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#i love mammon
mammonssugarmamma · 9 hours ago
Lucifer being over protective of nerd mammon and not liking mc because he's scared they will break mammons heart (im sorry but big bro luci being protective of mammon is my life)
luci protecting nerd mammon from the “big bad” mc!
a/n: ahaaahhhhhhhh i love nerd mammon so much so thank you for requesting this<3 gonna link pt 1 (just some random headcannons)
nerd mammon pt1
ever since mammon was little and could start school lucifer always noticed he didn’t have many friends and was the black sheep in his class
he did well in school but the social aspect of it just wasn’t his thing and more than once lucifer saw kids bullying mammon which would just make his blood boil
one day lucifer could see the tears forming in mammon’s eyes, the bruises and the bandages and from that day on lucifer swore to himself that he would protect him from everything and everyone
it was all going well for the most part up until you came along and plagued mammon. it wasn’t big or anything but he noticed mammon would start to daydream more forgetting to complete homework and simple chores
his mind panicked and thought mammon was being bullied again but was mammon smiling just now? a real smile? lucifer honestly had no clue what was happening until he holed himself in his room more often and was on his phone way more than usual
on multiple accounts would he see his brother smiling and laughing which made him happy but curious. to ease his mind he asked mammon one night over dinner and the result that he made his first friend made lucifer softer than ice cream.
he was so proud of his brother and wanted to meet them right away to obviously see who they were and to get to know them but after all these years he had this little feeling in his gut which he had to suppress.
after the great news mammon had asked his brother if you could come over to which mammon had to make sure everything was perfect for you because apparently you were “special than all the harrison porter movies combined”
you guys were going to work on homework, watch some movies, eat dinner and go home. nothing more nothing less just two friends hanging out without a certain older brother interrogating you and watching you like a hawk...
the evening started out somewhat peaceful, as soon as you walked in the door Lucifer was fast to introduce himself and you can’t put your finger on it but was he looking at you a little harsh? and was his handshake a tad bit tight? 
mammon knew what was going on and had tried to make a b line to his room but was stoped by Lucifer who insisted they work on their homework down in the dinning room as there was more space and it was easier to bring refreshments
as the two of you worked you honestly couldn't stay focus and get it done. was it because of the loud noises coming from the kitchen? or was it Lucifer standing right behind you watching your every move with a plate of snacks? you honestly couldn't tell and mammon had felt distracted himself
so homework time was cut short and now it was movie time! The entire week mammon had carefully handpicked movies he knew you liked and some movies that match both of your interests. (what a sweetheart)
this time he managed to sneak both of you inside his room and couldn’t wait to have one on one time with you! as he turned on the movie he inched closer to you, to where he put his arm around you and your head placed on his shoulder
everything was going smooth until luci came upstairs to a horrific picture of you some stranger who he doesn’t trust and his sweet innocent little brother kissing shocker
if lucifer didn’t like you when you got here then he definitely doesn’t like you now he grabbed your stuff and asked you to leave if he ever saw you again with his brother hell would pay 
Tumblr media
i’ve had this in my drafts for so long that at this point i wanna post what i have and maybe make a another part to this a fluffy alternative ending maybe?
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moemammon · 7 months ago
I live for the idea of MC and Mammon just doing dumb best friend stuff
Something funny happens in class, and literally all MC has to do is look at Mammon and he just bursts out laughing and gets in trouble
MC just takes off running down the hall so Mammon starts running too, and now they're both just running as fast as they can and fucking cackling for no reason until one of them almost slips and now neither of them can breathe because they're laughing so hard-
MC sitting in a shopping cart while Mammon keeps handing them things to add to the ever growing pile that's slowly burying them alive
MC and Mammon locking eyes at the dinner table, and now they're having a staring contest while everyone else is wondering what the hell is going on
MC: Right, Mammon?
Mammon, who doesn't know what the fuck is happening: Yeah
Mammon and MC having their picnic ruined because a wasp comes a little too close and they both immediately got up to run
Sitting in silence on the couch, legs draped over one another while they scroll through their phones and show each other stupid videos and memes
MC dares Mammon to jump as high as he can on his bed and he promptly breaks the frame, so now they have to explain to Lucifer what happened
Pointing to an ugly creature/monster in a movie and saying "that's you"
Mammon showing MC a picture of Lucifer's face zoomed in REALLY close and trying his damndest not to laugh because "SHH LUCIFER IS RIGHT THERE SHH-"
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obeymefictionwriting · 2 months ago
Hidden Insecurities of Brothers & Undateables
Lucifer: “Did I ruin everything by deciding for MC on where we would go for dinner? Am I being too pushy?”
Mammon: “Does MC, like everyone else, think I’m too childish and incapable of doing something worthy?”
Leviathan: “Do they really see past my gaming addiction or do they just pity me? Also, do they like the way I look or maybe they are dreaming of someone looking like Beel?”
Satan: “Maybe they need someone more funny and less serious, not a bookworm like myself”
Asmodeus: “Maybe I am not the number one for them? Maybe I’m not as great as I think of myself?”
Beelzebub: “I wonder if MC thinks I’m stupid”.
Belphegor: “I hope I didn’t go too far with my jokes this time. I’m just scared of getting attached to somebody and can’t help it”.
Diavolo: “I wish someone saw more than the Devildom Prince in me”.
Barbatos: “Sometimes I want to scream but I can’t because I have an image to stick to”
Simeon: “Am I a good example of an angel or is Michael disappointed in me?”
Solomon: “My power does not define my personality so who am I, really?”
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mammonkissr · 3 months ago
mammon: is extremely powerful and could k1ll me easily if he felt like it.
me: my little meow meow... my small baby... i will protect u for forever... i will keep you so safe.. i will put you in my pocket and hold you so tight... small baby...
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pen-ink-therapy · 4 months ago
oh. oh your replaced MC verse is super interesting.. i have no clue if u accept requests or have any more planned for it rn, but i was wondering. about mammon's part especially, and MC is hurt by it (ofc they are, who won't be? they trusted mammon so so very much...) just to be betrayed like that... what would the aftermath be?
(if anything, wouldn't it be a little worse if MC pines for Mammon, and still does despite everything? HAJSGSJGDJDV)
Hi anon! My requests are open rn, and tbh, writing Mammon's part was physically painful for me, because I simp for this man like holy shit-
I think it would be easy to lure Mammon into a false sense of security by going along with everything he says. I've noticed that Mammon practically thrives off of praise since he's used to being the punching bag of the family.
The new student will find that out soon during their stay and would use it to their advantage. Mammon, being assigned their guardian, would at first not even notice how the new student tends to monopolize his time. Barging in on his time with the MC, pulling him away from them. He'd go along with it at first, because it feels good to be depended on and not questioned or ridiculed. Slowly he'd begin losing touch with the MC, even start doing the things he did with them with the new student now. The two will be found sneaking to the casino every other night and getting into shenanigans, and basically having fun.
The MC will obviously feel betrayed, since Mammon makes such a big deal of being their first pact, and the feeling would be amplified tenfold if they have romantic feelings for the idiot.
As for when and how Mammon finds out the new student's true nature, and how much he's hurt the MC, it would either take the MC and him getting into an argument, or one of his brothers revealing it to him. Since we weren't shown Belphie's redemption arc, and because I love an overprotective salty bestie, I like to think that Belphie would be the one to smack some sense into his older brother (literally if he has to). Not because the others don't care about MC and haven't noticed how Mammon's absence has affected them, but because he usually spends his either around or with them, and therefore sees the full extent of it. He's tired of his nap buddy moping because of the idiot, and would probably tell Mammon straight up to stop playing with their feelings.
Once Mammon figures out he's been hurting the MC, and the new student's intentions, you bet he's going to return to them faster than Belphie falls asleep. He'll spoil them with apology gifts and little trinkets, begging for their forgiveness if he has to. He won't even try to hide just how desperate he is to have them forgive him. The boy'll be following them like a lost puppy everywhere.
If they choose to forgive him, he'll become clingier and more protective of the MC. If they don't however, he'll respect their wishes, but he'll be crushed inside.
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nessaxc · 3 months ago
All Wet || Mammon
A beach walk with Mammon turns into something more
~ Rating: Explicit
~ Words: 2.4k
~ Tags: Shower Sex, Public Hand Job, Ocean Hand Job, Skinny Dipping, Vaginal Fingering
Tumblr media
“Nothing.” Mammon had his hands shoved deep in his pockets as you two walked along the beach. The resort was quiet; it was late in the season and you both were some of the few tourists who were still in the area. Your rented bungalow was right near the water, which made it perfect for taking strolls in the sand whenever you felt like it – like now, at midnight – as well as for having mind-blowing, toe-curling, screaming sex whenever you wanted it since the waves typically drowned you both out.
You rolled your eyes. “You’re up to something, Mammon.”
He smirked, his eyes cast downward as you walked leisurely. “Maybe.”
“Like what?”
He glanced up at you, and before you knew what was happening he ripped off his t-shirt, dropped trou, and ran straight into the surf stark naked.
You stared after him, dumbfounded.
“Oh, fuck, that’s cold!” he yelped, right before diving under an incoming wave.
“Mammon, what the fuck?” you called out, laughing, as his head bobbed back up.
“Come on. Water’s fine.”
“You just said it was freezing!”
You heaved a sigh and glanced around; the beach was completely empty. Oh, fuck it. You pulled off your dress and then your bra and panties before you had time to second-guess yourself and made a run for the water. As soon as the waves hit your knees you squealed. “Holy fuck!”
“Get in here before everyone sees you in your altogether!” he laughed.
You took a deep breath and dove in, the chilly saltwater sending a shock through your system. You emerged and Mammon paddled over to you. It was shallow enough that your feet could still touch the sand, but deep enough that the waves broke just past you. “You’re an idiot,” you said, teeth chattering.
“I was just thinking the same thing, to be honest,” he replied. “Come here. Body warmth.”
“I don’t have any left,” you said as you curled up to him.
“Mmmm. You have some.” He squeezed your breasts and motorboated them, sending a spray of water into your both faces.
“Ass,” you said, giggling.
He kissed you, and his mouth tasted of salt and tequila. You melted into his kiss as you both floated on the gently heaving sea.
“We can’t stay out here long,” you murmured as he grasped your hips and pulled you so that you were wrapped around him.
“I know.”
“No lifeguard. Dark out. Dangerous.”
“And romantic. And fun. Come on.” His eyes sparkled as he winked at you. “Let’s be naughty.”
You pursed your lips and raised an eyebrow. “Well, salt and sand are no fun in my naughty bits… but if you can get it up quickly, I can jerk you off.”
He was still shivering from cold when he nodded.
“Baby, I’m already hard.”
You reached into the water and was impressed to find he was. “Even with the cold, Mammon?”
“What can I say? You do magical things to me.”
You giggled as you wrapped one hand around his shoulder to keep balance in the currents. The other hand firmly gripped him and started stroking, pausing every so often to add a little twist at his tip. His eyes were closed as he leaned his head against yours and began nuzzling your ear, giving little grunts of pleasure.
“You’re so big and hard, Mammon,” you cooed.
“Oh, fuck, baby… your hand is perfect… oh, don’t stop,” he whispered.
“You like that? You like it when I use my hand to get you off?”
“What are you going to do to make it up to me when we get back to the bungalow?” You nipped his ear.
He groaned as his hips bucked forward involuntarily. “I’m going to… make you come… at least twice…”
“Promises, promises…” you were teasing him now, running your thumb over his head and dipping it into the slit before stroking down to his base and back.
“I’m going to… drag you into the shower…go down on you…oh, fuck,” he moaned.
You stroked him harder, pressing your legs together as he talked.
“Then… push you up against the shower wall… fuck you from behind… slam into you… oh, oh, Shit,” he gasped, gritting his teeth as you jerked him faster. “Oh God, I’m going to… fuck!” he cried out as his cock twitched in your hand, the warmth of his come momentarily floating past your fingers and legs before dissolving into the cold seawater. He leaned against you heavily, leaving a hot, open-mouthed kiss on your shoulder as you both bobbed with the motion of the waves.
“Always,” he replied, breathless.
“Ready to make good on your promise?”
He gave a low, suggestive laugh. “Oh, yes. Or at least, I will be, once I recover from that, you damn succubus.”
“Hey, this was your idea, you filthy man.” you stuck your tongue out at him, then you quickly checked the beach again and saw you both were still, thankfully, alone. You gave him a wink and dove under the next wave, riding it to the sand. You picked yourself up and took off towards your clothes, pulling on your dress quickly and grabbing your bra and panties.
He followed right behind, his spent cock flapping ridiculously between his legs as he grabbed for his pants, and you couldn’t help but laugh. He yanked his shorts on and picked up his t-shirt before grabbing you in a tight embrace and kissing you as though his life depended on it. “That was fucking incredible, baby… thank you.”
“You’re welcome,” you giggled. “Now… I believe I heard some mention of two orgasms in the shower.”
“Oh… did I say that?”
“Why? You going back on your word, Mammon?”
“No,” he grinned. “But I could’ve sworn I said three.” He grabbed your hand and you both sprinted back to the bungalow.
It only took you three minutes to get back at the rate you were going and the moment you got inside Mammon kicked the door shut behind him and slammed you up against the wall, kissing and nipping at your neck. You slipped out from his grasp and ran for the bathroom, but he caught up with you. He hoisted you over his shoulder caveman-style and carried you into the washroom while you squealed and laughed. He placed you on the countertop and turned on the tap water before turning and attacking your lips once more, pausing only to pull your dress up over your head so that you were naked once again. You pushed his pants down past his hips as steam from the shower filled the room. His hands roamed over your damp flesh, exploring the curves of your breasts and waist while you ran your fingers through his wet hair.
He suddenly gripped your ass and picked you up again, this time so that your legs were wrapped around his hips, and stepped into the shower with you. He put you down gently and grabbed your body wash, squirting a generous amount into his palm.
“Turn around, babe,” he murmured, and you obeyed. He worked the soap into a lather and started massaging your back with his strong fingers, and you moaned out loud. He kneaded and stroked the kinks out of your shoulders before he moved down your spine, finally scrubbing and squeezing your ass. He ran both hands up and down each of your legs, soaping them up thoroughly before finally turning you back around. He kissed your forehead while he soaped up your arms and belly, saving his final attentions for your breasts. He traced circles around your nipples before radiating his touches outwards, covering you completely with the sweet-smelling bubbles. Then he whirled you around so that we switched places and you were under the stream of hot water, the body wash dripping off your skin in sudsy streams.
You grabbed his soap and began to reciprocate, scrubbing it across the tan, taut muscles of his chest and abs before you knelt down. You gave his cock a teasing stroke as you soaped him up, then moved to his long, strong legs. He had his eyes closed when you stood back up and turned him around, pressing into his shoulders with firm squeezes, and he let out soft grunts of pleasure as you massaged the tension out of his back. You admired the soft curve of his ass and thighs as you finished soaping him up; by now you were clean, so you pulled him under the showerhead with you and kissed him while the hot water rinsed him off. His fingers probed you curiously as the last of the seawater ran down the drain, and you gave a little gasp as he rolled your clit between his thumb and forefinger.
You weren’t expecting what he did next. He placed you gently on the floor of the tub so that the gentle fall of the shower was aimed right on your belly and pelvis. Then, he knelt between your legs and hoisted them over his shoulders, dipping his head down to put his mouth on you. The combination of the warm water running over your body as well as his rough, hot tongue poking inside you was intense and arousing, and you cried out as he traced his tongue over your clit in maddening circles.
“Oh, fuck, Mammon, that’s… perfect,” you gasped. You were already close, the heightened anticipation from our escapade in the ocean ensuring your body was more than ready for his careful ministrations.
He hummed against you as he drew the little bud into his mouth and suckled at it, and it didn’t take long for you to lose control. You came, your back arching off the floor as your hips bucked into his face, the waves of pleasure rolling through you. He didn’t let up, though; he seemed determined to make good on his promise and he thrust two soaked fingers inside of you, curling them and tapping them against your G-spot. You had barely come down from your first climax when the second hit, even harder, and you let out a tortured cry as ecstasy wracked your body. He extracted his fingers and licked you gently as I floated back down to earth, the hot water streaming over his head and pooling on your skin.
“That’s two down,” he murmured as he kissed right above your mound. “One more to go.”
You grabbed his hair and yanked him up roughly so that he was on top of you. You kissed him fiercely and swallowed his chuckles. His erection was back in full force now, jabbing you in the thigh, and he grasped your arms and pulled you up to your feet as he stood. “You wanted to fuck me from behind, right?” You whispered, turning and grinding your bare ass against his groin.
He moaned as he grabbed both of your arms and held them against the cool tile of the shower wall. “I did… because I still owe you another orgasm…” His voice was deep and full of sinful promise as he spoke into my ear and pressed his torso to your back. “That, and I love the way your ass bounces when I fuck you like this… and those little noises you make, oh God… and the way you reach back and dig your nails into my ass when you’re close and you want me to fuck you harder… the way you come and fall forward and I have to catch you, usually by grabbing onto your magnificent tits while I finish you off…”
You were circling your hips back against him now, desperate to have him inside me. “Please, Mammon…”
“As you wish, Y/N,” he whispered as he pushed your legs apart with his knee and slid forward. You groaned at the intrusion as his cock filled me up; he still held my arms in place against the wall as he undulated his hips against you, his tip just brushing your G-spot.
“Oh, Mammon, that’s… that’s good,” I breathed as the water continued to cascade around us.
“You like that, don’t you?”
“Yes… oh, fuck, baby… more… faster…”
He growled as he slammed into you; he shifted his hands so that he was holding both of yours up against the wall with one while the other snaked around your waist to massage your clit. You arched your back and started to push back to meet his thrusts, urging him forward.
“Baby.” His voice was strained. “Keep that up and I’ll come too quickly…”
“I want to feel you come, Mammon,” you panted. “Please…”
“Not until I feel you…” He paused his rhythm and you let out a frustrated whine, which he silenced with a firm tweak of your clit. You bucked into his hand and leaned your forehead against the wall; You weren’t sure how much more my body could take. “… are you going to behave?”
“Yes, Mammon… yes, please,” you babbled, desperate for your finish.
He started moving again, fucking you even harder while you held still, biting your lip so hard you could swear you were going to draw blood. He sucked at your shoulder while he continued to roll your sensitive nub between his fingers and piston into you from behind. You cried out as you climbed higher and higher, and finally you let out an uncontrollable scream as your pussy clamped down on him in powerful release, your entire body trembling as your brain shut down. Stars burst behind your eyelids as you tried to breathe, pleasure shooting through every nerve in your body. As your cunt contracted and released around him he came with an animalistic roar, spilling everything he had left deep inside you. He caught you just as you began to pitch forward and slipped out of you, holding you close while you both caught your breath.
At that moment, you two were shocked by a deluge of frigid water from the shower. You shrieked and leaped out of the tub, grabbing a towel as he followed behind you, laughing.
“Well, I guess we went through all the hot water,” he said, chuckling as he wrapped a towel around his waist and picked me up again. He threw you on the bed and cuddled next to you. “Not that we need it to stay warm. Right, babe?”
“Shut up, Mammon,” you said sleepily.
“Hey! I just gave you three orgasms in less than 30 minutes. I think I deserve a little more tenderness than ‘shut up.’”
“And I jerked you off while skinny-dipping in the frigid ocean,” you said, snuggling into him. “I’d say we’re square.”
He gave a soft chuckle as he pulled you close, then nuzzled your hair as you both drifted off to sleep, sated and happy.
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strwbrryxprtzl · 4 months ago
Mammon doesn’t say “I love you”
Mammon doesn’t say it. He’s too embarrassed to say it, especially to his brothers. Oh, specifically, his brothers.  But with his human, he never thinks twice and always mutter those three words to them. 
But, that doesn’t mean Mammon doesn’t love his brothers.
Lucifer? Mammon always, always, help his big brother in secret. Because he knows no matter how much Mammon do good things in front of his big brother, he’ll never get the praise he wanted, or the affection he deserved. So, as much as possible, Mammon handles difficult things so it won’t burden Lucifer. He always hide his debt not because Lucifer will scold him, but because he doesn’t want to add stress to the Avatar of Pride. 
Back in the celestial realm, Mammon had always brag about how much he loves his older brother. But that changed, it drifted the two apart, but that doesn’t mean Mammon doesn’t love him anymore.
He does, in a form of always being there for the eldest. Ready to take on tasks and responsibilities (even sacrifices) so Lucifer won’t feel alone.
Leviathan? his sweet younger brother. He used to sing lullabies to Levi whenever the latter had a nightmare. Mammon, as much as possible, tried to be the best and loving brother Leviathan could ask for. Lucifer is already strict, and Mammon doesn’t want Levi to experience that kind of big brother. Lucifer doesn’t praise him as much as before, so that’s why whenever Leviathan (or his much younger brothers) did something— Mammon would always cheer for them.
Mammon will always listen to Leviathan, he’ll always understand his needs. Whenever his younger brother feels left out; Mammon will notice him, but in a way where he teased Levi so much that they’re both causing a ruckus. Mammon doesn’t show his love to Levi directly, but the idea of him watching the Avatar of Envy from afar is already good enough. Leviathan clings into him because Mammon is still his big brother, no matter the circumstances nor how many insults were thrown. He trust Mammon very much. And the latter will support him no matter what, even behind the insults he exchange with Levi. 
Mammon loves Leviathan in a form that he’ll show him affection, and notice him in his darkest of days. 
Satan? It’s a bit hard for Mammon to show his affection to the Avatar of Wrath. Because he feels like Satan’s a big boy now— a gentleman rather. He remembers the time he used to take care of Satan with Asmodeus’s company. He’ll always explore the library with Satan, introducing him new books, but mostly letting him read the books he’s interested in. Mammon doesn’t force Satan with his choices, he’s just there to guide him. 
No matter what Satan does, Mammon doesn’t judge him. Even with the insults Satan sometimes states, it doesn’t affect Mammon because he knows he would be that kind of understanding older brother. In terms of anger, Satan always admires Mammon. Of how he never once let anyone break him. The patience Mammon has to not break into his demon form is astounding. Satan respected him for that. 
Mammon adores his little brother, the first one to accept that Satan is not Lucifer. Satan is Satan. Asmodeus was the second one, loving Satan in his language. 
Mammon knows Satan can handle himself now, but he’ll always be present in his life. 
Asmodeus, the one whom he always watch the sunset with. He used to take Asmodeus in all the beautiful places in the Celestial Realm. He’d always give him time, sometimes abandoning his responsibilities (sorry Michael!) just so Asmodeus wouldn’t feel lonely. He’ll always tell Asmodeus how pretty he is, and how the sunset that’s basking underneath them gives Asmo the beauty of an unforgettable jewel. 
Mammon will always accompany his brother wherever they go; he even invites Asmodeus in a sneaky way, in a way that Asmo will see it as an invitation instead of a bonding. Because Mammon knows Asmo changed after the fall, but he’ll always be his baby brother. 
Mammon will not hesitate to say Asmodeus is pretty in his own way. Despite the insults and harsh comments the latter says at his big brother, Mammon always know what words to say to the Avatar of Lust on his worst days.  Beelzebub, his ever so loving younger brother. Mammon remembers how he always make Beel all the delicious recipes he knows. And when in times that the younger one is not in the mood— Mammon knows what to do. Sometimes, he even takes Belphegor with them while he bakes. 
Mammon loves baking, he might not be the best chef out there, but he knows how to bake. He took classes with Simeon back in his time in the Celestial Realm. He loves seeing the smile on Beelzebub’s face whenever the latter eats his baked products. All in all, Mammon loves his baby brother, the Avatar of Gluttony, and how much he enjoys watching Beel eats his food—smiling in satisfaction after finishing it. 
Nothing changed much, Beel never once disrespected Mammon. Not once did he insult him too much. Despite having a lot of big brothers; He’ll always listen to Mammon, especially if it’s something emotional. He listens to the advice Mammon gives him, and never once doubt him. He knows when and where Mammon is serious or not. 
Mammon loves the twins; he’ll always stargazed with them, even together with Lilith. 
Belphegor, Mammon used to be so close to him. But after everything, it created a crack, a crack that Mammon is scared that he’s trembling whenever he stepped to hard. But he took the risk, for the Avatar of Sloth. He knows how much Lucifer is strict, that’s why Mammon took it in himself that he’ll always let his younger brothers let loose, but with limitations, of course. He’ll sing, from time to time, intentionally near any place where Belphie might be sleeping. Mammon, in his own communication to Belphie, reassures him that everything will be alright. 
He’s soft, and very much protective of the twins. (Especially after Lilith fell.) Mammon always looks out for Belphegor, always has his arms open for him. He always made his bed comfortable, so whenever Belphie will sleep walk to his room, his hugs and pillows are ready. He’s always there to comfort him, to be there with him. Mammon doesn’t care about the insults anymore, as long as Belphie stil has trust and depends on him (even if it’s not evident) Mammon can rest without worry. 
Lilith, his beloved baby sister. Mammon always had a special place of her in his heart. He always adores her sister. Lilith is Mammon’s guardian, despite that he’s the eldest between them. Lilith understood Mammon, gave him time and loved him genuinely. Lilith looks up to all his big brothers, but of course in different perspectives and ways. Lilith looks up to Mammon in terms of emotional and mental help. Mammon knows what to say and do in such situations. 
Mammon knows Lilith is happy, somewhere in another universe or timeline, Mammon will be fine as long as Lilith is living her best life out there.
Mammon will always be loyal to Lucifer. He’ll always buy Leviathan the merchandise and stuff the latter had missed. The second born will absorb himself into new books so that Satan could have someone to share his opinions with. He’ll always accompany Asmodeus whenever he goes shopping for clothes. He’ll be happy to bake more food for Beelzebub. He won’t hesitate to sing another lullaby to Belphegor. He’ll always remember Lilith.  
And you? His human. Mammon loves you with all his heart. He loves you from the moon and back. He understands you, and when you said you need time and space, he’ll respect that. Mammon always act defensive whenever you reciprocated that love that he deserve, it’s not like he doesn’t appreciate that, he’s just not used to it that he doesn’t know what to react. But he’ll always remind you that you are his first. Nothing will change that. Under the stars, under the big blue sky, or everywhere you go. As long as you are there, he will mutter those three words. 
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mythsofkairos · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
scenario: So remember that one human kid Mammon took in? Well, what if Lucifer found out and is mad because it means a human was in Devildom without Diavolo’s knowledge and consent all this time. He tries to get a hold of the child, and oh boy is the Avatar Of Greed furious....
[ the series includes: angst, violence, mentions of past, trauma ]
|| Part 1 || Part 2 ||
{ m. list }
Tumblr media
[ taglist: @anotakugardener​, @celestisnothere​, @ice-icebaby​, @jungsh00ksworld​, @sutsuxan​, @crystal-freak24​, @kamiaka​, @cynthiarlan​, @moni-sama​, @angleapple​, @mmeowxd​, @obeythebutler​, @books-and-catears​, @otome-scribbles​, @absolutepokemontrash​ ] 
Tumblr media
No one present in the vicinity of the mishap dared to even breathe, for they were too shocked by what had just transpired in front of their eyes.
As the dust settled from the misshapen concrete of the staircase that had almost caved in straight to Cerberus’s tomb, a familiar looming figure emerged. Spread black wings whose darkness could rival the midnight sky, onyx horns curling out of the sea of raven hair, the crimson of his ebony eyes flaring with the brilliance of a billion burning embers. The ground sunk with a formidable crack beneath his feet as the Morningstar walked forth in all his glory.
But what stood before Lucifer didn’t even hold a candle to the rage he himself felt.
Holding his arms out as a shield, Mammon had shifted to his true form. Viciously gleaming fangs bared at his brother and humongous bony wings completely blocking his view of the child, he looked like a true creation of evil raised from the pits of hell. His muscles were taut and alert beneath the polished leather, the skin covering his fingers rippling and splattering blood in a helix as cuspidate claws sprung out in their stead. The fury flaring in the gradient of his eyes reminded Lucifer of the goddess Lyssa when she would order entire civilizations to self-destruct. There wasn’t much that could make the Avatar of Pride backstep, but as he looked upon the frightening form Mammon had taken he could only think of one word that could accurately describe him.
The growl that escaped his curled lips was enough to drop the hall’s temperature by several degrees. “Don’t. Fucking. Touch. Her.”
Satan was already tethering on the edge of madness, the monster of his sin inside him greedily feeding on the turmoil and rage rolling off the second-born in waves. Before he knew it, his tail and horns had sprung out. Around him, he could feel his remaining brothers transform in defense. Whether to hold him down or protect the eldest, he would never know.
“You have some guts...punching me like that.”
There it was. The terrifying baritone of Lucifer’s voice. One that usually sent shivers down the spine of whoever was on the receiving end of it and made their knees buckle. A simple change in his pitch held magnanimous power over someone’s fear, but today it had no effect on the usually cowardly Mammon.
It was as if he had grown physically to rival Lucifer’s aura. There was not the slightest trace of fear or hesitation in any inch of his being.  “And I’d do it again.”
This wasn’t the Mammon they had come to know; who took all the insults thrown his way lying down or stammered pathetically in a futile attempt to cover up his lies. No, this was the Mammon they used to know; one with the spirit of a warrior who defended what he loved, with a devotion that could shake the three realms with its intensity.
Lucifer raised his hand to brush off the particulate debris off his expensive coat, his bloodshot eyes daunting the younger to look away. “I believe there’s something you forgot to tell me about, Mammon.”
“You know exactly why I didn’t, Lucifer.”
A raven eyebrow cocked dangerously. “Finally decided to ditch the pathetic act and try taking decisions, is that so? But alas, it was once again one taken in poor judgement. Not that you can be trusted to do anything right.” A foot was set forward. “Once an idiot, always an idiot.”
“Take another step and I’ll show you what this idiot can do.”
Out of the corner of his eye, Mammon quickly assessed the condition of his brothers. Beel was shielding them in a similar fashion to himself, but he could still see the fear and shock flashing in their eyes and across their expressions. When was the last time he had seen them so terrified? So confused?
Right. The Fall.
“Hand the child over, Mammon.”
When their eyes locked again, the Morningstar realized that he held no influence over the second-born anymore. “Over my dead body.”
Enough. Lucifer had had enough of the insolence. The sheer audacity the brainless idiot had to execute such a reckless scheme right beneath his nose was infuriating as it was. Now he was letting his emotions manhandle any sense Lucifer was trying to make him see. 
When Lucifer took another step forward, it was to no one’s surprise that Mammon lunged straight at him.
The two brothers wrestled and wrangled each other, grappling wildly for any opening in their respective defenses. Feral howls and animalistic roars echoed through the household and beyond, drowning out the sounds of mania the animals occupying the forests were making. Fatal blows were landed and blood was shed, only amplifying the hostility in the atmosphere. Everyone in the room was on the edge as they watched the eldest two tear into each other, a sight they had never seen before. Thus, a sight that truly terrorised them.
Mammon could taste metallic madness on his tongue, every nerve in his body set alight from the stimulation of adrenaline. He felt the last of his self-restraints pressing overwhelmingly against the zenith of his sanity. It would have been too easy to set the beast raging inside him free, to either fight the strongest demon he was related to or perhaps even die trying. His revenge, his retaliation, his rebellion lay at a stone’s throw from him. But he couldn’t stop, not now.
Finally landing a solid kick on Lucifer’s side, he managed to pin his brother down just as his guard lowered for a split second. Mucronate talons of one hand digging through his flesh and into his collarbone, Mammon raised his other claw in the air with a deafening roar. He would’ve struck without a second thought, rationality completely overtaken by bloodlust, had the piercing cry for help not fallen upon his ears.
“P-Please stop!”
It was as if time had stilled as Mammon felt his entire body heave at the words. The blood was no longer pounding like war drums behind his ears, his lungs no longer burning from the lack of air. His constricted pupils dilated, making him see what he had been blindly charging into. Lucifer’s face was trickling with warm blood and a patchwork of bruises, his usually prim and proper clothes all scratched and roughed up. None of his attacks had seemed to chink his armor of pride though, for he looked just as outraged as ever.
Slowly, Mammon peered over his own shoulder at the source of the sound. Cassie’s entire expression was molded into one of extreme terror, more intense than the day he had rescued her from the cult hellbent on sacrificing her. Her cerulean eyes were wide and brimming with tears, her clenched fists pressed against her chest. His heightened senses could pick up her erratic heartbeat, could see the miniscule way her entire frame trembled at the sight in front of her.
It was enough to make all rage fizzle out of Mammon’s system.
Carefully slinging his legs of Lucifer’s frame so as to not startle her, he turned his frame to face her. His demon form had all but retracted, only his arms raised in front of him as a show of peace. 
“It’s alright, Cass. It’s me, remember me?”
The child’s wide eyes shrunk a bit, her staggering breaths slowing to a stop. She knew this Mammon. He saved her from those horrible people and was always watching over her. He always came by to play with her, and always stayed a little longer whenever she asked him to.
“Come here, sweetheart.”
Children are truly a wonder of nature. Ever curious, and oh so forgiving. They were the real angels, not the ones sitting in their abode above the clouds.
She ran straight into his open arms just as her expression contorted in pain, crashing headfirst into his embrace and breaking into muffled sobs once again. He effortlessly scooped her up with one arm beneath her, her legs quickly wrapping around his midriff as if he were to dissipate into thin air. Her little hands grabbed fistfuls of Mammon’s shirt, all while he kissed her flushed plump cheeks and stroked her hair gently.
“’s okay. It’s over, alright? I’m right here, and I’m not going anywhere.”
The repetition of those sentences seemed to drape a soothing blanket over the girl, for he could feel the tension leave her little body beneath his fingers. But she still curled up against him, and his hands never stopped comforting her.
Everyone simply stood by and watched on. What felt like eons of pent up rage and madness exuding from the Avatar of Greed like heat from a scorching sun had all but vanished in an instant as he held the overwhelmed little girl close to him. Multiple shades of surprise and shock flashed through everyone’s minds, combined with an emotional whiplash to freeze them where they stood. No one dared approach the two standing in the middle of what looked like a warzone.
The sound of rubble shifting behind Mammon snapped his senses back to attention. He turned his profile ever so slightly to witness Lucifer rise once again, wiping blood off of his mouth with the back of his torn gloved hand. His expression was as dark as it was mirthless, his black eyes hyperfixated on him and the dust and sweat sticking on his forehead gleaming dangerously. “Ma–”
Never in his entire life had Lucifer expected a hand to be raised against him, much less from his own brother. But he could only watch in an unfamiliar stupor as Mammon glared at him with a toe-curling coldness in his eyes, clearly expressing that he didn’t want to hear a single word out of the first born with a firm hand held out in the space between them.
After what felt like an eternity of silence, the second born’s clear voice pierced the thick air of the house with its clear authority.
“I know what I did, Lucifer. No amount of whipping or burning from you can knock the brains out of me.”
Behind his back, Beelzebub visibly flinched at the words.
“I did what I had to to protect this girl, or the ones who had offered her to me would have killed her. I really wish I could have come to you sooner about this, but I had no idea how you would react.” A sadistic shimmer glossed over his farrago irises. “And judging from what just happened, for once in my life I was right.”
Lucifer’s lips parted, but no words came out. His head felt like it was slowly spiraling down a drain, the exertion of such a heavy brawl after millennia of rigorous deskwork locking his muscles. A small part of his active mind caught sight of his brothers’ shriveled condition, but he was just as at a loss as them. He was used to putting the foot down, not getting the foot put down on him.
Mammon draped his free arm over the girl’s torso, who had passed out of exhaustion. He watched her tiny figure curled up against his upper body, clinging to him like a newborn animal. A very frightened newborn. It absolutely tore his heart to shreds to imagine that for a moment, his bloodthirsty form had brought back a number of painful memories for her. He had seen it with his own eyes when he had been summoned; the black cloaks, the terrifying chanting, the mania in their laughters. And he remembered his own horror when he saw what was being offered to him. A child no older than Lilith when he first held her, trembling with burning red scars littering her beautiful skin. He didn’t remember when he lost control, when he slaughtered them all like a butcher with the same hands he had raised against his own brother today, but he remembered tethering back to his sanity the moment his eyes met the child’s again. 
But when he looked up once again, there was no empathy in those empty eyes. In its stead was a detachment that had made home in his body long before it had crossed his mind.
“Don’t waste the time you clearly don’t have thinking up a punishment. I’ll do the job for ya. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I think my idea’s pretty foolproof.”
Reaching down to his pocket, Mammon pulled out his D.D.D. Like any other collateral in war, it had been damaged beyond repair. If he looked close enough, he could see his own apathetic resignation reflected in the labyrinth of cracks decorating the screen. He let it slip from his grip, and it crashed on the floor with an obnoxiously loud clatter. Raising his foot slowly so as to not disturb the snuggling child, he brought it down on the device with a force so enormous only fine grains of metal remained beneath his feet when he moved away.
“I’m leaving this place. And I’m taking this kid with me. I swear on the bond between us as brothers that I’ll make sure she never opens her mouth about anything she’s ever seen.”
Not waiting for a response, Mammon walked straight over to the door that he had nihilated once stood. The last memory of his final moments in the house. Having spent countless nights thinking about running away to a better happier place, it didn’t feel much different from his imagination. He wouldn’t feel as upset or fraught as someone abandoning their dear kin should, and there would be no opposition or protests upon his. They would move on without him, without someone constantly bothering them and sullying their images as the strongest demons of hell. They would be content, and they would find the peace and salvation they had always ached for since their days in the Celestial Realm.
Too bad he wouldn’t be around. But he was already cradling his salvation in his arms.
“And for the sake of whatever’s left of this family, don’t bother coming after me. Not that you’ll find me anyway.”
Tumblr media
Bonus: I used picrew to create a rough image of how I imagine Cassie to look like.
Tumblr media
It’s not much, but I think she’s adorable. <3
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nekoma-manager · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, leviathan and satan
trigger warnings: mention of boobs?
a/n: it has been a while but I am back hoes! since the obey me anime is being released i thought I’d write some obey me content :) i am high key a whore for mammon <3
Tumblr media
lucifer hates pda - don’t even try to hug him in public or expect any form of affection
when you’re alone though, he is the biggest cuddle bug
after a long day of dealing with his brothers’ bullshit all he wants is to hold you in his arms and breath in your scent
his favourite position to hug you in is lying down with his head on your chest and your fingers playing with his hair
give him head scratches and he will melt
Tumblr media
hugs any time, any place, any where
mammon must have a hand holding on to some part of your body at all times
his favourite way to hug you is hugging you from behind
the little squeaks you let out when he surprises you with a hug make his heart race and he inevitably always hides his blushy face in the crook of your neck
his hands will be wrapped around your waist and he will sway your from side to side lovingly
if he’s feeling a little mischievous he won’t hesitate to grab a boob
Tumblr media
levi is a shy bean and will never ask you for hugs directly
instead he will do everything in his power to hint that he wants hugs and hopes you catch on
levi loves the classic front hug
he’s tall so no matter how tall you are he still towers over you
loves resting his head on top of yours and giving you a forehead kiss while he’s at it
Tumblr media
satan is shy but knows what he wants
he will never verbally express that he wants physical affection; instead he motions to you (and waits for your consent, of course)
he loves cuddling up with you in bed, both of you reading books
he will always end up manoeuvring you on to his lap and hugging you that way
your legs on either side of him and a face full of titty - no better way to hug
despite how lewd his intentions may seem, satan likes to hug you this way due to the intimacy and warmth, the two of you couldn’t get any closer if you tried
Tumblr media
part 2 | part 3 | masterlist
Tumblr media
a/n: it has been a while and I hope you guys liked these, feel free to leave requests in my inbox and will do my best to get to them - i only do sfw headcannons :)
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severed-fate · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Hope I don't regret uploading this tomorrow lol tried to sketch a Mammon and clean it up a bit
You can't say Mammon isn't super elegant when he wants to
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mammonssugarmamma · 24 days ago
Could I request a short drabble or heascannons with Mammon and an mc who gets random cuts and bruises frequently? Like they have absolutely no clue how they got them, "oh, I have a cut on my arm? Neat. Should I use the Marvel or the Disney bandaid."
mc that gets hurt often
a/n: gosh i feel bad not posting anything for a while but i’m back! i’m writing something else that was my main focus so sorry i’ll try to get it out in a couple days
but here’s this we all need a little protective mammon in our lives don’t you think<3
the more mammon hangs around you the more he loses his mind
it’s like every time he turns around you get cut or bruised and he doesn’t understand, he’s supposed to protect you but he can’t even figure out how you got a cut by walking?
the first time he noticed you got hurt he panicked because one you seemed so calm about it and two if Lucifer saw (which he would see) mammon would be knocked into tomorrow 
because of this he always keeps tons of bandaids on him preferably character ones, glitter ones, and his personal fav grim designed bandaids
the more you two get close the more mammon becomes gentle around you, opening your door like a regular person just in case you’re behind it or something smacks you in the face, he doesn’t death grip your arm he actually just holds you hand now (blushing face and all)
he caries your bag at school and anything else you have in your hands so you don’t fall or bruise your body, at this point he’s gotten so soft around you he once served, cut, and spoon fed you dinner which he got called out for but you were thankful
in more intimate moments he holds you like any greedy demon would but you can tell it’s a little loser and a lot cuter. he noticed that when he holds you like this you tend to not hurt yourself so he does this a lot thought the day 
another plus side is the house is now MC proofed! since the place is basically gonna fall apart at any second and the brothers don’t bother to fix it the stairs have padded cushions on them so you don't get splinters or slip and fall, the kitchen now has baby locks and all hazardous stuff that could possibly hurt you (which is apparently everything in the kitchen) is stored and tucked away so you won’t get to it
all the brothers room are MC proofed in some way like mammon now cleans his room so you don’t get hurt and he now holds your hand whenever you walk around his room (it’s for safety purposes and Lucifer even told him to do it) 
all in all mammon makes sure you’re never hurt not even in the slightest. he's basically your bodyguard, you sweet, caring, tsundere bodyguard and he’ll do anything to keep you happy and safe.  
Tumblr media
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thoughtfullydopedragon · a month ago
I can't take Lucifer serious anymore 🤣🤣
This man start a war against God and Heaven
Tumblr media
I said it earlier and I am gonna say it again
This man very stupid (like his brothers) yet he is still head of The House lmao
They gave me same vibes so...
Tumblr media
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obeymefictionwriting · 2 months ago
I'm in the mood for some fluff, so how would the brothers react if MC and them were on a walk, and got tired, so they ask the brother to carry them the rest of the way
Aw, that's lovely. Fluff is my weak spot!
Just picks you up without a word.
"You know, you can ask me to carry you around even if you are not tired".
Is really proud to carry you because everyone can see that you are his.
Has a really hard time with self-control because you are so close and your scent is so... human and teasing.
What do you mean, pick you up?? Ppl are watching!
Five seconds after, his greed kicks in. If he carries you around, everyone will see that and will envy him!
Plus, he really wants to hold you, he just doesn't know how to ask for it.
He is surprisingly strong though.
"Hehe, you didn't expect me to be dis strong huh? I can carry ya around all day long, you just say!"
Like, for real??
He will pick you up with no hesitation but his face will be terribly red.
"It's like in anime right?"
For the rest of your walk, he'll be panicking about not to drop you.
"Sure, kitten. You should have asked me earlier".
He feels really comfortable having you on his hands.
"I've read some medieval novels. Am I good enough for a noble knight?"
He will actually be the most relaxed having you in his arms than his brothers.
"MC, I'm tired. Maybe you can carry me?"
(sorry I couldn't resist :D)
He will just pick you up without a word.
"MC, you should eat more. You are very light. I will carry you to the restaurant now".
No need to say how strong this big boy is.
He kinda feels shy about this because well... he never ever did anything like that for anyone.
He secretly hopes you won't meet his brothers on your way.
When picking you, he swirls you and smiles.
"It will never be boring with me, you know".
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jesterofwords · 6 months ago
How do you think the Obey Me characters would react to MC playing Mystic Messenger? Or even just the other way around (Mystic Messenger characters reacting to MC playing Obey Me)? You don't have to if you don't wanna, I was just curious :)
I'm going to come back to this later and do the second idea (Mystic Messenger reacting to Obey Me), so I hope you like it!
Obey me characters reacting to you playing Mystic Messenger
This man is the Avatar of Pride
You cannot tell me he wouldn't get jealous
Is he not enough for you?
You don't want to wake up on time for school, but you'll wake up at 7 am on a weekend for your fictional boyfriend?
How rude.
He won't talk to you about it, unless you start buying figurines and getting too into it
He's a patient man, and after thinking it through for a bit, he realizes that you'll forget about it soon anyways
It won't stop him from getting offended every time he catches you playing it though
He'll somehow get more jealous than Lucifer
Unlike Lucifer, he won't be able to talk himself out of it
If you start paying more attention to the game than him, he'll get pouty and you'll have to cuddle and reassure him
He'll get over his jealousy quickly
"Of course you'd love The Great Mammon way more than them!"
Please stop playing soon though, his heart can't take this 🥺
I can't tell if he'd get jealous because he'd manage to convince himself you loved the characters in the game more than him
Or if he'd have played the game before
Maybe both
Either way, please reassure him that you love him more than any 2d character
He may want to play with you though
Once he starts playing, he'll probably want to cosplay with you
His favorite would be Yoosung ngl
You supported his love of TSL and "The Magical Ruri Hanai: Demon Girl", so maybe he'd support you in this too
He'd probably think of it like his love of books
Jumin would remind him too much of Lucifer to be comfortable with though
A temporary fascination, but you'll move on eventually
As long as it doesn't interrupt your time together, he doesn't get that bothered
Until then, the game isn't worth his wrath or jealousy
If it does start interrupting your time together though?
He'll make sure you know how "displeased" he is
He'd be jealous at first
You'd have to get him into the game to get him to stop being jealous
He'd get Zen's route first, but you'd have to tell him all about the lore because he's not patient enough to farm the hourglasses needed
...maybe he'd be interested in cosplaying Zen or Seven
Zen would be his favorite, but Seven would be a close second
He probably wouldn't notice unless you brought it up with him
He wouldn't really care that much if you did
It makes you happy, right?
Food makes him happy, so maybe this game is similar?
He doesn't get jealous (*cough cough* unlike some people)
He likes the character designs, and he'll listen to you rant about the game if you want to
I think it'll turn out like how TSL binging with you and mammon went
He wouldn't pay that much attention during chatrooms, but he'd want you to tell him the gist of what happened
Saeran and Seven were instant favorites for obvious reasons
He's not jealous
That's what he says, anyway
He's absolutely jealous
If this game interrupts naptime, it's not a game worth playing
If you showed him the character designs and the plot, he'd hate Jumin
He'd say he didn't have favorites, then get worked up over the mistreatment of Saeran and Seven
Safe to say, he has favorites
I'm so sorry this was so short!!!
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thalfox · a year ago
Since I'm not feeling so good, and need a break from Lucifer feels...
It's a Mammon in love montage! 🥰
(click for sharper images if on app ^^)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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chuumeow · 5 months ago
i feel like mammon would secretly run a fan account for MC so his tsundere self can express his love freely but the brothers will eventually find out about it and tease him-
Tumblr media
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idontknowmyownmind · 6 months ago
Fanfic ideas which are obviously Mammon centric. I never include MC because I'm not that fond of a story that has oc as it's main character.
An effective old curse(?)
There is an old curse that will kill a demon if it is planted on them. To use it, they need a lot of sacrifice (not souls or any of that kind) that is really hard to get because the curse will 100% work. When you have already collected all the important things, the curse can be sent like a voodoo thing and the target will not realize it until the next day. It started with some kind of mark on their wrist and it began to travel to their body. Depending on how long the sender wants it to completely work, the curse will spread at a certain pace a day.
Someone who got this curse will slowly but gradually will started to feels tired fast and lost their senses. Before the day they are supposed to die, they will become an unresponsive person. Not paralized type but more like someone who lose all their senses type.
So, there is a witch who wants revenge on Lucifer by sending the curse. But unfortunately the curse got sent to Mammon instead. On the first day, he doesn't even know about it. He found out about the mark on the second day when it already covered his right lower arm. But Mammon being Mammon doesn't think much about it and doesn't know what it means.
Mammon knew about the curse two days after. He and his brothers are having a movie night, something that happens once in millenials. The rowdy type, Mammon, Asmo, and Levi, have their little quarrel. Asmo tried to attack Mammon with a pillow but slipped and pulled Mammon's top, exposing his right arm.
The other brothers who happen to look also don't know about it and asked Mammon if he got tattoos. But Mammon just looks at the mark confused and says bewilderedly that he is not and this mark just appears out of nowhere. He swears it was just covering his lower arm but how it suddenly covers his right arm, he doesn't know.
Lucifer is the only one who knows about the curse and how to recognize it. So he is surprised and dread following after when he looks at the marks on Mammon's right arm. He suddenly in front of him, startled not just Mammon but also the others, and grabbed Mammon's arm and inspected it. There is no doubt that it is that curse.
Apparently he grabbed it too tightly because Mammon started to complain and said that if he is angry because he thinks it's tattoos, he swears that it is not. But Lucifer ignored him and said that they needed to see Barbatos in a clipped tone. Still not letting Mammon go but loosen his grasp.
(Let's say that Barbatos is a master of curse.)
"Wow, wow. I don't think we need to, it's just weird marks. I'm sure it's gonna gone before I know it"
Lucifer hissed and glared at him. But not like his angry one, there is something else in his eyes, tone and body languages, something urgent and unreadable.
"Don't you know what this mark means?! You're gonna die!"
"Huh?" Mammon's brain shut down and his face was blank.
The other looked shocked. Asmo tried to laugh it off, saying that Lucifer was just joking. But when Lucifer doesn't react and is still in a staring contest with Mammon, his smile drops and fear begins to creep on him.
Series of activities happened and they are on their way to the castle. Lucifer began to intrograte Mammon and got little to nothing important information because Mammon himself doesn't even know a single thing.
The brothers also ask questions and Lucifer answers as far as he knows. Fear envelopes everyone while Mammon tries to joke to light up the atmosphere but gets an angry yet worried death glare from his brothers that shut him up.
When they arrive and explain what they knew, they get the heart breaking news that there is no way to lift the curse.
Some ruckus happens and they decide to find a way to lift it with the help of Barbatos and Diavolo. The curse spread faster than they imagined and on day five it almost covered all his upper body.
In those days, Lucifer, despite wanting to spend his last time with Mammon, just can't stop his research because every second matters.
Satan who usually would rather somewhere else than with just Lucifer always by his side to help.
Asmo and Levi make sure to always have Mammon in sight.
The twins always find time to cuddle Mammon.
Mammon was scared but also frustrated with his brothers. He tried to reason that they don't need to neglect themselves just for him, which got them mad, saying that he is more important that got him speechless.
He just let that happen but even he knows that it will be futile.
The possibilities are endless and I'm not sure where and how I want it to end. But one thing for sure is, in the end Mammon died.
Kind of like a sleeping beauty AU
• The brothers are currently at the party hosted by Diavolo
• After some time, Mammon came to the garden.
• In the garden are Levi and Satan who start to feel suffocated inside with all the social shits.
• With Mammon there, surely it's not gonna be a silent situation.
• He teases, argues a little and does things older siblings would do to their little ones.
• As you know Mammon is the fastest demon, and it seems that even Diavolo and Lucifer won't be able to catch up with him if he wants to.
• Mammon is secretly protective with his brothers, yes it includes Lucifer.
• He senses some malicious intent toward one of his lil bros.
• (My hc) Some of Mammon's power is about time. He's the fastest and he also can manipulate time and make it slower or faster w/o others notice, which is handy most of the time.
• He makes sure to use his power in a small radius, not too far to notice Lucifer or Diavolo but enough to prevent anything that may happen to his lil bros.
• Faster than they can blink, Mammon pushes Levi away.
• Levi yelped and Satan was also shocked by the sudden harsh action. It seemed like Mammon used a little bit more strength than intended.
• Levi looked up angrily from where he pushed off and was ready to throw some harsh words toward Mammon.
• All the words died in his mouth when he watched Mammon crunch down, arms hugging himself, with two arrows stuck in his back.
• He whimpered and hissed in pain when the arrows seemed to glow and disappear in every second along with weird and old looking sigils starting to appear on his body.
• Without a second thought Satan throws the book he's been reading and kneels beside his brother.
• He tries to call him but Mammon ignores everything. He also tried to take the arrows but couldn't and tried to solve what the sigils mean but it's the first time he saw something like this.
• Levi who kneels in front of Mammon tries to make him focus on him but to no avail Mammon's eyes just keep being between focus and unfocus.
• When the arrows completely disappear, the sigils glow a little as if sealing something in before disappearing completely and Mammon slump toward Levi.
• One thing imprinted on Levi's brain is how he saw a completely pure fear in Mammon's eyes before they turned dull.
• Levi froze in his place and when he snapped out of his daze, Satan was already cradling Mammon's lifeless body.
• Satan had Mammon's head pressed on his chest and that's when Levi saw how his usually lively and energetic brother looked like a soulless doll.
• His body looks like a doll that has no string to keep them up and his eyes are dull and lifeless.
• "Levi!"
• Levi looked at Satan who looked at him with apparent fear in his eyes and startled a little because right now, Satan looks like an innocent little kid who doesn't know what to do.
• Although he may be one of the smartest among the brothers and the fourth strongest, he is still the youngest of the brothers.
• "Levi, do something."
• He must be crazy because Levi can hear a hidden plea in his tone.
• It's slow but when Levi finally catches up with the situation, that he should be the one who is in Mammon's position and his brother just saved his life, fear and a sheer terror rush to him at full speed.
• He is afraid for his brother's life, afraid that he may lose him, that because of him he'll never be able to see his idiot but lovable brother anymore.
• He starts to shake Mammon awake, do anything he can, shouthing, but he won't bugger even a little. The only movement of him is the sway of his hair because of the wind.
• Levi doesn't know since when he clutched Mammon's shirt and pressed his forehead on Mammon's chest whilst he cried and shouted incoherent sentences in hope Mammon would wake up and laugh, telling him that it was just a prank.
• For the first time since millennials Satan felt lost.
• He always pride his knowledge but right now he feels useless because he just can watch when his brother suffers, died, in front of him.
• Hearing Levi crying and calling for Mammon, Satan couldn't hold his own tears as they began to stream down his cheek while he tightened his hold on his dear brother.
• It seems that their ruckus attracted some demons who were near the garden and they were smart enough to call their other brothers.
• Satan is silently glad because he swears he will tear them apart in anger if they just stand around and watch while they don't even know what is happening.
• In his mind, he vaguely knows that he needs to get the others but he doesn't want to leave Mammon's side. He's afraid that if he lets him go he will disappear forever and it looks like Levi is not doing any better.
• So they just wait and try to wake Mammon or just think, as much as their hazy mind can, what just happened and what they can and need to do.
• When one of the demons in the party comes to Lucifer, he doesn't really pay them any mind.
• He thinks that they may want to talk with Diavolo or Barbatos like the others before.
• Lucifer and his brothers have been Diavolo's companions since the middle of the party.
• What he didn't, never, expected is the demon talk, inform him that his brothers in the garden make some ruckus.
• When he heard the word white haired brother, the first thing he thought was how Mammon caused trouble again, in Diavolo's party no less. He felt irritated.
• But it melted away quickly as it came when he heard what was said after.
• Two of his brothers, Levi and Satan, weeping, shouting something while crying. Satan.
• And how they hold Mammon because something happened to him.
• He didn't hear what was said next because in a second he was already on his feet and hurriedly walked to the garden.
• There is foreign feeling in his chest and he registers it as fear, he feels his stomach drop.
• His mind ran miles for what had possibly happened.
• It better not be some kind of prank or he's gonna be mad.
• The other brothers, Beel wake Belphie when he senses that something is wrong, along with Diavolo and Barbatos who also hear the conversation following him.
• What they saw in the garden is an unexpected thing, something they thought would never happen.
• When Satan sensed someone closer, he held Mammon closer protectively and snarl at them.
• For the first time he is relieved a little when he sees his brothers, Diavolo and Barbatos.
• With tears still streaming down, he looks at Lucifer and says, "Lucifer, wake him. Wake Mammy, please"
• Mammy is Satan's nickname for Mammon, the only brother who he gave an affectionate nickname to, because he's the one who took care of him the most back then.
• Lucifer is trying his hardest to compose himself because he needs to keep strong for his brothers.
• Asmo went to Levi the moment he arrived and sowed tears when he saw Mammon lifeless eyes.
• He tried to call him, shakily, but got no response.
• He almost went into hysteria seeing his brother state.
• While Lucifer checks on Mammon, Asmo hugs Levi who keeps muttering that it was his fault and how it should be him in Mammon's place.
• Beel and Belphie tried to calm Satan.
• They don't cry but Beel looks close to losing it while Belphie tries to stay strong for his twin too.
• Lucifer's heart clenched painfully when he held his, first, baby brother in his arms, lifeless. It brings back all the bad memories of the past.
• Not a minute after arriving and assessing the situation, Diavolo commanded Barbatos to have all the guests come home.
• Diavolo always admired Lucifer for his calm and collected composure.
• But right now, he can see him slowly losing it the longer he holds Mammon.
• Diavolo knows, everyone knows, despite the fact that he equally loves all his brothers, he always has a special spot for Mammon, the second eldest.
• (Skip because I don't know what else I should write in this scene.)
• After Satan explains everything, they begin to investigate the current case.
• Satan may look fine but he drowns himself in books, something that has something to do with sigils and spells, more.
• Levi rarely went to his room and always stayed in Mammon's room. He may as well stay there with how many things he keeps bringing.
• Lucifer locked himself in his room and just went out to the castle to discuss it with Diavolo and Barbatos.
• Belphie, Beel and Asmo tried to help as much as they could.
• Mammon was laid down in his bed like a sleeping beauty.
• They found out that some demons/witches, for whatever reason, were targeting Levi but Mammon took the blow instead.
• The arrows were covered not only by some spells but also sigils.
• What makes it complicated is, the spells and sigils are the really old, complicated and strong ones.
• The ones that existed when Diavolo was a child.
• The fastest way to get rid of it is to wake the Demon King from his hibernate slumber.
• But they can't do that without any risks for the three realms.
• They need to solve it by themselves.
• It takes them hundreds of years (because I think thousands of years is too long... or maybe not?) to figure it out. The brothers, despite their resolve, didn't function really well. They are determined to wake Mammon but there are also times when it's too much for them.
• In all that time, Mammon was shackled down with holly chains to his knee in a dark void with water reaching his waist. Obviously when he wakes up later, his mind will not be in the best place and will be hard to fix.
• When they finally figure it out, Mammon doesn't immediately wake up and the brothers keep searching for what might be wrong.
• What they don't know is that awakening is a slow process. First, he's going to start to be aware of what is happening around him in his sleeping state. Then his senses will start to function again. And he will start to move his body.
• No one beside him, as they focus on what they can fix, for two weeks and in those weeks he almost regains all his senses and moves his body almost fully. He was still sluggish and trembling like a newborn deer but he got there.
• The first one who finds him is Levi. He walks in and throws himself on the sofa, unaware of eyes trailing his every move.
• Mammon is still skeptical if it's a reality or just something his mind keeps making up in his loneliness at that place.
• But when he is sure it's real, he brave himself to joke about how tired Levi looks.
• Levi looks startled and actually jumps on his feet. There is no way he's gonna mistake those voices, a bit scratchy for not being used for so long but definitely it belongs to Mammon.
• He stood there and stared at Mammon with wide eyes while the latter waved and smiled awkwardly, "well, it's nice to finally be back?"
• Levi's lips began to tremble and tears flowed freely from his eyes. Mammon who was sitting on the edge of the bed panicked and worried as to why his brother suddenly cried and looked pained.
• Without a second thought and ignoring how his body aches, he slowly but surely made his way to Levi and brought him to his embrace to comfort him.
• He is confused and doesn't know what to do when Levi starts to cry harder and hug him as if his lifeline depends on him.
• He spoke incoherently. And when Mammon heard something about that it should be him in his position, Mammon forced him to look him in the eye. Firmly and seriously, he said that what happened was not his fault and he did it of his own will and will do it many times for his brothers if he needs to.
• Levi laugh weetly and burried his face on Mammon's chest, still hugging him, and called him stupid. Mammon just says that it was because he is the great Mammon after all, boastful and laugh loud and clear.
• Levi missed this. So he let himself in Mammon embrace while the latter rubbing his back and caressing his hair gently.
• After some moments of bliss, Mammon states that he thinks he needs to see the others, especially Satan as he was also the one there when everything happened to him.
• They decide to come out when it's dinner to surprise the others.
• They rarely eat together again because it's not the same but this time the brothers manage to find time.
• While waiting for dinner, they talk about many things but not once talking about what happened and where Mammon might be. They talk and talk, sometimes just sitting there basking in a comfortable silence, like nothing ever happened.
• At that moment Levi realized something, every brother of his has their own role in this dysfunctional family. All of them are glue but Mammon is the strongest glue that holds them together.
• It's time for dinner and they walk downstairs to the dining room. Levi talk animatedly about new games and anime series with Mammon beside him, listening closely to whatever he said.
• When he is more sure that it's not some fuck up thing his mind torture him, he is more confident and want to savor everything. He misses his brothers so much.
• They walk slower than usual because Mammon is still not used to moving his body.
• The others brothers who already seated began to hearing Levi loud and antusias voice, something they do not heard since that accident
• They are curious as to what the cause of this and who he talk to but then they froze in place when they heard a familiar loud laugh following whatever Levi says
• They look at the door aticipantly and when Levi and whoever he is with arrived in their peripheral vision, they hold their breath
• Mammon stood beside Levi a little awkwardly and waved at them, trying to look confident and choky when he greeted them.
• Anyone would think it's Beel or Asmo who immediately rush to Mammon, or even Satan remembering how he look at that time
• But much to everyone's surprise, it is Lucifer who suddenly stands in front of them and hugs Mammon. He let a shaky breath
• There are many things he want to say, but he manage just to say, "welcome back, little brother"
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mythsofkairos · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Okay but hear me out
Levi told us that anyone who wins Mammon’s favour finds themselves drowning in money and other riches
And if Mammon leaves them, the bling goes with him
I read a headcanon somewhere that the only reason Levi is able to afford such expensive merchandise and games without going broke is because Mammon is constantly around him
Ironically he is the last person one would trust with their money
So what if we extend that to all the characters in the game?
I think Lucifer is well aware that Mammon is as essential to the house’s economy as he is detrimental, so he often looks over a lot of purchases and bills. In the game I have only ever seen him punish Mammon for stealing or reckless gambling or not returning a brother’s money, not for buying something in excess unlike Levi. Besides, think about it anyway - would the right hand man of the future demon king really have the time to go over every small transaction his brother makes? It’s one less burden anyway.
Leviathan and Asmodeus aren’t all too happy with the fact, no matter how much they love their brother. They are not fans of having to constantly being on guard for their rooms every time they leave it. I wouldn’t have the physical or mental strength to constantly extort money from Mammon the way they do. So they put up with the chase and pain; at least it’s some stimulus that engages them everyday.
Beelzebub and Belphegor couldn’t care less. They may make a jab or two about it, Belphie’s insults being harsher than his twin’s, but it’s not as bothersome for them as the others. Beel lends Mammon money whenever he can being the sweetheart he is, and Belphie has more important things to do like sleep and annoy Lucifer. They don’t exactly approve of it, but they probably understand the compulsions of sins more than anyone else.
Satan is a mixed bag. He doesn’t care about the things he doesn’t need anymore getting stolen, but dare Mammon touch anything precious he’ll bury him alive. His wrath is as unpredictable as Mammon’s fickleness, but that doesn’t mean he’ll go any easy on the degradations despite being aware of it. It doesn’t matter if he raised them; he should know how much he disappoints his family from time to time. A hypocrite like his father, Satan will overlook a few mishaps here and there and even try to help him cover up if he’s genuinely innocent. But that’s all the kindness Mammon will be able to squeeze out of him.
Tumblr media
Just another idea I want to see someone elaborate
Another angsty scenario where Mammon leaves the house after having had enough of his brothers’ insults, but he makes it ample clear that he wants nothing to do with any of them anymore
Not only are the brothers distraught over having lost one of their own, now all the monetary luck left with him
I personally believe that major changes may make you desolate, but it’s the small things that throw you into utter despair
They cannot indulge as freely in their lifestyles as they could before
Lucifer has to cut down on a lot of expenses including getting his suits dry cleaned & perfectly ironed and has to resort to drinking cheaper brands of alcohol. It may not seem like much at first glance, but his pride demands a standard, and he refuses to leave the house looking the way he currently does...leaving him stuck with his equally helpless brothers
Levi and Asmo can’t buy whatever they want to anymore
But it’s Beel and Satan who are hit the worse
Beel can’t buy more food to satiate his hunger, and if he rage wrecks a restaurant he can’t pay for the damages either
Satan can’t buy more books or materials for his pranks or ingredients for his special cat food, and it just serves to make him more easily irritable and antsy
And on top of these problems, there’s the emotional distress of not having the support from the Avatar of Greed they all very well took for granted
Bonus if Mammon leaves Devildom and goes to the Human Realm to MC
Imagine Devildom going through a period of maniacal discord with no trade flourishing anywhere, all foreign investments slowly dwindling in numbers and the resident creatures on the verge of invading other realms in hopes of getting some loot
Diavolo is trying is best to calm the agitated subjects by supplying what he can from the Royal Treasury, but it’s slowly becoming futile as the exchange value of Grimm keeps fluctuating (mostly dropping)
On the inside the prince is panicking hard because this is one of those DEFCON-1 situations that pulls you in a million different directions before you can even begin to come up with a solution
If his father wakes now and sees the kingdom in such chaos, he’ll surely revoke his position as a ruler or worse, punish him
Barbatos has to command Lucifer to get Mammon back by all and any means necessary lest they risk Devildom’s economy hitting absolute rock bottom
Deep down Lucifer doesn’t like that this is the reason he has to bring his beloved little brother back, but he too has no choice
As a final resort for doing things his own way, he might request MC to convince Mammon in his stead
MC might think he’s a little selfish, but he can worry about that later without the threat of literal hell breaking loose
When Mammon finally comes back being the sucker he is for his family, Diavolo practically lifted him off the ground with how hard he hugged him
Boi got the grandest feast at the castle celebrating his return that Diavolo may or may not have spent the last of his money preparing for
The brothers are ecstatic because not only is he back, but they can go back to their peaceful lives
It will take some time for everything to heal, and they know they deserve the anguish it will bring 
But Lucifer’s never been happier at the idea of bills slowly rack up on his desk once again
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