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#i like this human holiday


“Oh, we understand, lass,” Wilhelm hand-waved this with a smile, blue eyes happily aglow when he saw the young couple take each other’s hands, and how Randall grinned boyishly at his bride-to-be, clearly thrilled to bits about getting married to his ladylove. “We understand, and as we said, your secret is absolutely safe with us.” 

He hated that they had to hide, though-he understood why, of course, he knew there would be some truly horrendous consequences were the outside world to find out that the missing de Clair daughter was hiding out with a poor Irish family (to say nothing of her keenness to marry into said family), but that didn’t mean he hated it any less. He wanted desperately to yell to the world that his boy was getting married, he wanted to tell his fellow employees at work all about the sweet girl that was set to be his daughter-in-law, and how happy she and her son were. Granted, they’d probably tell him to shut up when he got too talkative, but still, he wished he could just enthuse to anyone and everyone about this joyous time in his son’s life.

At least he could enthuse with his family, his smile not at all fading as he watched Randall lean over and kiss Emily’s cheek, with June remarking, “Your enthusiasm is so infectious, you too! Reminds me so much of your father and I, Randall, how excited we were, when we were engaged, and looking forward to our wedding.”

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i’m so ready to pass out tonight fghdskjg, tomorrow is my day off.. i’ve had to train people the last four days in a row…. i also found out i work 50 hours (including one 10 hour shift LOLLLLL) thanksgiving week………. jfc ….

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“Ma and I had a similar talk,” Randall replied, stretching out a little in his seat as he pressed a soft kiss to Emily’s forehead, saying, “She wanted to let me know that wasn’t upset with either of us, and was really just glad that she and Pa knew now, so she considers everything water under the bridge.” He still felt a lingering sense of guilt, that being said, but he was glad to know that his mother was understanding of why they did it at all, and was glad to know the truth-the better to keep the secret, after all.

“After that, we sort of started talking about her and Pa’s courtship,” he continued, running his free hand through his tangled black hair. “How much she loved being with him, even though other people in town disapproved, and, uh…weren’t always kind when they were out together.“ Their neighbors certainly made their displeasure known when June and Wilhelm passed them by arm in arm, and while it would sometimes cut the date nights short, it did nothing to dampen either their spirits or their love.

“She said she didn’t let anyone or anything stop her from loving Pa, and…she’s glad that we’re doing the same,” he smiled to her. “She really likes you, and she’s happy that we’re together. She told me about her courtship with Pa, and how happy she felt being with him-before she met him, she said she felt like her life was…pretty boring, really, y’know, working day in and day out. But then he came into her life, and completely changed it for the better. She said…she said it was like having the sun shine on you after a rainy day, being around him, and, well…I said I feel the exact same way, being around you.”

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Honestly I am so sorry for just venting so much on here it’s not healthy and I know I need to work on it I just usually only have those thoughts late at night or other times where it just isn’t feasible to talk to anyone else and by the time therapy time comes around I’m not thinking about it as much.

#untagged, #vent, #delete later, #in other news it is no wonder i struggle so much i take so much after my mom it is insane, #also her mom???? amazing human being i have heard three little anecdotes about her being nice to black people, #like one time she drank out of a fountain labeled 'colored' because the hired help at home and her drank from the same ladle, #and there was this black girl whose parents had been paid for her to be put into the school she taught at for integration, #and other people were really fucking mean and she kind of wished her parents hadn't taken the money, #but my grandmother let her eat lunch in her classroom and was really nice, #and also this one i just learned tonight when she was going to college there was some holiday and some staff member asked her, #if she would drive another student back home because the student didn't have a way to get home, #the girl was black here too and my granny stopped at a diner and the other girl didn't get out because people of color weren't allowed, #and my granny didn't stay in there to eat she went in and ordered to go or takeout or whatever and brought it back out, #and the two of them ate together, #and she always said while she was teaching that vocational schools should stay part of public educatiod, #she isn't dead she's still alive we need to visit her more she got back from the hospital after a health scare, #we were worried it was heart stuff but thankfully(?) it was just(?) kidney stones, #she had to get surgery so it was still really not fun because she had to be in the hospital for a few days, #but she's home now and she's a strong woman *knock on wood*, #fuck i love my extended family even if sometimes in person its uncomfortable, #but like its just really nice hearing about them, #and i am so fucking fortunate to have a mother who just wants me to be happy thanks to her own mother who is just wonderful, #one time i made these melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookies because the recipe was super simple like 4 ingredients, #and my parents bought a new box of butter sticks because they take a lot of butter, #and i think i'm going to make a batch soon because baking is nice and i want to bring something to my granny, #in other news hitting b every time i level up is very annoying, #hopefully i can get some more everstones soon, #just got the turffield one and seedot is getting that for sure, #not that it's a permanent team member i still have cottonee and applin to pick up, #my team so far is grookey oddish seedot budew and pumpkaboo
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