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riki with his tinie hyung 馃ズ
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dyketubbo 7 months ago
my streamers are the only people allowed to misgender me
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actual-lea 3 years ago
Jay why is your CAR never LOCKED
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chocolvte 3 months ago
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. . to making tiktoks with you
req 鈥 hello! how about doing tiktoks with enhypen imagine?
listen to replay by shinee
Tumblr media
銆 heeseung 銆
that apple bottom jeans dance trend
it definitely takes him like five seconds to learn and then he gets mildly frustrated when you keep messing up. and he鈥檚 like ?? y/n?? you move your arms and then i move mine and we鈥檙e done. like c鈥檓on. and you鈥檙e like: it鈥檚 harder than it looks okay mr. professional dancer 馃槧馃槧 and tbh you have a itty bitty tiny fight about it, but the tik tok is filmed and heeseung feels bad for making you feel bad.
鈥渋鈥檓 really sorry for saying that you weren鈥檛 trying hard enough,鈥 he pulls his cutest puppy eyed look to make you forgive him. 鈥測ou鈥檙e honestly not that bad of a dancer. ow! okay, okay, okay, a great dancer!鈥
銆 jay 銆
giving your boyfriend your hand to see what they do with it
holding the camera in one hand, you reach out the other one towards your boyfriend. jay is on his phone, trying to figure out the chords to a song he鈥檚 learning, but he looks up, finally noticing the hand you鈥檙e holding out and immediately his brow furrows in confusion.
鈥渨hat?鈥 he asks, laughing at little. 鈥渨hat am i supposed to do with this?鈥
and he just picks up your hand and shakes it around a little. you don鈥檛 say anything, trying not to laugh. he鈥檇 probably smack you with your own hand.
銆 jake 銆
calling your boyfriend by their first name instead of a pet name
鈥渉ey, jake? can you bring me my water bottle?鈥
鈥測eah, sur鈥,鈥 he鈥檚 like half way out of his seat when he pumps the breaks and hits you with a look that鈥檚 like half 馃え and half 馃ズ.
and you鈥檙e like: what?? 馃槆
and he goes: what did you just call me 馃檪
you: your name?
jake: never again. i like my nicknames 馃槧
銆 sunghoon 銆
rating your boyfriend throughout the day (this audio)
he literally is just minding is business and you鈥檙e following him around with your phone for the entire day. it goes something like this.
stretching before practice. 2/10 great self care but where is the attention for me??? 馃槧
dance practice 馃暫馃幎 10/10 you鈥檙e doing amazing sweetie 馃槡
buying me food after practice 1000/10 we love a man who knows his place 馃槍
mildly frustrated with me for filming his every move. tried to take phone away. -50/10 馃槖
gave me kisses and agreed to watch the addams family with me in bed. 1000000/10
銆 sunoo 銆
texting your boyfriend, 鈥渕y boyfriend is gone, you can come over.鈥
he鈥檚 immediately confused and also concerned. like i just know this poor baby would one hundred percent fall for this, hook, line, and sinker. i mean we all saw him during that one live with jay and that whole you can鈥檛 breathe through your nose with your mouth open thing LMAO the dude is gullible.
y/n, 3:54 pm: hey, my bf just left. wanna come over?
sunoo, 3:54 pm: y/n???
sunoo, 3:54 pm: what are you talking about
sunoo, 3:54 pm: who was that supposed to be for
sunoo, 3:55 pm: Y/N
sunoo, 3:58 pm: *missed call*
鈥渟unoo, i was just kidding!鈥 you admit after he calls you for the second time. 鈥渋t鈥檚 a tik tok trend.鈥
鈥減lease don鈥檛 ever do that to me again.鈥
銆 jungwon 銆
telling your boyfriend he has to hide because your 鈥渂oyfriend鈥 is coming over
you rush into your room, grabbing jungwon by the arm and pulling him over towards your closet. 鈥渄ude, you have to hide!鈥
jungwon is immediately so confused, but he kind of goes along with it, letting you push him into the closet without much resistance. 鈥渨hat? why? y/n, what鈥檚 going on?鈥
鈥渕y boyfriend is coming! you have to hide!鈥 you stifle a giggle as you shut the door on him and wait.
it takes a couple of seconds to fully hit him but suddenly jungwon pushes the door open, poking his head out in confusion. 鈥渨ait, who鈥檚 coming?鈥
銆 ni-ki 銆
giving your bf a spoonful of your cooking, but you put a bunch of salt in the spoon first
鈥渉ey, ni-ki, try this for me,鈥 you hold out a spoonful of the soup you鈥檙e making (the weather is extra cold today, perfect for a nice, warm bowl of soup). 鈥渋 can鈥檛 tell if i鈥檝e seasoned it enough.鈥
ni-ki鈥檚 entire face scrunches up when he tastes the spoonful of soup, which is so salty he actually starts coughing. 鈥渋 think that鈥檚 enough!鈥
he doesn鈥檛 notice anything is off until you start laughing and then he realizes that you were just messing with him and laughs too. but know that he is definitely plotting his revenge.
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heavenvaulted-blog 3 years ago
i just added like twelve muses so here鈥檚 me just mashing tags
#鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 NODDED 聽MY 聽HEAD . ( ADAM . ) #鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 THINGS聽 CHANGE聽 ONE聽 WAY . ( ASHTON . ) #鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 TINY 聽WINDOWS 聽WITH 聽VAST 聽ROOMS . ( BRAM . ) #鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 ALWAYS 聽RUNNING . ( CONNOR . ) #鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 EVERYTHING 聽MOVES 聽SO 聽FAST . ( DECLAN . ) #鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 MISSING 聽SINCE 聽OCTOBER 聽23RD . ( ERIK . ) #鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 STRUGGLED 聽A 聽LONG 聽TIME 聽WITH 聽SURVIVING . ( JOEL . ) #鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 MOUTH 聽FULL 聽OF 聽RUBIES . ( ALFRED . ) #鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 HOMESICK 聽FOR 聽A 聽PLACE 聽I 聽DON鈥橳 聽KNOW . ( ANGELICO . ) #鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 CORTISOL 聽LEVELS 聽HAVE 聽BEEN 聽AFFECTED . ( CHASE . ) #鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 TAKE 聽YOUR 聽BRAIN 聽WITH 聽YOU . ( FAYE . ) #鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 UNABLE 聽TO 聽CONNECT 聽TO 聽WORLD . ( HANSEUL-GI . ) #鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 NEVER 聽COULD 聽CONTROL 聽ME . ( JAXON . ) #鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 BLUE 聽JAY鈥橲 聽WINGS . ( JAYDEN . ) #鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 WHAT鈥橲 聽ALREADY 聽IN 聽YOU . ( JOSHUA . ) #鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 EVERYTHING 聽ESTRANGED 聽WHEN 聽I鈥橫 聽ALONE . ( MARLEY . ) #鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 YOU 聽ARE 聽DREAMY 聽AND 聽ALONE . ( OLIVER . ) #鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 NOTHING 聽A 聽GOOD 聽PERSON 聽CAN 聽DO . ( RAYVEN . ) #鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 WE鈥橰E 聽ALL 聽PRETTY 聽BIZARRE . ( SAMMY . ) #鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 BRING 聽A 聽NERF 聽GUN 聽JUST 聽IN 聽CASE . ( TOPAZ . ) #鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 COLD 聽AND 聽ALONE 聽SUITS 聽YOU 聽WELL . ( WINTER . ) #鈺 鉁 * 锝 鈥 THE 聽CHAINS 聽ARE 聽BROKEN 聽AND 聽I鈥橫 聽NOT 聽FREE . ( ZZYZX . )
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jongseongsnudes 12 days ago
ROOMMATE!ENHYPEN seeing you in their clothes.
warning/genre; SUGGESTIVE 馃槈 fluuuuuffy. hyung line only! roommate!enhypen.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
漏jongseongsnudes. please do not copy, translate or reupload.
Tumblr media
Lee Heeseung
Tumblr media
鈥淲hat are you watching?鈥 you ask your handsome roommate who was sitting on the living couch, his eyes focused onto the television screen, 鈥淎 movie?鈥
The boy replies with a movie title and you decide to plop down beside him, having nothing better to do anyway. But once you were settled comfortably into the couch, you notice that Heeseung鈥檚 eyes were now on you instead of the screen ahead, making you immediately self conscious as to why he was staring. Drool on your face? Food? Crumbs?
鈥淲hy are you staring at me Hee?鈥
鈥淏ecause I think that may be mine,鈥 your roommate points at your jumper and leans over towards you, gradually closing the already small gap between you both, 鈥淚 actually wanted to wear that today.鈥
鈥淩e- really? I鈥檓 so sorry I didn鈥檛 even notice this was yours! Let me go change-鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 kidding. Wear it,鈥 he chuckles to himself and proceeds to gently run his fingers through the ends of your hair, his eyes not once leaving your face, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e welcomed to wear my clothes anytime. You look better in it than me anyway.鈥
With his infamous flirty handsome grin, Heeseung gives your outfit one last look from top to bottom before getting up for the kitchen... leaving you behind to release the breath you didn鈥檛 even know you were holding in the whole time.
While in the kitchen, Heeseung couldn鈥檛 help but smirk at just how easy it was for him to get you blushing. How obviously nervous you looked every time he would lean in a little too closely or playfully stroke your hair. But for the first time since becoming your housemate, you made him nervous instead. He just couldn鈥檛 take his eyes off of you in his oversized jumper, how it made you looked so tiny and cute beside him.
That鈥檚 why he had to quickly get up and leave... because if he stayed any longer, he might鈥檝e just lost his cool and possibly pinned you down on the couch. He just couldn鈥檛 risk it with his roommate. Yet. 馃槈
Park Jay
Tumblr media
鈥淚鈥檓 home~鈥 you call out as you enter the quiet apartment after an entire day at college, hoping that your house mate would be at home and so you wouldn鈥檛 have to eat dinner alone. And to your luck you spot Jay standing in the kitchen, drinking a glass of water. 鈥淣o plans tonight Mr Park?鈥
鈥淣arh not tonight,鈥 he says, his eyes casually scanning your outfit that had immediately caught his attention the moment he saw you. The obviously way-too-big jumper that you had on was the exact same one he was wearing just the day before and had left hanging on the couch.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry I borrowed your jumper this morning, as you can already see. I was running late and just grabbed anything,鈥 you apologise to your roommate with a goofy grin but he didn鈥檛 look like he minded. 鈥淭his must be really expensive right? Because it has to be the softest jumper I have ever worn. I love it!鈥
鈥淲hatever. You can have it.鈥
鈥淲hat- really? You are the best house mate!鈥 you almost immediately jump onto the poor boy, your arms naturally wrapping around him in pure excitement. You were too busy jumping around to notice the way Jay鈥檚 face literally went from no-fucks-given to complete nervousness at your sudden move, his eyes even darting back and forth. 鈥淭hank you Jay~ It even smells like you, I love it.鈥
鈥淣o- no big deal. I have plenty of others.鈥
Jay was trying so hard to be nonchalant about it but the sight of you in his jumper really did something to him. Just the thought of how he had worn it yesterday and here you were, snuggling into it right before his eyes had Jay鈥檚 heart fluttering into a gazillion butterflies. You just looked way too cute in it for your own good.
鈥淣ote to self. Buy more massive jumpers and leave them lying around,鈥 Jay says to himself as his arm hesitantly wraps around your shoulders, bringing you closer to him. Looking down, Jay is immediately met with your puppy like eyes staring right back at him and it took everything in him not to lean in... and kiss you.
Sim Jake
Tumblr media
Jake had just come home from a day out with the boys and upon entering the apartment, he spotted you coming out of the kitchen in just one of his huge t-shirts. His breath hitches in his throat at the sight, his heart rate immediately hitting the roof top.
鈥淗ey you鈥檙e home!鈥 you wave happily at your roommate but quickly notice him just standing there wide eyed, staring blankly at you, 鈥淲hy do you look like that? Are you okay?鈥
鈥淎h... nothing! I鈥檓 just thirsty. Yep, thirsty!鈥
鈥淗ere,鈥 you walk over and offer him the bottle of water you had just taken from the fridge. It took you a moment but you eventually figured out why he was staring at your top... because it was his! 鈥淥h your shirt! I took a shower earlier and forgot my clothes and your shirt was hanging in the bathroom... I鈥檒l wash it and give it back! I鈥檓 sorry.鈥
鈥淣o- no don鈥檛 worry about it. It鈥檚 okay.鈥
鈥淵eah of course it鈥檚 okay, I look better in it than you anyway,鈥 you giggle and playfully punch his arm, 鈥淚鈥檓 just kidding. Anyway are hungry? I was just about to cook some dinner.鈥
鈥淵e-yeah that sounds good.鈥
鈥淐ool. Go wash up, dinner will be ready in 15.鈥
Jake鈥檚 gaze unknowingly follows you as you made your way back into the kitchen, his eyes innocently tracing the clear lines of your curves underneath the thin material of his white shirt. A lump immediately forms in his throat at the thought of having to sit across from you at the dinner table later and then possibly having to join you on the couch for a late night movie session like most nights.
What made it even worse for Jake was that you weren鈥檛 even wearing a bra.
It was surely going to be a long night...
Park Sunghoon
Tumblr media
Sunghoon had been in the kitchen, peacefully eating breakfast and scrolling through his phone when you suddenly appeared at the entrance in one of his favourite black shirts. The shirt was usually too big for Sunghoon already so it was twice as big on you, having it almost reach your knees and partially falling off of your shoulders.
The sudden sight of you almost had Sunghoon choking on his cereal but the boy tried to keep his cool. Being your roommate for the couple of months had been pretty hard on him, especially on days when you opted for something suuuuper comfortable aka short shorts that barely ever covered anything at all. But this was different. You were in his clothes and just something about that had Sunghoon鈥檚 blood immediately flowing into the area in-between his legs.
鈥淢orning Park,鈥 you say, oblivious to your roommate鈥檚 gaze as you scanned through the fridge for some water. It wasn鈥檛 until you turned around that you caught him staring at you rather blankly, his lips slightly agape, 鈥淲hat? Why are you staring at me?鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 my shirt,鈥 he quickly retorts after being caught staring red handed in an attempt to change the subject... in true Park Sunghoon style. 鈥淎h you must secretly wear my clothes when I鈥檓 not home right? You want me so badly, don鈥檛 you?鈥
鈥淥h my god- I swear I didn鈥檛 even realise this was yours!! I have a similar shirt!!鈥
鈥淣o need for excuses. Everyone wants a piece of Park Sunghoon, you don鈥檛 need to lie,鈥 your roommate shrugs and gets up from his spot, a smug, overly proud grin on the ends of his lips, 鈥淲hatever I鈥檓 going to shower now, don鈥檛 peek you pervert.鈥
With you screaming something about it being a misunderstanding in the background, Sunghoon turns to leave for the the bathroom, his smile growing bigger and bigger by the second. As much as he didn鈥檛 want to admit it, he simply loved you in his clothes and he definitely didn鈥檛 mind seeing it again.
But for now... Sunghoon definitely needed to get rid of the problem you caused inside his pants.
- @jongseongsnudes鈥
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tyundere 5 months ago
Tumblr media
content. 02z only !! Established relationship, fluff.
note. this has been sitting in my drafts for ages <//3 but I finally finished it and they turned out way longer than I expected o.o
Tumblr media
鈥 JAY ;
stares at you for a good couple of seconds. like sir pls say something ??? He is honestly just trying to process what he鈥檚 seeing. The sweatshirt you鈥檙e wearing is recognizable but it isn鈥檛 yours and it also isn鈥檛 his鈥nd then it clicks: it鈥檚 Jake鈥檚. He doesn鈥檛 beat around the bush, after all, the faster the situation is addressed the faster it is resolved.
鈥淲hat are you wearing?鈥 Jay asks. The question is clear enough and you鈥檙e aware of exactly what he鈥檚 asking but you can鈥檛 help but respond with the obvious answer. 鈥淎 hoodie,鈥 you reply and upon seeing some of the life drain from his eyes at your knowing ignorance to his question you add 鈥淚 was cold.鈥 At this point Jay is well aware of the fact that your messing with him. Why? He doesn鈥檛 know. 鈥淚 know that鈥斺 he starts before letting out a frustrated sigh, 鈥淚 have hoodies too you know.鈥 You nod this time giving him a real answer 鈥淚 know, but I didn鈥檛 want to go through your stuff without your permission and Jake was kind enough to offer me his so鈥︹. The logic of your response is not lost to Jay. It actually made perfect sense objectively speaking, but you were missing one key detail: he鈥檚 in love with you. And as childish as it may sound he鈥檇 rather you go through his things then where someone else鈥檚 jacket.
Jay sighs for the nth time that day, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e gonna be the death of me one day. C鈥檓on鈥 he gestures you to follow him which you do. And once the two of you arrive at your destination (read: the closet) he wastes no time in handing you one of his hoodies. 鈥淲ear this instead.鈥 You put it on immediately aware that behind his patient facade he鈥檚 dying for you to get out of the old hoodie and into his. 鈥淲ow, it鈥檚 so soft you beam,鈥 you beam before smiling at him. 鈥淐an I keep it?鈥 You have trouble hiding your shock when he agrees. And again, why do you look so confused he鈥檚 literally in love with you. Take everything, it鈥檚 yours, wasn鈥檛 that clear from the moment you stole his heart.
鈥 JAKE ;
is bothered, distraught even, but he doesn鈥檛 show it. Or at least he tries his very best not to show it. Yes, you are wearing someone else鈥檚 hoodie. Yes, he owns plenty of hoodies (which in his humble opinion are probably softer and more comfortable, plus they smell like him too so that鈥檚 obviously a bonus) that you could be wearing instead. Yes, he may be a teeny tiny bit jealous but that鈥檚 totally beside the point !! It鈥檚 only one night and he鈥檚 sure he can suck it up for that long. At least that was his foolproof plan until he sat beside you on the couch.
It didn鈥檛 take long for him to unravel. Rather it only took seconds for his resolute attitude to dissolve completely. Still afraid of what might come from a direct confrontation and also for fear he鈥檇 come off as too overbearing, his true feelings were revealed through forced jokes and laughter. Your attention is completely on Jake as you watch him abruptly get up from the couch unsure of what he鈥檚 going to do next. But Jake only got up from the couch to immediately plop back down with a sigh leaning his head on your shoulder, which was weird enough action by itself but what he says next confuses you even more. 鈥(Y/N),鈥 he whines 鈥渋f you鈥檙e going to have an affair at least make it a little less obvious.鈥 At first your completely confused. You know he鈥檚 not serious, he鈥檚 laughing albeit a little stiffly but you can tell he鈥檚 bothered by something. But what exactly does he mean by an affair? It takes you a while but it eventually clicks: the hoodie your wearing. 鈥淚鈥檒l change,鈥 you say immediately 鈥済imme one of yours.鈥 You halfway expect a back n fourth: him saying 鈥榥o it鈥檚 fine鈥 though he really doesn鈥檛 believe it鈥檚 fine and you insisting that you鈥檒l change but much to your surprise Jake agrees immediately.
鈥淣ext time,鈥 you huff putting on the hoodie Jake offered you, 鈥渏ust tell me somethings bothering you. You scared me, I was so ready to hash out all the reasons I love you and why you鈥檙e the only one for me.鈥 Jake hums in response, wrapping his arms around your waist, 鈥渢hat sounds nice. You should do that right now, just so I know.鈥
takes it personally. He鈥檚 a mixture of confused and annoyed because are you trying to bother him? Is this a joke? A prank maybe? because he isn鈥檛 laughing. In your defense though, you genuinely thought it was his hoodie. How were you supposed to know it wasn鈥檛 when it was on his side of the closet? This unfortunate misunderstanding only amplifies the situation because you, thinking it鈥檚 his hoodie, are talking about how long the sleeves are on you or how cozy it is. Meanwhile Sunghoon is watching you parade around in another man鈥檚 clothes thinking 鈥榳ow, you must really hate him, huh?鈥
鈥淗ey,鈥 you smile at him, showing off the hoodie you were wearing 鈥淒o I look nice?鈥 you ask. Sunghoon just stares straight back at you for a while because how is he suppose to answer that? Is this some type of social experiment? He鈥檚 not in the best of moods and as a result his words come out quite blunt, 鈥淣o.鈥 He regrets it as soon as he sees your smile fall. He didn鈥檛 mean it that way!! Admittedly you looked absolutely adorable as always. It was the hoodie that was problem :(( but before he could tell you this you had already started talking. 鈥淥h,鈥 you frowned, 鈥淚 just thought that since this your hoodie you might think it鈥檚 nice.鈥 When you look back at Sunghoon he looks confused, 鈥淢y hoodie?鈥 He asks and now you鈥檙e confused too. 鈥淵eah you鈥檙e hoodie.鈥 The two of you just stare at the other for a good couple of seconds. He鈥檚 thinking 鈥榳hy would they think that鈥檚 my hoodie鈥 and your thinking 鈥榟ow does he not recognize his own hoodie?鈥. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 not my hoodie,鈥 Sunghoon says first and he is unsure to why you look so confused. 鈥淲hat do you mean? It was on your of the closet,鈥 you respond looking down at the clothing item. 鈥淚s that why鈥 you paused changing the direction your comment was going to go in 鈥渘ext time just tell me that instead of saying that I鈥檓 ugly.鈥 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 call you ugly,鈥 Sunghoon argues. 鈥淲ell you implied it,鈥 you pout. 鈥淚 was going to clarify!鈥
Suddenly, Sunghoon becomes way more stringent with closet organization. If he finds something that isn鈥檛 his on his side of the closet he will remove it. To where? He doesn鈥檛 care. However, he does know that there鈥檒l never be a repeat of this misunderstanding.
Tumblr media
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trashyslashers 2 months ago
I saw your requests were open and I鈥檝e read some of your posts so I figured I鈥檇 ask something? Anyway how do you think Michael, Thomas, and Jason would react to a s/o who bounces on their tip toes when excited! :)
This was cute....
Apologies it took so long - I hope you don't mind that I added a couple little examples of things that might've made you/someone excited in such a way! I went a little nuts for Tommy's because I've been such a simp for him lately.
Thank you for sending this in!
銆怣ichael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Thomas Hewitt with a partner who bounces up and down/on their tip toes when excited銆
Michael Myers:
Tumblr media
He's looming in the doorway of your kitchen the first time he sees such a display from you, his immediate reaction being only that signature head tilt of his. You're hopping up and down out of pure excitement just because he dropped by your house? Michael doesn't entirely get it, but then again, it had been about a week since he'd last been around - and so, you were almost literally through the roof to see that he finally returned to you, as you had phrased it.
It's this sort of thing that really gets him hooked, over time; this sense of innocence and joy. There's a sort of childishness to your choice of expression that Michael finds both so adorable, but also so, so damn corruptible.
And you're with him, of all people - Michael Myers, the damned Boogeyman. Rarely does he understand why someone who appears as wholesome and innocent as you do would ever want to be with him. But it's almost enigmatic, and he likes that.
Still, something about it prods at that tiny, tiny spot deep in Michael's heart that can feel warmth. He finds himself hoping that such a reaction is one reserved only for him to see - and watch out, because I wouldn't put it past Mikey to sometimes pull a disappearing act - just to see your excited little hops once he turns up. Again.
Jason Voorhees:
Tumblr media
Jay already thought of you as one of the most innocent things on the planet, but now? He knows you are. It's one of the sweetest things he's seen, and all it does is amp up his love for you - if that's even possible.
He hangs around, looming peeking around corners or trees whenever you're in a particularly good mood, hoping something will excite you so he can catch a glimpse of your excited bouncing. You and your mannerisms are pretty much the only things that make his cold, dead heart feel warm and alive again.
Would LOVE it if in the midst of your hopping, you sprang into his arms. He'll always catch you, and having you love on him out of excitement makes his heart swell. He's always wanted, even if for quite some time he wasn't aware of it, that sort of love and affection, and you fill that need perfectly for him.
He can't help but feel a tinsy bit possessive of you, once he's experienced this; happy that you're staying with him, safe and secluded in the cabin, away from the nastiness of the world.
Thomas Hewitt:
Tumblr media
This sweet man absolutely adores this about you. If there's one thing Thomas craves, deep down, it's softness. Less blood, less brutality, less anger and screaming - and you and your little mannerisms like such are just the perfect dose to counteract the roughness that typically makes up his life.
The first time he saw you react to something in such a way, the way you leapt into the air made the poor guy think something startled you badly enough to make you jump. Tommy is extremely protective by nature, and thus was immediately concerned that something was frightening you - but what he absolutely was not expecting was for you to turn to him, hopping up and down on your toes as your hands cupped the small flowerpot you'd been checking on for the past week. You'd been nurturing a small, nearly dead plant of some sort that you found, and after days of careful tending the little thing appeared to be back on the mend and recovering, its newfound liveliness exciting you in a way that he hadn't seen occur in the Hewitt household before.
Needless to say, his heart skips a beat each and every time you bounce over to show or tell him about what excited you. Knowing that you trust him and feel safe enough around him to not only show that side of yourself, but to also show him (and in a way, share with him) what's made you so happy makes him melt inside, and he wishes that more things would happen to draw such antics out of you.
Tommy, though, won't always want to just wait around for something to happen and hope he's lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it, no - Thomas is well aware that not much excitement (or, at least, excitement of a positive nature) happens very often in the house, and so he'll find himself becoming mentally preoccupied at times, wondering what he could possibly do to get you all bubbly and hoppy more often.
Please, share more wholesome moments like these with Thomas. Show him that you trust him enough to let your guard down in such a way with him and that you want to share the excitement with him. Not a whole lot else in his life, prior to you (apart from Luda Mae), has made him feel as loved and cared about.
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sunnyjae 2 months ago
prompt #41 & #46
dom!jay x switch!femreader
so umm i was thinking abt jealous sex :鈥橠
+ aaaa im your new follower! i just saw your blog yesterday and i swear you write soooo good, your jeonghan fic tho 馃檱鈥嶁檧锔忦煒梆煒嶐煉 tysm!! 馃弮馃徎
pls these jay requests have me reeling 馃槱馃憤馃徎 welcome to my blog omgggg thanks for requesting, sweets!
prompts: #41聽鈥測ou see that baby? that鈥檚 me deep inside you鈥 + #46聽"face down ass up, you know the rules"
Tumblr media
the role of the class president 鈾 pjs [req]
Tumblr media
MINORS DO NOT INTERACT. I put my smut strictly under the smut tags on here to protect you guys so don't open anything with a warning like this one. Please.
pairing 鈾 dom!jay x fem!reader, switch!reader (alternatively a bratty sub lol)
genre 鈾 e2l!au, non-idol!au, smut, mild angst (is banter/arguing considered angst?)
warnings 鈾 arguing, lots of kissing,聽impact play (reader is slapped in the face once), jealousy, mild possessiveness, cunnilingus, unprotected sex, bulge kink
word count 鈾 2.9k
summary 鈾 fighting with your enemy is fun, and all the more exciting when he鈥檚 jealous
author鈥檚 note - it takes me at least three days to write and edit requests lol so i hope you guys understand <3 i鈥檓 a full-time student so I need to manage my time well. Thanks lovelies! Check out my masterlist and prompts list here
Tumblr media
Jay hated how attractive you were, barely letting him go about his daily business without internally crumbling when you came into class every morning. When you didn't, he found himself especially disappointed. You weren鈥檛 the most popular in your class, but everyone knew you pretty well and you were friendly to be around - making Jay鈥檚 quiddity a living hell (or so he thought). And although you and Jay had an unspoken hatred of each other, there was something more to your dynamic than just pure animosity: you were convinced of that.
Your Sociology teacher Mr Moon concludes the lesson on Critical Criminology with a clap of his hands, eyes immediately going to Jay Park. Who, in your eyes, is the most self-centred, nosy, egotistical and painfully sexy student you鈥檇 ever come across. When he passes you, a waft of cedarwood and musk hits your nose, making you internally curse and press your thighs together.
Jay doesn't do much, let alone even speaks to you and yet has this effect on you. Fuck.
鈥淐lean the classroom after everyone leaves, will you, Jay?鈥 Mr Moon packs his papers and takes his coffee mug in hand. You stay seated as the other students shuffle out, some of your friends waving bye to you as they leave.
Jay nods, watching the teacher follow. His chest tightens as he realises he and you are finally alone.
You open your textbook and look through some of the recently read pages, skimming for some necessary information. As you dig through your bag, you hear Jay open the cupboard at the back of the room with the set of keys Mr Moon must have left for him. Eventually finding your airpods, you notice they鈥檙e out of battery as they die as soon as they pair with your phone. Fuck. Now you have no way of distracting yourself.
Your tiny whispered curse gets Jay鈥檚 attention and he rolls his eyes for effect. 鈥淪tudying isn鈥檛 that hard.鈥 His voice isn't loud enough to echo in the classroom, but it's clear enough to get your full attention.
Your head snaps to him as he bends to wipe the desks a few feet from you with a wipe he must have procured from the janitor's closet, not looking at you. 鈥淚鈥檓 recapping some stuff?鈥 you gawk, turning back to your book. 鈥淒on鈥檛 distract me, I鈥檓 busy.鈥
鈥淲hatever, it鈥檚 not like studying is gonna help you anyways.鈥 he adds.
You stand up immediately, swiveling in Jay鈥檚 direction again and pointing a finger at him. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 like you.鈥 you pause, suddenly unsure of what insult to throw that is suitable and effective for the situation (a relatable problem, but i digress). 鈥淔uck off.鈥
He actually laughs at you, hysterically, even going as far as to bend over to rest his hands on his knees through his fit of booming laughter. 鈥淰ery mature for your age,鈥 he snorts, fingers going back to the wet wipe and swiping down the wood in long strokes.
You straighten your skirt and, slightly embarrassed, clear your throat before sitting down. Fingers playing with your red biro, you bite your lip and continue reading.
Jay suddenly leans over you from behind, the warmth radiating from his chest but not touching you, and that same cedar scent filling your nostrils again makes your heart flutter in well-masked excitement. He places his palm over the paragraph you were (kind of, but not really) reading and furrows his brows. 鈥淲hat are you looking through?鈥
You swallow, feeling the heat between your legs grow borderline distracting. 鈥淢arxist theories on crime.鈥 you sniff.
鈥淗m. It鈥檚 pretty easy to understand - but of course you鈥檙e just not very intelligent, are you?鈥 you feel him mock-pouting, and that comment does something to you that you can鈥檛 really explain. You鈥檙e concerned you鈥檒l gush out onto the chair from your wetness, the skirt would be doing nothing to hide your arousal either, thighs slick and hot.
鈥淔uck off.鈥 you mutter, 鈥淚 won鈥檛 be intelligent if you don鈥檛 leave me alone, you dick.鈥
He lets out a tight breath, 鈥淥uch. My feelings are hurt.鈥 and the warmth is quickly replaced by the cold of the classroom again as he lifts himself up and heads for the front of the room.
Jay鈥檚 blazer does nothing to hide the definition on his arms when he picks up the mop and begins swiping at the floor like nothing ever went on just a few seconds earlier. You have to close your eyes to ground yourself before you jump him and go feral, your anger (you think) really getting the best of you.
When your friend from the year below, Sunoo enters the room with a wide smile, Jay can鈥檛 help but narrow his eyes. 鈥淗ey,鈥 he settles himself on the desk beside you, the one Jay just wiped down, he reminds himself, tight-lipped.
鈥淗iya,鈥 you turn to Sunoo, 鈥淲hat brings you to my study hour?鈥
鈥淭hought I鈥檇 keep you company till the next bus.鈥
鈥淎we,鈥 you coo, reaching to pinch his cheeks before he slaps your hands away.
Sunoo grimaces at you, 鈥淚鈥檓 staying for five minutes and then I鈥檓 leaving, calm your ass down.鈥
Jay tries to cancel out your conversation, but of course, your voice being as pretty as it is, he can鈥檛 help but perk up at the mention of his name.
鈥淚 have Mr Class President Jay with me to keep me company,鈥 you throw him a look, making Sunoo glance his way too. 鈥淏ut he鈥檚 just a pretentious ass so he鈥檚 no fun.鈥 you pout, and Jay fucking swears he鈥檚 never seen anything so cute in his life. If only he could put that pretty mouth to better use-
The tension is rife in the room and Sunoo clocks it immediately.
鈥淩ight then, have fun guys, I鈥檓 leaving.鈥 he gives Jay a prolonged look as if to say thank me later and exits the classroom as quickly as he got in.
鈥淲ait- Sunoo-鈥 You stand, but your friend leaves with a quick salute and an accomplished smirk on his face.
You sit back down with a tilt of your head, unsure of what to say.
鈥淒on鈥檛 tell me you have a crush on that guy,鈥 Jay deadpans, finishing up the mopping job.
You scoff, snatching your bottle and taking a sip of your water. 鈥淎nd if I did? It doesn鈥檛 concern you.鈥
He stops moving and just stands there, facing the board at the front. 鈥淣o?鈥
鈥淪o you鈥檇 date him?鈥 he laughs unamused, biting his lip in anticipation of your answer. Sunoo鈥檚 nice, but you don鈥檛 really go for your best friends.
He rests the mop against the wall behind the teacher's desk and quickly forgets about his task.
Jay turns around, dark eyes on you already. 鈥淚 asked you a question: would you date Kim Sunoo?鈥
Fuck it. 鈥淵eah, if he wants to.鈥
Jay is silent. Only the sound of heavy breathing fills the room.
He points to the space in front of him. 鈥淐ome here.鈥
With a twitch of your brow you question, 鈥淵ou want me to stand in front of you?鈥 crossing your arms defiantly.
鈥淚 said come here.鈥 he repeats, voice somewhat different, and the stare he鈥檚 pinned you under has you shuddering.
"Some goody-two-shoes rich boy telling me what to do? Funny, that." you smirk to hide your nerves, leaning back and crossing your legs for effect.
"If I have to repeat myself a third time, you'll be in trouble."
You shrug, considering your options. Whatever Jay has to say will have you internally choking so you guess it's just best to follow through.
Standing up from your desk, you make your way to eventually be face to face with the pompous ass of a class president. "What." Your question isn't even a question, you note, realising that you don't care for what he has to reprimand you for, only that he can absolutely fuck you into the next century.
His jaw is tight and he steps closer to you.
You laugh. "Are you jealous? I bet you can't even fuck me properly-"
He slaps your cheek with his fingers, just so he stuns you but doesn't hurt you. Humiliation burns in your stomach. "What the fuck?" you try to grit out, holding the area that was hit with your own fingers, but failing to react angrily enough because you swear you nearly cum from just that.
"Fucking brat," he adds, tone a little melancholic and his expression unreadable at this point.
He holds your chin with one hand and uses the other to pry your fingers off your face, holding your wrist down.
"Get on the desk, ass to me."
You look up at Jay, biting your lip and hesitating in front of him. He's intimidating, and you don't think you've felt so excited before.
"Face down ass up, you know the rules." Jay corners you into the table, throwing his blazer elsewhere and rolling his sleeves up to his elbows.
"The door is open." you tell him.
"It won't be because I'll close it." he rolls his eyes, stalking over to lock it before returning to his previous position, watching you expose yourself for him.
"I bet you're dripping, aren't you?" he smirks, leaning over you once again to mutter in your ear. "All for Jay. isn't that right?"
"Yeah," you sigh breathily, not feeling the need to lie anymore as you press your cheek into the clean desk.
He laughs over you, head lolling down as his shoulders shake for a few seconds. When he stops, his eyes return to you and begin to rake up the expanse of your back and legs.
You swallow harshly, not knowing how to feel about his reaction.
Pressing his hips into yours, Jay groans as his covered semi-hardness comes in contact with the material of your skirt. The way your hands reach back for god knows what, makes him physically shudder and finally realise fuck this is really happening. Using one hand, the other pressing into the desk beside your waist, he presses his palm into the back of your hand and puts it in front of your face, flat on the surface.
"Tell me again." He whispers, lips brushing the shell of your ear. You feel Jay's fingers now under your skirt and they press into the sopping material on the crotch of your panties. "Who made you wet?"
Biting your lip, you gulp. "Um-"
"No ums - we don't do that here. You speak to me properly."
You breathe in deep and answer softly, "You, Jay. You made me this wet."
"Hm. And remind me," he smirks to himself. "Did you or did you not insult me just then?"
You swallow again. "Yes Jay."
"Are you going to apologise?"
"Will you fuck me if I apologise?"
"Talk back to me again-" his grip on your hand tightens. "We're making some rules, okay, love?"
"You call me Jay and Jay only. If you insult me, or disobey our rules, don't expect to be able to sit properly for the next two weeks." you're tempted to mutter a playful ooooh scaryyyy but shut up before you do. "Don't talk back to me, and if you do - same thing." he affirms. "If you're good, my good girl, expect to be rewarded. Do you understand?"
When he moves one of his hands to your waist and the other rubs at your clothed slit, you let out a breathy "Yes, Jay." the petname doing whatever the fuck your stomach was doing in the moment.
"I'm sorry Jay."
"I'm sorry for calling you a pretentious ass and a dick." you stop yourself from laughing, luckily.
"Better." he mutters. "Can I take your panties off, sweetheart?" you nearly choke on your spit at the next petname.
"Yeah, please Jay." you whisper, feeling his lips on your jaw and just under your ear. He kisses at your skin, sensitive, and continues, using both hands to hook his index fingers into the elastic and tug them down slowly.
They eventually come off under your converses and Jay puts them in his pocket for safekeeping.
He finally flips your skirt up and has to hold back from absolutely going to town on you. "Fuck."
Your pussy is out on display for his greedy eyes, messy and wet. So ready. Ready to be eaten out so good. Ready to be fucked into just like that with no necessary prep. 鈥淲ill you let me eat your pussy, baby?鈥
鈥淵es, Jay. Please touch me.鈥
At that, he falls to his knees behind the teacher鈥檚 desk, coming face to face with your pretty pussy and winking asshole. 鈥淕od, I wish I could take your ass today too.鈥 he lifts a finger to wiggle the tip in. 鈥淏ut I鈥檓 saving that for another day.鈥 he sighs, eyes moving to your sopping cunt.
鈥淧lease Jay,鈥 you whisper.
He pulls his fingers away, big hands going to hold your hips in his tight grip before diving in feral, eating your pussy like a straight up animal. His tongue slips over the sides of your lower lips teasingly, 鈥淭astes so sweet hon鈥.鈥
鈥淚 eat a lot of fruit.鈥 you respond with an airy moan, his tongue penetrating your hole.
He laughs, 鈥淚 like to eat sweet things too,鈥 suckling at your folds and teasingly pressing a kiss onto your clit. You don鈥檛 see him look up at you, completely smitten as he fucks his tongue into you, listening to your pretty as fuck moans and whines of his name. The vibrations of his chuckles leave you shaking, knees knocking against each other as your abdomen tightens with pleasure.
鈥淔uck, you鈥檙e so good at this.鈥 you whine, bucking your hips into his face. His nose presses into your puckered hole and he sucks at your clit again.
With one final tug at your labia between his lips, he stands up. You groan at the loss of warmth, but gasp when he shoves you around and sits your ass on the desk, your legs around his hips. He dives in to kiss you and it feels as if his lips meeting yours, and the taste of your sweetness still on them is all you need to fall for an ass like him even more. Wrapping your arms around his shoulders, he lies you onto your back and swoons internally as you spread yourself open for him. 鈥淧lease baby,鈥
He kisses you deeply again, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e fucking mine,鈥 he groans, 鈥淣ot gonna date anyone but me,鈥 Jay adds, 鈥淣ot gonna spread this pretty pussy for anyone but me, not gonna ever fucking kiss anyone but me, baby.鈥 lips pressing to yours once again, he sucks the breath from your lungs along with the words you were about to articulate.
鈥淧lease fuck me, Jay.鈥 you bring him down to your mouth, licking in to taste him again. Your tongues tangle in a passionate battle and he almost loses his balance when he tries to unzip his slacks.
鈥淵eah, pretty girl, Jayjay鈥檚 gonna fuck you so good.鈥 he mutters, tongue swiping at his lower lip. 鈥淪pread your pussy for me, baby.鈥
You bring one hand down and flip your skirt up, using two fingers to spread your labia and expose your winking hole to him.
鈥淕orgeous, sweetheart. Mine.鈥 he smiles at you, pulling himself out of his boxers, tip already at your entrance. When he eases into you, your eyes are focused on his dark ones. You bite your lip shyly and Jay kisses you softly, hearing the sweet airy satiated sighs escape your lips. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e always so pretty for me,鈥 he pulls away, lips cherry red from your tinted lip balm and you coyly smile at him, letting out a hiss and when he finally pushes in fully.
Your eyes drop to your belly and you gasp, stealing the class president鈥檚 attention. 鈥淔uck. You see that baby? That鈥檚 me deep inside you.鈥 he grins, eyes flicking to yours again.
鈥淵eah,鈥 you nod softly.
鈥淔uck, you鈥檙e so cute.鈥 he groans, pulling out and pressing back in again until you鈥檙e full. Jay leans down to cuddle into you as he fucks you slow and deep, taking in your pleasure-filled gasps.
When your hands find his hair, he looks up at you with soft eyes, completely unlike his earlier demeanor. You pout your lips in need of a kiss and he giggles, submitting to your non-verbal request. He continues fucking you as he kisses you, 鈥淭his isn鈥檛 where I wanted to fuck you this softly.鈥 he whines, holding your waist.
鈥淵ou can fuck me slow when you come over tonight.鈥 you tell him, stroking the sides of his head, 鈥淩ight now I recall you called me dumb,鈥 you laugh.
He pulls himself up, the snaps of his hips quickening in pace, making you hiss. 鈥淎h, fuck.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e my dumb little girl,鈥 he corrects you, smirking. 鈥淗ow about I fuck you here, then we go to your house and I stay over,鈥 Jay adds, 鈥淎nd I take you out tomorrow,鈥 he continues,
鈥淎nd then I fuck you again,鈥
author鈥檚 note - I like this one lol聽
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nishimras a month ago
could you PRETTY PLS do enhypen鈥檚 reaction to their girlfriend hugging them randomly? preferably a back hug with a small reader :((((
enhypen鈥檚 reaction to their short girlfriends hugs.
as a five foot one girlie i appreciate this request!! i鈥檓 also way past the age for growing now so this is the best i could do?? apparently?? thanks body! masterlist, request.
doesn鈥檛 realise you鈥檙e behind him until you wrap your arms around his chest and he smiles at the feeling of your cheek against his back.
鈥測/n鈥 what鈥?鈥
decides to savour the moment rather thank talk through it, despite the fact that the butterflies in his stomach are losing their tiny minds at this point鈥.
鈥測ou should do this more often.鈥
kisses the hell out of your cheeks when you鈥檙e done but will happily stay there for hours!!!!
鉁 JAY!
would jump at the contact but relax into your touch upon realising it鈥檚 you and not one of the boys ready to prank him
laughs to himself with that cute little chuckle he has
鈥測ou comfy?鈥
鈥渟o comfy.鈥
will put away his phone (or stop whatever he鈥檚 doing) to pull your hands apart just so he can hold them.
will pull an uno reverse card and pull you between his arms, your back flush to his chest
probably the best boy to do it to tbh, will drop whatever he is doing to lean his hand back, knowing full well he can鈥檛 reach your shoulder
starts swaying a little, almost like you鈥檙e dancing but with a lot less movement, he knows when you鈥檙e tired
dies (even more) when he can feel you smile into his back since you鈥檙e holding him so closely.
鈥渓ong day, short stuff?鈥
鈥渃all me that again and it鈥檒l be your last.鈥
he really said 馃馃徎
鈥測/n, what did you do? did you break something? bring home a stray dog鈥?鈥
his words strangely upset you, although you knew it wasn鈥檛 his intention鈥 all you had wanted to do was hug him鈥 (team y/n!!!!)
as soon as he realises he鈥檚 struck a nerve, probably because your grip was loosening and you didn鈥檛 respond to him (smart guy鈥.)
he turned around as quickly as he could, tugging your wrists so that his arms were around your shoulders and your face in his chest
鈥渋鈥檒l handle the back hugs from here on out, yeah?鈥
blushing like he just hint one of those damn blood facials
if you鈥檙e tall enough, the feeling of your resting your chin on his shoulder would make him melt, but regardless he鈥檇 lean in to your touch whatever way he could, trying to hold you just as close
鈥渢his is nice.鈥 he speaks absentmindedly.
鈥渋t really is,鈥 you let out a sigh of content. 鈥渂ut i think i prefer it the other way around鈥斺
he really said 鈥榮ay less 馃槒鈥 and turned you around in his arms, somehow holding you even closer.
鈥渢his is better.鈥 鈥溾efinitely better.鈥
鈥. an angel, like an actual angel i say this all the time but i say it for a reason!!! would also probably jump, even though you鈥檙e sitting down when you do if
you鈥檇 hope he would melt into your touch but he never does, not at first and not in a malicious way!!!!
鈥測/n,鈥 you鈥檇 hum in response but that wasn鈥檛 enough for him, he鈥檇 lift up his left arm for your to peek out through. with a smile on his lips he鈥檇 pull you closer so that you were side hugging him now鈥 sorry!
鈥渨hat鈥檚 wrong, baby?鈥 you. are. flabbergasted! what on earth could he mean? did you do something wrong鈥?
鈥渘-nothing鈥檚 wrong, jungwon i just鈥斺 you said, somehow taken aback by your boyfriends concern (what else!! did you!! expect!!!)
鈥渙kay, good,鈥 he says, pulling you into his lap in the process. 鈥渋 love your hugs.鈥 鈥渋 love your hugs, wonie.鈥
鉁 NI-KI!
he鈥檚 an ass but he鈥檚 YOUR ass! and assuming you do it a lot, he laughs every single time
it鈥檚 adorable鈥 apparently
鈥測/n, you look ridiculous, come here鈥斺
doesn鈥檛 let you stay there long enough for it to be sentimental! or important at all!
if he鈥檚 sitting down however鈥 total different story!! especially if you hug him during his game :(((
finds himself calming down from your touch alone, so imagine how sappy he becomes when you start praising his gaming skills despite knowing next to nothing about it????
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goldenhypen 2 months ago
鈻糕柛 enha hyung line reaction to their s/o being a single mom
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
鈥 bf!enha (hyung line) x single mom!reader //聽 genre: fluff, domestic!au, dad!au // warnings: none i don鈥檛 think // word count: 0.9k // requested
鈥 author note: likes, reblogs and constructive feedback are always appreciated! <3
鈥 taglist (fill in the form to be added to my permanent taglist!): @rein-deer-stuffs @herasalvatore @enhasfever @heelariously @en-ternity @mika-monalisa @jungwoniics @all4haru @aleinasstuff @wanlore @ddeonubaby @sheepgardenenha
Tumblr media
鈰呪 lee heeseung.聽
you had a tiny baby boy a few months before meeting your boyfriend, heeseung
and now, after a year of dating, you continued to realize how grateful you were to have him in your life
because he was one of the best dad鈥檚 you could ask for in a s/o
he was very supportive of you when you first told him you were a single mom
he adored your son and loved him as if he were his own
heeseung was around so often for the little boy
he even helped in teaching him his first words and how to walk
when your son called heeseung 鈥渄ad鈥 for the first time, both of your hearts melted
and heeseung smothered him in kisses
you happened to catch the whole thing on camera
and you two watch it every once in a while to relive the moment
also the heart eyes this man would have whenever he laid eyes on your boy
he just loved him so much
you also caught the two cuddling each other to sleep once
and of course, you took many pictures
when you showed hee, you swear you鈥檝e never seen him smile so big before
鈰呪 park jay.聽
jay gives me major dad vibes so鈥
when you revealed to him that you had a one-year-old son when you started dating, he was very supportive
it surprised you to know that he basically had no experience being a dad because he was so good with your kid
he was that dad that put food on the table and comforted either you or your son when you needed it
when your boy transitioned from milk to eating baby food, jay loved feeding him
he even made some of the food himself and was always excited when he鈥檇 get a happy reaction from your baby after placing the spoon in his mouth
he treated your son as his own
he would literally give his life for him, he loved him so much
at one point you thought jay and your son might have stolen each other from you
after being together for a while, you forgot that jay wasn鈥檛 even your son鈥檚 real dad
not that it was much of a problem though聽
jay鈥檚 dad traits were obviously attractive聽
and you really appreciated all he did for you and your baby
eventually, you two had your own kid, if not more, together
鈰呪 sim jake.聽
when first dating and telling him you were a single mom, he didn鈥檛 know how to react, how to feel, or what to think
he told you he needed some time to take it all in and to think about it
this had you extremely worried because you really liked jake and wanted this relationship with him to work out
so the thought of him not being supportive of you and your baby saddened you
after a few days, he got back to you and let you know that though his first reaction was that he wasn鈥檛 fully comfortable with it, he realized that he cared for you so much that it didn鈥檛 matter to him
meeting your baby boy was like love at first sight for the two
he was actually a lot better with him than you expected
he was really playful with your baby, made him stop crying, and made him smile and laugh with ease聽
jake adored your son
and being such a selfless man, he loved him as if he were his own
eventually after dating for a couple years and falling even deeper in love, jake proposed, wanting to marry you so that he can finally, officially call you two his family
鈰呪 park sunghoon.聽
you two were actually childhood friends
and after all these years, sunghoon managed to keep his crush on you a secret聽
until one day when you and your previous s/o parted ways, he took the opportunity to finally make you his
he was there for you through your pregnancy as your new boyfriend聽
and he made sure to take care of you whenever he could
he was there for you when you were giving birth to your son
and of course, there were many times he was mistaken for being the father
but he didn鈥檛 mind because the thought of your son being his as well made him beyond happy
at first, sunghoon had a little bit of trouble caring for the baby, most likely from lack of experience
there were some days that made sunghoon frustrated or annoyed since he couldn鈥檛 seem to get your son to stop crying
but he was able to get the hang of everything quite quickly
despite any difficult times with the baby, he still loved him nonetheless
being with you through almost every part of this journey really made him feel like your son was his own
a lot of times, he would even forget that he wasn鈥檛 your son鈥檚 real dad
and when he remembered, it made him sad
but not being blood-related didn鈥檛 stop him from being family
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anqeluv 3 months ago
spanking, pantie stealing, sugar daddy/sugar baby dynamic, female reader gets eaten out.
Tumblr media
heeseung ; that last thing you were expecting was for heeseung to come back from the dead. after all, no one tells you what to do when your dead boyfriend shows up on your doorstep, eyes clouded over and covered in graveyard dirt, as if nothing has changed. and especially no one tells you what to do when he comes back a little . . . different than he was before. for lack of a better word, your zombie of a boyfriend is a little bit of a pervert in death.
it started with one of your panties going missing. maybe you should have noticed something was off when you asked him where they went and he froze, taking a couple of seconds to answer you, but how were you supposed to know what was normal for a dead person and what wasn鈥檛?
it wasn鈥檛 until he had you bent over the back of your sofa and he actually ate you out through your panties, (鈥渘o baby, leave them on this time鈥), that you started to suspect him, but by the time you brought it up, he was only a little embarrassed.
鈥渁lright, maybe i took them,鈥 heeseung refused to meet your eye, but he couldn鈥檛 help the smile spreading across his face. 鈥渋鈥檒l buy you new ones.鈥
jay ; of all the reactions you had prepared for, you weren鈥檛 expecting jay to get mad at you for bringing him back from the dead. it took you weeks to research this spell, but when you finally got it right, and jay rose, gasping and clawing his way out of his grave, the first thing he did was yell at you.
鈥測ou brought me back? what the hell is wrong with you?鈥 he shouted, brushing graveyard dirt from the suit he had been buried in. besides his lack of a pulse, he looked almost the same. without warning, a sob escaped you, and jay sighed, his expression softening. 鈥渙kay, baby, i鈥檓 sorry. that was harsh.鈥
but it didn鈥檛 stop him from punishing you for doing something so risky. as soon as you got home he was bending you over his knee, and flipping your skirt up.
鈥渢hese are cute, babe,鈥 he slips one finger under the hem of the satin lilac pair you鈥檙e wearing. 鈥渁re these your 鈥榩utting myself at completely unnecessary risk just to upset the natural order鈥 panties? did you wear them just for me?鈥
you鈥檙e kind of glad he can鈥檛 see your face right now. he鈥檇 be even angrier to know how good it feels to be right back where you belong, even if your ass is going to ache for a little while.
jake ; it鈥檚 so jake to come back from the dead for you. he just loves you too much. he can鈥檛 leave you, not even to die. which is very sweet, but that doesn鈥檛 mean it wasn鈥檛 terrifying to come home from class to see your very dead boyfriend laying on your bed, waiting for you.
surprisingly, it was easy to get used to having jake around all the time. the one upside of him being dead was that he didn鈥檛 have any responsibilities beyond spending the whole day in bed with you.
being a zombie doesn鈥檛 stop him from wanting to pull your panties down your legs and eat you out whenever you let him. jake has a little bit of an oral fixation. he鈥檚 never satisfied with just light little kisses or quickies. he likes to have something in his mouth, especially if that something is you.
and now all he has is time. all the time in the world to spread your pretty legs apart and suck your little clit into his mouth through your underwear to tease you, before he eats you out for real.
sunghoon ; sunghoon might have a little bit of a finance kink along with his lingerie kink. he likes buying you expensive sets and watching you wear them for him while he fucks you. one perk of being a zombie for centuries is that you accumulate quite a lot of money to throw around and spend on pretty sugar babies (although, ever since he met you, it鈥檚 only one pretty sugar baby).
sometimes he forbids you from wearing anything other than a tiny white pair of cotton panties and one of his t-shirts. you happily do so, knowing that it鈥檚 only a matter of time before he comes over to wrap your legs around his waist and pull your tiny white underwear to the side and fuck you.
鈥測ou look so pretty in these, love,鈥 you can feel his smile against your jaw before he kisses you there, just lightly.聽鈥渋 can鈥檛 wait to tear them off of you. or maybe i鈥檒l keep them on.鈥
and you pout, wrapping your arms around his neck as he carries you from the kitchen into the bedroom. you press a kiss to his neck.聽鈥減lease, take them off.鈥
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abiik a year ago
i am.mm. THINKING aboutt bffs jayzoe
#h talks. #oc: zoe huang #they make me so 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ #they literally bring tears to my eyes im gonna :((( #tiny robin jay & rowdy ruff zoe #lil giggly vigilantes who just wanna do the best they can do #jason's filling big shoes but the shadow he's filling is so estranged it's so hard to do so #and zoe HAS no shoes to fill. she just has the shadows of her past of too many lost loved ones way too fuckin young w a #they both have no legacy of their own & like. also a billion ppl telling them who they need to be & who they DONT need to be #u know #they also have an abundance of paths they can go down if they want even if the ppl they're being influnced by r narrowing those options #they're just kids tho & they have such STRONG opinions #they wanna make a difference they wANNA do things they WANNA change the world THEY think what they're doing is DOING THAT #they're kickin ass and puttin bad guys away #damn jason look at that shiner! #oh fuck z look at that hole in the wall you broke that dude's whole face! he deserved it tho! #like. UGH idek if im making sense they just make me very EMOTIONAL and i have a lot of incoherent thoughts about them #bc like. i have a lot of thoughts about JASON. alone. separate. from zoe. that i then take and PUT INTO my universe WITH zoe #but havent like talked about on main for several reasons #ekdkoeldoel #IM JEICIEOKDD I CANT MAKE SENSE EVER #and then i also wanna just think about them as KIDS as TEENS who just do stupid shit and have sleepovers and shit #but like. they rarely even. got that. bc jason.......you know.....
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shinramyeonz 6 months ago
cherry kisses | lee heeseung
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: switch!heeseung x switch!female reader
genre: smut (DO NOT PROCEED IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE), suggestive, strangers to lovers!au, fluffy ending.
warnings: unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), dom and sub themes, degradation, praising, choking, oral sex (male and female receiving), fingering (female receiving), teeny tiny bit of anal if you squint
a/n: this fic is the continuation of heeseung's part in this headcanon, but it can also serve as a stand-alone fic. hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
with a balm stick in hand, heeseung stood frozen in the middle of the living room while the other boys bustled all over the place鈥攋ay making hangover soup in the kitchen, jake running with the vacuum cleaner, and sunghoon picking up the scattered cups that may or may not have smelled like spit as he was grimacing hard. with a heavy head, the eldest plopped onto the couch behind him, his fringe obstructing his sight as he held up the item on his hold. "cherry flavored", it read.
he instinctively ran his tongue over his top lip, remembering the faint taste the balm left from last night's happenings. vivid images of a certain female flashed in his head as he fixed his gaze on the balm. he found her gorgeous, submitting to him as he let the alcohol take over his body. the bad news was this鈥攈e wasn't able to pick up a name, a face, or evena clue on who she was. at this point, she was considered a jane doe.
he shook his head in frustration, shoving the balm stick inside his jean pocket. how could he not remember someone who fucked him so good?
"you done daydreaming yet?" sunghoon queried, throwing a shirt on heeseung's way, to which he swiftly catches with his hand. the younger gives him a suggestive grin, almost about to laugh. "hyung got that good banging last night, huh?"
"shut up, hoon." heeseung hissed, messilly putting on the shirt that turned out to be jay's, judging by the smell of perfume on it. "don't want to talk about that."
"oh, i bet he's been ditched." jake snickered, turning off the vacuum cleaner and ceasing its noise. the lad stifled a laugh as he saw the scratch marks on his back and the hickeys on his neck. "i mean, look at his face. he looks like he's been deprived of ramyeon."
"but was he, though?" jay chimed from the kitchen, a pot of soup on his two hands as he walks cautiously to the dining table. "you can't skimp on the deets, hyung. you gotta tell us what happened."
heeseung shook his head, not bothering to answer the questions being thrown at him. these stubborn fucks. he stood on his feet, sauntering to the table as the smell of the soup welcomed him. who in their right mind would want to miss out on park jongseong's cooking?
"hasn't it come to you that she might be in one of our classes?" jake suggested as he sat down, holding four bowls in his hands. "we can ask around, you know. we have sunghoon鈥檚 influence for that."
with a dramatic gasp, sunghoon retorted, "you fucker! just because i'm popular doesn't mean i can just go around the campus asking 'hey, do you know who fucked lee heeseung last night?'. i'm not an introvert for nothing, bro.", earning laughs from the two j's.
"nah, but seriously speaking," jay stated, pushing a bowl of soup for each of the three. "what's with this girl that not remembering her bothers you so much?"
the question sent heeseung into silence, making him rethink his worries in the first place as he consumed his hangover soup slowly.
maybe it was the way he felt when she touched him, or what her moans sounded like. hell, it might be the way that his body moved synchronously with his which just felt so right. no one has ever driven him into a crazy state before this.
"i don't know either."
Tumblr media
"one, two, three... pick up your paces, y'all!"
the words immediately leave your head as you fervently jumped to the beat of the professor's whistles that were seriously doing no good for your eardrums. with eyes closed, you fling your arms upward as you kept the balls of your feet moving. how much more do i have to endure?
that was just one of the reasons you despised gym class. as the last whistle trills, you almost drop to the floor. beads of sweat rolled down your forehead as your body emitted heat from all that muscle exertion. you break into peals of pants, trying to catch your breath.
"i'm about to fucking pass out." you said under your breath as you panted, vision almost getting blurry as your professor rambled about something in the background. he better supply me a nebulizer kit after this.
you reach for your back pocket rather weakly, feeling for the lip balm stick inside of it. as strange as it seems, you couldn't risk getting chapped lips every time because boy, you hated stinging lips. you lift the stick open, twisted it slightly, and slowly smeared the product all over your lips. the familiar taste of cherry meets your taste buds, just as usual.
you sighed as you put the balm back in your pocket, relieved that you were able to replenish your stock after running out of it last night.
oh, last night was so memorable. you gave yourself a mental pat on the back. if it weren't for you going crazy over lee heeseung's lip ring and asking him for a kiss, you would've lived a boring life. he had a reputation for being the smartest and most proper of his pack, but you were slowly doubting that after he drunk fucked you senselessly
still catching your breath, you finally get on your feet, making way to the gym bleachers. you made a mental note to proceed to the film department in hopes to spot your senior-turned-daddy dom. it'd please you to see him go wild again.
"so when do you plan on revealing yourself?"
you almost jumped at the sudden voice, clutching your chest tightly. in a blink, you see sunghoon in front of you, wearing a lopsided smile on his face.
"what do you want?" you asked through your teeth, slapping the lad's shoulder while you were at it.
"it was you, right?"
"i have no idea what you're talking about, park sunghoon." you shook your head, dabbing your face with a cool towel.
sunghoon clicked his tongue loud enough for it to echo throughout the whole basketball court. you gasp as he acted fake disappointed, shaking his head and pretending to cry as if someone had passed. you rolled your eyes and pinched his earlobe, ceasing his act.
"ow! fine!" sunghoon pouted. "it's about heeseung hyung."
you let go of sunghoon's poor ear and flash him a shit-eating grin, contrary to the frown you were wearing earlier. you don't even know how you became whipped for that man in the first place when you've just interacted once, but you liked it. you liked him. seeing this, sunghoon cupped his mouth with his palm, realization dawning on him.
"no way." sunghoon cackled silently, eyes still agape and staring at your smug expression. "so it was you."
"oh, it was me, indeed." you replied before chugging down water from your tumbler. you then swallowed, letting the cold liquid pass down your throat. "why are you suddenly asking me about this, by the way?"
"hyung actually doesn't have any idea who fucked him good last night," sunghoon muttered, fidgeting with his fingers. i still can't believe my two best friends fucked! "and you can only imagine how it bothers him up until now."
lee heeseung? bothered? those two words made a very strange combination. you figured he'd just call it a night and not show it to everyone. somehow, you were envious towards sunghoon for heeseung was able to see everything firsthand鈥攈ow he thought about you, how you occupied his mind, how he felt about the marks and scratches you left on his body, and how his face looked whenever he'd come undone inside you.
"should i reveal myself, then?"
Tumblr media
"good game, you fuckers!" jake hollered as he spun his sweaty soccer uniform on his hand like a lasso. this earned him disgusted looks from his teammates, especially sunghoon and jungwon who were bona fide clean freaks.
"ew, would you stop that, hyung?" jungwon winced and threw a cleat on jake's way. "and stop cursing, will you? there's a fifteen-year old in the room."
it was another cup bagged by the hybe university's soccer team, scoring them three goals against their sworn enemies, jyp university. if it weren't for the defense skills of the hyungs and jake striking their way up to victory, their coach would scold the life out of them for being "pussies". they'd always prove him wrong after that, which sent their poor coach into a state of mental breakdown.
the locker room reeked of mixed sweat and perfume, the temperature hot and humid. they've surely worked themselves out on that game.
"hey, don't forget the deal, you guys!" jay chuckled, shoving his dirty uniform into a mesh bag, leaving him half-naked. "anyone who gets a yellow card treats us to samgyeopsal."
"who got himself a yellow again?" sunoo muttered, fanning himself. "that rarely happens."
"well, a man by the name of lee heeseung shall explain." sunghoon roamed his eyes around the room, frowning as he didn't find a trace of heeseung, or heeseung himself, in the area.
"too bad, he's already in the showers." riki shrugged.
Tumblr media
the splashing water sounds echoed in the almost empty shower room, along with heeseung's steady breaths that overpowered it. with his palms stuck on the cubicle wall and eyes shut, he let the cold water drench him from head to toe.
it was a good game, indeed, but strangely, he didn't feel like hanging out with the team. on a usual basis, he's always the most enthusiastic about after parties and samgyeopsal sessions. today, however, was an exception. he opted for a cold, peaceful shower in hopes to get the still unknown female off of his mind.
or so he thought.
he sluggishly twisted the shower knob, ceasing the flow of water from above his head. with eyes now wide open, he pulled a towel and wrapped it around his hips. "finally." he whispered, stepping out of the cubicle after sliding his flip-flops on.
he cautiously walked in the slippery floor, and to the lockers. what he didn't know was that there were a pair of eyes spying on him as he walked half-naked to the lockers.
"fancy seeing you here." a voice echoed, startling the life out of heeseung and almost making him topple to the floor if it weren't for his grip on the sink. a peal of laughter followed it after as he got himself on his feet, cursing under his breath.
you stare in amusement as the oblivious lad scrutinized your whole form. he frowned as he sees your fit鈥攁n oversized black hoodie with the hood snugly fitting your head, a pair of sunglasses that were big enough to cover your whole face, and your school's gym uniform.
"excuse me." heeseung almost stuttered, completely flustered as he was only wearing a towel to cover his privates. "this is the men's showers."
you giggled, pulling your sunglasses off to reveal your face to him. "i know," you chirped. "sir."
believe me when i say he almost choked at the nickname. he had no idea what was that for, but it definitely caught him off guard. you smirked smugly as you took off your hoodie, enjoying the perplexed expression on his face. you were finally face-to-face with your person of interest and you wish you had a camera right now so you can remember the privilege of being able bring out heeseung's inner satyr.
"aww, that's not how you looked like while you were busy making me come last night." you cooed, running a hand over his wet abs. the boy sucked in a deep breath as your fingertips moved slowly along his muscles, touch like electricity making him tense up. the feeling was so familiar to him that he almost beamed and thought, fuck, it's really her.
he froze, realizing that the person who bothered him so much ever since this morning was now in front of him. while you proceeded with your ministrations, he felt himself getting harder as your fingers moved down south. a smile crept up your face, pressing your body against his bare ones. oh, how your breasts felt soft against his chest.
he looked down at your breasts squished against him and chuckled. it was time for him to stop playing coy. "if only you'd take off that annoying bra right now, maybe we could pick up where we left off last night."
not letting you speak, he yanks your bra down, revealing your soft and perky breasts. you let out a gasp as he latched his tongue on one of your nipples, his hands making their way down to yank your sweats and panties down.
"already wet for me?" heeseung mumbles against your breast as he dipped a finger on your sex. "guess i wasn't the only frustrated one."
he then pulled away from your breasts before kneeling down and slinging one of your legs over his shoulder. wasting no time, his tongue harshly rubbed your clit, making you cry out because of the sudden contact.
"oh, hee!" you moaned as you found yourself holding onto his hair for dear life. i can't believe the ace student who acted all prim and proper was so hungry for my pussy. "oh, you feel so good!"
"oh, do i?" heeseung taunted, sliding two fingers in you, tongue not leaving your already sensitive clit. "my little whore can't get enough of me, huh?"
"ah, yes, hee鈥"
"that's not my name." he interrupted. you felt the sting in your ass from his slap as he pumped his fingers in a shocking speed, leaving your tongue. he then stood back up and pulled you into a sloppy kiss, almost whining as he tasted the cherry lip balm that he so wanted to taste again, this time, on your lips.
"yes, sir." you whimpered as his kisses go down your neck. "i can't get enough of you. i want to鈥攁h!"
"say that again, you naughty girl." he murmured. you didn't know it, but you were making his confidence grow bigger by every second, just like his dick. he sighed. "use your words, slut."
"sir, i want to come!", you almost screamed as you held onto his shoulders. "i'm so close... please, i want to come all around you, sir."
"and you are so gonna do that." he pulled his fingers from inside you, making you whine at the loss of contact, then pushing them into his mouth to taste your arousal. he hummed in satisfaction, gazing at you with lustful eyes. you looked so fucking beautiful in front of him鈥攕wollen lips, bedhead, breasts filled with hickeys, and pussy almost dripping wet as he bore his stare deeper. you wanted to be fucked here and now.
heeseung pinned you onto the nearest wall he can find and stripped all of your clothing off, throwing them on the floor. his towel soon followed, revealing his hard and aching length that was so ready to fill you up. your mouth almost waters at the sight, but he then holds you by the chin, making you look up at him, and him only.
"i don't want to push you into something you're not okay with." he assured, voice laced with concern as he stroked your head. i still have a reputation to keep, after all. "you can tell me to stop whenever you want me to."
"but i want this, though." you replied, bucking your hips against his dick to get some friction, to which he replied by hooking your leg onto his waist, getting ready to enter you.
"good, now let sir make you feel good." he nodded, slowly pushing himself inside your wet cavern.
Tumblr media
a week has already passed since heeseung had fucked your brains out in the showers, and you have never spoken to anyone about it. it's not like you didn't have a good time鈥攜ou really did, but for some reason, you felt like you've tainted someone's innocence even if heeseung himself was comfortable. he moved like he had prior experience, yet you were pretty sure it was because of porn. still, you can't help but think that he might be cursing you for barging into the showers and turning him on.
you slump your head on the cafeteria table, frustrated as hell.
"i don't understand." you cried out. "i shouldn't be feeling this way."
"well, if you look on the bright side and not act like a chicken shit," sunghoon stated as he chewed on his sandwich. "it might help."
"does he hate me?" you pouted, head still on your hands, not wanting to face sunghoon who was probably laughing at you right now. what did i get myself into?
as you silently lamented, you remember the pact that you've made with heeseung after fucking your brains out. it was the first time you had a proper conversation with him, and the way he spoke to you was nowhere near the way he did as he plunged himself inside of you.
"i'm curious about something, you know." you muttered, watching heeseung silently change into his tracksuit. the way his muscles flexed whenever he moved was something you found sexy, not to mention his plump and breathtaking ass.
"what is it?" the lad replied as he shimmied into his shirt, stealing a glance at you. from a few meters away, you sat on the bench, and he can't help but notice how and where you were looking at him. the hoodie you wore made you look so tiny, along with the way your hair framed your face. cute.
"have you ever thought about submitting?"
the lad looked at you with a puzzle expression, not exactly understanding what you've just said. you reply to him by lifting your brows, waiting for his answer. "i don't... really know what you mean by 'submitting'. it can have different meanings, you know?" heeseung blabbered on, taking a seat beside you.
the space in between your bodies were dangerously close, your shoulders were about to touch. he looked at you with his usual "meh" face, except without his glasses. "you might be talking about school projects, papers, or even sex," he whispered, his face getting dangerously close to yours. his breath that reeked of mint fanned your face, and his doe eyes met your lidded ones. "you want me to sub?"
you immediately shook your head, afraid that he might get the wrong idea. "no, i was expecting a yes or no for an answer鈥"
"shush, let me speak." he placed a finger on your lips to interrupt. "i'll do it with you. but on one condition."
flustered, you gently picked up his hand and pulled it away from your lips. "f-fine, then." lee heeseung wants to be submissive?"what condition?"
you sat up almost immediately after your small flashback, and grab the nearest person next to you鈥攕unghoon. you grab your best friend's face and did something that you never thought you'd do in your whole life鈥攌issing him. you closed your eyes tight to ease the secondhand embarrassment, but after just ten seconds, you pull away from him, not bothering to look back.
sunghoon, still taken aback, peered at you with whole confusion. with mouth agape, he stared at you in shock. "what the fuck are you on, y/n?"
"hoon... it's about heeseung." you muttered, clenching your fists in embarrassment. shame, shame, shame. "i made a deal with him, i鈥攊'm sorry."
"it's fine, it's fine." he assured, tapping your shoulder. "tell me about it."
you draw out a long sigh, face glum as you prepare to tell sunghoon about yours and heeseung's deal. "okay, so here's the thing. after me and him did it, we basically鈥"
you halt from your speech as your phone vibrates from inside your skirt pocket. assuming that it was an emergency message, you immediately fish it out and unlock the screen, only to see the notification that reads:
hee (13:34)
you win. </3 fuck, how did u?
"if you successfully make me jealous within a week," he suggested, tugging on your hoodie gently. "i'll let you do whatever you want with me, mommy."
Tumblr media
you didn't know how you found yourself sitting on a swivel chair in a small apartment bedroom that wasn't even your, but you loved, loved it so much.
you tried to suppress a dreamy whine in your mouth as you eyes fixed on the poor lad kneeling in front of you. the way heeseung's sweat glistened on his skin, fringe stuck on his forehead, lips swollen and agape鈥攊t fucking turned you on. he whimpered desperately despite of the tightness around his neck, wanting to be touched by you so bad. he was nervous at first, but once you've tied his wrists up and leashed him, the shyness has gone poof.
"now how am i supposed to satisfy you when you're such a noisy, whiny bitch?" you fake cooed, manspreading in front of him with your lace panties on display. fuck, i want to eat her out. "stubborn boys don't easily get what they want, so if you obey mommy," you yanked the chain links of his leash harshly, almost getting dragged towards you. "maybe i can reward you."
he can only nod at your statement. his breaths were ragged and his hardness was starting to ache. suppressing his moans, he bit his lip in frustration, telling himself to endure it for a little longer.
"now, you dirty little boy," you tilt his chin upward, making him look at you. noticing that he was misty-eyed, you slightly relax, but not too obvious for him to see. "what's our safe word?"
"c-cherry." heeseung croaked out. he personally loved the one you picked out, for it reminded you of your very first encounter. it also became his most favorite flavor from that moment.
"attaboy." you smirked, chain still in your hand. "lay on your back."
heeseung obliged, laying himself flat on the bed, still being guided by the chain. you let out a hearty chuckle, scrutinizing his frustrated expression, the hickeys you've put all over his body, and the precum peeking from the tip of his cock. oh, he looks so fuckable and punishable.
without a word, you sauntered to the foot of the bed, bending over to touch his sensitive cock, to which he shakily whined. "mommy..." he sighed. "please touch me, mommy."
"what did i tell you, whore?" you seethed, slapping his erect cock. his cries filled your ears as you stroked him slowly, teasing him as you went. "you only speak when mommy says so, right?"
"want you to make me cum."
"what the fuck are you so stubborn for?" you retraced your hand from his length, tuning on the vibrator that was stuck in your free hand for long and pressing it on his ass. "didn't i told you to wait, huh?"
whimpers turned into cries as you trusted the small vibrator in and out of his tight hole, and you can only laugh at the way he was practically desperate to be touched by you.
"aaah! i鈥 so sorry, mommy!" he shouted desperately in defense as you turned up the intensity of the vibrator. "won't do it again, please, mommy! stop!"
you didn't cease, but you latch your mouth on his cock, fervently sucking on him. you can only moan against his length as you went, feeling yourself getting wet as well. no matter how you wanted to be touched and pleasured, you had to assert dominance. stick to the pact.
"mommy, i'm so close!" heeseung wailed, his elbows making thudding sounds against the mattress. his toes curled up as you licked all over his tip. he had to wait before he can release all over your face and he hated it. fuck, he so hated it.
"now, come all over me." you ordered before enveloping his cock with your mouth again, closing your eyes as you waited for him to release in your throat. with a few pumps, he spurted his seed inside your mouth, moaning loudly as he did so.
the lad sighed in relief as he made his release, slightly relaxing his tensed muscles. you swallowed, turning the vibrator off and retracting it from his ass.
"we're not done yet." you remarked, crawling on the bed until you were parallel on top of him. "i'm giving you a chance to show me what a good boy you are. we clear?"
"yes, mommy." he vigorously nodded, feeling the sting of the silk tie that was restraining his hands. "i'll be your good boy."
"now that wasn't so hard, was it?" you grinned as you strip yourself off of your bra and panties, revealing your naked body to him. his dick twitched at the sight of the slight bounce of your breasts and the slight wetness of your pussy. "aww, my baby boy's so eager for me."
without a word, you sink into his cock, your moans filling the room at the same time. he felt thick as he stretched your walls, and the constant twitching of his tip didn't help you, either. you marveled at the sight of him鈥攕o small and so submissive under your authority. you never thought it'd come to this, but you were enjoying every single bit of it. noticing his wincing expression, you messilly untied his wrists, rubbing the marks that the tie left. of course, you weren't going to go all harsh on him, and he loved that about you.
you slowly rocked your hips against his, letting his hands find your thighs and touch wherever he reached. "you feel so, so good, baby boy." you mewled, propping a hand on his chest. "only for me."
"only for mommy." heeseung echoed as he weakly squeezed your hips, weakly meeting your thrusts. "i like you, mommy."
"oh, i fucking do, too!" you nodded, not fazed by his sudden confession.
he almost squealed in joy knowing that you felt the same towards him just as he felt about you. you grin as you see his smile, eventually giving in and pressing your body onto his as you bounced on him slowly. through lidded eyes, he saw how you beamed and in his eyes, you looked so beautiful in your current state. in contentment, he threw his head back as your lips kissed all over his chest鈥攐r as he calls it, "heetiddies"鈥攍eaving some hickeys on your way.
you yanked the chains to pull him closer to you, letting him kiss you, letting him taste the cherry lip balm that you never stopped using. you laughed against his lips, feeling for his neck. you press your thumb and middle finger on the sides of his throat, making him feel a little bit lightheaded, but not asphyxiated.
the way the bucked his hips against yours let you know that he was about to reach his high again, and you kiss his tear-stained face as you both reached your highs鈥攜ou clenching all over him and him coating your walls white. heeseung felt like seeing stars as he felt the tight sensation all over him, holding onto your ass as you milked all of his release.
after you have ridden out your highs, you loosen your fingers on his neck and unleashed him, feeling very euphoric as you both catch your breaths.
the room was filled with silence as the two of you stared at each other's fucked out faces, breaking into peals of laughter after a second or two. you lazily pressed a kiss on his lips again, to which he returned ever so lovingly.
"did i hear you right?" heeseung whispered, sliding a finger along your spine. you nod, propping your arms onto the mattress to be able to get a clearer view of him. "you really do like me?"
"well, why the fuck would i make you jealous by kissing sunghoon, then?" you giggled, making his expression glum as he remembers how he saw you kiss your best friend. "you're one of a kind, hee. i'd like to get to know you more."
with your words, his heart fluttered. never did he think that he'd fall into one's trap after telling himself that he will never get take interest in someone all these years. he pulls you in for a kiss again, not bothering to pull out just yet. you felt his heartbeat on your fingertips as he held you close and tight, lips still moving rhythmically with yours.
from there, he promised himself that he would go through hell and high water for you.
Tumblr media
漏 2021 all rights reserved | criceofpain on tumblr.
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hanaridulsetcheese 3 months ago
things he likes ~ enhypen hyung line
掳 things that you do while kissing him that he likes.
掳 part two
Tumblr media
heeseung: the way you intertwined your fingers with his.
he loves the feeling of being able to hold your smaller hands in his so believe me when i say, he melts when he feels you reaching to hold his hand in the middle of the kiss. sometimes he's even the first one to hold your hand while you kiss. one hand wraps around your waist and the other grasping yours. it's the little things he likes.
Tumblr media
jay: the way you play with the tips of his hair.
jay doesn't like anyone messing up his hair and you know that, but you just can't resist wanting to play with it because it looks so soft! jay knows this and his heart swells when he feels you play with the tips of his hair while your arms are around his neck. he loves that you are thoughtful enough to know his preferences and still respect it.
Tumblr media
jake: when you hold onto his sleeve/shirt.
jake's a small and tiny human, it's only natural for his partner to be tinier than him so when jake feels you tugging the hem of his shirt or sleeve slightly as you kiss him, he smiles. jake loves the feeling of knowing that you trust him and you feel protected by him so he'll pull you closer and hold you protectively. he loves being trusted by you.
Tumblr media
sunghoon: your shyness after you kiss.
we all know hoon isn't going to be the one to initiate the kiss so when he sees you shyly lean into him, he can't help but give in. he knows you're equally as shy to ask but your actions speak louder than words and he'll obey, planting the softest kiss on your lips before smiling like an idiot as you bury your head in his neck and blush.
here's some enha playlist for you <3
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cafehoon 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
饾悇饾悕饾悋饾悁 饾悁饾悞.....little (physical) things they do to show that they love you !!! (銆冿季鈻斤季銆)
Tumblr media
heeseung! rubs your back when you cuddle
maybe its just me, but i see hee as someone who probably likes cuddling chest to chest (other than when he makes himself super duper tinie in your arms and wants to be the little spoon)
but laying in that position gives him perfect access to wrap an arm around you and absentmindedly rub circles over your back
probably lets his fingers linger at the back of your neck first gently playing with the hair at the nape
and then slowly runs the palm of his hand up and down the expanse of your back, occasionally rubbing his thumb a little deeper against any knots or tension he can feel
loves to do it for you when you鈥檝e had a busy or stressful day and probably actively asks if you want back rubs
or just settles down and opens his arms for you, laughing as you sprint into his embrace and bury your face in his neck
if you鈥檙e comfortable with it, probably puts his hand up the back of your shirt and traces shapes on your skin until you relax, before just letting his fingers rest comfortably against you
if you whine at him to rub your back again, he鈥檇 probably secretly love it and would definitely tease you too
jay! does your skincare when you鈥檙e tired
okay please this is actually something my bestie鈥檚 boyfriend does for her so credits to them for being a cute couple? hehe
ANYWAYS listen i fully believe that jay would be the sweetest bf ever >:((
yes i will spread my soft for jay agenda everywhere, SUE ME
whenever he sees you falling asleep without having washed up he鈥檚 always completely torn because does he leave you to sleep and get some well needed shut eye??? or does he wake you up and make you do your skincare like he knows you鈥檇 want him to??? but you look so cute sleeping??? but鈥
he settles somewhere between both, which is kinda just awkwardly half picking you up, half dragging you to the bathroom so he can very haphazardly try to wash your face for you
(it takes him a while to perfect the technique)
he makes sure to be extra gentle and softly hushes you whenever you try to get up :(
presses little kisses to your eyelids and cheeks between each stage of your routine
before stealing one last kiss after he applies your lip balm which kinda goes against the whole point of putting it on but shh
jaeyun! kisses your cheek before you leave
as shy as jake might have led us to believe he is, i just KNOW this boy is a sucker for kisses
it probably becomes a little routine for you both in the end
like this boy won鈥檛 let you go until he鈥檚 given you a minimum of at least two kisses on each cheek
sometimes they鈥檙e scarce, barely even touching your skin, feather light and kind of tingly :(
other times they鈥檙e a bit firmer and leave little marks on your skin from his lip tint (because jake鈥檚 not the jealous type but he definitely likes to reinforce the fact that you鈥檙e taken lmao)
rubs his thumb over the spot fondly before ruffling your hair or pulling you into a proper kiss depending on his mood and sending you on your way
it might seem small and insignificant because yunie likes to kiss A LOT (</3) but he still manages to get all giddy ok the inside
sunghoon! brushes your hair
although hoonie seems a little more on the shy side, i really think he鈥檇 love brushing your hair!
at first he鈥檚 a little hesitant to ask if he鈥檚 allowed to do it for you, and kinda just....awkwardly stares at you as you get ready
lowkey hints that he wants to touch your hair i鈥
鈥測our hair looks really soft....鈥
鈥渨ow, what conditioner do you use?鈥
鈥渉ey babe, you have a ladybird in your hair!鈥
you did not
sunghoon lied to touch your hair
ANYWAYS when he finally gets the guts to ask, he becomes obsessed with brushing your hair
loves when you sit between his knees on the floor and lean your head back
is SO gentle with you, softly running his fingers through any tangles before brushing it to make sure that you don鈥檛 get hurt
hopes that maybe one day you can teach him how to do cute hairstyles on you as well (锛狅季鈼★季)
sunoo! puts hand cream on for you
sunoo strikes me as someone who loves playing with their s/o鈥檚 hands all the time, and in doing that he probably notices when your hands get a bit dry
doesn鈥檛 even say anything, just grabs some cream and he鈥檚 good to go :D
is really soft!! makes sure not to press down hard when he spreads the cream over your skin because he鈥檇 never want to hurt his baby (鈯冿健鈥⑻佲库⑻锝)鈯
(if you have sensitive skin he鈥檚 always sure to carry around creams that will prevent rashes and irritation)
presses lil kisses to each of your fingers afterwards and never EVER lets go of your hands
once he鈥檚 got a hold of you, that鈥檚 it, your fingers are practically fused together now, no backing out
looks at you like a kicked puppy if you even dare try to untangle your hands :(
jungwon! puts your jewelry on for you
whether it鈥檚 rings, bracelets, earrings or necklaces, wonie will want to help you!!
it probably starts as something small, like you can鈥檛 quite reach to put your necklace on so he offers to do it, and in doing so he discovers he鈥檚......a little bit whipped for you?
okay let ME EXPLAIN
he鈥檚 just clasping the necklace and then he catches sight of you out of the corner of his eye and he sees your pretty smile and the way your eyes sparkle and how your nose scrunches up and he just kinda realises
holy f u c k he loves you! <3
it happens sometimes, you can fight me on it
ANYWAYS listen, after that jungwon practically grapples your jewelry out of your hand so he can put it on for you instead
plays with your fingers after putting your rings on :(( and kisses the back of your hand after putting your bracelets on :(( AND gives you cheek kisses after fixing your necklaces
basically he spoils you (麓锝♀ 岬 鈥健`) 鈾
riki! links pinkies with you wherever you go
riki鈥檚 a tinie lil babie and i think? at first he might be a lil shy with pda even though he鈥檚 super clingy from the looks of it lol
so instead of going to hold your hand he links your pinkies instead! (锛锯柦锛)
he thinks of it as giving you a continual pinky promise that you have his heart BUT he鈥檇 never admit that so don鈥檛 tell anyone
even when he gets more comfy with skinship he finds himself holding onto your pinky finger instead of properly holding your hand because of that very sentiment
maybe he doesn鈥檛 tell you at first though because he鈥檚 highkey shy and a lil embarrassed
but then you鈥檙e kinda a lil :(( because he always takes away his hand within like 0.2 seconds when you try to intertwine your fingers and you think you did something wrong :((
and then he HAS to tell you! because he鈥檇 never want you to feel bad and think you made him upset when he鈥檚 not!
AAAAND after that whenever he links your pinkies you feel a little burst of love in your heart because
isn鈥檛 your boyfriend just the cutest?
yes, yes he is
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fairytheo 8 months ago
enhypen as your boyfriend.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
boyfriend!enhypen x gen!reader. fluff. 1.9k. curse words. mention of bugs, food. not requested.
Tumblr media
馃悎 飧濃笣 HEESEUNG 藱饜兎藱
super-duper caring !!
he鈥檚 so whipped for you 鈥 he smiles just by thinking about you
also very giggly around you
LOVES lending you his beanies
(aka. you stealing them..)
+ you steal his earrings as well ! not that he minds
absolutely adores singing for you / he loves singing you to sleep :D
hold up, is being heeseung鈥檚 s/o just being his personal ramen cook聽馃え馃え
he aaalwaays bugs you to play games with him (especially wii and nintendo switch lmao)
either that or you鈥檙e playing animal crossing while eating takeout at your dinner table
you鈥檙e the only person in the world who he鈥檒l ever do aegyo for.聽
he secretly enjoys it, but shhh you didn鈥檛 hear that from me
i think he likes calling you names like cutie, cutiepie or just a shorter version of your name <3 (if there is one !)
booping your nose is on his everyday to do list聽鈽濓笍
lowkey therapist & boyfriend in one ngl
WAIT he loves making playlists for you two,,聽
鈥測/n! i made another playlist, do you wanna listen to it? i made it while thinking of you.鈥 <//3聽
the type to write cheesy lyrics about you, then later cringes at his own writing bUT then leaves it like that because you like it !
you have his cover of lauv鈥檚 鈥渋鈥檓 so tired鈥 either set as your alarm or play it on loop everyday聽
(random but for some reason i can picture him giving you a cassette with his cover on it just for the vintage vibes)
Tumblr media
馃悎 飧濃笣 JAY 藱饜兎藱
the mom-and-boyfriend in one ;]聽
f a s h i o n聽聽c o u p l e聽
you are literally fashion icons. no disagreements.聽
you have matching clothes or accessories ! even if it鈥檚 really subtle, the gesture behind it is super adorable <//3
cooking pt. 2 :D but this time there鈥檚 a gorden ramsay in your relationship
i can just SEE how you both two impersonate gorden ramsay while cooking which makes everything 10 times funnier !!聽checks every 5 seconds if the food is ready tho because he doesn鈥檛 wanna risk anything
never cleans up afterwards, either you do or no one does
since you鈥檙e both fashion icons your social media followers are going聽馃搱馃搱馃搱
literally couple goals.
he loves taking pictures of you,, but also wants you to take pictures of him聽
jay gets flustered easily so please make him flustered with sudden compliments, hugs, kisses, etc. !!
he鈥檚 also the only member i can聽really聽see calling you babe
confident but shy about pda at the same time ??? he鈥檚 both LOL聽
you always tease him with his RAS moments and randomly quote them when you鈥檙e in the middle of a conversation with him lmao
random and idk if this fits here, but he likes making your lunch 鈥 leaves you encouraging notes too <3
last but not least: jokingly gets angry at you when he wants something from you, and you do the same thing back 鈾
Tumblr media
馃悎 飧濃笣 JAKE 藱饜兎藱
sweetest and softest boyfriend to ever exist.聽i鈥檓 so soft for him JSHSHS
definitely calls you sweetie and darling. 100%. fight me if you think otherwise.聽
shows you pics of layla everyday (it鈥檚 become routine for him >_<)
a tiny bit clich茅 BUT lends you his jacket whenever you鈥檙e cold (even when you鈥檙e inside !!)
random thought: jake puts his hands in your hoodie pockets...
it鈥檚 his personal goal to peck your cheek and forehead at least twice a day 鈥 gets pouty if he wasn鈥檛 able to do that ))):::
talks in english a lot because you love his accent !!
if you鈥檙e an english speaker, you鈥檒l have conversations in english all. the. time.
if you鈥檙e not an english speaker, no worries, he鈥檒l teach you !
+ reads you bedtime stories in english (jake鈥檚 australian accent >>>)聽
dreams of travelling with you to australia <33聽聽
if there鈥檚 a bug in the house you better know that jake will NOT be removing them and runs out of the house
WILL stay over at one of the other member鈥檚 houses untill that bug is REMOVED .聽
so if you鈥檙e afraid of bugs as well,,, i鈥檓 sorry bae, but it鈥檒l be your task to remove these little... creatures聽馃槓
ngl you have more photos of layla than of him on your phone lol
(spams you with her pictures and captions them with 鈥測/n!!! look!!! layla with a flower!!!! layla with a butterfly!!!!鈥 it鈥檚 just so sweet aaa)
we need some 鈥溾濃漝rama鈥濃濃 so you make jokes about him being a 鈥滒煡娥煉葛煍ヰ煉 boy a lot in your relationship LMAO
Tumblr media
馃悎 飧濃笣 SUNGHOON 藱饜兎藱
ice skating dates.
this has been mentioned in other headcanons a lot already but i just HAD to include it,,
convinces you to eat ice cream after your date LOL even if it IS winter
btw. fashion couple nr. 2 !!!聽
ugh the visuals and the power you two hold,,,, i can鈥檛,,,,,
has better clothes than you ngl so you share clothes lmao
it started with him lending you his sweatpants, but then you聽didn鈥檛 want to return them聽forgot to return them and BOOM聽馃挜聽here we are
extremely awkward and shy at first 鈥 don鈥檛 worry though, he becomes much more chaotic in the later phases of your relationship
he teases you SO MUCH. LIKE.聽SO MUCH.
always has small smile聽(smirk?)聽on his face when he鈥檚 about to make a cocky remark (so beware)
you tease him back just twice as hard which 1.) results in him in becoming flustered 2.) fails LOL
off-topic but he鈥檇 love a s/o that has a similar style to him ??? a more elegant, classy, dark style perhaps
when he鈥檚 away / busy he鈥檒l send you some selcas and captions them with 鈥渉ow r u doing??鈥 鈥渄id you eat yet?鈥 鈥渃heer up :P鈥澛
kinda shy about pda but likes showing off too ???
i mean,, men...聽馃檮馃檮聽/lh
whenever someone mentions your name near him, he鈥檒l just try to hide his smile while biting his lip (yk what i鈥檓 talking about???) and you鈥檒l see his dimples and the affectionate look in his eyes and just AAAAA
the type of boyfriend that calls you love~
Tumblr media
馃悎 飧濃笣 SUNOO 藱饜兎藱
skin care routines with sunoo 24/7聽馃
he does your hair (if your hair is long enough to do different hairstyles with it ofc !!)聽
send you聽daily聽weekly skin care products he thinks you two should try out / that鈥檇 be good for your skin <3
spa nights every friday at 9pm 鈥 he only lets you in if you wear a stylish pyjama LOL
you buy him peach items because they just remind you so much of him (锝♀⑻侊缚鈥⑻锝)
SELCA TIME !!! his phone is always ready !!! (apart from his storage maybe?)
loves to go on walks w u
does A LOT of aegyo,,聽
and i know that you knew that this point will be in this headcanon.
for eg. instead of saying goodnight or bye he鈥檒l just do aegyo for you聽not that anyone minds tbh
stages of sunoo flirting (?):
a 鈥 tries to compliment you (it sounds more like a flirty remark tbh)
b 鈥 realizes then blushes
c 鈥 cringes and runs away LMAO
playfully acts jealous, so you know it鈥檚 a joke but deep down he鈥檚 actually jealous
you two match each others vibes a lot 鈥 if one is sad, the other is sad as well
+ tells you your posture is bad when you sit like a banana or tells you to go to sleep early and when you don鈥檛 listen to him, he鈥檒l show you an article that proves that (abc) and (xyz) is bad for you and says 鈥渋 told you so.鈥澛狆煉
Tumblr media
馃悎 飧濃笣 JUNGWON 藱饜兎藱
impresses you by doing kicks (does the kick cap challenge on tiktok and/or you play kick it by nct 127 for the funzies)聽
poking his dimple is a MUST .聽馃槱馃槱
though gets super shy when you kiss him and also if you buy him gifts !!
cheers you up whenever you feel down or are upset
compliments you a ton ))): will randomly come up to you and tell you that your fit is cute or that you look brighter today,,, little does he know it's because of him ;]
poking his dimple comes first, then hugging
the other members tease you two everytime you鈥檙e over LOL it鈥檚 like there are two koalas clinging onto each other
our yang garden gained another sheep +1
you two randomly play sheep,,,, like,,, everyday ????聽sheep cosplays聽馃憤
idk why ig it鈥檚 just fun to imitate sheep and go 鈥渕mmeEeEeeEhh鈥 to annoy others
talking of that, even THOUGH he is a responsible leader he will not hesitate to do stupid shit with you
鈥渉ey how about we ring on that house there and yell 鈥渟heep for sale!鈥 do you think they鈥檒l open the door?鈥
鈥渋 don鈥檛 know... let鈥檚 find out!鈥 馃
let鈥檚 just say that this didn鈥檛 end well..
also kinda bullies you (in a loving way ofc !!) pand teases you nonstop
either calls you asshole or love aHA
in conclusion: a very unpredictable relationship,, would 10/10 recommend.
very random but i feel like his love language is acts of service
Tumblr media
馃悎 飧濃笣 NI-KI 藱饜兎藱
oh look it鈥檚 our tsundere聽馃樇
can鈥檛 go a day without dancing so you two have vibing sessions at 2am everyday聽ft. the others telling you to go to bed
you鈥檙e the only one that can make him soft lol
if you鈥檙e older than him, you would definitely take care of him like your own baby !!聽
if you are the same age as him or younger it鈥檇 be awkward for him at first, because he isn鈥檛 used to taking care of someone younger, so he鈥檇 treat you as if you were his best friend at the beginning
you love to watch him dance !! it鈥檚 so satisfying,, LITERAL asmr.
pranks you 24/7. boy has NO mercy. will not care if the others will scold him later. he will do the prank smoothly (?) 鈥 doesn鈥檛 care about the consequences LMAO
probably sets your alarm to someone screaming or a cringy aegyo song <//3
wants to film dance covers with you !! you don鈥檛 have to be the best dancer either !! as long as you have fun ^__^聽
the other members find you really cute but are also vERY TIRED OF YOU,, two energized teens in a relationship was not a good idea聽鈽濓笍
likes to randomly hold your hand and swing it around聽
probably distant at the beginning of the relationship because a.) he doesn鈥檛 want to pressure you/make things awkward b.) he doesn鈥檛 really know what to do either ???
(if you鈥檙e not japanese or don鈥檛 know how to speak japanese) he鈥檒l definitely teach you some japanese phrases and words !! introduce you to his culture as well :DD and he really wants to know more about your culture too <3
teaches you phrases like 鈥渟unoo is a dumbass鈥 for the funzies LOL
randomly makes micheal jackson impressions,,, it鈥檚 hilarious LMFAO
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en-hale 5 months ago
MTL who in hyung line en- has a large dick! idk if this is a mtl lmaoaooao
This def counts as an MTL!!
嗉 锝 藮 鈧 藲鈯 MTL Enhypen Hyung Line with the Largest Dick嗉 锝 藮 鈧 藲鈯
pairing 鈶 Enha- Hyung! x fem!reader
warning 鈶 18+ content/smut (mentions of size, thickness, and literally anything else to describe a joystick), read at your own discretion
author's note 鈶 I kind of went off on on the first two members, but it's just because I know they're packing!!!!!! so forgive me for the short ones that the last two members have. enjoy!
鈶 Schlong 鈶
Sunghoon 鈶 Sunghoon has to have a huge dick, cause each time I look at him, he is sitting with his legs wide open. Even in photos and videos, it's like his legs just don't ever come together. When I see guys sitting like that, I automatically believe they're huge, and that's no different for him. I believe that it's actually quite scary how big he can get. It's def thick and long, which is surprising just because he's so skinny (like a muscular skinny), but he is for SURE packing. When seeing it for the first time, It can be intimidating. You're for sure not able to fit all of it in your mouth without choking or gagging. When he enters you, it stretches you out like crazy. You're already shaking before he can even fit all of him in you, and it's so long that you can feel it hitting your cervix. You might've even had to take it day by day, fitting bit by bit of him in you until that day comes and all of him is in you. He'd have to be slow for your first time, but he might have a bit of a corruption kink, so the next few times, it's hardcore, and you just kind of have to take it. You'd probably cry a bit and scream just because it feels out-of-control-good, but Sunghoon would talk you all the way through and praise you for being so good on his cock.
Jay 鈶 Jay is for sure packing. He's the type of person to not brag about his cock size. Like, if the hyung members were all comparing sizes (because boys will be boys), then Jay would be the one to be like "oh no, my dick isn't big, it's pretty small." But it's always the ones that say their dick is tiny that be the ones with schlongs. So when you've asked him about it, you weren't that worried until the moment comes and that shit is huge. You tell him it's big and he still doesn't think so, but you know. I feel like he is above average by two inches, but it's more so the thickness of his cock. it's just super wide. You're def not able to put it in your mouth because it's too thick. The tip is the only thing that really fits. When he enters you, it first hurts like hell because he's stretching you out like there is no tomorrow. But after a few seconds, it feels unbelievably good. He'll continuously ask you if you're feeling okay and if it hurts or not, but you're so in the moment that you aren't able to speak. The aftercare would also be him running you a bath and getting you plenty of water and just being super caring.
Heeseung 鈶 Heeseung is pretty average (maybe an inch above), but his whole motto is that "It's not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean." Although, Heeseung will fuck you like he does have the biggest cock known to man. It still feels amazing, it still gets you to orgasm multiple times, and it makes you go insane for more. In fact, Heeseung likes to tease you with his cock a lot. He'll get really close behind you so that you can feel it on your ass, he'll rub it against your clit until you come, and he'll make you watch him stroke it without touching yourself. Don't worry, him not having the largest dick is the very least of your worries.
Jake 鈶 Jake is as average as it gets if not teetering on the line (but also, who gets to say what's average and what's not???). It doesn't matter though, he makes you feel good and you make him feel good. His dick, somewhat similar to jay, is that it's thick. So going in, it's insanely pleasurable how he's able to stretch you out. But Jake is most def a mouth and fingers kind of guy. He'd rather pleasure you by eating you out or fingering you than his cock. He likes to watch you orgasm and scream out of control. Even still, his cock feels amazing so there really is no difference.
鈶 Average 鈶
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
featuring : heeseung , jay , sunghoon , jungwon.
taglist batch one : @junityy @gyuuss @intokook @leavethemonsteralive @iuwon @envirae @fairyjunn @rutosruru-world @daystiny @luvholicz @imdamconfused @renjunvrse @eterni-ki @dweio @rae-blogging @enhyseob @jitaros @jdyunvrs @yunntext @yourlocalhotgf @strwberrydinosaur @mark-lees-world @chileangring4 @99swinwin @99outros @heejojo @thekinkpopstandsforkrackheads @tyongishs @jiminisyourangel @yutaalove @yangianwon @icywhatim @sunshine-skz @hwallswrld @twntycm @sooblvr @whoe-dis @thegracerammy @k2oi @simpforsung @90sni-ki @wccycc @definitely-not-kyuzu @iminchaosnow
Tumblr media
嗒溌 飧 _ 鈥 . . . heeseung.
you'd be minding your own business as heeseung scrolls through his instagram feed, your sketchbook in hand and your pen clasped between your fingers
seeing him go through tattoo inspos, you'd get the idea
he would perk up when you call his name and you'd ask him if he could give you his free hand for a sec
he'd agree, not really knowing what you'd want from his arm bahaha
he'd return to his scrolling but then freeze when he feels the tip of your ballpoint pen glide over the skin right under the inside of his elbow
"what are you...?? 馃え" he'd ask a little suspicious of your actions
but then would smile a teensy tiny bit when he takes a glimpse of the design
he'd wait patiently for you to finish and finally beam at the product
exactly the design he had eyed and wanted omg he'd be like, "yep. let's go to the tattoo parlor rn. I gotta make them trace out this exact thing rn 馃槍"
vv happy
rest of the members are under the cut!
嗒溌 飧 _ 鈥 . . . jay.
he knew you liked drawing on your hands and arms whenever you were bored and he found it cute how you'd randomly mark your skin with ink so often :((
one day, he'd be studying you while you lied on your bed, distracted by the tv and making little daisies on your wrist while watching
and so he'd ask you if you could draw a few for him too 鈽癸笍鈽癸笍
ofc you'd agree!!
he looked so eager to let you do it
so you take a nice colored pen and hold his hand in your palm to make sure the flowers came out nicely
by the time you were done, he'd have an entire garden on his arm bahahaha
he loves it tho so it's okay 馃槶鉁
嗒溌 飧 _ 鈥 . . . sunghoon.
thinks that you'll get cancer bc of your habit 馃拃
i mean, thanks for the concern but you're just so. bored.
so whatever 馃様 you end up forgetting about his warnings and drawing anyways and one day, you write his name on your palm
with a permanent marker nonetheless lmao
and he'd be like, what is that? 馃え
you tell him what it is and he'd be so comically done bc...
your entire body.
it was inked 馃槶鉁
you just couldn't help it. the urge was just way too strong. you'd beg for him to give you some space on his skin and at first he would adamantly refuse
.... but he did actually like the fact that his name was on you. so he'd eventually allow it 馃檮
guess where?
boom. he'd want your name written right on his collarbone 馃様鉁 cocky lil guy istg
嗒溌 飧 _ 鈥 . . . jungwon.
okay so he is down to do anything you feel like doing
so one evening while on a study date, you'd shyly tap on the back of his hand while is writing something
and you'd ask if he is okay with you drawing something on his fingers 鈽癸笍鈽癸笍 which he ofc says yes
bc duh he doesn't question lmao he is whipped
so you take his wrist and turn his palm up
and then you'd lean in to get a better view as you drew a few lines on the inner side of his fingers
it'd be so quiet while you're doing your business
and he'd feel so flustered
bc #1 you're literally so close to him
#2 you're holding his hand and #3 you look so vvv cute with that look of concentration 馃槶
he'd be so giddy inside when you reveal the final product with a happy and satisfied grin
it'd be two very simple figures on his index and middle finger who look like they're holding hands when he closes the gap between them :(((
Tumblr media
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鉂 just like me 鉂 - nishimura riki
SUMMARY: a new trainee manages to catch Riki's eye
PAIRING(S): nishimura riki x fem!trainee!reader
GENRE: fluff, idol au, tiny angst if you squint
WARNINGS: homesickness, pining, very very slight jealousy, usage of the word 鈥渄ie鈥 once, reader is implied as a foreigner
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Perhaps a little too busy for someone so young, but he was content. Since leaving his hometown at just 13, he had to grow up a lot faster than he should have. He had been given the choice of his childhood or his dream, and he ultimately chose the latter.
So although he loved his job as an idol, he couldn鈥檛 ignore the undeniable loneliness he sometimes felt.
Everything was on a tight schedule for Riki. He liked organization. He liked consistency. All his decisions were made for him, so it was comforting when he at least knew what to expect.
Riki had been practicing for hours, finally deciding for a break. His members had all gone for their lunch break, leaving Riki to practice more as per his request. He leaves his phone in the practice room, hoping to get away from any and all distractions. He steps outside for a breather, as his mind spurs itself on with all sorts of absurdities.
Somewhere along the commotion in his own mind, he started wandering around the company building. He was in a wing he鈥檇 never been in before, and despite logic telling him to go back, he kept walking.
He could hear faint music playing in the background, quickly recognizing it as 鈥淒runk-Dazed.鈥 Like a moth to light, he follows the song, trying to figure out who in their building would be playing his song, out of all the choices.
He peeks into the practice room, finding a few girls practicing the choreography. Seeing as how he鈥檇 never seen them before, he knew they must have been the new trainees. He observed them with a light smile on his face, feeling prideful to see them practicing to his song.
One trainee in particular had stood out to him, catching his attention throughout the performance. The way she danced was so clean and perfected, she had to have been dancing for years.
She was really good, maybe even better than him. Hell, if it were up to him, Riki would have said she was ready to debut. She was truly remarkable, and would definitely become an essential asset to whatever group she would debut in.
He spied on the girls for a few more minutes, before his attention was pulled away.
鈥淩iki! Where have you been?鈥 He snapped his head around to see Jay, quickly closing the door of the practice room. 鈥淲e鈥檝e been looking all over for you, why are you even here?鈥
He shrugs it off, deciding to follow Jay back to their practice room. 鈥淛ust exploring.鈥 Jay鈥檚 not convinced, but shrugs it off.
The next few days go by much the same, Riki sneaking off during a break to go and watch, trying his best to be discreet.
He鈥檇 lost track of time earlier while practicing, so he got slightly worried that you wouldn鈥檛 still be practicing at the late hour. When he got there, however, it was just you, as he assumed all the other trainees had gone home by now. You were similar to him, working hard, even after everyone else had left. It seems he knows you so well, even without ever speaking to you.
Mesmerized by your outstanding performance, he loses his alertness when he accidentally trips over a wire, cutting out the music. You turn towards the loud noise, eyes widening when you see your senior in front of you. 鈥滌劆氚! Sorry, did you need the practice room?鈥
He shakes his head, suddenly getting flustered. 鈥淣o! I just- I was watching you practice.鈥 He bashfully admits, the tips of his ears blushing deep red. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e really good.鈥
You鈥檝e both been reduced to a blushing mess, unsure of how to respond. I mean, you鈥檙e just a trainee, in front of a global star. Who wouldn鈥檛 be nervous? 鈥淭hank you! I鈥檓 still getting used to everything here, so I鈥檓 still not too sure.鈥
His expression lights up a bit, and his expression softens. You really were just like him, far from home but trying your best. 鈥淚鈥檓 being serious, you鈥檝e got talent. You remind yourself of me.鈥 You simply nod, a large smile forming on your face. He checks his watch, muttering when he sees the time. 鈥淚鈥檒l go now, but keep up the good work. I鈥檒l be rooting for you!鈥
When he finally leaves, he wears a wide grin the entire way home.
Over time, he got more comfortable talking to you. You鈥檙e both still a bit bashful around each other, but neither of you seem to mind. The short conversations near the end of the day turned into long talks, and visiting each other, even mid-day while you both were practicing. He had even had the courage to give you his number, which resulted in long text conversations and even a few facetimes.
He enjoyed being around you, since you didn鈥檛 view him as an idol, you just viewed him as Riki. He was so far from home, but you gave him some comfort. Maybe this isn鈥檛 so bad, he thought.
Unfortunately though, his other members aren鈥檛 as clueless as he thinks. Although they鈥檝e managed to keep hush about their observations, Jake just can鈥檛 seem to keep his mouth shut during dinner one day. 鈥淪o who is she ?鈥 He suddenly asks, a knowing smile on his face.
The other members laugh slightly, and Riki鈥檚 a little taken aback, but he treads carefully. 鈥淲hat are you talking about?鈥
Sunghoon lets out a weak chuckle, earning a light hit on the head from Jay. 鈥淭he girl you鈥檙e always talking too. During practice, after we鈥檝e all left, calling her at night, you鈥檙e pretty damn loud, by the way鈥 Jake continues, raising a brow.
鈥淵/N?鈥 He questions, eyes widening. How did they know about her? 鈥淪he鈥檚 just a friend!鈥 He鈥檚 desperately trying to defend himself, but none of them seem to really buy it. 鈥淲hy are you guys looking at me like that?鈥
鈥淪he鈥檚 pretty,鈥 Sunoo starts, making Riki pout slightly. 鈥淚鈥檝e seen her and her friends dance, she鈥檚 pretty good.鈥
鈥淪he鈥檚 really good. I think she鈥檚 debut ready.鈥 Riki corrects, suddenly getting defensive over his friend.
鈥淒ebut ready? Didn鈥檛 she just join the company?鈥 Jungwon laughs out, flustering Riki. 鈥淚 agree with Sunoo though, she鈥檚 pretty.鈥
鈥淵eah, but, she鈥檚 been dancing since she was 5. Her singing and rapping are also really impressive, and like you said, her visuals are no joke. She鈥檚 seriously an all-rounder.鈥 His fellow members simply laugh at his enthusiasm, embarrassing Riki once more.
鈥淪o do you like her?鈥 Heeseung asks, a wry smile on his face.
Riki simply huffs as he gets up from the table, putting his dish in the sink. 鈥淚鈥檓 not hungry anymore.鈥
During the next few weeks, Riki had truly become your best friend. You didn鈥檛 think anybody could ever get you the way he did, and there was never a dull moment with him.
When you were upset about your instructor scolding you, he took you out for bungeoppang (which was the day you learned you both had the same favorite food.) Or when you wanted to talk about your new favorite book, he simply listened to you talk intently, and even though he wasn鈥檛 a big reader, he asked for your copy of the book, just so he could read it and see your little annotations. He finished the book within a week, by the way.
You鈥檇 called and told him you were feeling homesick, so he invited you to his dorm and said he would (attempt to) cook your favorite foods. 鈥淏ut won鈥檛 your members be there? I don鈥檛 wanna be a bother.鈥
鈥淣ah, they went out today. We had an off day, so they all went to see their friends and family.鈥 You nodded when you realized Riki couldn鈥檛 visit his family either, pitying him.
鈥淥kay, I鈥檒l be there soon.鈥
You should have known not to trust Riki in the kitchen, especially after seeing his failed bungeoppang attempt. You've seen all the ENHYPEN&HI episodes, but you鈥檇 never admit that to his face.
So here you were, standing in the kitchen, a bunch of ingredients scattered all over the place. 鈥淗ow did you even manage to drop the pan?鈥 You ask, a frustrated sigh coming out.
鈥淚t was hot!鈥 He quickly defends, putting his hands up.
鈥淚t鈥檚 a pan, Riki! Of course it鈥檚 hot!鈥 You shoot back, knitting your brows together as you hit his arm lightly. Damn, how could you be so cute, even when you鈥檙e so mad?
His plan was to finish up hours ago, eat with you and eventually send you home. However, due to his cooking skills, or lack thereof, you took much longer than expected. Now slightly frustrated, you huff before walking into the bathroom to clean yourself off.
And just when he thought things couldn鈥檛 get worse, he hears the sound of a door opening and loud footsteps, signaling his members' return. Shit.
鈥淩iki?鈥 He hears Sunghoon call out from down the hall, going into slight panic mode as he knows Jay would flip if he saw his youngest member in the midst of all this.
When Jungwon pops his head into the kitchen to see Riki there, he lets out an audible gasp. 鈥淲hat the hell happened?!鈥
The sight isn鈥檛 a pretty one, Riki is covered in flour and there鈥檚 a bunch of stray ingredients on the floor. The other members quickly follow Jungwon in, similar noises of surprise being let out. He hopes and prays that you can take the hint and somehow sneak out before the others see you.
鈥淵ou see, I was cooking, and then...I dropped it.鈥 He bashfully admits.
鈥淎nd the flour?鈥 Sunoo asks, as Riki desperately tries to swerve away from the fact that him dropping the pan caused you to slip, resulting in spilling the bag of flour all over both him and yourself.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not important right now.鈥 He asserts, still trying to clean himself up. Jay looks like he鈥檚 about to burst, huffing loudly as he observes Riki.
鈥淲hy didn鈥檛 you just order food? Is there a girl you鈥檙e trying to impress or something? Because cooking is not the way to do it鈥 He scolds, going over to help him.
鈥淚t鈥檚 probably that trainee girl he likes.鈥 Heeseung laughs, unaware that you鈥檙e barely a few feet down. Despite having 7 musicians in one house, those walls are not soundproof.
Riki begins blushing a deep red, unsure of how to defend himself. He can鈥檛 deny it, considering you could hear and get the wrong idea. But he can鈥檛 admit to it, because then he鈥檇 die of embarrassment.
鈥...You like me?鈥 You coyly stammered, peeking out from the wall you were hiding behind. His members all turn to face you, startled by your presence. Heeseung is the most embarrassed of them all, sending an apologetic look towards Riki.
Riki, flustered out of his mind, can only nod in response. 鈥淵eah, I guess I do.鈥
His members are watching intently, waiting to see your reaction. 鈥淲ell, I like you too, Riki.鈥 You admit, a small smile forming on your face.
He鈥檚 unable to hide the wide grin on his face, going to embrace you tightly. You鈥檇 forgotten all about the others until you hear his members laughing behind you, making both of you flustered.
鈥淪o Riki鈥︹ Jake starts, a teasing smile on his face. 鈥淲anna formally introduce us?鈥
He鈥檚 still a bit embarrassed, but ultimately swallows his pride as he puts his hand around your waist.
鈥淕uys, this is Y/N.鈥 He starts, 鈥淢y girlfriend.鈥
Tumblr media
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