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lileiv a month ago
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more MASH drawings!
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sunbaks 11 months ago
I JUST FINISHED DOAFP- WHY DID I GET SUCH SKAM VIBES?!?!? specifically from bobby and liam.. the evak vibes are THERE.
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naturallytom 3 years ago
cast your mutuals as characters from your favorite sitcom :)
sitcom: the middle!!
mike: @neptuneparker
frankie: @screamholland
brick: @spiderrrling
sue: @spiderboytotherescue
axl: @dontshootmespence
cast your mutuals as!!
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deadshadowcreature a month ago
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Make Nezha a germophobic who鈥檚 tired of Erlang鈥檚 dog crap
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alpacacare 3 months ago
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the squad grows!
and yes i know GLaD0S isnt that self aware- or at all- BUT- SHE FITS IN VIBE-WISE AND SHES GREAT AND COOL AND I LOVE HER AND
(more under the cut)
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they like art :)聽
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apexofthewrld a month ago
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6/22/2022 馃尮馃嵃
small bonus under the cut:
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angelbesideme 3 months ago
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or, you know, kiss me
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yeraskier 4 months ago
heres my daily jaskier is not just comic relief and he is part of the family and he is a flawed character whos simply trying to do his best and people should give him a break and i love him so much post
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hansoeii 4 months ago
not the pinned post changing from loki to ofmd. 馃槶
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chocopink 10 months ago
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the deltarune brainrot is real
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calista-222 4 months ago
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I thought I could finish this but then I didn鈥檛 and this drawing has been sitting in my files for ages, soo I鈥檓 just posting it as it is asfcf聽(If anyone feels like linearting/coloring it, feel free to do so! :D)
Lady Luck and Alibi : @modmad
Wishing Star and Mersel:聽@toonrevamp聽
Miss Fortune and Lucky Jack:聽@crankyteapot
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keepyourmoney-seeyouinhell 9 hours ago
Writing El as the no.1 girlboss rn
鈥淲ell, I don鈥檛 think Will likes girls. Because there were so many that would flirt with him at school in Lenora but he never liked any of them. Which is stupid because they were very pretty. I would have liked to flirt with them.鈥
Mike's having a whole crisis and shes just like damn wills got no taste imagine not liking women, couldnt be me
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qinghe-s 7 months ago
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adjectives used to describe nie mingjue in mo dao zu shi
[id: six pictures of nie minjue from various episodes of the untamed. each focuses on his face and has a word written on it. in the first he is looking straight ahead, and the word is 鈥榙ecisive鈥. the second: he鈥檚 looking past the viewer, saber raised, and the word is 鈥榬esolute鈥. the third: he鈥檚 in profile; the word is 鈥榙ignified鈥. the fourth: he is facing lan xichen and the word is 鈥榤agnanimous鈥. in the fifth he鈥檚 looking at meng yao (at the time); the word is 鈥榩rincipled鈥. in the sixth he鈥檚 looking past the viewer, his face bloodied and hair disheveled. the word used is 鈥榰nyielding鈥.]
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dick-nightwing-grayson 5 months ago
Hey! Love your blog, and it seems like you Know Things about Dick Grayson, so I was hoping you could answer a question for me:)
I feel like it鈥檚 supposed to be obvious what people mean when they say that Dick is the light to Batman鈥檚 darkness鈥 but what do they actually mean? Is it just referring to their temperaments? At first I thought it was about hope or idealism, but is Batman himself not supposed to be something of a hopeful symbol (refusing to kill partly because he believes in the possibility of reform, never abandoning Gotham, etc)? Is it about their methods?
Feel free to ignore if you don鈥檛 want to answer, I was just curious to hear your perspective:) thanks!
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I love this question and I will answer it without going on too long of a spiel because him being the light to Batman's dark. Also, before I go into it, Dick kind of does have a no kill rule that he follows mainly because of Bruce, but it really isn't his own morals that guide that if it makes sense. Like he has willingly and knowingly killed in canon before (that is a diff post) so I am going to take that out of the equation.
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The easiest way I can think of it in my brain is this: Machiavelli asked if it was better to be feared or loved. Batman has decided that fear is better. Dick has decided that it is better to be loved. This wasn't consciously done by either man, it just is what happened because of how each chose to deal with their trauma and relate to the world it put them in. Dick chose to climb out of the darkness while batman learned how to live in it. Batman is private, reclusive, mysterious, relentless, serious, introverted, and intense. Dick is optimistic, happy, friendly, outgoing, giving, and personally invested. Look at the teams they helped form. JLA members come and go and some barely talk or can barely stand each other. Look at the Titans and they are friends and their lives are so intertwined. They stay in contact outside of their hero-ing, everyone knows their identity.
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Idk, i could go on forever with examples and maybe one day I will feel up that, but Dick is warmth and light, Batman is dark and cold. One is not better than the other because we need both. My controversial take on it is that I feel like Batman values his moral cose over everything else (do not @ me about this, it is another post I will not mention 馃槶) and Dick tends to put people above all else. That is the basis for the foundation of how they fit into hero community. Everyone fears Batman and respects his competence. Everyone trusts Nightwing and respects his judgment.
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razzberryfunhouse 10 months ago
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ok, call me predictable but swatch is rlly cute n i wanna smooch em
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sualne a year ago
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carte blanche crew my beloved
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youichi-kuramochi a year ago
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all of the promotional illustrations by furudate-sensei celebrating the release of volume 45 and the new haikyuu!! complete illustration book
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