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#i love cats

Poppet’s Liberation Day!

This little bundle of fuzziness has chosen to stay with us for the past four years! (I didn’t post about Widget’s Liberation Day because I was so disoriented and discombobulated by the pandemic, but it was on Pi Day and we made an open-faced apple pie that I forgot to photograph.)

I am still completely smitten.

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Sykesy is enjoying the pandemic. Sykesy thinks the sudden appearance of his hooman food provider, heat source and general cushion is entirely wonderful. This is the face of a very smug and satisfied feline.

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I’m 24 and I’ve been debating getting a cat because I live on my own and I too am lonely sometimes but I don’t wanna be that pathetic guy that just hangs out with his cat all the time. Plus I’d really rather get a puppy but I’m not around enough with work and a dog needs more catering than a cat. Idk, thoughts?

Honestly I think cats are amazing I love them they’re very independent, low maintenance and they can be super affectionate when they wanna be depending on the cat. Dogs are good as well they’re very loyal and fun but they’re a lot of work, need a lot of time and if you have a job that takes away most of that. I’d get a cat but that’s just me lmao.

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