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blurlexa · 17 hours ago
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I love this man to bits like y’all don’t even know
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mmollymercury · 13 days ago
New drawing program + hyperfixation coming throughhhhh!!!
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"She says she loves you very much!"
I had tooooOoo😭😭😭😭
EDIT EDIT: we don't talk about those other heads...okay, I'm ashamed and wish tumblr could wipe them from existence but they'll always be there in every old reblog-
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mellohi-is-away · 28 days ago
hc, bruno definitely did not tell dolores that the man of her dreams would be engaged to another, he just thinks outloud, basically confiding in the rats and dolores heard him. he was definitely panicking, thinking of a nice way to explain it to young dolores. he is the best uncle.
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hyperobsessed · 12 days ago
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Food in Encanto
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o3o-aya · 14 days ago
can we stop with the lgbtq arguments and some of the slander for Abuela in Encanto??
like pls??
we can have headcanons yes but stop pushing that Luisa is trans, when she isn’t-
like dam we ain’t allowed to have big strong women who like to dress up??
or Isabela?? just because she didn’t want to marry Mariano doesn’t mean she’s a lesbian 
she was her family’s perfect golden child in a LATINO household. she was expected to marry someone as “perfect” as she was.
it’s a movie about generational trauma. not the alphabet mafia.
as someone who is part of the lgbtq community, i would love the representation yes, but that isn’t going to happen just overnight with Disney.
there are other shows and movies you can watch that have lgbtq representation in them.
also, stop acting like Alma was the true villain here. 
she literally saw her husband get macheted to death, she became a single mother to THREE babies, and she had the weight of an entire village on her shoulders.
she didn’t have time to properly grieve her loss or focus on her own trauma of watching her husband get chopped to bits.
i agree that they forgave her to easily but she APOLOGIZED
that’s literally the most that most Latino families will get from the head of the family. most of the time there is no apologize, just gaslighting and gatekeeping.
Alma admitted her wrongs, most Latinos don’t get that apology that they deserve or their trauma is just swept under the rug.
all of this nonsense is coming from white people who literally have nothing to do.
this was made for Latino representation and making everyone aware of generation trauma in Latino households, and that alone.
but hey, maybe a different Disney movie
so please stop, i beg of you.
sincerely, a queer Latinx
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fizzy-bubblegum-laces · 23 days ago
if you’re complaining about the way isabela looks at the end then you missed the whole point lmao 
society’s idea of a perfect woman is to be stereotypically feminine. at the start isabela’s dress was pink but after she let out her anger (which is seen as an unfeminine emotion) her dress changed colour to match her real personality which is no longer ‘perfect’ 
on the other side you have luisa. she doesn’t need to be perfect, she just needs to be strong enough to support the family. it soon becomes clear that despite having a tough outward appearance she’s kinda got a gentle personality and wants to take a break but she can’t show it because it might be a sign of weakness. she’s an example that you don’t always have to be tough to be strong
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thealphacoupleschild · 20 days ago
My therapist used Encanto as an example in our session when we were talking about strength.
I told her that people often call me strong and resilient for going through all the hardships in my life, but I don't feel strong. Strong people shouldn't have so much bother them and I always feel like I'm falling apart in those moments.
So she brought up Encanto and the ways that each family member dealt with trauma.
She asked me how Luisa looked here:
Tumblr media
I said "strong and confident."
Then she asked how Luisa looked here
Tumblr media
I said "vulnerable, needing support."
My therapist told me, "You can be strong and still need help. The 'Always Resilient, Never Breaks' stereotype of strong people is a mask they put on. Luisa is the strongest person in the village but she still falls apart. You are resilient because you are still alive."
It was a very big revaluation for me because I feel like so many people see me as able to withstand a lot. I'm not that person though and these recent 2 years were full of me being broken. I've never felt strong. But I was seeing strength as something that is 24/7 and never faltering. Maybe I am stronger than I thought.
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bearthebear18 · 22 days ago
So I really relate to Pepa.
Shes anxious and seems to get upset over the littles things. But the stuff that really hits home. Is how when she feels the more seemingly unsavory emotions. Her mother gets on her case about showing it just a little. And yes she does have a gift that makes her emotions a bit more dangerous. But still she was taught to not feel or show certain emotions cuz the inconvenience it causes. Like make stuff wet and blow things away.
But the stuff that really really just connects with me. Is that it still rains even when she's not upset. If she has tears of joy or just cries/feels strongly from anything. It shows, but again because of how much of an inconvenience it would cause for others she treats at all like it bad stuff to experience.
And growing up my mother would see me crying as unnecessary. And gets in the way of things. Like if im crying over how cute something is and I cant see for a few seconds as I recuperate. My mother would just tell me to stop looking at cute things. She thought id just stop crying when I felt strong emotions when I got older. But I never did, I mean rn im crying as I type this haha.
But I really love how near the end Pepa is on track to learning that feeling strong emotions is not bad to experience. That when it rains its not always cuz shes feeling something bad. Shes just sensitive and its ok to be that way. Its ok to embrace that you react differently to things. And her dancing with Felix in the hail really shows that.
Gosh im gonna become a Encanto blog arnt I. I mean its not a bad thing at all. I love the movie to death and im glad I could share stuff here! Thank you to all whos reading
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peppermint-joys · a month ago
Should I work on "chapter" 3 of the Dad Bruno au or...
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the-spooky-children · 27 days ago
"We Don't Talk About Bruno" from Encanto but Skid is Mirabel and the others are Susie, Pump, Hatzgang, random people from the town, Rob's sister, etc/whatever, Bruno is a member of the cult that Skid is curious about because Lore
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bassclarinety · 11 days ago
Luisa’s true gift is balance
I mean, being able to lift anything is great, but what’s the use if you or the object gets all wobbly??
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thisismisogynoir · 15 days ago
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hyperobsessed · 14 days ago
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I used to say my real Gift was “acting”
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mmollymercury · 2 days ago
Pepa Madrigal - Encanto AMV
Her hips, indeed, tell only truths.
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sunshinexlollipops · a month ago
I'm baked rn and hyperfixated on encanto. I know no one is asking for this but I feel like making a post about my (high) thoughts once the film comes out in 2hrs.
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b1uejey · 20 days ago
Question of the day!! How was your New Years?
Oh hey! Long time no talk! :D
My New Years was stressing. I stayed home all day (almost) but the fireworks were too much. Too loud. Haha
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petrichormeraki · 18 days ago
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This scene is so much funnier after watching Encanto a few times and noticing that whenever Camilo shapeshifts, he transforms into to the other person exactly. He could've been the literal clone of Felix but he put an effort into appearing that short just to make fun of his dad
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mumblesplash · 22 days ago
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this is still so funny to me
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calicot-zc · 8 days ago
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~ YES SO... Tía Pepa being an emotional Tía with baby Mirabel
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spoopybirp · 6 days ago
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So what if Dolores just randomly confess about the 5 babies thing just to get another reaction from Isabela
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