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#i love oldscarf
londonsboy · a year ago
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reputationn · 6 months ago
aria’s follower celebration :)
Ahh okay so last night I reached my next 100 which was kinda a milestone and I just wanted to do a little celebration! 
To participate ofc pls follow me and like/reblog this post.
And now on with the celebration!! Send me an emoji in my ask (2 max) 
🌞- personalized compliment (mutuals only)
☄️- a playlist based on your vibes
⚡️- to queue your edits!
🪐- compliments about your blog
If you don’t want to see all this on your dash I’ll be tagging it #aria follower celebration so blacklist that
Now a little thank you to everyone and especially my amazing mutuals!! I love all my mutuals to death and these people range from close friends to people I love seeing on my dash to people I get inspired from! Tagged them under the cut
@abbaswift, @alisonsmouth, @andysambrg, @cardiigan, @dyingday, @favouritecrime, @folkloredeluxe, @genyagf, @graciesabram, @liabilitys, @loveisbraveandwild, @natalieswood, @ohh-goddamn, @oldscarf, @papapewds, @readyforit, @redutation, @slowmotiondoublevision, @spendsmychange, @thedorothea, @thehoax, @thelasttimeyoueversawme, @tolerateit, @tshifty, @twilytv, @wearthesamejewels, @yourdaisy, @yourheartbeatonthehighline
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everfolk · a year ago
Tumblr media
hiii omg THANK YOU guys for 1k!! i've never done a milestone celebration before so i'm super excited for this. i also wanted to include a follow forever bc i absolutely love all my mutuals and friends i've made on here - it has made my life so vibrant and happy being able to know you guys. 🤍
- follow me
- reblog or like this post
- check out my personal blog and my gaming blog if u want!
send me an emoji:
💫 + your sun, moon, & rising sign for a taylor song with a personalized description that fits your placements (if you send this emoji please don't send any others!)
💖 for a personalized compliment (mutuals only)
🍊 + your edit tag for me to reblog/queue some of your edits with compliments in the tags
🌱 for a url edit
follow forever under the cut :)
(blacklist hltm1k if u don't want to see any of this!)
WHEW ok there's a lot of people i want to include on here because i love all of you and IM SO SORRY IF I MISS YOU just know that i love u so much ok 
people who i call my friends to my mom (y'all have just made me feel so included and loved in this fandom):
@peterslosingswendy, @candydripping, @someinvisiblestrings, @rumorsfromsinez, @mylover, @forthehope, @amirrorball, @alltoosam, @breathedinsmoke, @stolenlullaby, @alanisinterludes, @readyforit, @its-nice-to-have-a-friend, @ultravioletmorninglights 
people who i admire from a distance (i just think y'all are cool):
@wouldfallfromgracie, @fearlesss, @meaningtotellyou, @peakatseven, @enchantedto, @lovestory, @greenlight, @calmfolklore, @billie-eilish, @augustsippedaways, @cages-boxes-hunters-foxes, @jakeperalta, @tshifty, @nowimhaunted, @ofbeinghonests, @jaylor, @mytearsrricochet, @thatwasthenightthingschanged 
the funniest fucking people I follow (for real you guys make me laugh SO MUCH when I see ur posts on my dash):
@sofiamp3, @lovethebeach, @tisfearless, @corneliarights, @nineteeneightyninetour, @spendsmyspookychange, @ofmywhatifs, @couldseethebestinme, @taywonderstruck, @sweetteaswift, @kissyoulikealover, @wonderstruck, @oldscarf, @repwtation, @reputayswift
people who make the most amazing gifsets/edits:
@nweromantics, @hugallurfriends, @cellphonehippie, @lizzo, @sadbeautifutragic, @false-god, @cardiigan, @cruellesummer, @seegoldendaylight, @themomentiknew, @starsarounmyscars, @ciwywbridge, @lillyjames, @thehoax, @alltoowsll, @merldruck, @americansdynasty, @tayloralison, @sevenmp3, @folklaw, @dreamtofyouallsummer, @bestoftimes, @andtosaturn, @stolenxkissess, @tylorswift, @tswift
people who i love interacting with/seeing on my dash or in my notifs:
@folkloredeluxe, @sorryxbabyx, @bakingcookieswithtaylor, @takeawaythepain,  @dreamimpossiblethings, @sippedaway, @thewineforyou, @bestday, @annatendler, @alllyouhadtodowas, @musgraveswift, @tayaesthetic,   @illicitaffaiirs, @paperamericana, @bitchpack, @youbelongwithmes, @mercurialshigh, @nilequynh, @andoursong, @goesthemostspookywoman, @recklesspath, @shouldvesaidno, @winlessfights, @cherrysourlips, @atattookiss, @onlyangell, @liabilitys, @seentheday, @divinefolklore, @angelsrolleyes, @thisismetryin, @looksalotlikeatragedy, @youfitinmypoem, @afolksongs, @perfectplaces, @showedmecolors, @meandmydog, @wisteriagrow, @theman @oldiaries
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thehoax · 11 months ago
Heyy Amber , can you suggest some good blogs I could follow?
Love your edits xx❤️
hii love thank you sm❤️
some of you my favourite blogs and/or people on here are @readyforit @ofdeepfears @afterweglow @augusthead @invisiblemp3 @justaclassroom-archive @bettyi @millakunis @tellmetogofuckmyself @mylover @taylorry @recklesspath @augustsippedaways @ruinmyselfs @treacherousdemo @lookslikesnow @thestateofgrace @stateofgraceacoustic @oldscarf @babyididtoo @mxamericana @martacabreras @starswerealigned @drunkontay13 @friendlyneighborhoodpegacorn @purpleswift @tayloralison @tshifty @hermionegrangcr @tylorswift @londonsboy @amirrorball @cellphonehippie @ramonapest @false-god @lovestory @cardiigan @fitmydaydream @invissiblestring @yourheartbeatonthehighline @andtosaturn @penniesinthepool @seegoldendaylight xx
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nvisiblestring · a year ago
Tumblr media
hello! i just recently hit 500 followers, and wanted to do something to celebrate it. to most this is a small milestone, but it makes me very happy to have gotten this many followers in such a short amount of time :) if you’re participating in the celebration i ask that you are following me and like or reblog this post!
🐚 - i’ll go through and reblog at least 5 of your edits/original posts, send your edit tag with this as well!! i wanna hype you guys up xox
🪐 - a url edit or make me choose edit (only pick one of the two please!!)
🥥 - mutuals only: a compliment bc who doesn’t like compliments <33
before i go on to my follow forever i’d like to let everyone know that i’m going to start tracking the tag “usertayler”, so if there’s anything you’d like me to reblog feel free to use it!! now on to the follow forever, most of these people are mutuals that i’m so shocked to have because the thought of them wanting to follow me blows my mind. i love you all so much, thank you for always keeping my dash entertaining, beautiful and kind 💕 all urls are under the cut!
@afterglowws @alltoosam @alltoowsll @americansdynasty @amirrorball @annatendler @beginagain @bitchpack @candydripping @cardiigan @carlysideb @cobraskai @drunkontay13
@feralfolklore @feverdreamhigh @forthehope @holygroun @howlathemoon @invissiblestring @likedaylight @lingerlikeatattookiss @lizzo @lonelyreputation @lovestory @mylover @nothinglikeamadwoman @oldscarf
@papersrings @pumpkinlosingwendy @readyforit @recklesspath @reputationn @shawnmndes @singleglance @someinvisiblestrings @stateoffelicity @tayloralison @taylorspoetry @tellmewhy @the1s @thehoax @themomentiknew @thestateofgrace @thisismetrynig @timcgraws @walkscornelia @walkscorneliastreet @wildestdream @wishfulthinkinglove
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poetrusic · a year ago
Tumblr media
hello! welcome to my first follower milestone celebration!! i still can’t believe i hit 300 followers asdfghjkl; my few months on tumblr have been amazing— i’ve met some of the best people i’ve ever known, learnt so much and had a great time overall. which brings me to this celebration, as a thank you to everyone who considered me worthy of their follow. 
to participate:
follow me!
reblog this post (optional)
and then, send me in an ask at most two (2) of these emojis:
🎨 + your original edits tag: for my 3 favourite edit posts and queue your latest 15 ones | for editors
🎶 + your name + your choice of vibes: for a 5 song playlist, be as specific or as vague as you want with the vibes~
💕 + your favourite time of the day: for a healthy dose of compliments and love | for mutuals
📝 + your name + a word: for a small crappy poem containing both of those words
and oh, i’ll be tagging all the celebration posts with  #amishi’s 3c in case you want to blacklist! once again, thank you so much and i hope to see you in my inbox! (signal boosts are appreciated!)
tagging my beloved mutuals below the cut!
 @abbaswift @afterweglow @alanisinterludes @alisonsmouth @allthekingdomlightshine @anderperries @annatendler @andtosaturn @artakin @bestoftimes @bettyjamesinez @bettyrightnow @bhenchod @bloodier @booyouwhores @born-of-ocean-raised-of-land @bybdolan @cardiigan @charmingifalittleghost @childofaspringsunrise @clubpengiunn @coldwinecoldshoulder @crazyrichfilipinos @crwelsummer @deadinej @deadxpoetess @dpsmusical​ 
@emilycooper @enterthedreamlands @epiphanyists @erodasharry @feverdreamhigh @folkloredeluxe @fulltimecatwitch @gayyrat @giveyoumywild @greatestloveofalltime @grinningprettylikeadevil @grisshaverse @hoeticulture @holygroun @idonotraisecain @invissiblestring @ionlyspeakswift @itsgoldenlikedaylight @itshaylor @junenightsdream​ @komh​@lightpinksky @likeabestfriend @likedaylight @lilabarred​ @losethe1 @loveracoustic​ 
@maddestwoman​ @madwomsn​ @mercurialshigh​ @millakunis​ @miroirball​ @moonandsaturn​ @musicalkeys​ @ncilpcrry​ @nfwmbabe​ @nineteeneightyninetour​ @norahollerran​ @oldscarf​ @onelookdarkroom​ @paperamericana​ @parrishbrat​ @pasqualeq​ @penniesinthepool​ @pennyiwise​ @peterslosingwendy​ @pianobasedpoetry​ @pjo​ @pumpkinlosingwendy​ @preposterous-thoughts​ @quantizedqubit​ @radiantsusan​ @readyforit​ @rebekahgaveup​ @redutation​ @reputationn​
@sarcasm-and-glitter​ @seentheday​ @siezethedaypoets​ @smokesteamair​ @sofiamp3​ @someinvisiblestrings​ @spendsmyspookychange​ @statecfgrace​ @stumbleonhometomycat​ @sunflowercocoa​ @swiftrosegarden​ @taycore​ @thehoax​ @thelakes-mp3​ @thestateofgrace​ @thetricktofalling​ @timespookytimes​ @tmhnks​ @treacherous​ @twistinginbedsheets​ @tylorswift​ @walkscornelia​ @wanttowearpink​ @wearthesamejewels​ @winlessfights​ @winterinhampden​ @wishfulthinkinglove​ @wisteriagrow​ @yandriels​ @yntcd​ @yourdaisy​ @yourheartbeat​ @yourheartbeatonthehighline​
i tried my best to make sure everyone’s here but if i missed you, i’m so sorry! i still love and appreciate you 💕
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keptyou-likeanoath · a year ago
i was tagged by @poptart-cat-78 and i really, really appreciate that, because i love those little games and i love being tagged. so thank you ❤️ i believe i already took part in something very similar, but things changed, so here we go!
last song: bastille - icarus (i'm going back to their old ones lately)
last movie: love actually! (it's almost christmas guys, it's the right time to switch into the christmas mode)
currently watching: the haunting of bly manor (and i like it very much)
currently reading: "the bell jar" by sylvia plath (going back to classics)
currently craving: a cigarette or some sleep (because i'm at work and i can't take it anymore)
and obviously i'm gonna tag my favourites: @youhauntallofmywhat-ifs, @ssherookk, @unseenpolarstars, @oldscarf, @stuffycrookshanks 💜
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Hey!! Can you recommend some of your blogs here?
Of course!! Sorry it took so long though.
These are my favourite people on this whole website. They are just astonishing:
@13-taylor-swift @ofdeepfears @delicate-13 @taysthings @explorerswiftie @henrycavilsgf @abbaswift @willowswift @picturetayburn
This fandom is so talanted, I can’t even explain. These are my favourite and really some of the best editors here you need to know, their work is just divine:
@ofdeepfears @henrycavilsgf @willowswift @femmetay @invisiblemp3 @tayloralison@hermionegrangcr @yeinnefer @bybdolan @treacherousdemo @thatwasthenightthingschanged @londonsboy @cellphonehippie @cardiigan @dorxtheas @fearleast @stateofgraceacoustic @tellmewhy @tolerateit @amirrorball @purpleswift @taylorswifh @felicitysmoak @tayorswift @iseedaylight
There are also some amazing people, they are the kindness and and funniest human beings:
@13-taylor-swift @henrycavilsgf @abbaswift @wonderfuck @ofdeepfears @tayloralison @screamingiminlovewithyou @cages-boxes-hunters-foxes @oldscarf @dyeditkeylimegreen @explorerswiftie
( also I LOVE @henrycavilsgf  ‘s poems so much if you’re into that but shhhh )
I hope I didn’t forget anyone, if I did, I am so sorry. I hope I helped.
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alisonsmouth · a year ago
i LOVEEEE @folkloredeluxe, @lanalovestay, @penniesinthepool, @spendsmychange, @oldscarf, @mercerialshigh, @winlessfights, @repwtation
@folkloredeluxe @lanalovestay (pls tag for me) @penniesinthepool @spendsmychange @oldscarf @mercerialshigh (again oof!! pls tag if you can) @winlessfights @repwtation also I can absolutely say that I love so many of these blogs and you should ALL follow them xx
send me an ask with your favourite blogs!
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reputationn · a year ago
Tumblr media
handwriting tag! I was tagged by the amazing @winlessfights
tagging: @wearthesamejewels @tylorswift @oldscarf @maathbp & @yourdaisy
ofc you can use your own quote - I used august because I love that song so much lmao
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lovehimidont · 12 months ago
I was tagged by @haydenpanettieres, thank you! 💞
10 things I’ve been listening to:
Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional
cardigan by Taylor Swift
Unsaid Emily from Julie and the Phantoms
Tompkins Square Park by Mumford & Sons
Champagne Supernova by Oasis
Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift
Invisible Ink (Rebecca’s Demo) by Mandy Moore
Kill by Jimmy Eat World
Crazier by Taylor Swift
Friend by Gracie Abrams
My url in songs:
l: look at me now by maisie peters
o: operator (that’s not the way it feels) by jim croce
r: romeo and juliet by dire straits
e: ever since new york by harry styles
l: last kiss by taylor swift
a: always be by jimmy eat world
i: if that’s what it takes by mandy moore
l: london calling by the clash
e: easy target by mandy moore
i: i will always love you by dolly parton
g: goodbye to you by michelle branch
h: hear you me by jimmy eat world
s: someone like you by adele
tagging: @tayliterati @saraheliza @bellamysgriffin @oldscarf @joeylwitter
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folkloredeluxe · a year ago
@oldscarf I LOVE THAT YOU ARE HEARING NEW STUFF CAUSE OF YOUR HEADPHONES! the posts are sooo cute hahah
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thehoax · a year ago
editor appreciation time! share some facts about yourself + your top 3 edits + your favorite small editors, then send this ask to 3-5 editors to do the same!
I love london and t! I'm the biggest sbt stan and I love pineapples and I'm currently re-reading wuthering heights!
I think my edits (ugly tw) that I like the most are : red-redesign , hoax typography and this city of lover graphic!
my favourite editors are @wisteriagrow @petrlosingwendy @readyforit @theman @mylover @wishfulthinkinglove @recklesspath @tylorswift @tthelakes @oldscarf@sevenmp3 @afterweglow @yourheartbeatonthehighline @cardiigan @cellphonehippie
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keptyou-likeanoath · a year ago
i was tagged by @poptart-cat-78 (thank you! ❤️). let the games begin.
favourite color: pink or black, i can't decide.
last song i listened to: taylor swift - cardigan (voice memo), does it count?
favourite musicians: taylor swift, lorde, imagine dragons, of monsters and men, harry styles and a lot more (too many to count!).
last film i watched: i rewatched "a star is born" with my boyfriend because he has never seen it before and i was crying like a little kid like always.
spicy, savory or sweet: always spicy!
sparkling water, tea or coffee: coffee is my way of living.
pets: i have none, but i love dogs and i want one or two (or three) in the future.
and i will tag my favourites, as always: @youhauntallofmywhat-ifs, @unseenpolarstars, @stuffycrookshanks, @oldscarf and @ssherookk. let's go friends!
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keptyou-likeanoath · a year ago
i was tagged by both @poptart-cat-78 and @ssherookk (thank you! 💜). 15 questions, 15 people:
nicknames: kama
zodiac: leo
height: 5'4 (i'm small)
last thing i googled: lockdown in poland (lol i was afraid it's gonna happen again)
song stuck in my head: the weight of living part II (bastille)
number of followers: 92
amount of sleep: sometimes it's 3 hours, sometimes it can be even 15 hours, it totally depends on the day
lucky number: 4, since i was a kid
favourite song: i think it's always gonna be "all too well" by taylor swift
favourite instrument: ukulele (yeah i play it a little, it has a lovely sound)
dream job: writer
aesthetic: the smell of coffee, witchy hair, black clothes, old notebooks full of stories, thousands of books, sound of ukulele, puppies, polaroids, the sky full of stars, long night walks, red lipstick, dark sense of humor
favourite author: harlan coben, guillaume musso, carlos ruiz zafon (how could i choose one?)
favourite animal sound: cat's purring definitely!
random: it's halloween today and this is the most wonderful time of the year, i'm gonna spend it watching tim burton's movies.
and i'm not gonna tag 15 people because i don't know that many haha, i will tag my friends though: @youhauntallofmywhat-ifs, @unseenpolarstars, @stuffycrookshanks, @oldscarf ⚡
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keptyou-likeanoath · a year ago
i was tagged by both @poptart-cat-78 and @ssherookk (thank you ❤️).
objective: list seven comfort movies and tag seven people
1. love actually - it's one of my favourites and it's so sweet, also: christmas is coming so i think everyone should watch it as soon as possible.
2. miss americana - even if you don't like taylor swift that much, you won't be disappointed.
3. imagine dragons: smoke + mirrors tour movie - everyone go watch it, it's very comforting.
4. mamma mia! & mamma mia: here we go again - it's always making me smile and the soundtrack is just perfect.
5. nightmare before christmas - because halloween is on the way and the story is so sweet and amazing and i love this movie so much.
6. bohemian rhapsody - if you love queen, and i know you do because who doesn't? it's a great movie.
7. la la land - this movie broke my heart into million pieces but still, it's really worth it.
i'm not gonna tag seven people but i will tag my favourites: @youhauntallofmywhat-ifs, @oldscarf, @unseenpolarstars, @stuffycrookshanks ❤️
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