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#i literally cannot believe this

skskskszkzkzzks maybe i’m the only one who didn’t know this but “how’s your father?” is british slang for sex which means brian is just sitting on the couch opening a bottle of champagne and calling Freddie and Mary out like BOY

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so not for the first or last time my mom has ONCE AGAIN invaded my privacy and looked through my text messages which apparently she’s had tapped since i was 16/17, yelled at me and expressed her “disappointment”, all without once respecting the fact that i am A LITERAL, LEGAL ADULT and before that, am a HUMAN BEING whose rights to privacy should not??? be violated??? she’s also gone through my personal diary before, has a tracker on my car, and a tapper on my phone that alerts her any time there’s a “bad word” in my text messages, all of which she has been doing way before and long after i turned into an adult

for anyone wondering or caring or even reading this, the thing she got mad at me for was that i’m having sex with my partner which, HELLO, i am A LEGAL ADULT AND SO IS HE and i have LEGITIMATE PLANS on marrying him??? i just

i’ve had enough of this. is this abusive or not because it sure as hell feels extremely invasive otherwise

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man i remember when kids would be like “they should revive it with the original cast!” and in my head i was always like “sweaty they won’t revive an off-off broadway show from years ago uwu and the cast probably has better things to do uwu” and. Man now i kinda feel like a jerk

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Hi Anna! I saw your other anon and wanted to say I also used to love your blog back when you were captainblanderson and I hope this isn’t too intrusive but I was wondering if anything ever ended up happening with the married dude?? I used to live for your updates about him lol

Omg hahahah this is actually wild *gathers all my old followers up in my arms and kisses your foreheads* not intrusive at all no worries!!! I actually wound up phasing him out bc I started realizing the emotional toll it was taking on me to be like ~the other woman or whatever the hell I was to him and anyway he left the dealership a couple months after we finally did the deed. That was like?? Two years ago?? He stopped by randomly about six months ago and hugged me and I was so 😳😳😳😳😳 but yEAH I have no idea what his life is now and I’m just really glad abt that lmfao hopefully he’s no longer cheating on his wife and is taking care of his kid 👌👌👌

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