together.
If he died, you probably should—
“Y/N.” His voice came out hoarse. You fell into a state of shock after seeing how his iris had thinned out to let the paleness slowly dominate his eyes. It wouldn’t take long for him to be surrounded by effluvia. His scent was already starting to become fetid which meant that his cells were torturously decaying inside of him. But even with all these, he could still look at you with the same adoring gaze. Amber eyes almost dull and lifeless, but his love for you would never die with him. “Can you reach for my back pocket?”
You swallowed the ache you had to be strong on the outside. Following his instruction, you walked closer to reach for the pocket of his jeans. “What do I—?”
“My wallet,” he said, momentarily turning his head away to cough on the side. The twins were now situated on your other side, a distance reasonable to keep them safe from the virus that Suna had caught. Suna, who blinked thrice on the same second. Whose wrists had blisters from the tightness of the belt. The laceration caused open wounds around his wrists and you could only imagine how much he was suffering from the pain. You had to close your eyes for a moment just to try and not to sob before you heard him speak again. “Take it with you. Don’t open it until you’ve healed from everything.”
You clutched his familiar black leather wallet on your chest. Was this a memento? Something you could hold on to once he died? He was in his final moments so you expected that he would start giving you his last words. Knowing Suna, he would want you to remember him even when he was gone.
“Rin,” you fell on your bum, inhaling deep so your tears would not spill. “I can’t do this...”
He tilted his head to glance at the twins who appeared to have fallen asleep. You were certain that they weren’t asleep—they just didn’t want to see Suna turning into a zombie so they chose to keep their eyes shut and their head down low.
“You can do it,” he encouraged, redirecting his attention back on you with frenzied eyes desperate to keep its focus. He was in a battle with himself and his deteriorating body, keeping his best to stay with you for as long as he could. “You need to live, okay? You have Asher waiting for you. He’s in there, he’s hoping to see you again so you need to be strong for him. I don’t have any family left but you do, so you have to continue on this journey until you see him again. There’s a rainbow after the storm. Live a happy life in Aomori, Y/N.”
There, tears had finally fallen from the corners of your eyes. Just when you were having suicidal thoughts, here he was reminding you of the life you still had beyond him. He was reminding you that dying would not end the pain, but would only bring more pain to others.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t stick to my promise.” His woes had him restraining his own tears. They were the same tears that he had been keeping all this time. “I told Asher I’m gonna bring you back to him and I-I c-couldn’t—”
“You’ve done enough,” you silently weeped, wiping your eyes as they blurred your vision. “You’ve done so much, Rin. You saved all of us in exchange for your own life. W-We...” You struggled to continue after being submerged from your own tears.
“I wanted more time for us.” He stared at the sky with tears gushing out of his eyes. He couldn’t even wipe them.
And he couldn’t even kiss you.
“Rin,” you spoke despite the crack in your voice, “I-I waited seven years to be with you.”
Seven long years. You didn’t have any ounce of regret in loving him for all those years because he was the only person you could offer your heart to no matter how many times you would go back in time. It did feel like having a happy relationship with him was already in your grasp but was taken away in a blink of an eye—that was the most agonizing aspect of it. You waited for him, only to be taken away of the privilege before you could fully have him. Only to have the dimensions between life and death separate you two in the end.
“I know.” His response held the same heartbreak as he looked at you with lachrymal pooling his eyes. His lips quivered while he teared up. “I’m sorry I couldn’t properly repay the love you deserved in this life. I-I wanted to be with you. I was planning to return the love you’ve given me for the rest of my life but—”
Your chest heaved from the sobs you’ve let out. It was so painful, so utterly painful that nothing else in this world could possibly hurt more. “I-I d-don’t want you to leave.”
In the middle of his own tears, he still found a reason to smile. He still mustered enough strength to raise the corner of his lips just to ease you from sniveling. His pain was yours. His happiness was yours. You shared the same heart and soul that felt each other’s emotions stronger than the universe’s gravity.
“Do you believe in reincarnation?” he asked, breathing calmly. “If I’ll be reborn in the same body or in another, if I’ll be reborn fifty or a hundred years from now—I promise, I’ll do everything to find you.” Droplets of his tears dampened his shirt. “I’ll search every corner of this world just to find you and when I do, I’ll give all of my love to you. So... if we meet again, I hope you can wait for me.”
Your sobs couldn’t be stopped as they got worse. His last oath stung harder than it seemed as he talked about meeting you in another universe because he couldn’t fulfill his promises to you in this universe. You envied other people who still got to be with their loved ones through this era of zombie apocalypse because not only were you about to lose the person you loved with all your heart, you were also about the lose the other half of you. His existence was long embedded into your soul and you would suffer from his loss for the rest of your life because he would always be that missing puzzle piece to your life that could never be complete.
“I’ll wait for you,” you promised after wiping your eyes, wanting so desperately to hold him but you couldn’t. “Suna, I’ll always choose you.”
It was unfair. The past few weeks were not enough to suffice the love you could’ve had for Rin to reciprocate your unrequited devotion that lasted seven years. It was cruel. Losing Rintarou Suna was perhaps a comeuppance for something that you did in your past life, but since this life was coming to a tragic end, maybe things wouldn’t be half as painful in the next.
In all the tragic love stories there were—of Romeo and Juliet, of Pyramus and Thisbe, of Jack and Rose.
Here, in this life, was Y/N and Rintarou.
“I’m glad I’ll die loving you,” he said, leaning his head on the railings with a contented look on his face.
Was it too late to hope for a deus ex machina in this situation?
“I love you,” said you, heart dismantled to broken pieces. “I won’t forget.”
Tumblr media
2 AM.
The guy started regurgitating chunks of dark blood that spluttered all over the floor along with the his thick drool. His skin was virescent, discolored, and sickly. His eyes only had a small dot between his white-blanched irises, discharge of tears still leaving his sunken lids.
As much as you didn’t want to see him turn with your own eyes, you weren’t also ready to let him go. Your hands were shaking as you tried to reach for Suna until Osamu snatched you away.
“Y/N, don’t,” he warned, swallowing hard as he looked at Suna with the same pained expression.
“I-I wanna be with h-him,” you said in between sobs. Your eyes were glued on Suna who returned your gaze in wretchedness. “Rin, I-I’m—”
He coughed and spluttered more blood, tears coursing down his eyes. You were at a point where you just wanted to end his misery, not realizing that he thought the same, “Osamu, t-take care of Y/N. Make... sure you won’t... leave her.”
Others would have not been able to form coherent words but Suna was fighting against the virus just to say all these words. For you.
Osamu held you in his arms as you struggled to breathe. “I’ll look after her, Sunarin.”
“Promise...?” Suna could barely look up and yet he managed to. “I want her... happy.”
“I promise,” Osamu reassured in spite of the tears threatening to spill from his eyes. You were breaking down on his arms with the spasm in your heart that crushed you over and over.
You were in denial. You were shaking your head as you tried to walk closer to Suna but the twins held you back. “I-I j-just wanna hold him, p-please!”
Atsumu was forcing his line of sight away from Rin as he had his grip on you. “Y/N, you can’t.”
“Atsumu,” Suna called, barely inaudibly. “Shoot m-me when the time—” His inability to continue his words was because his mind was becoming frenzied.
All the three of you were left paralyzed as you watched how Rin’s head hung low with no signs of further movements. His eyes were shut, his hands were still, his breathing had ceased.
The sudden silence on the rooftop was deadly.
Rintarou Suna has died.
Tumblr media
3 AM.
You spent the past 30 minutes crying and screaming and falling limp on Osamu’s arms with the plain sight of Suna’s dead body tied on the railings. Despite knowing that his soul has left his body, you were still in a state of arrant disbelief.
The pain was like fire burning through your soul. It was searing the entirety of your body until you started to quiver from the magnitude that hit you like a truck driving on lightning speed. You were screaming more loudly than you ever did in your life. The agony was slicing through your skin and into your muscles and bones, leaving nothing behind but an abyss of a heart and an empty mind.
Suna’s throes and its impact on you was of the highest degree.
The twins were barely holding on themselves. They lost two of their best friends on the same night and they were also experiencing a surge of grief over their loss. Osamu was silent as he held you in his arms, simply allowing his tears to slide down his cheeks to release his sorrow. Atsumu, on the other hand, was more expressive with his anguish. The blond couldn’t stop cursing the world for torturing everyone that he loved while he was shedding tears.
“R-RIN!” you screamed into thin air, the wind of death blowing to your face like pouring salt on the wound. “I’m... I c-can’t do... Osamu, I wanna... I-I wanna die... Th-This isn’t—no, this—”
“Hey, hey, look at me,” his worry-filled voice matched his troubled gunmetal eyes. He was cupping your cheeks in attempt to calm you down from your mental collapse. “It’s okay. It’s going to be okay. Suna’s always in here,” he pointed towards your heart, “he’ll never leave and he’ll always watch you from afar. You said you believe in reincarnation, right? You’ll meet him again... one day.”
You fell on your knees, hands covering your face. Your chest constricted from the lack of oxygen. The temptation to end your life then and there was high, but the thought of Asher and Suna’s dying wish gave you hesitation. Moreover, the sudden shifting sound from Suna’s direction stole your attention.
He was moving again. He was attempting to get the belt off his wrists, jerking his arms out of them irately. The soles of his feet came in contact with floor as he forced more of his strength.
He’s alive? You couldn’t think straight. You were going insane as you ran up to him. “Rin!”
“Y/N, no!”
The amount of shock that flushed through your body as he looked up at you with maniacal eyes and blood-filled mouth made you halt from your footsteps just as the twins came to stop you.
This was no longer Rintarou. This was nothing but a creature that killed its host to take over its body. Hungry, deadly, and all the more monstrous. He was so strong that he managed to get out of the tether to lunge onto you.
You were left with wide eyes, frozen in your spot. Life was flashing through your vision from the first time you moved to Hyogo, to your first day at Inarizaki, to the start of the zombie outbreak, to the day Suna came to your house to save you. There was no strength left in your system to allow you to move, so you shut your eyes and awaited your fate to come through. You anticipated what was about to happen until the sound of bullets rang through your ears.
Suna had collapsed on the floor with a head riddled with bullets and a loose hand on your foot, fingers slowly curling before it came to an abrupt stop.
Just like him, it felt like you died twice on the same night.
Tumblr media
5 AM.
Everyone has a different pain threshold, but you were at a point where you’ve exceeded what a normal person could go through. It was beyond any rational human’s capacity to experience this much suffering and yet you were still able to endure it in spite of your willingness to just give up.
The image of Suna’s corpse would haunt you forever, but more-so was the image of leaving him in that rooftop when the chopper came to rescue you and the twins. They’ve had a hard time pulling you away from Suna for your sole refusal to leave him there so they had to drag you away while you watched his body fading farther and farther from your sight.
It was the last time you ever screamed your heart out.
Because when you reached Aomori, you were numb. You were lifeless. You were lethargic. The rollercoaster of emotions that you’ve gone through for the past twenty-four hours rendered you senseless as though your heart and soul had already reached their peak.
Like the twins, Aran was in bereft upon hearing the news. They shared tears, they shared grief, but you? You spent most of the time staring at an empty space even when you were greeted by Aomori’s huge camp. The tall iron walls would have surprised you more if only you had enough space in your mind to process positive emotions. Because even if you were safe, even if you were assured of a secured life, not having Rintarou on this journey didn’t feel as gratifying.
There were four stages to undergo through before you could fully enter the camp because they had to do physical, medical, and security checks just to ensure that none of you were infected. Every face you saw asked you if you were fine and all you could muster was a nod, hoping that your swollen eyes and hoarse voice were of great excuse.
Getting inside the camp was like entering another dimension. A utopia within a dystopia—where a community was built for happy kids to run around safely, for teenagers to gather around without much worry, for parents and couples and young lovers to start a new generation with high hopes.
You were expected to be happy to have finally found your safe permanent home, but you ended up having a teardrop falling from your eye because home was where Rintarou Suna was.
‘Suna would’ve been so excited to see this’ was all you could think of when you stood there and appreciated the panoramic view of your final destination. Your journey has ended, but he couldn’t complete it with you.
“Y/N.” Osamu’s hand rubbed on your arm before he gestured for you to look towards your left.
It was for the first time since last night were you able to snap out of your depressing thoughts as you saw Asher from a distance, standing in front of you in flesh—alive, well, and completely healthy. His hair had grown longer from the last time you’ve seen him. His height seemed to have grown an inch taller, too. There were gauze pads covering his arm and bandaid on his cheek, but other than that, he was healthier than the three of you who recently just came.
“Asher!” You were running, dashing in a blink of an eye as you embraced your brother in your arms with lachrymal filling your lids. He was tightening his hug around your neck when you crouched on his level, later pulling away to cup his cheeks and kiss his forehead. “I’m so glad. Y-You’re okay. I—”
“I waited for you,” he responded, pulling you again for a hug. “I knew you were alive because Suna nii-chan came back for you. He promised.”
He did. He saved you and you were eternally grateful for him. “Yeah,” you sniffed, seeing the twins look at you and your brother in content. “Rin is... he’s an angel now.”
Asher had wide eyes when he withdrew himself to stare at your expression. You knew what he was going to say because you could see it in his sympathetic eyes. Before he could speak another word, however, a medical personnel approached your brother with a friendly beam on her face.
“Asher,” she called, adjusting her laboratory coat. “It’s time to get tested.”
With a haste move, you got up and looked at the woman in curiosity. “Tested?” you inquired, “I’m his sister. I just came here today.”
“Oh!” The woman’s eyes widened in recognition, seemingly having heard of you from your brother. “Well, your brother here is one of our best hopes for a cure. We’re in the final stages of developing a strong vaccine that can protect us from zombie bites.”
It wasn’t just you who was confused. Even the twins themselves were interested in the conversation. Asher? The cure? “I’m sorry, what do you mean Asher is the...”
Asher tugged at your arm and lifted his shirt to show what appeared to be a healed zombie bite on his rib and you were completely stupefied. He was bitten? “I was infected, nee-chan,” he confirmed your thoughts, “but I didn’t turn into a zombie.”
“Wait, wait,” Atsumu chimed in, looking at the doctor in perplexity. “Let me guess, he was bitten in Osaka and didn’t turn into a Z so ‘ya guys ordered to take him here and have him tested for immunity?”
The doctor nodded. “That’s right,” smiling, he glanced at Asher, “he’s one of the five people we’ve confirmed to have immunity.”
“I can’t believe this.” You were taken aback from the newfound information because knowing that your brother was the cure was almost hard to believe. He was locked in your embrace before you could utter another word, holding on the feeling of his presence fulfilling the void that Suna left in your heart. “I’m so glad you’re safe, Asher. So glad.”
Asher held you with equal relief. “We can start a new life here, nee-chan.”
Suna’s words echoed through the back of your mind. ‘There’s a rainbow after the storm. Live a happy life in Aomori, Y/N.’ Certainly, this was no rainbow. And life would never be as happy without him. No matter how many years have passed, whether the zombie apocalypse would be over or would just worsen through time, you had no option left but to survive.
Thinking of the past year when the outbreak wiped out half of the world’s population, it was depressing to see how many lives were lost and how many hearts were broken. The death of your parents, the death of your friends, of Haru, of Sophia, of Kita, and most importantly, of Suna. There was no escape from the pain that the people who died have left behind, but there was hope for a new beginning.
If there was anything you learned from Suna, it was to always find something to smile about. Even when you were hurting, even when you were on your last breath—appreciate the good things before it was gone.
He saved your life because he wanted you to live and you have to treasure his sacrifices by moving forward to fulfill his dying wish. No matter how much it shattered you and left you in broken pieces, you would honor his death by living. For him. From the beginning until the end. Not even death could separate him from you.
As you got up from your embrace with Asher, you gestured for the twins to come closer and join you two. This was your family now. After the cruel apocalypse took away every important person in your lives, you still had them, here, in a safe place where you could heal and start a new life. With golden skies stretched out in the horizon to welcome a new day after the darkness of the night.
All that, with one last rule left in mind.
Rule 12: Never forget about Rintarou Suna in this lifetime
hq general taglist: @x-cloudyyyy @iwazubean @cottonheadedninnymugggins @centvry @kageyamakock @sunnsettee @bluesylveon2 @tsukkisfatsimp @cuddlesslut @mysteriousparker @asdfghjkl7things @02hhsailor @anejuuuuoy @minswags-posts @chemnerdkuroo @misssugarless @deeznutss @tanakax123 @oikawa-bubs @lust4keiji @stel9 @tsumuuwu @daylghits @ems1des @the-golden-jhope @wonyoschubs @bakus-stuff @melty-kisses @softy-woo @dekuspet @kittycatkrissa
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like-rain-or-confetti · 9 days ago
The Elite Volturi Guard Seeing For the First Time After Being T0rtured.
TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of Kidnapping/ Mentions of Torture/ Trauma
Immediate tantrum mode.
He was losing it when you were gone and he's sure as hell losing it now seeing you.
You were curled up on yourself, bruised rather than bloodied.
For all he knew you had broken bones.
However what scared him more was how empty your eyes were.
He's crouched and pulling you into his arms immediately.
He doesn't stop screaming.
You shake slightly in his arms as reality begins to hit that you've been found.
You weren't hallucinating. You weren't imagining it.
Alec was here. The Volturi were here.
You feel aches against the bruises where Alec had his grip on you but it's hard to care.
He's chanting 'his (Y/N)' over and over again, unable to do much else.
He can't have you pressed much further into him.
It's Aro who has to give some tough love, as he's the only one Alec will really listen to in this time.
He forces Alec to release you eventually so that you can be checked over.
She can only cling to you as she snarls and growls at anything that dares to come close.
She hasn't even seen your injuries beyond your bruised legs.
Your face is pressed into her neck as she holds you to her and on high alert.
Jane is not equipped to deal with this and even her own brother can't speak sense to get like this.
Once again, it's reliant on Aro for some tough love. Although she is the more stubborn twin.
She's frightened and unable to forgive herself for this happening.
She can't stand the idea that no one saved you from all of this after all this time. She should have been here sooner.
Aro was quicker to save her and her brother. So where was she to save you from this?
Complete and uncontrollable anger.
"I've got you." Whether she was telling you that it herself, no one was really sure but she repeated it over and over again like a chant.
No one would ever hurt you again.
"Jane..." You mumbled against her neck that barely anyone heard beyond Jane's growling and snarling.
Jane did though.
Jane heard everything and wanted to know everything when it came to you.
"You saved me..."
She doesn't respond but you're used to that as she continued to growl and snarl at anyone who dares to approach you.
This is probably the one time that nearly broke him.
The moment he saw you huddled up. He felt relief for that milli-second.
However it was short lived.
You had pressed yourself against the wall behind you, covering your face with your hands and you trembled. You were shaking like a leaf.
That sight nearly killed him.
Maybe he shouldn't have taken your wrists, pulled them away from your face and tugged you to him so quickly.
As soon as his was hugging you to him, you wriggled and hit him, trying to get him off of you as you cried in panic.
It took Felix taking your hands that beat at Demetri's back.
"It's Demetri! It's Demetri! You're safe now, it's okay!"
He had to repeat it a few times before your settled.
Felix put your hands back down and you wriggled again but didn't try to hit him this time.
Your hands lay flat on his back as your empty gaze stared up at Felix.
Who knew it you felt Demetri's hand run up and down your back.
"I love you so much, darling. It's alright now. I'm here. I'll never let you go. We're going to go home and you'll never have to be afraid again."
He was afraid to touch you at first.
You looked so small and fragile.
"(Y/N)..." He called softly, kneeling before you.
Slowly, Felix put his hands upon your knees. Rubbing them with his thumbs.
"I'm here, beautiful. Look at me."
His pleas were always a whisper.
"Look at me, I'm here now."
He's relieved when your eyes meet his gaze.
It's short lived because you haven't said a word.
"I'm going to take you home, okay? Then I'll absolutely spoil you. Let's go home, beautiful. I've wanted you home with me all this time."
The more Felix spoke, the more he seemed to gain your attention. Almost like disbelief that you weren't just imagining him.
Slowly, carefully, your hands ran up his arms to his elbows.
"F-Felix?" Your voice croaked.
"I'm right here. Oh my gorgeous love, I have missed you so much."
You moved to your knees, shuffling closer, hesitantly but your eyes full of hope.
"Felix?" You asked again.
"Hi beautiful. I'm here."
You sob as you slowly move into his arms.
"You came for me..."
Felix is in disbelief you'd think otherwise.
"Of course, without question, my love." He said as he kissed your hair.
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reids-rendering-reality · 9 months ago
Guys My Age
Summary: Y/N is the newest addition to the BAU team and Spencer appears to have taken a special liking towards her. The only problem is, he thinks he’s too old for her. However, that’s all about to change when they share a hotel room.
(A/N: I’m such a sucker for the hotel room trope so I combined it with two of my other favourite ideas: Spencer being older than the reader and catching her doing yoga)
Type: fluff + a sexual innuendo or two
Warnings: dirty thoughts, insecurity about age, age gap, anxiety, yoga?
Word Count: 2.1K
Spencer Reid’s POV
I pulled the handle of my satchel over my shoulder as I sighed. It was a very long day in a small rural town somewhere deep in Alabama. Everyone else had gone back to their hotel room, besides Hotch and I. There was just something about this case I couldn’t get out of my mind. The feeling of being so close to the final piece of the puzzle, as if it were on the tip of my tongue but I couldn’t grip it. Yet I had to let it go for the night and get some rest. The much needed REM sleep could give me an entirely new perspective on this problem to me tomorrow. At least that’s what I hoped.
On the walk to the hotel room I was getting increasingly nervous, the more rooms I passed in the hallway. This small hotel did not have enough rooms to accommodate the whole team separately. They only had four rooms for the seven of us. JJ and Emily had immediately paired up, just like Rossi and Morgan. And Hotch being the team leader took the single room. Leaving me with our newest and youngest member, Y/N.
It’s not like I didn’t like her. That’s not what it was at all. Just, she made me a little bit nervous. She was so beautiful that sometimes I couldn’t get out any words around her. And that says a lot because I always have something to say. But as cheesy as it sounds, in some moments there is not a single fact that I can recall. 
But the elephant in the room demands to be heard. She is younger than I am. And that by a lot. By exactly ten years and three months. That appears to be a lot. I don’t really know why, but that bothers me. We are both adults, but because of social conventions at our age, I feel as though it is inappropriate. Yet if I were 60 and she were 50 or I was 80 and she was 70, no one would even blink at the gap. Yet because we are young it matters. I feel sad when I think about it because I like her a lot. And when we talk I don’t notice the age gap. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that it wasn’t even there at all.
What surprised me as I was having these thoughts and neared the room was the fact that I actually considered asking her out. Since Maeve I have not been on a single date. And who said she would even be interested in anything beyond a casual friendship or even colleagueship with me? That’s not even considering the amount of courage it would require for me to tell her. But it’s not like that would be a fruitful endeavour.
And that was the last thought I had before I reached the door to room 179. A prime number. Prime numbers would be my lucky numbers if there were such a thing.
As I rummaged around my pockets and satchel for the key card I noticed the sound of music coming through the door.
“Gotta thank him he’s the reason
That I’ll find what I’m looking for.”
I heard a woman sing over the sound of an electric guitar. I still hadn’t found my key card.
“Guys my age don't know how to treat me
Don't know how to treat me.”
My movements stopped when my brain registered the lyrics. Guys my age…?
“Guys my age don't know how to touch me
Don't know how to love me good.”
My breath hitched and I gulped, key card in hand. Did she mean that? Could it be possible that she would be interested in someone ten years older than her? The feeling of hope was beginning to form in my brain, scenarios of what could be clouding my vision. But they were quickly pushed aside by a dark storm of self-doubt. Because most people don’t listen to lyrics as closely. The lyrics to a song don’t mean anything to them. Did they mean anything to her?
I realised I had been standing in front of the door for way too long and gathered all my confidence to go inside. But nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to see. After closing the door behind me and tucking away the key card into my bag I turned around for the first time.
There she was. In the middle of the room in front of the two twin beds on a yoga mat. Her front leg was bent as she stretched her back. She was only dressed in skin tight pants and a matching bra that complimented the way her body was contorted. The soft light from the night lamp next to one of the beds made her skin glisten just noticeably as if it were glowing. I could feel my eyes widen as I my brain finally added up the pieces of what I was seeing.
“Oh, hi Spence!” she said gleefully turning her head towards mine, “I was feeling a little tense after sitting in that conference room all day. I hope you don’t mind.”
I didn’t even bother to attempt to talk, I could feel how dry my throat was and how my lips would not listen to any command I would’ve given it. So I just shook my head and pulled my eyes away from her as she moved her upper body towards the floor, holding herself up by her ellbows. I walked towards the beds in her general direction trying not to notice how gorgeous her ass looked now that her body was turned away from me. That I even had that thought surprised me and caused a blush to rise to my cheeks. I was thankful that she couldn’t see my face in that moment as I loosened up my tie. Taking a deep breath to calm my nerves, my attention drifted back to the song.
“Don't know how to love me good
So I'm never going back”
There was nothing in that moment that could keep me sane. My wildest dreams could have not come up with this scenario. It felt utterly unreal.
As the song ended I saw her change positions again from my peripheral vision.
“You’re awfully quiet today,” she said while turning the music down.
I noticed panic begin to fill my brain. She wanted to have a conversation.
“I um- it’s been kind of a long day,” I said and cleared my throat, while deciding whether or not it would be a good idea to turn around towards her.
“Have you been at the station the whole time? You must be exhausted,” she responded and continued when I didn’t answer, “I thought you could show me that show you’ve been gushing about.”
How was this real life? My brain began to lose control of my executive functions as my body turned around to face her. She was now sitting on the floor, legs stretched out in front of her, her hands wrapped around her feet as she looked up at me. The low-cut top she was wearing gave me a perfect sight into the curves of her-
I dared not continue that line of thought, already flustered enough as it is.
“Really? You’d be interested in watching that?” I said and blinked.
Her lips spread into a smile, twinkling her eyes, “Yeah, of course. The way you described it makes me really curious.”
“We could watch an episode or two before going to sleep, if you want.”
I just had to take this chance. Even if I could only begin to have a friendship with her, I wanted to be close to her because for some odd reason, I couldn’t bear to admire her from afar.
So not long after, I was setting up the odd hotel room tv to watch the show. It took me the entirety of her taking a shower so that I was only standing back up when she was walking out of the small bathroom in a white bathrobe and a towel wrapped around her head. She smiled up at me as she walked past me, her hand brushing my arm so casually that I questioned whether it actually happened. 
I hesitated again before sitting down on the bed. Was she going to get dressed in front of me? Because no matter how much my amygdala wanted me to see that, my frontal cortex wasn’t going to allow it. I forced myself to look through my satchel in an attempt to find a distraction as I waited for her next move. But luckily, she didn’t tempt my brain too much into overdrive.
I felt as if there was a higher power not willing to spare me for the night when she came out of the bathroom a second time, now something someone might call dressed. She was in a loose light coloured satin pyjama set that showed off her legs perfectly. And as if that were not enough to torture me for the night, she joined me on my twin bed with her bag of chips.
“I hope that’s okay with you, then we can share snacks,” she said so innocently that I almost believed it. But I could still hear the song ringing in my ears and I noticed her eyes take a short glance down at my lips as she said it. I was almost convinced that I wasn’t imagining things.
What really sealed the deal was that I noticed her scoot a tiny bit closer to me every once in a while. At first I could only feel the warmth she radiated, but after about 30 minutes I felt the bare skin of her arm against mine. My breath quickened, which I was sure she had noticed.
I knew the episode off by heart. Which was to my advantage because then my brain could run in a speed that I could barely follow. I tried my hardest to calm down a little bit, which was hard when I could feel the movement of her body as a whole-hearted laugh filled her throat.
“Y/N,” I whispered with all my courage. It was so low that I almost thought she wouldn’t hear it, but she turned her head towards me her eyes following a few seconds after.
Her eyes met mine and it was like I could feel my neurons firing electrical signals throughout my entire body. And just like that, in one swift movement she had grabbed my face by the back of my head and pulled me into her lips.
That was the first time that night that my muscles began to relax as I eased into the sensation of her soft lips moving against mine. It was as though I was beginning to lose myself in the kiss, all insecurities about her feelings towards me or my inexperience gone.
When she ultimately pulled away and rested her forehead against mine, we were both panting gently. My whole body felt warm with the feeling of her breath on my skin and her hands still in my hair. I didn’t dare open my eyes, still afraid that I would wake up from this idyllical dream.
We both didn’t know what to say as we pulled away further and looked at each other. I wanted to say something, to let her know how I felt, but once again, my brain did not follow my commands.
“Did you know when you kiss someone for the first time it causes your dopamine levels to increase for a short period of time? It also makes your heart rate and the oxygen supply to your brain to raise,” I heard my voice say in something between a whisper and my normal talking voice.
“For the first time, huh?” she grinned a little at me.
I reached for her hand and gently took it in mine. I moved her palm over my shirt to the centre of my chest. I could feel my heart race through her hands and I know she could feel it too. She looked up into my eyes again with a look on her face that told me all I needed to know.
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kayami51 · 3 months ago
May I please request Gyutaro with a s/o who founds out that they are expecting his children? Bouns points if it is twins.
Someone who values ​​Gyutaro, thank you so much anon!
Enjoy reading!
Gyūtarō with a (Name) who is pregnant with twins.
Gyūtarō x Reader
- Gyūtarō with a (Name) who is pregnant with twins.
Trigger warning: violence
Tumblr media
Gyūtarō had no love from anyone when he was younger, only Daki's, and he still had a dirty job to protect his imōto, which meant he had to see the evil in the world.
After they both become oni, they continue to trust no one but each other until you show up.
You were sold to the brothel by someone you trusted and, of course, it was every man for himself in that bad place, but you changed things.
At the brothel things were more "calm" after you arrived. The whores and the girls trusted you, as did the owners of the house, and over time, Daki trusted you too.
The two of you became friends and she revealed the truth to you: that she was an oni and had a brother who stayed inside her.
Of course, you were scared at first, but you were already friends and Daki had improved her attitude because of you, so almost nothing has changed between the two of you.
In the beginning, Gyūtarō distrusted you, because you only wanted to protect his imōto, until he starts to trust you and fall in love.
He doesn't know what he's feeling and, desperate, asks Daki for help.
"Hey Daki, there's something wrong with me."
"What's oni-chan?! What's wrong?!"
"I get really weird when I'm around (Name), do I feel more… light? I think I'm safe too."
"For Muzan sake's, you're in love with her, oni-chan!"
Daki ends up coming up with a plan for him to confess to you, which happens the next day, because she's pestered him so much about it.
He went to your room during your working hours and when he saw the client being very rough with you, he killed him without pity and pity.
He saw you with your kimono messed up and the man's blood on you, as he was quite brutal in killing you.
"(Name), are you okay? Did this guy hurt you?"
"Gyūtarō, I'm fine, I'm used to this treatment, but why did you do it?! This man's death will draw attention, the owners will accuse me of killing him and I will be killed!"
"Daki and I will work this out, don't worry about this guy."
"But why did you do that? It doesn't make sense!"
"I love you!"
The romantic mood he planned went down the drain and he almost regretted saying it, until you cried that you responded.
That night you two loved each other for the first time.
He really made a way for no one to question the dead man, which relieved you a lot.
On the nights you had a client, he would break into your room and immobilize the man, not killing him because he didn't want to cause you any problems, and he would make love to you so he wouldn't cause you any problems.
Until one day, you get pregnant.
The brothel owner was furious and ordered you to have an abortion, but Daki butted in and said you would keep them because you had already said you wanted them.
Gyūtarō didn't know how to react for sure. He only knew how to take care of Daki, he didn't know how to take care of other children.
You had to confront him.
"Gyūtarō dear, don't you want this baby?"
"It's not that I don't want to, I just don't know if I'm going to be a good father and we don't even know what the child will be like! Will it be a human or an oni?!"
"No matter what it may be, I will have this child, even if you abandon me."
When you said that with tears in your eyes, he pulled himself together and said he would never leave you, because he loved you too much to do such a thing.
Gyūtarō and Daki helped you with everything during the pregnancy, but you also had to help with some things because they didn't know anything about babies.
And they also fought over silly things.
"It's going to be a girl, so I can fix her!"
"It's going to be a boy so I don't have to deal with suitors and he can protect (Name)!"
"Shut up, the child hasn't even been born yet and you're already fighting over her?!"
After nine months, imagine everyone's surprise when you were a COUPLE OF TWINS!
Daki kept holding the girl, while Gyūtarō held the boy and looked at him with happiness that they both pulled you and not him.
He may seem disinterested in children at first, but that's only because he doesn't know how to react to the fact that he's a father.
He's going to spoil the kids, but he's terrified of letting them near Daki, because she might teach or show wrong things.
The three of you thought the kids would be afraid of how their father looks, but no, they love him a lot.
He helps you take care of the twins responsibly, but he also asks for your help when he doesn't know what to do.
"(Name), the baby is crying and I don't know what to do!"
"Must be hungry, give it to me."
He carries the kids most of the time, just like he did with Daki when she was younger.
He doesn't need to sleep, but sometimes he sleeps when babies sleep on top of him.
A dad who tries to do his best and honestly he's amazing at what he does.
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