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for the touches ask game, may I request geraskier + 26 (kisses) please? 🥺
26. giggling while kissing
Here’s a Geraskier modern with magic AU loosely inspired by this amazing video of a pole-dancing Jaskier that’s been all over Tumblr for the last couple of days. No warnings, rated M for mild horniness.
It's nearly midnight when Geralt makes it back to his apartment building, limping a little as his bum knee protests the cold weather and getting thrown through a wall by a katakan earlier that day.
He would have been home earlier, but he's gotten into the habit of showering at Eskel and Lambert's place before returning home after the time he tracked selkiemore guts all over the lobby and the concierge looked like he was going to pass out. It never mattered when he lived in his shitty studio in Silverton, but since moving into Jaskier's swanky Gildorf penthouse, he has to be careful not to get innards and ichor on the gleaming marble floors.
Geralt nods to the concierge, who has never forgiven him for the selkiemore incident, as he passes. The man gives him a cool look and returns to reading his book, which is just as well. Geralt has been tracking a katakan for the better part of a week with Eskel and Lambert and he doesn't have the energy for the kind of polite small talk Jaskier excels at.
Instead, he gets into the elevator and puts in the code for the top floor penthouse, closing his eyes and leaning his head back against the wall. Jaskier never responded to Geralt's text telling him he was on his way back, so he's probably in bed by now. Geralt will have to be careful not to disturb him; his boyfriend gets cranky when his beauty sleep is interrupted.
The elevator doors open and Geralt is hit with a wall of sound. It's one of Jaskier's songs, blaring at full volume as Jaskier wails about the mercilessness of Cupid’s arrow.  As if on cue, an arrow comes flying past Geralt, hitting the wall behind him. Geralt is already reaching for his sword when it hits him that no assassin he knows would use pink, sparkly arrows with heart-shaped arrowheads that stick to the wall.
"Geralt! You're home!"
Geralt wonders if the blood loss got to him before remembering that he didn't actually lose any blood on this hunt. Because a pole has been erected in the middle of his living room, right where there was once a coffee table that cost more than his car. Hanging onto it is Jaskier, wearing nothing but a pair of dinosaur-patterned boxer briefs and a quiver of pink arrows, holding a bow.
"What the fuck?" Geralt asks. The elevator door starts to close and he just has the presence of mind to step out of the elevator before it takes him back down to the lobby. Only after the doors have closed does he remember the arrow stuck to the wall. Oh well, the concierge already hates them.
"How was your hunt?" Jaskier is hanging upside down from the pole, his thighs and abdomen quivering with the effort.
“Why the fuck is there a pole in the middle of our living room?” Geralt demands, shouting to be heard over the music.
“I’m practicing for my Midsummer Music Awards performance.”
“Don’t you have stunt doubles for that?”
“Stunt doubles are all well and good for music videos, but not for live performances.” Jaskier winces as he slides down the pole an inch.
Geralt sighs, puts down his gear, and goes to turn the music off. “Is this about Valdo Marx’s stunt last year?”
“What?” Jaskier squawks, as if he hadn’t spent weeks fuming over the publicity surrounding Valdo Marx’s on-stage acrobatics last year, which had involved flaming batons and very little clothing—which seemed like a bad idea to Geralt, but what did he know? He was just a witcher, not an award-winning musician. “Of course not. This is about artistic integrity and… okay, and showing Valdo fucking Marx what a real performance looks like.”
“Hm.” Geralt lets his eyes wonder. “Your fans will love the dinosaur boxers. Or are you going to dress up like a sexy Cupid?”
His boyfriend doesn’t dignify that with a response. “I’m actually getting pretty good with the bow and arrow.”
Geralt glances at the target, which is a good yard away from the elevator doors. “I can see that.”
Jaskier harrumphs and reaches for the quiver of sparkly arrows. The movement is too much for his legs’ tenuous grip on the pole and with a squeak of alarm, he begins to slide.
Geralt is there before he can hit the ground, scooping him up and spinning him around. Jaskier flails for a moment, not registering the fact that he isn’t still falling, before he wraps his legs around Geralt’s waist and his arms around Geralt’s shoulders. He clears his throat, cheeks pink. Geralt’s knee twinges a bit at the weight in his arms, but it’s worth it for Jaskier’s adorably sheepish expression.
“I meant to do that,” Jaskier says primly.
Geralt fights to keep his expression serious. “Clearly.”
“I could tell you wanted an excuse to cuddle. So I provided.”
“Noble of you.”
“Well, if nobility were still a thing in Redania, I would be a viscount, darling.”
“I had no idea. You’ve never mentioned that.”
“You know me. I don’t like to brag.”
They look at each other for a minute, Jaskier still wrapped around Geralt as tightly as he’d been wrapped around the pole.
Jaskier begins to laugh first, little snorting giggles that are nothing like the booming laugh he always affects when they’re out in public. Geralt can’t resist the giggles, as much as he tries; his shoulders start to shake with his own suppressed laughter, which only makes Jaskier giggle harder. Jaskier leans his forehead against Geralt’s and Geralt is helpless to do anything but kiss him. It’s far from their most elegant kiss, with both of them unable to stop laughing, but it’s all the sweeter for it.
“I am wearing a sexy Cupid costume for the show,” Jaskier says between kisses, still giggling.
Geralt nuzzles his cheek, breathing in the scent of him. Gods, he always misses this when he’s away on contracts. “With wings?”
“Of course! What’s a sexy Cupid without wings?”
“Cupids don’t exist. Sexy or otherwise.”
“Thank you, I’ll be sure to put a disclaimer before all my performances from now on.”
“I can go get the costume.” Jaskier draws back to waggle his eyebrows. “Give you the full show.”
Geralt is surprised by how tempting that is.
“Or.” Jaskier’s lips twitch in that way they always do when he’s very proud of whatever terrible innuendo he’s about to make.  “I could just slide down your pole.”
Geralt arches an eyebrow at him.
“Oh, come on.” Jaskier waggles his eyebrows. “It’s only fair. I nearly shot you with my arrow earlier. It’s time for you to shoot me with yours.”
“That makes no sense,” Geralt deadpans.
“Geralt.” Jaskier tries to look long-suffering, even as he starts to giggle again.  “I’m obviously talking about your—”
Geralt cuts him off with a kiss, muffling his snorts of laughter. “You’re not half as funny as you think you are.”
“That still makes me pretty damn funny.”
Jaskier wiggles in his arms. “Just for that, you don’t get to see my bow and—Geralt!” He cackles as Geralt throws him over his shoulder and starts towards the bedroom. “You fiend! You shouldn’t manhandle the man holding a crossbow!”
“Not a crossbow, Jask.”
“You shouldn’t manhandle the man holding some kind of bow!”
“It would be more threatening if you knew what kind of bow it was. Or had managed to hit the target.”
“Oh, just you wait, witcher,” Jaskier says as Geralt pushes his way into the bedroom. “As soon as I manage to hit a target, you will be the first to know.”
“Especially if I’m standing ten feet away from the target.”
“What are you implying?”
Geralt laughs and gently drops Jaskier on the bed to kiss him again, cutting off his outraged babble. Later, he thinks he’ll enjoy watching Jaskier’s dance routine, Cupid outfit and all. He won’t even mind if he accidentally gets shot with one of the fake arrows. But for now, this is all he needs—the curve of Jaskier’s smile against his cheek, Jaskier’s bright laughter in his ears, and the knowledge that he’s right where he’s supposed to be.
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Chapter 6 of Latch
Summary: As you and Din grow closer, he considers how easily you string together multiple avenues of his life that he didn't realize could coexist. Avenues he didn't think he'd want coexisting until now.
Pairing: Firefighter!Din Djarin x f!reader
Series Content: modern AU, firefighter!Din, coffee shop AU, fluff, slowish burn, sexual tension, mentions of fire/burning buildings, mentions of burn injuries/scars, eventual sexual content (will tag for specific chapters), falling in love, Din is a sexy firefighter, and he’s BI, you’re a cute barista/baker, sweet and spicy, eventual mentions of abandoned children (will tag for specific chapters), some bits will be from Din’s POV but most is from reader’s, ALSO Fennec and Omera are a thing now I'm love them
Tumblr media
Yes, I am alive, and yes I can now use my laptop without getting sick!! So I spent all day on this chapter! And I can't tell you how ECSTATIC I am being able to share it with you now, even though it took so much longer than I would've liked. I really am sorry about that, but I really do appreciate everyone's love, patience, and concern! Y'all are the best ever! So without further ado, here is the long-anticipated return of Latch!
PLEASE, leave me your thoughts, I adore hearing from you all so much! It truly helps me do this faster and with lots more love and motivation! And please reblog this for me even if you enjoyed it but don't want to comment; it's even trickier to navigate tumblr now with the sudden surge of users that just don't reblog things and the increased ineffectiveness of tags, and I'd really love for my work to reach even more lovely people! Thank you so much!
And as always, thank you all so much for your continued love and support! I hope you enjoy this one! May The Fourth Be With You! ❤️
I'll be doing a taglist reblog after initial posting; please let me know if you'd like to be added!
Din wasn’t sure he walked into the right building at first. 
Cal’s was crowded. More crowded than he’d ever seen it. And everyone was silent, except for one woman. 
A few words about someone not working hard enough entered Din’s ears before all sounds ceased and his eyes caught up: you were standing behind the counter, this woman standing in front of you, shouting into your face. Your expression appeared cool and collected even after she stopped her rant, aside from the steep rise and fall of your shoulders and the burning fury in your eyes. 
Anger boiled in Din’s blood. No one should be spoken to that way, especially someone as undeserving of it as you. But just as he took a step towards the counter to give that woman a piece of his mind, your voice halted him. 
“You done?” 
Even Din had to gulp down a lungful of air, as if the venom in your tone had poisoned him as well. His muscles seized, the weight of paralysis dangling from them as he listened to you shut that woman down. 
His mind began to race. His palms grew clammy. As much as he hated the situation at hand, he couldn’t deny the heat rushing to his face. You were much more patient than he’d be – this woman would be running for the hills by now if he were in your shoes. Seeing you call out her awful behavior in this way was stunning. And attractive. 
But he didn’t miss the way your hands were shaking. Omera turned you towards her with her hands on your shoulders as you let yourself deflate. The glimmer of fear and hurt Din saw in your eyes cut right through his heart, his muscles wanting to lurch him forward towards you. He wanted nothing more than to ease you and teach that lady a lesson. 
His eyes didn’t leave you when he stuck out his foot, making the woman stumble and almost hit her face against the door on her way out. When she turned to him, mouth open and ready to turn her vengeance onto him, he was already glaring down at her. 
“Be grateful that’s all you’re getting.” 
She gawked at him for a moment, the silence as heavy as ever before she glanced around and left in a haste. 
More baristas emerged from the back as Omera guided you in that direction. Her eyes met Din’s when she turned back around, and she waved him towards the counter. 
“Din, right?” she started, “We met last week.”
Din gave her a nod as he recalled Fennec bringing her to the station. Why it took her so long to introduce the crew to her girlfriend — especially given her own need to butt into everyone else’s social lives — was beyond him. 
“Good to see you, Omera.”
“Is everything alright? Did Fennec send you?” 
“No,” he said with a wave of his hand. “I’m not working today. I’m uh-” 
He cut himself off and took a breath, thinking through which words to use to describe his connection to you. 
“I’m actually… a friend of hers.” 
He pointed towards the back. Omera glanced behind her before clarifying with your name. Din nodded. 
“Oh,” she said with a small grin, just before realization hit her. “Oh.” 
Din gave one silent nod. 
“Well,” Omera started, “I’m guessing Kuiil is going to let her go home early, so if you want you can wait for her. I want to give her some space, otherwise I’d go let her know you’re here.” 
“Of course,” Din said, “I wouldn’t want to overwhelm her, either.”  
“Is there anything I can get you in the meantime?” 
Din glanced up at the menu before an idea came to his mind and he put in an order, taking out his wallet and handing Omera a bill. “The rest is for the tip jar.” 
Omera gave him a smile before walking away to fulfill the order. On any other day, Din would’ve felt bad for skipping over the entire line. But if this meant he could help you sooner, then so be it. 
His peripherals picked up movement outside of the window; he glanced out to find that same awful woman standing there, dangling her drink next to a trash can and waving her arm in what looked like an attempt at getting Omera’s attention. With a small groan Din leaned against the counter to obscure her view, staring at her with every ounce of anger he was holding. She tried to peer past him, but despite the way she tried to maintain her position, her movements began to jitter under Din’s glare. He smirked to himself and tilted his head to the side, intensifying his stare until she gave up and stormed off down the street. 
When Omera handed him his order, thankfully oblivious to the scene, he took a seat at a small table near the door.
All that was left to do was wait.  
You sat still in the chair in Kuiil’s little office, his warm hand on your shoulder. You took one deep breath after another as the shouts of the angry customer echoed in your head. 
You were surprised at how you held it together in the moment. Being yelled at typically had you closing in on yourself, violent waves of terror sending you into a state of shock. Your hands were still shaking – the only visual evidence of that internal peril. 
“Take your time, dear. Then head home for the day.” 
You looked up at Kuiil, ready to reject the offer, but he put up his other hand before you could speak. 
“It would be cruel to keep you here like this. Don’t do that to yourself. Head home. I’ll clock you out at the end of your shift.” 
“Kuiil, that crowd is massive-” 
“I have spoken.” 
He gave your shoulder a pat before leaving you alone in the office. You sighed; no use arguing when he pulled out that line. You took a few more deep breaths, desperately trying to push that woman’s angry face out of your mind. 
You glanced down at your arm. Your sleeve was still rolled up to your elbow, exposing the string of lines that contrasted with your skin and weaved up to your wrist. Today was the first time anyone had made a comment about your scars to your face since you removed your bandages. Back then it wasn’t as permanent – you could play those off more easily, they didn’t raise too many questions. And it was easier to ignore the quiet speculations customers would whisper to each other. 
But not anymore. No pretending these scars were something else. No dodging looks or questions from strangers to whom you owed no explanation, but who demanded one all the same. And they only grew bolder by the day. 
You squeezed your eyes shut and coiled into yourself until your head rested just above your knees, arms wrapped around your torso. Would it always be like this? Were you doomed to wear long sleeves for the rest of your life to avoid it? Your mind continued to race, thoughts scrambling together in a static fog of noise. 
You took deep breath after deep breath. You only needed to be collected enough to walk out of here – the rest could be dealt with later. You sucked in one more breath as you made your way out of Kuiil’s office and collected your things.
You imagined the café’s layout in your mind, rehearsing the quickest way to make your exit with the hope of not interacting with any customers. With one last nod to yourself you opened the employee door and stepped into the café area, keeping your head down and walking as fast as you could through the main area. You felt several gazes on you: calculating, heavy, and dark, which only made your feet move faster. 
You zoomed past the counter and looked up towards the door, only for your eyes to catch a familiar sight.  
Those beautiful, warm brown eyes brightened as they landed on you, and Din’s little grin had your muscles relaxing despite your increased heart rate. 
“Hey,” you breathed, “I-I didn’t realize you were here.” 
“Let’s get you out of here first,” he said, rising from his seat and jerking his head towards the door. “We can talk outside.” 
The two of you exited through the glass doors and walked to the corner, out of sight of the other patrons. The cool air gave your skin a satisfying bite that began to put out the flames of your anxiety. You shivered against it and watched your breath fog up in front of you. 
“These are for you.” 
Din held out a drink and pastry bag to you. With a furrowed brow, you met his eyes again. 
“You… ordered these for me?” 
His adam's apple bobbed with a gulp as he nodded, eyes darting down while his cheeks grew a slight shade of pink. You smiled and took both items from him. You held up the drink to read the label: white hot chocolate. Your brow shot up while your heart soared with a surge of warmth.
“You remembered my favorite drink?” you asked in disbelief. 
Din shrugged. You peeked into the pastry bag and found a warm, fluffy chocolate chip muffin inside. 
“And my favorite muffin?” 
“I just wanted to help,” Din said with a small shake of his head. 
Your smile grew. Little things like getting one’s favorite drink for them could make or break a day, as you saw all the time at work. And having Din go out of his way to try and turn your mood around like this had you overwhelmed with gratitude. 
“Din, this is so sweet,” you said, “It means a lot to me, thank you.” 
“You’re welcome,” he said with a grin.  
You took a breath and let yourself fall into the depths of his eyes again. The cold air around you seemed insignificant when the heat from his gaze wrapped around you, encasing you like a soft hug. 
“Um-” Din cleared his throat and took a brief glance towards the crosswalk. “Would you… maybe want to take a walk?” 
You didn’t think your smile could grow. You nodded and gestured across the intersection. “There’s a park over there, maybe we could go there and split this muffin?” 
Din’s brow furrowed. He shook his head and pointed at the pastry bag. 
“Ah, but that’s for-” 
“Please, I insist.” 
You raised your chin up and tilted your head to accentuate your words. Din stayed still, looking between your eyes before sighing with a nod. You grinned and led the way to the crosswalk. 
You and Din found a bench to settle down on. Few others were walking about the various paths in the park while the sun briefly poked out behind the clouds, casting golden rays onto the grass. Din held your drink for you while you took out the muffin and ripped it in half, attempting to make the pieces as even as possible before holding them out beside you. 
“Your choice,” you said. 
Din chuckled before grabbing one and handing your drink back to you. The two of you sat and watched the world go by, cars speeding off on the nearby street and children running around in their oversized coats. A few birds flew by every now and then; two mourning doves settled down on a branch in a nearby tree, cooing and huddling together. You smiled at the sight. 
“Did your boss make these today?” 
Din’s question had you whipping back around to face him. You nodded while he finished off his half of the muffin. 
“He did! Told you there was a difference.” 
“I still think yours are better,” he said with a shrug. You giggled and took a sip of your drink, enjoying the feeling of warmth that the liquid sent through your system. 
“So, did you have anything else planned for today?” you asked. 
“Not really,” Din said, “I wasn't sure how long I’d be in the shop with you, so I didn’t have much else lined up.” 
Your heart swelled. He was putting aside time for you. You grinned behind the lid of your cup, trying to keep the heat in your face from making you sweat. You took a sip to give yourself time to think of how to respond. 
Across the way, a large group of teens chatted and laughed as they made their way out of the park. You smiled; in a way it reminded you of your teenage years. 
“Wonder what the hype is,” Din said.
“Might be that new nickel arcade that opened up around there,” you said with a shrug, recalling a sign that someone had hung up on the bulletin board in Cal’s. Din turned his attention back to you. 
“Nickel arcade?” 
You looked over to see his eyes shining in delight, like a child in a candy store. His lips were pulled up just a bit at the corners, like he was trying to not let his smile get bigger. You couldn’t help the giggle that escaped you. 
“Yeah, it’s supposed to have a lot of older games and stuff with the usual newer things.”
Din’s gaze flew back towards where the teenagers had gone, the group now completely out of sight. He cleared his throat and shifted his body to face yours. 
“Um… Would you-” 
He cut himself off and looked at you, his eyes bearing deep into yours. You forgot to breathe for a moment while waiting for him to continue. With a gulp and a breath, he did. 
“Would you want to go check it out?” 
Your lips parted, your eyes darting between him and the direction of the arcade. 
“Wha- right now?” 
He nodded. 
“If you want to, of course.” 
You smiled. When was the last time you’d done something on the spur of a moment? You found yourself nodding and standing up, finishing off your drink before throwing it out and falling into step next to Din.  
The two of you walked out of the park and across another intersection to reach the arcade. Din paid for the nickels before you could even look down at your pocket, and before you knew it the two of you were thrown into the dark, small space of bliss for the child at heart. Lights flashed all around from a myriad of games, reflecting off the carpet’s blacklight zig-zags. You looked up at Din with a shrug. 
“Where should we start?”
He grinned and held out his arm to you. When you looped yours with it, he straightened up and began to lead you into the fray.
“I’ve got some ideas.”
It quickly became evident that Din knew his way around an arcade. 
After topping the scoreboard on Galaga and Asteroids, following your poor attempts at randomly hitting buttons to make things happen, he led you over to a multi-player Pac-Man machine. 
“Okay, this one I can do,” you said with a laugh. 
“You can do them all,” he said, “It’s fun to watch you.” 
“Yeah?” you gave a skeptical tilt of your head. “Fun to watch me get obliterated?” 
He chuckled as he inserted nickels into the machine. It sprung to life and the two of you began twisting your respective yellow orbs around the maze with the joysticks. 
“You’re pretty skilled at these games,” you said, “do you go to arcades often?” 
“I did,” Din said, his voice sounding distant. “My parents used to take me a lot when I was young.” 
You couldn’t help noticing the twinge of sadness in those words. You glanced up to find that a subtle shadow had cast itself over his expression. It seemed as though his consciousness was teetering between this moment with you and being somewhere else. You bit your lip and returned your gaze to the game, wondering how to bring him back to you. 
“That explains Galaga,” you said with a little laugh, “you were shooting down those ships like they were nothing! You topped the whole scoreboard within minutes!” 
He hummed. You looked up again to find that little grin on his face once more, and wondered how you could try making it bigger. 
“Too bad I’m about to show you who’s boss at eating little dots!” 
You leaned forward and pushed your joystick with force, willing your Pac-Man to move faster across the maze. Din’s was moving along at an even pace, but a couple of the ghosts were slowly closing in on him. You purposely avoided the bigger bubble that would’ve made them edible.
“Oh come on,” he said as the orange ghost took away one of his lives. “You were right there!” 
“Does this look like a team effort to you?” you teased, “I’m on Clyde’s side!”  
He laughed. You looked back at him to find the light returning to his expression, that same excitement he’d been holding onto since you both walked in making a comeback. You let out a small breath of relief and returned to the task of beating his score. 
Out of the three rounds the machine let you play, your score was overall higher than Din’s by a small fraction. It was enough to have you celebrating while he laughed and conceded. 
The two of you went on to play a few more ticket-based games: shooting basketballs, knocking down pins, some classic skee ball, and more. Every now and then you attempted to thwart him by grabbing at a projectile or blocking his way, to which he asked if you were trying to jeopardize the potential prizes you could buy with your tickets. “We might be able to get one of the bigger plushes if I make this shot,” he said with a laugh, holding a foam dart in his hand. “But I won’t if you mess me up.” 
You glanced over at the prize counter with raised brows. Did you want that giant stuffed duck, which cost ten thousand tickets, or did you want to pester your companion? You stroked your chin in thought and turned back to him. “But I enjoy messing you up,” you concluded. 
He gave you a look and threw the dart without taking his eyes off you. The buzzer sounded in your ears, along with an automated voice exclaiming, ‘Winner!’ Your jaw dropped as you looked over to see that Din had in fact hit the bullseye. Without even looking. 
“Guess it doesn’t actually matter,” Din said with a chuckle.
You turned your wide-eyed expression back to his smug one. He bent down to retrieve the string of tickets spilling from the machine. You followed his every move, watching his hands gather the tickets into neat strips before he stood straight once more. 
“Watch out,” he breathed as he reached out and gripped your chin between his fingers, bringing it up to close your mouth. All the blood drained from your body, your muscles turning to stone as his eyes bore into yours. He leaned into your space with a smirk, his visage taking up your entire line of sight.  
“Wouldn’t want you to swallow a bug.” 
With a final tap of his thumb against your skin, he dropped his hand and walked away towards the next game. You were frozen in place, every inch of your body tingling as if you’d been zapped by lightning.  
What was that? And more importantly, how could you get him to do it again? 
Despite all of Din’s boasting, the most you could afford with your ticket stash was a small keychain. 
Regardless, you were more than elated to walk out of there with a little stuffed starfish on a plastic bag clip, even though you’d tried to convince Din to pick one out for Grogu instead. He had won most of the tickets, after all.
“Grogu has so many toys,” he’d said, “I want you to have this.”  
You couldn’t help the warm, pleasant tingle flying through your bloodstream just from recalling those words. 
The two of you were walking back towards Cal’s, near which Din had parked his car. The overcast sky was more saturated, the day passing by without you both while you were inside the arcade. 
“Do you want a ride home?” Din asked, nodding towards the sky. “It looks like it’s going to rain any second.”  
“I’ll be fine,” you said with a smile. “It probably only looks like that because it’s getting late.”
As if the universe was trying to taunt you, a droplet landed on your head and sent a cold shiver down your spine. You stopped and glanced up to see more and more drops cascading down onto the concrete before you, the sound increasing in a slow crescendo. You pulled your hood over your head.  
“... You were saying?” came Din’s teasing voice. 
You laughed and buffed him on the arm, the two of you breaking into a light trot down the dampening sidewalk.  
When you reached Din’s car, the rain had grown into a downpour. Din didn’t even ask you again if you wanted a ride; he simply unlocked his car and opened the passenger door for you. The gesture was jarring – when had anyone ever opened a car door for you? 
With no other option, you got in and he shut the door behind you. The muffled pitter-patter of the rain against the windows ricocheted in your ears, melding with the sound of Din climbing into the driver’s seat and starting the engine. 
“I’m sorry about this,” you said as he cranked up the heat. 
“Don’t be. I’m… happy to do it. Wouldn’t want you to catch a cold.”  
His cheeks were pink again. You wondered if it was from the cold, or from something else. It suited him either way; it acted like a soft caress against his defined expression, smoothing it out like a settled ripple on the surface of a pond. 
“My car’s a bit old,” he said, “it’ll need a minute to warm up.” 
“That’s no problem,” you said with a grin. 
After you gave him directions and he put the car in motion, it dawned on you how close he was. 
His Corolla left little room between your seat and his. And his stature easily ate up most of that area, his arm draping over the center console. His body heat danced through the air onto your freezing face – soothing, like stepping into a steamy sauna. Your shoulders relaxed while your panicking heart ran as fast as it could, its beat pulsing under your tongue.  
The ride to your complex was not long; you discovered that you were on Din’s way home. Just how much farther away was he from you, you wondered. 
He parked on the street near the front door and killed the engine. He cleared his throat and turned to face you. 
“This a good place to stop?” 
“Yes, this is perfect,” you glanced at the door before giving him a smile. “Thank you so much for the ride. I definitely would’ve gotten drenched in this rain.” 
He gave you that small grin.  
“You’re welcome.”
Your traitorous eyes looked him over: water droplets caressing his temples from where they were still running off his hair, neck slightly strained from his turned position, chest bobbing up and down with his rhythmic breathing. Big, veiny hands were settled on the wheel and gear shift. Your gaze landed on his slightly parted lips on the way back up: pink, creased, the bottom one more plump. The sight of them had yours tingling. 
You wanted to reach out and touch them. They looked so perfect, so lonely. Just as your hand began to lift on its own, you clenched it into a fist and forced your eyes back up to his. They were staring at you with a thunderous intensity. Your instincts wanted to pull back from the abrasive boom, but the thrill of its rumble had you wanting more. The lightning that followed within you had your blood running cold. 
Din’s brows were knitted together, like he was dissecting you and examining every little section with careful, thorough consideration. You fell apart underneath the weight of it all, letting him take a long look for whatever he was trying to find. 
The soft tapping of the rain outside punctuated the heated car, like a thousand tiny fireworks that lit up the air around you. 
“Listen,” Din whispered, his voice dry and cracked. “Would you…” 
He paused and leaned the slightest bit closer to you. Only then had you noticed that you were leaning as well, your arm now resting beside his on the center console.    
“Yes?” you asked, your gaze fluttering between his eyes and his lips. 
He let out a sigh through his nose, the small puff dusting onto your face and sending a shiver through your bones. 
“Would you want to… go out sometime?” 
Your eyes flew up to meet his. Replacing the intensity that was just there was a softer, lighter hue, outlined with nerves and apprehension. 
“Like… on a date?” 
It sounded stupid leaving your mouth. But your brain needed the confirmation. And when he nodded your heart began to soar, a whole swarm of butterflies erupting from it and taking you over.
“I’d love to,” you said, unable to hold down your grin.  
His smile grew as well, exposing his teeth while a small huff of air escaped his lips. The two of you sat in a comfortable quiet after that, the rain being your vocal companion until you broke the silence.
“I should let you get home,”  you tore your eyes from him and undid your seat belt, grabbing your bag from your feet and placing your hand on the door.
“Thank you again, Din. I’ll- I’ll let you know when I’m free so we can plan something!”
You cursed the way your voice cracked. And your anxious mind’s silly phrasing. What is this, Sunday brunch? 
“That sounds good,” he said, looking down at his lap. “I’ll, uh, look at my schedule, too.” 
“Make sure you dry off, first,” you said, pointing at his head. “You didn’t have a hood on, your hair’s still wet!” 
Din chuckled and ran a hand through his soaked locks. Some of them stayed in place, giving his hair a slicked look, while a few waves sprung right back up. The motion and the new sight before your eyes ignited something within you – something warm and electric. You gulped down a breath of air and tried to suppress it. 
“I’ll be fine, don’t worry.” 
You nodded and made your way out of the car, saying one final “see you soon” before closing it and making your way inside the apartment complex. 
When you turned around, Din’s car was still parked. You waved to him, and saw the tiny, fuzzy glimmer of his hand waving back before he started up his car and drove off. 
You resisted the urge to slide down the chrome walls of the elevator while you rode up. The events of the day flashed through in your mind, your time with Din luckily overpowering that unfortunate incident at work. 
Your hands were shaking. Hell, your whole body was shaking. But this time, it wasn’t heavy or dreadful – it was sharp, exciting, and you wanted more. You couldn’t keep your smile from splitting your face in half and making your cheeks ache. You bounced in place as the image of those eyes, gazing at you so softly while he asked you to go out, resurfaced in your mind.
Did all that really just happen?
Din settled down on the sofa beside Luke and Grogu after putting the last of the dinner dishes away. He’d gotten home much later than expected, and insisted on repaying Luke with a meal in addition to his check. Grogu crawled off Luke’s lap and into Din’s, who picked him up and nestled him onto his thigh. 
“So you two must’ve had a good time, then.” 
Din held his breath for a moment as he contemplated how to respond. He wasn’t sure how to talk about you; the mere thought of you had his heart palpitating, and he wasn’t sure how to describe the way you were occupying so much space in his mind. He’d only managed to give a few minor details over dinner, his tongue tangling each time he tried to expand. He nodded and returned his attention to Grogu, hoping that Luke wouldn’t press the issue. 
No such luck. 
“Tell me about her,” Luke said, shifting his body to face Din. “What’s she like?” 
Din let out a slow breath through his nose, letting his mind replay its catalog of memories. Talking with you during various visits to Cal's, seeing you walk to work from the station, playing in the arcade and running down the rainy sidewalk that afternoon, each little instance within and in between punctuated with that glowing smile and warm joy, reminiscent of the hot cocoa that you loved to drink so much.
“She’s… kind. And warm.”
Luke smiled. 
“Seems like you really like her.” 
Din shot him a look. He wasn’t wrong, but having it said aloud like that had his insides churning with nerves. 
He jumped when his phone buzzed. 
Holding onto Grogu with one hand, Din reached the other into his pocket and found a new message. From you. It was as if you could sense he was thinking about you. Din’s face began to flood with heat while he navigated to the message. 
‘Just got an update from Karga: the construction folks will be done with the major parts soon, so we’re putting together a schedule for all the volunteers to sign up on. Could you share it with your team?’ 
Din could hear your voice in his head while he read it. Despite the message being less casual, it still gave an air of softness and tranquility that had Din’s shoulders relaxing. 
“Is it her?” 
Din snapped his head toward Luke, who was trying to conceal a grin. Din gave an eye roll and started typing out a reply. 
“Just some news about the bookstore.”
Grogu babbled in Din’s lap, reaching his little arms up towards the phone. Din gave his stomach a pat and pulled the phone higher. 
“Not a toy, buddy.” 
Grogu turned around until he was able to cling to Din’s shirt, grasping at handfuls in an attempt to lift himself up higher. Din typed out the last of his reply and shoved the phone in his back pocket, much to Grogu’s dismay.
“Maybe next time,” Luke said with a laugh. 
It didn’t take long for Din’s phone to buzz once more, sending a wave of tingles through his system from the epicenter of his pocket. He whipped it out to see what you’d written, letting himself get swept up in his own mental reading once more. 
But while he was distracted, Grogu took hold of the phone and yanked it from Din’s hand. Din looked down at his little menace as he began to run his fingers all over random areas of the screen.
“Come on, kid,” Din said, trying to retrieve it between Grogu’s ever-active limbs. Luke chuckled beside him. 
When the screen went black, Din felt a sense of relief, until your name appeared at the top, the telling sound of a dial tone humming from the device. The panic struck him like lightning, his attempts to retrieve the phone growing more jittery. Luke cupped his mouth under his hands, his shoulders shaking with his fit of laughter. 
“Grogu, no!” 
It was too late. Your voice began to emanate in place of the dial, a bit confused but elated. Even in his state of panic, it made Din’s heart melt. 
Upon hearing a new sound, Grogu’s babbling grew. He held the phone close to his face, speaking his language into it while the light illuminated his cheeks. Din made out a gasp from the other side of the line.
“Is this Grogu? Hello there, little guy!” 
Grogu squealed at the sound of his name and bounced up and down on his perch, cooing and talking into the phone with increased ferver. Din sighed and ran a hand down his face, unable to keep a smile from growing. He never could’ve imagined this: sitting here, listening to you hold a conversation with his infant over the phone, sounding like you were having the time of your life. It made his heart soar. 
You responded with eagerness to Grogu’s random babbles, as if he were telling a fascinating tale. It had Grogu waving his arms around, creating the perfect opportunity for Din to snatch the phone out of his grip. 
“Hey,” he breathed, “I’m so sorry, he got a hold of my phone and started pressing everything-” 
“No, don’t be! I enjoyed our little chat.” 
Din chuckled. 
 “Just because of that, he’s not getting his own phone until he’s at least thirteen.” 
Luke gawked at Din before letting out a silent chuckle and collecting Grogu into his lap again. Din rolled his eyes as your laughter echoed through the receiver. 
“While I have you though,” he started, “you said you were going to send over the construction schedule?” 
“Yes!” you said. Din heard the faint clacking of a keyboard as you spoke. “Sending it right now so that you’ll have it whenever you’re ready for it.” 
“Thank you, I’ll show it to the team tomorrow.” 
“That’s perfect!” 
Din let out a little huff as his mind replayed the expression on your face when he’d asked you out. He wondered if the construction would interfere with your date, now that it would be beginning soon. He took a breath in preparation to ask just as your voice began to sound once more. 
“Also, about our date… Those first couple weeks of work will be a lot, but I’m sure I’ll still be able to find some solid times for you.” 
Your softer, more sheepish tone was like a warm caress to his ear. Knowing the topic was also on your mind had him letting out a breath of relief. 
“Yeah, me, too. We’ll work it out.” He cleared his throat as a sudden wave of butterflies erupted in his stomach. “I’m glad you brought it up, I was just beginning to wonder about it.”
“Yeah, I”m…” your voice trailed off, a small shuffling noise making its way to Din’s ear. “... I’m really looking forward to it.” 
The shyness in your tone chased away the moisture from his throat. It pushed at something inside him, sending a wave of warmth through every nerve in his body. He gulped down a lungful of air, though it did nothing to satisfy the ache in his chest. 
“... Me, too.” 
As the call drew to a close, Din found himself less and less willing to hang up. He stayed on the line after you said goodnight, hoping to catch another hint of your voice before the line went dead. He stared at the screen in his hand, now back at the message feed where Grogu had typed gibberish into the message box, his breaths still coming in shallow as he stuck the phone back in his pocket. He looked up to see Luke staring at him, jaw dropped yet grinning while Grogu played with a toy in his lap. 
“... What?” Din asked with a pointed glare. 
“Nothing, I just-” Luke shook his head. “I’ve never seen you act that way before. You know, with anyone aside from Grogu.” 
Grogu perked up at the sound of his name, reaching his arms out towards Din. He lifted him with a sigh and positioned him to stand on his thighs.
“Seriously, smitten is a good look on you. I didn’t know you asked her out!” 
“Just did today,” Din said, not taking his eyes off Grogu and making a mental note to turn down the volume if he ever took a call like that again.
“That’s great! I’m happy for you.” 
Din let out a small huff, hoping his lack of interaction would silence the topic. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Luke leaning forward to catch his gaze. 
“Are you nervous?”
Din glared at him. But those blue eyes could see right through it. How this kid had intuition that sharp at his age was beyond Din. He looked away and relaxed his shoulders, lowering Grogu into a sitting position. 
“Figured,” Luke said with a nod. “I don’t blame you. When was the last time you went on a date?” 
Din thought back, cycling through the last five years of his memory bank. Then ten. Memories of his life before Grogu were bleak, monotonous, colored in a stale gray that had him feeling empty and robotic from the mere recollection of them. And nothing about his past intimacy was ever romantic.   
“Can’t remember.” 
Luke sat back with a hum. When he didn’t speak for a while Din turned his full attention back to Grogu, putting him on the ground and watching him waddle towards his pile of toys. 
“Let me help you.” 
Din turned at the sound of Luke’s voice. He was smiling. Din’s brow scrunched as he processed the words, his muscles contorting in confusion. “What do you mean?” 
“You’re probably stressing about it, right? I want to help with that.” 
Now that Din was thinking about it, he had no idea what to expect. Where would he take you? What would he say to you? 
… What was he supposed to wear? 
When he looked back at Luke, he was nodding his head. 
“Let me know when you two figure out the details. We’ll start then.” 
A strange pressure began to coil around Din’s gut. Not a new sensation, but one he hadn’t felt since he became a father. The telling combination of nerves and insecurity, coupled with the assistance and selflessness of someone with no stake in the matter. How did he always wind up this lucky? 
“I’ll…” Din gulped. “I’ll think about it.” 
“That’s good enough for me.” 
Luke got up and proceeded to collect his things. Din’s gaze darted around the room as his mind continued to race, running in a desperate attempt to catch up with his rapid heartbeat. 
“Luke,” he called. When Luke looked back, Din gave him a nod. 
“Thank you.”
Din called the volunteer team into a meeting the next morning. 
“We have a more concrete plan of the building process and timeline,” he began, sitting with them at one of the pullout tables with his laptop in front of him. “I forwarded you all a schedule. You can sign up for dates and times to head over and help based on your own availability. Looks like most of the work will be painting and furnishing the inside, as well as helping finish up the outside. Other groups from around town will be helping as well, so this is estimated to take between one month and two to complete. Any questions?” 
Discussion carried on while the group began to sort through their calendars and pass the laptop around to sign up for volunteer days. When they were finished, Cobb clapped his hands together. 
“Great to see this comin’ together. But back to business – whose turn is it to get the coffee?” 
“Send the Cap,” Mayfeld said with a wave of his hand, not bothering to look up from his phone screen. 
“Ha,” Fennec laughed, “My girlfriend’s working today. If you send me, there’s no way I’m coming back before it all gets cold.” 
Din bit down a chuckle. Unfortunately for him, Fennec still caught it. 
“Send Mando. He never goes.” she threw him a wink. 
“Hey, he’s not reliable, either,” Mayfeld looked up with a wry expression and pointed an accusing finger at Din. “What if his girl’s also workin’ and he ditches us?” 
A few laughs rang out around the table. Fennec waved her hand towards the far end of the table. 
“Vizsla. Go with him, keep him honest.” 
Din suppressed a groan with every muscle in his body. Of all the people she could’ve chosen… 
Paz heaved an annoyed sigh before getting up and following Din out of the station. 
The walk to Cal’s was silent. Too silent. 
A tension hung in the air while Din and Paz made their way down the sidewalk. The two of them hardly hung around each other outside of necessity, and the unspoken rift between them had Din’s muscles seizing with each passing moment. 
Luckily for them both, the walk was short. Seeing Cal’s come into his line of sight had Din’s muscles slowly unraveling once more. And before they even stepped inside, a grin pulled itself onto his features. 
He saw you through the window, face focused on your current task. He couldn’t stop the small bounce in his step as he opened the door and made his way inside, Paz just behind.
Your gaze flew to the door as the bell chimed, a smile immediately forming as your heart soared into your throat. Having Din be your first customer of the day was like finding a winning lottery ticket, especially on a day like today, when you weren’t expecting to see him. 
“Din!” you said, unable to contain your excitement. “It’s good to see you!” 
“Likewise,” he said with a grin. You smiled at the sight of him before you continued to take him in. You gulped as you gazed at every tight curve his uniform accentuated. You had only seen him in it a couple times, yet your eyes never forgot how good he looked in it.  
Nor did you body forget how nice it was to look at. Seeing a small hint of belly poking out of his torso was enough to send a rush of heat through your limbs, not to mention the way his collar bone poked out of his neckline. 
A small clearing of the throat redirected your attention to Din’s face, and that’s when you noticed his companion. You recognized him from your visit to the station, which meant he must’ve also helped with the Mark’s fire. He was at least a head taller than Din. Sharp, defined facial features, and a shadow of a beard across his cheeks and chin. Black dreads collected and tied behind his head. He gave you a small smile that reminded you of Din’s.  
Damn, how did one fire station have this many fine-looking people?  
“Paz Vizsla,” he said, voice deep and smooth. “Nice to meet you.” 
You nodded and introduced yourself before grabbing a cloth to mindlessly wipe your now clammy hands on. 
“So you both are on coffee duty today?” you asked with a small laugh. Din nodded and handed you a list with everyone’s order on it. You made your way over to the register and entered each item in one at a time, putting in you employee discount at the end. Din was staring at you with a raised brow when you looked up, earning a giggle out of you. 
“I’ll just pretend I didn’t see that,” he said. 
“Good!” you said, trying to keep your voice from cracking. Your hands held a slight tremble as you got to work on the order. Feeling Din’s gaze on you didn’t help, but the last thing you wanted was for him to look away. 
You tried to start a conversation to distract yourself from your pounding heart. Din recalled his morning to you, including the meeting he held with the volunteers. Your brow shot up. 
“Well, that was fast,” you said, “I’ll be sure to let Karga know. Thank you again.” 
“Oh, you made it really easy,” he waved a hand at you. “All I did was pass on the info.” 
You chuckled before returning your attention to Paz. 
“Are you also on the volunteer team, Mr. Vizsla?” 
He nodded. Another wave of warmth spread from your heart. Despite already having done his duty, he too was stepping in to do more. 
“You have no idea how much we appreciate you,” you said with a smile. 
It didn’t feel like enough to really encapsulate what you were feeling. But how do mere words fill such a gap? Paz seemed satisfied enough, waving a hand and telling you not to mention it. 
When all the drinks were complete, each one labeled with who it was for, you moved over to the pastry counter. The fresh cookies competed with the savory breakfast sandwiches for claim over your nose as you opened the case and began bagging each ordered item. You chanced a glance at Din and Paz; their gazes were trained downward, as if they were both in deep contemplation. You grinned and took the opportunity to grab two extra pastry bags. 
“Here we go,” you set all the bags, now also labeled, beside the drink carriers and clarified everything on the list before Din and Paz began to collect it all. You bit your lip and clenched your hands together as Din picked up both carriers, stacked to the brim with drinks, as if they weighed nothing. It might’ve been your imagination, but while Paz was collecting the pastries you could’ve sworn you saw Din smirk. 
“Thank you both for coming in, it was nice to meet you, Mr. Vizsla!” 
He nodded and made his way out the door. You turned to where Din was still standing. 
“It was so nice to see you,” you said, your breaths suddenly becoming more shallow now that there was nothing to distract you from those eyes. “... It made my day.”
His smile grew as he set one of the drink carriers back onto the counter. His open hand extended towards you, his palm up and inviting. Your face flooded with heat as you put yours into it and relished in the firm warmth of his fingers wrapping around it. You stared at your connected hands resting together before your gaze traveled up his arm – taking note of the way his muscles bounced away from his elbow like an hourglass, yet remained smooth – and back to his face. 
“Same here,” he breathed, giving your hand a squeeze. 
You could’ve stayed there forever. Right there, with Din holding your hand as the counter put an unfair amount of space between your bodies. Your mind fluttered back to sitting in his passenger seat, hardly an ounce of air around you that wasn’t being shared with him. You’d been longing for that closeness again, the kind that connected your body to his in a way you didn’t realize was possible before. 
A sudden tap on the window made you jump. Paz jerked his head towards the street. Din sighed. 
“Guess I gotta go. Sorry I couldn’t stay this time.” 
His sad tone felt like a reflection of your own feelings. His hand slowly released yours, reluctance keeping him connected to you for as long as possible before his warmth dissipated from your skin. 
“I’ll see you soon though, yeah?” you asked, hoping to bring back his smile. You couldn’t help grinning when it worked. 
“Yes. See you soon.”
The walk back to the station was as silent as the one before, though less heavy. Din wasn’t surprised to see that you had that effect – not just on him, but apparently on others as well. 
“I’ve never seen you want to be social,” Paz said, gaze unmoving from the path in front of him. “Wasn’t sure you even knew how to be.” 
Din let out a huff and rolled his eyes. Paz let out a small chuckle. 
“Seems like you’re pretty good at it with her, though,” he went on, glancing at Din before looking forward again. “I can understand why you like her.” 
Din’s mouth went dry. Paz hadn’t spoken this much to him in ages, let alone with any positive remarks. He cleared his throat and returned his gaze to the front as well, his chest squeezing with a small sense of delight at the notion of someone as indifferent as Paz complimenting you. 
Din distributed the drinks once they returned to the station while Paz did the same with the pastries. When two bags remained, Paz handed one to Din with a puzzled expression. 
“They’ve got our names on them.” 
Din shook his head. Of course you’d given them something. He found a breakfast sandwich inside the bag, wafts of spinach and cheese sending a pleasant warmth into his belly.
“She does that sometimes,” he said with a shrug, trying to keep his joy from flowing into his voice. He jumped a bit when Paz let out a bolstering laugh. 
“I like her.” 
Din let out a small chuckle of his own as he joined the crew to enjoy his treat, relishing the way you lingered around him without even being in his presence.
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Tumblr media
A COLLECTION  [ updated: 8 . 23 . 21 ]
— STATUS ONGOING — NO REPOSTS — ASKS under #ncouple ! — Copyright © 2021, 1kook on tumblr
Tumblr media
summary If you planned things right, you could rain down your raging displeasure on Jeon Jungkook right after the meal but before this proposed ‘Netflix and chilling,’ maybe dramatically throw your glass of wine at him, before storming out of his place and reporting him to the authorities (Namjoon) for his douchebag personality.  warnings smut in the forms of grinding, oral (f), cum eating, vanilla unprotected sex, dirty talk misc use of the oldest trick in the book (“your hands are sooo big”), shy oblivious AND gentleman jk? pick a struggle, brief ment of app developer kook, evil and conniving oc  word count 10.2k  posted june 12, 2020
summary But there’s more important matters to attend to than Jungkook’s Jersey Shore boner. warnings slight feelings of insecurity, smut in the forms of fingering, cunnilingus, cum eating, squirting, hand jobs, unprotected sex, riding, slight praise kink  misc if you’re not a Jersey shore fan honestly GET OUT, mentions of capitalism😡, more kind/understanding kook, basically a “what are we?” fic but silly, irresponsible emailing habits, its so dumb just read word count 6.3k posted july 4, 2020
summary The occasional dark horse candidate among Barbie movie binges— Jungkook gets weirdly horny and fucks you to the tune of a classic Barbie movie soundtrack. warnings smut in the form of blowjobs, tit play, praise kink, standing sex, unprotected sex, reverse cowgirl (? kinda), daddy kink that morphs into ily kink misc  jk is an avid history channel viewer, jk hates Barbie movies ik we took an L today girls 😔, jk goes thru like 4 personality changes (commanding > soft > mean > in love), honestly idk what to tag it’s a mess, he’s still cheesy and romantic but also 👀 just read word count 9.8k posted august 5, 2020
summary You get a glimpse of the KissAnime screen for a good two seconds before about seven ads pop up. Another tab to a raunchy hentai website opens, and Jungkook groans. warnings mentions of hentai, smut in the forms of cunnilingus, masturbation (f), oral (f), use of a sex toy, fingering, nipple play, face sitting/fucking/riding idk (f), praise kink, hints of dumbification, cum eating, jk is like passive aggressive in this one, 4 (f) orgasms, this is the kicker: sub kook at the end😳, like 2 sec of dom yn lol, & u get 0.002 sec of adams apple kink misc more dumb story lines, made up sex stores bc my creativity knows no bounds, Jungkook plays nice but is actually mean for the majority of it, once again doyeon plays a pivotal role in the furthering of women empowerment, internal love monologues about jk best boy<3 word count 8.2k posted september 1, 2020
summary There’s a pounding on your door a little past noon, so hard and rough, that you almost think it’s the police finally coming to catch you for all your years of illegally pirating Phineas and Ferb. It’s not. It’s just a really drunk boyfriend wailing for your forgiveness at the door.   warnings arguments, feelings of insecurity, bit of asshole jk, smut in the forms of humiliation, dumbification, choking, fingering, spit kink, self punishment (? idk lol), unprotected but [ passionate ] sex, jk losing his cool, the return of mean jk, desperate jk, he is actually an emotional mess in this one wtf misc angst, anniversaries, the L word😳, app developer kook, rip ‘pretty girl’ </3, we all become phineas and ferb stans word count 13k posted september 9, 2020
summary You would like to personally thank every loud-mouthed, ESPN commentator out there for saving you from Jungkook’s dangerous seduction skills.   warnings smut in the forms of brief femdom, handcuffs, nipple clamps, blindfolding, flogging/use of a riding crop, soft dom kook, cunnilingus, spitting, unprotected but passionate, degradation, as always it starts horny n then turns into I love u kink misc kook has a swollen ankle so idk how he did all this, jk abuses the fuck outta pet names part 7, revenge gone wrong tbh, this was honestly a beginner’s intro to vanilla bdsm word count 12.7k posted september 14, 2020
summary You can’t believe this is Jungkook’s preferred sick day treatment; YouTube, cuddles, and an ugly amount of lube. warnings smut in the forms of nipple play, handjobs, spit kink, face riding, unprotected, flavored warming lube, riding, praise kink, soft femdom, missionary bc his eyes are pretty, tit sucking, tit fucking, more jk has an impreg kink, oh and this is all subby kook misc domesticity baby!! fluff, soft scenes /.\, jk is sick:((, doyeon is A Doctor, yn sees an opportunity and she grabs it, surprise ending <3 word count 8.7k   posted september 30, 2020
summary Just like in those Viki dramas Jungkook likes, the world around you is enveloped in shades of pink and red, kisses and hearts, so many goddamn roses it makes you sneeze. It’s absolutely perfect— nothing could possibly go wrong when there’s so much love in the air.   warnings a little hurt + a lot of comfort, mentions of cheating!villain!jin, insecure!kook, emotional breakdowns, mentions of jk’s lonely past, jk cries :( smut in the forms of making out, eating out, fingering, clit play, hickeys, jk likes cum, double orgasm, squirting, tiny praise kink, blindfolding, rough + unprotected sex, doggy style, choking!!!, breeding/impreg kink, JEALOUS KOOK, mini hand kink, a lil bit of spanking, degradation, he gets progressively meaner lol oc cries, jk is a good boy n I want him to be happy   misc there’s a lot of fuckin plot omfg -_-, it’s Valentine’s Eve!, doyeon makes Some Points, mentions of park seojoon juicy ass, they go on a d8 😳, oc like rlly wants to marry him, oc commits double phone homicide word count 16.3k posted january 14, 2021
summary “I wanna watch Solange in Bring It On,” Jungkook smiles, and you have to wonder who exactly this blond man is and what he did with your teen-movie-hating boyfriend.   warnings smut in the forms of kissing, cunnilingus (eating out + fingering), light praise, a lil body worship, jk fat cawk, brief nipple play, playful jk, unprotected sex, riding and missionary, the jk hand kink, I love you kink, jk wants nudes, jk’s cheerleader fantasies mentioned, spit kink, light choking, jk has like a scent kink (?), mention of collars and pet play misc app developer jk becomes even MORE app developer-y, oc is anti-google, there's plot, a 2 year anniversary, Solange knowles appreciation, BLOND JK!!!, gets sappy for a sec, seahorse marriage mention, doyeon x joon side pairing, jk is disgustingly dreamy and oc is threatened by that fact word count 10.7k posted march 23, 2021
summary Never mind the fact you really like Sailor Moon, or that you really want to pay attention to every little detail; the moment becomes Jungkook and his big smile and his red cheeks and the tiny box he produces from within his pocket. warnings smut in the forms of making out, jk nipple play, some 69 action, cunnilingus, blowjobs, brief choking, jk trying his best to listen to oc but he doesn’t rlly :/, fingering, missionary bc his eyes are pretty, unprotected fuckin raw, its romantic but when is it not… misc fluffy and domestic <3, weekend getaway <3, the Big Question, shy jk, sailor moon supremacy, jk makes this big elaborate speech about the sun and moon, mentions of 240p YouTube quality word count 8.7k posted may 21, 2021
summary Never mind your upcoming wedding, this was perhaps the greatest moment of your life— the day Jungkook sought out an anime on his own. warnings kissing, smut in the forms of cunnilingus, cum eating, mentions of anal, doggy style, unprotected sex with the intention of pregnancy, spitting, hand holding<3 misc the wedding night, Doyeon strikes again, jjk watches  jjk, oh no not twins word count 9.1k posted july 31, 2021
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summary Jungkook will watch a thousand cheesy Christmas movies if it meant making you happy. (And maybe having his dick sucked.) warnings smut in the form of blowjobs, face fucking, cum facials, fingering, overstim, double orgasm, r*mantic sex, riding, unprotected, cream pies, jk does this weird thing where he licks her face yeah idk, jk loves seeing his gf cry, jk has an obsession with jizz   misc jk pov !!, eggnog slander, jk hates xmas movies, oc dresses like a sexy mrs claus, Elf !!, jk is in loooove word count 7.1k posted december 23, 2020
summary your first pregnancy through the lens of your husband warnings smut in the forms of penetrative sex, sex while pregnant, unprotected sex, tit play, cunnilingus, mutual masturbation, sticking the tip in and jacking off/cockwarming?, creampies, nose kink (? like she grinds against his nose), infatuation with scent, frottage/grinding, lactation kink, titluvr jk [bass boosted] misc married ncouple <3, domesticity, jk pov, mood swings, pregnancy, GIRLDAD!JK, DILF!JK, pregnant!reader, jk’s kids are virgos its true  word count 10k posted august 23, 2021
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— one.
summary Maybe Jungkook wasn’t always as cool and composed as you initially believed. But that’s okay, because you love him all the same.  word count 1.3k posted September 10, 2020
summary Even after all these years, all these doubts, and all this solitude that was really no one’s fault but his own, he still finds himself hoping that maybe you’ll be the one. word count 1k posted september 11, 2020
summary But Jungkook loves the sun. word count 1.5k posted september 12th, 2020
summary For the last ten minutes or so his mind has been bothered by one thing and one thing only— the hair that hung in his face. word count 800 words posted september 22, 2020
summary Startled and inexperienced, he can’t do anything but rub his hands over your back. “It’s fine, it’s fine,” he murmurs, even though it’s not. word count 1.3k posted september 22, 2020
SUMMARY Jungkook enjoyed pushing you down, indulging you in all your little fantasies, but he too had some he wanted to live out. WC 1.8k POSTED september 25, 2020
summary And lastly, Jungkook will bring it full circle by indulging you two in some good old fashion spooky sex where he nuts inside you because the only thing scarier than a scary movie is a pregnancy scare. It’s a perfect plan. word count 2k posted october 30, 2020
summary You always do this— always ask for more. You take and you take until there’s nothing left for Jungkook to give. But Jungkook is the same.   word count 1.9k posted december 28, 2020
summary “I think that, like— me and you? We’re like, totally destined,” you ramble, “you should, like, take my number! And maybe we can, like— Netflix and chill one of these days?” word count 2.2k posted january 8 2021
summary See, there’s no one in this world who ignores his house rules more than you. Even worse, there’s no one on this planet who can make Jungkook ignore his own rules like you do. word count 1.4k posted february 14, 2021
summary You’re too bright, too… there. His shell is too small. word count 1.2k posted may 3, 2021
summary Anyway, if it was up to Jungkook, Kim Doyeon would not be a member of the Engagement Ring Committee. word count 1.4k posted may 8th, 2021
summary Because for as much shit as you let him get away with, Jungkook is certain you’ll draw the line today.   word count 1k posted june 13, 2021
summary Jungkook needs you to know that you can always count on him. word count 1.3k posted july 6, 2021
summary It’s Jungkook’s teenage fantasy— being pushed down by a cheerleader. word count 3.1k posted august 9, 2021
— sixteen.
summary Your skin is warm and smells like sunshine. Jungkook can’t really explain it. (And also like the sunscreen you had doused him in earlier, but that isn’t as romantic.) word count 1.9K posted august 11, 2021
summary She looks his way and suddenly Jungkook is nineteen again, in his dorm, listening to the first person he ever thought he loved telling him he’s too much to handle. word count 1.6k posted august 18, 2021
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cute and cozy gif by the lovely @ladyartemesia​ 
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k-dokja · 10 months ago
HELLO, I'm here again, you're "soon-to-be favorite" anon. I'm happy that you liked my first analysis and I'm also surprised that Tumblr didn't cut it, wow what a nice day, let's see if I'm lucky even this time. Today I'm gonna write the last thing about Vinny, and then I'll start with the other characters, so hang in there, I know you probably don't want to see the name Vinny for at least an entire month but this will be the last one, I swear. Again, sorry for my English and LeT'S BEGIN-
Today I'm gonna discuss his LOVE LIFE, or better, how he would be in a romantic relationship and how his personality would affect that (this is my personal take and if you disagree with something then say it, CRITICIZE, I like constructive criticism). Also I've read all the Korean chapters and on Instagram/YouTube they always put new translations so I'm a bit ahead of you if you haven't, that's why some things may sound..weird.
(I'll explain how Vinny would be in a relationship with his unhealthy coping mechanisms [anger, depression as you said, other things I'm gonna write here] and how he would be in the same relationship with healthy coping mechanisms, kinda character development, more or less. Sorry if it's too complicated.)
P.S.- Shit this is far longer than the last one oh my freaking God-
- IN GENERAL, in a romantic relationship I think he would be a bit of a ..jerk. I mean, have you seen how he treats his mother(or his friends)? He LOVES her, but he cares about her in a jerkish way. Like he always scolds her/gets angry at her because she doesn't take care of herself. Yeah there's also the fact that she's very sick so of course he would behave like that, he's worried, but still I think he could be totally capable of treating his lover in that way too. Despite this, I can see this romantic relationship in two ways: he has a soft spot for you but treats you like everyone else with little differences (tsundere), or he has a soft spot for you and treats you better than the others(big protective bear). If I'm being honest, I love the tsundere trope so that's why I'm a bit(a lot) oriented towards that, but I can see Vinny being even a big protective grizzly, so...you choose what you think suits him more;
-(Now let's get real)AT FIRST I think he would dismiss genuine praise/help and be excessively defensive. He has built a wall around himself to not let others hurt him so it will be a bit difficult for him to be in a relationship. Around them he'll also tend to repress his emotions, like he has this irrational fear that if he gets angry around/with them, they'll get scared or end up hating him so they'll leave. That's why he'll vent to other people unconsciously(or blow off some steam with a good ride on his bike), like he's in a bad mood because of something that happened between him and his lover(not necessarily, maybe he's just in his depressed mood but doesn't want to talk about it to them), and instead of go talking to them to solve things like in a good healthy relationship, someone will accidentally make him angry and that's it. CONGRATULATIONS, now you're Vinny's punching bag, here some bandages. Let's say it, this is not healthy. He is a really supporting boyfriend, but won't accept the same support from his counterpart, and that's really sad. I can see why he does it, he has lived like this since the start, it's an habit, this is how he copes and it will be hard changing that.
(In stressing situations, same thing, he will use distancing strategies to cope with it, and get angry at other people)
I also think he wouldn't be completely open with his lover because of his trust issues. Remember, the world hurt him, and I think he has a pessimistic view of people in general. He uses anger to protect himself. So if you get in a relationship with him, that's amazing, this means he trusts you to an extent, but if he opens up to you, that's like Jackpot bitch, TREASURE HIM and don't stab him on the back, pls. If you help him, he will become a completely different person, trust me.
-PDA. What's PDA? Something to eat? Alright, a t f i r s t, he would suck at this, really, and he wouldn't even try to be better at it, like why he needs to do that? You know he loves you, no? Just staying with you it's a great display of affection. Honestly, he would start to be more "affectionate" when he feels threatened by another human being, preferably, a male human being. God, you can feel his murderous aura from a mile away, i mean, he's so JEALOUS, not possessive, but really man calm down. This stems from his LSE, he feels inferior, he thinks you deserve better but paradoxically he doesn't want you to leave him for someone else, but if you do, well: Depression has entered the room. When he's alone with you I don't know, I don't think it's that different, maybe a bit but still.. it's new to him, so usually it's you that initiate things, and he'll be pretty embarrassed.
But as your relationship progresses, and you'll hopefully help him cope with his feelings and insecurity in a healthy way, he'll show his strong-willed personality, and he'll be more clingy.
-He's a pretty serious guy, so if he opened up to you, you've got a ride or die for life. He's not someone who would have multiple relationships, but rather someone who has ONE relationship and sticks to it, so if he's with you, it means he wants to stay with you for INFINITYⓇ.
-He's an introvert, doesn't really like people and to him saying hi = punching someone in the face...so.. yeah. Despite this I think he's open to new experiences. Don't get me wrong, he likes routine but if you wanted to do something different, he would be okay with that too. In this regard he's really balanced. I also think he doesn't mind crowdy places; as long as people leave him alone, he's pretty resilient. Just don't choose places too expensive, he can't afford that. But even here, you'll be the one to initiate things, or at least at the beginning.
-Further into your relationship, he'll be hella passionate and so intense oh my god. Even though he didn't necessarily show it at the start, he felt (and feels) strongly about you, the only difference is that now, he doesn't even hide it. Vinny is intrinsically driven by passion, and when he feels passionate about something/someone, he gives his all. He values his relationships, friendships and family. He won't hesitate to help a loved one in need. He's also very straightforward, and will express his thoughts and feelings(when he'll surpass that defensive and repressive period and gets better), even when you don't share them. And he excepts his lover to do the same, he likes a good discussion, someone that has strong opinions and that is ready to defend them, that's sexy. Honestly, he's not easy to be around, and he knows that. At first he was repressing himself around you, and in some ways he was easier to deal with(but in so many ways he wasn't), but now that he won't hold back anymore..wow, he sure experiences the full range of human emotions very VERY deeply. He'll probably have a tendency to be "moody", but don't tell him, it annoys him. During these moments maybe he's just processing or brooding over something, just leave him alone.
-Is he shy? I don't think so, he's just easily flustered, and ONLY AT THE BEGINNING OF THE RELATIONSHIP. Kisses, cuddles, holding hands, these things are new to him and he doesn't know how to process them. With time he'll get better, to the point where he'll be the one to show affection more often(maybe even being a tease). But here comes a question-
Is he touch-starved? Does he crave affection? I don't know man. I mean, his mother was and is very nurturing and caring, so probably he wasn't neglected at all. But we don't know that honestly, maybe he was because of all the jobs his mother had to do, she's a single mom, so imagine how busy she was back then(house,work,sickness), that's not her fault of course. Maybe he does crave affection. Maybe he'd like to feel loved by someone who isn't his mother, because seriously, only two people really care about him (Sung and his mother); Jay, Dom etc are just casual friends, they care about each other but it's kinda different, unfortunately.
Okay, AT THE BEGINNING, his primary love language would be Quality Time. People with this love language are looking for quality over quantity, that's why he would give to his lover his undivided attention, actively listening to them, spending a lot of time with them, doesn't matter where they go, he just needs to be with them. Physical Touch isn't his primary love language here because right now he sucks at PDA, and he's not that affectionate so... no, even though he's very.... physical; the same goes for Words of Affirmation(I mean.. that's self-explanatory). Last we have Acts of Service and Gifts...mmmmh- Now, Acts of Service kinda suits him, it can be his "secondary" love language- doing nice little things for them, without making 'em notice, because he's too cool for that; then we have Gifts- If he were rich *sob*, he would take the time to pick up a gift for them, but not always.
After a lot of time, I think his primary love language would become Physical Touch(can you even change your love languages??who cares, this is fanfiction, I do what I want), you know he'll be far more affectionate(more kisses, cuddles, holding hands, s e x). He'll prefer physical expressions of love. His "secondary" love language this time would be Quality Time.
-This honestly doesn't have anything to do with this(kinda), but after Vinny's character development... I think he'll become pretty bored. He would need an outlet for his new found passion. Yes he loves cycling, but apart from that? Does he have any hobbies, I mean, r e a l hobbies? Is beating up other people a hobby???(Sorry but cycling is no real hobby boy) He'll become so restless that he'll start to explore, and thanks to his lover, he'll find out that he's a really creative person. So he'll start drawing, playing an instrument, god imagine Vinny with a fucking guitar, that would be so HOT- I see him as someone who knows how to play an instrument who writes his own melodies, and he's a fucking prodigy at it(eat this Jay). I HEADCANON THIS, YOU ALL CAN'T STOP ME
You're so sexy for this ask, I just want you to know that. Again, under the cut!
Disclaimer: I don't read the Korean version so I'm sorry if I sound stupid somewhere!
He has a soft spot for you but treats you like everyone else with little differences (tsundere), or he has a soft spot for you and treats you better than the others (big protective bear)
I like to give my two cents and say Vinny can do both in one relationship. He can easily be a big protective bear most of the time, but when you act up, suddenly he's the tsundere again. He doesn't know you, please don't make eye contact with him.
The same goes for vice versa, he can be a tsundere to you most of the time, but you get hurt and suddenly, he's the protective bear. This boy is flexible.
How he acts is responsive to how his partner acts, if his partner is more straightforward and independent, Vinny would treat them the former way. However, if they're someone more easygoing and airheaded, he'd develop towards the other.
Around them, he'll also tend to repress his emotions, like he has this irrational fear that if he gets angry around/with them, they'll get scared or end up hating him so they'll leave.
I feel this in my bones, okay, Vinny open up. Also, I think it depends on the level of comforts he has with them. If they were someone he was friends with before they went out together, he'd be far more comfortable with showing negative emotions around them.
However, if their relationship began with romantic intentions, it'd be harder for him to open up around them with his negative emotions. Mostly because he meagerly knows how to friend but he doesn't really know how to romance. However, if they already have the foundation of friendship beforehand, he'd feel less insecure about it, but insecure still.
Honestly, he would start to be more "affectionate" when he feels threatened by another human being, preferably, a male human being.
I feel like he'd not necessarily be more "affectionate" when jealous, but if anything, he hovers? He hovers a lot whenever he feels jealous because he acts on his jealousy, then it'd be admitting he's jealous. He'd die before he lets that happen.
However, there's no harm to hovering. He's your boyfriend, he's meant to be close to you, he's staking his claim without looking desperate. It's a matter of pride, really.
He's not someone who would have multiple relationships, but rather someone who has ONE relationship and sticks to it.
I agree but this also reminds me of what my friend once said about her high school sweetheart. They've been together for the past 7-8 years, and if she broke up with him, she's just going to stay single, that's a mood, honestly.
For Vinny, no matter the outcome of the relationship, he'd have a hard time letting go of the fact he had to open up for someone. It'd be a lot of effort for him to open again, each time harder than the last.
He'll try to work on the relationship's problems once he knows you're here to stay. I think in the beginning, he'd be a bit more reluctant with the fixing because he saw it as a way out for both of you. Spare each other the pain, really.
However, once he confirmed that you are serious about this and you're here to say, he will also pick up his slack with ten times the intensity.
He won't hesitate to help a loved one in need. He's also very straightforward and will express his thoughts and feelings.
This is one of the reasons why I like writing Vinny as caring but in a very grumpy way. "Did you take your fucking meds?" or "Are you skipping meals again? Goddamnit."
He doesn't care if he skipped meals but if you're not staying in good health and happy space, he's going to pop a vein. However, if you fussed about him back, he'd be like an angry cat, refusing to accept your help at first.
After much prodding, he'll reluctantly listen after he found out you made too much sense for him to argue and not sound like an idiot. Even then, he'll be extremely grumpy when doted on.
Just imagine a sick Vinny trying to pretend he's okay but then take one step and immediately collapse. You have to drag that whole man back to bed and take care of him. He's so embarrassed that you're feeding him but he can't even move a single limb, ugh.
Is he touch-starved? Does he crave affection?
I'm in the opinion that he isn't, but mostly in the way that he actively chooses this for himself. As you mentioned, his mother is pretty nurturing, I don't think Vinny went without care. However, because of his rebellion as a kid, he'd began to actively choose to distance himself.
He doesn't really know of romantic love or care about it before. For someone with his upbringing and attitude, he'd feel that he can't want what he couldn't have. Most people around him, in the beginning, are afraid of him, he got much more fear than love.
He has very limited access to love outside of his mom, who he shunned while being misguided. Fear, however, he got a lot out of fear, people do whatever he wants when they're afraid of him. Because of that, he could've spent a long time believing he has no need for it.
This makes him grumpier when he begins to catch feelings for someone because he went for a long time thinking it's something out of reach and unneeded for him.
However, after he mellowed out, he'd be a little bit more receptive to his softer feelings. He got a taste of the camaraderie, which lessens the blow when romantic feelings eventually smack him in the face.
Physical Touch isn't his primary love language here because right now he sucks at PDA.
I'd like to add that the reason why Physical Touch will eventually become his primary love language is that it's one of the ones he'd be most receptive to receive in the beginning.
Like, he's awkward with it and you'd have to initiate everything, but he'd be far more open to it than receiving Acts of Service or Gifts from you. Physical Touch is something he can receive and give immediately back in return, it's just more natural for him.
And yes, you can change love language 😂 It often changes with the growth of the relationship.
Sorry but cycling is no real hobby boy.
I see this and raise you, BMX, get him one and show him the wonder of a skatepark. He's already used to use a lot of tricks while riding his bikes, this is just an add-on to his existing arsenal. But yes Vinny with a guitar is 💯
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nikethestatue · 7 months ago
Some Blog Things
So that we are all on the same page!
This is a pro blog, not an anti blog. It’s a PRO Elriel blog, but this is not an anti-Gwyn blog. I do not post anti-posts about Gwyn or Gwynriels. I do not ship and will never ship Gwynriel, but I believe in live and let live. 
By the same token I am PRO Rhys, PRO Nesta and Feyre (yes, I don’t feel the need to hate on either one, and I recognize and appreciate their contradicting characters), I am perfectly fine with Lucien, and I am reserving judgement on Eris. 
At the same time, NO ONE is above critique here. NO ONE. Not Gwyn, not Lucien, not anyone with whatever trauma they have. No one is perfect, no one ‘deserves the world’, no one is a ‘perfect cinnamon roll who only deserves the best in the world’. That includes Elain and Cassian and Azriel and Rhys, all of whom I love. 
Anon is always open. If I close Anon, I post a warning.
However, overly aggressive ‘anti’ anything/anyone Anons will not be posted. 
I reserve the right to post and answer whatever I want. If I get repetitive messages, I may not answer them, especially if I just answered something similar. Also, please keep in mind, I sometimes get 10-15 messages a day. It takes time to answer things. 
On to hate messages. Hate messages will never be posted. Also, I DON’T GIVE A SHIT if you send a hate message. I don’t get upset, or perturbed, or insulted. Don’t waste your time. You will not get a response or a rise out of me. I’ve been on Tumblr long enough to have experience a shit ton of hate, so it’s literally like pouring water over a seal. I don’t care. 
Whatever I answer or post is either based on books/canon/interviews or I specify that this is a theory or a head canon.  Everything is my opinion. I don’t speak for the entire Elriel community. If there are assholes on twitter, don’t come to me and complain. I can’t do anything about that. 
I don’t pull anything out of my ass. So if I answer something, it’s based on canon or interviews. If I don’t know, I will say I don’t know. If I am not sure, I will ask for assistance from others or will say so. I am not here to set down any laws--I can only interpret the text. If you don’t agree, then you don’t agree, and that’s cool. 
Lastly, and most importantly--I am not responsible for YOUR interpretation of my words. If you don’t like something, if you read something and decide to get offended, that’s on you. If you are easily triggered, look to be triggered and want to start a fight, I am not your gal. Everyone’s got hurt feelings. Deal with it.
Finally, I use swear words, I discuss sexual matters, if I can get away with it, I post sexy art, and while I am sure that your woke credentials are very important and impressive to you, I again, remind everyone that I don’t get into fights over winged fairies.
Now, when you come into my house here, try to be polite, wipe your feet, don’t call me a cunt or a -phobe of any kind and everyone will have a good time. 
Your fondly,
PS Azriel is not toxic
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catilinas · 7 months ago
I was gonna be a dick and send in big c for the ask game (and I get it, I hate him too), but actually. Can I get your opinion on the Pharsalia? What is it you like so much?
OHHHHHH the pharsalia...... my beloved...... it just has everything i love in one poem! like it is about the crisis of the roman republic it's an epic poem it's a fucked UP epic poem that can't really be isolated from other parts of the epic 'canon' bcs part of the Vibes come from its divergences from them.... it's got ghosts and necromancy and fate being real but the source of that fate is history already having happened and the author's (unwanted!) knowledge of the disastrous future rather than like. divine machinery. it's got WEIRD syntax where you kind of have to hold the broken parts of sentences together in your mind like YEA the universe machine broke and that broke the very fabric of the poem like WHAT an choice to make. as a poet. it also just has such a distinct way of writing abt violence particularly in war like i think ive posted a quote abt people being reduced to either weapons or wounds? which makes Me think abt the poetry of wilfred owen where people are dehumanised while the Machines of war are personified...... wilfred owen has been one of my favourite poets since like 2013 so anything similar Will make me Lose It. ALSO the syntax needing the reader to constantly hold it together applies to the poem as a whole too like it's deliberately contradictory it hates both sides of the civil war but the narrator wants desperately to believe in pompey but his narration clearly Doesn't and he wants to despise caesar but the narration is like. fascinated by him and his Demonic Energy. in an evil way. i fully support bartsch's takes from ideology in cold blood abt the narrator wanting himself and You The Reader to fix the political Schism by believing not in one side's ideology but in the ideology of believing in anything at all. it's sexy and weird the poem is like hashtag his countenance was a civil war itself. also the poem is literally a headless corpse. it's an empty tomb that WOULD contain cato the younger if lucan had got to his death before dying himself. (speaking of which the poem IN the context of lucan's actual life and particularly death? insane. thematic even). also cato the younger! i know this is catilinas dot tumblr dot hell but cato the younger is actually one of my favourite historical figures of all time he sucked and was awful and i enjoy it. and lucan's takes on cato are Very fun also when he has to not get killed by Many Snakes. epic. ALSO as much as lots of the coolness of lucan comes from his interactions w other texts he does often do stuff that is deeply weird and? maybe new? like what's up with the WOMEN alison keith says in her book on women in latin epic "no latin epic is complete without the death agony of a woman" but. professor keith please explain where the woman who dies in lucan IS. julia? who is a ghost? bcs imo if you die before the plot starts and Then come back as a ghost that is the Opposite of a woman dying in epic. that\'s a woman coming back to life/undeath. or like w phemonoe the narrative hypes up oooooooo every pythia who does a prophecy immediately dies! she doesnt want to do the prophecy bcs she will immediately die! and then she DOES do the prophecy and...... doesn't die? like she falls over but then she gets back up? what does it MEAN? (i know what it means this was my undergrad d*ssertation.) like yes every female character in lucan (except maaaaybe cleopatra) is deeply associated w death....... but they are all not even just alive. like unkillable. it's weird and cool! or like lucan does ye olde trope of Marriage To Death but he makes it WEIRD. he's like no the women do not marry death. they ARE death. which puts their husbands in the usually female role of Being Married To Death. what does tHAT mean? polla argentaria if you are out there i would like to discuss any edits you may have made to the pharsalia after your husband's death,
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sathtrash · 9 months ago
Liveblogging TMA has really reminded me of all the things I both love and hate about tumblr. 
I love Tumblr because the TMA fandom sees my shit posts and think “ah yes, they get it, this is what we are all here for, this podcast is unhinged, and it’s so fun to watch someone listen to it for the first time and give their opinions and make silly memes” and I love this, I love that the established fandom is enjoying my stupid takes, my speculation, my shit posts, and my memes, honestly the TMA fandom has probably been one of the most lovely and welcoming fandoms I’ve found in YEARS, I’ve been on Tumblr for almost 9 years now and so many fandoms are so hostile to new people and the TMA fandom has been so welcoming in enjoying my first listen liveblogs.
The things I hate though, has always been the discourse, the needless fucking discourse. I made a post about Mag 141, Doomed Voyage, because I have a thing for voices and I LOVE the way Jon sounds when he gets really aggressive about compelling a statement, it’s hot, he gets all harsh and growly, it’s perfection, I love that. I wake up and go to make my dumb post about 142, Scrutiny, because I was listening to it in the shower, and check my notes. Someone had replied to my 141 post by just saying “... he’s ace” and I... I was not ready to be so annoyed by something so early in the morning. While I’ve tried to avoid spoilers I am well aware that Jon is ace, I’m unsure if that’s canon or just fanon (though it being canon would not surprise me at all because the writers are obviously really lovely about having a variety of characters from the LGBT+ community). The thing is, asexual people can still be hot and still have a sexual existence, if they want, they just don’t experience sexual attraction. And, in that vein, I can still find an ace person sexually attractive, I can sit here and listen to Mag 141 and think “Damn, Jon’s voice is sexy”, this does not affect him, and it doesn’t make him not ace. Also, to my understanding, JonMartin is actually a canon endgame ship, so Jon clearly experiences romantic attraction, as the PINING so clearly leads us to believe throughout... basically the whole damn story. 
Like, at the end of the day, non-ace people can find ace people attractive, sexually and romantically, and, may I add, that The Archivist is a fictional character and so cannot be harmed by me saying his voice is sexy. 
Anyway, I think it is cool and/or sexy of all ace people to have varying levels of sexual attraction/desire, and to know themselves well enough to know exactly what they want out of relationships /gen.
Also my fiancé is literally a demisexual slut, have a good morning. 
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other-cullen-ficrecs · 12 months ago
MLM!Cullen Fic Rec List
Tumblr media
Inspired by this post. Here is my fic rec list of some of my favorite fics with queer Cullen. Happy Pride :)  🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈
Only True in Fairy Tales by Dragonflies_and_Katydids
Summary:  In which Dorian is a special forces operative, Bull is his partner, and Cullen is the guy they're sent to rescue. Hijinks ensue. // Words: 110150
Modern AU. Dragonflies_and_Katydids makes me read the weirdest stuff. But their work is always captivating. The more ridiculous set up the better outcome, I promise. This one is both ridiculous and absolutely perfect. And somehow one of the very few modern au fics in which Cullen's lyrium addiction is well transfered without making it literal.
Fashionably Late by tsurai
For the tumblr prompt: Cullen/Dorian Soulmates AU? <3 "Maker’s breath, this is absolutely the worst timing, he thinks distantly." // Words: 1038
This is but a tiny thing but I'm a sucker for a soulmate AU. Would I love it more if it was 150,000 words? Yes. But I'm just greedy.
COLD HANDS, WARM HEART by spicyshimmy, stonelions
Summary: Cullen and Dorian's friendship deepens. Cullen is a romantic. Dorian is literally cold. Cullen is no longer certain what he would consider surprising. Mages and Templars working in perfect cooperation, perhaps. Evil and corruption disappearing into the ground along with the blight, blood magic falling so far out of favor it ceased to be. A united Thedas: that would be a surprise. // Words: 25369
I think this is most recced Cullrian fic and for a good reason. Slow burn, drama, all the delights. 
Light In This Darken'd Time Breaks by RamonaDecember
Summary: Cullen wouldn't say he hates mages, not anymore, but he can't see himself ever trusting one again. Dorian is no exception. The mage is off-color, self-important, and all together too much for Cullen to deal with. So why is it that every time Cullen is at his lowest, Dorian seems to be the only person by his side? // Words: 121289
Slow burn with 121289 words, what more do you want?
Jump In by Dragonflies_and_Katydids
Summary: In which Cullen is almost terminally awkward, Bull and Dorian are literally brothers (because why not?), and Bull tries really hard to be good. Or: In which Dorian tries to set up his brother and his roommate, if he can avoid killing them for being so clueless. (You might get cavities from reading it. Don't say I didn't warn you.) // Words: 33700
What did I say about Dragonflies_and_Katydids and ridiculous premises? But if you're as delighted with awkward Cullen as am I - enjoy.
Dragons from Stars in an Empty Sky by Midna_Ronoa
Summary: The one in which Bull takes Cullen dragon-hunting. // Words: 10423
Fluff and smut and dragons!
Stuck on the Puzzle by thespectaclesofthor
Summary: Once, back in Kirkwall, Cullen had an arrangement with a member of the city guard that satisfied his needs. But time changed all things, and he despaired of ever finding a similar arrangement again - that was, until he met The Iron Bull. Problem being that Bull seemed to care far more about sorting out the nitty-gritty of such an arrangement than Cullen ever has. // Words: 235586
No fic rec lists that can involve Bullen canot do without Stuck on the Puzzle. If you haven't read it - please give it a try. As far as I'm concerned - the best fic in the fandom. And definately one of the best fics in general. <3
Exit Light by Dragonflies_and_Katydids
Summary: In which Cullen is suicidally depressed, Dorian is a high-functioning alcoholic, and Bull just wants them both to be happy, except when he wants to crack their heads together for being emotionally stunted idiots. // Words: 77427
This premise is actually very close to canon, compared to some other stories by the same author recced here. The angst? Delightful. The smut? Delicious. The exploration of issues? Delectable! Cheff kisses all around.
to burn cool and collected by toomanyhometowns
Summary: Dorian hums. "Here is the function of the spell: Upon invocationne, ye caster's spyryt shal sterte to ye form of whomsoever mofte recently achieved releafe by hys hande." He taps the page in punctuation and looks back up. "And then there's a lot of text about the vast joys we may experience together, et cetera, et cetera." // Words: 16121
Ok, this list shows more than anything that my main delight is issues and angst wrapped in with porn. Anyway - cracky premise (body swap!), and angsty, sexy outcome.
Hold by queeniegalore
Summary: Everyone knows Cullen doesn't trust magic. But he trusts Dorian and Bull, so maybe they can make this work. // Words: 6654
Issues? Trauma? Kink? I'm a one trick pony when it comes to recs.
Okay now that we’ve gotten the obvious out, let’s enjoy the trully unexpected enjoyment.
Into The Light (Cole/Cullen Ficlets) by Sinister_Kid
Summary: A series of what I hope are tasteful Cole/Cullen fics that don't exploit or overly sexualize Cole's developing character. Based on a prompt I filled out of boredom in which I imagined the spirit actually hearing someone's pain like a physical noise in his ears that caused discomfort. Explores the option of making Cole more human, with my own original take on how that affects him as a character, and depicts Cole developing romantic feelings for the Commander as he discovers what it means to be human. // Words: 20454
I admit I don't often read Cole shippy fics but this one stays true to the info in the summary and it is careful and tasteful. Also Cullen learning to speak with Cole properly - <333
Verse & Volley Triptych by boycoffin
Summary: POSSIBLE TITLES: This Shit Was Even Weirder: A Surprisingly Not-Doomed Romance In The Shadow of the Apocalypse The Commander and the Rogue already taken, Antivan maritime smut with an elf girl in it How The Hell I Ended Up With That Guy: A Tale for The People Who Keep Asking Me About It In Bars The Short and Curlies that's just terrible Love Among the tropey garbage A Tale of Two Names pretentious and unclear The Penman's Paramour Memoirs of a Moron (That He's Going to Regret Publishing and Will Never Hear The End Of for As Long As He Lives) // Words: 133354
One of the very few fics in which I can not only accept but love 1st person POV. Crack. Slow-burn. Pennames. Lovable OCs. DELICIOUS. Also a fic that made me start this blog, so love all around.
Last but not least, my delightful fave (maybe, possibly, probably) and involving a shameless self-plug because it’s the month of pride.
Swordplay by orphan_account
Summary: The Bull's Chargers are undisciplined, untested, and unprofessional; but Cullen can't stop thinking about their lieutenant. // Words: 3910
I have a soft spot for whoever Krem being shipped with not knowing he's trans at first. But also oblivious, pining Cullen <3
If you have been starving, a creature of bone by missivesfromghosts
Summary: Cullen is content with where he is. He has a life and a purpose. He’s doing the Maker’s work and he’s cut the Chantry’s leash on him. He barely thinks about the fact that he’s trans anymore. The last person who knew he was born anything different, barring his sister Mia, died during the Blight. This works for him. That is, until he starts falling for Krem. // Words: 769
A tiny thing but I have a soft spot for the idea. Also what's better than a ship with trans character? A ship with two trans characters. Keep that in mind for further recs actually.
Sweet, Merciful Andraste by Tainaron
Summary: PWP. Honestly, Cullen should invest in walls and a ceiling that don't have holes if he's going to keep having such loud sex. Pure, unapologetic smut between trans men who love each other. // Words: 4187
¯\_(ツ)_/¯  What more do you want from me? Sometimes porn is just porn. Enjoy.
Champions of the Just by Tainaron
Summary: En route to Griffin Wing Keep before the battle of Adamant, Cullen falls prey to an injury that reveals a shameful secret about his trauma with magic. As Cullen struggles with his past, his duty to the Inquisition, and his love life, he becomes increasingly uncertain if he’s the target of an assassination attempt or just his own personal demons. // Words: 67885
Well, I also have some plottier and angstier fics in my rec disposal. This one actually explores the problems Krem and Cullen could encounter in their relationship and all within the canon plot line. Plus bonus points of Cullen actually interacting with other Chargers.
cabbage: a love story by psikeval
Summary: Krem’s grin fades into a quiet smirk, his eyes warm and amused, and Cullen does not forget how to move his legs because he is a grown man, a leader of soldiers, commander of the Inquisition’s army. He breaks the silence by coughing loudly, because he is also an imbecile. // Words: 18932
Creme de la creme of Krem/Cullen fics <3 Fluff, crack, porn <3 This delightful series has it all! 
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asleepinawell · 9 months ago
How has poi changed your life? Genuinely curious, I love this show
I got this ask in May '20 and am only now answering it. :')
part of the problem with answering it is that half of the answer would be to the question of 'how has fandom changed your life' where poi is the fandom I've been the most active in and where fandom made the most difference. and that's a long story
my first draft of this was over 2k words long, and went back much further in time explaining how i had and hadn’t fit into queer spaces and fandom throughout my life. I edited it way back but it’s still long-ish, so you can read it below the break
many years ago, when I got my first full time job in my chosen industry my senior year of college I was so busy that I couldn't function. massive unhealthy amounts of overtime and a toxic work environment. (don't work at tech start-ups, kids!!!) my social life vanished. strikethrough on livejournal happened right then too and fandom, which i’d only been a silent participant in at that point, kind of went quiet for a while and by the time it started regrouping I was so busy that I didn't know about it. several awful years later I quit my job, spent several months in my room in my parents' house trying to recover from massive burn out (see my comment about tech start-ups), and then got a job on the opposite coast and left behind my whole circle of friends some of whom made up my entire connection to the queer community at that time.
making friends after college is very hard when you're an introvert and just generally don't like socializing that much. making queer friends can be even harder since there's fewer places to meet them and there's often an underlying question of dating/sex that hovers around awkwardly when sometimes what you want is just an absolutely no romo/no sex friendship. so while I did make a few queer friends eventually, I didn't have that same sort of community I did before I'd moved and I missed it
(I would be remiss in not saying that the queer friends i made in this time are all amazing and wonderful and some are still my close friends and very important to me. The thing I’m highlighting here was the lack of feeling like I was part of a larger queer community).
fast forward a bit. I get sick. like really really sick. I'm in and out of the ER, I'm missing tons of work, I'm mostly bed-ridden. I think after the last few years people can more easily appreciate how intensely lonely and surreal being stuck at home by yourself non stop can be when you're not used to it. sometime right before that I'd joined tumblr for the sole purpose of looking at cat pictures on my phone during boring meetings. I wasn't really aware that this was where fandom had migrated to (it was in fact possible to use tumblr without intersecting with fandom). but stuck home alone with time to kill I started looking for art and gifs of the tv and games I was consuming and stumbled into fandom tumblr and specifically queer femslash fandom.
I kind of poked around the territory and eventually fell into the carmilla fandom which became the first fandom I actually created content for. a few of my fics had a decent audience and while I was never part of the central core of the fandom I made some good friends there. some of y'all probably followed me back then. I eventually drifted away from carmilla for a lot of reasons I won't get into and stumbled right into poi. this would have been between seasons 4 and 5, late 2015-early 2016.
my health problems get more exciting and I end up in the hospital. I have vague memories of watching poi on my laptop in my hospital bed (vague because I was on a lot of morphine). I actually posted some fic while I was in the hospital (would have been the end of my carmilla run still).
and I get out of the hospital (early 2016) and am somewhat better but it's pretty clear that I'm going to have chronic health issues probably for the rest of my life. my social life, such as it was, was mostly dead, a lot of stuff I used to do for fun was much harder to manage. I'm still spending a ton of time at home (not even counting covid) and I have bad days where I feel terrible and can't do much. but I'll come back to that
I think most of us remember 2016. the year tv show runners fully embraced the bury your gays trope (and sometimes the fridging trope at the same time as a bonus!) and, by autostraddle's tally, 30 queer female characters in tv shows died. and then on top of that we had the actual real world tragedy of the pulse nightclub shootings. it was a massively depressing time all around for queer people
s5 of poi aired that year. I know people have different opinions on s5 of poi, and that's valid. I hated it. and I really intensely hated how it treated root and shaw. there aren't enough words to express how fucking angry I was after s5. or rather, there are 319,678 words.
I wrote a fic many of you may have read called sliding towards chaos that rewrote the entirety of poi from mid-s3 onwards. it got pretty popular lol. I put so much into writing it, too. it was basically a second full time job for me and a great way to take my mind off the fact I was still having health problems and all the crazy shit going on in the world (we had a presidential election in the US in 2016 :)))) it did not go well!)
i'm very proud of writing stc, and even if I think it isn't my strongest writing (which is good! improving over time is good!), it was what really connected me to a lot of other people in the fandom. I felt part of the fandom community in a way I hadn't with carmilla and it was an intensely queer community built around shared interests
one of the problems with finding queer friend groups out in the 'real world' is you're often gathering to meet based on the uniting factor of being queer, and your interests may vary greatly. fandom is amazing because it lets you find queer people who you share all these interests with and who you can bond with over them and collaborate with and that's just so so important. does fandom have a ton of issues and toxicity and bigotry? yes, absolutely. but it also has so much good to offer
through stc and later fics I became close friends with some really really cool people in the fandom (including my favorite writer and my favorite artist). these are people I'm still very close friends with. some of them I've hung out with offline and the ones I haven't are mostly because they live too far away. after years of not having my own queer circle of friends I have found one again and one I can usually participate in even with my health problems and that is such an important thing to me
on a creative front, the fic writing and the gif making I've done have both taught me an enormous amount and been a very positive part of my life. working collaboratively on comics has been one of the coolest things I've done. there is just so much good that came out of me seeing one shoot gif on tumblr dot com years ago and being like hmm looks gay I'm in
and in terms of the actual content of the show, I think a lot of the reason I was drawn to it (other than my lingering crush on fred from angel) was that root and shaw felt so uniquely and wonderfully queer in a way few f/f ships I'd seen had before. shaw being bi and reading as aro to me (I've talked about that here) and root being a chaotic computer nerd just felt so relatable to me and their relationship with each other made sense to me in a way that few others had. and the specific draw that they had for some fans probably has a lot to do with why I found friends in this fandom who I really clicked with
so yeah. I don't know how to sum this up. fandom can be a great way to find your people and engage your creativity and I think that's very sexy
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whatiwillsay · a year ago
kaylor oomfs avert your eyes 😞
i get asked from time to time “why don’t you like kaylor, why don’t you like karlie, why do you think kaylor isn’t together? why aren’t you and ttb married yet?” and i think it’s high time i centralize my thoughts and receipts on all of that in a little timeline of shady things karlie has done to taylor that have made me wary of kaylor/karlie/that whole situation.  don’t read if you stan kaylor this isn’t for you (unless you know you’re interested in the truth.)
first things first, i do think something romantic happened between kaylor go read @swiftiesleuth‘s realistic kay timeline for what i (generally) think happened between them.
but long story short - i think joshlie is real, i think they weren’t all that serious at the beginning, she famously didn’t meet his family for years, he didn’t take her to work events for a long time, so there’s room for her to have a fling with taylor even though we ended up with a real joshlie endgame.
taylor’s music and art supports this theory - in the wd mv she paints herself as the other woman, on rep she sings of secret sexy sex with her best friend that drives her crazy, in cruel summer she sings of a miserable, secret, and toxic situation with a person who rejects her love, in illicit affairs and august again she is the other woman - the art matches up.  she also sings about her sunshine being gone on lover, and eclipsed on folklore. we have good clues in taylor’s artistic expression.
taylor’s given interviews about some of these karlie songs - she said cruel summer was about the start to a “doomed” relationship and look at what she said about august:
“It kind of explores the idea of the undefined relationship. As humans, we're all encouraged to just be cool and just let it happen, and don't ask what the relationship is — Are we exclusive? But if you are chill about it, especially when you're young, you learn the very hard lesson that if you don't define something, oftentimes they can gaslight you into thinking it was nothing at all, and that it never happened. And how do you mourn the loss of something once it ends, if you're being made to believe that it never happened at all?”
if joshlie is real which i think they are that 100% sounds like taylor having to process being gaslit by karlie while she cheats on josh with her.
so why do i think joshlie is real?
-  josh has no credible gay rumors that didn’t originate on gaylor tumblr: he has old ex gfs that came before karlie, harvard message boards gossiped about him and didn’t like him but never said that he was gay, in fact one of the complaints josh’s schoolmates had about him was that he got special treatment for her girlfriend at parties.
-  as stated before taylor’s art suggests she’s been the other woman with someone in her life recently.  if josh and karlie are beards then what is the affair? why is taylor the other woman so often all of a sudden?
-  i’ve spoken to someone with a mutual friend with the kushners - grain of salt of course, i know you can only trust stuff you hear from me with no proof so much, but i do absolutely trust this person and they say - no way in hell is joshlie fake, no way in hell is josh gay, no way in hell is karlie having taylor’s baby.  also karlie absolutely has moved down to miami with josh.  i’m sure we’ll see her in nyc and la from time to time but she is living in miami now.
-  vicky ward, who is a real investigative journalist not some unhinged person on tumblr, wrote a tell all about the kushners.  she uncovered gay rumors about josh’s father and josh’s brother but not josh.  she had actual sources and was legitimately digging up tons of dirt on these people and not a word about josh being gay or joshlie being fake.
-  yes karlie did convert to judaism.  it’s really offensive to suggest she didn’t.  of course she always could have done it for personal reasons but occam’s razor dictates she did it for josh i don’t know what else to tell you 🤷‍♀️
-  also just vibes.  karlie writes him love notes and leaves them with his breakfast.  they make playlists for one another.  if the kushners weren’t so heinous they’d be cute.
so in the joshlie is real world view i inhabit, i don’t stan kaylor the same way i do swiftgron because i don’t think kaylor was ever a committed monogamous relationship.  important and impactful on taylor’s life? absolutely.  inspired some amazing music? 100%. but was is true and tragic love that drives me insane and makes me feral?  no.  i don’t believe so.  is it still an interesting and iconic ship? yes!  but i don’t stan because it wasn’t like...true love or gay shit like that.
so let’s talk about karlie’s screwups that 1. assure me kaylor is not together and 2. make me have no desire to stan karlie/kaylor.
1.  after the kimye drama (something that deeply traumatized taylor we now know thanks to miss americana) karlie said she was sure kim was a lovely person 😭 now i know she walked it back and tweeted she and taylor had one another’s backs. i know karlie was just trying to be diplomatic.  but come on...if someone did what kim did to taylor to my lover or hell even just my friend i would say “fuck that clout chasing fame whore” bottom line.  c’mon guys.  have higher standards for your otp.
karlie also has vibed with kim on IG about her adidasas line.  recently!  yes i know she’s just promoting her brand but c’mon.  taylor still hates kim, their drama got rehashed in march 2020 and just 6 months later kim n karlie are bestie-ing around on ig.
2.  ALL the fucking masters drama and scooter fucking braun
-  not long at all after the masters heist karlie was palling around with scooter on a yacht like come on the only other thing taylor is equally as traumatized over as the kimye drama is the master’s heist.  why is karlie hanging out with him and partying with him at this time?
-  karlie liked a tweet completely incinerating taylor (in a gross and unfair/inaccurate way) regarding the masters heist.  she unliked it but still.  why was she even looking at that shit.
-  and yeah we gotta talk about perez.  so perez hilton (who is a scumbag and gross but sometimes does have legitimate tea) posted a video saying that karlie and taylor were no longer friends because karlie betrayed taylor to scooter.  now if that were all there was to it, it’d be dumb gossip.  but a taylor fan account posted the video to twitter ashley avignone and claire winter both liked the tweet.  ashley liked two tweets about it.  perez proceeded to tweet that since two of taylor’s oldest and truest friends liked the tweets it must mean he was correct and neither of the girls unliked the tweets.  ashley and claire are low key people, not celebs, not pawns in a “fued narrative”, just long time and loyal friends of taylor’s.  they liked the tweet, imo, because there’s some truth to it.
-  that brings me to spencer pratt.  spencer is a reality star and super swiftie/huge fan of taylor’s.  he despises karlie.  he’s tweeted negatively about her and he also had perez onto his podcast to talk about the drama between karlie and taylor.  taylor herself sent him a cardigan.  do you really think taylor is going to allow a cardigan to go out to the guy who’s dragging her girlfriend or bestie? i don’t think so.  receipts on perez and spencer here.
3.  karlie posted for hailey fucking beiber’s bday instead of taylor’s and hailey hates taylor 🤢🤢🤢
4.  karlie married into a fascist family that is associated with the trumps.  like how can you expect me to stan?  trump is a fucking criminal evil piece of shit.  i know karlie isn’t like him (probably) but it’s still awful.  kimby even goes around liking ivanka’s ig posts like give me a fucking break 😭.
in summation, you can disagree w me all you like, you can ship kaylor all you like, but if you’re of sound mind i don’t think you can look at the facts in this post and think i’m misguided for not being a kaylor/karlie stan.  and you can’t blame me for thinking if you spend a lot of time obsessing over that ship you may not really be that big a fan of taylor’s.  and if you’re spending a lot of time leading lgbt kids on to think they’re going to get a kaylor end game when all the objective facts of the case suggest that that’s never going to happen you might need to reevaluate but at the very least you certainly can’t press me for not doing all that.
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darriness · a year ago
Tumblr media
Under the cut is a master list of all my fics! 
Happy reading!
Verses are posted in the order I wrote them in. All fics are linked to AO3 (if I posted them there) and Tumblr. Tumblr links for chaptered fics are linked to the page where the first chapter is (then just work...forwards!)
Klaine Advent 2017 - AO3 Tumblr All 24 of my Klaine Advent stories for 2017. They are all in the same verse (which carries over into my Fic A Day piece). The title of each chapter is the word used for that day.
A Life In A Year - AO3 Tumblr I wrote 365 fics (one a day) based on a word that was randomly generated every day.
In The Still Of The Night - AO3 Tumblr Kurt can’t sleep.
LadyGang - AO3 Tumblr Blaine on the LadyGang!
Fic A Day - July 2019 Edition - AO3 Tumblr The return of Fic A Day...for a month!!
Klaine Advent 2019 - AO3 Tumblr** A series of 24 fics written in my Life In A Year (Fic A Day) verse and inspired by words from the Klaine Advent! The title of each chapter is the word for that day!
** I did two advents in 2019 and did not differentiate them in the tags on Tumblr (yay me?) so the link will bring you to both fics. For Life In A Year just don’t read the ones that say ‘Klaine Advent - Roadie Edition’ in the title :)
Apple Juice - Tumblr Perspective.
Social Distancing - Tumblr The Anderson-Hummel’s react to the pandemic.
Fic A Day - August 2020 Edition - AO3 Tumblr Fic A Day returns - hopefully - for a month!
Charged - AO3 Tumblr Kurt is feeling...erotically charged.
Klaine Advent 2020 - AO3 Tumblr A series of not chronological short fics based on a word provided every day until Christmas!
Apple Exercise - Tumblr Curiosities of the Apple Watch variety.
Roadie - AO3 Tumblr Blaine Anderson is the lead singer of one of the most popular bands in the United States. His life is chaotic but he loves it. One day, a new sound engineer joins the tour and turns Blaine's already chaotic life upside down.
Klaine Advent 2019 - Roadie Edition - A03 Tumblr** A series of 24 fics written in my Roadie verse and inspired by words from the Klaine Advent! The title of each chapter is the word for that day!
** I did two advents in 2019 and did not differentiate them in the tags on Tumblr (yay me?) so the link will bring you to both fics. The Roadie advent has ‘Roadie Edition’ in the title.
Evolved - AO3 Tumblr Kurt and Blaine have had to hide a huge part of themselves from the world their whole lives. They may find each other, but will the people hunting them find them as well?
Klaine Advent 2018 - AO3 Tumblr** A journey through the lives of two extraordinary boys. Written for the Klaine Advent 2018 and all written in my Evolved verse.
** I did two advents in 2018 and did not differentiate them in the tags on Tumblr (yay me?) so the link will bring you to both fics. You can just read all the ones titled ‘Klaine Advent 2018′ :)
Like You Wanna Be Loved - AO3 Tumblr A new boy moves in and catches Kurt's attention...but everything is not as it may seem.
Let It Be Me - AO3 Tumblr It's been three years since Blaine fell in love with Kurt, but between college, jobs, social lives, and parenting his twelve-year-old sister, can Blaine manage it all?
You’ll Always Be The Home - AO3 Tumblr Everything is finally settled in Kurt and Blaine's life...right?
Stand Alone Fics:
Of Carnivals and Coolness -  FF.net Cooper Anderson wants nothing less than to be forced into taking his baby brother to the most important social event in his young life. (Written in 2012)
To Take Care Of You - FF.net Something’s not right when Blaine enters Glee: Kurt is not next to him, tackle hugging him or playing on his phone. What could possibly be wrong? Blaine to the rescue! (Written in 2012)
I’ll Bring the Popcorn and Movie - FF.net It’s the only twenty minutes they get to spend together while they’re both conscious. Its domestic. It’s nice. It’s them. (Written in 2012)
The Story Behind Goomba - FF.net “Oh Finn my boy. Let me tell you a tale…” Cooper begins. A story about nicknames and brotherly embarrassment. (Written in 2012)
I’ll Make The Most Of The Minutes - Tumblr Kurt’s studying. He really really is.
Squirrel - Tumblr Blaine has some thoughts about a squirrel and adorableness ensues.
Moments Like This - Tumblr Kurt hates winter and is more than glad it’s over.
Hot August Nights - AO3 Tumblr A series of short fics based around the themes of nighttime, sexy times, and/or drunk times.
Quality Time (co-written with @spaceorphan18​) - AO3 Tumblr Kurt and Blaine try a little quality time activity together!
3 on 1- AO3 Tumblr What happens when triplets each find the potential love of their lives...in the same person?
Care- AO3 Tumblr Kurt and Blaine make sure to take care of each other.
Election Night- AO3 Tumblr Kurt and Blaine celebrate.
Season of Happiness - AO3 Tumblr A Christmas with the Anderson's - what could possible go wrong?
Perspective - Tumblr A little perspective is sometimes all you need.
Untitled Klaine Ficlet - Tumblr Blaine’s exhausted.
Quiet Moments - Tumblr Living for the quiet moments.
That Dork - Tumblr A night out.
Nekked - Tumblr A night of nakedness.
‘Blaine’ - Tumblr A case of mistaken identity.
Paris - Tumblr A ‘trip to Paris’
Slower - Tumblr Kurt needs Blaine to move slower
RPF (and RPF-ish):
Balmain (Miarren) - Tumblr Inspired by this photo
Playing With Lightning (Barry Allen/Miarren) - Tumblr Darren notices something interesting in his coworker
Follow this link to all the fics I’ve written based on prompts by lovely people in my ask box! 
If you are unaware, I sometimes ask for prompts but I am ALWAYS open to prompts at any time. Just know that if I’m not specifically asking for them I can’t guarantee I’ll write them with haste or at all.
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nobody is reading these, why do i post? idk: netflix shadow and bone s1 e4 rewatch reaction? thoughts? idk (spoilers)
First of all, is it called otkazat'sya because Mal-based episode? because that's amazing okay mal's scar mirroring Alina's scar, fucking amazing (we love good retcons) Mikhail and Dubrov being deserving of all of my love what is that fucking drawing? so show Alina has been dreaming of the stag all her life? interesting Mal raising his scarred hand Alina rising up from her bed like a fucking Disney Princess, god I love her Love the genyalina dynamic so much okay I'm not going to talk about how much I hate the choice of giving away the Darkling's name because if I start I may never stop I love my crows so much Freddy sir what is your hair doing and why is it so sexy THE WAY KAZ'S SMIRK LED INTO JESPER SAYING YES TIME FOR A HEIST AND INEJ IMMEDIATELY SMILING GOD I LOVE THEM The only hint at Jesper's bi-ness is him saying lovely barmaid (and also him being him but we don't talk about that) during his adieu to Milo also why is he so adorable Every time Alina smiles, my heart goes thump thump thump I hate it when I know when you're lying to her, alek 'you can say it' I kind of earned the name but babe you ARE a 'reminder of the problem' NO DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT DUMB FUCKING LINE YOU USE WITH EVERYONE you broke my fucking heart you don't get to do this to me Mikhail and Dubrov being Mal's true besties having my whole heart, I hate what's gonna happen Baghra training montage is gorgeous but I must admit I hoped for more IVANOVSKY THE SCULPTOR I FUCKING CAN'T IM WHEEZING i love the small hint of the bell ringing when the man goes inside to get the blueprints because they use it later to get Inej out I love Jesper's sway as he walks, it's so cool I love them incorporating Inej's wraith-ness I know this smol heist was fanservice but I love them for it I love small flashes of the Darkling being stern with his soldiers Arken you little bitch I love your sneaky bitch energy omg the magical deer scat lmao 'Did you- did you pick up the stag shit, Dubrov?' girl, bye I'm losing my mind omg Helnik time I know people have talked about this but Nina eating the bread out of Matthias' hand is kind of um hot? kanej being the irritated foster parents of Jsper Llewellyn Fahey, I love them so much Jesper's side eye to Inej as soon as Arken says 'in desperate need of someone with the skills to replace their star performer'? Everything. Goodness I love Freddy's scowls THE KANEJ TENSION WHILE INEJ REMOVES HER KNIVES AND HANDS THEM TO KAZ and again, Tumblr has talked of this already but Kaz's murder eyes at the men while Inej gives her audition thingy ALSO ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR AMITA SUMAN'S WORKOUT REGIMEN I half thought Kaz will launch into some illusion or sleight of hand stuff because he loved that shit so much but I have decided I love the becoming one of the oprichniki too Show Baghra being the biggest anti of them all is the best thing okay young Malina are so fucking cute omg Baghra that's harsh Have I talked about how beautiful the score is yet how is Jessie so beautiful It's time for the you are not alone reprise scene omg he's just standing there with his forearms why are they so soft around each other IF THEY ARE TOXIC AND NOT ENDGAME YEAH IT WAS PERFECT THE ACTING'S ON POINT, THE EFFECTS ARE ON POINT, EVERYTHING IS GORGEOUS I love that it reflects on her face how she's fighting against herself as he's holding her face and she says I should go No don't show me Mal and the lads and make me grow more attached to them only to kill them off THE SCORE IS SO FUCKING GOOD Okay I know I've said it before but I'm in love with Alina "Truth is, when you lit up Kirigan's tent, there was a sound. A high tone. I knew it was you. When we were kids, you'd hold my hand and sometimes I'd hear it in the back of my head. ... Then I hear that sound again. Softly. Calling to me." OKAY THAT'S SOME GOOD FORESHADOWING Me knowing what's about to happen doesn't make me any less sad Okay Mal hitting the quartermaster on the head made me smile Alina tearing up as she looks away from Genya healing her scar to the black kefta? Immaculate. The
next episode is going to break my fucking heart into wee little pieces all over again
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simplygrimly · a year ago
Hey it’s Slaintetowhump/ Avery here!
Just a little update for those of you who have been asking or have been interested in what happened in the past few days. I know some questions were directed at others but Grim has been kind enough to let me post this from her account.
First off yes I have removed my blog and content from tumblr for the moment. This might be permanent but as of right now I have not made a decision about whether or not I will be able to make a return to writing here or on any other platforms.
My reasoning for this encompasses a couple of things. I have personally not been enjoying the direction some blogs on whumpblr have chosen to take. I do not think content creators on here need to be some beacon of perfected morality or babysitters or flawless robots who only post something that meets everyone’s comfort levels and preferences. Tumblr was not my job but it was starting to feel like it with how much time it sucked out of my life being faced with the barrage of opinions about what was and wasn’t okay. I am so sick of seeing you can enjoy this thing *but* you gotta show me your trauma card so i can make sure it’s good and pure violence without a hint of sexiness and its only for recovery purposes.
Pardon my french, but fuck that.
What you write and why you write it isn’t people’s business, yeah maybe you are processing your past or current things in your life or maybe you just think a whumpee bloody and on their knees is a cool, hot, fun or whatever idea and thats okay to. You don’t need a grand excuse for liking what you like and it does not determine what kind of person you are. A random internet stranger is not Osiris weighing your heart up against the feather of truth, no one can determine what is right for you except you. I think this parade of faux hand wringing and moral grandstanding is bordering on censorship from some people and uh we know how censorship works out right?

Second, someone asked me if I was sad about the blog and I guess this is my little space to have a nostalgia ramble. I had my writing blog for just under a year, I cannot honestly believe we reached over a thousand followers which seemed like a crazy milestone and even surpassed my main blog! To everyone who was part of that journey and supported me you mean the world to me. It sure has been a hell of a ride bringing to life all of the things that lived in my head, I appreciate y’all for loving my characters and giving me a wonderfully creative space.
Thirdly it has recently been brought to my attention that some folks were none to pleased at how I dealt with the blog spiffythespook so I feel I should say something on that matter as well just to clear everything up. (If y’all have anything to say about that situation speak now or forever hold your peace because as far as I knew until recently that situation was finished but I have been forced to rethink that as some people have been sitting with these thoughts for a while.)
It has been said to me that I was too harsh in how I dealt with spiffy because I messaged her and said that if she did not leave the platform then I would reveal something that was said in a server relating to p//dophilia. Honestly I can’t say I regret doing that or what I said, I went to Spiffy privately and she chose to share those DMs and then decided it was better to leave the platform than have me share that particular piece of information, (other blogs belonging to spiffy were subsequently deleted after fcap chose to name her and I was doing my best not to name her). I wasn't alone in expressing to Spiffy that she was not welcome, however I have been the one with the most detailed posts that have been shared in wide circles in the community and I knew that the threat of adding more information would have that same reach.
I cannot in good faith or in all honesty say that I regret the things I did or that I believe they were wrong because I don’t believe hateful bigots need a space in these kind of communities and I think there is a level of moral duty to do no harm and in this case that included not standing by while Spiffy continued to spread hate in spaces both on and off of tumblr. I do not think the people who came to me hurt by her deserved to be ignored when I had the kind of platform that made it possible. If people chose to believe I was wrong fighting that the way I did then that is something I have to live with but when you allow bigots to remain in a space then you make that space unsafe for every single marginalized person that is targeted by that kind of hate. I spoke up in the hopes that when I need it someone will speak up for me.
In short it’s been real y’all. I don’t know if this is a break or a leaving party but I need time to process and to heal my heart for the wringer its been put through over the last month and a bit, if anyone needs to reach me they can contact me through this account or you can reach out on discord (I may not reply super quick as I’ve had to taken on more of a role taking care of a sick family member but I will get back to you when I can). I sincerely appreciate everyone who has reached out to me recently, it has made a massive difference to how my mind has been and I cannot thank everyone enough for that. Even off of whumpblr my little whumpblr family were looking out for me and that means the world to me. So goodbye for now tumblr, maybe see you on the other side.
Avery <3
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god-of-entropy · 10 months ago
sorry this is my first time doing a req, but since you like iida tenya, i was wondering if you had any knight iida tenya headcanons?
So I was re-enacting a bakuiida hurt/comfort scenario I made up for exactly 2 hours since I started during 10:00 pm and it is 12:00 AM
gist of it: bakugou’s inferiority complex acts up and so he doesn’t take care of himself bc he’s too busy training and iida tells him how much he (Katsuki) means to him, (Tenya) and that there aren’t enough numbers that exist that could tell him (Katsuki) how much he (Katsuki) meant to Tenya
and then I remembered my tumblr account and one of the asks I got was “do some knight Iida Tenya headcanons this is my first time doing a req” and I was like oh wow I am v blessed that I am the person who took anon’s req virginity so here we are
CW: few times of cursing, mention of me talking about a car kink
Knight Iida Tenya Headcanons
Part of the King’s guard no I do not. Take criticism
If he isn’t he’s most likely in a very high position of knight rankings in the fantasy AU
His chivalrous spirit could rival canon Kirishima’s
But since Kiri’s a dragon hybrid here,,well
Did I mention
Like. Bumping his head on every single fucking doorway kind of tall
He is a staggering 6”6
anyways so like bc he’s so tall he learned the very hard way (literally) that you should not wear a metal cone hat while sliding down ladders
Was this inspired by that one (1) video on YouTube where this guy’s character slid down a really long ladder wearing a golden metal cone hat
I will not agree nor will I deny this accusation
So bc he’s so tall he grudgingly cannot wear a fancy Iida helmet from the prestigious and noble Iida family line
ofc his brother was a knight before him, it’s so obvious
(Speaking about Tensei, his brother wore it anyways even though his brother is taller than him because he was always on horseback anyways, but having to patrol the streets of the kingdom on a daily basis trailing after the King or Prince or whatever he can’t let a helmet hinder him from going after people
Anyways so like because he is So Tall people often make jokes about his height and how rectangular his body was
So poor bby got insecure about his height and prefers not to talk about it, stays silent when someone thinks he can’t hear them whispering and making jokes about his bulky stature
speaking about bulky things his canon costume is lightweight in design because if speed and leg strength makes up 100% of your quirk you can’t have stupid accessories and additional weight.
But of course since what he’s going for (the Ingenium title) is pretty much set in stone, there’s a heavy emphasis in visuals (in canon) so like 90% of his fucking costume is for Decor
And I hate him for that
Even if you were put the pressure on yourself to become like your brother, don’t feel burdened to make sure your hero career is 100% like his
OK I kind of swerved away from topic but since we’re talking about hero costumes and knight armor
Since this is fantasy and most fantasy-ish things are set in a European medieval style because of fucking Hollywood and not in a more traditional Japanese style since apparently fire spitting dragons are cooler than Kitsunes with ten tails, power over nature elements and are literally considered deities—
Knight armor is made of metal, right?
So in that case..his armor would really weigh him down.
But because this is FANTASY and science and physics can go fuck themselves here,
It’s possible that there’s a chance magic could make his armor more lightweight, like Uraraka’s quirk
but like there’s a chance that his armor is ALREADY lightweight because again, canon Tenya really went after the design of his brother’s costume
And his brother’s costume was inspired by his parent’s and grandfather’s own costumes, which kinda looked the same since it had the white modern accents and holes in the helmets kinda aesthetic
And his brother did copy whatever his parents and ancestors’s armor was or whatever
And they’re noble, right—so they’re rich. Because magic exists, plenty of wizards mages and other magic people for hire also exist
Enchanted lightweight metal armor
there’s a reason why you shouldn’t trust knights in shining armor and that’s because if their chest plate is too pristine, that means they’ve never went to battle
Here’s a rule for all you y/ns: don’t trust a knight in shining armor if it’s not enchanted
what I’m saying is if you wanna date Iida, the knight in shining AND enchanted armor, go for it bestie TT
Also His Boots
Assuming he doesn’t have his sexy engines on his calves in this AU
(Or perhaps the sleek, modern looking engines are replaced with steampunk ones O.O)
Because holy shit that’s such a cool fucking concept??
Oh you bet your y/n messy buns that steampunk iida hcs are next
so since fantasy usually goes with at least one (1) “primitive” tribe with their own kind of technology centered around weapons and battle
And that one (1) “”tribe”” that’s an entire fucking kingdom/city like the Carja in the game Horizon Zero Dawn
Speaking of Horizon Zero Dawn, the “primitive” tribe with their own kind of technology centered around battle and more battle are the Banuk
They’re hardcore fam
They give me Bakugou Katsuki vibes because those people would literally rather die than say a challenge is too big to overcome
again going back to the topic: Steampunk
In “”fantasy”” medieval AUS there’s always that one steampunk inventor that’s a Mei Hatsume ripoff (Tangled The Series I’m looking at you)
And of course the Support Students need their time to shine too, so like — Steampunk City let’s gooo
(The closest Horizon Zero Dawn’s “tribe” got to steampunk is whatever the hell the Oseram are doing.)
So now Tenya has sexy, sexy steampunk mufflers that are very well taken care of
god I’m so sorry but me talking about mufflers like they’re a full course meal is reminding me of the time where I joked to my friends that I had a car kink
and not that I had a kink to have sex inside the car, but to be fucked BY the car itself
like your ass being just wrecked by a fucking shalon poofa
if you get that joke get off this site
one of my messages was very specific
It read:
“I eagerly lick car-senpai’s oil of his exhaust pipe”
And Yeah
unsanitary and a health hazard
While discussing about simpable men one of my friends were like
my man has a CAR your man, Tenya Iida, doesn’t
And I just stared at her
Because bitch MY MAN IS THE CAR
anyways if you actually read this may god have mercy on you
Because I make the rules
Wouldn’t they be a hindrance to him bc of his metal boots?
So Let Me Tell You A Story
you know the Ingenifoot (the boots in canon Iida’s costume)
It’s special since it has holes punched into it for the mufflers to retract out of
Who says Ingenifoot can’t be steampunk as well?
But it can’t be steampunk bc this is a Knight Iida hcs and not Inventor Steampunk Iida Hcs
So it’s plain boring white carved steel or smth with a small section where a part of the boot flexes for the mufflers to stick out
Speaking of carved steel, Knight Iida’s armor def has intricate details and shite on it
Maybe even his family crest
OK so it is 12:45 AM rn I am gonna sleep
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glamourizedcocaine · a year ago
I'm a fucking wreck rn I haven't been sleeping for a week and I'm getting some rest from the bullshit factory that is my brain only now, but I just wanted to say that last year for me has been saved by tumblr and all the friends I made along the way.
Before you go below the cut, a special thanks goes to the Bee Movie Anon, who, rightfully, I can't tag so I have to say it here in the hope that they'll see it. Your hunger for chaos made me feel a lot of emotions, and I'd have never in any time or space thought that the Bee Movie would be such a prominent part of my life as it is now thanks (read it with a note of sarcasm) to you. Thank you for providing us an infinite amount of both entertainment and suffering, hell, some of the friends I made were because of YOU. I'm still not sure what was your drive to go and start this absurd crusade for the bee movie in the 80s metal fandom, but I don't know, I don't think bee so, I'm not gonna question your ways.
@arnold-layne being the first in line, you kept me sane somehow in the first phases of quarantine and dedicated a lot your time to talk with me and helped me enormously with creativity. If it wasn't for you, that Cyberpunk Comic That Is Kinda Inspired By The Crüe and Shout At The Devil would've been already down the drain. I would've given up probably, because I didn't know how to exted the concept and have an actual plot. A dream that I've been having for literal years wouldn't even have such cool characters with a rich storyline if it wasn't for you. I know I kinda left it after a month or so of intense brainstorming with you, I was literally drained at that point both physically and mentally, but oh boy I haven't forgot about the characters that WE created. How could I after all? Russ being the wreck of a tormented junkie protagonist that he is, Dylan the happy-go-lucky fuck up that seems to do nothing right but with the best intentions, Frankie the runaway sassy and wary androgynous teenager whose gender is a mystery even to themselves, and the epitome of the found family trope, ex gov agent part Japanese, part Russian, part cyborg Vik, whose story isn't still clear yet but we'll give him a very good one, eventually.
You gave me the curiosity to read fanfiction again after literally NINE YEARS of being distant from that part of the fandom and honestly I don't regret it one bit. In fact, I discovered literally my favorite writer in fanfiction. That is you, Arnold. I don't care how frequently you write, I don't care if sometimes you can't do your best. I'll always be there waiting for the next chapter and I'll always think that your art is sublime. I'll have to admit, I don't read your works as often as I should. But it's because I love them so much that I want to always save for later. It's like a drug, or a delicious cake that you want it to last as long as possible so you can enjoy it for much longer (I should be reading your fic more often either way tho like, at least so I can make more art for it. I'll make sure to change that this year and give you the recognition you deserve 🖤).
Everytime I make art, everytime I make a post, I always wait for your name to pop in my notifs. And fuck if I'm happy when I see it, and I rush to read your tags and it always makes my day. Like seriously, you mean so much to me and I admire how you can still be any amount of sane with all you're going through. You're strong as hell, keep going. 🖤
@i-dont-like-rice dude, how can I explain it. You're my best bud here. You're my chaotic sibling from another mother. The other braindead I share the single braincell I have with. The Nikki to my Tommy. Or the Tommy to my Nikki, I'm still not sure which of us is which (I guess I'm Nikki and you're Tommy? lmao it's ironic how even them are an italian and a balkanian) but you get the point. Every interaction we have, I laugh my ass off till my whole body hurts every time. I think I worried my mother and annoyed my sister at least a couple times for bursting out laughing for five minutes straight out of the blue, especially if it was late at night, and all the times, I swear it was because of you. You are as chaotic as you are kind, and it's always so disarming to see you worry or take care of others when you are definitely in a worse situation. Please, be more selfish, goddammit. For your own sake. And be more confident of your art. Draw shit and post it. Who cares if it's not perfect and you hate it and you don't want anybody to see it, it's tumblr, nobody will ever reblog it or give you the well deserved recognition anyway! So it's worth a try isn't it?
@no-stone-no-bone seriously, I'm so glad I met you. You're like the third element of chaos that holds me and Andi together. All three of us are literally unstoppable. You're extremely sweet too and I wish you the best, and DON'T HIDE SHIT IN THE TAGS GODDAMMIT 😂
@white-lightning-625 @viiinceneil I know we really haven't talked much, and we met through unfortunate times, but I'm so glad that something good came out of the chaos and drama, which is being able to talk to you and getting to know you both better. And the fics. My god, the fics. Frankie, I already told you this but MY GOD. I still find it incredible that I've read a fic about a band I didn't even know what they looked or sounded like and I was HOOKED from start to finish. And Katie, I should definitely read more of your works because I love what you've got going on. You're both very sweet and talented with a very distinct, beautiful way of writing and I can't wait to sink my teeth into the pulp of your work, because I know that by now I only scratched the surface.
@awrestlinggirlwholoves80sbands Bruh, conoscere una fan su tumblr the parla la MIA STESSA LINGUA (e che ha pure il mio stesso vero nome lmao cosa sta succedendo)??? Che concetto innovativo!!! Le nostre conversazioni sono sempre disgiunte, ma non importa, adoro ogni nostra interazione. Sei seriamente una delle persone più dolci e gentili che abbia mai conosciuto. La tua creatività stimola sempre la mia. Le tue moodboard sono sempre 👌👌👌 e ogni volta trovo sempre qualcosa che sì, ci avevo pensato, ma mai nel modo in cui lo poni tu, e di solito sono una persona che resta vicina alle proprie idee, ma tu riesci a farmi alterare prospettiva, e trovo questo meccanismo mentale molto affascinante. Ti ricordi lo swapped instruments AU, con Tommy come cantante, no? Giuro che è un concetto a cui penso ancora dopo mesi. Spero di avere la capacità mentale per tradurre quell'idea in arte il prima possibile, perché cazzo, lo adoro troppo
@tattooed-lies thank you for providing the fandom the best gifs in the fucking platform and thank you for giving us the vinikki content that everyone, even if they're not aware, deserves and needs. Thank you for being the only Vince stan that I know. Thank you for being the sweetest person alive 💖
@nbtommylee honestly, I wish I was cool like you. Your sense of humor is impeccable, much like your critical thinking. I have never read something from you that wasn't a valid point. You don't talk shit and that's extremely sexy of you, y'know? And having a "gender dysphoria buddy" to be jealous of our Rockstar Gender Of Choice with is always fun to have, so that's definitely a plus. Can't wait to see (and read!) more of your art, I just love your style so much and you deserve to be Known
@metalmelkor @emometalhead @polka-dot-duff I'm always so happy to see you in my notifs and y'all are oh so very sweet and cool, we haven't talked much but I love every interaction we have, sorry for having the social skills of a stale piece of white bread 🖤
A special thanks goes to @awesomgrlgr8job bc you're literally one of my very first mutuals since I made the decision to make this dumpster fire of a blog and holy shit it's crazy to think about that. I don't even know if we ever interacted that much but it's always such a joy to see you around, ily and I hope you're doing well and thanks for putting up with my clownery for so long 💖
Like seriously, thank you all. I don't even know where I would be without you. Here's to another year of chaos, but only of the good kind 💖
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volleydorkscentral · 7 months ago
Okay I finally checked out your fics please don't judge me on how long it took me but I'm so impressed, multiple chapter fics, like the space pirates one with 18 chapter and 92k???? I'm so amazed like yes Queen/King/ Your Royal Highness like omg there are no words I'm simply baffled
Do you mind if I ask how do you stay motivated to write various chapter fics, it's something I have trouble with and would love to know how you do it cause I'm extremely impressed 😳😳💕💕
(btw if you don't want to answer it's totally cool)
Anyways may i bless you with lots of motivation and love to continue writing cause you deserve it so much!! also please take breaks from time to time🥺🥺💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
(Oh no when did you ask this it's been forever since i checked tumblr im so sorry if this took, like, way too long)
As far as staying motivated? Honestly, sometimes it's a struggle. It helps me to write a story I'm excited about. Write what I want to read, y'know? For me, I have to love my characters and be motivated in their change in order to keep writing. Idk if that makes sense? But, usually, when I'm writing I have a clear opening, a clear ending, and a muddy middle with various scenes that I want to fit in because they're cute/funny/sexy/angsty/etc. Then I can put things in order or start building the puzzle of my story from there, piece by piece.
So I try to plot! Some people hate it, some people love it, some can't write with or without it. Everyone is different. Find what works for you. I like bulleted lists. I write out what each character starts out with, what they want, and how they will change throughout the story and if they do or do not get what they want. Then every day when I sit down to write (well, when I'm in a good brain space) I know "I want to get this scene done today." Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.
Don't beat yourself up if you don't get your writing goals done for the day, either.
Also-- I've realized that I like to finish my fics before I post them. I worked on my sci-fi story for almost two years before I was okay with the idea that the PLOT was done, even though it still needed several rounds of edits. But it helped me because I didn't stress about time-frame or deadlines like I did with JaT or MfL (chef/dance au respectively). The days that I didn't feel like writing? I didn't write. Plain and simple. The habit is important, but so is your mental health.
Find friends that you trust to help you. I have two or three that I know I can show snippets or chapters to and get their thoughts and help; and sometimes their excitement will get ME excited. My friend/editor for JaT (my chef!au fic) was the sole reason I finished it because they would go "okay what happens NEXT" any time I finished a scene.
Just try to find the thing you love about your story. Write because you want to, not because you feel like you need/have to. Write because it makes you happy, even if actually DOING it can be frustrating sometimes. <3 I hope that helps. Good luck, friend!
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ruby-whistler · a year ago
Hi- can i share an interesting post i found about c!niki? -curious anon
hey! hi hello! you've sent a lot of asks lately, so i told myself i'd answer them all in one big bunch. sorry for not answering earlier, it's exam week and i have a lot to do!
/dsmp /rp for a lot of this
if interesting as in analysis, sure! if interesting as in c!niki slander, no thanks. her feelings are so valid and as someone who is openly c!wil critical i agree with a lot of the stuff she said - if it was someone with a similar opinion to this, i've probably already seen it, but feel free to send anyways :]
the only thing i disagree with is people saying she should beat c!wil up, but after being made severely uncomfortable over the past few months with the "c!dream should be killed / beaten up by so-and-so" posts i am just so full of spite i really couldn't care that much, hope you don't mind that.
Thinking about. A c!quackity design. Since one of his canon lives was lost in the firework execution, does he have scars as well? Does he have nervous habits and paranoia left over from his relationship with c!schlatt? With his newest lore stream it's heavily implied he has duck wings. There could be a variety of reasons he can't fly including but one of the big ones i thought of was that he has lost depth perception with his eye, he's canonically blind in it after all. Hmmm thoughts
Ruby. Ruby i have a hot take about a type of abliesm i rarely see discussed. It's about ghostbur and ranboo ruby. Do you wanna hear it?
c!q is such an interesting character - those are cool headcanons! i've kind of been thinking about how a lot of your asks you send here could actually be pretty good posts on their own; why don't you make a tumblr account for that and make these into posts? they could find a bigger audience, and i'd deffo follow you! :D
Ok so dude. Yknow how c!tommy has been around a ton of expolsions? Hearing loss or impairment for sure. Speaking from a bit of experience from temporary hearing loss it really sucks. You never really notice how much noise air and other very small things fill up your ears until its gone.
Also, instead of c!wilbur's pogtopia jacket c!tommy had his original lmanburg jacket in exile because its from the time when he was happiest. Sewing/tailor c!tommy is heavily implied canon with his fixing His shirt after exile and his comment about sewing being a dangerous sport if done too quickly so that's really :]].
Happy brain juice. Also dying the white part of his hair blue with ghostbur's blue! Cute and angsty. His scars? I personally think he was hit in the head during the duel so he hides the scar under his hair nowadays.
because c!tommy's one of the founders of church prime religious c!tommy could be :0 especially for ideas based on burials and such because he's like the pope.
Plus i am a believer in clone c!tommy because it would clear up a bunch of his past like ghostbur said wilbur named tommy but it would explain the lack of knowledge we have on c!tommy's past plus it makes it really easy for hybrid headcanons! Personally im a human c!tommy enjoyer tho. That's all the headcanons for now i think
yo, these are all really cool!! these are great design ideas! i've heard about tailor tommy before - that could also tie in with the orphan/abandoned thoery, couldn't it? maybe that's how he made enough money to survive on the streets!
h thinking about c!tubbo. How at the communtity house when c!dream was yelling horrible things at him no one said anything except c!techno agreeing with him and how c!tubbo just stood there quietly agreeing and how there's a dead man's switch on the nukes and how c!tubbo was so willing to die in the disc finale and aaaaaaa :(
that conversation was probably when i hated c!dream the most, ever. it was back when i wasn't a drepologist but man does that scene still rile me up. i can excuse manipulating c!tommy but i draw the line at yelling at c!tubbo /J /J /JJ/J/ J/ /J/ J
if i had time to watch back his streams i'd probably be a full-on apologist because like. kid. *shakes him* kid get help-
Sighs sadly. I may know exactly what one of your anons was referring to or rather a post that went along the lines of "child abusers being tortured is sexy". This is one of those crusty people with a vendetta against karl, both cc and c. Like they call c!karl canonically misogynsitc and im sat here like *lmao emoji from discord* ???
NO BUT I KNOW - stuff like that is so ridiculous to see, and then i remember this is the internet where people come to have opinions and i block them fdkhkdh
Hey ruby :D i have question. When did u start watching dsmp? I started right when lmanburg was founded so like. *curious anon like a year ago now, completely clueless* oh look funny british men are singing songs from something called hamilton? *curious anon now* i go through the 5 stages of grief everyday thinking about c!tommy (/j) and debate ethics using paragraphs upon paragraphs of data gathered, while trying to elimate bias
i started watching during the l'manberg revolution! i didn't have much interest in streams because of a short attention span (i knew the dream team server was a thing though) but then i went, wait, this tall british man with very nice hair and the obnoxious kid i saw a video of like a month ago and found him incredibly annoying are starting a war with dream? oh they're gonna lose-
and then i watched a recap, and now like a year later the person who made the recap and me are co-writers of his channel and i'm making essays on the morality of dream's character on tumblr.com. i don't know what my life is anymore and i'm too afraid to ask fdkh-
also yeah i didn't know what hamilton was either and then i immediately proceeded to watch it and get obsessed with it
we all just kind of ended up here, and you know what, i think that's pretty cool. :)
Hey this is off-topic but. There's this youtuber i really love and appreciate called smallant ive been watching since he was fairly small and he does really cool challenge content including getting the pencil sharpening world record, one of the spearheading super mario odyessy speedrunners for a 20 minute until he had to stop gaming due to the fact he like injured his hand and he has such good vibes overall. He streams all of it too! And posts vids to yt. 10/10 comfort yter
ayo that's so cool!! my comfort ccs before dream started posting videos and i subbed to him were probably markiplier and the fifty writing advice channels i was subscribed to. my comment got a heart from the yter herself, who is an author!! best day of my life skdf
For a bit of extra parasocial in the askbox did you hear cc!tommy is going to start streaming from an office now? End of an era
yo???? i am so behind on literally everything because of school (yet to watch most of the vlogs) but that's very cool!!
I've been saving up posts to send for your opinion on them :3 if u want me to send them obviously if not that is ok also
idk!! outright character hate/crit makes me sort of anxious, but if they're analysis posts, i guess?? i just don't wanna start drama and there's a reason why i blacklist certain tags - but uh, if you wanna know my opinion on just some analysis, sure thing! i can choose which ones to respond to anyways.
Purpled lore real!! He is live rn just started
yeah i saw!! dude's popping off!!!
Also if u like i fanfics i know a really cool one with a sympathic dream pov :0 -curious anon (it's called pandora's box and it's by rabbitsintheclouds!) Reminder to check the tags but i think you would like it
hey, i'll keep in mind!! i have like 200 fics on my read later rn but after i get through them during summer i'll come back to this :]
have a nice day!
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exciting · a year ago
As requested, books / series I read in 2020 in the order I read them, with a few brief thoughts. (This took me a hot second because there are a few and also I moved cities) Should I keep a consistent goodreads? Yes I should but I didn’t think of that at the time, so bone apple teeth & sorry if I offend you abt your faves x
P.S. I can’t figure out how to do a read more on mobile so long post ahead!
A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas - This is one of the most vivid published fantasy books I have ever read... I read it twice in rapid succession. The fandom POPS off. I must say I have issues with certain aspects e.g. fae lore completely ignored à la Twilight, all love interests 500+ years old and technically a different species, etc (I’m not going to deconstruct the entire series here but just know that I could... Nesta deserves better)
Cruel Prince by Holly Black - This fucking slaps, HB clearly has done her research, the lore is near immaculate, and it explores the Fae in such a unique way, tying it to the modern world subtly and seamlessly. My only qualm was that the books felt quite short; truly wish there had been more content.
Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas (6/7) - So basically I read this in one single, hyperfixated fit which meant I literally locked myself in my room for three days straight and read all six books back to back in a row from morning to the wee hours. Which is not to say it was spectacular; although it was a VERY rich world, sometimes it was too much... this felt like 6 stories in one. Ik she was young when she wrote this but it is my humble opinion that SJM needs a better editor & I personally think Rowan is a grade A asshole / straight up abusive (& personally think the ACOTAR Tamlin plot was born from that?). It’s good but not as good as ACOTAR. Skip-read the last book. 
Grishaverse (Shadow and Bone) by Leigh Bardugo (3) - This is essential to read before SOC but was very much simply a YA fantasy book, although the world was cool and the way the love plot played out was, imo, a subtle middle finger to the fantasy trope. Felt very much aimed at younger readers though? Really liked the sandwhich structure of the Proluge and Epilogue, especially in #2
Six of Crows series by Leigh Bardugo (2) - INCREDIBLE continuation of Grishaverse, better than the original series by a mile. It has the range, the diversity, the representation (the male lead is a disabled asexual and still the most cunning of the entire cast of characters), the plot is phenomenal, and it manages such a well rounded plot in only two books which means nothing is stretched out or squeezed in more than need be. Deserves all the praise it gets.
King of Scars series by Leigh Bardugo (0.5/1) - Personally I don’t consider this book canon, and while it’s nice to see the rest of Nina’s journey & the world again & everyone else, I don't like it. I will, however, be reading book 2 when it comes out, so shame on me, I suppose.
Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo (1/1) - this was incredibly cool although it went off in a completely different direction than I thought it would based off the first few chapters? One of my favourite YA-author-debuts-New-Adult novels in 2020 though!
Crescent City by Sarah J Maas (1/1) - This was supposed to be SJM/s New Adult debut, although personally I would put her other series in New Adult, and I can’t say a remarkable amount was different with this except they said “fuck” and “ass” a lot. WHY is the romantic interest 500 years old AGAIN. I just... don’t... I just don’t think it was necessary... the world was cool though, and the last half of the book was riveting, but the beginning was quite slow and I thought the sword thing was predictable. I am interested to see where this goes though.
A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab (3) - This world is so fucking cool... four Londons aka parallel universes & the one in ‘our’ world is set in industrial era London. Magic, girls dressing up as boys, thieves, pirates, royalty... it all just slaps. Schwab is an incredible writer & I was completely immersed.
Midnight Sun by SMeyer - I didn’t think anything could possibly detract even further from the Twilight story but I was sorely mistaken... seeing the stalking from Edward’s POV - and it was worse than depicted in Twilight, for the record - completely obliterated any sort of romance the first half of the original book may have portrayed. I still hold the opinion that the entire series would have been better if some kind of vampire lore had been abided by, if only to see all of the villains thwarted by someone dropping a bag of rice on the ground, forcing them to have to count them all.
An ember in the Ash by Sabaa Tahir  (3/4) - This was just a very stereotypical ya fantasy series, emphasis on the YOUNG... it wasn’t anything to write home about but I remember quite enjoying it at the time. 
The Power by Naomi Alderman - This book is FUCKING incredible and EXCEPTIONALLY thought provoking... essentially women alone develop a power of electric shock etc. and then take over the world from men, and it explores feminism and the balance between equality & tipping the scales in the other direction. Written by a friend of M.Atwood in a similar tone to handmaids tale, I would say? Content warning; there are some exceptionally graphic scenes in the latter half of the novel. 
Hamlet by Wllm Shksp - I can’t believe it took me this long to finally read it but Ophelia is my favourite name in the entire world & we love to see a woman go batshit (although she didn’t deserve that). 
Catherine House by Elisabeth Thomas - this was unsettling in the best sense of the word... it was a little slow & honestly more of a concept than a big reveal, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it after I finished it? A Secret History vibes but make it blurry like the memory of all those dystopian novels you read when you were young?
The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue by V.E. Schwab - This is without a doubt my book of the year, and probably the best book I read in 2020? I stayed up all night on a friend’s couch reading it, got a book hangover and reread the ending, and then thrust it upon my mother who doesn’t usually read but read this, and loved it just as much. HIGHLY recommend and you HAVE to read it, it’s beautiful and endearing and just plain wonderful.
Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat (3/3) - I went into this knowing it was going to be terrible, because I had received a blow by blow telling me as much; although I must say that it did learn a remarkable amount of new words, the books did get better as the series went on, and it did have a rather charming ending? BIG content warning for almost everything.
Sapiens by Yuval Harari - mind-expanding & must recommend for everyone, there is everything in this and I daresay everyone should posses this kind of knowledge? I listened to it as an audiobook (which I recommend because it’s rather hearty) but will be buying this in hardcopy & rereading it with annotations. 
Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller - Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful novels I have ever read, and certainly the most beautiful portrayal of the story of Achilles and the battle of Troy I have ever seen. Patroclus deserved the justice that was given to him in this book; indeed, all of the characters were written with justice and grace. Highly recommend.
Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan (3/5) - Apollo is my favourite Greek God, and the sexiest greek god, and Rick Riordan’s writing slaps, as always. It did pain me to see Apollo, the sexy immortal, have to be forced back into a 16 year old’s body but everything else? Whimsical & wonderful, as expected. 
These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong - a retelling of Romeo and Juliette, except it’s set in Shanghai in the 1920′s, and the protagonists already have a history. Very well done, characters are incredibly diverse in race, sexual orientation, gender, and ability / disability (and honestly, representation has never appeared so effortless and elegant). Also it includes a monster and possible magic. Incredibly underrated and highly recommend.
The Once and Future Witches by Alix. E Harrow - this was such a unique concept, and truly captivating, the story was charming, and felt like the kind of beautiful fairytale you would read as children but with more grit? ABSOLUTELY recommend this one
The Pisces by Melissa Broder - I hated this so much, not my vibe at all. Mermaid smut x therapy but make it cynical and judgemental (I know there was a moral in there but that’s not my point) also the dog dies.
Library of the Unwritten by A.J. Hackwith (1/2) - really interesting & unique concept (all unwritten novels / ideas reside in a special library that is part of Hell and then sometimes the books can come to life) however, my first thought upon reading this was “this reads as if it’s stemmed from one of those writing prompt tumblr posts” bc of the tone and whatever and as it turns out I was somewhat correct, it did stem from a short story (not bad just obvious). It did kind of settle down as it went on but I found reading it kind of a drag, and I don’t think I will read the second one.
Abandon by Meg Cabot - 1. Meg Cabot’s writing always fucking slaps 2. Hades and Persephone but make it modern & very 2000′s & somehow kind of unique 3. I literally loved this, sue me
Medusa Girls (Sweet Venom) by Tera Childs - Like Percy Jackson except they are descendants of Medusa so they are Gorgons and have fangs & venom (hence the title). Gave me very 2000′s vibes? Quite cool but tbh I found the books quite short (like two hours each, if that)? Do NOT read the GoodReads description of the book before you read it, you will spoil it for yourself.
Bring me their Hearts by Sara Wolf - In my opinion, this is one of the most underrated YA series I read in 2020. The heroine is endearing, self aware, witty, and loves to look pretty even while kicking ass which in my opinion is an incredibly underrated trait. Also, immortality without being hundreds of years old? VERY sexy. HIGHLY recommend. 
A Deal with the Elf King by Elise Kova - High commendation to be given for the fact that it is a standalone and yet manages to fit in the plot of what would usually be a full fantasy trilogy without cutting corners or being a million miles long? Also sweet storyline & beautiful ending? If you liked ACOTAR you should read this as a “what would have / could have been had SJM had a different editor” (No shade I promise).
The Iron Fae by Julie Kagawa (4/4 + novellas) - Incredibly detailed faerie set around the modern world & our current use of technology & iron in it. Very neat adventure-style series, by the time I read the last novella I was well and truly done with the world (aka provided enough content to be fulfilling). Was definitely aimed at a younger audience though, NO smut / smut was brushed over.
The Modern Faerie Tales by Holly Black (3/3 SS) - This is technically the prequel to Cruel prince, set in the modern world, but with the fae world inside it as it traditional? All I have to say is that it is excellent & I highly recommend it.
Bridgerton series (The Duke and I) by Julia Quinn (9/9) - I read this after watching the Netflix show twice through and I am obsessed, although the books were not quite as elegant as the show, and some parts that made me cringe either by their portrayal (it is very firmly set in the 19th century and thus some things are not handled with tact or grace), the characters were exceptionally loveable and I am so excited to see where the show takes them! Lovely language & an abundance of words I had never seen before (always a plus). 
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shhhlikeme · a year ago
“Losty Aone” / “Losty Mountain Man🏔” Series:
Outtake Collection #7:
Tumblr media
TALKING STAGE OUTTAKES (Right Before Series’ Part 1)
A/N: sooooooo. Prepare for the feels in this collection. Tumblr said it was too long because I have too many paragraphs—bye🙄 so this will be 7 and next will be 7.5. Please keep in mind they are apart of the same collection as they work well together. I strongly recommend to listen to “Always Be My Baby” By Mariah Carey for the entire read, but if repetition annoys you then just do it for the last outtake in 7.5 which is the confession. It tied for the most fluff votes. If anyone is up and reading this hopefully the next part will be up by the time you finish.
This outtake starts off funny and fluffy but ends angsty, serious and I dont wanna spoil. Fluffville Af, but maybe a bit of a rollercoaster. I poured a lot of heart into this collection, though, so I hope you enjoy it:
One Day After You Noticed Aone and This Baby Doesn’t Know How ACT ☀️💋
Futakuchi answered his cell phone grumpily as he half-slept.
“Futakuchi. It is Aone.”
Kenji rolled onto his back, wiping his fallen bangs out of his face. “I know. You’re the only person who calls me at 4am. Did you have another wet dream about Y/N?”
“No.” Mountain man answered hurriedly, but then he faltered. “Well, um, actually—yes—and Y/N looked phenomenal...—But that’s not the reason I’m calling this time.”
Futakuchi yawned. “You know, I miss the days back in elementary school when you’d call me because you had a bad dream ... hah....remember Monster Twoosie that lived in your closet?”
Sitting up on his bed, Aone whipped his head to the right to look at his closet. Getting up to close the closet door, he scolded his friend.
“We don’t speak of him, Futakuchi-san.”
Kenji let out a tired laugh. “What is this about then? I thought you’d sleep like a baby knowing that Y/N has finally noticed you.”
Aone returned to his bed, covering his legs under his camouflage blanket. “I’m extremely happy. I can’t stop thinking about her approaching my desk and smiling at me throughout lunch and her taking my phone to put her number in it. It’s not a daydream anymore and it’s just.......” he raked his brain for the word.
“A lot?”
Aone was happy he didn’t need to speak in full sentences to a best friend who could practically read his mind.
“A lot for me, yes, thank you Kenji-san. Usually, when two people are starting to get to know eachother, there is interest on both ends and they just work their way up from there.”
“But there is attraction on both ends for you and Y/N.”
“No. I already know she is the girl for me, and Y/N just figured out who I was yesterday. We are in a very unconventional position.”
“Yes but she’s also the most lost individual—aside from you—that I have ever met, so, what’s your point?”
“How do I get her to like me back?”
“Aone, just be yourself. A lot of girls already like you.”
“I don’t care about the other girls, I care about Y/N. I’ve been myself the past 2 years and she has never even noticed me, so clearly that does not work.”
“Y/N hasn’t noticed anyone, Aone-san.... ask her to name all her teachers I bet she can’t”
“She noticed the outfielder on the baseball team....”
“Right—she noticed that he was a tool. And I won’t let you conveniently forget that he approached her—which you refused to do for two years.”
“That is.............................a fair analysis.”
“Anyway, like I said, just be yourself. If Y/N doesn’t like you then she doesn’t deserve you anyway. Serves her right for being a bimbo the past two years....”
“Kenji-san....” Aone warned in a frightening voice. He hated when anyone had anything bad to say about his crush.
Kenji just laughed through his fatigue because he knew that warning was coming.
“I digress. Now as far as being yourself goes, for starters......how was your texting convo tonight?”
Mountain man was confused.
Kenji’s tired eyes flew open, stunned.
“Y/N gave you her number. She put it in your phone. That’s what you said.”
Aone grunted in agreement.
“So you didn’t text her?!”
“I didn’t know I was supposed to.”
“Holy fuck Aone I’m seriously gonna—“
“There.” Mountain man interrupted his friend.
HUH?! Kenji now felt like he’d just seen Monster Twoosie, because his entire body paled. He spoke slowly as to not lose it:
“Aone.....What do you mean by...............................................there?”
“I just texted Y/N.”
Kenji yelled so loudly his parents screamed at him to go to sleep before they take away his tv. He quickly quieted down.
“What did you text her?!”
Aone paused, retrieving the message. He read it aloud: “Good morning, Y/N.”
Futakuchi groaned loudly, gripping his bangs on top of his head.
“I am gathering that I should not have done that?”
Kenji groaned again in response. “No, but I did tell you to be yourself. We’ll see how Y/N feels about you being yourself.”
Mountain man was collecting books from his locker, Kenji next to him leaning on the next locker, when he heard his name being called by his favourite voice ever. The middle blocker looked over in the direction of the voice and gulped.
Kenji nudged him. “Be yourself.” He whispered before you approached.
Aone couldn’t get used to you actually noticing him. He fantasized about it so much when you’d call your cheer friends name, that it just seemed so surreal now that you were actually calling him. On top of that, you looked so beautiful today. (You may have tried a bit more this morning for him) in your school uniform, light but perfect makeup, and a bright smile.
When Aone heard your voice call his name he had to fight back a deep blush because it brought him back to his dream last night where you were calling his name like that—only it was much more breathy and the two of you were in much more.....intimate circumstances.
“Hi, Y/N.” the blonde managed to say as he looked down at you. “You look beautiful today.”
Beside him, Kenji cringed and looked away. He couldn’t imagine being such a simp.
“Aw, thanks!” You beamed. “I just wanted to say thank you so much for that sweet good morning text. When I woke up to it, it completely brightened my day!”
Hidden behind the locker, Kenji’s jaw dropped.
Aone’s heart tightened at your words. “You’re welcome.”
You smiled. “Would you like to have lunch together again today? My treat this time.”
You had no idea how much you made this man’s life by saying these things.
Aone nodded, blushing and unable to speak.
“Great. Can you come down here for a second?” You bent your index finger at him as to say come hither and this big blushy baby bent down to your level, confused.
With him now in reach you leaned in to press your soft lips on his cheek. “I forgot to do it yesterday, but that’s for defending me against that snitch Tsume. See you at lunch!” You skipped away to your next class happily.
Mountain man, on the other hand, was just completely out of commission.
Kenji’s eyes were very wide seeing the whole thing happen and he moved to the same side Y/N was just on. Grabbing his friends shoulder he pulled him up because he looked weird still frozen bending over to meet your height when you were gone.
“I guess Y/N likes you for who you are, Aone-san.”
Aone just stared in the direction you disappeared in. Your platonic peck on the cheek made him feel like he was floating.
“Let’s go, we have study hall.” Kenji patted his friend’s shoulder.
Aone called for him to stop, so Futakuchi turned back around.
“What’s wrong? What is it?”
“I don’t think my legs work anymore, Kenji-san.”
hahahahaha poor baby
Needless to say Kenji san was not impressed to have to wait at his best friend’s locker with him for 5 whole minutes until the shock of you kissing him wore off
You really affected the white-haired bb even when you ignored him so Kenji wasn’t that surprised that this would happen
Weeks Into The Talking Stage - The Date Tech Boys Attend Katana’s Big House Party! 🥤🎉
“I swear to God if Katana doesn’t leave me alone tonight.......... You owe me, Aone-san.” States Futakuchi grumpily as him, Aone, and Kogenagawa shuffled out of their Uber. They stood in front of Katana’s huge cottage: lit up brightly with glow strobes and pictures of her taped up on the logs like a billboard in downtown Los Angeles.
Tumblr media
“I appreciate you two for coming, sincerely. You are good friends.” Aone bowed to them.
Kanji bounced on the balls of his feet, the complete opposite visual of the crabby Justin Bieber look-alike.
“Oh no problem!!! I would have never been invited to a cheerleader’s party if you two weren’t my friends! Y/N inviting you to this is MASSIVE, Aone-senpai! I’m soooo happy I can experience this—hey! I think I see that hot cop cheerleader from before. Maybe she wants to thank me for my donations—!” The big boned setter started walking toward the party but Kenji gripped the back of his shirt, reeling him back in.
Kenji glared at his underclassmen.
“Must I warn you every time?! Play. It. Cool. Don’t stare at the birthday girl’s chest and for the love of God please leave the cop girl alone or we will never bring you to another party again.”
Pouting, Kogenagawa agreed, grabbing a red solo cup from a tray that a waiter was walking around with.
Aone grabbed it out of his hand before he downed it, all while scanning the crowd for his beautiful crush.
“No drinking. You’re underage.” Aone commanded, pouring it out in front of him.
“Right.” Kenji nodded.
The giant setter’s pout deepened. He crossed his arms at Aone.
“Thanks Mom.”
He then stuck his tongue out and Kenji.
“And thanks Dad. What would I do without you two? Besides HAVE FUN, of course!?”
“It scares me to even think about it....” Kenji murmured back, ruffling his setter’s hair who started freaking out because he worked hard on it.
Just then, Takanobu gasped a bit because he finally spotted you in the outdoor crowd on the porch. You were dressed in a long sleeve skin tight bodycon dress that showcased all your curves. And the dress was short. (If you remember correctly from his wet dream This man loooves short skirts on you.):
Tumblr media
(You May or May not have chosen something a bit on the sexy side to get the attention of the boy you were starting to enjoy the company of.... and who you invited to be your date tonight—)
The look of you alone made Aone lick his lips and shuffle because had the air outside gotten 10 degrees hotter, randomly?
“Dowwwwn boy.” Kenji murmured when he realized his friend had spotted his crush and was very excited. He had that same look when he saw Y/N in that genie costume, and it was one of unadulterated, innocent, unidentified, lust.
“Aone, you can’t stare at Y/N like that anymore. She notices you now.”
Aone tried his very best and he was able to peel his eyes away from you and back to his best friend. “I wish it were easy.” He stated with a frown. “Especially when she looks like that.”
You were over with a group of popular kids, a red solo cup in your hand filled with red bull, chatting and adding to Katana’s stories when out of the corner of your eye you spot a tall white haired beauty on the outskirts, probably just getting here: Your date. Your heart skipped a beat as you interrupted the boy who was speaking to the group.
“He came, he’s here!!” You gripped Katana on the arm.
“Ow, Y/N!” Katana ripped your hand off her. She fixed the tiara on her head. “Of course he’s here, no man is dumb enough to deny a date with you, Y/N.” She returned to her conversation dismissively.
Kusa walked up the porch steps to give you and Katana hugs. She looked so beautiful!
“Looks like your man Aone brought Kenji-san too.” Kusa said to the two cheerleaders.
Katana almost did a spit take with the contents in her solo cup. Quickly, she scanned the crowd, seeing her ex, she now gripped onto your arm and pulled you through the crowd.
Soon you were faced with your mountain man, who looked amazing dressed in a sexy dark green, might you add. You rubbed the arm that Katana had just been gripping as you stood in front of them.
Tumblr media
“Are you alright, Y/N?” Aone asked, looking concerned as his eyes scanned your arm.
He is so flipping sweet!
You nod.
“I know that parties aren’t your thing so I wasn’t sure when I texted you an invitation. But.....you came,” you breathed a sigh of happy relief.
“You asked me to.” He responded, unaware of how romantic that sounded to you or anybody with ears.
He is so oblivious to how gorgeous he is, you thought.
Aone turned to look at your best friend briefly.
“Happy Birthday, Katana. This is from the three of us.” Aone handed Katana a card that had a hefty gift card inside of it to her favourite makeup store (Y/N’s idea after Aone sweetly asked what he should get her).
“Kenji you got me a gift??? That is SO SWEET!”
Futakuchi rolled his eyes. “It’s from the three—“
“Come inside with me and I’ll open it!” Katana grabbed the volleyball captain’s hand and pulled him into the swarm of people, towards the house.
Aone almost felt bad bringing his friend to his clingy ex’s party because he needed him there—until he looked back down at you smiling up at him—after which he couldn’t feel anything else but happy even if he wanted to. You made him so unbelievably happy.
“Oh and Um, Y/N, I know this isn’t your birthday, but this is for you.” Aone handed you a card as well.
You hesitated, confused.
Blushing, Aone explained quickly, really hoping that his fight to get you this wasn’t going to make you think he was creepy. “I just thought that.... if we gifted Katana a Fenty Beauty gift card, she’d best enjoy shopping with you—her best friend. So I-I got you a gift card, t-too.” He finished sheepishly.
Bursting inside with butterflies, you gave your date a finger curl again, which he now knew meant to lean down so that you could kiss his cheek. This time you pressed your lips to his cheek a little longer than the last time, and although it was a sweet gesture, Aone felt the blood begin to rush down to his nether region.
You pulled away just in time.
“Thank you. That’s very kind of you, Aone.” You whispered in his ear.
Aone flushed, standing back up to his height hurriedly.
“My pleasure.” He replied shakily.
And was it ever. Because of Aone’s long brewed feelings for you, even your two simple kisses on his cheek kept him awake at night, sometimes recalling the way your soft and perfect lips felt as he showered in the mornings gripping his cock.
He was so happy to be given a chance it was like his increasing hormones and already strong romantic feelings were fighting for dominance now that you were physically interacting with him, albeit minimally.
For the past few weeks you two have been taking your budding friendship/romance incredibly slow, Aone too afraid to push further than you were willing to go, and for you: that just being the speed you take. You two spoke in class, had some lunches together, Aone offered to carry your books and walk you to cheer practice.... things like that. You were just getting to know eachother and you’d even let him take you out on a romantic dinner date last weekend. You always took it really slow with boys until you felt that they were important enough, which is why your ex-baseball player got frustrated with you last year. But that wasn’t Aone. He believes that he would gladly accept just this if that’s what you wanted, though he desperately wanted more. He wanted to call you his.
To you, everything was going extremely well and you were beginning to kind of start looking forward to seeing him in the halls at school as 3rd year rolled around. You may have an itsy bitsy crush on the volleyball player....but you didn’t know for sure. The most you two had ever done was kiss him on the cheek twice, which Aone was MORE THAN HAPPY with.
“You look so handsome, by the way, green is your colour.”
Aone looked away then, snapping out of his day dream about your kisses on his cheek but unable to relax when you complimented him. He couldn’t believe you were giving him all this attention. You were so perfect and someone as perfect as you didn’t choose guys like him.
Well, you hadn’t chosen him yet, Takanobu reminded himself sadly.
“Thank you, Y/N. And you look.....um.....w-well.........” His eyes fell to your mouth-watering curves in that dress. You could tell he very much liked your appearance.
You laughed, deciding to tease him.
“I look...’um?’ That bad, Aone-san? What? Tell me.” You poked his stomach, not dismissing the fact that his stomach was actually rock hard muscle.
Aone shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts and pretend he hasn’t been crushing on you forever so he could speak clearly.
“No, not bad. Quite the contrary.” His face softened as he looked back at your face. “I’m trying to tell you in the most respectful way that you look......that you look like the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”
On instinct, your face broke out into an ear splitting smile. Aone felt like he’d won the fucking lottery seeing you smile like that at him.
“Thank you, Takanobu! Care to enjoy the party with me?” You reached your hand out and the middle blocker just stared at it for a few seconds, still shook from your dazzling smile. Luckily, Kanji was still there so he pushed Aone inconspicuously from behind, allowing him to snap out of it and take your small hand in his large one.
Aone had to take a deep breath when you turned away to lead him into the crowd because the feeling of your hand in his made him feel utterly complete.
He was falling harder n faster than ever before.
And there were no brakes.
He just prayed you’d start falling, too, and soon.
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