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#i know what you did last summer serie
yagalootv-blog · a month ago
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thesuperherotv · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Madison Iseman &  Brianne Tju - I Know What You Did Last Summer (2021)
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wlwmultishipper · a month ago
If I had a dollar for every time I heard an ostensibly straight female character, albeit one whose sexuality is technically unconfirmed, say, "I'm done with boys" or some variation on that theme ... 😫.
As if it wasn't clear enough that this "I'm done with boys" wasn't going to stick for Nini ...
Look at me, watching fucking High School Musical: The Musical: The Series because even the shows with characters who are sharing queer moments that I'm watching won't go all the way (looking at you, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Batwoman. Batwoman's just fucking ridiculous at this point - if Ryan and Sophie were any more head over heels in love, they'd be getting married. Fuck. And honestly, same for IKWYDLS. I'm sick of the show just not committing to Alison and Margot's romance - Margot hasn't even figured out that "Lennon" is really Alison, at least as far as we know).
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luckithri-summaters · 8 days ago
I’m very much not immune to peer pressure(whatever form it may be) so really any and all shows I see people talking about are probably ones I’m gonna watch but for right now he chucky tv series,the IKWYDLS show,YellowJackets,9-1-1,and the sex lives of college girls(?).
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sofiaa-rodriguez · 19 days ago
i am so confused and have no idea what’s gonna happen moving forward??
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yurigoggles · a month ago
[Trailers] People Keep Asking: ‘Is TV Back?’
[Trailers] People Keep Asking: 'Is TV Back?' Yes, Yes I'm thinking they are back! #Dickinson #IKnowWhatYouDidLastSummerTV #TheGirlInTheWoodsTV
     Yeah! I’m thinking they are back!!!!! And what’s this?!! Two of these series are horror?! How not to win?!! And this all within the next month! I don’t know what we did, but it sure did please the Yuri Goddesses out there! Firstly, we have the final season of DICKINSON. Now, I for you would have totally been fine with the way Season 2 ended but hey, who can say NO to Hailee kissing girls!?!!…
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mandimellen · a month ago
I Know What You Did Last Summer Episode 1-4 | The Ultimate Red Herring
I Know What You Did Last Summer Episode 1-4 review! This show is the ultimate Red Herring. We'd all be better suited to go in with no expectations and enjoy the mystery unfolding! #IKnowWhatYouDid @IKWYDLS #TV #MandiMellen #Youtube #TvShow #Horror
I Know What You Did Last Summer episode 1-4 is the ultimate red herring show! Amazon’s new re-imaging of the 1997 film as well as the novel baits you in with the I know what you did last summer premise. It does have some shining moments so far and I generally want to unravel the mystery. I Know What You did Last Summer episode 1-4 dropped on Amazon and the show is the ultimate red herring. The…
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lexyscross · a year ago
So I finally watched I Know What You Did Last Summer, and... I ship... all of them together? A POLY SHIP IS A JOLLY SHIP!
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thefragileblackdahlia · a year ago
I Know What You Did Last Summer: Part one
Chapter Summary:
Ruby, Sam, and Dean look for a girl who hears the angels. Castiel and Uriel return.
Pairing(s):  Eventual Dean x Ariel, Ruby x Sam
Warning(s): Steamy Kissing, MAJOR Angst, Alcohol Consumption, Typical SUPERNATURAL Violence, Mild Language
A/N: The story isn't over yet don't fret. Haha. Kinder surprise egg! ♥ ♥  Also about Dean and Ariel's relationship, They do like each other to the point where they might kiss and have sex but I won't consider them canon until one of them asks the other one out. Cause it's pretty clear that they feel for each other.
When the kissing starts you will see *** feel free to skip it.
Please feel free to leave feedback.
Beta'd by Zoe (a friend)
Word count: 2,230+
Sam perched himself up against the pool table in an attempt to keep himself steady. He gripped the pool cue, shaking his head. "Brian, come on, man, just one more." The drunk hunter swallowed and studied the man he was playing against.
"Just- Just give me a chance to win it back." Sam murmured.
Brian, who appeared to be a tall biker, chuckled as he racked the billiard balls. "It's your cash." He affirmed while reaching for his glass of alcohol.
Dean was standing off to the side of the bar observing the whole interaction. While waiting for his cue, he sipped his beer, his mind drifting off into space as the thought about Ariel.
It's been weeks since Ariel's passing and he still hasn't felt whole. He thought he would feel better in a week or so but he was stupid to think that. About a week ago he may have heard about something landing in Duluth but it turned out to just be a meteor.
The 30-year-old sipped his beer and pulled out the dead poppy flower and give it a small kiss before he walked up to the wooden banister. He kissed it for luck.
"Excuse me." Dean started, slipping the poppy back into his jacket pocket and setting himself up against the railing. "My brother's a little sauced to be making bets." He nodded over to Sam who pretended to be under the influence.
Brian looked at Dean and shook his head, "Hey" He gestured to Sam. "He insisted."
"Yeah, but you've already taken, what, two bills off him? I'm just saying." Dean gesticulated to his little brother.
"Hey, shut up, Dean." Sam rolled his eyes and looked at Brian with a bright smile. "I'm fine."
Dean tilted his head and blinks hard as he gripped the table, "No, you're not fine. You're drunk!"
"Let's make it five hundred." Sam pulled his lips into a coy smirk and dug into his back pocket.
"Five hundred?" Dean exclaimed with his hands up.
Brian smirked as he finished racking the billiard balls. "Sure." He watched Sam place the money on the table. "Five hundred. Your break." The biker straightened and lifted the rack to place it back under the table.
As Brian was distracted, Sam raised his brows at Dean all the indications of drunkenness gone. Dean returned the gesture.
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When the biker looked back up, Sam returned to his intoxicated state and leaned over the table. He angled his pool cue and broke, sinking several balls.
Brian furrowed his brows at the realization that he lost the money, he looked up at Sam with an inscrutable expression.
Dean fought back a smile as he looked to the bike but snapped his head in his brother's direction when he heard a pressed out, "Keep the money."
The giant hunter set the cue down on the table and began speed walking toward Ruby, who he saw sitting at the bar.
"Keep the money? What--" Dean opened his arms wide as he watched his brother walk away with a heated expression. His face morphed from a jovial expression to a more choleric one when his eyes landed on the demon. He snatched his drink and followed after Sam.
"Well, you got a lot of nerve showing up anywhere near me." The righteous man stepped to the demon, ready to stab her at any moment. He clenched his jaw.
Ruby crossed her arms and fixed her eyes on the older hunter. "I just have some info, and then I'm gone."
"What is it?" Sam was patient with her, his tone of voice more gentle.
Ruby glanced at Sam and her expression softened, "I'm hearing a few whispers."
Dean scoffed, "Ooh, great, demon whisperers-- that's reliable." He rolled his eyes.
Ruby blinked hard and let out a small exhale. She chose to focus on Sam since he listened to her. "Girl named Anna Milton escaped from a locked ward yesterday. The demons seem pretty keen on finding her. Apparently, some real heavy hitter turned out for the Easter-egg hunt."
The demon turned her attention to Dean, this information specifically for him. "I also heard that people are spotting an angry red-head running around. Sound like anybody you know?"
Dean's face dropped as he heard the description of the girl. Angry redhead? He gulped and looked at Ruby who sported a complacent expression. "Can't be our red-head. She's dead." He spat out the word dead like it was poison.
"Missing- not dead," Sam interjected.
Pivoting on his heel, Dean walked behind his brother and set his glass on the counter. He knew Sam was in denial about Ariel's death but not this much. No matter how many signs pointed to her being gone, Sam just didn't want to believe it.
Dean took a few swigs of his beer.
"Oh, well- sorry to hear that.." Ruby unfolded her arms and shifted as it was now silent and awkward. The demon let out a sigh and looked to Sam. "So, I'm thinking that this Anna is important, 'cause the order is to capture her alive. I just figured that whatever the deal is, you might want to find this girl before the demons do."
Sam nodded slightly and peeked over his shoulder to his dejected brother. "Look, maybe we should check it out."
Nearly choking on his beer as he heard those words, Dean shook his head, disapprovingly. No, he did not want to take any lead from a demon. "Actually," He forced a smile and chuckled. "We're working a case, but thanks." Dean winked.
Ruby sneered, "What case?" She was confident.  
"Uh, we've got leads." Dean moved his hands as he talked, "Big leads." He gulped his beer.
Ruby rolled her eyes and crossed her arms in disbelief. "Sounds dangerous." She mocked.
"Yeah, well, it sure ain't goose-chasing after some chick who, for all we know, doesn't even exist, just because you say she's important." Dean squinted his eyes as he talked.
Ruby inhaled deeply and leaned over the bar table. "I'm just delivering the news. You can do whatever you want with it. Far as I'm concerned, I told you, I'm done." She turned to go but was stopped by Sam who had an effect over her.
"Wait, wait, wait. This hospital Anna escaped from-- it got a name?" Sam gripped Ruby's arm and squeezed it tenderly.
Ruby looked up at the tall hunter with a veiled expression.
Dean sat behind the wheel of Baby, speeding down the road. What did Ruby mean by an Angry redhead running around and why was Ruby looking for her? Did Sam ask her to? Despite him being raised from Hell Dean still believed that 'What's dead should stay dead.'
The jaded man clutched the steering wheel and glanced at his brother who addressed him.
"Well, Anna Milton's definitely real." Sam stared at his phone then looked at Dean as he spoke.
"Don't mean the case is real," Dean grumbled. He was seriously praying that Anna wasn't real; An 'I told you so' from a demon wasn't ideal.
"And this hospital's a three-day drive." He added.
Sam furrowed his brows. "We've driven further for less, Dean." He gripped his phone in his hand while he watched Dean shake his head in displeasure.
"You got something to say, say it." Sam asserted.
Dean's eyes darted over to Sam as he expressed his disgust, "Oh, I'm saying it-- This sucks." Of course, he was upset. Basically his angel girlfriend or whatever she was to him, died, and he didn't get to say goodbye properly. And at that last moment, he gazed into her eyes and saw that was goodbye but he didn't want it to be true.
It's been weeks since that has happened and now they were to just follow some demons lead even though Ariel wanted Sam to ditch Ruby at all costs.
Sam shook his head and looked straight ahead. "You're not pissed we're going after the girl. You're pissed Ruby threw us the tip." The longhaired Hunter stared at his brother.
"Right. 'Cause as far as you're concerned, the hell-bitch is practically family." Dean paused and squeezed the leather-clad wheel. "Ariel wanted you nowhere near her and yet here we are following a fucking lead. Yeah, boy, something major must've happened while I was downstairs, 'cause I come back, and- and you're BFF with a demon?" He looked at Sam with a puzzled grimace.
Dean didn't want to bring Ariel into it but he needed to get his point across.
Sam stilled, glaring at the front windshield. "I told you, Dean, she helped me go after Lilith." The man hesitated, "And Ariel isn't here." He swallowed hard.  
"Right, Well, thanks for the thumbnail-- real vivid. You want to fill in a little detail?" There was a small pause. "'Cause I'm thinkin' if Ariel was here, you wouldn't even think of Ruby." Dean glowered at the road ahead, shaking his head.
The 26-year-old turned his attention to his brother, peeved. "Sure, Dean, let's trade stories. You first. How was Hell? Don't spare the details." Sam turned his upper torso to face Dean as he recommenced. "Matter of fact- Why don't you tell me why you trust Ariel so much? Because she's an angel? For all we know, she was sent to manipulate you or something."
Dean could feel his blood boiling at that comment. Why the hell would Ariel be sent to manipulate him when it was clear that the other angels despised the 'fallen.'  The troubled hunter inhaled deeply and pressed his lips together.
"Don't talk about her like that." He pressed out through clenched teeth.
The long-haired hunter reached forward and flicked on the radio, hoping some music might diffuse the tension but it didn't. It was like the world was working against him because 'I Hate Myself for Loving You' by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts played through the speakers.
Dean immediately switched off the stereo and pressed his foot to the gas pedal. He was ready to make the three-day drive.
three days later
Sam and Dean stood in a pristine white room in their FED threads, questioning the psychologist.
Sam had his hands shoved deep into his pockets while Dean was over by the bed with a notepad and pen, jotting down some notes and searching for anything supernatural.
"Now, the orderly has no recollection of Anna's escape?" Fiddling with the lock-pick in his pocket, the psychologist had half of Sam's attention.
The psychologist clutched the manila folder in her right arm as she motioned with her left. "Apparently, she knocked him unconscious. The blow caused some amnesia. He doesn't even remember coming into her room."
Dean flipped his notepad close, "That's a hell of a right hook to knock a guy that's got 80 pounds on her." He strolled over to his place next to Sam.
"We think she may have planned this," The woman gestured to the door as she was stepping out of the room to leave. "Waited behind the door." She concluded.
The brothers followed her out of the room, Sam trying to put together the information in his mind. "Right. Uh, you mentioned Anna's illness was recent."
"Two months ago," The psychologist started, turning to face the duo. "She was happy, well-adjusted, journalism major, lots of friends-- bright future."
Tumblr media
Dean furrowed his brows and pursed his lips in confusion. "So, what happened--she just...flipped?"
The woman averted her eyes and smiled faintly. "Well, that's the tragedy of schizophrenia. Within weeks, Anna was overtaken by delusions."
"What kind of delusions?" Sam tilted his head, genuinely interested in what she had to say.
Turning her attention to the floor, a skeptical smirk crept onto her face. "She thought demons were everywhere." As she talked she handed Sam the sketchbook.
Sam reached for the book. "Huh," He said as he flipped through the book.
Dean flipped open his notepad and began writing down the notes, "Interesting." He murmured, most likely to seem professional.
"It's not uncommon for our patients to believe that monsters are real." The woman added with a small smile.
This snagged Dean's attention. Dean looked up and laughed, "Well, that-" The hunter paused as he caught a glimpse of the sketches. "That's just batty." He finished. Turning his attention back to the book, he recognized the different seals that have been broken.
"That's revelations," Dean muttered.
"Since when does the Book of Revelations have jack-o-lanterns?" The psychologist jeered.
Dean pursed his lips, trying to think of an excuse. "It's uh...a little-known translation."
The psychologist parted her lips with a puzzled expression, "Ah..." She paused. "Well, Anna's father was a church deacon. When she became ill, her paranoia took on religious overtones. She was convinced the devil was about to rise up and end the world."
She sighed, "I hope you find her. It's dangerous for her to be out there alone right now."
Sam and Dean shared a knowing look. If Anna knew all of this then what could she be and how was she still alive? They both turned to the woman and Sam flashed his famous puppy eyes, "Could we get her address- to question her parents?"
"Of course." The woman searched through her manila folder and then handed the boys a piece of paper.
Dean snatched the paper from Sam, a pallid half-smile dancing across his face. "Thanks."
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bookhouseboy1980-blog · a month ago
My thoughts on the first episode of I Know What You Did Last Summer.  Sub to my channel for more:
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techhypes · a month ago
(via I Know What You Did Last Summer (Web Series) Cast, Release Date & Actress Name)
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