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#i love it!!
softcinnamoroll · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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abd-illustrates · a year ago
Tumblr media
(Submitted by @dork-industries)
“i’m tired but have this pic i doodled up of paddy sayin gay rights”
🌈 🍁 ✨ !!!
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punkshitposts · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
My new custom printed shirt came from eBay. Gonna wear it to pride in a couple of weeks.
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theeleanorvance · 4 years ago
Andrea Dworkin puts “[sic]” behind every instance in which someone she quotes refers to women as “girls” and it is keeping me alive
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I was reading your comic and was inspired to make some memes. Was to afraid to Ink them so intill I have time to do digitally enjoy the sketch’s! Love your comic btw the shading style is soooo cool! (submitted by @hoodiesandsucculents )
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saduh · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
I'm screaming. I just got this commission of yes, me and Klaus. Thats actually me.
@romyjones did a STUNNING job with this! I'll definitely be getting another one!
yes that's possibly literal height difference too. and yes I am that kinda person who gets commissions of herself with her favorite character lol
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criticalrolo · 11 months ago
What are some good uses for Minor Illusion? I have it but I never use it.
Well, just from tonight, where we’ve all been Honey I Shrunk The Kids’d:
Other PC can’t tug a spell scroll from a book shelf. Minor illusion a giant rat beside them to startle them, giving them some fear adrenaline and advantage on the strength check.
A cat is chasing us while we’re the size of bugs. Minor illusion a glowing red dot on the wall to catch its attention in the other direction.
We’re too small to catch the attention of a wizard focused on transcribing spells into her spell book. Minor illusion a giant rat on top of her papers.
She looks around but doesn’t see us in the carpet. Minor illusion a giant rat on her lap, then on the ground, then a trail of them leading to where we are in the rug. 
Basically you can minor illusion ANYTHING that fits in a 5ft by 5ft cube, or make ANY sound. (If you’re an illusion wizard you can do both at the same time!) It’s SO good for quick distractions, describing a person or a thing, making diagrams. OR you can use it to trick people into missing the cave you’ve just ducked behind by covering up the entrance, or create some misleading track in the mud. OR you can create an illusory gold coin or diamond or any object to use as bait for a trap.
You’ve got a getaway car, a laser pointer, a Powerpoint App, a small animal menagerie, all contained in One Perfect Cantrip. It truly is limited ONLY by your imagination and it SLAPS
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welovesandalwood · 4 years ago
"So where are the kids?" Magnus was stripping off his coat. Alec held out his hand and caught the coat as Magnus tossed it to him, a practices move that suggested he was used to the gesture. "I left them with a nice girl named Cristina. She said she likes children." "You just left our children with strangers?"
Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare
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lilyvzs · 2 years ago
Could you draw Ivan in Prince Adam's suit and Horrificator in Belle's dancing dress?
Hmmm, that sounds very sweet. I’ll see if I can get to it. Just please bear in mind that I still have two pending palette requests from a challenge I posted almost a year ago??
P.S. No promises ;)
Wait a minute!… Is that a Malebeauty and the Fembeast??? OMG, I have to do it!!!
Tumblr media
Yeah. It’s beautiful :’)
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adhd-luffy · 2 years ago
dunno if this is a hot take but the op fandom is probably the nicest fanbase i’ve been a part of
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choisgirls · 4 years ago
RFA + Saeran + V with a MC who has an 'emo-like' fashion ?? Facial piercings and black wardrobe vibes. tHaNkS a bUnCh
A/N: Y'all haven’tseen how I dress but this me a lot of the time ^^;; (Though when I went throughthis emo-phase back in high school I had blue hair and raccoon eyes but omG IMISS MY BLUE HAIR I WANT TO DYE IT BACK) I kind of went based off of things Iwould wear during this phase sooo;;; ~Admin 404
           -You were nicely dressed at theparty so he really had no idea what your casual sense of style would be, but nomatter what it was, he was sure it was gonna be cute!!
           -10/10 did not expect you to bewearing so much black and spikey… things
           -???? Is this the same MC??
           -Has nothing against it at all but?WOW not what he expected
           -You’re still the same MC!! Just….in darker clothes and makeup than expected!!! Still loves you!!
           -“MC! Share some of yourbracelets with mmmeeee!”
           -He also loves the splash of colourit gives your outfit!!!!
           -If you dye your hair he’s 500% forit because now you two can dye each other’s hair!!
           - you steal his leather jacketvery often
           -But he loves it!!!
           -It’s very expressive! Completelyaccepts it!!
           -If you have a tongue or lippiercing he is fuCKING WEAK
           - THE BEAST, MC, THE BEAST!!!!!!
           -Ripped skinny jeans!!! Yes!!! Putthem on!!! Y E S
           -Secretly loves the short vests youput on over loose tank tops
           -If he sees any black piece ofjewelry, or a piece of clothing with a skull on it, he’s buying it for you
           -He knows you like black, but???It’s so cute when the only splash of colour you put on is in your hair!
           -She’s really happy you expressyourself but!!!
           -This is so not businessprofessional MC that’s…the point, jaehee
           -Respects how well you can do yoursmokey eye makeup! skills, MC, skills
           -Paints your nails for you if youpaint hers!
           - refuses to admit she checks outyour butt in your skinny jeans
           -She does like your large sweatersand plaid over-shirts though!!!
           -Takes them to wear around the houseand plays dumb when you ask her about them
           -“?? These aren’t yours. I’vehad them for years? Are you sure? I think you’re wrong. See, this plaid shirtis red, you wear all black. It can’t be yours!”
           - Listen here mr. bodyguard, I’m nota threat, I’m not a delinquent, I’m MC and I’m hERE TO SEE JUMIN HAN, JUMIN,LET ME IN!!!!!!
           -C H O K E R S
           -Surprised when you showed up at hispenthouse in a corset-like dress???
           -Aren’t corsets meant to bemore….lingerie-like???
           - what are you trying to say heremc
           -He actually really likes it, solong as you…. don’t wear so many spikes and chains and… black…. and takeout the jewelry in your face when attending fancy parties
           -He tries so hard not to laugh whenElizabeth tries to play with your dangling chains hanging from your belts
           -10/10 Will buy you beanies with catears on them
           -Okay lets be real, he’ll buy youanything black that has anything related to a cat on it pls wear this for himMC
           -Likes when you wear high-heels withspikes all over them, they’re just so badass and he can’t help it?? Butremember to be proper when needed, otherwise it’s all good MC
           -Can and will do your makeup for you
           -If you wear skinny jeans with ripsin them, he’ll make sure his fingers are cold and poke your leg through them
           -Tries to see how many crosses hecan put on your outfit until you tell him to stop
           -Loves giving you his hoodie becauseit’s so big and long and hey, it’s mostly black anyway!!
           -GALAXY CLOTHING!
           -Unnatural hair colours is an A+++++for him!! Loves it!!!!
           -Oh my is that a nose piercing? Howcute!!!
           -He’s okay with it but wow, it’svery expressive of you
           -Black, lacey dresses make him WEAK
           -Every time he sees you in any typeof band merch, he asks you about them
           - secretly has a list writtendown somewhere about the bands you seem to like the most
           -Loves taking pictures of you becauseeach picture shows different pieces of your personality because your outfit isalways expressive
           -Unnatural hair colours are soooopretty in different lights!!!! LET HIM TAKE PICTURES
           -You always seem to carry a backpackthat’s 5 times too big for your body every time the two of you go out forphotoshoots but you’re literally the cutest thing in the world
           -Seriously does not mind how youdress? It’s just a part of you, please be yourself, that’s all he asks of you
           -This little hoe likes to bite onyour lip piercing and it’s like??? DON’T at least not in public okay
           -“MC, that’s my choker. No,it’s mine! I LITERALLY BOUGHT IT LAST WEEK, THAT ISN’T YOURS, YOURS IS ON THEDRESSER”
           -If you wear dark red shades or blacklipstick, he dies and goes to heaven
           -He dyes his hair, so he wouldn’tmind if you did as well
           -Just to mess with you, he’ll pullyour beanie down over your face
           - listen, asshole;;;;;; you’reruining my makeup
           -Doesn’t even try to hide the facthe checks out your butt in your skinny jeans
           -You try to take his jacket but heALWAYS catches you and takes it back
           -“Get your own! I’m wearingit!” “But I like it!” “THEN GET YOUR OWN I JUST SAIDTHAT”
           -Spike-Squad; no one gets close toyou in fear of being poked by them lets be honest people avoid you alltogether because??? so much black tends to scare others
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