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bowie-boy 3 months ago
Venom: Let There Be Carnage was everything that NBC Hannibal was too afraid to do, send post
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mmollymercury 13 days ago
New drawing program + hyperfixation coming throughhhhh!!!
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"She says she loves you very much!"
I had tooooOoo馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
EDIT EDIT: we don't talk about those other heads...okay, I'm ashamed and wish tumblr could wipe them from existence but they'll always be there in every old reblog-
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birbvin 7 months ago
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"This- This is the end!"
"This is home?"
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neoheros 6 months ago
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鈥渘anami?鈥 you tilt your head, holding onto a yawn as you figure out why you鈥檝e just opened the door to nanami kento, on your doorstep, at two in the morning.
his normal prim and proper suit is tattered, his blade still wet from blood gripped in his right hand, and there are splatters of a dark red staining the outskirts of his face.
you share the same job as him, and you know more than anyone how violent it is to be a jujutsu sorcerer, but still 鈥 you鈥檙e worried.
you blink, 鈥渘anami, oh my god, what the hell happened?鈥
and instead of replying, nanami drops his weapon to the ground, his chest rising as he takes a deep breath, and his glasses are off so he鈥檚 pretty sure you can see how red and bloodshot his eyes are right now.
he knows it鈥檚 probably weird of him to be here on your doorstep, especially at 2 am and covered in blood, but he had just gotten back from a very difficult mission, and he really only just wanted to see you.
there were so many times he wanted to kiss you, but he didn鈥檛, he kept thinking it wasn鈥檛 the right time or the right place or the right situation.
gojo would often mock him on it considering that he鈥檚 already taken you out on three dates now and has yet to kiss you.
but he wanted to make sure that when he kissed you, he would do it right, and he would do it sincerely since, well 鈥 you were the only person he ever wanted to kiss.
but after a gruesome mission, a tiring day, and a suit covered in blood, nanami decided that there was just no right way of doing it.
he almost died today, and the only thing he could think about was the fact that he hadn鈥檛 had the chance of kissing you yet.
he鈥檚 tired, wounded, and honestly, he should鈥檝e went to shoko to get his injuries treated before coming to you 鈥 but as he stands here, blood slightly grazing his cheek, he knew that he would always come to you first.
鈥渉ey, what happened?鈥 your voice pulls him back out of his trance, concern coating the edges of it, and he blinks to see you standing before him again.
your eyebrows are knitted in confusion and worry, and he knows it鈥檚 not your first time seeing him in such a bloodied state, but he also knows you wouldn鈥檛 want to see him like this again.
鈥渟orry.鈥 he tells you, his lips pursing.
and you tilt your head, 鈥渁bout what? do you want to come inside鈥斺
and he doesn鈥檛 let you finish.
nanami kento, with his heart almost beating out of his chest, his body sore and wounded, takes a step closer to you.
he hesitates, and then he doesn鈥檛.
his hand is on your cheek, the other on the back of your head, and before you could say anything 鈥 before you could even register what he鈥檚 doing 鈥 he pulls you in.
his glasses are off and for the first two seconds of his lips on yours, you don鈥檛 close your eyes, and you just about see how his are shut tight.
you鈥檝e always wanted to kiss him, you just never did, and now when he鈥檚 the one kissing you, you鈥檙e frozen on the spot.
nanami鈥檚 hold on your face isn鈥檛 harsh, but you feel the nervousness falling from his touch, and you close your eyes and finally ease into him.
he feels鈥 nervous.
his lips don鈥檛 really move, almost like he鈥檚 afraid of doing anything else than pressing them firmly against yours, but he holds you so closely, that it feels so captivating.
nanami pulls away, his ears red, and his hands gently falling from your face.
he takes a deep breath, taking a step back, and you stare at him as you blink.
鈥渞ight.鈥 he tells you, his voice almost weak, and he makes a poor action to fix his tie, and you laugh lightly at that since with the state of everything else in his messy and bloody suit, there was no point in fixing his tie.
he gives you a nod, 鈥渙kay.鈥
and you鈥檙e just still standing before him, face flushed, and unsure of what to say.
nanami gives you a polite smile, but you don鈥檛 fail to see the way there鈥檚 pink dancing on the outskirts of his cheeks.
he nods, 鈥渋鈥檒l see you tomorrow.鈥
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passionpeachy 7 months ago
I forced myself at a young age to always smile when I鈥檓 in public even when I鈥檓 alone so 鈥淚 would look friendlier鈥 before I realized that鈥檚 probably more off-putting than friendly and it apparently never went away because last year of college a guy came up to me and said 鈥測ou鈥檙e always smiling even during lecture for no reason. you must be a very happy person鈥 when I thought I had a completely neutral face and I鈥檓 small as fuck too now I just think I always look like this
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bastardbvby 8 months ago
george in his disguise聽aka wilbur鈥檚 glassses
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chazz-anova 5 months ago
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Sleep used to evade both Veronica and John, but in each other's arms their shared insomnia was a thing of the past.
everyone, i am BESIDES MYSELF RIGHT NOWWWW!!!!! i was finally blessed enough to commission the stunningly skilled @minilev and i could literally not be happier with the outcome... seeing my monsters in a big ole cuddle pile is now living rent free in my mind forever, thank you so much for this piece!!!!!!!!!!!!! 馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃ズ馃槶馃槶
(john definitely thinks that he's holding ronnie, not peaches lmaoo)
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mattmaesonnatural a year ago
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9x18 鈦犫 鈥楳eta Fiction鈥
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lovegnder 10 months ago
there is something so personal abt the way they look at each other...
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toonindividual 9 months ago
if i may have your attention
t h e m
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the warner sibs, my beloved
part one - part two - part three - part four
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filteredbaconjuice 8 months ago
a LITERAL physical presentation of my brain 24/7 look how funny everybody is just jumping around
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imalsohisheartguard 2 months ago
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Kayvan Novak in Cruella
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dreamyygeorgenap 8 months ago
Dream was literally describing his relationship with George. In his love language test he was describing the kind of love he likes and it鈥檚 literally what George gives to him and perfectly describes his and George鈥檚 relationship. Corona please leave :)
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moemoemammon 5 months ago
Pause, you鈥檝e eaten a chicken sandwich in a public bathroom???
You see I
Ok I have adhd n sometimes I just do not do crowds, or like talking to people for a long time. So I got a sammich from the ceo of our hospital or whatever (he bought sandwiches for everyone) and the break room was FULL of people. The nearest place I could eat at was the cafeteria which was a million miles away, and my job is literally just to walk so you can imaging that my legs were tired
Know what was closer than that and offered absolute privacy?
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heckinzeem a year ago
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gamingperipety 5 days ago
Me? Redoing my twine template for the nth time? More likely than you think.
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teaonsoup 2 months ago
Someone: are you ignoring me?
Me: oh shit, oh fuck- I completely forgot you existed-
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abusivebunnysblog 17 days ago
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crowolina 9 months ago
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Number 2 hero on weekdays, shameless modell on the weekend;)
I updated this sketch of Hawks, ik, sorry(not sorry) its him again. Lately he became one of my comfort characters and anytime i feel down, well, a sketch of him or two happens 馃
Hope yall like it tho! Have a nice day/evening/afternoon/night <3
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deus-lapidis 3 months ago
I don鈥檛 have many infos on Luke, so bear with me, but I was thinking about a different lane, where his infection is known by you, but it鈥檚 way earlier.
Luke has always stuck by your side. In kindergarten, when you both were only two little children playing in the sandpit, elementary school, through middle school, tweenage angst and beyond. He was your best friend, your high school sweetheart. But he was diagnosed soon enough, everyday now only a mere countdown, while he thanked the universe for sparing him.
So you make it your goal to live out together everything while you still can. You go stargazing in unholy cursed hours, skipping rocks and baking sweets. Gentle padding in the rain and dressing up in thrift stores. All until he slowly cannot last the length of your usual walks, needing breaks to rest his aching and quite gingerly tells you to maybe just return home to cuddle instead. Seeing his weakening state you two adapt to his new conditions, walks are shortened, dates are indoors and the joy only grew with each memory made.
Young and full of love you share the moments like normal teenagers would, chuckles and giggles resonating with the joyous smitten looks.
And when his condition worsened and you merely spent your time in his hospital room, you show up dressed in pretty attire, asking him for a dance in exchange of the prom everyone else usually attended. And so you danced away the night in tight embraces, basking in each other鈥檚 presence and enjoying the time you have left together.
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