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blizzahra · 13 days ago
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ditttiii · 7 months ago
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some more joong ki pics 💖💖
இ௰இ content i live for
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soobkwanie-moved · a year ago
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#caratrevival week 02. favorite vocal unit song: HUG
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jovalencia · 10 months ago
livisa superiority
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loverofallthingssmart · 6 months ago
xiao xingchen!!
favorite thing about them: how he loves the world !! and sees the best in everyone !! its mostly bc he was sheltered in bssr's mountain but i just think hes neat :') the way he and song lan wanted to start their own sect?? pls i just. also the wiki says he's insecure about his storytelling? hes everything.
least favorite thing about them: self-sacrificing idiot (affectionate). also the way hes so agreeable? especially with song lan?? the way he returned the mountain he was never supposed to come back to bc of song lan and gave him his eyes and then the argument that split them apart? m a n their story is riddled with miscommunication T-T
favorite line: "zichen." :) sorry the way he says it with a smile on his face SONG LANS RESPONDING "xingchen"???? god. GOD. also his last "zichen?" and then breaks down bc he killed him. hmm. i think about this a normal amount and don't go insane </3
brOTP: xiao xingchen and a-qing !! everything !! xxc just knowing shes lying and smiling and when he talks about his shijie cangse sanren to a-qing???? that is his daughter <333 (also xxc being friends with wwx is just so. yeah. yeah yeah.) and AND xxc and nie mingjue is sooooooooo yes. da-ge's friend and his bf who stare at nhs in gay judgement sotrue
OTP: songxiao <3 they make me go crazy insane <3
nOTP: oh god xuexiao and all reiterations (meaning songxuexiao as well) all the way die die die i hate it
random headcanon: t4t songxiao i will never get tired of saying it: xxc is trans and gay and also cant do math. i also think he has a loud and snorting laugh that contradicts his image of being gentle bc he's easy to make laugh and GOD i just. he's so WAHH
unpopular opinion: hmm. i think ppl who ship xuexiao are weird bc like. xxc didn't know it was xue yang. that's literally the only reason he was treated so nicely and also bc xxc is?? rlly fucking nice and trusting??? he literally only saw xue yang with contempt when we're introduced to him. like xue yang made him KILL ppl w/o his knowledge and yes you could argue xue yang had an obsession with him that might've been love but it sure as hell wasn't reciprocated <3
song i associate with them: "moonshine" by grover anderson !! i haven't decided if its in xxc's pov or ABOUT xxc but. a xxc song nonetheless <3
favorite picture of them:
Tumblr media
send me a character!!
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nalgenewhore · a month ago
28 + 77
hello elena :)
28: Queen of Peace (Florence + The Machine)
77: Myage (Descendents)
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harpersequoia · 5 months ago
rumors by lizzo ft cardi b
hazy shade of winter by either the bangles or gerard way, both are good!
runnin’ by pharell williams
and then also ghostbusters & monster mash😭
YESSSS okay thank you these are top tier
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someone-online · 6 months ago
I finally finished watching Phantom of the Opera fully for the first time and while the ending was personally disappointing for me, I enjoyed the plot overall and the music slapped ofc
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thelunardiviner · 8 months ago
Though the Night Loves No One
(TW: depression/hopelessness, self harm, implied suicidal ideation)
(inspired by and takes some quotes from the Gumi song "Wrist Cutter")
(PART 1/3)
Rain rain rain… rain doesn’t end, at least not here, not in the world of the dreams, though Isa is used to it by now. The pitter patter is soothing as he stands, looking at his own reflection in an old copper mirror propped against a tree. He isn’t sure why he looks-after all, the reflection is always the same no matter the dream mirror-but he does, the image in the mirror a man so hauntingly familiar, with wicked amber eyes and a long black cloak. The figure seems to look right through him and for a second Isa shivers. The one in the mirror is the reason he is so lonely, the reason he seems to find himself here every night, the reason he second-guesses every interaction he has, the reason he still gets nervous and cold stares. In a fit, Isa smashes his fists against the mirror, the reflection shattering instantaneously. “I hate you…!” Had it not been a dream, a few of the mirror fragments would have dug into his skin instead of falling to the ground, though Isa wasn’t sure if he would have cared. He fell to his knees, afraid to look into the glass shards in case Saïx was still there. 
A shadow casts overhead, covering the majority of the specks of light that had pierced through the clouds. The first few nights he would have found it beautiful. The blunette gets up, dusting himself off out of habit, continuing to walk this unlit road as he does every night, hoping that one day it will lead to something bright. Even just another person would be nice, even if he knew they weren’t real. Occasionally he would run into generic figures, something that almost appeared human but not quite, but each one would give him a look of pity before looking away. How many times has this cycle repeated? 
Isa slows, tired. How can he be tired in a dream? No, no that’s not the kind of exhaustion he feels, and he knows it. He stops, no longer walking, looking down at his hands. Even in his dreams he sees the bandages, though he isn’t sure why he covers up the scars. He supposes he must be out of fear, fear of what Lea would say, fear of having to explain his feelings… after all, if he didn’t talk about them, he could convince himself they weren’t real….. Right? Isa chuckles to himself, a sad sound, as if he already knows the answer to that. 
He finds himself sinking to the ground, barely acknowledging his own actions though he knows they are his. The rain pelts his body as he sits, knees to his chest, but he doesn’t care, he doesn’t care.
 Something wet falls from his face and Isa isn’t sure how much is rain and how much is tears. He clutches his chest, something that felt heavy as of late. A heart was something to get used to… the feelings of pain that come with it. “Is this what you call a masterpiece?” he wonders aloud, almost expecting someone to answer but the world is silent, saying nothing. Maybe he would have felt better if he could call himself a tragic hero, someone that deserved to be pitied or rescued. Then maybe he would have the courage to reach out. But... is he worthy of forgiveness? Others say so, but he isn’t certain.
‘Surely tomorrow you'll be certain’
Isa lays on his side, though he isn’t sure when he moved to do so. He looks up at the sky while shielding his eyes from the rain. It’s so vast, even in a dream, yet the sun shines on nothing here. What is his purpose? The world has already exchanged so much, regret and pain and tears for what? A sense of power? To find something-someone he never will? To feel important, even if it only made him a pawn in the end. He isn’t certain. 
‘Surely you're just sad for now’
This continuation of bleak days, of bleak nights, make things feel hopeless, but he holds on to that hope of seeing the light again, both figuratively and literally. Would he even leave anything behind if he left? Has he only left behind sorrow? What else is left? What could be here for him? He isn’t sure himself, but...
‘Play, play, you should keep performing’
Isa sighs, forcing himself up. He doesn’t know for now, but deep down he knows that’s okay. The dawn is arriving, and the blunette knows any second now he will be awakened by either a loud redhead or a duet of a young brunette and blonde. One day maybe they’ll know how he feels, though logically he knows that requires telling them. He wishes one of them would reach out a hand. For now, he repeats to himself the phrase he finds himself uttering every night in this mysterious dream world, almost as a prayer or plea to the waking world.
‘Surely you'll be nice tomorrow’
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kyuala · 4 months ago
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goopyartiste · a year ago
Hi! 🎀🎵 for the ask game? Have a good day/night and stay safe!✨💓
Hi Clio 🥰 nice to hear from you again! Thanks for sending something in!
Tumblr media
🎀 Do you have a special talent/hobby that you’re shy about?
i would say my special talent would be my acting?? idk i would say im pretty vocal about my talents overall, but i dont really mention acting much! its just something i say when a performance is coming up, but its just not something im that vocal about.
🎵 Share a song that reminds you of someone you love
i would say Car Dancing in my Room by 347aidan would remind me of my irls and our group dynamic a lot. the whole song overall is just a vibe and energetic, which is something our group most definitely embodies!
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prairiehaze · a year ago
♫ for Fifi + Lilith 🥰
Francis forever by Mitski! 🧛🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍🦰
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soobkwanie-moved · a year ago
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Do Re Mi’s Message:  “We have to make decisions countless times in a day, some may be a good decision, some may be bad. But what's past is past, no need to regret it. Learn from it and improve.”
(trans credit.)
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gvhyeon · 9 months ago
Can you believe Maluma tried to cover "Hawaii" originally by Sumin, J and Isa from girlgroup Stayc?
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sgys-closed · a year ago
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noorengels · a year ago
Can I have a robbe or isa inspired mini playlist??💕
we’re doing isa bc women
girls - the 1975
blinding lights - the weeknd
talk fast - 5 seconds of summer
me vale - miki núñez
i wanna dance with somebody (who loves me) - whitney houston
Give me a vibe/prompt or legit any inspiration in my inbox and I'll make u a mini playlist.
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thenelse · a year ago
when seulgi sings "i'll show you my love" in "future":
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nicolodigenovas · a year ago
Oh hiiiii (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧
Isa!💞 did you see the post I tagged you in? More for our idiom exchange. For you we have:
Spirits of my silence I can hear you
But I’m afraid to be near you
And I don’t know where to begin
—Death with dignity, Sufjan Stevens
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mythicaitt · a year ago
caitlin ! when did u change ur theme ! the colour is so pretty !
Haha changed it a couple days ago!! I love it a lot and I think I mentioned I did in the gc but you missed it 😔
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anotherdumbblog · 2 years ago
this episode was pure nightmare fuel
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