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#i love dogs

I do have a dog!! And am getting a second one at the end of October 😁💖✨

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Hi guys!!! We’re going to do this the old fashioned way, the way I used to make my intros back in google plus days Imao

I’d love to get to meet you all individually, but ll just go ahead and throw out some basic information about myself :)

I’m 18 • I’m Hispanic • I stan Ariana Grande • I make memes • My favorite movie is NeZha Pancakes are burnt • I love dogs • Beans • I draw • I’m short af • I’m a gamer • I’m gay

You can address me as whatever the fuck you think is suitable. But I swear if you come at me with something stupid, I can kinda guarantee you that I wouldn’t care. Uhhhh… Oh, I like being called Bennie because that was my nickname among a lot of people in the past. Before I forget, I had to move my ass to a new account, I was originally h-o-o-d-i-n-i, I started with a incorrect creepypasta quotes account and gained a huge following from that. Then I switched to an aesthetic account. I had to copy and paste this whole intro. Please don’t ask me why. It’s complicated.


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Please send an ask in on your dog’s birthday so I can celebrate with you!! I adore him already 💞💕

I’m planning to get her a whole bunch of new chews, toys, and a much needed haircut! Maybe a bath too but that depends on how stinky she gets

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I keep going back to my twitter to rewatch a video I retweeted of someone’s malamute making the most pronounced woof I’ve ever heard and I can’t stop watching it lmao

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My Hierarchy With my Dogs

I think I solved it.

  • Mom is their leader, tho for some reason they test her sometimes.
  • After much deliberation, I think I’m their Cuddly Human.
  • I always go for them to pet them, baby talk to them, etc. I don’t do the “discipline” part.
  • So it makes sense that when I try to discipline them, they go, “LOL, how cute. Now keep the belly rubbing going, please.”

Originally posted by retropopcult

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Two Types of Dogs: Asking for Affection.

Benji: Lies down immediately, shows his belly, gets in between your legs looking up at you with puppy eyes.

Nala: Jumps up and down, runs around in circles, gets in her hinds legs… and she will definitely jump on top of you, if you give her the chance.

Benji: “Our Humans are fragile. We must be careful.”

Nala, ready to pounce: “LOL, whatever Boomer.”

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