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#i love her

Ram: Jellyfish have survived for 600.000 years without a brain.

Ram: A ray of hope for Barusu.

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Ming and Eric via Michaela’s fashion account, Kitlin Couture 😍


ming looks AMAZING

why did i think Eric was Cal Johnson 🤡

[ALSO! i’m not officially back on tumblr YET because of all my school commitments but i’ve been trying to yk come back slowly and work on my wips!! currently i have 6 one shots and 3 multi-chapters cause why not :)) yeah thats it AHAHA]

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Thank you so much! I’m trying to be kind to myself and rationalize that I’m still just in my early 20s. It just feels like I could be doing so much more.

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Literally everything about Lucie Herondale is so amazing and iconic she literally pretends to be a pirate in her free time what did we do to deserve her-

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                                              character    study    :    birds   .

bold:   solid    yes    ,  italics:    to    some    extent    ,    strike    :   never     repost    ,    do    not    reblog    !

SPARROW    ,    innocence.big dreamer.   waking up too early.   walking home.   being afraid of meeting new people.slim hands.   always cold.   reading a book under a tree.   the smell of the forest.   missing your home.

EAGLE    ,    independent.   caring too much for others.   sharp looks.   walking through the city late at night.   the tallest and most spectacular building.  iron.   being single and okay in a world that tells you that being single is bad.

SWIFT    ,    falling in love easily and heavily.   traveler.  the infinity of the bluest sky. storms.  broken smiles.   forgetting people who used to be your beloved ones.   feeling out of place.mistrusting people.   a fleeting romance.

CROW    ,    feeling as if you have seen so much and as if you know a lot.   prejudging.   tight hugs that leave you breathless. a grey sky.  serenity.   intelligence.  being left behind.   chains.   smoke.   the pride of someone wise.

DOVE    ,    petals.   jealousy.   being tired of living with the same old faces.   whispered secrets.   marble.   sundresses.   white clothes.   the first sunset of winter.   pride in who you are.   learning to get over someone.

SEAGULL    ,    family.   golden light.   the sea murmuring in your ear.   summer afternoons. caramel ice cream.   collecting seashells and other things and calling them treasures.   living breezy and carefree.   swimming in the sunlight.

CANARY    ,    artistic.   getting excited easily.dancing and singing while you are alone.  looking at your friends having fun.  no phone.   being afraid of judgment.   spring.   a meaningful gift.   the first ray of sunlight.

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the way that im like 20 minutes into horizons new dawn and i would die to protect aloy

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Someone changed her color palette again, the colors in the old one wasn’t sitting right with me-

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That moment when you fall in love with someone… fuck that shit feels amazing

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Eu amo essa rabá

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I dont care how broken you are

Were riding it out 🖤

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Cannot get over how expressive and dramatic Nadine is. Like, she reacts to everything with at least some sort of change in expression, moves her hands and arms and really her entire body when she talks, will make an ass out of herself just to make a point?? She points and she loudly sighs and yeah she’s just a drama queen

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I do wanna call her my home one day💔 😔 damn

If she even interested in me sigh

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