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tetrabanshee · 3 months ago
She plays bloodborne on my PS4 until I start talking about how Maria is actually a hero in the lore,
like a real tragic hero she isn't a fool idealist she knew the danger of Blood and grew stronger through more brutal but less consuming arcane means, she's not a champion consumed by greed because she spent untold time atoning for her sins by protecting the fishing village from power hungry outsiders and shielding the few sane minds left in the medical ward from complete descent into chaos, she's simply the person who, by virtue of being so strong as to challenge the unknowable threat at its core, came to know that her world is doomed beyond salvation. She doesnt even resent the hunter for attempting to undo all her efforts at atonement for what she did to Kos and the villagers, all she has is a simple warning, a simple summation of what she's learned from her superhuman efforts to peer into the unknown, ignore the unknown terror behind the corpse, accept your death, and abandon this hopeless search for whatever you have outside the nightmare.
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scatterose · a year ago
what’s stopping me from adding maria here as an honorary muse 
she can be summer’s madrina and i wouldn’t be wrong 
back in beacon qrow was like the grim reaper is the kind of huntsman i wanna be and summer blinked and nodded. later she found him putting posters up and she went “ooooooh! you mean la muerte! that’s my godmother!” 
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kansasjustgotgayer · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Plus Maria would read all those horror novels with him.
She would pretend to be a Vampire.
She and shadow got in trouble once for cutting holes in the bedsheets and pretending to be ghosts when the artificial gravity shorted out.
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mmmairon · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
a corpse should be left well alone.
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spooky-drusilla · 2 months ago
You ate my mother?
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ministarfruit · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
goulstrade on the town (modern au)
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aura--noir · 23 days ago
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buggygerm · 25 days ago
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maria (explosion)
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wickedromanoff · a month ago
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blackhill bingo fill: A4 cooking
introducing you to my maria and natasha sims! as we all know, natasha cannot cook so maria's the one making breakfast on a sunday morning.
(don't worry, i'm still gonna write fics for the bingo, just wanted to try out sth new:])
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bratz-kitten · 6 months ago
youtube videos i recommend part 2
why the curtains are blue: the implications of being uncritical
how to have a personality
yes capitalism is ruining the potential of amazing love and romance too
the problem with weed… (this one is specifically meant for the dummies who keep insisting Weed Isn’t Addictive and Therefore It’s Harmless.)
i am not always very attached to being alive
the dialetics of rick and morty - video essay
heterofatalism: why straight women aren’t okay.
how to not marry mr. wickam | scoundrels and constructing reality in jane austen’s pride and prejudice
overanalyzing the barbie movies with queer marxist theory
the tragedy of droids in star wars
the fantastic masculinity of newt scamander
how to unlock your motivation.
why new years resolutions don’t work
setting boundaries: why grown men love girls (TW)
when disney remade beauty and the beast
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holdmyhopeinyourhands · 2 months ago
This is not right. He deserves so much better. After everything he's given us, to send him off like that....it's not okay.
But also, seeing how loved he is by the rest of the boys, yeah, I'm gonna cry myself to sleep tonight. Our Angel. Or beloved. Give him all the hugs then burn our management to the ground.
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jaskierssilence · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
sometimes you just gotta make soup and make fun of geralt to pass the time
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russellwestbrook · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
mundialmag You’ve probably seen, or if you go to the games, heard Maria before. She’s four foot eleven and shrinking, she reckons, but her presence fills and outgrows any room, garden, or stadium she’s in. Obsessed with Arsenal after hearing the name on the radio as a 12-year-old girl while scrubbing the floor above her family’s restaurant, she’s hardly missed a game since the late 60s, and attends the men’s, women’s, and U23’s games. Maria’s the most fantastic football fan you’ve ever met.
“I used to travel anywhere that I wanted by public transport. Here, in Europe, even when we went to China. Anything to get me to the games. But because of Covid and my inability to walk far now, I’ll get a taxi.
“I’m in love with the Arsenal. That’s all I can say. Because I don’t have a family of my own, not a nuclear family anyway, Arsenal are my family. You’ve heard the phrase those who can play, play, and those who don’t, teach. Or something like that. It’s the same with me. I couldn’t play, so I became the best fan. The love for them just got hold of me and won’t let me go. And I keep saying to people “I shall be oh so upset when I die.” And they say “why Maria?” “Well, I won’t be able to watch Arsenal anymore.”
“Sometimes I’m in my seat and there are children walking by and staring at me because they’ve heard me and their parents have told me who I am. A lot of people know me because of the songs, and with them I treat the match like an opera. In the opera, the story is sung isn’t it? Well in football, my story is sung. A beginning song, then the build-up and getting the other fans to join in, and then at the end singing “We’ve won, because we’re Arsenal!” Even the players from the other teams know who I am because I’ve been following them for years. Throughout the game, I hand over to my choir when I want a rest. “Come on, help me out please, my voice isn’t so good today,” I’ll say, and then everyone joins in.
“Back when I first started going to the women’s games, there were hardly any people there, and I’m so happy to see that changing now. They deserve it.”
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heybecky13 · 17 days ago
Is it too out of pocket to say I think nat dyed maria’s hair one time because she said she’d look good with darker hair and “since maria won’t let her cut it short she should at least let her dye it” and that’s why maria’s hair is darker in avengers than in the other movies
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vlahocult · 19 days ago
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wafflez-wmv · a month ago
Tumblr media
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cheebuss · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I made this for nishi but i feel like y'all deserve it too
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