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#i know those were terrible
1ddiscourseoftheday · 10 months ago
👗Mon 16 Nov ‘20🦖
The Harry discourse rages on amongst the general public and the fandom alike, with American conservatives, already in a bad mood after losing the election, getting riled up at the sight of a pretty man in a pretty dress. Conservative author Candace Owens drew particular ire (and headlines) for her awful take (“bring back manly men”); Olivia Wilde took her on (“you're pathetic”), but Maya Henry was discovered to be a follower of Owens' and to have liked some of her other tweets in the past, yikes. Ben Shapiro showed up to pat Owens on the back (“Harry Styles is... feminizing masculinity!”), and the next thing you know everyone and their dog (Ted Cruz, really??) were taking on the subject. The haters are greatly in the minority on twitter of course, and truly do not know what they're getting into there, I hope they're enjoying the hornet's nest they've just unleashed! But even aside from the angry fan hordes, piles of high profile people have spoken out in support and admiration of Harry (or posted pics of themselves in dresses), including Liam (the speaking out that is, not the dress, sadly) who weighed in to defend him-- “I think it’s phenomenal, like what a freaking milestone. And he has done it in his own wonderful way, he looks fantastic. What more could you say?” I agree with Liam, what more should you say but we are uh in the minority and the debate goes on (and on and on). Meanwhile on larrie tumblr the usual backlash against fans who perceive Harry to be signaling his own non cis identity is in full bloom. “It's not okay to speculate about his gender identity if he hasn't said in words that he's not cis!” cry fans who spend all their time blogging about how a closeted person is gay. Uh huh. Anyway Gucci fest started today, but Harry wasn't in the first installment-- he's just in part three apparently, perhaps playing the “elegant gentleman.” The series opens as a celebration of trans identities, featuring such quotes as “I consider myself a dissident of the sex-gender regime.” Enjoy, conservative twitter (and conservative larries)! Of interest: the bit was filmed remotely at Harry's house, maybe in LA, seemingly not on his recent trip to Italy (so probably won't feature the stache :{( ). Also Little Mix admitted that the Hey on their song wasn't Harry in case there was any actual doubt about that.
Harry's guccifest cameo may not be here yet, but an artsy fashion video featuring waving grasses in dim lighting and one of our boys as a model has appeared-- it's Liam! The new Hugo/Liam Payne campaign is beginning (new clothes, out Wednesday!) and a tease is here with glimpses of Liam (and eco-fashion focused designer/model Marina Testino) looking pretty amongst the foliage. The new collection will feature the Liam chevrons as before but made out of leaves this time, neat, and vaguely eco-focused taglines-- “rethinking fashion” and “a sustainable world begins with a change in attitude.” Liam also has a video out for the upcoming UNICEF benefit where he and 13 year old Yemeni activist Areej interview each other (“it's about time someone said some real things on my platform”). She's super badass and him being amazed and impressed by her is cute as hell, especially when she quickly gets asking him the obligitory political question out of the way (Liam on COVID, “there's a general reset going on in the world and a chance to change things”) and is like, okay NOW for what I really want to ask-- why did 1D separate?? He cracks up in surprise, but has the usual sort of answer ready to go (“we just needed to take a moratorium for the moment”) and then she gets to fangirl a bit and say how excited she was to get to speak to him and bring her starstruck brother on camera to say hi and it's cuuute. Liam did a live to introduce the video and talks about how important she and World Children's Day (the 20th) are and talks seriously and very sweetly about how he was surprised by her answer to one of his questions, and how it made him think about his own privilege. Then he gets distracted by the exciting discovery that Charlie Puth is on his live and sings to him, and gets him on live with him! “Bro your hair looks so good why are you so hot?!” Charlie says, asking the important questions. It's too much work says Liam, “everyone's enjoying this hair except for me” and “I love having a shaved head you just look the same all the time like a cartoon version of you” (yeah I have no idea either, I love it.) They reminisce about the time Liam broke into Charlie's house via the roof, a real lack of detail there tbh, and are genuinely sweet to each other, it's nice. Liam also said when he's at a loss over what to draw he just does an animal, that yes he has drawn a dinosaur, that he watched Niall's performance and thought it was great, and in a personal favorite moment touches his nose, then laughs “I just touched my nose, you know someone's definitely just been like touch your nose if this is real or whatever, so funny” LMAO.
Niall took to twitter to tell fans that yes promo does still matter, and to say again that he won't be releasing new music “until I can get around the place,“ (travel to do promo), liked Taylor Swift's post of her Rolling Stone cover featuring her with Paul McCartney where she talked about how nice he (Sir Paul) was, and he (Niall) is interviewed on the FilthyLipout Golf podcast, about golf, available now.
And finally, a couple weeks ago Live Nation released a statement saying they would be “pioneering tools to allow event organizers to track attendees' COVID testing and vaccine status”; Billboard then published a piece – seemingly with LN/Ticketmaster's approval judging by the quotes contributed to the 'exclusive' article-- strongly implying that Ticketmaster would be implementing requirements for event attendees to submit proof of either a negative COVID test or a vaccination, which is what every other media outlet everywhere picked up and reported. Following the backlash generated by this ('they're forcing people to get vaccines!!' OH NO wouldn't THAT be just SO terrible but anyway a bunch of people were yelling about wanting their tickets refunded) Ticketmaster has now released a statement saying that there “has been some misreporting” and they will in fact NOT be implementing any policies at all regarding testing or vaccines and entry requirements, merely supporting venues' ability to do so. They say they are “just exploring our ability to enhance our existing ... capabilities to offer solutions that … could include testing and vaccine information.” Well that's us told, I guess.
#Harry styles#liam payne#naill horan#reminder! That 'trans' means any non-cis identity including genderqueer genderfluid and non binary identities!!#to say harry might have a trans identity is not to say 'harry is a trans woman' and not everyone who thinks#harry signals a trans identity means 'harry is a woman'. But also what if he were is that really so threatening to you?#is it really such a terrible thing to say about someone that harry must at all costs be protected from that terrible accusation?#Message to the person who said 'you should come talk to those of us that know more yesterday' who won't see it but hey I try#I personally think the point of disagreement in this case was more a misunderstanding of wording choice than a material one#(at least on the surface- I'm aware the ACTUAL disagreement is that I don't think AK#was necessarily responsible for stunts but as I said: we'll see)#but in fact I would love to talk to people such as you who know more about these things! I welcome it if you're up for it!#But I tried to message you to say so and your messages are closed :))) RIP#overall though this isn't just about liam's team for me- it's about this belief people have across the fandom#that a single team member changing is going to magically drastically change the course of their whole image#I would VERY MUCH like Liam to lose the sports management team! But I don't think changing a single cog-#who in some ways was clearly doing his job decently- is going to result in the kind of sea change people think#I'm aware that people believe Adam was sitting there telling Liam what to say and not to say as he spoke#and I think that kind of oversimplification and easy target picking of how the guys' images work is misleading and wrong#even if this guy WAS Mr stunt guy him leaving the team wouldn't end all of that any more than#Jessie being on Louis' team is the only thing stopping him coming out#16 nov 20#liam#harry#niall#maya henry#olivia wilde
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pocketramblr · 5 months ago
Everyone who is getting hateful or bashy on that quirk exam post should probably consider chilling way out when
1- I literally made a joke about being too lazy to want to write an extra lesson plan if I have an out and suggested another teacher be likewise lazy
2- I literally made a joke about lying to students and while I brushed it off I will admit that one week's theme in student teacher meetings was "when and how to lie to students, convincingly."
3- Aizawa isn't a good teacher for the exact same reason there isn't a single good teacher at ua, for the exact same reason neither Izuku nor Mirio seriously trained until pros took interest: BECAUSE NO ONE EVER TAUGHT THEM HOW. They don't HAVE certificates to teach, just the one to do physical training that's automatic on having a full pro lisence, and varrying levels of high school and college degrees bc I'll remind you that neither of those things are actually currently compulsory in Japan
#Aizawa and All Might's (and everyone else's) poor teaching technique is a symptom of a deeply flawed system#where a rat throws a traumatized man (or one woman and one nb person at a time) who's a survival expert at a bunch of teenagers#and says 'keep as many of them alive as long as possible. go'#it is not some deep moral failing on either parts#that no one ever gave them the YEARS of pedagogical training they'd need to be good teachers#and they just legitimately do not have the time to get that training while teaching#there's a reason my tag for that salt is 'ua is a hell school' and not 'x is a horrible terrible teacher'#i don't wonder at all that fandom makes *any* of the teachers better#because we want to have good teachers in our stories and it's not like there a whole lot of options#salt#like YES i said there was no good reason AT ALL to not send izuku to the nurse imediately on breaking his fingers#and that's true#but Aizawa did have a reason: he is FULLY aware that at any point *during* schooling those kids could die#and so as a trauma response he doesn't let himself treat anything as less than the worst case scenario#it'sa bad reason yes#but it's there#so everyone sending 'UGH i HATE him why is he just so TERRIBLE' like you know why!! you know why dude#and everyone who said 'this is why xxx would be a better teacher' stop... did that character get the years of training to be a teacher?#unless you were thinking fuyumi or that one other primary teacher#(and the anon who sent it sure wasn't)#then no they don't have the training#they wouldn't do well#and they likely wouldn't even do as well as Aizawa did on having at least experience#and if you were thinking fuyumi as much as i love her#she is NOT trained to teach teenagers#there'sa reason those are completely different programs#she might be able to do better#but 'do well'? that's a big stretch dude#anyway rant over#mostly bc i am now out of tags >:(
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laniidae-passerine · 2 months ago
miss being 13 with access to the internet filled with loneliness and a desperate need to be loved so I turned to reader insert fics and there seemed to be this white guy named loki everyone was simping for so I read like 20ish 15k+ multi chapter reader inserts and hated almost every single one cause whoever this y/n bitch was she kept losing fights and simping for no ass space mcgee (cause I knew a little but very little about who the fuck he was) and my favourite was the one where she (I?) was an undercover knight who spent most of the time in drag, kicked butt and murdered like 50 people in combat… those were the days
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badnew2005 · 20 days ago
i need to interrogate rob is he aware of i dye your hair
#will it be mentioned again brought up in any way#dennis tried dying his own hair once and it looked terrible we all remember this#BUT those texts were on the GROUP chat . everybody saw it . everybody knows it’s mac that dyes his hair . something so intimate#now i Like the idea of dennis having an aging breakdown and letting his roots grow out but also consider . didnt want mac dying his hair#again after everybody found out . after dee made some comment about them being lovers . because only someone who loves you will dye your#hair at home . massage your pecks . make sure you look alright . want to see you happy#he tried to dye his own hair again . it didn’t go well . he sits in quarantine debating wether or not he should let mac near him again .#look after him and make everything feel okay . or show everybody he’s getting old#both terrifying thoughts .#hm wait i’m thinking more now . these Are two of his biggest fears - all coming down to How people see him (the gang get obsessed with how#they identify i KNOW you will not deliver what i want but for the time being i will be delusional)#but to dennis - he needs to be able to accept that he can’t change how people view him - that he Is growing old and that it’s okay#people still love him . even if it’s those two losers from highschool his sister and the man who was kind of his dad (but not very well) .#hes learnt to accept that it’s okay .#BUT he needs to get over the . how do people physically see me my wrinkles and my hair . BEFORE it’s okay if people see me as gay because#that’s what i am .#and . he’s stopped dying his hair !!! first step . cats in the wall i am trusting the structure . hm
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herefortommo · 2 months ago
heyy I saw something happened in your country? are you and your family ok? ❤️
I will be honest with you, aside from Covid, I can't remember a worse tragedy. We are all okay and our family friends from Moravia are too, but even the oldests citizens say the outcome is worse than it has been during both wars.
Tornadoes are fairly rare in our country and this was the worst in modern history. There are five people who didn't survive, thousands of people instantly homeless who had to find a shelter today, the compensations will be in billions of Czech crowns.
It is very painful and I will probably find some links for financial help later, but to put it simply, it was truly a disaster and nobody was prepared.
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impossible-rat-babies · a month ago
me literally making up whatever i want for twc pollux stuff sometimes like
#i am. just living my best life#me slapping pollux with healthy mother relationship like#miss elsie weismann my beloved ;--;#her 60's-70's hippy southern vibe with loads of big curly red hair#raising pollux in this tiny little trailer on the poor side of town#that had been in her family for years and it still has all this old sort of aesthetic styling#like. deep brown shag carpeting and wood panel walls and linoleum floors#the place always having an undertone of old cigarette smoke and lavender#and it's just. got that big 60's house styling vibe to it--like stranger things#elsie raising pollux as a single mother ;--; doing her damnedest to provide for him and teach him all she can ;--;#pollux looking back at his childhood with his mother and knowing those were the best years he got to have#until she died and he got tossed into foster care and bounced from house to house until he aged out#because he was a terrible child full of grief and anger and no one knew how to give him the support he needed#because he was just. deemed a problem case and no one ever got to the root of the problem#so he's got Anger Management Issues and Abandonment Issues#but this is about beloved ;--;#i should draw her and baby pollux#oc talk: pollux twc#micro dosing on twc through me taking canon and sticking it in a blender with my own ideas#EDIT: pollux being raised in this like. distant sort of irish catholic way#in how the traditions have been distorted through generations of people practicing traditionally less and less#so he has this handmade horn rosary that belonged to his great grandmother but no real connection to prayer/worship#yeah he went to church but out of habit and his mother's sense of:#this is a community where we can belong--church is a Community Center#am i Projecting? Perhaps
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landryaugust · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
mood for walking out of the ap world exam
#jinxing this so hard but i blew those writing prompts out of the water#okay that’s very much a stretch but it did definitely go better than expected#first two saqs i think i did v well on#third one not so much but i think it was passable#dbq i know i didn’t get all 7 points but i do think i hit most of them#and the leq i actually knew plenty abt so i was able to be v specific on it which is good#multiple choice section i had to rush through so idk what’s happening there but i don’t think it went terribly?#this is the complete opposite of lit wherein i definitely aced the mcq section but bombed the essays hfjdjf organization there was a train#wreck but if Nothing else the ap world writing portions were coherent#and also this gif just works bc it means i’m done w studying and testing for it lmao#although studying for it was fun i enjoyed that#it’s honestly so strange social studies classes are generally v boring for me to sit through but whenever i look into the subject material#on my own i’m like wow this is so interesting!! the same thing happened w ap gov last year lol#but i don’t have to think abt the test anymore and now i have the rest of the month to get caught up on late work and study for ap calc so 😌#the ap world chronicles#personal#anyway. c*llege board don’t come for me <3#and if i don’t get the credit i don’t even care bc some of the history gen eds at the college i’m going to sound so interesting like i will#not complain if i have to take one lmao
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mashkaroom · 22 days ago
Was talking today with someone who mentioned that they had moved out of their mother's house and live with their grandma bc of a variety of issues, including being trans, and I, thinking of my own relationship with my mother and how I would have moved out at like any moment starting age 12 if that was an option, said "oh good for you", which was fine in this particular case but NOT actually the appropriate reaction LMAO
#any time anyone is like 'i was low-key kicked out of my house but was able to find a good housing situation almost immediately' I'm like#god i wish that were me#i guess that's kind of what happened w my dad? tho i don't think it really counts if your parents are divorced and you're going to college#kids with moms who are honestly fine not abusive just. completely incompatible with your happiness rise up#if anybody has any suggestions on how to say 'i want you to be way less involved in my life' without making your mother really upset#i was like 'i got my neurology reference! hopefully i will be able to telehealth soon'#and she was like 'i wish you had done this sooner so i could also go to the appointment'#and i looked into the camera like i was on the office#but the thing is she got really upset last week that it seems like both me & bro don't want to hang out with her that much#and i was like ???? so you ARE picking up on those vibes???#i think the issue is the following: when my mother is like. telling us to do things or yelling at us#for her that doesn't register as interaction/spending time together#so she's done with work and is like 'now i want to spend time with children'#and I'm like 'wow i have had way too much interaction with mother already i cannot handle anymore'#but i don't know how to tell her this without being like. '50% of my interactions with you are completely unbearable to me.#and like once a week i have to play like 7 sudokus before bed to calm the blind rage inside of me#lol#the nuclear family is such a terrible idea and American capitalism makes everything about it worse#i feel so bad for disliking my mother as much as i do bc the feeling is obviously not reciprocated#if this were any other relationship i would cut it off#but i know that it would be way more devastating to her than it would be helpful to me#especially once i move out#so 🤷🏻‍♀️
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makeupandmaggots · 14 days ago
So I found an edible in my makeup drawer and turned on Netflix and it recommended me a movie I haven't thought about since Grade School: Twilight.
Look, I loved Twilight as a preteen and teen. I demolished those books like no ones business back in the day. For my best friend at the times birthday we went to the midnight premier of Twilight when we were like 12.
So I turned it on and I was like 'damn this edible hittin' so hard my eyes are focusing in on the colour blue' but no, that entire movie is filmed like the guy who was doing the colour adjustment died on the slider and just no one took his corpse off of it. THE GRASS IS FUCKIN' TURQUOISE, MAN.
It's wild.
God, Carlisle is still so hot.
Also, quick note, absolutely no one looks like a high schooler. Why can't they ever set this shit in college? They're supposed to be 16? Every single 'teenager' has a full blown five o'clock shadow.
To end this on a horny note, God Jasper is still intensely attractive to me.
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theyreonlynoodlesmike · 8 months ago
I really want there to be a story about a passionate love affair between a character trying to save their own soul and the devil themself
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sternvonafrika · 8 months ago
now I'm intrigued ....... Who /are/ Hartmann and Mertens?
ehy anon!
first of all, let's make the most important thing clear: although their pic was put under that textpost (mostly because those photos seemed to be the exact representation of what op was talking about) they were not in a relationship.
erich hartmann, also known as "bubi" ("the kid" in german) or "the black devil" was a german fighter pilot and the most successful fighter ace in the history of aerial warfare with his 1404 missions and his 352 victories against allied planes.
heinz mertens was his faithful mechanic, unfortunately i do not have a lot of pieces of information about him, but there's a very telling anecdote about the kind of friendship they shared:
"Realising that capture was unavoidable, he [Hartmann] faked internal injuries. Hartmann's acting so convinced the Soviets that they put him on a stretcher and placed him on a truck. When Hartmann's Crew Chief, Heinz 'Bimmel' Mertens, heard what had happened, he took a rifle and went to search for Hartmann."
they were known as "bubi & bimmel" and there are a lot of pics of them together in the airfield. honestly? if you like to watch pictures of two soldiers like that you could often envision them to be more than pals... if you leave your life on hands of the man next to you on daily basis in combat, you could imagine such relationship deepen to a VERY close friendship. however remember that, although i don't know anything about mertens, there are no evidence of their relationship as something more that a deep friendship + hartmann was married to ursula petsch
Tumblr media
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the-busy-ghost · 10 months ago
Got to love when St Margaret plainly started running out of alliterative Old English names for her kids and after Edward, Edmund, Ethelred, Edgar, and Edith she eventually settled for naming the remaining three Alexander, Mary, and David
Or do you think Máel Coluim was just getting too mixed up and had to put his foot down
#The man had like at least nine possible eleven kids that we know about#Duncan and Donald were bad enough but five kids whose names all begin with E and four that begin with Ed is just a nightmare#'Please dear I'm begging you can we name this one something that my subjects north of the Forth can pronounce'#St Margaret in a deliberately sweet tone: 'Darling I didn't realise it was causing you such hardship I'm so terribly sorry'#'It was just that after I'd pushed the fifth one in ten years out while singing the Te Deum the whole time to distract from the pain'#'And all the time I was concentrating on that lovely new altar cloth I was embroidering'#'While writing a letter to the archbishop of Canterbury about sending me some more of those lovely Benedictines'#'Edith was merely the first name I could think of; but if it's REALLY causing you such hardship don't worry we can name her something else'#'If it's really so hard for you' :) :) :)#Malcolm backing out of the room looking very embarrassed 'No no it's no trouble dear I'll just... I think I have to crush a rebellion now...#Alternatively it's entirely possible Malcolm was on board since aggressively giving your kids Old English royal names#When your neighbour is a Norman conqueror is kind of a political move#But it's fun to wonder#Technically Alexander Mary and David are even better examples of one upmanship#We've graduated from Old English kings and queens to legendary and then heavenly kings and queens now#Ok so Alexander could also ahve been named for the pope#Did they know that with those last three they'd be setting the pattern of Scottish royal names for centuries#Because the first five really didn't catch on#Not many Scottish kings cutting about called Aethelred#But better than Malcolm's first wife#Poor Ingibiorg never got to go around calling her kids by her second husband things like Sigurd and Olaf and Rognvald#Nope it was Donnchadh Domnall and possibly another Mael Coluim#writing log
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kelasparmak · 7 months ago
not to be a bitch but do you ever just see a post that’s like
‘i’m going to correct some misconceptions about [x]! i’m not here to shame anyone for getting it wrong, just please learn in future :-)’
and then all the information is just stuff that's the op’s personal experience, or the experience of someone they know because they’re not even [x] themself, and is absolutely not universal and sometimes straight up wrong.
#it's just wild like. what made you think you could or should position yourself as the authority on this subject.#sometimes it is genuinely for real bad like all the 'don't donate to lebanon' bullshit americans were putting out after the explosion#sometimes it's just :/ like those 'for the cis writers out there here's how to write a trans character!' (cue terrible advice)#(most of which is just extremely telling abt op's upbringing/mental health and totally unrelated to being trans)#this time it is not that it is completely harmless which is why this is so petty but#'lol no judgement but i can tell you're american when you write [british character] as [doing a thing they are described as doing in canon]'#'british people would NEVER make tea without a teapot'#'no one in london has a car and it's literally impossible to have your own flat without being married'#'source: my best friend is british and i have been to london twice'#do you somehow think that makes you the closest thing the internet has to an expert on london?#you know british people have the internet right?#'everyone LOVES supermarket meal deals and they are the height of lunchtime cuisine' sorry but yr friend a) can't cook b) is boring#there is so much great cheap street food in central. no one who knows better is paying £3.50 for a soggy tesco sandwich and crisps.#i'm having flashbacks to when sherlock and harry potter were popular#we are two steps away from 'i wish i was british i would eat fish and chips every day that's worth 5 quid'#those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it
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fugglecases · 23 hours ago
#i cant quite access the emotions i could when i was 17 and things were bright and shiny (and also impossibly vantablack)#and its like such a win for my mental health (yeehaw!) that I cant.. but at the same time its like how can i still mourn so much for#that period of our lives where tens of wlw were killed on screen.#like tens by the MONTH#but specifically LEXA#and i MISSSSS 2015/2016 wlw fandom tumblr in the sense that it was like all of us in one place.#like i didnt have to watch all.. 6 shows that wlw existed in. i had to watch maybe 1 and i would know about them all#because all of us congregated in such a concentrated way#and i know thats because we only had that many shows/books/whatever.#it wasnt even a handful#and i miss that sense of community#and i know we do actually have better stories now (and a lot of fucking terrible ones because ever netflix thing has to have one cheap gay)#but like goddamn. lexa was special.#and i know i cant watch that show ever again really#but sometimes i want to for her#because to this day i still dont think ive ever felt that way about a character#and i cant tell how much of it was 'shiny teenage intense feelings'#and how much of it was just... lexa was special#she just was. all that repression but still just brimming with softness and love under it all.... just ... i feel so fond about her#lexa is just one of those characters i really truly feel ' i wish we had more time'#i wish we got to see her with the conclave and leading with compassion but also conviction#leading towards something better and more kind#and mostly i just wish i got to sit and see more of her. just existing.#there just has never been a character like her to me#and especially like at the time?#i know 2016 is really like. yesterday if you think about it#but its also absolutely insane to think about how lgbt things have changed since then. gotten louder in many places. online.#and i just.... all of that is wrapped around this character for me and i just sometimes miss her in a way ill never be able to talk about#x
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