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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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    patty had been scrutinizing her features with the compact mirror. her pores looked immense, her bags pronounced and her skin blemished with the inklings of a small bruise just at her chin. quickly, the mirror snapped closed as she sat up straight with two hands in her lap to hide the critical little trinket.

   a little bashful and more than thankful for the ego boost, patty shook her head as she blushed a vivid pink across her cheeks and nose. the teenager couldn’t look the other in the eye after briefly catching semira’s gaze. the woman had a frosty gaze that made her feel like she was under observation again.

  demurely and somewhat coquettishly, she waves the compliment away, “you’re just saying that to be nice.“

Semira smirked at the thought. “I don’t say things to be nice, I’m typically not nice in general.” she stated. “I’m stating a fact. You have this beautiful, naive look of innocence.”


Which was why she would be perfect for this task. If she agreed to it, that is. It was an outside source that really couldn’t be traced back to her. It was why she had taken this hair and makeup artist job, to find someone she could use to do this for her. 

Joining human society wasn’t easy, though it was easier now that she could walk in the sun. Semira knew she could live a decent life here, but… still, there was so much that she had lost, that had been taken from her, and frankly she wanted revenge. She never thought that her client would actually serve as the perfect human she had in mind, until she witnessed her bludgeon someone to death on one of her nightly hunts. 

“We should start on your hair. While we do, I would like to discuss something with you.”

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