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Espero que duermas plácidamente. Que la oscuridad de la noche llene de paz tu alma. Yo cerraré los ojos y en sueños te veré a ti. Y así sabré como son los ángeles de aquel cielo eterno.

Duerme para que la luz de tus ojos ilumine cada nuevo día. Para saber que existes y creer que la vida puede ser mejor.

Si estás con alguien ojalá te abrace para que no sientas frío. Para que te proteja y te cuide… para que no estés nunca sola.

En esta noche triste las lágrimas son más frías. En esta noche oscura espero el sueño profundo. El sueño profundo de aquel que no quiere despertar. El sueño que no se queda, viene y se va.

Recuerda, nunca estarás sola… te amo.

30 Oct 2020

I hope you sleep peacefully. May the darkness of the night fill your soul with peace. I will close my eyes and in dreams I will see you. And so I will know what the angels of that eternal heaven are like.

Sleep so that the light in your eyes illuminates each new day. To know that you exist and believe that life can be better.

If you are with someone, I hope they hug you so you don’t feel cold. To protect and take care of you … so that you are never alone.

On this sad night the tears are colder. In this dark night I wait for a deep sleep. The deep sleep of those who do not want to wake up. The dream that does not stay, comes and goes.

Remember, you will never be alone … I love you.

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ah! I remember you! glad you played it! and Alistair is the goodest boy. my very best of sons. hilariously Alistair was the first romance I ever did bc I accidentally didn’t grab Leliana and Sten in my first playthrough. (I also accidentally got him killed, but we don’t talk about that.)

Leliana, tho. like even if there was another female romance option, it wouldn’t matter. she is the best of them. like absolute master of spying and seduction and not at all a soft goober who gets all flustered around her crush and says things like:

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‘its cool to have a grammy…. that’s currently sitting in a pile of yarn in my closet’ 😭😭😭

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