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#i know the 3rd one is me shh i think it's really funny still
wand3ringr0s3 · 10 months ago
peer review College!AU (fred weasley smut)
a/n: this has been sitting in my drafts forever omg but I finally finished it. tbh im really interested in writing more Modern!AU’s with the twins so if you would like something like that lmk. 
warnings: SMUT, NSFW 18+, Minors DNI, unprotected sex, oral (female receiving, praise kink, public sex, all characters are above 18 given they are in their 3rd year of college, basic chem stuff bc im not smart enough to add the real confusing things.   
18+ taglist:  @theweasleysredhair @loony-loopy-lupinn @whiz-bangs78 @harrysweasleys @wandsandwheezes @starlightweasley @slytherinsunrise @mariah-can-dream 
College was basically just a game of who could drink more coffee in one day. Or at least that's how it felt for you. Even in your 3rd year of college you hadn’t exactly found a good schedule. 
Balancing all your classes, clubs, and social life was pretty impossible. Maybe if you didn’t sleep and just drank red bull for every meal you could do it. It also didn’t help that you tended to put more work into the classes you liked and not so much in the ones you didn’t like. 
Okay maybe it was just Chemistry. 
You didn’t know why you thought taking Chem 32A was a good idea but you were paying the price every day. Your grades were, less than stellar. Could it be from your distaste for your Chem professor, probably. But you decided to blame something else, or someone else. 
See it was very hard to pay attention in class when the guy sitting next to you was just, so hot. It wasn’t fair that the one class you were struggling with had a very distracting student. 
His name was Fred Weasley. He had messy ginger hair that you just wanted to run your hands through. Faint freckles were scattered all over his face, his smile was contagious and he was quite funny. Not to mention his accent, it was drool worthy. 
Lets just say instead of memorizing Polyatomic ions you were too busy memorizing the way his face looked when he laughed, or the way his eyes shined when he was explaining a lesson. 
“Excuse me Ms. L/n” you professor calls. Walking up to his desk you try to ignore the fact that Fred was staring at you. Your professor hands you the latest test with a big fat D in red on the paper. You internally groan at yet another bad grade. 
“The midterm is in 2 weeks, you have a chance to get your grade up. I suggest peer tutoring in the library or setting up a meeting with me after class” You nod silently and take your test back. After you leave the room you let out a frustrated groan. Chemistry is so stupid, why did you stay in the class again? 
“Hey! Wait up!” That’s why. You turn around to see Fred waving his hand. You bite your lip as he catches up with you. 
“I er-overheard that you’re having a bit of trouble with Chemistry” You wince slightly, a bit is an understatement. 
“I have some free time friday night, I can tutor you if you’d like.” Why on earth would the hot British student want to help you? 
“Really? Are you sure?” He nods and flashes you a bright smile. 
“I don’t mind love” Your knees go weak at the sound of his accent. Love just sounds so much better coming from him than anyone else. 
“I’d really appreciate it then” He hands you a piece of paper with his phone number on it then heads back to class. You take a minute to calm yourself down before heading straight back to your dorms. 
“I cannot believe you got the hot guys number” You were lying on your bed in your dorm room. You immediately told your roommate and she was freaking out. 
“He’s totally into you” She says with a sly smirk on her face. 
“No way, he’s just being nice. Aren’t British people supposed to be really nice?” A small part of you wishes that what she was saying is true. Not only was he hot he was a very sweet man. He was always walking around class helping students who needed. 
“Just wait and see, if he isn’t interested now he will be afterwards” 
The days leading up to your tutoring session went by in a flash, you had a midterm for English and spent many sleepless nights working on your paper. When Friday came around you were very nervous. You texted him earlier and he said to meet him at around 7pm. 
It was 6:55 and you were standing outside the library waiting. You nervously played with the ends of your sweater. 
“Hello darling” Fred says, he had a handful of books and binders with paper in them. He was dressed a little more casual than usual. 
He tended to dress more professionally in class but here he was just in a sweater and jeans. He leads you to the 8th floor of the library. Normally it would be closed at this hour but students could stay as long as they needed to. You hand him your test and he looks it over, taking notes of the topics that you struggled with the most. 
“So do you understand what you did wrong?” His sweet British voice was quite a distraction as he waits for an answer. 
“Are you alright love?” His hand rests on top of yours making you shiver. 
“Sorry! Um I kind of get what I do wrong but I don’t fully understand the concepts.” Fred runs his hands through his hair and smiles. 
“No worries, that’s what I’m here for.” As the night goes on you’re retaining some information but your mind keeps drifting. 
To specifically Fred and just how hot he looked. Throughout the course of the night he lost the sweater. His long sleeved shirt now rolled up to his elbows. His hair messier and his voice getting deeper from the tiredness. You felt bad staring at him when he was here on his own time helping  you but you just couldn’t help yourself. He was utterly intoxicating. 
“Here you go love.” Raising your head from your arms you take the coffee that Fred was holding out for you. 
“How much was it?” You ask taking a sip. He shakes his head. 
“Don’t worry about it.” Fred sips his tea and throws on his glasses back on. He doesn’t wear them normally but as it got later he decided to use them. The black framed glasses fit his face so well and sent a lot of dirty thoughts straight to your brain. 
“You sure you’re alright love?” Fred bites his lip and tilts his head. “You seem distracted.” His voice was laced with worry which makes your heart flutter more. 
Yeah just thinking about what your hands would look like around my neck. 
“Pardon?” Your eyes widen and your mouth falls open as your struggle to find the words. 
In your sleepy state your words seemed to have come out of your mouth as you thought them. Fred was smirks as he watches you be consumed by embarrassment. 
“This is so mortifying.” You mumble into your hands. 
“It’s only awkward if you make it awkward love.” A hint of playfulness in his voice as he moves his chair closer to you. 
“Here, I think I have a way to help with studying.” Your breath hitches as he takes your hand and kisses the inside of your wrist. His chocolate brown eyes staring at you through the big framed glasses makes you weak. 
“Let me know if you want me to stop alright?” You nod, not being able to get words out of your mouth. 
“Water has a pH of what?” 
“Um, water is neutral which means its pH is 7.” Your voice shaky as Fred kisses up your arm. 
“Correct.” He smiles and nibbles on your ear making you gasp quietly. 
“Can you name all the strong acids?” His warm breath in your ear sends shivers down your spine. He was standing over you now, his hands on the back of your chair. 
“Uh, Hydrochloric acid, N-Nitric acid, Sulfuric acid.” You squeak and widen your eyes as Fred bites softly on the soft skin of your neck. 
“Keep going love.” He mumbles against your skin. Taking a deep breath you clench your hand to keep you focused on anything but the handsome man sucking on your neck. 
“Hydroiodic acid, Perchloric acid, um..” You bite your lip as you try to recall the last few acids. You let out a whine as Fred stops kissing your neck and pulls away. 
“Fred,” You look up at him with puppy dog eyes but he just smirks. 
“Only good girls get kisses darling,” Your stomach erupts into butterflies at the sound of him calling you a good girl. 
“Chloric acid and Hydrobromic acid.” You say quickly as you pull him back down. He chuckles at your slight desperation. 
“Very good,” He lets go of you and sits back down on his chair. He pats his lap making you nervous. It was quite late but there were still a few people in the library. 
“Come on love, Let me give you your reward.” The nervousness of being in a public library disappears the longer Fred stares at you with that sultry look in his eyes. 
Sitting on his lap he positions you to face him, your hands on his shoulders as you straddle him. His hands reach under your sweatshirt and he silently asks you to take it off. Avoiding eye contact you slip off your sweatshirt and for the hell of it your shirt too. Fred likes his lips as he stares at you with a hungry gaze. 
“So bloody beautiful.” He mumbles bringing his hands up to caress your breasts through your bra. 
“Fred,” You whine softly as he leans for ward to pepper your neck with kisses. 
“Shh, don’t want anyone to catch us right princess?” You let out a moan as he calls you princess. Never had you been called that before but you loved it so much, especially coming from a guy like Fred. 
“Do you want this?” His lust fades for a moment as he looks at you with real care in his eyes. 
“I want this Fred, god I want this so bad.” Smirking Fred stands you up and sets you on the table. He buries his head in your neck as his hands move to strip the rest of your clothing. 
“No one comes to this side of the library past 10pm.” He mumbles as he pulls off your panties and unclips your bra. 
“Bloody hell, you’re absolutely gorgeous. Do you trust me?” His hands rest on your thighs rubbing circles into them softly. Despite the lust that was growing in his eyes he refused to do anything that you wouldn’t like. 
“I trust you Fred,” You smile and press a kiss to his cheek. 
He takes a step back and takes off his shirt leaving his chest bare. You bite your lip as you rake your eyes down his toned chest. 
“Fucking hell, you’re hot.” You mumble as you lick your lips. Fred chuckles and takes off his glasses. 
“Wait,” You say as before he can put them away. Looking down you fight the embarrassment. “Can you keep those on please?” 
Fred looks down at his glasses and grins before putting them back on. To add salt to the wound he ruffles up his hair even more making you completely lose all shame. He totally knows what he’s doing to you. 
The cheeky bastard. 
All sense of pride is lost as you shamelessly admire every part of his body. He was lanky but fit. He has those cute freckles all over his chest and neck which makes you wonder what else has freckles on them. 
“Lay on your back princess.” He hooks your legs on his shoulders and kisses up your thigh. His fingers dance along your legs. 
The faint touch making you jump as he gets closer to your pussy. Propping yourself up on your elbows you watch was Fred leaves hickeys along your thighs. His eyes dart up to meet yours and smirks as he sees the look of submission on your face. 
“I said on your back.” His voice gruff and commanding. Laying back down you can only wait in anticipation for what he was going to do to you.
“Oh!” You bite your knuckle as Fred teases your clit with his tongue. 
“Shh baby.” His words go right to your head as he ever skilled movement of his tongue sends you to cloud 9. “You taste so good.” He growls as he tightens his grip on your thighs. 
“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this.” Your eyes roll to the back of your head as he slips two fingers into your aching cunt. “So tight.” He groans against your thigh. 
Despite the fact that you were currently naked on a table in a public library, you can’t find it in you to be embarrassed. Not with a handsome man in between your legs pleasing you so well. The obscene sounds of Fred eating you out fills your ears. 
“I saw you every day in class, you took my breath away the moment I laid eyes on you.” Arching your back you let out a quiet moan as Fred shoves his fingers into you with fervor. 
“Come on princess, let go for me.” 
“Fred!” You groan loudly as you grab fistfuls of his hair. You raise your hips as your orgasm washes over you. Standing up Fred wipes his mouth and smiles. The bulge in his pants very obvious as he unbuckles his belt and strips the rest of his clothes. 
“You ready for me?” He grabs your legs and pulls you to the end of the table. 
“Fuck me Fred please!” You cry as he rubs your already sensitive clit. “Anything for you.” With a wicked grin he aligns himself with your cunt and slams his hips. 
“My god you’re so tight.” He growls as his hips set a ruthless pace. 
“So good for me, so pretty and warm and tight.” Words tumble out of his mouth as he looses himself in the pleasure. 
Grabbing your hands he pins them above your head and leans down to kiss your chest and neck, anywhere he can reach. You dig your nails into your palm as Fred shifts his hips to hit deeper. 
“Look at you, my goodness you’re absolutely perfect.” Fred’s praise only makes you want more. 
You can’t help but admire the handsome man who was currently pounding your insides. His face was contorted in pleasure as he throws his head back. A thin layer of sweat on his body making him glow under the lights of the library. His normally spikey hair had fallen to his face a bit. He was something out of a movie it was ridiculous. 
“Fred you feel so good.” You groan softly. He lets go of your hands to rub your clit in time with his rough thrusts. 
“Fucking hell.” You cry out bringing your hands to claw down his back as pleasure overtakes you. 
“I’m close love, come for me yeah?” His voice breathless as he fights back his orgasm. 
It only took a few more harsh thrusts from Fred for you to break. He quickly covers your  mouth with his hand as you let out a loud moan. While the library was mostly empty there were still a few people around and the last thing you both wanted was to get caught. 
“You’re so warm and tight, fuck I want to cum inside you, please can I.” Fred begs as his thrusts get sloppier, the restraint he has is slowly breaking. 
“Fuck yes.” You moan out as your legs begin to shake from overstimulation. Fred buries his head in your neck, using your skin to muffle his cries as he cums hard inside of you. 
You lay breathless on the table as you both come down from your highs. Fred slips out and redresses himself although he still looked ridiculously handsome with his after sex hair. Taking your hand he helps you up and you get redressed. 
“Well this isn’t how I imagined the night to go.” You say as you try to calm your heart that was still beating wildly. 
“I just couldn’t help my self love, by the way do you need the morning after pill?” His voice softens as he wraps his arms around you comfortingly. 
“No I’m okay, I’m on the pill.” You lean into his embrace and stare at the chemistry textbooks that were still open on the table. 
“It’s getting late, I think we should call it.” He packs up his books as you pack up yours. Your mind was running wild. Was this a one time thing? Would you do it again? You really did like Fred but did he only want this to be some fling? 
“Um, would you like to come to my place? Its late and I don’t want you walking back to your dorm alone.” Fred fidgets with his bag. 
“We don’t have to do anything and I can sleep on the couch if you want.” He adds quickly. Your heart warms at his kind words. 
“Would you like to go to breakfast tomorrow?” You ask stepping forward. The worry from his face disappears as he reaches for your hand. “I’d love to.” He grabs the belt loops of your jeans and pulls you closer to him.
“I really like you, this wasn’t just out of lust. Though I do find you absolutely ravishing.” He kisses your hand softly making you giggle. 
“I like you too Fred, though I do think I need more help with my chemistry.” You bite your lip and look at him as innocently as you can. Fred grins wickedly and pulls you into a kiss. His hands travel to squeeze your ass making you laugh into the kiss. 
“I’d be happy to assist darling.”  
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nextdoorharry · 10 months ago
wrapped around your finger.
request : Could you do one where y/n is insecure about her body and Harry comforts her. Maybe they are like going to the beach for the first time together as like a 3rd official date? And y/n wanted to wear a bikini but wasn’t sure if she likes how she looks?
you were in deep.
he was in deep.
you and harry have only been on two dates so far and both of you are already so whipped for each other. not that any of you two would make it completely known as it’s so new right now.
harry absolutely admires your personality. your laugh, your kindness, your knowledge, your confidence, and oh that face. he can never stop looking at you. so mesmerized by your eyes, your lips the way it curves into a shy smile as you blush at his flirtatious words to make you swoon. when glenne showed him your instagram when she wanted to set you guys up together, he couldn’t stop looking. “how does one look so..ethereal?” he would mumble, with his doe eyed look. glenne would snatch her phone back laughing, already about to call you up asking if you’d like to go on a date with him.
you on the other hand? you always thought he was attractive, humble, and funny. you never said anything though. it was just a thought. you only seen him from afar at big parties glenne and jeff would host, but you never met. you also assumed he probably already had someone, so you never cared, and carried on with your life, not really caring about wanting a relationship as you love the independence.
but i mean, who wouldn’t take up an opportunity on him? so when glenne called you up asking if you’d like to go on a date with harry as she thought it could work out between the two of you, you kindly accepted.
now that brings you to yours and harry’s third date.
he wanted to take you to a private beach as it’s possibly the last week of warm weather before cooler conditions come around. he decided it was probably gonna be his last hurrah at the beach for the year. and he wanted it to be with you.
you’re not going to lie and say you weren’t nervous, because you are. this is the first time harry will see more of your body. you two haven’t had sex yet, and you haven’t worn anything revealing on the past two dates. so you’re nervous.
you have always been pretty confident, not needing a person’s validation, and not worried about how you looked. but god this was harry. you’ve never been this attached to someone already, and it’s only the third date.
“he’s been with models..” you quietly mumble, looking at yourself in the lengthy mirror. wearing a plain black bikini set with the straps as gold chains, you also have a sheer, sexy, long & flowly beach robe on.
should i just postpone? have our third date when it’s colder so we won’t have to go to the beach?
or should i just keep my robe on the whole time?
as you’re contemplating which to do, your thoughts get interrupted by a knock on the door. fuck.
you quickly just wrap yourself with the beach robe and head to the door, opening it.
“hiya darling” harry says, leaning against the doorframe. he’s wearing yellow swim trunks, with a golden hawaiian button up, and his hair in its natural state.
“hi harry, come in” you sweetly smile, give him a little kiss on his lips, and step out the way so he can come in.
he trails behind you, as this is only the second time he’s been to your place. so he’s still learning his way.
“you look prettyyyy,” harry says in a girly like tone. arms behind his back, saying it all shyly, dimple popping out.
you turn around blushing, and murmur a quiet “thank you,” and have him sit for a bit at your breakfast bar while you take out the little platter you made of appetizers so you two can eat and go.
“wasn’t kidding when i said you look pretty y’know. beautiful you are. can’t keep m’eyes off ya. i swear it.” harry sweetly said as he indulges in the food.
liar. he’s pitying you. you don’t look good in this bikini.
all of those thoughts are running through your brain. and you don’t know why you feel your eyes water up. it’s harry. you just want to impress him. look good for him. but it’s so hard to feel validated when you don’t feel good wearing this.
harry notices how you’re looking down, staying quiet. “..y/n? y’good?”
“h-harry,” you choked, looking up at him. he sees your sad demeanor and watery eyes, and quickly ushers across the kitchen island to cup your face.
“what happened, hm? what’s got you so upset? don’t like seeing you cry darling, shh,” he coos.
your heart warms.
he wraps his arms around you and cradles your face into his neck. this is the first time he’s seen you upset, as it’s only been about a month and a half knowing each other. and it hurts him.
harry comforting you was the best feeling. especially since he had no clue why you were upset, he did his best to make sure you’re okay.
“i’m sorry i-i think m’just a little sensitive right now. s’like, i want to make a good impression on you and all, but i feel like i can’t wearing this..i just don’t feel good about myself..i’m sorry it’s dumb i-” harry kissed your lips to shush you.
“shh. s’not dumb at all love. we all have insecurities. but darling, you have to understand, i’m whipped for you. m’crazy about you. you don’t have to do anything to try and impress me. you’re a beautiful person, and y’know when glenne first showed me your pictures, i spent so long staring at them, she had to snatch her phone away” he states, kissing your forehead.
you giggle a bit, slightly feeling better and mumbling a “stoppp,”
“m’serious! honest! ask her. it makes me so upset that you’re feeling like this because you radiate so much confidence which is one of the many things i admire about you. you look amazing in this, and in anything really, so please don’t think otherwise,” he says sincerely. you nod in his chest, feeling much more better.
obviously just a little talk like that won’t make it completely go away. but it’s so comforting. you never felt this appreciated. so loved.
“thank you, harry. s’just, y’know i see the tabloids of the girls you used to supposedly be with, it’s a little hard to not push those insecurities aside,” you state, fumbling with the buttons of his shirt.
“i understand that. but y/n personality is so much to me. and if m’honest, half those girls you might of saw didn’t have that, but y/n baby, you do. you’re a beautiful person inside and out. best believe, darling, you have me wrapped around your finger. i’m so into you,” harry confesses. you’re blushing and you look into his eyes.
“and i can physically show you how much i’m into you, if you’d have me that is..” he trails off.
you smile and murmur a quiet “yes please,” and he smirks, picking you up bridal style and headed to the room where he’d love on you all night.
a/n : @harrystylesdoesntknowiexist thank you for sending the request in! and i’m sorry if this is bad, or cringey. i tried to make it so it wasn’t a specific insecurity having to do with the body if that makes sense. i want to make my writing for all. no specific insecurities or details (unless requested.) this is my take on what harry would do when this happens. also sorry if this is rushed!! let me know what you think! 🤍
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imaginewithmgk · a year ago
Last night I had a dream that kells and I were on the gq couple thingy & it was fucking hilarious. I think he’d be a fun time on there. Is there any way I could request you do an imagine like that?? Please ! 🙏😇
request fourteen
summary: colson and his gf y/n do the gq couples quiz together
word count: 1,877
warnings: mention of nipsey hussle’s death
3rd person’s P.O.V.
Y/N sat down in the chair while her boyfriend sat beside her in a different chair.
“You ready?” He asks her and grabs her hand, knowing that she gets nervous when someone is filming her. Although she gets nervous, she knows that this kind of stuff comes with dating a celebrity. 
“Yeah, are you okay with doing this?” She asks Colson, knowing that he was upset earlier today because Nipsey did this interview with Lauren before he passed. The death had hit him really hard but doing this was a way to honour Nip’s legacy, as their GQ interview was really popular. 
“Yeah baby, let’s do this!” He smiles. 
“Okay guys, you know the drill. Y/N will ask Colson the questions off her cue cards and we will keep track of the points. We begin rolling in 3, 2, 1…”
“Hey everyone. I’m Y/N Y/L/N and I’m here with my boyfriend, Colson Baker a.k.a Machine Gun Kelly. This is the GQ Couples Quiz, hopefully, y’all know how it works. Are you ready baby?”
“Yeah let’s do it,” Colson smiles at her. 
“Alright, what was the first meal I ever cooked for you?” Y/N grins at him.
“God that was a long time ago,” He chuckles. “Are we talking when we were friends or when we started dating?”
“Hmm.. let’s go with friends to make it harder for you,” 
“Was it… cereal or something?”
“It was grilled cheese! When you were hungover and came to my place,” She playfully hits his shoulder. 
“Oh yeah! I knew that so I should still get the point,”
“No, you didn’t!” They laugh together.
“I’m going to be so bad at this,” He puts his head in his hand and laughs.
“Confidence is key,”
“Yeah baby I know,” They smile at each other. 
“Okay… how many tattoos do I have?” Colson looks up and furrows his eyebrows. 
“Let me imagine your body hold on,” He points his finger in the air as if to count. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5…”
“Come on,” Y/N encourages him.
“Correct!” Y/N high fives him. “Bonus point if you can name them,”
“I don’t know about that,” Colson teases. Y/N playfully shakes her head at him.
“What’s my favourite colour?”
“Easy, green.” Colson pauses. “Or the colour of my eyes,” He winks.
“Correct, good job. Two points so far,”
“What was my first job ever?” 
“Fuck, it was at a fast-food joint right?” 
“Yes! Three points,”
“I’m smashing this!” Colson pumps his fist in the air. 
“Yeah, yeah,” Y/N giggles. 
“If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, what would it be?” Y/N nervously shuffles the cue cards.
“I don’t know if I can say that one on camera baby,” He laughs. 
“Kells!” She swats him with the cue cards and laughs. 
“Nah, Nah. Pasta right?” 
“Nice save. Correct,” 
“Alright, what’s something on my bucket list?” 
“Ummm… go to the Olympics? Like attend it, not be in it!” 
“Yes actually, I’m surprised you know that one.”
“You gotta give me more credit, I listen…” He pauses. “Sometimes,” Colson joking around is noticeably making her feel more comfortable. 
“How do you know when I’m mad at you?”
“How am I supposed to answer this without making you mad?” Colson teases. “You ignore me, gimme the cold shoulder,”
“I mean you’re not wrong…” She admits. “What colour are my eyes?” Y/N shuts her eyes quickly. 
“Damn, now I can’t cheat. They’re green yeah?”
“No! They’re brown!” She says as she opens her eyes.
“With little green bits in them!”
“Babe! They do but they’re mostly brown. I reckon that one’s wrong.”
“Not fair,” Colson jokingly pouts. 
“Let’s move on. What’s my favourite “pump up” song?”
“Till I Die by yours truly,” Colson grins. “Obviously. How many points am I on now?”
“7 I think?”
“Out of how many questions?”
“Alright, I’m doing okay so far,” 
“What’s my favourite movie?”
“Notting Hill!” Colson answers quickly.
“Wow, I’m impressed.”
“Yeah well, you make me watch it at least three times a week,” 
“True,” She giggles. 
“How long does it take to my makeup?”
“Well, it depends on the look, pretty much between 5 hours to 3 years!” Colson jokes.
“Hey! It does not take me that long. It takes me life half an hour to an hour!”
“Yeah well for me it feels like a lot longer than that,” He laughs. 
“What’s my favourite fast food and what do I like to order?” 
“Oh, easy, your favourite place is KFC and you like to order a double tender meal! That’s an Australian specific burger for all you uncultured swine,” He jokes. 
“Correct!” Y/N laughs. “Who influenced me when I was growing up? Music-wise,” Y/N asks cheekily. Colson rolls his eyes. 
“Eminem,” He mumbles. 
“What was that?” Y/N giggles.
“Eminem!” He speaks a bit louder which makes Y/N burst into laughter. God knows if these two will have any laughter left in their body after this interview is finished. 
“Correct again. You’re rocking this baby,” 
“What am I on now?”
“Like ten I think?”
“Describe me in three words,” 
“Gotta make this appropriate. Let’s go with sexy, funny, no actually! Hilarious! And kind,”
“Awe thanks, Kells!” 
“What am I most comfortable sleeping in?”
“Nothing,” Colson winks at the camera. 
“Oh my god,” Y/N puts her face in her hand. “Let’s move on.”
“Wait wait wait is that correct?” He smirks.
“Yes! Now, what am I most scared of?”
“Small spaces right? You’re claustrophobic or whatever they call it,”
“Yes and no. I am scared of small spaces but it’s not what I’m most scared of,”
“What is it then?”
“I’m most scared of losing you,” Y/N blushes.
“Awe babe! I love you,” Colson kisses her cheek. 
“I love you too,” She smiles. “What’s my Starbucks order?”
“Either cold brew or a green tea frap with whipped cream,”
“Correct! I think that’s 13 now?”
“Who’s my favourite actor/actress?”
“Obviously me, or Hugh Grant,”
“Another one correct!”
“Where was I born?”
“Easy, Australia!”
“Do you know where in Australia?”
“Yep! I knew that you knew that, I just love hearing you say Melbourne in your accent,” Y/N admits, to which Colson laughs. 
“Who is my celebrity crush?”
“Is that even a question? It’s obviously me,”
“Yes… obviously…” Y/N says in an uncertain voice.
“Is there something you’re not telling me?” Colson furrows his eyebrows. 
“Nope!” Y/N laughs. “Moving on… what is my favourite nickname to call you?”
“Daddy,” Colson winks at the camera.
“Colson!” Y/N raises her voice, clearly embarrassed. 
“Or Kells,” 
“That’s better,” They laugh together. “Who is Casie’s favourite? If you don’t know, Casie is Colson’s beautiful daughter,”
“Um me of course,”
“No, me!”
“Hey! I’m better with her!”
“No, she loves me more,”
“No, she loves ME more! I’m her dad!” Colson whines. 
“There’s only one way to settle this,” Y/N grins and grabs her phone out of her jacket pocket. She clicks on Casie’s facetime contact and moves the phone to show only her face.
“Hey Y/N!” Casie answers.
“Hey baby girl, I have a question for you.”
“What’s up?”
“I wanna know who’s your favourite, me or your dad?”
“Is dad with you?”
“No…” Y/N chuckles.
“Okay don’t tell him but you’re my favourite!”
“Hey!” Colson yells. 
“Y/N you said he wasn’t with you!” Casie pouts.
“Sorry hun, we’re doing a video and he thought that he was your favourite,”
“You’re both my favourite!”
“You can’t go back on your word now,” Y/N jokes. “I gotta go now but I’ll see you soon!”
“Okay love you both!”
“Love you too!” Colson and Y/N say at the same time before Casie hangs up. 
“Told you I’m her favourite,” Y/N winks as Colson sits in his chair sulking.
“What’s my favourite tv show?”
“Depends on your mood. I know your top three are Law & Order SVU, Supernatural and Big Mouth,”
“Good one baby!”
“I only know that because you also make me watch those with you,”
“Shh you’re on 18 now I think,”
“Out of?”
“23 I believe,”
“Hmm, that’s okay,”
“Where did we first meet and what did I think of you?”
“We met at one of my shows and you thought I was an asshole,” Colson chuckles.
“I did think you were asshole but really hot,” Y/N admits.
“Great,” Colson laughs. 
“What’s my favourite ice cream flavour?”
“Mint choc chip!”
“No, it’s cookies and cream. You know better,” Y/N jokes. 
“Okay, what’s my zodiac sign?”
“Oh! Virgo! And I’m a Taurus! I only know this because Y/N is trying to educate me on all of the signs,” He laughs. 
“Yes I am, he’s doing very well so far. Clearly,”
“I try,” He swats his imaginary hair behind his shoulder making everyone in the studio laugh. 
“What’s my favourite part of my body?”
“Coincidently, it is also my favourite part of your body. Your butt!”
“Yes,” Y/N says in between chuckles. 
“What’s my favourite song of yours?”
“That’s hard because you have so many!” Colson laughs.
“It’s true… how about name one off each of your albums?”
“Alright, I’ll just do the mainstream ones. Lace Up, your favourite is Wild Boy or See My Tears. General Admission, your favourite is Bad Motherfucker or Merry Go Round or Till I die! Honestly most of the songs off that album. Bloom, Let You Go or 27 or Wake + Bake cause you said my voice sounds really hot in that,”
“Don’t at me like that!” She laughs. “But it’s true,” She winks at the camera. 
“I know BINGE is an EP but still, your favourite is NYLON. Hotel Diablo, it’s Glass House or 5:3666 or el Diablo. And off Tickets to my Downfall, well that’s a secret.”
“Wow, you got all of them right! I really love Baddest and Lead You On too by the way! Highly recommend checking out all of those songs,”
“I’m glad you like my songs baby,”
“Of course. Now, what’s my favourite thing about you?”
“Physically, one thing we can’t mention on camera,” He winks. “Or my tattoos. Y/N has a really bad habit of tracing them like 24/7,”
“I can’t help it! They’re all so interesting. I think I’ve bugged him about telling me the meaning of every single one,” 
“True that. I reckon emotionally though, your favourite thing is how much I care about everyone,”
“Oh yeah for sure. Onto the last question, you ready babe?”
“What’s the biggest scar on my body?”
“I don’t know babe! The one on your leg?”
“Yes actually,”
“Aye there we go!”
“Well, that was my last question, thanks for playing baby and thank you for watching!”
“What was my score?”
“24 out of 30 I think,”
“Oh,” Colson looks down at his feet. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with that but that’s the score Nip got when he did this with Lauren. Shout out to those two, rest in peace. Neighbourhood Nip forever!”
“Love you,”
“Love you too baby girl,”
I did not check over this so sorry for mistakes lmao
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thotsforvillainrights · 11 months ago
~Library Study Session~
Au: League University
Part: Four
Theme: General
Tumblr media
You changed into a pair of soft gray joggers, your most comfy T-Shirt, and a simple hat (or hijab depending on reader), and exited the bathroom. “Hey before I head out to lunch, can we please discuss the bathroom situation?” You called Dabi’s attention. He looked down at you from the top bunk in confusion. “What bathroom situation???” He was genuinely confused. You sighed and pointed out the door. “It’s literally empty. Like I get this is the first day and all, and we’re both still unpacking but you’ve been here a bit longer than me. Don’t you have some decorations to put up in there so it won’t be so barren?” You expected to get an answer but instead you were met with laughter. “You’re hilarious Y/N, yknow that? Decor! As if that shit is necessary. Look, I know we shared a little tender moment earlier, but it’s a bit early to be asking me for things. Besides, I don’t see the point in decor. I can use that money on food instead.” Dabi then went back to mindlessly scrolling on his phone. You sighed and shook your head, then you headed out the dorms to search for the cafeteria. It took quite a bit and at some point you had to stop and ask a sweet scaly boy for directions as he was on his way to band practice apparently. Finally you found your destination and you entered quickly, eager to fill your stomach with more than just the croissant you had earlier that day from the library cafe. 
It didn’t take long to find Magne or Toga because Toga spotted you first before you could even finish walking across the floor. “Y/N!” She shouted loudly (embarrassing you a bit), and she dipped/darted past other people towards you. Toga gave you a tight hug and pulled back to look at you. “It took you like 15 minutes longer than it should have to get here haha! Anyway, come with me! We got a good seat by the window this time!” She wasted no time in grabbing your hand and leading you to the table where Magne was happy to see you. “Y/N how your first day hun?” Magne asked as she kept chowing down on some soft serve ice cream. “Oh well...I wouldn’t say it was too bad. The classes are okay, and I met a few people but like, eh. I’m looking for just a little bit of excitement or relief, but instead I need to get some studying done!” You groaned as you leaned down to lay your chin and arms on the table. Toga giggled and munched on her fries while Magne reached across the table to give you a reassuring pat on the head. “Yeah it’s actually rougher during the first week here instead of after it. That’s because you’re getting used to your schedule and classes. Everyone knows not to chill during the first week of college here because it’s the time you can use to get ahead of everything first. After that, then you can relax once you know what’s around the corner as far as classes and assignments are concerned. Anyway, you can come study with us this evening if you want to.” You looked at her and smiled. 
“Yeah, I’d really appreciate that.”
Magne nodded and kept chowing on her ice cream. “Wait a minute...that’s desert. How long have you two been here waiting on me since that phone call?!” You sat up straight with worry riddled on your face. “Haha, calm down Y/N! When we called you, we had just made it to the cafeteria and sat down. Magne just always eats her desert before her food.” Toga explained to you. “Now let’s go get some food while she finishes her ice cream!” You nodded and followed Toga’s lead to the buffet style line. You both grabbed your plates/bowls and some utensils to eat with and proceeded to follow the line of people in front of you. There were so many food options and the drink machines were immaculate. You could almost see why the tuition was so high there...almost. Anyhow, you both took a seat and by that time Magne was able to get up and get her food as well. The three of you ate till you were silly (with you having eaten more than them). “Okay, let’s go ahead and go to the bathroom before heading to the library.” Magne directed and you nodded alongside Toga. You already knew where the library was, so it was no issue to chat and talk once the three of you were on your way there. It was nice to not have to focus on your surroundings so much, and log information of destinations in your brain. 
Well...until you made it to the library and realized there were like 4 floors.
“What the hell...?” You mumbled as you looked at the directory sign in the middle of the main floor. “You didn’t notice it this morning when we went to the cafe for croissants?” Toga asked you and you shook your head. “Uh no. The only thing on my mind was food at the moment.” She giggled at your response and Magne playfully rolled her eyes. “C’mon to the elevator around this corner. We like to use the 3rd floor to study since the huge windows have a good view of the sunset at this time. Also, the top floor is reserved to student meeting rooms and the computer labs. The second floor is mainly book like the 3rd, but the second floor has this really weird mildew smell that no one can locate.” You made a disgusted face as you followed Magne and Toga into the elevator and to the 3rd floor. Once up there, Magne quickly turned to you and placed her hands on your shoulder. “I don’t know if he’s up here, but be extra quiet just in case he is...” She warned you before turning to face forward and leading the group to one of the window tables. “Who is he supposed to be?” You whispered to Toga and she groaned quietly. “The goblin of the library...Kai Chisaki...” She whispered back. ‘Goblin’ you thought to yourself as you took a seat at the table. It wasn’t long before the three of you quietly discussed your classes and your study plans. You even gained an opportunity to talk about how Dabi helped you with Mr. Giran’s homework. Shortly after that, you developed a tactic to help each other study where you really needed. Then you guys ended up watching some funny compilations on YouTube and trying your hardest not to laugh. There was no issue there. It was only when you began packing up to leave did the real problems arise.
You accidently ended up dropping your poor laptop on the hard floor and it made a deafening clack when it hit the ground. You wanted to scream out but you remembered the rules. You would simply suffer in silence as Toga and Magne mourned the possible loss of your laptop beside you. Unfortunately the laptop falling to the ground was far too much. “ you hear those rapid footsteps??? He’s coming! Y/N, run!” Magne whisper yelled at you before she and Toga quietly took off to hide behind one of the extensive book shelves. It was too late for you when you looked up and realized there was a very annoyed boy standing in front of you. You gasped and pointed at him. “Hey I know you! You’re the other guy that made honor roll in Mr. Giran’s class last semester!” You whisper yelled in amazement. He was the other boy from the picture that Dabi showed you earlier. He was also very pissed off...
“Excuse me but I don’t know you. Judging by that face of yours and the fact you clearly didn’t know the rules about silence here, I’m simply going to assume you must be one of those freshmen that joined up today. I’m Kai Chisaki and I really don’t care who you are so there’s no need to introduce yourself. What you need to be most concerned about is the clear and obvious rule in this library: silence. This is essential to not only me, but to the other students as well. I would advise you to take note of this rule and adhere to it, less you be reported to the administration and be banned from this building for the rest of the semester. And believe me, I will do it if I have to. Consider this your first and LAST warning. Good day.” He gave you an aggressive (and oddly quiet) earful before silently stomping off towards the other end of the room and to one of the back tables you could assume. “Geez...” you frowned and turned your attention back towards the laptop on the ground. Toga and Magne quietly came out from their hiding spot and helped you scoop up some of the apparent broken screen chips on the ground. “Let’s get outta here before the gremlin comes back and tells us we’re breathing too hard.” Magne spoke in annoyance. You nodded and quickly followed the pair into the elevator, not wasting a single breath until the door closed signaling your descent back to the main floor. “Damn that was scary! But at the same time, I can’t see why you call him the gremlin of the library. He’s kinda not as atrocious as I thought he’d look.” You said. “Hun we don’t call him that because of his looks. We call him that because he’s literally always here! I mean, at this point he must live there. At least that’s the rumor going around school. None of the other students have ever seen him leave. This is especially considering the library is 24/7.” Magne explained to you. Toga piped up to add to the conversation. 
“Kai Chisaki is pretty much known around here for how serious he is about his grades. Word around campus is that he’s never passed a class with anything lower than an A before. There have been so many student that would come to him asking BEGGING him to tutor them but the answer is always ‘no’ from him. Even the professor AFO’s son came to him and offered a shit ton of money to be tutored. Chisaki turned him down immediately! It’s absolutely insane.” Magne nodded at Toga’s words. “Yeah, and he’s reported like 20 students in his entire time going to school here. Each of them got banned for a semester or two from the library. At least two of them got banned for the rest of their time at this school. One of them got it so bad that they dropped out of school and Chisaki never batted an eye even knowing he was the reason for it all.” 
“Yeah! Kai is ruthless! He’s a med student and on his way to med school after he graduates from here. I think there’s nothing in his way of passing there either.” Toga added. Magne shook her head in disagreement. “No you have to look at it this way too: It takes more than just good grades to get into med school. You also have to have empathy I heard. Chisaki severely lacks that, so he’s probably not going to get into med school until he shows some form of kindness towards people.” Magne added and Toga nodded. “Anyway, don’t worry about him. He’s an asshole. As long as you got us, we’ll make sure Chisaki can’t hurt you! Besides, we can always get together in the dorms and study together there too. We can be as loud as we want to there...I mean except for dead week. But you get the picture!” Magne reassured you and gave you a quick hug while Toga did the same. The elevator stopped at the first floor and let you guys off. Magne and Toga walked you back to your dorm and left you to properly morn the loss of your old laptop while Dabi laughed at you from his spot on the top bunk. “Hahahahha, freakin idiot!” You glared at him but it didn’t do much good to stop his teasing. 
“Looks like I need to get a new one.” You sighed in defeat.
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It's You (Poly!PharMercy x Reader / Poly!McHanzo x Reader)
Angela’s POV
Wow, I looked at Fareeha’s arms and I was surprised to see my name. I mean, I knew since we were kids but this was a first for even me. What was the most surprising was that most people only have 1 name on their arm but we both had a special name on our left arms, the name of our second soulmate, (Y/N). We were not expecting to really meet them because the odds of meeting them were going to be slim yet fate has a funny way of showing it. 
“Pharah, what is the status of your fuel reserves?” I ask her as I was patching up Reinhardt for battle against Talon’s agents. 
“It is fine for the moment Mercy but there is a problem, I see a few civilians that look to be possibly injured about 300 meters from you, I will get McCree with them until you arrive. I think one of them is trying to help those that are injured but I am trying to hold off the riff-raff as long as possible.” she radios back as I worry but know that she can handle herself, she was once a part of the Egyptian army and she was one of the best soldiers we have in Overwatch. 
“Go to her, Dr. Ziegler, we will handle this from here.” I hear the loud laughter of Reinhardt and I rush off, thanking him. 
I rushed off but not before I hear someone yell, “Look out!” Only to turn and see a young person pushing me out of the way of flying bullets from Reaper’s guns. They took the worse amount of damage, a few bullets lodged in their back but it was on their arms that shocked me; In black ink was the names Fareeha Amari and Angela Ziegler. It was as if the world stopped moving and that my blood ran cold.
“(Y/N), shhh, stay with me.” I whispered as they were coughing up blood, not realizing that my arms were showing their name.
“I am glad I got to meet you, Ms. Ziegler.” They were coughing more as I finally managed to stop the extra bleeding as I radio to Fareeha.
“Fareeha, we need assistance down here, causality to a civilian, you have to see this.” I am breathless as I look at them.
“Shh, it's ok, Fareeha will be here soon and she will take you to safety.” I whisper as I see a blurb of blue land by me and when she sees her name, I could feel the anger from her even being about 5 feet from her. 
“Angela, take them to safety, I will clear out the riff-raff and I don’t want them anymore harmed.” She says through gritted teeth as she takes off and I call for Reinhardt to assist me and carrying them.
“Justice rains from above!” is heard along with many explosions as I see Reinhardt rush with (Y/N) and I to the dropship. 
“It’s ok, min kärlek, rest, you are safe now.” I whispered as they were put on a medical bed and I started my work, saying a silent prayer that we would not lose our beloved as quickly as we had found them.
***Time Skip***
2 hours of surgery and many cups of coffee later, I finally was able to sit and look into their condition but was surprised to see a sleeping Fareeha holding their hand as she tightly held it, refusing to let go even in her sleep. I leaned against the wall and smiled before going to fetch her a cup of tea for her, knowing she must be parched from her long day.
“Min Soldat...wake up.” I whispered as she slowly woke up and looked at me with loving eyes until she looked at them. 
“It's hard to believe that they were near us all along. They were the one I saw helping the injured from the rubble until you arrived.” She says with a smile as I look at them too. 
“Ja, they pushed me out of the way of Reaper’s bullets, resulting in their current condition. I am just glad the bullets missed any vital organs or nerves.” I whispered as she nodded. 
“Malak, they are just like us, defending the innocent and helping those they love...They are a true hero...they are our wali batal.” she says with a small smile as I sit by her and hold her hand, nodding as we await for you love to wake up, ready to start our new life with them.
*Hanzo’s POV*
It was supposed to be a routine mission: get in, get the information, get out but someone had to be an idiot and cause a distraction. Only Jesse McCree could cause such a problem but what can I say, we are soulmates. But there is one person missing from our little group, the 2nd name on both of our arms. That name is (Y/N), our 2nd soulmate.
“I said I was sorry.” I heard him say behind me as I roll my eyes and changed my bandages for the 2nd time that day. The last mission turned out to be that Jesse cannot keep quiet, giving away our location and I got grazed with a bullet on the arm. 
“I said I forgive you but you still need to learn to keep yourself under control. Lena was almost killed because of your actions and she would have been fatally wounded if it had not been for Hana, Satya and Zenyatta.” I reminded him as he pouted and sat down beside me, assisting me if needed.
“Do you think they are out there, Hanners?” I heard him ask me as I sighed and looked at the arm that hold their name and I let out another sigh. 
“We can only hope, huckleberry.” I whispered as we tried to relax. We met when the recall happened so we were both surprised that we have yet to meet the 3rd member of our little love triangle but like all things, it takes time and it will come when it is ready.
“I am going to get some whiskey, are you coming for a drink?” He asked me as I shook my head and prepared to meditate.
“I will be here when you get back.” I informed him as he nodded, kissed my temple and left me alone to think. But before I could meditate, both my dragons appeared and they looked a curious as their master’s mate was about the missing mate. 
“Do not worry great spirits of the southern wind. All will come to pass when time is ready for it.” I say with some sorrow in my voice but I know it is because I share the same fear. What if they do not want to be stuck with a ex-clan leader and an outlaw as lovers? What if they do not love him like he hopes they do. With that thought in mind, he gets up and prepares to go to town, just to clear his mind.
***Slight Time Skip***
He saw happy couples running around and holding each other and he felt a bit jealous. He loves Jesse with every fiber of his being but without (Y/N), he still felt like he was missing part of himself. He hummed softly to a nameless tune as he watched his surroundings. Yet, as he then turned a corner near a ramen shop, he heard a gentle song being sung near him and he was drawn in like a moth to a flame. He knew the song as one that he has heard Genji talked about, it was an older song but the part that he was more drawn to was how their voice not only explained the story but still held hope.
“Thousands of cherry blossoms dwindling in the light. Though I can’t hear your voice, keep what I say in mind- This bouquet that surrounds is iron poison, see, looking down at us from that big guillotine. Darkness has just engulfed the universe we know the lament that you sing can’t reach ears anymore. We are still far away from reaching clear blue skies. Go ahead, keep shooting, with that ray gun, Fight!” 
He was drawn in and then he saw a person who was dressed as a westerner but the way they were handling a bow reminded him of his days in his youth. He took a step and landed on a stick but before he could react, he saw an arrow fly past his face, missing him by mere centimeters.
“Have you come for information regarding my soulmates because if so, I will put you in the grave first before I allow either of them to be harmed.” He drew his own bow and was prepared to fight them but when he saw their arms, he was shocked. 
On one arm was the name Jesse McCree and the other was surprisingly mine, Hanzo Shimada. 
“Answer me assassin...have you come to hold me as ransom because I will go down fighting before I allow harm to come to either name on my very arms.” They said with some vengeance in their voice as I lower my bow but had no problem returning it to stance if need be. 
“You would protect a ex-clan leader and a man who had ties with Deadlock Gang...why?” I asked and they growled as I then hear what I was not prepared to hear. 
“I have lost enough as it was! I lost my family, my friends and I should be dead but as long as I have these two names on my arms, I will fight to my last breath to keep them alive. Both Shimada-Sama and McCree will live even if it cost me my own life!” They yelled as they started to shake from what I could have guessed as either rage or fear. Before I could answer in kind, both dragons went to them on their own accord and circled their master’s mate, surprising them.
“Wait...If this is what I think it is...then you must...Hanzo?” They ask as I walk to the light and before I could respond, I hear another familiar voice. 
“Hanners?” I turned to see McCree at the end of the alleyway and were surprised to see the dragons surrounding this new person but suddenly connected the pieces when he sees their arms. “Is that...them?” He asks as I nod. 
“Yes, Airashī Baka...That is our soulmate.” I say as I kneel down and I am surprised by what I see.
“Anata, you are not harmed are you?” I asked as they shake their head and are shaking from what I could guess is crying. McCree kneels down and sees the the same person that we see. They have fought to keep us safe no matter where we were and yet, even faced with possible death, they would die to keep us safe.
“Howdy (Y/N), its nice to see a face finally with a name.” He smiles as they wipe their eyes and look at him.
“Now don’t be surprised Darlin’, we have been looking for ya for an awful long time.” He holds them and pulls me in as we tell them that soon, we will all go home together and for the first time in a long time, I can truly be happy. We have our family together and we will do anything to protect each other; until death do us part.
*min kärlek- my love
*Min Soldat- My Soldier
*Malak- Angel
*Wali Batal- Guardian Hero
*Anata- You (mostly used as familiar ‘You’ but can also be used for a significant other/Similar to honey or sweetie)
*Airashī Baka- Loveable Idiot
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punkscowardschampions · a year ago
Janis & Jimmy
Janis: 💀👑 having a party Jimmy: Where's my handwritten 💌? Jimmy: bit rude Janis: not enough 🩸 Janis: 💔 Janis: [pic of jelly shots and other basic party tings taking up cali's fridge] Jimmy: 🙄 Jimmy: if you ain't fucked with them, I'm dumping you Janis: it's like you don't know me at all 😱😏 Jimmy: Oi, it's a secret, that Janis: not tweeted it yet, we're safe Jimmy: tah, Judy Jimmy: what's the 👗👠 then? Janis: 🤔 Janis: it's either taking their 'style', lack of a better word, and doing it better, 'cos duh Janis: OR doing the anti-them so hard she'll be 😡 the second we walk in Jimmy: so do you want me in 👗👠 or looking like I slept in the park with nowt but a 🔪 and an empty wallet? Janis: both hot 🔥 Janis: probably hates poors slightly more than crossdressers 💙 Jimmy: have I got time to get a vote labour face tattoo? Janis: only if it's misspelled 💘 Jimmy: Duh Jimmy: trying to work out what 🎨 I could get to show I hate lawyers Jimmy: no win no fee finger tats? Janis: 😂 Janis: full of the 🥇💡s today Jimmy: downside being Ian might reckon it's 🥇💡 an' all, I'd have to ❌ 'em out or cover 'em up with something that'll get him fuming before he realises Jimmy: or put the 👗👠 on as well as Janis: that'll do it Janis: dress on a lad is still a dress on a lad, even if it's red Jimmy: getting into a 🥊 with him would only help the cause, nowt more common than a black eye and chipped tooth Janis: not had enough time for my fake pillow baby to be showing, WELL gutted 😭 Jimmy: can make the announcement on the night 🍾 be a lovely surprise for her Janis: godmother, anyone? 🙊 Jimmy: only right after we conceived it in her bunk 💕 Janis: solid HILARIOUS lad speech story, hun 👌 Jimmy: especially when I add in that I ain't sure and it could've been her desk in computer science 😘 Jimmy: oh the #bants Janis: me, tryna remember that time 💭👀 Jimmy: you and sir both Jimmy: draw the line at fake naming it after her though, what's her dad called? Janis: who knows Janis: Mike, John, Peter, Paul etc etc Jimmy: UGH fine we'll call the kid Jeremy Janis: gonna start doing #babytaylor updates around the 🕞 Jimmy: same Janis: graphic details of the abortion, good times, like Jimmy: but the #datenight in hell after is gonna be 🔥 soooooooooo Janis: 💁 #hatersgonnahate #dontmumshameme #howtolosethepregnancypounds Jimmy: 😏 Janis: she lives ages from both of us so where do you wanna meet? Jimmy: middle? Janis: his MIND 🤤 Jimmy: it don't matter to me actually now your ankle's loads better and I ain't gotta carry you the whole way Janis: said as if that were my preference, ever Janis: or that I'm well fat Jimmy: you were warned I'm 👴 and on death's door, mate Jimmy: I've had my 😭 about it but crack on with yours Janis: what else can be said about your stamina at this point, eh Janis: my cross to bear Jimmy: nowt 'cause I can't be all ears for your fake complaints after being deafened by your real praise Janis: if you're so gutted, I can promise you'll never 🔊 it again Jimmy: can you? doubt that Janis: see how easy Jimmy: alright Janis: 👍 Jimmy: come here then Janis: where? Jimmy: where am I round the 🕞 Janis: UGH, don't remind me Janis: my biggest fake complaint 🥺 Jimmy: baby Janis: NEVER see you Jimmy: but I'm ALWAYS 💭💕 about you Janis: that'll be why Mia don't tip 💅 Jimmy: yeah that's TOTALLY the reason Janis: if you're THAT distracted how can you possibly remember how to make a decent latte?! Janis: if you're THAT distracted how can you possibly remember how to make a decent latte?! Jimmy: 1. there's no such thing as a decent latte 2. I could have you up on the counter and still make whatever ☕ dickheads want Janis: 1. okay got me there 2. not gonna have me there 'cos I'm nowhere near town so 💔 Jimmy: like I said ALWAYS 💭💕 Jimmy: and always fucking here 🕞 Janis: you're saying got time for that bus journey but how do I know it'd be worth it? Jimmy: I didn't promise to go mute on you for a start Janis: yeah? Jimmy: got loads to say, me Jimmy: [🔥 sext because why not] Janis: it's like that then Jimmy: it's however you like, you know that Janis: okay Janis: I want to see you Jimmy: okay Jimmy: I want you here Janis: I feel it Jimmy: I can promise you will Janis: you haven't forgotten just how long this bus ride takes, have you? Jimmy: no Janis: so you're being mean to me on purpose Jimmy: you started it by taking the piss out of my stamina Jimmy: this is just me showing you how much I've got Janis: but I'm already so Jimmy: and what I'm sitting here dead unfazed, do you reckon? Janis: I don't Janis: I think about you too, for real Jimmy: do you? Janis: yeah Janis: if I was good with words I could tell you about it but Jimmy: it's alright, you can show me Janis: when I'm with you, yeah Janis: what about all the times I'm not? Jimmy: you're decent enough at leaving reminders, I think I'll live Janis: you might Jimmy: how full's your 🚍 gonna be? Janis: this time? Janis: 👻town Jimmy: nowt to worry about then, is there? Janis: ? Jimmy: a 💣 could go off and who's about to see or hear it Jimmy: just us Janis: and the driver Jimmy: he'll be chatting to his mate or missus like the one before Jimmy: and you're gonna be 🔇 so you said Janis: 🤏 rude I'm now not that distracting at all, apparently but Janis: okay Jimmy: if he's that into it he can be our 3rd Janis: I'd ask but 😶 Jimmy: it'll go without saying, don't worry Janis: go on then Janis: you have to fill in the silence and tell me what you really think about me 💭💕 Jimmy: [a voice memo to make it even more of a #mood and to make me lol cos do you ever do any work boy] Janis: has anyone ever told you your voice isn't a total turn-off Jimmy: it ain't a compliment that usually gets chucked at me Janis: they're stupid then Janis: more than I reckoned Jimmy: don't talk to them, do I? Jimmy: just you Janis: oh yeah, suppose not Janis: count myself 🍀 Jimmy: dunno about that but you're alright to 🗨 to Janis: known worse, like Jimmy: tah very much Janis: you don't like compliments Jimmy: I never said that Jimmy: I don't know how to take 'em Jimmy: same as you Janis: it's when it's Janis: if you just said the same shit everyone says, it wouldn't even register Janis: but you ain't ever that predictable Jimmy: you're not a lass that's gonna get bog standard bollocks out of me Jimmy: 🥇 muse Janis: I can handle that Janis: you're pretty talented Jimmy: if you're the masterpiece, how could I fuck that up? Jimmy: barely have to do owt for it to be art Janis: be surprised how a lad can, 'cept not at all Jimmy: letdowns don't surprise me, whoever they're off 🌧 remember Jimmy: have had and have done loads, it's why the 😒 face fits Janis: you're far from a letdown to me, where it counts, like Janis: have that for free Jimmy: don't count for much when it's been days Jimmy: even Ian can manage to keep a lass about for that long sometimes Jimmy: but alright Janis: well it's all I've got Janis: and as I said, had worse Janis: you're free to disappoint me any time Jimmy: yeah, me an' all, but no need for me to chuck all the comparisons to my shit ex at you and pretend it'll do for a compliment Jimmy: or pretend that I wanna disappoint you Janis: It don't matter, we know it's inevitable but we also know we don't need to think about that right now Jimmy: it matters a bit Janis: not enough that we can do fuck all about it Jimmy: I just Janis: me too Jimmy: it ain't fair that you can 🧠📖 Janis: can't really Janis: could've agreed to anything there but fuck it, why not Jimmy: that's why I like you Janis: obviously Janis: whole plan hinges on it Jimmy: nowt to do with how fit and mysterious you are Janis: 🤏 tah Jimmy: Oi, I've been telling you how fit you are from day one Janis: don't stop Jimmy: not til it actually 💀💀💀s me Jimmy: how ain't there bollocks rumours about you being a model or an actress an' all? Janis: that'd be 😤💚 not 🤤💖 Janis: anyway, the school trip before the last, some scout came up to me and I thought the gals might actually murder her, or drown her with their 😭😭😭😭😭 Jimmy: right, it's different for lasses, so I've heard off you loads of times now Janis: and lads lack the imagination, not the kind of model or actress they're arsed about Jimmy: and that were why you didn't wanna do it then? Janis: didn't really have a chance, Lucas told her it was highly inappropriate to approach a child on a school trip, code for 'hands-off she's mine' 🙄 Jimmy: I get it, you can only find out who people are when I read their tits and tell you Janis: obviously Janis: got the card if you really wanna kickstart your career Jimmy: I just dunno why you don't, it'd be 💰💰 and a 💀👑 fuck you Janis: yeah but it's complicated Jimmy: which bit? the walk or the pout? Janis: very funny, dickhead Janis: 🥇 muse, so I've been told Jimmy: exactly Jimmy: why wouldn't you wanna get the fuck out of here? Janis: there's no guarantee that would happen Janis: might never get booked, or whatever the fuck they call it Jimmy: alright, you're scared of looking a twat Jimmy: but you're never getting booked if your name ain't down Jimmy: don't tell anyone you 🖋🩸 if nowt happens Janis: we've got well distracted from the point here anyway Jimmy: the new point is, stop being a selfish prick and think how 🥇 it'd make me look to have a model girlfriend, tah very much Janis: 🙄😏 you're the fucking worst Jimmy: kindly crack on 'cause I ain't gonna be about forever, like Janis: 👴 Jimmy: ✈👋 or ⚰🌹 either'll do Janis: know which one you meant Jimmy: it weren't me saying you can't 🧠📖 Janis: no brain to pick, you 💘 Jimmy: bit rude Jimmy: yeah alright, that lass who tried to snatch you off the school trip'd know more than me but I still reckon you'd be good Janis: shh Jimmy: 🤐 Jimmy: meant to be you on mute though Janis: my point about the point exactly Janis: make it hard for me to speak in a fun way, dickhead Jimmy: [giving her pics because she gave him that glorious dressing room selfie and we know he looks good whenever even when he's supposed to be working lol] Janis: Jesus, boy Janis: how do you just look like that Jimmy: #notamodelbutmyfakegirfriendis Janis: definitely not doing it so you have a 🔥 # Jimmy: but LITERALLY what other reason is there???!! 😱😱 #s are EVERYTHING babe Janis: I know, hardest decision I've ever had to make Jimmy: I'm leaving now, I just think Jimmy: you're so Jimmy: *it Janis: I reckon you are too Janis: like Janis: normal lads don't look like you do Jimmy: I can't fake that hard it being a northern thing Jimmy: 💔 if that means my parents weren't shit at everything Janis: same but that ain't news to me Janis: people LOVE being vocal about how fit my mum is Jimmy: bit rude of everyone to fake Grace being your twin when she's really adopted 🎻 Janis: she looks like my dad's mum and she's devastated, is a gutting comparison however you slice it Jimmy: I should've done more 🎻🎻 Jimmy: I get it, I look like Ian so every other dickhead reckons Janis: 🤏 rude of you to say he weren't fit but I'll allow it Jimmy: 🤏💔 he's my biological father 🤞 the other two can still cut and run Janis: seen your socials that ain't got me in, the kid looks like a small clone of you so 🌧 Jimmy: 💰 on my sister then Janis: usually the middle child Jimmy: she's got his 😡 and it can't be nurture as he don't fucking do none so Jimmy: that's all of us fucked Janis: shit, ain't it Janis: couple my sisters escaped having the same dad but my ma's got terrible taste so theirs weren't no better 💔 Jimmy: how many do you have? Janis: 4 sisters and a brother Jimmy: bet he were 💔 growing up Janis: yeah we made him well gay Jimmy: don't @iantaylor8 Janis: he ain't about to gay bash so it's alright Janis: about to have a gaybie though so pop off on that one Jimmy: he'd be well chuffed to hear he can still have grandkids to bully even though he reckons we're all gay Janis: weird flex on your nature and nurture there, mate Jimmy: duh it's MY fault not his Jimmy: couldn't keep my ex from sleeping with half the north 'cause I obvs weren't and turned them onto a gay lifestyle while I wasn't at it 🙄 Jimmy: #myinfluence Janis: Is Bill your dad? Janis: the drama, the top class storytelling 👌👏 Jimmy: 🤞 you've still got that quill you borrowed Janis: if you fancy it, I'll come about and loudly let him know how gay you ain't Jimmy: he'd have to be about for that plan to work Jimmy: if we held our breath we wouldn't need the 💀💀💀 pact Janis: probably can't turn up at his workplace, yeah, bit weird Jimmy: ☕ delivery Jimmy: just brought my muse so I can do top latte art Janis: unrelated but where is the nearest storage cupboard, tah Jimmy: nowt to see here but everything to hear soz Jimmy: you'd have to break your vow of silence any road, can't have that Janis: not a nun, not an eternal vow Janis: just 'til you admit you like hearing it Jimmy: don't need to tell me on either count Jimmy: and I never denied that I like hearing you Janis: you were taking the piss Janis: so now you're gonna have to be well nice before I even consider it Janis: which is very 💔 for me 'cos I like making noise for you Jimmy: I've been SO nice since Janis: could you be nicer? 🤔 Jimmy: you tell me Jimmy: how can I? Janis: tell me what we're going to do at this party Jimmy: whose house is it at? Janis: #2 Jimmy: we'll find her fave bathroom then, she's bound to spend more time there than owt else Jimmy: ruin it for her Janis: anything that keeps her off the 🚽 is a 🏆 for us Jimmy: we can work out where her 🛏 is after Janis: probably four-poster Jimmy: probably be pretty hard to break Jimmy: but I'm up for the challenge if you are Janis: of course Janis: who am I? Jimmy: you're Jimmy: 🥇 Janis: you're fucking Janis: so good Jimmy: you Janis: you you you Jimmy: if it's owt to do with me it'll be 'cause you've inspired me Janis: I'll take that Jimmy: do Jimmy: it's right Janis: I'm already bored of being on this bus Jimmy: it takes the piss but I need to see you Janis: I want it too Janis: takes the piss I live in the middle of nowhere Jimmy: I'll move you in when Jeremy's born, you're alright Janis: #1 dad Janis: get your own mug Jimmy: *🏆 Janis: bit demanding, babe Jimmy: what kind of dad can I be if I don't have nowt to put my 🥃 in? Jimmy: size matters, babe Janis: 😏 Janis: join you once he thing is out Janis: only 🍷🍷 Jimmy: @ Helena for 💊 Jimmy: your back will be killing you Janis: if he's got a head size of yours, I'll 💀💀💀 Jimmy: I'll 🔪 it out for you, what could be more #goals? Janis: basically a doctor 😍 Jimmy: wasted on just giving 🧽 baths, me Janis: not quite bubbles and 🍾 but Jimmy: when we get to the party, you can have that Janis: we can? Jimmy: if you want Janis: what do you want? Jimmy: What kind of question is that? Janis: one you never answer Jimmy: one you know the answer to Janis: no Jimmy: yeah Janis: 😡 Jimmy: I want you, dickhead Jimmy: I've said it before Janis: not a 🚨⛓ to wanna hear it Jimmy: 💔 love a crime, keeps me in a job Janis: I'll commit another, hang on Jimmy: 😍 Janis: pretty sure how you're tryna make me feel in public is illegal Jimmy: 🚔'd quicker than the 🚍 Jimmy: and hang on, isn't it working? Janis: if only Janis: it's not not working, but it'd work better if you were here Jimmy: brb just gotta change uniforms 👮🚔🚨 Jimmy: be with you in a sec Janis: love a chase scene Jimmy: 💕 Janis: reckon this driver is a new boy too Janis: going well slow Jimmy: Oi don't lump me in with him Janis: you can still be 🍦 of the month, it's okay Jimmy: is it? first my stamina gets slagged off now it's my tempo Jimmy: gonna need a complaints 🗑 if you keep on Janis: babe Jimmy: soz I didn't ask you to fake 👰💍🤵 or 🤰 on day one, like Jimmy: dead slow, me 👻💔 Janis: like, do you even fake like me, OMG Jimmy: busted Jimmy: reckon you're a bit of a dickhead tbh Janis: 😱😱😱 Janis: brb, throwing myself under this bus Janis: probably going too slow to kill me, THANKS Jimmy: see, what's to like, can't even stick to the plan, you Janis: nu-uh Janis: 'cos I'm NOT dying, but you'll show and think I have and go and off yourself Jimmy: 🤏 Janis: don't you 🤏 at me Janis: cheek Jimmy: keeping 🔇 is one thing but denying you're dying right now is Jimmy: I know you are Jimmy: me an' all Janis: it's very inconvenient Janis: wanting you this much Jimmy: weren't part of the plan Janis: exactly Jimmy: but Janis: too late to stop ourselves now Jimmy: not if you want to Janis: I don't Janis: you know that Jimmy: Alright Janis: it is alright, ain't it Jimmy: with me Janis: you're hot, I'm hot, why wouldn't we Jimmy: I'm not gonna give you a list of why it's a 🥉💡 to do this Janis: we'll survive Jimmy: I don't care if I don't Jimmy: 💀💀💀 me Janis: hot Jimmy: I am, you are, you just said Janis: but seriously Janis: you are so Jimmy: I get it, you're taking 💀💀💀 me seriously an' all Jimmy: right now Janis: you have no idea Janis: if I was even as half as good with words Janis: you might feel a fraction of how I'm feeling Jimmy: I do though, you're doing a decent job of telling me Jimmy: and making me feel like I Jimmy: could just Janis: just Jimmy: 💀💀💀 here in front of everyone Janis: oh Jimmy: inconvenient, I think that were what you said Janis: on the counter, that's what you said Janis: what I'm 💭 Jimmy: I'm not closing up but when I am next Janis: promise Jimmy: are you asking me if I do or telling me you do? Janis: asking you to Jimmy: I wouldn't have said it else Jimmy: but okay Janis: your fake manager better not show up Jimmy: he gets us to so he don't have to Jimmy: 👻🥊 Janis: just saying, some prior warning if you wanna third Janis: no 💌 for you Jimmy: I'm alright with leaving the rest of the dickheads out Janis: good to know Janis: 'cos I don't really rate anyone else right now so Jimmy: I've never rated anyone 🥇 as you Janis: you don't need to chat me up Janis: I'm there already Jimmy: it's just a bit of honesty Jimmy: nowt to worry about Janis: you mean it? Jimmy: Why would I have bothered to say it if it weren't? Janis: I dunno Jimmy: the answer is that I wouldn't Janis: alright, I believe you Jimmy: 👍 Janis: me too Jimmy: ? Janis: I ain't rated anyone else this hard either Jimmy: it's the accent Janis: maybe Jimmy: when you're going all about modelling you'll hear some right ones Janis: obvs Janis: let you know your final ranking then, like Jimmy: Tah Janis: all the male models will be gay Jimmy: chuck them my number Jimmy: Ian will be well chuffed Janis: can't have that Jimmy: Oi, just 'cause you're the first I've fake dated no need to make sure you're the only Janis: you wanna real date them, don't lie Janis: make you look well 🥇 Jimmy: it weren't enough for you to make your brother gay, I'm next now Janis: yeah, my agenda Janis: if you spread that around, I'll 🥊 you Jimmy: UGH fine, I'll delete the tweet Janis: dick Janis: 😏 Jimmy: 😘 Janis: how old was you, when you got with your ex Jimmy: why? Jimmy: if you're undercover 👮 an' all, I might believe we're #fated Janis: 💔 now I'm #gutted Janis: dunno, just asking Jimmy: 🎻🎻😭 dunno what we're pissing about at if we're not 🖋 in the 💫 Janis: I'll turn 'round, you're right Janis: been fun Jimmy: 👋 Jimmy: good luck getting that pout and walk sorted out Janis: good luck getting a new muse Jimmy: probably just give up 🎨 nbd Janis: yeah right Janis: it's your 💘 and life Jimmy: don't sound like me, that Janis: come be my personal 📸 and I'll think about it Jimmy: no expert but I don't reckon that's how it works Janis: then I don't wanna Jimmy: you don't need me to hold your hand Jimmy: 🏆💪 you Janis: don't like having my photo taken Jimmy: fake it then Jimmy: you've had loads of practice Janis: true Jimmy: I'll take more, you won't give a shit about 📸 by the time I've been dumped Janis: like it when you do Janis: maybe it's your process Jimmy: I'm sure any photographer'd be chuffed to have a crack at doing the same for you Jimmy: won't be as fit and mysterious as me but Jimmy: you'll live Janis: 🙌 Jimmy: 🥇💡 to keep the pull out and pray method in mind, take a bit of the homeland with you Janis: ha ha ha Janis: shut up now Jimmy: not having my fake baby raised by other photographers Janis: doubt I fancy explaining that sentence to anyone else Jimmy: you don't fancy it, nowt of Jimmy: so alright, I'll leave it out Jimmy: 🤐 Janis: it's all bullshit Janis: nothing real about it Jimmy: the 💰💰 is Jimmy: and ✈🌏 Janis: I'm not a Hadid Jimmy: I dunno who that is Janis: it'd be less 🤩 and more, local ads and old lady catalogs Jimmy: and what? Janis: ❌💰💰✈🌏 Janis: ✔ 🚌🚍 Jimmy: ✔🐕🏃 then Janis: so soz it ain't as glamorous Jimmy: I doubt standing about in 👙👗👠 waiting for 📸 is Janis: yeah Janis: stupid Jimmy: like the lasses who'd be 😤💚 or 😭💔 Janis: literal Janis: must not know you can't ask the photographer to facetune you just how you like Janis: the breakdowns they'd have with the proofs would be worth it Jimmy: the Q&A they'd die for but'll never get 'cause you're out Jimmy: 🎻🎻 Janis: hmm Janis: could fake that Jimmy: a career? yeah works for Mia's dad Janis: 😂 Janis: my 🥇 inspo forever Jimmy: obvs Janis: sorted then Jimmy: 👍 Janis: be selling skinny tea on the socials in no time Jimmy: I'm not even gonna ask what the fuck that is Janis: laxatives Janis: 😋 Jimmy: 💀👑 would have to be fake nice to you for the discount Jimmy: not gonna put them on daddy's 💳 Janis: he's all about triggering that gag reflex Jimmy: my 🥇 inspo forever Janis: 😏 Janis: nice Jimmy: I am yeah Jimmy: SUCH a good lad Janis: not gonna disagree Jimmy: but you LOVE disagreeing with me, Judith Janis: maybe I LOVE making you feel like a lad more Jimmy: there's nowt you 💕 more than a challenge, I get it Janis: 'course Janis: far as you know Jimmy: #thickandnorthern Janis: #fitandmysterious Jimmy: don't remind me Janis: what else do you have to think about that's more fun than me? Jimmy: tip jar Janis: 💔😭 damn, can't compete Jimmy: gonna fare piss poor in this fake divorce now you've ❌💰💰✈🌏 Jimmy: gotta do something Janis: never would've got a penny out of me Janis: not a mug Jimmy: with Mia's dad having to choose sides it'll be 💔😭 all round Janis: how it's meant to be, isn't it Janis: get the best #drama out of the break-up Janis: Bill'll be happy, at least Jimmy: he'll be LIVING Jimmy: #ghostbants Janis: wow Janis: 🤓 Jimmy: am I ready to be a dad or what? Janis: you've got the jokes and the fashion, babe Jimmy: working on the body obvs 🍻🥔🥧 Janis: can't wait to be disgusted by you 💘 Jimmy: helping you fake your morning sickness is just the kind of lad I am Janis: don't need 💀👑 tips Jimmy: 💔😭🎻 for her Janis: good thing she's got the gals to look up to her Janis: not #2 she's clearly better at it, but the other ones Jimmy: I hope she goes live the day she does her in for surpassing her at starvation Jimmy: always need 💀💀💀 tips Jimmy: 🤞🥇💡 Janis: not gonna be as good as ours Jimmy: no need for us to make it look like an accident Jimmy: I know what I want Jimmy: not a tease like those pair Janis: if you were gonna lead me on that much Jimmy: you'd actually have to fake it Jimmy: can't have that Janis: shut up Janis: I'm 🥇 Jimmy: but still ain't been scouted as an actress have you, mate? Jimmy: says it all Janis: 'cos no one knows I'm in character Janis: called method acting, look it up dickhead Jimmy: you know I can't read Jimmy: bit bloody insensitive that you keep bringing it up Janis: 💁 Jimmy: be about right Janis: you started it Jimmy: bollocks Janis: you did too Jimmy: I never Janis: 😒 Jimmy: Oi don't be copying me Jimmy: [a 😒 selfie cos he's a nerd] Janis: oi yourself when you know that's a #kinkunlocked Janis: very rude Jimmy: or very nice Janis: you reckon? Jimmy: you don't? Jimmy: could just leave you with your 💭 Janis: subtle hint Jimmy: I know 🏆 Janis: dunno how good a photo you reckon I can take on this bus but Janis: challenge accepted Jimmy: you said you were 🥇 Janis: not at Jimmy: I rate you Janis: only 'cos I know you've got no mates to send 'em to Jimmy: bit rude Jimmy: that why you're always trying to set me up on playdates? Janis: 1. when? 2. 'cos I want any nudes I do to get better views? yeah, obvs Jimmy: any teacher or coworker for a start Janis: that's you, you're insatiable Jimmy: tweet that and keep your nudes out of it Janis: blame me for your 😍 Janis: psh Jimmy: it's your fault Janis: nah Jimmy: yeah Janis: shh Jimmy: I can't 🔊 me Janis: I can Janis: call it your literary voice Jimmy: I still don't believe you can Janis: why not? Jimmy: experience Janis: what does that mean Jimmy: it means you never 🤐 Janis: 😑 Jimmy: 😏 Janis: you're a twat Jimmy: yeah Janis: literally not talking to you ever again Jimmy: sounds fake that does Janis: you'll see Jimmy: I don't want to Janis: well Jimmy: well you're still 🗨 Janis: alright Jimmy: 👍 Janis: bye Jimmy: in a bit then Janis: yeah, party Jimmy: funny Janis: is it? Jimmy: what are you gonna do, get straight back on that 🚍 when you come off? Janis: I've got shit I can do, tah for the concern Jimmy: alright Janis: bit of a pisstake, actually Jimmy: what? Janis: you've dragged me out Jimmy: done nowt of the sort Janis: yes you have Jimmy: never made you do owt, real or fake Janis: you know what I mean Jimmy: I know you're being a dickhead Janis: then stop replying if that's what you reckon Jimmy: it ain't me who don't wanna talk Jimmy: that's your party trick Janis: it's me who talks too much Janis: can't have it both ways Jimmy: I didn't say I wanted it a different way Janis: stop being a headfuck Jimmy: stop taking what I say wrong Janis: if I could, I would Jimmy: why can't you? Janis: it's me, not you Janis: you just said it Jimmy: no need to make it sound like the start of a breakup Janis: how would you like me to say it Jimmy: just listen to me, how about that? Jimmy: I like how much you talk Jimmy: I like talking to you Janis: but then I don't know what to say back Janis: it's compliments Jimmy: I don't mind not having any back Jimmy: silence is alright an' all as long as it's not a 💔 one Janis: it's not fair Janis: you should feel uncomfortable and all, like Jimmy: I don't feel anything 👻 perks Janis: yeah Jimmy: I'll stop if it makes you feel better Jimmy: signing only or something Janis: I don't feel anything either, that's what you don't get Jimmy: fuming is a feeling, girl Janis: so's 😒 Janis: but we both know, not really Jimmy: we both know that's just my face Janis: sure Jimmy: go on Janis: you clearly feel shit Janis: and it ain't just me that don't like talking about it, that's as obvious Jimmy: What are you the 💕😭😒 👮? Janis: 🙄 just don't chat shit about my party trick when you're doing the same Jimmy: how am I? Jimmy: I've said loads to you Janis: I've said shit to you too Janis: I'm talking about now Jimmy: what about now? Janis: you're being weird Jimmy: what does that mean? Janis: dunno Jimmy: 🙄 Janis: let's leave it Jimmy: 👌 Janis: I dunno about any of this, alright Jimmy: and I do? Janis: more than me Jimmy: how'd you work that out? Janis: you've done it before Jimmy: no I've not Janis: real is more of a challenge, if anything, not less, so Jimmy: weren't disputing that Janis: so you have Jimmy: no I've not Jimmy: it weren't the same Janis: obviously not Janis: not at the core Janis: but there's still shit you can use Jimmy: oh yeah, hang on I'll crack on and❌ out whatever I can't then it'll be piss easy Janis: I'm not saying that it weren't real with your ex, you don't need to get defensive Jimmy: you're being a massive twat Janis: not trying to Jimmy: leave it, like you said Janis: alright then Jimmy: 👍 Janis: 👍 Jimmy: Why would you say that? Janis: what part? Jimmy: that there's shit I can use Janis: not like a bad thing Janis: just pointing out it's harder for me Jimmy: how isn't it a bad thing to reckon I can just swap out one lass for another? Janis: if this was real, maybe Janis: just meant experience, like Jimmy: right Janis: I didn't mean it as a diss Jimmy: I'll dry my eyes then, tah for clearing that up Janis: yeah, yeah 😏 Jimmy: ✔ Janis: harsh Jimmy: if this were real, might be Janis: okay Janis: got it Jimmy: I don't reckon you do Janis: you never do Jimmy: alright, it's my fault Jimmy: that sounds real enough Janis: yeah, exactly what I was after Janis: cheers and tah Jimmy: 🎻🎻🎻 Janis: 🙄 Jimmy: what do you want? Janis: don't you know that and all Jimmy: just asking for the fun of it, me Janis: letdown all 'round then Jimmy: it's been said Janis: not by me Jimmy: ⬆ there Janis: that was the first time Janis: 😭 accordingly Jimmy: I will do Janis: hmm Janis: wasn't very believable tbh babe Jimmy: I'll send you the video when I'm on my next break Janis: cool Jimmy: I'll try and look it 💔😎🚬 Janis: it's your whole brand so Jimmy: won't have to try very hard then Janis: 🙌 Jimmy: 🎬🏆🥇 Janis: post you your oscar Jimmy: bring it to the party Jimmy: save yourself the postage Janis: oh yeah Janis: 👍 one Jimmy: full of top quality 💡 me Janis: reason I keep you about Jimmy: duh Jimmy: see you there then Janis: alright Janis: in a bit Jimmy: 😘 Janis: [better skip to this party when you don't come around gal] Jimmy: [such fun] Jimmy: Oi, where am I headed? Jimmy: [after a bit when she has not replied] Jimmy: very helpful, you Jimmy: are we going to this party or what, dickhead? Jimmy: [after another bit] Jimmy: no? alright then Janis: [I'm thinking this is hours later, so the party is over] Janis: had to go somewhere Janis: say I'm at yours if anyone gives a shit Jimmy: tah for telling me when I could have done something to keep us #goals Jimmy: oh hang on, nah, you didn't Janis: sorry Janis: I'm busy Jimmy: me an' all Jimmy: literally always Janis: this is different Jimmy: I don't care Jimmy: I didn't ask Jimmy: it's nowt to do with me, what's to do with me is that you didn't bother to tell me you weren't coming Janis: alright Janis: sorry again Jimmy: now you need me to cover for you, yeah Janis: don't if you can't be bothered Jimmy: I do what I say I'm gonna do Jimmy: you can piss off Janis: yeah well you ain't promised so do what you want Jimmy: I don't need to, it ain't that #deep Jimmy: we have a deal and I pull my weight with it Janis: I'm not wasting battery saying it again Jimmy: you heard me say piss off then Jimmy: on you go Janis: bye, Jimmy Jimmy: 👋 Janis: [that's that on that]
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chesterdesade · a year ago
An Erotic Story
I didn't know how to tell them. I was so scared. Even though I was only 13, I knew I was gay. I kind of always knew. When I was 7, I'd watch the Jonas Brothers' TV show on the Disney channel and totally think that Nick was hot. I'd be lying on the floor on my stomach when I'd feel my dick get hard. I'd rub it against the carpet and imagine that Nick Jonas was naked and under me. I'd fantasize about being naked with all three brothers. I'd cum in my briefs, but of course no cum came out. Not at that age.
But now that I was going through puberty, it all became crystal clear. I liked guys and I was pretty much cool with it. But telling my dad and my big brother...that I was not so cool with. How would they react? Would they accept me or disown me? I was so nervous. My mom is no longer in the picture. It's a long boring story, but needless to say, I didn't have to worry about her. But Dad and my 15 year-old brother Esteban? That was a tricky one.
I called them into the living room one evening. I was going to tell them once and for all. "Dad. Esteban. I have something to tell you."
"What is it, Leo?" Dad asked.
"There's something very personal about myself I need to tell you. But I don't know how to say it." I was so nervous, I was shaking.
"Son. If you're trying to tell me you're gay, it's ok. We already know," Dad said, surprising me.
"You knew?" I said, shocked.
"Please," Esteban said. "You never talk about girls. And I see the way you look at boys. Whenever I take off my pants, you look like you need a drool rag!" he laughed.
"Oh my god, I'm so relieved!" I smiled wide. "I was so scared. I didn't know how to tell you. I was afraid you'd hate me."
"Oh mijo, I could never hate you. I love you," Dad said.
"Are you sure you're okay with this?" I needed reassurance.
"Son, come here," Dad said. He took me in his strong burly arms and hugged me. "I want to make sure you know just how comfortable we are with your sexuality." At that, Dad pressed his lips to mine and kissed me tenderly on the mouth. His goatee tickled my smooth boyish face.
"Whoa, Dad! Whaa..."
"Shh. Don't say anything, son," Dad shushed me. "No son of mine is gonna grow up feeling insecure about himself. Especially in his own household." Dad kissed me passionately and placed his tongue in my mouth and wiggled it around. I was in shock and my heart was beating a mile a minute. What surprised me most of all was that my cock was sticking straight up in my short pants and struggling to get out.
"Mijo, here's a new house rule for you: If you like guys, I want you to explore your desires here in the safety of your own home. I don't want you running around messing with boys on the street. You don't know where they've been. At least here, I know what's going on and I could protect you," Dad explained. "If you're gonna play around, I'd rather you do it with me and your brother under my roof where at least I know you're safe."
I didn't say a word as Dad pulled off the white polo shirt of my Catholic school uniform over my head. He ran his big rough hands over my smooth tan hairless chest before sucking on my soft small nipples. Dad got on his knees, unbuckled my belt and unzipped my shorts and pulled them down. "What you got here, son?" Dad said, noticing my boner in my tighty-whiteys. He opened my briefs and out popped my hard dick. "You're getting to be a big boy." Dad opened his mouth and swallowed my dick whole. He sucked on it so hard, I almost fell back fainting. "You like that, mijo?" Dad asked.
"Y-yeah, Pop," I stammered, dazed.
"Wanna try Papi's dick now?"
"Sure, Dad!" Dad stood up and undid his denim shorts pulling out his big fat uncut cock.
"Go ahead, boy. Get on your knees and try it." I did as I was told and sank to my knees. I took my dad's dick in my mouth and sucked it. It was so big I could barely get it all in. So I concentrated on his fat bulb the most. "Oh yeah, mijito! You suck real good," Dad moaned.
My big brother Esteban had pulled his dick out of his basketball shorts and was openly jacking off as he watched us. "You ok with helping out your little brother, Esteban?" Dad asked my big brother.
"Hell yeah!" Esteban said. "I'm horny all the time, Dad! And I can't depend on my girlfriend to help me out. She's such a prude. Leo would be doing me a solid!"
"Good attitude, son!" Dad laughed.
Esteban walked over to me and Dad and stuck his dick in my mouth. I couldn't believe this was happening! My heart was racing. I took turns sucking off both Dad and my brother. "Just make sure you remember that I ain't gay," Esteban clarified. "But I don't got a problem if you are. This is just me showing you that I'm cool with you."
"I ain't gay either," Dad said. "But we are family and I love my boys. And this is just another way of expressing my love and that's all there is to it. It ain't anyone's business! Now let's get comfortable," Dad suggested. We all stripped down to just our socks and lied down on the carpeted living room floor. I sucked Esteban's cock while Esteban sucked Dad's cock while Dad sucked my cock in a daisy chain.
I started getting a really intense feeling in my dick from Dad sucking me and I started moaning and groaning a lot. I couldn't hold it anymore. I shot my load in Dad's mouth and he only increased his sucking and swallowed all of my cum. "Good job!" he said. "Son, I want to go all the way with you. I want your first time to be with me. I want to make sure it's special with someone I know you love," Dad said. "Is that ok with you?"
"Uh...uh...sure," was all I could say. I was so dizzy. Dad had me bring my knees up to my chest and he started eating my butt, getting it all wet. It felt crazy! I never did anything sexual at all before now except with myself. I didn't expect anything like this! His big tongue was really digging in up there. I was moaning like crazy.
Then he crouched up to me and pressed his fat cock head to my butthole and pushed. Oh my god, it hurt like a bitch, but as soon as he got it all the way in, it started to feel pretty good. I couldn't believe his giant cock fit all the way up my tight butt! It was such a trip. He started fucking me, sliding his cock in and out of my culo. I was really dizzy now. My big brother crawled over to me and shoved his hard dick in my mouth which kinda helped ease the pressure from being fucked by Dad. I sucked it like a baby.
I couldn't believe what we were doing. We were all naked together and playing! Well, almost naked. Me and Esteban had our black sport socks on and Dad still had on his long white cholo socks, so technically we weren't totally naked so it wasn't too gay, right. Haha! But it was so much fun!
Dad started grunting like a bear and yelled "I'm cumming! I'm cumming in my baby boy's ass! Ahhhh!" I could feel him shooting his load up my butt. My brother started moaning too and he shot his own load in my mouth. It tasted funny, but I didn't want to make a mess so I made sure I swallowed all of it. I was stroking my cock really hard and I too shot cum all over my chest. It was so hot!
"You see, son?" Dad said, catching his breath. "Your family is totally cool with you being gay. And you could get all the gay sex you want right here at home. Ain't that right, Esteban?"
"Hell yeah!" my brother said, still out of breath. "Uh, I mean...sure, why not. It's all good."
"Thanks, Dad!" I smiled. I felt so happy and warm.
"No problem, mijo. We love you," Dad said, giving me a huge hug. The cum on my smooth chest got stuck in his chest hair. I pointed it out, laughing. "No worries," he said, scooping some of it up with his fingers and licking it. Esteban leaned in and started licking my cum off of Dad's chest, too. I just had to do the same.
Before I knew it, me and my big bro were sucking Dad's big nipples and hard cock. It was on again! "Wow! You guys are hooking up?" my little brother Jesse said as he suddenly appeared in the entrance to the living room. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention him. I have an 8 year-old brother, Jesse. Or "The Accident" as me and Esteban call him. I wasn't gonna include him in my coming out announcement cause he's a lot younger. I just let him keep busy up in his room playing or doing his homework. But there he was, suddenly deciding to walk in on us, of all times.
"Jesse, go back to your room. I'll explain this when you're older," Dad said.
"Daddy, I know what sex is!" Jesse protested. "They teach us about it in school!"
"Really? Already?" Dad was surprised.
"Duh! I'm in the 3rd grade!" Jesse sassed.
"He's right, pops!" Esteban explained. "They're teaching Sex Ed younger and younger these days. I know my buddies' little brothers are already doin' it like pimps!"
"It's true, pop," Jesse said.
"Ay dios mio! Get in here, kiddo!" Esteban said, grabbing Jesse. He was such a horny bastard. Esteban practically ripped off Jesse's clothes and started sucking his little hairless dick.
"Take it easy on him, son!" Dad warned Esteban. "I'm only letting him participate for practice so he can do well in school. We ain't here to initiate him into gay sex, pendejo!"
"I can handle it, pop. I'm not a baby!" Jesse whined, tossing away his Iron Man undies. Whatever, Jesse! Esteban licked his fingers and started finger fucking our little brother.
Dad and I were left to be each other's sole fuck buddies now. But really, we were making love. Daddy topped me again as the two of us fucked on the floor right next to Esteban and Jesse. Esteban was pile-driving his 15 year-old cock deep into Jesse's tight 8 year-old boy pussy. Gotta admit, it was pretty hot. We all fucked like crazy on the living room floor till we shot our loads all over each other. Except for my punk ass little brother, Jesse, of course. His loads were still invisible if you know what I mean.
From that day on, my dad and my big brother went out of their way to make me feel comfortable at home. Esteban would come home from soccer practice and strip off his shorts and jersey in front of me. "Oh, sorry, li'l bro. I forgot this might turn you on."
"I ain't turned on, Mr. Conceited," I told him.
"You sure?" Esteban teased, dancing around the bedroom in his long soccer socks and sweaty jock strap. "No bitch can resist this!" My brother pulled off his jock and swung his cock around near my face.
"I ain't your bitch, you idiot," I said. I had to admit I was getting a little turned on. I could smell his musky balls. "Fuck it," I said and sucked Esteban's cock into my mouth. We ended up fucking on the bed.
Another time, my dad was sitting in his EZ chair in just his tighty-whiteys and socks. He liked to air out after work. I was watching some show on the Disney Channel; one of those teen shows that have a lot of cute boys in them. I started to get a little excited watching it. It was totally awkward.
"You like that boy, ha son," Dad just had to say something.
"Y-yeah I guess," I stuttered. "He's ok."
"Ok? You're burning a hole in your chonies!" he pointed out. I guess I was. "Come here." He called me over and I stood before him. Dad leaned forward and pulled my shorts down and sucked my cock. His cock grew and tented up his briefs.
"Look at those two!" my big brother Esteban said, suddenly appearing at the living room entrance; of all times. His buddy Rick was with him. They just got out of soccer practice and were all sweaty in just their shorts and footie gear, no shirts.
"Holy crap! Your dad goes down on your little brother?" Rick said, stunned.
"Yeah, just on him though," Esteban explained. "Leo's gay and my old man is hellbent on convincing him...and himself, I guess...that he's cool with it. Which means we all have to be cool with it."
"Wow! That is pretty cool of him, you have to admit!" the hunky teenager Rick said.
"We're allowed to help out too!" Esteban said. "But it ain't gay!" he made clear. "We just want to make him feel accepted and shit!"
"For reals? Oh hell yes!" Rick gasped. He walked over, got on his knees behind me and started eating out my ass. It felt so darn good! Soon after, Rick was fucking me in the ass. "As long as you all know I definitely ain't gay!" Rick said sternly. "I was always taught when you're at someone else's house, you gotta go by their rules. Just being polite, dudes!" he explained before shooting a load in my ass.
I must say, things at school were pretty cool. As part of my coming out process, I joined a club there called "The Gay/Straight Alliance Club" which was formed by gay students and their straight supporters. It might have been considered controversial a few years ago to have such a thing at an all-boys Catholic junior high school, but thanks to the support and endorsement of many of the priests and deacons in our diocese, that dream became a reality. A lot of cool students were members of the GSA club from student council members to jocks.
Many times, I would step into the school library where many of our meetings were held after school and the guys would be having a discussion about different subjects, one of them being homophobia. "I just want you guys to know, I think homophobia is for pussies," Bradley, the study straight football jock would declare, eloquent as always. The guys quietly applauded. "And just to prove I ain't..." Bradley grabbed Simon, the bespectacled openly gay science nerd, and started making out with him in front of us. It was hard not to react loudly in the library. We had a table set up in the back, but still.
Bradley would strip down to his mesh jersey, jock strap (pulled to the side) and tube socks and would fuck Simon, now dressed in just his long black dress socks and bow tie, right there on the table. The rest of us ditched our clothes and had a hot little student orgy right there in the library.
Father Gregory happened to stroll by, catching us. "Oh my. What have we here?" he said in his Irish accent. At first we thought we'd been busted but the only thing busting right there and then was Father Gregory's nuts! He stripped off his pants and joined the party. Funny that he immediately zeroed in on Christopher, our youngest member who skipped two grades for his advanced intelligence and was now in the 6th grade. I watched as the priest's big wet tongue glided all over Christopher's hairless little cock, balls and asshole. Christopher eventually found himself bouncing up and down on the grown man's cock, both of them in just their long black socks.
It was impossible to keep quiet and not break the rules of the library as we began cumming left and right. You should have seen Simon. His thick black-framed glasses were covered with cum.
There was a time, though, something at school had me bummed. My old man caught me moping about it after school. "Hey, you?" he asked. "What's wrong?"
"Nothing," I sighed.
"Hey. I thought after everything we talked about, it was clear that you can talk to me about anything." I explained to my dad that there was a big Mother/Son Toga Dance Party next week at school and it was just bringing up issues I had with my mom leaving. Dad was so good at consoling me. "I'm gonna have a little chat with your principal," he smiled. I begged him not to as I didn't want any attention. I was already self-conscious as it was, but dad insisted he'd keep it on the DL. Before I knew it, I had special permission along with a couple of other students to bring my dad to the dance! I was so happy.
The night of the dance, I walked into the living room in my toga where dad was already waiting. "Look at you, boy!" Dad smiled proudly. "I'm definitely gonna have the most handsome date there." Dad's toga was a bit skimpy and not put together too well, poor guy. He was more used to changing the oil in the car than making costumes. It looked he just took a really long white pillow case, rather than a sheet, and cut out a hole at the closed end for his head and two holes on the sides for his arms and wore it like a mini dress, or a potato sack. He was clearly wearing tighty whiteys underneath cause the hem of the toga...the opened part of the pillow case...didn't even cover his crotch. I laughed my ass off. The sides of the pillow case were really slit almost from top to bottom exposing his chest and love handles. And to top it off, he wore long white socks with strappy 'dad sandals'. Oh man, he's so clueless. You gotta love him. And let's just say that my toga was very well put together, though it was not much less skimpy.
Dad and I had a great time at the dance and people were pretty cool with me bringing him. Whenever dad sat down at the dance, his whole crotch was exposed to the world. It was so embarrassing but my friends just thought it was real funny. And Dad was a real hit with all the moms. There was so much flirting going on, it was so awkward. I mean, most of the moms are married!
After the dance, Dad drove us home and we walked to the front porch. "Aren't you gonna give your date a goodnight kiss?" Dad said. I leaned in to kiss him and Dad grabbed my face and really laid into me giving me a big ole French kiss, tongue and all. It gave me a boner.
"But Dad, that kiss might've been enough in the olden days when you were a teenager. Kids today expect to go a lot further," I teased him.
"Oh excuse me for being from the Stone Age," he laughed. "You think your old man ain't hip? I'll show you, sonny!" Dad unlocked the door, scooped me up in his arms and carried me inside to the living room. "On this date, I'm putting out!" Dad announced. He lifted the skirt of my toga, pulled my dick from my drawers and started sucking me off. Soon, Dad had me on my back on the carpet, both of us with our togas still on but our underpants off, as he fucked me in the ass.
"What's going on here?" my brother Esteban said, coming down the stairs in his socks and underwear. "I thought I told you to have him home at a decent hour!" he jokingly scolded Dad. "And no sex on the first date!" Esteban paused. " least not without me!" My big brother took off his underwear and joined us on the living room floor.
In general, Esteban was getting a little carried away with honing in on my action. One day I brought a boy home from school that I kinda liked. We were just gonna do our homework together. Nothing nasty. We were on my bed with our books and papers spread about with the door wide open when all of a sudden Esteban comes walking by. He stops and sticks his nosey ass in my bedroom. "Oh! What's going on here?" he teased, all embarrassing.
"We're just studying," I quickly said.
"Who's this?" my brother asked grinning like a wolf on the prowl. I introduced him to my classmate Pedro who was 12. Pedro was really cute and I knew Esteban would be all over his shit. "Well don't let me stop you from working," Esteban said taking off his shirt. "Is it hot in here, or is it me?" He kept trying to help Pedro with his homework. He kept talking to him and laughing and being totally flirtatious. It was so obnoxious. Pedro was wearing a loose fitting tank top and Esteban kept "accidentally" putting his hands on him and was practically reaching into his tank top through the arm holes to touch Pedro's nipples. "Why don't you take your shoes off and get comfortable," Esteban said, pulling off Pedro's sneakers without even asking. He started massaging Pedro's feet.
All Pedro could do was laugh and smile all awkward. He kept looking at me like 'what the fuck?' "That feels good," he chuckled. My brother peeled off one of Pedro's socks and started licking his foot making him giggle. Then Esteban unbuckled the little dude's belt, unbuttoned his shorts and pulled down his zipper. "Oh my gosh, what's happening?" Pedro giggled like the cute awkward dork that he was. Esteban grinned and pulled off Pedro's shorts and briefs and his hard five inch cock snapped free. I was so excited to see it for the first time as I was crushing on him hard. But I was also really jealous that my own big brother was stealing my boy!
Esteban started sucking Pedro's dick practically sending Pedro into convulsions. Then he started eating out his ass while Pedro's legs hanged in the air with one sock on one foot, the other bare. Then Esteban stripped off his shorts and briefs and started to push his hard cock into Pedro's butt. I couldn't stand it anymore. I got up and went downstairs leaving them both on their own.
I walked towards the living room but stopped just outside the entrance cause my little brother Jesse was in there playing video games with his buddy Eric. Eric was a cute little kid. He was the same age as Jesse...maybe a little bit younger. "I won! I killed more zombies than you!" Jesse screamed. "You know what that means! You have to do it to me now!"
"I know, I know," Eric said defeated. My little brother stood up and pulled down his shorts and his little boner, already hard, sprang free. Little Eric went down on his knees and immediately, he started sucking Jesse's weenie. I watched to see what they'd do next. The two third graders ended up totally fucking on the living room floor.
"Oh man!" I said to myself. "Is everyone in this house getting action except me? I'm supposed to be the gay one!" I was so jealous. I went to go sulk in the kitchen.
Dad walked in from work. "What's up, Leo?" he asked, catching me in my frustration.
"Oh nothing. It's just that my brothers are getting all the action in the house and they're not even really gay!" I complained.
"What are they doing?" Dad asked.
"Esteban's upstairs banging my crush and Jesse's in the living room banging his little buddy Eric," I tattled. "Those two don't even have hair on their dicks! I feel all left out."
"Well we'll just see about that!" Dad said as he started unbuttoning his shirt. My cock got hard real quick and soon, Dad had me on the kitchen counter and was sucking my dick till I came in his mouth. "How was that?" Dad smiled.
"Great," I said, a little sullen.
"But?" Dad asked.
"It still doesn't change my interest in Pedro."
"Then why don't you march upstairs like a man and tell him how you feel," Dad encouraged. "Stand up to your pendejo brother and throw him outta there. Show him who's boss."
"You're right. I'm gonna do that!" I said. So I marched upstairs in my t-shirt and socks, forgetting I had no pants or underwear on, and went back to my room.
Esteban came out of my room all sweaty with a big grin on his face. He was naked except for his socks. "Sup, baby bro," he tried to high-five me but I dissed him, rushing right into my room.
Pedro was lying on the bed looking kind of dazed. He was naked with a load of cum on his chest. "Hey man. You ok?" I asked him.
"Yeah," he said softly.
"Have fun with my brother?"
"Yeah, but..." Pedro began.
"What?" I asked, sitting down next to him on the bed.
"It's just that...I really wanted to be with you." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Finally! I leaned in and kissed Pedro on the lips and the two of us started making out like crazy. Before you knew it, it was MY cock that was sliding in and out of Pedro's ass, not my big brother's! We made love till I shot my load up his butt and he shot his all over his chest and abs. I didn't even care that I could feel my big brother's cum slicking up my dick inside of Pedro's butthole. "I've been wanting to do that for a long time," Pedro sighed.
"Me too, little buddy. Me too."
The two of us put our shorts back on and went downstairs shirtless. We walked to the living room and found my big brother fucking Jesse's little friend Eric. Jesse was sitting cross-legged in just his socks with his chin resting in his palms, all pouty. Looks like Esteban stole his fuck buddy too! Esteban had the kid (who was just a few months shy of his 8th birthday) bouncing up and down on his lap on the living room floor. My brother's cock was up his ass and the boy was riding him like a bucking bronco.
"What's the matter, baby bro?" I asked him.
"What do you think?" he pouted.
"Come on," I laughed, grabbing him by the arm. Pedro and I were on him like sand on the beach, kissing him and feeling him up and making him feel wanted, right next to our big brother and his little fuck toy. Pedro and I took turns fucking Jesse in the ass till we both shot loads up it. I assume Jesse came too. That's what it seemed like, though no cum came out of his wiener.
"Boys, dinner's gonna be ready in a half hour...whoa!" Dad said, stepping into the living room and getting stunned. There his sons were, fucking up a storm with two extra boys. "Well...I guess I can let dinner simmer on the stove for a few minutes," he said taking off his shirt. Dad stripped down to his black socks and joined in on the fun. He got to fuck each and every one of our asses. But it was my ass he saved for last. So it was my ass he came in. That made me feel very special. "I love you, mijo," Dad said, French kissing me tenderly.
"I love you too, pop," I smiled. "Thank you. For everything."
I guess cumming out wasn't such a hard thing after all. I'm so lucky to have such an awesome family that loves me unconditionally.
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justmesadgirl · 2 years ago
Halloween Party
Paring: Tom Holland x Reader
Warnings: fluff, little angst
Words: 1.7k
A/N: feedback is always welcomed! English is not my first language and I have dyslexia so if there are typos I’m sorry!                                               AND if there is someone who would like to check my writings before I post them because I really could use some help! let me know if you are interested! + ofc thank you @that-person-with-issuee  for helping me out!
requests are open!
Tumblr media
The best part of the year was definitely October, all because it was Halloween. A lot of people think that it’s time for Christmas, but for you it’s definitely Halloween. You were known for the best Halloween costumes since you were little. This year you wanted to look sexy for someone special. Tom Holland was your best friend but lately you two were having a little friendship more than a normal friendship. Every time there was alcohol involved, you two would sneak off somewhere to be alone and steal kisses from each other; but never when you two were sober. Never had you done anything more than kissing in the dark and never had you two kissed when you were sober. You really wanted to be more with Tom, but you were too scared to tell him. All because you didn’t want to lose your best friend. If he didn’t feel anything for you why would he sneak off and steal kisses from you.
“y/n!” You hear his voice call for you. “What are you thinking?” His laugh makes you feel warm inside.
“Oh... nothing.” You mumble to him and turn to look at his beautiful face.
“Don’t lie to me. Is it Halloween again?”
“Yeah… yeah Halloween, thinking about my costume for the party you and Haz are throwing.” It’s not a lie you were thinking about it before you got lost into your thoughts on how you wanted Tom to be more than a friend and drunk kissing buddy.  
“What are you going to wear?”
“Oh, no, no, no I’m not telling you that. It’s a surprise.” You give him a sweet smile and turn back to the tv.
“Come on! Tell me, I’m your best friend! Maybe we could even match!”
“If I tell you mine, will you tell me what you are going to be?” He really tried but you weren’t giving in.
“No, Tom. I’m not going to tell you.”
“Pretty please, y/n.” You just give him smirk and shook your head, no.
You had that conversation with Tom on the 3rd of October. Now being the 26th of October- and the day of the halloween party. Everyone in your friend group was coming along with many other people the boys knew. The party was going to be amazing. and you hoped that Tom would like your costume. Maybe you two could finally have the talk.
You were standing front of you mirror looking at yourself and hoping to god that you would get his attention for more than a night. Makeup done and hair in loose curls, bunny ears on your head and your costume on, you put on a long coat to cover everything up and keep yourself warm outside. One final look in the mirror before you walked out of the door. Luckily Tom’s and Harrison's house wasn't far away from your apartment so you could just walk to the house.
When you arrived to the house the party was full on going. You could hear the music even outside and you could see people dancing through the windows. A smile forming on your lips as you walk inside the house full of people, the house smelled like alcohol and sweaty bodies like every party you had ever been to. You knew the house like the back of your hand, so you just walk to Tom’s room to leave your jacked there. Opening the door you see random girl and boy on Tom’s bed.
“Umm. This room is not for this.” You scare the two apart from each other, and they just nod and leave the room. You laugh, and close the door after them, looking around the room. It was clean for once, Tom was pretty messy. You leave your jacket on his chair and walk out of the room. Looking for any of your friends.
“y/n?” someone is calling for you over the loud music. Slowly turning to the way the voice had come from, you see your best friend Tom dressed up as Spiderman -of course- and his other best friend Harrison dressed up as batman and Tom’s brothers Sam and Harry dressed up as thing one and thing two.
“Wow…” Harry is the first one spak efter Harrison calling after you.
“You look amazing, darling!” Harrison yells over the music to you. You just blush and nod at them. Your eyes meeting Tom’s ocean brown eyes. He looks like he is in shock, his mouth hanging open.
“Shut your mouth or you will catch flies.” Sam playfully slaps Tom’s chin so he would close his mouth.
“Hey guys…” You give them a shy smile, you knew that your oufit was exposing, but you thought you looked good in it. “Is it too much?” You ask them looking down at your costume.
“What are you?” Tom finally speaks up but he doesn't sound happy.
“Well, i’m a bunny, duh.” You try to joke around by quoting mean girls but Tom doesn't look like he found your joke funny.
“You need to cover up.”
“Wow, div you can’t say that to her!” Harrison hit back of Tom head.
“Oh… sorry...” You mumble and turn around to leave them, feeling insecure in your halloween costume that you had loved before you left but now you hated how you looked, and all because Tom didn’t like it.
“You can’t tell her that! She looks amazing!” You could hear how Harrison was talking to Tom but you just wanted to cover up and leave the party. Quickly walking to Tom’s room you close the door after you and garp your jacked. Looking at yourself in Tom’s mirror you could feel how a tear runs down your cheek. You really hoped that Tom would like your outfit as much as you did, you felt so feminine and powerful in it. Wiping the tear from your face and putting on your jacket you left Tom’s bedroom but you ran into a strong chest.
Tumblr media
“Um… I’m sorry…” You mumble to whoever you run into and try to get past them, but you feel a strong hand on your upper arm and you turn to face him.
“y/n where are you going?” Tom asks you and you could feel the lump growing in back of your throat.
“H-home.” you whisper to him. Loud music in your ears and lump in your throat you really wanted to leave. Anxiety picking up and you really just wanted to run away from him.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t have the right to tell you to cover up, no one has.” Tom tied to apologize but you were already having a anxiety attack, tears running down your face and you really didn’t want him to see you like this.
“It’s okay… I-I have to leave.” You tell him and pull your arm free from his hand.
“Please y/n talk to me.” You just turn around and try to walk away but he stops you again, grabbing your waist and bringing you against his chest again. “Shh… it’s okay.” You didn’t even realize that you were full on crying against him, tears running down your cheeks and sobbs falling out of your mouth. Tom leads you back to his room and locks the door after you two. He sits down on his bed and pulls you into his lap.
“I-I’m s-sorry.” You try to tell him between your sobs.
“Why are you sorry? I’m the asshole here.” He places a gentle kiss on your forehead.
“I-I don’t know.” You try to pull away from him but he just pulls you back to his chest.
“Shh… try to breath. In and out, in and out.” he was drawing circles on your back. “I’m here with you, love. Everything is alright.” Tom tried his best to calm you down but his words make you cry harder. You push him away from you, feeling way too hot so close to him, and feeling like you were in a small box.
“Let go.” you get up from his lap and walk to the window, sweating like crazy. Trying to fan yourself but not helping, but you don’t want to take the coat off. Still crying like crazy, trying to catch your breath.
“y/n take it off, you are going to faint.” Tom tried to encourage you to take your coat off.
“Stop it…” you yell at him through your sobs.
“Love, please.” Tom walks closer to you trying to touch you but you just take a step back.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean what I told you, love, please take that damn coat off.”
“You think I don’t look good.” You whisper and turn your back to him.
“You look fucking amazing. That’s why I asked you to cover up. I didn’t want anyone else to see you like that.” You have to stop breathing for a second so your heavy breathing and sobbs wouldn’t cover his voice.
“What?” You mumble and turn to face him, letting your breath free.
“I didn’t want to anyone see you like that, because I was jealous.”
“Why would you be jealous?” He takes a step closer to you.
“Because I want you to be mine.” He is so close to you and you can feel his breath on your face. His hands find your coat and he takes it off and let’s it fall to the floor. “You look so fucking amazing, I can’t believe how beautiful you are y/n.” he places his hand on your cheek. “I’m sorry.” he wipes your cheek from the tears, you weren’t sobbing anymore or crying as hard as before.
“Y-you want what?” You didn’t believe your ears, was he really telling you that he wanted to be with you.
“I’m falling in love with you.”
“Really?” You sob out again, you couldn't believe him, he had to be lying to you.
“I’m so sorry for hurting you, I was just a jealous asshole who wants you all to myself. I hope you can forgive me.”
“I-I forgive you, Tommy.”
“Can I kiss you now?” He leans a little closer to you.
“Did you drink?”
“Nope, just drunk on you.” you let out a small giggle and lean in for the kiss.
“Can I now show off your sexy ass to the world?” Tom jokes and you just nod.
let me know if you liked it!
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nhlhoser · 3 years ago
On The Rocks - 27
Part 26  Masterlist
Tumblr media
 Noah and Mark stop by shortly after Auston leaves- narrowly catching the hockey player in my room.  Noah's appearance is expected but Mark's is definitely a surprise and slightly jarring as he stands awkwardly at the door, waiting for Noah to finish.
 After checking my throat, limonoids and my vitals like he'd done previously.  My temperature and throat still made him frown but this time he doesn't mention the 'H' word but gives me a look and a sign.
"You're stable, to say the least,"
"So, Do you think she is well enough to fly home?" Were Marks first and only words.
   Noahs eyes were instantly wide as he waits for my reaction to flying- aware of my anxieties of flying. Outwardly I maintained my calm but my heart sank and started to pick op in rhythm.  I knew I'd be flying home eventually, it only makes sense as the team flies out tomorrow morning but I guess I wasn't prepared for the reality of it.
"Yes," Noah nodded slowly with a bit of grimace. "but she'll need some high dose anti-nauseant. Probably best administered through an injection as her throat is too sore for any type of pill,"
 Mark went onto explain that I would be flying home late tonight/ really early in the morning after the game, with Lou Lamerlo and Brandon Shannahan. It made sense as my car is still at Billy Bishop - where we flew out from.
 "As the medication will make you sleep for the duration of the flight, you will be unable to drive yourself. Noah, can you arrange a car?- or actually - Amelia, Do you think you can arrange someone to pick you up?"
"Arranging a car is not a problem," Mark interjected but Noah 'shh' him.
"Not the problem, I don't want her to be alone like this," Noah gave me a look.
"I can try," I rasped.
 Noah collected his thing quickly as Mark went over the details for tonight before leaving, Noah giving the usual farewell.
'Call me if you need me'
So, here I am now waiting for Ricky to answer his damn phone.
"Ricky?" My voice is just as or even raspier as it was earlier and it hurt to talk at length so hopefully this won't be long.
"Yeah?" He responded confused.
"It's Amelia, I'm trying to make this quick as my throat is killing me. Do you think you could pick me at Billy Bishop around 4 am?" I loaded the plead in my voice as I wait anxiously for his reply.
"You're really bad aren't you? I guess so. I'm at dads right now but I'll be at my mom's later which is close,"
"Thank you!" I push my vocal chords a little too which hurt my throat. "I owe you," My voice cracking slightly.
"Yeah, host my birthday and we'll call it even," I could hear the smirk in his voice.
  Ended the call after a little more planning and out goodbye's, promising to text Ricky the details and where to go.
Laying back into the pillows  I feel exhausted all over again. It's almost like the nap never happened. The thought of flying gave me butterflies and not the good ones either but as Noah mentioned, he'd be giving me the good stuff that will knock me out and the flight will probably feel like nothing which is some relief.
   On the brink of falling back asleep for the third time today, there's a loud knock at my door.
Groaning  I force my emotionally and physically drain body from the bed. Practically limping to the door, I could already hear the energetic chatter of what sounds like Mitch bickering with someone.
 Opening the door revealed 2 happy smiles and 1 bored face.
"Hi?" Confused by the visit of the 3 hockey players.
"We were just following him," Mitch pointed his thumb over his shoulder at a slightly pinker Auston. "Are you surprised?" Will chirped.
I blinked at the smartly dressed hockey players, my brain too drained respond.
"I heard Noah and Mark talking about the plans for you to fly out and wanted to know if you needed anything?" Auston slightly rambled yet maintained his cool composure.  
 There are a lot of things I need right now;  to cry is one of them but I can't at this moment.
"Nothing I can think of and since you mention it. I should wish you guys Good luck tonight as I won't be seeing any of you until we're back in Toronto," Too many works- TOO MANY WORDS I clear my throat but my throat still feel likes fire.
  Leaving the players at my door, I practically dive into the fridge for a water bottle to soothe my throat.
 "Are you going to watch or sleep?" Mitch came into the room chirping.
"Sleep," I shrugged off the chirp sitting on the bed, watching the 2 remaining boys enter the room. Auston rolling his eyes at his teammate and William pouts.
"What time are you leaving?" William asked sadly.
"I leave the hotel at 1 am," I pause to clear my throat and sip my water. "The plane leaves 2 am,"
Mitch makes a face as does Will.
"Fine, you can sleep," Mitch whined childishly.
  Both Williams and Mitch's phone go off simultaneously with text notifications stopping the conversation.
"Well, it looks like I gotta go. Kappy is having a meltdown," William sighs and clearly can feel for his teammate. The memory of William staying over at my apartment to escape hockey comes to mind.
So does the little kiss.
 Pushing the memory into the back of my head I grimace.
"Yeah, me too. Marty is having tie issues," Mitch is a lighter tone and another funny face.
"Aw, well I'll see you guys," I got up and gave each a hug.
   Alone with Auston, his face changes from a passive one to a concerned one as he watches me with calculating eyes. Leaning against the door I close my eyes and sigh.
"I can't wait to go home," I mumbled gruffly.
"I bet," He joked approaching me in a couple of his long strides and pulls me into a need hug. Relaxing into his warmth, I rest my head the crook of his neck.
"Wow, you're hot," He pressed a hand through my hair- which seems to become a thing.
"Are I always?" I mutter barely above a whisper but being close to his ear he hears me. He stiffens a little but I'm too tired to care.  A large yawn sneaks up on me and I relax more of my weight on Auston.
Feeling safe.
"Okay, back into bed," Auston guides/carries back to the bed and helps me in. Flipping all the pillows to the cool side because he's a saint and fluffing them a little. I fight the sleep a little, pushing my eyes open.
"Good luck," my eyes closed again.
"Thank you," A soft press of something on my forehead and fingers combing through my hair are the last things I remember before drifting off again.
 For the first time this trip, I wake up on my own terms.
No alarm.
No puking.
No trying to be helpful goalies.
  It's dark out now, meaning it much be late. Taking a glance at the clock it reads 7:30 pm. Meaning the game already started.
'I was half joking, Mitch,'
  My stomach grumbled in hunger for once but was still viciously sore and upset. Calling to room service I'm able to order the chicken noodle soup and ginger-mint tea. I'm surprised the lady on the other end could even understand me as my voice is practically gone.
   I groan when the food arrives because I have to leave the bed to answer the door. The waiter rolls in the cart holding my soup and tea, he takes in my sickly face and offers sympathetic smile before leaving just as quick.
 Now standing the need to pee hits hard.
 Catching my reflection as I wash my hands, my face is so pale I look gray,  my cheeks are flushed slightly from the fever but barely, my eyes are dull and tired with dark bags.
      I look like shit.
          The soup is barely touched when I roll the cart out of the room the leave it by the door. My tea is still going stilling on the table beside the bed.
          It's the start of the 3rd and so far the boys in blue are winning. I had to stop myself from cheering loudly when Kappy scored but I fisted bumped the air repeatedly in joy.
  It's going great until the Caps tie it up and I again have to stop myself- this time from swearing.
   As the period goes on I can feel my eyes start to droop again.
Setting an alarm for 12 am on my phone, I slip back to sleep.
The alarm wakes me at 12 and to my surprise, the game is still on.
Double over-time- halfway through double over-time.
Blinking at the TV there are less than 9 minutes left and it's clear both teams are feeling exhausted. The Leafs go on the rush and the puck is in the back of the net via  Kasperi Fucking Kapanen. His teammates flood the ice, gluing him to the boards in celebration.
 I do cheer a little too hard for my condition but they won! I spring off the bed to do a jig.
Time seems to fly because the next thing I know its 12:30 am I need to get my things together.
All 1 shopping bag of things.
Folding the clothes properly to fit in the shopping bag, hiding the underwear at the bottom. I grab the things Auston brought in and shove it into my purse along with his charger, that looks like he won't get back until I see him in Toronto.
 Dressed in my oversized hoodie over Auston shirt, I wait in the lobby as Mark instructed earlier. I type out a couple 'Congratulation' Text messages and sending them off to whatever Leafs in my contacts and snap chat.
   Mark comes into the lobby looking around and spots me before ushering me out of the hotel clearly in a rush as they are running late.
 Noah is in the SUV looking close to sleep.
As soon as I am buckled in, the SUV is off to the airport.
Everyone gets out of the SUV but Noah and I as he has to give me the needle of drugs.
"I want you to go see you family doctor tomorrow," Noah left no room for argument before his whipping my bare shoulder with an alcohol wipe and injecting the medicine.
 He hands me a neck pillow and a medical mask will a smile smirk before kicking me out of the car, where Mark is waiting to guide me into the plane and into my seat. The medicine working fast into my system.
 I am out before we even take off.
"We're back in Toronto," Opening my eyes, I felt sluggish as Noach warned. I nodded at the voice and gather my purse and bag, following everyone off the plane. Someone guides me to where I am being picked up.
 Leaning against the car waiting for me is not my brother but my dad.
Face marred by deep concern and worry. He quickly pushed off the car and gathering me into arms.
"Everything will be okay," He soothed hugging me tightly. Every guard breaks as my dad takes my things and drop them into the back seat. Guiding me into a better hug, tucking my face into his chest- him being 6'5".
I cried as hard as my body could let me.
My anxieties calming.
"Grazie papa," I broke down.
My dad carries me out of the car, I am in and out of sleep.
 Being placed into my own bed is magic on my body release all tension and relaxes.
"I called Dr. Z and Dr.Lambardi. We'll have everything handled when you wake,"
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senseisyfr · 3 years ago
Love Betrayal Don’t Break My Heart 2
Antonio : Haahahaha !!! How funny the situation is ! How does it feel to be betrayed by the girl you love, dear Salt ? Hehehe…
Sakura : (who didn’t understand why Antonio was acting this way with Salt) Salt…?
Coby : (nasty smile) Looks like Majijo’s strongest Rappappa doesn’t know ! News travel slowly at Majijo !!
Antonio : (provoking) No way !!! Oooh Sakura !! Your leader dared to hide something important from you ??!! That’s so baad… See guys, they don’t trust each other in Majijo ! How do you expect old Rappappas to respect these losers who are carrying Majijo’s shame ?! Haha !!
Salt : Don’t insult us, bastard !!!
Antonio : Oh ?? From dirty words now I got insults ?? Well well well… I’m offended ! You broke my heart, it’s not good, you need to comfort me cause we don’t make people cry you know…
Salt : Shut your fuckin mouth you shit !!!!!
Antonio : Well that’s surprising, who you loved it wide open not so long ago…. Your change of feelings is fast ! (Playing on a small device the sextape of Salt and herself)
Salt was silent, humiliated, embarrassed, while Sakura couldn’t believe what she was hearing and looked at her leader, not understanding how did that happen. All the Gekioko girls were whistling, then making fun of Salt.
Sakura : Salt-san…
Coby : Hahahaha !!!! Look at her, she can’t believe it !!
Antonio : (imitating Salt in the sextape) Ohh Antoniooo….!! Aaahhhh yes !!! Yes..!!!! Do it to me aaahhhh…! Deeper..!!!! Like this oohhh !!!!!
All the Gekioko girls were laughing hard. Salt stayed silent, ashamed.
Sakura : (looking at Antonio) Why… Why did you do that…?!
Antonio : You’re not mad at your dear leader ?? She cheated on Otabe !
Sakura : This... is disgusting. I don't get it but that's her business, not mine ! I'm not gonna judge her on her private stuff. She must have her personal reasons too, so...
Antonio : Ah yeaah !! You guys have always an excuse to do bad things at Majijo ! It's always justified, you have the right to do what you want everytime, it's never a mistake, everything is allowed and forgiven hahaha ! Bullshit. You're all bitches, it makes me sick !!!
Coby : Then, if it doesn't bother you, let's see what's Otabe thinks about it, hehehe !!
Salt : NO !!!!!!!
Coby slapped Salt, Zakoboss and KY holding her back.
Coby : Shut up fuckin twat !!!!!!! LOOK DOWN, YOU PIECE OF TRASH !!!!!!!!
Sakura : (who was still tied up) Stop it !!!!!!
Red : No one asked you to talk !
Demekin : That's actually the problem in Majijo... you're all talking too much !
Kurobara : Hahahaha !!!! Sakura-san... Hey, where should we give you a shot ? Hehehe... (looking in between Sakura's legs, helding a syringe, smirking)
Sakura : (scared when she saw Kurobara approching, tried to kick her) NO..!!!!!! DON'T !!!!!!!
Kurobara : Oooh ! Resisting me... You're a bad girl, you know to keep a good health you need to be injected, otherwise you can developp illnesses.... Hehehee....
Shirogiku : It's been a long time since you didn't go to a doctor.... since he fucked you, you don't need to hehee....
Kurobara : Hahahaha !!!!
Shirogiku : But don't worry, as nurses, we can replace him.... (helding a syringe too, was about to give a shot between Sakura's thighs)
Sakura : (panicked) NOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kurobara : Come on, just one....
Sakura : NOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shirogiku : Here !! (Suddenly giving a shot in Sakura's right arm)
Sakura : AAAAAAAARGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAH..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kurobara : Ohh yeahh that's it, Sakuraaa....!! Screeam..!! You do it so weeell....
Sakura : (Still screaming in pain when she felt more injections to her neck , left arm, legs and stomach) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAH..!!!!!!!!!!!!! GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shirogiku : Oohhh yes sweetie oooohhhhh !!!!!! This is so goood....!! You got a fuckin great voice mmm.... girl, you're exciting us you know !!
Kurobara : Give it all, Sakura.... We know you can do more, come on.... Let yourself goo....!!
Zakoboss : She hadn't enough it seems... So thrilling to see her like that !!
Sakura : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRGGHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Salt : Stop it..!!!!! STOP IT !!!!!!!!!!! STOP IT, ANTONIOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Coby : You're finally awake, loser ??!!
Antonio : (provoking) Then Salt, why don't save her instead ? Come on, your Rappappa needs you !! Hurry !!
Salt : GGG..!!!!! You know that I can't, you cunt !!!!!!!!!!! (Zakoboss and KY who still were holding her, hit her) GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Antonio : Yeah, I wonder why I'm asking you, you're all losers at Majijo not able to save anyone, that's why you get into so much troubles !
Everyone laughing.
Salt : Antonio...!!! GGG..!!!!! Let her go...
Antonio : Sorry ?? Can't hear you baby !
Salt : Stop acting like a kid, you heard me... Release Sakura !!!!! LET HER GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Coby : Tss, like if we'll listen to you !
Salt : You, just shut your mouth !!!! I'm not talking to you !!!!
Coby : Really ??!! (Hitting Salt in the stomach)
Salt : AAAAAAAAAAAARGH..!!!!!!!!!
Coby : Well I am, actually you see, bitch !!! And I'd like you to shut yours !!
Salt : (ignoring Coby) Antonio... I'm asking you... release Sakura..!!!!
Sakura : Salt...
Salt : This is between you and me, she has nothing to do with that... Let's settle this !! No need to involve other people, if you want to hurt me then do it, just the both of us face to face !!!
Antonio : Ooh, you're not begging me ??!! Well, I guess our relationship is going to crash into the wall... so baaad ! Yeah, but you forget that before you arrived here, I had some problems to solve with Sakura. You've just interrupted us !
Salt : A one on one but if it was just only you and her, why your other sluts are here too ??!! (Short silence) It means that your intentions are not only to beat Sakura but to destroy Majijo by killing one of us !
Antonio : Fine fine fine, we won't touch your girl anymore... (talking to Kurobara) Give me that ! (Walking slowly to Salt) Since you wanna sacrifice yourself as a leader, then share the pain sweetie.... Let me give you my personal shot.... hmm ?
Salt : (scared) Don't...!!!
Sakura : NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Antonio : As our goodbye gift.... Don't worry, it's like your first time, it's painful but after the pleasure takes it over.... Hehehee....
Sakura : ANTONIO !!!!!!!!!!
Antonio : Cum, Salt.
Salt : (who felt an injection into her neck) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Antonio : (whispering) Shh honey.... (biting Salt's lips) I know you want more.... don't worry I won't make you wait any longer....
Sakura : DAMN IT..!!!!!!!!!!
Coby : Don't worry, your turn is coming too... Hehehe....
Antonio : What about sending this to Otabe ? Our goodbye kiss...
Salt : KKKR..!!!!!! YOU...!!!!!!
Antonio : Hehe... poor girls, you're both lost ! Aahh... Guys, do it !
KY and Tsurishi were taking off Sakura's shirt.
Sakura : DON'T TOUCH ME BITCHES !!!!!!!!!!!
Salt : HEY !!!!!!!! STOP IT !!!!!!!!!
KY : Nice breasts, Sakuraa !!
Tsurishi : Interesting....
Salt : ANTONIO STOP IT, LEAVE HER ALONE !!!!!!!!!!! YOU HEAR ME ??????!!!!!!
Antonio : Do it, guys !
Sakura : NOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for reading guys :) ! Story not finished, 3rd part next.
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punkscowardschampions · 2 years ago
Rio & Buster
Rio: You owe someone a pint, like Buster: What? Rio: Indie just got back from A & E Rio: Someone broke Drew's nose, apparently Buster: So it was broke? Good Buster: You can have that pint on me Rio: You what now Buster: You heard me Buster: I'm not about to toast myself, maybe next time if I go harder but Buster: If you wanna celebrate, you're welcome Rio: What the fuck, Buster? Buster: What's your problem? You were happy about it a second ago Rio: I'm not crying about it but Rio: why? Buster: Don't act like you need a list Rio: I thought you'd decided to leave it Rio: What changed? Buster: He didn't leave it Buster: Started chatting shit so Rio: When doesn't he? Hardly new Buster: When he's bleeding Buster: He's too busy trying not to cry then, like Rio: For God's sake Buster: What? Buster: You want me to be sorry now? Rio: This isn't funny Rio: I want you to think of an excuse for hitting him 'cos you clearly don't have a real reason you're wanting to share Buster: Oh so you wanna know what he was saying about you, is that it? Buster: 'Cause there's my reason Rio: Yeah, well I assume you don't want to tell Indie, or anyone else that could ask, that Rio: hence we agreed to leave it and him alone Buster: He's not gonna tell anyone that an 18 year old posh boy fucked him up Buster: It's fine Rio: It ain't Rio: there's something you aren't telling me Buster: You mean I ain't Buster: True Buster: But I don't wanna talk about it so unless there's any more you wanna say about Drew Rio: I don't care about him Buster: Good to know Buster: It hasn't been that long since we spoke last, like Buster: Would be awkward if you'd changed your mind that hard Rio: Is there anything I can do? Rio: Without you having to talk, like Buster: I don't know Buster: I'm just trying to have a drink Rio: Fine Rio: well you said you'd buy me one so where are you? Buster: The fam boozer so I'm guessing you're gonna want a raincheck on that Rio: What, you can't be seen with me now? Buster: What like we're best friends who drink together now? Rio: It's not that weird Rio: you just want to avoid the conversation Buster: It can be both Rio: Is Grandad there? Buster: 'Course Buster: So I don't need you sliding into the booth next to me Buster: My head's already wrecked without being that close to you as well Rio: Good Rio: Just tell me what's wrong Buster: There aren't words for it, babe Buster: I don't know what to say Rio: It's not gotta be poetic Rio: take your time but Rio: you're scaring me, like Buster: That's not what I want, I'm sorry Buster: It's just a mess. I am Buster: Chlo hit me up again Rio: It's alright, just let Grandad take you home when he says you've had enough, yeah? Rio: Right, what did she say? Buster: She's saying its not mine now Rio: Oh, babe Rio: It should be illegal to mess with someone's head this much Rio: What the fuck is wrong with her Buster: She don't wanna be associated with me so she's lying Buster: But I can't prove that until she has the kid Rio: Jesus Rio: Be honest, is it because of me? Because, you can change her mind on that Rio: I know I said it was a bad idea but fuck Buster: It's too late to change her mind Buster: You haven't heard the really good part yet Rio: I'm really sorry, Buster Rio: Now I don't have the words Rio: Do I even want to know, what could be the 'good' part of this? Buster: Don't say sorry Buster: None of this is your fault, I wouldn't play her game and I wouldn't have regardless of us being together or not Buster: You don't want to know but I had to hear it so Buster: And we tell each other everything yeah? Buster: She's told James he's the dad Buster: They are together now or some shit I assume Rio: No, it's all her, right Rio: It isn't yours either Rio: but this is fucking Rio: the worst, I didn't think people actually did shit like this outside of bad TV Rio: That would be hilarious if it so clearly wasn't Rio: even he doesn't deserve that, fucking hell Buster: Yeah Buster: Maybe it did happen? I reckoned they hadn't fucked since last Christmas 'cause he hadn't said anything and you know how he likes to chat but maybe it's different with her Buster: Fuck knows why but he likes her Buster: Or maybe he was just off his face too like she said Buster: Or maybe she's just fucking lying to me Rio: That's the fucked thing Rio: you can't trust anything she says Rio: and then she tells you two stories anyway so, is either true, neither, like? Rio: The worst headfuck Buster: Tell me what to do Buster: I can't handle months of this Buster: I don't even know how far gone she is now, like Rio: Does she? Rio: Maybe you talk to her parents? They have to handle this because she isn't Rio: If she's under 18 and under their care, they've got some sway, she can't just do what she wants when she's fucking up this badly Buster: Alright Buster: That's a better idea that anything I'm doing right now Buster: Trying not to cry in this fucking pub Buster: Turned into my fucking sister Rio: Understandable, more than Rio: Do you want me to come get you? Buster: I don't even know what I want Buster: I should be happy shouldn't I? Off the hook Buster: Like I could literally go to America if I want Rio: Because you don't know for sure Rio: all she's given you is more uncertainty and you're not a complete cunt like her so you're not fine not knowing Rio: You wanna do the right thing Buster: I should've hit Drew harder, that's the closest I'm getting to the right thing right now Rio: I think you're right he won't say, Indie didn't have a clue so Rio: don't worry about that Rio: you wanna go punch things? Buster: I'm gonna be sick is what I reckon Buster: Hold on Rio: Better? Buster: I swear she's gonna give me a stomach ulcer like its the fucking 80s Buster: Stressing me the fuck out Buster: I'm not drunk enough for this, I'll never be Rio: Get another drink Rio: I'd like to give you better advice but at this point Rio: that is the best you can do Buster: I've changed my mind, you should come Buster: Be here Rio: Okay, I'll come get you Buster: Stay with me Buster: It's the furthest away from Chelsea cunts we can be Buster: I fucking love this pub Rio: Maybe you enjoy it for a while longer then I'll come, yeah Rio: Don't need the added stress of that do you Buster: You're not stress Rio: I mean the stress of not being us properly, like Buster: We're still us Buster: Remember when we were little, we were always here 'cause our parents were always working Rio: Yeah Rio: Why I'm so good at pool, like Buster: And pulling pints Buster: You loved it, Nance was under a table if she weren't behind me, but you were in your element, like Buster: 2nd home for you and gotta be our 3rd Rio: Naturally, cheers for the stunning CV like, pops Rio: Shit was so simple then Buster: I thought it was so shit at the time, what the fuck did I know Rio: Well, always been a moody bastard Buster: Nah, you've just always been that annoying Rio: Rude Rio: I am a delight and always have been Buster: Whatever you say, babe Buster: Still waiting on you to come here and show me Rio: Just 'cos I was everyone's fave, soz I took your shine Buster: Nobody can say no that face that's all Buster: Same, like Rio: How're you finding the time to still be cute, like? Buster: It comes natural with you, that's what I'm saying Buster: Everyone's fave Rio: Shh Buster: You know exactly what you're doing, looking and being like that Rio: What are you chatting, babe? Buster: That you're perfect Rio: And that's all part of my master plan, is it? 😏 Buster: Yeah Rio: 'Course Rio: well, don't tell Buster: 🤐 obviously Rio: Good, you're not that drunk yet Buster: I'm not drunk Buster: I'm working on it Rio: 😂 Godspeed Buster: Come and join me Buster: I'm gonna keep asking Buster: You're not the only one who can be annoying, like Rio: You wanna awkwardly avoid eye contact that bad? Buster: I want you Rio: Then drink your drinks and I'll come get you Rio: you can't have me in the pub Rio: we can't talk either, which I know is part of the appeal Buster: so sensible Buster: it's hot Rio: Glad you agree, babe Buster: 😏 Rio: Remember, water, yeah? Buster: That's my line, baby Rio: Yeah but it's solid Rio: so take it, like Buster: Don't worry, it's handled Rio: Good boy Buster: Behave Buster: Talking like that to me Rio: 🤐 Buster: Don't act like you don't love it Rio: Obviously but Rio: time and a place isn't there Buster: it can be right now Rio: Nah Buster: Don't you wanna feel good? I do Rio: I know you do baby Rio: You will do again Buster: I hate this. I hate her Rio: Yeah Rio: This is horrible Buster: At least I don't have to tell Nance now Rio: That's true Rio: Any silver lining Buster: Yeah Buster: Dodged that bullet, cheers Chlo Rio: Yeah, enjoy not having her in your face for now Rio: 'til her parents can get this sorted Rio: it doesn't need to be all on you Buster: James of all people Buster: You're really gonna have to kick him off your stream now, he'll need all that cash Rio: Oh God Rio: what a pair Rio: could've gone my whole life without that mental image Buster: I'd almost feel bad for him if he wasn't such a cunt Buster: Don't worry lad I'll resolve this for you Rio: Yeah, wonder how he's feeling rn Rio: if it's even true, like Buster: Hit him up Buster: Sure he'd still love to hear from you, babe Rio: Play 2nd to Chloe again? You're alright Buster: Don't Buster: You never were Rio: I know Rio: just a joke Rio: also not gutted over the loss of James from the dating game, just in case you didn't get that either 😉 Buster: Good Buster: 'Cause from how he made it sound you had the best night of your life Rio: Oh James Rio: not a wistful sigh Rio: 😬 just nah Buster: Thank Christ I know enough about what you do like now to know it's such bullshit and not be jealous Rio: Yeah, that would really be a waste of your time, trust Buster: Been there, done that Rio: Yeah Rio: That feels like forever ago Buster: Yeah? Buster: I'm glad Buster: I really fucking love you Rio: Don't you think? Rio: It isn't really but a lot's happened since Rio: like I love you too Buster: Yeah Buster: Like you said, its one thing after another Rio: Yeah, won't tempt fate by asking what else but you know Rio: gotta be a limit, right? Buster: Regardless I need a holiday and we've just been Rio: Tell me about it Rio: Should've taken Nance up on her offer Buster: It ain't too late for a last minute trip, babe Rio: It is a bit Rio: 🎅 coming Buster: Like he ain't gonna know where to find you Rio: What about the fam tho Buster: I ain't saying you gotta go anywhere, you know he ain't the one bringing you gifts anyway Buster: Sit on my lap and tell me what you want Rio: Babe Rio: You're killing me Buster: Stop fighting it then Buster: I want you and you want me Rio: Not right now, I can't babe, 'cos you're trashed and even if you weren't, you ain't in the best headspace Rio: I'm still come see you if you want Buster: You can change that, you're the only person who can Buster: Give me a good mood Rio: Alright, omw Rio: remember where you are, yeah? Buster: I ain't no amateur remember Rio: Don't forget it, champ Buster: I've got a full 10 rounds left in me, babe Rio: 'Course 😏 Buster: You'll see Rio: Better not Rio: Best behaviour boy Buster: 'Course Rio: Very convincing Buster: Yeah I know Rio: Sure you've got the oscars speech ready, like Buster: I'll do it on the night Buster: Be alright Rio: 😂 Rio: Hot Buster: Like I said, yeah I know Rio: S'alright, I rate cockiness, as it goes so Buster: Glad to hear it, like Rio: What story do you reckon Ro is getting 'bout his busted nose Buster: 😂 Buster: Mugging for that watch he's still wearing on his wrist probably Rio: Forreal Rio: like hold up sis, this ain't adding up Buster: She's the stupidest smart woman I've ever met Rio: Wilful ignorance probably the least blissful but Rio: easier than dealing with the shitstorm I suppose Buster: Yeah Rio: I'd ask him but don't wanna give him any better ideas, get outta this one yourself moron Buster: Don't talk to him Rio: I'm not, he's just chatting shit Buster: About me? Rio: Well yeah, gotta try and save face after you beat him, like I care Buster: Tell me Rio: Not saying anything worth hearing, or getting mad about, don't worry Buster: Everything that comes out of his mouth makes me mad Buster: Don't start keeping secrets for him too Rio: I'm not, if you wanna know then you can but no need to bloody your knuckles over it a 2nd time is all I'm saying Buster: Whatever Rio: Don't be mad, I shouldn't have brought it up Buster: Yeah you should Buster: That's my fucking point Rio: It doesn't bother me Rio: I just ignore him Buster: Don't even fucking start me on that Buster: Seriously Rio: What Rio: what am I meant to do Buster: I'm not talking in circles with you about this Buster: You know the answers already and I'm mad Rio: If I thought there was a better way to deal with it, I'd be doing that so Rio: let's leave it Buster: Whatever Buster: Just keep leaving it for his fucking benefit, yeah? Fine Rio: Not his, everyone else's Buster: Bullshit. Who's it helping but him? Rio: Indie, Ro, their kid Rio: saving the entire fam from the aggro Buster: Nah Buster: They'd be better off knowing Buster: You're saving yourself 'cause you reckon they're gonna think you like it, nothing I can say 'cause I know better and I'm the most selfish cunt going too, but own it Buster: At least to me Buster: No more excuses, like Rio: You really think that's all it is, that I'm that selfish Rio: Fuck off Buster: I reckon it's closest to the truth, yeah Buster: 'Cause chat all you want but you're not saving the fam anything, just stalling and how is that better? Buster: Why would you wanna wait til that baby is old enough to understand or Ro's married? Fuck that Rio: So that's on me now too, yeah? Rio: She's turned a blindeye to worse and we all know it Buster: She ain't turning a blind eye to this though and you know it Buster: She doesn't know Buster: He ain't that stupid and neither is she Rio: There's nothing to know because nothing's going to happen Rio: Despite what you clearly reckon, I won't let it Buster: Fuck off, Rio Buster: Don't twist my words Buster: The intent is there, ain't that bad enough? Rio: What, like I'm special? Rio: Sure he's already cheating on her Rio: sorry I don't wanna be the other woman she can push bullshit blame on Buster: Fuck's sake Buster: She's not gonna blame you Buster: You're family, she loves you, she helped raise you, shut up Rio: Whatever Rio: I know how this goes Buster: No you don't Buster: And if Nance was in your place you wouldn't be saying whatever about it Rio: Well she isn't Rio: and it wouldn't be anyone but me Buster: Don't you dare tell me again that you asked for this Buster: Jesus Christ Rio: I didn't say it Buster: You're thinking it though Buster: That's so fucked Rio: You've said as much right here so don't act like you haven't Rio: or that everyone else won't so yeah, whatever, you're right Buster: I've never meant it though Buster: You do Rio: It's the truth Buster: No it's not Buster: It's so far from the truth Rio: Whatever Rio: I've got nothing more to say about it Buster: Fuck this Buster: I'm going for a walk Rio: Alright Buster: Yeah it will be, I'm not gonna punch anyone on my way out, like Rio: Good to know Buster: Besides, even if I did, it can't be traced back to you in any way this time so Buster: All good Rio: Don't be a prick Buster: Like you said, I can't act like I ain't Rio: When did I even say that Rio: This conversation is ridiculous Buster: 'Cause you're being ridiculous Rio: Me? Rio: Okay Buster: Yeah you Buster: It ain't me Rio: Blame me all you've gotta Buster: I'd be in good company if I did at least Rio: Shut up Buster: No Rio: Thought you were going for a walk Buster: I am Buster: I can walk and talk just as easy as you can tell me to fuck off if that's what you want Rio: Do what you want Rio: just don't fall in the river and drown Buster: Fuck that Buster: I'm not an idiot Rio: I'm just saying Rio: I'm glad you're so passionately anti-drowning Buster: Whatever you say, babe Rio: 🙄 I want you to drown now do I? Rio: Jesus Buster, the drama Buster: I've gotta keep up with this fam somehow, all about that competitive streak, you know Rio: Do what you must Rio: Not in the mood for playing Buster: Go back to texting Drew then Buster: 'Cause he ain't Rio: Don't tempt me Buster: Don't use me as your excuse Rio: Fuck off Rio: If I'm gonna get accused then I may as well do it Buster: Fuck you Buster: If you wanna do it, do it, don't act like it's about me Rio: It isn't about you Rio: I desperately wanna ride Drew, ofc Buster: Shut up Rio: Isn't that what you wanna hear? Buster: Don't Rio: Then why are we having this conversation Buster: 'Cause he wants to fuck you and you don't care Buster: Just fucking care about yourself Rio: Whatever, everybody wants to fuck me Rio: I'm everyone's favourite, yeah? Buster: Stop Buster: It's different and you know it Rio: Really Rio: I don't think we should go there Buster: Whatever Rio: Seriously, glass house, stones, not a good idea Buster: What the fuck Rio: You don't see the irony in that at all Buster: Obviously you do Rio: I'm not blind Buster: Say what you wanna fucking say, Rio, you ain't mute either Rio: I've said it but fine Rio: it's alright when it benefits you but now it ain't 'cos it's him Buster: Seriously Buster: Fuck you Buster: How dare you Rio: It needed to be said Rio: there's no world in which I can make a big fuss about this Drew situation and then out us, it isn't going to work Buster: No it didn't Buster: Don't talk to me Rio: Fine
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