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updated my icon to reflect that i cut my hair 

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Thinking about how Vetinari could be canonically queer. Like it’s not a matter of fans saying “he’s not married ergo he’s gay” but like canonically nobody knows what’s up with him. Is he gay? Ace? Who knows? All I know is no straight white dude can tell me he’s not queer

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delicious masculine goodness

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I practically spent all day customizing my homescreen but it was WORTH IT

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yeah, im not dead - school has entered hardcore mode. Take some DSMP art as an apology.

memory boi.png


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HELLO FRIENDS THE TWST S/I FINALLY HAS A NAME it’s adonis cause adonis (mythological) is v pretty and hes in pomefiore AND there r adonis butterflies n hes based off a knife and theres such thing as butterfly knives. finally yall will have to listen to me yell about the hyperfixation

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I swear to god I open my ask box and you gremlins are doing weird shit constantly

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I just built a snowman hehe

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“Studio Killers - Jenny (I Wanna Ruin Our Friendship) OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO”

It has some extra bits that offer character and world building. They are also just adorable! Totally worth watching, even if you saw the original music video.

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the fact that misha would actively get in trouble for bringing up destiel at cons but continues to do it i- truly thank u u funky little man

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