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tincanfics 2 days ago
proper dad behavior
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will80sbyers a day ago
little Lucas and Max having that beautiful conversation where Max talks about her parents divorce and Lucas is so attentive and the soft music plays in the background 馃挄
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furubaycrossing 17 hours ago
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some neighbourhood living 馃尡
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willowistic22 2 days ago
Superache by Conan Gray. That鈥檚 it. That鈥檚 the post.
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the-beautyofreality a day ago
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Cleavage and coffee was the vibe today on our Tumblr feed. I鈥檓 ALWAYS happy to hold up my favorite prop. Anyone up for a coffee date? 馃拫 @coupleofadventurers
Your cleavage is eye catching @coupleofadventurers and tempting to the touch鈥 even for a straight woman like me.
Reality for the win.
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stormandstress 2 days ago
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mood pt. 3
(no but for real i would run to eddie and kiss him and take care of him)
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concernedbrownbread 2 days ago
I love how we all expected Klaus to be the one wanting to see the Ball of Twine and Five being the one on a mission, but then they just flipped it on its head
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stevienick 19 hours ago
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new haircut im 馃尭馃挌馃崁馃崉
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nicenice7 a day ago
Wilford Spotify playlists are great because it's just 20 minutes of angst with Rasputin or some shit slapped in the middle
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luverleaver 2 days ago
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The fact he last wore this jumpsuit in 2019 makes me sniffle a bit
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ofswordsandpens 2 days ago
oh the tragedy of trying to circumvent your prophesized future only to solidify that path with every step you take to fight against it
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jeaniethebanished a day ago
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look at my hair color i did last night on a whim :) 鉂わ笍鈥嶐煍
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iwilleaty0urmum 2 days ago
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nothingbutlimbo 2 days ago
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鉁╢illing a whole sheet of Spamton this one is the best so far鉁
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artpjm a day ago
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喹 鈾○潌 閫 喹 Mimi 饟垝鈾ワ笌喙'饾棇鉅陹 饾柤戬潡堦饾梿戬潡傪潡囸潡 陹扁爛' 猹┾ 饾厔鈾√ 瑷 鈽 藱 _喈
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if-mirrormine a day ago
I don't know if this is a bug but I put "Winnie" as the shortened name and Gray referred to me as "Amzy"
that's not a bug, amzy is just a fun little nickname gray has for the mc!
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fictionadventurer a day ago
Can I just say how immensely satisfying it is to see all of the arguments that the pro-life side has used to disprove illogical abortion arguments being put forward in the actual Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v Wade?
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a-lil-perspective 2 days ago
Okay u know Crosshair and Auntie are married for several years before they have Asher right so like I just think about Cross going through all these obscure phases in the meantime.
Like we know how he went through his farmer phase, but what about one where he wants to buy a space motorcycle and Auntie is just scratching her head like ???
But Cross insists it鈥檒l be fun, taking his wife for a hot (and fast) speeder bike ride in the evenings, and pretty soon he鈥檚 got Dee pretty roped into the idea even though she鈥檚 like 鈥淵ou know nothing about working on bikes??鈥
Crosshair says he鈥檒l just join a community of fellow bikers and she pointedly tells him, 鈥淭hat鈥檚 a biker gang.鈥
Ever since then she teases him about how he almost joined a biker gang. XD
Or or this one time for several months Crosshair was adamant he wanted to own his own pub. XD
So there鈥檚 his farmer phase, his biker phase, and his entrepreneurial phase. XD
Anyway. Just thinking about Ram鈥檚er husband going through all these phases before Asher.
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idkitswhattheycallart a day ago
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Aconite by: @groovygladiatorsheep
Norman by: @zagida10
Amonite by @groovygladiatorsheep
Matchi by @oatsyterandco
Loves his family
His tentacles appear on the lower part of his back like tails
His flower closes if he is stressed or nerves
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ssaalexblake 2 days ago
the entirety of s11 being 13 on her best behaviour, not bothering to go absolutely nuclear on a bad guy because none of them were dangerous enough or interesting enough, only for us to hit spyfall and for her to abruptly stop putting on any front of decency and pleasantness to meet the master smack in the middle, brutal, violent, underhand, terrible... The Structure of it. That this was here the Whole Time and she just never let it out. That the doctor has no need to hide this from the master, they already know, even if they didn鈥檛, they鈥檇 never Judge them for it.聽
Total freedom was a bad look on this one.
It puts so much perspective on why she uses other people as self restraint.聽
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