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#i know everyone loves not in the same way

Sometimes I think about how TGWDLM has an ambiguous ending until you think about it or dive into the behind the scenes content. Paul is infected by the time Inevitable happens, there’s no doubt in my mind. 

How would he know those songs is the first question, of course. He wasn’t there for Show Stopping Number, and I don’t think he’d know it well enough even if he was there in the back waiting for his chance to rescue Emma and Ted. How would he know any of those songs well enough to pull that off on the fly? Besides, it’s canon that the hive likes to mess with its victims. The way Alice tried to break Bill in Not Your Seed. Why wouldn’t Paul try to destroy Emma by giving her false hope and singing about how he chose this?

Then… What’s his motivation? You expect me to believe he’d try to pretend to be one of them as the world falls apart, as he has to watch Emma die right in front of him? They’re surrounded, I can’t imagine he’d think he could get her out. What would the point be? It’s a hivemind, they’d figure it out real fast, anyway. There’s no point. 

There’s Jon tweeting “Don’t the eyes give it away?” and I’m positive he’s referring to that last shot right at the apotheosis is upon us, which… Yeah, those are the eyes of someone faking it, sure. 

The script isn’t canon (Though, god, I wish it was, I have an unhealthy fixation on the slime) but… If anything, it proves the ending wasn’t originally going to leave you questioning if Paul was faking it. 


Then there’s the commentary, where Nick straight up says yeah, he’s dead, the hive took over the whole planet. Last nail in the coffin, for me. He’s infected, and was always intended to be.

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