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أنتَ الحَبيبُ وَما لي عَنكَ سُلوانُ وفيكَ ضَجّ عليّ الإنْسُ وَالجَانُ

بيني وبينكَ أشياءٌ مؤكدة ٌ كما علمتَ وإيمانٌ وأيمانُ

فليتَ شعري متى تخلو وَتُنصِبُ لي حتى أقولَ فقلبي منكَ ملآنُ

وقد جعلتُ كتابَ العتبِ مختصراً إذا التقينا لهُ شرحٌ وتبيانُ

إياكَ يدري حديثاً بيننا أحدٌ فهمْ يقولونَ للحيطانِ آذانُ

مولايَ رِفقاً فَما أبقَيتَ لي جَلَداً فإنّني أيّها الإنْسانُ إنْسانُ

عليلُ هجركَ في حمى صبابتهِ لهُ من الدمعِ طولَ الليلِ بحرانُ

من لي بنوميَ أشكو ذا السهادَ لهُ فهمْ يقولونَ إنّ النومَ سلطانُ

متى يَرَاكَ وَيُرْوي منكَ غُلّتَهُ طَرْفٌ إلى وَجهِكَ المَيمونِ ظمآنُ

وَحاجتي فعَسَى مَوْلايَ يَذكُرُها فإنّني في التّقاضِي منكَ خَجلانُ

قد قيلَ لي إنّ بَعضَ النّاس يَعتبني عِرْضِي له دون كلّ النّاس مَجّانُ

ويرسلُ الطيفَ جاسوساً ليخبره إن كان يُغمَضُ لي في اللّيلِ أجفانُ

فيا نسيمَ الصبا أنتَ الرسولُ لهُ واللهُ يعلمُ أني منكَ غيرانُ

بلغْ سلامي إلى من لا أكلمهُ إنّي على ذلكَ الغضبانِ غَضبانُ

لا يا رسوليَ لا تذكرْ لهُ غضبي فذاكَ منيَ تمويهٌ وبهتانُ

وكيفَ أغضَبُ لا والله لا غَضَبٌ إني لِما رامَ مِن قتلي لَفَرْحَانُ

يلذُّ لي كلُّ شيءٍ منهُ يؤلمني إنّ الإساءة َ عندي منهُ إحسانُ

فكُلَّ يَوْمٍ لنا رُسْلٌ مُرَدَّدَة ٌ وكلَّ يَوْمٍ لنا في العَتْبِ ألوانُ

استَخدمُ الرّيحَ في حملِ السّلام لكم كأنما أنا في عصري سليمانُ

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hi there love, thank you for saying "Growing cold and detached is okay, because the one you really need will eventually get you to open up." I never really saw it that way, I thought I am like this because I don't wanna hurt again and that no one would ever have the patience to wait for me to open up to them, but you're right the person I need in my life will be able to teach me how to not be afraid to open up and love again. (1/2)

I’m sorry you had a harsh break-up too but I hope you already healed and moved on. ~ I appreciate you making me and the rest of the readers cry because ILYT is such a beautiful masterpiece it’s hard to not feel anything once you start reading it! again, thank you for sharing ILYT with us, and may everyone find their Jungkook :’) ~ p.s. I think Namjoon would be an amazing choice but since I love OT7 I’m pretty sure i’ll be bawling my eyes out no matter who the lead is (2/2) | 🍒


Ahh! Hello to the lovely human who made my tl light up all of a sudden, leaving me confused like excuse me? I posted this story a long time ago what’s going on all of a sudden???? Anyway, I think that’s just the way we’ve all been influenced to think through sappy romance movies and stuff but trust me, your feelings are so valid and with time, you’ll really really be okay. Yes! I’ve healed and I’m gonna say this proudly, I healed myself. Recently, I had an encounter with the guy who hurt me and for the first time, he didn’t affect me like he used to. I felt really really happy, like I had achieved something. Thank you for all the love you’ve showered on my works, love. I’ll work harder and write more jk centric fics for you! *mwah*


Originally posted by lonely-neko-kitty

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That shrub thing took complete residence of our terrace. We didn’t notice until it was already covering more than half of our 30-ft wall. My dad just let it be because he thought, and I quote, “it’s already part of the family”. Also the stems are too strong.

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About the Mun


Name: Kristy ( my real name is Kayley )

Gender: Female

Star sign: Cancer

Height: 5′7”

Sexuality: Bisexual

Favourite animal: Horses

House: Ravenclaw

Sleep: Eh.

Current time: 11:54pm

Dogs or cats: Dogs

Dream job: Writer. I wanna publish a book someday because I enjoy writing.

Why I made a tumblr: Well honestly I first made one because my sister had one. And then I discovered role playing and that was that.

Blankets you sleep with: Three. It gets hot and cold but I just don’t care. They fall off my bed because I toss and turn at night.

Reasons for my url: I went with deathincorporated because one, it’s my favorite Motionless song as of late, and two it fits my muses quite well.

tagged by: no one

tagging: anyone who wants to steal this from me. I’m too lazy to tag people.

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Like a breath of fresh air after a storm

You think I am refreshing

I keep you warm

and you notice

grasping at my words with stubby, painted fingers

sending them back at me, looking brand new

i never would have thought your words would hurt too

or maybe that is my fault~

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