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q32jf98ashd · 2 days ago
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wlwdaydreamms · 7 months ago
im curious about what made you you. im curious about your taste in music. im curious about the way your mind thinks. im curious about how your body likes to be touched. im curious about your late night thoughts and how they make you feel. im curious about every single thing about you.
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perfectfeelings · 3 months ago
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fragmentos-literarixs · 3 months ago
Realmente me gustas, y no te mentiré: me aterra todo lo que conlleva darte mi corazón; sin embargo, amor mío, si tú estás dispuesto a luchar por nosotros, ten por seguro que yo también lo haré.
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jasontoddsguns · 3 months ago
The ps5 meme had me imagine jason vs whatever evil inner jason pit madness he suffered from in some storylines
It's me boy the pit madness inside your brain, listen to me boy kill the replacement leave the bat we dont nee-
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loner9912 · 13 days ago
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 9 months ago
I looked into your eyes and the whole world stopped
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imjustalluring · 3 months ago
It doesn't matter
It doesn't matter what I do or say or try
At the end of the day
It's never going to be me.
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whysojiminimnida · 4 months ago
Okay honestly I know lots of people don't like to touch this topic with a 10 foot pole because it's kinda invasive and more tricky to maneuver than questioning/assuming any of the boys are not straight probably because attraction to others is more outward and people tend to be more uncomfortable w. trans shit so I don't blame you if you wanna ignore this but I can't lie there's a significant part of me hesitant to label Jungkook gay gay specifically because of Jimin. His bigender tattoo lives rent free in my mind and as a person of slight gender identity fuckery I physically cannot wrap my mind around a completely 110% cis person ever doing that especially with his words about expressing things he couldn't before and the effort to show it off during the photoshoot and other times when he talked about his personal journey. On the lowest of keys it just feels like he got a lil sum going on in there if that makes sense so I personally like to leave space for that when thinking about Jk's obvious attraction to him but at the same time I honest to god do get why people think he's full on gay and as a bi person erasure irritates my soul so usually I'm the first person to call people out for disregarding or flat out ignoring mspec identities but I can't lie that he generally doesn't seem very interested in most women as far as I've seen like I fully agree with people who aren't seeing it lol but I've also also seen him with pink purple and blue strands in his hair and that kinda stuck out to me idk I'm kinda rambling the most important thing is that we all agree he's 'gay' in the sense that he's obviously attracted to men because that in itself makes him part of the lgbtq community regardless of the specifics of his personal identity
I hear what you're saying, anon. I have said before that I thought Jimin had bi or pan possibilities for me and his gender, although he identifies publicly as male, could very easily be fluid or he could fall somewhere on a genderqueer spectrum. But he has clued us in on bigender concepts in a pretty big way twice. Once in the 2019 (released in January 2020) 6th ARMY.ZIP photoshoot, and again with Filter.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
For the 6th ARMY.ZIP "Young Forever: Mono" photo spread, Jimin requested the tattoos that were drawn on his skin. Not "oh hey draw me some tats" but specifically "I want these ones", reportedly. We see the moon. We see hashtags. We see "Lie" and "Youth" and cute lil knuckle tats like someone else we know. "Love" is written on the inside of his fingers. And we see a bigender symbol, sometimes (but not usually) also used for bisexuality. And about this Jimin said:
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Okay then. The story of his life written on his skin. Could account for the mirror shot, which I find to be rather compelling:
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THEN we got Filter. With the Illecebra and Arcanus. The costume changes into mens and womens pieces with accompanying changes in tone and demeanor. The ending quickchange into jewel tones (red and purple) with THAT choreography. I don't think one can come up with MORE bigender-coded performance art.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I mean Y'ALL. WATCH THAT CHOREO if you don't like studying Latin or looking at clothes or listening/reading lyrics. And I don't mean to gloss over Jimin's possible bisexuality. He has coded for it. I've discussed it before, but just for reference, the famous bisexual/pansexual Butter rainbow hair:
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I do personally think Jimin's primary preference is men because, duh. His primary preference is Jungkook. Whoever Jungkook is seems to be just fine with him. Now, as it relates to Jungkook. JeiKei could very easily just be in love with Jimin, and whoever Jimin is, also fine with him. I've seen that called "Jiminsexual" and I think it speaks to pan orientation and is an oversimplified but kinda okay interpretation of the data we have. Jungkook also identifies publicly as male. He has not said anything beyond that he's a cis man who, as nearly as we can tell, is into men in general and Jimin specifically. Could that change? Sure. Is that the whole truth? Very possibly not. He has toyed with looking pretty in long hair and liking his makeup and wanting his nails done and wearing pretty women's clothes. But where you were going, anon, is that Jungkook could be bi or pan or that his sexual orientation, not his gender identity, might not be 100% gay if he's into Jimin and Jimin is bigender or genderqueer. And that is valid. I feel like the Jeon-Parks are better described as a queer couple than as a gay couple. To our eyes they appear gay: two dicks one relationship looks pretty gay to most folks. It's an easy descriptor and from an anatomy standpoint it's also a correct one. But to fully embrace the Jeon-Parks is to embrace their otherness in all areas, not just one or two, and it's very likely that their relationship has deep, private layers about which we are not going to ever be enlightened. You think homosexuality is tough in Korea, I think we all know that trans or other gender identity is not acceptable. So perhaps "queer" is the better word.
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ecleecticism · 6 months ago
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euesworld · 7 months ago
"I want you to know that I love you, I crave you, and I adore you in that order.."
I also like you, need you, and want you - eUë
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wlwdaydreamms · 5 months ago
i didnt fall in love with her because she was pretty, though she was beautiful.
i fell in love with her because of the way she made me feel. it caught me off guard and never have i imagined you'd be the girl i would fall for.
and i never thought you'd fell for me too.
i fell in love with her because she made me fell in love with myself as well.
and i think thats the beauty of love.
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ghostofaradio · 10 days ago
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varslove · 3 months ago
life’s been hard, but you make it easier when I’m beside you
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good-gravy-brett-somers · 7 months ago
I like you and it scares the hell out of me
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 8 months ago
I’d give you the world if I could
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hopeless-romantic-thoughts · 8 months ago
[2:00am] I swear... I can't help it. How do you spin words that makes my heart beat eratically every time you text me? I'm still reeling from that one line you just sent; "I'll come over to your place no matter what."
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spilledinkandtears · 10 months ago
Even if I cant properly articulate how much I love you in this moment, I know I want to spend the rest of my life showing you.
Untitled (via @spilledinkandtears)
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gnk-99 · 3 months ago
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Gonk. Gonk.
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