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#i love cats

sometimes you gotta laugh for relaxation and especially when you are working from home all the time. This got me a good laugh. It is perfect for everyone who is an entrepreneur working from home and who adores cats. Check it out! If you want to know how I make money from home together with my cats, check out my bio!

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i went on a walk last night and this cat came up to me and rubbed its head against my leg and let me pet it for a while,,,,,, anyway pumpkin if you’re still out there just know i would die for you 🥺🥺🥺

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I love cats. I love all the cats. That half blind cat which sits in front of the supermarket near my home. The cat who is having a crisis if he should approach me or run away whenever he sees me in front of the apartment. The cat that meows ever damn night which I still can’t find. The cat that only let’s me pet her butt. Even the aggressive piece of shit which tries to scratch me whenever I give her food. Long story short. I love cats.

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Finally got a good shot of my kitten! Leviacat, if you will, is doing well. (That pillowcase in the bg has music notes on it in case if anyone is curious)


Oh, it’s been a while since I was updated on Leviacat. Most pleased with this update, looking bigger and stronger since the last photo.

Most grateful for this, many thanks.

🐱 Satan

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More cat photos!

Top row: When I saw Poppet actually hugging Widget, I let out a squee so high-pitched that I’m surprised they didn’t run away.

Middle row: stretchy Poppet

Bottom row: cover of their new album 

[top and bottom rows photo credit: Wife]

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