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#i love her so much
shida-ilovemywife · 5 minutes ago
After many requests my wife finally made a Tumblr account. Go follow her @mrs-shida 🥰🥰🥰
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deathxdefied · 30 minutes ago
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@galaxythixf​ asked:
❛ You’re embarrassing me in front of the beautiful people. ❜ - Eros to Aphrodite
My Name Is Zagreus And I Got A Basketball Game Tomorroooooow.
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“Oh, COME NOW, dearest,” Aphrodite would continue to meddle, fussing with his appearance with Maternal Assertiveness of I Am Right And Know Better Than You On How To Present Your Appearance.
“Beauty as ours do not feel timid underneath the gazing eyes of others. Anything we DO is a feast upon the eyes! Now hold still, I need to fix your hair - you look absolutely scruffy.” A low, annoyed hum.
“You should feel more embarrassed over the fact you believed this to be proper attire and performance to grace the public with-”
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foxmagpie · an hour ago
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a-flickering-soul · an hour ago
For the ask meme thing I know you're expecting everyone to say your star wars boy but I can't not say Nadiya Jones I'm sorry
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gay-otlc · an hour ago
Hello mum how are you
Hello daughter!
I am now understanding why most gays hate math. Also why most people hate math. I have been doing so much math that I see equations when I close my eyes. Life is filled only with suffering.
But I'm close to being done! So yay?
How are you?
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dyketectivecomics · 2 hours ago
i wanted to ask, does talia fit in the bad parents club? bc yeah Ra's is horrid but also like...she literally. murdered her own son. so i think she still counts as a villain in her own right?
like damian in my mind def fits the supervillain parent club more than talia. i know some people choose to say she's not a supervillain bc its cause of her dad or whatever but like...little bits can be argued (tho my opinion is that shes p clearly. a true villain) but again, murdered her only kid. batman brought him back but...yeah i don't think she rly belongs among the others, but ofc thats up to u !
Hey hey anon. C’mere. Come close. I want you to listen CAREFULLY
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No Talia Slander Allowed on my blog thanks
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of-spades · 3 hours ago
[Billy Hargrove + "Snakeskin" by Rina Sawayama]
Tumblr media
Looking for forgiveness
I ran into your madness
Shutting off my brain just to spite my
I tear my soul into two so that you can
P-p-p-pretend despair
Rip rip, rip rip, rip rip
I'll tear you down like
Strip strip, strip strip, strip strip
So run before I
Bit bit, bit bit, bit bit
And make you all
Addicted, addicted
Addicted to my snakeskin
Like a snakeskin, like a snakeskin
Wear me out and tear me down like
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rosariatits · 3 hours ago
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kuroos-babie · 3 hours ago
i slept for three hours then woke up for a class and recitation, now im about to sleep again and my bestfriend in the whole entire world messages me 😌
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simblrinterests · 3 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Melora: [grabby baby hands]
Hesper: Spark...
Jack: Don’t worry, I’ve got her.  Come here little miss.  
Melora: [baby giggles]
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ravennell · 3 hours ago
i need to hug penelope garcia
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