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ceshira4 years ago
Tumblr media
"This is the story of the three Baudelaire children. Violet loved to invent; her brother, Klaus, loved to read; and their sister, Sunny... she loved to bite." 馃憗
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ezrasbirdie3 months ago
warmth of you
Tumblr media
art by @thepoisonofgod鈥
summary: din djarin takes on an engineer to his new ship, trying to fill some of the emptiness that grogu left behind. he鈥檚 surprised to find that you鈥檙e filling all the other missing pieces of him, as well.
rating: E (warnings:聽SMUT; this is the softest, possibly most wholesome smut i鈥檝e ever written, but it鈥檚 still smut. PIV, girl on top, oral sex (m receiving), fingering, kissing [the kissingggggg]; self-doubt, some angst, FLUFF THO)
pairing: din djarin x fem reader
word count: ~3900
note: SHOUTOUT as always to @starlightmornings for betaing. also, to @charnelhouse, @wyn-dixie, and聽@danniburgh for being bad influences and encouraging this. AND ALSO to @thepoisonofgod because this whole thing is really her fault. when i heard the idea of naked tattooed soft!din, it was over. i couldn鈥檛 resist it. anyway, this is emotionally wrecked af post-s2 softboi din djarin and i wrote him how i thought he鈥檇 be, i hope you enjoy him and love him as much as i do. please go take a look at this incredibly beautiful drawing that @thepoisonofgod鈥 did of our sweet soft!din: warmth of you
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reblogs are LOVED and APPRECIATED <3
i. Din hated the new ship.
It was too new and too big and too shiny. Every surface was bright, gleaming, blinding. It was too damn clean. He missed the grime of the Crest. He missed the mess of having a child.
He missed the kid.
Being alone was never something he鈥檇 thought too much about since he鈥檇 left home. He grew up in the covert surrounded by people and noise, but when he struck out on his own, he shoved that need for companionship into the deepest part of him; locked it away so it couldn鈥檛 hurt.
Grogu changed everything. Fatherhood鈥攂rief as it was鈥攕oftened Din in a way he hadn鈥檛 thought possible. He let himself understand loneliness for the first time.
The ship was big enough for a proper crew. Not that Din wanted that. He still preferred the quiet and enough room to breathe. Maybe having just one other person on board could fill part of that gaping black hole that Grogu left in his heart.
He found you by chance at a trading outpost on some backwoods planet in the Outer Rim. An ex-combat engineer for the Alliance, he told you he could use your knowledge and skill to keep the new ship running. You鈥檇 been listless since the end of the war. You were ready for something new. An adventure. Anything but hanging around this trading post. You weren鈥檛 made for sitting still. He didn鈥檛 seem to be, either.
鈥淵es, sir,鈥 you said, when he asked if you wanted to join him. He鈥檇 cocked his shiny helmet to the right at your formal address, and you tried to ignore the heat that seeped up your neck. It would take you weeks to shake that habit. He never told you how endearing he鈥檇 found it.
And so the two of you set off into the stars and you didn鈥檛 look back. No family to speak of, friends scattered to the wind after the war鈥攚hat did you have left on that desert planet he鈥檇 found you on? It was only him; this large, imposing, metal-clad man. He was your universe now.
ii. The first time you saw him without the helmet was a surprise. He鈥檇 hired you with it on. He stomped around the ship with it on. He took his meals to the cockpit with it on. He chit chatted with you with it on.
You鈥檇 always wondered what he looked like under there, of course. He was surely human. Four fingers and a thumb on each gloved hand. Two powerful arms that could lift heavy, unconscious鈥攏ever dead鈥攂odies. Two long legs with muscle you could make out even under the flight suit. It was barely a shock when an unwanted spark of desire bubbled up inside of you; forcing your imagination to run wild.
What were his lips like? Soft or chapped? Full or thin? What color were his eyes? What face would he make as he鈥檚 falling apart underneath you? The most you鈥檇 managed to see was the underside of a sharp, tan jaw littered with facial hair as he鈥檇 reached over you to grab something.
When you left your quarters to get some rations and found him sitting at the kitchenette booth with his helmet off, staring into space, you鈥檇 had a moment of panic. Your racing heart only calmed when you recognized the glittering beskar of the rest of his armor.
鈥淢ando?鈥 you asked carefully.
鈥淐yar鈥檌ka,鈥 he said. His voice was hoarse and cracked a little. Eyes red, like he鈥檇 been crying.
鈥淓verything...okay? Your helmet鈥︹ you trailed off.
鈥淥h,鈥 he replied, like he hadn鈥檛 realized he wasn鈥檛 wearing it.
鈥淚鈥檝e never seen you with it off,鈥 you said as you slid into the booth seat opposite him, curling your legs underneath you. He moved his head to look at you, a blank stare on his face.
鈥淲ell,鈥 he said, 鈥淣ow you have.鈥
Stars, he was pretty. Should you tell him that?
鈥淵ou鈥檙e pretty,鈥 you said, before you could stop it from tumbling out of your mouth. It settled between the two of you and he gave you a lopsided smile, a warm blush blossoming across the apples of his cheeks.
鈥淪o are you,鈥 he said.
And there it was.
iii. You danced around each other for weeks. Din didn鈥檛 know what he was doing. He just knew he wanted to be around you. He wandered the ship, looking for excuses to be in the same room as you. You found reasons to sit in the cockpit, sometimes bringing him caf (鈥淚 made too much,鈥 you鈥檇 say) and sometimes having a question that he knew someone of your expertise would know.
He loved it. He loved it so fucking much.
He opened up to you, bit by bit. Told you about the kid, about the darksaber, Mandalore, all of it. When he told you that there was nothing he wouldn鈥檛 give in this galaxy to have the kid back with him, he saw pain in your eyes.
鈥淲hat is it?鈥 he asked. You were quiet for a moment, thinking.
鈥淚 just wish he could have stayed with you. Even if that meant you wouldn't have needed me,鈥 you said, and it broke his heart in half when he realized what you meant.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not鈥擨鈥檓 not just using you as a鈥擨鈥︹ he grasped for words that he did not have. Because that鈥檚 how this had all started, hadn鈥檛 it? You stood up to leave the room, but before you left, you bent down and pressed your lips to his forehead.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e done nothing wrong,鈥 you said, and he closed his eyes, leaning into your touch.
鈥淵ou know, right?鈥 he said, even if he couldn鈥檛 articulate what that was.
鈥淚 know,鈥 you promised.
iv. The first time he kissed you was not on the ship. It was on a supply run, where you found a stall that sold fruit. Messy, squishy fruit that you fell in love with, having subsisted off of rations and portion bread for weeks. Red and plump, it burst when you bit into it and the juices spilled all over your joyful face as you walked back to the ship. You gleefully offered some to him.
鈥淵ou have something on your face,鈥 he observed, mouth twitching at the red juice running down your chin.
鈥淥h? Where?鈥 you giggled.
He stepped forward, so close you almost stepped back, and the laughter stopped as he brought his bare thumb up to your bottom lip. He鈥檇 started to get more comfortable showing parts of himself.
鈥淛ust here,鈥 he said.
鈥淢ando,鈥 you breathed.
He鈥檇 not told you his real name yet. He was afraid what would happen if he did. What emotional sea that would unleash, hearing his name fall from your lips. He didn鈥檛 know if he could handle it.
Right now all he saw was the glimmering red nectar on your mouth. Din lifted his helmet off of his head, messy curls plastered to his scalp, and leaned down to catch your lips in a kiss. It felt so good and so right, and he couldn鈥檛 believe he hadn鈥檛 been doing this all along. You melted into his lips, a soft moan eliciting from your throat.
When he broke apart from you, reluctantly, his heart thudded at the sweet, surprised look in your eyes. Surely you knew? You knew how he felt? How could you not?
鈥淵ou know, right?鈥 he asked again.
鈥淚 know,鈥 you replied.
The walk back to the ship was quiet, arms bumping as you leaned into each other; you smiled when you accidentally caught his eye, and he grinned like a schoolboy.
v. It鈥檚 quiet on the ship when he finally tells you his name.
You鈥檝e not gone much further than kissing. Hand-holding. He thumbs the curve of your jaw, your cheekbone. You don鈥檛 push. Your desire for him is so heavy and raw, but you don鈥檛 push. You let him come to you because he needs that. He鈥檚 wounded and new to this. Afraid to lose someone else.
You were gone on your own, just for a couple of hours, to pick up some parts for the ship, and the commlinks were broken as well. He fretted about letting you leave alone, but someone needed to stay behind. The broken part was the door鈥攁nyone could walk in and take what they want, and he was more imposing than you.
鈥淚 can take care of myself, I promise,鈥 you鈥檇 said.
When you get back, exhausted from the journey, he sprints to you, not a bit of self-consciousness surrounding it. You grin up at him, this broad, imposing warrior, running to you like a frightened damsel; pulling you into his chest.
鈥淚 missed you, too,鈥 you chuckle, muffled by his hug.
He grunts into the top of your head and lets you go, taking the equipment from your arms and helping you fix the door and the commlinks.
鈥淪leep with me tonight,鈥 he says absently, while you tinker with the last broken piece of your commlink.
You鈥檝e never slept in the same bed.
鈥淥kay,鈥 you agree.
The bunk is dimly lit and you can just make him out as you roll on your side to watch him sleep, hoping his peaceful face will help you find some calm. He鈥檚 as wide awake as you are.
鈥淲hat is it, mesh鈥檒a?鈥 he asks.
鈥淚鈥檓 just...a little restless, is all,鈥 you say. That鈥檚 not a lie, exactly. You鈥檝e never been so close to his warm body for this long. Usually there is some room to breathe, to calm yourself. Your pussy had been absolutely soaking wet since you laid down next to him.
You wonder if he鈥檒l ever want you like that.
You鈥檙e content as it is, with whatever this is, with these soft kisses and gentle touches. You want more, of course, but you want to stay with him. You want him to trust you. You can go forever without the physical part if he needs you to.
He reads you for the liar that you are.
鈥淩eally,鈥 he asks, 鈥渨hat鈥檚 the matter? You haven鈥檛 slept at all.鈥
Does he know?
鈥淚鈥檓 just a little uncomfortable,鈥 you say, desperate to end this conversation. 鈥淚鈥攎aybe I should go back to my own bed. I鈥檓 just going to keep you awake.鈥
鈥淲ait,鈥 he says. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong? Please tell me.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 nothing, Mando鈥斺
鈥淢y name鈥檚 Din,鈥 he says. You鈥檙e dumbstruck for a moment. You鈥檇 never even thought about it, and you鈥檙e kicking yourself for being an idiot. Of course, his name isn鈥檛 actually Mando. Your mouth drops open and your eyes soften.
鈥淗i, Din,鈥 you whisper in the dark.
Din knew what it would do to him, he knew there would be no turning back after he told you his name. He knew that the way you鈥檇 say it would ruin his life in the most amazing way. One syllable sounds like a song coming from you.
The dam finally breaks and he鈥檚 on you so fast, knocking the wind out of you, pushing you up against the wall, kissing you until you鈥檙e both out of breath. He doesn't care about seeming needy because he is. He needs you, and just you. You lay a gentle hand on his chest and he backs up immediately.
鈥淚s鈥攖his okay?鈥 he asks, panting. You take his hand and press your lips to his knuckles.
鈥淚t鈥檚 more than okay for me,鈥 you murmur, 鈥淏ut do you want this?鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檝e been patient with me,鈥 he says. You shrug, not taking your eyes off of him.
鈥淭here was nothing to be patient about. I just wanted to be with you. You could have never touched me once and that would have been okay,鈥 you tell him.
鈥淚 want this, mesh鈥檒a,鈥 he says, and you believe him.
鈥淲hat does that mean?鈥 you ask.
He鈥檇 been calling you beautiful all this time, and you never knew.
鈥淚 don鈥檛鈥擨 don鈥檛 deserve any of this,鈥 he says, playing with your fingers, intertwining them in his. You frown at him.
鈥淜illed people. Broke my Creed. Almost let the Imps take the kid. And I sent him off with someone I don鈥檛 know鈥擨鈥檓鈥斺
His voice shakes now, and you lean forward to put your lips on his. He breathes in.
鈥淵ou did what you needed to do. There are far worse monsters in the galaxy than a bounty hunter who gave up everything to protect his son,鈥 you tell him. 鈥淵ou deserve everything. You deserve this, and me.鈥
Din kisses you again.
鈥淟et me do this for you,鈥 you say. 鈥淗ave you ever鈥?鈥
He averts his eyes.
鈥淩arely. And not for a long time,鈥 he admits.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 okay. Just tell me if it鈥檚 too much.鈥
He nods.
You crawl on top of him and tug his shirt over his head, and let him do the same to you. He inhales sharply at the sight of your breasts free from the confines of your tank top and reaches out to caress them experimentally in his large hands. You keen at his touch, and a sweet groan comes out of his mouth in response.
He watches you above him with curious eyes. Your kisses start at his jaw and move to his neck. You kiss three freckles on the hollow of his throat, clustered like a constellation, and his breathing hitches in response. You look up at him, his eyes are wide open, watching you with lust-blown pupils and heavy eyelids.
Your lips trail down his bare chest. You stop at his nipples and take one in your mouth, smiling at his whimper. You linger here for a moment, licking languidly on both of them, enjoying the way he squirms beneath you. Down, down, down you go, kissing his soft tummy, exploring every scar, stopping to admire the tattoos on his arms and chest.
Tumblr media
鈥淏eautiful,鈥 you whisper, and that lopsided grin is back. You move further, claiming every mark and scar and freckle with your tongue, as he shivers and whimpers under you.
鈥淵ou look so fucking good like that,鈥 he groans.
鈥淏etween your legs?鈥 you murmur, and he nods, his breathing uneven.
Din has felt nothing like the sweetness of your lips. The women before you meant nothing to him, and he meant nothing to them. It was fast and out of necessity, and when it was over, there was numbness. Emptiness. With you, it was like being filled up. How could he be empty with you pouring all this love into him?
You make quick work of his pants and he鈥檚 never been so hard in his life, he鈥檚 sure of it. Not when he was a teenager, hormones raging like wildfire; not when he laid awake thinking of you and your wet mouth, stroking his cock desperately, hoping that you wouldn鈥檛 hear the soft moans he couldn't contain. Your eyes are jewel-bright and full of desire for him as you hold him hot and throbbing in your hand. It makes him feel wanted. Needed.
He jerks upward鈥攈e can鈥檛 help it. Your fingers feel so good. You notice, of course, and a roguish twinkle dances in your eyes. You close your fist around his cock and he moans, which only spurs you on. You kiss the tip and pull his foreskin back, revealing his head, leaking pre-come. You lean over to kiss it and lap some of him up.
鈥淒oes that feel good?鈥 you ask demurely, moving your lips away from him as you pump your fist up and down his shaft.
鈥淵-yes. Maker鈥斺
You鈥檙e soaking wet for him as you squeeze your thighs together, cunt begging for relief. But this is about him, and you can鈥檛 resist taking him in your mouth.
The gasp he lets out when you wrap your lips around him is delicious. You tease him a little, moving your tongue around and licking a stripe up the back of his cock before taking as much of him as you can into your mouth. He grips the sheets like he鈥檚 trying to keep still. You pull him out of your mouth with a pop!
鈥淟et go, Din,鈥 you tell him, 鈥淚t鈥檚 okay.鈥
Your permission is what he was waiting for. He bucks wildly into your mouth, forgetting all self-control. He whimpers and groans and tentatively puts his hands on the back of your head.
鈥淭ake what you need,鈥 you say, and he pushes your head down and back up again. You knew he鈥檇 like that.
鈥淪o f-fucking incredible, me-mesh鈥檒a. W-wanted you so bad for so l-long,鈥 he babbles, his lovely words shooting straight into your cunt. You try your hardest to keep your hand otherwise occupied, but it鈥檚 too much, and you push your fingers down into your wet folds, humming happily when you find your swollen clit.
Din notices. He stops moving your head.
鈥淎re you鈥攁re you touching yourself?鈥 he asks you in a husky voice, and you look up at him, mouth full of his cock, and nod. It takes everything in him not to come inside your mouth right then.
鈥淒oes it f-feel good?鈥 he asks, resuming bobbing your head up and down on his cock. 鈥淭ell me. Please.鈥
You hum in affirmation and rub yourself faster, slipping two fingers inside yourself, sighing with pleasure. He pulls you off of him because if he doesn鈥檛 this ends right here, and he needs to feel you.
Din sits up to meet you in the middle and pulls you into a kiss. He can taste himself on your mouth. He needs to feel your pussy on his fingers. He pulls you into his lap, pressing your naked body against his. You wrap your legs around his waist and lean into his neck, licking his skin, desperate to taste him.
鈥淐an I touch you? Please?鈥 he begs. You guide his hand between your legs and he slips one exploratory finger between your lips. He forgets himself entirely at the silk of your wetness as he finds your entrance and pushes his finger inside of you. You cry out and arch your back.
鈥淟ike this?鈥 he asks, moving his finger in and out. You nod furiously. He鈥檚 seen nothing more beautiful in his life. No sunset on any planet could match your face right now. He plants a kiss against your lips and you guide his thumb to your clit. He moves his thumb in circles against it, slowly at first, and then faster at your coaxing. He doesn鈥檛 know if he ever made the other women come, but he will make damn sure you do.
鈥淭here, Din, yes, like that,鈥 you pant, and every time you say his name it goes straight to his cock. He slips another finger inside of you. You arch up, and he moves his mouth to your breasts, taking one nipple in his mouth and suckling softly. Every hair on his body stands up at the noise you make when he sends you over the edge.
鈥淔uck, I鈥擨鈥檓 coming, I鈥檓 coming,鈥 you whine, grinding into him. He almost loses it. He really does. The growl that escapes his throat is full of a deep and primal hunger, one that he has quelled in the past with violence. The only thing that will satiate him now is your tight, warm pussy. 聽
You ride his fingers through your orgasm, eyes rolling up into the back of your head, pussy fluttering around his thick digits. He pulls his fingers out of you and shoves them in his own mouth, moaning at your taste, licking them clean. You watch him lazily, grinning a bit. When you come off of your high, every part of you needs his cock.
鈥淒o you want me?鈥 you ask him, and his brown eyes drill deep into your own.
鈥淢ore than anything,鈥 he says.
You push him backward, and his eyes widen with surprise.
鈥淟et me take care of you,鈥 you simper. He closes his eyes as you sink down on to him. There is barely any stretch at all, so relaxed are you after your orgasm. The look on his face is everything. Eyes closed, face screwed up in concentration, feeling you.
鈥淔ucking tight, how are you so tight?鈥 he mutters, more to himself than you.
When you start moving back and forth, he moans and watches you grind into his cock. He grips your hips with two big hands, kneading your flesh, moving around to your ass. He helps you move back and forth, and the two of you find a rhythm. Your hands are all over him and his chest and his lips. He hits deep inside of you. You moan and whimper his name.
Din is so overwhelmed with this feeling. It鈥檚 not just your cunt clamped around him鈥攖hough that is some of it. It鈥檚 the warmth of you, all of you, your words and care and kindness; giving a man who deserved none of it a chance; making him believe that he maybe did deserve it after all. As you rock back and forth, crying out his name, he realizes it鈥檚 because you love him and he loves you.
He clamps his hand over his mouth to stifle a sob, eyes misting over with tears, trying not to ruin this. You notice it anyway, pull his other hand to your lips, and murmur, 鈥渋t鈥檚 okay, it鈥檚 okay, I love you, I love you.鈥
Din can鈥檛 stop himself now. He pulls you down to press his forehead to your own with his long arms and fucks up into you, hitting the deepest part of you, wishing he could stay there for the rest of his life.
鈥淪ay it again,鈥 he says.
鈥淚 love you, I love you, I love you,鈥 you chant, over and over until his hips stutter and he spills into you moaning your name so loudly you鈥檙e sure the whole parsec hears him. It makes your heart flutter as he slows down.
鈥淚 love you, mesh鈥檒a, I鈥斺
But he is so overcome that he can鈥檛 go on.
鈥淪hh, shh,鈥 you say, and cradle the man in your arms, kissing him until his breathing calms. You can feel his heartbeat through his chest.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry鈥斺
鈥淣o. You鈥檝e done nothing wrong,鈥 you remind him for the millionth time.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e so beautiful,鈥 he whispers.
鈥淪o are you,鈥 you say.
He is quiet for a moment.
鈥淵ou make me think I might deserve this, sometimes.鈥
鈥淵ou do,鈥 you say simply.
The two of you bask in each other for a long time after that, and at some point you drift off to sleep.
Din stares up at the ceiling, thinking about you. About the kid, wondering if he鈥檚 doing all right. Conceding that maybe Grogu is where he鈥檚 supposed to be. Maybe every choice Din鈥檚 ever made led him to this moment, wrapped in your arms, with a sense of contentment that he鈥檚 never let himself have.
He turns to look at your sleeping face, peaceful and unguarded, the tiniest of smiles on your lovely lips. And he thinks, maybe, it might not be about whether he thinks he deserves your love, but whether you do; perhaps he should let you fill him with your light. Din sighs, calm for the moment, and kisses your forehead. Loved.
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theauroraskya year ago
The Half of It (2020) on Netflix
Ellie and Aster Talk Things Out
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wetsammywinchester3 years ago
Dean isn鈥檛 a dick - he鈥檚 a textbook case of grief. The anger, the withdrawal, the lashing out. This isn鈥檛 out of character, it鈥檚 a reflection of a human being in pain. It isn鈥檛 pretty but it鈥檚 real.
And their argument at the end? Remember that Sam is the only safe 鈥渟pot鈥 for Dean to show his emotions - even Jody only gets the 鈥渢hings are dandy鈥 response. Being the recipient of that anger and pain isn鈥檛 easy but it鈥檚 real.
I鈥檓 glad for Sam saying what he did. It鈥檚 about time he lost his cool and showed some anger. When Dean loses himself in emotion or denial, Sam counter balances it too far at times by being Supportive and trying to solve the Problem (whether it鈥檚 to remove the Mark or train the Nephilim).
The angrier Dean gets, the more supportive and/or accommodative Sam becomes, like an emotional seesaw. Sam pushing back and getting angry means the dynamic is changing.
This kind of conflict is why I watch. If Sam and Dean were always perfect and in sync with each other, the show would be pretty boring.
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Outlander 4x07 鈥 "Down the Rabbit Hole鈥 You know, sometimes life takes unexpected turns, and when it does, do you know what we do? We soldier on.
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Some MY GAME/MY ART mysterys I drew on my phone聽
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鈥淚t was foolish of me to think Togo would ever be denied. I always thought he lived for the sled, when all along what he lived for was me.鈥
Togo (2019)
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Ryan on matty_rere鈥檚 Instagram
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From the next ep preview
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Part 1 Okay so honestly it's because I've been reading a lot of mermaid voltron lately that i dreamed this but it began with them training when Shiro realizes there's something wrong with Lance so he calls it off. Everyone then notices Lance gripping both sides of his neck and struggling to breathe. Hunk immediately knows what's wrong and calls for Coran to find the biggest tub he can and fill it with water before picking Lance up and running out, others following.
Part 2 Getting there, Hunk has Shiro help strip Lance before putting him in the water. He then turns to Shiro an tells him to hold Lance鈥檚 hips underwater. Shiro does so even though he鈥檚 confused then everyone is horrified when Hunk just plunges Lance鈥檚 head underwater and refuses to let him back up. Lance鈥檚 leg merge and he stops struggling and everyone is so confused because what? Shiro thought he just helped kill Lance at first. I woke up fore anything else but i remember his face. it hurt. 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽聽
Incoming: The Most Messy-Rough Sketched- Comic Ever鈥
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