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#i know i'm supposed to have fun
frnkieroismydaddy · 2 years ago
The Umbrella Academy as shit people in my gym class said
Luther: come on, you guys! We're supposed to be a team, but you're all terrible!
Diego: I want my mom, I don't want to do this
Allison: I'm not good at this, but we can pretend
Klaus, to Reginald: you're just going watch us have meltdowns? That's chill
Five:at least we're all going to die soon
Ben: I'll just watch, partly because I can't play, but mostly because I don't want to
Vanya: I'm just having three mental breakdowns at once.
Grace:I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm having fun!
Reginald: Jesus Christ, you all suck
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timethehobo · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Just a little self-indulgent piece because I have an awful habit of redrawing fave characters in something a little modern. And an excuse to draw my interpretation of a Bobby unmasked. So both? Both. It's always fun to envision what's behind a mask anyway. Do excuse me and have a lovely day. //nervous laughter. :P
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v-hope · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Key: (f) fluff; (a) angst; (h) humor; (m) mature/mentions of sex
Tumblr media
Shipping Material
Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 (finished)
Tumblr media
One Shots
Hold me tight (f)
↳ Jimin wants to cuddle and you want to see your friends you haven’t seen in forever. Although he ends up going with you anyway, that doesn’t meen he’s gonna keep his hands away from you and beg for your attention.
Pizza Crush (f)
↳ After a fun night out, a little push from your friends is all you need to order some pizza with a side of the cute delivery guy.
Feline Theories (f)
↳ Your cat doesn’t like men. Simple as that. However, that doesn’t seem to be a problem for Park Jimin.
Costume War (f, h)
↳ When you decide last minute to attend a Halloween party and run to the costume store to try and find something decent, you end up finding something you would actually love to wear. The problem? This one very handsome stranger wants it too and there is only one costume left.
Shipping Material (f)
↳ When you signed up to be in Jimmy Fallon’s show, you didn’t expect him to bring BTS into the conversation and expose you when it came to your bias. And you most definitely did not expect said bias to contact you later on.
Tumblr media
“You know when your phone buzzes it means I’m trying to talk to you, right?” (h)
“Can you just leave me alone?” (a)
The way you said “I love you”: Too quick, mumbled into your scarf (f)
The way you said “I love you”: Broken, as you clutch the sleeve of my jacket and beg me not to leave (a)
“I can’t fall in love with you. I don’t want all the pain that comes with it” (a)
“I’m not jealous, I’m practicing my pout” (f)
"The real question is, how many cookies is too many?" (f)
"Are you a present? Because I want to unwrap you" (f, h)
"It sucks that we won't be spending the holidays together" (a, f)
"Wait, you didn't say your family would be at the New Year's party" (f)
"Why would I have a problem with you facetiming your cat?" (f, h)
"I'm not him" (a, f)
"And just like that, our soon-to-be family of 3 turned out to be soon-to-be family of 5" (f)
"Listen Jimin, I'm sorry. Y-You weren't supposed to know. I didn't want to bother you" (a, f)
"You look really peaceful when you're asleep" (f)
We decided it would be fun to go camping and now it’s raining and we can’t figure out how to set up the tent AU (f)
“I hate how much I love you” | Pt. 2 (a, f)
Types of kisses: A kiss that lasts so long, they’re sharing each other’s breaths (f)
“I know we’ve been at each other’s throat but it’s Christmas eve and your flight got cancelled, please come inside” (a, f)
“Did you just say you love me?” (f)
“All I can think of is your lips on mine” (f)
Tumblr media
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goonlalagoon · 2 years ago
The Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry || Leagues and Legends
A few months back I wrote a Leagues & Legends/Hogwarts AU as a birthday present for a friend who’s also a huge fan of the books, and figured I may as well post it here!
When Laney Jones goes under the sorting hat, her back is perfectly straight and her face is placid, relaxed. Her hands fold neatly in her lap, and none of the students and professors think she’s anything other than calm, maybe even disinterested. 
Internally, she quite seriously threatens the Hat with a fiery death if it spits out her secret. The threat alone would probably merit Gryffindor, but the Hat isn't easily swayed by mere stunts. When the rip along it's hem opens, it sends her to Slytherin.
(Such a thirst to prove yourself. You'll do well there)
She's practically a squib. She makes no attempts to claim otherwise, because if you say you're Merlin reborn everyone watches you, but when they think you're a step away from being a muggle they take the fact that you got some coloured sparks as a victory, even if you're supposed to be turning a matchstick into a needle. Pride is one thing, but Laney knows that sometimes you have to let people think poorly of you so they won't look too close. 
She excels in herbology, potions, and magical theory. She won't excel at History of Magic until her second year, because she is unequipped both for professor Binns and for the way all of the magical history she knew was geographically removed from everything they covered in class.
(Laney Jones isn't a squib; her mother is a squib, so that effectively makes Laney a muggle. Her brother is a wizard, though she hasn't seen him since she was eight. She scours the Prophet every morning, because she still thinks her big brother is the centre of the world)
Rupert Hammersfeld had already read every History of Magic text book on Hogwarts' seven year book list at least once by the time he was ten. He stays awake in Binns' classes making detailed notes anyway, but most of them are his own thoughts and recalled external sources. Rupert likes history; his mother is a curse breaker, and so he knows plenty of non euro-centric history from her, and his uncle made sure to teach him at least some of the history of the parts of India their ancestors hailed from as well. He writes out theoretical alternate lesson plans when he's done transcribing his years-old notes on the British goblin wars.
He's read a lot of textbooks over the years, curled up in the Hogwarts library in the holidays. He watched years worth of students pass through the halls before it was his turn, helping his uncle with the paperwork and quietly finding the homesick kids at weekends with his palms full of hot-chocolate and handkerchiefs tucked into his pockets. 
His uncle fretted, sometimes, that he couldn't give Rupert as much time as he deserved. The world outside thought he did, of course he did, the headmaster of Hogwarts having to raise a child, it was a wonder he had any time for the boy at all. They sniffed and murmured about how irresponsible, how unseemly, it was for that Elizabeth to have not only had a child out of wedlock but to have then left it with her respectable, long-suffering brother to raise while she ran wild. 
He was pure-blooded (that his father had magic at his fingertips was one of the few things Rupert knew, not because his mother gave two figs about blood status but because one of the few stories she shared of him included the elegance of his preserving spells), from a line that could trace itself back to the Founders, and he just wanted everything to be orderly, calm, and safe. He spends ten and a half minutes under the hat, discussing where he should go. The hat is quite adamant, but Rupert knows how people would talk and takes a while to convince.
(Usually, the hat accepts a direct request to go into a certain house - but this is from a self-imposed sense of obligation, and under it there’s a strong sense that the hat’s option would be really nice, actually, so it insists)
The Hufflepuffs and the Slytherins don't have any first year classes together; for historic reasons they tend to be paired with the Ravenclaws, which suits Rupert quite well. He's from a family of Gryffindors, but they can be a bit...much, sometimes. He’s all for chivalry and protecting those who need it, but from a lifetime in the castle he’s familiar with just how often the Gryffindor common room exists in a state of chaos.
He's aware of the black almost-squib in his year anyway, of course. He watched his fellow first years arrive on the boats, matching names to faces as they were called up to the front of the Great Hall, noted houses. And you could never escape the gossip - a castle full of teenagers lived on rumour and hearsay.
Rupert sneaks down to Hogsmede regularly, to meet up with Sez and Bart. He slips past Laney in the halls or out on the grounds, unseen, and he says nothing to anyone - not that there was a student out of bed, or about the mix of muggle tricks and magical practical jokes she was carefully practising with, night after night.
They don't meet properly until third year, when they chose between the optional subjects and classes became more widely mixed between the four houses. Laney takes Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Care of Magical Creatures and Muggle Studies. She doesn't particularly like the sound of muggle studies, but she knows her own grades - the extra work is worth it, she figures, for that number of perfect grades to outweigh her abysmal practical demonstrations. Besides, she's eyeing the idea of a political career, and she figures it wouldn't hurt to be officially Able To Speak the Muggle Lingo.
Rupert signs up for all of the same subjects except for Muggle Studies as well, so their schedules rather abruptly align almost completely. It's several weeks into third year before Rupert (hesitantly) offers her the recipe to a colour changing powder he'd found in a market stall, one summer visiting his mother. Laney had been hiding dyes up her sleeves and hidden in bracelets for years, turning mice green when she was supposed to make them into a pin cushion. The Dozen Drop Dyes she’s been using are expensive, and require active enchantment to make. A powder is in several ways easier to hide, and it’s something she can make herself with the help of a few magical ingredients.
She drops her Magical Theory books down next to him in the library the next day because he'd been struggling with the underpinnings of Gamp's Exceptions (again. It just didn't make sense! What was different about food? He could conjure wooden furniture, but he couldn't conjure spices that were made from dried bark. It wasn't logical) and Laney was painfully aware of anything even close to a debt.
By the end of the year, she would be trading notes and explanations because it was easier to study together than alone. He would be occasionally transfiguring things in class for her, always partially and always incorrect, and talking her through the non-magical defences he'd learnt over the years of helping Sez and Bart track down dangers in the streets of Hogsmede and the edges of the Forest.
At the start of their fourth year, there are  two arrivals of particular note. One is a red-head who towers over the first years, and the other is short even by the standards of his cohort. Farris, Jack, goes into Gryffindor. Sanders, Grey, has an extended period under the hat and is finally sent to Ravenclaw.
(Jack thinks the hat sounds a bit grudging about it)
It turns out that Jack is actually in their year, a transfer student. When asked where from, he shrugs and says "here and there", which people generally take as either home schooled, or expelled from every other magical school in the world, because it turns out that Jack gets into fights the way most people breathe.
It isn't even duelling; magic is rarely involved. Rupert half-suspects that's intentional. After all, when you're fighting someone over the fact that they've just said something dismissive about the muggleborn, sending them to the hospital wing with a broken nose without drawing your wand at all does rather illustrate the point. Rupert lectures him about fighting and files neat, official complaints and sends home form-written teacher’s notes where it will help.
(Grey slips safely beneath the radar, by and large. He doesn't get letters at breakfast, but occasionally he'll find a book he's never seen with his name on the fly leaf in the Ravenclaw common room. Spider had been at Hogwarts, once upon a time, and he used to slip out to Hogsmede, and after all -  the Ravenclaw tower was guarded only by riddles.
This was all immaterial, given he could also turn into a spider at will, but at heart Spider appreciated the detail of these things)
Laney and Rupert quickly discover that it is very difficult not to like Jack. He seems permanently cheerful, but has a streak of dark humour that never fails to make Laney snicker. His magic is all over the place, which Rupert marks down to his haphazard teaching. Some of the fourth year material  is old hat to him, and some of their first year spells are novelties.
He also has a distressing (to Rupert, at least) tendency to wander at will into the Forbidden Forest. Rupert makes sad sounds whenever he catches Jack wandering in or out of the trees, and ignores the guilty awareness that he's been gradually working on containing an acromantula infestation in there for years. 
Laney tells Jack she isn't even an almost-squib, magically speaking, early in their fifth year. She had thought about it the summer before but she couldn't bring herself to do it. She's too used to secrecy, and she can't just hand this over to someone without knowing for certain that they won't let it slip. He stares at her, delighted, and immediately produces a battered jacket imbued with a shield charm. She pours over it, and he promises to write to the friend who made it for him to see if she can be persuaded to share her secrets. 
Laney and Rupert are too busy with their own studies to help Jack catch up on the patches in his own past learnings completely, so he’s had a mismatch of tutors since the professors first realised he was missing several foundations. Somehow he ends up being taught second year Charms by the runty first year he shared a boat over with. Grey trades off time running Jack through old class notes borrowed from Laney and Rupert to explain things he hasn't necessarily studied yet himself for time going over the material the fifth years are currently studying. 
(Grey is vaguely considering taking his OWLs early, except then he'd take the NEWTs early too, and he'd be stuck out in the world with stunning grades but no legal guardians, too young to do things like rent a flat or get a job even with his forged papers placing him as a few years older than he actually is)
Jack gets letters sporadically, usually accompanied by pictures covered in sticky fingerprints. They rarely seem to be delivered by the same bird twice, until he goes home to Mexico for one winter break, Grey in tow. They have a great time, even if Grey complains about the heat, but he also notices that none of the family know anything about what their youngest has been up to for the past six years. 
He corners Jack about it once they're back at Hogwarts, in a roundabout way, and it spills out - the one magical son in an entirely muggle home, except for a mother who had some magical relatives and extended family friends in several different countries. They'd fabricated an excuse for why he was leaving home, and Jack hadn't gone back since. His mother had been insistent that it would be good for him, better than staying at the local underground schools or going to the closer boarding school in America, even if she hadn't been able to verbalise why. She just knew.
His mother had been quite keen to hear what he'd been up to since he ran away from school, but Grey knows he wasn't supposed to have heard that conversation and won’t be getting any answers if he asks.
Laney listens closely, peers sidelong at Grey, and smirks at them both. 
"Well, I had to forge enough paperwork to get onto the Hogwarts register and fool my mother." While Grey splutters at the new information, Rupert tilts his head and asks ‘why Hogwarts’. She's never spoken about this before, and he hadn't wanted to pry. Laney shrugs. 
"Uagadou acceptance can't be faked, and I was actually born in England - mom and dad were over for a year living with my uncle, diplomatic stuff - so it was just feasible that I would have gone onto their register not Uagadou's." She smiles, sharp. "And anyway, everyone at Uagadou uses gestures not a wand, so magic would be a lot harder to fake."
They derail into a conversation about different schools of magic. If Rupert or Laney find it odd that Grey goes quiet when they mention Mahoutokoro, the school of magic closest to his home town (though they don't know this, precisely, just that he has a certain face structure and accent, and a tendency to slip into Japanese when he’s grumbling over books without realising), neither mention it. 
Jack waxes unexpectedly, passionately lyrical about how colour coding robes is harsh and minimising and biased anyway, because it rewards grades not effort, and some of the more flashy, non-grade related ingrained colour shifts follow no reasonable pattern, with no care for context.
Did you know that if you kill an aggressive giant with a third year spell you'd use to play pranks on your friends every week (and a lot of luck), your robes turn shimmering gold for 'services to the community'? But if you kill a rampaging dragon as it tries to eat you after razing an entire village with a curse you've only heard of and never dreamt of using, they'll go white as snow.
The year Laney, Rupert and Jack reach their sixth year of school, Grey is finally old enough to go to Hogsmede with them - well. According to his paperwork, anyway. They had offered to take him before through the hidden passage Rupert preferred for getting to the village to meet Sez, but he'd waved an ink specked hand to decline because he was too recognisable, too obviously not old enough to be on a Hogsmede trip, and that meant he wouldn't be allowed into the bookstore, so what even was the point?
Jack cheerfully trails Grey into the bookstore, holding a growing pile of books and trying (and failing) to see any kind of rhyme and reason behind the collection. Laney peels off to the joke shop to buy a few new toys. She comes out with a mental list of other purchases for Rupert, Jack, or Sez to pick up for her later to make sure nobody draws too many connections to her.
Rupert wanders around the local houses with his pack full of gifts he's carefully brought down from the castle - a pepper up potion brewed with better ingredients than a family could afford, a handful of pages carefully transcribed from an old rare book that only existed in three collections in the world for someone's research, several bags of cookies baked in a corner of the kitchens (the house elves had gotten used to this when Rupert was a child and didn't panic too much nowadays) to hand out to anyone he knows is having a bit of a rough patch, or will just appreciate a friendly visit.
They meet up at Sally-Anne's place as always, because it's good, cheap food and Rupert wouldn't dream of going anywhere else unless required by circumstance to be a Noble Example of a Pureblood Son.
(Sally had inherited the Hog's Head not more than a couple of years ago, but she's been practically running it since she was fifteen so everyone thinks of it as Sally-Anne's)
When Rupert arrive there are already textbooks scattered over his favourite booth. He, Jack and Laney all have a Care of Magical Creatures group project to work on. Grey is theoretically working on his own History of Magic essay, but is actually pouring wide eyed over their notes. Jack is waving his hands as he talks at length about dragon communications to an increasingly fascinated Grey and a frustrated Laney, because none of this is in any of the five books she's read, Farris, where are your sources - Rupert nudges her as he sits down, because while the mystery of Jack's sporadic yet strangely specific knowledge base is something they both agree they need to get to the bottom of, they've also agreed they should probably make sure they do it somewhere they can't be overheard, given how much he slides away from it.
Halfway through doodling a dragon (it's supposed to be a Liondragon, but Jack knows it's a poor copy of the carved sketches he's spent years watching George leave on tables, support beams and pieces of firewood) Jack feels a chill on the back of his neck, and shrugs it off as residual paranoia. 
The window explodes a moment later, and he pushes himself thoughtfully up from the scattered glass.
"Huh, so I guess that was an anti-apparition ward being set." He tries to explain this to the aggressive fellow Gryffindor who's loudly threatening to go fetch the aurors, and winds up tearing up his robes to act as a tourniquet because he isn't carrying any dittany and it's not like he's going to be given his wand back to actually repair the splinching wound anyway so he needs to do something.
Laney catches his eye as the two searching men start tearing up the floor in search of the rumoured tunnel to Hogwarts. She's fiddling with the bracelet on her left wrist, a dark wooden bangle with - if Jack remembers correctly - some constellation etched onto it. Rupert goes very still beside him, eyes apparently fixed on Sally shouting furiously at the Wizards tearing up her pub.
The hidden compartment on Laney's bangle flips open, and the room is abruptly plunged into night as it fills with dark mist. Jack lunges forwards towards the wizard holding their wands, and rolls cheerfully to his feet amid the sound of them clattering to the floor. From somewhere off to his left he can hear the loud oof of someone who has just been punched in the guts and probably hasn't been in a fight other than a magical duel since he was ten and doesn't remember how to roll with the punches.
In the dark, Jack grins.
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yukipri · 4 days ago
Who's bigger: Wrecker, or an Alpha-class clone?
Totally not for any specific reasons or anything, but *sweats*
Who do you imagine to be bigger?
Wrecker from the Bad Batch, who we know is 198 cm/6'6",
Tumblr media
or an Alpha-class clone, like Alpha-17, as depicted in the Star Wars: Republic comics?
(torture scene warning)
Tumblr media
I originally assumed Wrecker, but am getting less sure...
Yeah, I know it's largely art style differences, since Clone Wars animated tends to be very long 'n slim, and comics are often just make them Ripped, but still:
Do you think
1) Wrecker is bigger
2) The Alphas are bigger
3) They're roughly the same
Or some variation, like the Alphas are shorter but just as broad...
(Or perhaps more importantly, how do you want them to be depicted...)
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eijiroukiriot · 5 months ago
kirishima “ei-chan” eijirou. age 14. who looks kinda nerdy so you look over at his notes when you don’t get what’s going on in class only to find that he’s been scribbling variations of CRIMSON RIOT CRIMSON RIOT RED RIOT?? RED RIOT CRIMSON RIOT MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE for the last ten minutes. who is panting his guts out and looks pale and clammy but still refuses to stop doing pushups because he’s 50 away from surpassing the record written on the gymnasium whiteboard. who does a speech about why he wants to become a hero for an english presentation and he has notecards but he’s clearly not looking at them and you can’t tell the reason he’s speaking so loud and standing so rigidly is that he practiced his speech all night and is worried about messing it up or if he’s completely adlibbing and just that passionate about this and while he speaks everyone in the room is kind of sharing looks of “there’s no way he’ll get in but he cares so much that it makes me feel bad” only to be proven completely wrong when the test results come in two months later
#hi :( i'm sorry about the lack of posts lately#i have had very little energy and what little i have has been going to novel writing#or like. wishing i was working on a comic instead of my book#and then getting overly invested in writing fake lyrics for this book to the point that i'm excited to work on it again#leaving me without much room for krbk :/#i do love my boys very very much though and i am still Thinking....#thinking about their growth#kirishima specifically had entire life before the parts that we saw#and we've only seen a little sliver of his time in middle school#what was he like as a younger kid? was he really shy and timid or more like middle school him trying to be really brave and tough?#did he have friends? did he do well at the sports festivals at his schools growing up?#did he get obligation chocolate and get way too into trying to figure out what to give back on white day?#did he visit his family in the country in the summer and come back to school super tan...what normal childhood things did he do#and how was he known#i guess we're supposed to infer no one really knows him from how ashido's friends react to him#but those bullies knew him as 'guy who talks big but doesn't even have a strong quirk'#so i wonder. what other versions of kirishima did people know#fun to think abt bc it's fun to imagine that he had a full life :) before during and after ua#anyway i hope you guys are also thinking abt kirishima#if you're still reading my tags know ily and hope you have a nice dinner tonight#thoughts
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yangsbandana · 4 months ago
The bee height difference suddenly kind of doesn't makes any sense. Didn't girls stop growing at 16-17 or after puberty. Unless remnants have different biology of course. Also if anything isn't Blake is the one suppose to be the tallest with her dad's gene and all?
um, actually, the bees height difference is 100% biologically realistic if you take into account the objective logic that tall yang is sexy as hell. hopefully that clears up any confusion.
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soybean--oil · 2 years ago
How do you draw fat faces? Asking as a confused artist, cause every time or try it's just round face with no chin definition whatsoever. I also can't seem to get the neck/chub ratio to look right :(
Hoo okay I’ll try my best here.
I know this is going to sound boring and probably overrated, but you need to understand how to draw human heads. Start with skulls, you’ll thank me later.
Tumblr media
I think your problems are mostly stemming from not understanding the head and you’re just jumping to how you think the fat distributes on the face. That leads to the second step which is how it distributes I guess:
Tumblr media
I know it’s a pretty “duh” thing, but it mostly develops around the cheeks and under the chin. But again, you won’t properly know how that looks unless you practice skulls and thin heads. After you get familiar with the fundamentals then you can certainly exaggerate things as much or as little as you want. That’s what art is about after all B) 
Tumblr media
Here’s some more personal examples/refs too:
Tumblr media
Have fun and make sure to make those boys ROUND
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language-fox · 3 years ago
You don’t have to be fluent in a language
I’ve heard a ton of people tell me “why should I bother learning a language, I have X, I’ll never be fluent.” This X can be anything from social anxiety to speech impediments or hearing issues.
And... it makes me so sad. Fluency is cool but language is more than learning to speak in a certain way or to hear some sounds differently. It’s culture, it’s history, it’s the stored memory of an entire group of humans.
You don’t have to aim for fluency when you start a language. It doesn’t matter if there’s a disability that will likely prevent perfect fluency or if you just wanna start the language and check it out because it sounds cool.
The idea that we can only start things when we aim for perfection is so harmful and prevents people from engaging in things they might enjoy. If you want to learn a language, do it! Whether you’ll be fluent or just know a few words, go and do it if you want to! Life is supposed to be fun, after all.
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sisterstories02 · 2 years ago
Some Hazbin Info!
Hey guys ^^ so I was listening to this recent podcast on YouTube with Viv and she said some fun and interesting things I thought I'd share. Don't know if many have listened to it but here are some things Viv said ^^
-Charlie takes very much after her dad.
-He's very goofy and musical. She could only hint at who he's based off of with the words goofy and polka music.
-There was a hilarious line that Pentious was going to say but was scrapped. He was suppose to say "I'm quite the epic dabber!" Lol🤣 and his minions should just stare at him and say things like "oh god boss! Just stop!" Lol
-And most interesting to me was that she explained what happens when you die again in hell. She said demons in hell can get shot and pretty beat up but be completely fine later. Only the "Angels" (exterminators) can really kill another demon. Using their special tools. And sometimes when a killing is done and if tools are left behind, other demons will steal them and sell them on a black market so demons can kill others.
-Also she said when those demons die, they pretty much are gone. They're souls are gone. She described it kind of like the "final death" in the CoCo movie. The demons don't really know what happens to them.
They're still working out the death info but that was how she could describe it ^^
Podcast link:
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ssaalexblake · a year ago
13 reacts to Yaz openly showing her loyalty and positive emotion by looking straight up Scared and it’s still a question that 13′s shadiness was purposefully written??? Girl knows Exactly what she is and that she’s basically created an elaborate ~chipper~ persona with selective honesty and carefully monitoring how she acts among her friends, and is intelligent enough to know it’s gonna come crashing down around her, probably Soon. 
It’s already getting harder to hide. It slowly got more difficult for her to do so over the course of the season, especially in the NY special. She’s losing ground, step by step. 
And it’s not that i disagree with the assertions that the two moments of yaz showing her affection and 13′s reactions are Thasmin(tm), i just happen to think they’re Angsty rather than anything else. 
I don’t think it was a mistake that the one closest to seeing past the doctor’s new Happy/laughing/kindness visage is Yaz, I think it’s going to be plot relevant that Yaz spent most of season eleven Watching. Ryan and Graham, to some extent, are very much in their own world in S11; they’re travelling with 13 yeah, but they’re also both trying to work through grief by doing so, they’re trying to reconcile their own relationship as family, too. 
To put it simply, they’re not watching and therefore they don’t see, and I don’t think it’s an accident that it was written this way.  
Yaz, however, as has been justifiably pointed out by a lot of people frustrated that she had little to actively do in s11, has spent that time paying a Lot of attention to Thirteen. At some point, nosing into Graham and Ryan’s grief and development would have been outright rude of her, not just awkward. It’s kind of, Pushed her to be more attuned to 13, what else was she going to do, right? 
Add to this that 13 is, for the most part comfortable giving Yaz jobs to do on their travelling that she would never off the cuff leave to the other two. She armed Yaz when they were having the Pting problem and left her guarding the anti-matter drive, to use an example. While Graham and Ryan were off being midwives, Yaz was defending the ship against a hostile alien and using force to do so, and doing it under 13′s orders. She is more comfortable with Yaz doing these things because, i assume, she is a police officer, she’s trained to do so. 
Which isn’t really notable, it’s logical after all, Graham is a retired bus driver and Ryan is training to be a mechanic and works terrible jobs to pay for it, if you were going to pick one of the three to do the more dangerous and potentially violent tasks, you Would pick Yaz, it’s logical. 
None of this on its own is really notable, but Yaz is now in this weird space where she’s not Really noticed that anything is up, but she has all the pieces of information in her head that could lead to an epiphany. She’s spent a few months watching this kind of pantomime performance of thirteen’s sincere attempts to be a better person, to be just a traveler, and she’s been subconsciously picking up bits of information which are outliers to her own supposition that 13′s “the best person i’ve ever met” (ok, she might decide she still is after this inevitably gets worse before it gets better, but she can’t Know if 13 hides herself from her, it’s the submitting to the ordeal of being known kind of thing). 
Because i think we’re almost at the point where, if Yaz were to just see One thing, one openly questionable action from 13, she will begin to consciously connect the dots. Which is why I think the whole ‘Yaz has stars in her eyes for 13′ is actively Angsty rather than cute, i mean it’s kind of cute because it looks like she’s got a crush on the weirdo blonde alien, but i can’t see this ending anywhere but Angst.
The problem with Yaz starting their friendship looking at 13 like that, is Eventually she’s going to stop. And 13 knows this, hence the looks of worry/fear when yaz Does look at her with something bordering on awe and intense loyalty. She’s terrified of the day Yaz knows enough that the looks will stop, imo.  
Which is honestly why i hate this stupidly long hiatus, i genuinely feel from all the signs that s11 was the groundwork to some pretty serious story arcs, but I also don’t think the super long gap was a good tactical decision because if you don’t look at the season as a starting block and look at it as a single entity, it doesn’t have a lot of depth which i feel is actually there. 
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snflwrkenma · a month ago
Tumblr media
dearest diary
heya journal buddy
yo what's up it's a ya girl, skinny penis
dear diary, we're going traditional i guess ah haha
wow, it's been so long since i've sat down and wrote my feelings in a diary. i feel like i'm back in middle school lmao #throwbackthursday.
anyway, let me stop fucking around hehe. my therapist told me it'll be a good idea to invest in a nice journal and write out my feelings. she says it's a good way to let out any feelings and thoughts i don't want to talk about with her just yet. i keep telling her that i'm too busy to keep track of another journal, but she's quite persuasive (she promised to buy me some snacks and i absolutely could not turn her down) so here we are.
fuck, my hand's already cramping. maybe i should've typed this instead? but i already bought this journal so i'll power through..
i'm not too sure what i'm supposed to talk about in this thing. do i just talk about my day? am i supposed to write a certain way? i don't know, maybe i'll do how i did it when i was younger and speak like i would to my best friend? it always fun that way.
so here we go
it's been about eight months since i broke up with kuroo and ended my friendship with nymphaea. it's been,,,,, a journey to say the least.
to say the most, it hasn't been easy at all. i've had (and still have if i'm being completely honest) to work through so many things? way more than i could ever think of tbh.
for a while, i felt like it was only a matter of time before one of my other friends betrayed me as well. i struggled with the thoughts of not being good enough or worthy for both romantic and platonic love. i've had to battle what ifs and if onlys and i went through a period in time where i felt guilty for removing them from my life in the way i did.
man, i can't tell you how many nights i was so close to unblocking one of them and texting them to apologize. ME! APOLOGIZE?? to them??? whew my therapist was very upset with me after that, i can still remember her taking off her sandal and waving it in front of me. all the while saying "REALLY? what have i told you, y/n? we went over this! you have no reason to apologize to them. you blocked them and rightfully so, it was your way of setting boundaries and you need to stand your ground."
let's just say, after that session, i never once tried to text either of them again.
this healing process has not been all sunshine and rainbows, let me tell ya. it's been cloudy days and thunderstorms and tornadoes and earthquakes, too. while i have mostly? regained my self confidence and self worth, i've found myself avoiding relationships and any new friendships as much as possible.
i'm working on it though; slow and steady really does win the race.
time has honestly flown by since then, huh? i've been doing some amazing things hehe. kenma and i finally started our joint channel and podcast about 2 months ago, it's been such a fun experience and i still don't know what the hell took us so long to do this. we also co-parent a baby rabbit named snickers, he's absolutely adorable and he gets along with mochi very very well. kenma has him for a week and i have him for the next, but honestly? kenma and i spend so much time at one another's houses it really doesn't even matter.
if you're wondering how my other pals are, they're fucking great. they're all thriving and living a majestic life doing magical things and making me the proudest bitch on the planet. we all try to have brunch every now and again and it's so much fun to spend time with them. i actually miss them already and i saw them like 3 days ago lmao.
wow i really have no fucking idea what to talk about in this thing lmao what do you want to hear about, journal? do you want to hear about my hot therapist? she's literally so amazing and so pretty and she always smells nice, too? like?? who you smelling so good for, ma'am? me? ah ha ha.
i don't objectify women this much in my free time i proMISE LMAOO JKJK but honestly? i really do love that woman so much. she's helped me so much and i know that's her job but i thought i was going to be down in the dumps for at least 5 years, but the fact she has helped me so much in such little time is absolutely amazing. i'm not saying i'm healed because i still got some motherfucking issues, but she definitely made things a hell of a lot easier.
my friends did, too! if it weren't for kenma and shoyo driving me to and from my therapy sessions in the beginning or kiyoko coming over to make me a home cooked meal because she knew i wasn't eating properly or lev and alisa forcing me to dress up every once and a while and take pictures with them or akane coming over for movie and snack nights or akaashi coming over to continue our reading hangouts or tsuki popping up randomly and taking me to our café or bokuto picking me up to workout with him, i'm absolutely positive i wouldn't be where i am now.
i'm so thankful to have the people that i have in my life. they're all so amazing and supportive and loving in their own ways
BITCH not at me crying wow what the fuck i'm a bad bitch i can't be over here crying
that's a lie, bad bitches cry too
anyways i feel like i've rambled enough and my hand feels like it fall off at any second now lmaooooo AND i honestly don't know if any of this made sense, but i'll who gon read this? exactly!! anyway i'll just close tonight's entry with this:
i think everything has happened to me for a reason. what reason and why was it so traumatic, exactly? i don't fucking know, but i believe this ordeal has made me into a better and stronger woman than i was before. i've learned so much through this journey, things that i probably wouldn't have learned had this not happened to me. i believe this is only the start of a new and improved chapter of my life, so i'm going to trust the process and welcome these new beginnings. i will be okay because i know that i am loved and cherished and appreciated by the people i love, cherish, and appreciate.
i am worthy. i am enough. i am healthy. i am wealthy. i am rich. i am that bitch.
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xxxix. new beginnings (season finale)
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bunnii's notes:
i tried to wrap this season up in a nice, no loose-ends, bow- esp for those of u who will not follow this into season 2
i will be having a q&a all day tomorrow (monday the 7th) just in case y'all have any question
also make sure the questions are solely ab season 1, i don't want to answer any questions ab season 2 bc my mouth is HUGE nd i don't think i'll be able to not spoil u guys hehe
but yeah, to those of u who will not be reading season 2 i just wanna say thank u so much for sticking around until now, i hope u will stick around for my future works<3333
if u don't plan on reading season 2 nd are on the taglist pretty pls lmk so i can remove u <33333
tell me what u think about this chapter pretty pls
i accept nonies so feel free to send me ur thoughts via anon hehe
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