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#i liked the third season
jestroer · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
So, i found it funny how Scar was peeking between Yellow Snow’s ears  (great name btw)
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firepowder · 2 months ago
OG third life players act like longterm minecraft hardcore players crossed with squirrels who lived thru the Great Depression. *doesn't kill a cow while on 3 hunger bars bc they don't have another one to breed it with* *storage chests are almost empty bc all valuables are in their inventory so they can't be stolen* *trades bones for ores bc bone meal is Super Valuable* *spends an hour collecting food instead of building bases or mining* *places torches every 3 blocks* *exits the game when they accidentally mine into a ravine*
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angelcakecas · 6 months ago
You don't understand, in one fucking scene Ben Edlund did, more profound bond, it does help one to focus, my people skills are rusty, incorrect use of air quotes, multi-dimensional wavelength of celestial intent. ALL of that is in the same exact scene, all in a row. He gave all of the Cas and destiel foundational trope building blocks that people would use in their fics for years, in a single scene. And THEN cas jumps out of a window. THEE writer of all time.
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litrallytyrus · 3 months ago
i just need to talk about what the fu k i just witnessed. you’re telling me liam knows that bobby used to have an enormous gigantic crush on him. AND. danny was going on and on about how bobby should be totally over this crush bc he’s dating cj now, all while bobby and liam were having the most intense eye contact in the WORLD, insinuating that no actually, bobby IS NOT over liam, even though he should be? and THEN. AND THEN, just to top it all off, BOBBY LOOKS BACK AT LIAM AS HES LEAVING??????? looking conflicted as hell???? disney fucking channel. what are you doing to my heart.
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words-with-wren · 2 months ago
"Eyes," Martyn says as he sees movement in the trees. "Eyes," Martyn says, though he doesn't fully know why. It's a warning. An immediate acknowledgement of potential danger. "Eyes," Martyn says as he picks his bow up from where it's leaning.
"What?" say the other Southerners, and Martyn wonders why that was his warning. Why a word they had never agreed on, a warning they had never used before had become his alarm.
"People are coming," Maryn says and it doesn't quite feel right.
"Eyes," Martyn says while visiting Ren in his tower. "Eyes," Martyn says, instinctively, unthinkingly.
"Where?" Ren responds, sword already in hand, alert to danger that may come from any side. An immediate response to a word neither of them had used.
Somehow, despite Martyn's other alliances and friendships, this feels right.
(this has been spinning around my head for a while but writing machine broke so it isn't great but i'm putting SOMETHING out. Anyway my current last life headcanon is that everyone is put through a cycle of a game with no memory of the previous game, but the instincts and emotions and vague memories still linger)
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theminecraftbee · 2 months ago
“Do you believe in reincarnation?”
Scott blinks. “What brought this on?”
There are flowers around them. The sky is blue. It is pleasantly warm. They’d slept in until noon together, and gone fishing after that. Recently, they’d brought their cow pen out into the open. There was no reason not to. After all, it was just the two of them. There’s no need to hide things away underground anymore, not when their flower valley is safe so long as they stay together.
“Well, I mean, we’re happy here, right? Where we are.”
“I certainly am.”
(Scott’s been trying to be more reassuring. Trying to say more that he cares about Jimmy. He supposes it doesn’t matter now; they’re both dead, and will not be losing each other again. Still, most of what he’d done, right up until the end, was make fun of the man, so it feels right to reassure his husband that he’s definitely still in love.)
“Well...” Jimmy pauses and wrings his hands. He looks at the water. There’s something in his expression Scott can’t place. “Well. I mean, I don’t really want to go, now do I? But if we get all... reincarnated and stuff... would we even remember each other? That doesn’t seem very happy. And we were going to try that thing, with the mega build and -”
“Yes, I remember.”
Jimmy isn’t a builder. (Wasn’t? Tense is funny when you’re dead.) He’d never built a true mega base before. He and Scott had all the time in the world now, though, and Scott had ideas for something big they could do with their time. It wouldn’t be right in their valley, but outside of it. They wouldn’t have to worry about fortifications, or secrets, or being interrupted. It was the sort of thing they couldn’t have tried in their short, bloody lives. It was the sort of thing they could only try now.
“Well, don’t you think it would... do you believe in reincarnation?”
“God, Jimmy.”
Does he? Think Scott, think. Well, if he thinks hard enough, he sort of remembers - it’s a competition, and they’re laughing. A crown has fallen over Jimmy’s eyes, and he’s smiling, smiling oh-so-brightly. But that was after this - before? Think Scott, think. If he remembers hard enough, he recalls... he recalls a religion, and a funeral. Short and bloody seems to fit his life, but... think Scott. He remembers a deer, a god, and a brother, and think Scott, think. Swamps, mountains, a demon... He steps up for another short and brutal life in a new world, in his memories, and -
“I think,” Scott says slowly, “I remember... strangely.”
“What do you mean?”
“What do you think I mean, Codfather?”
The two of them sit in silence for a while.
“Well,” Jimmy says. His voice is shaky. Scott thinks that maybe Jimmy remembers things, too, and that they probably aren’t even quite the same shape as what Scott remembers. “I didn’t think I’d have to contend with the idea of, of time being strange, or alternate realities, or something.”
And Scott... Scott’s normally the one that does all the thinking. Reincarnation not existing in linear time would definitely normally be something he did thinking about. But...
“Isn’t it good enough we’re happy now?”
Jimmy’s hand rests on his.
“I suppose it is, isn’t it?”
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mori-mementoed · 2 months ago
my first shot at a comic (and posting art on tumblr in general)!
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bericas · 3 months ago
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my kingdom come undone my broken drum you have beaten my heart
#twedit#kira x scott x theo#scott x kira x theo#twrarepair#twpolyamory#flashing gif tw#for the first and third gifs!#OKAY ITS IN THE TAGS SO I WILL RAMBLE NOW AND HOPEFULLYI T WILL STAY IN THE TAGS#SO s5a obviously is The season of loss  like obviously thats the whole point and then 5b is about gaining it back but its VERY bittersweet#because the season ends with kira leaving but right before that kira sending theo to literally to h e l l (girlboss!)#and with scott reminiscing on loss as he looks at where he wrote allison's initials#and s5 is a really big kira season too in a weird way bc her plot only exists to sideline her! BUT! in a better show it doesnt#and its interesting i think bc s3 she warms up to her powers pretty fast and s5 alienates her from them just as fast#and its this big scary thing! and before beacon hills nothing was scary#and for theo i think before beacon hills everything was scary! n the pockets of safety were false and manufacted but they were still safe#and then for scott kira leaving is another familiar hit#with the added little layer of Could I Have Done Anything Different to Help Her. How Have I Failed to Help Her bc hes like that#while theo is a kind of loss scott has never faced right because it's also the first time he has d worded without his consent (WEIRD LMAO)#and on top of that theo has systemically wrecked his life before ultimately taking it LITERALLY with plans to also take it metaphorically#theo is a loss of innocence for scott in a big way bc scott has admitted that he thinks theres maybe smth still worth saving in peter right#like he's willingly aligned himself with deucalion later on too#HE LITERALLY LET ETHAN AND AIDEN HANG AROUND THEM like on a trial basis but still#there has never been anyone who has hurt scott so thoroughly and there's never been anyone scott was so afraid of that he wanted them Gone#like he would never have chosen This way for him to be gone obvously but once he's back scott does Not want him there#anyway i have limited tags lets move on UH KIRA AND THEO'S PLOTS ALSO PARALLE EACH OTHER IN A BIG WAY AND IT RLY BOTHERS ME THAT THEY HAVE#THEIR FIRST SCENES AND THEO'S LAST SCENE TOGETHER AND THAT'S LIKE. IT. WASTED!!!!!!#anyway to sum up s5 is The season of loss for scott as expressed through theo (a Trusted confidant but also scott's trust and innocence and#optimism in general take a really big hit for the first time thwt it never fully recovers from)#and kira (his girlfriend! a trusted member of his pack! and honestly someone who could relate to him#in a way we don’t rly see anyone else do. it’s a loss of a reflection. of being truly Seen)
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