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#i love frogs

You just gonna scroll by without saying howdy

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What if we napped on each other like two frogs

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I don’t know what a build a bear spring frog is but I was sad and apparently my fiance bought me one

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a poem titled: i guess the world is kind of a like a pizza a poem about unrequited love

so we’re rolling down hills

we’re sledding three months later

and jumping off plateaud mountains in the sky

running through pavements of mushrooms and flowers and wouldn’t you like to know why

we’re living up life in a hurry then

stop we see

snow in the morning

snow on the bluff and

snow that spins into a flurry

and inside it all i am

warmed by a touch just a small one of trust and the cold in my heart melts away with the dust that covers pavement which is held by the crust and maybe its round and deepdish and warm at its core but

i didn’t get my cut and now im poor

the end

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This belong here

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goblins fashion sense is either snufkin/joxter from moomins or toad and frog from frog and toad are friends.

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I named this guy frogger

Sidenote- does anyone know of anywhere that has free patterns that you don’t have to sift through paid ones? Making stuff off of pictures gets tiring lol

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