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#i love cats

Schlatt having a cat was never on my 2021 bingo card but here we are

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I forgot to introduce our cats and kittens! Here’s a picture of kitten eyes from RoRo, the fluffy big brother :3

I’ll introduce them one by one (Shiz, we have nine).

Okay, I don’t think it’s appropriate to call them “our” because, for context, they’re kittens from a stray mother who lives with us (she doesn’t go in the house, it isn’t allowed). She gave birth TWICE and all her babies are in our backyard! We’ve been taking care of them ever since, but they’re not entirely ours..?

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I’m a multifandom blog who will occasionally share links to the fanfiction I post on my A03 account.

JoJo masterlist

As a heads-up, here are the fandoms I enjoy (and that you can totally interact with me about!) :

  • Pokemon (I’m a sucker for the first gen)
  • Star Wars (Big fan of The Clone Wars)
  • Hetalia
  • Corpse Party
  • Initial D (and anything car-related, really)
  • JoJo (only up to Part 3, though)
  • A bunch of random anime I’ve watched

Welcome to hell~


Originally posted by myou-daisuu

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no onomatopoetic cat sound is as good as finnish ‘kurr-nau’ for the 'mrrp’ kinda sound

but even better than that is that the sound of a cat’s purring is not onomatopoetic, but called 'spinning [of yarn]’ or 'kehräys/kehruu’ in finnish, because it really sounds like an old spinning wheel in use.

spinning and baking, essential household helpers!

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cats are stupid. they literally had no depth perception so they had to develop these long ass whiskers so that they don’t run head first into things…and they don’t fucking work.

my cat? runs into things with not a second thought. just WHAM into a wall.

cats, man. nature spent all that time perfecting whiskers and they don’t even work.

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Okay I’ll admit… This Cat is pretty dang Scary. I wouldn’t want that guy in my house…..😂😅

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Look at these cute paws 🐾

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i love cats way too much. I looked up “scraggly cats” for ref reasons and I STARTED CRYING BC HOW DARE CATS NOT BEING LOVED WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH

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Love & a cat named Choco 💕 Some ☕️ to get those motivation juices flowing ALSO weird random thought.. I hate corporate People… the ones who believe they are too elite to even.. 😒 but one day, maybe I’ll be corporate, but the serendipitous kind, that puts a smile on your face.

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This brought joy to my heart! “Blinding Lights - Cat Cover”

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Look at their tongue dksmdmckdllc

I love them <3

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only boy that has my <3


nothing is stronger than a bond between a cat and a teenage girl :p

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