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#i love her pls don't be confused by that
inkykeiji · 5 months ago
so ik you’ve mentioned that tomura and reader would really fit well together before. if reader didn’t know touya originally and somehow met both touya and tomura at the same time, would she be more interested in tomura?
OOOOH ANON this is an incredible question damn!!! hmmmmmmm,,,, oh dang that’s tough. okay okay a bit of rambling ensues under the cut as i try to work this out LMAO
she wouldn’t be more interested in tomura per say, she’d just find it a lot easier and less intimidating to talk to him (esp since he’s so straight forward and doesn’t play mind games the way mr touya does) and i think because of this, there’d be a bigger chance she’d end up with him. (as u know) she clicks better with tomura in the sense that they just kind of instantly get along, right? so at least on the friends front, she’d become friends with him quite quickly.
BUT if she were to encounter both touya and tomura at or around the same time (without knowing they have a link to each other or having any preconceived notions on either of them) she’d still feel very DRAWN to touya, you know??? in part one, she’s so INTERESTED in him, in every single piece of him, and is just DYING to talk to him, to get to know him--just a massive crush that almost borders on this type of obsession. she feels a very strong, very natural pull towards him that she doesn’t necessarily feel towards tomura even though they click so well. so, really, it would end up being a sort of tug-of-war between how well she gets along with tomura vs how undeniably attracted she feels towards touya (in several ways).
aaaaah anon it would be very, very, VERY close. it’d be a true love triangle HAHAHA like one of those cliche ‘ah this one’s my bff but THIS one is so sexy and mysterious’ you know?? or like ‘ah i get along really well with this one but my attraction to THIS one is so intense and addictive’. so in that sense, it would highly depend on their actions + the events that ensue after she meets both of them. because, in this hypothetical situation, if reader were to have met them both around the same time, touya would end up behaving a LOT differently than he does in my OG series to ensure that she becomes HIS, especially since in this case he now has some pretty fierce competition that he doesn’t really have in the main series (because he’s sure to do his best to keep her AWAY from tomura). he’d have to be even sneakier, even more manipulative and clever and sly, because while reader isn’t necessarily street smart, she definitely isn’t dumb, either. if touya’s walking around treating her like trash, but tomura’s treating her semi-decently while STILL in a way fulfilling her need for dominance etc etc etc.......well then, good luck touya!
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telemarcs · a year ago
Open for a surprise!
It’s the 23rd of September aka bisexual visibility day so let me tell ya’ll a story.
I had this massive realization back in 2015 (?). My friend had recently gotten a dating app, and added a bunch of guys on snapchat. She began bragging about the images she started getting there, which you can guess what they were. When i did not show interest in her talking about it she started laughing calling me an asexual, which i’m not. Asexuals are amazing and valid and i love you, but it’s not me. However i realized that i’ve grown up in a society where it’s “standard” for a girl to like boys. I loved barbies and princesses and all things girly, and wanted to be rescued by some prince. I always loved and supported the LGBTQ+ community, but i never stopped to think i might be part of that, it was just standard that i was gonna find a boyfriend. That really annoyed me. I always thought that i never needed to come out to my parents, and just laughed whenever my brother assumed i’m gay because i showed no interest in boys in front of him. My life has been pretty traumatic and difficult, a lot of my childhood and teen years were lost to illnesses. Therefore i haven’t had the same experiences in having boyfriends, going to parties etc like some others do.
This year around pride month i began questioning myself again. I wanted to be in a relationship, i got tinder, i got super likes/dm’s from boys on instagram, but i just can’t open them? A huge part is that my health has been terrible this year. I sort of postponed the whole thing cause i’ve barely been okay enough to reply to my friends sometimes. Another thing is that i said somewhere early this year that i wasn’t sure about my sexuality, and i realized that is the truth. As i began making my tinder profile i picked questioning, and to show both genders because i really didn’t know what to put. 
Since 2015 ish i’ve not labeled myself. I’ve occasionally said straight while i’ve always considered bisexual/bicurious. This year alone i’ve nearly come out to my mom around 4 times because there has been some good opportunities. As well as you might have seen some tumblr posts here that indicate that i am not 100% straight. It’s always been that i’ve thought about it, but then shoved it away. Now it comes back more and more often, and i don’t wanna deny it anymore. Now that i think about this topic a lot, it’s been pretty clear for a while that i’m not fully straight, and i haven’t been for a long time. I’ve said countless times “If only i were gay” “Life would be easier if i was a lesbian” “I’m gay for Kristen Stewart, I’m gay for Emilia Clarke” like Maria, maybe you are that?? Honestly my side blogs have had more reblog of girls this year than boys, where i’m all “Oh she’s so pretty, i wanna be like her” but maybe it’s not that i wanna be her, but that i’m actually attracted to her?? Every time I'm in the city i get jealous because all girls just look so pretty compared to me. On a Norwegian reality show a couple of years back there were two girls dating, and i find myself stalking their ig’s from time to time just being blown away by how cute and goals they are! Girls are just 💕
I like boys and i always have had crushes, especially celebrity crushes! However what if that attraction is just theoretical? I imagine, but taking the step to make it reality is ?? Maybe i’m just afraid of getting into it, but maybe it is because i’m not even sure of what i want. Maybe i’m a lone wolf who will spend her life in a house by the coast taking care of a lighthouse, reading and publishing books, being surrounded by good friends and her dog. Maybe i will find a friend who i will travel the world with, to see everything i’ve dreamed of. Maybe i’ll find a girl or a boy who i’ll watch the northern lights with and end up marrying, and having kids with. I don’t know what life will bring, i don’t know, and that’s okay. If i do get a boyfriend this won’t change, i know this isn’t a phase because it’s been 5 ish years. I’ve struggled to label myself, but now it feels so right to do it, i’m literally crying writing this because i feel so sure. Maybe people won’t believe me, but like Clare Devlin on Derry Girls said - “Is there a height requirement?” No! People are different. 
This is honestly the first time I'm saying it, to everyone! So please don't feel left out, i haven't properly talked to anyone about this. It's something I've processed on my own. I ofc know i can talk to you, but honestly it's something that I've struggled to admit to myself even. I don't wanna anything to change, i just want you to know. I want to be able to be myself 100% (at least online for the moment), to reblog those bi posts, not just like them in private. Therefore i am writing this, it's not me to text every single person i know telling it personally. If any of my friends read this know i have always trusted you to talk about this, i love you and i do not want you to be upset i didn’t tell you 💕People come out in different ways, this is just mine, to be all “Oh btw”, It’s an important part of me, but it’s also not that big of a deal to me, if that makes sense? I didn’t plan on coming out at this point even tho i wanted to. I was scrolling through the bi tag on tumblr and i saw that today was the “awareness” day, and it just clicked. I’ve struggled to piece together something to write for months, and i’ve looked for an occasion to say it, now feels right. The last few days leading up to this day i have edited this post a lot, but i’ve also been excited to post it?? I just feel comfortable saying it now.
This year has literally been the hardest year of my life, and that’s putting the whole pandemic aside. I thought letting go off my old friends in 2016 was the biggest change i did, then letting go of my best friend in 2018 was the biggest, but 2019 and 2020? That’s when i’ve really grown. I no longer have the patience for shitty people, i’m fighting harder than ever to get justice and help with my illnesses, i try to live my best life even though my life is so hard. When people stared at me wearing the mask the other day i decided to keep my head held high, to walk as if the shopping mall was my catwalk.
I’ve said this for so many years, that when i find love i won’t care about genders because love is love. Love comes in so many forms, and it’s the only thing that transcends time and space (had to quote my fave movie lmao) I think it’s so stupid to teach girls to wait for a prince to come save them, when that’s something we have to do ourselves. Something we’re more than capable of doing ourselves, but also that it’s a prince? There’s so much more to man loving woman, and woman loving man. I’m happy that the world is changing, and that we can learn our kids that they can be and love whoever they want. I only ask for my kids to be happy and healthy, what they identify or label themselves as, is totally up to them. It won’t change my love for them, the same goes to my friends or whoever is in my life, i support you nonetheless 💕
I am so so scared to tell my parents, siblings and grandmother. Honestly i think i will casually slip it out if the occasion is there. I don’t really wanna make a big deal out of it. It’s honestly no one’s business, it’s just a piece of information. I’m also really scared that people will jump to the conclusion that i’m in love with all girls now like no … MY FRIENDS ARE BEAUTIFUL, but there’s a distinct difference. For example with guys, I say Peter Prevc and Tande is pretty all the time, but i’m not attracted to them. Ask yourself, are you attracted to every single person of the gender(s) you prefer? I send heart emojis like a crazy but that’s because i have a lot of love to give, i love my friends, some are truly like family to me. I WOULDN’T KNOW HOW TO FLIRT ANYWAY OKAY?!
Now you know my dear tumblr family … 
I’m bisexual.
If you read all this here’s a cookie 🍪 and a hug 🤗
#bi visibility#bisexual#maria exposed#i'm sorry i wrote a bible sksksksk#feel free to ask questions but if you ask one of the inappropriate questions imma whoop you back to Lindisfarne 793#not related but i really wanna go to Lindisfarne is that how you write it? I'm sorry sksksk but imagine#i feel so relieved#for like 2 minutes before another issue comes forward#but yeah i've literally imagined my parents saying smth and i go all i'm bisexual and they're all ????? and i'm all yeah? so?#Does it matter what gender i bring home? I JUST WANT LOVE OKAY#If my brother is gonna be all i told u so imma be sad ngl#cause he said those things when i was really unsure so ugh#WHEN ERICA CAME OUT TO HER PARENTS ON 90 DAYS THO AHAHA her father was all who wants more rice? Like yasss#i'm fine telling tumblr because 99% is gay anyway hahah#no but for real i'm really new to all of this i mean i have always supported everyone but if i get anything wrong pls tell me i don't wanna#offend anyone or anything like i'm a confused lil baby chicken that wanna kiss boys AND girls#i don't know the ratio like at first i couldn't see myself being suuuper serious with a girl but now i'm starting to#I JUST WANT SOMEONE TO TAKE PICS WITH WHEN I'M IN. MY BUNAD AHAH#but if you're curious i prefer guys a little more but that can be because like i said that's just how i always imagined things and now i#opened up a new door#LOVE IS AN OPEN DOOOOOOOOR#HODOR#life is just too short man#my parents are loving and supporting but sometimes they have outdated opinions#i will take a little break now asdfghjkl#I know some people just reblog those post like oh yeah i'm ... but i'm the type of person who feels like i have to justify everything#i'm scared and excited so yeah NOW YOU KNOW BYE :D
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technoskittles · a year ago
me, tired as hell because it’s 2 am: [sees new discord friend request. accepts immediately for...some reason (idk man i’m tired)]
me: [kinda wakes up a couple minutes later, realizes it might be @seasinkarnadine​]
“wait but...huh? are we in a server together and I just wasn’t aware...?”
Tumblr media
“.....oh. okay maybe we somehow have a mutual friend?”
Tumblr media
“............” did you find me?
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bemylord · 4 months ago
ᴊᴜᴊᴜᴛꜱᴜ ᴋᴀɪꜱᴇɴ ʙᴏʏꜱ ᴡᴀʟᴋɪɴɢ ɪɴ ᴡʜɪʟᴇ ʏᴏᴜ'ʀᴇ ᴍᴀꜱᴛᴜʀʙᴀᴛɪɴɢ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳ characters: itadori, megumi, toji, satoru, kento, sukuna + surprise.
↳ warnings: oral [fem/receiving], nicknames [for reader], fingering, mirror sex [mentioned], tie up, daddy kink, spit [once], edging.
↳ form: drabble.
↳ butler's remark: hello~ while i'm keeping my cuties guessing about part two, let's read this work. i've got a surprise for you at the end ;) toji and nanami your husbandos.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ɪᴛᴀᴅᴏʀɪ ʏᴜᴜᴊɪ:
his first reaction will be - am i not good enough? when he opened the door, watching as you're rubbing your clit, eyes focusing on his as if you were waiting for him - he'd be confused. you turned your body to yuuji, allowing him to see your wet spot as you were making circles on the needy place.
like a snap, he felt the bulge in the pants as he ogles at your naked body. your fingers massage the spot he likes to lick the most.
'yuuji, come closer.' your broken voice has signaled an oncoming orgasm as your boyfriend replaced your hand onto his tongue, you melt under his brisk tongue.
'you can't wait for me, honey? can't wait for my tongue, yeah?'
notwithstanding on itadori's kind nature - he's gonna teach you a lesson, thus you'll wait for your boyfriend to come back to please you.
after, you and yuuji will be experimenting: you're sitting in front of the mirror, back pressed against itadori's chest as you masturbate yourself, watching directly in yuuji's eyes.
Tumblr media
ꜰᴜꜱʜɪɢᴜʀᴏ ᴍᴇɢᴜᴍɪ:
i've got two opinions about megumi: the first one, he'll act like a sheepish boy, who's frightened to meet you, will be watching in the corner of the room as you're cumming on the bed.
the second - the dna in his blood will make itself known [toji], by taking your hand away of the delicious place, staring at the oozing pussy as you spread your legs together. fushiguro's hand doesn't allow you to end your action, caresses from the inner thighs to the vulnerable but needy bug.
'gumi, gumi~' you stretched out the name, giving yourself up to his long, deft fingers, letting him do rub the clit as you unbelt his pants.
'having fun without me, baby, tsk, tsk, tsk, teasing me?
he has been in the room less than two minutes, already having the bulge to brainwash you, having the force to fuck you all night, as a punishment for not waiting for him.
Tumblr media
ꜰᴜꜱʜɪɢᴜʀᴏ ᴛᴏᴊɪ:
i doubt that you'd masturbate on your own, without your husband in the room so he could be watching as you caress your little clit. although, i do not doubt that you'll not be able to walk.
as toji came to the room fill with your fragrance, ogling as you covered your mouth with a hand, quelling your delightful moans - he'll, ohh, he'll be a little pissed off that you're touching his pussy. however, your divined view on you naked, as your body covered in a drop of sweat - god, he has a rock hard boner in no time.
'take your hand off my pussy.'
his low voice has brought you out of the trance, urgently took off fingers from the hole as toji comes closer. if not his strong hands, you'd fall out of bed, afraid to envision what he'd do.
'look at yourself, can't hold your arousal, little one?'
without your permission, he put two fingers inside you, feeling your gooey walls as they clenching around thick toji's fingers.
'fuck, doll, you were really a bad girl, you know what daddy will do, do you?'
Tumblr media
ꜱᴀᴛᴏʀᴜ ɢᴏᴊᴏᴜ:
the one who'll tease you after your intercourse for a while, calling you a needy girl at least a couple of weeks, whenever he wakes you up by licking your pussy.
the one who'll order you to put your finger in your mouth, to taste the juices he loves to drink. gojou sits in the chair to jerk his big cock while his sweet little angel is rubbing her clit, asking for his dick.
'you haven't deserved it yet.'
despite you've cum, did the huge mess on the sheet while sobbing and begging to be fucked like whore on the bed, gojou smirks at the evidence of your juices.
the one who'll tease and tease you 'till you'll be a dumb girl underneath his cock, fucking you relentlessly as you about to cross your limit, milking his cock to paint your redden walls into the white color.
'you're a fucking mess, fucking dumb whore for me, just for me.'
Tumblr media
ɴᴀɴᴀᴍɪ ᴋᴇɴᴛᴏ:
your husband wrote you the message that he'll be late for dinner, you had decided you'll be playing with some toys, such as 'preparation' for the night.
you didn't hear as the door opened, rewatching the video about you and nanami have filmed on the honeymoon. as you put the dildo in the wet pussy, whispering your husband's name, you heard his voice:
'so insatiable,' he untied the pratt knot you tied this morning, stripped the jacket. 'maybe you want to replace the toy with a real cock?'
you looked down, seeing the outlining of his cock, you threw away the toy, watching as he takes off his shirt, exposing his toned, strong body - your hands are willingly want to leave an immeasurable number of red stripes.
'allow your husband to please you, making you the happiest woman in the world.' all you can do, is to spread legs wider, letting nanami kiss your pussy. 'give me your wrists'
just imagine it jeez.
Tumblr media
ʀʏᴏᴍᴇɴ ꜱᴜᴋᴜɴᴀ: [it's quite silly, pls don't hate me after]
if the king will return his previous body, you won't be doing dirty by your own - four hands, girl. four palms are ready to please every your need, but, who said you can't tease the great king when he is stuck in yuuji's body?
as you were in itadori's room, waiting for him to arrive [bc he's a vessel for sukuna], you're sitting on the pillow near to the kotatsu, with opened legs, rubbing your clit.
'the day was terr-' yuji with muttering came to the room, noticing you after he tossed he raised his head upward. 'y/n-cha-' he didn't have time to continue as sukuna took possession of his body.
'i've told you not to do it in this bastard room.'
he quickly came to your body, as you wrapped your hands around his neck, snuggled in for a kiss. as you were 'leading' the kiss, you pressed his hand on your pussy, deepening the kiss, adding your tongue, greedily kissing his lips.
'you're gonna squirt on his bed, naughty girl.'
Tumblr media
ɢᴇᴛᴏ ꜱᴜɢᴜʀᴜ:
a bonus for getou's simps <3
the one who'll stop your action as he entered the room. he'll instantly make you stare intently into his eyes, as spit on your pussy, not touching your clit.
as you wobble, attempting to have attention on the oozing place, he just laughed.
'remember the eighth rule? don't do it on your own without daddy knowing.' you nodded, started to cry due to the lack of attention. he traced his finger on the strip from the asshole to the dripping hole, teasing the entrance with an index finger.
'use your words, bunny, or else you won't get it.'
'punish me, daddy. please.'
the last word you practically purred feeling as he caresses your clit. he kissed your lips, going down to your pussy. you know what will be next: he's gonna edging you for hours and hours, 'till you forget to count your orgasms.
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whirlybirbs · 3 months ago
“no, you don’t understand.” with loki & fake!wife pls? <3
Tumblr media
FROM THE VOID, WITH LOVE  |  blunder #1
summary: yeah. it goes about as well as mobius thought it would.
pairing: loki / f!reader
a/n: someone get mobius a fucking drink. but also, oo? some plot in the drabble? interesting of me to do...... very interesting..... hmmmmmmmmm, anywho....... this drabble's gif is by @caatws from this lovely little set!
First mission in the field is a disaster.
In all fairness, not your fault.
"We gathered enough temporal aura to know that this is our Loki Variant."
"Where he is, another disruption in the timeline will follow — Doc, your Variant seems to mirror the Loki Variant's branching. It's... weird. We've gotta be prepared to move fast when this happens."
This development, of course, stokes enough pride in Loki that he spends his entire time in 1985 going on and on and on and on about knowing the other him and wolf ears and blah, blah, blah.
Yeah — so, y'know. Off to a great start.
And while, for a moment, the others seem to be coaxed into trust by his wicked silver-tongue, you can't help but roll your eyes and wonder when he's going to be finished.
You stand there, in your jacket and slacks with your heels digging into the mud, wondering when he'll shut up long enough for Mobius or maybe Hunter B-15 to point out the obvious tells of his. Or maybe it's only you that's picked up on them.
(He has a habit of dipping his voice when he lies. He winds a tale, drags you along, and uses his voice to do it.)
"Are you done?" you finally call out, causing Mobius, Hunter B-15, and the others to stare at you in the door way of the tent, "That was cute, but I'm freezing. The Variant isn't here."
"How would you know, bug?" Loki spits with a bitter scowl.
"Hey," Mobius snaps sternly at the nickname, "Play nice."
"If he's anything like you," you mumble, "He'd hate for you to be right."
And that's when the spectrometers begin to go off again. This time, it isn't a warning about approaching Red Line, but a new branch signature.
"There it is. Like clockwork."
"Prune this branch," says Hunter B-15 as everyone begins to move; her hand is pressed to her earpiece, "We've gotta move. We've got a new one. This one is in New York. 1999. Analysts are saying it's her."
Your brow furrows and you race to push past Loki and match Mobius' strides.
"Is this...?"
"You," he nods, "Yeah. I want everyone's heads on a swivel."
"Surely the human is not nearly as dangerous as you're insinuating—"
You hear the charge go off, and as you step through the fogged glass of the Time Portal, 1984 melts away into the blaring chorus of a Britney Spear's song.
Loki is horribly confused.
What in the Nine Realms...?
Almost immediately your eyes light up with recognition. The black carpet, dotted with neon squiggles... The swinging lights, the clamor of voices, the constant sound of wheels on a laminate floor.
Hit me, baby, one more time!
It's Roller Kingdom.
You laugh out loud.
Fucking Roller Kingdom.
Loki watches your face split into the biggest smile he's ever seen in the rainbow lights of this... place.
"Oh my god."
A gaggle of girls weave past you and the Time Variance Hunters, carrying off a pile of cheesy fries and you nearly buckle at the knees. Oh my god is right. You'd kill a man for a plate of those again.
"Where are we?" asks Loki, nose curled.
"I spent... everyday after school in middle-school here."
"It's important to you?" asks Mobius, stepping forward.
"You don't even understand," you gush, "It was my favorite place in the world."
Loki narrows his eyes. His dark brows are furrowed tightly when you turn around as if you're looking for something. You gently urge him to the side as the Hunters watch — and you immediately gravitate to the pillar by the side of the roller rink.
"This place burns down in a week."
Mobius's expression is just as confused as yours.
"Why was I—?"
You don't get to finish that sentence.
You watch a child no old than five, out of control on wheels, promptly deck Loki in the center of the carpeted area.
You slap your hand over your mouth.
He doubles over and places his hands on his knees as the kid picks himself up, mumbles an apology and skates away — and much to Loki's chagrin, the Hunters begin to laugh. Mobius, too, hides a snicker into a curled fist.
Meanwhile, you just grin.
"Shut up." It's an octave higher.
"How'd that feel?"
"Please," he grunts, "Shut up."
You step down from the raised section of the dining area and pat Loki on the back as you pass him. He coughs, swallows a groan of pain, and tries desperately to pull himself together.
Hunter B-15 raises her spectrometer. "We're approaching the Red Line. Let's start to move. E-10, set the charges."
"How're the Gods of Mischief?" you ask as sidle up next to the God, "That looked rough."
Loki gives you a look that could kill and all you do is laugh. He tugs his belt, exhales tightly and pushes his shoulders back.
Mobius cues up the Time Portal, and back to the TVA you go.
Time Criminal-less.
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haruchyio · a month ago
hihii<3 could i request some hcs with hanma, draken and shinichiro with a s/o that loves physical touch (so like hugs, holding hands, arm around her waist/shoulders etc) but at first she’s a bit hesitant since she don’t know if the boys like this stuff?
tysm if you’ll take this rq !! i love your works a lot <3 pls stay safe~
ps: also i’m sorry if you don’t write for some of these characters, if u don’t feel comfy just ignore me <3
s/o is hesitant but loves physical touch hcs
— characters. hanma shuji, ryuguji ken, sano shinichiro x reader (separate)
— themes. fluff
— note. i'm still getting used to hanma's personality so i apologize if he might be a bit ooc? :')
Tumblr media
★ :: hanma shuji.
honestly, i don't think he'll notice that you won't initiate anything intimate with him until you're both alone in a room for a good few minutes
after —say, five to ten minutes? and you're just sitting there beside him, stiff like a board, it's then that he'll finally notice lmao
has never been more confused in his life because he thought you're scared of him
to test the waters, he will smoothly not really stretch his limbs high up before draping it down on the your shoulders
won't admit it but he was nervous to see how you would react, but when your shoulders relaxed and leaned on him more, he'll be relieved
he will pull you towards him until you're leaning on his chest, chuckling when he sees you smiling widely while looping an arm around his waist
"if you wanted to hug me so bad, you don't need my permission, you know~"
Tumblr media
★ :: ryuguji ken.
draken himself isn't one to actively seek for physical touch with his significant other, but he doesn't mind it if they are the one who will initiate it.
when you both got together, he never really minded the fact that you would hesitate to touch him the way lovers do
honestly, he thought you were hesitant because you were still uncomfortable with him and this new relationship you both had going so he completely understands
he's very patient with you, and wouldn't want to force you to do something that doesn't make you comfortable
overtime though, he begins to notice how you would keep glancing at his hand as if debating whether to hold it or not
or how you would longingly eye couples who just so happened to be passing by, holding hands and all that
draken is a smart man so he'll piece things together
"do you wanna hold hands?" he'll whisper, glancing at your hand that was swinging back and forth beside his
he was relieved when your eyes lit up like you've been waiting for him to ask that question for years, "of course!"
draken will then hold your hand whenever he gets the chance <3
Tumblr media
★ :: sano shinichiro.
shinichiro's love language is physical touch !! but he's a bit shy about it so he never voices out this fact about him
as the respectful man that he is, he wouldn't initiate anything physical with you until he knows you're comfortable with him doing so
even if it means he has to wait for a little while before he gets to hold your hand or hug you real tight
just like draken, he'll be very patient with you because he thinks that you're still trying to get used to his presence
he looks at you and waits for your next words, watching you play with the hem of your shirt cutely
"c-can i hug you?"
he will smile so wide and open his arms so you can hug him when you're ready
and when you finally do, he's afraid he might not let you lmao
"you don't have to ask! hug me whenever you like!"
Tumblr media
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azucarian · 2 months ago
ok so back at the request before about the toman's big sis secretly dating ran.. maybe you can write a part two and toman's reactionn ig
hehe thank youuu <33
Since there's already a part 2 regarding Toman's big sister getting married to Ran, part 3 (this part) will be a prequel of sorts - I’ve also made the decision to include Izana and Kakuchou’s big sister meeting her hubby, Wakasa :) Enjoy!
PS; you can find all the previous parts of this mini story on my masterlist (linked below) under headcanons ~
This is the story of how their big sister met the love of her life
Characters - All of Toman, Ran Haitani (ft. Rindou Haitani), Izana Kurokawa, Kakuchou Hitto, Wakasa Imaushi
Tumblr media
✰ you both probably met in a pretty... intense way - as toman's big sister it takes a lot to impress you, and, as a haitani, it takes a lot of catch ran's interest
✰ you probably got into a fight and him and rindou, with a sense of duty to "protect" you, stepped in - although they only got to kick a little bit of ass bc our (name) is a girl boss?? duh
✰ ran, right there and then, asks for you number and rindou is just like — "wait wtf, ran you don't know her!"
✰ rindou is even more screamy and confused when you're just like — "yeah sure, why not, you seem interesting"
✰ ran has the biggest grin that day and nothing, not a single mf thing, is gonna bring him down <<33 serotonin filled to the brim
✰ y'all text for like, 4 hours and then go on a late night bike ride date - and, yes, you're driving the motorbike
✰ ran with his arms wrapped around your tummy to stabilise himself?? hell to the fuckin yes - even more good vibes when he rests his chin on your shoulder and laughs so you can feel the vibrations on your back
✰ crazy teens will do crazy teen things and, by the end of the week (and a lot of heart warming dates later) you're both dating
✰ rindou adores you - moreso than he thought he would tbh, goes so soft when you call him "baby haitani" and "lil bro" bc?? you've already accepted him into your life and you genuinely want to be like a big sister to him (it's not like you have other middle/high schoolers to babysit lolol)
✰ you and ran also, with no doubt in my mind, have fight-dates; it’s like fight club, but just for you two, and no one else is a willing participant ✰ RULE NUMBER ONE OF FIGHT CLUB; NO ONE TALKS ABOUT FIGHT CLUB - that’s why the toman boys will have a hard time actually finding out you’re both dating HAHSH
✰ you spend a lot of nights with them because you live alone in some shitty boxed in studio apartment - you end up selling the place and you move in with ran and rindou (the two are so overjoyed like?? i can’t explain the genuine J O Y on these boys faces)
✰ tbh when you both explain how you meet to other people they just look at you with absolute disbelief and literally say “yeah, you two won’t last long - you rushed into it”  ✰ yeah suck it mfs, they married in the future <33 die respectfully
✰ do your parents hate him? i mean, graves can’t talk so you don’t know (pls laugh, i’m funny) ✰ he gapes at you when you introduce him to your parents graves - but you tell him it’s okay to laugh, because you wanted to make him laugh and he fuckin’ loses it ✰ tells rindou about it and the kid is pissing himself laughing - becomes his favourite moment of yours ✰ but both of them visit your parents grave and pay their respects every two weeks because they’re adorable <33
✰ your guys’ early relationship is unmatched, it’s crazy but cute and literally unattainable because people like this ARE SO HARD TO COME BY IRL </3
✰ okay to begin with, wakasa is a dilf and i take no second opinions (i mainly kin this idea because of a hc i read about dilf wakasa and his gf reader meeting wakasa’s ex-wife - written by @vquacki tysm for feeding me great content)
✰ when you first met him it’s because he had his son, shini, over for the weekend but the 5 year old wandered away from wakasa when he had his back turned - and you just so happened to stumble into the lost toddler
✰ you wait with shini for almost 3 and a half hours before wakasa finds you - the little brat walked nearly 4 blocks and wakasa was freaking out ✰ you recognise him and greet him - because you knew shinichiro as a result of izana, you also knew all the old black dragons members and had a weird friendship with them ✰ when he tells you that the kid you’ve been stuck babysitting for the past 3 and a half hours is his- Ohhhh boy ✰ you definitely lecture him and, although he wants to tell you to stfu, he completely understands why
✰ so yes, you’re the hot step-mom <33 shini didn’t want to leave you and consistently bugged wakasa to invite you over so he could play with you, especially because his mom was picking him up tomorrow ✰ that’s when you realise he’s a part-time single father and you feel a little bad for being hard on him
✰ but he abides by shini’s wishes and invites you over for tea as an apology, and a thank you for looking after his son - and that’s how it all started
✰ this rekindled an odd sense of love in his heart - one he hadn’t felt since he met his ex-girlfriend, shini’s mother ✰ he’s not stupid, he knows he loves you
✰ after a few weeks of talking, he asks to take you out on a date (with shini third wheeling) and y’all go to the zoo ✰ this is the first time that shini called you ‘mama’!
✰ his bio mom was not happy - she picked shini up after the weekend and after shini said “bye mama!” she deadass got so pissed off, accusing you of trying to take her son away etc. ✰ she even threatened to make sure wakasa would never see shini again unless he got you out of his life
✰ heartbroke <//3 ✰ but guess tf what motherfuckers ✰ wakasa and no bitch >:) literally took her to court and everything - now he has full custody over shini after a few things about his mom came to light and they deemed her unfit as his full-time guardian
✰ you guys officially got together after all of this - and you became shini’s full time step mother, and when i tell you kakuchou and izana adore shini <33 it’s so wholesome cri
✰ your guys’ early relationship is really stressful and i think you’d both argue a lot as a result of wakasa’s ex being consistently persistent with hating you - but you guys love each other, and that love never fails to heal small fractures in your relationship
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koushou · 5 months ago
ignoring them as a prank (hcs)
Tumblr media
pairings : childe x gn!reader, zhongli x gn!reader, kaeya x gn!reader {fluff, crack}
warnings : some cursing, kind of suggestive for kaeya winks cute pouty boys
wc : 1.2k
a/n : this is kind of a modern au since they have phones and technology ahsjdhsk (also my first time writing specifically gn!reader so if anything indicates reader’s gender here, pls let me know!)
Tumblr media
» oh boy
» you are getting
» pouty ajax
» and a little bitchboy
» you two are just lounging on his bed, not really doing anything in particular
» scrolling on your phone you notice this new trend going around
» you had one of those cartoon moments where a lightbulb goes off in your head
» you two were snuggled up to each other’s side 
» so you moved away from him, choosing to sit on the opposite side of the bed
» he looks up from his phone
» eyebrows raised
» he is confused™
» “baby...come back”
» in that whiny voice
» you almost gave up then
» letting out a fake yawn, you get up and stretch
» still feeling his eyes on you
» walking to the kitchen to make yourself some coffee
» silently applauding yourself for your success so far
» after the coffee was done, you grab the cup and sit down on the couch alone
» you predicted he would come out sooner or later
» guess what
» after a few minutes, your ginger boyfriend waddles into the living room
» seeing you relaxed on the couch, coffee in hand
» scrolling on your phone without a care
» “baby? why are you out here? come back to beddd--”
» when you make no move to get up, he’s really worried he made you upset or something
» “...y/n?”
» hesitantly makes his way over to you
» pokes your arm trying to get you to respond to him
» “did something happen?”
» you don't respond and he sighs, walking over to the kitchen
» being the little shit he is, he comes back
» with your favorite bag of chips in hand
» the last pack
» literally starts to chomp on them right in front of you, and you can just smell them-
» you stand up and grab the bag from him, huffing as he smirks at his success
» “now you’re not ignoring me?”
» you roll your eyes, plopping back down on the couch before starting to eat your chips
» he chuckles, walking back to the kitchen
» “then i guess i’ll have that last ice cream myself!”
» in conclusion your plan backfired
Tumblr media
» how could you do this to the poor man
» you were visiting zhongli at his workplace, ready to go on your planned date after he got off
» you spot him across the street
» but not alone
» there was a female coworker beside him
» twirling her hair and all that shit
» you were not pissed at all
» nope
» not one bit
» liar 
» when she placed her hand on his upper arm is when you lost it
» zhongli spots you, smiling immediately as he bids her goodbye 
» you swore she sent a glare at you
» as your boyfriend finally reaches you, he bends down to give you a kiss
» you dodge him, starting to walk to your guys’ restaurant you had booked
» zhongli stops, confused why you had not kissed him like you always did
» he catches up to you, brushing it off as nothing
» when he reaches for your hand to hold, you snatch it away
» leaving his hand in the air, frozen
» tries again, you do the same thing
» now he did know something was up
» “is everything alright, love?”
» honestly you were not even mad anymore
» how could you be mad at this sexy man 
» you knew zhongli loved you, you trusted him
» but what’s a little fun once in a while, right?
» you feel his gaze on you as you both walk side by side
» “are you not feeling well? would you like to go home?”
» he reaches a hand out to brush some fallen strands of hair behind your face
» you move your head away swiftly, making some distance between you two
» you heard a soft, “oh” 
» apologize right now 
» he sounded so hurt
» “have I done something, darling?”
» yeah you couldn’t keep it up anymore
» you throw yourself into zhongli’s body making him stumble backwards
» apologizing profusely for ignoring him
» “I’m so so so sorry baby, i’m not mad or anything it was a small joke i just wanted to see your reactio-”
» cuts off your rambling with a kiss, chuckling against your lips as he wraps his arms around you
» “you scared me, dear.”
» “i know, i’m sorry. i won’t do it again! promise!”
» zhongli smiles, taking your hand and leading you towards the restaurant
» “that’s good. i don’t think i can handle any more of you not speaking to me.”
Tumblr media
» uhh 
» this could go two ways
» pretty similar to ajax, actually
» 1, he’ll get pouty and cling to you until you speak to him
» or this :
» the sun shining through the windows wake you up, feeling arms tightly wrapped around your waist 
» you flip over on your body, greeted with your blue-haired boyfriend’s beautiful face
» he really is so beautiful cmon
» he starts to stir, eyes slowly opening 
» smiling when he sees you looking at him
» “good morning, baby.”
» you press a kiss to his lips, snuggling further into his chest
» “i have to get to work honey, please let me go.”
» you shake your head, still trapping him with your own body
» he chuckles, easily flipping you over with him on top 
» it amazes you how strong he is sometimes
» “i love cuddling with you, baby, but i don’t want to get fired.”
» with that he kisses you one more time, before getting off the bed
» you whine at the loss of his warmth
» you close your eyes, snuggling back into the covers where he was, saving the last of his scent
» he comes back not long after, asking you what you wanted him to order on his way home for dinner
» you decided to pretend you were sleeping, not answering back as you were still sad he couldn’t stay longer
» he repeats the question thinking you hadn’t heard him
» no answer
» there’s a few beats of silence
» you’re afraid he found you out
» then suddenly you feel a weight behind you on the bed
» you’re quickly flipped over
» only one of his hands are needed to grip both wrists above your head
» sheeeeesh
» “you know better than to ignore me, prince/princess.”
» you gulp, his ocean blue eyes boring into yours
» licking his lips, his other free hand dances above your upper thigh
» “forget dinner then. i think...i’ll have my breakfast now.”
» yeah he got fired
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spiritualchange · a month ago
Omg can pls do Yandere regulus black like mabe she James sis and when they die regulus kidnapped the reader and make her housewife he was obsession with her before her bother die and now he have her
warning: dark themed, yandere!regulus black, kidnapping, manipulation, angst, naive!reader
pairing: yandere!regulus black x fem!potter!reader
a/n: au where regulus didn't die
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gif is not mine
Tumblr media
you and regulus met during hogwarts, pre-death eater, the two of you weren't officially together but you were his
once you graduated, you went on to live on your own to become a healer and didn't see regulus again until he came to your house telling you that he was a spy for the order, getting intel on the death eaters
when he heard from peter that james and lily were going into hiding, he immediately hid you away in a unused Black estate
he told you that james and lily were in trouble and he was keeping you safe
you believed him, keeping yourself busy in the house, cooking and cleaning
unknown to you on october 31st, your brother and sister-in-law didn't die, the order found out about peter, but regulus kept with the original plan and told you that they were killed
the two of you had gotten married later that year because you didn't want to lose regulus either
regulus did love you, despite all the dark stuff he did, he had been in love with you since you were both teenagers, but no one could see it
he didn't let you leave the manor, always saying it was dangerous outside, people were looking for you
somehow james's owl had found you but before you could receive anything, regulus intercepted all your letters tucking them away in your office
he gave information to peter for when he went to trial to confess to the murder of y/n potter
during the trial, james broke down, you had been missing for almost 2 years and he heard from his ex-best friend that he killed you
you stayed a secret, for the next 10 years and after pestering regulus, you two had a child, a boy
overtime regulus didn't have such hardships on you, letting you go out into the muggle towns with your son knowing no one would recognize the two of you
when he had to go to hogwarts, regulus granted you to go
you wore a clock over your body, with the hood up.
while sending your son off to his first year, harry potter and his parents and godparents were waving him goodbye for his third year
lily saw regulus with a young boy that had the exact face shape as her husband and late sister-in-law
she got a good glimpse at your face, instantly grabbing sirius's hand pulling him towards his younger brother
"Y/n." Lily said in shock.
"I'm sorry." You looked at her confused.
"Y/n, it's me Lily, James's wife, your sister-in-law." She tried to rake your brain.
"I'm sorry, you must have me to be the wrong person." You gave her weak smile.
"Come on love." Regulus grabbed your hand, glaring at Sirius the entire time.
"That man looked a lot like you." You commented.
"Must have been a distant relative, but don't worry 'bout them, she was just delusional."
"Alright then." You nodded.
lily and sirius told james and remus what they saw on the platform, both of them had denied it.
"You're just seeing things Lily. I already accepted what happened to Y/n, you should too." James told her.
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kkusuka · 9 months ago
Haikyuu poly headcannons!! <33
 Pairs: Kageyama & Hinata, Oikawa & Iwaizumi, Ushijima & Tendo, Sakusa & Atsumu, Kurro & Kenma, and finally Bokuto & Akaashi. 
part 2
Sfw AND Nsfw 
Slight time skip spoilers!!!
let me know what you want to see next
word count: 2.6K I got a bit carried away. lol
Tumblr media
Kageyama Tobio  and Hinata Shoyo
It's a constant fight for attention
They are polar opposites, Hinata is warm and energetic while Kageyama is confused and awkward, but  they both love you so much it hurts.
How you got together was kind of a funny story, you and Hinata knew each other from middle school and reconnected when you met at a local mall in tokyo. So when you and Hinata started hanging out more he couldn't help but brag to Kageyama about it, which led to him wanting to meet you and thus began the year long fight for your love. 
You couldn't choose between them so they came to the decision that they would just share you!
Your dynamics are pretty simple, you spend as much time with whoever is not at practice at the time, lucky they have two completely different practice schedules, Hinata in the morning and Kageyama in the afternoon.
That meant cuddling with Kags in the morning and cooking lunch with Hinata in the afternoon. 
You guys also have a weekly date night! You have a rotation of who gets to choose what they want to do. 
Unsurprisingly Hinata likes volleyball inspired dates, but he also likes the movie and picnic dates!
Kageyama is a bit more romantic, shockingly (he read a dating book), like romantic dinners and late night walks , shopping, anything to see you happy.
They also love anything you want to do, stay in? They make popcorn for movies. Dinner? Where, what and when should they make a reservation. 
They are literally so whipped for you.
Oh~ ho ho~
I am a firm believer that these two are switches. 
Hinata is a bit more submissive than Kags (for the most part), but he has his moments. 
And i have this thing where Kags makes you and Hinata fuck while he watches biut votgh of you are power bottoms.
Toys toys toys
I'm talking double ended dildos and vibrators galore.
Punishments are usually for Hinata and consist of you riding Kags while he watches, and its absolute torture.
They also have nights where they have you alone and those are sweet and romantic, rose petals and candles. 
It's never boring <33
“Tobio, doesn't she look so pretty?” 
“God Shoyo you’ll cum in your pants if you grind like that” 
“ go fuck yourself on the fucking dldo like a slut” 
Tumblr media
Oikawa Tooru and Iwaizumi Hajime 
There are two ways that this happened
1. You grew up with them and slowly fell in love through your life, and you all got together in highschool
2. You met Oikawa in Argentina, literally fell in love at first sight, stars in your eyes. This led to him bringing you back to Japan, which led to you meeting “Iwa-chan” (who looked much more beautiful in person). After hanging out everyday for about 3 weeks Oikawa bright up the idea of sharing
And here you are! 
You guys are all similar but you share personal things with each boy
With oikawa you have the obsession with aliens and you too even have a beauty routine that you do every night before bed.
With Iwaizumi you, of course, make fun of Oikawa at every waking moment. But! You also do all different kinds of exercise with him. You have a monthly yoga class and a swim aerobics program every other tuesday! 
These two spoil you so much it's ridiculous.
Perfumes, jewelry, clothes and even gaming things.
They will get you anything even if you don't want it (and they are rolling in cash so it doesn't really matter.) 
Iwaizumi rules the bedroom.
And as much as Oikawa pretends to be the top, he falls apart the second you kiss him neck. 
Favorite position?
Simple. It can go two ways.
Oikawa laying on his back, Iwa fuking him into heaven and you sitting on his face OR you on your stomach ass up with Iwa between your legs and Oikawa's dick in your mouth. 
The only real times Oikawa is in you is when Iwazumi wants to see both of you be pathetic sluts, or when Oikawa is being punished, mostly cockwarming while he is tied and not able to thrust in you.
 Double penetration?
 Your punishment.
Whine and cry all you want neither of them are slowing down, this is really the only time Oikawa is dominant in the bedroom
“Aw, Tooru, look at her! So pathetic!”
“You look like two whores trying to fuck, Harder brats” 
“Oh! Iwa her throat gets tighter when you do that!” 
Tumblr media
Ushijima Wakatoshi and Tendo Satori
Oh bby how did you get so lucky?
You have the best of both worlds!
Tendo, who you can joke around and cook with.
And Ushijima, your pillar and voice of reason. 
This relationship was 100% started by Tendo. No question. He saw you and decided right then and there that you were his, and what kind of best friend would he be if he didn't share with Wakatoshi! 
Thank god you were willing to do this, it would have Broken Satori AND Wakatoshis heart :((
This WAS the best decision of your life. 
Your first date as a threesome was so cute, it started with walking around tokyo and you stopped and ate in a small cafe. You begged them to pay and they didn't let you so this became a game to see if you could ever find a way to pay before them.(you're still failing to this day) 
After the cafe they took you to a small beach that had a little volleyball net set up. Insert uwus here
They taught you how to play, the basics if you didn't already know, and you guys played around until it was 2am 
All of your dates are different but they either end like that or cuddling on the couch wachting movies. OR you know ;))
UHHH there are two ways this could go. 
You being absolutely ruined by these two. Both being pretty big, they easily overpower you. 
Tendo also has the obsession with being in your ass while ushijima rips your poor pussy apart. 
Sadist tendo also makes a slight appearance, not letting yu cum for hours then making you cum over and over and over again
Mr. Tendo controls what you and Toshi do! 
Trust me Wakatoshi is still controlling you every waking second, but having Tendo tell him what to do (being slightly unaware of what to do anyway) gets him off just as much as you. 
And when he’s feeling more adventurous, Tendo has kept you and Ushijima on literal leashes at his feet while he just chilled out. (i literally love this so much-)
You guys do a lot of exploring!
“Harder Toshi, the slut can take it”
“” we don't have enough dicks to fill all your holes” 
“Satori! Please!” “Shhh, floor whores don't get to talk” 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi and Miya Atsumu
My #2 pair 
DAMN, i can't even put how whipped they are for you in words. 
You defiantly knew Sakusa first. 
You two met in the supermarket, much to his displeasure he had to shop for himself, it was the classic strangers to lovers trope 
You both reached for the same countertop cleaner! 
To both of your shock you touched his hand and immediately started to apologize to him (he couldn't even reply because he was so stunned by your beauty) 
He snapped back and started to interrogate you about what cleaning products you use, you both didn't even realize how much time passed with you just talking about how you clean.
Eventually you exchanged numbers and texted almost all day.  
This led to him texting you back every chance he had during practice breaks, but he never told you he was a professional volleyball players AND happened to be on one of the top teams in the country, (you found out when he randomly followed you on instagram)
Eventually he got sloppy and Atsumu looked at his phone and found your number! Aren't you lucky ;) almost immediately after he started to question Sakusa about you
Who is she?
Where did you meet?
Is she pretty?
Gimmie her number Omi, i wanna know her too!
Eventually Atsumu just stole his phone and started to non-stop call you. 
“Uh Kiyo? This guy keeps calling me and asking me questions about you.”
“Ignore it” 
It got so bad that when you officially met atsumu he had followed Sakusa to your meeting spot, and you hit it off! (much to Kiyoomi’s disdain) 
After a few months, and a lot of talks, all three of you entered a relationship!
Your dynamic was great! You were clean like Sakusa and fun like Atsumu!
Another spoiling group, it's like they just know what you want. It doesn't even matter what you think :// no take backs :))
Plus you have girl time when they are at practice, a good time to plan surprises ;)
You even got Atsumu into skin and hair care (kiyoomi approves) 
You are literally perfect (and the hottest couple in the planet) 
Sakusa is in control.
No question.
He wants ti fuck you? Done.
He wants to watch you play with yourself. Already rubbing circles on your clit. 
He wants you to ride Atsumu until you squirt? You're bouncing on Atsumu Cumming and cumming. 
Believe it or not Sakusa AND Atsumu love messy blowjobs, seeing you slobber all over yourself and their cocks is the most beautiful thing to them. 
Atsumu also has the dirtiest most vulgar mouth on earth, will not spare your feelings one bit. 
But that doesn't even measure up to how Kiyoomi speaks to you. He has no shame is telling you that they are going to let everyone on the team fuck you senseless. 
Sakusa also loves to punish you and Atsumu for literally anything, he will tie you to each other and put vibrators in your holes and just watch you  two desperately grind on each other to get relief that just won't come. 
(they both love to ruin your orgasm too) 
“Go Whore i know you can bounce faster than that” 
“Look at her Omi! Isnt she the best little cumdump? Yes you are! Yes you are!” (pls he treats you like a pet) 
“Hey Miya. Wouldn't shugo just love to have her on her knees for him? I think we should let her sometime” 
I would do anything for these two- 
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsuro and Kozume Kenma
Oh? You're the most spoiled pet in the world?
You definitely grew up together, aka you've had both of them wrapped around your finger since you were 8.
 You guys probably started dating after you accidentally let it slip that you were in love with the both of them. 
After you all confessed and talked for hours, you were officially dating!
Not much has changed, but they were more affectionate and loving and more physical with you. 
Your dates are really random, all the varying schedule and all. 
They take you to anime cafes and gaming cafes and ALL the different cafes. 
They always tell you you don't have to work but you feel bad so you started a makeup channel on youtube! And of course you were a sensation! 
You and Kenma make little collab videos and were voted as the cutest couple of the year! 
But that doesn't1 mean you aren't involved in Kuroos life just as much! 
You help him get ready every morning, he just “can't” tie his tie even after doing it since highschool. 
You make him a unique bento everyday! 
You even buy him little chemistry sets whenever you see that a new model was released!
Plus living with two cuddle bugs is a dream for any girl ;)
The way that both of them are into cockwarming- 
Whenever Kenma is not streaming he wants you to sit on his cock, just be a good kitten and do it. 
No worries! Between rounds he'll start to pound you for as long as he can, but it's never enough  for you to cum :// too bad you'll just have to wait until he’s done, or when Kuroo some home. 
With Kuroo it's usually when he is doing more work in his home office. This is pure torture.
He won’t even pay attention to you until HE wants to cum. 
To add on to that neither of them are afraid of fucking you infront of people. 
Kenma has no fear of keeping you at his feet while he streams so you can suck him off whenever he wants. 
One time he was on a zoom call with his PR team and they had no idea you were deepthroating his cock under where the camera could see. 
Kuroo is the worst with this too, he’ll start fucking you when he knows he ahs a work call in a few minutes, so in the middle of fucking he’ll just answer the phone and make you shut up :((
Both of them together? You’re fucked. (literally haha) 
Kenma a bottom , 100%, just not as much as you.
Sex mostly means kuroo fucking you and sucking kenma off. 
“I wonder if everyone would still follow you if they  knew what a slut you are” 
“Kitten you have to be quiet for Daddy now, this call is important” 
“Look at that kenma, she’s cumming all over the place while drooling all over you!” 
Tumblr media
Bokuto Kotaro and Akaashi Keji
The owl nest?  Yes Ma’am.
You were akaashis girlfriend first, but that meant you were practically dating Bokuto anyway. 
Akaashi? He loved it, you were just so cute when you tled to Kotaro! 
When he got excited, you got excited and you were just the cutest two babies in the world!
 The way you would talk for hours about nonsense and laugh about the stupidest things. 
Slowly but surely Akaashi braugh Bokuto into the relationship, and you had no objections! 
It started with small things like movie nights that turned into sleepovers that became full dates! 
Dates? Oh man you go on one almost every night! 
The movies! Bookstores! Restaurants! 
Even to the volleyball gym.
Sometimes Akaashi takes you to Bokuto’s games and you two just Cheer your lungs out!
This seems crazy but one time on your anniversary that took you to an owl farm! 
It was probably the funnest night of your life, and that was it all three of you knew that this was how you wanted to spend the rest of your lives. 
Bokuto might be the driving force but Akaashi is the real mastermind behind the bedroom life. 
Sex mostly includs being railed by Bokuto for hours while Akaashi whispers sweet praises in your ears, telling you how good your gtaking Bokuto. 
Akaashi is also a firm believer in punishing people with toys,aka Bokuto getting ahead of himself and ignoring Akaashis commands which lands him tied up and a vibrator pressed to his sild until his orgass are dry :)
 Of course you are no better, cumming before your told or vene worse masterbating without permission. 
That lands you with a bunny vibrator, unable to move and just watching as Akasshi fucks Bokuto with your favorite dildo :( 
But if you'd just listen this would have never happened, just promise not to do it again! 
“Keji please, pease, wanna cum s-so bad” 
“Gee, you're just sucking him in huh? After all this time you still want more!” 
“You are just the prettiest little thing huh.” 
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xfatefulmistyx · 4 months ago
How they react to their S/O adopting a cat (Male characters)
Series: Genshin Impact
Characters included; Kaeya, Childe, Diluc, Xiao, Venti
Summary: You found a stray cat that you instantly bonded with. After cleaning the cat up, feeding it, and getting it used to you, you decided that it would be yours to keep. How do these lovely gentlemen react?
Warning(s): None, just a swear or two because it's what I do- also slight accidental Diluc and Xiao favoritism, sorry!
**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚Note: I was going to add Aether, Albedo, and Zhongli but this got REALLY long, so there is gonna be a part two. I love writing these types of things~ Asks are open
˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*Note 2: Part 2 (Albedo, Zhongli, Aether)
Disclaimer: I am fully aware Venti has a cat allergy, I mentioned it more than once in his portion so please read before making a comment on it (had to make bigger since I keep getting comments on it-)
I actually listened to a song while writing this, here it is if you're curious
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡Kaeya gives me vibes that kids like him...but animals are debatable
♡When he visited your home and saw your new furry addition he just stared at it
♡For a whole minute
♡"Y/N...When did this get here?"
♡"Oh, I brought her in because she didn't have a home and she was starving...I hope it doesn't bother you"
♡"No no, it's...fine"
♡You never thought Kaeya would be so wary around your new cat, but it was heavily amusing. Sometimes he'd jump if your cat all of a sudden hopped up on the couch with the two of you
♡One night when you were cuddling on the bed together, the cat walked in and shimmied its way in between you two
♡You've never seen Kaeya look at an animal with so much confusion before
♡But when the cat snuggled up to him, instead of you, he had the biggest shit-eating grin on his face ever
♡It's safe to say that while he didn't care too much for animals before, he's taken a liking to your cat and your cat likes him too
♡He literally bought an eyepatch for the cat so they would match-
♡You began to wonder if he loved the cat more than you now (Don't worry, you're still his number one, the cat is just a close second-)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡Childe likes to believe he's the master of animals, for some reason...
♡Your cat doesn't hate him, but he tries a little too hard. You know those people who love holding cats and showing mass amounts of affection to them, which ends in the cat looking like they need help? That's Childe.
♡He has good intentions! He actually spoils your cat with the finest cat food, toys, a cute collar...and clothes?
♡Why did Childe buy your cat a sweater again? You questioned him on it, but he simply said
♡"I want to make sure our baby is nice and warm! Is that so wrong?"
♡"Childe...the cat has fur, I doubt it's cold"
♡He only pouted and continued to spend tons of money on your cat. Such a sweetheart, but a little bit like an overbearing dad-
♡He's much better with kids, you think, but the cat doesn't want to kill him so that's definitely a plus!
♡The cat likes him for the most part, but Childe gets to be a bit much for the poor thing- overall though, very much a nice cat dad!
♡He definitely knows what not to do though, like petting the cat's stomach or even worse, bathing it (I have a feeling I know who'd do both of those things)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡Believe it or not, Diluc is actually a cat person! (aside from Diona, she just really wants to destroy the wine industry)
♡Diluc has some odd encounters with dogs, so he's always naturally drawn closer to cats
♡Cats also love him because he's like a personal heater and you'll often find the cat curled up on his abdomen while he lays on his back on the bed to rest (he's so cute, pls-)
♡Like Childe, he buys every essential for the cat, making sure it's of the highest quality to make the cat the most comfortable it could be, though he doesn't buy the cat clothes
♡He feels the clothing would suffocate the cat from warmth, he much prefers being the cat's personal heater instead (He used to be just your personal heater but you decided you wanted a cat so now you have to share)
♡The cat loves to play with his hair, whether it's down or up, it's like a feather toy to the little furball. He pretends to act annoyed over it, but he finds it cute
♡Diluc befriended the cat so easily that the cat even lets him clip their nails right in his lap. Sometimes watching him with the cat made you wonder what Diluc would be like with his own children
♡He wants to stick with fur babies for now though, definitely not opposed to another cat, but he doesn't want to go crazy as he does have a lot of work and doesn't want the cat to be without him (and you ofc) for too long.
♡You actually became curious about how his eagle would behave with the cat so you had them meet, and you were half expecting the Eagle to try and kill your cat. Turns out they quite like each other? When you told Diluc about your initial worry, he gave you an almost offended look
♡"I taught him better than you may think" and he then flicked your forehead. Meanie
♡When you found out the cat even allowed Diluc to BATHE IT? All hope was lost, the cat was his now, you've been replaced
♡Overall, a great choice for this sort of thing 10/10 cat dad
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡This man is practically a cat himself (catboy Xiao anyone?) so he shouldn't have any trouble with the cat, right? Well, you're half-right
♡Xiao has a secret skill for being pretty good with animals, but it's not an immediate notice. He at first is pretty wary of the cat, not wanting to piss it off since he knew how much it meant to you
♡He's already not very affectionate as it is, so having an animal who required some form of affection sometimes was weird for him.
♡He didn't take that long to warm up to the cat, though it was an interesting process indeed
♡For a while he refused to pet it for long, opting for small pats on the head and leaving it at that. Once he finally got to the point of petting the cat for longer, he always kept his gloves on. You'd always try to convince him to take them off to feel the super-soft fur of the cat before he immediately refused. He rarely ever took off his gloves after all
♡But one day he decided to actually remove his gloves to pet the cat properly, and he cracked the SMALLEST smile, at the feeling of the cat's fur against his skin and the audible purr it let out
♡You even snapped a picture with your kamera, but you would keep that secret until the day you died, it was too precious to let Xiao know
♡He'd actually go out of his way to play with the cat, given he has free time. He would never let you watch him play with the cat though because he got embarrassed. Try bringing it up and he will deny everything (tsundere...)
♡The cat follows him around Wangshu Inn, and Verr finds it really cute, but won't say anything to Xiao as to not embarrass him. In the rare moments he sleeps, Xiao likes to rest against a large tree outside, the cat curling into his lap for warmth, and this is one of the few moments Xiao feels some sort of serenity when he's away from you. When you happen to come across him like this, you like to walk over and curl up against his side, him opening an eye to look at you and hum in content
♡It's safe to say Xiao loves the cat, but not as much as he loves you
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡You want a chaotic cat dad who wants to show off his new "child"? Here you go, here's Venti. He wasn't one for cats before but since it's your cat? He's all for it
♡You cannot convince me that Venti wouldn't carry the cat with him around Mondstadt, hell he takes it to Angel's share even. The cat sits on the counter in front of him as he drinks, much to Diluc's dismay
♡"Venti get your cat off of my counter, it's getting fur everywhere"
♡"Master Diluc, I appreciate the fact you care about cleanliness, but my child must stay in my sights at all times"
♡Venti is a snuggler for sure, the cat only elevates that fact. He's so attached to the cat that he carries it on his SHOULDER. It's practically glued to him
♡The only time Venti and the cat have when he bathes it. Yes, this bard tried to bathe the cat. Not once, not twice, BUT THREE TIMES. You had to visit Barbara after that-
♡I nearly forgot to mention this, but he COMPLETELY DISREGARDS HIS CAT ALLERGY NOW??
♡Sure he sneezes up a storm- But does that stop him from nuzzling the cat? Not even the slightest. You had to go all the way to Liyue to get him allergy medicine once it got really bad-
♡He was so grateful, more cat nuzzling is in order after that. He's practically stolen your cat at this point. Even tried naming it "Venti Jr." and "Catbatos"
♡You quickly shot those names down, ignoring the pout on the Bard's face
✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿ ... ✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿ ... ✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿
┍━━━━━━━━»•» 🌸 «•«━┑
I really enjoyed writing this, so part 2 will be up later today, stay tuned and stay hydrated!
┕━»•» 🌸 «•«━━━━━━━━┙
✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿ ... ✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿ ... ✿°•∘ɷ∘•°✿
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